Island Paradise, Part 6

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Published: 7-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Brad had managed to sweet talk Amy into joining him and Cam for fun again. It hadn't taken too much, he had just promised to be gentle to her and pretended to be upset that he had "accidentally" hurt her. The horny teen boy had enjoyed using his younger brother's tight bottom and willing mouth but deep down he really wanted some more pussy. So it was only a couple more days until little Amy was lying on her back again with Brad between her thighs eagerly licking and sucking at her puffy preteen slit to get her ready for a slightly more gentle but still satisfying fuck. Cam was there as always, the eight year old boy also naked and playing with his stubby little hard on with one hand while he fondled his big brother between his legs as he watched him eat out the nine year old girl.

What this meant for their sister Trish was that she was left alone most of the time. The fifteen year old blonde rapidly grew bored and somewhat annoyed at feeling left out and not being the center of attention. All her life people had clustered around her, wanting to be part of the pretty girls life and needing her approval. Now even her annoying brothers and the chubby little clingy girl seemed to have formed their own clique that she was not part of. And Bella the only other girl seemed to enjoy spending more time with her father Van than Trish like she should. There was only so much swimming and sunbathing she could take and already her almost complete body tan looked great. She had abandoned her bikini top when sunning herself so now only had a pale triangle between her thighs with thin lines across her hips for the straps of her bikini bottoms.

There wasn't really too much to do on the island, fruit was easy to find and Van and the boys kept producing fish from the abundant seas so she spent most of her time sunning herself and feeling sorry for herself. Trish missed her friends, both for the reason of company and for someone to tell her how special she was. It wasn't fair that everyone was ignoring her. After all she was the oldest girl here and the prettiest one by far. Everyone should be going out of their ways to do whatever she wanted. The other reason she missed company was her girlfriend Sarah back home. Right now she would kill for the feeling of her mouth between her thighs. Trish didn't have much to do so found herself running her hands over her well formed young body several times a day. These self admiration sessions would normally end with her pulling down her bikini bottoms and her furiously frigging her juicy slit to a noisy but not quite satisfying orgasm.

Trish was just commencing her second session of the morning and was at the stage where her hands were running up and down her tanned belly and cupping and teasing her aching full breasts when a shadow fell across her. Normally this part of the beach was deserted so she looked up in surprise to see Van staring down at her. From her vantage point laying down he looked huge and slightly scary wearing just a pair of cutoff shorts and looking hot and sweaty. The matted hair on his chest made him look more manly in her eyes and she gulped slightly when she realized what she had been doing when he had approached. How long had he been there?

His eyes traveled up and down her almost naked body before returning to her flushed face.

"You're not pulling your weight around here Trish. All the other kids are helping out and you just sit there sunning yourself all day. The boys helped build the shelter you sleep in every night. The girls forage for sweet potatoes and taro, we all gather food and fish but you just seem to lay about. Now that just isn't fair. I want you start acting like an adult and pulling your weight."

Trish twisted her long legs under her and rose to a kneeling position in preparation to stand up. She was very aware of her breasts swinging as she started to rise and felt the sand shift under her foot. Stumbling she reached out towards Van to steady herself. His hands came forward too and the two of them froze once they made contact. Both looked down at where their hands were touching, the adult man standing and the teenage girl half crouched in front of him.

Trish had accidentally planted her hand right on his crotch and now her fingers curled around a unmistakable lump there while Van had caught her by one shoulder and with his other hand almost cupping one of her nicely tanned breasts. Both paused there for a few seconds too long then their gazes rose so their eyes met. Van slowly released her and Trish paused a moment with her hand full of hard cock before letting him go and straightening up.

Van stepped back slightly and cleared his throat. But Trish beat him to it, speaking first.

"Now I'm not cut out for the physical work. Does this body look like it should be foraging for roots and berries?" A gesture at her considerable assets brought his eyes back down her lithe form before he gulped and looked up again. This wasn't going how he had planned it. Straightening her shoulders she pushed them back which had the always eye catching effect of pushing her firm young tits out, making them look like they were jumping at him almost begging to be touched.

"I'm sure there is some other way I can pull my weight Van." One of her hands came up and ran down his sweaty chest as she moved closer. Her voice dropped and got huskier as she stepped up to him. "Or maybe I could pull something else." She took his hand in hers and guided it back and placed it on the curve of her rump while her other hand descended down his chest and tried to find the lump in his shorts again.

Van pulled away. He knew this girl would only be trouble, she was insanely hot, manipulative and most dangerous of all, bored. She pouted in front of him and raised her hands to her breasts, cupping them and lifting them which caught his eyes and drew them back to her.

"I've seen how you look at me Van, you want to fuck me. All guys do. It's only natural since I am so fucking hot. You're not bad for a guy old enough to be my daddy." She leered at him and stepped forward again still holding her breasts up but this time pressing them against his sweaty chest. Standing on tiptoe she whispered to him, "Wanna be my daddy Van? Want to fuck me? I won't tell anyone and anyway they are just all stupid kids. You and I are the only adults so we both have needs. I need your cock and you so need me. Treat me good and I will make you a happy man."

What little resistance Van had was failing him, her breasts crushed against his chest and her breath hot in his ear. His hands came up from his sides and curled around her perfectly formed full buttocks. Feeling his resistance fade she moved her arms up around his neck and pressed her lips hard against his. His mouth parted willingly as her tongue forced it way in, kissing only like a horny teen can. Trish was grinding herself against his hardness as they made out and then she sank downwards out of his arms. He started to speak only to be shushed again.

As she slid down Trish hooked her fingers in his waist band and quickly unzipped him and pulled his shorts and underwear down in a single smooth movement. This caused his already hand erection to spring forth and bob eagerly in front of her face.

"Mmmmm I'll pull this weight to start shall I?" Without letting him answer the blonde bombshell took his length in her right hand and began to milk it, smearing the precum over the head with her thumb. With long full strokes she jerked him in front of her face half expecting him to explode almost instantly since he wouldn't have cum in over a week since the crash. Little did she know that he had been busting his nut on average twice a day in his eleven year old daughters mouth, bottom or vagina.

Trish decided she needed to seal the deal and win him over to her side so she leaned forward and took him into her mouth in a single smooth slurp that ended halfway down his shaft. Her tongue swirled around his cock and she hummed happily to herself as she pondered the strange taste she could make out on his meat. It was familiar but not what she had expected from her limited experience of boycocks. Beginning to bob up and down his shaft while one hand milked him into her mouth she thought about it but the flavour eluded her. Back and forth she bobbed while his hand rested on her head gently pulling her towards him with each movement taking more and more until her nose was almost to his tangled pubes.

Pulling back she slurped off him and giggled. Rocking back on her heels she wiped her mouth with one hand then squeezed her tits together again.

"So Van, want to fuck a hot teen? Bet all you married men want it." She half rolled, half crawled onto the towel she had been sunning on and wiggled her way out of her bikini bottoms. Parting her legs she showed him the tawny patch of hair there and the pink gash between her thighs. To his hungry eyes it looked so different than Bella's bald slid but almost as appetizing. And he missed tits like hers, high firm teen tits that defied gravity, tits meant for sucking on and squeezing while you were balls deep in a hot wet cunt.

Kicking off his shorts he knelt between her thighs and positioned his cock head against her slit. Grabbing her hips he drove forward hard, if she wanted to be a slut he would treat her like one. He wouldn't be gentle like he was with his angel Bella. Trish for him was a hot cunt who needed fucking and if he would regret it later then he would enjoy it now at least.

Trish cried out as he slammed into her, opening her up with a single thrust. He was bigger than the boys she was used to or the fingers of her girlfriend. But it felt good when his weight crushed down on her and she was pushed down on her back. He arched his back and his hips began and steady pushing into her as his mouth and hands sought out her breasts. His mouth was hungry and he suckled hard as his week-old beard scratched at the tender skin around her nipples.

Van's length pushed in and out of her wet cunt with the slap of flesh on flesh as she grunted beneath him. He fucked her hard with no thought about her pleasure, instead relishing the variety of an adult sized cunt that he could just pound as hard as he wanted to. It was only an hour earlier that he had been inside Bella, gently feeding his length into her too tight slit before he creamed in her mouth. So that allowed him the time to fully pound Trish, there was no urgency but he was going to fuck this spoilt little slut the hardest she had ever had it.

Moving like a piston he rammed himself in and out of the grunting girl beneath him as his mouth devoured her tits. One hand went down to bruisingly grab her arse cheek while the other latched onto the tit he wasn't suckling on. Trish couldn't believe that this was just what she had needed, it certainly wasn't boredom she was suffering from anymore. She came hard and fast, her pussy milking his pistoning shaft as she screamed into his shoulder but it didn't slow him down at all. Instead the added lubrication of her cum just made him slide in and out more smoothly. Pulling out he flipped the panting teen over onto her hands and knees before he worked his way back into the puffy wet slit that was still gaping at him from behind.

Grabbing her hips he firmly yanked her back onto his cock with each thrust forcing the air from her body and making her grunt and squeal with mixed pleasure and discomfort. Van kept her on her knees for over five minutes, sawing into her with his rock hard cock. Finally he could feel his own orgasm approaching after she had squealed her way through her second.

"Fuck bitch you are going to get a cunt full of cum."

Trish's eyes snapped open at that. "Oh shit no. Please don't cum in me, oh fuck please."

Van suddenly realized that she was fertile unlike his beloved daughter and he didn't really want to knock this little tease up, yet at least. So he yanked out of her and grabbing her by her dirty blonde hair pulled her face down to his cunt juice covered cock. Willingly she took it inside her mouth and a connection fired in her brain at the taste just as he grunted. Pushing so deep into her throat he cut off her air for a few seconds his balls spasmed and he blasted his pent up cum down her throat. A half dozen spurts left him sated and he pushed the gagging teen away, letting her fall back onto the towel.

Blinking and gasping for breath Trish's mind reeled not with the hot fuck they had just shared but the fact she had identified the previous taste on his cock. It was quite simply pussy. Tasting her own similar taste had confirmed it and there were only two other vaginas on the island. Nine year old Amy and eleven year old Bella.

Catching her breath she smirked up at him with the taste of his cum in her mouth.

"So Van, which one is it? Are you fucking Amy or is it your own daughter?"

Seeing his face pale she knew she had gotten it right......


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I wished he came inside her. Good story otherwise. :)


Wow. This is a mind-blowng series Kiwi. U have a skill in story-telling and descriptive writing. Please give us another instalment.


Wanna

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