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To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

Dani Does The Right Thing   
The Prequel 

I have had some requests to go into more detail about Dani's life
between the age of eleven when she was first abused by her
stepfather and the age fourteen when she finally ran away. Since
I am not in the middle of anything at the moment I thought I
would give writing a prequel a shot.

I was raised by a single mom until I was nine. I didn't much
notice that my family wasn't like everyone else's until I was
five or six. They say you can't miss what you never had, but I
can recall laying in bed at night and fantasizing about having a
loving, protecting father to watch over me and take me and my mom
places. The older I got the more often I indulged in that
fantasy. But the man in my fantasy never had a face.

My mother almost never dated during those years. I could count on
one hand the times she had gone out with someone when I was
younger. And I don't recall her ever going on a second date with
anyone. Not until she met Pug Franklin. 

Pug seemed to be everything my mother was looking for in a man.
He was big and strong and a real "take charge" kind of guy. He
had his own business and knew what he wanted out of life. In many
ways he was the archetypical male chauvinist pig. Just exactly
what the average women's libber was up in arms about. And just
exactly the kind of man my mother was looking for. 

Pug recognized the submissive streak in my mother immediately. He
had found the woman he was looking for, and the fact that she had
a cute little daughter was a huge bonus. He started taking over
our lives. He began in the traditional way, taking my mother out
to dinner and a movie. Mom was swept right off of her feet.

So was I. Almost immediately Pug started including me in their
dates. He would take us to the zoo, or to a movie. We went to the
circus when it came to town. He courted me just like he did my
mother, and I fell for him just like my mom did. Now the loving,
protective father in my fantasies had a face. He looked just
exactly like Pug. When Pug would pick me up and hold me in his
lap I was so happy I could almost purr.

I guess he had mom purring too, because within four months of
their first meeting they were engaged. Two months later they were
married. Mom and I moved out of our apartment into Pug's nice
large house. It was the first time we had ever lived in a house.
It was a very exciting time. And Pug spoiled me rotten. He was
always bringing me little presents home. All of those dolls that
my friends had but mom could never afford to give me. He built me
a huge doll house. If a genie had given me three wishes right
then, there would have been nothing for me to wish for. I had it

The entire first year that we lived with Pug was pretty close to
heaven. Mom was just as happy as I was. She had quit her job at
Pug's insistence and was now a stay at home mom. She happily
cooked and cleaned and waited on Pug hand and foot. 

There were never any arguments. Mom always did as she was told,
and so did I. But after a year Pug started making changes. One
evening Pug told mom that he thought that she was a beautiful
woman and it was time that she started dressing more like it. He
told her that the next day, Saturday, we would go shopping for a
new wardrobe for her. He said that she needed to start wearing
shorter skirts and sexier tops, showing off a little.

My mother was not happy to hear that. She was a very shy and
conservative person. From the sounds I heard coming from their
bedroom from time to time she enjoyed sex. But sex and sexuality
and sexiness were all reserved for Pug and only in the bedroom.
She tried to explain to him that she was quite happy with the
clothing she had now and it wasn't necessary to go spending a lot
of money on clothes that she probably wouldn't even wear.

I was in the room for this discussion, but not really paying much
attention. For some reason, though, I had been looking at Pug
when my mother said that. The look that came over his face
terrified me, and I think my mother too.

Pug stood up and took my mother's hand and pulled her along
quickly to their bedroom. I only heard, "DON'T YOU EVER" before
the door slammed and then I could only hear his loud but
indistinct voice coming from the back of the house. 

I didn't know what was going on, but I was scared. I didn't know
if they were coming back out to the living room and it was almost
my bed time so I picked up my things and turned the light off and
went to my bedroom. I put my pajamas on and went to bed and lay
there in the dark wondering what had happened.

It was probably fifteen minutes later that Pug came in and said
goodnight. He sat on the edge of the bed and said that he was
sorry I had to see that. He explained that sometimes my mother
forgot her place and needed correcting. It didn't mean that he
didn't still love her. He sat me up and hugged me close and said,
"And of course I will always love you Dani."

Pug kissed me on the forehead and laid me back down and tucked me
and said goodnight and all was well with the world again. I
wasn't sure what my mother had done, but I was glad that he had
gotten it straightened out.

The next day at breakfast mom was very quiet, not her usual
chipper self. But Pug acted like everything was normal and he
wasn't mad so I just ate my breakfast and Pug and I talked about

After breakfast I was cleaning off the table and helping clean up
the kitchen. The trash can was full so I tied the bag up and
pulled it out of the can and took it out back to the garbage can.
To my amazement I saw that both cans were full to overflowing and
there were large trash bags piled beside them. I looked inside a
few of them and realized that all of my mother's clothes had been
thrown away!

I went back inside and started to ask my mom what was going on
but she shushed me. I replaced the trash bag and went to sit down
in my seat at the kitchen table but Pug grabbed me and pulled me
into his lap. 

"You curious about what happened to your mother's clothes, Dani?"
he asked.

I nodded.

"Your mom is a beautiful woman, isn't she?" he asked.

I guess most kids think their mom's are beautiful. But my mom
really was. She had long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She
had a figure like one of the girl's in Pug's "Playboy Magazine".
I know because he left them all around the house and he didn't
mind if I looked at them. Mom had tried to object but Pug
insisted that I would benefit from them.

I said, "Yes sir, mom is the prettiest woman I ever saw!"

"I think so too," said Pug. "But she dresses like an old bag lady
or something! So today we are going to go shopping and buy her a
bunch of pretty clothes so she can stop hiding how pretty she is.
Maybe we'll even buy you a dress or two. OK?"

I didn't know what my mom could possibly be so upset about. That
sounded like a great idea to me. I know I would love to be
getting a whole bunch of new clothes! I nodded my agreement to
Pug and he gave me a hug and kissed my cheek and put me back

Then we went shopping. It was the strangest shopping trip ever.
We went to the mall first. But we didn't get much there. We went
to Victoria's Secret and Pug and mom picked out some real pretty,
lacy underwear. But not much because Pug said she only needed
underwear for special occasions. They also bought me some new
panties. I had no need for a bra yet.

We stopped in a store that sold kids clothes and Pug bought me
two dresses. Mom thought that they were too short but one look
from Pug and she shut up.

After Pug had paid for the dresses he picked out for me we went
out  to the car and he drove to a place called Sweet Nothings. We
went in and when I looked around I saw that it was sort of like
Victoria's Secret except they had more dresses and blouses and
stuff than underwear. 

Pug started picking out clothes for mom and handing them to her.
When her arms were full we went to the changing rooms. There were
several of them lined up along one wall of the store. There was a
man waiting for a girl in one of the booths to try something on.
And there was another man who was apparently alone and shopping
for something for his wife I guess. So I was really surprised
when Pug held the door open while mom took her dress off so that
she could try on one of the new dresses. 

I was really surprised that she was naked under her dress. But
even more surprised that she would get undressed right there in
front of everyone. She looked real embarrassed, but she didn't
say anything or try to hide or nothing! I glanced at the two men
who were nearby and they were both staring at my mom too.

Mom tried on all of the dresses and she really looked hot in
them. they were short and tight and a few of them were so thin
you could see her boobs through them. I mean you could actually
see her nipples!

Mom wasn't too happy about the new clothes, but she looked great
in them. Pug took all of them and set them by the cash register
and they went through more racks and picked out more stuff. Short
skirts and sexy blouses and short shorts and halter tops and all
kinds of stuff that she ended up trying on in front of the
growing crowd of customers. 

She looked real sexy in the clothes and Pug ended up buying
everything, except a couple of times I had to take something back
to the rack and pick the next smaller size. The total cost was
over nine hundred dollars when they finally added it all up. It
took all three of us and one of the clerks two trips to carry it
all to the car.

That was when things started to change. It took a while for mom
to get comfortable in her new clothes, but eventually she
accepted it. She really did look hot. But eventually she started
to seem more like her old chipper self and began acting normally
around me and Pug. 

All was fine until one day Pug came home from work and he went
directly to the kitchen to talk to mom. I saw his face as he went
past the living room and he was upset about something. I heard
him say something loudly, but I didn't understand what he was
talking about. Then he pulled my mother back to their bedroom and
I heard him yelling at her. 

I got nervous and decided to go to my room and as I got close to
their bedroom I heard the sound of my mother being spanked. I
didn't know what I was hearing at first. I stood in the hall in
shock as I heard the loud smack of flesh hitting flesh and my
mothers cries of pain. I ran into my room and closed the door and
was dismayed at how loud the noises coming from down the hall
still sounded. He must be hitting her very hard. I finally lay on
my bed and put my pillow over my head and blocked out most of the

The sounds finally stopped, except for my mother's quiet sobbing.
That too quickly quieted down and then I heard their door open.
My mother went to the kitchen to finish getting supper ready and
Pug came into my room and sat on my bed.

He saw that I was scared and he pulled me into his arms and
hugged me and said he was sorry that I had been scared but that
my mother had been very bad and he had no choice but to punish
her. That was part of his job as a husband.

He was holding me close and his hand was on my thigh, rubbing me,
calming me. He assured me that he still loved my mom and me, but
sometimes he had to be stern. Then he stood me up and patted me
on the backside and told me to wash up for dinner.

Mom was quiet at dinner. She looked embarrassed, but she had
stopped crying and seemed to be getting over it. I wondered what
she had done wrong, but I was afraid to ask. 

After dinner I was informed that I would have a baby sitter
tonight because they were going to a party. I was happy about
that because that must mean they weren't mad.

I watched TV while they got dressed and when mom came out to
leave I was shocked. The dress she was wearing was short and
tight and almost see through. It was black, but when she stood in
the light you could see her skin through the black mesh. I
couldn't believe she would wear it out. But she did. 

I sat and watched TV with my babysitter until they got home just
before midnight. When I heard them coming in the front door I ran
to say hi but when I saw my mother I came to a sudden halt. Her
hair was all messed up and she had something all over her face
and she had a terrible smell. And she had a look in her eyes like
an animal caught in a trap. 

But Pug seemed quite happy. He was smiling and he grabbed me and
picked me up and kissed me and asked me if I had a good time. I
nodded and said, "What's wrong with mom?"

"She had a bit more partying that she is used to I'm afraid. But
don't worry, she'll be OK in the morning. She just needs a little

I found out later that this was the first night that Pug shared
her with his friend. 

Mom was never quite the same after that. She did all of the
things she was supposed to do, and said the things she was
supposed to say, but she never seemed quite the same.

I was changing too. My breasts were beginning to grow, at first
just puffy little nipple protruding slightly from my flat chest,
but then it seemed like almost over night they were recognizable
as breasts. Pug frequently complimented me on how fast I was
growing up and what a pretty young lady I was becoming. Sometimes
he even put his hand on one of my boobs and squeezed it. I knew
enough to know he wasn't supposed to do that, but I looked at mom
and I knew she saw him, and she didn't say anything. So I didn't
say anything. 

Mom took me to get a training bra, but I almost had an A cup by
the time we got around to it. I was pretty self conscious about
it. It seemed like all the boys, even all the old men were always
looking at my boobs. I don't know if I was upset because they
were too small or too big. I was beginning to realize that they
were powerful though.

Things coasted along like this for a little while, several weeks
anyway, until mom did something else to make Pug mad. Something
to do with the household budget. I was in the living room doing
my homework when Pug came home and sat down. Mom brought him a
beer and the mail and he started opening the envelopes.

I almost screamed when he suddenly yelled, "Gina! Get your ass in

Mom came rushing in, her face was white as a sheet.

He handed her a piece of paper, a bank statement and said, "Can
you explain this?"

She didn't say anything, at least not anything that made sense.
She stuttered a few words that didn't mean anything and then just
said, "I'm sorry Sir. I didn't realize I went over."

Pug placed the mail on the table beside him and pulled my mother
down over his lap. He pulled her skirt up and yanked her
underwear down and as she begged him not to do this in front of
me he started spanking her. Hard! It hurt me to hear it. 

Mom was howling in pain when he finally finished and he stood her
up and made her stand in the corning with her skirt up to her

That was the first time I had seen him spank her. It would not be
the last.

I stood up to go to my room but as I neared him Pug pulled me
into his lap and told me not to be upset. He was just doing his
job as a husband and daddy like he explained before. Discipline
was important, he explained and it was his job to maintain it. As
he talked his hand slid up my thigh and his thumb was resting
right against my pussy, separated only by the thin nylon of my
underwear. I had noticed that lately it seemed like every time I
was pulled into his lap his hand got farther up under my dress,
or spent more time touching one of my quickly growing breasts. 

This was the first time he had touched my pussy though and I
gasped at the touch and the sensations it caused. He ignored my
reactions and continued calming me down and finally he just held
me in his arms for a while, with his thumb softly pressed against
my pussy the entire time.

Finally he sent my mother back to finish supper and I saw when
she walked by us that she could see where his finger was, but she
said nothing.

That evening we went back to the clothing store where my mom had
gotten her new wardrobe a while back. I had to go to since they
hadn't arranged for the babysitter.

There were several couples at the store, shopping for the wives
or girlfriends, or whatever they were. Pug picked out several new
outfits for mom. They were even more revealing than the first
ones. And again she was forced to try them on with the changing
room door wide open. A crowd quickly gathered and I was so
embarrassed for my mother.

I was about to be more embarrassed. Pug said that he thought a
couple of those outfits would be perfect for me. He took me to
the racks and picked out several outfits that were about my size.

I had reservations. I thought they looked great on mom, but I was
only eleven! But I knew better than to argue with Pug. I could
just see myself thrown over Pug's lap with my bare butt getting
spanked right here in the store.

Maybe I should have gone for the spanking. Pug pushed my mother
out of the way and she stood there holding her new outfits while
Pug made me step into the changing booth and try on the new
outfits, with the door wide open and everyone watching. I was
mortified. I looked at my mother but she just looked own at the

I turned my back on the crowd and slipped my blouse and skirt off
and put on one of the new dresses. When I turned around I noticed
that most of the crowd was gone now. They obviously realized how
inappropriate it was for a girl my age to be changing in public.

I looked in the mirror and I have to admit I looked hot. Too hot
for an eleven year old, but still, it was good for my ego. For
the next dress I had to remove my bra, it wouldn't fit under the
dress. When I was covered up I turned around again and Pug really
loved this one. When I looked in the mirror I could easily see
why. My panties were about an inch from looking out from under my
skirt and my puffy little nipples stuck out proudly.

I noticed that two men were still standing nearby and watching as
I changed.

I turned back around and with my back to my audience I removed
the dress and put on the last one. When Pug had been given a
chance to approve of the last dress I turned back around and put
my own clothes back on. When I reached for my bra Pug said,
"Don't bother with that now. We have to get going."

I dropped the bra and put on my blouse. I was embarrassed at how
visible my young breasts were without the bra underneath the
light blouse. I picked up the new outfits and held them in front
of me and we went up to the cash register. One of the two men who
had been staring at me as I changed was the clerk! He smiled at
me and took my dresses from me and got a close look at my chest
before turning to his work.

Mom and I stood back and waited quietly. I didn't take a deep
breath until I was back in the car and on the way home. It had
been a pretty humiliating shopping trip. I could only imagine
what it had been like for mom who had been forced to strip naked
and face the crowd that was watching eagerly while she changed in
and out of the various outfits.

The next night Pug took mom out again and I had a babysitter
again. I had a new baby sitter this time. Apparently the old one,
the one that had been my baby sitter for years, wouldn't come
back after seeing the way mom came home the last time.

This time it was a man about Pug's age. I didn't like him much,
there was just something about him that made me uncomfortable. 

As they were leaving Pug told the babysitter to make sure I took
a shower and was in bed by ten since it was a school night. I saw
the look on my mother's face as they left. I wondered if she was
scared for me or for herself.

I was no longer allowed to wear pants or shorts so I was left
with only my uncomfortably short skirts and dresses. Every time I
looked at my new babysitter he seemed to be trying to look up my

I tried to watch TV for a while but my new babysitter kept trying
to talk to me. He kept asking me questions I thought were very
inappropriate. For instance he complimented me on my figure and
asked me what size my breasts were. He even asked me if I was
still a virgin! I told him I was going to go take a shower. 

I went to my room and shut my door. I undressed quickly and put
on my robe and went into the bathroom across the hall. I couldn't
lock the door. None of the doors in the house except the front
and back entry doors had locks on them. But I was so used to not
being able to lock the doors that I never even thought about it.
Not until I opened my eyes after I had rinsed off and realized
that the door was open. 

I peeked around the shower curtain and saw that I was alone so I
grabbed my towel and dried off quickly. Then I stepped out of the
tub and reached for my robe. I heard a noise and looked at the
door, but I didn't see anything. I hurried to my room and put on
my pajamas. 

I went to bed and turned out my light, but I was afraid to go to
sleep and I lay awake until I heard my mom and Pug come home. I
listened and heard Pug and the babysitter talking for a long
time. Then things got quiet for a while. I didn't know what was
going on because I knew that he was still here. After about
fifteen minutes I heard him leave and my parents come down the
hall and go into their bedroom.

Pug came in after a little while to check on me. He was in his
under shorts, which I assumed must be what he slept in, but he
smelled faintly of that same odor my mom had been reeking of
after their last night out. I didn't know what it was, but it was
mildly unpleasant. 

He saw that I was still awake and he asked me if I had a nice
evening. I told him that Ted, the new babysitter was a little
weird, but I didn't mention that I was pretty sure that he had
peeked at me in the shower. He gave me a hug and held me close
with his hand worming down into my pajama bottoms and running
lightly through the newly sprouted pubic hair hidden there. I had
become accustomed to his touching me this way. It made me
uncomfortable, but mom didn't say anything, and I didn't know who
else to complain to.

Pug chuckled and said, "Aw, Ted's OK. You just have to get used
to him. He has been a friend of mine for years.

"That explains a lot," I thought to myself.

The next day, I was playing a board game with the boy that lives
next door, Kevin, when my father came in from the garage after
noticing a scratch on the car. I related these events previously
in "Dani Does The Right Thing," but I include them here for
anyone who missed it.

Mom told Pug that someone had pushed a shopping cart into the car
in the grocery store parking lot a couple of days ago.

He was furious. First she had scratched the car, but more
seriously she had not told him. He pulled her across his lap,
right there in front of my friend and me, and flipped her skirt
up over her back, baring her bottom to us. I noticed that she
wasn't wearing underwear. 

Dad spanked her furiously, then he ordered her to stand in the
corner with her skirt up so that her red bottom was showing. 

My friend, who was thirteen at the time stared in awe at my mom's
backside for a minute and then, with a face as red as paint, said
that he guessed he should go home now.

But my dad said, "That's OK son. You two go ahead and play your
game. This is a good lesson for you. It is wonderful to have a
good woman in your life, but you have to keep your eye on them
all the time and the more discipline you give them the better
they behave. Ain't that right Gina?"

Mom was still crying quietly in the corner, but she managed to
choke out, "Yes sir."

Then he said to my friend, "You ever see a woman naked before

Kevin was as embarrassed as my mother and I were. He said
quietly, "No sir, never!"

"Get your ass over here, Gina!" my dad called to her and she
looked around at him.

"Sir, please, no, not in front of the kids! That's wrong. Please,
I can't," mom pleaded with him. I noticed that she no longer used
his name, or terms of endearment. If she called him anything at
all now it was "sir".

I saw the furious look on dad's face when she balked, and he
started to take his belt off. Mom gave in and rushed to his side.
"I'm sorry sir, please don't spank me any more."

Dad stopped taking his belt off, but left it unfastened in case
mom gave him anymore trouble.

"Take off that dress," dad ordered. "Kevin is almost a man. It's
about time he found out what a woman is all about."

I thought surely that my conservative, church going mother would
draw the line here. But I watched as that look of resignation I
saw on her face so often lately returned, and she reached around
and unfastened the catch at the top of her dress and then pulled
the zipper down her back. She allowed the top to slide off her
shoulders and down her arms and then she closed her eyes and slid
it down past her hips and let it fall to the floor.

Dad smiled and said to Kevin, "What do you think, boy, looks
pretty damn good for an old broad, don't she?"

"Yes sir!" Kevin exclaimed. "She's beautiful!"

"Yeah," dad said, "I make sure she stays in shape. You can go
ahead and get up and take a closer look if you want."

Kevin was looking at mom and the tears rolling down her cheeks,
and then he glanced at me and saw how shocked I was. He looked at
dad and said, "Are you sure sir? She's really crying and, well,
gee, I don't know."

"That's OK son. A lot of women cry when they get embarrassed. But
it's good for them to be embarrassed. Keeps them on their toes.
Right Gina?"

"Yes sir," mom said, just barely above a whisper.

"Besides," dad went on, "she is being punished. You should be
uncomfortable when you are being punished."

Kevin got to his feet and stepped closer to mom. He said, "Is it
OK Mrs. Franklin?"

Mom nodded her head and said, "Yes Kevin, whatever Mr. Franklin
says is OK."

I was embarrassed for her. I was embarrassed to be sitting here
watching. But I couldn't help admiring her beautiful figure. I
hoped I looked that good when I got to be her age.

Dad stood up and reached out and squeezed my mothers breast
gently, then hefted it in has hand as thought weighing it. "Look
at that tit!" he exclaimed proudly. "That is just about as
perfect a tit as you will ever see son. Go ahead, feel how firm
that is."

Kevin said, "That OK sir, I couldn't do that."

But dad wasn't taking no for an answer from anyone. "Now son, you
have a perfect learning opportunity here. I'd be real
disappointed if you didn't take advantage of it. Go ahead, put
your hand up and see how nice that feels."

Kevin did as he was told and with a look of total awe on his face
he gently wrapped one of his small hands around my mother's

He held it for a moment and then dad showed him how best to
caress a woman's breast and how to bring a nipple to attention.
He guided Kevin's head forward and instructed him on kissing and
sucking and gently biting on a woman's breast. 

After dad was satisfied that he had learned that lesson he made
my mother spread her legs apart and he showed Kevin all there was
to know about a woman's pussy. He showed Kevin how wet she was
and explained that that meant that my mom was excited and
enjoying herself. 

"Now watch this," dad said. Kevin and I both watched as dad
started sawing a couple of fingers in and out of my mother's
pussy and then he told Kevin to put his fingers on mom's clitoris
and rub it gently for a few minutes. 

I was shocked to see my mother have an orgasm at the hands of my
father and my friend. Dad explained to Kevin, and me since I was
listening, all about orgasms and told him that maybe next time he
would have mom teach him about fucking.

Then he turned to me and asked, "Were you paying attention Dani?
You're filling out pretty nicely and pretty soon you will be
standing right up there with your mom," he said with a look of
anticipation on his face.

I looked to my mother, but she said not a word.

Mom was ordered back to her corner, but this time she was to
stand with her back to the wall. Kevin and I tried to resume our
game, but we couldn't concentrate. Kevin couldn't stop staring at
my mother standing naked, almost close enough to touch. And I was
so embarrassed I just wanted to go to my room. So finally Kevin
went home and I was able to leave the room where my mother was
being so humiliated.

From then on things changed between Pug and I. Pug had been
discretely fondling me for months now. After the day he made my
mother undress in front of Kevin things changed. It wasn't
discrete anymore. And it wasn't just now and then. Several times
a day I would find myself in Pug's lap with his hand on my
breasts or up my skirt and down my panties and he would play with
me for minutes at a time while my mother struggled not to see it.
Or he would lightly pinch my nipples and squeeze my small, but
rapidly growing breasts.

I thought that Kevin would be too embarrassed to come back after
that. Just the opposite was the case. After that he came back
every afternoon. In the beginning I had always suspected that one
of the major attractions for him when he came over was that I was
always wearing short skirts and as careful as I was he almost
always got a peek or two at my panties. Now the attraction was my
mother. Even though she was always dressed in the admittedly sexy
clothes that Pug made her wear, Kevin kept staring at her as
though he could still see her naked. I wanted to tell him to stop
coming over, but he was the only kid I knew that lived anywhere
nearby. That was why we spent so much time together.

After seeing my mother naked, however, and having the opportunity
to touch her, he came over everyday. It was obvious he wasn't
here to see me. It was only three days later that my father found
another excuse to punish my mother in front of Kevin and me.

Kevin and I were playing a board game in the living room and my
father was reading the paper. I was always nervous around my
father now. Even more so whenever Kevin was there. As I was about
to learn, I had every right to be.

My father suddenly called out, "Gina! Get your ass in here!"

Kevin and I jumped, startled. I knew right away that something
bad was going to happen. I glanced at Kevin and was disappointed
to see that this was what he had been hoping for. The look of
excitement and anticipation on his face was unmistakable. 

I was getting to the age that I was starting to understand guys
and what was always on their minds. I was aware of the leers, the
stares at my budding breasts from nearly every male of every age.
I felt a strange mixture of embarrassment and excitement. I felt
power! Breasts are a powerful force of nature.

Still, Kevin was my friend. It just seemed like he should be more
sensitive to how I felt. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What
can I say, I'm blonde.

My mother came rushing in to the living room. I could see that
her face was white, and that she had no idea what she had done.

He held the newspaper out and exploded, "What the hell is this?!"
His voice was full of outrage.

"I cut out some coupons, Sir. You are always telling me that I
spend too much money on food. I am trying to cut back on my
spending Sir."

"I told you never to cut up the newspaper before I have read it,
didn't I?" he asked loudly.

"But Sir, there was nothing on the back of it but more grocery

"I don't give a flying fuck bitch!" he yelled. "I gave you an
order! Christ! When will you learn to obey! Get undressed."

"Oh god," I thought. "Please not again."

I looked up at him and fearfully pleaded with him, "Please Sir,
please not again. Please, not in front of Kevin."

He turned to my mother and said, "Now look, bitch. Now you are
being a bad influence on your daughter! Now I have to teach you
both a lesson!"

My mother sobbed, but didn't say a word as she quickly removed
her dress. Kevin stared in fascination this time. After the last
time he knew it was not only alright, but encouraged.

My father turned to me and yelled, "Stand up and get over here
young lady!"

I was terrified. I was eleven years old. I had never been spanked
or slapped or anything. I didn't know what was going to happen. I
only knew that if my mother had to put up with it, there was no
hope for me.

"I am going to make sure you are raised right young lady," my
stepfather said. His voice sounded furious. It was years before I
thought back to that day and realized it had all been a put on.
An act to scare me into complying. It worked.

I stood before my father trembling in fear. 

"You don't ever talk back to me again! Do you understand?" 

I didn't understand. I hadn't talked back! I just pleaded with
him not to embarrass my mother and me in front of my friend. But
I saw the look in his face and I knew that if I said the wrong
thing I was going to feel that belt for the first time. And I was
a coward.

"Take off your clothes, young lady. And be quick about it!" he

I glanced quickly at my mother and saw only anguish. I glanced at
Kevin and saw excitement. I looked back at my stepfather, fully
intending to plead with him. But I saw that he was already
unbuckling his belt. I had the distinct impression that he was
hoping I would "back talk" him again so that he could use it.

I was eleven years old and my body was starting to resemble that
of a young woman. The idea of undressing in front of, not only my
stepfather and my mother, but the boy next door, a boy I saw
every day, I don't believe I could have been more humiliated if
he had made me do it on the sidewalk outside!

I was still hesitating and he started pulling his belt free. As I
said. I was a coward. If my mother could not fight him, how could
I, an eleven year old girl hope to?

I pulled my t-shirt off. As my lacy little training bra came into
view I kept my eyes on the floor. I couldn't face anyone in the
room. I dropped my t-shirt on the floor and unfastened my modest
little skirt. I pushed it over my burgeoning hips and let it
slide down my legs and kicked it aside.

Now I stood in only my lace trimmed little girl's bra and
panties. The ones that had made me feel so grown up when I talked
my mother into getting them for me. I saw movement out of the
corner of my eye and glanced up to see Kevin moving closer for a
better view. I wanted to yell at him, but I didn't dare.

I tried to decide what to remove next. The last time anyone had
seen me uncovered was when my mother had bought me my first
training bra. Now that I actually had something growing on my
chest it was even more embarrassing.

I had hesitated as long as I dared and finally I reached between
the little cups of the bra and unfastened it. I couldn't look up,
but I knew that they were watching me undress. I could feel their
eyes on my breasts, which were now the size of an apple cut in
half. My puffy little nipples were tingling and  I was upset with
myself for having any reaction at all.

My mother had finished undressing quickly and now everyone was
watching me as I hooked my thumbs into my panties and pushed them
down. I kicked them over with the rest of my clothes and then
stood with my hands and arms covering as much of my body as I
possibly could.

"Gina," dad said. "Tell Dani the rule about her arms."

My mother spoke so quietly I could hardly hear her. "Modesty is
not permitted. When ordered to undress you are to stand up
straight with your arms at your side until instructed otherwise.
Failure to obey this rule will result in severe punishment."

I dropped my arms to my side quickly and stood naked in front of
two males for the first time in my life. I guess it could have
been worse. My stepfather had, after all, already begun to molest
me. He frequently touched my breasts through my clothing. And it
had also become common place for him to pull me into his lap and
reach into my underwear and rub my pussy. But to be naked, and in
front of Kevin for Christ's sake! 

My stepfather ordered me to stand beside my mother. He wanted to
compare our bodies.

I moved quickly to stand beside her. As I moved I could feel
their eyes watching my butt move. 

When I was beside my mom my stepfather stood up and stood in
front of me. He glanced over at Kevin and waived him closer to
join him. Kevin stood beside my dad, right in front of my mother.

Together they examined both of our bodies this time and compared
them. I had become more or less accustomed to being groped by my
stepfather, but when Kevin put his hand over my breast I nearly
fell to the floor. I don't know if it was embarrassment or nerves
or what, but I was shaking so bad I was having trouble standing.

It was even worse when their focus shifted to my vagina. I felt
Kevin slide his finger into me as my stepfather warned him not to
bust my cherry, yet.

"Kevin my boy, I think that this would be an excellent time for
Gina to teach Dani how to suck a cock, don't you?"

"Yes Sir!" Kevin almost squealed like a girl he was so excited.
The bastard.

Dad directed Kevin to drop his pants and lay down on the coffee
table. I turned my face away. I didn't want to see. I had never
seen a penis, and I wasn't ready to see one now.

While Kevin undressed and got into position my father stepped up
behind me and I felt his cock rubbing on my back as he reached
around and toyed with my small, immature breasts. As he moved his
hands and his cock over me he said to me quietly, "Your mom is
going to suck on Kevin's cock now. Later on you are going to try
it. So watch closely."

He pushed me to my knees on the side of the table, right beside
where Kevin's hard dripping cock was standing up and throbbing. I
couldn't help but see it now. I saw the clear liquid oozing from
the hole in the end of his penis. The hole where I knew that his
pee came out. 

I made myself watch as my mom knelt between Kevin's legs and
spread them a little wider so that she could get closer. I
watched in disgust as she leaned down and licked his hairless
ball sack, although at the time I didn't know what it was. At
least I don't remember knowing. 

Each time she touched her tongue to Kevin he twitched and his
penis throbbed and more of the liquid came out of the end of his
penis. Really gross!

But I watched in amazement as my mother began licking Kevin's
dripping penis. She licked up all of the liquid and then she took
his organ between her lips and began to suck enthusiastically. 

"How could she?!" I asked myself. I had heard of blowjobs in
school. I had trouble imagining them, especially since I had
never seen a male with no clothes on before. But I saw one now,
and the idea of touching my lips to a penis was sickening!

Almost immediately Kevin started moaning and thrusting his hips
up to meet my mother's sucking lips. His body quivered for a
couple of seconds and then he groaned as though in pain and
pushed mom's head away.

I watched as my mother sat up on her heels and waited. 

Dad said to Kevin, "Don't worry son. The first few times are
always real quick. Once you get used to it though, you can lay
back and enjoy that sensation for a long time."

"Fantastic!" Kevin, the creep, said.

Dad told my mom to move around to the side of the coffee table,
across from where I was kneeling, watching Kevin's dick get soft

Dad grabbed me by the hair and pulled me around so that I was
kneeling where my mother had been when she sucked Kevin off.

"OK," he said. "Let's see if you learned anything Dani."

My head shot up and I stared at my stepfather with my mouth

My mother caught my eye and she was urging me to obey. I suppose
she knew that the only thing I would gain my trying to avoid it
was pain. Then I would end up having to do it anyway.

I had to stop for a minute to remember what my mom had done. Then
I leaned forward and tentatively licked out at Kevin's balls. 

As soon as my tongue touched him he groaned and twitched. I
jumped back, but then leaned down and tried it again. It seemed
like such a gross thing to do. But I had watched my mother do it.
I knew I had no choice. 

I licked until Kevin's penis got hard again and then I licked
that as well. Finally I got up the nerve and slid my lips down
over his dick. He was only thirteen and his thing wasn't all that
big. But he must have been saving up for a long time because even
though he had just had an orgasm in my mother's mouth, in no time
at all he was holding my head and thrusting his hips up until my
lips reached his belly.

With my mother it had happened so fast that it was over almost
before it started. This time Kevin lasted only slightly longer.
When he felt another orgasm begin he reached out and held my head
firmly against his belly and I felt his cum shooting into my

I knew that it was coming. It was one of the things that had come
up on the playground. I just never expected it to be like this,
at the age of eleven, with my friend, with my mother and my
father watching. 

I gagged at first, but managed to hold Kevin's hot load of cum in
my mouth. As soon as he pushed my head away I looked around for
somewhere to spit it out.

My father saw what I was doing and yelled at me. "Don't you EVER
spit out a man's cum! NEVER! If I ever see you spit out a
mouthful of cum I will whip you until you bleed! Do you
understand me?"

I felt my eyes get huge as he leaned over me and yelled right in
my face. I was so shocked I swallowed instinctively. He stood up
then and I saw the pain in my mother's eyes at what she had just

My stepfather turned to Kevin and asked, "Well, boy, how was

"That was the most wonderful thing that every happened to me!
Twice!!" he exclaimed.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, boy. Watch this."

My father slid his pants and his shorts down his bony legs and
kicked them away. I didn't want to look, but I couldn't help but
see his dick. 

"So that is what a grown up one looks like," I thought. It was
scary. I didn't know what normal was. It was about a month before
he started sharing me with his friends and assorted strangers and
then I was able to compare. His cock was larger than most, but
not that much. It was big and hairy and really gross looking. It
was still soft. It hung down over the hairy ball sack hanging
between his legs. There was a thick tube of skin covering the tip
of it and the whole tip was covered in what looked like clear

I expected him to order my mom between his legs but he looked at
me and said, "You first slut. Get over here and start licking."

Slut?! Who the hell is he calling a slut? I am still a fucking

I realized what he was ordering me to do and I looked at my mom.
She just nodded. I saw the agony in her face, but I couldn't help
resenting her for letting these things happen to me. To us.

I crawled between his legs, avoiding, as much as possible, any
contact with him. He was watching me, amused at the expressions
of fear and revulsion flickering across my face. I was there now,
all that was left was to do it. Just lean forward and place his
nasty, smelly sex organs in my mouth. I hesitated for a moment
and he called my mother closer so that he could torment her with
what I was being forced to do. I saw Kevin move closer on the
other side so that he could enjoy the show.

I leaned forward and I smelled the musty, sweaty smell of his
crotch. It is different than it had been with Kevin. I am not
sure what it was, dirtier, sweatier, older? I stuck out my tongue
and licked the head of his dick and I jumped back when it
twitched violently. 

I guess he isn't impressed with my style. "Put your right hand
around the base of my cock," he orders.

I reach out and gingerly slide my thumb underneath his large,
nasty organ. I wrapped my small hand around it as far as it would
go. It didn't go all the way around. 

"Use your hand to stand it up, then pull the skin around the head
of it down and gently lick it all over."

I stare at his cock as I obey his commands. It seems to be slowly
growing larger. Very slowly. I slide my hand a little higher up
the shaft and then tighten my grip and pull down, pulling the
extra skin away from the tip. He tells me what the skin is called
and what it does. He also mentions that sometimes crud
accumulates underneath that skin and needs to be cleaned out, for
health reasons, of course. He tells me that his preferred method
of cleaning his cock is to use a bitch's mouth. 

I hesitate for another moment, wondering if perhaps a beating
might be easier to take. Then I lean back into his crotch and
start licking the tip of his cock. I lick it clean all around and
then he orders me to hold it like that and go ahead and lick his

He makes me lick his balls for a long time and I feel his cock
growing in my hand. It just keeps getting scarier.

"Ok, that's enough foreplay. Let's see how good a cocksucker you
are," he says disdainfully.

I really hate the names he keeps calling me. As soon as that
thought crosses my mind I realize how ludicrous it is to be
forced to do the things I am doing and be upset about the names.
But I have other, more pressing matters to take care of. I don't
have time to contemplate life's little ironies right now.

I wet my lips and force them over the head of his now hard cock.
I move my mouth down a little and then back to the tip. I can't
really say that I learned how to do this from my experience with
Kevin. He came so quickly and his penis is so much smaller. It
was like apples and oranges. Or maybe string beans and cucumbers
would be a better analogy.

He decided I needed more lessons and he ordered me to lick his
balls while I watched how a woman was supposed to suck cock. I
moved my tongue down and explored his balls while right before my
eyes my mother leaned down and took is cock in her mouth. 

I watched in disbelief as she took more and more of it down with
each stroke until she had the head of his cock in her throat and
his entire organ was in her mouth. Her lips were tight against
his stomach for a moment and then she started, slowly at first,
to move her mouth up and down his shaft, taking it all with each
down stroke. I was so fascinated that I just knelt there with my
tongue on his balls and stared. I saw Kevin's face and he, too,
was amazed. 

My mother nudged me discretely and I realized I was not doing
what I had been told. I started licking again and we worked with
our faces nearly touching, and sometimes touching, in my
stepfathers crotch, until he started groaning and then I felt him
tense up and thrust his hips up and he shot his cum right down my
mother's throat.

I watched her swallow quickly and then just hold his cock in her
mouth until he told us to stop. I straightened up my straining
back and mom got back to her feet and we waited. 

Dad asked Kevin, "Well, boy, your ready for your first piece of

I heard my mother's sharp intake of breath. I waited quietly,
wondering which one of us Kevin was going to fuck.

Kevin was smiling like a jackass. He was turning into the same
kind of animal that I had recently come to understand that my
stepfather was. I don't think I like Kevin anymore.

"Yes sir!" Kevin said, the excitement evident in both his voice
and his reacquired erection bobbing right by my cheek.

Mom was ordered to lay on the floor in the middle of the room and
give Kevin any help he needed. My stepfather pulled me up and
into his lap and we watched my mom and Kevin have sex while my
father slipped a long, fat, finger inside my pussy and toyed with
my hymen.

Kevin climbed quickly on top of my mom and, with her help, slid
his small cock into her. He got a look on his face like he was in
heaven or something. Then he started moving in and out of her,
very fast with short little strokes. After all that I had
experienced already this afternoon, fucking didn't seem that
remarkable. The most interesting part was the way my mom's boobs
jiggled around on her chest from the force of Kevin's fucking.

After he came in my mom Kevin collapsed on top of her for a
minute and played with her boobs. Then he got up on his knees and
stood up. As he was standing up Pug whispered in my ear, "Watch
this, you will have to do this too. It's what sluts do."

I almost threw up as I watched my mother sit up and take Kevin's
wet, slimy little cock into her mouth and suck it clean. Then she
did the same thing with his little balls.

It was time for Kevin to go home. My dad, I hate calling him that
now, Pug, told him that he was welcome to come back any time. He
could use either me or my mother in any way that he liked, except
that he could not fuck my pussy, as long as he didn't tell
anyone, ever, about what happened here. Not his best friend, not
his parents. Nobody. Pug assured Kevin that if he ended up in
jail, he had friends that would make sure Kevin, and whoever he
told, ended up dead.

Kevin, the rotten little bastard that I had thought was my
friend, gave his word of honor. Yeah, like he knew what honor

After he left I started to get dressed but Pug stopped me. "There
doesn't seem to be any more need for that charade," he said.
"From now on you two don't wear clothes in the house. Gina," he
continued, "go make supper, then, after Dani cleans up the
kitchen you two can go somewhere and talk for a while. Make sure
you let her know what will be expected of her."

I picked up my clothes and my mother's from the floor and took
them to our rooms. Then I went to the bathroom and brushed my
teeth to get the taste of cock and cum out of my mouth before

I went into the kitchen to see if my mom needed any help and
since she had things under control I set the table and then
waited out of the way in the kitchen, watching my mother working
in the nude and I wondered how she could have let Pug and Kevin
do the things that they had done to me. Not to mention what they
had done to her.

Supper was quiet and when it was over Pug went into the living
room and watched TV. Mom and I cleaned up the kitchen and the
dining room and then we went to my room.

It was so strange to be naked all the time. And to look at my
mother and see her naked all the time. I couldn't help wondering
if my breasts were going to look like hers someday. They were
large and firm and didn't seem to sag at all. Even I was able to
see that they were sexy.

As soon as the door to my room was closed my mother hugged me
tight and cried and told me how sorry she was. It felt funny
having her naked boobs rubbing on me like that, but she just
acted like we had clothes on, so I tried to do that too.

I just looked at her, waiting for her to start talking. For a
long time, though, she just sat on my bed beside me and stared at
her hands.

I finally had to ask her how she, how WE got into this mess.

She wiped her eyes with a tissue and blew her nose and took a few
deep breaths. "When I met Pug I had been alone for more than nine
years. Well, not alone, you were there. But having a child is not
like having a friend, a companion, a lover. I was so lonely and I
guess I was the perfect match for him. He was strong and
assertive and he took over. He took over my whole life! And I
didn't mind at all. It made me feel safe. And I did love him. And
I didn't worry about you growing up without a father anymore. Or
me losing my job and becoming homeless. And it was obvious that
before very long you loved him as much as I did. He has a way
about him!"

I had to agree with that.

"Things started changing slowly," she continued. "The changes
even made sense at first. I welcomed them. Well, most of them. I
guess he must have been right. I am a natural submissive. There
is no other way to explain it. He started out taking control of
the house and the money. Before long he wasn't asking me what I
wanted, or what I wanted to do, he was telling me. At first I
didn't even realize it. When I did......well, I kind of liked

"Then he started changing the way I dressed and the way I acted.
In the beginning I was nervous. I wasn't used to wearing the
kinds of clothing that he liked me to wear. But after a while I
got used to it and even started feeling sexy when I wore those
short skirts and see-through tops. The big hurdle came later when
he made me stop wearing underwear. I shall never forget what
happened in the living room this afternoon, and I shall never
forget the first time he took me out in a see-through blouse with
nothing under it. It was, up to that point, the most humiliating
thing I had ever done. The thing is though, that he enjoys
humiliating me. He keeps finding new and better ways of doing it.
He is going to do that with you too baby. I'm sorry."

I didn't have enough of a clue about what would be happening to
me, what would be done to me, to really worry about that right
then. I knew what humiliation was. I felt it deeply when I
undressed in front of Pug and Kevin. I didn't know that was the
tip of the iceberg.

"I should probably tell you some of the things I have had to do,
since you will have to do them too. Maybe not right away, but
eventually. I don't know how much longer he will wait to take
your virginity. He is not a patient man, I don't think it will be
long. It began for me after I started wearing the new clothes he
bought for me. We would go out in the afternoon and he would make
me walk alone in see-through blouses and I would have to stick my
chest out and walk slow and smile at the men who stared. 

"Sometimes we would go somewhere to eat, or for a drink, and he
would make me sit with my legs spread wide and my skirt pulled
up. It was obvious that it was not an accident that my pussy was
exposed. Things went on like that for a long time. Every time I
got used to some indignity he would find another one to amuse
himself. The next major hurdle came when he took me out one day
and we went to the apartment of a friend of his. As soon as we
got inside I was ordered to strip. I hesitated and he whipped his
belt out and pummeled my ass with it, right in front of his
friend. He beat me until I begged to be allowed to undress in
front of him and his friend."

"At first they just looked at me. Watched me as I went to fetch
them drinks or snacks. Then Pug's friend started touching me. I
begged Pug to take me home. Instead they both undressed and I had
sex with them all evening, over and over, every way that there
was. Ways I hadn't even imagined."

"Not long after that it happened again. Then with another of
Pug's friends. Then with both of his friends at the same time.
Then the recording started. Before long I had a camera pointed at
me all the time. Every weird and kinky sex act you could imagine,
I did it, and they recorded it."

"By then of course, I had surrendered myself to Pug. I followed
his rules, I dressed to please him, I fucked who and where he
wanted me to fuck. A couple of months ago he told me that you
were old enough now. He was going to start involving you in our
games. I drew the line. I absolutely refused. My mother instinct
finally kicked in I guess."

"But it was too late. He told me that if I tried to interfere, if
I did not, in fact, help, he would take me to court with the
recordings he had made he would get custody of you and I would
never see you again. I didn't know what to do. The best I could
figure was that, if I did what he wanted, if I let him have you,
at least I could be here to help what little bit he would let me

"I'm sorry darling. I know it sucks. I know you must think I am
the worst mother in the world. You are probably right. But I have
no choice. And as awful as it seems, I am so weak that I would
probably go along even if he wasn't holding the movies over my
head. It seems like there is no bottom. I just keep going lower
and lower."

"Now, the rules. There aren't that many, but they can be
unpleasant. You already know one of them. You never cover up.
Ever." She grabbed my chin and made sure she had my attention and
said, "You gotta listen baby, and you gotta remember. He can make
you hurt so bad if you don't."

I nodded. I hoped I could remember. I was in a daze, my brain
seemed to be fogged over. It was just too much for an eleven year
old girl.

"You never say 'no' and you always say 'Sir'."

I nodded again.

"I'm sorry baby," she said, quietly, almost as if she were
talking to herself. "I can't help you. I'm too weak."

I tried to stay in my room after that, but Pug made me come out
and set the table and eat supper with them. All I could think
about was that I was naked, and that I would be naked from now
on. I picked at my dinner for a while and finally gave up. I got
up and put my plate in the kitchen and waited for mom and Pug to
finish so that I could clear off the table. 

Normally, after he eats, Pug goes into the living room while mom
and I clean up. tonight he sat and watched us. When I was
finished with my chores Pug called me over and pulled me into his
lap. His hand went right to my bare pussy and he watched my
reaction as his finger moved up and down my tiny slit.

"Today was pretty hard for you, wasn't it?" he asked.

"Yes sir," I answered, just a little breathlessly.

"Don't worry, it will get easier," and he looked up at my mother
who was hovering nearby, "won't it Gina?"

"Yes sir," she replied, after enough of a hesitation that he
raised his eyebrows.

The confusion was mind numbing. I wanted desperately to get up
and go to my room where I could at least be naked in private. But
god, that finger on my slit felt so nice!

I sat in his lap and closed my eyes and struggled not to show how
excited I was becoming. I was almost disappointed when he leaned
forward and kissed me and sent me to my room.

I got very little sleep that night. I lay in bed and stared at
the ceiling and relived this afternoon over and over. It was so
vivid I could even taste the male fluids in my mouth.

I finally got to sleep, but I doubt if it was for more than a
couple of hours. I was exhausted when I woke up and since I
hadn't taken a shower last night I gladly took one this morning.

On the way to the shower I encountered yet another shock. During
the night Pug had removed the bathroom door and the shower
curtain had been replaced with a clear one. Oh my god, I wouldn't
even have privacy in the bathroom?!

I turned the shower on to warm up and dropped my robe close by. I
showered quickly and between the shower and the missing door I
was pretty much awake by the time I turned off the water. I dried
off and reached for my robe and realized it was gone. I looked
around, but it wasn't in the room. Just them Pug appeared in the
door, smiling at me. I started to cover myself but remembered the
rule in time and kept my hands at my side.

"Sir, I don't understand. Why did you take the door?" I asked

"Dani, you need to get over your shyness. But don't worry, I am
going to help you with that. I took the door off the bathroom and
while you were in the shower I took the door off of your bedroom.
I also took your robe. Since you don't wear clothes in the house
anymore you don't need it. Now, come and get your breakfast and
then you can get dressed for school. Oh yes, I almost forgot, I
also took all of your underwear, you won't need it anymore.

Those short skirts I was forced to wear were bad enough, but at
least I had had some covering, my much too sexy adult styled
panties. Now I was going to be flashing my pussy all over the
damned town!

I brushed my hair and went to breakfast. It was just as
uncomfortable as supper had been last night. I wondered if I
would ever get used to sitting here and feeling his eyes on my
developing body.

I put my dish in the sink and rushed to the bathroom and brushed
my teeth, then I dressed and hurried to school. I am was in sixth
grade at George Bush Elementary School. Why do you suppose they
would name a school after a moron? Oh well.

I saw Kevin at recess. Sometimes when he saw me on the school
yard he would waive at me. Today he came over and told me how
much he was looking forward to seeing me after school. I blushed
so badly it almost hurt. I could feel my whole face burning. He
just leered at me, reached down and flipped up my tiny skirt, and
went back to his friends.

When I got home form school I went to my room to undress. Mom was
out back hanging up laundry. We had a dryer, but Pug made her
hang it outside on nice days. He said the clothes smelled

I paused at my door. Or rather, I paused where my door had once
been, and contemplated what my life was turning into. I put my
books on my desk and undressed. It doesn't take long when all you
are wearing is a too small dress and a pair of shoes. 

Instead of going into the living room to do my homework as usual
I sat at my desk. But I had just gotten started when Kevin came
in. He didn't even knock, just walked in and yelled out, "Where
is everybody?"

I took a deep breath and stood up. I went to the living room and
Kevin was already getting undressed. I said, "Mom is hanging up
laundry. What do you want?"

"You know what I want," he said, "and it looks like you're ready
to give it to me! You get sexier every day, Dani."

That might have been more of a compliment if I weren't standing
in front of him naked and about to be forced to do whatever he

He finished undressing and his cock was already hard and
drooling. He sat down and pointed to the floor between his legs.
I moved over and stood there, hating this, but too afraid of Pug
to resist. 

Kevin sat up with his face inches from my breasts. He put his
hand on the inside of my knee and moved it up to my pussy as he
leaned forward and started kissing and licking my breasts. 

"Oh shit! Come on Dani, I can't wait, I'm too fucking horny. Get
on your knees and suck me."

I saw my mother come in and put down the basket. She came over
and said, "Kevin, how about if I do that? I am older and have had
a lot of experience. I am much better at it."

Kevin looked up at her and said, "How about if you go next? For
now you can just stand here so I can play with your pussy. Nice
shave by the way."

I knelt between Kevin's legs and took his cock into my mouth. It
was about five inches long, but very skinny. Compared to Pug's it
was tiny. But I still gagged when he forced my head down and it
touched the back of my throat. 

I could see him forcing a couple of fingers into my mother's
pussy as I sucked him. He lasted much longer than yesterday but
it was still over very quickly. I gagged again when his cum
filled my mouth, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday.

I kept sucking until he pushed me away, then he stood up and made
mom lay on the floor. He knelt between her legs for a while,
examining her pussy at length. He made me lay beside my mother so
that he could compare our pussies. Then he did a taste test. He
leaned forward and licked mom's pussy for a minute, then he did
it to me. 

I was not prepared for the sensations that overwhelmed me as his
hot, moist tongue slid through my pussy. It beat fingers all to
hell! But I couldn't let him know that I enjoyed it so I closed
my eyes and fought it with all of my might. 

He moved back and forth between my mom and me and I knew she was
enjoying it too because she grabbed my hand and squeezed with all
of her might just before Kevin climbed on top of her and ordered
her to put his cock in her pussy. Then he started sucking and
biting her nipples as he fucked her. She continued to squeeze my
hand, I couldn't tell if she came or not.

After Kevin came in mom's pussy he collapsed on top of her and
played with her tits a little more. Then he rolled off and
ordered me to suck him again. 

Mom tried to talk him into letting her do it again, but Kevin
knew what turned him on. As I got to knees my legs were still a
little shaky from having my pussy eaten. I slowly moved between
his splayed legs and looked down at his nasty little organ. It
was covered in slime, really disgusting.

I looked at mom for a second in despair, then leaned forward and
started licking Kevin's cock and balls and his bushy little pubic
bush until it was clean. Then, as instructed, I took him into my
mouth and sucked the last few drops out of his cock. 

He was hard again before I could finish and he made me keep
sucking while he ordered my mother to get down and lick his
balls. We were ordered to switch off several times before he came
again, in my mouth again. But it seemed like it got a little
easier each time. At least I didn't gag this time.

Kevin had just had his third orgasm when Pug walked in. He looked
down, amused at our discomfort and asked Kevin if we had given
him any trouble.

"No sir," he answered. "They have done everything I told them
too. Dani is even starting to get better at sucking cock."

"Yeah? Well, I'll be the judge of that! Gina, get in the kitchen
and get supper going. Dani, come over hear and greet your loving

Loving daddy my ass! Lusting pervert is more like it. I stood up
and moved across the room to where he was standing in front of
his chair, taking off his pants and shorts and shoes. He sat down
in just a t-shirt and mom came in with the mail and his beer,
just like he wasn't about to molest her daughter!

I was ordered to lick his cock and balls while he went through
the mail. I was scared enough, remembering from yesterday how big
that thing was going to get. But as I got close I suddenly
realized how hard Pug must work for a living. Jesus H. Christ he
stank! The smell of body odor was overpowering. I gasped and
pulled back quickly. He smiled back at me and said, "Don't worry,
a little airing out, and a little tongue bath, and you won't even
notice it."

I took a deep breath and leaned forward and started licking
desperately, trying to breath through my mouth as much as
possible. By the time I had cleaned his balls his cock was
standing straight up and I licked it all over as well. He was
right, after I was done it wasn't as bad, or I was used to it. I
am not sure which. 

Kevin had come close to watch and as he watched he was playing
with my boob. Most of the time it felt pretty good, but sometimes
he started getting carried away and it would hurt. I gasped in
pain a couple of times and Pug said, "Better get used to that,
girl. I got some friends that like that kind of thing."

I heard my mother groan as if she had been slapped when he said
that. I remembered how she had looked when she had come a little
over a week ago. I think now that I knew what she had been

"OK, that's enough foreplay. I know you can't suck cock like your
mom can, but let's see if you have gotten any better than you
were yesterday."

I took Pug's cock in my hand and pulled it down to my mouth and
forced my head down over it. As I did I felt Kevin moving his
hand over my slit. I was almost grateful for the distraction.

Pug pushed my head down as far as he could and then started
moving it up and down for several strokes. "You see that?" he
asked. "That's what you do, just keep doing that and moving your
hand up and down at the same time."

I tried very hard to please him, I had seen what happens when you
don't. I doubt if I got more than two or two and a half inches of
his cock into my tiny mouth. But he looked down at my struggles
and said, "Damn Dani, you sure are beautiful with a cock in your

After what seemed like all evening of working on his cock he was
breathing hard when he said, "OK, faster now, I am getting ready
to cum. Don't you spill a fucking drop, you stupid bitch, or I
will bust your ass wide open!"

I was terrified already, that made it so much worse. My hand
already was so tired I thought that it was going to drop off but
I forced myself to move it faster, up and down his huge,
throbbing cock. I knew it was starting when his butt came up off
the chair and he grabbed my head and started huffing and puffing.
It was impossible to swallow it all. I tried so hard. I swallowed
and swallowed but still it spewed out of my nose and squirted out
from between my lips and his cock. Squirt after squirt, I
couldn't believe it. Sucking off Kevin had not prepared me for

He finally relaxed back onto his chair and opened his eyes. He
looked down sternly at his crotch and the trails of cum sprayed
here and there around it. "What did I tell you Dani?"

"I tried so hard sir," I sobbed. "I had no idea it was going to
be so much. I did Kevin with no trouble. I thought I could do it.
Please sir, I tried so hard."

"I'll make you a deal," he said, sounding like he really thought
he should beat me but maybe he could cut me a little slack my
first time. "You get down there and lick that all up and get me
nice and clean and I'll let it go this time. But just this time
because it is your first time! OK?"

"Yes sir, thank you sir." What else could I say?

I leaned forward and cleaned his entire crotch thoroughly while
he looked down in amusement. I had been so scared I forgot all
about Kevin, who now had two fingers half way in my pussy and
sawing in and out. It actually felt kind of nice.

Mom finally came in to tell us that supper was ready. She looked
down at me with my face still in Pug's crotch and I saw the tears
in her eyes. It just made me mad. She knew how wrong it was but
she didn't do anything. No, that isn't true, she did do
something, she helped him.

Kevin went home and we ate supper. I had to get back to my
homework, which I had only just started when Kevin came over
after school. It was late when I finally finished and I just
curled up and cried myself to sleep.

I had to suck Pug off again the next day and I wasn't able to
swallow it all again. This time he put me over his lap and for
the first time I got one of those violent spankings. I was
screaming by the time he finished. Then I had to stand in the
corner. Sitting down to supper that day was pretty unpleasant.
But the next day I didn't spill a drop. 

"See," Pug said, patiently. "Women just need a little discipline
to behave right."

Each day was just a little different. Kevin couldn't keep up the
pace and slowed down to two orgasms a visit. Sometimes only one.
But he always spent a little time playing with our bodies. He had
become quite fond of eating pussy and he was getting good at it.

After a few days Pug gave him some pointers and I had my very
first orgasm. It didn't make everything worth while, but it was

On Thursday, Pug told Kevin he couldn't come over Friday after
school because we had to go somewhere. I thought, "Great, a day
off!" Boy am I stupid!

On Friday Pug got home and mom and I were showered and waiting
for him to tell us what to wear. He picked out something for mom
first, then he took me to my room and picked out one of those
slutty dresses I had been forced to try on in front of those
perverts in the store.

I don't think it was really a dress. I think it was a very short,
very thin, very lacy slip. I hoped we were going somewhere dark.

I put the slip on and stepped out into the living room and saw
what mom was wearing. It was like one of those little crocheted
table cloths that my grandmother used to have on her tables.
There was just enough thread so that you could see a pattern, but
she might as well be naked. She was pleading with Pug as I came
into the room. I missed most of it but I heard her say, "please
Pug. She's much too young, you know she is." 

I didn't know what it was that I was too young for, but I could
hear the despair and the fear in her voice and it did nothing to
make me feel better about leaving the house.

It was early still. The sun hadn't set and there were people
outside. More than a few seemed to take note of our outfits. But
of course, nobody would say anything. After all, it wasn't any of
there business.

We didn't go far. About ten minutes later we pulled up in front
of a house and we all got out as if we had clothes on. We went to
the door and as we were climbing the front steps the door opened
and the weirdo that had been my last babysitter invited us in
with a big leer.

I looked around nervously as we went in. The house could have
used a good cleaning. When we got into the living room I saw two
more men that I had never seen before. One of them had a small
digital movie camera and was already filming as we entered. 

Pug said, "Gentlemen, you remember the limits?"

They all assured him that they did. Then the cameras focused on
my mother as she undressed without even being asked. Then she
moved behind me and whispered in my ear, "Sorry baby, I don't
have a choice." Then she pulled my slip up and over my head and
tossed it aside.

"Of course you have a choice, you silly bitch!" I thought. "Have
you never heard of 911?" But then again, I hadn't called it
either, had I?

The men were all over us. Kissing us and feeling us up and
putting their fingers in us, though in my case they were being
careful not to go too deep. I saw Pug take over the camera and
the camera man started undressing. Then the other two men started
taking their clothes off. 

In moments mom and I were on our knees with cocks in out mouths
and apparently the limits were pretty free, because a guy was
trying his damnedest to put his cock down my throat, just like
the guy beside him was doing to my mother. And much to my
surprise, and my extreme discomfort, after several painful
minutes he finally forced himself in past my bodies resistance
and I suddenly had a cock down my throat and a camera in my face.
It was horrible, but I was grateful that it wasn't Pug. At least
this guy had a smaller cock.

While we were sucking off the first two men another man showed
up. He turned out to be the last of the gang. For the next almost
seven hours, we sucked, and my mother fucked all five of them.
Over and over and over. They all fucked my mother and three of
them fucked her in the ass. Something she was obviously not fond
of. And every time she got fucked I had another cock to suck

And when they couldn't get it up any more they toyed with us. The
made us masturbate. They really couldn't believe that I didn't
even know how. They made us hold their soft cocks in their mouths
while they sat around resting. I learned all about analingus. Not
something I enjoyed learning.  They took turns taking me to the
bathroom when they had to pee so that I could hold their cocks
for them while they peed. And then I had to suck them clean

And always I had hands all over me. My nipples were sore, my
pussy was sore, my asshole was sore, and I didn't even have sex!
But mostly my mouth was sore. My jaw hurt. My tongue was sore. My
neck hurt from being kept in unnatural positions.

But it was worse for my mother. They were so mean to her. From
shortly after it started until nobody could do it any longer
there were men attacking were cocks as if they were weapons. They
put their cocks in her one right after the other, and sometimes
all at once. At least three times three of them were in her at
once and she had to play with the fourth with her hand while the
other three raped her. And Pug just kept filming. 

Finally everyone had enough at just a little before one AM. I got
a warm washcloth from the bathroom and washed her off and soothed
her sore body. Then I helped her on with her covering, I hesitate
to call it a dress, and helped her out to the car. 

I got in the back and we waited for Pug to come out and drive us
home. While we were waiting I asked, "Why? Why do you let them do
this to us?"

At first I didn't think she heard me. She didn't answer for a
long time. Then she said, "There is something wrong with me.
Something deep inside that craves this. I know it is sick, but I
can't help it. I waited half my life for Pug. I did not intend
for you to be a part of the deal, but I can't stop it. I am not
even sure I want to. He loves humiliating you as much as he does
humiliating me. And what ever makes him happy makes me happy. I
am sorry baby, I can't help it. If you are waiting for me to call
911, well, it ain't gonna happen." For a minute there I was
wondering if she could read my mind.

Pug came out then and we were quiet. I didn't have anything more
to say to her anyway. 

We went home and they went into their room. I had to take a
shower and brush my teeth. I reeked of cum. Now I knew what that
smell was on my mother when she came home from those parties.

The next day was Saturday and I slept late. I was exhausted.
Kevin came to the door just before noon and I let him in. Pug and
mom were just finishing up breakfast in the kitchen. Kevin said
hello to Pug and said, "I was feeling kind of horny since I
missed out on getting sucked off yesterday. Is it OK if I play
around with Dani today?"

Pug smiled at him and said, "I think I can go you one better than
that. I decided that today would be a good day to pop her cherry.
We could have used her last night. So I am going to fuck her in a
few minutes. After that you can fuck her as much as you want.
Unless you would rather get a blowjob. Whatever."

The blood drained out of my face and I fell to my knees in the
living room. I wouldn't even be twelve for almost two more
months. I didn't want to get fucked. I certainly didn't want to
get fucked by that big cock hanging off of that Neanderthal I had
thought was going to be my father and turned out to be my
resident rapist. But of course, what I wanted was of no

"Can I watch?" Kevin asked breathlessly. The idea of Pug popping
my cherry obviously had a lot of appeal for him. 

"Hell boy, you can watch and you can have seconds. How does that
sound?" Pug asked.

"Um, can I get a blowjob first? I am so fucking horny right now
that if I was to fuck Dani it would be like two strokes. I was
getting used to getting off two or three times a day."

"Sure boy," Pug said, magnanimously. "After last night she should
be an expert. She sucked about a mile of cock last night. Let's
see how she does."

Kevin got undressed and sat down and I didn't wait to be told. I
dropped to my knees between his legs and started sucking his
already hard cock. I guess he wasn't lying, he came in less than
a minute. I started to pull back after I swallowed his cum but he
slapped my head and said, "Again, bitch."

I head Pug chuckle and I started sucking again. This time he
lasted all of three of four minutes. A real fucking superman! I
swallowed again and then I sat up and waited for whatever was

Pug ordered me to go get a towel and I got up and got a towel and
brought it back to the living room. When I got back he was
undressed and after I spread the towel out on the carpet he made
me suck on his cock for a few minutes. Then he pulled out and
ordered me to lay on the towel. 

When I was in position he got between my legs and started eating
me out. I enjoyed being eaten, but I knew what was coming next
and I couldn't really relax and enjoy it. 

Before long he was satisfied that I was wet and loose and he
moved his large frame up over my little body. I felt his cock
rubbing back and forth over my tight little hole and I was
terrified. He was raised up on his arms staring down at me.
Watching me as he caressed me with his cock. 

"Gina!" he called out to my mother. "Get your ass over here."

I saw my mother hurry over and kneel down beside us. 

Pug said, "I want you to hold your daughter's hand with one hand,
and with the other I want you to reach under me and  put my cock
in her nice, tight, hot cunt."

I looked at my mother for a second and the look on her face
disgusted me. She was actually excited! I turned away and closed
my eyes and waited for it.

I didn't fight when she took hold of my hand. I felt her other
hand between me and Pug, moving his cock around, lining it up.
Then I felt the pressure as he forced it between the lips of my
virgin pussy. I would really have preferred that it be Kevin
leaning over me right now, with his little skinny dick.

I gasped when the head of Pug's cock popped past the initial
resistance and entered my tight little pussy. He paused for a
second and then he ordered me to look at him. I opened my eyes
and looked up at him. The expression on his face was sickening. I
was just some small animal he was about to devour. My life was of
no importance beyond the pleasure it could bring to him. 

As our eyes locked he started slowly moving his cock into me. At
first it was just a feeling of being stretched too far. I thought
for sure he was going to tear me open. And I don't mean my hymen.
But he just kept forcing his cock into me and finally stopped
when the head of his cock hit my hymen. I felt it stretch as he
pressed against it. He was playing with me. I could see in his
eyes how much fun it was to torture me this way. And there was no
sudden thrust, breaking through and tearing my virginity to
shreds. No, that would have been to easy. He pushed slowly,
testing the limits of my tender flesh until it finally tore away
before the head of his cock and then he was all the way in. 

I screamed, just a little, in pain, when he tore me. And he
grinned. He didn't pause for a second. He knew how much pain I
was in, how much pain he was causing me, and he started fucking
me, raping me, attacking me with his cock. He had waited a long
time for this. He had know since I was nine that he was going to
rape me. Now it was finally happening and it was just as exciting
as he knew it would be. Even after all the sex from last night,
he came in less than five minutes. Thankfully. 

I was in terrible pain. I knew it was supposed to hurt. I just
didn't know it was supposed to hurt this bad. He finally came in
my belly and then he kissed me. Not a kiss of affection, or love,
or even like. A kiss that said, "Fuck you bitch, you belong to
me." The look in his eyes was like hate. And all I had ever done
was love him like a father.

He finally got off of me and I saw that my mother was right
there. Still holding my hand and I didn't even realize it. When
Pug stood up she took his cum and blood covered cock into her
mouth and swallowed it. While mom was sucking Pug's clock clean
Pug turned to Kevin and said, "OK boy, you can fuck her now. Any
time you want from now on."

I screamed as Kevin jumped on me and forced his little cock into
my bruised pussy. It hurt so bad. But I was beginning to think
that Kevin would never last more than five minutes. No matter how
many times he came he never lasted more than five minutes. But
the excitement of watching me get raped by Pug had him on edge I
guess and he only lasted a couple of minutes. He came and
collapsed on top of me. I was dying to go to the bathroom but I
had to wait several minutes for Kevin to get up and go to mom for
a good cock cleaning. The I struggled to my feet and limped to
the bathroom holding my stomach. I felt like I had been punched
in the stomach, and I guess I had.

I made it to the bathroom and collapsed onto the toilet. I let
the cum drain down into the toilet for a long time. 

I sat there long after it stopped, in too much pain to stand up.
I should have stood up sooner. I saw movement and Kevin was
standing in the doorway smiling at me. He was still naked. He
walked over in front of me. I was bent over trying to ease the
pain in my stomach.

I guess I had been in  there longer than I thought because he
walked up to me and picked my head up by my hair and put his
slimy cock to my lips. It was immediately obvious that while I
was in here he had fucked my mother. Now I found myself sucking
his cock clean. Then he pulled out of my mouth and just stood
there, looking down at me. I didn't know what was going on until
I felt his piss running over my legs and down to my crotch. I
quickly spread my legs as wide as I could and screamed at him. He
just laughed and continued until he was finished. Then he pulled
my head back down and I licked the end of his cock clean. 

When he was satisfied he released his grip on my hair and my head
dropped back down. I was sobbing loudly, overwhelmed by despair,
and with disgust. After a while I looked up when I heard someone
else at the door. It was Pug. 

He came in and asked me what was wrong in that phony, "I really
care" voice. I was crying so hard I had trouble talking. In face,
I doubt if I made any sense at all. But since he really didn't
care, it didn't matter. He wasn't there to comfort me. Instead, I
felt another hot stream of piss flowing over my thighs and
accumulating at my crotch before draining down into the toilet. I
looked up at him and saw the look of pleasure on his face and I
felt so helpless. The last few squirts of piss out of his cock
landed right on my breasts. Then he wiped his cock on my face and
said, "Get yourself together you stupid cunt. It's just a little
piss for Christ's sake. Clean up this mess and take a quick
shower and get back out there. You have fifteen minutes. Trust
me, you don't want to be getting out there in sixteen minutes."

I wanted to curl up in a little ball and cry. Instead, I wiped my
legs and my stomach and chest off with toilet paper. Then I got
on my hands and knees and cleaned up the toilet and the floor
with paper towels. Lastly I took a very quick shower and dried
off hurriedly. I didn't look at the clock when Pug had left so I
didn't know if I was late or not.

I limped back into the living room just in time to see my mother
on her hands and knees eating Kevin's ass out. Pug made me drop
to my knees and crawl across the room to his seat and provide him
with that same service.

I ate out his nasty ass, he hadn't bathed since before he went to
work on Friday morning, to the best of my knowledge. I licked and
sucked and burrowed my tongue into him for long enough that I
developed a terrible crick in my neck. Then he reached down and
pulled my head up by my hair and I sucked him off again. This
time he wasn't satisfied with three inches either. Not after last
night. He eventually forced his entire cock into my mouth and
throat and then let me go to continue on my own. It was so hard,
it hurt so much. I knelt there forcing my lips down to the base
of his cock and all I could think was, "I'm just a little girl,
why does he hate me so much?"

Finally he came in my mouth and throat and I held his softening
cock in my mouth until he pushed me away. I just curled up in a
ball and cried quietly.

After a while my mother came over and helped me to my feet and
put me to bed. It was early afternoon but I was tired and in a
lot of pain.

I stayed in bed until Sunday morning. Mom had brought me in some
milk and sandwiches, but the idea of swallowing anything as sore
as my throat was, well, I couldn't face it. Besides, I wasn't

On Sunday morning I got up and took a shower. I dried off and
went back to my room and tried to do my homework just to take my
mind off of my life. I tried to beg off when lunch was ready but
Pug ordered me to come out to lunch. My mother sprayed a sore
throat spray into my mouth and that helped a little. It didn't do
anything for the pain in my heart though.

I ate a tuna salad sandwich and some potato salad. Then I waited
for everyone to finish so I could clean up. Pug was apparently
sated because he ignored me. I cleaned up the kitchen after he
got up and then I went back to my room to finish my homework. 

I didn't feel like looking at either of them, or being with them,
or watching TV, so when I finished my homework I just lay down on
my bed and stared at the ceiling and tried not to think.

I was still there when they went to bed at their usual time. Pug
came into my room and looked down at me, lying naked across my
bed. But he didn't say anything, and he didn't touch me. He stood
there for a moment and then he left the room. It took a few
minutes for my heart rate to return to normal. Then I just zoned
out until I eventually went to sleep. 

My mother woke me up the next morning and I took a quick shower
and went in for breakfast. Then I got ready for school and
grabbed my books and left.

As I was walking up our street I heard someone behind me. It was
Kevin. He said, "I couldn't come over and fuck you yesterday. My
parents think I am spending too much time with you. So I'm horny
as hell. Come with me."

He led me off the sidewalk and into a wooded lot. He found a
place that was out of the way and ordered me to suck him off. I
dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out and sucked him off
quickly. As soon as I finished he turned and walked away. I spent
the  entire rest of the day tasting his cum. I rinsed my mouth
out at recess, and again at lunch time. I just couldn't seem to
get rid of the taste.

I walked home after school and as soon as I had undressed I
brushed my teeth. Then I sat at my desk to try to do some
homework. I didn't get far before my mother came and got me and
brought me out to help her amuse Kevin. I sucked Kevin for a few
minutes then he made me stretch out on the floor. He got on top
of me and made mom put his cock in my dry, sore pussy. She told
him that I was dry and needed some lubrication and I saw him grin
and get back up.

"OK Gina," he said, "get down there and lube her up for me." 

I suppose he thought one or both of us would freak out at that,
but I was beyond caring as she dipped down and licked my pussy a
few times to get it moist.

Kevin got back on top of me and I felt mom guiding his cock into
my pussy. It wasn't so bad today. I was thankful it was him and
not Pug. He fucked me quickly and stood up and made me clean him
off. Then he had to leave. 

I went back to the bathroom and cleaned up and then went back to
my homework.

Supper went pretty much as usual and since my homework was done I
was told that I was spending too much time alone in my room and
told to join them for a little TV. 

Pug pulled me onto his lap and ordered mom to start the DVD in
the DVD player. I sat there with Pug's hands molesting my body
and the TV came to life. It was the movie they made Friday night
when we went to that creepy babysitter's house and we did all
that fucking and sucking. 

I didn't want to watch, but Pug kept an eye on me to make sure I
watched it all. It was really disgusting. I was appalled at the
number of cocks that came in my mouth that night. I knew it had
been a lot, but now I was able to sit back and keep track I was
shocked. Mom had it a lot worse of course, since they all fucked
her over and over. But she was more used to it.

I expected that Pug would want to put me to work on that large
cock I felt throbbing under my ass. But something new was being
added to my schedule tonight. I was sent to bed at nine o'clock.
Fifteen minutes later a shadow blocked out the light in my
darkened room and a man came in and got in bed with me. I thought
it was Pug. But it wasn't. It was one of the men from the party
Friday night. He pulled his pants down and made me suck him, then
he fucked me and then I cleaned him in the usual manner. Then he

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. Then I looked for a
clean set of sheets. Mine were wet and messy. Mom came back to
where I was digging around in the linen closet and just shook her
head and led me back to my room. Apparently I was to sleep in the
wet spot. 

Every night that week, except for Friday, one of the men from
that party showed up after I went to bed and fucked me. On Friday
we went back to that house for another party, only this time I
was a full participant. The following week was a repeat except
that this time the party was at our house. They all showed up
around six PM and mom and I were put to work sucking, but not
bringing to climax, the four men and Pug. They all took turns
holding the camera. After a half hour of teasing them with our
mouths Pug and one of the others went down into the basement and
came up with a padded bench. 

I didn't even have time to get worried before I was stretched out
on the bench and my arms and legs were strapped to the legs. I
did get worried when Pug moved behind me and started working a
finger into my ass. It hurt like hell and he was only using
moisture from my pussy for lube. Eventually one of them handed
him a tube of lubricant and he started lubing me up and forcing
more and more fingers up my ass. When he was satisfied that I was
ready one of them stood by my head in case I started screaming
too loud and Pug began forcing his cock into me. I did scream.
But it wasn't loud enough to attract attention so they let me
scream, they enjoyed the sound of it.

I thought surely I had been torn by the time Pug finished
brutally fucking my ass. But I knew it wasn't over. The other
four men all took a turn at fucking my ass. And each in turn went
to my mouth to be cleaned off. Mom had an easy night. Her only
job was to clean my ass up between fucks and stay out of the way.
They thought about making her do the camera work but they liked
the shots of her wiping their cum from my ass so they let her
keep doing that instead.

Thankfully they only went around once. They finally let me up and
I staggered back to the bathroom with my mother's help. I fell
onto the toilet and listened as the cum from five men drained out
of my ass. Mom handed me a suppository and told me to put it in
when I was done draining. She said it would shrink my tissue back
up and take away some of the pain. I saw them, while I was
sitting on the toilet, carry the bench into my bedroom and put it
against the wall.

I finally stopped draining and wiped myself with a moist
towelette. I put the suppository in and before long it did seem
to help a little. I finally made it to my bed. As I was crossing
the hall I looked down towards the living room and saw that mom
wasn't having such an easy night after all. She was on the living
room floor getting fucked by three men.

Mom had told me to go to bed when I was done in the bathroom and
I was glad to obey that order.

The next day was Saturday. I slept late, my body was worn out. I
awoke to find Kevin in my room looking down at me.

"I hear you learned a new trick," he said. "Get up, let's see

I stood up and he made me pull the bench away from the wall. I
told him I had to pee and asked him to give me enough time to go
to the bathroom first, but he just turned me around and put me
down on the bench. He didn't use lube, or loosen me up first. But
his dick is still pretty skinny and I still had the cream from
the melted suppository in my butt so it wasn't so bad. The bad
part was when he made me clean him afterwards. That stuff tasted
awful. As soon as he let me I ran for the bathroom and just made

Kevin followed me in and made me spread my legs and he watched
curiously as I peed. I tried to ignore him. I wiped up and washed
my hands and brushed my teeth and then went to the kitchen. 

Mom and Pug had slept late too and I wondered how Kevin got in. I
put the coffee on for them and made toast and bacon and put them
in the oven. Then I ate my cereal and cleaned up after myself.
Finally I was finished and Kevin took me back to my room and
undressed. He wanted to fuck my pussy this time. 

He pushed me onto the bed and looked at me while I undressed.
Maybe it was just a coincidence, but my breasts had been growing
like crazy in the last few weeks. I had gone from 'not quite and
A' to a full B cup in not much more than a month. And people were

Kevin got on top of me and started fucking, more slowly this
time, more like Pug had tried to teach him. It actually felt kind
of nice, though I was in no danger of having an orgasm. While he
was pumping away Pug stopped in and said good morning. I told him
that the coffee and toast and bacon were ready and he left me to
satisfy Kevin the insatiable. 

Kevin didn't seem to mind the interruptions in the least, he
didn't even pause as I spoke to Pug. He started picking up the
pace after a while and he finally came. When he rolled off of me
I cleaned him and then he got dressed and we went out to the

This was pretty much my life for the next few months. I fucked
Kevin and Pug every day. I fucked somebody every night after I
went to bed. Usually it was one of the four men from the party,
but sometimes it was a stranger. 

I finally found out who the four men that we were always fucking
were. They worked for Pug in his business down at the docks.
Apparently mom and I were just one of the perks of the job.

I turned twelve and my present was a few more items of outlandish
slut clothing from that place where Pug always took us shopping.
My party was Pug and Kevin and Pug's four employees fucking me
all night long. Mom did the filming this time.

Something else was added at this party. Kevin, who used to be my
friend, held my mouth over his cock and pissed right down my
throat. The other men just laughed and cheered him on. 

It was horrible and I just barely made it to the bathroom before
I puked my guts out. By the time my birthday party had ended at
almost two in the morning, every one of them had pissed down my
throat. It took three of them to hold me down for the last three.
I knew I would suffer later for resisting. But I couldn't imagine
anything worse that what they were doing to me.

When they were all through fucking me and pissing in my mouth
they got dressed and left. I collapsed on the floor of the living
room in a nearly catatonic state. I couldn't take this anymore.
Every day it gets a little worse. I don't know how long I would
have stayed like that if my most recent belly full of urine
wasn't about to come back up. I rushed down the hall and hugged
the toilet yet again. 

After I had emptied my stomach I brushed my teeth and then took a
quick shower. Then I brushed my teeth again with a new tooth
brush and finally I staggered to bed.

I was left alone the next day. Even Kevin stayed away. Then on
Monday things got back to normal. Well, normal for me. 

This was the last week of school before summer vacation. There
had been a slight dip in my grades when the sexcapades started
earlier this year. But then I started using school and schoolwork
as an escape from what my life had become and I graduated at the
top of my class.

As a reward for being such a good student I was taken to a
strange club outside of town. On Saturday afternoon my mother and
I were put in the car and blindfolded. We were driven to a club,
a drive of nearly an hour. When the car stopped and we were
allowed to take off the blindfolds we were parked in front of
what looked like a run down old barn. 

The parking lot was full of cars but I didn't see any people
anywhere and there were no other buildings around. Pug led us to
the door and we went in. The inside of the barn had been
remodeled and there was a bar and a theater with a raised stage
and several other rooms I didn't see. 

Mom and I were led into an office and we had to sign some forms.
We weren't even allowed to read them first. Then we were taken to
a large room where everyone was apparently waiting for us. We
were taken to the front of the large room and introduced as a
mother and her twelve year old daughter who would be posing for
them for as long as they liked. 

There seemed to be about twenty or thirty people there. They were
mostly men, but I saw a half a dozen women in the audience too. I
also saw a couple of teenage boys. Everyone seemed to be holding
a camera and they all gathered around and started snapping a few
'before' pictures. 

Then the directions started flooding in. I was ordered to undress
my mother and then she returned the favor. Then we posed for more
than an hour before people from the audience started posing with
us. I was almost grateful for the "parties" with Pug and his
employees. If I had not been subjected to a couple of six or
seven hour orgies this would have been much harder to take. They
just kept coming. All afternoon. One at a time at first. Then in
pairs and the occasional threesome. I was treated to a family
gathering with the two teenage boys and their father. A lot of
the people in the audience wanted pictures of that.

Even mom was exhausted when they finally let us get cleaned up
and dress. They had a locker room and shower area and we were
left alone to take long hot showers. We dried off and collapsed
on a bench against the wall and rested for a moment. 

I turned to my mother and asked, "Is this really how you want to
live your life? Is this really the way you believe your twelve
year old daughter should be forced to live?"

Mom turned her head in my direction, but didn't say anything. She
stared at me for a moment, then stood up and started getting

I slipped my tiny dress over my head and followed her back out to
the lobby area. As we approached I saw Pug shaking the hand of
some guy in a suit and I heard the suit guy say, "Great, see you
next week!"

We were finally taken back out to the car and blindfolded for the
trip home. I was so worn out I fell asleep on the ride home. I
was nudged awake and realized that the car was stopped and turned
off. I pulled the blindfold off and saw that I was home. I went
inside and undressed and went to bed. It was only a little after
eight and I was a little hungry, but mostly I was exhausted and I
just wanted to sleep.

I was up early the next morning and started breakfast for Pug and
my mother. Then I ate my cereal and cleaned up. I was at a loss
then. I had relied on school and my schoolwork as a refuge from
what my life had become. Now I was available to abuse 24 hours a

Speaking of abuse. I heard a noise and looked up to see Kevin
coming in the front door. He asked me if I had a good time

"Yes, Kevin, I had a ball. I was humiliated and raped by 25
people and it was all captured on film. What blast!"

Kevin smiled at my sarcastic response and took his clothes off.
He ordered me on to my hands and knees and he knelt behind me and
started slowly fucking me. 

While he fucked me I was ordered to tell him in detail about what
I had to do yesterday. He found it a lot more exciting than I
had. He came once and just kept his semi hard cock in me while I
kept talking. He was soon hard again and fucked me yet again. I
was noticing that he was starting to build up his stamina. He
probably could have gotten me excited if I didn't hate him so

I hadn't finished relating the details from yesterday, so he kept
his cock in me still while I continued. My mother and Pug were
eating breakfast now and watching Kevin and me in the living
room. As I got to the part of my story where I had the two
teenage boys and their father Kevin got hard again and started
fucking me again. I finally finished my story, or as much as I
could remember of it, and Kevin finally came for a third time. I
sucked him clean and started to get up and go back to my bathroom
and clean up. Kevin stopped me and made me kneel in front of him
with my legs spread wide. He watched his cum drooling out of me
for a while and then he ordered me to scoop it up and eat it. I
heard Pug chuckle in the kitchen and say, "Damn, I like the way
that kid thinks!"

I was less impressed. I remember when Kevin was a nice kid. A
friend. Now he was a predator who thought only with his skinny
little dick. 

I was finally allowed to go clean up. I was grateful to see that
my mother was on her knees sucking on Pug's cock. That was at
least one load I wouldn't have to handle.

I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, but most of
Kevin's cum had already drained out of me and I had been forced
to eat it. I used some toilet paper and then a couple of moist
towelettes and finally washed my hands and rinsed my mouth out.

When I got back to the living room mom was on her knees between
Pug and Kevin and I just stayed out of the way hoping I would be
left alone. But Pug saw me come in and he ordered me to kneel
beside him as he fucked my mother and reach around behind him and
play with his balls while he fucked her. 

He came soon after that and while mom concentrated on trying suck
Kevin to a fourth orgasm I was forced to suck Pug clean. Then he
put me on my back on the floor and with his strong hands he
physically placed me with my head between my mother's thighs. I
looked up at mom's red, swollen pussy, dripping Pug's cum and her
juices inches from my face. I saw her pussy getting closer and
closer to my face and I realized that Pug must be pushing down on
her, forcing her pussy into contact with my mouth. 

I knew what he wanted. There was no point in resisting. I started
licking her thighs and then her entire pubic area, finally
narrowing down the area of concentration to her sloppy, freshly
fucked pussy. I suppose I should have been really grossed out.
But after all the nasty things I have had in my mouth lately,
well, this was just more of the same.

I licked her clean and sucked Pug's cum out of her pussy and I
could tell she was getting turned on. I don't know why I did it.
Pleasing my mother was not high on my priority list right now.
But I saw that she was getting turned on and I reached my tongue
up and began tickling her clit and then sucking on it while she
came, moaning around Kevin's cock which set him off. 

Pug made her clean up Kevin and then lick my face clean. Then she
was ordered to return the favor and eat my pussy. I had been
fucked a lot lately, but I wasn't enjoying it and I could not
remember the last time I had an orgasm. The guys sat down and
watched as my mother moved between my thighs and started licking
and sucking on my pussy. 

I didn't want to cum. I didn't want them to have that power over
me. But there is only so much a girl can take. They made her keep
going until I had three orgasms, each more earth shaking than the
previous one. 

As I was relaxing with my eyes closed after that third orgasm,
Pug pulled mom out of the way and climbed on top of me. He fucked
me long and hard, and it is the first time that I remembered
enjoying being fucked. By the time he climbed up my chest and
forced his slimy cock into my mouth I was as limp as a rag.

At last, everyone's sexual appetites were sated. I looked
outside. It was a bright sunny summer day. It suddenly occurred
to me that I had not been outside to play, or just to go for a
walk or a bike ride in a year! Instead I had been inside being
ridden whenever I had free time.

I asked Pug if I could go for a bike ride. Just by myself, just
to relax for a little while. He was satisfied and said as long as
I was home by supper he didn't care. I jumped up and went to my
room to get dressed. That was when I ran into my first problem.
The only clothing I owned was short skirts and dresses. Very
short. I put on a dress and went out to the garage. 

My bike had been gathering dust since we moved in with Pug. The
tires were flat and it took me half an hour to get them inflated.
I finally got up on the seat, tucked as much of my skirt as I
could between me and the seat to try to keep my pussy covered.

I took off down the street but I couldn't keep my skirt from
billowing up and exposing me so after only a block I gave up and
got off and pushed my bike to the park down the street. 

I leaned my bike up against a tree and sat under a tree and just
enjoyed the idea that, for the next few minutes I didn't have to
worry about someone raping me.

I saw other kids playing. Kids my age. All of them still virgins,
living in normal homes, excited about being out of school for the
summer. They probably had boyfriends and girlfriends and were
daydreaming about someday having sex.

A boy about my age came over to talk to me. We hadn't met. He
said hi and asked me my name. I told him and he asked if he could
sit down. We talked for a long time about school and the weather
and everything but sex. It was kind of fun. The only embarrassing
part was when we were leaving and he was going to walk me home.
He reached down to help me up and there was no way to get up
without baring my pussy in that tiny skirt.

He blushed and looked away when he saw my skirt pull up and my
naked slit came into view. For some reason his reaction turned me
on. But he didn't say anything, and I couldn't. 

He walked me back up the street to my house and before I went in
I told him that he couldn't come to my house my parents were kind
of weird. 

He asked me if I would be going back to the park. I told him that
I would try to go back but I don't get to go out much. We stood
in front of my house for a few minutes talking and then I said
goodbye and pushed my bike back into the garage and put it away.

When I got inside Pug asked me how it went. I told him I couldn't
ride my bike, my skirts were too short. He smiled and told me
there was no such thing as a skirt that was too short. He asked
me about my friend and I told him all about the boy I met in the
park. I didn't want to. Pug would screw up anything if he had the

I went to my room and undressed. I read for a while, until
supper. Pug left me alone the rest of the day and I went to bed
at my usual time.

Pug woke me early from a sound sleep and told me to get dressed,
I was going to work with him today. I took a quick shower and
dressed and hurried out to the kitchen. I had a quick bowl of
cereal and followed him out to the car. 

At first I was upset, I was hoping for a nice quiet day at home,
but then I thought of Kevin and realized that it probably
wouldn't have been so quiet.

I had never been to my dad's business before. It was a huge
warehouse right on the docks. There were big trucks coming and
going all day long and stuff being moved around on forklifts and
I wondered how it was possible to know where anything was. 

I was put to work answering the phones. Mostly I just answered it
and then told Pug who was calling but by the end of the day I was
finding out how to answer some of the easier questions the
callers had. It was actually kind of fun. Except that every once
in a while I had to go into the back room with someone and suck
them or fuck them. Usually it was one of the usual four, but
sometimes it was someone I hadn't seen before. At least they
didn't all come at me at once. I even had an orgasm once!

On the way home Pug actually complimented me on my good work! 

When we walked into the house it was obvious that mom had not
gotten off as easily as I had. She looked rough. And her ass was
red as a beet. Pug asked her why Kevin had beat her and she said
that he had tried to shit in her mouth and she puked.

Pug turned as red as mom. He was madder than I had ever seen him.
I thought at first he was mad at mom. But he went to the phone
and started to dial out. Then he slammed the phone down and
called me over. He ordered me to call Kevin and tell him that Pug
said he couldn't come over anymore. Pug was afraid that if he
talked to him, or saw him, he would lose it.

I called Kevin and told him what Pug said. Kevin didn't say
anything, he just hung up.

I told Pug and he just went over to his chair and sat down. I
went and got him his beer and the mail. 

I went to work with Pug every day but Thursday that week. On
Thursday I went to the park and met my new friend again. He was
just a nice, normal guy and it was fun to talk to him.

While we were talking he asked me if I knew Kevin. When I said
that I did he told me that Kevin was saying a lot of nasty things
about me and my mother. I told him that he and my dad were having
a big thing going on and there were a lot of hard feelings. I
told him that Kevin had done something bad to my mom and my dad
was really ticked at him.

We, my new friend Todd and me, spent all afternoon just sitting
around talking. Todd was fifteen, two years older than me. But I
guess a year of being raped ages a person. I was beginning to
think that the jokes guys made about drinking cum making your
boobs get big might be true. I was now a full B cup and I had
just turned twelve!

The funny thing was that I hated being around Pug and his crew,
and Kevin, because it was all about having sex with me. Todd was
treating me so nice that I wished I could have sex with him! We
were sitting up on the bandstand where they used to have band
concerts a long time ago. It was a quiet afternoon and nobody was

The conversation had tapered off for the moment and we were just
sitting there feeling comfortable with each other and  I turned
to Todd and said, "Would you be mad if I kissed you?"

He smiled and said, "I would love it if you kissed me. I can't
believe you are only twelve. You are the most grown up girl I

I wanted to lean over and kiss him, but I realized that I wasn't
who he thought I was and maybe that wouldn't be fair. "What kind
of stuff has Kevin been saying about me?" I asked.

He blushed and said, "I can't repeat it. Nasty things. Sexual
things. A bunch of lies."

"Maybe they weren't all lies," I whispered. 

Todd looked at me and he had the saddest look on his face. I knew
right away I had fucked up. 

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"For most of the last year I have had to let Kevin have sex with
me after school. Any time he wants. My father makes me. I have
sex with my father too." I saw the look in his eyes and I would
have given anything to take back what I had just said. "I'm
sorry, I guess you hate me now. You have to promise me you won't
tell anyone. I will get in a lot of trouble for telling you."

"That's child abuse," he said. "But you are pretty smart, I guess
you know that."

I nodded.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"No! I hate it!" I responded

"Why don't you get help?"

"It's complicated. I suppose I will give up and run away soon. I
just can't call the cops on my mother."

"I would if it was me," he said.

"I guess you probably don't want to kiss me now, do you?"

"I woulda thought that a girl in a fucked up situation like yours
wouldn't want anything to do with a guy."

I was quiet for a minute and then I said, "I know, but you are
just so nice. There aren't any nice guys in my life."

"Maybe a nice guy would feel funny about kissing a girl when it
would be like he was just taking advantage of her."

I smiled and said, "Maybe, let's see." I got up and sat on his
lap and put my arm around his neck and kissed him. He was pretty
stiff at first. But pretty soon he was kissing me back and it was

He broke the kiss after a few minutes and I said, "Thank you. I
just wanted to be with someone that wasn't going to rape me. I
like it." I slid off his lap and sat beside him.

Todd smiled and said, "If you had done that any longer I might
have raped you!" 

I looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and said, "Oh god,
I'm sorry. I guess I was just thinking of myself."

I looked around and saw that we were still all alone and I said,
"It wouldn't be rape if it was my idea would it?"

He looked at me funny and I went to my knees and spread his legs
and started to pull his zipper down.

He grabbed my hands and stopped me. "No Dani! You don't have to
do that. We can just be friends. Maybe kissing friends."

I looked up at him and said, "I have sex all the time with men I
don't like. I just want to do it one time with someone I like.

He was really confused. He wanted to, but he knew that it wasn't
right. But he was a boy with a hard on and I was a pretty girl
who was asking to take care of it for him. There was never really
any question how this was going to go.

He took his hands away and I pulled his zipper down. He was about
the same age as Kevin, but his cock was much bigger. I had to
unbutton his jeans to get his cock out. I kissed it and licked it
and gave him the best blowjob I knew how. Afterwards I held his
cock in my mouth for a while and before long I was sucking him to
a second orgasm.

"What I suspected was right," I said, smiling up at him. "It is
much nicer to do it with someone you like."

He just smiled, he couldn't talk yet.

"I guess you think I'm pretty sick, don't you?" I asked.

"No Dani, I feel sorry for you. I like you, you are pretty and
smart and damn that was some blowjob! I don't want to get you in
trouble, but I can't help thinking I should report what they are
doing to you."

"No, please don't tell anyone. I'll do something about it sooner
or later."

We sat quietly for a few minutes and then he asked, "Can we still
be friends?"

"Oh yes, please. I really need a friend. Kevin used to be my
friend until my stepfather turned him into a monster. Now I don't
have anyone."

It was time for both of us to go home, but before he left he made
me memorize his phone number. I knew I wouldn't use it. But it
was so sweet of him.

I went home and undressed and helped my mom with supper. When Pug
got home I took him his beer and the mail. Except for a pat on
the butt he ignored me.

We ate dinner and as he was leaving the table he told me that I
would be going to work with him tomorrow.

I said "Yes sir," and finished cleaning up and went to my room. I
lay on my bed with a book, but I wasn't reading. I was thinking
about Todd. I know I should have kept my mouth shut. I hoped he
would still be around the next time I went to the park.

Friday I had a day almost like a normal kid. I answered the
phones for Pug and everyone was so busy that I didn't have sex
all day long, until it was time to go home and Pug rewarded his
four favorites for a hard days work.

We all went into the back room and I did them two at a time, and
it was all over quickly and we went home to supper.

After supper we all watched TV and I went to bed early. One of
the easier days I have had since this all started.

I overslept the next morning and they were already eating
breakfast when I came out. I got my cereal and joined them at the
table. After he finished eating Pug told me that I needed to take
a shower and get prettied up soon. We were going back to the club
out in the country.

I guess I was going to have to pay for having an easy day

I got cleaned up and picked out a dress to wear and then waited
until it was time to go and got dressed. We went out to the car
and as soon as the doors were closed Pug handed my mother and me
the blindfolds. We put them on and sat in the darkness for an

When the car came to a stop we took the blindfolds off and got
out of the car. I noticed that there were a lot more cars here
than last time. Not good.

We went inside and this time we went into the theater. Mom and I
were led up on stage while Pug wandered off and got a drink and
talked with friends. Mom and I just stood together in the middle
of the stage and waited. I whispered to her, "Do you know what is
going to happen?"

She just shook her head. She looked as scared as I was.

Every once in a while someone from the audience would come close
to the stage and look us over, but never talk to us. It wasn't a
high stage, like in a regular theater. It was just raised a
couple of feet. The seats were amphitheater style. They rose up
steeply so that everyone had a good view.

Eventually everyone that was coming was here and the doors were
closed loudly. All talking stopped and everyone took their seats.
I recognized several people from last week, but there were a lot
more people this time.

When the audience had settled down two women in evening gowns
came on stage and one of them undressed mom and the other took my
clothes off. Then they put leather collars around our necks and
with the attached leashes pulled us to the back of the stage. 

As soon as we were out of the way two large wooden frames in the
shape of an X were lowered from the ceiling. We were each led to
an X by the woman who had undressed us and our wrists and ankles
were strapped down. Then the women left the stage and we were
left there to ponder our fate. I don't know about my mother, but
I was terrified.

Finally someone came out on stage. He was a large, older man in a
tuxedo. He stopped in front of me for a moment and ran his hands
over my body. Then he pinched one of my nipples and walked over
to my mother. While he was inspecting my mother another man came
on stage. He looked a lot like the first man. He stopped in front
of me for a minute and touched me, very gently.

Then he walked behind me and started whisper in my ear.

"Do you know what is going to happen to you today?" he asked

I shook my head frantically. He was so cool and calm and yet his
voice was dripping with enthusiasm as he whispered. 

"I want you to know before we start," he continued, still
whispering. "First you and your mother are going to be tortured.
We have all kinds of nasty things to torment your tender flesh
with. One of my favorites is a cattle prod. You're going to love
that. We have all sorts of clamps to torture your nipples and the
soft flesh of your young breasts and even your sweet young pussy.
That old standby, hot wax. We have an assortment of whips and
paddles. Oh yes, and another of my personal favorites, needles.
Girl, you haven't lived until you have had a needle slowly skewer
the flesh of your sensitive breasts. Well, I misspoke, not a
needle, more like fifty needles. But when we are done with all of
that we have a special surprise for you. I don't want to spoil it
though, so I won't say any more.

I looked over at my mother and I could tell by her face that she
had been getting the same whispered conversation that I had. She
looked terrified. That didn't make me feel any better.

The two women in evening gowns came back on stage, each pushing a
wheeled cart that was full of instruments of torture. The carts
were placed in front of us so that we could see what was in store
for us.

I heard a scream and whipped my head around to see the man with
my mother holding a metallic rod to her breast. Then I heard a
noise like a bug zapper and she shrieked again.

The man in front of me picked up the identical device and held it
in front of me. "This is the cattle prod I told you about," he
said in a conversational tone. "It will hurt like all hell, as
you can tell from listening to your mother. But we have them
specially made so that they don't cause actual burns. It just
feels like they do. Here, let me demonstrate."

I shook my head and pleaded with him not to do it. I begged him.
I felt the cold tip of it against the side of my breast and then
I heard the noise and felt the shock. Believe me, it didn't feel
like a reduced shock to me! I screamed much louder than my mother

I heard gasps from the crowd, but I glanced out at them and it
was obvious that there was no hope of salvation from them. All I
saw was lust.

I heard my mother scream again and then it was my turn again. For
some reason he avoided touching my nipples with it. I guess he
had something else in mind for them. It seemed to go on and on. I
kept praying to pass out. But no such luck. They were so slow and
deliberate about it. They took their time and drew it out,
letting us enjoy the anticipation I suppose. 

I thought it was an unimaginable thing to torture a woman's
breasts like this. Until he shocked my pussy. I screamed so loud
then that I hurt myself. I pleaded with him not to do that again.
I even begged him to do my tits instead. He just smiled and
shocked my pussy one more time.

It hurt so much, I hurt so much, I couldn't even scream. My mouth
opened wide but no sound came out. I couldn't get enough air. I
begged him to stop in a raspy whisper. 

I cried in gratitude when he put the cattle prod back on the
cart. I should have saved my gratitude. He reached down and
pulled up a large handful of long needles with colored plastic
ends on them. He held one up in front of my eyes and showed it to

I heard myself saying, "Oh god no, please no. No more, I can't
take it. I'll do anything you want. I beg you."

He moved around behind me and said, "Yes dear, you will do
anything I want. What I want is to hear you scream in pain." 

I assume he moved behind me so that the audience could watch as
she skewered my breasts with the long needles. He reached around
me and pressed the point of one of the needles against my breast
about and inch from the nipple.

I shook my head and sobbed in terror as he applied more and more
pressure until the point punctured my skin and entered my breast.
I screamed again, and then again as he pushed it all the way
through and I looked down in disbelief to see it push through the
other side of my breast and stick out about an inch. That was
when I finally passed out.

Unfortunately, they anticipated that. I came back to
consciousness suddenly with smelling salts being waived under my

I immediately started begging to be released. Instead, he pressed
another needle in the same spot on my other breast. 

I started sobbing, "mommy, mommy, mommy," over and over, quietly.
Until he started applying pressure again and I closed my eyes and
screamed as I felt the needle skewer my other breast. It went on
and on until the entire box of needles, all fifty of them, were
embedded in my breasts. The last two had been driven straight
into the nipples from the front and just bobbed up and down in
front of me.

The men who had been skewering our breasts stepped away from us
when all of the needles were in place and the crowd applauded
loudly. Sick fucks!

I guess it must have been hard work for those poor guys, because
they stood back and rested while the girls in the evening gowns
came out and removed the needles. They pulled them out the same
way they had been inserted, very slowly.

Once all of the needles were removed I was pretty much a drooling
idiot. I hung slack in the straps that held me and there was
actually drool coming from my lips. I was not fully conscious.
Unfortunately, they noticed. I was slapped in the face and the
tits for a few minutes, until I was fully aware of my

The next item on the agenda turned out to be a combination of
clamps and clothespins. First a strong clamp with sharp teeth was
embedded in my nipples. Every time I thought it was as bad as it
could get I found out I wasn't even close. I felt the blood
dripping down my breasts and down my stomach. Meanwhile, chuckles
was pinching the skin on my breasts together and attaching
strong, painful clothespins to the skin. Eventually I had dozens
of them on each tit. Then he lined the inside of my arms with
them. Then he did the same with my thighs. Finally he picked up
five more of the sharp toothed clamps and put two on the labia on
each side of my pussy. The fifth went right over my clit. I
passed out again and didn't wake back up until they were

I don't have any idea how long that was. I looked over and saw
the my mother was already on the next step. The gentleman that
was tormenting her had tilted her cross back and was dripping wax
on her. She was sobbing and muttering incoherently. I somehow
didn't feel sorry for her. Or at least not as sorry as I felt for

I felt the cross I was strapped to being lowered slightly. I was
leaning back at an angle now, obviously to facilitate the candle
wax torture.

My hair was a mess. Not that I minded. But one of the women came
out and gathered it and put a band around it so that it was out
of the way. Then I felt the first of the hot wax dripping onto my
face. Very slowly, a few drops at a time, until my face was
covered. Even my ears! Then it moved down my neck and eventually
covered my entire torso, and finally everywhere but the bottoms
of my feet.  Then the man moved back to my face and looked in my
eyes. "Beautiful!" he said. Then, as a final touch, he forced my
mouth open and dropped several splatters of wax on my tongue.

I thought surely it was over now. I couldn't take any more. I
would surely go mad. That was when I found out how they planned
on removing the wax. They picked up some short leather whips and
beat it off of us. It took a long time. They started at our feet
and slowly worked their way up our bodies. Each stroke of the
whip broke a little more wax loose and knocked to the floor. It
was especially onerous around those most tender areas, the areas
they had already tortured the most. My pussy and my tits. But
when they got to my face the pain was new all over again! All I
could do is close my eyes and scream through tightly pressed lips
and pray that they didn't hit my eyes with a whip. When all of
the wax had been removed I was forced to stick out my tongue so
that what little of the wax remained on it could be whipped off

It was finally over. They were releasing us from the crosses. I
couldn't stand on my own and the man had to hold me up with a
hand under my arm. We stood back and the crosses were pulled back
up to the ceiling. Then the women came out and swept up the wax
and took it away. I prayed that it was over now, but when I saw
two more men in tuxedos come out on stage carrying a long bench I
knew it wasn't my lucky day.

I sobbed and begged someone in the audience to help me. I think
they enjoyed that.

I watched as my mother was fastened to one end of the bench with
her head near the center. I was led to the other end and we were
fastened down with the tops of our heads touching. I felt someone
doing something with my hair and it was put into another pony
tail and attached to the end of a short metal bar. My head was
lifted and my mothers hair was attached to the other end of the
bar. We were facing each other with our faces only inches apart,
and unable to move our heads.

The women in gowns came back out and rubbed something on both of
us. On our pussies. Then they left and for a few minutes my
mother and I just lay there staring at each other helplessly and
waiting for the next torture. We didn't have long to wait. 

I saw my mother's eyes get as big as saucers. And then I saw a
large Great Dane being led up between her legs. At the same time
I felt something behind me and knew that the same thing was
happening to me. I felt a huge tongue exploring my genitals and
then it's hairy chest moving up over my back. I saw one of the
women reach under the dog that was over my mother and felt
someone aiming the other dog's cock between my legs. 

I looked at my mother's eyes and saw the moment when he drove his
big cock into her. And then it was my turn. We stayed there,
locked together on that bench, staring into each other's eyes in
shock as we were raped by two huge dogs. I heard my mother scream
after a while and I wondered what that was. Until I felt the
creatures knot being forced into my pussy. I too screamed in pain
as he held me tightly in his forepaws and quivered as he flooded
my womb with his hot sperm. It took a very long time. 

The dogs stayed in place long after they were done cumming in us.
But at last they got restless and started pulling out. It was
almost as painful as when it had gone in and we both screamed
again. Then I felt all that hot fluid drain out of me and down my

We were left like that for a long time. I was hoping that it was
finally over. I figured that no man in his right mind would want
anything to do with a female that had just fucked a dog. Yeah,
remember me, the blonde?

The women in gowns came out and cleaned mom and me up and wiped
up the mess on the floor. Then two more benches were brought out
and placed side by side at the edge of the stage. We were
fastened to these on our backs and close to a hundred men came
forward to use us. Most of them used our mouths. We were on our
backs with our heads hanging down and in perfect position to
drive a nice big cock down our throats. That's what most of them
did. A few lifted my legs and raped my ass. I saw a couple of
guys that did the same to my mother, but most of them came down
our throats. 

When they finally removed us from those last two benches I
collapsed to the floor. I looked around and only Pug and two
other men were in the room. They were all smiling and happy. I
could have killed all three of them.

My throat hurt so bad I couldn't talk. I guess mom was the same.
We just lay there on the edge of the stage unable to stand up.
After Pug finished his drink he came down to the stage and tossed
our dresses to us and watched in amusement as we struggled into

He had to help us out to the car. I was not surprised when we got
outside to see that it was pitch dark outside. We must have been
in there for over eight hours! We donned our blindfolds and there
was another hour of darkness until we got home. On the drive Pug
said that we had made enough money this afternoon to buy a new
car. He said "we", I never saw any of it. But he promised that it
would never happen again. We would still come out here sometimes.
There would be photography and gangbangs, but no more torture and
no more animals. I had no reason to trust him, but I had to
believe him. The idea of ever going through that again was

Mom and I rushed in and used half a bottle of throat spray. Then
we went for long hot showers. I stayed under the water until it
turned cold. Then I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

It took us a week to recover from that day. Pug left us mostly
alone. He would still get a blowjob from one of us every day. But
I didn't get fucked again until the next Friday. I don't know
about mom. 

I didn't even have to go to work with Pug the following week. I
just stayed home and tried to get over the nightmares. I noticed
that mom had a lot of trouble looking me in the eyes.

On Wednesday I felt well enough to go for a walk and I went out
to the park for a while in the afternoon. I was disappointed that
Todd wasn't there but the air was nice and I sat on the bandstand
and closed my eyes and made believe I had a real life.

It was almost an hour later when I heard footsteps and looked up
to see Todd coming up into the bandstand. He looked surprised to
see me. I guess I had been invisible when I was laying down on
the seat.

Todd had a friend with him. A kid I had never seen before. We
talked for a while and Todd's friend left and then Todd and I
just sat together quietly for a while. 

Finally Todd asked, "You OK? You look like you've had a bad time.
Is there anything I can do?"

"No, yes, yes. No, I am not OK. Yes I had a bad time. Yes there
is something you can do. Could I just put my head in your lap and
make believe I'm your girlfriend for a little while?"

Todd smiled and said, "You are always welcome to put your head in
my lap, no matter which way you want to face."

I grinned at him and slapped his arm. Then I stretched out on the
bench and laid my head in his lap and closed my eyes for a while.
He was sitting very still and I could feel him watching me. I
knew he had questions. I knew he wanted to help. I will never
know why I didn't let him.

I opened my eyes after a while and looked at him. He looked so
concerned. It made me feel better just to be with him. I took his
hand from my waist and put it on my breast, gently. But I
couldn't control the wince and he pulled it away quickly. 

"What's wrong?" he asked. 

"I would rather not say Todd. I thought it would be OK, but I am
still sore, next time though, OK?"

He was quiet for a minute and then he said, "What did they do to

I tried not to, I tried so hard. But the tears started flowing
and he lifted me up and held me close and I cried all over his

"I can't talk about it Todd," I finally managed to say. "But it's
over now. And he promised it wouldn't happen again."

Todd moved his hand to the front of my dress and lifted it up
enough so that he could see underneath. He saw the receding black
and blue marks and the little marks that remained from all the
pins. He dropped my top back down and said, "You were tortured!"

"He promised he wouldn't let them do it again."

"Who is them?"

"I don't know. He puts a blindfold on us and takes out in the
country somewhere. We don't have any idea where it is or who the
people are."


"My mom too."

"How could they do that to a twelve year old girl?! A beautiful,
fragile, sweet young girl like you?!"

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"No, I don't think you are beautiful, silly. You are beautiful.
No matter what I think."

He was still holding me tight and I reached up and kissed him. He
was such a nice kisser. Tender and loving. I looked around after
kissing for a few minutes and said, "My lips aren't sore."

He smiled at me and said, "Do you know how many guys would kill
for a girlfriend like you?"

"No, point them out!"

"Let's skip the expert blowjob this time," he said gently. "I am
too worried about you to enjoy it."

I kissed him again and rested in his arms for a while. It was the
medicine that I really needed.

It was finally time to go and I told him that I would probably be
here tomorrow afternoon. Then we kissed again and he walked me

Things just kind of coasted a long after that. Much to my
amazement, Pug let me date Todd. When Pug was at work I even got
my mom to let me sneak him into my room sometimes. We stayed
together and he kept me more or less sane until I finally ran

I went to Pug's warehouse two or three times a week during the
summer and then, when school started back I was able to sink back
into my studies. Kevin never came back, but the nine PM rotation
of guys from Pug's business started again during the week.

Pug took mom and me back out to the barn in the country about
every other month or so. But he kept his word and we were never
tortured again, or had to mess with animals. There were
afternoons when there were cocks as far as the eye could see, but
after that day on the cross I could handle a bunch of cocks.

Things changed when, shortly after I turned fourteen I came down
with a bad case of pregnant. Pug was upset, until he found out it
was going to be a girl. Then he was ecstatic.

I didn't have to be a mind reader to know what he was thinking. I
started thinking seriously about what would happen to my daughter
if I stayed here and I knew I had to leave now.

The sex, even the rough sex, continued and I was scared for my
baby, but the big worry was that one day I would be watching Pug
fuck my baby. Pug and all his friends. 

I started hiding money away. Lunch money. Spare change. A couple
of times I stole a few bucks from my mom's purse. But Pug made
her account for all of her money so I couldn't do that often.

Finally, I was very pregnant and I had fifty dollars and I
decided that it was now or never. So one day I left for school
and never came home. My only regret was Todd. I knew I would miss
him terribly. I had no idea who was the father of my baby, but I
tried to convince myself that it was Todd.

The rest of this story is to be found in, "Dani Does The Right


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