I Kissed a Girl, Chapter 8

by Jackie

The scene in the Conrad and Spencer households were remarkably similar. Mothers and daughters working together clearing up breakfast dishes and putting the kitchen back in order.

Once that chore was accomplished both teenagers retired to their respective rooms and sat down at their computers. Maryann and Elizabeth each went on to their next cleaning task. For Maryann that was changing the bed linen. She heard the music coming from within and put her hand on the door knob to Becky's bedroom but paused.

'I kissed a girl and I liked it the taste of her cherry ChapStick'

The song lyric was clear enough and Maryann felt a twinge low in her belly. It was disappointing because last night and this morning had been the first time in weeks that she'd been free of those sensations.

The thought that had originally made her pause was 'better knock ... she's becoming a young woman, no longer my little girl.' She rapped firmly on the door so she'd be heard over the music.

"Come on in mom" Rebecca invited raising her voice to be heard.

'I kissed a girl just to try it, hope my boyfriend don't mind it. It felt so wrong it felt so right don't mean I'm in love tonight.' Katy Perry's voice filled the room.

Without trying to communicate above the din that her daughter called music Maryann went directly to the bed and started to pull the sheets off. Becky didn't need to be absolved of responsibility to make her bed on Thursday—it was her weekly holiday from that daily chore. Maryann noticed the large darker colored area on the sheet and wondered what might have stained it.

'Us girls we are so magical. Soft skin, red lips so kissable; hard to resist so touchable ... to good to deny it'

Maryann found the lyric invading her brain in spite of her effort to ignore it. She glanced over at Becky still in her night gown, feet curled under her as she read her e-mail. The pious woman demanded that her daughter wear a robe or get fully dressed when she went into the main part of the house but it was too prudish, even for her, to require it inside the confines of her own bedroom. The song accompanied by the teenager's revealing costume sent a shiver through her and she had to fight off the image of her standing in Teresa's quarters dressed not dissimilarly; ready for her stretching exercise. She managed to force the thought from her head but not before the damage was done.

Hurriedly she scooped up all of the bedding and rushed out the door toward the laundry room. Did she just have sexual thoughts about her daughter? She couldn't allow the idea to take root so she concentrated on selecting the washing machine cycle and adding the soap and softener to the agitator mounted dispenser.

'Did that stain need pre-treating? What was it?' Maryann brought the bedding to her nose and inhaled deeply.

Her knees turned to jelly and she gasped the deck of the dryer to keep from buckling to the floor. 'It wasn't ... It couldn't be!' Her mind refused to accept that the odor from the sheets was strikingly similar to the fragrance that had permeated the doctor's examination room yesterday. It was a smell she was vaguely familiar with; one that could not be confused with anything else—still she denied it.

Against her better judgment she raised the bedclothes to her face once more and sniffed. Her olfactory sent the message to her brain which translated and forwarded it to her crotch. She whimpered. Grabbing the pre-wash spray she doused the area before she was tempted to start sucking on it.

The machine was agitating mixing the water and laundry detergent. She disengaged the cycle long enough to stuff the sheets in and close the lid. When she'd restarted the washer she leaned heavily on the churning machine and prayed.

The chat exchange taking place between Rebecca and Michelle could only be characterized as pornographic. Each of them enthused over how wonderful the other tasted and extolled the mind blowing orgasm they had experienced. The scenes in the teenagers' bedrooms, like those earlier in the kitchen, were nearly identical. Both of them typed their message then slipped a hand under their night gown and diddled while waiting for the response. They each found it necessary to cleanse their fingers of pussy juice by sucking on them prior to returning to the keyboard. Horniness was getting out of hand—but not, if ya know what I mean.

They agreed to meet out by the Spencer's pool as soon as it was warm enough and signed off. Both teenagers immediately flopped on their beds to relieve the pressure they'd built.

Elizabeth was cleaning her ensuite bath and listening to the strains of Katy Perry's master piece reverberating through her daughter's door. She scrubbed and scoured dreaming first of her cousin Ginny but that rapidly evolved into thoughts of the forbidden liaison with Michelle yesterday.

She'd always found cleaning bathrooms in the nude to be very practical. No need to worry about splashed water or harsh chemicals damaging clothes. With gloves protecting her hands any that splashed elsewhere could be effectively rinsed off her body with the hand held showerhead. For reasons she didn't fully understand she decided not to apply the shower massager to her yearning need and simply threw a terry towel robe on and headed for the patio.

Because the houses were mirror images her bedroom overlooked the Conrad's backyard. Maryann was stripping the sheets from her own bed when she noticed her neighbor appear on the patio below.

Elizabeth didn't think about her seclusion, she assumed it. She was on her own patio, no one could see. Lying on the lounger she spread the halves of the robe revealing her nakedness beneath.

The sight of her neighbor's body caused her pussy to clench again. Maryann tried to pray but knew that it would not help. The feelings were much too strong. The treatment she'd received from Doctor Perez yesterday seemed less like a solution and more like a crystallizing event. She was beginning to understand and accept her weaknesses. The dispensation from the Vatican II document that evidently ordained masturbation was extended to include watching her neighbor engage in the sinful pleasure.

'But was it sinful? ... if the Vatican II Council had determined it to be necessary, didn't that make it righteous?'

The conflict boiling in her brain did not prevent her hand from descending to her crotch. She mimicked the movements that her neighbor was making sixty or seventy feet away. The stimulation through the layers of clothing was insufficient. The desire to put her hands under her skirt, inside her panties, collided with years of suppressing those very urges. Even at this distance she could see that Elizabeth was enjoying her self stimulation. Maryann's free hand, the one that wasn't pressing on her mons, began to bunch up the polyester blend material. The hem of her skirt was rising.

"I'm going out to the pool to hang out with Michelle."

The sound of Rebecca's voice made her snatch her hands away and spin away from the window. By the look on her teenaged daughter's face she knew that her shame and embarrassment was showing. Becky's expression was a combination of surprise and curiosity.

'Did she see ... does she know what I was doing?' Maryann worried.

"Of course dear" she assented trying to sound casual. "Did you put sunscreen on?"

Thinking about watching her daughter apply the lotion to Michelle's legs through the kitchen window resulted in a pussy spasm that threatened to cause a vocal out burst.

Rebecca wondered why her mother looked so flushed and why she had so firmly cleared her throat after asking about the sunscreen.

"Yeah, I put lots on" she assured her mom and left.

Maryann turned back toward the window and was disappointed to find that the show was over. The lounge next door was empty. She did her best to ignore the dull ache between her legs and bundled up the sheets from her bed. Up until now her best had always been good enough but as she made her way to the laundry room she was not at all confident of her self-control.

Elizabeth stepped into the shower that she'd cleaned a short time ago; warm post orgasmic serenity coursing through her veins. She wondered if she'd have cum as fast if she hadn't noticed her neighbor watching her. Putting on a show for the widow next door added to her excitement immeasurably.

'Was she playing with herself while she watched?' The thought created—reignited—the need between her legs as the hot water cascaded over her.

'She didn't just glance ... she was watching intently' Elizabeth reflected and the shower massager started to be an attractive option. 'She's at least curious ... I wonder how curious ... how can I find out?'

As erotic as the puzzle was the mental demands of trying to solve it actually suppressed her arousal. She barely recalled the rest of the shower or drying herself. By the time she was back in the bedroom choosing what she would wear she had the rudiments of a plan.

Elizabeth was sorting through her lingerie drawer looking for just the right pieces when she heard Michelle call from the doorway,

"I'm going over to Becky's place to hang out" she announced.

"Sure honey" she responded. "I was thinking about inviting them for dinner; you know your father is out of town until Saturday. What do you think?"

"Well it'd have to be early because we've got that girls group thingy at Becky's church tonight," Michelle reminded.

"Oh yeah ... I forgot all about that," Elizabeth stopped her lingerie search to think. "Well I've got a pot roast in the slow cooker; it'll be done at four ... we could eat as soon as it's ready if the Spencers are agreeable."

"I'll invite them as soon as I get there and ask missus 'S' to call you," the bathing suit clad girl offered.

"Perfect!" her mother acknowledged. "Stay away from the snacks this afternoon if we're gonna eat that early." Elizabeth wasn't sure she'd even heard because when she looked toward the door again her daughter was gone.

She eventually selected a lacy beige set. The bra and panties were nearly transparent with flowers sort of embroidered on the thin almost mesh like frame.

'It doesn't really matter' she thought as she slipped into the revealing under garments. 'If she's interested, she's interested ... if she's not she's not ... what you're wearing won't change it.'

She realized that it was more for her own mind set. She felt sexy in the risqué underwear and that was half the battle. It had been a long time since she'd actively tried to seduce anyone and she knew that at the conceptual level it was simple but the real world execution was another matter altogether.

The shabby worn housedress she threw on over the sexy underwear was a stark contrast. After all she still had work to do. She'd have to change if she went out and she already knew exactly what she'd be wearing at dinner. Three outfit changes in a day wasn't that unusual.

She was thankful for the central vac. If she'd been towing a roaring vacuum cleaner she mightn't have even heard the phone.

"Hi Elizabeth, its Maryann"

"Hi, I'm guessing that you got our invitation." There was a slight tingle in her crotch at the sound of her voyeur neighbor's voice.

"Yeah ... but I don't know if tonight is such a good idea. I've got to take the girls to the church for seven-thirty so I'll have to leave by seven ... it's gonna be kinda tight don't ya think?

"Maybe you're right" Elizabeth agreed surprised at how much disappointment she was able to convey in her voice. "It's just that I owe you a couple and I forgot that Harold was going to be out of town and I made this big pot roast. Michelle and I won't even make a dent." It was a lie but a little white one.

"Michelle said something about eating at four"

"Maybe more like four-thirty," Beth responded hearing the tone of reconsideration. There was a pause.

"Well I guess if we eat that early ... I'm sorry I'm sounding so ungrateful and ... and—"

"No I understand completely. If you'd rather do it another time—" Elizabeth hoped her sales pitch had worked. Her husband wasn't out of town on business that often and the next opportunity was at least a month away.

"Rebecca and I will be there at four-thirty; if I haven't completely messed this whole thing up" Maryann said in her most contrite voice.

The warmth that washed over her came as something of a surprise.

"Wonderful!" Elizabeth said with genuine enthusiasm. "I'll see you then."

When she'd hung up the phone the wheels really started turning. She had shopping to do. In the bedroom she donned slacks and a blouse over her frilly undies. At the front door she slipped into her loafers grabbed her purse and was on the way to the little shop on fifth—she knew it and the owner well.

Back in her bedroom by two; Elizabeth's hands were trembling a little as she laid her purchases on the bed. The bra and panty set was quite similar to the one she was wearing except in black. The top was much too big for her but she knew it was a perfect fit for her neighbor. The image her brain conjured of Maryann Spencer in the revealing lingerie was fuzzy. She had never seen her in anything more revealing than that antiquated swimming costume, but even the unclear picture was enough to get her juices flowing. The black cocktail dress had been expensive but she hadn't splurged on clothes for herself in quite a while so she felt justified. She was really hoping to get more satisfaction out of the gifts than she'd ever garnered from adding to her own wardrobe.

Her foray into the Spencer house yesterday—when she'd caught the girls—had actually been a dual purpose raid. She did go in search of her daughter to see what she was up to and to call her for dinner but her other mission was to take stock of her neighbor's garments.

Even though she'd prepared herself for it she was still shocked at how conservative—no frumpy—Maryann's bras and panties were. The cotton blend briefs mostly in white or very pale pastel colors looked like they probably came up to the bottom of her ribs. The bras were all white and looked sort of like nursing bras but without the drop panel.

'I think the military issues sexier stuff than this to combat soldiers' she'd thought. 'Were there any women in combat roles?' Probably not, but that wasn't the point.

The contents of the closet wasn't any better. Two words danced in her head repeatedly—shapeless and drab.

Searching in the underwear drawer, she hadn't expected to have as much trouble finding a readable size tag. The washing machine had obliterated most of them. She found one that was faint but legible; thirty-four D sounded about right to her as well. The panties were medium and the dresses were easy they were size eight.

'Too big' Beth decided 'we're gonna see what she looks like in a six.'

Simone wasn't in the shop and that little nymph Annie was curious as to who she was buying the outfit for.

"I'll bet its missus Spencer" the salesgirl correctly deduced.

The teenager thought the bra was the size she'd have started with if she'd had the opportunity to fit Becky's mother. The vivacious redhead had gotten her hands all over the daughter but no opportunity to explore the mother had arisen much to her regret.

"If it doesn't fit right have her bring it in and I'll adjust it for her" were the last words Annie said as Beth exited the boutique.

'Keep dreaming, ' Elizabeth thought as the door closed behind her. 'She's all mine!'

Recalling her brief shopping trip was getting her juices flowing again. She went to the dining room and started setting the table to get her mind off it for a while.

At four o'clock she surveyed the kitchen one last time—everything ready, she started for her bedroom when Michelle came in. The bathing suit clad teen was smiling happily and went to her own room without a word.

Make up and hair took fifteen minutes. Elizabeth tried not to notice the new wrinkles in the stark magnification of the make-up mirror. The dress she'd chosen for the occasion was quite low cut. The silk blue material was gathered around her breasts and the skirt fell from the high waist but stopped three inches above her knee. She twirled in front of the mirror and the skirt flared; almost, but not quite revealing her lacy beige panties.

Back in the kitchen she donned her apron and began carving the roast. Becky arrived about a minute later.

"Anything I can do" the teenager offered as she stole a leaf from the salad bowl and ate it.

"Can you open the wine, it's on the counter beside the microwave."

Michelle's task was delayed by the knock on the door; she went to let their guests in.

Despite the looming deadline they ate unhurriedly discussing the challenges of the new season that was fast approaching. Elizabeth was particularly fascinated to see how the girls interacted. They were quite comfortable with one another and the hostess even thought she might be seeing the first flickers of love. When she looked at Maryann she had to take into account that the very Catholic woman had no clue what was going on between their daughters.

With dinner finished the mothers retired to the living room, leaving the clean up to their off-spring. Maryann declined a second glass of wine because she had to drive, so Elizabeth got her guest some soda water and refilled only her own glass from the bottle on the table.

Sitting side by side on the couch the hostess and would be seducer glanced at the clock. It was just after five-thirty; plenty of time to execute her plan, but no time to dawdle. Putting her hand on her neighbor's arm she said,

"You know Maryann you're such a beautiful woman ... you really should show yourself off more."

The blush rose from somewhere under the plain looking dress that appeared to have been tailored from a pattern for a potato sack only with sleeves. The polyester blend was a drab sort of off white—beige with subtle little swirly things on it. Beth wondered how much worse her guest's embarrassment would have been, had she known that her host could describe her underwear down to the condition of the labels.

Stroking the embarrassed woman's forearm in the absence of any response she pressed on.

"You have such a wonderful figure. It just seems such a shame to me that you don't doll yourself up a little more."

Elizabeth had thought that her victim was staring into her soda water but suddenly realized that her neighbor's eyes were on the hem the blue silky dress she was wearing. When she'd twisted around on the couch to face her guest more directly, the already short skirt had ridden up to level that definitely would exceed the limits of decency held by missus Spencer.

Maryann was completely shocked at herself. She'd heard the advise before and usually dismissed it mainly for two reasons. She was very aware of the affect her body had on the opposite sex, particularly her bosom. She hadn't always dressed this way. As a matter of fact before she'd married Don she thought she dressed rather stylishly. It was really after Rebecca was born that her wardrobe had taken a decided turn for the stodgy. Don seemed to support her fashion choices preferring to keep the spectacular curves hidden to all but himself.

'I can't blame him any more' Maryann thought as she pondered why she continued to dress as she did.

Ashamed to meet her host's eyes she'd kept her head down. When she noticed the stunning expanse of leg that was on display a flutter started low in her abdomen again.

Doctor Perez had given her permission to relieve these sorts of feelings—had even provided Vatican approved authorization; but she hadn't done it. Now she was stuck with the churning yearning down there, just because she saw a little more of missus Conrad's leg than might be proper. The impromptu leg show took her back to Becky massaging Michelle's beside the pool and that took her further back—way back to Teresa and ... She had to suppress a groan as the erotic thoughts started to get away from her again.

Elizabeth wasn't sure what she was seeing in the other woman's downcast eyes but it wasn't shock or revulsion.

"I guess I just don't know how anymore" Maryann confessed the other reason for her dowdy dress.

She raised her head and looked her hostess in the eye. She knew the twinkle she saw there. She'd made a firm rule to ignore that look from everyone but her late husband, but now that he was gone and the needs weren't it wasn't so easy.

"I can help ... let me show you" Beth took her nervous neighbor by the hand as she rose from the couch.

Maryann compliantly rose too and let her hostess lead her up the stairs. The giggling and jabbering coming from the girls in the kitchen forecast that the clean up was going to take a while.

Elizabeth closed the bedroom door behind them. Her guest stood motionless and the hostess thought she detected a tremble. She'd left her gifts on the bed. Now she walked over and picked up the under things and the dress, held them up and said,

"I think these would look fabulous on you."

Maryann gasped audibly. Never in her life had she had she worn anything nearly as sexy as the clothes Elizabeth was displaying.

The flutter down there began to thump and she felt faint.

Elizabeth was trying to read her neighbor's expression; to see through her wide blue eyes and into her religious soul. The wrong move now would be disastrous. It would be very stressful to live next door to a woman that you'd tried to seduce—and failed.

They stood there for what seemed like an eternity to the woman bearing the gifts. Time was completely suspended for Maryann. Her nipples tingled and she knew that they were already all crinkled and standing out half of their full length. The sensations rising from between her legs were as bad as or worse than they'd been before the doctor's blessed treatment. She thought she should pray; she thought she should run, but she didn't want to. She wanted to let her deepest desires out. She had to let them out or they would kill her.

'I've come this far' Elizabeth thought, 'and God hates a coward.'

She set the new clothes back on the bed and walked around behind her frozen guest.

She hadn't realized how much her own hands were trembling until she brought them up to the zipper tab at the nape of Maryann's neck. She was standing close enough to smell her. It wasn't perfume; it was a fresh clean soapy aura that her victim emitted. Taking the little metal tab in her fingers she whispered,

"Will you let me help you?" then she started to pull the zipper down very, very slowly and held her breath.

In her worst fears the woman ran screaming from her house. Somewhere short of that, her victim turned around and slapped her face. When she saw the wide back strap of the white bra through the gap she'd created she started to breathe again. In another second the zipper was halfway down and Maryann hadn't moved a muscle. Increasing the pace slightly she tugged it all the way to the bottom.

Pausing only an instant as her pussy clenched, she put her hands on her guest's soft warm shoulders and pushed the dress forward. The sack like beige garment fell down but hung up on the rigid woman's forearms. She'd been standing the whole time wringing her hands.

Elizabeth went around, took up a position in front of her neighbor and grasped the shoulders of the ill-fitting dress again. Maryann's head was down looking at her semi exposed bra. The term that came to Beth's mind was bewilderment. It was as if her guest couldn't figure out why her dress had fallen down. When Elizabeth tugged lightly, the unfashionably dressed woman raised her eyes. The woman in the quite fashionable blue dress adjusted her opinion of the other woman's expression. It wasn't confusion, it was a plea—but a plea for what—a plea for her to stop or—.

"Come on honey you're gonna look fabulous," she encouraged and very gently went to work un-knitting her guest's hands.

Maryann felt her arms rigid and shaking. Her host was applying increasing force to pull them away, and then her dress would fall.

'No one has seen my chest ... except Don ... since ... since—' she realized that no one except her dearly departed had seen her topless since her days at the convent.

She'd been a child, not even fully developed, never mind the disgusting enlargement that nursing Rebecca had caused.

'It's not just my breasts ... that would be bad enough, but my nipples... '

As if thinking about the large dark circles and their prominent centers turned on an amplifier, the tingling got a lot worse until it felt like a burn. She pulled her hands away from the woman in the attractive blue dress. The one who had just prepared and served her a delicious meal, the one who now seemed intent on undressing her,

"I gotta go ... we gotta go" Maryann bleated and pulled the beige on beige sack back up to her shoulders.

Elizabeth's heart sank into her bowels.

"No, no we've got lots of time ... let me help you ... let me show you how fabulous you can look" Beth begged but her dinner guest was already zipping up—she knew the moment was lost.

With her dress fully back on their eyes met. Elizabeth thought there was regret in those eyes.

'She wants to I'm sure of it ... I just need to be more persuasive—' she racked her brain to come up with something—anything to turn the tide—no luck.

One last moment of eye contact and then Maryann scurried out of the room and down the stairs.

Standing beside her bed in the deepest disappointment she'd experienced in a long time she heard her guest call out to the teenagers,

"Come on girls we gotta go," the statement was immediately countered by protests from the daughters.

"It's still early," Rebecca objected.

"Yeah if we leave now were gonna be sitting around there for an hour," Michelle joined.

"We'll pick up some desert on the way," Becky's mother bribed. "There's that little bakery around the corner from the church—"

"They've got the greatest cherry pie!" Becky said enthusiastically, apparently warming up to the idea.

By this time Elizabeth had arrived and was standing behind Maryann in the kitchen doorway. Michelle looked at her mother for advice. There was still after dinner cleanup left to do.

"That sounds like a great idea ... I wish I was coming along. Maybe you could bring me something back," the soon to be abandoned hostess endorsed the plan.

"But—" Michelle lamented looking around the kitchen at the unfinished work.

"It's OK sweetheart, you go ahead ... I'll finish up here."

"Thanks for ... for everything," Maryann said looking at her hostess with sincere gratitude.

This time when their eyes met Elizabeth saw a gamut of emotions playing behind the bright blue eyes of her dinner guest.

"Yeah, dinner was great ... thanks," Rebecca added.

"You're more than welcome," Beth acknowledged directly into Maryann's face.

"OK girls ... let's go" the woman in the God awful sack demanded as she picked up her purse.

The teenagers, happy to be relieved of their chore and looking forward to desert dropped their tea towels and headed for the door.

"Remember what I said," Elizabeth added putting her hand on Maryann's upper arm, "I can help ... please let me."

The departing woman said nothing with her mouth, but her eyes left the hostess with some hope as she went out the door.

Beth picked up one of the towels and put it right back down. There was a more pressing need to be attended to, and the best place to do it was up in the bedroom. She'd figured out which toy she was going to use before she even made it to the top of the stairs.

In the car Maryann was on an emotional rollercoaster. She gave herself a mental slap and commanded her brain to focus on her driving before she got them all into an accident.

'There'll be plenty of time to sort this out later' she admonished herself and committed, with her iron will, to the task at hand.

Ingrid, the bakery shop owner, greeted her familiar customers with genuine delight, calling Becky and her mother by name. She professed her pleasure at meeting Michelle and served them each up an extra large slice of pie. They all chose cherry on Rebecca's advice. The girls washed theirs down with milk, and Maryann had some of the strong German coffee that the fastidious shop keeper kept very fresh.

Both girls were curious as to what might have happened to cause their abrupt and for all that premature departure, but neither had the courage to ask. They had each imagined why and they weren't that far wrong. With the luxury of time they savored their delicious desert. The girls talked and even tried to engage missus Spencer but she seemed a thousand miles away; so distracted in fact that it was Becky who pointed out that it was time to go.

Maryann was about to go and pay the bill when Rebecca made a rather brilliant suggestion.

"Why don't you just stay here mom and have another coffee. The church is just around the corner and we can come back here when were done."

The first part worked great.

"I'll pick you up about eight-thirty" her mother replied. "I need to have a word with Doctor Perez."

The teenagers left and Ingrid dutifully came over to refill the older woman's cup.

"Those are two of the prettiest girls I have seen in a long time," the bakery store owner complimented as she poured.

"Even if it sounds vain I have to agree," her customer conceded. Her mind was drawn to the other night when they were watching the movie and the effect the pubescent pulchritude had on her. The sexuality of the sensations she'd felt however made her shiver. She felt herself largely outside the shell but still somehow encased.

The episode with Michelle's mother played over and over in her mind.

'I nearly didn't stop her' she admitted to herself.

Recollections of her brief but very educational experience with Teresa shimmered around the fresh memory like a ghost.

She was willing to accept her doctor's interpretation of the Vatican II document, having read it first hand, in careful consideration. In fact she could see hardly any other way to portray the meaning. It was crystal clear.

She had permission at the highest level to relieve the sexual tension that had been plaguing her since shortly after Don passed away. So why hadn't she done it? The answer was quite simple there really hadn't been a need. Well there certainly was now. The more times the endless loop tape from her neighbor's bedroom played, the hotter the caffeine pumped widow got, and the clearer the ghost images from her adolescence became.

She got up and paid her bill, bought a slice of pie 'to go' for Elizabeth and went for a walk to cool down. Wandering in the fresh night air did clear her head a little and enabled her to put the sinful near liaison out of her mind at least temporarily. She did concede that she might ... that just maybe she would try to alleviate her tension before she slept tonight.

Rebecca and Michelle were surprised to see six other girls already in the church basement meeting room when they arrived. Chairs were arranged in a semi circle facing a white board. On the table at the front sat a lap top and a projector. The Hispanic looking woman with the jet black hair who was pressing keys on the computer looked up as soon as they came in. The huge smile on her pretty, no gorgeous face, made them both feel less nervous immediately.

"Welcome ... welcome ladies!" the slight Spanish accent was as adorable as the genuine warmth of the greeting. "Have a seat anywhere you like. We'll begin in just a couple of minutes."

Rebecca recognized a couple of the others from church but not from school. She was the oldest in the room by at least a year, probably more like two. The soothing welcome from the group leader was somewhat compromised by the uniqueness of the situation. Becky was more accustomed to being the youngest in a group. Her social life was limited and at school she hung out mainly with the other cheerleaders who were all older than her. Finding her place in this circumstance added another layer of stress.

Michelle's discomfort came mainly from the venue. Church was not a place that she'd spent much time and it was, for her, a daunting environment.

They chose their seats, and since there were twelve chairs arranged, there were still four empty.

"It's good to see so many new faces," the petit woman at the front said still wearing the infectious grin. "We are almost twice as many as we were last month. For those of you who didn't know our first meeting was about a month ago and there were only six of us ... including me" the moderator gave an extremely cute pout as she said it.

Becky did the math and concluded that there was at least one other rookie besides her and Michelle but she couldn't figure out by what calculation that equated to double.

"We started off last day just talking about some of the challenges that face young women of today. I don't want to go back and rehash all of what we discussed in fairness to the girls who were here. I do however have some notes that I put together ... uh sort of minutes, which you can look at and ask questions next time if you have any." The group's originator picked up a small stack of typewritten sheets and handed them to the girl closest to her to pass around.

As the stack went from hand to hand, shrinking by one each time, the leader began again;

"My name is Angelina Perez and I am a medical doctor. I come originally from Guatemala which is why I talk funny," there was a round of giggles spawned by the deprecating remark. "I have the Church and Christ to thank for everything I have, and everything that I am today so this group is how ... in a small way I am trying to give something back."

The doctor paused and scanned at her audience before continuing.

"One of the challenges that we agreed faced all of the girls at our last meeting was sexuality. Would the new comers agree with that?" All four heads nodded.

"I am going to cover this topic—sexuality, in a way and a depth that I don't think is being commonly done anywhere at this time." She scanned the attentive adolescent faces once again.

"Some of the material we'll cover will be quite graphic ... that means very detailed and explicit. I will offer you opportunities to do sort of workshop activities to help you better understand the information and apply it to yourself. If any of the activities makes you uncomfortable or embarrassed you don't have to participate." Another review of the teenagers' reaction confirmed what she'd expected mostly puzzled and maybe somewhat apprehensive expressions.

"The first thing you need to understand when it comes to sexuality is your own body." Doctor Perez pressed a key on the lap top and the hand drawn image of a vulva, over two feet high, was displayed on the reflective backdrop. There was an audible gasp from virtually every participant. The doctor turned back to her class and said,

"And that's exactly the problem ... the way you react to this picture. You're shocked; but there is nothing wrong with this picture ... it's a picture of you ... each and every one of you." Angie sounded passionate and the girls felt chastened. Their faces looked pathetic and the group leader chuckled at herself.

"I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but if these normal natural things, parts of our bodies are off limits, not to be looked at or even talked about, then how can a young woman begin to understand the form and function of them." Everyone in the room knew that the question was rhetorical but all of them squirmed nonetheless.

The group's facilitator picked up a heavy looking bag and set it on the table beside her computer.

"This evening I am going to go over the various parts of your external genitalia. I will describe the form and function of each part using some images stored in my laptop. In this sack I have some mirrors. I would encourage you to remove your lower clothing and follow along while looking at your own vulva since that is the one that'll be of most interest to you." This time Angelina didn't react to the gasps.

"There's no reason to be shy or embarrassed ... we're all girls here. You will get much more out of this session if you follow my advice." The doctor looked over the squeamish expressions and wondered how many of them would have the nerve.

Nervous eyes flitted from the huge artist's rendering of a pussy, to the sack of mirrors and generally then down at the floor.

"Who'd like a mirror?" Angie prompted when she thought her charges had recovered from the initial shock. Nobody moved or spoke.

Michelle and Rebecca both experienced a gigantic gush and a rush at the moment the pussy appeared on the screen. Although neither one of them was thinking about it, their reaction was markedly different than almost all of the other girls; all but one to be exact. When the mirrors were offered they both moaned while the others gasped in horror.

It was Michelle, who having scanned the fellow members of the group and determined that none of them was going to follow the doctor's direction, stood up and extended her hand. Angie loved her immediately. She reached into the bag and pulled out a five inch round mirror with a sort of stand on its back.

As her girlfriend and neighbor accepted the chrome-rimmed reflective disc Rebecca stood and extended her hand. The group's leader was thrilled. 'That's usually all it takes ... somebody willing to be first, and if you can get a second, you've got it made." Three of the other girls followed.

As the young women returned to their seats doctor Perez gave instructions.

"The girls who are going to play along with the home game," she chuckled at her own quip but all of the girls were too mortified to get it, "after you take your bottoms off ... sit in front of your chairs on the floor. I know it's a bit hard and cold—"

'Ya think? Its linoleum tile!'

"—position the mirror between your legs so that you can easily see from the top to the bottom."

Angie waited while her class stripped out of their jeans and panties; a warm glow rising in her. When the five girls were seated on the hard cold floor, legs spread and positioning the mirrors, the doctor swallowed to get rid of the excess saliva and further instructed,

"You'll need to cock your hips forward until you can see your anus ... y-o-u-r a-n-u-s," she repeated very distinctly and chuckled again—nobody else got it.

Five bare adolescent pussies faced her from the floor in front of the semi circle of chairs. The three girls who had chosen not to participate sat in their chairs looking as though they were trying to shrivel up and disappear. Their eyes were locked on the screen lest they glance to the side and catch sight of the reflection of one of the splayed vulvas.

When the doctor was satisfied that her students were correctly positioned she tapped a key on the lap top, and script appeared attached to a leader-line.

"We'll start at the bottom and work our way up," she explained her methodology. "The flesh between your rectum and your vulva is called the perineum." She used a laser pointer to highlight the only label on the screen so far.

For the next fifteen minutes she worked her way up the artist's concept of a vulva that was on the screen; identifying the various structures as she went. Each time she moved to a new feature she hit a computer key and the name appeared next to the picture with a leader-line connecting it to the appropriate part of the drawing.

She encouraged the girls to feel each of the parts of their own sex and provided a description of what healthy tissue would feel like.

By the time she reached the hymen and urethra most of her students were biting their lower lip to suppress the groans that were rumbling up from their coochies. They were all having some difficulty seeing the screen clearly. The doctor felt her own legs get a bit weak when she said,

"You may notice a sort of thick slippery fluid being released ... that's quite normal and nothing to be concerned about right now."

It might be nothing for her students to be concerned about, but the faint fragrance of fresh virginal pussy that was beginning to fill the room was starting to affect their group leader's concentration.

"Right at the top, between the folds of the labia minora is the clitoris—" she was pressing the key on the computer's keyboard when Maryann walked through the door.

Missus Spencer felt her legs desert her completely and she had to grab the wall to keep from falling. Right before her eyes were several teenaged girls fingering their pussies in the church! The rush that over took her did not make her deaf.

"—there is a flap of skin over the glans itself ... it's usually referred to as the hood, but it can also be called the prepuce, or foreskin."

Maryann could not see the room or the girls anymore. She was transported like a character on 'Star-Trek', only faster, back to the private quarters of a certain novice who had provided a very similar dissertation on the various parts of external female genitalia. She'd thought she had that memory under control; filed away back in the locked archives with the DO NOT OPEN label on them—she was wrong.

The scene came back with such vivid clarity that she wasn't sure the wall was going to be enough to keep her on her feet. A loud grunt escaped as she struggled. That's when Doctor Perez noticed her.

"Missus Spencer, Please ... join us."

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