Willow Glenn


Pavel Nabokov

Part 3

Chapters 17 through 24

and the Epilogue

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First published on September 25, 1994.

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Chapter 21 - Reconciliation........................................................................................................... 53

Chapter 22 - Farewell.................................................................................................................... 58

Chapter 23 - The Last Day of Summer......................................................................................... 61

Chapter 24 - Loose Ends.............................................................................................................. 89

Epilogue......................................................................................................................................... 93

Willow Glenn


Pavel Nabokov

Chapter 17 - The Plan

For short notice, Millie laid out a nice spread. We all got our food and headed over to the picnic table near the patio entrance to the house. A year ago, Dad had asked Harold to make a real large patio table. You could seat nearly 20 people by it, put all of the food in the middle, and still have room left over.

We made small talk and I kept looking around so that when it got serious I could be assured that we were not overheard. Patty sat next to me on one side, Tony and Sara on the other, and Julie sat across from me and was getting impatient.

She looked at me and said, Greg, I cant figure out why Aaron isnt here. He said his dad was going out of town and he would be able to come over.

Julie, I said, relax a little, hell show up or call when he can.

I just cant stop worrying Greg. Its really hard to you know.

I nodded in agreement and said, Im a little worried too Julie.

About Aaron?

About Meggin, I said.

Rick looked over at Julie and said, Wanna get started?

Yea Rick, lets just keep it quiet. The table quieted and Julie started.

Look, Aaron should have been here by now, but we should figure this out. Tisha says that Rick has a plan and Id like to hear it, Rick.

Rick started, I just heard about what was going on between Aarons father and Aaron the other night. By the way, I actually think that its better that we talk about this, figure out what the best thing is do, and then ask Aaron for his consent. We cant do anything without his okay. Is that agreed? Everyone nodded in agreement. Does everyone know the basics of what is going on? Again everyone said yes.

Here is the plan, said Rick.

The conversation continued for about 30 minutes. The plan was rather simple. Rick had a friend whose dad worked for a high security company. They had all kinds of electronic gismos that could be used to capture Aarons father's actions on videotape. We didnt have a clue about the stuff but Rick said that he had used it and it wasnt hard, just rather bulky. Aaron would be at some risk but the thought was that we, or someone would stop whatever happened before it got bad. Rick was concerned about what to do after we had the evidence. Should we give it to the police, or someone else? We also worried what would happen to Aaron and his mother if Mr. Faulkner went to jail.

Julie interrupted, Dont worry about them. Aaron has told me that Mrs. Faulkner's folks were very wealthy and would take care of things.

Other details were worked out in a real kid fashion. It was just a little better than make believe. Looking back at it now, Aaron and Mrs. Faulkner could have been in real danger. Just as we were wrapping it up, Aaron came through the patio door. He had no idea what we had been talking about. Julie hadnt told him.

Hi Aaron, said Julie, Get some lunch and join us.

He did just that. I think that he was surprised to see that many of us there.

While he was getting his food I looked at Julie and said, You know if this were happening to one of us I think that we would get real upset if we knew that everyone else knew too. I think I would be embarrassed and very ashamed. Why dont you wait until later to talk to Aaron. Im sure he knows that some of us know, but not the whole group?

Rick overheard and agreed. Julie said she would wait and the conversation ended. Everyone just played it cool when Aaron sat down. Julie kept him real busy, it was obvious that she was real happy to see him. We had mostly finished eating and headed back toward the pool leaving Aaron and Julie at the table. For once common sense held and we didnt discuss anything about Aaron around the pool that afternoon. After awhile, Aaron warmed up to the group. He started enjoying himself and having some fun. It was nice to see.

The party started breaking up late in the afternoon. Millie had come out to tell me and Tisha that she was leaving. She gave us both hugs and said that we should behave ourselves. She even smiled at us. Tina and Tim left first and Tony decided to walk Sara home, and Tisha left with Rick. Tisha said she would be back with Rick after we had had supper. Patty, Julie, Aaron and I were all that was left. Julie and Aaron went off to the tree house for awhile, and Patty and I went up to change.

I went to my room and decided to shower and clean up. As I got into the shower and turned on the water I thought how low key the afternoon was. Everyone seemed more serious than I had ever witnessed. The water felt good against my skin, I had set it unusually hot. I set the shower head to pulse action and it felt even better. After letting the water massage my back, I turned and felt it against my chest. I moved back and forth letting the pulsing action hit all of me. When it hit my cock I was surprised at how nice it felt. I remained there and got the shampoo, and worked up a good lather. The water was getting me hard, but it also started feeling uncomfortable, so I turned around.

My eyes were covered with suds when I heard, Greg, I cant get Julies shower to work, there are too many knobs to figure out, can you help me.

Hold on Patty, my eyes are full of soap, I said. I quickly rinsed my head and opened up the shower door.

Patty stood four feet away stark naked looking at me. Well, she said, Can you help me?

Patty, I said with a smile on my face, What do you expect me to do?

The response was immediate, Well, either fix Julies shower or let me share yours.

Any preference, I said.

There was no reply, she just walked over to the sliding glass door, opened it further and got in.

Damn Greg, the water is too hot, she said.

I cooled it off a little and she said, Thanks, thats better.

She stood facing the stream of pulsing water and said, That feels real good. As she turned back toward me I could see that her nipples had hardened. She put her arms around me and leaned in for a kiss.

After we parted she said, The party felt real heavy this afternoon, its time to lighten up.

She grabbed my buns and started kneading them. I kissed her again. Then I got the shampoo. It took two large dabs to get her hair lather up. After rinsing we embraced once more than I got the soap and started to soap up her shoulders.

I turned down the water, moved the shower head down to where it wasnt rinsing her off. I moved to her arms, then chest and down her tummy. She put her arms around me and wiggled the soap onto me putting her head on my chest. I started soaping her back and ran my hands down to her firm taut small butt. God I love butts. I slid my body down her, pushed her into the water and rinsed her front getting some water in my eye. I pulled her back and kept working on her butt, running my hand slowly down her crack. As I started circling her butt hole, I moved my mouth to her tummy. I licked her navel which was a very small inny-outy. Patty moved her legs as far apart as she could. I slid my hands up her legs and my hands met my mouth at her pussy. I prodded her labia and licked the top of her crack sliding ever so slow to her clit, almost licking it but stopping short. I teased her until she was sighing again. Then I gently flicked my tongue against her clit and I could feel goose bumps rise on her legs and tummy. It sure got me harder than I had been lately. I did that three more times before I started sucking on her clit. At the same time I inserted a finger in her vagina and her butt hole. She was moving her hips back and forth and with my other hand I found her firm muscular breasts with diamond hard nipples waiting to be pinched. I just played with them for awhile then slid up her body to bite them. I tried to suck as much of her breast into my mouth as was possible. They were so firm that I couldnt get a lot, but what I got I sucked on hard. The vacuum that I created must have been a turn on because she moaned loudly as I created more vacuum. I was on my knees and the soapy water was causing my legs to slip backward in the tub. Pretty soon I had to catch myself from falling, so I stopped what I was doing and tried to get a hold of the side of the tub. Splat! My right hand hit some dribbled shampoo hiding on the porcelain and I fell flat on my face. Patty asked me if I was all right, and when I said yes, she said, Dont move.

Soon the shower spray was redirected to my back, and neck. Patty knelt down and ended up setting on the small of my back with her feet pointing towards my head. She got some soap and started lathering up my lower back and butt. While she was doing this she was sliding her pussy up and down my backbone. Soon her hands were probing my crack and butt hole. With one hand she probed, the other reached underneath to free my rigid cock. More slippery stuff was added to the mix. By now the smell told me that it was shampoo. She had inserted two fingers in my butt hole and with the other hand she had encircled my scrotum and cock with her index finger and thumb and together she was masturbating me. She could only get so far up the shaft of my cock because my balls simply were not as long as my cock. The pressure on my nuts was intense but it felt good at the same time. Soon, I arched my butt in the air so that she had an easier access.

She stopped and said, Roll over.

I did so. She continued to masturbate me, but only my shaft this time. She also had a beautiful pussy dribbling water and love juice all over my face. I reached up and pulled her hips down so that my mouth could envelop her pussy. We were both in quite a heat.

Greg. Stop a minute please, she said. I did, she got up and said, Lets rinse off and get comfortable. We did exactly that.

We dried each other off but it was hard to concentrate. My body wanted to explode.

As soon as we were dry I said, Patty, I cant take it.

With that, I lifted her so that she was setting on the vanity counter. I opened two drawers on each side of her, put her feet into them, pulled her knees apart, and started probing her vagina with my cock. The height of the counter was just right. Soon the juices were flowing and I entered her warm wet honeyed hole. Patty and I were to far gone to remember that a rubber was needed, but I do recall thinking that her hole was about as tight and lumpy as I had encountered. It was hot inside her. I put my shaft in as far as it would go, which left me with about one inch to spare. I was firmly pushed up against her cervix. I stopped there and didnt move. She put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself and then arched her back. Her titties were pointing almost straight up. I bent my head to suckle and bite them. As I did I could feel her vagina contract on my cock. About then I managed to get the rest of me inside her. She moaned and cooed. I then grabbed on to the counter and began thrusting with long slow strokes, coming completely out of her before entering again.

Ooo, I like that Greg, she said.

Soon the pace increased faster each time I entered. We were both making loud animal sounds and her pussy kept contracting harder and harder on my shaft. Lucky that she was lubricating herself well. I started to feel the rise of seamen rising in my cock, I also felt her pussy contracting faster and not in sync with the thrusts. She was coming, and so was I. I stopped after I was nearly completely out of her pussy.

Dont stop now Greg, please!, she damn near yelled. I didnt say a word, but I didnt move either. I thought about mowing the grass, pulling weeds, just about anything that was dreadful. I must have not moved for 30 seconds, as she was pleading with me in the background. Then I resumed. The first plunge was rough, Oh my GOD, she said. Please dont stop again Greg.

In another two minutes I was nearing climax again and again I stopped. She was just there, ready to cum and I stopped for another 30 seconds. She said nothing this time, she just panted sucking in as much air as her small lungs could hold. Then I clamped my mouth over hers, and started again. In a few breaths she got the idea and we were inhaling and exhaling into each others lungs. Just as we were nearly oxygen starved, our climax started to swell inside us. This time I didnt stop, I kept moving at just a bit of a slower pace than I had been. Without releasing her medium thick red lips and still in syncopated breathing, we started tonguing each others mouths. The swelling grew and grew. I didnt think it possible to hold back ejaculation this long. She was starting to cum, and we were getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen. I opened my mouth just for one quick breath of cool air. That capped it. I was ready to explode, but the feeling was still rising. She was moaning and contracting her pussy over my cock and the juices were really flowing down there. My cock was as rigid and engorged really maxd out, and the feeling keep intensifing. My ass hole was so tight that nothing could have possible penetrated it. Just as I was getting ready to pass out, Patty pulled away and we both gulped air. The sweat was running down us both and her body glistened with drops that hadnt fallen yet. Two more thrusts and I exploded into her. She screamed with loud high-pitched squeals. I pulled myself nearly outside of her pussy and looked down. Her labia were as swollen and as engorged as I was. I was still ejaculating after six more thrusts. My body was electrified, every nerve twitched and ran wonderful sensations up and down my spine. We were both convulsing with delight. Four more strokes and I was still cuming, every thrust brought new waves of pleasure. Then slowly the ecstasy quieted. Ten more strokes and we were both spent, still gulping in as much air as we could inhale. I slowed my thrusts and then stopped. I looked down and there was cum dripping from Patty to the counter top that oozed its way onto the floor. There was literally a puddle on the ceramic tile.

I..... guess....there....just...wasnt...enough...room....for...it...all....inside ...me...huh?, said Patty between breaths.

Guess... not, I replied.

I pushed myself deep inside her pulled her feet out of the drawers and hooked them around my back. I then encircled my arms around her back and pulled her close to me, lifting her off the counter. Our lips met and we kissed each other sweetly.

I said, We better rinse off, what do you say. She said, Does one of your sisters have a douche, I really need that before I clean up my outside. Realizing the mistake, I opened Tishas linen closet and pulled her douche bag out.

Patty said, Just wait a second, Ok Greg, as she went back into the shower.

After a minute or so, she opened the sliding glass door and said, Here Greg, put it in the sink so I can clean it out after Im out of the shower, then come in.

I did. In the shower, we tended to cleaning and touching each other for a few minutes. The water was getting cooler and I knew what that meant, so we finished up, got out and dried off. We went into my bedroom and fell onto the bed. Patty curled up with me and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Well Greg, Patty said, If I dont get pregnant after this, it will have been the very best day of my life. There are no words that can say about how I feel, none at all, but I want to do this again, just once more to see if it was real."

It was real Patty, boy was it ever real. We started kissing again and god only knows how, but my cock started growing again. No Patty, not now. Im still young and I dont want to die. Give me a few hours at least. Oh, I know its a little late but, sorry I forgot the rubber.

Patty replied, I douched just as a safety precaution Greg. Im pretty regular and Im due in about three days so I think were safe. If I hadnt, I would not have let you go in bare back. I promise that Ill call you on that wonderful day. Fair enough?

Sure, Im just sorry that I forgot.

We laid there for about ten minutes cuddling. She looked up into my eyes, smiled at me, and tossed my hair a bit, then laughed and said, This was some special day. Were we good or what? Wasnt it incredible that I didnt slide right off of that counter? That was the most uncomfortable position Ive ever been in. Did you know that you put my butt right on top of your comb? That thing and your damn toothbrush were digging into my butt something awful every time you thrusted inside me. She was laughing now.

Why the hell didnt you say something, I said.

Because I knew if I didnt fall off the counter and you could keep going that soon I wouldnt feel it. I wasnt going to stop then. My goose bumps had goose bumps, and every nerve in my body was screaming for more. Greg, Im not that stupid. Just please look where you are putting me before you start.

I rolled her over and there were the marks on that pretty little butt. I think tomorrow or later tonight youre going to be a bit sore back there, I said.

Who cares, she said, It was well worth it. With that we got up and put some cloths on, cleaned up the bathroom and went down stairs for some munches.

Julie, Aaron, Patty and I were just about to order a Pizza when Tisha walked through the font door.

Its about time you guys got here, Im starving, said Julie.

Rick wasnt far behind and as he stepped through the door he said, Not to worry.

He kind of spun in the door carrying two Pizzas. Hurry he said, they are getting cool. We all headed into the kitchen and took the oil saturated paper bags off the Pizzas.

Boy they smell good, said Aaron. Why two of them.

Rick replied, Never know how hungry Greg is, let alone Julie. With that everyone laughed.

Actually Julie could eat more than most of the boys and usually did. Somehow though she didnt think that anyone noticed. Just about then the front door bell rang and Tisha got up to answer it. Soon, Tisha came back followed by Tony who said, Gee is there any left.

Everyone looked sadly at Tony because he was starting to make those hand motions again when Julie said, Tony, could you please get the other Pizza that is warming inside the lower oven?

As he briskly walked to the oven he threw his arms in the air and yelled, FOOD, thanks for saving me some.

You dont get the whole damn thing you know, part of it is mine, said Julie. The Pizza was going to fast. Two Pizzas, 7 people. That made it just a little less than two slices each.

Want me to call Renzinis Pizza and order a couple more,? I said. Na, said Rick, this should be fine.

Speak for yourself, said Julie, Go ahead Greg, order a couple more. This time I want sausage, pepperoni, ham, olives, peppers, garlic and onions... Oh, and have them put on extra cheese and sauce.

I looked to the room and they said, Hell, do it, well eat it all. I did, and eventually all that was left was crumbs.

We talked and made jokes and told lies and in general had a great time.

On one occasion Aaron, who was generally pretty quiet said, Its nice being here. I havent had this much fun in a long time. Around our house, the smallest thing will cause trouble. You all are real nice and I appreciate that you are trying to help me. Its been hard. I mean I really love my Dad, I just dont like him. Hes mean and he hurts Mom a lot.

What about you? Said Julie.

Well he.... you know... its not all that bad, said Aaron with his head down.

What do you mean not all that bad, Aaron? How long has he been beating you and then having sex with you? Said Julie.

Aaron just stared at the floor for a minute then replied, I didnt think you would tell them that Julie.

She put one arm around Aaron and with the other lifted his chin so that he looked right at her and said, How can we help if we dont know whats going on Aaron? All of us want it to stop. You cant go on living like that. Someday he might kill you, or your Mom. You dont want that to happen. Do you?

He didnt say anything.

Rick looked at him and said, Look Aaron, Julie has told us some of the stuff. She said that after he beats you or your mom up, he either makes you suck him, or he sodomizies you. Is that what happens?

Real tact there Rick, I thought.

Aaron just started sobbing while shaking his head up and down.

Want it stopped? asked Rick. If we do make him stop, he will probably go to jail or something you know.

Aaron said, Mom would sure be happy if he wasnt around. I dont want him to hurt me again either.

We discussed the plan and Aaron gave his okay to do it. It would happen next week, and every evening we would be there until something happened. Aaron was told not ever to start anything. Just let it happen. We figured out when we could get into the house to place some of the gadgets. We were going to try to use the video stuff from Aarons bedroom window, but we needed to capture the sound inside the house. Rick said there was a little microphone that had a wireless transmitter that we could use. Aaron said that sometimes he would hurt him, in either his room or their parents bedroom. Aarons bedroom was downstairs, the other was on the second floor. We simply couldnt record anything from that bedroom.

At one point Aaron said, What will be done with the film after its developed, and whos going to see it.

Rick said, Aaron, its not film and it doesnt need developing. Its like a regular reel to reel audio tape recorder that records pictures and audio too. As soon as it's on the tape, it can be rewound and played back. As to who is going to see the tape, I dont know. Julie chimed in with, It could be a few people or many. It depends on how it goes. Aaron said, What do you mean, how it goes.

Well, said Rick, I guess if the thing gets to a court, they might show it for the jury or the Judge.

Aaron was staring at the floor again, after awhile he said, I dont know if I want to have everyone see this, its well... you know, embarrassing I guess.

Rick said, You have no reason to be ashamed of what is done to you Aaron, it's not your fault.

I know damn well that I wouldnt like it much either if it happened to me. Tony chimed in, Aaron, you know I always thought that you were really strange, but then only Julie really knows you. Now that Im getting to know you, I think that you have possibilities. Youre not half bad. Ill tell you this; no matter what we as a group sees, I promise that it wont go any farther than then us. Thats a promise.

Aaron replied, Yea, I guess its alright. This isnt going to be easy.

Julie said, Today it will be. Today is fun and games, and that is easy.

Everyone, even Aaron laughed at that.

In the next twenty minutes we figured out the logistics of how and when we were going to set things up.

After that Julie said, Come on lets have a nice evening. Greg, lets hit the water again, I feel all sticky.

Chapter 18 - Skinny Dipping

It was just twilight and nearing 8:30.

Patty said, Lets hurry and change.

Rick and Aaron said that they hadnt brought swim suits.

Tisha said, I dont really care to have one on anyway, lets skinny dip.

Aaron said, Whats a skinny dip?

Julie smiled that wicked little smile of hers and said, Dont worry, Ill show you. Wait here, Patty and I will get towels for us.

As they walked away, Rick looked at me and said, Are they serious?

Tisha replied, Whats the big deal Rick? Do you have a problem with that?

I dont but I would have thought that maybe you, Julie or Patty would.

Tisha looked at Rick, I looked at Tisha, Tony, and Aaron, looked at all of us and I said, Tisha, you better tell Rick, dont you think?

Whats going on around here? Am I missing something, said Rick.

Tisha said, Rick, lets take a walk. There are a few things that you should probably know. Rick, in a daze walked out onto the patio with Rick.

Tony said, Boy is he going to get an earful. I wonder whats going to happen?

I replied, Look Tony, he thinks that we dont know that he is at least porkin Terri. Im not really sure if hes had Tina, but my guess is yes. What surprises me is that Tisha never said anything to Rick about us.

Aaron said, Am I hearing what I think Im hearing?

Tony said, What do you think youre hearing?

Aaron looked at me and said, What I think that Im hearing is that you are doing it to your sister or sisters, am I dreaming?

Yep. That about says it, I said.

But what about... the sentence was left hanging.

Tony and Patty, said Patty, as she and Julie, returned from fetching the towels.

Uh hu, said Aaron with his eyes wide open and in disbelief.

Us too, she said without a moments hesitation. And just about everybody with everybody else, except for Rick. Hes been to busy with Tisha. That too could change though. Ricks quite a hunk.

Aaron was stunned. He said, Is skinny dipping swimming naked?

Julie said, Do you have any problem with that Aaron? If so, we could always go up to my room while everyone else goes in the pool.

Quietly he said to Julie, But what happens if a guy gets a....

Hard-on, said Julie.

Everyone laughed a little then Julie said, Thats the beauty of numbers Aaron, there is always someone around to take care of a problem, no matter how big it is.

With that line everyone was in hysterics. Even Aaron couldnt hold back. Just then Tisha and Rick came back inside.

Whats so funny, said Tisha.

You would have had to have been there Tisha. Aaron just found out our little secret, said Julie.

Rick looked at me and said, Greg, can I have a word with you in private. I nodded my head and we headed outside.

I just walked a ways and didnt say anything. I also had no idea what Tisha had said to Rick, so I just dummied down.

Answer me one question will you? Said Rick.

Sure, if I can, I said.

When was the last time you and Tisha were together sexually?

I think it was just around the time of Tina and Terris birthday party. Cant be certain Rick, its been a hell of a summer. Why?

I really dont know. I was just curious. You know that Im getting really serious about Tisha. Im feeling kind of stupid right now too.

Stupid! Why stupid? I said.

Remember at the track just before the birthday party and I told you Id really like an introduction to Tisha. Well had I known then what I believe my ears just heard, you must have had a smile or two after my request.

Why would you think that Rick. Hell, she was saying the same things about you that you were saying about her. It was perfect. Wait a minute here. You arent jealous about Tisha, and me are you? Its not like Im any kind of competition. Besides how would you feel if Teris boyfriend said something like that to you?

Even in the dim light I could see him flush. What about Teri? He said.

Common Rick. I dont for one minute believe that at your house things are any different than they are here. Truth be known, I think when you find out the rest of it, you will be even more surprised.

Rest of what, he inquired.

Youll find out soon enough, I said.

Greg, it's like this. Teri and I have been messing around since she was seven. It just happened and then continued. I cant explain it. Tina and I have only been together a few times. Teri likes at least three people when she gets into one of her fantasies, and Tina was always willing to cooperate. Thing is, I only suspected that you and Julie were doing it. Never Tisha, and never all of you. This is not a common thing to happen in families you know.

Yea thats what I heard too. Trouble is that most every family that I know is doing it to each other, at least the families that I know about. Tina and Teri are very adventurous, and experienced. Tina is a little tease too, I said.

You mean you have had them both too?, said Rick.

Sure man, didnt you know? That started at the slumber party after the birthday, I said.

Shit, Teri never said a word to me about that. I knew there were guys over that night but I didnt think you were there. I suspected - sure, but I didnt really know.

What did Tisha tell you?, I inquired.

Mostly that she and Julie and you have been having sex for a while, sometimes together, sometimes separately, sometimes with you. God, I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

You seem to be a bit conservative Rick. Like you want to have your cake and eat it too. This is a two way street, and I have no guilt about any of it. Nobody ever got hurt. Nobody ever got forced into a situation where they had to do anything. I love my sisters theyre great. We trust each other and would do anything for each other. What could be better?

Yea, said Rick, I feel the same way about Teri and Tina.

So does Patty and Tony, I said.

Them too?, Rick said.

Yep. As far as tonight goes, Ive been with all the ladies. All the ladies have been with each other, except Patty and Tisha, and all the guys, except Aaron and you. Unless youve been doing stuff on the side.

Nope. My summer has been spent with Tisha. Thats all I need. Shes great Greg, said Rick.

You can say that again, Rick, I said.

Cut that out. Give me a chance to understand all of this.

If you want to understand this, it wont happen. It just is Rick. Get used to it. Oh, by the way, although Tisha and I havent been together in a while, if the offer was made again, Id probably say yes. Just wanted to make that clear, I said. What say we go swimming. I think you need to cool off a little. One other thing, there is not one ounce of jealousy between us three. Were family... understand.

Sure Greg. I think Id say the same about Tina and Teri. Lets go swimming, said Rick with a lighter attitude. I hear you have a thing going with Meggin. That true?

Yes. The trouble is that Im in love with her. Thats my problem, and Im trying to work it out. Leave it at that for now - OK?

We headed back inside where Tisha was standing there bare assed covering her front with a towel. Where did everybody go Tisha?, I said.

Oh Aaron was modest and wanted to take off his cloths in Julie's bedroom. God knows how long those two will be, she said.

Just then Patty and Tony came out of the kitchen laughing. Tony smacked Patty on the ass and she said, Not there Tony. Thats where Gregs comb bit my ass this afternoon when we were making it on the counter in his bathroom. That hurt.

Rick just stared at me and rolled his eyes. Tisha started laughing.

Tony apologized, bent down and kissed her ass. That better Patty? he said.

God are you silly Tony. Next time let me bend over first so you can really make it feel good, she said.

Rick looked at Tisha and said, Ok were living in Kinksville, and I just moved in. Lets go for it.

With that he started undressing in the dining room. Everybody headed out to the pool. Julie and Aaron joined us shortly after.

Id never seen Aaron nude. He was a handsome kid. He stood three inches taller than Julie and had creamy ivory skin. His hair was a very light brown with gold highlights, but his eyebrows were bushy blond. He had long legs that were not obvious with cloths on. Before he jumped into the pool I could see that he had sparse blond pubic hair that trailed up to his navel. There wasnt much of it though. His cock was long and a little thicker than Tony. On the other hand, there was Rick.

He was very muscular and athletic. I was taller, but he had mass. His reddish brown hair was curly, and he had lots of it all over. He was the hairiest guy Id ever seen. His thighs were massive but solid. He had a large uncircumcised cock that poked out from a mass of curly near blond pubic hair. Later on when he and Tisha were in the light, you would have thought that they were brother and sister. They matched.

When I got close to Tisha I said, Oh I get it. Like that big cock huh?

Damn right I do, she said, It feels different inside. Actually I like him as much as his cock. The whole package works great. We fit well together.

I dove in the water and it felt great sliding over my bare skin. The evening was toasty, and the water was cool. We were all having a good time, even Aaron. I got to the deep end of the pool and I felt someone coming up underneath me. Soon I had hands on my thighs and a mouth covered my cock. This was different though I knew that it was Patty. It felt good and I just held on to the side of the pool. Soon Patty came up for air. Hi Greg, she said as she put her arms around my waist.

Thanks, I said. Whats the occasion?

Would you mind if I suggested that after everyone goes home that you and Tony and I do something that Ive wanted to do for a long time? Whats that?, I asked.

Youll see, she said. I just wanted to know if you would have any problem with the three of us doing a thing.

Not me, its not like weve never done anything together. We have, I said.

I thought so, she replied.

Laughingly I told her, Patty, Tony told me that he told you everything, even about him and me. Cant say that I liked it, but I do trust you. And I still cant get over this afternoon. That was something else.

Sure was Greg. I want to make it even better tonight, she said. Take a look over there Greg, she said moving her head toward one of the Willows on the grass.

Ill be, I said. Julie is shameless.

And about as hot as a black cars hood at noon in the summer, she said.

Aaron was lying down on the grass, while Julie was sucking him. They were making no bones about how it was going either. Julie was straddling Aarons legs, bent over and sucking him dry.

Patty said, You know I have never been with Julie, but from what Tony said, shes great. I love her body, and that pussy of hers is beautiful.

Well, I said, What are you waiting for? With her butt in the air its as much of an invitation as a cat in heat. Go do her.

Oh I couldnt, Patty replied.

Come on, I said, Ill show you.

With that we both got out of the pool, dried quickly and I walked over, got on my knees, and started lapping on Julies crack, while massaging her pussy with my hand.

Ohhh, Greg, that feels great, she said stopping for a moment.

Aaron opened his eyes, saw me, and just smiled. Aaron, open your legs a bit so Patty can lie down, I said.

He did and I motioned for Patty to lie down underneath Julie's Pussy. When she was situated, I pulled Julies hips down so that Patty could lap her pussy. Patty and I were licking her with two tongues that met and teased each other from time to time. Julie loved it. Then Patty reached up and grabbed my cock and started to masturbate me.

Julie stopped and got up.

Thanks Patty, she said, That felt great and I want to continue that after while.

With that she scooted up and lowered herself onto Aarons cock.

Patty looked at Aaron and said, Wanna suck some Puss?

Aaron looked at Julie, and she said, You dont need my permission.

He nodded and Patty lowered herself onto Aarons mouth. Julie and Patty leaned forward and fondled each other's tits and then started kissing.

Julie said, Greg do my rear.

With what, I asked.

Your cock, she replied.

I looked at Aaron but couldnt see his face. All I saw was a mouth covering Pattys pussy.

Pull out for a minute Julie, I said. I need some honey first.

Julie held on to Aarons cock as she pulled out. I slipped into her for a few strokes and I really didnt want to stop, but did. I placed my cock on her butt hole and slowly entered her.

Stop for a sec Greg.

I did, and she lowered herself onto Aaron. This was new. This felt great. I could feel Aarons cock almost as if it were rubbing on the underside of my cock.

Ohhhhh, that feels wonderful, Julie said.

I got harder and so did Aaron. Soon Tony came over. He just stood facing Patty straddled over Aaron. Patty gently started sucking on his cock, while Julie started rubbing Tonys crack probing his ass hole. Aaron and I got a beat. While one was entering Julies pussy, the other would be exiting. More than once I felt direct contact with Aarons cock as I was going in. We moved slow because we could have both fallen out if we werent careful.

I heard some noise and turned to my left to see Rick and Tisha sitting on the grass just watching us as they touched each other. I reached around Julie and started pulling on her tits. With that she started contracting her ass and pussy. Both Aaron and I moaned. Tony was moaning too. Julie was, as usual, simple gone and in to the whole thing.

OK you two,said Julie, Start pounding me hard.

We started going faster. Julies love juices were flowing to beat the band. Soon she was contracting on each entry and exit. I heard Tony moan. He was cuming. That was all it took. Aaron and I came at about the same time. Julie had been having a climax for over a minute or two before Aaron and I did. We both exploded into Julie. I was watching Tony. He had turned a little and I could see Patty drinking all of Tonys cum. My climax was fantastic, and I felt stuff oozing out of Julie. Whos it was was anybodys guess. Patty came too. By the time we were all done, it was a mess. I pulled out, as did Aaron. Tony sat down on the grass and kissed Patty.

Everyone was finished but Julie said, I want more cock, please. Im still cuming. Tony, Aaron and I all had limp dicks.

Were out of it, I said.

Go ahead. Its alright. Youll like it, said Tisha to Rick.

Rick had a monster hard on and walked over to Julie. He put Julie on her back and said, Will my cock do?

Julie just grabbed it, stopped for a moment, looked at the size of it and said, YES.

He stuffed it into her little hole and she moaned with delight. I walked over to the hose with Tony, Patty, and Aaron. I turned it on so it was just a small stream and rinsed myself off. The water in the hose was still hot from the day. Tony took the hose, put his thumb on the nozzle and hit Patty in the puss while she rinsed off. Then she grabbed the hose and personally attended to Aarons cock.

God that was neat, he said. Why does this seem so normal? Damn, this is fun.

It can only get better dude, said Tony.

Back on the grass, Rick was slamming Julie hard. She was lifting her hips to meet the pounding. Soon he flipped her over, put her butt in the air and pounded her pussy real hard. It wasnt long before the moaning and groaning were enough for me, Tony, and Aaron, started getting hard again as we went over to sit with Tisha.

God Greg, isnt he wonderful look at that stud fuck Julie. I always wanted to see how he moved, said Tisha.

As we sat there, Tisha grabbed Tonys cock with one hand, and Aarons with the other. Patty lowered herself over my cock, and slid it in to her pussy. Her back was against my chest. I braced myself with my arms down behind me. Patty started a rhythm and soon I just had to lie down. Patty was near to cuming anyway, and so was I. Patty lay down against my chest, turned a bit and we started kissing and breathing in rhythm again. Soon I felt something else licking at my cock. It was Tony licking her clit as I slid in and out. Occasionally he would lap at my cock. It felt great.

Soon I heard Rick and Julie climaxing. They were a noisy pair. Aaron by this time had his head buried in Tishas pussy. She was cuming too. All at once I think we all mostly came. Patty got into a kneeling position and started to pound me silly. I exploded again. It wasnt like earlier, but it was damn nice. After Patty rolled off me, I looked at Julie and Rick. Rick had his head between her legs and was sucking her cunt dry. He always does that, said Tisha, Loves the taste of honey and cum mixed together. It surprised me the first time it happened, but I like it now. I like a man who cleans up after himself.

Soon, there were bodies just lying around on the grass. All of the bodies had goofy smiles on their faces. Some were kind of touching themselves, others gently touching other bodies. Rick was the first to say anything; and that was at least ten minutes after the last moan that was heard.

Rick asked Julie how she was doing. When she nodded that she was fine, he staggered over to Tisha and sat down. He looked at the four of us lying around, looked at Tisha and said, I see that you and Patty got the boys in the mood again.

Not real hard, laughed Tisha.

Not any more, said Tony.

Will be soon, said Patty

Hard? Whos hard, yelled Julie across the lawn.

Everyone broke up laughing. Tony got up and got the hose, turned it on just a little and started hosing down the bodies. By then Julie had joined us and the water felt great. Then the water turned very cold.

Yips, exclaimed Julie as she jumped out of the stream. With the light reflecting off her body, it was quite a sight. Her breasts and body tightened up, and goose bumps covered her.

Sorry Julie, said Tony, as he turned off the water.

After awhile Rick said, I never thought I could do what has happened to me tonight. Im still not sure whether or not Im dreaming.

Rick, said Julie, if its a dream, its a very wet one. Oh, by the way, you felt great. You have a nice cock.

She leaned over and put her arms around Ricks shoulders and then laid a pretty long, wet one on him.

After she had finished she said, I like your lips too.

Aaron looked a little dejected and Julie caught it.

Dont worry silly, she said looking at Aaron, Yours is sweet and just right. Besides, youre not done growing yet. Aha, the things that await us.

We all laughed at Julie and so did Aaron.

Lets all take a swim and cool down, said Patty. With that we all dove into the pool and played around for about a half-hour. At one time I met up with Rick by the end of the pool. He looked at me and said, Your sister Julie is something. She came up to Tisha and I, looked straight at me and said, Sometime soon, I want to suck your cock dry. I want to see if I can eat the whole thing. That is if its okay with Tisha? Tisha laughed and said yes.

Then I said, Do I have anything to say about this? And do you know what Tisha said to me?

Ive got a pretty good idea buddy, I said. Did it go something like, No!

Rick laughed and said, Yea, youre right, but it was followed by, Julie, you and I can do him together. That sounds like fun.

Sounds right, I said.

Rick said, Then Julie told me to keep this between us, not Aaron. She doesnt want him to get any more upset than he is already.

Soon everybody dried off and we went into the house. It was about 10:30 when Aaron said that he had to get home. Julie, Patty, and Tisha kissed Aaron, good-buy which by the look on his face came as a big surprise. He looked at the room and said, Julie told me that you guys were tight, but I had no idea how tight this group was. Thanks for all of your help. What a night, see you all later.

Julie saw him out and didnt return for awhile. We walked back out to the picnic table and fired up a doobie that Tony had brought over. We just sat around and talked for awhile. I told the story of Alice and myself when we had the banana split at FARTS. After it was told everyone was having a fit of laughter.

Rick said, Have I been in a vacuum. Why havent I heard of this stuff before?

Julie answered laughing, Rick, Tisha wants that beautiful cock all to herself. Shes been keeping you away from all of us. Tonight you got broken in and I doubt that it will change for awhile. Youve got some catching up to do.

Sex is one thing Julie, said Tisha, love is different; right Greg?

Dumfounded I said, What! How did I migrate into this conversation?

Meggin, was all that Tisha said.

Shit Tisha, I said, Id almost forgotten about that tonight. Leave it alone; will ya. I was serious and everyone knew it.

Sorry Greg, said Tisha.

The subject got changed quickly when Patty said, Lets raid the Frig, Ive got the munchies.

Greg, said Tisha, Rick and I are going over to his house. I probably wont be back in until two or three. Cover for me, will ya?

Sure, I said, have a good time.

Rick stopped on his way out and said, You know Greg, I think I owe you a night like this over at our house. Two of us and four of them could be interesting. Couldnt it.

I smiled and just pointed down at the growing bulge in my pants. Rick laughed.

Tisha said, I heard that, great suggestion Rick. Lets figure it out on the way to your place.

Oh boy, was all he said as the door shut behind him.

Tony, Julie, Patty and I caught the last half-hour of Laugh-In on the TV.

Patty said, You know Julie, youre going to look a lot like Goldie when you are older.

Tony said, Shell never have as great pussy as you do Julie. Thats one awesome piece of work. You can tell when shes dancing sideways, not much of a mound. If yours was any bigger there would have to be a dick attached to it.

Ohh, sounds good Tony, said Julie, Id like a dick attached to it right now. Are you up for it?

We all snickered at how Julie could play hot potato with words. Tony didnt do to bad either when he came back with, Just drop your pants Julie and Ill do it right here.

As Julie started to do just that, Patty said, Wait a minute. Hold everything. Lets just go upstairs.

Its getting close to the time that Mrs. Livingston will be getting home. We all agreed, cleaned up the mess, and went upstairs.

On the way up, I looked at Julie and said, Mind if I use your shower. I need a long shower?

Sure, she said, just clean it up after youre done.

Tony chimed in with, Mind if I join you Greg?

Patty and Julie went into my room, while Tony and I headed for Julies shower. The water felt great and I had two shower heads pointing at me. God man, you sure do like it hot, dont you.

Yep,I said, Is it to uncomfortable for you?

Na, just hotter than I usually shower.

Tony, I said, grab Julie's back brush and do my back.

Tony got it, soaped it up, and started on my back.

Slower and harder man, I said, That feels great.

I put my arms out and above my head and leaned against the wall. Tony did slow circles starting at my neck and went left to right across and down my back.

Tell me when to stop buddy, said Tony.

It felt so good, I let him continue down my butt. I spread my legs a little and he moved the brush almost to my ass hole.

I just kept saying, Damn, that feels good Tony.

Soon he was at the bottom of my ass and started moving the brush down my legs. Tony was silent. I was starting to relax as the brush moved below my knees. He was alternating from side to side.

Not much more left to do Greg, said Tony.

Let me sit down Tony, then you can do the fronts of my legs. I never knew that this could feel so good.

I went into one of the corners and sat down extending my legs. Tony soaped up the brush and started at my feet, working his way up. My eyes opened as he got to my thighs. I was surprised to see both of our cocks on the hard side.

Ease up a bit Tony, I said. After youre through, Ill do you if you like.

Sounds good man, looks like youre really enjoying this.

I am.

He slowed his pace and when he got to the top of my legs he stopped and said, Greg, want me to stop, or continue?

Whatever, is all I said. He gently moved the brush to real gentle strokes around my pubic hairline. I twitched and as the sensations went up and down my spine. I giggled a little too.

Greg, can I.... I interrupted with, whatever you want to do is fine, really.

Tony put the brush down and started using his hands. They went inside my thighs, around my scrotum and one hand traveled the length of my shaft. He moved his hand to let the water rinse it off as his hands went under my butt to my crack where he slid his soapy fingers behind my scrotum and up my crack where he stopped to massage my butt hole. Soon, his mouth encircled my cock tentatively. I let out a low moan and he took some more of me in. He had two fingers inserted into my ass, and was now licking the underside of my cock.

Feels real nice Tony, I said. He went down on me a few times more then stopped. He soaped up his hand again and started stroking my shaft.

Im going to cum Tony, I said. Thats the point, he replied. It wasnt long after that I blew my load.

Thanks. That felt great. Give me a minute and Ill do you.

I hoped that you would say that, Tony said.

I am so relaxed, I could just go to sleep. I havent cum this much in one day since the birthday party, I said getting up.

That was a hell of a day, said Tony, I really never had a chance to repay you for that night.

Stand against the wall Tony, I said. He did and I started the same way that he had earlier.

I spent as much time with the brush as Tony had. After I got to his ass, I could see his boner sticking out way in front of him. I put the brush down and started massaging his butt with my hands, splitting his ass like Teri had done to me, lightly scratching from his butt hole outward.

Damn man, that feels great, Tony said. I then moved one hand around to his cock and started stroking his length, the other hand was massaging his butt hole. I had never really felt his cock before. It was bent slightly upward, and as I masturbated him my own erection got more intense. I stood up and put both hands on his cock. As one hand stroked down and left his cock the other hand repeated the course. I was only manipulating his cock, one-way.

Wow, Greg, Tony said, That is a feeling that I have never had before. I really like it.

My cock was sitting in Tonys crack. With my arms around him I could feel the muscles of his ass and back. It was a turn on and very different than it had been with the girls. It simply felt different. Different was exciting, and excitement was what I wanted. I guess that as I stroked Tony, I unconsciously was masturbating myself in Tonys crack.

Stick something in there, I want to know how come you like it so much, he said.

In a short time, I had three fingers inside him and he was bucking back for more.

Just then the shower door opened. Tony and I both started and turned our heads.

Can we play too, said Julie and Patty.

Sure, we both said.

Tony said, Greg, do me like I did you at the birthday party, please.

If you really want me to, Ill try.

Wait a minute, said Patty, This is no place to do this. Lets dry off and get into Julies bed. Besides, Ive been wet most of the day. Dry seems like a nice change.

It made sense to us so we hurried up and dried off, and we headed for the bed.

After we had got back into the swing of things, Patty got underneath Tony and started to suck his dick, and play with his balls.

Julie said, Turn around Greg. I did and she slopped some Vaseline on my cock and spread some in Tonys butt with her fingers lingering there.

Go for it Greg, said Julie, Ill be right back.

Tell me if it hurts, and Ill stop, Tony?

Sure man, he said, do it.

I placed the tip of my cock right at his hole and started to penetrate. It was met with a little resistance and as I started to retreat, Tony pushed back toward me, impaling my cocks' head into his butt. Tony moaned a little, as I eased into him.

Do it gently bro, but dont stop. This feels real good, if I can get by a little pain. Easy Patty, he said.

I had only taken about three long slow deep strokes into the tightest ass hole Id felt since I fucked Julie there, when Patty said, Guys, stop a minute.

I stopped and pulled out.

Tony said, What are you doing? I was really enjoying that.

Patty smiled and said, Fuck me Tony, while Greg fucks you. This is really what I wanted to do tonight anyway.

Tony said nothing; he just made way for Patty, to lay down under him. With that he pushed himself into his sisters cunt. After a few strokes, he stopped and said, Get in. Let me figure out the beat.

I entered him again and Julie returned to the bedroom. After a few strokes, Julie started probing my hole.

Tony said, God this feels like nothing Ive ever experienced. Greg, you stop and ....

I did. I left a gap between Tony and me as he picked up the beat. As he moved his cock out of Patty he pushed me further into his ass. I could feel his heat as he contracted on my cock. Julie was putting something into my ass.

I turned my head and she said, Concentrate on your cock and Ill concentrate on your tail. It was the vibrator. Soon Tonys ass hole relaxed and I was penetrating him deeply. Truth be known, Tony had the best looking butt of the bunch of us. Julie had the vibrator fully inside of me and then turned it on. The feeling was great but not as intense as before.

It feels different, I said.

I got a new one with an adjustable vibrator. Do you like it? Asked Julie.

She turned up the volume of it a little and it felt terrific. It was thicker and longer too. Patty was moaning and Tony was on a different planet.

Turn that vibrator up Julie so I can feel it, Tony said.

She did. My cock went rigid and Tonys ass hole tightened on my cock. Julie was plunging the dildo in and out at the same pace that Tony was fucking Patty and I.

Im cuming, I said. I could feel Tony tighten even more. Three more thrusts and I exploded into his ass hole. I thought my own contractions on the dildo would break it. Patty yelled and moaned her way to orgasm as well. After we stopped ejaculating, we just sorta dropped our weight on poor Patty.

I cant breathe, said Patty, Get off me before I die.

I rolled over to my right and Tony rolled over to his left.

Sorry Patty, I said.

Julie, said Patty, Can you be the clean-up crew?

Im already on it, said Julie, Just give me a second and Ill be there.

Julie cleaned off Tony first, then Patty, then me. The dildo got cleaned last. After she was through, she went back to Patty and started lapping at Pattys cute little swollen pussy. Julie, Patty said, In fifteen minutes what you are doing will feel great. Right now Im a bit sensitive.

Julie smiled and stopped. Ok, she said, Ill wait fifteen minutes, but no more.

Both the girls laughed.

Tony stood up and looked at me and said, Damn, that was beyond anything Ive ever experienced. Im dry.

I smiled at him, and the little Italian grabbed me around the waist and gave me a hug. I reciprocated. It felt a bit weird when our still firm cocks touched each other.

That, was a great fuck brother, said Patty. Tony then hugged her, then Julie. After about ten minutes or so we went back into the shower to clean up.

Afterward, we all dried off and fell back onto Julies bed. Soon there was the sound of a little hurt voice that said, I didnt cum you know. Julie said.

Just give us a few minutes and you will Julie, said Patty. Tony and I looked at each other and just smiled.

We will certainly be dead by the morning, said Tony.

What a way to go, said Patty. Who started this butt fucking thing anyway Greg? And why does it feel so good?

I started it, said Julie. I didnt want to have my vagina penetrated until I was married, so I started fucking my ass hole with a vibrator when I was around eight. Thats when Greg caught me earlier in the summer. I thought, what the hell. A real one is better than a plastic one. Then I started doing him. Once you start, youll never give it up. Right Greg?

Ill not give it up, and I do really enjoy it, but not as often as Ill like a nice warm wet pussy.

Lets keep this night just between us, OK, I said.

Please ladies, lets do, said Tony. They nodded in agreement. As Tony and I lay there, Patty went over and started to fondle Julie.

God Julie, its beautiful, said Patty as she opened her pussy lips. Look at the size of that clit.

Julie drew Patty to her and as Patty rested her weight on Julie they kissed. Salt and pepper hair strewn together, one dark, one light, like white and dark chocolate merging together. Patty started sucking on Julies breast.

Bite it, said Julie. Tony and I moved off the bed and watched the two from the floor. They really got into it. Soon they were doing a sixty-nine, and both girls had their fingers inside both holes. After awhile, Patty was kneeling over Julies with her pussy in Julies face while Julie was pulling on Pattys nipples.

Oooh, that hurts so good, said Patty. I crawled up onto the bed and started sucking on Julies pussy. Soon Tony was sucking on Patty and kneading Julies tits.

Fuck me Greg, said Julie. I lifted Julies legs and saddled up. It had been awhile since I had fucked Julie. What a waste, I thought. Shes one of the best fucks Id ever had, except for maybe Meggin. Julies clit was a big as a little penis, and she was as tight as ever. I reached around Patty and started rubbing her firm muscular tits. Soon Julie was into the fucking and Patty got off.

Let me get on top Greg, said Julie.

Tony get the grease, and do me too, she continued. Tony did as instructed, and soon he entered her from the rear.

Patty, Julie said panting, pull on my nipples.

Patty put a little Vaseline on her fingers and worked it into Julies nipples. It was just enough so you could hold on, but with enough lube so that you could kind of snap the nipple as you pulled away from it with your fingers. Julies nipples reddened and elongated as Patty worked them.

God that feels wonderful, said Julie. Her pussy was incredibly tight with Tonys cock in her ass. We got a sync going and Julie was thrusting her hips in union with us. Julie curled her legs under her, so that her ass was high in the air and spread about as wide as it could go. Patty pushed her face in between Julie and I and started frenching me. I reached around Patty and pulled her close to me.

She backed off and said, Lets sync our breathing like this afternoon.

Sure, I said.

Listen up, said Patty. When you feel like you are going to cum, Tony Greg, stop a minute. Then start again. Do that three times, then let it rip. Julie, Greg and I did this earlier; its frustrating as hell but well worth it.

Patty pressed her lips to mine and we started breathing together. We stopped once, then twice. We waited a while before resuming.

Jesus, I cant take this anymore you two. Fuck me now, said Julie, Real hard.

Patty and I were locked, lip to lip. I was fingering her pussy and she sopping wet. Julies pussy lips had swollen and she was tighter than when we started. My shaft was rigid and I was near to passing out when the swell started deep inside me.

Tony was moaning and Julie was thrashing around like a hooked Salmon who hadnt had the opportunity to spawn yet. Julies contractions kept getting stronger and stronger. I could feel Tonys heat right through Julies vaginal wall. I was climaxing but not ejaculating. The sensations rose up my spine and danced all over my body. I was near to passing out. Pattys lips were still pressed to mine and I was breathing anything but oxygen. The feeling rose higher and higher. My cock was on the verge of exploding, yet there was no indication that semen was rising through my shaft. In the distance I could hear moaning and groaning. I felt Tonys cock pulsate with cum. Julie was lost in the madness, her juices flowing all over. Patty released my lips just as my vision started to go black. I gulped in cool air and the stuff rose up my urethra like a volcano just before eruption. Julie was shaking with an ecstasy that she had never known before. Tony had finished and had slipped out. Julie was still cuming. I rolled her over so that I was on top. I tossed her legs into the air gripping her calves with my hands. Julie was swinging her head left and right. Her hair was dancing all around the bed. There was a low deeply primitive moan from both of us as I erupted. I looked at my cock and it was engorged around the most swollen pussy lips I had ever seen. If it hadnt been so amazing; this feeling that we had, it would have been grotesque.

Tony and Patty were biting Julies nipples. Each thrust brought a relief of ejaculate. It took nine thrusts to eliminate the love juice from my balls. Julie was shuddering with orgasm, and I was close to passing out. Soon the madness eased. I stopped and fell off of Julie panting hard. Every now and then another eruption in Julie made her whole body twitch.

After about ten minutes, without a word Julie said, Ok...How often can we do this without dying? Dont laugh either, I mean it.

We all smiled, but Julie was serious. We said nothing. Soon Julie rolled over and hugged me. She looked into my eyes with the most ethereal gaze I have ever seen and kissed me passionately. Her mouth was warm and moist. As we parted she had huge tears streaming from her eyes. There were no sobs, just tears and wonder.

God, I love you Greg. I just wanted you to know that. She put her head on my shoulder and just cuddled. Patty and Tony were looking at us in amazement although they were cuddling too.

Are you alright, Julie, I said?

Uh hu Greg. Im real okay. My feet are nearly touching the ground. Im still sorta cuming, but it's easing off. That was a surprise statement. It had been nearly five minutes.

Wow, said Patty. I want to do that with you too real soon. Cuming for nearly ten minutes has to be a great rush.

Not tonight Patty, I said. In about ten minutes Ill be fast asleep.

Me too, Tony added. I cant take any more. If I do, Ill certainly not be among the living tomorrow.

I got up without saying another word and went into the shower for a rinse. After I was done, I just slipped off to my room. I was just slipping off to sleep when someone crawled in next to me.

Hold me Greg, I really want to sleep with you tonight. I need to be with you, said Julie. I now know the meaning of ecstasy Greg.

Tell me, I said.

Julie, in the softest voice I had ever heard said, Ecstasy is a feeling you feel, when you are going to feel, a feeling you never felt before.

I said nothing, we simply embraced and kissed once more falling off into the deepest softest sleeps I believe I ever had.

Chapter 19 - The Sting

Damn Rick, this stuff is really heavy, I said as I hauled a big gray suitcase over behind a bush near Aarons bedroom. I set it down kind of hard.

Shit man, be careful with that, said Bob.

Bob was a technician who would help us set-up the camera stuff.

Thats delicate you idiot, he continued.

Sorry Bob. What is it, I said.

That, my friend, is a Sony CV-2000 Video Tape Recorder. It uses one half-inch videotape on a seven-inch reel that records one whole hour of uninterrupted video. It cost fifteen-hundred bucks wholesale. And its damn delicate.

Bob turned his head toward Rick.

Where did you get this crew Rick, and by the way, please tell me what the hell we are setting up for, said Bob.

Its mission impossible and Im running the show. You help set it up, make sure everything is running correctly, and then split. Ill take it from there. You know what Peter said, said Rick.

Yea OK Ive heard this before. What the hell can be so damn secret?

Rick was getting pissed. He always had smoothness about him and didnt get ruffled easily. But I watched his face loose color and his eyes narrowed to slits. He walked over to Bob, stood not less than two inches away from Bob, looked straight into his eyes, and said,

Do it my way and shut-up or get the fuck out now. Im not ever going to repeat that request. Do you understand me?

Bob looked at Rick and said, Just fooling around man, no need to get so up tight.

With that he backed off and went back to the pick-up and started to unload the rest of the stuff.

Bob, said Rick, Get the RF Microphones set up where Aaron tells you. After that come out and by that time we will have the stuff ready for testing out.

Bob looked as if he was going to disagree, but didnt. He moved into the house with Aaron.

Tim, Julie, Tisha, Rick and I got the rest of the stuff and had it in place. Rick said that we were lucky to find a seldom-used outlet on the outside of the house, behind another bush. Otherwise we would have had to set up a remote power supply. With the batteries and the inverter it would have weighed at least another 300 pounds and we would have had to find a place to conceal it.

The set-up was simple. A video camera would be set up into an oak tree hidden in the branches. The cable to the Video Tape Recorder from the camera would be hidden in the bark of the tree and covered with some greasy brown stuff that would hide it. The microphones transmitted to receivers located by the VTR. They were connected to what Rick called a black box. The Black box did two things. It would start the VTR only when two conditions were met. The light level in Aarons room would have to be a certain brightness, and the audio in the room would have to be loud, but just for an instant. That would start the VTR and it wouldnt stop until someone turned it off. The camera had a lens that covered most of Aarons room.

After it was all set-up, Bob tested it out and said, OK, Im finished. See you later.

Rick went over to the truck and got some heavy camouflage plastic and netting to cover the stuff up. By the time he was finished, I could look right where the stuff was and couldnt see anything. It looked real natural. You could see the camera just a little but it was still only four in the afternoon. At night, I doubted that anything would show. Aaron was looking too.

Looks real good Rick, he said. I hope that it works. Rick looked at Aaron and said, It will work even if it's raining. Now all we have to do is make sure that Tony is here at eight thirty, he and I will stand watch until midnight. Greg, you are on watch tomorrow with Julie. Right? Yea. Me and Julie tomorrow, I said.

We finished some last minute details and I left with Julie, Tisha, Tim, Patty and Rick. We stopped off at FARTS for a Hamburger and a shake.

.... No, thats not the point, said Rick, We are not there to take an active part. We discussed that. We are there so that if something gets out of control, we call the cops, snag the video tape and leave. We need the proof of what happened, and we need to stop anything that could threaten Aaron or his Mom, said Rick.

Julie said, What if the cops dont show? What if things do get out of hand? Damn it, Im scared Rick, said Julie.

I chimed in and said, Thats it Julie. You are to close to this whole thing. Rick, Julie is no longer on watch. If she ever made up her mind to get involved, none of us could stop her,

Now wait a damn minute, said Julie. I have every right to be here and you are not going to stop me.

Rick started to speak but I interrupted, Julie, youre right. Im not going to stop you. The other thing is that Im not going to let anything happen to you. I like Aaron too Julie, but you are irreplaceable. If you feel that you must stand watch, go ahead. Rick, after we are finished let's go back to Aarons and rip out the gear.

You are kidding, arent you Greg, said Julie. You wouldnt do that. I know you too well.

I sure will Julie, I said, Either you give us your word that you will stay at home while we are on watch, or the stuff comes out today. Are you with me Rick?

Sure am Greg, he said.

Julies face showed unmistakable restraint. She wanted to scream but she maintained.

Patty looked at Julie and said, I know that you dont want to hear this, but they are right. You could easily put yourself into a dangerous situation if things got out of control.

Julie narrowed her eyes and looked at me and Rick, and said, I dont like it one bit, but I promise.

Promise what, said Rick.

I promise that Ill stay home and watch the tube or whatever until this is over, Julie said.

And just to make sure, Ill stay on Julie watch, said Patty.

Ooooooo, you are all making me so mad. I dont need to be watched, said Julie.

Good thinking Patty, said Rick.

Agreed, said Tisha.

Julie folded her arms across her breast and said, Alright... Ill do it your way. I dont have to like it, but Ill do it.

We finished our snack and headed home, with Julie sulking all the way. Patty went her way, Julie, Rick, Tisha and I walked together. Rick was going to go home and change and get back to Aarons house. He, and Tony would stay there until midnight, and then go home if nothing happened. We would get a call if anything went down. Otherwise we would have to wait until the next day to hear from those on watch.

Nothing happened. We stayed awake until 1:00 A.M., and there was no phone call. We were all frustrated. We stayed that way for four days. Since starting this project Mom and Dad had asked several times if we were all okay. We just blamed it on the fact that school was starting soon, and summer was almost over. While we were waiting we did plan for a Last Day Of Summer Party. It eased a little of the tension. It all came down on Saturday night, and none of us knew anything until the next day.

Tony and I were on watch and Aarons father came home at 7:00 P.M. He was not in a good mood and we all knew it. He drove into the driveway real fast, almost killed the cat, stumbled out of the car, dropped a bag of groceries, and swore his way into the house.

Tony and I said, Looks like tonight.

We waited with great anticipation. Tony had binoculars and we took turns trying to look in and see what was going on. There were a few shouts that could be overheard, but nothing that hadnt been reported by everyone else. Aarons room light went off at 10:00 P.M. and it looked like he was down for the count. By 11:30, I said to Tony that we might as well split. He agreed and by 11:45 we headed home.

I stayed at Tony and Pattys house whenever Tony or Patty and I were on watch. I had seen Meggin a few times since she moved back in with Julie, but we hadnt talked much, and had not been alone together. It was a two edged sword. At Tonys, his parent's bedroom was right next to his. His Mom was a light sleeper and any little noise would wake her. Pattys room was better, but not by much. So we behaved ourselves, but I was getting horny. After all it had been five days.

We snuck in Tonys back door and made our way to his room. His Mom was knitting and watching the tonight show as we made our way up the steps to his room. Patty heard us and opened her door. She looked intently at us as we just shook our heads and went into Tonys room. We were tired so we just went to bed and fell asleep.

Next day, Tony and I got on my Cushman and headed toward FARTS. I didnt have much dinner the night before and I wanted something special. As we crossed Fourth Street, I turned a hard right into a parking lot. I could hear the moans already from Tony.

No Greg, come on man, I cant handle this in the evening let alone first thing in the morning. Jesus Christ, will you never get your fill of those horrid things. God its like someone barfed over a grill until it solidified and then you put it on a bun, cover it with onions, some weird mustard and eat them, chunk at a time. I started laughing.

Look, I said, After Ive had a dozen or so, well go to FARTS. I promise. You have to admit, they have great shakes here.

Yea, they are good, but who the hell cares when all you smell in there and for blocks around is grilling onions. They could put a small onion into every shake they make and you would never even know.

I parked the Cushman, and looked up at the porcelain white paneled walls and the gleaming stainless steel trim. It was a compact little place with two doors. Entering one of them you could get food to go, and through the other, you could sit at an immaculate small stainless counter with about 12 stools and eat there.

The blue and white sign on the front read, White Castle, in Old English lettering, under that it read, Hamburgers, and underneath that it said, buy them by the sack.

Your not going to change your mind, are you, Tony said rhetorical. Youve got that, I want to eat a dozen sliders, a chocolate shake, and fries, look in your eye Greg.

Without saying a word, I pushed through the heavy stainless door and took a seat. The smell was so fantastic it took my mind off of sex.

Jesus man, cried Tony, Do you get off every time you eat here. What the fuck is the big attraction about little square pieces of horse meat, boil fried over a bed of onions with squishy buns that are steamed to death?

It was an easy comment to ignore, and I did. All of the waitresses wore starched aprons and caps over a light blue dress. Ellie, the waitress, walked our way and looked at Tony. What would you like young man, she asked.

Coffee Hold the onions, he replied.

Ellie and the guy next to us laughed. Then she looked at me.

Six for starters, a chocolate shake, and fries, and Ill take the onions that he didnt want, I said.

She smiled and walked away.

I had sat near the grill that was built into the counter at one end. It was separated from the eating area with stainless steel and glass. You could see the steam rise up over the grill. It was a unique little grill, almost square and it had a lip around all of the sides that was just about a quarter inch high. White Castles were square, about two and a half inches on each side. The meat was a combination of beef, veal and I think a little pork, but it was a trade secret. The hamburgers even shrunk square, because each fresh patty, had five holes in them to control shrinkage. The grill was the perfect size to cook 36 hamburgers at a time.

It went like this. The grill was cleaned to a shine. Then gobs of shredded small onions were laid out over the grill and spread evenly. Then like a deck of cards, the hamburgers were laid out side by side until the grill was full. Then a Square of 36 buns still joined together were pulled apart and the inside of the bottom of the bun was laid down onto the hamburger patties, the top of the bun was placed off-set onto the bottom bun, top side up. They were never turned, they just boil fried, in-place, until they were done. As they were retrieved from the grill, a small spatula was placed on the grill lifting up the meat and onions and the bottom, the top bun was folded over to under the spatula where it was pulled out, and then the hamburger was set down on a plate. After the plate was full, a pickle slice was added under the top. Duseldorf mustard, and a little catsup were added at the counter to complete a masterpiece that cost only fifteen cents.

There were two reactions to White Castles. You loved them or hated them. When anyone asked why they were called sliders, you would answer, Because they come out the same way they go down. In fact it was the only place where you could eat them for lunch and still taste them for dinner. The belches from them were awesome, and they lasted a long time. Yumm. Just then a plate of fresh steaming sliders were placed in front of me with a chocolate shake that was dark and rich. They were made from a rich mix of Wanzer Dairy Ice Cream that needed special machines to make the soft ice cream. These were four bite hamburgers, cause thats all it took to eat each one.

Have you ever had one of these, I said to Tony.

Never, Tony said as he drank his coffee.

Hows the coffee? I asked.

Great. And I really love these little cups. They are just right and the coffee stays nice and hot, Tony said.

Thats a five ounce, specially made oval china cup, I said. It was designed with a smaller opening at the top so the heat wouldnt leave the cup so quickly. This is a family owned chain and they are very fussy about everything that they do. Why havent you ever tried a hamburger?

I just couldnt do it. Id gag big time, said Tony.

Try a bite of one of mine. If you puke, Ill clean it up. If you make it and you dont get sick, Ill buy you breakfast, or lunch at FARTS. I dare you. You havent got the guts.

After a little more discussion, Tony had a fresh one in his hand. He lifted it to his mouth and with great Italian embellishment, took a pretty large bite. His face was in a grimace, but as he chewed, the grimace was replaced by a look of astonishment.

Shit, he said, These little fuckers are really good. God all you have to do is eat one bite and I swear, I cant smell this place anymore.

I just waited. He took a second bite, then a third. I looked over at Ellie and showed her four fingers. With a nod she started filling a plate. Tony, I said, Want to try another one?

Yea, I think so. These things are really good. I also cant believe that Im saying that.

With that, Ellie sat the plate down in front of him. He looked up at her as I snatched one of them from his plate.

Then he looked at me and said, What a set-up. But what the hell, I cant smell the place anymore and theyre like potato chips, the more you eat the more you want.

By the time I had finished I had consumed 10. Tony had a bakers dozen along with a shake and some fries to boot.

As we went out the door, Rick pulled up along the curb in his truck and yelled at us. We ran over to the truck and Rick said, Aarons old man is in the slammer.

What the hell happened?, I asked.

Not the right place, and I dont have many answers. Meet you back at your place Greg, said Rick.

We got onto the Cushman and booked for home. Rick was there just a bit ahead of us. As I parked in the driveway, the Garage door opened. Julie, Meggin, and Tisha were coming out the front door and in the garage stood Millie, and Harold. Being nonchalant, I just moved my scooter into the garage while saying high to everyone. As we moved into the house, Mom and Dad were sitting at the dining room table.

Dad looked at all of us and said, Why dont you all come over and sit awhile. I have something to tell you about one of your friends.

Oh shit I thought. Are we all busted or what. Dad never got involved unless it was serious. We all sat down.

Something quite horrible happened last night. Julie, I know that you and Aaron Faulkner have been dating. He and his mom were hurt last night by Aarons father. They are okay now, but last night, Mr Faulkner was arrested because he was the one that was doing the hurting. I spoke to the Police this morning and they said that Mrs. Faulkner and Aaron should be home this afternoon. They were being attended to at the hospital.

Julie started to cry and mom put her arm around Julie to comfort her.

Dad, I asked, Can you tell us what happened.

Ill leave that for Harold. It was lucky that Harold had a flat tire just down the street from the Faulkners last night when he was on his way home from helping out one of his neighbors.

"Harold, said dad looking directly at him.

Not much to tell really, I dont know that I really understand it. Like your dad said, I had a flat tire just down the street. As I was putting the jack under the pick-up, I heard some awful noise and looked around. The door to the Faulkners was open and Mrs. Faulkner was running into the street screaming that someone was hurting Aaron. I ran over to her and told her who I was as we ran back to the house. I ran inside and saw Mr. Faulkner trying to break down Aarons bedroom door. He was almost through it when I heard sirens. I just went up behind him and pulled him out of the house as the Police drove up. Mrs. Faulkner had the Police arrest him. An ambulance followed and took Aaron and Mrs. Faulkner to the hospital. I went down to the Police station and gave them my statement on what happened and then I went home. Thats about it, Harold said.

What did Mr. Faulkner do to Aaron? Julie asked. How hurt was he?

Sorry Julie, said Harold, I only just briefly saw Aaron. I cant tell you what I dont know. The Police said that he would be just fine though. I know that he is in no real danger physically.

Thank you Harold. It was real fortunate that you could help them out. Im sure that Mrs. Faulkner feels the same way. Now, I suggest that you all stay close to home today, just in case someone calls. Hopefully we will know more by this afternoon. Im going to go back to work but Ill be home around six. If you need me sooner, just give me a call.

Dreadful situation, said Mom. Millie, youll be around the house today, so Im going to call some of the girls and see if maybe we can come up with a plan so that Mrs. Faulkner and Aaron wont have to cook or clean up when they get home. Ill stay in touch. First Im going over to speak with Mrs. Johnston. Tony, I think your mom is on the way over there now too. Why dont you kids just stay here and go swimming or something.

Sure mom, I said. We will stay here until we hear from you or Aaron.

With that the table broke up and we started to go outside. Mom and dad headed off, and Harold and Millie just stayed at the table.

Something around here is smelling worse than those damn hamburgers Greg, said Tony.

Yea, I feel it too, I replied.

What the hell was Harold doing anywhere Aarons. He doesnt know anyone in that part of town: Does he?, asked Tisha.

Oh god I hope that Aarons alright, said Julie.

We all just grabbed some lawn chairs and sat down in a circle.

Hi Greg, said Meggin.

I looked at her and was ready to give her a stock hello, but when I looked at her I noticed a look in her eye than I had seen before. Without thinking, I smiled at her and said, Hi Meg, its nice to see you back. Ive missed you you know.

The silence around the area was deafening.

I was hoping that I would hear you say something like that, she said. With that she walked over to me and we stood face to face for a while and then we reached out and gave each other a nice hug. God she felt great in my arms. Soon, I noticed that there was a little applause. I looked around and all eyes were on us. Even Julie was smiling.

Thats nice to see, said Millie from behind us. Its about time. Harold followed Millie out on the patio and Millie said, Ok, your folks have gone and now we have some talking to do.

Round two... ding, said Tony.

Harold spoke. Dont need none of your smart mouth Tony. You kids could have been hurt with what you planned.

Everyone started looking at each other with blank expressions on our faces.

Now dont go denying anything, said Millie. Besides, Harold and I just want you to know that we have known all along what you kids was up to.

Harold continued. Millie called me and let me know what your plan was the day you all were here and Millie was due to come to over to the new place and cook dinner. We talked about what to do. We didnt think it was as serious as it turned out to be. Now I aint going to go into the details of what happened last night. But Millie and I have been taking turns watching you kids watching Aarons place. Last night when Tony and Greg left, there were some things going on that you couldnt hear cause you were close to the street noises. I was in the back, and I got an earful. You kids left twenty minutes shy of when it began. I had my truck rigged to look like I had a flat. My kinda folk dont hang around neighborhoods like that, that late at night. Lucky for me the truck is newer and its hard to see a black man at night. Anyway, it happened almost like I said in the house except that the Police have that video tape. Mrs. Faulkner told the police that she had had it set up so that they wouldnt have to put up with Mr. Faulkner's treatment any more. Before the Police got there, I told her what you kids had planned. She went along with it and made a promise that she wouldnt say anything to your folks. Some of what we told the Police wont match up, but they aint going to do nothing about that. The proof was on that video tape of what yaall suspected.

Millie then began, I know that you kids thought you were doing the right thing and Im proud of you to help one of your friends. Trouble is, in this situation, you were all in danger. Ive done a lot of supposin that didnt happen, but any one of them could have turned out real bad. Imagine if Mr. Faulkner had found that movie camera out side. It would have no affect on you, but think of what could have happened to Aaron or his mom. The risk was too high. Harold, and Meggin, and I, were all there. I traded spots with Meggin, but Harold was there all the time. Meggin and I had only one job, to go call the Police if something happened. Lucky for us that the little corner grocery store had a telephone. Now to the important stuff, if the Police ask you any questions about Aaron, you only tell them that you knew that Aarons dad beat him. Dont go talking about the other stuff.

Why shouldnt we tell the Police that Aaron was sexually abused by his father. After all he did tell me. I dont want Mr. Faulkner to ever have the chance to hurt him, ever again, said Julie.

Thats simple, said Millie. Children like you shouldnt know about things like that. The Police would think that you were not telling the truth. Then the matter could get real messy.

Rick said, I guess I can accept that Millie, but what if the Police asked Aaron if anyone else knew, and he named some of us?

The boys got a point Millie, said Harold. I dont hold for not telling the truth. Best thing we can do is wait for a call from Aaron and see what he did say. If we dont hear from him, and the Police do show up here, then you kids must only answer the questions that the Police ask. Dont volunteer any information, about the other abuse.

Harold, said Julie, What is so hard about saying that Aaron was sodomized and molested by his father, and that Aaron told us because he was scared and needed someone to talk too?

Because, like I said the Police wouldnt believe you, said Harold.

We are not talking about the Police, we are talking about you Harold, said Tisha. The, other abuse that you are referring to is sexual abuse. Why is it so hard to say?

I really dont know, but I just think that certain things shouldnt be said in front of you children. Then there is the Police.

Thats not our problem Harold, said Tony. Thats the Polices problem. Just because they think, or you think, that we shouldnt know, doesnt follow that we dont know. We may know too much for how old we are, but I aint going to lie. I dont think that any of us are. Besides, our lying wont help Aaron, it could even make things worse.

Millie and Harold were silent for a minute, then Millie spoke.

Do all of you children feel this way? If you do, just raise your hands.

It didnt take long for all of us to raise our hands, even Meggin.

Meggin, what are you doing with your hand raised, asked Harold.

Dad, until just now I didnt know why all of us children were being so protective of Aaron. You certainly didnt tell me the whole story. Now I know too. Its sick what Mr. Faulkner did to Aaron.

Harold looked up at Meggin and said, Hon, what do you think sodomy is.

Meggin smiled a little smile at Harold and said, Dad, it when a man uses another mans rectum for intercourse. From what Ive read, that definition changes from state to state, but its accurate for Illinois. Shouldnt I know about that?

Harold and Millie were just staring at how easily the whole thing flowed right out of Meggins mouth. She was priceless, and we all were smiling.

Harold was a little stunned, but Millie wasnt. She didnt say anything. He looked up at Meggin and shook his head a bit and said.

This is a conversation that I never thought would happen, and I never expected you to be able to tell me what sodomy was. Im just a bit surprised at what you kids know. There are other questions that I have in my head but I dont know if I even want to know the answers to them, so I just wont ask. I still am asking you not to volunteer information that the Police dont ask about. Can you all agree to at least do that.

We all nodded our agreement. Millie looked at us and said, All Harold and I want to do is protect you as well as see that Aaron doesnt have to live with his dad and in fear ever again.

Fair enough, I said. The others said much the same thing.

I have a question, said Tisha. How did you overhear our conversation anyway? We really tried to keep it down and I thought that we succeeded.

Millie laughed a little and said, Do you three remember when you were kids, little kids I mean, and no matter how quiet you were about whatever it was you was doing, I always caught you?

Julie, Tisha, and I nodded our heads in agreement.

Well, continued Millie, it was always a danger sign when I didnt hear yelling or screaming for around ten minutes; that told me that you were up to no good. Thats when I came looking, and thats when I caught you. The day you had the pool party, everyone was walking around real glum and after the food was on the table, you all started talking real quiet. That was when I knew that something was up. You were real quiet and it was hard, even for me, to hear what you were cooking up. That explain it Tisha?

All of the kids there just smiled and laughed a little.

Then Julie said, Regardless, Im sure that you both cared enough to be there. It could have been real bad for Aaron and his mom if you werent. Im really glad that you did what you did. Oh, one last thing: Now that we know your secret Millie, we will be especially careful not to restrain our talking.

Millie smiled, shook her head from side to side and said, Um um, Harold, I think that there getting ahead of us. Aint like the old days.

Harold answered, After this little get together I believe you honey, I really do. When they can really surprise me, even my own daughter, its time to change your ways. Harold panned the group with a serious look on his face and said, Well I guess that you all know more than I thought possible, but Aaron should be proud to have friends like you. Lets hope that we get a phone call soon. Julie, maybe you should stay close by the phone, Im sure you wouldnt let anyone else rest if they had the phone when the call came in.

You better believe it, said Julie.

Chapter 20 - Justice of a Sort

The call came in at about two oclock, that afternoon. Julie was on the toilet and didnt even hear the phone ring. Boy was she pissed off. The call was done by the time she came back into the kitchen. After she had heard, Julie went on a roll for about five minutes.

Julie, Julie, take it easy, Aarons mom asked you and I if we would like to come over around four oclock with Millie and Harold. It wont be that long. She said nothing about what happened last night and that will probably come from Aaron anyway, I said.

Damn it anyway. Why did I have to take a shit just when the phone call came in?

From behind us, and in a stern voice, Millie said, Girl, dont you talk that way no matter how frustrated you are, you understand?

Sorry Millie, but... the but just trailed off into nothing.

Meggin said, Tisha, Julie, lets go up to your room and make you real pretty for Aaron. It will give us all something to do. You really need something to keep you busy with until its time to go. Im sure we can find something interesting.

It was the way that Meggin said interesting that caused a lot of looks to fly between us all.

Julie didnt even get it. Her mind was so wrapped up in Aaron that sex was the farthest thing from her mind.

Sure, she said, anything to kill the time.

Off they all went. Rick, and Tony and I went out on the patio. After we talked for awhile, Tony, and Rick decided to go home and wait until we got home to call them and tell them the story.

The house seemed closed up as Mrs. Faulkner invited us in to hall. It took awhile for us to see that she had a very black eye. The cast on her arm was obvious. She looked frightened and ashamed. Aaron was lying on the sofa with tape around his chest and he had a pretty large bandage on his arm too.

This has been a frightful day, and Im sorry everything is such a mess. We just havent had time to clean up. Its nice of you to come over.

She looked at Julie and said, So you must be Julie. Aaron hasnt stopped talking about you since last night. My you are dressed so nicely.

Meggin had been smart. She took one of those awful frilly dresses that Julie hated and made her wear it, with white dress socks and white patent pumps. The dress was a light blue and white print with some yellow accents and had a small ruffle around the little puff sleeves and hem. She looked like she just walked out of church. Millie made us all dress up. As soon as Mrs. Faulkner asked us to come in, Julie made her way to Aaron. They didnt say a word, but Julie sat down on the floor beside him and on the way down gave him a little kiss that was missed by his mom.

You okay?, was all she said to him.

Sore, but no major damage, Aaron replied.

Everyone else sat down as Mrs. Faulkner began.

This is very hard for me, but I wanted you all to know how much Aaron and I appreciate all that you did. We all have some things to discuss and I want to ask you all to not spread what happened last night around. I should have known...

With that she stopped and started tearing up. Millie went over to her and said, You dont have to say anything more. We understand, and well do what we can to help. Soon her tears stopped.

I am very confused about all of this, as I couldnt figure how all of you children knew what was happening between Charles and Aaron. At least I was confused until Aaron told me that he told Julie. I need to know how many of you children were aware of this. Oh my, this is harder than I thought. The tears started coming down again.

Mrs. Faulkner, I said, Dont be embarrassed, or ashamed. This situation happened to you and Aaron, you didnt ask for it, you didnt condone it, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. We are Aarons friends. He told us, and with his consent we did what we had to do so that it would stop. I figure it took eight of us to help, plus Harold, Millie and Meggin. I dont think that any of us will spread this around, but a lot of people know and there is nothing for you to be ashamed of.

Eleven people, plus I just got a call from Mrs. Johnston, who said that she, Gregs mom, and Mrs. Broco were making a dinner for us tonight so that we wouldnt have to cook. Through the tears, she laughed a little and continued, But Im glad they're doing it because this arm is out of service for a while. I guess that Ill just have to learn to live with what has happened. Anyway, I need to know where all of the gadgets came from. The Police want to know whom they have to return it too. If there is a bill to be paid, I need to have the receipt made out to me so it looks like I hired the job done. Otherwise this thing is going to get messy.

Mrs. Faulkner, I said, If I can use your phone, I can take care of that now, and have a receipt here in nothing flat.

Greg, go ahead and use the phone, but have the company mail me the bill. That looks better, just get me the name of the company and the address and phone number. Can you do that please?

Sure, I said.

Mr. and Mrs. Robins, can I speak to you in the parlor. Alone?

Yes maam, replied Harold.

Aaron, dont you move much, and if you do try to sit up, do it slowly, those ribs are going to take time to heal. We will only be a few minutes.

As soon as they left the room, Julie asked Aaron how bad off he was.

Not bad really. The doctor says that I have three cracked, and one broken rib. The bandage on my arm covers an abrasion where my arm got caught in the door to my bedroom. The doctor says that Ill feel a lot better in a week. Its just hard to sit up for long periods of time cause it hurts.

How are your lips sweetie?, asked Julie.

Wanting your lips to kiss them, said Aaron. You look really beautiful Julie.

Thats when I walked back into the living room. Those two were lip locked to beat the band. Aaron even had his good arm moving up Julies dress to her breast. I just waited until they were through. I called Rick Johnston and got the information that Mrs. Faulkner had requested. Rick was on it, and the bill would be mailed today.

Nice to see you Greg, said Aaron.

Wish you were in better shape, but Im glad that you're not hurt any worse than you are. Broken ribs?

Just one is bad. Greg, do you mind helping me to sit up?

I went over and got him upright. He sat on the end of the sofa and Julie sat down right next to him. Then he told us the story.

His mom and dad had a fight in the kitchen about something. Aaron still didnt know about what. The kitchen is at the back of the house and that is where Harold heard the commotion. Aaron was up stairs taking a bath when the door flung open and his father told him to get out of the tub and go to his room. He was dragging a hysterical Mrs. Faulkner behind him. Aaron screamed at him to leave his mom alone and hit his dad with a waist basket, forcing him out into the hall where he started pulling on his dads arm. Thats when his moms arm got broken. Somehow, his dad just stepped on it and they all heard a crack followed by a high pitched scream from his mom. Mr. Faulkner told Mrs. Faulkner to just go into their bedroom and stay there until he came back up. He grabbed Aaron and tossed him down the stairs, and dragged Aaron into his bedroom, and flipped on the lights. He screamed at Aaron and flung him on the bed. After he was on the bed, Mr. Faulkner started undoing his pants.

He walked over to the bed and said, Take the position. Get that little ass of yours in the air, because Im going to teach you a lesson. This time Im not going to be gentle.

He opened a drawer in Aarons nightstand and took out the Vaseline and started rubbing it on Aarons ass hole. Just as he was starting to penetrate Aaron, his mom kicked the door open and screamed. She ran in and grabbed Mr. Faulkner's arm to pull him out of the room. He just pushed her away and back out of the door telling her to get the hell upstairs like he had said. While Mr. Faulkner was occupied, Aaron took a metal toy Rifle and hit his dad broadside in the head knocking him backward into the hall.

By then I was so mad I didnt care whether or not I would live, but I went to slam and lock the door, said Aaron.

Just as it was almost closed, Mr. Faulkner reached in and grabbed Aarons arm. The door closed on it, but Aaron pulled it back into the room, tearing off flesh on both sides of it. He got it locked then. He said,

Thats all I remember until Harold called through the door and asked me to open it. He told me that everything was okay now.

Mrs. Faulkner confirmed it and Aaron opened the door, still bare ass naked. Harold told him he better put some cloths on as the Police were on their way. Aaron forgot totally about the videotape still running on the outside of the house. As he was getting dressed, he yelled once. Harold came in and helped him on with a shirt telling Aaron that he probably had some broken ribs. After Aaron was dressed and Mrs. Faulkner was sitting in the living room, Harold helped stop the bleeding on Aarons arm. He had found some gauze and tape to hold him until he went to the hospital. As he walked into the hall, he could see his dad lying on the floor, the side of his head was bleeding all over the tile where Aaron had slammed his head with the Rifle butt. His dads nose looked funny and his lip was swelling up big time. He was totally passed out.

Aaron asked Harold what had happened and Harold told him that he only hit him once in the face and he collapsed.

Knocked him out I suppose, said Harold. That was when the cops arrived. They had guns drawn and they were pointing right at Harold.

Mrs. Faulkner screamed at them from the living room and said that Harold was the one who saved them. Aaron said that his mom told them, The sonofabitch on the floor tried to kill me and my son, after trying to rape him.

The cops were totally confused, but soon the ambulance was there and they were hauling Mr. Faulkner off in a patty wagon. Mrs. Faulkner and Aaron got the ambulance, but they all went to the hospital before Mr. Faulkner was taken to jail. Aaron said that he guessed that when his mom ran into the street, she ran into Harold. Thats when she learned that there might be proof of what happened. Harold went to the hospital and after she was patched up, Harold filled her in on the rest before the cops took over.

So what happened to your Dad, asked Julie.

Hes still in jail but I think that he will get bailed out real soon. The charges havent been filed yet, but they are throwing the book at him. I know that this sounds silly, but I hope he doesnt have to go to jail, I just dont want to see him again, ever.

Just then as the grown-ups came back into the living room the phone rang. Mrs. Faulkner went to answer it.

Millie said, Aaron, how are you feeling?

Millie, he said, Better than any time I can ever think of. Im sore as hell, but I know that he wont be here tonight, and that mom and I are safe. You and Harold are really special people and I hardly know you at all. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate all your help.

Harold said, Your welcome Aaron, and thats a nice thing to say. All I want you to do is get better so you can start having a pleasant life again.

Mrs. Faulkner returned and said that after Mr. Faulkner was released from the hospital, he would probably make bail. The doctors had said that he would be hospitalized for at least two more days.

At least that gives you some time to make plans, said Millie.

Oh I just cant bear to get all of his cloths together, as well as his other things. I havent even called Aarons Grandmother. I have so much to do.

Mrs. Faulkner, said Harold, I think Greg, and some of the other kids could help get this stuff done. We can use my truck to take it to the Police Station.

Sure, I said, no problem. Just show us what to do and well do it.

That is a wonderful offer. I think Ill take you up on that. Harold, I dont think we will need your truck, I just fill up his car and take the whole thing to the Police Station. Better yet, we will give him the old station wagon. He hates that old thing. He made me drive that for the last twelve years. Let him see how it feels.

Millie fixed us all some refreshments and we sat around the living room talking quietly. About twenty minutes later, the food arrived along with Tisha, Rick, Meggin, Tony and Patty. Everyone had on their Sunday best and the food was real good. Mrs. Broco did a huge Italian spread and Mrs. Johnston, had made a large pot roast with all the trimmings. We all ate and by eight oclock we headed home.

You have all been so wonderful; I just cant thank you enough. Its so nice to finally get to meet you all, said Mrs. Faulkner. Ill see you again tomorrow morning around ten. It will be so nice to get his things out of here.

We all said good bye and headed home. It was a silent ride back and we all went to bed early for a change. It had been a hell of a week.

A lot had happened in three weeks. Mr. Faulkner had made bail, but it had cost him one hundred thousand dollars. By then the police, and the lawyers had seen the videotape. Mr. Faulkner was facing some pretty heavy jail time.

The judge at the bail hearing told him if he was ever seen on the street where he used to live, his bail would be revoked and he could sit it out in the county jail until his trial began. He was also informed that he could not go within two hundred feet of Mrs. Faulkner or Aaron if he saw them out somewhere other than their house. Lastly, the judge said, If you try to even speak to them, in public or by telephone, Ill put you in jail for that as well. I have never seen this kind of depravity in my courtroom, and Ive been on the bench for eighteen years. I will also be the presiding judge at your trial. The judge was not treating this lightly.

Aaron had recovered but was still taking it easy. Most of the bandages had been removed from his chest. Mrs. Faulkner's eye was nearly healed, and she had become close with mom and Mrs. Broco. The cops thought that they had the real story and we were luckily never asked any questions. I think that dad had something to do with that. He played golf, and had been best friends, with the Willow Glenn Police Chief since they were in college.

Harold was putting the finishing touches on their house and we were planning the last party of summer vacation. It was going to be a lulu. Then there was what happened to me and Meggin.

Chapter 21 - Reconciliation

I slept in late the next day. I felt deprived of sleep and I took advantage of it. I didnt get up until mid-morning. Millie was humming in the kitchen and the house seemed empty.

Want a late breakfast Greg, said Millie.

Sounds good, I said.

With a little laugh she said, Come on in here Greg.

I went into the kitchen. Meggin was sitting at the table and Millie turned around and said, Shes hungry too Greg. Im busy this morning. Here, take this and Meggin to Fredies, and leave me to my real work. She handed me a ten dollar bill.

You want to Meggin?, I said.

That would be nice Greg.

Lets go. Ill get the Cushman out of the garage.

We didnt say anything on the way there. After we got there we took a quiet booth in the back and sat down, placed our order, and soon the hot coffee in the heavy mugs was delivered to the table.

So, I said uncomfortable, how have you been doing?

Oh, I guess everything is - no, everything is not Ok. I dont like feeling the way I do. And I dont like the way things have worked out for you and me. Im real sorry about that. I figure that most of it was my fault, but combined with your uneasiness everything is a mess, she said.

I just sat there looking at those dark almond eyes, and blue black hair streaming down her front. Those were the most penetrating eyes that I had ever encountered. They looked right through you, could touch your soul, and stab at your heart. I was probably more scared just because we were alone. What do I say, what do I do. My mind was turning to mush. Thankfully at the very minute that I was going to say something....

Heres Breakfast. Greg, give me a minute to bring you some warm syrup, we just ran out. Melted butter is on its way too. Ill be right back, said Susan as she put the plates on the table.

Country biscuits and flour gravy with home made hash browns, and the eggs are perfect, why havent we come here before? Said Megan rhetorically.

For the same reason we havent done a lot of things Meggin; time.

What is that supposed to mean, she asked.

As the syrup and melted butter was delivered for the Waffle I said, Meg, I know you, and I dont know you. You scare me. When Im with you, the world seems perfect, when you are away from me and I get to thinking, its like you planned the whole time that we were together. I dont know what I did by myself, or what you manipulated me into. Its like you hypnotize people. I dont know if I can handle that. I certainly know that I cant handle you.

What is there to handle; why would you need to handle me, she asked.

I thought a minute as I took a big bite of the Pecan Waffle, and soaked up a piece of country sausage with the run-off syrup.

Ok. Youre right. I dont need to handle you I need to feel like Im in control of my life. Thats what I dont feel like I can do. Can you understand that?

She had just taken a rather large mouthful of potatoes and gravy so it took her a while to respond. I was starting to get the shakes and a bit of indigestion. Damn I thought, if I cant eat with her it is over for sure. You screw up my food and I dont want to be around you.

Greg, you better slow down a little. If you keep eating that fast youre going to get indigestion.

I slammed my milk glass down on the table and the milk jumped way out of the glass and dumped about a third of the milk onto the table. None of the food was hit, but I was damn mad.

Thats what I mean. Damn you. Are you a psychopath? Just sitting there reading my thoughts so you can read them back to me. Why do you do that all of the time. You know my thoughts ... Why the fuck are you laughing, I asked.

She couldnt contain herself she was really laughing. Her smile told me that there was really something-funny going on, but I was still pissed-off and I really didnt care.

After she had calmed down a little she said. Greg, you said psychopath, but you meant psychic didnt you? Sorry, but that was the best Freudian slip Ive heard in a long time. God darling do you think, I mean really think, that I would come at you with a carving knife while you were taking a shower? Are you that afraid of me?

I was taken by surprise and I was caught. I started to feel a little lighter and finally I said, Yes! There is a part of me that doesnt know what to expect from you. I believe that you are capable of most anything. Then I started laughing too.

You are serious, said Meggin, her face changing from laughter to a serious look.

I guess that I am. I dont have to like how I feel, and its not that youd kill me in a shower, but you are capable of most anything.

Greg, said Meggin, you are the last person that I would ever want to hurt. The first time I looked at you on-stage during your graduation, and saw your eyes, I knew that you were something special. When you looked at me, we connected, and I had the funniest feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that was intoxicating and made it queasy at the same time. I only knew that I wanted to be with you. Did I plan it? Well maybe I tried to. But you were involved, and I had some pretty stiff competition then. Look Im doing my best to not be the jealous type. It's just so difficult when it comes to you. When I saw Patty the other day I wanted to rip her apart, I know that she has a bad crush on you. I also guess that Tony got you two together. Then there is the thing that you have going on at home. I keep asking myself, whats left for me. Why should I even bother? Your hormone levels are off the dial, and right now Im just not enough. Her eyes were filling and a tear was running down her cheek. Meggin was hurting, and I think that it bothered me more than it bothered her.

Meggin, I said, there is only one thing that you lost sight of. You are the only girl that I have ever said I love you, too. I meant that. I did then, and I do now. That doesnt mean that you and I will be together forever, but it doesnt change the fact either. Sex is a great thing and it's been a hell of a summer for me. Hell, the first time I got laid was back in June. It's been a roller coaster ride all summer long, and a lot has happened. When I was with you though, it was the most special, magical, heart wrenching experience I have ever known. Thats because I am in love with you. That feeling, and the fact that you scare the hell out of me is a bit hard to take.

I took her hands into mine at the table and looked deeply into those magnificent eyes. It was like Meggin and I were alone in the universe. I had never felt such a feeling with anyone else. I took her hand with those exceptionally long fingers and kissed them. Her nails were painted a ruby red and her bronze gold skin was as soft as a spring breeze.

Greg, I cant promise anything, but maybe we can work this out. If I ever do something that makes you wonder what Im up to, tell me. I dont want to scare you, I just want you to love me. More important, I want to be with you. I want us to grow up together.

Thats a heavy commitment Meg. I dont know if I can do that. Like you said, we are still very young. Besides, you dont know the half of what happened this summer. If you did, you probably wouldnt be saying these things.

Not to scare you Greg, but I think that I do know most of what has happened this summer. Julie told me all about it. Then again, you dont know that Julie and I have been together a lot. We really like each other. Shes actually worse than you are when it comes to sex. Ive never seen anyone like her.

I thought for awhile and decided to hit her with a bomb.

Well I bet that you dont know that Tony and I... Meggin interrupted, Have gotten it on a few times this summer, she said. I started to tense and then she continued, Julie told me. She was there remember? Actually Tony is kind of cute. Julie says he is good in bed. If only he would shut-up once and a while. Its his mouth that I cant handle. Greg, it matters and it doesnt matter. Im no vestal virgin either you know. I guess I just dont like large groups of people all doing each other. One-on-one is preferable for me. I just couldnt handle more than four people that I really knew. That would be too much. I guess for the times Im just a little conservative.

Do you like girls, Meg?

Sure. Theyre fine in a pinch. Julie and Tina are the only two girls that I have ever been with. They havent got the right plumbing between their legs, but its okay. Its funny, sometimes when Ive been with Julie, I could almost believe that she was a guy. Shes great. She also loves you a lot. Thats something that Im not really comfortable with either. I mean you, and Julie, and Tisha. Somehow it just doesnt seem right.

Well, Meggin, I said, It doesnt happen often but its been going on so long that it just seems natural. I know that it isnt, but you do know about Rick, Tina and Teri, and Tony and Patty dont you?

Youre kidding Greg. Please tell me that you are kidding? The look on her face was shear astonishment.

Sure. Thats been going on almost all summer long. It was Patty and Julie and Tony and I that...

Meggin interrupted again. Julie has this habit of telling you a story while leaving out some important points. She never told me that. Are you saying that Rick is doing it with Tina, and Teri too?

Sure is, I said, Maybe not as often, and its usually Teri and Rick, at least thats what Rick told me.

How does Tisha feel about that?, asked Meggin.

Sorry Meggin, she never mentioned it one way or the other.

Wow. Im going to have to think about this some. Maybe things will get back to normal, but what about you and I Greg. That is what I really want to know about.

Meggin, I care for you too much to say I cant handle it... so I guess we will have to do what... wait a minute. I dont know if I really understand how you feel about me?

Her eyes focused on mine, she took my hands and my hands started warming. Then I could feel an electric rush going through my body. It was like something very magical from times long since past. I breathed heavily and almost started to weep. Does that answer the question, she said. Thats what happened when I admitted to myself that I loved you. Thats the feeling I get when Im around you. Thats what I do not want to loose. Just so that you dont get scared Greg, we are doing that to each other right now. It takes both of us to do that. Its the most wonderful feeling that I have ever had.

How did you do that, I said.

I dont know and I dont care. We can figure that out later. Right now, what are we going to do.

Let go of my hand, let me screw myself together and Ill try to tell you.

After a minute or two of eating to regain my strength, I said, Meg, lets just take it one day at a time, and see what happens. Thats the best that we can both do. Can you handle that?

Any time that we can spend together is just fine by me.

We lightened up the conversation and started to feel much better. It was getting a little more comfortable again between Meggin and I. We finished eating and as we were walking out the door Susan said, Greg, was breakfast so lousy that you dont want to pay for it?

I grimaced and apologized, Sorry Susan, I said heading back into Fredies.

Greg, said Susan, I would have been as distracted if I had had breakfast with a guy that looked at me the way that young lady has been looking at you. Shes a real beauty.

I blushed, paid the bill, forgot the tip, and left. Meggin and I got back on the Cushman and headed off to a park by Lake Michigan so we could walk and chat. It was the beginning of the continuation of a very wonderful and loving relationship. Breakfast was good that day. Lunch was fantastic.

Chapter 22 - Farewell

Look Charles, as your counsel I have to be honest with you. Either you do what your wife is requesting, or the video tape will be seen by a Jury. Thats just the criminal trial. Following that will be the divorce hearing. You will not be able to attend that hearing either. You realize that dont you?

Why not, asked Charles Faulkner.

Because you will be doing hard time at Joliet, probably 5 to 10 years. If the judge is lenient you may be out in 3 years if you are still alive by then, said his lawyer.

What are you taking about. Why wouldnt I be alive, Faulkner asked.

The jail population is an interesting part of our society Charles. No matter how hard you try, within twelve hours of your incarceration every inmate will know what you were convicted of. Child molesters are the prisoners' favorite prey. They will force you to have unbearable sex with them, usually in a gang rape situation. They will use you, and torture you until you will either take your own life, or they will just flat out kill you. You will be the focus of all of the hatred that they have for society. They will give you no mercy, and there is nothing that anyone can do to protect you. One out of five child molesters doesnt last the first year. One out of nine the second. If the news of the contents of the video tape reach them, and they tell the story as it was seen, I would say that you have less than three months to live. Because the prisoners tend to embellish everything, you wont last a week. You didnt just have sex with your son, you brutalized him and used sex as his punishment for behaviors that never existed.

Charles Faulkner was a lost man. He rested his head on his arms, and started crying hysterically. He had already lost his job, his home, and his family. Now all he had was his life, and at the moment that wasnt worth much.

What will I do, he cried.

Take the deal, and do it quickly before she changes her mind. With that completed you get the station wagon, your cloths and twenty thousand dollars. When you are gainfully employed out of state, you have a one-year grace period, then you start paying your wife and your son, twenty two percent of your total wages until he is eighteen. The twenty thousand is a loan repayable after the first year of employment at a rate of six percent for ten years. You will have no rights to see either your son or wife again unless at age eighteen Aaron requests to see you. The statute of limitations on this kind of felony in Illinois is seven years. If you fail to act in good faith to the terms of agreement, criminal charges will be brought against you, and you will stand trial. Oh yes, I almost forgot: You will sign adoption papers for an unnamed party. Her lawyer will be in possession of the papers in the event that Mrs. Faulkner ever decides to marry again. And of course there is the matter of the signed confession documenting the last eight years of sexual abuse and cruelty.

The bitch, the fucking goddamned bitch. I should have killed her when I had the chance. To bad that fucking nigger was hanging around. That motherfucker was one big sonofabitch too. What a waste she was. The only reason that I was fucking Aaron was that she was to up tight to fuck me like a real woman...

Charles, his lawyer interrupted. My fee for all of this will be twelve thousand dollars. The payment of which will be deducted from the twenty thousand dollars that your wife will loan you. If you continue with these outbursts, I will double the price, or tell you to get another lawyer. That will leave you with one thousand dollars to get your new start on. Personally I wish you would go to jail. Id feel that the streets are safer and that my two young sons' were safe from the likes of you. You disgust me. Make up your mind by tomorrow or Im off the case. Just between you and I, I think you are mentally ill. Id get some help if I were you.

Sorry, he said half heatedly, Youre probably right, but couldnt I get you to enter a plea of temporary insanity?

Charles, how could it be temporary if you have been doing this to your son for the last eight years. The judge would just laugh you right into prison. You better take the deal and get on with your life.

What life said Charles Faulkner, Ill think about it tonight and get back to you tomorrow.

With that, he got up and left the lawyers office. He didnt return to the lawyer's office the following afternoon.

The next morning there was a small news story in the Chicago Tribune on page nine. The headline read, Man Perishes in Boating Accident in Chicago River near Goose Island. The story went on to say, ... Charles Faulkner died of an explosion that destroyed a thirty foot Chris Craft Motor Boat as it collided at full speed with fueling dock at Goose Island. The police are investigating the possibility of suicide, and arson.

Four days later, a private graveside service was held for the deceased. Four people; Mrs. Faulkner, Aaron, Mr. Faulkner's sister and mother attended the service.

I guess that it isnt hard to imagine that Aaron was pretty traumatized by his father's death. He was. He told me that he felt lighter because he wasnt so afraid anymore, but he missed his dad too. Mr. Faulkner was a nut case sure, but he was Aarons father too. Aaron loved him, his dad was dead, and because of that he grieved. Julie helped him a lot, she was there for him and for the first time, Aaron had someone that he could trust and someone he could love, and more importantly, someone who loved him.

Chapter 23 - The Last Day of Summer

Damn Greg, things have sure changed since the beginning of the summer. Then we were free spirits, able to do anything we wanted the world was there to amuse and entertain us. Now look at us.,.

Yea Tony, I said, look at us. Now we are having the time of our lives. We both have beautiful girlfriends who care about us, and we arent wearing the fingerprints off of our right hands from extreme friction. Youre right, things have really changed since then.

No man, you dont get it, said Tony. You are looking at a chained man. I cant do anything without calling Sara. This aint freedom man.

So, if its that bad, stop seeing Sara.

What are you... nuts? I love her, but I dont have to like the baggage that goes with it.

I looked at Tony for a few seconds with a half smile and said, You love the attention from Sara. Its just that your Italian is showing again. Whats really bugging you?

He hesitated for a few seconds and then started looking at the floor as he said, Its Patty. She met this guy. Hes nice enough, but hes a little old for her.

Tony was acting like someone just took away his favorite toy. He was sulking.

Whats his name, where did he meet her?

Tony threw his arms up in the air, looked me straight in the eye and said, Patty met Mickey at our house when Alice brought him over at my invitation. Hes seventeen and one big dude. They have been seeing each other every day since.

How did Alice know this Mickey?, I asked.

Mickey is her brother, Tony said with anguish.

Well ol chum, is Mickey porking Alice?

No, thats the deal. The guy is a straight arrow. He still believes in one relationship at a time. Hed never do Alice. Alice told me never to mention that Patty and I were ever together like that. I havent had a minute alone with her since they got together.

Is she happy Tony, I asked.

Oh yea, she is head over heals about Sampson, he said.

Sampson whos Sampson, I asked.

Look, the guy is a red head like Alice, hes pretty hairy. Ive been calling him Sampson.

I couldnt help it, I just broke up laughing.

Whats so fucking funny, Tony asked.

The answer was simple, Oh nothing Tony, just you. If I didnt know better Id say that you're jealous of Mickey.

Look Greg, the guy changed in my room and I never seen anything like it. Hes huge. Put me, you, and Rick together and wed equal half of him.

Youre exaggerating, aint no guy that big, I said.

Look hes big, I didnt just stare at it, but damn is he huge.

Sounds like youre doubly jealous. Jealous that he has Patty and Jealous that hes got a big schlong, I said still laughing. What do you care if hes big, anyway.

Damn it man. Thats the point. About a week after they met, I was horny and so I hopped into the shower with Patty. She told me to forget it. It wasnt that she was nice, it's just that well... she stroked my cock a little and said, "Sorry Tony, but no, I probably couldnt feel that iddy-biddy-little-ting of yours anymore. Mickey just fills me all up. Ohhh, that was the killer.

I fell on the bed laughing. I couldnt handle it. It was too much to bear. Id learned a few things about Italians. They are proud, and they feel very deeply. Tony was simply one hurting dude. When I told him that he had better keep Sara away from Mickey, because he might steel her too, he almost lost it.

After things cooled down I said that we still had a party to plan. After some we ate some munchies and a little time went by, things lightened up. We were out on the Patio when Tisha and Rick showed up. The first thing that we decided was that it had to be couples only. No stags. We listed the names. Rick & Tisha, Greg & Meggin, Tony & Sara, Tim & Tina, Julie & Aaron, Patty & Mickey...

Now wait a minute, said Tony. I dont want him there. Everyone just stared at Tony. Ok.. Ok, you guys win. I aint going to like it, but I guess I can maintain.

Hey Rick, I said, What about Teri?

Oh yea, add Teri and Nathan, he said.

Whos Nathan, I asked.

Tisha spoke up, Oh I met him the other day over at Ricks. Hes new in town. He moved here from California about three weeks ago. Some place called La Honda. He has long hair. I mean it's almost down to his shoulders. Hes real cute. Keeps talking about the Magic Bus and the Merry Pranksters, whoever they are. Must be some local gang. Boy did he bring some bad ass pot with him too. He wears a leather jacket even when it's hot out. He has a big Harley too. Guess he is about 18 or so, huh Rick.

Yea. Teri says that this guy is the summation of all of her fantasys. Hes nice enough but he is one twisted dude. Hed be a hell of an addition to the group. I think this guy could show us some new tricks. He keeps blabbing about some new stuff out in California called orange sunshine.

Sunshine is orange Rick, whats the big deal, said Tony.

This orange sunshine is something that you eat. He says it's like a roller coaster ride with bright lights. He keeps talking about body rushes and colors and says out a sight, a lot. He doesnt talk like us. It must be a California dialect, just never heard it before.

Well if you want him and Teri to come, its alright by me, I said.

Sure, what the hell, said Tony.

OK. Thats fourteen of us. Should make a great day. Did I leave anybody out?

Nobody could come up with anymore names so we started planning. It was going to be a daytime picnic at the Indiana Dunes. Mickey, as it turned out could use his dads Van and Rick would use his pick-up truck, With all of the gear we could all fit into two vehicles, eight in the Van, and six in the pick-up. Wed leave at around eight in the morning, get there by around ten, have lunch and party till dark. With a little luck we would be home just after midnight. The planning went on for most of the afternoon. By the time wed finished, several more of the kids had shown up. This was going to be a hell of a party.

We all set? Asked Rick.

Everything is loaded and were ready to go, I said.

Out a sight, said Nathan, lets parrteee. Further man, lets be gone. With that, Nathan flipped up into the back of the truck that Rick was driving. Teri was already there, sitting on some straw that had been added for comfort. Julie and Aaron were in there as well. I was kind of worried about how Aaron was going to do with Nathan. Julie would most certainly have some interesting comments to make about him too.

Mickey said, Lets try to stay together. Sooner or later we are going to have to stop, so I think its best if we stay together. Lets take the Edens Expressway into the Dan Ryan to 95th St. Cut across to hook up with the Indiana Skyway and we are there faster even though there is one toll for the bridge. That okay with you, Rick?

Sounds like a plan, said Rick.

At last we were on out way. It was not quite seven forty five. I sat behind Mickey with Meggin next to me. Tina and Tim were in the seat behind us, and Tony and Sara were in the back of the Van. For a warm day at the end of August, I just couldnt figure why Meggin, Tina, and Sara were wearing mini-skirts. Patty had on white short-shorts, and the guys were wearing shorts as well. Come to think about it all the girls except Patty, and Teri had on mini- skirts. That got me to thinking. I started making small talk with Meggin and we started making out a little. After awhile, I ran my hand up her long thigh, under her mini-skirt. Oh, there is a little conspiracy going on here I thought. Meggin didnt have on any panties. My guess was that none of the rest of them did either. Teri had these outrageous black leather pants on that were skin tight. Why were Patty and Teri the only two who wore different cloths? When my hand reached Meggins honey pot, she looked at me with those large almond eyes and gave me a look that was to kill for. It said something like, 'I dare you.' That was followed by another glance that went something like, 'Ok... we prepared, we thought ahead, now I want to see how you guys manage.' I swung my head around to look behind me. Tina and Tim were making out too. Tina had her knees propped up against the back of the seat we were sitting on. Meggins head turned around almost at the same time. I had a clear shot of Tinas platinum blond, lightly pink and very damp pussy. Tina smiled and opened her legs a bit more for Meggin and me. Meggin snickered, as did Tina. Poor Tim was sitting there with a very awkward bulge in his pants, and Tina was not doing a thing to help him out. Tim looked at me as Tonys head popped up over the seat and said,

Sure ladies, like we could wear mini-skirts. That cracked everyone up. Even Patty was laughing.

Whats so funny, said Mickey.

Patty replied, Oh that crowd is just messing around. I couldnt hear the joke.

I turned around to sit back down. Just as I did, I let out a yelp. Patty near died laughing. While looking at Tinas pussy, I quietly grew inside of my Jockey Shorts. As I sat down, one nut went east and the other one went west as the seam caught me in the middle. I jumped up and quickly adjusted my shorts.

What happened Greg, asked Mickey.

On you know man, I just sat down wrong, letting the image form in his mind.

We drove for a while and things settled down. It was a nice day, not as hot and muggy as it had been. Sara opened up one of the coolers and passed out Cokes to everyone. Patty asked Mickey if we could light up a doobie. His mouth said yes trying to look cool, but his body language said that he didnt like it. We lit up, passed it around, made small talk, and watched the road go by. Mickey even took a couple of hits. That smoothed things out for everyone.

Finally we stopped at a little local market in Whiting Indiana with a bad case of the munchies. Sure there was food packed in the Van and pick-up, but it was buried, so we did what most teen-agers did, we bought good old American crap. Lots of it. From Twinkies to candy bars to Carmelcorn. Mickey was really loosening up, he was acting like a mad man at the candy counter.

Patty looked at Mickey and quietly said, Boy are you toasted Mickey.

Na, he said, That stuff didnt do anything to me.

How many times have you smoked weed, asked Patty.

Mickey started laughing and said, Today, is my first time. God why does that sound so damn silly.

It sounds so damn silly because youre one stoned dude, said Patty.

Laughing even harder Mickey said, Shit, I though the stuff was supposed to make you crave heroin, and stuff like that.

Thats cop crap, said Patty, Weed makes you light on your feet, gives you cotton mouth and the munchies, and if youre lucky it gets you real horny.

No shit, he said, why have I waited so long? Damn, theyve got fresh roasted peanuts.

Patty started laughing as he walked toward the peanuts. Then she turned and walked over to me.

God is he loose. I think I like him this way. He a bit too conservative you know, Patty said.

Oh, so thats why you wore short-shorts, I said.

You cant tell a book by its cover, said Patty. Take a look. Patty moved her hands to the zipper in her short-shorts. She folded back the flap covering the zipper. See, the zipper doesnt stop, it goes all the way, she turned her butt toward me, around to here. Here, was located just at the top of her butt crack. By the way, Teris leathers do the same thing. Aint that neat?

Did all of you girls plan this, I asked.

You bet, she said.

You wearing panties Patty?

She reached up and grabbed the zipper and slowly started lowering it. As it passed the top of her pussys hairline, I said, Ok, Im a believer, you can stop now.

Gee, youre no fun. I thought that we could play with bananas again, she replied with a little silly pout on her lips.

Meggin walked up and said, Oh I get it Patty, Greg finally figured out the zipper. Did you need proof?

Damn right, I said. I wanted to make sure that it was fully operational. Never know how these fad cloths will hold up. Meggin and Patty started laughing at the whole thing.

Whats going on?, said Mickey, as he filled his mouth with a handful of peanuts.

Nothing Hon, I was just showing Greg how my new shorts work, thats all, said Patty.

Oh, that all, said Mickey totally ignorant of the implication.

We probably blew about twenty bucks. We left shortly before the owners threw us out, and got back on the road. There was just about an hours drive left. When we got back into the Van, Tony and Sara took up the back seat. Tina and Tim squeezed in the seat beside us.

Mickey looked a little too far gone so I asked, Can you drive Ok Mickey?.

Yea, he said, I really think that I can. Give me some more of those peanuts. You know until today, I never really liked them. I cant imagine why I dont eat these all the time. Theyre great.

After awhile Tony gave me that mischievous look that I knew all too well. It said, lets light up another doobie and really toast his cookies. My body language reply was, sure why the hell not. This time, Tony didnt say a thing. He just fired it up and started passing it around.

By the time we had reached the beach, everyone was having a great time. Luckily, Mickey had elected not to smoke much of the second hoover. This was a good thing.

Rick pulled in and parked right next to the Van. As everybody bailed out, it was obvious that we were all well on our way to one hell of a day. Teri and Julie hadnt stopped laughing since the truck pulled up. Tisha was all over Rick, and Ricks eyes looked a little bloodshot. He also had the remains of a Twinky still hanging on to the corner of his mouth. It was funny; I didnt think that I had seen Rick stoned before and he looked real silly.

After a few minutes we got it screwed together and started to unload the stuff. It was a good three city blocks long to get to a good location even though the beach was nearly empty. There was a lot of stuff to haul but we made it in one trip. The Dunes were a vast expanse of sand, hills and furrows of plant life, bushes and wild flowers. There were nooks and crannies to the Dunes that made the scene very interesting. If it ever got windy, you could move behind another Dune for protection. There were a few trees way back from the beach, but mostly it was open spaces. We found a nice location, close to the water, yet close to a series of Dunes as well. The day was warm and not as windy as it usually is, but the breeze that was blowing from the southwest, was cool against the warmth of the sand on the beach.

At first we just kind of dropped our stuff and sat around in a circle kind of scoping thinks out. We were still recovering from our long ride, the dope, and the munchies. Nathan was intermittently lucid. He kept coming up with phrases that had no real meaning but somehow we understood what he was saying. It was weird but then again, so was Nathan.

Like swimming through sand is such a trip, we gota do it before we leave. The sounds are really colorful, and you get dry cleaned in the process. Its really outa sight dudes. You up for it?

Tony didnt waste a moment. Nate, the days young. I want to fly through the water before I swim through the sand.

Wow, said Nathan, Never looked at it that way. Sounds like a trip to do.

Patty interrupted and said, Common lets get this beach set-up. You guys go and bring some rocks for a fire pit and get some dry wood. Us girls are going to go change into our swim wear and get some food together.

Screw yourselves back together just long enough to get set-up so we can really have some fun.

We all agreed and the guys went off one way and the girls the other. About thirty minutes later there was a nice fire going in the pit that we had made, and the girls looked real good in their skin tight little suits. The girls started putting hamburgers, bratwurst, Italian sausage, and hot dogs on the grill. God the smells were terrific.

By the time the meat was cooked, the rest of the stuff was set-up as well. There was enough food for a small army to eat. Bakery fresh bread and rolls, deli salads, Kosher munchies from Bravermans on Chicago Avenue, Bagles from Kaufmans Bagel Bakery on Kedzie near Montrose. Hell, the day before had been one long trip around Chicago for the best the city had to offer. We ate slowly, chatted, laughed, and flirted with each other. Tisha got up and walked behind a dune and returned with a cooler that I hadnt seen before. As she opened the cooler she said, Gang lookie whats for dessert.

She pulled out two trays of exquisite petit-fours.

Greg, she said, I conned the Chef at the Palmer House out of these. Proud of me, she said with a smirk.

What did you have to trade to get these beauties? Asked Tony.

Dad eats there for lunch a lot and they know him so I told them that the petit fours were for a party we were having. I only implied that Dad would be there. Here Greg, these are your favorites, she said handing me two chocolate hazelnut petit-fours with small chunks of poached pear in the center surrounded with dark bittersweet chocolate whipped cream. Perfect, I said. You are one very special sister. Thanks so much Tisha, I said. Meggin had already selected hers as did most of the rest of the gang. This was heaven, but as I was to find out, there are higher highs depending where you go in heaven. Its quite a large place.

Toward the end of the feast, Nathan said, Sunshine Time. Hey, you young ones done any yet?

Julie said, Nathan, youre from another planet. California is about six years ahead of this town. Your language is not quite comprehensible, totally unintelligible, and very quaint. Your proper nouns, if that is what they are, do not impart a meaning that is at all familiar. So please tell us all, just what the fuck the sunshine you speak of...is? Julies seriousness and elocution followed by the uncharacteristic question caused everyone to bust out in hysteric laughter. After a semblance of calm returned, a quizzical Nathan responded.

Hey little blond surfer chick, I think I grock your message. Like sunshine is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide from the god of LSD, and the most reverend Mr. Owsley Stanley the third, friend and chemist to the Grateful Dead, Ken Kesey, and the Merry Pranksters. Ingested, it becomes a revelation of the mind, a total phase shift into a reality that is one with the universe, the window to the soul, the trip that no travel agent can sell you. Its the fifteen hour roller coaster ride into a mirror, but the big hill is in the middle of the ride most of the time... can you dig it. It starts....

Julie interrupted, So what happens, your body just vegges out while your mind lives on the other side of whoopee for fifteen hours? What the hell does your body do all that time?

Tripping is something you cant explain, its something you experience, said Nathan. Your body does one thing, your mind another. Sometimes you can land your balloon for awhile and be sane, other times your body gets caught up with your mind, and maybe another body, and its rock-and-roll body rushes up the wazooo.

Everyone was silent until I said, Nathan, are you offering us some of this sunshine? He looked at me and just nodded his head. He followed that with, More than enough for any takers. I broke some down for baby hits. Lasts about 8 to 10 hours. Not as colorful, not nearly as intense, but it gives you the gist.

Nate, if we do this, will you? I asked.

He looked at me, smiled and said, Greg, Im nearing the top of the major hill right now. Buddy, I dropped this morning when I got up at 6:00 a.m. Its a real mellow ride.

I looked at Meggin, Meggin looked at Nate and said, Is making love a pleasant experience when using this stuff?

Nathan smiled a wicked little smile back at Meggin. Meggin frowned at Nathan. Looking caught he said, Oops, sorry there Meggin, you are just so damn beautiful... anyway, to answer your question: The difference is that you dont make love Meggin, you become love. Dont ask... Thats the best I can do.

An hour later, the first affects of LSD could be - well, seen. Some things moving in and out of my vision, fading in and out. Oh yea, Meggin and I were laughing at nearly anything. Patty, Mickey, Rick and Tisha abstained. The rest of the group was getting noticeably weird.

Meggin and I were off to one side of the group just gazing at each other and making small talk. I couldnt help but notice how her blue black hair was moving with the breeze off the lake. It was like the swells of the lake pushed the breeze up onto the shore, rolled up the beach, caught Meggins hair and continued on its journey to the south.

What are you looking at, said Meggin. You have this look of wonder on your face that I dont believe I have ever seen. Its almost like you just saw an angle or something. She paused for a few seconds and then said,

Greg... are you alright?

Huh? was about all that I could come up with. Just then Nathan who had moved over closer to us said to Meggin,

Your young squeeze has just encountered the first hill of the ride. Hes oozin into the nature thing and groovin on you cause you are joined to it.

She was an extension of the waves and the breeze and as it passed by her it gently embraced her. It was like a blessing: It was beautiful, I said as my eyes started filling up.

Meggin had gently put her hands on each side of my face so that when I looked I was looking directly into those deep mahogany eyes of hers. Soon we merged together and joined each other in thought. In what seemed like hours we exchanged a lifetime of thoughts and memories. Her mouth was wet; our throats were dry. The faintest of sounds intruded on us.

We broke our gaze and then reality rushed in. It was almost painful. We held on to each other for protection against the onslaught. Every sense was heightened. I could hear a sea birds call nearly a mile away. The crashing of the waves drummed like thunder in my ears, the sunlight pierced my eyes like sharp steel blades, the smells of rotting kelp, sweat, catsup and chocolate filled my nostrils.

A hand touched my shoulder lightly, and a soft reassuring voice said, Little brother. You have the volume control, for Christs sake turn it down before you explode. If you cant find the volume control, just change the channel. It was Nathan.

After a minute or so I found it and turned it down, I also decided to go between channels. Meggin did the same thing. We giggled with each other and made a mental contract with each other, then she stood up and very slowly walked toward the water. Long and straight she walked. Her feet didnt seem to touch the sand. The breeze played with her long hair blowing it to her left. Her bronze lean figure moved with the heat eddies rising from the beach. The only noticeable side to side motion was her hips swaying to the heartbeat of the earth. When she got to the waters edge she stopped and turned facing me. I rose to my feet, smiled at her, and started to take the same steps as had she just moments before.

Far fucking out, said Nathan as he rested his back against a small hill of earth.

The locust are marching. Teri started laughing as she looked down the beach. Julie, Meggin, Sara and Tina had all risen at almost the same time and walked toward the water. And just like Greg, Aaron, Tony and Tim were walking out to meet them.

I guess that we are on a different trip than they are, arent we, Teri asked Nathan. Oh goddess of infinite joy, pain, and tight leather pants this is the amphitheater of a premier first run major motion rush and we are here to watch the show while experiencing our own.

Does that mean yes Nathan, asked Teri.

Beyond your wildest expectations, my sweet.

I could feel the breeze against my skin, the sand moving under my feet. I could see 360 degrees around me. As I focused on Meggin, I could see Nathan and Tina sitting back on the beach watching us. I could see Tony and Tim on my flanks walking toward our ladies. My vision slammed in on Meggin. She was all that I could see or cared to. As I approached, she extended her left arm as I did my right. My arm wrapped around her waist and her arm mine and we walked out into the lake together. The cool water rose around us and massaged our skin. It tingled. I breathed in deeply as the water rose above my crouch. Meggin and I stopped, turned toward each other and kissed deeply and slowly. A burst of color flooded our mouths. It was Peter Max rainbows and paisley sunbursts. Our lips parted and the colors escaped to the day. We walked into the water up to our chests and then pushed off still holding each other's hand. Every inch of my skin could feel the water lapping at me. The lake was licking me and it felt wonderful. We swam in closer to shore and moved further down beach to where Tina and Tim were doing the same. The movement in the water started to tickle and excite at the same time. Meggin and I swam closer together. We could feel the water moving more rapidly down our length on the side where we swam close together. The water knew us. Soon, as I was kicking my foot came in came in contact with the sand. Meggin and I sat down in the water facing each other; only our heads and a part of my shoulders were out of the water. We didnt speak; we simply smiled and took off our swim wear. She tossed hers, and I mine, up onto the beach. As I looked to the shoreline I saw a yellow Bikini and a second pair of trunks there as well. I looked down the beach just a ways to see a white butt, the beautiful butt of Tina breaching the water, with Tim directly behind. Meggin looked at me askance.

She has a beautiful body Meggin and I do not mind her sharing herself with my eyes. Thank god I am genetically a voyeur, I said.

Share this, said Meggin as she grabbed me around the waist and we pushed off swimming breast to breast underwater and kicking for all we had. I felt like a merman and we were moving fast through the water. The water was dancing on both our bodies and every hair follicle, every nerve, charted the waters path around our skin. We didnt need oxygen. We were a part of the lake and had always been so. A purple whale swam at our side. Her muscular tail fin helped Meggin and I move through the water. We stopped dead in the water and stood up. We were in about three feet of water and it was very warm. We had actually swam into a channel off the lake where a large pond had formed. The sun had warmed the water during the course of the day. A cloud descended from the sky and headed our way. As it approached us, it smiled at us and then while still moving surrounded us with its cool, clean moist air. It continued its journey back to its rightful place in the sky.

We walked out of the water and breathed deeply. The breeze had replaced the action of the water against my skin and it felt amazing. Meggin and I were both naked, but there was absolutely no one around. Our swim wear was about three hundred feet down beach. We walked up onto the dry sand and as we turned Tim and Tina were walking toward us.

Mind if we join you two, asked Tina. I said nothing. Meggin replied, I think it should be fine for a while, come on. Since I took the acid I notice that every so often, I seem to be rather coherent for a while. This seemed to be one of those times.

I hadnt seen Tina naked for some time and never with this much light on her. As she walked toward us I could see that her platinum haired pussy was not nearly as spartan as it had been earlier in the summer. The pink of the skin below was not as conspicuous. Her breasts were larger as well. Even little Tim had grown a lot this summer, the blond hair on his chest was very noticeable. All of us had damn good tans. Meggin of course had the edge on that. Without her bikini on, her breasts and crotch stood out like a white T-Shirt under black light. What a way to draw attention to herself, I thought. I could see Tims cock swell a bit as he walked toward us.

I leaned up against a small dune and Meggin sat in between my legs and leaned her back against my chest. Wrapping my arms around her, she laid her head on my shoulder and turned her face toward me. We spent a long time letting our tongues explore each other's lips. At one point we were breathing in unison. We were all that was. The sun was warming us in its late summer arms and I was warming Meggin with mine. My hand had found her left breast and I was lightly caressing it when I felt the most interesting sensation in both ankles. Meggin must have felt it too because we both stopped kissing and started looking at our legs and feet. As I looked down I focused on the contrast of our legs. Meggins bronze, strong slender and tapered legs followed down to her long narrow feet. The bronze on her instep turned to gold as it neared her toes, they were both surrounded by my nicely tan muscular legs... Yea, they were much more muscular than at the beginning of the summer. The fairly thick mass of blond hair on my legs reflected the afternoon sunlight. My legs stretched out at least a foot longer than Meggins. I turned my feet so they were close to Meggins and my toes pointed up.

WOW! That did it. We both had this bolt of energy shoot up our legs to our tailbone and then straight up our spine and into our brains. I turned to look at Meggin and we met each other's gaze. Another energy bolt was on its way. Our lips came together before it hit our spine. It was amazing. My skin started to explode, my nipples got hard, as did my cock. I could see goose bumps on Meggin. We slid down the dune so that we could lie on our sides. We just wrapped ourselves up in each other's legs and arms. I could feel her hands exploring the route of the next body rush. I was doing the same to her. Aha... We could control this. I held my hand up to the blue sky and looked at my fingertips. They were electrified with energy from the gods. I looked at Meggin for acknowledgment as she raised her hand to the sky. Yep, we both had the POWER, then we decided to use it, on each other. I slowly started my right hand moving down her breastbone. When it had descended to a point just below her breasts I had totally forgotten what I was going to do. It was then that Meggin pulled my head to hers, wrapped her arms tenderly around me, and our lips met. It was a soft passionate kiss, and is probably one of the ten best kisses ever recorded in the annals of history. There was electricity between us. It was blue with a yellow aura. The moisture of our mouths provided path for the surges to follow. We shifted again on the sand. When we opened our eyes we saw that we had turned ourselves completely around and we were facing away from the beach. Somehow, our swim wear was lying quite near us as was our blankets and towels.

Meggin nudged me in the stomach. As I looked at her she nodded to our right. There, standing spread eagle on a rather sturdy and knarley piece of driftwood was Tina. Tim was standing on the sand right behind her with his hands on her slender hips.

Theyre fucking standing up, exclaimed Meggin.

No Meg. You mean their fucking standing up fucking, dont you.

We both started to quietly laugh. The sight was captivating. We couldnt really see Tims cock, all we could see was the rhythm the two had selected. Tinas chest was arched backwards while her butt was as high in the air as she could contort herself into. Tims hands were exploring her rock hard nipples and she was cooing. It was almost hypnotic.

Why do I love to watch this?, said a voice off to my left.

Tony, Sara, how long have you been there, I asked. They couldnt have been 10 feet away from us.

Oh, not that long, maybe 5 minutes. Hes going to fall down when he cums. You realize that dont you Tony, said Sara.

Na, I dont think so, Tony replied. When I returned to speak with Meggin, she had gotten up and had walked over, and sat down in the sand not four feet from Tina.

Panavision!, exclaimed Tony,

Lets go. Tony started walking to the front row with Meggin. I looked over at Sara who only had her bottoms on. Sara came over and sat where Meggin had been.

Do you want to get closer Greg, Sara asked. Not really. This is just fine right here.

Tinas hair had mostly come around in front of her and was blowing in the wind. It was so long that on occasion it would cover her pussy. Even from where I was sitting I could see the heat eddies coming off of their bodies. Tims body glistened with sweat. His strokes were increasing. I blinked my eyes and when I opened them again, every outline of anything animate had color coming off of it. Some flowed around, but above the surface it was protecting. Some of the color spiked out at certain parts of the body. You could tell the parts of the body that were feeling wonderful and the parts that werent happy at all. As I looked at Tina, she looked very warm because she was bathed with soft blues close to the skin, rich yellows got richer around her erogenous zones and there was a rainbow of others as well. Tim on the other hand had real rich deep colors. They were on the serious side. One place, his left shoulder and left hip had blood red and purple spikes. I would ask him later. Tony and Meggin were having a conversation while watching the coupling.

Sara said, You know, if anyone would have suggested at the beginning of this summer that I would be sitting here half nude with you, watching two people fucking their heads off, while watching my boyfriend having a discussion with your girlfriend with the both of them naked, I would have never spoken to that person again. It would have just been too weird.

Sara was leaning against me and I had put my arms around her. My left hand was almost cupping her breast.

Look at Tony and Meggin. Ive been trying to figure out which one of them is darker. Its almost a toss up.

Something caught my eye and I looked up. Tina finally had her eyes open and was saying something to Tony and Meggin. Tim was still pumping away.

Tony and Meggin got up and walked over to Tina. Tony and Meggin started licking Tinas breasts. As they did, Tina put her hands on Tony and Meggins shoulders for support. Soon, Meggin and Tony were pulling and biting on Tinas nipples pretty hard. I could see sparks shooting off of her body. Tina muttered something to Meggin. Soon Meggins hand found Tinas mound and clitoris. Tina started to gyrate her small hips. Every time Tina moaned or cooed, these beautiful rainbow soft pastel colors floated from her mouth.

I started feeling rather electrified myself. My nipples were hard and I had this wonderful warm sensation in my groin. It was then that I discovered that Sara was masturbating me with her left hand. That feels real nice Sara, I said as I cupped her other breast.

Pull on my nipples Greg. You can hurt me in such ways that I just want more and more. I love the way you do it. I Wish Tony had the knack.

You know Sara, we havent done this since the Birthday Party, I said.

She turned her head toward me and we kissed each other lightly on the lips and smiled warmly at each other.

That was some day Greg. Ill never forget looking up from the other side of the bed and seeing you and Tina, Teri, and Julie all watching Tony and me. Boy was I embarrassed. Did you know that that was my first time?

Well, I kinda thought so, but you were terrific. You certainly turned all of us on, I replied.

Sara said, The biggest shock I had to deal with was you and Julie. That was a real surprise. Since Ive been hanging around with Tony and Patty, Im not surprised my much of anything anymore.

Oooh. You are starting to get real hard Greg. Does this feel good?

All that I could do was smile.

I let my right hand find it way to Saras pussy. As I let my fingers travel under the elastic of her bikini bottom.

Sara said, I dont think that you really want to do that today Greg.

I looked at her with a question mark on my face and said, I dont have any problem with it. When she started blushing and then I understood what the problem was.

Sorry Sara. I just wasnt thinking. If I dont mind, would you?

After a minute she said, okay. But if it ever bothers you, you can stop.

With that she spread her legs a little which answered the question. My hand made its way past a few silky pubic hairs to her clit. It was warm hard, and doubly moist. I looked up to see how well Tina was getting along.

Positions had changed. Meggin was now standing up facing Tina. They were french kissing up a storm. Each of them was tugging on each others nipples and the chorus of colors emitting from their bodies was dazzling. Tony was under, and between Meggin and Tina. He was lapping at Tinas pussy while finger fucking Meggin. She must have been enjoying it because she was gyrating all over Tonys fingers. Tim was still holding on. The sweat was now running off of him and as the drops skid down his skin, the sun danced crystal colors all over him.

Sara turned my head toward hers and we started deeply kissing each other. Soon, I had pulled her on top of me and we were lying in the sand. Her hand was still slowly stroking my cock. Her breasts were tickling my chest, and her nipples were very hard. I reached down and started to take off her bikini bottoms. She stopped me, put the palm of her hand up as a sign to wait. She got off of me and headed toward the water.

I heard music in the air. When I looked up I could hear the chorus of lovemaking. As I looked over to the gang on the beach, I could see Tims face taut as could be. He was ramming himself into Tinas pussy will all that he had. They had somehow turned and I nearly had a side view of the festivities. Tims balls were fully retracted and he was as ready to blow as Moby Dick. Tinas had goose bumps from head to toe. Her breasts were full and her nipples were hard. Tim was using her hips to pull Tinas body closer to him with every beat. They were both cuming, they were both very loud in announcing it to the world. The colors were spectacular coming off their bodies and way larger than they had been.

Meggin and Tony had, since I last looked, started their own session. Tony was sitting on a log with Meggin straddling and facing him. Her arms were hung loosely over his shoulders; she was just relaxing on Tonys cock, moving slowly up and down. It almost looked like a very normal casual thing.

Tonys wanted to have her all to himself for a long time, said Sara without a hint of malice as she returned from the water. She had removed her bottoms and was wet to her navel. She walked between my legs blocking my view of the fantastic four. The sunlight was reflecting off of Sara. It was the first time that I had really looked at her since the beginning of summer. She had really changed. She was no longer a little girl. She was taller, rounder, and much more mature looking. Her breasts were small but her nipples were a deep brown in color. Her olive skin was much deeper in color than earlier in the year and she had let her hair grow. Her pussy was veiled with very black sparse pubic hair.

And thats great, because I have felt the same way about you, Sara said looking down at me. She kneeled down and took my partially limp shaft into her mouth. After it hardened a little Sara said, Look what else I learned this summer.

With that, her eyes looking right at me, her lips slowly descended down my shaft. At one point about half way she opened her lips, drank in some fresh air and continued. Her lips stopped at the base of my cock. The feeling was delicious. The head of my cock was buried in her throat and I could feel it contracting against my cock. Her head lifted up and after taking another gulp of air went down again.

After several strokes she stopped, took my cock in her hand, smiled and said, Howd ya like that Greg?

I liked it just fine and you dont have to stop on my account. That's awesome. She smiled, got off of her knees, worked her way up to me and kissed me warmly on the lips. We both smiled at each other. Then she took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy.

If it gets a little crimson after we are through, we can always go into the lake. I really want your cock inside of me Greg. With a little push of my hips upward, I had entered her just a little. With that, she simply sat down, filling herself with my cock. She was hot inside. Within three strokes I could feel the warm ooze of her pussy flowing down my shaft. It was a great feeling. Saras nipples were very hard and I raised my head to bit one and pinch the other. I continued doing this because every time I did; Sara would contract her pussy on my cock and it felt wonderful. I just closed my eyes and laid my head back on the sand while Sara did the work. I caressed her back and butt. Her skin was very smooth, taught and firm.

Soon I felt some energy to my right. It was Meggin coming in for a kiss. She kissed me upside-down and then continued down my body until she had one of my nipples in her teeth. Just as she bit, her right tit stopped just above my mouth. We started chewing on each other. Soon another mouth was on my left nipple. It was Tina. I reached up and started fondling her tits. She was still smokin from her orgasm of a few minutes ago. I had no idea where Tim or Tony were, and frankly... I didnt care.

Now Tina and Meggin were working on Sara just like Tony and Meggin did to Tina. As it happened with all of the twisting around, Tina actually moved in a position with her very blond pretty pussy right over my mouth. I used my hand to move down her crack. It was moist but not gooey so I tasted my finger. Aha... looks like she took a quick swim before starting this. Soon my left hand was probing her slit while my right hand found Meggins. Tina moved closer to my mouth and I finally was sucking on her clit. The pressure around my cock was intense. The body rushes were starting again, as were the colors. The blond pussy above me opened like a giant clam and moved toward me enveloping my head. As it slipped over my head my tongue tasted the sides of the flesh as it continued to consume me. It should be dark in here but it is dimly lit. I can see the walls of Tinas vagina pulsating and rolling, moving like the waves of the sea. The rush starts at my ass hole and builds its pressure as it moves toward my head. Instead of climbing into my head, it splits. One wave goes up to my head while the other wave goes across my chest and into my arms. Before the first one is through another wave starts below. Then another, and another. My head is exploding with waves of energy and the colors are blinding. Then another wave starts building at my cock. It builds until I think there is no more energy that can possible be left to continue. Still it builds. Just before it releases itself, the focus of all of these rushes changes from my extremities and cock to the center of my chest. Then it starts to radiate outward. The surges plunge down my arms, down my spine, up into my head, down to my cock, down further into my legs, one after the other. Each jolt makes my manhood more rigid. Soon I feel the warmth of the seamen rising in my cock. Sara stops and tightens on my cock. The pressure builds and builds and when I think Im going to scream, Sara releases the grip on my cock and starts riding it faster and faster. The jolts of sex push out from me and the pulsing from my cock erupts a stream of hot gisum. I go rigid with ecstasy. My heart pounds and my lungs heave to bring vast quantities of air. I am finished.

I close my eyes. Inside my eyelids a starburst explodes, each glittering particle is a part of me. Instead of the particles slowing, they move faster and faster, going out into space exploring the vast richness of creation. I move faster and faster until I see the beginning of time, the big bang. I move through it, the starburst contracts to a black singularity, leaving me whole again, and back inside myself.

Greg... are you OK, said a distant voice.

With my eyes still closed I muttered something that gives me a moments reprieve. When I finally have savored the moment of projecting myself throughout all of the ages of the solar system, I started to slowly open my eyes.

Greg. Please say something coherent, Sara says looking down at me.

Something coherent... Youve got to be kidding, I replied. As my senses returned to the moment, I had this wonderful lightness as well as a sensation that I had never felt before. It was like thousands of things were lightly massaging my chest. More than that, these things were also tickling my semi-erect cock. As my eyes opened I see Teri to my right and Meggin off to my left. Both are lying on my chest. In the distance I see Sara with a semi-serious look on her face. As my awareness grows I understand what is making me feel so wonderful. With the wind blowing, Tina and Meggins hair is dancing across my chest, and stomach, while the ends are flicking across my cock. Im damn near hard again.

Ladies, the sensation of your hair across my chest and stomach is fantastic. Please dont move, I said with a smile from ear-to-ear.

Not to mention that the lovely strands of black and white are flicking at, and wrapping themselves around your cock, said Tony with a laugh.

With that, both girls lifted their heads and look back down my torso, Tina giggled and Meggin smiled a wry smile.

You will do anything for a rush wont you sweetheart, asked Meggin.

As she started to move away, I pulled her towards me and gave her a very passionate kiss. It was as wonderful as they all were. As our lips parted, I very quietly told Meggin, Yes. And that is why I fell in love with you. Just being in your presence is a rush.

Tina and Meggin sat up. As I lifted my head I started spinning a little. Tony caught me and helped me the rest of the way.

Way to go Bro, said Tony, you really did Sara up right. Shes glowing like a lightening bug. You okay buddy?

Yea. Just a little light headed. That was quite intense. I guess I was gone for a minute or two, I said.

A minute or two? Buddy you were out for about 10 minutes. Seemed like a couple hours to me.

Several minutes later all of us, mostly dressed back in our swim wear, were setting around in a circle just chatting. As it turned out Tim had blanked out shortly after his climax with Tina. Tony was smiling from ear-to-ear after his encounter with Meggin.

I wonder where Julie and Aaron are?, I asked.

Yea. And where is Nathan and Teri?, asked Tina.

Lets go back toward the others. We should at least check in once-and-a-while, said Sara.

As we got up I took a deep breath. I exhaled light tinted yellows and purples that were all but invisible. We strolled down the beach feasting on the day, each other, and life.

We had traveled a lot father down the beach than I thought, probably better than a mile and a half. We made small talk and enjoyed the rush of the sand squishing between our toes and what it did to the rest of our bodies. When we got to the campsite, nobody was there. Tony came across a piece of paper anchored to the sand with some stones. All that was on the paper was an arrow pointing south westerly. Under the arrow, and in small print was one word. Further.

Yo bro. So what do we do, go on a scavenger hunt for the weirdo, said Tony.

Meggin answered in here best Tony imitation, Yo Ton ey. Why dont we take a break and scavenge for some munchies, my stomach feels like my throats cut.

Sounds like a plan, Im hungry too, said Tim.

Everyone gathered up some food and we sat on some of the blankets to chow down. The warm breeze off the lake was gentle enough not to move the sand around. The temperature was up to about 85 but the normal stifling humidity was for once reasonable. The few clouds in the sky cast interesting shadows on the beach.

I didnt realize how hungry I was, I said. The beach is real quiet, I hope that the others are alright. Maybe we should head off down the beach and follow the arrow. What time is it anyway?

My trusty Timex says that it is 3:15, said Tim.

Lets clean up and follow the yellow sand road, said Meggin.

My guess is that Teri is up to something, said Tina. I saw some of the stuff that she packed this morning.

Like what, said Tony.

Tina looked around at the group and said, Remember the birthday party? I think she has plans for Nathan. If my guess is right he's either wishing that he were back in California, or he is groovin on her style so much that he will never leave her.

Tina, said Meggin, What are you talking about.

Meg, I said, I can explain as we follow the arrows.

Tony looked at me with that look that said, Oh shit Greg. Please dont humiliate me by telling Meggin about that evening. Instead he said, Go easy on the details Greg, I wouldnt want to distort Meggins view of that little get together.

Meggin laughed, and then her eyes opened wide with a smile and she laughed some more. Pretty soon the laughing became infectious and we all started giggling. When Meggin regained some control she said, Tony. You couldnt want Greg not to tell me about the time that you got all gussied up in that little red laced bra, with ruffled red and black lace underwear? I also heard that you had difficulty containing your manliness as well.

I never saw Tony really blush, nor become speechless. Both were true at this moment history. He just held his head down and looked as if he were about to cry.

Sonofabitch, said Tony after recovering. How the hell did you ever find out about that.

Looking at me he said, GREG, damn you!

He started to get up when Meggin said, Tony, sit down. It wasnt Greg. Besides, Id give a lot to see you in that outfit. I just bet that you were adorable.

Everyone just lost it. We were all in hysterics. By then Tony had calmed down and was laughing too. Of the group, Meggin was the only one not present at that party.

I looked at Meggin, and quietly I whispered, Julie?

With the slightest nod of her head she confirmed who had spilled the beans.

I would give even more to see you in that yellow camisole.

Tina was close enough to hear, and said, It was mine Meggin. Ill be happy to loan it to you.

Tony piped up and said, Excellent... Meggin knows about the camisole too. Meggin, hes simply adorable in it. Although some of him hangs out of it, it's not that much to worry about.

It was my turn to blush. As the laughter subsided, we felt rejuvenated. The tears, laughter, good company and food lightened up the mood considerably.

Lets go and follow them arrows, said Tony. I want to see Nathan in that get-up.

With that we got up and started to follow the arrow that someone had left.

Tim and Sara led the way followed by Tina and Tim: Meggin and I trailed behind. Strolling felt good. We walked hand in hand, and just took in the sights. There were a lot more people and families inhabiting this stretch of beach. It figured because it was a lot closer to the parking lot.

Heres another clue, said Tina pointing over to our left.

Another arrow had been found. It pointed slightly away from the beach into a small group of trees. As we got closer to the trees a small footpath could be seen. After we entered the grove I laughed at seeing another sign high on the limb of a tree. All it said was Further. About three hundred feet farther along Tim held up his had signaling us to stop. When we did, we could hear noises in the bushes off to our left.

Whispering, Tony said, Lets ease in there. I just gota see this.

We spread out and started moving toward the noise. As we got closer it became apparent that the noises were actually the sounds of lovemaking. The closer we got the quieter we moved. As I just barely parted the small limbs of a bush Meggin and I saw two perfect strangers fucking to beat the band. They were older. He had to be around 22 and she was probably 18. He was the hairiest dude that I had ever seen. He looked like a line backer for the Chicago Bears. She on the other hand was no small petite lady either. Not that she was fat by any means but damn did she have huge boobs. She was lying on a blanket with her feet in the air. Her boobs were pretty firm because they didnt flatten out. He was riding her with a vengeance.

Fuckin A, said Tony quietly, not more than six feet away from me. Can you believe the size of them jugs.

I cant believe that pretty girl is doing it with that Gorilla, ick, look at all of that matted hair on him, said Tina.

I used my hand to motion towards the foot path. This wasnt any fun to watch, besides the Gorilla would probably kill us if he saw us spying on him. With that, we all moved back to the path and continued our trek.

Meggin and I were walking with our arms wrapped around each other's waist. We synchronized our steps and she laid her head on my shoulder.

The trees and bushes seemed to move into an arch above the path and then lengthen upward. A light aura of color started forming around the limbs. Then they started glowing.

Greg, are you seeing what Im seeing, said Tony.

If you are talking about the trees and the colors, I guess that I am, I replied.

Tim had moved off the path and Tina just stopped until we caught up. Tim was out of sight when we got to Tina.

Where did he go, I asked.

Nature call, she responded.

Great idea, said Tony.

Agreed, I said and we headed off in the direction where Tim was.

Soon we heard the unmistakable sounds of someone relieving themselves. All of us joined in.

Eeeehhhaaaa, screamed Tony, what a rush.

All of us were standing there getting off, pissing in the weeds, and getting the most unimaginable body rushes ever.

Guys look. Mine is green with white stripes, I said with astonishment.

Try chartreuse with orange flecks, said Tony.

Your cock is blue Tim, said Tony, you just gota quit abusing yourself man or that thing is going to fall off.

We all started laughing big time.

By the time we returned to the path the girls had moved about 40 feet further along. Meggin signaled us to be quiet and come closer. As we did we heard the most incredible noises. They were serious grunts and moans. It sounded like someone was beating the tar out of something. There were sighs and cry's.

God, I didnt think that Teri was into this as heavy as it sounds, said Tina.

We all crept up on the sounds to see just what was going on. Tony and Sara led the way. As Tony got closer he got this look on his face that I had never seen. He also started to stand up seeming to not care that he was seen or not. Sara started laughing out loud.

Damn... That takes as lot of balls. Just what the fuck... Tonys voice trailed off in astonishment.

As I got to where they were standing I understood why. There in a small clearing were Nathan, Teri, Julie, Aaron, Rick, Tisha, Patty and Mickey all playing Volleyball. We just stood there in amazement.

Shit. Theyre good, said Tony.

We all walked out into the clearing and Rick had just spiked a point for his team. They stopped and greeted us asking where we had been. We made small talk for awhile and then started to resume the game. Tina and Tim decided to set it out for awhile and Sara and Tony decided to play. Meggin and I joined the fun.

The trip was not in the game but in watching the ball. Sure, we played hard, but it was the slow motion and colors generated by the ball that made it fun. The physical activity brought wave after wave of body rushes. It was a sight, sound and eclectic experience. I delighted in the movements of the girls. Watching them stretch and move was a treat. From time to time I got so engrossed in the show I forgot about the ball. On reflection, everyone had lapses that day. The game was fun and I worked up a real sweat, as did everyone else. We played three sets and by then we were all exhausted.

So, who won, asked Tony.

Won what, asked Nathan.

The game. Like you know... weve been playing Volleyball, said Tony very sarcastically.

WOW, said Nathan, Is that what we were playing. Damn, I never knew that that was Volleyball. Been playing it for years. Seems funny but I never asked what we were playing. What a trip. Neat game dude. Far out

You know Nathan, Tony said in all seriousness, You need to go away for awhile and really rest. Youre toasted.

Heavy Tony, like I can really dig that you care. So, just to ease your mind I think that Im going to go back to the campsite and take a snooze. Youre all right bud.

With that being said, Nathan just headed off toward the campsite.

Tony turned his head toward me and said, I fucking give up. This guy is from outer space, California my ass. Mars is too close for him to have come from.

Tonys exasperation was very apparent. It was funny too. Looking at Tonys bewildered face, which was hanging down and tilted to the right, with his mouth wide open. His arms were extended out with his palms facing the crowd. It was the classic Italian body language that cracked everyone up. Teri got so out of control she fell to the ground and doubled up laughing. After we sort of recovered, we decided to return to the campsite and set up for the bonfire and BBQ. We discussed getting it all done without killing ourselves. The acid was intensifying and the hills were getting steeper and steeper. We all agreed to get the food cooked first and then collect some fresh wood for the bonfire later on in the evening.

We had packed steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. We decided that the steaks and chicken could be cooked tomorrow and that the hamburgers and hot dogs would be simple and easy. Patty had packed a bunch of home made cold salads and a wonderful antipasto tray. That tray was full of smoked meats, fish, olives, tomatoes, hot peppers, cheese. Most of it was lightly coated with Mrs. Broco's special oil and vinegar. Nobody, not even Patty and Tony, knew the recipe. We didnt really care it was awesome. I had brought the hot dogs and home made poppy seed buns. To call them simply hot dogs was an insult. These were Daisy Brand natural casing wieners. When properly heated these delectable micro sausages had a taste that could not be duplicated. They were spicy, but not hot. The seasonings were very complex. They had a richness and a lightness that was unsurpassed in the annals of hot dogs. I brought a 10 pound box fresh from Daisy Brand because I knew that they would all be eaten. Mrs. Johnston prepared a dozen of her famous hamburgers. They were a mixture of ground sirloin, pork and Italian sausage, and veal. Cook them with a combination of Motzerella and Provolone cheese, put them on a bun with a little spaghetti sauce, and it was like having a pizza on a bun.

The repast was finished by 6:30 and we were stuffed. We just sat around and made small talk, smoked a doobie or two and passed around of this really interesting lightly sweet, white wine that Nathan had brought. It had a fresh crisp taste that was real fruity. I think it was called 'Moscato something or other.' We all loved it. It was the first time that we had had wine that didnt have a screw top. Annie Green Springs and Strawberry Hill were the adolescent wines of the day. Mateus Rose came in third place. It was better, but it cost more.

Nathan was returning to the campsite with Teri. They were carrying a large box. When they returned and sat the box down.

Nathan said, Are we to spend the day without presenting the works of the great masters to our ears? Are we to simply listen to the waves, the air, and the lake? Are we not in a place where we can crank the volume control of the machine to the max without hearing a gasp of horror from some adult? Finished with his speech he simply waited for a response.

Julie said, Nathan, unpack the fucking radio and turn it on. Please make it a quasi-mellow station.

All fucking right, replied Nathan as he started to unpack the box.

Understand that this is not a simple radio. It is a music machine of the finest craftsmanship.

He set the gismo up on one of the dunes just above us on a blanket. He turned it on and pushed a button that opened a small door. Into the slot he inserted this small cartridge tape.

Damn, said Tony. Is that a portable cassette tape player?

Indeed, replied Nathan.

These things are very new and very expensive, said Rick. I hope that it sounds good.

My suggestion is for us all to be quiet and simply listen to this music for a time. You will become one with it. This is a very special album. Can you dig on that for awhile. Please try it, said Nathan.

We all agreed. As he was inserting the tape we all got comfortable. Meggin and I were lying on a long blanket with our legs entwined. Julie and Aaron were on our left with Patty and Mickey off to our right. The others were scattered around the bonfire site. The beach, except for us, was pretty deserted.

At first I didnt hear anything. Then I heard what I thought to be a heart beat. It got louder and louder. Then I heard some conversation in the background. The accent was English not American. Then a voice could be heard. It was a quiet scream. Soon it got louder and louder until it filled the evening air with its clarity. Then a guitar and some light drums, and the music got softer once more.

Breathe, breathe in the air. Dont be afraid to care. Leave, but dont leave me..., the song began. Five minutes into the album we were all lost in the cosmos. A full range of emotions filled us up to bursting. Meggin and I just looked into each other's eyes. We could see the future and the past at the same time. All of the wonder, pain, joys and tedium of life awoke within us. Meggin and I were tearing at the wonder that we were feeling. The acid was poking at places inside of us that we had never dared to explore, or even knew existed. We were now, and the beauty was that we were doing it together. It was a deep long look at who and what we were. The masks and veils that hide the soul were unmasked, and there was a vivid clarity that brought new horizons to explore for each of us.

The piano, I said. Listen to the piano.

Soon a ladies voice accompanied the piano in Great Gig In The Sky. This cut was presented by an exquisite voice with a wide range. Without singing one word, it sang all of the emotions known to mankind. It was love and sorrow, exhilaration and anguish, wonder and fear. I was deeply moved. Meggin and I embraced each other tenderly. We feasted on each others lips. Our hungry mouths for the first time communicated feelings and dismissed lust as a pale imitation of what we now enjoyed. I was filled with Meggins love and hopes and dreams. I knew that she was in touch with mine as well.

The music changed after that cut. It got real earthy with Money. Meggin and I sat up to take a breather. When we looked over the campsite, some of the gang had left the area. Julie and Aaron were holding on to each other for dear life. Nathan and Teri were now occupying the blanket vacated by Patty and Mickey. Nathan looked at Meggin and I.

You are into it little brother. It's got you. I knew it would. Is this not the essence of life? said Nathan.

Looking at this weird character I just had to admire his taste. He was as strange a person as I had ever known but I couldnt single out a bad thing about him. Nathan simply had to be accepted or rejected for what he was. This guy had no boundaries at all. I envied him. He was free. In some ways I felt caged.

I have to have this album Nathan. It is as religious an experience as I have ever had. What is the name of it, I asked.

Dark side of the moon, by Pink Floyd, said Nathan. This cut is the reprieve from the heavy side. It lightens up a bit and then, toward the end, you will astral into the forever. Im diggin on you diggin it. Im glad that I put this tune on.

Thanks Nathan. Its perfect. Shhhhhhhh. I want to hear this, said Meggin.

Us...us..us..us..us...and Them..them..them..them..them..., it began.

It was soon after that point that Meggin and I started to fly. There was one very thin gold thread anchored to the beach. We were on the other end of it. It had no length because we were creating it as we flew. Out over the trees of the dunes we flew rising to see the city lights below, millions of tiny dots of light. We meshed together, and were a part of the landscape that we beheld. All of everything there was, was all the same. The manifestations of the differences had nothing to do with the substance of them. Meggin and I flew up to where we could look at Chicago in the distance. The automobiles were the arteries of this giant organism. Higher and higher we flew. The music never diminished or left our ears. It was the fuel for the flight. We turned in flight and looked back to the beach. Even though my mind told me that what I was seeing was impossible from our vantage, I could see the location of all of our friends. I could read their thoughts, and sense their feelings. Tony had just lighted the bonfire. Julie and Aaron were making love behind one of the dunes.

Meggin kissed me warmly and I felt the call of creation swelling inside me.

We turned around to fly away from the earth. I gasped. There in full view was the moon. It was so big that I had to move my head from side to side and up and down to view it all.

Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs, got to keep the loonies on the path.

We broke free of the moon and continued outward bound. We flew fast.

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon, and if there is no room upon the hill...

I stopped dead in space. I got uneasy and turned around. The gold thread was still with us. My body was electrified as was Meggins. Without a word, we agreed that we had to return. As we started back we heard. You lock the door and throw away the key, theres someone in my head but its not me.

We made quick time back to the beach. It was fun now and the rushes and colors just kept on coming. After passing the dark side of the moon on the way back, we had made a silent agreement with each other. It was one of those things that could not be spoken but was deeply understood. Nearing the beach we heard, All that is Now - All that is gone - All thats to come, and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

The heartbeats faded in to the night air and I opened my eyes. I was full of wonder and excitement. I felt deeply grateful for the knowledge that I had learned along with Meggin. Assimilating it would take years but that was just fine. I closed my eyes, as did Meggin. We wrapped our arms around each other and I held her head in my hand. The wonder of this moment would last in my mind forever. I was breathless with the majesty of what living meant. We kissed each other softly, laid our heads down and dozed off.

We all returned home, in reasonable shape, by 1:30 A.M. We werent a pretty sight, but we all made it home safe. We also were straight enough that nobody seemed to notice. The hills had diminished as Nathan said that they would, and although there were a few very strange things on the Expressway that we dodged, things were getting back to the new state of normal.

Meggin and I, Julie and Aaron, Tony and Sara rode home in the back of the pick-up that Rick was driving with Tisha. The others rode in the van. Meggin and I wanted air blowing across our faces and bodies. The warm weather made the ride home perfect. All the way home Meggin and I simply grooved on the fullness of the moon. It had a whole new meaning now.

Rick dropped Meggin, Julie, and I off at the house. Tisha was going to spend the night with Teri and Tina. Mom had waited up for us, and helped us carry in all our stuff.

You all look very tired, said mom, Ill take care of all of this. You all go up stairs and get ready for bed.

Thanks mom, said Julie. Im really pooped, see you in the morning. Good night.

We all said good night and headed up the stairs. Julie went to her room and Meggin and I just headed into my room without even thinking. Mom had come up after us. Meggin noticed her, stopped in the doorway and said, You know Greg, Im going to sleep in Tishas bed tonight. Its too hot in Julie's room. As she said it, she winked her right eye and then turned her head toward my mom. I said, Thats a good idea, Ill see you in the morning. I kissed her on the cheek and told her what a wonderful day that I had had. She reversed her step and walked down the hall, past mom and into Tishas room. Goodnight, Mrs. Livingston, said Meggin as she past mom in the hall. Mom went on about her business and I walked into my room.

On my way to the bathroom I shed my cloths, turned on the shower and got in. Soon, Meggin joined me. She opened the glass door, peeked her head in, smiled and got in. We said not a word to each other, we soaped each other up, shampooed each others hair, kissed and hugged from time to time, and within about eight minutes turned off the water, got out of the shower, and dried each other off. I started to head off to my room when Meggin, reversed the walk and took me into Tishas room.

She turned down the bed, and turned off the light. We got in, and smiled at each other in the light of the full moon coming through the window. Slowly and gently we made love. It was like being with someone that I knew forever, and someone I just met. When the sensation of love discharged through my body, my soul felt the beauty that Meggin and I were. As I touched her soul, for the first time I tasted the sweetness of my own. We held each other for a time then we rolled over facing toward the window and the moon outside. Spooning we fell fast asleep, still without saying a word.

Chapter 24 - Loose Ends

Midway through the night, Meggin shooed me off to my room lest Millie, or mom looked in to check. In the morning I got up late. It was around ten and I looked in on Meggin. She was up and had left. Tishas room was spotless. I smiled at that. In many ways she was so like Millie.

I showered again, got dressed and started down the hall when Julie stopped me.

Greg, said Julie, come here.

I walked into Julie's room and she continued.

Is it just me, or was yesterday a very special day. I feel like a completely new person. Aaron and I are somehow different. When that music was playing and we were making love behind that dune I came to know a different Aaron. I know his soul I know his potential. I love him even more than I did. Frankly, I think that I finally have the kernel of what love truly is. Did you have a similar experience with Meggin?

Julie had this look in her eyes that I had never seen. I walked over to her, smiled and took Julie into my arms.

Yes, was all that I said.

She looked up at me with a tear in her eye and said, I also know how much, and how differently, I love you Greg. When you are around I feel safe and protected. I have changed so much since the beginning of summer. I feel alive and have a circle of friends that I never thought that I would have. You had so much to do with that. Do you know that it was you who finally convinced me that I was pretty. I always thought that I was so ugly. After last night, I also know that you and I will be close for the rest of our time here. It might not be the proper thing as far as society is concerned but somehow, some way, we need to be close. In different ways I love you and Aaron the same. Greg, are you following me?

I looked down at Julie, pulled her close and gave her a little kiss.

I am following you. I also had a hell of a day yesterday and I have a lot to sort out. You and I are a pair. I love you Julie. I dont see our relationship changing much either. Im confused by that but I we will work it out. Like you, Meggin and I have a brand new understanding of Meggin. Based on the look of everyone last night, I think it affected us all. I think even Nathan has had a change of perspective. I also think that Teri is rather charmed by him. If her mother only knew that they were a couple.

From down stairs I heard Millie yell, Greg, Julie, come on down here.

Julie and I smiled at each other, gave each other a warm hug and then walked out into the hall to see what was so important. Millie was standing at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on her hips and a quizzical look on her face.

You children finally up? Bout time. Now I want you both down here now. Brunch is on the table and Meggin is hungry.

With that she turned and walked toward the dining room. Julie and I headed down.

Millie, Meggin, and Aaron were waiting at the dining room table. Julie and I walked in, smiled a huge smile and each of us went over to our other half and kissed them just like wed been married for five years.

You children are shameless. What did you all do yesterday? No... dont answer that cause I dont really want to know. Anyway, this is Meggins last meal here as a resident. Harold has the house finished and were moving in today. Harold will be here in 20 minutes so you better get started. She brought out a spread that I hadnt seen in weeks. It made FARTS look like a greasy spoon.

Aaron, howd you get over here, asked Julie.

Millie, called my mom about an hour ago and mom brought me over. I am as surprised as you are.

Its just moms way of saying that she really loves you Julie and Aaron, said Meggin. Its also because I love you too and mom wanted to do something nice for me. I will really miss being here with you all.

Not any more than Greg or I, said Julie. Thats the truth, Meggin and for many more reasons.

With that we just giggled. We ate and chatted and really started to wake up. It felt like a very special day. Meggin looked radiant. She had on a yellow, wine, and brown paisley sun dress with spaghetti straps that I had never seen before. Her hair was pulled back on the sides and braided down the back over her hair. She sat next to Julie and the contrast was spectacular. Then I noticed something else.

Julie, I said with astonishment, this is the first year I have ever seen you with a tan. It has happened so gradually that I never noticed until now. Damn you are beautiful.

Aaron has a tan too, Julie said blushing.

From the kitchen we heard, Darn children are trying to compete with Millie. Well youll never catch up to me, said Millie and then she started to laugh. Just as we were finishing up Harold came through the front door.

He greeted us and headed into the kitchen. About five minutes later he came out, looked at Meggin and said, Time to go Meg. I got a lot to do today and Im running late already.

Meggin drank the last of her milk and we got up at the same time. Julie and Aaron followed behind as we walked her to the front door.

Oh Meg, I almost forgot, said Harold. He opened his jacket pocket and pulled out an envelope. This came for you yesterday. Why not open it.

Meggin looked at the envelope with curiosity. It was addressed to her at Harold and Millies place across town. She opened it up, took out the letter and her face lit up like a christmas tree. She ran over to Harold and threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

Oh Dad, I can never thank you enough. Ohhhh, Im so excited, she beamed. She then handed me the letter and I read. Willow Glenn High School welcomes Meggin Robins for the Freshman semester. Please....., the letter continued on telling her when to register. After a minute I finally got it. Someone had pulled some strings to register Meggin out of district. Meggin was going to High School with all of us. I couldnt restrain myself. I threw my arms around her and swung her around the foyer. Just think Meggin, we can study together, I said. Millie gave one of those little grunts with her throat as she looked at us. Harold had a smile on his face and Millie did too. Finally Harold said, Meggin, Mr. Livingston helped make this happen. Millie and I asked him to do this. We did it because Millie and I have never seen you happier than you have been this summer. You have met some wonderful friends and that is very important. Youll also get a better education on this side of town.

Gee Harold, I cant thank you enough either, I would have really missed seeing Meggin, I said.

Your job is to see that she gets at least a B in every class. You detract from her studies and Ill have my hand on your butt young man, said Harold with a smile. Nonetheless, I knew he meant every word of it.

Yes sir, I said. If I have to stay up every night to help her with her studies, Bs or better it is.

Julie and Aaron also gave Meggin big hugs, as she started to walk out the door. About half way out she turned around and headed back to me. Harold stopped and turned around. Meggin walked up to me, put her arms around me and laid a very protracted kiss on me. I love you Greg, she said. See you later this week hon. Harolds jaw dropped a foot, and it left him speechless.

Millie said, Meggin, you certainly didnt fall far from the tree now did you.

Meggin just smiled as she walked out the door, kissed Harold on the cheek and walked out to truck. As they drove off Millie started to leave the room.

She rocked her head from side to side and muttered, Damn, and I thought Id have some sanity restored when she got back home. Umm, Umm. I guess I aint seen nothin yet.

Julie, Aaron and I just laughed.

After the foyer cleared and Aaron had left, Julie looked at me and said, This has been one terrific summer, hasnt it Greg. Why dont we milk the rest of it? Lets go out to the tree house, after we take a swim. She said this with a twinkle in her eye.


Okay, I heard her say on the phone, I will be at FARTS in 20 minutes. You pick-up Tina. That will give us enough time so that we are not late meeting the gang for dinner. Im sure glad that they remodeled the place a couple of year's back, else we wouldnt have enough room for us all. See you later: Love you. With that she hung up the phone.

Common, Terry we have to get a move on, she said as she headed to the car.

Mom, said Terry, will Nancy be there tonight?

I think so, she said looking at her 12-year-old son.

Gee Dad, how long has it been since youve seen the gang?, asked Teri.

I think it was about three years ago. Then we all met at the Dunes in Indiana. That was a fun weekend.

The parking lot was nearly full as the 1985 Ford Bronco II pulled in behind a red 1990 Ford Explorer.

Theres mom, cried Tina.

The two cars parked right next to each other. Everyone got out and headed toward FARTS.

Damn, youre beautiful, he said to her as she rounded the back of the Explorer. He walked up to her and in the middle of the parking lot he embraced her and laid a long kiss on her. She reciprocated as well.

Go for it Greg, came a yell from Tony across the parking lot.

Daaaaaad, said Tina, you two are embarrassing us. Please stop it.

Hi Terry, said Nancy. I hope you feel as good as your folks do tonight.

Hi Nancy, said Terry, I actually think I feel better than they do.

The two made small talk and started walking to together toward the restaurant.

Greg, said Meggin, someday you are going to break my back doing that. Im not as young as I used to be you know, she said looking right at me.

Hi Tony, Julie I said as they walked up to us. Tony held the hand of Elena, their youngest. She was nine. She looked just like her aunt Patty did when she was that age. We all gave each other hugs and with Tina we started walking to FARTS.

Julie looked at Meggin and said, God the twins are bigger each time I see them. Terry is a very handsome boy. Look at those two, she said as she watched Terry, and Nancy, go into the restaurant.

Nearly a very dangerous thirteen, Meggin replied.

And you think I havent got my concerns about my Nancy with that lecher of a son of yours, said Tony. He reminds me too much of you when you were his age. Courteous, sweet, all the right moves, and horny as hell. With that said, Tony laughed. We smiled at each other but I couldnt leave it alone.

Youre right Tony, I said. On the way over here he asked me if Nancy would be coming. When I said she would, he asked if you would mind if she spent the night over at our house, I said with a wry smile.

Wait a minute Tony, said Julie. Dont let him get your goat.

Meggin said, I almost half believe that he did ask.

We walked through the door and I was met with a very nice hug. It was Susan. After Fredies mom died, Susan and Freddie got together and eventually got married. She had taken over for mama.

Greg, said Susan, Its so good to see you and Meggin again. Tony, Julie, who was that lovely little girl who just walked in with Terry. That wasnt Nancy was it?

Tony hugged Susan and said, Sure was, she will be thirteen this summer.

Tony, she continued, Tell me this, where did she get the red hair and freckles from?

Tony with all of his Italian bravado looked Susan in the eye and said, Susan, Ive been asking Julie that for the last thirteen years. If Nancy wasnt so much like me, personality wise, I would think she had another father. Lucky that she gets her looks from Julie.

Someone blew in my ear, and said, Hi there big boy, Im very hungry. With goosebumbs rising up and down my spine I turned and hugged Sara.

Hi Aaron, I said as he came in with Sally, age 11.

Common, lets get you all seated, said Susan, youre clogging up the door.

Susan grabbed a handful of menus and we followed her into the private dining room. As we walked through the door, we were greeted by all of our friends from the summer of sixty-eight. There they were, most of them anyway, and we had all brought our children.

Of the original gang, Rick and Tisha, and Meggin and I had married our partners from that never to be forgotten summer of sixty-eight.

Julie had married Tony, and Aaron had married and Sara. That had all begun in the summer of 1970. Aaron was the quiet type and after awhile he just couldnt handle Julie. They loved each other still, but from afar. Julie and Tony fought like cats and dogs. They challenged each other all of the time, and reveled in their love. They adored Elena and Nancy.

Tina Livingston had married Roger Hartmond, shortly after he graduated from Harvard. She had graduated from Bryn Mar. They had a child named Bess. Unfortunately, Bess died of SIDS when she was thirteen months old. So horrible was the pain that they had decided against having any more.

Teri Livingston was still single and owned a very exclusive boutique on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Tonight, Teri had brought her friend, Shaunna Lee with her up from L.A.. What a gorgeous pair they were. Every eye in the place was on them.

Tisha, and Rick were there with their two. Max had just turned thirteen and Mindy was a very gorgeous fourteen-year-old.

We had lost track of some of the others. Nathan was last seen riding through Arizona on his Harley, heading toward Chicago. Word had it that he was carrying a gallon of liquid LSD and somewhere along the line he tasted just a wee bit too much, and ended up on an Indian reservation somewhere in New Mexico.

Mickey and Alice moved away from Willow Glenn in 1972, and we never heard from them again.

After we sat down from the door we heard, Hi all, sorry we are late. Tim and I had car trouble on the way over. It was Patty, dragging her three children with her. Vicki, age seven, Marisa, age nine, and Kyle, age twelve. Following close behind was Tim Tyler, Pattys husband of fourteen years. Tina and Tim had split up in sophomore year about the time that Mickey, and Alice had left town. It was a marriage made in heaven. They started dating in Junior year and had been inseparable, ever since.

The waitress took all twenty-four orders. We all chatted, and ate some terrific food for the next couple of hours. We had the tables set up in two groups., with the adults at one table and the kids at the other. Terry and Nancy very quietly sat at one end of the table. Occasionally I could see that Tishas boy Max, was desperately trying to get the attention of Nancy Broco. Nancy noticed, but she would have none of it.

As we left the restaurant we finalized plans for a party at our house the next day. This would be an adult's only party. All of us tried to do this at least every three years.

Meggin, and I bought the house on Mulberry and Elm from my folks when they retired and moved to a condominium in Winnetka. Meggin and I always loved that house. The twins loved it too. We named them after their namesakes because they were fraternal twins as well. Terry was a handsome boy. Picture a curly headed dirty blond, hazel eyed, asian looking boy with summer tanned bronze skin. In another five years he would look like he belonged on Muscle Beach, in California, with a surfboard. Tina, was almost a carbon copy of her mom. The only difference was that she was taller and for some reason she had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

For being very liberal, mom and dad were very worried about Meggin and I getting married. After awhile they resigned themselves to the fact that we really loved each other. After the twins came along, Mom, Dad, Harold and Millie made the best grandparents imaginable. When the eight of us walked into a restaurant, everyone in the place tried to figure out who belonged to who.

Meggin became a schoolteacher after the kids were in fifth grade, and I was a manager of a group of software engineers in the Computer Business.

Tony and Julie had purchased the Johnstons house next door, and Tim and Patty bought a home a block away. Sara and Aaron, with their daughter Sally had moved into down town Chicago and lived at Lake Point Towers, on the waterfront.

We were all very luck people and all very successful. Sure, there were ups and downs, but all-in-all, we had it pretty good.

It was a Sunday and the weather was picture perfect. All of the kids except Terry and Nancy had been taken care of for the day. It seemed that something that they had both eaten the night before had left them not feeling to well. Since we were right next door, Tony and Julie left Nancy at home. Terry was up in my old bedroom.

The day was spent having a good old time. We got pretty rowdy that afternoon. Tina and Roger had to leave early because he still had work to prepare for the next day. After the sun had set, the party started to break up. After awhile it was just Tony, Julie, Patty, Tim, Sara, Aaron, Meggin and I. Someone had turned off the porch and pool lights. Only the lights from inside the kitchen and recreation room lit the area.

Its time, said Julie.

Lets do it, said Aaron.

We laughed and giggled like kids as we started to undress. Tony was the last one in the pool.

In the distance, lightening could be seen, and the low roll of thunder signaled that a storm was on the way.

Up in the tree house, Nancy was looking at the pool area with some new binoculars that she had gotten for her birthday.

I told you Terry, just look, said Nancy.

He took the binoculars from her and looked out through the willow branches.

Yea, he said, theyre at it again. Grandma Millie has told me enough stories about them when they were kids that Im not surprised at all. You know, you look a lot like your mom.

I wonder what they would do if they knew that we had been up here all afternoon, said Nancy.

They would not be surprised if Im any judge, she replied.

Nancy, said Terry, from what parent did you get that lovely red hair?

I dont know, she said, Moms hair is auburn and dads is black. I guess that it comes from a recessive gene. At least my eyes are green like moms. Why, dont you like it?

Terry tickled Nancy and put her on the floor of the tree house. He fanned her thick red hair out around her head, brushed her eyelids with his thumbs and moved them down her face and neck, over her collar bones, down her budding breasts and nipples to her stomach and finally to her pubic mound. With his thumbs he opened her womanhood. His mouth went down and tasted the nectar that was there while he massaged her clit with his thumbs.

I love it, Terry said, All of you, from your head to your toes. You sure do have a beautiful pussy. When I get you excited, your clit pokes out like a little penis.

Oh Terry, said Nancy panting, please dont stop. You do that so good.

At that moment the first drop of rain landed on the skylight of the tree house. The air was ionized from the large lightning bolt that had just crackled its way across the sky. The rain started in earnest and the loud claps of thunder echoed throughout Willow Glenn, a peaceful and quiet suburb of Chicago.


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