Sibling Revelry, Chapter 1
By Lolishota

Youre sure, Danny? Lisa asked her little brother as she sat next to him on his bed.
Oh yeah, he responded enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear.

OK, Ill bring her in then. Just try to make it last awhile so she can enjoy it too, OK?

I will, I will! He responded, wildly swinging his knees back and forth with impatience.

Oh, and she agreed to let me watch. Is that OK with you? she added casually.

Um, I guess. Just dont tell me what to do. I already know.

Hed only hesitated for a moment. He probably would have let her paint his dick green if shed asked. Now that the idea was planted in his head, he wasnt going to let anything get in the way of losing his virginity. OK, I wont. she promised with a smirk.

Lisa hurried back to her bedroom where Kelsey was anxiously awaiting Dannys answer.

OK, he said yes, Lisa reported excitedly.

I knew it! This is going to be awesome. He is sooooooooo cute! Kelsey said, holding both fists in front of her shoulders and bouncing up and down.

OK, OK. Dont crumble your cookies before he does. Let me take a look at you.

Kelsey turned to face her. Dressed only in a sheer pink nightgown, Kelsey looked gorgeous. She was wearing nothing underneath and the dark nipples sitting atop her pert A-cup breasts made prominent marble-sized points in the thin fabric. The rest of her short, slender form was clearly outlined within. The small, dark triangle formed by her sparse pubic hair was clearly visible at her crotch. The gowns hem was at mid-thigh. Smooth, creamy thighs flowed out from underneath. Her lower legs were thin but well-formed. Her bare feet were small and perfect.

Nice! Turn around, Lisa instructed.

Kelsey twirled and Lisa could see the flair of her hips and a tight little ass that had yet to fill out completely. The gown lifted with her motion and Lisa got a whiff of her friends already-aroused sex.

Whew, girl. Id better get you in there! Grabbing her by the hand, Lisa led her friend the short distance to her little brothers bedroom. Kelseys hand was warm and sweaty in her grip and Lisa knew that the other girl was more nervous than she was letting on.

Danny was perched excitedly on the edge of his bed. He jumped up as soon as Kelsey entered but immediately became paralyzed at the sight of her. Kelsey felt a warm glow of satisfaction flow through her as she watched the boys mouth drop open and his eyes grow wide with lust and wonder. At that moment, she thought he was just the most adorable little thing shed ever seen with his mop of dark curls and big sea-green eyes. He wasnt yet far into puberty. His face was still soft and pretty, with just the faintest shadow of peach fuzz along his upper lip. There was a perfect little dimple at the center of his chin. Full, red lips rimmed the O of his gaping mouth. Down below, a large bulge had formed in the front of his baggy grey sweat pants.

Y-you really want me to he managed to stutter uncertainly.

Fuck me? Absolutely! I think youre really cute and nobody should have to be a virgin if they dont want to be. Are you sure youre ready?

Danny could only nod dumbly.

Kelsey smiled warmly and held out her arms. With a look of awe, Danny stumbled over to her and hugged her tightly, running his hands quickly and aimlessly all over her back as he sniffed deeply of her feminine scent and grew ever more excited.

Lisa smiled and climbed up on his bed to drape a stray shirt over the light fixture on his ceiling to soften the atmosphere. Then she jumped down and straddled his desk chair to watch her little brother lose his virginity to her best friend.

Danny was a full head shorter than Kelsey so she kissed the top of his head as she ran her hands down the back of his bright green T-shirt to grab at the hem. She lifted it smoothly and purposefully, and Danny stepped back to lift his arms so that she could remove it and bare the smooth skin of his slender torso. His chest had no definition yet, other than the two small discs of his nipples, but she could see a little development in the muscles around his stomach.

He fell back against her and they hugged each other firmly, squeezing ever tighter as the lust grew within each of them. Kelsey could feel the youngsters hot breath against her breast. She gently tilted his head back and brought her mouth down to meet his soft lips. He groaned as she kissed him passionately, then gasped through his nose when he felt her tongue in his mouth. He instinctively wrapped his tongue around hers, relishing the metallic taste of her saliva.

Danny felt her hands drift their way down his bare back and beneath the waistband of his pants to grasp the full round globes of his bottom. Filled with ever greater lust, he removed his hands from her back and gently grasped her firm, small breasts. She groaned into his mouth and pressed herself against his palms as she kneaded his fleshy little buns in her sweaty hands. His pelvis fell against her thigh and he gasped as he felt his erection press against her smooth warmth. He instinctively began to rub himself against her, reveling in the feel of his bare penis trapped between the soft cotton of his sweat pants and his tummy.

The feel of his aroused maleness against her thigh was too much for Kelsey. Warm fluids were flowing from her pussy and dripping down her thighs, filling the boys room with the smell of sex. She dislodged herself from his sucking mouth and lightly kissed her way down his chest and tummy. When she reached his waistband, she deftly untied the bow knot inside, tugged gently, and let the pants fall to the floor at his feet. He was wearing nothing underneath and his proud erection was suddenly bobbing right in front of her eyes.

Slender and graceful, it was about 5 inches long and was slightly curved so that it pointed out and up. At the base were a few long dark strands of pubic hair. His hairless scrotum, full and pear-shaped with his plump young testicles, hung a good 3 inches below his penis. It was perfect, Kelsey thought. There was no other way to describe it. She wanted nothing more than to have it feeding her hungry, dripping young pussy but she had to taste it first.

Danny was a little embarrassed to have his erection suddenly go on such lewd display in front of the girls, but his thoughts suddenly broke apart into little pieces as he felt one of her hands come up to gently cup his balls while the other firmly gripped his throbbing young rod.

Oh, that feels so good, he whimpered. The he felt her mouth, warm and wet, engulf the head of his uncircumcised penis. Ohhhhhhhhh, he moaned softly, feeling the sudden urge to ejaculate into her mouth. His knees began to buckle.

Unnh, I need to sit down, he said tightly. Kelsey released him and let him shakily take a seat at the edge of his bed. She grabbed his penis and balls once again, then looked over to Lisa. The other girl looked at her watch and gave her a thumbs up sign, then pointed at his penis and arced her finger through the air towards her. Kelsey took that to mean there was still enough time to get him off with her mouth before the main event.

Kelsey unlaced the string at her collar, then lifted the nightgown over her head. Dannys eyes fastened on her bare breasts. She smiled encouragingly and placed his small palms right over her stiff nipples. Then she moved his hands in a circular motion, showing him how to gently knead the soft flesh and pinch the nipples every so often. He set to his task with great enthusiasm as she went back to work on his throbbing young maleness. She took him back into her mouth, holding his glans snugly against the roof with her tongue but didnt suck until he she thought hed had a chance to get used to the feeling.

Danny fondled her soft breasts, loving the way they felt in his hands. He had never imagined that breasts were so firm. He had thought they would feel like water balloons but they actually felt more like rubber. Feeling Kelseys mouth on his dick was an even greater delight. He felt really warm and comfortable in there and her soft hands felt nice on his dick and balls. Then she began to suck and move her mouth. It was the most amazingly wonderful thing hed ever felt in his life. Then her tongue began to flitter around the sensitive underside of his dick head.

Ohhhhh! Danny moaned as he suddenly felt his balls tighten and a strong pressure building at the root of his penis.

Mmmmm, Kelsey hummed encouragingly around her mouthful.

Hed only been ejaculating for about 6 months, but none of them had ever come upon him so strongly and so quickly before. He tried to gently push at her forehead and pull his penis back but she wouldnt let him pull out. He was horrified at the thought of accidently squirting into her mouth, but he felt the warm fluid already filling his penis and knew that it was coming out whether he wanted it to or not.

Its OK, Danny. Let it happen. She wants to taste your semen. Lisa said softly. Kelsey hummed around his thickening penis in agreement.

Kelsey gently caressed his tightly knotted young balls, running a fingernail along the sensitive area between his anus and scrotum. She pumped his stalk more vigorously with her other hand and sucked strongly, her tongue lapping eagerly near the tip of his penis so that she could taste the very first semen that he would ever deliver into a girls mouth. The wonderful taste of his sweet young cock and the gentle, bleach-like smell of his loins was causing her young pussy to ooze a constant flow of her own juices and she squeezed her thighs tightly together in an almost useless effort to stave off the desperate hunger in her dripping cunt. She felt the boys body suddenly relax, then jerk as if an electric shock had run through it. His slender cock thickened in her mouth and Kelsey knew the time had come. She stopped moving and held him tightly in her hands and mouth.

Danny grabbed the back of her head with both hands and came hard. UNGH! He grunted as he felt his penis spasm in her tight grip. The head of his cock suddenly began to burn like a red-hot iron rod in her mouth. Then another strong spasm rocked him. UNGH! A hot squirt of thin, watery fluid shot out of his penis to splash against the roof of Kelseys mouth and trickle down her throat. A wave of wonderful release washed through him as he felt the pressure behind his penis begin to lessen. UNGH! Another spurt of clear young cum shot against her lapping tongue. Unnnnnnngh! More semen spurted, dribbled, and then trickled into her eager sucking mouth. She lapped it all up and swallowed every drop.

Kelsey waited until Danny had completely finished his orgasm, then pulled her mouth away. She gave his penis a gentle squeeze, then slurped up the tiny dew drop that appeared at the tip of his softening penis.

Would you like to trade places? she asked him gently. He grinned and nodded eagerly so they quickly switched positions. Kelsey braced her feet on the mattress and spread her knees widely apart so that her juicy pink flower would be fully open for him.

Danny stared. The sparse triangle of long, light brown strands on her mons came to a point just above the crack that split her vulva. Thin strips of short curly hairs lined the crack, then the hair grew longer and sparser along the rest of her plump pussy lips. Most of the hair below her mons was dark and matted with her shiny juices. The fuzzy cunt lips were red and swollen outward with her arousal, fully exposing a thick ridge of throbbing pink pussy meat that ran from the top of her slit to just above the glistening petals at the entrance to her vagina. A smooth pink pearl protruded slightly from the bottom of the ridge. Her rich, warm musky smell assaulted him with each breath he took, revitalizing him and bringing his warm, tingly cock back to full hardness. It also made him feel a little light-headed, like he was in a dream or something. Without conscious thought, he brought his face forward to gently kiss the swollen pearl.

Kelsey jumped as she felt his lips touch her sensitive love bud, then moaned softly as he took it between his lips and bathed it with his saliva. She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and crushed him against her. His nose flattened against her swollen prepuce, making her shudder with delight. He didnt complain, though, and continued to suckle her clit until she began to squirm too much for him to keep it in his mouth. Then he puckered his lips and pecked at whatever part of her vulva her squirming body brought before them.

Dannys lips were soon dripping with her juices. He licked them tentatively and decided he liked their slightly bitter taste so he went straight to the source, inserting his tongue between the soft, distended petals at the opening to her vagina. It was wonderful. He delightedly licked, sucked and slurped until his nose accidentally touched her big bump and made her start squirming around again. He pulled his face back, fascinated as her vulva stretched, contracted and throbbed right in front of his eyes.

Suddenly, Kelsey closed her legs and squirmed around to lay lengthwise on his bed, her head on his pillow. Rolling onto her back, she spread her legs wide once again. Fuck me, Danny! Put your big hard cock in me and fuck me right now!

Danny didnt hesitate. The sight of her vulva spread wide open just for him was the most wonderful thing hed ever seen. He felt like hed been waiting his entire life for this moment. He excitedly crawled on top of her and positioned his pelvis over hers. He looked down to find her pussy and saw her hand there ready to grasp his bouncing young rod and guide it straight to her dripping honey pot. He surged forward the moment he felt her soft wet folds touch the tip of his penis. There was no resistance and he was instantly balls deep inside her. Heat was the first sensation he felt, then wetness, then the soft silken folds of her snug little vagina. The next thing he felt was the desperate urge to empty his aching little nuts as far into her wonderful young hole as he possibly could.

Omygod! Kelsey gasped. She thrust her pelvis against his and grabbed his smooth young buttocks to hold him still. Shed previously taken the virginity of two other boys and theyd both shot their little virgin wads almost instantly. She didnt blame them, but she wanted to help Danny hold on as long as possible. She gripped him tightly with the muscles at the entrance to her vagina, trying to restrict the flow of his semen. Then she relaxed the rest of her vagina from around his cock to limit his sensation. Hold still! Hold still! She gasped.

Danny held as still as he could. The tightness around the base of his cock was almost painful, but it helped him get control of himself. He couldnt keep his body from trembling with lust and excitement, but the urge to ejaculate did subside a little bit.

Kelsey felt Dannys cock lose some of its girth and hoped that they had gained a little time. She remained still and waited, but could feel her vaginal secretions begin to flow more copiously now that their coupling had begun.

Lisa watched with intense interest as her little brother crawled on top of her best friend and sank his hard virgin cock into her. Her heart sank when he immediately froze and held himself deep inside, thinking that he was already emptying his little nuts into her. Then Kelsey told him to hold still and she hoped her friend was getting off as well. After a minute or two, Danny said OK and started to pull out. She thought that he had finished and was about to remove his penis, but then he thrust himself firmly back into her friends vagina with a loud wet smack.

Kelsey gasped as she felt the boys cock thrust back into her. His smooth pubic area bumped her swollen clit, his sparse hairs tickling her sensitive prepuce. She concentrated on relaxing her entire vagina and letting him have his way with her. Each thrust from here on out would be gravy for a first time fuck.

Danny felt her abundant fluids warming and slicking his dick. He tried another thrust and felt very little sensation around his well-lubricated cock. Then his instincts took over and he began to fuck her hard and fast.

Omygod! Omygod! Kelsey whimpered with pleasure and surprise. His nearly hairless pubic area pounded her clit and his nicely-shaped young cock scraped her g-spot with every pass. Loud wet smacking noises filled the room. A minute of hard fucking passed, then two. Lisa, this kid is amazing! she finally managed to shout.

Lisas compliment filled Danny with pride and satisfaction, and he responded by fucking her even harder and faster. Springs squeaked and his headboard pounded against the wall. She was so wet and slippery that he felt like he could fuck her forever. Her sweet young pussy felt so good that he never wanted to stop fucking her.

Lisa had moved to the edge of the bed to watch the penetration as closely as she could. She could see her brothers hard pale cock each time he pulled out, the few hairs at the base matted down with foaming white fuck froth. His dick was also streaked with the stuff. His slimy pubic area crushed her fully distended clitoris hard with each thrust. His smooth scrotum, tight and round beneath his rod, was also dripping with Kelseys fluids. Lisa felt herself filling with a huge sense of pride at her brothers unexpected prowess. Shed bake his favorite cake for this forget that! Shed fuck his little brains out and get some of what her best friend was getting!

Unfortunately, all good things must cum to an end. Ironically, it was Kelsey who crumbled her cookies first.

The boy was laying calmly and quietly along Kelseys body, his head on her right shoulder. His legs were closed and laid straight out, his toes pointed downward. The only thing moving was his pelvis and that was banging against Kelsey with youthful enthusiasm, his rock-hard penis plumbing her depths with gusto. Kelsey tried harder and harder to relax and enjoy the vigorous stimulation of her clitoris and g-spot, but she finally felt a spark light somewhere within the depths of her love button. She gasped and tossed her head, trying to deny the orgasm that was about to overwhelm her, but it was no use. The spark flared and engulfed her clitoris in burning flames, then spread through her loins and her body.

OMYGOD! IM CUMMINNNNNNNNNNG! Kelsey yelled breathlessly. Her clitoris fled beneath its protective hood and her stuffed vagina began to contract as waves of ecstasy rolled through her. She felt her body buck and heave, totally out of her control. Then her pelvis lifted hard and her vagina began to milk the invading penis for all it was worth, trying instinctively to draw the boys semen deep into her womb.

The inexperienced boy had no defense against a vagina determined to suck the seed right out of him. One moment he was happily plowing through her soft warm depths, the next he was being held in a hot, wet, vice-like grip that was trying to suck his balls right through his dick. He came instantly. He came hard.

Lisa watched Kelsey lift the boy into the air with her pelvis and freeze with a look of supreme ecstasy on her face. Dannys head suddenly came off her shoulder. His face scrunched into a grimace, then quickly relaxed. He drove his own pelvis downward, pushing her down and pinning her to the bed. He froze there, his eyes gazing sightlessly down at her friends ecstatic face, and Lisa instinctively knew that he was planting his young load as far into her vagina as he possibly could.

Danny felt his balls press hard against Kelseys bottom. He was trapped again by the strong muscles at her entrance, but this time the silken folds deep inside her were rippling all around him, trying to pull him even farther into her. The head of his penis began to burn and then his youthful semen came flowing out of him in brief, satisfying squirts. He felt the warm fluid pooling around and soothing his overly sensitive glans as the rippling walls of her tight young cunt massaged him.

In the midst of her orgasmic convulsions, Kelsey felt the boy nail her to the mattress and unload in her. She felt two warm pops way down deep, then more warmth slowly filling her innermost depths. She pressed back against him and continued to milk him in earnest, trying to urge every precious drop from the adorable boys virile little prick. He patiently squeezed all that he could into her even as he softened.

Lisa watched as her little brothers body slowly collapsed on top of Kelsey. After a moment, he rolled to the side and his soft prick pulled out of her with a plop. His penis was completely coated with clear fluids and milky froth. Their combined fluids began to dribble out of Kelseys gaping vagina so Lisa ran to the bathroom. She grabbed a towel and quickly made two warm soapy washcloths.

Racing back into the room, she found the two youngsters sprawled on the bed in a swoon. She took one washcloth and carefully wiped Kelseys oozing vagina, trying to get her to squeeze out as much of the aftermath as possible. Then she gently cleaned her brothers slimy balls and penis, taking the chance to heft his plump young testicles in their loosening sack and carefully feel his now-soft penis. She gave it a quick squeeze and wiped up the final droplet from his first vaginal orgasm.

She told Lisa to go back to her bedroom while she scrubbed and dried Dannys bedspread as well as she could. It didnt help that the youngster had already begun to doze off on top of it. She quickly coaxed his naked body under the covers, then gave him a quick peck on the cheek. You were really great tonight, buddy boy. You made Kelsey very happy. I think youre going to have all the pussy you want if you keep fucking like that. The boy made no response. He was probably asleep already.

She opened his window and closed his door to just a crack as she left, hoping the smell of sex would be gone by morning. Behind her, Danny smiled.

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