If I was your Daughter
A Love Letter to my Readers

by Persephone

Sevispac and I love writing our stories for you. He writes to express a fantasy; I write because I am rediscovering my inner teenage slut and giving her the voice she was denied in real life.

We are grateful for the positive feedback from our fans and readers, and I felt compelled to write a love letter in gratitude.

From the teenage slut Sephy, to my favorite Daddy:

If I was your daughter, I'd make you so very proud of me. I'd be both obedient and whimsical, demure and wanton, innocent and horny.

I'd dress for you in clothes you buy for me (if you want me to wear any clothes at all...)

I'd join you in fancy restaurants, tease your cock under the table with my foot to let you know how much I want you, how much I need you, need my loving Daddy.

I'd come along on
Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, so everyone can see the thirteen year old SLUT who wears sexy clothes and loves sucking cocks and tasting men's cum! I'd climb up on the table in the meeting room, in my teeny tiny mini skirt, white socks and babydoll T shirt, the one with the holes that sometimes let my nipples poke through. I'd let everyone admire my bare young pussy, let them finger me and feel my ass. I'd slowly strip out of my clothes until every guy in the room is rock hard; then I'd climb down, leaving my clothes all over the table, and suck off all the beautiful hard cocks I could find.

I'd rub their cum all over my body, letting everyone see your nude teenage daughter having the time of her life.

I'd dance through the office, heading for your desk. I'd suck you nice and hard, then lean back and bask in the attention as you strip down  and slide your hard, hungry cock into my willing, eager teenage pussy. I'd moan with delight as my Daddy fucks me in full view of the whole office. I'd slip your pussy-slicked cock into my mouth and savor the taste of me all over my loving Daddy, before you shoot a load of hot, tasty sperm between my lips and let part of it splash all over my face.

Oohhh, bliss!

After you get off work - after you get off, *giggle* - we drive to the mall (I'm flashing my boobs for other drivers...) where you take me to Victoria's Little Sister. Ohh, I
love this store! You wait outside, at the Daddy's Bench that faces the public-view changing area.

I select a naughty little red mesh nightie, made for teenage girls. I climb onto the podium and smile at all the people watching! There are at least a dozen guys there, watching the four public changing stations. One boy has his cock in his hands while he watches girls change. O! I hope he cums, I love it when guys jack off in front of me…
because of me… mmmmm…

I slowly peel out of my babydoll T, dancing slowly to the sexy music. I smile wickedly for my Daddy as I slip my skirt down my legs, kick my shoes off. I let everybody watch as I caress my pussy, finger my young, pink labia for everyone to see. It turns me on so much to masturbate for strangers! But I only have eyes for my Daddy. I blow you a kiss as I slip into the red nightie, loving how it caresses the curves of my young body. I dance for you, and smile as the boy stroking his cock loses control and cums wildly, spraying his sperm all over.

I slowly, seductively, slip out of the sexy lingerie, and try on a pink leather bra that cradles and enhances my young, developing boobs. A panel on each cup folds down to expose my nipples, and the pretty slut next to me leans over to kiss my bare titties and run her fingers over my trembling body. I wink at you as I kiss her back, two nearly-nude young sluts making out in public - for our horny Daddies!

I keep the leather bra on, and select a matching thong panty which I hold in my hand as I beckon you to enter the store. You come in to pay for all my naughty new clothes, and I stroke your cock through your pants while you talk to the sales girl. I want her to know that I love my Daddy!

Still undressed just the same, I dance through the mall to the food court, pausing to pose for pictures. I bend forward and spread the cheeks of my ass. I want my Daddy to see every part of my horny body!

You buy us pizza, but I prefer to sit on the table with my legs spread, so everyone can see the thirteen year old pussy that you are going to be fucking just as soon as we get home! You surprise me and lean forward to run your tongue up the cleft of my lips from my ass to my clit. My juices are coating the inside of my thighs, so you pick up a slice of pizza and rub it against me. I love the look of bliss on your face as you close your eyes and savor each bite. I can't wait to suck your cock, Daddy. I love you so, so much.

We finish up, and I peel out of my bra and dance and twirl naked through the mall, a horny ballerina with sex on her mind.

Back in the car, I tease my pussy all the way home until I can barely stand it. Daddy, I want you fucking me! I want your huge cock inside me! Ohh my Daddy!

We get home and I throw the cushions off the couch and lay back on them so I can watch as you take your clothes off for me. Ohh Daddy you make me so happy when you look at me like that!

I sigh with delight at the sight of my naked Daddy, as you stroke your cock to get it even harder for your little  teenage slut of a daughter. I run my fingertips over my nipples as you walk over to me, your huge, stiff cock in your hard, horny and ready, precum dripping from the tip.

Ohh Daddy I love it when you fuck me... pounding into me, fucking your baby girl so hard, the look of pure lust in your eyes... ohhhh I'm cumming Daddy! You're making me cum! My whole body is alive and tingling! You're making me cum so hard… oohhhhhhhh God Daddy I love you!

When I feel your cock begin to pulse, I slip you out and kneel with a smile in front of you, your insatiable horny little slut of a daughter.

Your hot, delicious cum splashes onto my lips, into my mouth, over my face, and drips down my flushed, naked body. mmmmmm.... I
love the taste of your cum.  I love it so MUCH!

You take a bunch of pictures of me on your phone to send to your friends, to let them see how proud you are of your little girl. I pose for you licking your cum off my body, fingering myself, dreaming of my Daddy's cock!

You pick me up in your strong arms and take me to the bathroom. I shower for you, letting you watch as I soap up and clean my body, soaping my ass, washing my baby smooth pussy for you.

I know it's going to get fucked again very soon. By you. But I want it to be clean so you can dirty it.

You dry me off in a big fluffy towel, just like when I was a little girl. You lift me up in your big, strong arms and carry me to the bedroom and lay me down on your bed where you fuck mommy. We cuddle together, loving Daddy and horny Daughter, until we fall asleep together and I dream of you all night long.

I love you, Daddy.
Your daughter Persephone

Sephy tells me that writing porn has been great therapy for her. I recommend it to every woman. Please send it to me. ~sevispac

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