Dominating My Daddy

By Unholy1

[email protected]


Before you start reading this, be advised that there are some things in this story that not everyone may enjoy.  I also didn’t research any information, and only used Starbucks because I was at a loss for a name.  I don’t know anything about the people who started the company, nor do I care, I don’t even drink coffee or any of that crap.  So don’t bitch at me if I’ve got the names wrong of the people who started it all.


Monica lay in her bed and twirled her hair while she aimlessly flipped through the stations on her big screen TV in her room.  This would seem normal for a rich girl to anyone who saw it, except for the fact that Monica is 9 years old, and gets whatever she wants from her family.


Her parents Shelia and Ron are both wealthy people after taking a chance by investing in Starbucks back when it was just a coffee shop.  But when Monica caught them with kiddy porn on their computer, she threatened to expose them for the perverts they are, unless they did everything she said.  In an instant she had two of her own personal sex slaves.


“God I’m bored.”  She thought to herself.


“And fucking horny too.  DADDY!”  She called out.  Shortly after there was a knock on her bedroom door.


“Enter.”  She commanded, and with that command, in crawled Monica’s father on his hands and knees, looking directly at the floor.


“Yes Mistress?  How may I serve you?”  Ron obediently asked.


“I want you to eat my pussy slave, and you better do a good job of it!”  Monica barked.  Sliding up to the edge of her bed, she hiked up her skirt to reveal her pantiless preteen pussy.  Her father immediately dove in between her legs and began licking and sucking mercilessly, he knew that if he didn’t get his daughter off quickly, she’d be angry at him and he might get the whip. 


“After a few minutes of having her fathers talented tongue in between her legs, she grabbed him by his hair and pulled his face up from her pussy.


“Where is that slut wife of yours?”  She inquired.


“She left about an hour ago to do the grocery shopping as you ordered her to do, she should be home any moment.”  Ron answered.


“Good, did she wear the outfit that I told her to wear whenever she goes grocery shopping?”


“Yes Mistress.  She wore the white blouse that is two sizes too small and the short black skirt that shows off her naked ass and pussy whenever she bends over.”


“Good, your job is done here slave, I want you to go and wait at the front door until she arrives home.  When she does you are to bring her up here immediately so that I may insure she has done as ordered.”  Monica ordered, she knew already that her mother would not dare disobey her, but she took pleasure in hearing her tell her anyways.


“Yes Mistress, I will bring her to you as soon as she comes in the door.”  Ron said as he crawled on his knees out of her room, he wasn’t allowed to stand on his feet in his daughter’s bedroom.


Meanwhile in a grocery store parking lot across town, Monica’s mother Sheila stood nervously as the bag boy loaded the last of her groceries into the back of the minivan.  She knew what she had to do next, but didn’t like the idea at all.


“There you go ma’am, that’s all of them.”  The young boy said.


“Well thank you um…Jason.” Getting his name from the nametag pinned to his uniform.


“I would tip you for doing such a good job, but I haven’t any money on me, perhaps there is some other way I can thank you.”  Sheila said in a sultry voice, getting close to the bag boy.


“Actually ma’am, we’re not allowed to accept tips from the customers, it’s against company policy.”  Jason stuttered when he realized how close the attractive lady was standing to him.


“Oh but I insist, you see my Mistress, she would be so unhappy if I was to come home and tell her that I didn’t thank you properly for helping me with the groceries.  Why don’t you come up to the side of the van, perhaps we can work something out?”


Sheila could tell that the thought of her being dominated by another woman was going through the young boy’s head, and it was having a wonderful effect on him.  She could see the bulge in his work pants growing to a delicious size.  She couldn’t help but lick her lips.


Jason had heard and read many stories about young men being seduced by older women, but he never thought that he’d be one of those young men.  The sight he saw when he got up to the side of the minivan, nearly made him cum in his pants.  Sitting in the middle seat, was the incredibly sexy older woman who insisted on giving him a tip, and she’d hiked up her already incredibly short skirt and was slowing stroking her shaven pussy.


“Now Jason, why don’t you climb up here and we’ll see if we can’t do something about that bulge in your pants, as well as the tip I owe you.”  Sheila said as she motioned for Jason to climb into the van.


As he took a seat next to her, Sheila kneeled down on the ground between his legs.  She made quick work of his belt, and after hooking her hands in his jeans, she pulled them down in one swift moment.  It was then that she realized he wasn’t wearing any underwear.


“What’s this?  No underwear?”  Sheila asked.


“I don’t like to wear underwear to work because my balls get sweaty and start to itch, and I can’t scratch them to get any relief.”


“Well, speaking of relief, let’s see what we can do here about this.”  Sheila replied as she took a hold of Jason’s 7” cock.”


Without any further warning, she shoved her head down into Jason’s crotch, taking his cock deep into her throat.  His groans of pleasure could be heard from outside the van as Sheila’s head bobbed up and down rapidly on his cock.  It wasn’t long before Sheila felt the tell tale twitch of his cock and pulled back so that only the head was still in her sucking mouth.  She continued to jerk Jason off into her mouth as rope after rope of hot tasty cum shot into her mouth and down her throat as she swallowed.  Jason’s hips rose off the seat as he tried to thrust his cock back down Sheila’s throat.


When he finally stopped cumming, Jason just fell limp on the seat while Sheila milked the last drops of cum from his softening cock.  Suddenly though she was pushed back off of Jason and startled as he started to pull up his jeans.


“Where are you going?  I’m not done yet.”


“I’m sorry but my boss just walked out into the parking lot and I think he’s looking for me.  If I don’t get back to work, I’m gonna get fired.”  Jason said in a panic as he pulled open the side door of the minivan and jumped out, doing up his belt while he ran.


“Shit!”  Sheila said out loud.  “Monica isn’t going to be happy that I didn’t do as I was told.”  She continued as she closed the side door of the minivan, climbed into the driver seat and drove off.  She’d have to hope that her Mistress would understand why she hadn’t fucked the young bag boy.

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