Part 3

(or Domesticated Female)

Chapter 9
A Day at the Races


Jeanie immobile stood there in the street as this unknown woman magnified her humiliation before all.

She slurped down her own cunt drippings from the woman’s hand.  Cunt dripping that were brought on by her walk with the feathers caressing her bare hairless little girl pussy lips.   The tension of her nipple and clit chains along with her total humiliation of being led in the street not just naked but bare cunt leashed naked.   She would have probably been oozing with cum juice just from that let alone the effect of the feathers.

 Her total surrender to her fate was apparent; she was exactly what they wanted.   An obedient slave slut cunt ready to serve her owners with out hesitation.   Driven by the wanton fire in her belly, nipples, and cunt.  With all her inhibitions pushed to the side by the repeated degradations she had endured over the past weeks.   The piercing of her clit and nipples allowed the weight of her most light and delicate chains to keep her on the constant edge of arousal.   The keepers’ tug put not only her legs in motion to follow where the keeper led; it also stoked the fire of her need for sex.   A fire once kindled that could only be slowed with the drenching on rush of cum, spewing from the slit between her legs.   A cunt that would remain void of any dignity or pubic hair.     A cunt as the woman had said, that defined her very essence.

Jeanie the wanton cock sucking, pussy licking, dog fucking, whore, slut, lesbian, cunt.   This was her place.  She was for any one who would use her.   The keepers’ jerk on her leash brought her attention back to the present.  He proceeded to trot her down the street until they came to what looked like the entrance of racetrack.

Jennies pussy again now all ready to burst with cum as the feathers and chains did their job.

There were several other girls outfitted like Jeanie their Cunts all bare nipples and clits pierced with chains attached, they also had a bit in their mouth held there by leather halter pulled over their head.  The bit had a ring on either side with a chain run down and attached to the their nipple rings.
Their clit leash had been removed and replaced by reins attached to each nipple ring.  Then a body harness was added to attach the girls to a rickshaw like two-wheeled cart.

All this added on still allowed the feather plumes to come up between the girl’s legs to do its job.
The reins were attached to nipples first as opposed to the mouth bit for sensitivity reasons.  The slightest tug on the reins insured immediate response in the girls’ direction.

It was apparent to Jeanie that all these girls like herself had been conditioned to serve their masters.  They had been chosen for their beauty and sensual presence that emanated from an owned female who had learned her place as that of a serving slut.  Obviously all of them had learned to fuck, suck, lick pussy, and more than likely all had suffered the humiliation of being animal fucked.
And now they were to be presented truly as animals to be raced for the pleasure of their owners.

They were to be Pony Girls, Jeanie’s realization of this oncoming degradation much to her shame made her pussy burst with cum juice.   Her images of being trotted out in front of everyone in her harness with plumes caressing her pussy to orgasm had caused just that.

The keeper said all you other girls had better redouble your efforts to win the race this one is so hot she is already Cumming before the race begins, not to mention the inspection period.

Here is how it works sluts, the winning slut will be made available to the Spectators for fucking and other uses, as they desire.  The losers will be given a thorough whipping immediately following the race and a whipping each time the winner cums this afternoon.  You can expect that the winning slut will come many, many times this afternoon.    Jeanie knew she wanted to win no matter who or what would fuck her man, woman, animal, or machine.  Jeanie wanted to win rather than be whipped.

The girls were summarily trotted out in their harnessed exquisite sensual nakedness, Breast bouncing with each trot, they learned quickly to respond to the tugs on their nipples, their truly pubic hair bare pussies being caressed by the plumes of feathers making them ready to spew cum juice.
They were the cunting animals their masters intended them to be.

Those who would wager on the race would now inspect for moisture on and around their pussies.
The girls stood obediently for inspection even when a finger would be thrust up in them.    The younger boys especially liked to torment these young cunt animals.  The theory was the more aroused a cunting animal was the more she would try to win the race.

Jeanie stood there as they checked between her legs for the tale, tale signs of her state, when one of them cupped her breast and closing his thumb and fore finger around her nipple Jeanie’s pussy gushed forth with her lack of control over it.  He made her lick the cum from his hand and wait to swallow it as is required of her.  He said when you win this race I will enjoy fucking you very much.

After the inspection the cunting animals were trotted out to the starting post.  Jeanie learned quickly to respond to the tugs on her nipples, which were still connected to her clit via chain this was driving her over the edge with orgasms.   The natural bounce of her tits, as she trotted were jerking on her clit with a vengeance.   What would it be like when she had to actually run for all she was worth to win the race.  The nipple and clit rings along with the feather action were driving her mad with ecstasy.

Her time to consider this was over, the starting pistol was fired and they were off.   Jeanie leaped forward with all her might one of the other sluts was a half cunt hair ahead of her not that they had one between them to measure it by.   Jeanie increased her sprint and was able to make up the difference.   The other girl gave her a horrified look as Jeanie past her, she new all to well what it meant.   Jeanie’s gallop was bouncing her breast up and down furiously with each bounce her clit was given the message at the same time the feather plume was caressing her pussy driving Jeanie mad.  She couldn’t let that stop her though; to stop would mean sure and swift beatings.  She would endure the agony and ecstasy over a whipping anytime.  As they rounded the last curve before the finish, Jeanie tried to numb herself of the intense orgasms occurring in her pussy with each gallop.  She was brought back by the abrupt jerk on both of her nipples in opposite directions at the same time.
She stopped.

The orgasms continued to well up and explode with in her, breathlessly heaving for air the rise and fall of her chest tugged at her clit the feather plume would jab at her cunt with each breath as well
Sending her over the edge.

The keepers released her from the harness removed the reins from her nipples.  The feather plume attachment was removed as well.  Her hands were left bound up behind in the upper portion of her back; She was then bent over a barrel and attached to it.  The spectators had entered a lottery to determine who fucked her first.   The man who had told her how much he was going to enjoy fucking her when she won was first.

As his cock slid into her across her clit ring the orgasms she had felt up to now paled.  Along with the entire physical stimulus the nipple and clit rings the feather plumes, the race itself the fact she was being publicly fucked for all to see her total degradation and surrender.  This demonstrated her total helplessness to all.  They could see she was an absolute cunting animal.  These thoughts running through her head as his cock slid in and out of her, pounding her with his authority over her.   She was an animal for fucking and that was all.  Her back arched for all it was worth, her head back a cock was slid into her mouth as well.  With a cock filling her on both ends, she heard the first cries of the other girls being whipped for losing.

The day had worn on, her belly now totally full of cum from all cocks she had sucked, her pussy and inner thighs caked up from all the cum left behind her public fucking another mile stone in her journey of total surrender to her fate.  Jeanie prayed for the cool quite comfort of her kennel.
She had been fucked by at least hundred men and sucked another hundred.  There were also at least twenty pussies she had lapped up and brought to orgasm.  She had proven herself, the cunt animal that they required her to be.  The crowd applauded her as she was led away, a totally spent fucking animal.

She pitied the other girls who had lost the race, all those whippings, and they would not be allowed an orgasm for a week.

Part 10


Jeanie lay resting in her kennel, this time they did not secure her hands as they usually did.   Her clit and nipple chains had been removed.  The rings were still in place, as you would expect.  Before they had put her in the kennel, the keepers had groomed her, all along telling her how proud they were to have trained her into such a fine cunting animal.   Espousing her triumph over the other girls in the race.
Carrying on about how she had sucked up all the cock she could get her mouth and pussy lips around.

Jeanie reflected on the shame she had endured, how the crowd had totally consumed her.  As if everyone there had cocked her or had their muff in her face to lick.  Just a few days ago she had been aspiring to be an executive assistant, and now she was just a hole for fucking.  A hole who’s pubic hair had been permanently removed.   An animal to be raced naked before hundreds of people.   Who's clit and nipples were pierced and chained along with the feather plume in such a way to make her sex ooze with wanton desire to be used.
She had gladly accepted the degradation of public fucking over the whip.

As exhaustion over took her Jeanie again came to terms with her state as that of a totally owned animal property of others.   She concluded that in terms of her total degradation they could not do any more to her now.

She felt she had with stood the gambit of their assault on her.  The public fucking by several Masters was a new low.   Worse was her public cunt licking and cock sucking as hundreds watched her perform like an obedient animal this along with all her other submissions of the past few days had taught her a new level of humility.

The total lack of hair on her pussy, her clit and nipple rings testified to the fact that they would do with her as they please.  She drifted off to sleep accepting her fate.

The keepers were not so gentle when they pulled her from her kennel.  Her arms were once again bound up behind back forcing her chest outward her nipples hardening as the leash were snapped to her rings.

One of the keepers ran her finger up the slit of Jeanie’s cunt and it glistened with moisture.   She said can you believe it.  This slut is hot between her legs after all that fucking yesterday.

It was true Jeanie was aroused.  She had been dreaming of yesterday's events.  Her total degradation at the hands of those brutal masters, how they fucked her so thoroughly for all to see.
Her realization of her total helplessness made her cunt flow with fuck me juice.

The keeper jerked on her clit chain and brought her back to a state of attention.  With the clit chain in hand he ordered her to her knees for feeding.  Jeanie obediently went to her knees with her mouth open to accept the cock that would nourish her.

She sucked him and several other of the keepers until her belly was filled with their cum.  Of course none of the hard-earned nourishment went into her belly until she was given permission to swallow.
Slaves don't swallow cum with out permission first.  After her oral feeding the keepers decided she needed anal feeding as well.   Were upon several cocks filled her ass with cum and it was promptly plugged afterwards to keep the nourishment in.

Jeanie had been fucked everywhere except where she wanted it most, in her cunt.

That after noon Jeanie was bathed and perfumed her hair was done, her nipple and clit rings were decorated with an array of diamonds and emeralds.    The most delicate of gold chains were used to connect her breast and cunt.  She was then put in a very sheer white evening gown, of course no panties or bra.  The jewels and chains could easily be seen through her dress.  Then high heels and a jeweled neck collar were added along with an ornate leash.

One of the keepers then lead her around a few paces and commented on what a vision she was, her lovely breast bouncing in the captivity of her gown. The neck collar and her jeweled clearly visible nipple and clit decorations were enough to make any masters cock hard.

The keepers then proceeded to bind Jeanie’s arms behind her with a white leather restraint that went from her hands and covered her arms up to her shoulders.   This would preclude her from being able to touch a master's cock with her hands when being fed, not that she was ever allowed to before.  Just as when she was fucked unbound she had been taught to stretch her arms above her head and arch her back with her legs open wide.   Never allowed to touch the master fucking her.  Owned cunt animals are strictly for the fucking pleasure of their masters, not theirs.

Again the keepers paced her about admiring the vision of a totally controlled helpless owned female animal in an exquisite cock hardening costume.   Ready to go to her knees at the slightest provocation that a master may wish to feed her.  Just as the keepers finished applying her lipstick.

A tall well-dressed man appeared obviously a master.  He looked Jeanie over and told the keepers that she looked exquisitely sensual, no doubt that those pouting lips and her very visible breast would do more than turn a few heads.  In fact she would most definitely stiffen some.

He then said slut cunt you’re to be taken out on the town to night, to a semi private establishment when there you are expected to perform as you have been trained in total and absolute obedience.
The slightest sign of disobedience will result in severe beating and other punishments.  Jeanie said yes master.

She knew that she would do as they wished Jeanie had been to well conditioned, to disobey now and risk punishment.  Her cunt was theirs to do with as they pleased.

The man then took her leash and lead her to limo this one was much longer than the one she had ridden to her fate in, when shall we say she was interviewed for her current position.

This one was also was obviously a rental and the driver not familiar with the day-to-day goings on of the estate.  When her master approached the limo with Jeanie in toe on her leash the driver did several double takes and couldn't take his eyes off Jeanie’s bosom and crotch.  Her master said she just a little girl and lifted her gown above her cunt for him to see her completely hairless cunt much to her shame.

She did not know why this embarrassed her so, after all the humiliations she had been through this simple act of showing her sex to a stranger who was not in the know about sex slaves and such totally panicked her.   Jeanie tried for the first time since her initiation to her fate to hide herself by trying to turn her sex to the side away from the driver.

The master was furious. Jeanie thought oh god she had done it now.  The master slapped her and reached for her gown and ripped it from her slapping her again.   Pushing her to her knees he told the driver to fuck her mouth with his cock.  It didn't take long for the driver to spew his cum into Jeanie’s mouth, unfortunately for her some of  it escaped her lips.  The master grabbed a whip from the keeper he had summoned.   He beat her while yelling swallow you sloppy bitch.

 Jeanie knew this was not the end of her punishment.  It was only the beginning.   Her disregard for a master’s wish was much too severe to be let off with an instantaneous whipping.

She prayed they would not remove her clit and nipples.    In her time there she had seen a least one girl who was clit less and nipple less.

No doubt she had disobeyed.

Part 11

Jeanie didn’t know why she had tried to turn her cunt away from the driver her action was so stupid.
Now she would pay dearly for her mistake.   What could have made her be so careless the excitement of being clothed had warped her judgment.   Just because they had thrown a gown on a cunt animal didn’t make her not be a cunt animal.

 Something about being dressed brought back all of her old feelings of dignity and modesty.   It had been in her training that little girls don’t let boys see up their dress.

She was feelings shame when the master lifted her dress a shame the she thought had long since left her.
Then she realized that she would always feel shame when she was displayed before the un-initiated, meaning those who were not commonly familiar with the world of owned properties such as her.

That the embarrassment would always be there no matter how many times she was mercilessly fucked and used by those that had power over her.  In fact having to present her self in total obedience not allowed to hide her charms in any way from those the masters deigned to show her to up close and personal was much worse than being publicly fucked.

Now she would pay the price for her disobedience, for not knowing that the embers of shame were still in her, and controlling them.

The keepers suspended Jeanie from the floor.  Her breast and cunt fully exposed to the whip.  They also like the smithy who had done the clit and nipple piercing impaled her on a dildo, coming up from the floor.
Now she was suspended and immobilized by the impaling dildo.  Once again she had become a pussy Popsicle.

The whip began to do its work the master started with her breast and seemed to take great pleasure getting the tip of the whip to strike her on the nipples, but it was when she wasn’t expecting it the whip would find its way to lips of her cunt sending Jeanie into spasms of pain.   Much more severe than the pain felt in those lovely delicate voluptuous breast.

The dildo up her cunt holding her in place magnified the intensity of the whips force.  Jeanie was being beaten over her entire body there was no place that the whip didn’t find.   As Jeanie twisted from the beating she soon learn that the dildo she was impaled on had been designed to inflict pain to the unfortunate cunt animal that would be impaled on it also.

With every writhing and twisting the dildo would send an electrical charge through her cunt that would make her shake from head to her toes like a rag doll in a dogs mouth.  Finally the whipping stopped.   Jeanie hung there her eyes glazing over still feeling the aftermath of her beating whimpering, crying, and quivering in pain, she knew she would never disobey again.

Jeanie was removed from the dildo and lower to the ground.  When discharged the dildo in her cunt had felt like a thousand teeth gnawing at her pussy lips it was worse than the whipping, her pussy ached as if she had been fucked by a horse.  Exhausted from her punishment she was still made to feed on dozen cocks and as usual she had to wait to swallow the cum.   Then she was anally fed by several cocks and then butt plugged.

To continue her punishment the keepers did not lay her in the kennel and fasten her arms to the grid as usual.    Instead they refitted her with that white harness that held her arms rather uncomfortably be hind her.
Then they stood her up next the grids and fastened her nipples and clit ring to the grid.   Then a dildo was strapped in her mouth.

So there she was a well disciplined, nipple, and clit-attached butt plugged slut cunt exhausted from her punishment.   Unable to move a half-inch from the grid in danger of her clit and nipples being torn off if she faltered.

She prayed they would not strike her with a whip while she was attached like this.

By morning Jeanie was praying for the keepers to come for her.  She had not anticipated the way the metal nipple and clit rings attached to the metal grid of her kennel would transmit cold.   Her nipples and clit ached with the pain of the hardening cold that seeped through the metal rings attached.  Her slightest movement sent what felt like thousands of needles jabbing into her pussy and breast.

When she was released and the mouth plug removed Jeanie over and over cried I will obey.

Part 12
Her Conflict

Jeanie was exhausted from her severe whippings and a night of standing nipple and clit ring attached to the grid.  When they came for her in the dawn they bathed her and oiled her to help sooth her welts.   Then she was promptly provided with several cocks to suck, she welcomed her nourishment and as always waited for their permission to swallow.  She was then put back in her kennel and allowed to sleep until the afternoon.

As she lay there going off to sleep Jeanie knew now that no matter how many times she was used and degraded semi privately and publicly that it would always shame her to be presented as an owned helpless totally controlled property for sexual pleasure of others.  Her reflex to hide her sex from the driver proved that it shamed her to be displayed.  She had thought she was beyond any shame after all the indignity she had suffered.   But that reflex had cost her dearly, a reflex that now would be controlled.

Now that she understood that she would always feel shame and embarrassment that had been engrained in from girl hood.  That good girls didn’t openly show their sex.
But she wasn’t a good girl from the moment of the first raping she had received upon her arrival.

When they had summarily stripped her in the broad of daylight for all present to see, her cunt juices had begun to flow betraying her for the wanton slut she was.   Celia was right for all practical purposes she had raped those men, as she did not resist their cocks sliding into that willing cunt lubricated with her natural desire for being fucked.

This was the conflict her inherent need to be a good girl prim and proper.  The reality of her state, an owned cunt animal waiting for someone or something to fuck her.  To mercilessly to use her as an object for sex the more abject her use the more intense her ecstasy.

She now understood the shame the conflict of her upbringing with the way the masters made use of her all added to her intense orgasmic pleasures.  They went hand in hand with her degradations.

The wanton cock sucking, muff diving, fuck slave, and the prim and proper girl would always be locked in a dance of conflict straining to gain control, and neither ever would though.

Her masters would see to that.  They controlled her totally now never again would she disobey them by succumbing to the will of the good girl in her.  She would accept the shame and embarrassment.  No stupid moment of dignity was worth punishment.

Jeanie finally nodded off to sleep dreaming of the multiple orgasms she had enjoyed after winning the race against all those other cunting animals.

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