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The Master Chris Collection

	Jennifer waited once again. Her position could not be
more vulnerable for a girl already in her teens. She was bent
far over, her head hanging down with outstretched arms, her feet
spread and hanging down also. Jennifer's tightly muscled bottom
was the highest point of her body and its prominence was made
all the more acute by the fact that Jennifer was completely nude.

	Jennifer closed her eyes wishing that the humiliating
punishment that she would soon suffer was already over. How on
earth could she have ended up in this position again? Well the
answer to that wasn't too hard to come by. Being caught smoking
behind the house with her cousin Alison meant that she was in
for more than a quick trip across her mother's knee. Now here
she was, spread and exposed over the 'punishment' bench in the
basement waiting for her father to come down and correct her
errant behaviour. As much as Jennifer tried to think pleasant
thoughts her mind kept coming back to the punishment at hand and
the embarrassment of a seventeen year old being so exposed for

	Punishments hadn't always been like this, she
reminisced. Oh, there had always been spankings. Both of
Jennifer's parents came from strict European upbringings and
firmly believed in the benefits of corporal correction. Jennifer
was often pulled over one parent's or the other's knee for a
quick skirt-up, panties- down bare-bottomed spanking.

	As early as Jennifer could remember, spankings came in
one of two varieties. Simple transgressions meant instant
punishment over whichever parent's lap was closest. Spankings
were always on the bare regardless of who was present or how
much pleading was made. More serious crimes usually meant
waiting until after supper for a punishment to occur. This meant
waiting for ages and wondering how bad it would be. The
anticipation of such punishments usually made them seem twice as

	Evening punishments were usually meted out by Jennifer's
dad who might have her over his knee, bent over a stool or couch
arm or lying face down on her bed over a couple of doubled-up
pillows. Spankings might be with a hand, the hairbrush or a
leather strap depending on the severity of the misdeed. Evening
punishments meant stripping down completely and the
embarrassment of doing so became more humiliating as Jennifer
went through puberty and developed both pubic hair and B-cup
breasts. Evening punishments also always meant 'corner time'
with Jennifer standing in the corner of the sitting room, nose
to the corner, hands on her head displaying her freshly spanked
bottom to whoever happened into the room. On several occasions
Jennifer had to suffer the added embarrassment of someone from
outside the family seeing her naked body in the corner. On
several occasions it was her aunt and uncle who lived not far
away but every once in awhile friends of her mom and dad would
enjoy the view. Twenty or thirty minutes of this exposing
display would usually ensure that Jennifer would not soon forget
her transgressions.

	Thankfully Jennifer only merited an "evening" punishment
about every six or eight weeks. The punishment bench had started
only about three years ago when Jennifer was fourteen as a
result of getting into real trouble. Being caught shoplifting
had ensured that the young adolescent girl was in for the
punishment of her life.

	It was Jennifer's father that had picked her up from the
store manager's office that Friday afternoon. When sending her
to her room that night, Jennifer had been told that her
punishment would be delayed until Saturday evening. Jennifer had
to spend the day in her room until Saturday so she hadn't been
able to see her father's preparations in the basement.

	Dressed in only her dressing gown, Jennifer had been led
by her mother down into the basement that evening. After
removing her gown, Jennifer had to stand, naked with her hands
clasped over her head while her father had lectured her on the
evils of stealing. Jennifer remembered how she had been
mortified that her nipples stuck out, erect, from her body.
Jennifer had always been a little embarrassed by the large size
of her nipples when hard. Like her mother, she had been blessed
with particularly long and thick nipples. She felt betrayed by
them getting hard when standing in front of her father like that.

	Once the lecture was over, Jennifer made her
acquaintance with the new "spanking bench". She would come to
know it many times over the next three years. The middle of the
bench looked like a padded vaulting horse at a little above
waist level. Jennifer had to present herself to the side of the
bench and bend over it. Little slots for her hands and a bar for
her to hold were on a frame in front of her. This left her hands
outstretched in front of her and spread about eighteen inches
apart. A pad and a pillow provided a rest for Jennifer's head
but this meant that her breasts and their still protubant
nipples hung free beneath her.

	Once in this bent-over position, Jennifer found herself
with her head and arms about a foot below the level of her
upraised bottom. To ensure that she would not move about, a wide
leather belt was attached over the small of her back holding her
down firmly to the softly padded vault. Jennifer's wrists were
also restrained with soft leather straps. Her bottom was now
pulled tight and the firm, still boyish buttocks of the fourteen
year- old were pulled somewhat apart to leave her completely
exposed. Jennifer's positioning was not yet complete however.
Jennifer remembered how first her left leg was lifted, bent
slightly at the knee and then lifted over a peg about twelve
inches to her left. The peg was padded and fit just at the back
of her knee. Jennifer's foot rested in another slot whose
leather strap held her ankle firmly. The procedure was repeated
with her right leg leaving her buttocks now tightly spread and
bent but even worse, Jennifer was now completely exposed from
the rear with both her lightly downed pussy and her crinkled
anus fully on display.

	Just before the spanking started, Jennifer remembered
with vivid clarity how her mother had opened a small foil pack
and removed a long gelatin capsule from it.

	"This is a ginger suppository Jennifer and you're going
to find that it will help you remember this lesson after your
spanking has finished," said her Mom.

	Jennifer was confused for a moment about what a
suppository was but that confusion was quickly resolved as her
mother moved between her outstretched legs and touched the end
of the capsule to the center of Jennifer's tight anus. Jennifer
cried out in surprise and then alarm as the small object was
pushed past her sphincter muscle. Her toes curled involuntarily
as her mother used her finger to drive the suppository deep into
her rectum. Almost instantly the caustic burning sensation of
the ginger caused Jennifer to cry out. Her parents could see the
effects of the harsh intruder as their daughter's anus clenched
and released in rapid succession.

	Jennifer remembered that spanking as one of the all time
worst. Waiting naked in the sitting room corner with her bottom
on fire both inside and out had been an unpleasant experience.
She remembered swearing that she would never get in trouble
again but here she was, waiting, naked, spread and exposed three
years later just as she had been on that very first 'bench'
spanking. This evening, Jennifer had been told to go to the
basement and prepare herself. So, here she was, naked, bent over
the punishment bench with her bare and spread open bottom
pointing at the door. She had been waiting in this position for
a good twenty minutes now and although she was not physically
uncomfortable (yet!), being seventeen and this exposed was very
embarrassing. Worse, Jennifer knew that her aunt and uncle were
visiting this evening and that meant she would be naked in front
of her uncle again after her punishment. That hadn't happened in
almost two years and Jennifer had grown significantly in that
time. Jennifer wasn't looking forward to standing in the corner
with her naked red bottom on display to her relatives.

	The sound of the door opening brought Jennifer back to
the here- and-now. She closed her eyes and waited as the sound
of her father's footsteps brought him to her side. In a few
moments the wide leather belt had been pulled snug over the
small of her back and her wrists and ankles were firmly held by
their own leather straps. Jennifer heard her father move back
behind her where she knew her spread open thighs revealed
everything to his gaze.

	"You're certainly right about her being spread open

	Jennifer's eyes few open. Her uncle was in the room!
Jennifer heard him chuckle as she tried in vain to pull her
knees together. The padded pegs at the back of her knees
prevented her from doing more than flexing her thigh muscles and
thus giving the men an even better show.

	"Yes, it does position her quite well for punishment,"
said Jennifer's father.

	"Daddy!" pleaded Jennifer.

	"I'm sorry Jennifer, but you've just brought this on
yourself. It seems that warming your bottom alone doesn't seem
to keep you from following the simplest of rules from your
mother and myself.

	Perhaps the embarrassment of having your Uncle Doug see
you being punished will make a difference."

	The embarrassment of being this exposed to her uncle was
not lost on Jennifer. The helplessness of her position only
seemed to magnify the feeling. Already she could feel the tears
welling up. Jennifer's father and uncle were determined that
Jennifer be as embarrassed as possible and they weren't quite
finished with her yet.

	"You've certainly grown in the last couple of years,"
said her uncle from behind her, "Not enough it seems to keep you
and Alison from staying out of trouble. It's amazing how they
grow into little women isn't it John?" said her uncle. Jennifer
felt a short tap on her bottom. It felt like the tip of a riding
crop. She knew what that felt like from experience.

	"Of course, when you've got them in this position you
can see just how much they've grown," he went on. "You'll see a
bit later John that Alison bottom has filled out just like
Jennifer's here." Jennifer felt each of her buttocks tapped
smartly in turn by the crop. "Where you see Jennifer's hair here
is golden blond, you'll see that Alison is brown." Jennifer felt
the tip of the crop tap her sharply right on the center of her
pussy! She gasped and then let out a little cry at the
humiliation of being smacked like that by her uncle.

	Jennifer heard her uncle's footsteps as her walked
around the spread open teenager. She squeezed her eyes tightly
closed trying in desperation to hold back the tears.

	"Jennifer's breasts seem a little smaller than Ali's,"
said her uncle, "but you can tell me what you think when you see
Alison. My goodness, there is no comparing their nipples
though!" he said. Jennifer felt the tip of the crop tap once
then again a little sharper against her left nipple. Against her
own volition, the fat nipple extended to its full turgid length.
"These are very large nipples John," said Jennifer's uncle as he
took a closer look, "You'll find Alison's quite a bit smaller."

	"Yes, they get quite long and thick when she's excited
or, like now, scared." said Jennifer's father.

	"I'll say!" said her uncle as he gave a last tiny tap to
her now achingly hard nipple.

	This final humiliation was too much and Jennifer felt
the first of many tears this evening roll down her cheeks.
Through her tears, Jennifer dimly heard the two men discussing
her and punishments in general. Suddenly the speaking ended and
the room became very quiet. Jennifer choked back her tears and
held her breath. Her punishment was about to start.

	"Jennifer, do you know why you're being punished?" asked
her father.

	"Yes, Sir and I'm very sorry and I promised never to try
smoking again." Jennifer's voice was quivering.

	"Well, you'll be sorrier in a minute," said her father.
"I'm goingto givethat saucybottom ofyours agood tasteofthe

	Jennifer caught a sob at the back of her throat as she
said, "Yes, Sir." again.

	"Also, as I'm sure you expect, you'll be getting a
suppository which you'll keep in that bottom of yours until your
corner time is over."

	Jennifer's sob couldn't be contained now and it burst
forth with a fresh torrent of tears.

	"Just to ensure that the embarrassment part of your
punishment isn't forgotten too soon, I'm going to have your
uncle Doug insert it."

	"Daddy! No, Please!", cried out Jennifer but the tip of
the stinging suppository was already touching the center of
Jennifer's tight anal ring. She felt one of her uncle's hands
palping her buttock to spread her anus to the maximum extent
possible then the thin long slippery capsule was slid past her
anus and into her rectum. Jennifer's uncle watched with interest
as his niece's strong athletic thighs squeezed at the padded
pegs holding them apart. The tip of his finger was still held at
the entrance to the teenage girl's anus which grasped and
released it with a frantic 'winking' motion as the burning
sensation of the ginger began to go to work. Pushing forward
slowly, he worried the capsule deep into the young girl's bowels
and was rewarded by the sight of Jennifer's small feet and toes
curling tightly in response. Doug had never used a ginger
suppository when punishing his daughter Alison but he knew he
would do so from now on beginning with tonight.

	Jennifer felt the long thick finger of her uncle twist
as he pulled it from deep within her body. The suppository was
already working it way on her from her anus to well up her
rectum and she tugged helplessly at the leather straps as she
tried to squirm in relief. She was moaning out loud now at the
sensation but that would not last long as her uncle stepped back.

	The first smack of the hairbrush took her breath away
and the heat of it was only starting to spread when the second
smacked down on the opposite buttock. In rapid succession,
Jennifer's father smacked her bottom until it was a bright pink
from the top of her tan line to the crease of her thighs.
Jennifer was crying openly now as her father paused and ran the
bristle side of the brush over her buttocks. Jennifer's hips
twitched as the light scratching sensation awakened her
over-sensitized bottom. The paddling recommenced with John
paying particular attention to Jennifer's sensitive inner
buttocks and the soft curve below her bottom. With her spread
open position, virtually all of her bottom was available for
punishment from her crack outwards. When John paused for a
second time to let his sobbing daughter catch her breath, his
bristle-side strokes of the brush covered the entire area. When
stroking the brush down her sensitive crack, John dragged the
brush lengthwise from the small of her back across her anus to
her perineum.

	The third and final set of smacks were the hardest yet
and Jennifer was sobbing uncontrollably when they finished.
Jennifer's father and uncle released the straps and pulled the
still crying teenager to her feet. Jennifer knew better than to
attempt to cover up, although at this point she couldn't care
lessthat she was giving her father and uncle even more of a show.

	Taking his nude daughter by the arm, John led Jennifer
up the stairs and into the living room where Jennifer's mother,
aunt and cousin Alison were waiting.

	"Into the corner young lady." said her father. Jennifer
moved to the familiar corner of the room. Placing her hands on
her head, she moved forward until her nose was pressed right
into the corner. She moved her feet about eighteen inches apart
and turned her toes inward as she had been taught. In this
position, she knew it would be very hard to clench her buttocks
which felt about twice their normal size.

	Jennifer was on fire inside and out. The ginger
suppository had now fully melted inside of her leaving a hot
burning sensation all along her rectal canal. Her buttocks, of
course, were still burning hot and she was sure that they were
providing a bright red sight to those watching. Jennifer hated
'corner time'. In some ways she felt even more exposed than over
the bench. Her tears were still rolling down her face but she
knew she wouldn't be allowed to lower her hands until her time
in the corner was over.

	"Alright Alison," said Jennifer's aunt Sara, "Now you
know what's in store for you. Your aunt and I are going to bring
you downstairs for your punishment."

	At least I won't be miserable by myself, though Jennifer
as her cousin was led downstairs by the two older women.

	The basement door closed leaving the two men sitting and
looking at John's naked and red-bottomed daughter. Jennifer
squeezed her eyes shut and settled down to wait.

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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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