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Published: 17-Sep-2011

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The following sexually explicit and if you do not want to relate sex with Olympic gymnasts then don't read this. This is not meant as a flame on Olympic gymnastics, it is just a dirty story for the fun of it.

Voice of female TV sports announcer:

Bob, we have a tie for the gold medal in gymnastics between Cumonme Moaninbitch of the Unified Team and Lickme Virgintwat of the United States. This year the Olympic committee has decided to do something different. Instead of giving both athletes the gold medal they are adding an event that the athletes will have to compete in without practice to break the tie. That event will be the Olympic Fuck Off Competition.

In this event both athletes will have to choose a partner, take them out on the mat, and engage in a routine of sexual intercourse of any and all forms. They will be judged on form, execution, originality, how aroused they get the judges, and on how hard an orgasm they induce in their partner.

Moaninbitch will compete first. Moaninbitch is 19. She says she has been sexually active since she was 9 years old. She began with a female friend of hers and they engaged in lesbian encounters on a occasional basis for 3 years. She did not have her first dick until she was 13 when she fulfilled her 15 year old brothers dying wish by making it with him. And this is an interesting side story Bob.

At age 15 her brother was diagnosed with a rare disease and doctors said he had 6 months to live. Lying in his hospital bed he told his sister that his dying wish was to know what it was like to have sex. Cumonme fulfilled his wish by climbing in the bed with him. She said she began by sucking his dick and that when he came in her mouth the taste made her realize that she preferred boys over the girls she had previously done it with.

She said that after sucking him off she climbed on top of him, took his dick inside her and fucked him till he came inside her 4 more times. They only stopped when the sounds of their moans drew the attention of the nurse on the floor and they were caught. Moaninbitch says that although she has always preferred boys since then, she still enjoys licking pussy with her close friends as well.

Moaninbitch has years of experience under her belt and remember, Virgintwat, her competition, is still a virgin and has absolutely no experience. She is stepping out on the mat now. Cumonme has chosen her coach as her partner. She does not believe the American has any chance of beating her so she plans to go with the standard positions that she is most experienced with.

They are removing their robes. Oh my, Moaninbitch has blond hair but her pubic hair is dark brown. That will cost her a fraction of a tenth. The judges prefer natural blonds. She really should have shaved her twat. Revealing that her hair is dyed will cost whereas a shaved twat not only would have earned her a tenth but may well have increased her score for arousing the judges. She is beginning her routine by sucking her partner's dick.

That is a standard for arousing the partner, no originality there. Her head is bobbing up and down, you can see her tongue swirling around. Excellent execution, definitely a high score for this part. Her partner is moaning hard, he looks like he is going to cum... Yes There it is! She stopped sucking and squeezed it out of him, it dripped all over her face. The judges are going to like that, they like seeing the cum on the face and on the tits. Oh wait! She is licking it off her lips that will earn her some extra points. She is good, she really knows what she is doing. She is moving to the doggie position, typical for sex on a bare floor, again no originality. Her partner is pumping hard, she's squeezing her tits.

Listen to those moans Bob, she really knows how to work it. She has the attention of this entire audience, you can just hear all the heavy breathing in the room. He is screaming, I think he is about to cum, no, wait... he is pulling it out. He is putting it in her ass! That will work for her, he has his dick buried in her ass to the hilt. He is pumping it hard and she shows no sign of discomfort.

She has obviously done this many times before. He is moaning, here it comes... He pulls it out, and look at that squirt! Half way up her back. She will get excellent scores for that. And look at the judges, they have opened their pants and are playing with themselves. She has a good score here, she will be hard to beat, no pun intended. Her partner is exhausted and they will stop there.

Virgintwat is next. She is 14 years old, and as I said, she is a virgin. She has no idea what she is in for. She has never had sex before. Her only experience is one time, when a female teacher kept her after school, fondled her breasts and made Virgintwat suck one of her nipples.

It never went any further then that though because the school janitor almost caught them and the teacher had to stop. For her partner Lickme has chosen her twin brother who is also a virgin. That could be good, could be bad; it all depends on the fantasies of the judges. It should at least earn her points for originality and with her lack of experience she is going to need those points for originality to even come close to Moaninbitch.

They are stepping on the mat now. Virgintwat is a small girl, only 14, with fiery red hair. Her brother has that innocent all American boy look. They are taking off their robes. Virgintwat is only just starting puberty so she does not have much pussy hair but she does have just enough there to show that her red hair is natural. That will earn her some points. She has small tits but they are firm, round, and have perky pink nipples. They also do not sag like Moaninbitch's did.

You can see the excitement on both there faces as they prepare for their first ever fuck. The fact that they are both virgins will probably arouse the judges, earning her extra points. She will begin with Kissing while caressing each others bodies. You can see the tongues fluttering together. This is a nice romantic start. They are lying down and moving into a 69 now. You can see some hesitation on sucking his dick that will cost her a tenth.

Oh, Wait! look at the obvious look of pleasure after the first taste. She obviously likes the taste and look at her go at it. That will add to that first time fuck and earn her some points back. She is extremely aroused... look at the way her pussy juice is dripping all over his face.

He seems to be enjoying it, looks like he is trying to lap up every drop he can but it is just dripping to fast. I have never seen a girl this wet before. His face is soaked, it's all up in his hair and all over the mat. They are really enjoying themselves.

Look at her, she is turning bright red all over, she is moaning, she looks like she is about to cum... Yes! you can tell she is having her first orgasm and loving it. That is rare for the girl to cum first, she is cleaning up the points here Bob. Now he is about to cum. She has pulled the dick from her mouth but is holding her mouth open... there it is!! look at that squirt.

She got a good taste of it in her mouth and it is squirting all over her face. She has it in her hair. Oh look, she is rubbing his dick on her nipples and it is still squirting. Look at all that cream, she has really brought a load out of him. It is dripping down his dick.

She is licking it off, licking up all she can. Now look, she is rubbing the cum in on her face and licking her fingers clean. She is turning around now and licking her juices off his face. She is feeding him one of her tits now. She will get points for this, she has aroused him so much as to get him to lick his own cum from her tits. You don't get a guy to do that very often.

The judges are enjoying this. They are jerking off, they have their goo all over their seats. She is rolling on her back now and her brother is getting on top of her. They are going for that first penetration, their first fuck. See the looks of excitement and anticipation on their faces and on the faces of everyone in the audience.

Hell, this is so good I have to finger myself! My panties are soaking wet. There it is, the penetration, it is sliding in, and it is stuck, yes, she is virgin and they have to break that opening for the first time. He gives a good thrust and it is all the way in. He is pumping now. She has her legs wrapped around him and is holding him tight. It looks like he is going to cum again. Yes, it looks like he is cumming inside her.

He is so aroused he could not bear to pull it out. He is pumping more, she has lifted her legs up, she has her knees up to her chest and her feet in the air. She is taking him as deep as she can. It looks like he is going to come again, yes! He has pulled it out and is squirting...

Look at that squirt! Clean up past her head, at least a 4.5 foot distance!!!

That will really earn her points! And look at the judges they are all squirting their loads as well. And the female judges are dripping all over their fingers, pencils, a coke bottle. They are really enjoying this. The entire crowd is intensely aroused, you can smell the cum and pussy juice all over the room.

Her brother is worn out, it looks like they will have to stop there. No wait! she is rolling him over and getting on top. She is letting him rest while she does the fucking. She does not look like she wants to stop this event. She is fucking him and cramming one of her tits in is mouth while squeezing the other tit with her hand. She has stopped for a second. She is pulling his dick out, I am not sure why...

There it is! she is putting it in her ass. She obviously plans to do everything she can for that gold medal. She is sitting on his dick with it shoved in her ass. She is riding it hard and she seems to like it. It looks like he is cumming again! Lets get a close up on the camera... yes, his cum is oozing out of her ass all around his dick.

She is climbing off now, she is licking all her juice and his cum off his dick. She is spreading his legs. She is licking his asshole! She is really at it. Look at her shove her tongue inside that ass.

She is turning around and imploring him to do her doggie style. He is getting up and putting his dick in her. Having a little trouble, again because she is tight for doing it her first time. He has it in and he his pumping. She is grinding her hips against him, moving with the rhythm. Her juices are dripping down her legs. They are just covered in cum and pussy juice.

Look at this! the female judge from Sweden is going out on the mat... she has her pants off, she is lying down in front of Virgintwat offering her pussy to her. Virgintwat dove right in, no hesitation about licking a woman. She is licking that judge's pussy like mad. She has her whole face buried in her pussy.

She has the judges around beyond control. They are fucking each other. The judges are in one big orgy. The crowd as well, everyone has just grabbed the person next to them and has started fucking, sucking, licking. Strangers together, husbands and wives, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, everyone is banging everyone! There are the scores, perfect 10's all across she has won the gold medal but that is not stopping her. She is still humping her brother and licking the Swedish judge's pussy.

Bob, I can't take it anymore, stop plying with yourself and fuck me, I want you inside me, I want to feel you cum, I want you in my ass, I want to taste you, I want it all... and now a word from our sponsor...

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