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This story is fictional. It was written partly by Cindy and partly
by DayDreamrxx. It's nasty and involves very young girls having
public sex. Don't read it if pedo sex isn't your thing. The email
addresses to send comments to are at the bottom.

Baby Becky's First Fuck (Written by Cindy)

Baby Becky and Cindy had been coming to the mall almost every day
now for over 2 years. Cindy had starting taking Becky to the mall
since she was 1 year old, and both have had some great times. The one
Cindy remembers the most is when Santa, his wife and daughter both
enjoyed sex with Becky. She still had the vision of Santa shooting
cum all over Becky.

Cindy had been thinking for sometime now when she would let Becky
experience her first cock. She knew that it had to happen at the
Mall, only because of all the great times and all of the wonderful
friends they have made over the years. In addition, she enjoyed
watching and having sex in the Mall while people walked past.
Nevertheless, who would be the first person to encounter Becky's
little cunt?

She had often thought about Becky fucking a younger man, but she
felt he would not be experienced enough. He would feel that tight
cunt around his cock, and cum instantly. She had made her mind up to
find an older man, one who enjoyed younger children, was perverted as
hell, and would enjoy the pleasures of Becky's body.

Being a Sunday afternoon, the Mall was crazy with people. Cindy had
bought Becky a new dress for her special occasion. It was pink and
fluffy, and came with matching panties. They ventured to the center
of the mall and sat down on a bench.

With Becky by her side, she looked the crowd over. Several promising
old gentleman went by, but she did not see any that caught her eye.

Most were with their wives shopping, and the others were either fat
or dirty. This was going to be the first time Becky was going to be
fucked, and it had to be perfect.

As she was scanning the crowd, a gentlemen came up from behind her
and said, "Hi."

"Hello," she answered.

"I was walking by and I wanted to tell you how pretty your little
girl is," he said to me.

"Well thank you...she is a very pretty girl." Cindy told him. "This is
Becky, and I'm afraid I don't know your name," she said to him.

"Rick, my name is Rick," he said.

"Well Rick, this is Becky, and my name is Cindy," she told him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Cindy," Rick said. Rick reached over
and took Becky's little hand in his and said, "You sure are a pretty
little girl, and I love your dress."

Becky turned on her 2 year old charm and smiled at Rick. "Thank
you," she said. "Mommy bought me new panties, too." She lifted up her
dress to show Rick.

"Very nice," Rick said with his eyes fixed on her little pink panties.

Could this be the one, Cindy thought to herself. Rick looked to be
in his 40's, was well built, slender and what looked like a nice firm

"Are you here with anyone?" Cindy asked him.

"Yes, I am here with my wife Mary," Rick told her.

"Oh, I see. Where is your wife now?" Cindy asked him.

"She is around somewhere. We usually spilt up. She always gets mad
at me, saying I'm impatient," Rick said laughing.

"Do you come to the Mall often?" Cindy asked.

"Yes, I do. While my wife shops I like to look over the crowd, and
if you don't mind me telling you, I like to watch the young girls
walking by," Rick said.

"You like to watch young girls?" Cindy said with a puzzled look on
her face.

"Yeah, it turns me on to watch them walking by...I like looking at
their little tits and tight little asses!" he said.

"Like these two coming here?" Cindy said pointing at two girls who
were about 10 years old.

"Yeah! Damn, aren't they hot!" Rick said.

So Rick was the pervert she was looking for. He loved the young kids.

"So what do you think about when you look at these two?" Cindy asked.

"I think about taking off their tops, and sucking on those small
nipples, then pushing my hand down inside of their panties and
feeling those hot wet cunts!" he said. "Then when I have their
pussies all wet, I want to rip off their jeans, lay them on the mall
floor and suck and eat their young cunts."

"Would you fuck them?" Cindy asked.

"Damn right I would! Nothing better than a young tight pussy around
your cock!" he said.

"How young was the youngest one you fucked?" Cindy said.

"I fucked a 9 year old over at my buddy's house one day. She was so
fucking tight, I thought I would never get my cock in her. But once I
did, it was FUCKING GREAT! After I fucked her, I ate her pussy and
sucked all of my cum out of her!" Rick said.

"Nine years old? Would you like to fuck someone really young?" Cindy
asked him as she looked first at Rick, and then at Becky.

"You mean her?" Rick said, pointing at Becky. "She's only a baby."

"Yes I mean her. I've been planning for a long time to have my
daughter get fucked for the first time!" Cindy told him.

"But she's just a baby!" Rick said.

"Yes she is, but I have been teaching Becky about sex since she was
born," Cindy said. "So far she has let Santa cum on her, she has
sucked both old and young guys' cocks, and swallowed their cum. One
time we came to the mall and I took her into the bathroom to change
her diaper, and this 80 year old woman sucked her pussy and licked
her asshole for her!" Cindy said.

"He fuck me Mommy?" little Becky said.

"Yes, honey! This nice man is going to fuck you!" Cindy told her

"Hell, she's not a baby," Rick said. "She's a little slut!"

"A little slut who hasn't been fucked yet!" Cindy said.

"Where do you want to go, so I can fuck her?" Rick asked.

"Well that's the predicament Rick. I want you to fuck her right here
in the Mall," Cindy said.


"No, both Becky and I enjoy having sex in the Mall, and this is the
first place I want her to experience getting fucked," Cindy explained.

Rick didn't know what to say or how to act. He wanted more than
anything to fuck this little girl...but in the Mall? He thought to
himself that this woman must be fucking nuts.

"How am I going to fuck her here with all these people around? Hell,
they'll take me to jail!" Rick said.

"That's what makes it so much fun, Rick! It adds to the excitement.
All these people watching and you getting a taste of what it feels
like to have a 2 year old cunt around your cock!" Cindy said.

"Ok, I'll do it, but you have to tell me how you want me to fuck
her," Rick said.

"First, I want you to come over and stand in front of Becky," Cindy
instructed him.

"Becky, come over here and sit on the bench for Mommy," Cindy said
to Becky.

Becky jumped up on to the bench, her little legs hanging over the

"Rick, I want you to unzip your pants for me," Cindy said.

With trembling fingers, Rick found his zipper and unzipped his
pants. Cindy reached over, felt his already hard cock and pulled it
out from his underwear. Rick's cock was as hard as he had ever seen
it. The head of his cock was purple and he was leaking pre-cum

"Ok, move closer to Becky now," Cindy said to Rick.

Hesitating, Rick inched closer. As he did, he looked around the Mall
to see if anyone was watching. What he saw surprised him, sitting at
a table not far away was his wife Mary.

"Oh fuck, I'm screwed." Rick said to Cindy.

"What's wrong?"

"It's my wife Mary sitting over there," he said to Cindy as he
pointed in Mary's direction.

Cindy let go of Rick's cock, straightened her dress and walked over
to Mary.

"Would you care to join us?" Cindy said to Mary.

"I thought you would never ask," Mary said.

The two women walked back over to Rick and Becky.

"Your husband has agreed to fuck my daughter for me," Cindy told Mary.

"I swear this old fucker will fuck anything!" Mary said laughing. "I
remember when our kids where young, he was always talking about
wanting to suck and lick our daughter's cunt and asshole, and he also
wanted to suck our son off!" Mary explained.

"Sorry, honey, I'm just an old fucking pervert!" Rick said to Mary.

As Rick was talking to Cindy and Mary, Becky reached up with her
little hand and placed it around Rick's cock.

"Mmmmmmm!!! That feels so fucking nice!" Rick said as Becky stroked
his cock.

Becky's little hand could not even go all the way around Rick's
cock. As she was stroking him, she reached up with her other hand and
played with his balls, cupping them in her little hand.

As Becky stroked Rick's cock, Cindy leaned over and whispered into
Mary's ear, "Isn't that fucking hot?"

"Yes, her hands are so small on his cock, but it looks like she is
enjoying it," Mary said.

Cindy reached over with her right arm and placed it around Mary's
shoulder and pulled her close to her. Mary leaned into Cindy. It had
been so long since she had been with another woman. Cindy touched
Mary's face and turned it to her and she lowered her lips to Mary's.
Their lips touched, and Cindy felt Mary's tongue on hers.

Rick looked down and watched the 2 year old stroke his cock. Even
though the little girl's fingers felt great on his cock, he wanted to
feel her lips and tongue on the end of his cock. Reaching down he ran
his fingers through her soft blond hair.

"How does it feel Rick?" Cindy said to him. "I told you my little
girl knows what she's doing."

"Honey, why don't you lick on Uncle Rick's cock for him?" Cindy
instructed her daughter.

Becky leaned closer to Rick. Her little tongue came out, and she
licked the tip of Rick's cock like a lollipop. Her tongue would start
under the tip of his cock, and then move up. She did this over and

Rick held little Becky's head with both hands and enjoyed the
sensation of Becky's tongue on his cock. As Becky sucked on the tip
of Rick's cock, Rick looked up again to find that several people had
gathered around and were watching him getting sucked off. To his
amazement, nobody said anything, but seemed to be as amazed at him
having this little girl sucking his cock.

Ending her kiss with Mary, Cindy reached down to the first button on
Mary's blouse and started to unbutton it. Opening Mary's blouse Cindy
found a low cut pink bra. Cupping Mary's left breast in her hand she
felt Mary's nipple through her bra.

"Take my bra off Cindy. I want you to suck on my nipples!" Mary said.

Mary's bra unhooked in the front. With one quick motion, Mary's bra
came open and Cindy leaned down and took Mary's right nipple into her

"Mmmmmmm!! Becky, your tongue feels so good on my cock." Rick said.
"You like sucking cock, don't you?"

Taking her lips off of Rick's cock, Becky nodded her head yes.

"I think it's time you get my little girl ready to fuck, Rick." Cindy
said to Rick. "Becky, get off of the bench and stand in front of
Uncle Rick."

"Rick, I want you to help Becky off with her dress." Rick turned
Becky around and unzipped her dress. He pulled her little dress down
and it fell to the floor.

Becky now stood in front of Rick in only her little girl pink panties.

"Honey I want you to hold the top of your panties open for Uncle
Rick," Cindy told her daughter.

"Rick, it's time to get Becky ready to fuck. I want you to feel her
cunt and see if she is wet."

Rick took his right hand and reached into Becky's panties. His
finger tips felt her bald little pussy lips. Using his middle finger
he pushed deeper and felt her pussy lips part. He then felt her

"Is she wet ,Rick?" Cindy asked.

"Yes!" Rick answered.

"Do you like my little girl's pussy?"

"Yes!" Rick said.

"Do you want to suck her pussy, Rick?"

"Yes!!!" Rick said.

"Before you do, I want you to come over here and let Mary taste my
little girl's cunt juice." Cindy told him.

Rick removed his hand from Becky's panties, got up off the bench and
came over and offered Mary his wet fingers. Mary took his middle
finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Does my little baby girl taste good?" she asked Mary.

"She tastes delicious!" Mary answered.

Once again Rick looked at all the people who had gathered around to
watch. Some were watching, while others were in different stages of
undressing. To his right were two older guys, one was on his knees
and was sucking the other guy off. Rick watched as he deep throated
his partner.

"Becky, get back up on the bench honey," Cindy said to her daughter.
"Rick, take her panties off, then have her lean back on the bench and
suck on her cunt."

Becky got up on the bench, and Rick reached up, hooked his fingers
on the top of Becky's panties and pulled them down to her ankles.
Becky leaned back and Rick looked down at her sweet little pussy
staring back at him. Taking her legs and spreading them, Rick
lowered his head down to her pussy.

"I want you to eat her good, Rick. She loves to have her pussy
licked and sucked!" Cindy told him.

Rick found that his tongue was the same size as Becky's pussy. The
tip of his tongue was by her asshole with one motion her licked her
from her asshole to her clit.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!" moaned Becky.

Rick was now mesmerized. This was heaven he thought as he worked his
tongue all over little Becky's pussy. He licked all over her pussy
and pussy lips; he pushed his tongue deep into her cunt. He then
spent several minutes licking and tongue fucking her little asshole.

"Boy, your daughter sure does like to have her cunt eaten, doesn't
she?" Mary said to Cindy.

"Yes she does! I know several times during the week, she comes into
my bedroom and asks, 'Mommy do you have time to eat my pussy?' "

"You eat you own daughter?" Mary asked.

"Hell, yes! She loves it and I love doing it to her!" Cindy said.

Rick was now shaking with anticipation, thinking about sticking his
cock into that little cunt. He asked Cindy, "Can I fuck her now?"

"Yes, but I want to make sure you are nice and hard before you fuck
her," Cindy said. Cindy took Mary's hand and led her over to Becky
and Rick.

"Mary, I want you to suck on your husband's cock while I get some KY
Jelly out and get Becky ready to fuck Rick," Cindy said.

Mary got down on her knees and Rick grabbed her head and pushed his
cock down her throat. He held her head and fucked her mouth like a
pussy. Cindy reached into her diaper bag, pulled out a tube of KY,
opened it, and squeezed a large glob onto her fingers. She sat down
next to her daughter and spread the KY all over her little daughter's
cunt. She pushed her index finger into her daughter's cunt, it slid
in, and Cindy felt the warmth of her daughter's tight little cunt.

"Mary, I want you to come and kneel next to your husband and I want
you to help him get his cock in my daughter's cunt." Rick came over
and knelt down in front of Becky. "Honey, spread your legs for Uncle
Rick," Cindy told her daughter. Cindy reached over and held one of
Becky's legs for her.

"Mary, take your husband's cock and move it up and down on Becky's
cunt." Mary reached in, took her husband cock in her hand. Rick
leaned forward and watched as his wife moved his cock up and down on
Becky's wet cunt lips. Rick was surprised to see how far her cunt
lips spread when Mary moved it over Becky's lips.

"Are you ready, Rick?" Cindy asked him.

"If I don't fuck her soon, I'm going to cum all over her cunt." Rick
said trying to control his breathing.

"Okay, Mary, hold his cock still while Rick starts to push!" Cindy

Rick looked down and started to push his cock into this tight little
2 year old cunt. The head of his cock spread her cunt lips wide. He
then felt Mary's fingers stroking his cock.

"Fuck, don't do that honey! I'll cum before I can even fuck her!"
Rick said to his wife.

Pushing a little harder, Rick felt his cock starting to enter
Becky's cunt.

"Fuck! She is SOOOOOOOOOOO tight!" Rick said.

"Take your time, Rick," Cindy said to him. "I want my little girl to
remember this moment."

Cindy reached down and held her daughters hips still so Rick could
push harder into her.

They all looked as Rick's cock went a little deeper, and then even
deeper. He now had about 2" in her. Mary was now caught up in the
moment, she reached around Rick's ass and found his balls hanging
down and she cupped them in her hands and massaged them. She leaned
over and sucked on his left nipple. Rick moved his hips back and
forth, slowly trying to get more of his cock deeper into Becky's
cunt. He reached down, pushed Cindy's hands away from her daughter's
hips and replaced them with his own. Holding her hips he thrusted
harder and his cock was now buried deep into Becky's cunt.

"Yes, that's it, Rick! FUCK MY DAUGHTER!" Cindy yelled.

"How does it feel honey?" Cindy asked her daughter.

"He big, Mommy!" Becky answered.

Rick knew he was not going to last long. His wife was playing with
his balls and now his asshole. He was fucking the tightest cunt he
had ever fucked, and the little girl was enjoying it.

Slowly Rick pushed his cock in and out of Becky. He would watch her
cunt lips spread open as he pushed deeply into her. He watched his
shiny cunt juice covered cock come out. In and out, in and out.

"YES!!! THAT'S IT, RICK!! FUCK HER!!!" Cindy said to him. "PUSH YOUR

Rick could feel his balls starting to fill up with cum. He fucked
Becky harder and harder. Holding her hips and driving his cock in and
out of her like a piston.

"OH, FUCK....I'M GOING TO CUM!!" Rick yelled. He held Becky's hips
tight, drove his cock deep into her. He felt his first blast of cum
shooting into her little cunt, then another and another.

Cindy looked to see Rick's cum leaking out of Becky's cunt onto the
floor. He had filled her cunt, and now the rest was leaking out.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!" Rick yelled again. "I CAN'T STOP

As he empty his balls, Rick could now feel Mary's finger deep up his
asshole, adding to the sensation.

"Fill my daughter up with your cum, Rick!!!" Cindy said.

With his cock still buried deep in Becky's cunt, Rick held onto her
hips and felt the warmth of her tight little cunt and his cock. It
was so FUCKING TIGHT. The warmth of all of his cum added to the

"Now the good part, Rick. I want you to get down on your knees and
suck all of your cum out of my daughters cunt!" Cindy told Rick.

Rick pulled his cock slowly out of popped as it came
out....cum now running out of her cunt. Rick spread the little girl's
legs, and licking up from her asshole, he cleaned the front of
Becky's cunt. He then placed his mouth over her little cunt and
sucked out the rest of his cum.

"Don't swallow all of it, Rick, I want you to share it with Mary,"
Cindy said.

"Mary, get down on the floor and lick Rick's cum up that leaked out
of Becky." Removing her finger from Rick's asshole, she got down on
her hands and knees and licked all of Rick's cum up off the floor.

"Now turn over and let Rick drip his cum from his mouth into yours!"
Cindy instructed Mary.

Rick lowered his face to Mary's, opened his mouth and let a huge
glob of cum fall into his wife's open mouth. When all of it was in
Mary's mouth, Cindy told her to sit up. Cindy went over to Mary and
then kissed her, passing Rick's cum back and forth in their mouths.

You could now hear all the groaning and moaning as several of the
people in the crowd were now cumming also. Cindy went over, took
Becky in her arms, and gave her a big wet kiss.

"Did you like your first cock, honey?" Cindy asked Becky. Her little
2-year-old daughter nodded her head and smiled as she said, "YES!!!"

Cindy reached down, and slid her middle finger up her daughter's
cunt. Slowly she finger fucked her daughter, getting her finger nice
and wet. Withdrawing her finger, she held it up in the air and said,

Fucking Becky at McDonald's (Written by Rick)

My name's Rick and I love sex with girls of all ages, especially the
real young ones.

After I fucked Becky at the mall, Cindy and I made plans to get
together again and again to play with little Becky. A week after I
fucked Becky at the mall, Cindy and I met at McDonald's for some fun.
Cindy wanted Becky to be the youngest fuckslut ever and couldn't wait
to see her being fucked in public again.

When I walked in, Cindy and Becky were sitting at a booth in the
side dining area. Becky was wearing little white shorts and a pink 

When she saw me, Becky started clapping her hands and squealed,
"It's Uncle Rick! Is he gonna fuck me?"

Cindy just laughed and said, "Would you like Uncle Rick to fuck you,

Becky said, "Yes! I like his cock!"

Cindy smiled and said, "And do you want to suck his cock, Becky?"

Becky said, "Yes! Can I do it here?"

Cindy said, "Of course you can, Becky! You know how much I like to
watch you play with cocks and cunts in public places!"

I went to the counter and got some drinks and came back to the
booth. I looked at Cindy and said, "Would you do me a favor, Cindy?"

"Sure! I just hope it's a nasty favor!"

"Would you take off Becky's shorts and eat her on the table? I want
to see your tongue inside Becky's cunt!"

Cindy and Becky both smiled and Becky jumped up on the table as
Cindy started undoing Becky's shorts and then pulled them off. A
teenaged girl was walking past with a young girl about five years old
who was probably her sister. The young girl looked at Cindy and Becky
as Becky was now naked below the waist and said to her sister,
"What's she doing with that little girl, Debbie?"

The teenager stopped and said, "I'm not sure, Kathy. Do you want to

"Yes!" Kathy said.

Cindy looked at the girls and said, "This is Becky. She's two years
old and I'm going to lick her pretty cunt!"

Becky was very excited to have people watching and she said, "And my
asshole, too?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Yes, Becky! I'll lick your asshole, too!"

Debbie and Kathy just stared as Cindy spread little Becky's legs and
started licking her tiny slit. Becky giggled as Cindy's tongue split
her slit open and pushed inside her cunt. Her sweet little cunt was
much more flexible than almost all two year old cunts due to all the
sex she'd had in her short life.

Cindy then covered Becky's pussy with her mouth and pushed her
tongue deep inside Becky's cunt, wiggling it around to get Becky's
juice on it. Then she pulled her mouth off and showed her wet tongue
to the girls before she swallowed the juice.

"Put it back and suck, please!!" Becky pleaded.

"Mmmmm!! Yes!!" I said. "Please suck Becky's cunt out!"

Cindy was so wet as she stared at Becky's waiting cunt. She smiled
at Becky and said, "Okay, baby! I'll suck you real good now!"

Then Cindy covered Becky's pussy again with her mouth and sucked
away, trying to eat as much two year old cuntjuice as she could. We
could tell Cindy was really drilling her tongue deep inside Becky,
tongue-fucking her as she ate her.

"Damn, that's so beautiful!" I said as I watched Cindy eat little
Becky. "Does she taste good?"

Cindy lifted her head with juice stringing from her lips. She just
let it hang there, knowing how nasty it looked, and said, "I'd rather
eat young cunts than food anyday! Hold her legs up for me now and
I'll eat her little asshole for you!"

I held Becky's legs up and apart as Cindy winked at Kathy and
covered Becky's cute pink asshole with her mouth. Once again, we
could tell Cindy was drilling her tongue inside Becky's asshole and
tongue-fucking it. Then I let go of one leg and moved my fingers to
Becky's tiny clit and tickled it. Becky giggled and laughed as we
played with her.

Debbie and Kathy were watching everything and Cindy noticed their
interest. She pulled back and licked her lips and said, "Would you
girls like to taste Becky? Her cunt is really yummy!"

Kathy was one of those cute, aggressive youngsters who wasn't at all
shy. She looked up at Debbie and said, "Can I? It looks like fun! And
Becky seems to love it!"

Debbie was obviously aware of how nasty this was, but she looked
like she was anything but a virgin. Her hip-hugger jeans and tight
cut-off t-shirt with no bra sort of said 'I like to fuck' and we
could tell she was excited. I was guessing Debbie wanted to see her
young sister eating a pussy. I was also guessing Debbie had the hots
for Kathy. Kathy was wearing a short skirt and a loose top. She was
way too young for a bra.

"Okay, Kathy. But just for a minute." Debbie said cautiously.

Cindy helped Kathy get between her legs so Kathy was looking right
at little Becky's pussy. Cindy carefully put her arms around Kathy
and started rubbing her legs, slowly working her hands up farther and
farther as Kathy reached out to touch Becky's pussy.

"'s soft!" Kathy said happily.

"And it's really juicy!" Cindy said. "Go ahead and taste it! I can't
wait to see your little tongue licking Becky's cunt!"

Kathy leaned her head forward and softly licked Becky's slit. Becky
giggled and said, "More, please!"

So Kathy put her hands on Becky's little thighs and leaned in and
licked her again and then turned to Debbie and said, "She tastes
really good, Debbie! I wanna keep licking her!"

Kathy went back to licking Becky's slit and Cindy said, "Now push
your tongue inside her slit, Kathy! She likes it when you stick it in
deep! Go ahead and spread it open with your fingers and then suck on
her cunt! Then just eat all the tasty juice inside her!"

Cindy and I were trying to conceal our excitement as Kathy went from
licking Becky to sucking her cunt and then eating her juice.
Meanwhile, Cindy had worked her hands up under Kathy's skirt and was
feeling her five year old pussy.

Cindy winked at me as she said, "I'm feeling Kathy's pussy, Rick! I
think I'll push her panties into her cunt now and get them wet. Then
I'll take them off and suck on them! I'm betting Debbie wants to eat

Debbie heard what Cindy said, of course. Cindy wanted to see how
she'd react. Debbie sat down on my side of the booth and said,
"You're right. I want to eat Kathy so bad I can't stand it. Everytime
I eat my girlfriend, I dream of sucking on Kathy's pussy."

"Maybe we can help you, Debbie," Cindy said, "as long as we get to
eat her, too."

"Mmmmmm. Let's all eat her!" Debbie sighed.

"Are you willing to eat her right here?" Cindy asked as she pressed
Kathy's panties into her young cunt.

"Yes! Anywhere!" Debbie said as she put a hand between her legs to
squeeze her pussy.

I was listening to Debbie as I watched Kathy sucking Becky's cunt
with more enthusiasm.

"That's really nice, Kathy," Cindy said, "now let's get your panties
off so I can taste your pretty pussy! You just keep eating Becky
while I slide them off."

Cindy slid Kathy's panties down and off and then brought them to her
face and smelled them as she sucked them. Then she handed them to
Debbie and put her hands back under Kathy's skirt to play with her
naked cunt.

"Becky loves your mouth, Kathy!" Cindy said as she worked her
fingers along Kathy's slit. "Spread your pretty legs for me now while
you suck on Becky's cunt so I can fuck you with my fingers!"

Kathy spread her legs over Cindy's and seemed to like it as Cindy
pushed a finger inside her hole. Cindy fingered her for a few
minutes, stopping occasionally to suck her finger.

"Okay, Kathy," Cindy said, "it's time for Uncle Rick to fuck Becky!
And it's time for you to lay down on the table beside Becky so your
sister can eat you!"

Cindy helped get Kathy up on the table and then she slipped out of
the booth and I came over and slid in. We pushed the table back so I
could stand to fuck Becky. Debbie moved in and sat beside me while
Cindy stood and watched the action. Debbie pulled Kathy's skirt up
and gasped with lust when she looked at Kathy's naked wet pussy in
front of her.

"I've been wanting to eat you since you were born, Kathy!" Debbie
panted. "I'm going to suck every drop of juice out of that sexy
little cunt of yours and eat it!!"

"Do it, Debbie!" Kathy purred. "Eat my pussy!"

Debbie just attacked Kathy's pussy with her hungry mouth. Her tongue
was flying up and down and in and out of Kathy's slit as Kathy
giggled and moaned from her first cuntlicking.

While Debbie ate Kathy, I held little Becky as she spread her legs.
She remembered her first fuck at the mall and she couldn't wait to
have her tiny cunt split open again by my hard cock. The first inch
went in fairly easy. Then the fun came as I had to really shove hard
to get each additional inch inside her.

After I had three inches in her, I said, "Do you want it all, Becky?
Do you want me to shove my whole cock up your tight little cunt?"

Becky said, "Yes! I want your dick!"

Cindy wasn't sure what to watch. She was loving the sight of Debbie
eating her younger sister and she didn't want to miss seeing my cock
disappear inside Becky's tiny cunt.

"Work your cock all the way in, Rick!" Cindy urged. "Then pick her
up and let her ride it! Fill her with cum!!"

Debbie was swallowing fresh juice from Kathy's cunt and rubbing
Kathy's clit with a finger. Cindy had stuck a hand down her pants and
was masturbating as she watched the perverted display of incest and
baby fucking.

"Unnnnnnngh!!" I grunted as I shoved my cock another inch into
Becky's baby vagina. I had close to five inches buried inside her now
with just an inch to go. I picked her up off the table and just let
her hold my hands as she sat suspended on my cock. Then I put my
hands on her shoulders and shoved her down hard. Now she had my
entire cock! She looked like a toy impaled on a fencepost.

Cindy rubbed herself faster now, knowing little Becky had my whole
cock in her cunt.

"Good girl, Becky!!" Cindy gasped. "You're so lucky to be fucked by
Uncle Rick's big cock! You give him a really good fuck now!"

Becky loved having my cock totally inside her. "Bounce me!" she said.

I put my hands around her small body and started fucking her up and
down on my cock. That's when I finally realized that about 20 people,
half of them kids, were watching me fuck Becky. Some mothers were
feeling their daughters and one mother was giving her young son a

Debbie suddenly stopped eating Kathy and said, "Turn over, Kathy! I
want to eat your asshole!"

Kathy rolled over and Debbie had her get up on her hands and knees
and then she spread her tight little ass and started sucking her

When I saw that, I just exploded in Becky's cunt. I held her tight
as I pulled my cock almost out of her and then just rammed it all the
way back in. Becky tried to wrap her little legs around my hips so
her cunt would stretch as far as possible.

Wow! What a great fuck!

Cindy was so happy she just beamed watching Becky being fucked by a
real cock again. She gasped, "This time, I get to eat your cum out of

After I finished exploding in Becky, I pulled my cock out with that
familiar "pop" and loved the feeling. I handed Becky over the table
and Cindy just held her up high above her mouth and let the cum drain
into her open mouth and ate it as Becky held her legs around Cindy's
face .

"Feed Becky some cunt, Cindy!" I said.

After Cindy finished sucking the last of the cum out of Becky's
cunt, she put her down on the floor and lifted her skirt so Becky
could pull Cindy's panties down and just lick her clit right there.

"Mmmmmmm!! That's perfect, baby!" Cindy said. "Just suck on Mommy's
clit real good and let me cum in your sweet little mouth! That should
make Uncle Rick hard again so you can suck his cock!"

Becky was just the right height to stand and look up and eat Cindy's
cunt. She sucked Cindy's clit as she had done many times before and
giggled when Cindy moaned and climaxed in her mouth. By then I had
climbed over Debbie, who was still eating Kathy, and Becky turned and
took my hardening cock in her tiny mouth.

"Good girl, Becky!!" Cindy said. "Suck the rest of Uncle Rick's cum
off his nice cock! You suck it real good while I watch Debbie eat her

Debbie heard Cindy and she pulled away from Kathy's ass for a moment
and said, "Kathy's asshole is just as yummy as her cunt!"

"Pull Kathy's cunt open so I can see inside it, Debbie!" Cindy

Debbie turned Kathy's body so Cindy could see better and then she
spread Kathy's tight cuntlips with her thumbs and said, "Would you
like a taste?"

"Yes, I would!!" Cindy answered. "Slide her over here!!"

Kathy was loving having her young twat eaten. She gladly stayed on
her hands and knees as Cindy leaned over and shoved her tongue in
Kathy's moist cunt and sucked hard. Cindy ate Kathy's pussy and also
munched on her asshole. I knew Cindy was soaking her panties as she
ate the five year old. She stopped just in time to watch me shoot a
second load of spunk into Becky's mouth.

"Swallow as much as you can, baby!" Cindy said. "You need your cum
and cuntjuice everyday!"

It was amazing to watch this little two year old gobble down the cum
shooting from my cock as I listened to Cindy encouraging her. She ate
as much as she could and then looked up and pointed to Kathy's cunt
and said, "Me eat her, too?"

Kathy looked around at Becky and smiled as she said, "You wanna eat
from my cunt, too, Becky? Let me move into a better position for you!"

Then Kathy turned and sat at the edge of the table with her legs
spread wide open while Cindy put Becky on her knee so Becky's mouth
would be at the right level to lick Kathy's slit.

"Now open her cunt like I've taught you, Becky," Cindy said. "Good
girl! Now push your mouth in there and eat it!"

"Oh, fuck! That's so hot!" Debbie said as she watched little Becky
eating her sister's cunt. Debbie undid her jeans and pulled them down
so we could see her soggy cunt with her pretty strip of fur above her
clit. Then she dipped a finger inside her hole and moved her gooey
fingertip to her clit and started masturbating while we watched.

Taking a chance, I said to Debbie, "I'd love to eat that for you!"

Debbie panted, "Yes!! Take off my jeans and eat me! Please!!!"

So I reached down and removed Debbie shoes and then pulled her jeans
off as she spread her beautiful teenaged legs for me. I got down on
my knees and stared at Debbie's very wet cunt and touched her clit
with my finger.

"Use your mouth and eat me!! Please do it!!" Debbie pleaded. "Please
make me cum! And suck some juice in your mouth and feed it to me! I
want to eat myself!"

I guessed Debbie to be about 13 years old and very well developed
for her age. Her clit was swelling up and her pussy was kind of red
and puffy. Goo was leaking out of her hole as I leaned in and licked
it up and then sucked on her clit. Then I moved down and sucked up a
big mouthful of Debbie's honey and swallowed it. Then I did it again
and moved up to feed it to her.

Debbie swallowed her honey quickly and gasped, "I love the taste of
my cunt! I eat it everyday! Keep eating and make me cum!!"

I ate her good while Becky was eating Kathy and Cindy was fingering

After Debbie came in my mouth, we decided we'd better get Becky home
for a nap. So we said good-bye to Debbie and Kathy as Debbie had
returned to eating her sister again. The last we saw of them, Debbie
had Kathy's hips lifted off the table so she could bury her face in
Kathy's cunt. Kathy just smiled at us and waved.


End of the story. Send comments to Cindy at [email protected] or to
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