Babysitting My Neighbors Daughter

By Pussywillow

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Disclaimer: This story is just the figment of the imagination and contains depictions of sexual encounters between adults and children. If this type thing bothers you then you should stop reading now. However if you recognize the beauty of such loving and consensual relationships, then read on and I hope you enjoy.


What would you do if you were a male teenager and your next door neighbor wanted you to babysit her little five-year-old daughter?


I was in the back yard talking over the fence with my neighbor, Susan, who lived in the converted garage behind the house next to ours.

She was a divorced mother, about twenty-four at the time, and has a five-year-old daughter. She was also a real good looker with a real nice petite body, and, at that time, was about the same height that I was. She looked like the type of woman I felt I would want to marry if I was her age.

We were talking about various sundry unimportant subjects, when I happened to mention that I needed to get a part time job so that I would have some extra money to buy some things with. She replied, Well Mike, how would you like to baby-sit for me on Friday nights? I have a class that Im taking at the college, and I need someone to look after Brenda while Im gone.

I scratched my head and replied, Aw, baby-sittings just for girls.

No it isnt. Being thirteen, you could do just as good a job as a girl can, and besides Ive been racking my brains out trying to find someone who would.

Well, I replied very hesitantly, I dont think thats a job for me. What would I do with little Brenda anyway for several hours?

All you have to do is just entertain her for a little bit but mainly see that she doesnt get into things that shes not supposed to, and you could even watch TV or do your homework or whatever.

I hesitantly replied, Well I dont know.

Well, I know what you can do - why dont you give it a try this Friday, and then you can tell me how you like it.

Thinking better of doing it, I finally replied, Well, okay.

I then heard her say, Come on over at five, and Ill get home about nine thirty. Okay?


Here I am, a thirteen year old boy, thats going to baby-sit her five year old daughter Brenda. Boy, what in the world did I get myself into anyway? I thought as Friday approached.

A few minutes before five, I knocked on the door, and I saw Susan open it and say, Well, youre right on time. I have your dinner all ready and you two can sit down and eat around six or whenever. If you have to change her for any reason, all of her clothes are in her bedroom. Oh yes, make sure she gets to bed around eight. See you about nine thirty.

I just stood there and watched Susan walk out the door, and then I turned around to look at Brenda for a moment before I asked, Well, what do you want to do?

We can go into my bedroom and play with my dolls.

Oooo, wow, what did I get myself into? I said to myself as I followed Brenda on into her bedroom, and sat down on the bed. Then as we maneuvered dolls around, I even had to hold one for her.

I noticed that she continued to keep up a continuous chatter with her dolls as her imagination seemed to go into overdrive. But finally, she got tired of the dolls and grabbed a book as I heard her ask, Will you read this to me?

I agreed, so I took the book on into the living room and she had to get up on my lap and finally got settled down as I started reading to her.

I had never had a little girl sit on my lap before, and it felt really strange to feel this real feminine little girl actually sitting there.

As I continued to read, I felt this real funny sexual sensation that seemed to go all through me while I felt her snuggle on up to me, and I found that she seemed so soft, so warm, and so feminine.

Finally, after a while, I was through with the book, so I asked, How about some dinner? After she jumped down from my lap, we went into the kitchen for dinner.

After dinner, she had to again sit on my lap while we watched some TV, and I noticed that she seemed to be the real clingy type, and for some reason, really liked to cuddle herself on my lap.

I found out later that this is just a natural tendency for most little girls to want to cuddle with someone they really liked.

After a while, it was finally time for bed. So, after I told her to go get ready for bed, I watched as she went on into the bathroom, and then a little while later I saw her come back out with just her panties on as I heard her ask, Will you help me with my nightgown?

As I looked at her, I noticed that she was still slightly on the plump side, as she still had a bit of her baby fat left on her, but otherwise she seemed to be a real cute little five-year-old and I had to admit that she did look really real sexy standing there in front of me with just her panties on.

I had never seen a little girl in just her panties before, so she had me really quite embarrassed as I stared at her near naked body. But, after a little fumbling, I finally got her nightgown on, and watched as she reached up under her nightgown and pulled her panties down and off. Then she got up into her bed.

After she laid down, I arranged the covers on her, and thats when she put her arms up for me to kiss her goodnight. So I reluctantly bent down so that she could give me a goodnight kiss. Afterwards, I then turned out the lights and went back into the living room to watch more TV.

As I was watching TV, I got to thinking about Brenda and what all that we had done. For some reason, I thought that she had really excited me in some way. I dont know if it was just because she was just a little girl, but to me, she sort of shouted sex whenever I was near her.

So, instead of being bored out of my gourd, I found this baby-sitting session to be really quite interestingly different.

Finally, Susan came home, and asked, Well, how was it? Did you have any problems or anything?

I replied, No, no problems, and we got along real well.

Would you like to do it again next week?

I had to reply, Sure, no problem.


When I came over again to baby-sit, Susan said, Brenda should really take a bath before going to bed. She didnt last week, so could you help her do that?

Since I had absolutely no clue on just what she did in the bathroom, I replied, Yeah, I guess so.

What do I mean, yeah, I guess so. Heck, I dont know the first thing about giving a little girl a bath, and I felt like I would be just too darned embarrassed to even go into the bathroom if she had all of her clothes off.

We did much the same as last week - even reading her a book, and I noticed that whenever she sat on my lap, my dick got real hard just like last time while I read to her.

So when it became time to get ready for bed, I said, Your mother said that youre supposed to take a bath before going to bed.

I heard her reply very grumpily, Well, okay. But will you help me with the bath water?

I reluctantly agreed. So I went into the bathroom and started filling the tub. Then, when I got it to where I thought it should be, I turned off the water and then turned around.

There I was staring at a now very stark naked Brenda.

I knew that my face probably went red as a beet, and I just stared as I watched her go ahead and step into the bathtub. I had never seen a naked girl before, and I even got a real quick view of her puffy little girlie pussy puffing out in front of her just before she sat down in the water.

I knew girls were built really quite differently from boys, but that was the first time that I had ever seen any girls genitals before. So I guess I must have mumbled something just before I closed the door, and then went on out into the living room.

I guess that it was about twenty minutes later when she finally came prancing up to me with just her panties on, and got up on my lap.

She just stayed there in my lap for a little while as she asked me a lot of different questions. But finally, I asked her, Do you want me to help you with your nightie, and tuck you in again?

She gave me a hug and replied, Yes, just as she scurried off of my lap, and I got up and followed her on into her bedroom.

I finally got her nightie over her head, and pulled down over her. Then she reached up, under her nightgown, and pulled her panties off. Then, after she got into bed, she reached her arms up so that she could hug and kiss me goodnight.

I then went back into the living room to watch some more TV until Susan came home.

As I sat there watching TV, I thought to myself about how much Brenda liked to cuddle as I realized that Brenda was either up on my lap or in some way touching against me for most of the evening. But for some reason, I thought that I had really enjoyed her in some special way because I noticed that my dick was also quite hard for most of the evening.

When Susan came home, I mentioned that I had accidentally seen Brenda naked just before she got into the tub.

I heard her reply, well, it didnt hurt you did it?

I answered, Well, no. I guess not.

Then I heard her say, I guess you might just as well get used to it because about fifty percent of the population are females, and you are probably going to see a lot of them in your life naked.


The following Friday, I again went over at the proper time to baby-sit. As Susan started out the door, she said, You know Brenda told me that she really likes you because you play with her, and let her cuddle up to you all the time. I guess youve found out that most little girls just love to cuddle didnt you.

As soon as Susan left, Brenda grabbed me by the hand and led me back into her bedroom.

So there I sat on her bed and watched while she manipulated her dolls around while playing with them, and I had to hold one doll or another while she played. But I found it very interesting on how she used her imagination with her dolls as she put them through several different fantasy situations.

Finally, she got tired of what she was doing, so I watched as she grabbed a book and asked, Will you read this to me now?

I took the book, and she followed me on into the living room.

After I sat down, I picked her up and sat her in my lap, and then I felt her squirm around until she was finally real comfortable.

As I was reading the book, I noticed that one of her hands went down in-between her legs, and then she readjusted her position until she had her legs spread out, and she put her hand back down in-between her legs. By now, I could see her little fingers move around in a rhythmical fashion underneath her panties as I soon realized that she was actually playing with her pussy with her fingers while I was trying to read to her.

Now this really startled me because I had never known any girl to ever do that before, and it even got me really sexually excited as I continued to watch her.

Then, A few minutes later, she reached up, grabbed my free hand, and guided it on down to her pussy. When I didnt do anything, she took a couple of my fingers and pressed them up against her pussy a certain way and said, I want you to do it.

As I started to move my fingers around against her panty-covered pussy, I realized that it was such a sexual shock to me that I almost creamed my pants. But then, as I felt her adjust my fingers, I heard her say, No, do it right here like this.

As I continued to knead her pussy for her, I saw her turn her head and smile at me while saying, Yeah, just like that. Now dont stop.

A few moments later, I felt her finally take her hand away from mine and just sat there while I continued to knead her pussy as I read the book to her.

I just couldnt believe what I was doing. My gads! Here I was, sitting here with my fingers down on her crotch actually kneading her most private area for her.

Then, A bit later, I felt her again reach down, and adjust my fingers once more, while she smiled up at me again, and soon take her hand away again as I continued to read the story to her.

As I realized just what I was doing to this little girl, I was so hot that I felt like I was almost ready to cream my pants as I realized that her panty covered pussy felt really very quite soft and puffy as I slowly moved my fingers all around and around just like she showed me. But then, she just continued to sit there very quietly seemingly really enjoying what I was doing to her.

As she continued to sit there, I heard her ask me several questions about the story as she continued to smile and I even felt her gyrate around a little bit every once in a while as she seemingly continued to enjoy what my fingers were doing to her.

When I finally finished the story, I watched as she turned her upper body around and tried to hug me while she said, I like you. You make me feel really good.

So I asked, Would you like some dinner now?

I then saw her perk back up as I heard her say, Yes, Im hungry.

Finally, as I took my hand away from her pussy, I now felt really real shaky from my most unusual experience as I got our dinner on the table.

After dinner, she again had to sit in my lap as we watched TV.

While we were watching, I decided to go ahead and move my hand back down in-between her legs just to see what she would do. But all she did was just smile as she felt my fingers again rubbing against her panty-covered pussy. Then, a few moments later, she reached down and adjusted my fingers, and said, Now do it that way.

So we continued to watch TV while I just sat there and kneaded her pussy for her until it was time for her to get ready for bed.

It seemed that she never got tired of me doing that to her.

Getting her to bed was very much the same as last time. I filled the tub for her as I watched her take off all of her clothes, and then I stared at her now very naked puffy pussy while I watched her climb into the tub naked.

About twenty minutes later, I saw her come back out still naked, and got back up onto my lap, and said, I took my bath just like mommy told me to. So Im already for bed now.

I then picked her up, and as I heard her giggle, and I carried her on into her bedroom and plunked her down on her bed.

I finally got her nightie on her, and got her into bed.

After she kissed me good night, I turned out the light, and then went back into the living room to watch more TV until her mother got home.

When Suzan came home, she asked, Well, how was Brenda this evening? I knew I had a red face and I certainly didnt want to tell her just what her daughter wanted me to do to her, so I just replied, Just like last time. No problems. But she sure is awful cuddly though.

Then after I heard Suzan say, Well arent most little girls? I replied, Heck, how would I know? Ive never been around any of them before.


We continued to do this same routine for several weeks until one Friday evening after we played with her dolls as usual, she, as usual, wanted me to read her another book.

As she sat on my lap, I watched as she spread her legs real wide and seemed real happy that I just automatically put my hand down on her panty-covered pussy and started kneading it for her just like I had done last time.

A few minutes later, I watched her reach down and pull her panties off, and she then smiled at me as I heard her say, Do it this way now, it feels much better.

I could see a real big smile on her face as I now kneaded her naked pussy for her while I felt her move her little bottom all around while I continued to try to read the story to her. But every so often, she would look like she was staring off into space for a minute, and then I would feel her relax again and then get back to the story. Of course, the whole time that I was reading the story to her, I had a massive hard-on.

I guess that I was thoroughly enjoying myself massaging her naked pussy so much that I almost forgot dinner. But I did manage to finally get her off of my lap, and as I tried to stand back up, this time I felt really shaky as I felt my still hard dick press tightly against my pants.

After dinner, we went back into the living room to watch some TV, and, of course, my fingers just had to go in-between her legs again. So here I was again kneading the pussy of a bare bottomed girl.

Of course, I was still really surprised by the way she really liked me to do that to her. So, as I sat there, I thought about even taking her dress off too. So I finally reached up and unbuttoned her dress. But she said absolutely nothing as I slipped it on up over her head.

There I was now, with a completely naked little girl on my lap, and, as I felt her cuddle up to me once more, I heard her say, I really like sitting here on your lap.

As I put my fingers back down on her pussy, I looked down and this time I realized that I could now watch my fingers actually knead what looked like a big oversized puffy pussy for such a small girl. As I looked, I noticed a little protrusion near the front of her pussy, and it was then that I realized that she had always guided my fingers so that they were up against that little protrusion as I heard her say, Yeah, right there. Thats where it feels best.

So we just sat there like that while we watched TV.

Heck, I hardly watched the TV at all as I continued to just stare at my fingers that were kneading her pussy. I also realized that I had a raging hard-on, and my head even felt a little dizzy from just thinking about what I was doing to this little girl, but then I realized that she was the one who wanted me to do it to her in the first place.

All too soon, it was time for her bath, so I gathered up her clothing, and we went into the bathroom. I also noticed that she looked really cute standing there watching me fill the tub for her.

After the tub was filled, she got in, and then shocked me by saying, I want you to wash me this time.

Thats when I realized that I had already had my hand down against her pussy for about two hours already, but this was so erotic to me, that I just broke down and replied, Okay.

I got the soap and washed her body clear down to the waterline as I heard her laugh and giggle at all my touches. Then as I washed each leg, I realized that I was now really enjoying what I was doing as I thought that this was a whole lot of real sexy fun washing this little girl.

After I was through with her legs, I had her stand up on her knees so that I could wash her bottom. So I rubbed my soapy hands all around her hips, and then as I slipped my fingers into the crack of her bottom, I heard her shriek and giggle. But then, as I realized that she really liked that, I continued to rub my fingers all over her bottom and anus.

As soon as I thought that she was used to my hand being there, I put my other soapy hand down against her pussy, and I then watched as she giggled and gyrated all around while I washed both her anus and pussy for her.

The soap on my hands made her pussy feel so slick that I could actually feel each little pussy-lip and her crack. Why I just couldnt believe how sexy and erotic it felt to me washing this little girls most private parts, and I knew from the way that she was acting that she was also having a whole lot of fun enjoying what I was doing to her also.

Finally, I decided that I had better get her rinsed off. So I had her sit back down in the tub and made sure she was well rinsed.

I finally got her dried off and into her bedroom. There, I found her nightie and put it on her and got her into bed.

As I sat in the living room waiting for Susan to come home, I thought about just where I had my hands on Brenda for most of the evening and how I had really enjoyed watching my fingers knead her pussy for her, and how her pussy felt when it was all slicked up with soap. But I was sure hoping that she wouldnt come out and brag to her mom about what all I did to her tonight.


I now felt like I could hardly wait for each Friday come so that I could go over and baby-sit little Brenda just to get a chance to play with her pussy again.

Several Fridays later, when I got there, Susan said, I guess youre really making a hit with Brenda, she really likes you, and she can hardly wait for you to come over. Well have a good time. See you later.

Wow, here I was all-alone with Brenda again.

This time as soon as her mother left, she went into her bedroom and returned naked with a book, and got on my lap. By now, I realized that she was really enjoying sitting on my lap in the nude.

As I read the book to her, she just sat there naked on my lap while I massaged her little pussy for her. Then, after a while, she repositioned herself on my lap and cuddled up to me. But now she no longer seemed interested in the book, so I put the book down and just caressed her as I continued to massage her pussy for her. It seemed to me that I could actually feel her freeze up a tiny bit every so often, and then settle down again. So we continued to sit that way until dinnertime.

After dinner, she wanted to run around the house and play. So I chased her, and wrestled with her while I heard her laugh and giggle.

By now, I was getting a real bang out of playing with this small naked girl as I realized that I really didnt even have to be careful at all where I touched her either. I guess I really tried to do most anything just to make her happy.

As I was lying on the floor on my back with her on top of me, she looked down and saw the bulge in my pants. As she looked at it, I heard her ask, Whats this?

I then saw her reach down and give it a squeeze as I heard her say, What do you have in here?

As she continued to squeeze my dick, I was in such a sexual shock that I shot my load out right out into my pants.

All of that wet gooey cum inside my pants was now really very uncomfortable, so I had to get up and go into the bathroom to try to clean all the cum from my pants.

I guess that I had forgotten her, and as I turned around, there she was watching me. Yeah, she had actually followed me in, and had been standing there watching as I took off both my pants and shorts, and then she continued to just stand there and watch as I cleaned myself up. I guess I really felt real funny having this little naked girl looking at me while I cleaned my now very exposed genitals.

As I was about to put my pants on again, I watched her reach her hand over and grab hold of my dick as I heard her ask, Whats this? Will I have one when I grow up?

By now, I was in absolute sexual shock feeling her little hand grasping my still very hard dick, but I managed to reply, No, no, you are a girl, and I am a boy, and thats what a boy looks like down there.

Then I heard her ask, Can I play with it?

Oh good lordy, she already was. But her hand felt so good that I didnt want to disappoint her and have her take her hand away from my now raging hard dick, so I said, Sure go ahead.

I heard her giggle as she moved her hands all around all over my dick while she squeezed it. By now, I was just too frozen in sexual shock to do anything about it as I continued to just stand there and watch her play with this new plaything of hers.

Very quickly I felt my sexual feelings rise on back up so high that they just seemed to overwhelm me, and thats when I felt myself just seem to explode into a shower of real wild sexual feelings as I felt myself start shooting cum out of my dick. But I managed to catch most of it in my hand though.

But she seemed to just stand there in amazement as she watched my cum continue to shoot out from my hard dick.

After I was all done, she just stood there and looked at all the cum that was now in my hand, and I watched as she actually reached a finger over and played in the goo while she asked all sorts of questions about it as I told her what it was, and what it did, and I even told her all about her own pussy, and why she wanted me to massage her pussy so much for her all the time.

I finally got the mess cleaned up, and then asked if she wanted to take her bath. I then heard her reply, As long as youre naked, will you take a bath with me?

At this point, I was now too sexually weak to say no. So, after I started the bathwater, I took off the rest of my clothes, and after the tub was filled, we both climbed in.

I got us both soaped up and I had her sit with her back against me as I washed her feet and legs, and ran my soapy hands all around her small body while she just sat there and giggled.

Then we both got up on our knees, and we soaped up each others genitals. I noticed that she really loved running her small soapy hands all over my hard dick and balls while I ran my soapy hands all around against her ass and pussy.

I realized that her hands felt so good on my hard dick that she made me climax again. She really got a big kick out of watching me explode my cum way out over and over again, and even wanted to do it to me again. But I knew after the third time, I just couldnt do it anymore and told her so. So we finally got ourselves rinsed off and dried. Then I got her nightie on her and got her into bed.

This time as I walked back home, I realized that I now felt really very well sexually satisfied.


The next Friday, just as soon as her mother left, we went into her bedroom and I helped her play with her dolls for a little while before I heard her say, I want to sit on your lap now.

I agreed. So we went back into the living room where I watched her take off all of her clothes, and then I lifted her on to my lap and hugged and kissed her for a little bit before she spread her legs as a signal for me to put my fingers down there again.

Of course, I was soon giving her puffy pussy a nice gentle massage as I felt her wrap her arms around my neck.

I must have been doing that to her for about an hour before she finally sat back up and asked, Can I play with your thing again?

I knew just what she meant, and I replied, Why dont we just have dinner right now, and then you can play with me all you want to after dinner.

She very reluctantly agreed, and we went on into the kitchen to eat dinner.

As soon as we got dinner cleaned up, I asked, Why dont we take our baths right now? She thought that was a good idea, and I saw her very excitedly jump up and down as we both went into the bathroom.

As I got the water running in the tub, I took off all of my clothing. But I had only put in small amount of water in the tub, and as we both got in, I had her sit with her back against me as I soaped ourselves up real good. She really loved that slippery soapy feeling, leaning back against my soapy front and me running my soapy hands all over her stomach and chest. Then, one at a time, I got hold of her legs, and ran my soapy hands all around them. Then I ran my soapy hands all over her pussy as she spread her legs real wide and squealed and giggled as she felt my slippery hands slide all over.

After a bit, she finally turned around and gigglingly soaped up my genitals and rubbed her small hands all over me down there.

As she was playing with my dick, she asked, How do I get it to squirt?

I then showed her just how to rub her hands on my dick, and I very delightfully watched as she started rubbing it the way I showed her.

Oh my gads, her small hands felt so good that it wasnt long before I said, Oh oh, here it comes.

This time she aimed my dick down the tub just as I exploded, and she watched as my cum splattered against the end of the bathtub. But she continued on stroking it until I didnt shoot out any more, and then took her hands away. It felt so good, that I just had to sit there for a bit before I could move, and thats when I heard her very gigglingly ask, How did that feel?

I just had to reply, Oh, that felt real wonderful honey, it felt really real good.

I finally got up and got the spray going and rinsed all of the soap off of us.

Afterwards, we got out, and after we got dried off, we went into her bedroom.

She then jumped up on the bed and asked, What are we going to do now?

Because I had done just about everything that I could think of to do to little Brenda so far, I remembered hearing some guys talking about sucking on girls pussies and having girls suck on their dicks. So I thought that maybe I would give it a try. But then I had a much better idea. I went into the kitchen and got the bottle of chocolate syrup.

I told her to rub some of the chocolate on the part of her body that she would most like to have me to lick it off of.

After she took the bottle, I was completely shocked as I watched her rub some right on her pussy, and then I heard her giggle as she said, You can lick all the chocolate off of me now.

I was now really in a sexual daze as I had her lie down on her back on the bed as I knelt down on the floor in-between her legs.

Then I started licking up the chocolate syrup as I heard her say, Oooo, That feels really funny. Keep on doing it.

I kept on licking her pussy as I heard her continue to squeal and giggle. But finally, after I got all of the chocolate syrup licked off of her pussy, I even started working my tongue all around that little protrusion near the front. I didnt know what it was at the time, but I found out that when I sucked it into my mouth, that really set her off, and she giggled and gyrated around as I licked on it and even sucked it into my mouth and worked my tongue all around it.

Doing that made me feel so hot that I continued doing it until finally I felt my tongue get so tired that I finally just had to quit.

So I lifted myself back up and sat down on the edge of the bed.

By now, Brenda was sitting in the middle of the bed when she spotted my hard dick. As I saw her look at it I heard her ask, Now why dont you put some of that syrup on your thing?

Just the thought of having this little girl licking chocolate off of my hard dick almost made me climax right then and there. So I replied, Well, Okay, if you really want to.

The bed was against the wall, so I scooted up on the bed and put a pillow behind me to lean back on as my lower legs hung over the side. I watched as she got in between my legs and started licking all of the chocolate syrup off of my dick as I felt both her small hands and mouth all over my dick; Wow, was I having the time of my life feeling her small soft wet mouth and tongue roaming all over my dick.

I guess she thought it was a whole lot of fun also as I heard her continue giggling while she tried to lick the syrup off of my dick. But then, I noticed that she couldnt get it all off, so I watched as she put the whole end of my dick into her mouth and I could then feel her tongue go all around and around on my dick as she sucked on it just like it was a lollypop. Oh, my gads, her mouth felt so soft and so warm and so wet that it took just only a few seconds before she had me clear on up to that point of no return, and as I grunted, I felt myself literally explode my cum right into her mouth. But she continued on sucking on it as I shot more and more of my cum right into her mouth.

WOW! The feelings that I got from that climax were so great that I almost passed out. But then, I noticed that she continued on sucking on my dick. Oh wow, how I wished that time could stand still because of it. Why the sexual feelings that I felt coming from my dick were so great that I just had to put my hands on both sides of her head while I moaned, Oh Brenda, and she continued sucking while she looked at me with those great big blue eyes of hers.

Soon I felt myself nearing that point of no return again, and again I felt myself explode all my cum into her mouth once more.

After I shot load after load of my cum into her mouth again, she finally lifted her mouth away, and then just sat there and grinned at me.

OH WOW! As I looked at her, I saw that she now had cum plastered all over her mouth, and it was even dripping down off of her chin. I believed at that moment that she appeared to be the most adorable sexy little girl that I had ever seen at that moment, and she even completely shocked me as I heard her gigglingly say, I guess that was my special feeding time wasnt it.

I finally recovered enough so that I could take Brenda into the bathroom and get all of the cum washed off of her. Then we went back into the living room, and as I sat down on the couch, I lifted her up onto my lap.

She just sat there all curled up and snuggled up to me as I wrapped my arms around her. Why I just couldnt believe what I was doing. Here I was just sitting here naked with this little naked five-year-old girl in my lap. She felt so nice and so cuddly against my own naked body that I realized that I really loved having her there.

But then she soon fell asleep on me and I guess that I must have dozed off also. Because the next thing I remembered, was a hand on my shoulder waking me up.

As I finally looked up with bleary eyes, I was now greatly shocked to see Susan standing there right in front of me.

Right then, I knew that all hell was about to break loose, and at that moment, I wished that I could just disappear into a hole somewhere. But all she said was, So this is the way you baby-sit my daughter. What in the world were you two up to tonight?

As I looked at Susan, I was so darned scared that I almost peed.

Then, to my utter amazement, I heard Susan say, Oh wow, Brenda looks so peaceful lying there on your lap. Here, lets try to get her to bed without waking her up.

I got up still holding Brenda and carried her on into her bedroom. Susan then pulled back the covers while I laid Brenda down on her bed. Then Susan pulled the covers back over her.

Afterwards, she then looked over, and saw the bottle of chocolate syrup sitting there, and I fearfully watched as she picked it up and then very slyly say, I know what kind of games you two were playing.

As we closed the bedroom door, Susan said, Well, you dont have too many clothes on yourself. Do you want to retrieve your clothes while you tell me all about what you two did tonight?

It was then that I suddenly realized that I was still completely naked, and was starting to get very embarrassed by being in this condition right in front of Susan.

She followed me into the bathroom where I started putting my clothes back on as I said, Well, to make a long story short, Brenda wanted me to take a bath with her, so I did. Then she wanted to sit on my lap, so we went into the living room and I sat her on my lap. Then we fell asleep. Is that all you two did?

Oh Gads! I felt trapped, and I certainly didnt want to tell her all about the chocolate syrup.

Well yeah, we did some other things also, but basically, that was it.

Yes, and with the chocolate syrup? I pretty well know what the other things were, such as you licking some of the syrup off of her pussy, and she probably licked some off of your little dicky too. Isnt that right?

I then looked very sheepishly at Susan as I nodded yes.

I then heard her say, Yes, I know that shes a very sexual little girl. Shes always had her hand down on her pussy no matter where we were, and the only way that I could get her to stop it, was to continue to let you to baby-sit her. You know she tells me in detail all about what you two were doing, the next day. (Oh, good lord, she had been spilling the beans all along and I didnt even know about it.) So I made her a promise that if she would keep her hands away from her pussy when we were out in public, you would continue to baby-sit her, and it has seemed to have worked out very well. At this point, I dont care what you two do together just as long as you dont hurt her or try to stick your dick into her. Shes still way too young for that yet.

My face was now even more beet red when I realized that she actually knew all about Brenda and me. Then I heard her continue, I dont know what you two did tonight, but Brenda will tell me all about it in great detail in the morning anyway. But, I must say she really loves all of the attention you are giving her, and she looked so cute and peaceful sleeping on your lap this evening.

As I was lying in bed that night, I thought to myself about what Susan had said about Brenda and me, and how she knew all along all about our sexual activities. I suddenly realized that girls really do have much the same thoughts as boys, but I guess that they seem to hide it more than boys do. Then I thought about how much I had really enjoyed being with this little girl and all of what we did together.


Soon, it was Friday again, and when I stepped inside Suzans house, I heard her say, I was right about what you two did last week. You really did lick her pussy for her didnt you?

Yeah, I guess so. I stammered.

Well, she been telling me all about it all week, and how much she really enjoyed it, and then she told me that she even sucked on your chocolate covered dick. She thought that was a whole lot of fun also. Oh, by the way. Just so you wont make her pussy too sore, you can use this lubricant. Im sure shell love it. Then Susan handed me a tube of lubricant, and continued, Well, I hope you two enjoy yourselves tonight. By.

After Susan left, Brenda came up to me and said, Come on, lets get undressed.

We both took our clothes off, and as she sat on my lap and cuddled against me, I applied some of the lubricant to my fingers, and then reached down and started kneading her pussy just the way she loves. She really loved the slipperiness of the lubricant, and wouldnt let me quit until dinnertime.

Because of the lubricant, I could now feel every little bit of her pussy, and it made me all that much more hornier.

It felt really funny, warming up our dinner, and eating without any clothes on. But Brenda really seemed to love it.

After dinner, we took our bath together, and then we took turns. Me sucking on her pussy and her sucking on my dick. Afterwards, I put her to bed.

When Susan came home, she asked, Well, did you two suck on each other again tonight?

I just had to reply, Yes.

Then I heard her ask, Im curious, just what does she taste like?

I now knew that she knew all about what we were doing, so I decided to tell her the whole truth, Well, after her bath, there really isnt any taste, but it does feel real exciting and sexy for me to actually put my mouth down there on her, and she really wiggles around and giggles the whole time while Im doing it, and she doesnt want me to quit.

I see. But what happens when she sucks on your dick?

Well, first of all, I really dont make her; she really wants to do it and she even calls it her special feeding time, and from the way she does it, I believe she really likes doing it.

You know, all of this talk about what you two were doing together is making me feel real horny now. How would you like to use some of that lubricant on me right now?

I replied very questionably, You-you want me to put my hand down there on you?

I heard her ask, Would you like to?

So I replied, Well yeah, sure, that is if you really want me to.

Here, let me turn out the lights and take off my pants.

I noticed that she had on a pair of slacks, and when she turned off the lights, I saw that it was pretty dark in the room, but then, the light from a streetlight, I could still very faintly see her remove her slacks and panties.

I then sat down on the couch as she sat down beside me, and said, Put a whole bunch on your fingers and then Ill guide your hand.

After I got some of the lubricant, I felt her cuddle up against me just before she took my hand and placed it down on her pussy as she spread her legs. Now rub it all around now. Oooo yeah, thats it. Now put your fingers right there. Oooo, yeah, thats it. Oh dont stop.

So I rubbed my fingers all around in her pussy just like she asked, while I felt her cuddle up to me. Then as I put my other arm around her, I heard her say, Oh, I havent had anyone do this to me since before I got divorced. Oooo that feels so good Oh, dont stop.

As I kept on rubbing her pussy, I could actually feel her start trembling, and even wrap her arms around my neck.

Slowly, I could feel her get more and more sexually excited as I felt her gyrate her hips all around while she even hugged me tighter.

I didnt know why she needed the lubricant, because by now, I realized that her pussy was now dripping wet.

Then I heard her start moaning and I even felt her start bouncing her hips all around, and soon I heard her give out a loud moan just as she froze on up for several seconds before I felt her finally relax again.

Thats when I heard her say, Oh, Do that again.

So I kept on rubbing. But by now, I was a little more relaxed with her, and I even started to explore her pussy even more with my fingers. Then, as I moved my fingers down a little bit, I felt my middle finger go right into a hole that felt really good on my finger, and I pushed my finger on in as far as I could get it and then brought it back out. Thats when I heard her say, Oh yes, do that. Oh yes.

As I continued to shove my finger in and out of her hole, I felt her lips against mine as she kissed me very passionately.

I had never had anyone kiss me before except mother. But, I went ahead and followed her lead as we kissed, and soon we were working our tongues in and out of each others mouths.

Then she started squeezing my neck even tighter with her arms again, and then rammed her mouth against mine as I felt her whole body gyrate around just before I felt her freeze on up again, and she seemed to stay real stiff like that for several seconds before I felt her gradually relax again.

Then, with a real shaky voice, I heard her say, Oh, Mike, do you think you could get your dick hard again?

I replied, Yeah, its hard right now.

Oh please, take your pants off. Please?

I got up and as soon as I got undressed, she grabbed my hand and led me over to her bed. Then, as she laid down, she pulled me on down on top of her.

Being such a small house, she had her bed in the living room.

I then felt her fiddle with my dick for a moment, and the next thing I knew, it started to go right into that real warm wet hole of hers as I heard her say, OK, now push it in. Oh yeah thats it. Oooo, oh yeah. Oh, that feels so nice.

Soon as I felt that my dick was all the way inside of her, thats when I felt her wrap her arms and legs around mine.

Oh my gads, here I was with my dick actually all the way inside this woman, and I was really fucking her!

But then I heard her say, Wait a moment. I then felt her pull off her top and bra, and then wrapped her arms around me again.

As I laid there, it felt like the most wonderful thing in the world to me to actually feel her firm naked breasts as I started pushing my dick in and out of her again, and soon, I felt her even start to meet my thrusts as I felt her start rolling around with me on the bed.

Gads, Ive never felt anything like this in all of my life as I felt my dick continue to go in and out of her while I even tried to play with her boobs.

I knew that I had been pretty well worn out by Brenda, so I knew that I would last for a fairly long time now before I could finally climax again.

Pretty soon, I heard her moan and felt her tighten her grip around me, and then as I felt her start to freeze up, I felt her vagina ripple against my dick for some seconds before I felt her start to relax again, and then she started humping against me again.

As I heard her moan and felt her start to freeze up again, Just feeling her vagina ripple against my dick again was enough to set me off, and as she laid there tightly gripping me, I felt myself finally go into a real awesome climax as I felt myself explode all of my cum deep into her, and each time I shot, I felt her squeeze me with her arms.

Finally, we both just laid there exhausted for a bit before I heard her say, Oh Mike, oh, that felt so good. Oh, I really needed that W-Will you be my secret lover?

I really didnt know what to say. At first, I was just having a whole lot of sexual fun trying to sexually satisfy her little girl, and now she actually wants me to fuck her. Wow, only in my dreams have I had this happen to me, and I never expected to get this involved with a girl for several more years yet. But heck, I just couldnt pass up this most wonderful offer, so I replied, Okay.

About that time, my dick started to go soft, and as I felt it slip back out of her hole, we both giggled.

Then we both got up and rushed into the bathroom. That was the first time that I saw her bush. But I couldnt see much else because of all the hair she had down there as she wiped my dripping cum off of her.

Then she had to clean up my now flaccid dick. Normally, I would have been way too embarrassed to have even shown her my dick. But now, I just stood there really enjoying all of the attention she was giving it as she cleaned it up.

As she was cleaning me, I heard her say, All I was going to do was just let you finger fuck me a little. I really didnt intend to go all the way. Did you enjoy our little adventure?

I replied, Wow, I sure did.

Then I heard her say, You know, being a single woman, I really do have all of those sexual feelings and urges just like everyone else. But I dont have a husband to do it with anymore, and thats the reason why I asked you to be my secret lover - just to keep me sort of sexually calmed down and satisfied until I can find myself another husband. How about, say, you come over tomorrow night, and then, after that, Ill call you whenever I need you?

I replied, Yeah, Okay, that sounds real great.


The next day was Saturday, and I knocked on her door at eight thirty.

As she let me in, she said, Sorry, but tonight you cant play with Brenda. You just have me.

After she reached over and turned out the lights, I felt her unbuttoning my shirt, so I got hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up and off of her.

When we had all of our clothes off, we both laid down on the bed. Oooo, that felt so nice feeling her real nice naked body against mine.

As I felt her hand caress my naked body, I did the same to her, and pretty soon, we were kissing, and my hand just automatically went to her breasts. I had never felt a womans breasts before, and to me, hers felt real nice and soft and firm.

Gradually, our hands went lower, and I had never felt anything that felt as good as her hand massaging my genitals. It felt even better than when Brenda did it. But Brenda was such a small girl, and she just didnt have the skills to massage my genitals the way her mother did.

As I fingered Susans pussy, I heard her whisper, Kiss me all over. So I brought myself down until I was at first kissing her breasts for a bit, and then I traveled my mouth on down kissing all over her skin until I was soon kissing all around her bellybutton.

After that, I felt this great urge inside me to kiss even lower, and pretty soon, I felt my mouth right against her pussy hair, and about that time I heard her plead, Eat me Mike! Eat me just the way you eat Brenda.

By this time, I guess that I was really shaking with sexual excitement as I felt her legs spread real wide for me while I positioned myself right in-between her legs.

Finally, I had my mouth right against that warm wet cavern in-between her pussy lips, and I found that it was very wet and slippery there as I explored her all over with my tongue it was so different from Brendas little bald pussy.

I soon found her hole and pushed my tongue in and out of it several times as I felt her gyrate and buck all around. Then my mouth went up and found her clit (which she would explain to me all about it later). So I sucked her clit up into my mouth and then ran my tongue all around it, and pretty soon, I felt her start to buck real hard and then give out a squeal as I felt her freeze up.

As she started to relax again, she beckoned me back up to her side. Then I felt her start to kiss my chest, and she gradually worked her mouth on down my body until I felt her mouth go right over my ragging but still hairless hard dick.

As I felt her suck on it, I really didnt know whom I liked best. But as she sucked, the sexual feelings that I was getting, soon got so great that I just couldnt stand it any longer, and I quickly felt myself emptying my balls right into her mouth.

Finally, after she cleaned the last of my cum with her mouth and tongue, she then scooted back up to me and started kissing me again.

As we kissed, we both could now taste each others sex with our mouths, and I heard her giggle as she commented on the weird taste.

We continued to kiss until we couldnt taste each other any more, and then I watched as she got on top of me and got my dick into her, and rode me while sitting on top of me for a while. Then she laid down on top of me, and we rolled around and fucked until we both climaxed.

Then we both rolled over as we continued to fuck, and I felt her have two more orgasms before I finally climaxed into her again.

As I continued to fuck her, after my third climax, I felt that area behind my dick starting to hurt, so I finally just had to give it up. So we just laid there and kissed for a long while until my dick finally slipped back out of her.

Afterwards, we both finally had to get up and go into the bathroom and wash all of the cum off of us.

As she was cleaning up, she said, Oooo, wow, my husband couldnt last that long. Why you can actually do it three times in a row, and I bet if we waited an hour or so, you could probably do it again. I guess thats the advantage of having a boy lover. Oh this is really funny. Little Brenda has you, as a much older person, for a lover, and I have you as just a very young boy lover.

I didnt know what to say, so I finally said, Well, I sure really enjoy Brenda, and I also really enjoy you too. Its all so so fantastic.

Well, Im glad you liked it. Kiss me some more.

We went back and laid down on her bed and we kissed and fooled around for a while before I finally got up and got dressed, and went back home.


I was kind of scared that first night with Susan, but after several more visits, it finally became real easy and a whole lot of fun for me to have sex with her. She would call me sometimes as much as every other night, and then sometimes it would be weeks before she called me. But I guess that I kept Susan fairly well satisfied with the sex that I had with her.

Of course, I continued to baby sit Brenda once a week, but the night of the week would sometimes change according to when her class was scheduled as Susan continued going to night school.

As I look back on my sexual adventure with both of them, I realized that I was a real lucky boy to have accidentally come upon the very special circumstances that brought me together with Susan and her daughter Brenda.

Being Suzans secret lover, Brenda had several times caught us in the middle of a sex act and had even stood there and watched as both her mother and I fucked.

At first, Suzan panicked when Brenda walked in on us, but she finally got used to the idea of seeing Brenda watching us, and then I believed that she finally got to where she was really enjoying having Brenda as an audience. Of course I didnt mind actually, I thought it was a whole lot of fun seeing her there watching us.


This all continued for around four more years while I watched Brenda grow until Susan got a real good job in another city, and they finally moved away.

Brenda by that time had grown into a good-sized girl. Much taller than when we had first met. By now she had a very slim body almost skinny, and even wanted me to fuck her just like I did her mother. So I told Susan about it, and she said, If she breaks through her hymen, you can try it with her. But please be careful and dont hurt her. I now knew that I had Susans permission if Brenda really wanted to try it.


A couple of weeks later, when I came over to baby-sit Brenda, I heard her say, I broke through my hymen. So now you can do the same things to me as you do to mother now.

After our bath, she was all excited, and could hardly wait for me to fuck her. I told her to get the lubricant that her mother uses, and I watched as she went and got it and came flying back into the bedroom.

I was lying on her bed, and told her to apply some to my dick and to her pussy. Then, I told her to straddle me and try to get my dick into her.

I just laid there and watched as she straddled me and then got my dick positioned, and started to lower herself down onto it.

I just couldnt believe it when I both felt and saw my dick slowly disappear into her until she was finally sitting down on top of me. She felt much tighter than her mother, but I realized that felt real great.

As she sat there, I heard her giggle as she said, Oooo, this feels real good.

So I replied, Im glad. Now you can do whatever you want that feels good to you.

I knew that she had watched her mother several times, and I heard her squeal, giggle and even laugh as I watched her gyrate herself all around on my dick, and soon said, Oooo, your dick feels like its filling me way up inside me. Oh! It feels so funny and so good way up there inside me.

But soon she became quiet and I noticed that she now had that real serious sexual look on her face as I felt her freeze on up into an orgasm. After she had relaxed again, I heard her say, Oh, Uncle Mike, I want to lay down on you.

I helped her lay on down on top of me without letting my dick slip back out of her, and after she got settled, I grabbed her bottom and started moving my dick in and out of her as she just laid there on top of me. Pretty soon, she started to squeal as I felt her freeze up again. About the time she started to recover, my sexual feelings had grown so great that I felt myself go right on up into a climax and felt myself exploding all of my cum into her.

By now, I was really getting hot for this little girl. I knew that her mother was real great, but there was something quite different about fucking this small now nine-year-old girl, and that really excited me. So I rolled her over so that I was on top of her. I knew that I was probably too heavy for her, but at this moment, I didnt care. She felt so good that I just rammed my dick into her over and over again - keeping up a steady pace as I felt her freeze up twice more before I repositioned myself so that I was sitting between her legs so that I could now watch my dick disappear in and out of her small bald pussy. It looked so sexually fantastic that found myself exploding into her again. As I kept on pumping my dick into her, I could now see cum oozing back out from in-between her vagina and my dick.

Then I positioned myself so that I was lying on top of her again as I felt her squeeze both her arms and legs tight around me while I felt her freeze up twice more before I finally exploded my third load of cum into her, and afterward, I just laid there exhausted for a moment before I rolled her back over on top of me.

There she laid, real limp on top of me as I ran my hands all over her back and bottom.

As I laid there, I realized that I just had one of the greatest fucks that I ever had in my life, or will ever have, and that I would remember this one very vividly for the rest of my life.

I didnt realize just how long we had been locked together until her mother finally came in.

As she looked at us, I heard her say, Oh, my goodness, over and over several times until I heard Brenda say, No mommy no. Leave us alone.

I watched as Susan quietly went back out and closed the door. Brenda continued to lay there on top of me until my dick finally decided to shrink back up again.

As it slipped out of her, I now felt the flow of cum come back out of her vagina. So I grabbed her by her bottom and carried her on into the bathroom.

Her mother finally came in and helped her get cleaned up as I tried to wash a bunch of cum off of me. Brenda was so excited about what we had just done, that she blabbed to her mother non-stop all the gory details about what we had just done together and how she felt.

After we were finally all cleaned up, Susan fixed some hot chocolate for all of us, and we all sat around the table sipping chocolate and chatted about this evening. Susan seemed quite pleased at how well our sexual adventure had gone, and was happy that Brenda had really liked what we had done so well.

I realized that Susan really looked at her daughter as a sexual person also with the same sexual desires that she had. Although she thought that her daughter was still a little too young for sex yet, she realized just how much Brenda had always loved sex - even before I had started baby-sitting Brenda. She was also very glad that Brenda had had a chance to experience sex under the controlled environment she had set up for her so that she wouldnt go wild. She also realized just how much Brenda really liked to watch her mother and me have sex, and Susan realized that she was also loved all of this sexual kinkiness, and really loved watching her own daughter have sex with me also.


In the months that we had left, there were many times that I was over at Suzans house where they both took turns having sex with me.

As I looked back on it, I realized that it was, without a doubt, the most exciting six months of my life.

In those four years that they lived next door to me, I realized that I was now seventeen and was soon to graduate from of high school. Also, Brenda had lost her baby fat and became a very beautiful gangling little girl of nine, and her so called orgasms grew from just the feel good stage to where she was really starting to react to them.

Suzan was also a person who had to have regular sex, and she taught me everything that she knew about sex and even how to make a woman happy. I knew that she taught me all of that stuff so that I would be a better lover with both her and her daughter, but I found that it was also a real great help for when I started dating girls my own age when I was in high school. Although I wasnt really a real good looker, I found that I now had a way with girls that Susan taught me that got me dating some real nice looking girls.

But I soon found that looks really wasnt everything, and I found that some of the prettiest looking girls that I went out with, were just plain sexless dodos, while some of the more plainer girls were real great and much more interesting. I guess maybe its just because some of the plainer ones try harder I really dont know.


Of course this story never really happened - Or did it?

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