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Tommy's adventure: Part 3  -" MILF Hunting. (inc, mf, mgb, bF, MILF, cons,
anal, oral ) by Jimmy

I was bent over Debbie's backside with all seven inches of my cock jammed
deep into her hot cunt, sawing in and out. Mike was at her other end, with
"Debbie suck em' off" living up to her reputation (as the best cock-sucker
in Rockville Middle School), sucking off Mike's nine inch dick. He was
slowly rocking his hips pushing in and out of Debbie's lips.

"So, Mike, I fucked the Ryder twins last week." I said conversationally to
Mike as we Spit roasted Debbie between Us.

"Yoob flucked dub twibs?" Debbie tried to talked with a mouthful of cock.

"They're pretty good aren't they." Mike answered back with a grin. "Lori is
especially wild." He said with a euphoric grin as he pushed into Debbie's
hot sucking mouth and I pushed her forward with a deep thrust.

Debbie's eyes shot up to Mike's face, "Yoob flucked bem toob?" Debbie
popped her mouth off Mikes cock with a smack. "The twins fuck too?" She
said more clearly with a surprised note in her question.

"Yep!" we both said simultaneously.

"Don't stop sucking bitch, I'm almost there. " and Mike shoved his cock
back between Debbie's wet lips.

"That Carolyn Rider, their mom, now there's a real hot MILF, she can do
more tricks with six inches of dick than a monkey can do with a hundred
feet of vine!"

Deb's eyes looked up again, "Herb toob?" then she coughed when Mike's
cock-head hit the back of her throat and she pulled off his meat drooling
spit down his shaft.

"I knew she was fucking old man Jenkin's, but you got a piece of her too?"
I said and then jammed into Debbie to my balls. "Uh! I suuure wooood
like... to fuck her." I gripped Debbie's hips and shimmied my cock in her
wet cunt.

"Oh yeah, and those beautiful mom-tits." he got dreamy eyed again, "You
could probably fuck her too, just threaten that you know about her n' ol'
man Jenkins... you'll be balls deep in that hot MILF cunt before you
know-whoa-whoa it... GOD!" Debbie was wringing Mike's wet cock with both
hands while sucking furiously on his big purple knob. Mike clamped his
hands on either side of Debbie's head and started shimmying his cock
rapidly in her mouth.

"You really think so?" I began imaging my cock sinking into Mrs. Ryder's
mom-cunt. Then the warm feeling of Debbie's velvet fuck tunnel moved up my
cock to my balls and suddenly I had to cum. My balls blasted into Deb's hot
pussy for the third or fourth time that morning. I bent all the way over
her and ran my hands over her tiny titties, feeling her stiff nipples as my
cock came down off its high and my shaft began to relaxed in her tight cunt.

"I'm cumming bitch! Take my cum! Suck and swallow! God!" With shuddering
hips, Mike shot his wad into Deb's greedy sucking maw.

We all collapsed into a cuddling pile on the old bed in the shack in the
woods. Debbie with her head in Mike's lap was idly stroking his soft
monster shaft with one hand and the other hand was wrapped around my lesser
but still formidable cock, squeezing me with a slow rhythm.

"You really think I could, get my cock into her?" I asked mike.

Mike lay on his back and spoke to the ceiling, "Go for it buddy, get
yourself some more MILF pussy, Debbie's Mom ain't the only one who likes
strange cock." Debbie rubbed her head into Mike's lap in acknowledgment to
her Mom's sexual appetite.

"A MILF hunt." I thought to myself.


I woke up, pulled the cover's aside and noticed that I was still naked from
my previous night's fuck session with my sister Kelly. I staggered to the
bathroom that adjoined mine and Kelly's bedrooms. I opened Kelly's door and
looked in. She was laying in bed, her back to me, a thin sheet covering
her, hair a total golden chaos, all over her pillow. I could see from the
outline of the sheets that her hips were starting to take on the womanly
curves that make a cock twitch with lust. I looked down at my mushroom,
balls hanging low and I could see my prick start to swell at the thought of
those smooth hips bouncing up and down on my loins. I was tempted to go
into her room and fuck her again but I wasn't sure when Mom would be
looking for us, so I pulled back, closed the door and got into the shower.

I really did need a good wash. My cock and balls were covered in dried
sperm and pussy cum. I let the warm water run down my body and caress my
pubes. I grabbed the soap and lathered up my scrotum, stroking the soap the
full length of my expanding cock, pulling my foreskin back, I thoroughly
cleaned it and my big purple knob. With one hand I worked the suds into my
balls and with the other I continued to stroke up and down my shaft,
cleaning off the leavings of the previous night's fun.

It felt pretty arousing, but having just spent half the night fucking my
little sister I didn't feel any urgency to get my rocks off. I left my
balls and cock to hang in the running water as I washed the sweat from the
rest of myself. After a good rinse I stepped out and toweled myself
vigorously and wrapped the towel around my waist.

I stepped into my room and there was my mother standing near my bed. "Mom!
A little privacy please!" I clutch the towel tighter and thanked the stars
I had decided not to fuck Kelly again.

"Sorry Tommy, I called but you didn't answer, don't worry dear I've seen
you naked many times." Her eyes scanned me up and down,

"I was in the shower, I didn't hear you. And I was just a little kid when
you saw me naked...What is it?"

"I know... and now you're all grown up." she said in a patronizing tone.
"Your friend Mike is at the door. Kinda early I think... he wants to see
you about something. Didn't say what."

"Thanks Mom."

Mom turned and left the room. As she left she said over her shoulder, "Tell
your sister breakfast is ready."

I got dressed then went into Kelly's room and shook her shoulder. "Kells
Mom says to get up."

She moaned and rolled onto her back toward me. "Is it mourning already?"
Her eyes focused on me. "Ooh Tommy... fuck me again."

"Can't, Mike's downstairs, an Mom is expecting me an you."

She sighed and slowly sat up, "Mikes here? He'll fuck me... He's not a
party pooper like you."

I just shook my head in disbelief, "Get dressed ya nympho." and I left.

It had been a couple of days since he and I had fucked Debbie Sokolov out
at the shack, when he had suggested I could get into Mrs. Ryder's pants.
Maybe he had a new lead on some hot cunt we could fuck he was always
scouting for new pussy to screw. Mike was sitting in the living-room when I
arrived downstairs.

"Hey Mike, what's up?"

He looked around to make sure we were alone, "You remember our discussion
about Carolyn Ryder? Well I was 'talking' with the twins yesterday and they
said they were going to work with their daddy today, some kinda bring your
kid to work thing his company was havin' today."

"Yeah talkin', I'll bet, so what?" I didn't think he was just 'talking' to
that pair of nyphos, but that wasn't important.

"Well maybe a bit of fuckin' too. But what they said when their mouths
weren't full means, Carolyn will be home alone, without her kids around to
inhibit her, Huh?" he nudged me, I looked dumb. "God do I have to spell it
out? You can make your move on her. Get some of that MILF pussy you were
drooling over."

The light went on in my head. "What'll I say?"

"Just tell her you're looking for yard work, then you can... you know."

"Offer to trim her bush." I said with a grin.


My sister came down the stairs and sauntered into the living room wearing
the shortest, tightest, shorts I had ever seen her wear, they were
stretched tight across lower abdomen barely at her hip line. The bottom of
the shorts made a straight line across her thighs at her crotch emphasizing
her nice camel toe. Her tank top left her midriff fully exposed, showing
off her pretty little belly button. Mike stared lecherously at her every
step of the way from the stairwell till she stood in front of him, eyes
locked to her tight cameltoe.

"Hi Mike, watcha doin' here so early in the morning?" She said with a
sultry voice.

"Giving your brother a scouting report." he said dragging his eyes up from
her crotch to her face, with a brief pause at her little titties.

Kelly got a quizzical look on her face. "Scouting? Whatcha scouting
brother? Baseball?"

"He's scouting for a MILF." Mike smirked.

"MILF? What's that?" She looked at me.

I smirked, "It's a Mother I'd Like to Fuck."

Kelly looked shocked, "You wanna fuck Mom..."

I was equally horror-struck, "Ewww! No! Somebody elses's Mother! Like I
dunno, maybe Mrs. Ryder."

"The twins Mom? Why not Debbie's Mom, I seen the way you ogle her when
she's sun-bathing."

"Already fucked her. I'm lookin' for fresh pussy."

Now it was Kelly's turn to be thunderstruck, "You... an Mrs. S.  -- I knew
Deb was a nympho slut like me... but her mom too?"

"Oh yeah..." Mike and I said in unison then our eyes glazed over.

"She can really suck dick too... Taught Deb everything she knows 'bout
cock-sucking." Mike said with reverence.

Kelly's eyes scanned back and forth between us, "Jeez... you guys are
hopeless... but talkin' with you two is getting' me all hot n' horny." she
said with a husk in her voice and a flush building in her face.

"You're always horny, you don't need a reason." I said.

"Mikey... I wana fuck too. Since my brother's gonna be busy fuckin' Mrs.
Ryder you wana go to the shack, an you can show me sa'more of that
Kamasutra?" Kelly said in a slightly wheedling tone.

"Sure Kels, meet ya there in an hour." Mike got up and went to the door.

As Mike reached the door Mom came into the room. "Breakfast is on, kids...
Oh, Mike are you leaving, you're welcome to join us from breakfast if you

"Thank-you Mrs. Johnson, but I have to go now. Just wanted to stop by an
tell Tommy 'bout the ball-game today." He waved at Kelly and went out the

"More like balling game." Kelly said under her breath.

"Such a nice young man, so polite and thoughtful. Well kids come and eat."
Mom looked at Kelly and me, and did a double take on Kelly's super short,

"Where'd you get those shorts from dear, they look awfully small?"

"Oh, these are just last year's shorts... they were all I could find."

"Well I guess I better catch up on the laundry." When Mom turned to go to
the kitchen I did an exaggerated eye-roll, Kelly did a curtsy to me and
sashayed into the kitchen, butt swinging from side to side. I looked at her
tight little ass with her tantalizing cunt-mound and started think that
there might be enough time to fuck her before I went.


I stood on the porch of the Twin's house. I was a lot less confident about
my scheme when I was standing in front of the door than I had been day
dreaming about Mrs. Ryder on my way there. I pulled myself together and
pushed the doorbell button.

I heard a door chime sound somewhere deep in the house, then footsteps
approaching the door. Through the mosaic of the cut glass window in the
door I could make out the figure of a woman coming to open the door, the
knob turned and the door opened revealing Carolyn Ryder standing in a
dress, with the top three buttons undone revealing her beautiful cleavage.
Her long full light brown hair hung to her shoulders. The dress followed
the curves of her breasts and sloped down to her lovely hips, ending
modestly above her knees. I had not seen her this close before, the last
time I had been to her house I had been upstairs fucking one of the twins
when she had come home from fucking her neighbor, Old Man Jenkins, and I
did not see her go into her room for a nap.

"Hello Tommy, what brings you here?" She asked a bit quizzically.

"Uh hi, Mrs. Ryder. I'm looking for yard work to help me earn a bit of

"Yard work?"

"Yes'm I do yard work for Mrs. Sokolov. I keep her bush trimmed. An I was
wondering if you'd like to have your bush trimmed too."

"Don't you mean bushes?"

"Mrs. Sokolov only has one bush." If you don't count Debbie's hairless

"Hmm, well, I'll keep that in mind, but right now I'm off to see a friend."
she stepped through the door and started to pull it closed.

"You goin' next door to fuck ol' man Jenkins then?"

She froze with her hand on the not quite closed door. "What did you say?"

"I said, are you going to fuck ol' man Jenkins." I said as brightly as I
could muster with my stomach doing flip-flops at this brazen line of talk.

She slowly stood up as tall as she could, to tower over me, looking sternly
down at me she tried to bluff me. "What a ridiculous thing to say young
man, I ought to take you straight to your mother to see what she thinks of
such language."

"Maybe you will, but what do you think Mr. Ryder would think of such a
thing. And fucking a teenager named Mike Longtom too." I threatened back,
hoping she didn't know her own husband was also fucking their daughters.

She looked down at me appraising the situation, she took a deep breath, "So
you trim Claire's bush for her do you?" Her eyes shifted to the lump in the
front of my genes.

"Yes mam, and... she says I do good work too." I guessed she new about
Claire Sokolov's proclivities.

She looked up and down the street, "You'd better come in the house while we
discuss the details of your yard work."

We went in and she closed the door behind us and locked it. "Go sit in the
living room I need a drink." She went to the wine cupboard in the other
room and poured herself a stiff brandy which she downed in two gulps. She
steadied herself.

"So where's the twins?" I asked just to make conversation.

"They are with their Dad at some work sponsored 'take your kid to work'
event." she replied and poured herself a second drink.

"When do you expect them Home?" I asked with implications toward what we
were about to do.

She downed her second brandy, looked a bit dazed then said, "Don't worry...
they'll be gone all day. John said he was taking the girls out on a dinner
date, to top off the day."

I could imagine what they'd be doing on their "dinner date", I remembered
playing Daddy with that pair of nymphos. Probably burgers and a quick trip
to the "No tell, Motel" for an extended Daddy Daughter Fuck day.

She came back and stood in front of where I was sitting on the couch. "So
young man, you think you should get to fuck me, just because your buddy got
to fuck me?"

"Yes'm, something like that." I said, holding down the butterflies in my

"You're just a kid, what makes you think you got what it takes to satisfy a
full grown woman's bush, huh? Unzip, show me your tool."

I undid my belt, unsnapped my jeans and pulled down my zipper. In a rather
dramatic manner I pulled my jeans open, spreading the zipper wide revealing
my tumescent seven inches of cock lolling without underwear in my pants.
Reaching in I took hold of my expanding shaft and pulled my prick out for
her to see the whole thing. With my other hand I cradled my balls and
brought those out too, letting my ball-sack hang over the zipper pull. I
put my hands to the side letting my cock and balls stand on display before
her. I could feel the pressure building in my dick as it continued to
swell, pushing out against my foreskin until it was pulled tight over my
glans with my piss-hole peeking out the end.

Her eyes widened slightly, "Well you certainly are well endowed for a kid.
I was expecting a lot less. Maybe you can do the job." She started to
unbutton her dress working her way down from bosom to hem. The garment hung
wide open, I could clearly see her tits, she did not have on any bra and
she wore the tiniest black bikini panties. She had a beautiful sexy body
under her plain dress. Her tits were not as big as Claire's but they were
ample enough to excite me.

My eyes were drawn to her womanly pussy. She was shaved so none of the
remaining hair showed at the edges of those teeny tiny panties. Her puffy
lips curled out over the edges of the panties threatening to engulf and
swallow them whole. He clit was very prominent, pushing out from her mons
Venus poking against the little triangle of black cloth. I swallowed hard
to keep from drooling, like my dick was already starting to do.

She leaned over me and put her hands on my hips, thumbs pressing into my
groin. With her face close, looking me directly in the eyes she spoke, "No
underwear, huh? You were pretty confident." She hooked her fingers over my
waistband and dragged my pants down to my ankles where my gym shoes stopped

She pushed my knees apart and watched my balls slide down and dangle
between my legs well below the base of my cock. I watched as she reached
out and softly cradled my balls in one hand then slowly massaged and lifted
my scrotum to feel the heft and weight of my balls.

"Nice... I bet they hold a lot of cum." she purred as she continued to play
with my balls.

"Yes mam... they're always ready to fuck."

"You fuck a lot of women, do you?" She looked intently at me and moved her
other hand up to grip my hard cock.

"Mostly girls." I thought to myself better not mention fucking her
daughters. "Only one woman so far. I fucked the neighbor girl, she's a real
nympho. An my sister...s girlfriend." I almost let too much out that time.
She pulled my foreskin down revealing my precum soaked knob.

"So you thought you like to branch out... add another full grown woman to
your stable of conquests did you?" She slowly jacked her hand up my shaft
pushing the skin over the end to spread the precum around a bit.

"Mam I couldn't help it, you just looked so sexy and when I found out you
fucked other guys, I just had to fuck you too."

"Do you know any dirty words? I like to hear dirty words when I get fucked."

"Like what?"

"Call me a cock-sucking whore." she jacked my cock up hard.

These MILFs sure had weird fetishes. "Suck my cock bitch! You dirty whore!"

"Oh yes, I'm a dirty whore." She leaned forward and yanked my cock to her
mouth and swallowed me in one gulp. Her lips slid all the way to my
ball-sack and I felt my cock-head hit her tonsils. God her lips felt good,
every girl that sucked my dick felt different. Each had her own technique,
I think that's why I kept looking for new girls to fuck, to experience as
many ways to get sucked off as I could. Like Mike showed me all the ways to
fuck in the Kamasutra.

"God!" She sucked on my cock like it was a straw. "Suck me you slut!" I
jacked my hips up and shivered in pleasured response to her lips sliding up
to my cock-head as she sucked hard.

She lifted her gaze to stare adoringly into my face with my dick-head
caught in her mouth. Her cheeks were concave from sucking on my cock. Her
tongue started tickling the tip of my cock-head with rapid darting
movements, swirling around the edges of my glans, poking into my piss-hole,
lapping back and forth across my swollen head, all the while maintaining
steady suction on my cock.

"Oh God! You cock sucking bitch! I'm gonna cum!" I yelled out.

She reached up and clamped her fist tight around my shaft preventing me
from ejaculating at that moment. She pulled off my cock with a pop and held
me tight. My hips were bucking up and down in anticipation of coming hard,
but she held fast, not letting any of my cum escape. I could feel the
pressure in my shaft as my load of cum remained bottled up in my dick.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I gotta cum, jeez let me cum" I yelled, thrashing my hips
around feeling the fire of hot cum trying to push out my cock.

"Just hold it in little man and you will get an even bigger cum soon." she
said clamping my shaft until my cock-head turned a deeper shade of purple.

I stilled my hips and tried to calm my dick down. Slowly my balls stopped
pulsing in their vain attempt to push my hot sperm out the blocked passage.
It felt like a mini orgasm, not as satisfying as a full blown, cum
squirting, sexual release, but delicious just the same. When my hips
finally calmed down she slowly released my hard shaft and a small amount of
cream seeped out the end. My cock still felt fully aroused and in need of

"Follow me." She stood up and headed to the back of the house. Looking over
her shoulder she added, "Leave your pants.

I bent down ripped off my shoes and pulled my pants over my ankles and
stood up. With my balls hanging low and cock waving stiffly, I followed
her. She led me into her bedroom. Her dress dropped to the floor followed
by her skimpy panties. She got up on the bed lay flat and spread her legs.

"Trim my bush."

I looked at her lovely cunt, the lips were big and moist with dew, her
stiff clit stuck out of it's hood fully aroused. Her mons was crowned with
a thin strip of shaved hair. I dove between her legs and pushed my tongue
into her pussy and started to eat her with gusto.

She put her hands to the back of my head and pulled my face tight into her
cunt. She shimmied up and down rubbing her excited pussy hard against my
mouth. "Oh God, you have done this before! Uh, Uh," she cried out, "You're
hired! You can work on my bush anytime. Oh God! Oh God! You may not have as
big a cock as ol' Jenkins but your tongue makes up the difference! Eat me!"
her hips were thrashing then suddenly she strained up, lifting her ass off
the bed and came, she flooded my mouth with her cum then collapsed on the

I pulled my face from her soaking pussy, "Okay slut, turn over, I'm gonna
fuck you like the bitch in heat you are!" I got into the role-play with the
dirty words, I had never spoken like that to the girls I fucked but I had
noticed Mike did it some when he was really deep screwing girls. Maybe some
liked to be talked to like that.

I pulled on Carolyn's hips and rolled her on to her knees, I Hiked her ass
into the air and moved between her legs. "Okay you whore, spread those legs
and I'm gonna fuck your brains out."

She complied, moving her legs apart exposing her pussy to me from behind. I
got up on my knees, put my cock to her wet hole and rammed in hard. My
balls slapped forward wrapping around and hitting her mons from behind. It
felt great to have all seven inches of cock buried in her to the balls. My
dick felt like it was on fire, having been denied earlier of the orgasm it
had worked for. I could feel her fuck channel milking my shaft with
contractions from her orgasm still pulsing through it.

I seized her hips and started jacking my hips back and forth, fucking her
hard. "You like that slut?"

Her only answer was the mewling sounds she made while biting and clawing
the bed. "Yeah, this is what a good whore craves, a hard hot fucking cock!"

With me banging into her ass she slowly sank to the bed, her knees spread
wide opening her cunt fully to my stabbing shaft. I was to excited by all
the filthy talk and with the delayed ejaculation it was more than I could
take. I felt my balls swell and then the rush of cum up the length of my
rigid shaft to shoot out the end and deep into her, my hose sprayed my baby
making sperm against her cervix. I pushed in hard and deep, trying to nail
her ass to the bed. Three short humps and my balls were empty of seed and I
could feel my cum sliding out around my shaft.

I collapsed on top of her, nuzzling the side of my face into her back while
I slid my hands under her to feel her tits. I hummed pleasurably to myself
as I fondled those soft breasts. Only full grown women have those beautiful
soft orbs that feel so nice to hold when fucking. So far Betty, the black
girl Mike and I had fucked together, was the only young girl I had fucked
who had nice tits to fondle while my dick was buried in her cunt. But I was
thoroughly enjoying this, my cock still squirming in her to the balls and
two soft tits in my hands. I was in heaven.

She turned her head and spoke to me. "Well my little fuck toy, did you like
fucking a slut?"

"Oh yes, slutty MILFs are the best." I sighed.

"I never would have guessed a twelve-year-old boy would have such a man
sized cock, and know how to use it. You can come back any time the twins
aren't here" she let out a relaxed breath, rolled to her side and reached
out for my cock, "We still have plenty of time before my hubby gets back
with the girls..."

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