By Ada Nabakova

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So, like I told you, I was in a country in Southeast Asia - no, I shan't name it - working as an advisor to the Ministry of Education and my stipulated duties required me to visit upriver primary schools.

Usually my Korean wife accompanies me, but during the weekend that I'm about to tell you about, she had some sort of three-day flu bug and I traveled alone. Very luckily, as it turned out.

It was not a pleasing or amusing journey in the lashing tropical rain on an overcast day; five hours upriver on a bad-weather day aboard the express boat from the provincial town where I was based and then another five hours on a bumpy and wet logging road by 4x4 to a place I'll call Sarong.

Almost all the kids in this school at Sarong are the children of former forest nomadic hunter-gatherers and find formal learning very, very hard. Their lives, like those of their parents and grandparents, are still remarkably primordial and, to quote a character in a Somerset Maugham story, "they have no sense of sin." 

It was a dark and gray day, the upriver school typically has no electricity and we were talking by the light of pressure lanterns at 7 pm.

Unusually the headmaster was a man of part-Indian descent, a Mr. Gupta, a man of about forty and a university graduate from the provincial capital. He was there almost alone because most of the teachers were downriver for the long weekend that a national holiday confers.

I looked at the primitive upriver school facilities and shook hands with most of the shy and apprehensive, but curious kids; for almost all of them, it was the first time they'd seen a white man.

These kids were dirty, ill-clad and unkempt, but a few were very good-looking. Some of the boys and girls were, quite delectably, on the cusp of adolescence. It was with a great effort that I stopped myself staring at the most attractive with what must have been very obvious lust.

In the evening we talked in Mr. Gupta's quarters.

"My wife hates this isolated place, Dr. Bob. She calls it awful, savage and brutishly isolated; she's hardly ever here.

"Where is she now?"

"Downriver, like she is most of the time. She prefers to be at her mother's in the provincial capital," Gupta told me after he'd drunk two glasses of arrack; I had taken 4 bottles of distilled arrack upriver with me.

"How about your love life? What do you do for sex if your wife is hardly ever here?" I asked.

"I fuck some of the horny young kids here in this school, Dr. Bob," Gupta said quietly.  "The groundsman and the security guard enjoy fucking them, too."

"What? Are you bloody kidding me, Gupta?"

"Not at all. These forest nomad girls start fucking at the age of nine or ten. They usually start with their brothers, then they fuck their cousins and uncles. Every girl in this school has probably had sex with her father and

her whole family, lesbian sex included."

My cock was suddenly as hard as iron as I listened to this; I knew immediately that I wanted to fuck one or more ten-year-old or eleven-year-old girls and, if possible, see what fun I could have with a boy or two.

As I thought of this, I remembered hearing from an American I know about his Peace Corps days in Thailand. A self-confessed bisexual and libertine with an irrepressible craving for sex with young kids, he'd done things which I could only ever dream about in the days before my overseas travels began.

For example, the first story of his overseas sex that he told me was that he'd paid two Thai village boys to fellate him and then, as if this weren't enough, to masturbate a water buffalo until its jism gushed forth in gallons, and then to lick the dripping spunk from the end of the beast's monstrous prick.

This was long before digital cameras and laptops, of course. His photos of his Thailand days were home-developed and home printed black-and-whites, but they were so exciting that my fingers trembled as I held them. One set was of a Thai girl who cannot have been more than nine or ten, on her elbows and knees sucking one old fellow's cock while another was fucking her from behind. Another set was of the same girl wanking and fellating her brothers, both boys being about a year or so older than she was. 

I'd had adventures myself, of course. In a coastal Costa Rican town I had two sisters who were thirteen and fifteen and I'd filmed them fellating me and then gigglingly licking and sucking one anothers dark-haired cunts, too. The next day, by prior arrangement, I went back for more and was surprised to find that a somewhat older girl, a teenaged mother of eighteen or nineteen, was there with her tiny infant daughter in her arms.

 Without much preamble, a price was agreed and the young mother deftly wanked the shaft of my stiff prick as her tiny infant daughter's mouth sucked the swollen glans of my dickie with every sign of contentment. Amazingly, the little cherub managed to swallow every drop of what must have been the strongest and most ecstatic come of my entire life up to that moment.

"I want to fuck a girlie or two tonight! Can you fix it, Gupta?" I blurted impulsively.

"No problem, Bob. They all want to have a cheap digital watch and a 'Hello Kitty' tee-shirt. Every girl can buy a watch from a Chinese trader downriver for a good price. About twenty-five U.S. dollars."

I thought quickly. "Can you bring two girls and perhaps even an adventurous boy here for me tonight?  I like touching and sucking boys' cocks, too," I blurted.

Gupta laughed aloud. Oh yes, he knew what I wanted alright.

"Me too! I like doing that as well and know just the boy, half Chinese and half forest nomad. His daddy died in a logging accident a year ago and his mummy's hard-up for money. He's got a lovely little stiff cock, if that's what you want, Dr. Bob."

My heart was thumping in my chest and nodded because I simply couldn't reply. Gupta spoke again.

"Do you want the two most good-looking girls or the horniest two, Dr. Bob?"

"The horniest!" I almost shouted, delirious with excitement to be offered such a choice.

Gupta didn't even reply. He reached out and took his big golf umbrella from the corner.

"Give me some money for myself, too, Dr. Bob," he said rather awkwardly.

I nodded and complied immediately and the banknotes changed hands. In my eagerness I may have paid over the odds, but the temptation such an adventure offered was neither more nor less than a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. 

Gupta disappeared with a weak torch into the pouring night.

I sat, sipped arak and listened to the B.B.C. news on the radio for about thirty minutes, in a state of desperate impatience and expectation. The bed was large enough for fun and frolics; the bedspread was clean and my digicam was working and ready; oh my, the joys of modern technology!

Then the door opened and Gupta stood there with two girls and a boy. At a guess, the boy was eleven and as pale as a Shanghai Chinese or even a Japanese kid. A mouthwatering sight, let me tell you!

The girls were perhaps ten and eleven years old, both short and brown; one had a slight cast to one eye and the other had a tooth or two missing. Gupta and the children were soaked to the skin after the walk from the kids' dormitories, despite the protection offered by Gupta's big umbrella.

I grabbed a big bath towel from a nail on the wall and dried their hair as best I could. Then I seized the opportunity to strip them of their saturated clothes, starting with Gupta's.

"I can't call you Mr. Gupta if we're doing this," I whispered.

"Call me Desi, Bob."

Once I'd peeled off his pants and his shorts, Gupta's flaccid cock was about five inches long but sturdy and thick. His balls were heavy in my hand and I salivated at the thought of his cock and balls being in my mouth and the three kids' mouths, too. He had cock hair and a little bum hair but not much.

Taking one of the two pressure lanterns, I chivvied all three children into the very primitive tiled, bathroom and stripped the boy first.

"His name's Ignatius, Bob," said Desi quietly as he watched from the doorway. I glanced up; he was naked and playing gently with his cock in anticipation of the fun to come.

Once it was erect in my mouth and prodding the back of my throat, Ignatius's cock was as long as my index finger, but pleasingly thicker. He had no cock-hair at all, a delectable sight. His penis had stiffened as I kneeled and kissed it.  Ah, yes, it was a little longer than my index finger, and would feel wonderful up my bum, I realized with great pleasure.

Then Desi and I quickly stripped the girls. The taller and older girl-child, Mary, had a few stray pussy hairs and big brown nipples.

Martha, her younger cousin, was totally unfledged, but had a promising slit and plump bottom. It was as much as I could do not to part her buttocks and seek her tiny anus with my tongue at that very moment. 

Taking the rough red soap and the metal water bucket, I washed all three tenderly and slowly, taking care to wash, soap and rinse their delectable bottoms thoroughly, because I knew that a little analingus and perhaps even a little anal sex was probably on the menu. I washed myself briskly, aware that my prick was semi-tumescent in anticipation of the treats to come.

Then it was time for us all to be on the broad bed. Ignatius, Mary and Martha giggled and squealed with childish merriment as they saw a white penis for the first time in their young lives.

"Can these kids suck cock?" I demanded.

Desi smiled proudly. "Yes, Bob. Ignatius can and Mary can, too," Desi said.

"Good. I want to see those pretty children work on your prick until you spurt, Desi Gupta."

Gupta sighed and lay back. I leaned over and took his thick cock into my mouth for a delicious long minute, taking the opportunity to caress his full balls as I did so. Oh, yes, there would be plenty of spunk for all of us!

I reached for the digicamera and signed to Mary and Ignatius to begin sucking. Without a moment's hesitation, they swooped on Gupta's prick and commenced nuzzling and licking up and down the shaft as I filmed the frame with this exciting scene.

Young Martha, meanwhile, was squeezed beside me and was looking up at me with something like wonder, awe and admiration. So, keeping the camera steady, I reached out and took her hand and then put it on my cock. She giggled, chuckled appreciatively and grabbed it in a tight grip.

I pulled little Martha close and let her look at the screen as I filmed. With a natural instinct, she began wanking my shaft.

Then Gupta grunted aloud and came, a geyser of semen erupting from his cock-mouth, spattering both of the children's faces. Ignatius and Mary squealed with glee and competed to see who could slurp up the most; Mary probably won the contest by a whisker.

Then Gupta held the camera. I lay back and Martha's delectable unfurred slit rode on my face as she wriggled and whimpered with pleasure.  Ignatius and Mary licked my prick until I was almost ready to explode, then Mary deftly straddled me, her youthful vagina gripping my cock with evident zeal and her hands cupping Martha's tiny undeveloped breasts.

Looking back, I think we tried the lot that first night; Gupta filmed me fucking Mary while Ignatius' slender cock was in my bum. Some sensations are beyond descriptions and this was one; the feeling of being inside a young girl's tight vagina while being buggered by a boy barely on the cusp of adolescence is pleasure beyond belief, pleasure worthy of the Emperor Tiberius or Messalina.

A little later, at her own suggestion, lascivious little Mary was simultaneous penetrated by me, lying on my back with my cock in her cunt, Ignatius's slim penis in her deliciously tight and hot rectum and Gupta's thick member in her mouth. If I remember, Gupta's prick was sometimes in my mouth and sometimes in Mary's; when he spurted for the second time that night, Mary and I shared his cream between us, snowballing every glutinous morsel from mouth to mouth until every last taste was gone.

Gupta filmed me licking and kissing the kids' exquisite bums, savoring each tight anus with lips and tongue while the trio wriggled and giggled in pleasure and amusement.

It goes without saying, that I simply had to bugger Ignatius, arranging him so that Martha sucked his rigid young cock and his tongue pleasured Mary's delicious slit, now gaping wide with all the stimulus it had enjoyed.

Sleep overtook us all eventually and like daschunds in a basket, we fell into the contentedly replete slumber of the erotically exhausted. 

It was, as stated earlier, a long weekend and, as I had dared to hope, a second night of depraved debauchery followed the first.

This second night was so improbable for the place that it defies credulity.

To my utter amazement, Gupta had a surprise for me. He appeared not long after dusk with a black dog the size of a Newfoundland.

"This is Bruno. The groundsman won this fine animal in a game of cards down the river when he was still a tiny puppy," he said simply.

I looked at the dog, unwilling to believe the possibility that Gupta might have a scene of unspeakable depravity in mind.

 "What's going on? Did you bring Bruno here to ...?'

"Yes, to fuck the two girls in front of your camera. I know you'd like that," Gupta completed the sentence for me.

I was speechless, staring at the dog and trying to imagine the scene.

"The girls think he's a real pet. Best of all, he's never fucked a bitch in his life; fucking girls and women is all he knows. He pleasures the groundsman's wife four times a week, or more if she's really in the mood. Her husband and her father watch and wank while she takes her pleasure."

I made a mental note to come here again with my wife. All Korean women are insatiably horny and my wife is willing to try any depravity you can imagine and quite a few you probably can't. But that delight lay in the future as I looked first at Gupta and then at the massive animal in front of me. 

"Young Mary's had this dog's cock all the way up her cunt four or five times before now Bob," Gupta told me. 

"And Martha? And Ignatius?"

Gupta laughed.

"So you want to see Martha fucked by Bruno's big cock, do you? And I suppose you'd like to see little Ignatius buggered by a dog, too?"

It was my turn to laugh.

"Yes, I certainly would like to see both girls fucked by this big dog, but I'm not so sure about Ignatius' tight little bottom, now I think of it."

"He's taken my prick up his arse three times in a night before now," Gupta rejoined. "Make it worth his while and he'll spread his buttocks for Bruno's cock willingly enough."

It was as Gupota said; Mary's practiced little hand soon enticed and cajoled Bruno's thick veined prick from its furry protective sheath and I held my breath in astonishment; the dog's cock was not a millimetre shorter than eight inches in length.

Gupta fitted socks on Bruno's front paws to ensure that his claws did not scratch the girls' slender and tender young bodies.

Bold Mary had the dog's cock first, squeaking and gasping with excitement and delight as his massive prick slammed into her again and again. She moaned aloud when his knot filled her and I was in ecstasy to have caught every thrilling moment with my camera.

Then it was Martha's turn; her narrower slit was stretched to its utmost by Bruno's thick veined shaft and she was sobbing and crying through her gasps and moans until Mary slapped her face contemptuously and told her sharply in the upriver language they shared to take cock bravely without whimpering. 

To do her justice, Mary then lay on her back so that her mouth met Martha's and they entwined tongues as Bruno's thick cylinder of canine prick slammed into the younger girl relentlessly. Poor Martha did howl briefly as Bruno's knot smacked into her and filled her young cunt, but her ordeal ended at last and Gupta filmed me licking Martha mucilaginous slit as tenderly as possible. 

An hour later, after much kissing, nuzzling  and hugging had taken place between us all and the two girls had each tried sucking three pricks at once, amid much giggling and chuckling, Bruno was recovered from his earlier efforts and ready for the fray once more. Now I'd see a young boy enduring being buggered by a dog!

I positioned dauntless Ignatius face downwards on the bed and licked his anus and scrotal sack until my mouth was dry.

Then Gupta and the girls arranged Ignatius for what was to come; Martha wriggled below him to suck his cock and Mary sprawled with her limbs stretched out so that she could enjoy being pleasured by Ignatius' tongue while she watched him being fucked in the bottom by the dog.

Ignatius bore it all very well indeed; young boys can always take more cock that one might imagine!

Martha's precocious skill as a fellatrice assuaged any pain he endured in the prolonged lunges of the immense dog and he only whined and sobbed briefly when the knot slammed into him. Plucky little chap!

Some months later my Korean wife, game for anything as women of her race are, accompanied me upriver to Gupta's bungalow at Sarong and we had a quite splendid second adventure, but that's quite another story!


The End

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