"Guess who, baby?", said a voice in his right ear. Bobby whirled around sharply. "Jesus Christ, Mom! You scared the shit out of me!", gasped Bobby, staring at his mother with wide eyes. "Sorry, honey!", laughed Cathy, kissing her son on the lips. "I couldn't resist it!" She threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug. Bobby hugged her back, immediately conscious of the fullness of his mother's large tits against his chest. His hands circled her waist. It was narrower than he remembered, and the warm flesh under her thin prison smock felt soft yet firm. Even though she was his mother, the boy's prick lurched in his pants. He tried to keep her from noticing his hardening cock. "Hey, you've lost weight, Mom!", blurted Bobby. He pushed his mother away from him, afraid that she would feel his cock against her. He had certainly been aware that it was pressing against her leg. "And you've grown since I saw you last, baby. Jesus, you're almost as tall as I am!" They both ducked as another car drove past, its lights flashing over them. "We'd better get moving, Mom. It don't think it's real safe around here." "Yeah, you're right! Did you bring me a change of clothes, Bobby?" "Sure! They're in the bag on the back seat." "Okay, honey, you drive. I wanna change out of these damn rags." "Where we goin', Mom?" "I don't know, son," replied Cathy. "Just drive north. We're gonna have to play it by ear for a while." They got in and Bobby nosed the car out onto the road, speeding off in the direction his mother had indicated. He was pleased to be moving again, the throb of the engine and the rush of air past the windows somehow made him feel much safer. Beside him, Cathy began to take off her dirty, torn prison clothes, unashamed by her son's presence. As she stripped, Bobby kept taking sideways glances at her, unable to stop staring as his mother hurriedly pulled off her clothes. The baggy prison smock had concealed her stunning figure very well, and the boy's heart began to beat faster as more and more of her naked flesh was exposed to his excited eyes. Somehow, his mother looked a lot younger than her thirty-six year. Bobby seemed to remember her as being kind of plain and slightly plump. But that was a long time ago, and this woman sitting beside him, stripping her clothes off, was nothing at all like that... she was slim, trim and utterly sexy! Despite the fact that she was his mother, Bobby's cock began to swell in his pants. Cathy finished changing and sat half facing her son, conscious of the strong effect she was having on him. She smiled, noticing the huge bulge in the boy's jeans. It fascinated her that she could turn him on so easily, her own son! The look of lust on his handsome young features was unmistakable. Cathy took a long, deep breath. It had been quite a while since she'd seen that look on a man's face, and although the boy was only fifteen, one glance told her that Bobby was physically already a man. Her pussy began to moisten as her eyes settled on her son's bulging crotch. Judging by the size of the lump in the front of his jeans, Bobby was just as virile as his father. Cathy supressed a feeling of guilt. Cathy was one of those women who needed penetration, preferably deep penetration. A cock ramming in and out of her cunt was what she needed. Cathy looked at her son sitting so close beside her and shivered with excitement. He was still stealing furtive glances at her bare legs, occasionally rubbing his crotch with his hand. The look in his young eyes excited her immensely. He reminded her of what it felt like to be a real woman once more... to excite a man with her naked body...to feel his hands caress her breasts, squeezing and pinching her erect nipples while his long, hard prick filled her sex completely... his narrow hips thrusting powerfully... pounding her juicy, quivering cunt into a mass of creamy froth as he fucked her from orgasm to delicious orgasm. Cathy opened her legs a fraction as the heat between her damp thighs became intense. Bobby noticed the movement and nearly ran off the road trying to look up his mother's dress. He had an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch her, but instead rearranged his hardening cock to a more comfortable position. "I'm gonna try and take a quick nap, honey,", said Cathy, trying to suppress a giggle at her son's obvious embarrassment. She didn't feel tired at all. On the contrary, Bobby's arousal had excited her greatly and Cathy wanted to see how far she could take it. She lay back and pretended to close her eyes. As she settled down, Cathy pulled up her dress and allowed her knees to fall apart, making sure her son had a good view up between her legs. Bobby darted a glance at his mother. Her dress was halfway up her thighs, and Bobby could see the inviting mound of his mother's cunt pressing firmly against the tightly-stretched fabric of panties. He moaned low in his throat, and reached for his cock. A quick look at his mother's face told Bobby that her eyes were closed, so he stared brazenly at her exposed crotch. The sight made his cock jerk and twitch unbearably. Once more, he fought off the urge to reach over and touch her. Instead he unzipped his fly and slipped a hand inside to squeeze his hard prick. Cathy observed her son through slitted eyes, being careful not to let him know she was watching him. She felt an itching wetness in her pussy as Bobby fondled his cock. It had been years since she had last seen her son naked. Bobby would have been only about ten or eleven at the time, and she remembered that his cock had been cute and boyishly small. She wondered what it looked like now, all hard and stiff, swollen with blood and desire... desire for her, his own mother. Cathy watched as the boy's free hand moved back and forth inside his pants. It was obvious he was masturbating. She had never thought of Bobby jacking off, and it excited her. Her son was a male animal... he had a prick, and it would get hard... and if he pulled on it long enough it would spurt out a hot stream of nice milky jism. Cathy pictured it in her mind and tried to imagine what it would taste like. Her throat was dry. Cathy felt the urge to put a hand on her cunt and rub her itching clit. Since discovering the joys of female-female sex in prison, she didn't masturbate much anymore, only when she felt the need strongly, only when she was unusually stimulated, and her son was stimulating her unusually. She wished she could fondle herself while she watched him masturbate. Her need for a deep, satisfying orgasm was strong. Only the faint feelings of guilt she still felt, prevented her from going any further. She almost gasped aloud when Bobby pulled his cock out of his pants. It was hard as a rock and Cathy's cunt twitched involuntarily at the very sight of it. His gaze flicked back and forth from the road to his mother, still unaware that she was watching him, his eyes darting first to her crotch and then to her tits, and back again. All the while his fist jerked up and down on his stiff prick. Cathy watched, fascinated by the size and youthful vigour of her son's cock, trembling as she imagined it pushing between her legs, the swollen, purple head sliding smoothly up into her cunt, his hands around her tits. "Ohhhh, God, yessss!", Cathy whispered under her breath. The thought of sex with her own son was extremely arousing. She was just about to throw caution to the wind and reach for Bobby's gorgeous prick when the boy suddenly stuffed it back into his pants. Cathy sat up in alarm when he cursed loudly. "What's wrong, honey?", she asked, surprised. Bobby didn't answer for a few seconds. He was staring into the rearview mirror, a look of concern on his worried features. "Cops, I think!", he breathed. "Closing on us in a fuckin' hurry,too!" Cathy looked back and saw a set of red and blue flashing lights approaching, fast. She touched her son's shoulder to calm him down. "Don't panic, baby. It's probably nothing. Just slow down and stay cool, okay." "Okay, Mom." Both of them held their breaths as the police car approached rapidly. It soon overtook them and sped past, siren wailing off into the distance. Cathy breathed a sigh of relief and turned to her son. "Thank Christ!" she gasped. "You can fuckin' say that again," Bobby murmured in reply. Cathy cast a quick glance at his crotch. The formidable bulge was gone, and Cathy felt strangely disappointed. Like a child who is promised a lollipop only to have it snatched out from under her very nose. "We've got to get off the highway, Mom. It's gonna be crawling with cops all night," said Bobby looking for somewhere to pull off the road. Cathy agreed with him, she was dying for a shower. Bobby pulled into the next motel they came to and parked as far away from the office as he could. "You go in and register alone, hon.", said Cathy, keeping low in the seat. "The cops will be looking for a woman, not a single guy. I'll sneak in when you open the door." "I'm real good at sneaking girls into my room, Mom!", grinned Bobby. "I just bet you are!", replied his mother, hoping the jealousy she suddenly felt didn't show. "Here, take this bag, and make it convincing." Bobby got out of the car and Cathy watched him go, her eyes on her son's tight, jean-clad butt as he walked towards the office. Bobby was back in under five minutes, a door key in his hand. "How'd it go?", asked his mother. "Fine! No sweat at all! I told the old guy at the desk I'd be staying a week so he gave me a room with airconditioning at no extra cost!" "Shit, what did you do that for, Bobby?", asked Cathy. "We aren't staying that long!" Bobby only smiled.. "Don't worry, Mom! We only have to pay a deposit, and the balance in the morning. I was thinking we could kind of leave and, you know, forget to pay the rest. It works out five dollars cheaper." Cathy ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek. "My son the businessman," she chuckled. "Like father like son, eh?" Bobby put his arm around his mother and they headed for their room, his hand snugged against the underside of one breast. Cathy leaned against him enjoying the contact. Anyone watching would have taken the pair for lovers rather than mother and son. Once inside, Bobby looked around. "Mmmmmmm, hey, this isn't half bad, Mom!" His mother agreed, and she liked it more and more when she discovered the comfortably large double bed. "Gosh, Mom, there's only one bed," said Bobby with a faint smile on his face. Cathy looked at her young son with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Looks like there's plenty of room to me", she grinned. "You don't mind sleeping with your dear old mother, do you, son?" "No, Mom. I don't mind at all.", replied Bobby, unable to suppress the hint of expectation that crept into his voice. Cathy headed for the bathroom, a broad smile on her lovely features. "I'm going to freshen up, honey. I've been dying for a hot shower all day." "Okay, Mom!" Bobby looked around the room, and spotted the mini-bar. It was well stocked with liquor, and so was the small refrigerator. "Mmmmm, after tonight, I think I deserve a couple of brews", he muttered to himself. Taking one out, Bobby twisted off the cap, downing almost half the bottle in one gulp. He sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the TV. The coloured images flickered before his eyes but Bobby's mind was elsewhere. He was still thinking about his mother and how hot she had looked in the car, with her legs apart and her dress almost up around her waist. His cock began to stiffen again at the very thought. He glanced toward the bathroom door and heard the sounds of running water. Even though it was his own mother in there taking a shower, Bobby couldn't stop thinking about how fantastic she must look, completely nude, the water from the shower making her tanned flesh glisten as it cascaded down over her gorgeous body, splashing over her tits and running down between her naked thighs. Bobby moaned low in his throat at the deliciously sexy image. Tossing back his head, he finished off the rest of the bottle in one gulp. He went to the fridge and grabbed another. Despite the beer he'd just finished, his mouth seemed incredibly dry. Bobby sipped the second beer more slowly, all the while darting glances at the closed bathroom door. There was a look of frustration on his young face. Although he was only fifteen, Bobby had always had a way with members of the opposite sex. He had fucked plenty of girls his own age, several older women too. With his youthful good looks and charm, it had been easy, but this was different. 'Shit! How do you put the make on your own mother?', he thought. He was still pondering the question when he heard his mother call out from the bathroom. "Bobby! Can you come in here for a second, sweetheart. I need your help, son!" Bobby's face dissolved into a devilish grin. He couldn't believe his luck. "Yesss! There must be a God after all.", he muttered. Polishing off the rest of his beer, Bobby headed eagerly for the bathroom and opened the door. He tried to appear calm, but when he saw his mother, he almost gasped out loud. Cathy was standing in front of the mirror, trying to fasten the catch on her necklace. She was wearing only a short robe, but she hadn't even bothered to pull it closed. Bobby could see half of each tit and all of her fur-covered mound. "Help me with this darn thing will you, baby. I can't get seem to get the catch to stay closed." Bobby just gazed at her. "Stupid, damn thing!", muttered his mother. "I don't know why I bother taking it off sometimes. Do it up for me will you please, sweetheart?" As if in a dream, Bobby stepped up behind his mother and took the clasp from her fingers. He noticed that his own fingers were shaking, an hoped that she wouldn't notice. He glanced over her shoulder into the mirror and froze, staring down at his mother's pussy. It was clearly exposed. The light blonde hairs covering her mound doing little to hide the pink, glistening slit that nestled at the base of her creamy thighs. It looked puffy and wet and, as Bobby guessed correctly... ready for cock! Cathy had enjoyed her shower immensely. The sharp, hot needles of water had at first relaxed her, but then her thoughts drifted to Bobby, and how she had turned him on in the car tonight. So much so, that he'd jacked off! The more she though about how big and hard his young cock had been, the more excited Cathy got. The warm spray against her body began to stimulate her, and soon, the horny feelings in her cunt became so unbearable that Cathy was forced to do as she had done for so many years now... she dropped a hand between her long, slender legs and began to masturbate vigourously. She came quickly, but as always the hunger remained. She knew what she needed... the only thing that could ever satisfy her completely... a long, thick, hard cock stuffed right up her cunt! And as she stepped out of the shower, Cathy knew how she could get one too, if she played her cards right. Now it was happening! Bobby was obviously excited. She could feel his prick touching her butt, and it was hard... real hard. Cathy wanted to reach around a take it in her hand, but she suppressed the urge, it wasn't the right moment yet. Instead she pressed back against him, pretending to become impatient with him. Cathy felt her son's stiff cock press delightfully into the crack of her ass. Watching him in the mirror, she pretended to hum a tune and began to rotate her ass against him in tiny circles, as if she were doing a slow dance. All the time rubbing her backside slowly against the boy's prominent bulge. Bobby couldn't keep his mind on the job anymore. He was having difficulty concentrating on anything now, except how nice his mother's firm butt felt against his straining cock. "What's wrong, honey?... Having trouble?", breathed his mother. "Ahhh... No...Ehhh, I mean yes, I am!", stammered Bobby. "It's hard when you keep moving around like that, Mom!" "Mmmmmmm, it sure is, baby!", Cathy whispered, pressing back against him. Bobby suddenly realized that his mother was doing it on purpose. He pressed his cock against her even harder and began to stroke her bare shoulders with his fingers. The necklace fell to the floor, completely forgotten. "Do you like that, Mom?", asked Bobby, looking at her in the mirror. "Yessss! Ooooh yes, baby! I love it!", gasped his mother, leaning against him. Bobby saw the hot gleam in her eyes and read it for what it was. He'd seen that hungry look before... on the faces of all the girls and women he'd ever fucked, and it excited him beyond belief to see it now on the face of his own sexy mother! Emboldened by her lust, Bobby slid his hands inside his mother's robe and cupped her tits with both hands. Cathy arched back against him and made a low, animal sound deep in her throat, her eyes going instantly moist with desire. She threw all pretense to the wind now, and began to writhe her ass back against her son's bulging crotch in the most suggestive manner, at the same time delighting in the touch of his hot hands on her aching tit-flesh. Cathy stared at her son in the mirror. The look on his handsome, young face made her pussy twitch. She closed her thighs tightly, and a ripple of tingling hunger burned through her cunt. Bobby rubbed his mother's nipples to erection, pinching and squeezing the hard little buttons until Cathy began to groan loudly with pleasure. "Lower, honey!", she gasped. "Move your hands lower! Touch momma's cunt!" Bobby left one hand on his mother's tits, sliding the other down over the curve of her belly, and into the moist, inviting cleft between her legs. Cathy gasped when she felt the exquisite pressure of her son's fingers on her cunt. He rubbed her expertly, the outside fingers massaging the lips of pussy while his middle finger dipped inside to explore the soft, slippery depths of her hot cunthole. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Bobby! You gorgeous child! Fuck momma's cunt with your finger, baby! Oh, God! Fuck yesssssss! Deeper! Stick it in deeper, lover!" "I will, Mom!", groaned Bobby, thrusting his finger in as far as possible into his mother's juicy, gaping slit. "I'll fuck you all right!...... Jesus Christ, you're wet!... Ummmmmm, so fuckin' hot and wet!" "Oooooh! It's you, sweetheart!", gasped Cathy. "Just thinking about your cock has made me all hot and gooey!.... God, baby, I need it real bad!" Cathy reached round behind her and groped for the bulge in her son's crotch. She squeezed his prick through the material of his pants, marvelling at the hugeness of it. It jerked and twitched under her palm as if it had a life of its own. Locating her son's zipper Cathy jerked it down and slid her hand inside. Bobby gasped as he felt his mother's cool fingers grasp his prick. It was hard as steel, and Cathy found to her surprise and delight that her fingers didn't quite meet around its huge circumference. "God Almighty! Jesus, you're hung like a fuckin' horse!", gasped Cathy, jerking on her son's huge, erect shaft. "Ohhhh, baby, I'm so hot!.... I want it in me! I want you to fuck me with it!... Do you want to, Bobby?... Do you want to fuck your mother?" "Oh God, Mom, yes!", he groaned. With a cry, Cathy let go of her son's cock and removed his hand from her cunt. She spun around and threw her arms around his neck. Her full, red lips opening over his in a firey, french kiss which Bobby returned with equal passion. His mother's naked body was pressed full-length against his own, and Bobby was aware of every wonderful inch of it. Her soft tits were crushed between them, the hard, pink nipples drilling into his chest. Her tongue darted hotly in and out of his mouth. And best of all, Between his mothers legs, his cock rubbed deliciously between the lips of her hot, inviting cuntslit. Cathy broke the kiss and grabbed her son by the hand, as she had when he was a little boy, and pulled him into the next room. Without a word, she stripped off her robe, and flopped backwards onto the bed, her legs falling wide apart. She stroked her cunt, enjoying the look of hunger on his face. "Take your clothes off, darling! I want to see you naked too!", grinned Cathy, staring openly at her son's bulging crotch. Bobby just stared at her, his eyes on the moist, pouting lips of his mother's blonde-fringed pussy. "Oh, Mom! You're so beautiful!", he murmured, pulling off his clothes. As the boy stepped out of his pants, his cock jerked free, standing out from his crotch, stiff as an iron bar. Cathy gasped at the sight of it. "Ooooooh, Bobby! What a gorgeous prick!... You really do have a big one, don't you, baby?" Without waiting for an answer, Cathy sat up and bent towards him, her tits swinging like two firm melons. She grasped her son's prick tightly in both hands, trembling with excitement as the thick pole of flesh jerked powerfully between her fingers. She began to stroke it up and down, totally mesmerized by the length and hardness of the boy's lust-swollen tool. Bobby looked down at his mother and saw the way she was looking at his cock. "Wanna suck it first, Mom?", he suggested boldly, a lewd grin spreading across his handsome young features. He'd had his cock sucked plenty of times before, but the thought of getting a little head from his own mother made Bobby's prick literally drip with lust. He was eager to fuck her, but that could wait. The image of his mother's hot, wet mouth wrapped tightly around his prick was such a turn-on. Bobby simply couldn't resist. Cathy smiled up at him and licked her lips, happy that he was so sexually experienced. "Oooooooh, you horny little prick! You'd like that, wouldn't you?", she said, squeezing the boy's balls. "You'd like momma to put her lips around your lovely hard cock and suck you off, wouldn't you?" "Ummmmmm!", Bobby moaned, reaching for his mother's head. "Ohh, fuck yes! Do it, Mom! Eat my cock! Suck the hot come right out of my fuckin' balls!" "Ohhhhh, Sweet Jesus!" she gasped, staring at the intense look of desire on her son's face. With a cry, Cathy opened her lips wide and wrapped them lustfully around the meaty thickness of his young prick, sucking it into her mouth as far as she could. Her left hand fondled the hairy orbs of the boy's bloated balls, and as she continued to suck him harder and harder, Cathy began to move her other hand quickly along the base, stroking and masturbating her son feverishly. Then with a little whimper she quickly moved her head back and forth sliding her lips further and further over his cock until almost every inch of it was bathed in the constricting wetness of her throat. As his mother intensified the rhythm of her sucking, Bobby's eyes widened. This was incredible, better than anything he'd ever felt before. "Jesus!", he muttered. Cathy looked up and saw the pleasure on her son's face, her over-heated cunt drooling like mad between her legs. She loved the feel and taste of his cock, so young and fresh and stiff! Cathy drew back until just the large, sensitive head was in her mouth and sucked hard. "Aaarghhhhhh! Oh, yeah! That's nice, Mom! Ungghhhhh! Yeah, suck it hard!" Bobby began pumping his ass frantically, his legs jerking with the effort as he tried to ram his cock deeper into his mother's hot, sucking mouth. "Ummmmmmmmmmmm!", Cathy moaned, her mouth tightly stretched by his hard, pulsating prong. "Mmmmmmmmmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" She was using everything she had now... hands... mouth... and lips in an attempt to give her son the best damn mouth job he'd ever had. "Oh, Mom! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!.... Christ, that feels sooooo fuckin' good!... Suck me, Mom!... Yeahhhhhh, lick my balls too!... Ohhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!" Cathy sensed that her son was close to orgasm, but she didn't mind. She knew what young boys were like. If she could take the edge off for him with her mouth, Bobby's next erection would last a long, long time. Cathy bobbed her head back and forth on his cock, sucking and slurping and squeezing his balls, trying desperately to get her son to blow off in her mouth. His prick slid hotly between her lips, rubbing on her tongue and the roof of her mouth as he fucked her face. It wasn't long before the tight, wet friction of his mother's lips became too much for young Bobby. "OH, SHIT, MOM!", he yelled. "JESUS! SUCK! SUCK! ARGHHH, HERE IT COMES!" Cathy felt her son's sperm surge up the length of his cock, his whole body quivering with the effort, then it splashed thickly against her tonsils, squirting in giant waves down her throat. She swallowed greedily, sucking harder for more of the precious fluid that was now trickling from Bobby's throbbing pecker onto her tongue. "Ummmmmm!", moaned Bobby, tremors of delight making his young body shake. Cathy sucked the last drop of juice from the end of her son's cock and licked the shaft over quickly, then, looking up, she smiled at him seductively. "Nice one, baby?" "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm Mom! You have no idea!" "Oh, I think I do", replied Cathy, flopping backwards onto the bed. She gazed up at his cock which, despite unloading a formidable quantity of jism into her eager mouth, seemed to have lost none of it's former glory. Bobby was staring at his mother's cunt. "You look so hot, Mom!", he said huskily. "... so hot and wet!" Cathy dipped a finger into her slippery gash and rubbed it back and forth with exaggerated slowness. "I am, honey," she whispered, her eyes taking on a wanton gleam. "Momma's all hot and wet for her big handsome baby!" Bobby's face parted in a wide, lustful grin. "Bet I can make you even hotter and wetter, Mom!", he promised. Cathy's cunt twitched with animal heat. She wanted her son's cock badly. "Ooooh! Hurry, baby! I can't wait any longer", she groaned, spreading her long tapering legs as wide as she could. With a moan, Bobby joined her on the bed, crawling between his mother's thighs until his cock hung directly over her sweetly gaping snatch. He kissed her tits and then her lips, which parted eagerly to admit his probing tongue. They clung to each other, kissing with growing passion. Cathy felt her son's cocktip press against the groove of her slit, and automatically raised her hips up at him, her ass bunching. She shoved her right hand down onto his ass, pulling him as tightly as she could against her feverish body. Her other hand wrapped around his neck. "Ohh, Bobby! I love your body, baby", she husked. "It feels so strong and smooth against me. You don't know how long I've waited for this, darling!" She slid her tongue into her son's mouth, making Bobby pant hotly. She licked inside his mouth, purring and gasping as she happily rubbed herself against him, her flooded slit soaking the head of his cock with a plentiful supply of oily, cuntal lubricant. "Ohhhhhhhhh, Jesus! Bobby! My darling, boy!", gasped Cathy. "What has Momma been missing out on all this time?" "What have we both been missing out on, Mom?" Bobby grabbed his cock and attempted to place the bloated tip between his his mother's cuntlips, but Cathy shook her head. "No, honey! Let me!", she moaned. Taking her son's huge prick in both hands, Cathy lifted her hips, positioning the boy's large, flared cockhead into the entrance of her cunt. She gazed down between her legs and stared at her son's cock, her heart skipping a beat the very size of it. It felt like a baseball bat in her fingers... the head swollen... the long, purple-veined shaft thick as her arm, and hard as steel. "Jesus, Bobby!", gulped Cathy staring in awe. "My poor cunt hasn't seen a cock that big in years," gulped Cathy. "I hope I can take all that!" "So do I, Mom!", said Bobby, gasping as his mother's hot, slippery outer lips closed around the head of his cock. It was too much for the young boy, and whether or not his mother's cunt could take his prick, Bobby was past caring. All he wanted to do right now was plunge further into the tight, hot wetness that enveloped the tip of his cock. "Here I come, Mom! Ready or not!", grunted Bobby, getting ready to slam it to her good. Cathy looked down at the boy's massive cock in alarm. "Here I come, Mom! Ready or not!", grunted Bobby, getting ready to slam it to her good. Cathy looked down at the boy's massive cock in alarm. "Bobby, No! You'll hurt me!", she squealed. "Let me get used to it a bit first!" He ignored his mother's cry, pushing her hands away from his cock. Cathy tried to protest, but her voice wouldn't work. She felt his body tense, and then, before she could move or say another word, her son fucked his mammoth cock into her cunt. "Bobby!", she screamed, feeling his prick penetrate the tight wetness of her pussy in a single thrust. Although Cathy felt pain, it wasn't half as bad as she'd been expecting, and even as she screamed her son's name, her hips jerked upward, sliding onto the length of his mighty prick before she could stop herself. Cathy's eyes bulged as she felt him slide deep into her pussy, the walls of her womb flexing as Bobby's cock stretched them, almost to the limit. "Oh, God! Fuck! Oh, Bobby, that feels good, honey. Your cock feels so fucking good! Oooooh! Is all of it inside me baby?", asked Cathy, trembling. "Unnnnngghhh! Y...Yeah! Oooff! I think so, Mom!", grunted her son. "Good!... Then fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me hard and make me come!", screamed Cathy, grabbing the cheeks of her son's ass with both hands. "Ohhhh, Jesus, yes Mom! I'll fuck you alright!", panted Bobby clutching his mother's hips. "I'm gonna fuck your hot snatch real good!" "Do it, baby! Do it now!", hissed Cathy, unable to keep still any longer. Bobby began to fuck his mother vigorously. He stabbed his cock in and out of her cunt with long, powerful strokes that soon had Cathy squirming and squealing beneath him as she writhed in ecstasy. Cathy clawed at the bedspread, her head twisting from side to side as she began to whimper and gurgle. Her hips moved in time with her son's prick, grinding even as her ass lunged up and down to meet his every stroke. "Ohhh, yes! Fuck me! Jesus, Bobby fuck me harder! God, I love your cock!" At her words, she felt the boy's cock plunge in deeper, slamming against the entrance of her quivering womb, the very place his own life had started fifteen years ago. The significance of their incestuous act was not lost on Cathy. She knew what she was doing, and she knew the implications. But instead of feeling shame or guilt, she felt only extreme sexual pleasure, unbelievably heightened by the excitement of knowing that the long, hard cock fucking her so deliciously, belonged to her own sweet son. If only she'd only known how utterly fantastic it was, she'd have started fucking him as soon as he was capable of getting a hard-on. Cathy threw up her slender arms and wrapped them around Bobby's neck, trying forcibly to pull his young body into hers. Her back arched in mindless ecstasy, her blonde hair flew, and her slender hips bucked up off the bed, sending her squirming cunt up at just the right angle to receive her son's pounding thrusts. The base of his cock mashed her clit, causing her to moan and cry out with intense pleasure. "Fuck me!... Fuck me, you gorgeous prick!", Cathy urged wantonly. Her nostrils flared with agonizing desire, and she began to grind her hips into the mattress in a shameless frenzy of lust, furiously thrusting her cunt up onto the shaft of her son's cock in the convulsive rhythms of fucking. "Jesus!", Bobby grunted loudly. He still hung onto her undulating hips, trying to keep his mother's wild gyrations under control. Bobby couldn't believe the incredible constriction of her snug little slot around his cock. It was like fucking a little girl. "Ahhhhh! God, but you're tight, Mom!", he grunted, grimacing with the delicious effort. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tight and wet... and so fuckin' hot!" Bobby began to revolve his hips in a circular motion, grinding her clit against the base of his cock as he thrust in. He knew the girls he usually fucked loved it. His mother went wild. "UHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOH! FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU D.. DO... ARRRRGGGGHHHH! BOBBY!" Cathy was whimpering loudly. She had never felt so much pleasure. She threw up her long tapering legs and locked her heels tightly in the middle of Bobby's back. Then she began to thrust up her buttocks much harder, moaning as she felt his cock slam solidly into her tightly-stretched cunthole. "Oh, Bobby! That feels so good! Harder, darling, harder! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Slam it to me, baby!... Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck momma really hard! Oh my God, yes!" Chapter 2 "Unnnnghhhh!", Bobby grunted. His face contorted into a mask of obscene pleasure. The tight, sucking warmth of his mother's cunt seemed to be sucking the very cum out of his dick. Several times he pulled his hips way back, withdrawing until only the fat, bulbous tip of his cock remained. Then, he'd suddenly slam it back inside his mother's upthrust snatch until every inch of his meaty thickness was buried once more in her hot, forbidden sheath, impaling her cunt almost brutally, with a single, convulsive thrust. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! M... My G... G...God!", squealed Cathy. Every contour of her son's cock sent electric thrills up and down her spine as his hard, pistoning shaft scraped deliciously against the walls of her tightly-stretched cunt. "Jesus, baby, where did you learn to fuck like that?", she moaned into his mouth. Bobby just grinned at her, delighted by the contorted look of pleasure on his mother's pretty face. "You like me fucking you, don't you, Mom?", he asked, thrusting harder. "Yes! Oh, fuck, yesss! You have such a big cock, baby!", hissed Cathy, locking her thighs more tightly around Bobby's waist. "Uhhhhhhh, and you use it so well, baby!" Her son was fucking her like a young bull... hard and strong and deep, and still Cathy couldn't get enough of him. She loved it! She loved every depraved second of it. Every squeeze of his fingers... every incestuous jab of his cock... every wicked sensation brought Cathy closer to the brink of ecstasy. She continued thrusting her pussy up at her energetic son with jerky, convulsive movements, milking his hard, young cock for all she was worth. Bobby was in seventh heaven, and the more his mother whimpered and squirmed beneath him, the harder he began to hammer his cock into her eager, responsive twat. He wondered vaguely how long he could keep this up. Her hot slit was sucking at his prick, massaging it in its tight grip. His balls grew heavy as they smacked into the crook of her thighs again and again. With every motion of the boy's hips, Cathy could feel her son's blood-engorged stiffness driving into her cunt, chafing lusciously against the engorged bud of her clit, pushing her irrevocably towards the carnal fulfillment she so desperately craved. "Ohhh, Bobby! Yes, baby! Fuck momma's cunt! Make me come! Oh, God!... Jesus, I'm so damn close! Ungghhh, make me come you gorgeous fuckin' prick!" "Better make it fast, 'cause I'm gonna blow any second. Can I come inside you, Mom?" "Yes, yes!", gurgled Cathy. "Come in me, baby! Ohhhh, faster, Bobby, faster! We can make it together!... Fuck!... Fuck! Ohhhh, Fuuucckkk!" Bobby's cock slammed into his mother's cunt with jackhammer force, rocking her whole body with rapid, powerful thrusts. Her hot, responsive cunt was tight and clinging, and the obscenities bubbling from her beautiful mouth only served to excite him even further. Cathy arched her back, raising her slender hips up to meet her son's every blow. Each successive lunge seemed to penetrate her deeper, filling her tortured cunt with a sensation too wonderful to believe. Sensations that even her late husband had never been able to arouse in her. She had her arms tightly around him, her crotch grinding frantically up against his pounding cock, swallowing its entire length with voracious delight. "Ahhhhh, you lovely big stud! Jesus, you fuck better than your father!" Bobby smiled and pumped harder, proud that his king-sized prick was giving his mother so much pleasure. Cathy's cunt was on fire, rippling around her son's pounding cock as he grunted and groaned above her. Suddenly, she felt a familiar heat spread outward from her crotch, enveloping her tits and ass in a white hot inferno of release. Her clit had expanded into a very tight, very hard knot, and she was quickly approaching orgasm. "UNNGGGHHHHHHH, I'M COMING, BOBBY!... CHRIST, BABY, I'M GONNA COME!... OOOOOOOOH, FUCK IT TO ME, LOVER! AHHHHHHHHGGGHHH, I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING!" As Cathy screamed, her whole body stiffened. She shuddered wildly, her vagina quivering around her son's deeply imbedded cock in wild, convulsive spasms. It was all Bobby needed to send him over the edge too. "MOM! OH, FUCK! I'M COMING TOO! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! JESUS!", he yelled, lifted his head to the ceiling. Bobby's eyes squeezed shut and his mouth fell open as his prick gushed hot sperm into his mother's spasming cunt. Mother and son went at each other like a pair of rutting animals, their sweaty, naked bodies jerking in a wanton frenzy of consumate fuck-lust. As Bobby's hot seed splattered against her womb, Cathy lifted her ass high off the bed, and, with a cry of wanton abandon, ground her cunt up against his cock, eager to receive her son's thick, incestuous load. "COME IN ME HONEY!", she screamed. "UMMMMMMMMMM, COME IN MOMMA'S CUNT!" The hot jets of sperm made Cathy's orgasm intensify, and she pulled him against her, wanting her son's cock as deep as possible inside her while he came. Her cunt rippled in wet waves around his spurting prick as she climaxed with him, her asshole puckering, her clit throbbing. "AHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH! UHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", yelled Bobby, emptying his balls inside his mother's cunt. The walls of her snatch seemed to be milking his cock, drawing the jism out him with rapid, squeezing contractions. As the last of his cum shot into his mother's cunt, Bobby collapsed on top of her, his cock still deeply imbedded in her quivering mound. Cathy lay panting and shaking under him, her eyes tightly closed as ecstatic thrills danced up and down her spine. After a few minutes, Bobby rolled off and lay beside her, his cock pulling free from her well-fucked pussy with a juicy, suctioning sound. "How was that for a fuck, Mom?", he grinned. Cathy just smiled and pressed her open lips against his, slithering her tongue inside her son's mouth. She held the passionate kiss for a few long seconds before answering his question. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Fantastic, baby!", Cathy replied, stroking his cheek. "I never knew what a well-hung stud you were! Jesus, Bobby, we should have done this a long time ago!" "I wish we had," he sighed, caressing her tits. A sexy smile crossed his face. "But since we have, Mom, why don't we make up for lost time!" "You mean you want to fuck me again?... So soon?", gasped Cathy increduluously. Bobby only grinned at his mother and nodded."Get on your back, Mom!" grunted Bobby. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and rolled his mother over. "Lie on your back and spread your legs!" Cathy did as she was told, feeling the wanton lust mounting once more inside her. She closed her eyes and opened her legs wide, very wide, her feet hanging over the edge of the bed. She felt Bobby's hands on her thighs as he caressed her creamy skin, fondling her, making her flesh tingle with forbidden excitement. Cathy's hips jerked involuntarily upwards when her son's fingertips touched her tender pussy. She opened her eyes, and amid low moans of pleasure, watched the boy stroke her swollen cuntlips. He gently pulled them open, and began to rub very lightly along her wet, pink slit, paying particular attention to her clit. Cathy groaned softly when she felt Bobby push a finger into her cunt. And when he wiggled it, she lifted her hips up against his hand. "You're so wet and hot down there, Mom," Bobby gasped. He began to fuck his finger in and out of her, watching the way his mother's hairy cuntlips clung to it. "It's so soft and hot! Ohhhhh, Mom, your cunt feels so good!" Cathy arched her crotch, pushing it at him. He was making her hot, but she wanted more... much more! "Taste it, baby!", she ordered. "Get down and lick momma's pussy!" Bobby smiled, and dipped his head into his mother's shamelessly spread crotch. For several tantalizing seconds he licked and kissed the insides of her thighs, before finally placing his mouth over her wet, gaping slit. Cathy gasped aloud, her hips bucking in a wild frenzy as her son's tongue slid into her cunt. She grabbed the back of his head, holding his mouth steady as his wiggling lingual organ probed her deepest recesses. Almost instantly, Cathy felt her cunt spasm, releasing a steady flow of cunt-juice into her son's open mouth. Bobby lapped it up with glee. He loved the taste of his mother's snatch, and he was determined to suck her juicy, delicious cunt until it was squeeky clean, no matter how long it took. When Bobby began fucking his tongue it in and out, Cathy screamed, humping her groin up at his face. She lifted her feet, draping her legs over his shoulders, hugging him with her soft thighs as he licked at her burning cuntslit and clit. Bobby was licking his mother's cunt like it had never been licked before. He sucked on the lips, first one then the other, and when he closed his mouth around her clit, Cathy began to thrust up and down, mashing her cunt onto his face. Bobby sucked gently, his tongue flicking the hard little bud with practiced ease. "Ohhhhhhh, Baby! How do you do that?", squealed Cathy. "God!!! Suck it out, lover! Suck, my cunt all fuckin' night!.... Jesus!!!!!!" She held him captive with her hot thighs, her hands on the back of his head for added pressure, twisting her own head from side to side in ecstasy as hot, incestuous passion flared through her tortured body. Cathy looked down at her son, immensely aroused by the sight of his face buried in her twat, her soft cunt-fur hiding his nose. Bobby was staring up at her heaving tits as he lapped and tongued his mother's seeping twat. His hands were under her ass, cupping the firmly bunched cheeks as she writhed and bucked beneath his vacuuming mouth. "Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Bobby! Ohhhhhh my God, baby!" Bobby fucked his tongue deeply into his mother's cunt, and Cathy strained onto it, her hands grabbing her tits, squeezing them, her nipples bulging between her fingers. She let out a low shriek when he began lapping the full length of her cuntslit, his tongue dragging from her asshole to clit with long, satisfying swipes. His mouth seemed to be all over her crotch, his tongue everywhere at once. Cathy churned her ass, thrashing her hips in wanton ecstasy, ramming her cunt into her son's mouth. She was soaring with rapture, her son's mouth filling her cunt with sensations that burned her flesh in a way she had never felt in her life. Cathy's cunt stretched around Bobby's prick, and she began to shiver as he slid it in deeper. She let out a soft cry of ecstasy when she felt his balls brush against her clit. Her cunt twitched around his cock and she gave her naked ass a wiggle. "Oh, Jesus!", Bobby gasped, gripping her hips and lunging back and forth, fucking his mother with long, swift strokes. Cathy began to whimper and moan, clawing wildly at the sheets as Bobby fucked her cunt from behind, the lewd slapping noises adding to her pleasure as her ass rippled from the delicious pounding. She looked up between her open thighs and watched her son's huge cock slicing into her cunt. His hairless young balls slammed against her clit with every thrust, causing Cathy to gyrate wantonly, twisting and grinding her ass back at him as Bobby fucked her cunt with his hot, hard prick. Her tits swelled and her nipples hardened into erect pink little buds, sending sharp thrills through her body as they rubbed sensuously against the crisp sheets. Her flesh felt like it was on fire. "Ram it to me, Bobby, darling! Ram your fat cock up mother's cunt hard!" "Unnnnnggghhhh! Oh Jesus, Mom, yeah!... wiggle that ass for me, baby!" Cathy caught sight of her son in the large bedside mirror, he was staring down at the junction of their sexual organs, watching his cock plow into her suctioning cunt. His young eyes blazed with an intensity that Cathy had never seen before. It was a look of pure carnal desire, and Cathy suspected that right now, the same expression of animal lust was reflected on her own face. Bobby caught his mother's gaze in the mirror and licked his lips, provocatively. Cathy maintained the sensual eye contact with him, staring into her son's lust clouded eyes as he fucked her deeply. The lewdness of it made Cathy shiver and tremble, her excitement increasing by the second. The pulsating ridges of Bobby's cock rubbed along the walls of his mother's clinging sheath, his swollen cockhead sending rippling waves of cuntflesh before it as he fucked her hard, driving very deep. "I bet that feels good, don't it, Mom?", asked her son, giving her cunt a couple of hard stabs in quick succession. "Tell me how much you want it, bitch! Come on, tell me how much you like my big prick shoved up your slimy, wet cunt, you horny fuckin' slut!" "Ohhh, Bobby! I love it, baby! Jesus, I love every fuckin' inch of it!" "Ummmmmm, I bet you do, bitch!", panted Bobby. "And I bet if I had another nine inches you'd take that too, and scream for more, wouldn't you, cunt?" "God! Bobby! Ohh, fuck yes! Ohh, baby!", Cathy squealed into the mattress, becoming more and more aroused by Bobby's obscene suggestions. It excited her immensely to let her son talk to her that way, cursing her like a common backstreet whore. If it had been, anyone else Cathy would have felt degraded, dirty, but she knew that Bobby loved her dearly, and speaking to his own mother like that was as big a thrill to him as it was to her. "Squeeze my balls, bitch!", growled Bobby. "Reach under and squeeze my fuckin' balls while I give your hot snatch the fucking it deserves, baby!" Cathy did as she was told, grabbing the boy's swollen testicles with both hands. She squeezed gently at first, then harder as she felt his strong, young cock slam faster into her flooded gash. Bobby reached round between his mother's jerking thighs and fondled her cunt, feeling his slippery, wet prick sliding between the swollen lips of her pussy. "Ohhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck, that's nice! Mmmmmmm, throw that cunt at me, Mom!" "Hold, my ass!", Cathy cried out. "Uhhhhhh, Bobby, hold momma's ass and fuck as deep as you can, baby! Jerk my hot ass back! Pull my cunt onto your cock, son!" Bobby grabbed his mother's hips and pulled her roughly towards him, yanking her backwards onto his glistening prick like he was fucking a rag doll. Cathy screamed with pleasure, her asshole puckering as wild, depraved sensations coursed through her body. "Ahhhhhhggghhhhhh! Screw me, Bobby! Fuck your mother hard! Uhhhhhhh, you gorgeous prick!" "You're a fuckin' horny bitch, aren't you Mom?", panted Bobby, feeling her hot juices cover his fingers. "Your cunt is so damn wet, it's running down your legs! It's like a fuckin' swamp down there!" Cathy sobbed and shook her uplifted ass, grinding onto his prick as her son kept up the glorious fucking. His words increased her hunger and she gyrated her ass frantically, her clit rubbing against the shaft of his cock. Bobby watched his mother's exposed asshole, the crinkled ring of her anus making sucking motions as he fucked her cunt. He pressed a thumb into the tight, puckered opening, causing his mother to cry out. Not with pain, but with intense pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yessss, baby! Touch momma's asshole! It's okay, Bobby! Touch it... do anything you want with it!" "You like that, don't you, Mom?", grunted Bobby, inserting his middle finger into Cathy's hot, buttery asshole. "Mmmmmmmm! Christ, it's tighter than your fuckin' cunt... and hotter too! Move your ass, bitch! Twist onto my cock while I finger-fuck your horny ass!" "Bobby, your tongue.... your lips! Ohhhhhhh, baby, you're gonna make me come! Ahhh, fuck it into me! Push your tongue real deep up mother's cunt! Fuck me with your tongue, baby!" Grabbing her grinding ass, Bobby plunged his tongue as far up his mother's pussy as he could, his mouth spread wide over the hairy opening. "Ohhhhhhhhh, Bobby! Oh my Goddddddddddd!" Her ass lurched hard, her cunt grinding against his sucking mouth. Cathy screamed again, coming in powerful waves of consuming heat. The contractions increased and her pussy closed around his stabbing tongue, grabbing at it tightly. Cathy came hard, holding her son's head between her clamped thighs as tightly as she could. She began whimpering as her orgasm kept rumbling through her. Arching her back up off the bed, Cathy thrust her cunt against her son's face in convulsive little movements, every muscle in her body becoming taut as a bowstring. Bobby sucked and licked at his mother's cunt ravenously, slowing only when he felt her spasms subside. With a deep sigh, Cathy's thighs fell from his shoulders, and she lay there limp and drained, sprawling lewdly before her son's eyes. But Bobby wasn't through yet. Sucking his mother off had excited the boy beyond belief, and now his rock-hard cock, throbbed painfully between his legs, aching for some sort of relief. He stood up. "Turn over!", Bobby ordered, fisting his cock. Cathy hardly heard him. She was still in a daze, too busy staring at his oversized prick to understand what he was talking about. "Turn over, Mom!", he repeated. "Show me some ass!" After staring at him blankly for a moment, Cathy rolled onto her stomach. Bobby looked down at her back, at the tightness of her naked ass and thighs. His cock was straining with hardness. The swell of his mother's smooth, creamy ass fascinated him. "Open your legs, Mom," he said, his voice hoarse. Cathy trembled, slowly parting her thighs, pressing her hot cuntmound down against the cool sheets as she did so. "Lift it!" he panted. "Lift your ass in the air!" Cathy had been in this position before, and she felt a delicious shiver of anticipation as she drew up her knees, arching her shapely ass for him. "Spread your knees!", he groaned. Cathy pushed her knees outward, exposing her entire crotch to the hungry, gleaming eyes of her son. She felt so excitingly vunerable, crouching like this with her knees apart, her naked ass stuck up in the air like a bitch in heat. Cathy was hot alright, and the cool air on her tightly-stretched asshole and cunt did little to abate the heat. Bobby had excited her like no other lover, and although the boy had already fucked and sucked her to two magnificent orgasms, Cathy doubted that her son's talented cock would be enough to quench the volcanic fires of lust raging within her tonight. Behind her, Bobby gripped his cock and stared at her spread crotch, fascinated at seeing everything his mother usually kept so well-concealed in her panties, on full display. Her ass was tight and satiny, the cheeks open, the little pink rosebud of her asshole pouting, the slit of her cunt glistening wetly. "Higher!", groaned Bobby, and his mother raised her ass, bowing her back, her head and shoulders on the bed, her knees close to the edge of the mattress. "Mmmmmmm, that's beautiful, Mom! You look so fucking horny with your ass stuck up in the air like that. Boy, do you ever look ready for a good fuck!" Cathy turned her head and looked over her shoulder at her son's long, thick cock, her eyes glazing with incestuous desire. "Fuck me then!", she gasped. "Fuck me from behind, baby! Just ram your prick, up my cunt fast and fuck it!" "I am gonna fuck you, Mom!", grunted Bobby. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to sit cross-legged for a week. Hold your ass up for me! Hold it in your hands. Show me how hot you are for my cock, Mom! Yeah, that's it, pull your cunt open for my prick, baby!" Panting with lust, his mother shoved her hands up the backs of her thighs. She pulled the wet lips of her pussy wide apart for him, and tried to lift her ass higher. Bobby licked his lips as he watched her, his cock jerking madly up and down, his balls on fire. He stepped up and, placing his hands on her asscheeks, fucked his cock into his mother's hairy, wet snatch with slow pressure.wet snatch with slow pressure. "Oh, Mom, I can see your cunt take my cock!" "Uhhhhhhh, baby, yes! Watch mother's cunt swallow your hard cock!" "Ahhhhrrrrggggghhhhh!", screamed Cathy, feeling her son's finger stab deeply into her rectum. "Jesus, that feels fantastic! Oh, baby! Ram that finger up my ass and fuck me with it! Fuck momma in both holes at once!" There was some slight pain, but it was insignificant compared with the combined pleasure of his plunging cock and finger. Cathy shook her ass from side to side, panting hotly as Bobby fucked his finger in and out of her hot asshole, his cock pounding into her cunt with increased vigour. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Jesus! I wanna fuck your tight ass!", groaned Bobby. "You are, baby!", Cathy grunted. "Uhhhhh, God, are you ever!" "Not with my finger, baby! With my fuckin' cock!". Bobby growled. Cathy gasped as she pictured her son's huge prick stuffed up her narrow rear passage. His finger in there felt big enough, but should Bobby manage to get his prick inside her asshole, she was sure his oversized prong would split her wide open. Even so, the very thought of letting her son put his cock up her anus excited her to such a degree, that Cathy made only a token effort in discouraging him from the idea. "No, Bobby! Your cock's too big! You'll hurt momma!" "You'll change your mind once it's in there, Mom, believe me!" Bobby pulled his cock from her clinging cunt with a quick jerk, and pressed it against the tiny opening of his mother's tight asshole. Cathy whimpered as she felt his fat cockhead push past the muscular ring of her anus and pop inside. "Careful, baby! Not too hard... real slow and easy at first, okay?" She held her breath as her son exerted more pressure. Bobby grasped her asscheeks and pulled them wide apart, watching his glistening prick sink slowly inward. His eyes burned with excitement as he felt his mother's asshole squeeze his cock and then expand around it, gripping the long, thick shaft like a hot, velvet vice. "Uhhhhhnnnnggggghhh! Shit, that's fuckin' tight!", bellowed Bobby, his cock buried halfway inside his mother's hot, clinging asshole. "Ohhhh, God!" whimpered Cathy. Bobby paused. "No, don't stop!", she gasped. "It feels good! You're not hurting me, honey! Push it all the way in, push your cock up mother's hot ass, lover!" "I told you you'd change your tune once I had it in you, Mom!", laughed her son. Bobby smiled inwardly. His mother was just like all the other women and girls he'd fucked. Once they got his big, fat prick stuffed up inside them, they just couldn't get enough of him... in their mouths, in their cunts, even in their assholes... and with some of them, especially their assholes! Bobby moved his cock deeper, watching her asshole engulf it. The heat was intense and, as he'd correctly guessed, his mother's virgin rear passage was much tighter than her cunt. Cathy gasped and held her breath as she felt her asshole stretch to accommodate her son's huge cock. Surprisingly, what little pain there was seemed to enhance her pleasure, and the more cock he forced into her ass, the better it began to feel. "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!", she moaned, arching back onto her son's prick. Cathy could tell when her son fucked in the final inch of his long, thick shaft. His hairy balls bumped against the open folds of her pussy, tickling the delicate slot. Grunting, Bobby squeezed his mother's wiggling asscheeks, allowing his cock to rest inside her for a moment. "Unnnnggghh! Fuck! My cock is all the way inside you, Mom!" "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God!", groaned Cathy. "Jesus honey, don't I know it!" "Feel good?", breathed Bobby. "Oh, God yes!", his mother cried. "Your cock feels so fucking big up my ass, baby! Oooooooh, it's driving me crazy! Jesus, why haven't I tried this before!" "You mean you've never been fucked up the ass before, Mom?", Bobby asked incredulously. "Not even by Dad?" "Never! Your father always always thought it was dirty, and as long as he fucked my cunt the way he did, I never questioned that. Mmmmmm! But now... I think I've been missing out on one hell of a good thing all these years!" "You sure have, Mom!" said Bobby. "Jesus! I can't believe it, my own mother, a cherry-ass, and I'm the one to take it! What a fuckin' turn-on!" Chapter 3 "I'm glad it's you, baby!", said his mother huskily. "It's so much more exciting having you fuck me, sweetheart!" Cathy tingled all over with pleasure. Her initial fears about letting her son fuck her up the ass were almost gone, washed away by the rising heat of anticipation. Her horny young son had fucked her cunt, now he was going to fuck her asshole. The wild, incestuous wickedness of it heightened her pleasure a hundredfold. Bobby began to move his cock inside his mother's butthole, holding her firm, round asscheeks spread wide apart. Cathy wiggled her ass around her son's cock and turned her head, looking back over her shoulder at him. She smiled sexily, meeting her son's bulldozing cock-strokes with wanton little jerks of her hips, offering him her ass as shamelessly she had offered him her cunt. Something wicked and hot was beginning to mount within her, something she knew she wouldn't be able to control. Maybe it had something to do with the boy's balls slapping against her pussy. Maybe it was the unusual friction of his cock that excited her. Or perhaps it was simply that the very sexy young man fucking her shitter was her own son. Whatever was creating the wonderful feelings, Cathy wanted more, and judging by the way Bobby had performed so far, she was sure that her virile young son would be able to give it to her. She only wished that the sensations she was experiencing right now, could go on and on forever. Bobby listened as his mother's guttural whimpers became louder. Her pussy was dripping, the hot juice simply running from her empty fuckhole. Her lovely, firm ass writhed and twisted against him, moving back and forth as her hips whipped from side to side. "Uhhhhhhhhhh! Jesus, that's tight!", he grunted. "Christ! I still can't believe that I'm the first guy to plow you up the fuckin' ass, Mom!" "Oh, you are, Bobby! Believe me, you are!", whimpered his mother. "Mmmmm, your cock feels good in there though. Ooooooh, I wish I could see it, sweetheart! God, it would be such a turn-on to watch you fuck my ass, baby!" "Next time, Mom!", promised her son. "We'll do it in front of a mirror so we can both watch my prick fucking your tight, sexy little asshole, okay?" "Oooooh, yes, my baby, yessss!", she hissed, shivering at the deliciously horny thought. Bobby rammed his cock in and out of his mother's asshole, holding firmly onto her jutting hips, watching her naked ass-flesh ripple from the solid pounding he was giving her. He felt the muscular ring of her anus scraping up and down the length of his turgid shaft... milking him... sucking him... squeezing his cock like a tightly clenched fist. "Uhhhhhhhh! Fuck it, Mom!", he growled. "Move it just like that! Yeah! Show me how much you like my fuckin' cock stuffed up your hot, horny ass!" Bobby didn't need to encourage his mother one little bit. His prick was doing that all by itself. She lurched and thrust her ass back at him with shameless abandon, grinding her teeth as she fucked with him. She could feel every inch of his hard young prick inside her belly, penetrating her in such a fantastic way, she never thought possible. "Oh, you wonderful, wonderful boy! Fuck my ass! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ram momma's shitter, honey! Oooooh, God it's never felt like this before! Fuck meeeeee!" "I am, Mom!", panted Bobby, watching his mother's asshole cling wetly to his cock. "Uhhh, Jesus! Dad had no fuckin' idea what he was missing out on!" "Unnnnggghhhh, I know, baby!", mewled Cathy. "The only trouble is, I've been missing out on it all this time as well!" "Pity the old man wasn't still around, Mom!", Bobby chuckled. "I bet I could show him a thing or two about ass-fucking!" "Oooooh Jesus, baby, you could show you father EVERYTHING about fucking!" "How about two cocks fucking you at once, Mom?", grinned Bobby. "One stuffed up your horny, wet snatch... the other fucking your tight ass! I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, Mom?" Cathy moaned as her son quickened up the pace of his ass-fucking. "Uhhh! Yesss! Yes, I would! Oh, God! Two pricks at once! Fuck, I'd love that!" She could feel her son's prick pulsating inside her, and it felt just as good in her asshole as it did in her cunt. She twisted her hips, grinding backwards onto his cock she squealed excitedly. Bobby began to fuck his mother hard, slamming his cock into her ass with terrific force. "Uhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Tight! Fuckin' tight!", he chanted, stabbing deeply. Cathy reached for her cunt and slid two fingers inside the slick, gaping hole. She jammed them in deeply, rubbing her aching clit with the heel of her hand as her son's cock slammed in and out of her quivering ass. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhhhhh, so fucking good! I love it this way! I can feel your cock going in so deep! Mmmmm, fuck the piss out of me!" Excited by her wanton encouragement, Bobby began to really fuck his mother hard, stabbing his cock inside her ass as deeply as he could. Cathy simply whimpered with pleasure, fucking her cunt just as deeply with her fingers. Shivers of erotic excitement raced up and down her heated flesh. She could feel Bobby's cock through the thin membrane separating her asshole from her cunt, and each time he pulled his prick back, Cathy thrust her fingers deep inside her gooey slit, the sensations in her crotch flooding her brain like liquid fire. The drag of her son's cock in her ass while her own fingers diddled her cunt was unlike any feeling Cathy had ever experienced. Cathy's erect clit bulged under her fingers in a tight knot as her mind filled with lewd, exciting images... images of her husband and her son, their cocks hard as steel, one in her cunt, the other in her ass, fucking her simultaneously, filling her body urgently with twin poles of hard, throbbing meat. Her mind soared with the ultimate rapture. "Ohhhhh! Bobby, oh baby, fuck my ass... ram that big cock up my fuckin' asshole!... God, I love this! I love it so much! Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck the shit out of momma's hot ass, honey!... Ahhhhhgggggghhhh, this is so good!" Bobby grunted as he fucked his cock in and out of his mother's tight butt. The wet sounds were loud, as were the slaps of flesh against flesh. "I want you to come, bitch!", shouted Bobby, fucking his mother's ass with frantic thrusts. "Come all over your fingers while I plug your hot fuckin' ass!" As he pounded her asshole vigorously, Cathy cried out with each lunge into her body. Her cunt was soaked with hot juices, and clung to her fingers wetly, making loud slurping noises as she fucked her whole hand up into her crotch with brutal force. Her whole body seemed to expand, to swell with the delicious sensations flooding her. Cathy screamed as her son pulled her roughly against him, fucking his cock into her asshole to the hilt. "Unnnnnnnggghhhh! Christ Bobby, ram it to me!", she sobbed. "Oh, baby, fuck it as hard as you can! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me anywhere... just give me that hard cock, lover!" Bobby grinned at his mother and knifed his prick deep, ramming her cunt to the hilt. Wet sucking sounds rose from their meshed crotches, and his cock glistened with the gooey wet slime oozing from his mother's cunt. Cathy churned her ass wildly, her son's cock penetrating her bowels felt so good, better than she had thought possible. His young balls slapped into her frothy cuntslit, making her clit strain outward against her fingers. "I hope you're nearly ready to come, Mom? 'Cause I sure as hell am!" "Yesssss! Oh, yes! Make me come too, Bobby!", squealed Cathy. "Ummmmmmm, baby, fuck momma fast, as fast as you can! Ohhhhhh, yeah, honey! Ram that that fuckin' thing right up momma's ass and come in my belly!" She pushed her hips at her son with wild abandon as the boy began to pound her ass savagely, fucking her with strong, rapid thrusts that shook her whole body. Within seconds, Bobby climaxed into his mother's writhing ass, and as Cathy felt his hot young sperm enter her butt, she began to climax also, screaming out in loud, uncontrollable ecstasy. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK! I'M COMMMMMMMING!", she yelled, rubbing her clit frantically. "OOOOOH, BABY, NOW!... SHOOT THAT HOT JUICE UP MY FUCKIN' ASS!" Bobby felt his mother's ass squeeze his cock with a tightness that almost weakened him. The flexing contractions of it around his cock caused his balls to draw up against the base of his prick. He lifted his head to the ceiling, his eyes squeezed tightly shut, his mouth open. With a loud yell, he came, gushing hot come into his mother's convulsing asshole. "ARRGGGHHHH! JESUS, I'M CUMMING, MOM! OHHHHHH! HERE IT COMES! I'M GONNA FILL YOUR HOT, FUCKING ASS WITH CUM" AHGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, YOU GORGEOUS FUCK!" Cathy cried out with ecstasy as she felt her son climax inside her, the hot, splashing juices causing her own orgasm to intensify greatly. "YES! YES! YESSS, BABY! OH, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!", squealed Cathy. Bobby lunged into his mother's ass with all his strength, grunting loudly as his deeply imbedded cock spurted jet after jet of hot, sticky jism into her quivering gut. "UNNNNNHHHHH, CHRIST, YES! COME! COME WITH ME, MOM! OHHHHH! OHHHHHH! TAKE MY JIZZ! TAKE IT RIGHT UP YOUR ASS, YOU FUCKING HORNY SLUT!", yelled Bobby. His mother strained her spread asscheeks against him, wanting his big cock as deep as it would go while he came. She clutched at the mattress, bracing herself as her son emptied his balls into her butt, her own orgasm crashing in tremendous waves of pleasure throughout her ravaged asshole and cunt. Cathy sobbed and thrashed with rapture, coming over and over again as Bobby's hard young prick jerked and twitched inside her. The whole bed shook with the intensity of their fucking, but neither of them noticed, not even when a glass fell from the bedside table shattered loudly on the floor. Cathy made strangling noises, her hot ass gripping her son's cock, pulsating around it, sucking at it like a tight, wet little mouth. "OHHHHH BOBBY! I FEEL IT!... I CAN FEEL YOUR HOT CUM, BABY!", bleated Cathy. Her ass seemed to be melting around her son's hard, spurting prick. A big jet of cum flooded her insides, then another and another, until Cathy's ass was awash with her son's hot sperm. Spunk hung off his prick in strings each time he pulled out of her ass. It overflowed and poured from her asshole in torrents, saturating her upper thighs and dribbling down into the slit of her pussy. Bobby reached beneath her and cupped Cathy's steamy cuntmound, rubbing a handful of the sticky slime over her pulsating clit and into her gash, taking a great deal of pleasure in smearing his mother's wetly gaping cunt with their combined spendings. It gave him a queer kind of thrill. Bobby left his prick inside his mother's ass for a long time, moving the dwindling shaft languidly back and forth until it was drained and limp. Only then did he withdraw completely and flop down onto the bed beside her. "How was that, Mom?", he grinned. "How did you enjoy your first assfuck!" Cathy rolled onto her back in an exhausted heap. If she'd been able to speak right then she'd have told her son that she absolutely loved it, but all she could do for the moment was gasp and pant, trying to catch her breath. Bobby put his arms around his mother and hugged her tight. As soon as she was able to breathe easier, Cathy covered her son's mouth and neck with hot kisses, holding his naked young body tenderly against hers. "Oh, Bobby!", she moaned. "That was utterly fantastic! How was it for you, honey?" "Mom, you'll never know how good it felt," he said, smiling at her. "It was like a dream come true." "Mmmmmmmm, it was for me too, Bobby!", gasped Cathy. "I don't know why, sweetheart, but you make me feel so fucking horny I could die!" Bobby kissed one of his mother's naked breasts, using his fingers to squeeze and caress the firm flesh gently. "You do the same to me, Mom," he replied. "Ummmmmmm! God, you have gorgeous fuckin' tits!" "Why thank you, baby!", laughed Cathy, becoming more and more turned on by the boy's hot mouth action. Bobby stuck out his tongue and flicked his mother's erect nipple, teasing her. Finally, he sank his whole mouth onto the creamy, swollen boob and began to suck shamelessly. "OOOOOOOOH! JESUS! OHHHHHHHHHHH!", she moaned. Sparks of pleasure were shooting into her tit. She grabbed Bobby's cock and rubbed the limp, sticky organ until it began to stiffen convincingly between her stroking fingers. "Oh baby, you horny stud! You're ready again! Ummmmmmmmmm, and so soon!", marvelled his mother as she felt his young cock enlarge in her hand. It began to swelling rapidly, growing to full size again in a matter of seconds. Cathy opened her thighs wide and grabbed her son's hand, pressing it over the pulpy lips of her pussy. "Feel my cunt!", she moaned. "Feel how hot and wet you've made me, baby!" Bobby slipped his fingers inside, dragging them through his mother's juicy slit from top to bottom. Cathy whimpered and bucked her cunt up against her son's hand. Sweet melty feelings were soaring up between her legs. His mother's pussy fluttered wildly around his fingers as Bobby probed deeply. She was wet alright, and hot.... so hot, his fingers felt like they were in a fucking oven. She had a tight grip on his cock, and was jerking it up and down real hard, masturbating him harder the deeper his fingers penetrated. A quiver went through her, and Cathy began bouncing up and down, impaling herself on her son's stiffened fingers again and again. The boy's cock grew huge in her steady fist. "Uhhhhhhh, Bobby!", she groaned, closing her eyes tightly. "If you keep you keep that up, you're gonna have do more than finger-fuck me, baby!" Bobby lifted his head from his mother's boobs and grinned at her. "That's the whole idea of foreplay, isn't it?", he chuckled. "Oh yes, yes! God, yessss!", gasped Cathy, squeezing her son's cock hard. "Christ, Mom!", yelped Bobby. "Slow down a bit or you'll make me squirt all over you!" "Mmmmmmm, that's a nice nice thought," purred Cathy. "but I had something else in mind, honey!" She sat up and pushed her son flat on his back. His big cock stood straight straight up, jerking with intense hardness. She crawled over him, straddling the boy's thighs with her own. "Are you gonna sit on my cock, Mom?", asked Bobby hopefully. Cathy smiled and shuffled further up over her son's slim athletic body on her knees, pausing when her cunt hovered directly above his erect cock. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, baby?", she breathed sexily, stroking her fingers teasingly up and down the length of his young prick. "Ummmmmm, I bet you'd like your mother to sit right down on this big, hard-on of yours and fuck herself to death, right baby?" Cathy's eyes glowed with incestuous passion as she watched her son's face. "Oh, yeah, Mom!", groaned Bobby. "Fuck, yeah!" "You want to stuff your cock up Mother's cunt and fuck the shit out of it, right?", continued Cathy, panting with excitement. "Say it, honey, say it!... You want to fuck your mother again, right, baby?" "Uhhhhhh yeah, do I ever!", he grunted. "I wanna fuck you, Mom! I wanna drive my cock up your tight, wet snatch and screw your hot fuckin' ass off!" "Ooooooooh, Bobby!", Cathy said with a thick voice. "That sounds so wild, I just might let you do it, sweetheart! But ...." "But what, Mom?", asked Bobby, urgently. "Jesus, you're not feeling tired are you?" "No, baby!", she laughed inching upwards again. "It's nothing like that!" Cathy rested her cunt on his stomach, and Bobby gasped as he felt the wet heat of his mother's cunt on his flesh. "I was just thinking that if you were real nice to me, I'd probably let you fuck me again." "I'll be nice, Mom!", said Bobby eagerly. "Of course you will, darling," she cooed, rubbing her cunt higher until she had it on his chest. She twisted her ass, smearing her wet pussy over his skin. "You'll do anything Mother wants... as long as you get fucked. Right, baby?" "You bet, Mom. Anything!" panted Bobby, staring into his mother's crotch. Cathy saw the look in her son's eyes and smiled, wickedly. Raising herself up off his chest, she reached down between her thighs and parted the lips of her pussy with both hands, hunching forward until her succulent, pink gash was only only inches from the boy's face. "That give you any ideas, baby?", Cathy said throatily. "Oh, yeahhhhh!", panted Bobby, his eyes widened as he stared at his mother's face. "You want me to suck it, don't you Mom?" "Only if you want to, darling," said Cathy. "I know some guys don't like sucking a girl's pussy, but I can tell by the look on your face that you're not one of those. You want to suck Mother's cunt, don't you, baby?" Bobby's eyes blazed from his mother's cunt to her dangling tits. Cathy waited for his reply, rolling her hips wantonly, teasing him, smearing her leaky cunt close to his neck now. "Well, wouldn't you like to suck Mother's cunt?" With a look of pure animal lust on his handsome young face, Bobby gave his mother the answer she knew he would. "Ohhhh, Mom! Give it to me!", he gasped, sliding his arms around her hips and cupping her ass, pulling her pussy towards his face. "I'll suck your juicy cunt! I'll lick it and suck it and tongue your clit and.... Uhhhh, sit on my face, Mom!" "Mmmmmm, Bobby, you darling boy, I knew you would!" Cathy gurgled with pleasure, lifting her cunt off her son's chest and sliding higher. She was on her knees, still holding her pussy open. Bobby gazed up at his mother's glistening cunt, his eyes burning and his tongue licking at his lips. A drop of pussy juice dripped onto his tongue, and Bobby pulled it into his mouth, then swallowed it. "Ooooooooh God, Bobby, kiss Mother right on the cunt!" Holding onto her tight ass, Bobby pushed his face into his mother's gaping pussy. Cathy arched her back and gasped with pleasure as she felt her son's lips collide with her hot, wet cuntflesh. The boy's tongue darted out and slid over her clit, flicking the sensitive little nub to instant erection. Cathy jerked her ass back and forth, fucking her cunt into her son's face with wanton urgency. "Inside!", she squealed. "Push your tongue inside me, baby! Mmmmmm, fuck Mother with your tongue!" Bobby opened his mouth wide, and plunged his tongue deep into his mother's cunt. Cathy whipped her ass about, gurgling and whimpering with ecstasy. She rubbed and twisted, smearing her drooling pussy into Bobby's eager face. Cathy's brain spun with forbidden ecstasy as she writhed wantonly above her son. She looked down between her tits at his face, seeing only the boy's firey young eyes above the soft, blonde mass of pussyhair. The incestuous depravity of what they were doing was fabulously exciting to her. She felt no guilt at all, only wild, erotic pleasure as her son's hot tongue stabbed in and out of her twat. It felt for all the world like a miniature cock, except that it wriggled deliciously round and round inside her squirming fuckhole, licking and teasing every inch of the sensitive, pink cuntflesh. "Bobby! Ohhhh my God, baby!" Cathy held the lips of her cunt open for him and pushed her crotch into his face as her son licked the juices from her pussy like a ravenous young puppy. "Eat me, eat me!", she cried. "Suck that hot cunt, Bobby! Uhhhhh, baby, baby! Lick Mother's juicy cunt! Yeahhhh, fuck me with your tongue! Mmmmmm! Suck it lover, suck it hard! Make Mother come in your pussy-suckin' mouth!" Bobby gazed up at his mother's heaving tits as he lapped and tongued her cunt. Clinging to her grinding ass, he cupped the tightly bunched cheeks, sucking and licking his mother's creamy pussy from cunthole to clit. Her juices dripped directly into his mouth, and despite the copious flow, Bobby managed to swallow every drop with ease. The taste of his mother's cuntal secretions excited him, especially with the knowledge that it was the action of his own mouth and tongue that was producing them in such abundance. Cathy began to moan and whimper, jerking her crotch at his face, rubbing her gaping pussy into Bobby's face with total sexual abandon. Her son was licking her hotly aroused cunt like it had never been licked before. His young mouth seemed to be all over her crotch, his tongue everywhere at once. She churned her ass wantonly, thrashing in ecstasy, beating her cunt against her son's open mouth, almost brutally. But she didn't care, her pussy burned with a feverish intensity she had never felt in her life. "Bobby, your tongue... your lips! Ohhhhh, you're gonna make me come! Ahhhhh, stab your tongue in there, baby! Push it real deep up Mother's cunt! Fuck me with your hard tongue, you horny little prick!" As Bobby fucked his tongue deeply into his mother's cunt, her hands went behind his head, pulling his mouth as tightly as she could against her burning pussy. He sucked her clit into his mouth and looked up to watch her reaction. His mother's eyes were tightly closed, and her back was arched like a bow as she leaned backwards, grinding her leaking cunt into his sucking mouth. Hoarse, guttural obscenities spilled from her lips as she approached her climax. "Unnnnnnggghhhh! Fuck! Eat my cunt! Suck it, you fuckin' bastard! Suck it all into your mouth! Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhh, don't stop! Don't ever fuckin' stop! I love it! Oooooooooooooh, God, yessssss!" His mother began to whimper incoherently, her voice a low croak as Bobby sucked her clit hard. He nipped at it with his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. Her cries of pleasure grew louder and more desperate as her orgasm approached, building in her cunt with the speed of a runaway locomotive. Cathy whipped her ass about wildly, slithering her pussy over her son's mouth again and again, her tits jiggling. But no matter how much his mother writhed and squirmed around, Bobby's open mouth remained firmly plastered on her gooey cunt. His nose mashing against her clit and his stiff tongue fucking deeply into her spasming hole brought her off quickly. "OOOOOOOH, I'M CUMMMING!", she wailed. "UHHHH, MOMMA'S GONNA COME IN YOUR MOUTH, HONEY! SUCK IT UP! AHHHHGGHHHHH, BABY, DRINK MOMMA'S CUM!... EAT YOUR MOTHER'S CUNT... SUCK IT... FUCK IT... AND... OHHHH! OHHHHHH, JESUSSSSSSSS! With a shout of ecstasy, Cathy gave one last lunge that damn near snapped her son's head off. Her ass lurched hard, her cunt smashing into his sucking mouth with tremendous force. She screamed again, coming in powerful waves of consuming heat. The convulsions increased, and Cathy's twat closed tightly around her son's deeply buried tongue. She could actually feel the hairy lips of her cunt opening and closing, the contractions intense. Cathy shuddered violently as she came, clamping her thighs on his cheeks as tightly as she could, her hands on the back his head, forcing her son's tongue to the very depths of her spasming hole. Bobby gripped his mother's twisting ass tightly, burying his face in her cunt, loving the feel of her hot thighs squeezing his head. As Cathy climaxed, Bobby continued to eat out her cunt with gusto, sucking his mother's juicy, quivering hole until her rumbling orgasm slowed, then finally stilled. Bobby looked up at her, his lower face still pressed into her cunt. His lips still nibbled gently on her clit as he gazed with interest at her heaving tits, admiring the size and shape of her light-brown nipples. They were large and erect, and jutted sensuously out from her swollen boobs, twin beacons of his mother's wanton, incestuous fulfillment. Cathy looked down at her son, a satisfied smile on her pretty, glowing face. "Oooooooh! Fuck that was good, baby!", she sighed breathlessly. "I could tell, Mom!", chuckled Bobby, his voice muffled by her cunt. "You came like a fuckin' rocket!" Sliding her cunt back to her son's chest again, Cathy moaned with pleasure. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, I sure did, and you lit the fuse, sweetheart!" Bobby's mouth and chin glistened wetly with his mother's smeared juices, but instead of wiping it off, he reached up and pulled her mouth down to his. Cathy returning her son's hot soul-kiss feverishly, kissing him back with a firey passion that soon had her insatiable pussy dripping with lust once more. She could taste her own cuntjuice on Bobby's lips and it stimulated her so much that her hips were soon squirming wildly, smearing her wet pussy over the smooth hardness of her son's belly. They clung to each other, devouring each other's mouths with a ferocity that only incestuous lust can inspire. Cathy felt her son's cock brush her ass. She reached behind her body and pumped the long, thick shaft a few times, rubbing it into the hot crevice of her butt. Bobby moaned into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm! Ummmmmmmmm! Uhhhhhmmmmmmm!" His hands flew to his mother's bunched asscheeks, pulling her as tightly as he could against his feverish body. Cathy thrust her tongue down the boy's throat, making Bobby pant hotly. She licked inside his mouth, moaning and gasping with need as she rubbed her soaking wet pussy against him. "Uhhhh, Bobby! You're so hard!", she gasped, pulling her tongue from his hot mouth. "You wanna fuck Mother again, don't you, baby?" "Yeahhhh, Mom! I wanna fuck you, now! As Cathy stared down into her son's hot young eyes, she trembled with pleasure at the very thought of his huge, throbbing prong rammed deep up inside her pussy once more. She scooted her ass lower, positioning her crotch directly above her son's pulsing erection, and as he watched his beautiful mother squat down over him, Bobby's eyes shone with eager brightness. Her creamy breasts hung low over his face, and Bobby lifted his mouth, sucking first one nipple and then the other as his mother bent forward. Cathy grabbed her son's prick with one hand and opened the lips of her cunt with the other, slowly lowering her pussy until it touched the bloated tip of his cock. Then, with a soft whimper, Cathy began to rub the head of her son's cock between the moist, gaping lips of her pussy, dragging the fat bulbous knob tantalizingly back and forth through the entire length of her firey cuntslit. She rubbed his cock at her swollen clit, mewling softly. Bobby watched impatiently, writhing his ass in eagerness. He wanted to lift his ass, ram his cock up into his mother's tight cunt and fuck her till his balls exploded in her belly. But she had hold of his cock and wouldn't let him inside her any deeper. Cathy knew how eager her son was to fuck her, but he'd only just finished sucking her cunt to a mind-shattering orgasm. After that sort of heavy stimulation it was going to take a little raunchy foreplay to get her properly into the mood, and teasing him like this was turning her on something fierce. She looked down into her son's pleading eyes with a devilishly lewd expression on her beautiful face. "Come on, Mom! Stop playing around and let me fuck you for chrissake!" "You want it bad, don't you, baby!", grinned Cathy. "You want to fuck Mother real bad, don't you?... Can't wait to fuck Mother's cunt... Yeah, that's it isn't it?...You can't wait to stick your big, fat cock up Mother's hot, wet pussy and fuck the shit out of it, can you Bobby, dear?" "Yes, Mom", hissed Bobby, struggling to get his cock deeper into her. "And if you don't let me into your cunt real quick, I'm gonna fuckin' shoot come all over it!" "Ohhh, well we can't have that, can we, lover?", chuckled Cathy She lowered her crotch just enough to let another inch of her son's cock slide between the lips of her pussy. She rolled her hips, in small circles, with his cock barely inside her cunt. "Is my pussy hot, baby?" "Oh, yes, Mom! It's hot alright!", gasped Bobby, wriggling his hips up at her. "Mmmmmmm, and wet too!... Very hot and very wet!" "Want your cock in Mother's cunt?" "Uuuhhh, yes!" "Maybe I should suck it some more", Cathy teased. "My cock is hard enough already, Mom! I wanna fuck!", whimpered Bobby in total frustration. Cathy knew her son wasn't kidding either. His cock was huge! She gave it a squeeze, gasping at the size of it. It was so thick at the base, that her fingers didn't quite meeting around its huge, turgid circumference. It throbbed in her hand with a life of its own, sticking vertically up from between his muscular young thighs like an angry red spike... ready to split her in half. Cathy stared down at it hungrily, almost tempted to let the boy have his way. His wonderful young prong would feel so damned good rammed up her horny cunt. "Maybe I will let you fuck me," Cathy said huskily. "But you're gonna have to tell momma how bad you want it, baby!" Gazing into her son's contorted face, Cathy slipping her cunt down a bit more, feeling his cock spread the lips of her hairy cunt wide. She gasped with delight as she felt the hot throb of it. "Ohhhhh, Mom! I wanna fuck you so much! Let me fuck you, huh? Jesus, I'm so hot for you! I need it bad, Mom! Uhhhhh God, I wanna drive my cock up inside your wet, juicy little cunt and fuck your hot ass off!" "Oooooooh, you really do, don't you?" Cathy gurgled. "I love it when a guy wants to fuck me so badly. It makes my pussy real hot! And you want to fuck Mother's hot pussy real bad, don't you, darling? "Mom, please!" "Ohhhh Bobby, yes! Come to momma, baby!" Cathy suddenly released her grip on her son's cock and put her hands on his shoulders. Bracing herself, she spread her knees wide apart and then, with a loud animal groan, hunched downwards with her hips. Cathy let her weight do all the work, wiggling her hips a little as Bobby's hard thickness sliced into her cunt. "Watch, baby!", gasped Cathy, staring between her thighs. "Watch momma's cunt take your cock!" Bobby watched his mother's hairy cuntlips engulf him, swallowing the hard cylindrical thickness of his cock steadily, an inch at a time. Cathy clawed at his young shoulders, whimpering incoherently as her belly filled with her son's immense cock. But she didn't stop until she felt Bobby's wiry pubic hair tickle the tightly-stretched lips of her twat, and she knew he was in her all the way. Cathy sat like that for several seconds, her son's prick buried to the balls inside her cunt. "Ummmmm Jesus, that's nice!", sighed Cathy, feeling his prick throb deep within her belly. "Oh, Bobby, baby! I still can't believe how fuckin' big you are, son! UHHHHHHH! CHRIST! It feels so long and thick and hard, just like your father's always did when he fucked me." "Shit!", groaned Bobby, squeezing his mother's tits. "Don't worry about Dad anymore. I've got more than enough cock for you to handle, Mom!" "Mmmmmmmm! Fuck yes! I know you have, honey!" breathed Cathy, contracting her cunt walls about her son's deeply buried cock. "And believe me baby, your momma wouldn't have it any other way." Her playful blue eyes stared into her son's handsome face. His cock felt like a baseball bat stuffed up her hairy snatch, yet it throbbed and jerked with a life of its own, stretching her deliciously. Cathy slowly began to squirm her cunt around on his crotch. Her son's cock was deep, very deep. "How does that feel, lover?", she asked, rotating her crotch teasingly. "Doesn't it feel nice to have your big, fat prick stuck up momma's cunt again? Hmmmmmmm?... Ohhhhhhh, yeah! I bet it feels good.... It feels real good to fuck your hot mother, doesn't it baby?" "Ahhhhhh, fuckin' Christ Almighty!... Does it ever!... Jesus, I love fucking your tight, juicy twat, Mom!", groaned Bobby, attempting to lift his hips up at her. "Good! Then move that big prick in my cunt, baby, and let's you and me really fuck up a storm, huh?" "Ohhhhhh, Mom!", groaned Bobby, fucking his hips up at her eagerly. His mother began to bounce up and down on top of him, initially riding his cock with a gently rocking motion. But as the delicious sensations in her cunt increased, so did the pace of her fucking. "Watch me, Bobby," grunted Cathy, clutching her tits with both hands. "Watch Mother's cunt fuck your lovely hard prick, baby!" With a squeal, Cathy began to bounce up and down, slapping her pussy onto her son's cock to the base, then lifting up until she almost lost it, only to ram down again, real hard. "Ummmmm, yeah! That's it!", grunted Bobby. "Fuck my cock! Uuuuh, unnhhh, fuck it good and fast, Mom!... Oh God, your cunt feels so fuckin' hot!" Chapter 4 Cathy shivered with ecstasy at her son's words. Till now, she had simply been enjoying the pleasure of the moment, and the prospect of regular sex with her son hadn't even entered her mind. But now that he'd suggested it, Cathy was sure that she wouldn't be able to get enough of Bobby's virile and talented young cock. Something about her handsome young son made her so damn horny it hurt, and Cathy knew that whatever happened, she would be completely willing to fuck him as often and as long as he wished. "Uhhh, Bobby, darling! I want you to!", she panted, kissing his neck. "I want to do everything with you, honey!.... I want you to fuck me... and suck my cunt...and fuck my ass and my mouth and my tits and.... OHHHHHHH, BOBBY, FUCK YOUR MOMMA FOREVER, BABY!" "Ooooh, fuck yes! I will, Mom! I will.... Unnnnhhh, Christ, come all over cock, you hot horny cunt!" Cathy's hard nipples were rubbing lightly over her son's chest, the hairless skin created a luscious friction against the erect little buds. Her eyes closed again, and her brain reeled with the wonderful sensations Bobby was producing within her. Up and down she rode her son's engorged cock-shaft, her clit so well stimulated that she knew she would cum in moments. Her pussy began to drool, coating his huge fuck-pole with plenty of cunt-cream, making it slide smoothly into her tight cunt with the power and precision of a oiled piston. "More, more!", she squealed. "Oooooooooh, Bobby, I'm almost there, baby! I really need you to fuck me harder. Ohhh Jesus, I'm so fuckin' wet! Your balls must be dripping!" "They are, Mom" he grinned. "And after I've shot another load up your juicy fuckin' cunt, you're gonna get down there and lick it all off!" "Mmmmmmmmm yes, I will baby!", promised Cathy. "God, you think of the sexiest things!" Bobby stabbed faster and faster into his mother's saturated fuckhole, feeling her quivering pussy squeeze and milk his cock at an ever increasing rate. Finally the mounting ecstasy became too much, and Cathy's climax burst upon her, wrenching a loud, high-pitched cry from her parched throat. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK! FUCK, I'M CUMMMMMMMINGGGGGGG! JESUS! UHHHHHHHH..." But even as Cathy wailed in release, her scream was cut short. Bobby clutched his mother to him and closed his mouth over hers, thrusting his hot tongue deep into her panting mouth. Lost in the rapture that her son had helped her achieve, Cathy responded to his kiss, lurching up and down on his big fucker, wanting to cum some more. In less than a minute she did, shrieking into her son's mouth. Holding him tightly, Cathy forced herself to plunge even more wildly onto his cock. Bobby encouraged her, using his hands to help her ride his throbbing prick, thrusting the rock-hard shaft of meat vigorously up into her yawning cunt. Her son was fucking her. God, and was he ever fucking her! She had waited so long for a man to fuck her like this, and to her utter pleasure, Bobby wasn't afraid to really shaft her. Ummmm, what a young stud he was! His prick was so big, so filling and so damned wonderful. Her cunt-juices squished out around his cock, the sound and smell of it only making their fucking that much more exciting. Once more she came. She tore her mouth from his, clawing at his shoulders. Her hair whipped about as she flung her head wildly from side to side, her loud screech ringing in his ears. "AHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHH! I'M CUMMING TOO!", he yelled, fucking his cock into his mother savagely. "OOOOOHH, FUCK IT! I'M GONNA SHOOT, MOM! I'M GONNA FILL YOUR HOT, JUICY CUNT WITH CUM! UHHHH! OH, FUCK! OH, FUCK! UNNNNNGGHHHHHHHH!" As her son's hot sperm spat into her cunt, Cathy had yet another orgasm, so potent and rending that she slumped over him, her body trembling uncontrollably. Bobby held his mother tightly, his prick still twitching in her well-fucked cunt as she sprawled on top of him, breathing heavily. They lay like that for some time, enjoying the dying spasms of a really mind-blowing fuck. Then, slowly, Cathy came out of her orgasmic trance and rolled off her son's limp body. His cock pulled from her sloppy cunt with an audible plop and lay twitching wetly across his thigh, still half-hard but deflating rapidly. "Oh no, It's going soft already!", cried Cathy in mock despair. Bobby grinned at his mother and forced her head down between his legs. "Give it a little lick, Mom, and see if you can make it come back up again!" "Jesus Bobby, you're a randy little devil!", she chuckled, taking his sticky cock in her hand. "You're gonna fuck your poor mother to death!" "Mmmmmmmm, yeahhhh!.... But what a way to go, huh Mom?", Bobby grinned. Cathy bent forward and let her tongue glide lovingly over the boy's velvety cockhead, coating it evenly with her glistening saliva. His soaked crotch reeked of pussy, but instead of being revolted, Cathy found the heady smell of her own sex combined with that of her son, deeply arousing. She sniffed a little like a bitch on heat and then, with a low whimper, opened her lips wide, taking the boy's limp, meaty prick deep into her hot, wet mouth. "Yeahhhh, Mom! Ohhh, Christ! Suck my cock, bitch! Suck my fuckin' prick!" Bobby's hands were at the back of his mother's head, holding her mouth firmly on his rising cock. But he needn't have bothered, because right now, taking her mouth off Bobby's gorgeous young prick was the last thing on Cathy's tortured mind. The very taste of it made her pussy crawl, and as her son began hunching his swelling meat up into her throat, Cathy groaned with instant arousal. "Ohhhhhh, Bobby! Your cock is really delicious, after it's been up my pussy," she purred. "Mmmmmmmm, I can taste my own cunt on your dick, baby!" The piquant flavour of her own cunt combined with the salty taste of his sperm seemed to work on the young mother like a potent aphrodisiac, and in no time at all, Cathy wanted him again! In fact, she couldn't wait to feel her son's long, hard prick stretching her insatiable cunthole once more... reaming out her tight, wet pussy.... fucking her like she deserved. Cathy's mouth watered around the boy's hardening dick almost as much as her pussy was watering between her squirming thighs. "Mmmmmmmm, nice and hard for Mother," Cathy murmured, letting Bobby's cock slip momentarily from her mouth. She stared lovingly at her son's oversized organ for a moment and then stroked her fingers up and down the length of his velvety hardness, enjoying the feel of the boy's virile young prick as it throbbed sensuously in her hand. "Oh Jesus, Mom!", gasped Bobby, reaching for his mother. "Lie back and spread your legs. I want to fuck you again!" Cathy gave a long, low sigh and fell backwards onto the bed, her thighs falling wide open in shameless invitation. "Uhhnnnnhhhhhh," she grunted urgently. "Oh God, yes, baby, yes! I want you to fuck me again too! Ooooooh Jesus, Bobby, you make momma so damn hot!" Cathy lifted her legs in the air until her knees hovered over her shoulders, her curly-haired fuck-slit wide open and dripping in readiness for her son's huge cock. With speed borne of adolescent lust, Bobby clambered between his mother's lewdly spread thighs, and shuffled forward until the tip of his young prick pressed into the heated folds of her gooey twat. At the sudden delicious contact, Cathy whimpered loudly and made a grab for her son's cock, anxious to get the long, stiff pole as deep as possible inside her ravenous cunt. But before she could reach it, Bobby shoved his hips savagely forwards, and with one magnificent thrust, rammed his throbbing cock to the balls inside his mother's hot, juicy cunthole. "Oh God, Bobby!", screamed Cathy, gasping for air. "Unnghhhhhh! You're splitting me apart... Ummmmmmm, but I can take it, baby! Oh, shit yeah, momma can take every fuckin' inch of your big, fat cock, son!" Her sopping pussy-hole stretched wide, deliciously accommodating the massive thickness of her son's prick with ease. His virile young prick seemed to get bigger and longer each time he fucked her. It filled her completely this time, stretching her tortured cunt to the limit. Bobby's cock was buried deep inside his mother's belly, so deep that Cathy could feel her son's helmet-shaped cockhead probing the very entrance of her womb. "Uuuuuhhh, Mom! Fuck, but you're tight!", grunted Bobby. "Mmmmm, I love fucking your cunt, Mom! It's so hot and wet... and so fuckin' tight!!" The feeling of being totally crammed with her son's enormous prick was incredibly exciting to Cathy. But as much as she loved the sensation of his hard young cock, throbbing deeply within her tightly stretched cunt, Cathy was impatient to get the show on the road. She knew what it felt like to have her son's gorgeous cock sliding in and out of her cunt, making her quiver with orgasm after orgasm, and she wasn't about to waste precious time. She moaned and whimpered impatiently under Bobby's weight, gyrating her shapely hips upward, thrusting and grinding, inviting her son to pump his prick inside her cunt and give her the fucking she so desperately craved. "Fuck my cunt, Bobby" she hissed, locking her legs around her son's waist. "You know what Momma wants, baby! Fuck your mother, Bobby! Come on lover, fuck momma's hot, horny cunt!" Bobby wasted no more time either. As soon as he felt his mother's heels lodge firmly into the small of his back, he raised up on his arms and pulled his cock out of her cunt, drawing back until only the fat bulbous head remained inside. Then without warning, Bobby lunged forwards savagely, forcing the very breath from his mother's lungs with the force of the blow. "Uffffffffffff! Ohhhh! Unnnngggghhhhh!", grunted Cathy as her son's massive fuck-pole slammed into her cunt once more, spreading the pouting lips of her pussy to the bursting point around the meaty thickness of his invading cock. "Oh, Bobby! Uhhhhhh! It's so big, son! You've got such a big, fat prick!" "I know," gasped Bobby, withdrawing his cock from his mother's silky cunt for the second time. "... and I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you with it, Mom!.... So move that horny ass for me, you gorgeous hot-cunted bitch!" The first savage lunge to her cock-hungry cunt had felt so good, Cathy simply couldn't wait for her son's next powerful thrust. In frustration, she grabbed the firm cheeks of his young ass with both hands, and tried to force Bobby's cock back into her hungry cunt, excitedly bucking and grinding her blushing ass-cheeks up off the bed in wild, incestuous abandon. "Oh, fuck, I need your cock, honey! Ahhhhhh, shit! Just go ahead an stab it up my pussy! Pump me real hard, Bobby! You know I can take it! Fuck momma as hard as you can, lover! "Okay, you asked for it, Mom!", growled Bobby. "Get ready, 'cause I'm gonna ram this fucker right up to your tonsils, bitch!... Yeah, I'm gonna fuck the piss out of your hot, juicy cunt, Mom!" "Fuck my pussy deep, Bobby! Ram that monster all the way in!" With a deep cry of lust, Bobby pounded down hard into his mother's buttery cunt, slamming his cock to the hilt in her hairy, upthrust snatch. His whole body shuddered with pleasure as his cockhead slammed into the back of her cunt. He pulled out and instantly speared his prick-meat back up inside his mother pussy, this time sinking his cock even further up her quivering twat. Cathy's tits jiggled and slapped together lewdly and she began to hump her slim ass in a frenzy of incestuous lust, panting and gasping as she ground her throbbing pussy against the root of Bobby's stabbing prick. "Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother!" she begged, the words an obscene chant. "Ungggghhhhh! Harder you gorgeous little stud! Fuck me! Ooooooh yes, fuck momma real deep with your big, hard cock, baby!" "Unnhhh, fuck, Mom!... I am!", grunted Bobby, slamming his blood-engorged prick-shaft in and out of his mother's tight, juicy cunthole. The wet, swollen lips of her pussy clung to his cock, sucking and clasping his huge fucker each time he sank it deep into her quivering twat. With another load of jizz churning in his balls, Bobby fucked his horny mother faster and faster, making the motel bed springs squeak with the fury of their incestuous fucking. "Haaaaarder!" Cathy bucked her ass up off the mattress, frantically fucking her well-hung son as fast as she could. "Uummmmmm, your prick is so big, Bobby! Unhh... ahhhh, feels so good up my pussy! Harder, baby, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!" Spurred on by her shameless request, Bobby did as his mom asked, increasing the tempo of his powerful cock-thrusts, fucking his beautiful mother as hard and as fast as he could. He bent his elbows, letting more of his weight down on top of her, crushing Cathy's big, stiff-nippled tits under his heaving chest. Bobby wiggled his hips from side to side with each thrust, causing Cathy to buck and writhe sensuously beneath him. She jerked her hips high up off the bed, throwing her pussy up at her son's pounding cock like a bitch in heat. Bobby loved it!.... Lustfully, he gazed down at his mother's gooey wet fuckhole, enjoying the sight of his massively long, thick cock, slicing deep into the welcoming tightness of her hairy cunt. The more his mother squirmed and bucked under him, the harder Bobby fucked her, returning her wild, incestuous abandon with equal vigour. As Cathy's moans of pleasure became louder, Bobby thrust more strongly, moving his cock back and forth inside his mother's cunt with the power and rhythm of a piledriver. He gave her everything he had, panting into her shoulder as he fucked his gigantic prick relentlessly in and out of her hairy, wet pussy-slit. Cathy grimaced with pleasure as her son started to give her the fucking she so desperately craved. Her glove-tight pussy contracted wetly around Bobby's rock-hard cock as she humped up eagerly to meet her boy's jarring downward strokes. Locked into a savage, rhythmic coupling, mother and son were soon fucking each other like rutting animals, oblivious to everything except the intense, carnal pleasure of their forbidden union. "Ohhh Jesus, yessss!... Fuck me like that, baby!" pleaded Cathy, spreading her knees wide apart. "Oh shit, Bobby! Uhhhh, fuck my cunt and make me cum!" The horny young mother's pussy was becoming hotter and wetter with every jab of her son's prick. Her head rolled from side to side uncontrollably, her fingernails raked his back and her soft wet lips roamed his handsome face. The pleasure was so intense, Cathy sank her teeth into Bobby's shoulder to muffle the noise, and squealed in ecstasy as her son fucked her brutally towards another cunt-wrenching climax. Bobby hardly noticed the sharp pain in his shoulder, all he could feel right now was the incredibly tight grip of his mother's cunt on his raging prick, and the incredible sensations building in his groin. "Oh, Babe," he panted, his breath hot on the side of her face. "Mmmmm, oh yeah, move that cunt!.... Shit, you're a hot piece of ass, Mom!" Cathy grinned up at her son lewdly, squirming and panting as she slapped her twat up against Bobby's hard hairy groin. "Uhhhh, Jesus, forget the compliments, honey!", grunted Cathy. "Just concentrate on fucking me, son. Mmmmmm, yeahhhh! Shove that big cock in as deep as you can and fuck hard, Bobby, momma's nearly ready to come!" Her tongue sought out his once more and she kissed him wildly. Bobby began to slam his cock into his mother hard and fast, wanting to come at the same instant she did. Cathy sensed his need and lifted her legs high, draping them over her son's shoulders. At this angle, Bobby's cock pierced her cunt even deeper, causing Cathy to jerk her hips up and down at him feverishly, whimpering in sheer carnal delight as his thick, skewering prong slammed in and out of her gaping twat. Although her son's cock was ramming her upthrust cunt-mound like a piledriver, Cathy was desperate for deeper penetration. She became carried away by an overpowering, incestuous fuck-lust which could only be satisfied by her son's wonderfully long, hard cock. She wanted Bobby to hold her down and ravage her, to fuck her so hard she'd remember it for the rest of her life! "Bobby! Help me, baby. Grab my legs and hold them apart!", gasped Cathy, removing her legs from his shoulders. She held onto her knees and opened her thighs. Bobby grasped her ankles and pulled his mother's legs apart, pushing back until her knees rested on the bed beside her shoulders. Cathy's cunt was wide open, her groin stretched to the limit, but it felt wonderful. Her son's cock felt ten times bigger, and Cathy thought she was going to burst as he rammed the huge fucker balls-deep into her deep, gaping snatch, again and again. "Oh, Bobby!", she squealed. "Oh fuck, Bobby!... Shit, that's good! Ummmm, yeah, ram it into me baby! Fuck momma just like that!" Bobby hunched his young hips with all his might, driving his mother's ass deep into the bed with every powerful thrust. Her juice-filled cunt was steaming, and with her legs wide open, the heady odour of hot pussy permeated the air. Cathy's slushy twat slurped obscenely each time her son plunged his cock into it, filling the room with the juicy wet sounds of heavy fucking. Bobby was fucking his mother almost brutally now, and with every savage thrust, his young prick seemed to pierce her wide-open cunt-slit even deeper. His big hairy balls smacked repeatedly against the puckered little rosebud of his mother's stretched anus, making an obscene slapping sound which reverberated loudly in the small room. Cathy was finally getting the fucking she had always wanted. Her ex-husband had never been into rough sex and although sex with him had always been enough to satisfy her, Cathy had often fantasized about sex with other men, brutal men who would fuck her hard and long, ramming her horny, wet cunt with their big hairy pricks till she passed out with pleasure. Now, to her utter delight, Cathy was getting just that! And the fact that it was her own handsome son Bobby, who was giving it to her, made it all the more exciting.! She squeezed Bobby's bunched ass-cheeks and pulled his cock into her boiling cunt, squealing and whimpering with incestuous passion as her strong young son fucked her relentlessly. His thick, ridged cockshaft rasped magnificently along the tender walls of her pussy, exciting her immensely, pushing and stretching the juicy, pink cuntflesh until Cathy thought she would faint from the incredible waves of shuddering ecstasy that raced unchecked through her quivering loins. "UHHHHH! YEAHHHH, BABY! SHOVE IT IN HARD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!", screamed Cathy, writhing beneath her son in mindless, wanton lust. Cathy was in seventh heaven as Bobby's talented cock pushed her closer and closer to the brink of a mind-blowing orgasm. Her throbbingly erect clit received stimulation by her son's every move. Each time he drove in or pulled out, the sensitive little bud dragged deliciously back and forth along the rough shaft of the boy's cock, sending tingles of erotic pleasure racing up and down her spine. But what thrilled Cathy most was the way his hard pubic bone mashed her clit, exquisitely grinding the throbbing source of her pleasure each time his long prick drilled into her heaving belly. Bobby's eyes were slitted with hot, animal lust as he stared down at his mother. Her big tits wobbled and quivered and her wide-stretched pussy gripped his cock like a tight, wet fist, squeezing the life out of him. He pumped her harder, enjoying the guttural sounds of passion that escaped her full red lips. "You like that, don't you Mom?", he grunted, punctuating his question with bone-jarring cock-thrusts into her cunt. "Yeah, you like it hard and dirty, don't you bitch!" "Ohhhhhhhh, God, yesssssss!", sobbed Cathy opening her eyes and staring up at her leering son. "I need your big, hard cock so bad, baby!" Her beautiful face seemed contorted in agony, but Bobby knew that even if his vigorous thrusts were causing her some pain, his mother didn't care, she loved it. "Look at my cock fucking your pussy, Mom!", growled Bobby, lifting his mother's head up with one hand. Cathy stared between her legs with glazed eyes as she watched her son's huge glistening erection pistoning up and down in her cunt, the thick, blue-veined shaft slicing through the hairy lips of her pussy like a hot knife through butter. Bobby saw the look on his mother's face and smiled lewdly. "Yeah, that's it, watch me fuck you, Mom!", he gasped. "Watch my cock fucking your hot, hairy cunt, you sexy bitch! It'll make you cream!" As Cathy stared at their meshed genitals, she knew Bobby was right. It really did turn her on in an outrageous way to see herself being fucked by Bobby's incredibly large prick. Cathy threw her pussy up at him, moaning and whimpering unintelligibly as she watched his cock slam into her drooling twat. Her copious pussy-juices were whipped to a foam by the force and speed of her son's energetic fucking, and the frothy cream spilled from her ravaged cunt in torrents, coating his balls and matting her hairy cuntlips in a lather of incestuous lust. Cathy writhed in wanton ecstasy beneath her son, her eyes fixed on his glistening cock. She thrust her hips up urgently to meet his every lunge, watching intently as the boy's gigantic cock slid solidly in and out of her wetly gaping slit as fast as he could. !Harder, harder, harder!", Cathy cried. Grimacing, she tossed her head wildly from side to side. "Fuck your mother, Bobby! Fuck that big prick all the way in! Unhh...unhhh... unhhh... oh, fuck! Oh shit, keep banging me Bobby! Make me cum! Oh, Jesus, fuck the piss out of my hot fuckin' cunt!" Relentlessly, Bobby pounded her spread, hairy snatch as hard and as deep as he could. By now, he was almost oblivious to his mother's pleasure, thinking only of the painful stiffness in his blood-engorged cock. His giant fuck-tool was almost a blur as he slammed it in and out of Cathy's gushing, pouty-lipped cunt. He didn't even notice the squeals of pleasure that erupted from his mother's pretty mouth each he stroked his cock to the hilt in her pussy, or the hiss of delight she made when he pulled it out again, dragging the shaft along her protruding clit. Cathy clawed her son's shoulders and back in a frenzy of desire, fucking her hung child as hard as she could. "Yeah, you big bastard," she babbled. "Fuck me! Fuck Mommy's hot cunt! Ungghhhh! Oh Christ, I'm cumming! Oh, fuck, I love it! Jesus, Bobby! Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! Mommy's cumming, baby, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, cuuuummmmiingggg!" Bobby was still striving for his own climax even as his mother's cunt erupted in violent orgasm. And he continued drilling his stone-hard fuck-pole deep up inside her pussy even as he felt it spasm tightly around him, spewing cunt-juice all over his hammering cock. Cathy screamed. "OHHHHHHH, FUCK! OOOOOOHHH, JESUS! WHAHHHHHHH! UNNNNGHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHGGGH!" Bobby hoped the walls were sound-proof, because in the small room, his mother's cries were deafening. She wailed like a banshee, jerking and thrashing about in mindless abandon as she came. Bobby held firmly onto his mother's legs and fucked her wildly, guiding her through the exquisite peaks of one shuddering orgasm after another. "Yeahhhh! Cum for me, Mom!" he growled, fucking into his mother's juice-slick cunt with jackhammer force. "Cum hard, you horny fuckin' cunt! Uhhhh, shit, cum on my cock, bitch! Cum on my big, fat mother-fucking cock!" Bobby's face was red with lust, his eyes glowing. His nostrils flared, and he groaned obscenely, grunting as he pistoned his big throbbing prick faster and faster into his mother's squishy cunt. Cathy's cunt convulsed wildly around her son's hammering prick, gripping and squeezing his wrist-thick shaft like a milking machine. To bobby, it felt like his mother's spasming cunt was trying to suck the cum right out of his balls. Just feeling that fantastic pressure around his cock and watching his sexy young mother writhing under him in the throes of a cunt-wrenching climax was all it took to set Bobby off. He cried out and shuddered above her, slamming his jerking cock deep up inside his mother's pussy, as jet after jet of hot, sticky jism erupted from the end of his prick. "AHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK, MOM! YOU GORGEOUS CUNT! I'M CUMMING, BITCH! I'M FUCKIN' CUMMMMINNNGGGGGG! UHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHGGGGGGHHHH! Cathy squealed and came again as she felt her ravaged cunt being flooded with her son's scalding-hot load. It felt as if she had a fire extinguisher spraying a blast of foam into the inferno of her fuck-hole, where the oily fire raged out of control. She rode his cock in a rapture, her clit and cunt climaxing constantly. Her head flew from side to side and her big tits bounced like mounds of jelly as her son emptied his lust-swollen balls deep into her cunt. Her ass slid back and forth on the bed as her fuckhole filled with jizz. Bobby moaned as the last of his teenaged spunk splashed into his mother's cunt and his nuts stopped surging. He was drained. He slumped forwards over her panting body and rested his head on her big tits, his chest heaving, his eyes glazed. His greedy mother continued to move her cunt up and down on his half-hard cock for a few minutes, whimpering and trembling as she fucked herself through the final sweet spasms of her blissful orgasm, slowing the pace as her climax ebbed, then ended. She screwed forwards deliberately, holding her groin pushed upward so that she was massaging her clit against her son's slimy shaft, working out the last tingling thrill. The waves of her orgasm gently diminished. It was the wildest, most satisfying sex Cathy had ever had. Her son's cock was still stuck up her pussy as Cathy lifted her head up kissed him lovingly on the lips. They embraced tenderly, panting in the aftermath of their wild, incestuous fucking. "Oh, Jesus!", said Bobby finally. "You're a terrific fuck, Mom!" "Oooooh, Bobby! So are you!", replied Cathy, stroking her son's flushed cheeks "I've never come so much before in my whole damn life." "Me to, Mom!" Bobby's cock was at long last beginning to diminish in his mother's cunthole. To her disappointment, the boy's hard meat was softening, turning rubbery inside her pussy. Then it began to shrink and slowly slipped out. Cathy hunched upwards in an idiotic attempt to keep her son's limp cock inside her cunt for a few moments longer, but inevitably the slimy stalk slid out until only his cock-knob was lodged inside her well-fucked pussy-slit. It stayed there momentarily, only to pop out seconds later with a juicy slurp, followed immediately by a lavish flood of their combined cum-cream. Bobby rolled onto his side and let his prick fall limply along his hard, trembling thigh. Cathy stared at it, a contented smile on her pretty face. Even limp, her son's big prick was still a formidable size. 'God, what a cock,' she thought, reaching out and curling her fingers around the soft, sticky organ. 'Ummmm mmmmm, and it's mine.... all mine.' Cathy left her moist thighs wide open, enjoying the wickedly delicious thrill of letting her young son ogle her gooey snatch. She parted her legs further, excited by the look of adolescent lust on his handsome young face. "Look what you did to Mommy's cunt, you naughty boy.", she giggled. "Have you ever seen such a well-fucked pussy before, Bobby?" Bobby shook his head. He had to admit that he hadn't. Her lush, curly pubic hair was matted and covered with cunt oil and sperm, and the swollen lips of her pussy hung lewdly open, allowing Bobby to see right up inside his mother's cunthole, right into the dark hole where his hard cock had been only moments before. The incredibly wanton sight didn't disgust the boy at all, in fact, quite the opposite. At that moment, Bobby thought his mother's cunt looked absolutely wonderful. "Oh, Mom!", he sighed. "Your cunt is so pretty... so pink and wet and juicy!" Cathy looked down at her pussy-slit. It still yawned wide open, and as they both watched, she contracted the muscles of her cunt and squeezed out a great glob of their mingled slime. It oozed obscenely out from between her gaping cuntlips and dribbled down over her crinkled asshole, staining the sheet. Cathy looked up with a grin on her face and saw Bobby gasping and drooling at the sight. Looking at his mother's gaping, oozing cunt was turning the youngster on again. "Jesus, Mom!", murmured Bobby, staring wide-eyed. "Looking at your juicy cunt is making me hot again!" "Mmmmm! I can tell, baby", replied Cathy. She pulled open the puffy lips of her pussy with both hands, giving her son a better view of the cunt he had just fucked so magnificently. "Uuuhhhh, doesn't it look good enough to eat, Bobby!", his mother purred, dipping her fingers into her snatch and smearing the oily juices all over her hairy, swollen cuntlips. Bobby crouched between his mother's legs for a better view. "Oh, fuck yeahhhhh!", he moaned, sniffing the gamey smell of sex that wafted up from his mother's gooey twat. "It looks downright tasty, Mom!" Bobby held his mother's thighs wide apart and stared at her hairy pussy. Even coated with cunt-cream and his own jizz, it was still a mouth-watering prospect. "Then why don't you lick it?", suggested Cathy. "Get your hot mouth down there and suck mommy's cunt, honey. Lick my poor pussy clean." Bobby let out a growl of undisguised lust and thrust his face into his mother's juice-filled cunt, tossing his head from side to side as his tongue slid up her well-lubricated fuck-hole. "Ohhhh, yeahhhh! Eat me, Bobby!", squealed his mother. "Shove that gorgeous tongue right up my fuckhole and eat your mommy's cunt! Ahhhhhhh, yeah! Suck out your own spunk, you horny little fucker! Suck it all out!" The prospect of swallowing his own cum didn't even enter young Bobby's mind. He was too busy savouring the taste of his mother's creamy cunt. But to Cathy, having her son eat out her pussy right after he had shot a load of hot incestuous sperm into it, was the most mind-blowing turnon. Chapter 5 "Ooooooh, Bobby! You're so nice and hard again, baby!", sighed Cathy, reaching for his cock. ".... so long and thick and hard. Mmmmmmm, I think it needs a little more motherly love, don't you, son?" "You bet!" said Bobby, eager for more hot sex with his beautiful mother. "Where do you want this thing, up your cunt or down your throat, Mom?" Cathy looked up at her horny young son with eyes that made the boy's bloated cock twitch involuntarily in her busy fingers. "Mmmmmmmm, why can't we try both, baby?" Cathy grinned suggestively. "You can fuck me for a while, and when you're about to cum, I'll suck you off the rest of the way with my mouth. How does that sound?" Bobby nodded his head vigourously, excited by his mother's wanton proposal. "Wild, Mom!" "Uuuuhh, yeah, honey! I bet your prick is really delicious, after it's been up my cunt," she purred. "Cunt-cum is yummy.... especially on a nice big, hard cock!" Cathy spread her legs as her son scrambled quickly between her long, slender thighs. His cock jutted out from his crotch like a large steel spike, swaying rigidly from side to side as he got into position on top of her. He braced the weight of his torso on outstretched arms, and without any preliminaries whatsoever, he plunged his mighty organ into his mother's gaping cuntslit with one powerful stroke. Cathy gave out a satisfied groan of pleasure at the sudden, deep penetration and dropped her eyes down to watch Bobby's oversized boy-cock enter her cum-drenched cunt one more time. "Ungghh! Oh, Jesus!", she gasped, hunching up to meet his savage thrusts. Bobby reamed his mother's upthrust cunt with hard vicious strokes, strokes that knocked the very breath from her body as his huge cock tore into her juicy, red quim. But Cathy didn't care, she loved his impatient, adolescent roughness, and she knew that no matter how many times her virile young son fucked her tonight, she would want more. She knew also that no matter now times he came tonight, at his age Bobby would recover quickly. Her handsome, horny teenaged son would be able to give her all the hot, hard fucking she could ever want. "Unhh! Uuunnh! Uhhhh! Oh, Bobby, love your prick.... love your big, fat, gorgeous, young prick, baby!" It was the middle of the next morning, and Cathy was still naked. Bright sunlight streamed into the room through half-closed blinds, illuminating her nude torso in bands of light and dark as she rocked back and forth on the bed. She was on hands and knees, with the now familiar length of her son's prick jammed up her cunt from the rear. Bobby had his mother firmly by the hips, and was pumping his cock into her hairy pussy with the strength of a young bull. 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