Goodbye Sissy
(MF, MM, nc, rp, tv, intr, anal, scat, fetish)

By Meeah Soo
([email protected])

On the bed in the guest room, Jamie lay back against the flowered pillows, feeling pretty in his pink satin nightie, his stockinged legs spread wide, and the long black vibrator pressed to the mound in his panties that betrayed his tied-back cock. He slid the straps of the nightie off his shoulders and pulled one pale little tittie out a frilly lace-lined cup. He squeezed the small sensitive nipple and took the vibrator off his already wet panties and placed it instead against his tight asshole.

"Oohhh..." he moaned, licking the raspberry lipstick off his lips.

He opened his made-up eyes and glanced down the length of his legs, sexy in white fishnets, his polished red toes, rigid with anticipated delight, lined up in white high-heeled sandals. Jamie imagined a man, large and hairy and muscled, between his smooth white thighs, a man who would feverishly lick Jamie's clean pink asshole, as he readied to plunder Jamie's sissy virginity.

Jamie felt his tummy flutter at the scrumptious fantasy...

He left the vibrator humming against his asshole and delicately fingered the head of his penis which was pulled backward towards his tush. It wouldn't be long now... he wouldn't be able to hold out...

I'm going to make a cummy... he thought, I'm going to make a cummy...

And that's when he heard the noise from downstairs.

Jamie sat up, terrified, his captive clittie almost instantly shrinking in his panties.

Impossible! he thought.

He'd seen Donna leave two hours ago; he'd helped her carry her bags to the car. He'd been extra careful just in case. He turned and looked at the clock radio on the bed stand. She should already be in the air on the way to that weeklong conference in Dallas right now.

Maybe, his heart now pounding, he'd just imagined the sound downstairs. Frozen in terror where he lay in full femme, Jamie didn't even have the presence of mind to turn off the vibrator now pulsing unfelt under his bottom. He just lay there, breathless, knowing that if Donna had somehow come home there'd be no way to explain the situation. His secret would be out.

And then... And then... who knew?

But as Jamie lay there he felt himself growing calmer. His heart slowed down. His breathing returned to normal.

It must have been his imagination, he figured. Maybe the sound he'd heard was just the heat coming on or going off. Maybe the afternoon mail had slid off the table...

Jamie breathed a sigh of relief. He listened again, very carefully. He didn't hear a sound coming from downstairs. He placed his limp, prettified hand against his damp panties again and slowly started to stroke.

Hmmm... he thought, what if someone had broken in. He pictured what an intruder bursting unexpected into the guest room would see: a soft femmy sissy in lingerie pleasuring himself and fantasizing about being fucked by a real man...

Jamie let himself indulge in the fantasy of a masked intruder, tickling his swollen clit-head, letting the vibrator hum against his anal ring. Minutes passed...he'd closed his eyes, and when he opened them again because of some subtle shift in the light he saw a dark form filling the doorway of the guest bedroom.

At first, Jamie couldn't believe his eyes... it was almost as if he were still dreaming. He just lay there, speechless, disbelieving, unable to move.

The black man was tall, lean, but obviously strongly built under the shiny leather jacket. He moved swiftly into the room, the knife in his left hand held just behind his thigh, as if not wanting Jamie to see it.

"Oh please, oh..." Jamie finally managed.

The intruder worked quickly, flipping Jamie over, and tying the sissy's hands behind his back with a rope he must have brought with him. Jamie, still in a kind of shock, offered no resistance.

"Take anything you want," he said, his made-up face pressed into the pillow, "just don't hurt me, please..."

The black man, now on the bed and straddling Jamie's hips, looked around the guest room, and then back at the sissy lying helpless beneath him. He sneered. "Shut up you fucking little faggot."

He reached back and picked up the vibrator, still humming, and laughed. "You like this up your ass, you freaky bitch?"

He ripped Jamie's panties off and shoved the vibrator deep inside Jamie's sissy ass. Jamie groaned with the pain as he felt the muscles tearing. But after a few moments of intense pain, Jamie felt himself cumming into the bedclothes, humiliating himself, in spite of everything.

"No oh god, no, oh god..."

The black man laughed and then said, "I told you to shut up bitch."

He hit Jamie in the back of the head with his forearm. Jamie whited-out for a few minutes. When he came to, he heard the black man rummaging around the room. He hoped the intruder would take what he wanted and just leave. He wasn't worried anymore about being found en femme, he just wanted to survive. But the intruder didn't just leave. Jamie moaned as he felt himself being dragged off the bed. He was propped up to a kneeling position on the floor and when his eyes fluttered open Jamie saw the man's large black cock in front of his painted lips.

"Blow me sissy girl," the man ordered. "But if I so much as feel your teeth I swear I'll knock them out."

Okay, Jamie thought, so this is a rape now. If I do as he says, maybe he won't hurt me...

Jamie had never performed oral on a man before, but he did it like he always fantasized. He kissed and gently licked the swollen head of the cock bobbing front of him, parted his lips, and slowly swallowed as much as he could. The taste was acrid and salty and the length and thickness of it made it difficult for Jamie not to gag.

On top of that, he remembered the threat of what would happen if his teeth should accidentally touch the man's flesh. His hands tied behind his back, Jamie couldn't do anything but suck and slurp at the cock until it spurted hot jism at the back of his throat. His mouth quickly filled with cum and even though he instinctively gulped down as much as he could, semen dripped off his chin, his cheeks, leaving his entire face a ruined cummy mess.

"Shit... bitch..." the black man murmured, breathing hard and holding Jamie's head between his hands as he pumped the last of his cum into the sissy's rounded cherry-red mouth, "fuck you give good head..."

The oral rape over, the black man pulled out of Jamie's face.

"Will you let me go now," Jamie sobbed, tears streaking his mascara, "please I did what you asked..."

The black man didn't answer. Instead, he replaced his cock with Jamie's torn panties, wiping the sissy's face before thrusting the semen-stained girly gag deep into Jamie's mouth. He helped the unsteady sissy to his feet, still clad in his white high-heeled sandals. Jamie, his eyes wide with terror, struggled feebly.

"Come on baby," the black man said, almost gently, "let's finish this in the bathroom. Don't make me hurt you more than I have to. I'm not supposed to make a mess."

Jamie knew at that moment, somehow he knew the terrible thing that was about to happen.

With a desperate effort, he twisted free of the black man's grip and started for the hallway. But with the dildo crammed deep inside him, his wrists lashed behind his back, and teetering uncertainly on the sexy sandals, he couldn't get very far very fast. He stumbled almost immediately, lost a shoe, and barely struggled to his knees before the black man was on him.

His head yanked back by the hair, Jamie didn't even feel the blade across his soft, defenseless white throat. All the stunned sissy knew was that suddenly he couldn't breathe very well, suddenly the carpet was wet under his cheek, suddenly he was staring unblinkingly at a spreading dark stain that smelled unmistakably like blood.

"Goddammit, I'm going to catch fucking hell for that," the black man said, staring at the spray of blood on the wall, the mucky dark puddle on the carpet. "Why the fuck couldn't you just let me do you in the john, bitch?"

Jamie, surfacing from the shock, was seized by one last urgent will to live. But it was far too little, far too late. The black man had his knee in the small of Jamie's back where the nightie scooped provocatively down above the sissy's violated tush, and he very calmly thrust the knife beneath one delicate shoulderblade and then the other, collapsing each of Jamie's lungs.

All the fight instantly went out of the sissy. As if emphasizing the fact that it was all over, Jamie felt the black man lift his right foot, the one still dug into the carpet as if to push himself forward. He removed Jamie's remaining sandal and lay Jamie's stockinged foot gently back down, sole up, on the floor.

"You're done, sissy," the black assassin said and patted Jamie's rump.

Time and consciousness seemed to flicker on and off for Jamie after that. He found himself propped on his knees on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, the top of his body draped over the tub, so he could finish bleeding to death neatly and quietly. He thought about his life... and his premature death: the scandal it would cause, the shame his family would endure, the shock his wife Donna...


He wished there would be some way for him to explain, some way he could spare her finding him like this...

And then, as if it were a nightmare, or an hallucination, he heard her voice, smelled her perfume, and felt her presence in the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet, talking, talking to him.

"Well, my pretty little pansy, it looks like I won't be having to go through the trouble of divorcing your pitiful sissy ass after all. A few thousand bucks for a hit man is all it took to save myself from a messy trial and all those legal bills, not to mention having to split all our assets. Now, I get it all.

"Oh, and speaking of your pitiful sissy ass, I see it's currently occupied at the present time. My, how deep that vibrator is inside you. Its amazing that I can still hear it buzzing... oh darling, I don't know how much you've overtaxed the poor batteries in that thing, but it sounds to me as if that vibrator will be alive longer than you will."

Bent over the tub, Jamie trembled, chilled by the nearness of death and his wife's cold, mocking words. He watched his life-blood, now weakly pulsing from his throat, slowly draining away. In a way, it was a relief to know that Donna had known his secret, that she wouldn't be shocked or upset. It was less painful to die knowing that she knew, even if she'd killed him for it. It would be embarrassing to be found the way he'd be found...but, after all, Jamie wouldn't be around to feel anything. There was only the shame of the present moment, and that wouldn't last long.

Jamie's partially nude body shivered uncontrollably and he felt hot urine running down the insides of his thighs, soaking the front of his nightie and his fishnet stockings. Donna barked out a laugh when she saw the humiliating puddle forming under her sissy husbands knees.

Jamie was beyond feeling much of anything any longer. His body was taking over, just as it had taken over for much of his life, making him what he was: a sissy. His bowels gave out and around the vibrating dildo, even shoved as far up his ass as it was, the shit oozed onto the already messy bathroom tiles.

"It looks like I'll have to take my shoes off darling," Donna said, watching Jamie going into his death-throes. "It'll be much easier to wash off my bare feet than cleaning your shit and piss and blood off my new black velvet pumps. Remember how you always loved to lick my feet? Hmmm... I just got a pedicure. Would you like to see my pretty toes one last time before you die? Do you have time my pretty sissy? I mean, time before you say goodbye forever?"

Jamie's eyes had a glazed, faraway look.

"Oh my! I guess not."


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