AUTHOR Humoresque
DATE ADDED 17th June, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My husband is an engineer and works for a firm specialising in repairing ships' engines so he gets sent all over the world, at a moments notice, to repair them and is often away for weeks.

I have a healthy sexual appetite and frankly, even when he was at home, I wasn't getting my fair share and I suspect that he is. My single girlfriends are ravers and going out, to them, means picking up men for sex. I'm not a slut so I would only allow the man, I'd picked up, to kiss and touch me up but didn't go all the way. If I really like the guy I would bring him off, with my hand, which seemed to satisfy them. I would go home ready to climb the wall, with frustration, and finish myself off with my vibrator. It wasn't entirely satisfactory but it satisfied my conscience. I felt that I really wasn't being unfaithful while still having fun. One of other the reasons I would not let them shag me was that I’d come off the Pill and did not want to get pregnant by anybody else but my husband.

I work, as a secretary, for a wholesaler and have the sweetest boss any woman can wish for. He's like a cuddly teddybear, mind you he can be strict if he thinks you're taking him for a ride. His wife and kids always go off to Spain for six weeks, in the summer. He knew that I was often on my own and suggested that we could go to the coast for the weekend quickly emphasising that we'd have separate rooms, when he saw the expression of doubt on my face. I accepted and on the Friday, during my lunch hour, I bought a new swimsuit. I think that I must have had a touch of madness because it was so tiny that it hardly covered the strategic bits of my rather voluptuous body and I didn’t try it on. The bikini had been designed with a stick insect in mind not a ten stones Amazon like me but you women, reading this, will know what it's don't actually see yourself in the mirror instead you see the person you wish you were
The hotel was fabulous and, true to his word, we had separate rooms. Once we'd unpacked Gerald suggested we go to the pool and get some sun.

I slipped on the bikini bra and, try as I might, I couldn't get the small triangles of material to cover more than my nipples, leaving the rest of my large breasts totally exposed. It looked indecent and very rude. The pants were even worse as the tiny triangle of material was swamped by my pubic hairs leaving clumps of curly pubes framing it on either side. Being so tight it clung to the lips of my sex, like a second skin, and, as I stood there looking at my reflection, it slowly began disappearing between them so that one of them was exposed. At the back the thin thong had disappeared between my buttocks leaving them completely bare and, from the back, it seemed as if I wasn't wearing any bottoms at all. I told myself off for not having brought my old swimsuit then decided that maybe there would be something more suitable in the hotel shop. I slipped a dress on over the bikini and was just on the point of leaving the room when there was a knock followed immediately by the door, connecting our two rooms, opening to let Gerald in He was wearing a swimsuit, which was bulging in the front, and I was surprised to see how well preserved his body was for a man in his late forties. I shouldn't have been surprised because I knew that he played squash at least twice a week and sometimes three times. He was carrying a beach robe and towels. He asked why I'd not changed. I replied that I had but it was so indecent that I couldn't go out in public that way and that I was on my way to buy a replacement from the hotel shop.

He said that he should be the judge of the suitability of my swimsuit and that I should take off the dress and show him. I argued but sternly he told me not to be silly and take it off. Blushing furiously I took it off and squirmed as his eyes scanned my body from head to toe. From the expression on his face I could see that he was impressed by my body and unconsciously I slipped into poses which would show it off to its best advantage.

Vanity will always be the downfall of women! The bulge in the front of his swimsuit was expanding and my mouth dried up as I saw the outline of his penis clearly defined. It was a very large one and it uncoiled beneath the material like a snake waiting to strike. He closed the gap between us and took me in his arms and kissed my mouth in such a wonderful way that my body seemed to melt as he pressed his naked chest against my nearly naked body. As his tongue explored my mouth tingles sped down my spine and became lodged in my sex. My boobs were squashed against his bare chest and the nipples hardened into hard points. At the same time I felt a spasm grip my pussy which released a wad of love juice and there was so much of it that it oozed out and soaked the tiny triangle of material. In my defence you've got to remember that it had been over two months since my husband had been home and I was gasping for real sex.

Gerald's hands caressed my naked back then my bare buttocks as his lips moved to my neck and nibbled on my ear lobe. I stood against him with legs feeling as if they were turning to jelly unable to extricate myself from his embrace. My breathing had become erratic as his tongue traced a path down my chest. He undid the knot so that the bikini top slipped down releasing my boobs. His mouth located each tingling nipple, in turn, and sucked them to tingling hardness. I felt dizzy and was gasping for breath by the time he sank down to his knees. My body went rigid when the tip of his tongue delved into my belly button. It felt almost as if he was doing that to my sex. I'd never realised before how sexy it could be and looked down not quite believing that it was really happening. My boss was kneeling at my feet licking and kissing my naked flesh and I was allowing him to do it!

I know what you're thinking. She's already told us that she allowed other men to touch her up so what's different if it's her boss?

A huge difference!

This was not a man I could send packing when he got too bold. I really liked him and enjoyed working for him and would have been devastated to have to find another job.

While my mind was dealing with this dilemma Gerald peeled the bikini bottoms off leaving me stark naked. His nose was nuzzling my pubes and I could hear him sniffing. I blushed as I realised that, in my aroused state, the musky smell would be very strong and that he was able to see the sticky moistness beading the tangle of my pubic hairs.

Gently he steered me to the bed and eased me down on it. He knelt between my legs and his tongue traced a wet trail up the inside of my right thigh and, as his mouth neared my pussy, I broke out in a sweat. He lifted my legs up and draped them over his shoulders then the tip of his tongue touched my sex. My thighs, of their own accord, gripped the side of his face trapping his head and keeping his mouth against my sex as his fingers stroked my buttocks while his tongue licked up and down my sex. My sex lips flowered open and even more juices bubbled out as his hands kneaded my bum in the sexiest way. Gerald pressed his tongue deep into my vagina while the tip of his nose nudged my clitoris, which had popped out of its hiding place eager for loving. He withdrew his tongue and used it to lash the tip of my clitoris. It was almost like receiving an electric shock. I jerked and twisted with delight as he focused his attention on my erect love bud. He trapped it between his lips and lashed it with his tongue, then he began chewing and sucking it, sending me wild with arousal. It was not surprising that I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building in the depths of my quaking pussy.

I know that it was wrong but I was ready to be shagged. At that precise moment I needed it more than anything else in the world. I wanted my sex to be filled with hard cock and flooded with sperm but, at the same time, I didn't want him to stop licking and sucking my clit the way he was doing so wonderfully.

I know that it’s hard to put into words the stream of emotions which swept through me at that time but I will try

All thoughts of staying faithful had seemed to have been blown out of my head. I was desperate for anything Gerald could do to me. As his mouth continued to pleasure my throbbing love bud he used my lubrication to help the insertion of two fingers into my sopping hole and his little finger into my bottom. Slowly they slid inward, stretching my sex, till they rubbed against the finger deep in my bottom then he started a steady but rhythmic seesawing movement as his mouth continued to tease my clitoris. It was more than I could bear and I shuddered into a huge and overwhelming climax. The world was shut out and nothing else existed but the pleasure my boss was giving me.

His fingers had slipped out of my pussy and been replaced by his mouth. His lips totally covered my spasming pussy, vacuuming out my love juices as I continued climaxing. The finger in my bottom kept slipping in and out adding a touch of loucheness to my orgasms!

As the ecstasy faded I knew that I was going to go all the way with this man. More than anything in the world I wanted to please him in return for the delicious pleasures he'd given me.

Gerald moved up to lie next to me. He kissed me on the lips again and I tasted myself and it seemed to trigger another wave of arousal. I reached down and, slipping a hand inside his trunks, grasped his erect penis and squeezed it hard. The shaft was hot, sweaty and rock hard. I broke the kiss. He raised his bottom up as I slipped his trunks off and his mighty cock sprang out, as if on springs, and stood straight up like a flagpole. I studied it and saw that it was circumcised, much thicker and longer than my husband's.

Gerald knelt up with his knees either sides of my body, His cock was poised above my face and I grasped it and directed the head, first to one nipple then to the other. It was leaking and left a shining drop of seminal fluid on each nipple. Still controlling his cock I pressed the knob against my lower lip and spread the liquid all over the curved surface so that it was left glistening in the light. Suddenly his hard cock was trapped between my lips and I could hardly breathe with excitement. Gerald looked down as he started to move his hips back and forth to slide his cock deep into my mouth. Saliva lubricated the movement so that it was smooth and very exciting. I could feel heat building up spreading through my boobs causing my nipples to pucker and pulsate with each beat of my thudding heart. Despite the fact that I'd already orgasmed another smaller one blasted through my pussy.

His strokes became faster and faster and his cock burrowed deeper and deeper into my mouth. He was panting and groaning and I knew that he was approaching his climax. His movements became so frantic that his cock sprang from the clasp of my lips and swiftly I grabbed it and wanked it furiously. I could feel the strong contractions through his shaft, against my palm, and suddenly the thick sperm jetted out and it splashed against my face but the following spurts deluged my neck and my heaving breasts

I was surprised to discover that his cock was still partially stiff as he slipped down my body. His hands clasped my breasts and he sucked the nipples into his mouth, not seeming to care that they were covered with his sperm. My hand clawed my sex lips apart as the other one guided the head of his semi-hard cock deep into my pussy.

I can't describe the emotions I felt as, at long last, I felt his hard prick forging its way up my frustrated pussy

His hands, tongue and mouth continued to stimulate my breasts, squeezing and punishing them as his cock screwed deeper into me unmercifully, while I thrust my pelvis up so that my sex could envelope every inch of his long, thick rod, as his balls crashed against my bum cheeks. His coarse pubic hairs were scouring my erect clitoris.

It was a shag I would never forget!

He pounded his big cock, to the hilt, inside my clasping cunt, again and again. I was oblivious to anything else but the craving he was feeding so well. My legs had wrapped themselves around his hips so that my heels were beating against his buttocks, urging him to fuck me even deeper and harder. My profuse love juices lubricated his shuttling cock. My body was shaking and jerking as his prick pierced it again and again. My breasts were rubbing against his chest, my cunt was pulsating as my lust for him flowed unabated. I didn't care that he was my boss and that it was wrong to fuck with him, all I wanted was to feel his warm seed exploding inside my pussy and filling my womb. His hard body arched with one final thrust and his cock exploded inside my clasping cunt. It made me climax again and it was the best orgasm yet!

His sperm filled my sex and began to ooze out and drip into my bum cleft as our bodies stayed glued together, by perspiration and sex juices. I could feel his cock inside me slowly losing its hardness and retreating, even though I tried to use my vaginal muscles to keep it inside. My appetite for his kind of loving was far from satisfied and he sensed it. His hands stroked my sweaty flesh and soon I was on the brink of another orgasm but I dearly wanted to do something for him.

His cock was slack and it looked so tasty that, without a moment's hesitation, I lowered my face over it and guided the head between my open lips. It was an incredible sensation to feel it unfurling inside my mouth until it was so long that the head butted against my gullet and my lips were stretched to their outmost. I pulled back till only the dome was resting on my tongue and licked all over the dome before moving further down and licking his shaft all the way down to the base and back again not forgetting his dangling balls. He loved what I was doing and showed it with small moans of pleasure and contentment. His cock seemed to expand and I moved my mouth away but leaned forward so that my dangling breasts could brush against the tip of his cock. My fingers closed around the shaft and whipped up and down the hard length as I tried to cram my nipple in the small slit. All of a sudden a geyser of creamy sperm erupted, from the small slit, and splashed against my breast. I rubbed the hot, sticky juice into my tits until there was no more then squeezed his cock and managed to get just one more drop. I extended my tongue to lift it off with the tip before lifting up my tits and licking off his juice. Because I was so aroused I climaxed as I bit on a nipple. I collapsed on the bed, writhing as a huge orgasm blasted again and again inside my womb.

It was only as we rested that I remembered that I wasn’t using any form of contraception. For a brief moment I panicked then decided that I couldn’t wish for a better father for my baby.

Since that weekend my boss has been looking after my sexual needs. I no longer need to go out to look for other men as he's more than virile enough for me. At least four times a week he gives me what I crave, sometime at home others at the office. It wasn’t surprising that he impregnated me. I’d made sure to make love with my husband during the brief time he was at home not long after that life-changing weekend.

He was honest with me and told that he would never leave his wife and kids and that he had another mistress. He did say that he would provide for his child should my husband and I break up. I was in love with him, by this time, so didn't like his solution but accepted it reluctantly as I didn't want him to dump me.

His wife often drives up North, to visit her folks, and always takes the children so that there was always plenty of time for us. One weekend she was away but he told me that he couldn't see me as he had something to do.

I was three months pregnant by then and starting to show. I lasted on my own till Sunday afternoon then I just had to see him. I jumped into my car and drove to his house. I knew I was being foolish, and that it could jeopardise what we had, but I couldn't help myself. My pregnancy had heightened my needs for sex.

His car and another were parked in the driveway so I parked on the street and walked to the back of the house and entered through the kitchen. I'd been in the house many times so knew my way about. I could hear voices in the living room and peered into the room, through the partly open door then stood there rooted to the spot, trembling with shock and intense jealousy.

Gerald was in the process of slipping a woman's blouse off, revealing apple-sized boobs which did not need a bra. He unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor leaving her wearing only high-cut panties. She was slim and her legs were long and shapely and I envied her because mine are shorter and more muscular. My boss moved behind her and his fingers closed around the small globes and she stood with her eyes closed, breathing deeply, as he tweaked her nipples.

I knew her. Her name was Erin and she was the manager of one of our depots. She was married with two kids. This must be the mistress he'd told me he had. I held my breath as his fingers clamped the thick, pink buds of her nipples, as she leant back against him. Erin's eyes were still closed and there was an expression of pleasure on her face. Her mouth was open and the tip of her tongue was flicking along her lower lip. My rival was squirming and moaning with sexy excitement.

I don't know how I kept quiet because jealousy welled up in me like a flood as I watched my lover making love to another woman but somehow I did. It hurt but I couldn't stop watching. My stomach was churning and I could feel cold beads of sweat trickling down my backbone.

Gerald got rid of his shirt then unzipped his trousers and lowered them and his underpants to the floor. He stepped out of them, while continuing to massage Erin's breasts. I had a clear view of his cock and it was fully erect and jerking like crazy, a strand of sperm dangling from the end like a pearl necklace was swaying from side to side.

Erin peeled off her panties and my guts twisted with jealousy as I saw that she was clean shaven. They fell on each other like rutting animals. He clasped her slim body firmly against his squashing his hard cock against her flat tummy, smearing his sperm on her skin. It was no wonder that she looked flushed as his hand slipped down her back and stroked her taut bottom.

I can't tell you how sick I felt as I watched my lover pinching and massaging Erin's bottom then pushing his fingers into the deep division between the twin mounds of creamy flesh. He drew them open so that, even from where I was standing, I could clearly see the tiny star-shaped anus and below it the pink and wet-looking vulva.

Erin was moaning and wriggling, as one of his fingers traced the puckered rim of her secret hole. Slowly she slid to the floor, in front of him, so that her face was level with his twitching cock. She leant forward and gobbled the crown and at least four inches of his hard cock into her mouth. Soon she was sucking hard while one of her hands cupped his balls. My rival looked greedy for his sperm and was really sucking hard. I could see her cheeks deeply hollowing. From the expression on Gerald's face it was obvious that he didn't want to come in her mouth but wanted to screw her. He has fantastic control and I saw him exerting it, as she sucked and licked his stiff tool obviously wanting to feel his delicious sperm bubbling thickly inside her mouth and throat. He pulled back, withdrawing his stiff tool from between Erin's lips, and, sinking down to the floor, he pulled her down with him.

They were looking at each other with such lustful hunger that I squirmed with bitter jealousy¸

She had his cock in her hands and started to coax it inside her. As her vaginal lips closed round the tip he gripped her bottom hard, with both hands, and pulled her upward as his hips thrust forward. He drove his hard cock long and deep into her pussy as he raised her buttocks off the floor until every inch had disappeared from view and his dangling balls bounced against her bum cheeks.

I was so hot, so wildly aroused that I stripped off my clothes and slid a hand between my parted thighs so that I could finger my pussy while I watched my lover, the father of my baby, shagging another woman. I remember thinking that if anybody had ever told me that I would act that way I would have called them mad!

He got into his stride and worked his stiff cock in and out of Erin's yielding pussy, ramming withdrawing it, at an ever increasing rhythm until his cock was blurred as it slid in and out of her pussy. I felt proud of my lustful lover because he was obviously giving Erin the shagging of her life.
I was so aroused that I stumbled against the door and made a very undignified entry into the room. Erin and Gerald looked at me but strangely didn't seem at all surprised to see me as they continued shagging. I sank down to my knees next to them. As if in the grip of madness I pressed my leaking pussy against his leg and he smiled while he continued pounding his hard cock into Erin's sex. He was rubbing his thumbs intently back and forth across her nipples before gripping each one between his forefingers and thumbs and pulling them outwards until her small boobs were stretched out like pears. It must have hurt yet she seemed ecstatic. Her hands were clasping his shoulders. Leaning forward I placed my hands against the inner surface of Gerald's buttocks and pulled them wide apart and plastered my mouth against his anus and stuck my tongue as deep into it as it would go and started fucking it while his cock fucked Erin's pussy. I have no idea where the notion of doing something so depraved came from.

With a deep cry he emptied his thick sperm into Erin's sex in frantic spasms just as she loudly screamed that she was also orgasming. Her body heaved and squirmed. Her pussy received his male tribute. She was moaning and sobbing until her passion was fully spent. My tongue had stayed lodged inside him all the while and stayed there until his deflating tool slipped out of her pussy, dripping long droplets of sperm from the small hole at its crown. Acting purely on instinct I grabbed his cock and lifted it so that I could take it into my mouth and lick it clean. It was only as the thick cloying liquid slid down my throat that I realised that some of it must be her love juices. Instead of making me feel sick it made me even raunchier even though I'd never been with a woman before.

I fell back on the carpet, breathing harshly trying to come to terms with my emotions.

Suddenly she gathered me up and pulled my naked body against hers and kissed me on the mouth. She French-kissed me, as if she'd been a man and I responded passionately even using my tongue to duel hers. She brought me to the brink of an orgasm, with her hot kisses and her caressing hands then broke away and pushed down on my shoulders so that my face ended up hovering above her pussy. I knew what she wanted me to do and I found myself unable to refuse. Closing my eyes I leant forward until my lips came in contact with her wet pussy which was dribbling with Gerald's sperm and immediately my lips became coated the viscous juice. I slipped my hands beneath her buttocks and raised them up and lewdly began to suck deeply and my mouth began to fill with a combination of my lover's sperm and her thick sex cream, while my hands kneaded her elastic buttocks. I felt hands grip my hips to pull them up so that I was kneeling with my bottom in the air with my face still buried in Erin's pussy. Seconds later Gerald's hard cock was lancing deep into my sex. My face was forced even more firmly into Erin's pussy by the power of the thrust. I kept on sucking as he shagged me hard. My tongue slipped in and out of her sex, in rhythm with the cock plunging in and out of my pussy. Erin gripped my head as she climaxed, crying out that I must never stop licking and sucking her and that she wanted to die from the pleasure I was giving her. At the same time I was tensing my vaginal muscles around my lover's pistoning cock, squeezing it till I felt it swell. As I went into a super nova orgasm he filled my spasming hole with his thick cream and I had to lift my mouth away from Erin's sex so that I could scream in ecstasy.

When he'd finished coming Gerald fell back and his cock slipped out of my pussy. Erin twisted around and used her mouth to vacuum his sperm out of my pussy causing me to climax again and again.

Later the three of us lay in bed, with him in the middle, and we talked about our situation. She told me that she liked women almost as much as men and that she would be happy to share Gerald with me. It has worked out and when he's unavailable she often spends the night at my place. My Mum is dead so I will rely on Erin to help me cope with a new baby in three month’s time





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