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The Halloween Slut

-by Alvo Torelli, Halloween, 2015

(Mg, Fg, M+g, mc, best, inc, magic)

This story was written for, and won, a contest over on Piper's Domain. Check out that great site. Image courtesy of Danaume.


Part One:

So, like, hi there, my name's Lena, Lena Southwell and this is my story about what happened on Halloween. And afterwards. And I still can't really understand why it's all such a big deal and like why mom and dad were so freaked out, but who understands parents. Am I right?

I guess I should start at the beginning, 'cause, I don't know. So there was this guy, Mr. West, or I guess he was "Professor" West, whatever. And he said he had the perfect costume for me that would make my wish come true and like it was practically a free costume and so I took it even though he was like really lame and old. And I guess it was a little bit weird that I didn't actually look at the costume, but anyway he said I just had to put the costume on on Halloween and everything would work out like I wanted. Oh wait, but, you see I had to make this lame wish - that was his whole shtick, that he made wishes come true - as if. So anyway I made the wish. Wait, I'm getting this all in the wrong order.

Okay. Let me try this again. I really really wanted to go trick or treating up on the hill where all the rich people live, 'cause that's where they give out like giant bars of chocolate and other great stuff and some of the rich people even give out actual money. Some of my friends said they were going up there, but mom and dad said I couldn't go 'cause ten is too young to go out alone and neither of them could drive me up there and if I wanted to go trick or treating I had to do it in our neighborhood which is so lame. But I really really wanted to go up the hill. And I wanted to wear a cool costume, not one of my mom's lame "let me make you into a pirate or a dinosaur" disasters. Really, I'm ten, I'm not a baby.

So then I stumbled on this really weird little Halloween store and nobody was there except this old guy, Professor Imrash West, and his whole store was all just really dumb Halloween stuff. But, I don't know, there was something about him. I mean, when he looked at you you just knew that he wasn't fake, despite all the goofy spooky stuff around his little shop. And then he said I had to make a wish and so I wished that I could go trick or treating up the hill and get the best candy and maybe even some money. He got like this weird smile after I made my wish, but he gave me a big plain box and told me I would get my wish - but then he said that my wish would only come true if I chose to wear the costume in the box, and the whole costume and I couldn't open the box until Halloween night. I thought it was weird, but I said okay and took the box.

And you know what was kinda weird? The more I thought about that box the more I wanted to open it and I thought the whole 'waiting 'til Halloween' thing was totally silly so I like went to open the box a bunch of times. But somehow I never did open it. I don't know, I just, like, always ended up doing something else.

But anyway, it was finally Halloween night and no matter how much I had whined at mom she wasn't going to let me go up the hill by myself and she had to stay with the baby and dad was off at work still, so I was still stuck. At least I finally got her to say I could go trick or treating in our neighborhood, if I called her like every half an hour. But what was the point of staying in our neighborhood where people give like hardly any candy and most of it is junk anyway. And anyways, by then I was really curious about the box from the old guy, so I pulled it down off the shelf and this time I didn't have any trouble and I opened it and there were some really pretty clothes in it! They were like totally sparkly and bright and I liked them right away.

I pulled the clothes out of the box and I was thrilled. There was a skirt and a blouse, some stockings and a weird lacy thing I didn't recognize. There was a pair of silver sparkly platform sandals with like five inch heels that were amazing, a little makeup kit and there was a collar or choker that was covered with the shiniest prettiest silver stones. I loved the collar! It was so pretty and like, sexy! Mom never let me wear anything like these clothes.

I was so excited. So I put the collar thing on first and it snapped on around my neck with a little click. Right away I felt so much better and a little thrill of excitement seemed to course through me from my neck to my toes and back up all the way to my brain. I got to work right away putting on the rest of the costume. I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt and I pulled the slinky blue top over my head. It was really tight and short and I was worried maybe it was too small. But then I could see that it was just designed to be that way - super snug thin fabric that molded to my body. It was really cool to see my little nipples pushing out the fabric and when I touched them it was like there was no fabric at all and they got really hard and pointy. I rubbed them for a couple of minutes 'cause it felt good and it hadn't ever felt that good before. It was so cool.

Then I pulled on the little silver skirt. OMG, I loved the way it flared out around my hips and bounced as I moved from side to side. It was the perfect length too, high-waisted and tight, then falling to about an inch above the bottom of my butt. I never knew that wearing a super short skirt would be so much fun!

I really liked the way the miniskirt and blouse went together. The blouse had long sleeves, completely covering my arms, but it left several inches of my stomach exposed above the pretty skirt. I felt so grown-up and cool!

About then I realized that it was really silly for me to be wearing underpants with such a great costume, so I took my underpants off and threw them to the side. Like, what was I thinking? Underpants, really? And then I remembered what that other lacy thing was, it was a garter belt. I pulled it up under my skirt and it fit tight hips. Then I pulled on the gorgeous stockings. They were so silky and smooth and like the prettiest things I'd ever seen! The stockings were striped in silver and blue that perfectly matched the blouse and the skirt! I loved the way the garter belt snapped on to the top of the stockings and held them so perfectly.

Finally I pulled the sandals on my feet and they also made a little click when I closed the buckles. I'm like really short for my age. But when I stood up in the sandals I was like so tall, about four and half feet. And my legs looked amazing in the stockings and the garters, especially with the way my posture changed from wearing the heels. I usually feel like I have skinny stick legs, but not any more! The heels were hard to walk around in at first, but I loved them! It was all so perfect.

I finished my costume by brushing out my long blonde hair so that it flowed around my face instead of my usual simple ponytail. And then I looked in the little makeup kit and found eyeshadow that matched the blue of my blouse and also the blue of my eyes! And there was a deep deep red lipstick that was like perfect. The lipstick totally set off the whole costume. I'd never really noticed what a nice little mouth I had. But then like mommy would never ever let me wear any makeup. She won't even let me play with hers, she's so mean. So how would I know I had pretty lips?


I stared at myself in the mirror for a few minutes. I was so happy. I just knew that I looked sexy and pretty and way older than ten. The way the skirt flared out made me look much curvier than usual, and the tight blouse really drew attention to my little nipples. But the way the stockings and high heels made my legs look so long and curvy was the best part. Who knew that looking sexy could be so much fun! This was going to be the best Halloween ever!

And then I noticed something weird and I wondered how I could have missed it before. There was a ring at the front of the pretty collar and dangling from the ring, like a dog-tag, was a pretty silver heart. I looked close in the mirror to see what was written on the dog-tag and I had to puzzle for a second 'cause it was backwards in the mirror but it said "SLUT." Finally I understood. I really was wearing a costume.

I hoped I would see my friends who were supposed to be up the hill tonight. They'd be so jealous in their silly little-kid costumes. None of them would look half as great as Lena Southwell, the Halloween Slut!


Part Two:

So kind of a weird thing happened then, but whatever. I went downstairs to go out trick or treating in the neighborhood, and I kind of thought mom was like going to totally melt down over my costume 'cause she's like so strict. But she looked at me and said, "Oh Lena, what a nice elf costume." Elf? Like I would ever be some lame elf? I was like going to rag on her, but then I realized it was probably better to let her be clueless 'cause like wasn't she usually clueless and so I just said bye and I'll call you and I headed out the door.

I went down the driveway and the black limousine was waiting for me like it was supposed to be. That's a little weird too, 'cause like I don't quite remember calling for a limousine or whatever, but it was there and I knew it was for me, so like of course I got in. And the limousine drove me up the hill where I wanted to go. But not just up the hill, I mean like way up the hill, to the very richest part of town. And I was like, of course, this is where the best stuff will be. As we drove I saw lots of other kids out trick or treating and they were like all wearing lame costumes like ghosts and witches and robots and stuff. And nobody had a pretty collar like I did. And they were all carrying big sacks or lame plastic pumpkins for their loot and none of them had a cool sexy little purse like I did.

So then the limousine stopped at the first house and I got out and went to the door. It was like this big mansion and there weren't any other kids there and they had a bunch of decorations that were sort of lame but also kind of scary. And like, okay, for a minute I got all weird and flustered and frightened and I realized that I was a long way from home and I didn't really know where I was and I was alone and the clothes I was wearing were kind of like skimpy. And I wasn't wearing any underpants. For a minute it was really weird that I wasn't wearing any underpants and my skirt was really really short. I gasped, and I was about to run away, but I felt the collar at my throat and right away I felt better. What a silly little girl I'd been. That wasn't me any more. I rang the bell and when the door opened I yelled "trick or treat."

It was interesting the way the man at the door looked at me. His eyes started at my head and went slowly all the way down to my toes and then back up again. I sort of felt a shiver go down and up with his gaze. "Well now, what a lovely costume," he said. "Turn around and let me see all of you." I twirled around for him and I heard him gasp.

"Trick or treat?" I said again, and I don't know why my voice was so little.

"Oh, I think definitely I'll be the trick tonight." The man looked up and down the block, then he gestured me inside. I followed him in eagerly, hoping for a really big bar of chocolate or maybe even some money. I couldn't believe it - my wish was really coming true. "What's your name, dear"" the man asked as he took my hand and led me into a big living room. "And how old are you?"

"Uh, I'm Lena, Lena Southwell, and I'm like ten." I answered.

"Oh my, oh my, ten. Jesus! Well, Lena," he said as he sat on a big sofa and pulled me down to kneel in front of him, "I think we both know why you're here."

"Oh yes, sir, I want the biggest chocolate bars ever, or money if that's what you're giving out," I said as I unzipped his pants. He groaned, but he helped pull his pants down over his butt and then he pulled his shirt tails up out of the way. I put my hands around his thing and started stroking it.

"Oh my god," the man said. "Oh fuck. Do you like my cock, Lena? You little whore. Do you like my big cock?"

That's when I figured out that the big thing he had that was getting really long and hard as I stroked it was called a cock. I didn't really like it but I knew he wanted me to say I did so I said, "Yes mister, I like your cock a lot. Can I suck your cock mister? Can I?"

"Oh fucking lord! Yes, yes, suck my big cock, whore!" he said. I didn't need anymore invitation, so I circled my tongue around the head of it a few times and then slipped my lips over it. It was pretty big and I had to open my little mouth like really wide to get it in. And I kept swirling my tongue around as much as I could. "Oh Jesus!" the man said after a few minutes of me bobbing my head up and down over the first few inches of his cock. Then I felt his hands on the back of my head as he pressed me forward and pushed more of his cock inside me. At first it was scary to have so much of his cock in my mouth, but then I realized I just had to concentrate hard and kind of swallow and it would be okay and the next thing I knew I had like his whole cock down my throat. He was making all kinds of strange noises and those big round sacks of stuff under his cock kept hitting me in the chin. Okay, so like a long time later I found out those were called balls, like whatever! They were kind of gross.

Anyways, the man held my head and pushed his cock in and out of my mouth and throat a bunch of times, I kind of lost track, and then he pulled his cock all the way out except just the tip that he left in my mouth and he started yelling "yes, yes, oh fuck," while he was like jerking around and holding my head really tight and I tasted a whole bunch of hot gooey stuff in my mouth. Then he yelled at me to swallow the stuff, which I did, except for a little that ran down my chin. The man said "holy shit, that was amazing, you're the best, little Lena, the best," and so I smiled up at him.

After that his cock thing got a lot smaller and then I helped him pull his pants back up and zip his zipper and he walked me out to the front door and he gave me ten whole dollars that I put in my little purse.

Oh my god, ten dollars, it was like the best Halloween EVER!


Part Three:

So then the limousine took me to another house that was like even bigger than the first one and I got out and walked up the driveway. And it was like weird 'cause all the way up the long drive it felt like someone was watching me. And when I got to the door it opened even before I rang the bell and I said "trick or treat?" but it came out in my little girl voice again, which was weird.

There was a lady at the door. She was really pretty, but kind of scary 'cause she wore an all black dress and had long black hair and even her makeup and lipstick were black but I guess that was all for Halloween. But she looked like maybe she always dressed that way. She had on black high heeled boots that made her about six feet tall and I felt really short again. She stared at me wide-eyed and said "oh my god" really slowly and then she lifted up the little dog tag on my collar and her eyes flared and then she said "everything I wished for," and then she said, "definitely a trick, little one, please come in" and opened the door for me to come in.

So then I like followed her into a library room with lots of books on high shelves and she asked me what my name was and how old I was and I told her and that made her smile for some reason and then she told me how pretty and sexy I was and that made me feel warm all over and I decided I liked her even if she was still kind of scary. But really she was pretty nice, 'cause she ran her fingers through my hair which felt nice and then she ran her hands over my chest and made my little nipples get all hard and tingly again and I liked that too. When she told me to lay down on a little coffee table I did and she knelt down and touched me all over and it felt so nice. Her hands were really soft and gentle and I closed my eyes and bit my lip and I think maybe I was moaning and I really started liking the strange lady.

But then I realized something was a little bit weird 'cause like I couldn't hold still while the lady was touching me all over but when I tried to move my legs something stopped me. So then I got scared and opened my eyes and looked around real fast and I found out that my feet were bound to the sides of the table with chains hooked onto the little loops at the back of my sandals that I had wondered why they were there but I'd kind of forgotten about them. And while I was concentrating on my feet, the lady was tying my hands together up above my head and then tying them to the table too so then I couldn't really move at all. "Wh-why did you tie me up?" I asked the lady.

"Oh dear, it makes it so much more fun!" she said. And the next thing I knew she was kneeling in between my legs, which were spread really wide apart and I knew she was looking right at my private place and she said "you have such a beautiful little pussy, sweetie, just gorgeous," and then she leaned in really close. I wasn't sure if I knew what she meant by pussy until I felt her tongue push into my little slit, which was already kind of wet from all the time she'd spent touching me all over, and then she came up and looked at my face from just over my pretty silver skirt and she said "and it tastes so good too!" before she went back to licking me.

OMG! It was amazing. I couldn't hold still, but I couldn't move either, cause of the chains and ropes. It was torture, but the best kind of torture. Her tongue was long and warm and there was a special place that she grabbed between her tongue and her teeth at the top of my pussy - I knew it was a pussy then - and I couldn't stop moaning really loud. Her tongue went inside me and then out and all around and it flicked at the little spot and then back inside me and I was going crazy. I arched my back and moaned more and twisted around, but I was tied down and that was good too even if it was really scary.

All of a sudden my body started to shake and this amazing feeling spread out from my pussy, like I was on fire but it was a good fire. And just as all that started I felt something new and I think that maybe the lady pushed her finger into my bottom hole but I couldn't really see for sure but whatever it was it was a big shock and it made the strange feeling get really really intense and I shook and shook and shook. My mind was crazy and scared and wonderful and I know I screamed and screamed and bucked my pussy against the lady's tongue as hard as I could and I never wanted it to stop but at the same time I couldn't stand it any more and I tried to fight against the ropes and chains. Oh god, it was too much!

But then it finally stopped and I could barely breath and I lay there gasping and shivering while the lady came up above me and smiled down and her chin was all wet and her eyes were like glowing green. And she didn't stop at all, she just moved forward, crawling across the little table and lifting her dress up until I could see that she didn't have any underpants on either! And another thing - she had hair around her pussy - a lot of hair. And it was black like her other hair and everything about her and I got a good look at it as her pussy came down on my face and I started licking her as fast and as hard as I could, just like she'd licked me 'cause now I knew the right way to do it and I guess she liked it like I did 'cause like she started moaning "Lena, Lena, pretty little Lena," and she moved her hips forward and back and pushed herself even harder against my tongue. I couldn't see anything at all 'cause she dropped her dress over my head but I just licked and licked at whatever part of her I could get to 'cause I just knew that's what she wanted even though I think maybe she made me lick her bottom too which is kind of gross to think about but it didn't seem gross then. I just did it. And pretty soon the strange lady started to shake and shiver just like I had. And so, like, I licked her even faster and tried to push my little tongue farther up inside her and she tasted okay but as she started to shake she got a lot wetter and tasted different and then there was really a lot of liquid stuff and I had to start swallowing it to keep from choking. And then the lady like really screamed loud "Oh god, yes, yes, oh my god you sweet little whore!" and then after that she kind of collapsed and pretty soon she got off of me and stood up and straightened her dress.

I was breathing really hard again and I could tell there was stuff all over my face but even after all of that I still had a nice tingly feeling in my pussy. The strange lady untied my hands and then unchained my feet and I got up and she took me by the hand and led me into a bathroom where I could see that my face was kind of a mess and my lipstick was smeared all over the place. But she was really nice and helped wash my face and then we got the makeup out of my little purse and she helped me put on new eyeshadow and new lipstick and I looked even prettier than before and she gave me a kiss on my cheek.

Just before I left the lady's house she gave me a crisp ten dollar bill! I couldn't believe it. I'd collected twenty dollars and I'd only been to two houses.

Halloween is the best!


Part Four:

So then the limousine was waiting and I got in and I was totally surprised 'cause like there were two men already in the back of the limousine and as soon as I got in the limousine started driving. I guess I like forgot to tell you that the limousine was really really ginormous and had long seats along two sides and across the back and a television and a bar and the two guys already had big drinks in their hands. I don't know why, but I was really happy to see the two men and I thought they were both really cute even though one of them was black and the other one was like maybe Mexican or something and he had a bunch of tattoos that I thought were really cool!

And then the black guy said "Hey girl, aren't you supposed to say something when you coming begging for it on Halloween?" and I was really confused but then I thought maybe I knew what to say.

"Uhm, ah, trick or treat?" I said and both of the guys smiled at me and I knew that was the right thing to say.

"Oh yeah, chiquita," the hispanic looking guy said, "I don't know about Jason here, but I'm gonna be your trick."

"Fuck yeah," said the black guy who must be Jason, "me too, definitely your trick." He pulled me over to sit next to him on the seat and right away the other guy sat real close to me on the other side. "What do you think, Paco?"

"I think we're gonna have a great Halloween, Jason, that's what I think" Paco said. "So tell me, chiquita, what's your name and how old are you?"

"I'm Lena Southwell," I told them. "And I'm ten years old, and I'm out trick or treating on the hill 'cause this is where all the best candy is and some of the rich people up here even give out money!" I really liked the two men and I wanted them to like me and I was kind of excited.

"Ten! Did you hear that, Jason, the chiquita is only ten. Did you ever see such a fine, sexy, ten-year-old before, Jason? Did you?" As Paco talked to Jason he put his hand on my thigh and stroked it up and down along the inside of my leg which I thought meant he must like me and it felt good, so I opened up my legs a little bit. And then Jason's hand started stroking my other leg.

I looked back and forth between them, but Jason caught my attention when he said "She's mighty pretty too, for a little white girl, all milky white and blonde with those big blue eyes. Hard to believe she's only ten, man - such a hot little thing." And then he leaned way down, 'cause he must have been way over six feet tall and I was like a little doll next to him and kissed me right on the mouth.

OMG! I'd never kissed a boy before! My first kiss! My heart was racing a million miles a second. My very very first kiss ever and it was with a really cute guy. Like SO cute. And he had his tongue in my mouth and I felt like I was going to melt and I was so worried I would do it wrong but he just kept kissing me!

And I heard Paco saying, "yeah amigo, damn straight she's pretty, and hot, really hot. Look at this fucking outfit she's got on, eh. She really wants it bad, doesn't she? What kind of a puta wears an outfit this hot." And even as he was talking and Jason was kissing me I felt Paco's hand go up under my little skirt and touch my bare little pussy and that felt really nice, but I guess he was kind of shocked 'cause he like started talking really fast, "Holy shit, amigo, she's got no panties on! The little puta is bare as a baby under here. Oh fuck, Jason we gotta have a good time with this tiny ten-year-old puta! Come on, give me a turn, man!"

I gasped when Jason stopped kissing me and I almost yelled out "No!" But before I could yell my head was turned by a hand behind my head and then I was kissing Paco and he was JUST as good a kisser as Jason. OMG! Two cute boys were kissing me, one after another! God, kissing was so nice. I hardly know any of the girls in my class who've been kissed by a boy yet and I'd already been kissed by two. I was so excited.

And it was also really exciting to have both of the guys touching my pussy and I was getting really wet down there again and it felt really good. And one of them was playing with my little nipples, but I couldn't tell which one. Then I felt Jason pulling my shoulders and he said "My turn, man, let me have the little bitch" and suddenly I was kissing him again. And right away it just seemed like the right thing to do to turn and face Jason and get in his lap straddling him so I could put my arms around his neck and kiss him better. So that's when I found out that he'd taken his pants off while I was kissing Paco, 'cause his big cock was standing up in his lap and it pressed against my stomach and my little pussy. And it was big, really really long and big and I got scared for a second and I stopped kissing him and kind of tried to get off his lap but I couldn't 'cause Paco was right behind me by then.

That's when Jason turned and lay down on the long seat of the limousine which left me straddling his legs with my knees spread so wide apart. His big cock was so long it pushed up the front of my pretty skirt like a tent pole and then he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me forward so that I pushed his big cock down and slid my pussy along the length of it. That felt really nice. I couldn't see it under my skirt, but I loved the feel of my pussy lips as they opened up, molded around him and slid along the underside of his cock. It was almost as good as kissing! And Jason was so strong. He held my hips tight and had no trouble moving me forward and back along the length of his long cock.

And then the best thing of all happened! Paco started kissing me again. Both of the guys really liked kissing me and so I knew I must be doing it right and that made me feel so warm and happy. And while he was kissing me Paco took my hand and moved it to something warm and big and throbbing that I thought maybe was his cock but I like couldn't be sure 'cause all I could see was him kissing me. I could only get my hand like half way around it 'cause it was pretty big too, but he seemed to like it when I stroked my hand up and down it 'cause he moaned while he was kissing me. God, kissing is, like, so great!

That tingly, almost ready to explode, feeling was starting up in my pussy again and I'm pretty sure I was moaning while I kissed Paco. And I know I was grinding my pussy down as hard as I could even though Jason was holding me so tight and moving me like a rag doll. And then the tingly feeling really did explode and my whole body was shaking and it felt SO great except that Paco stopped kissing me and I didn't like that part.

"Fucking A, amigo, the chiquita is a wild one. She's already having an orgasm. Look at her shake - and she doesn't even have a cock inside her yet." Paco said.

And then Jason said "Oh man, I can't wait any more. I gotta take the little bitch."

"Go for it, amigo, you know where I'm gonna be!" I heard Paco say, but my brain was whirling so hard that I barely paid attention.

But I gasped when Jason lifted me up 'cause I didn't want the wonderful pressure on my pussy lips to stop and I didn't want the tingly explosion to stop. Then I felt my skirt flipped up from behind and then the pressure was back on my pussy but this time it was different 'cause it was pushing harder and I realized the something was trying to push right up inside me and I was scared, very scared.

"Agggggghhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. Something pushed a couple of inches up into my pussy and I felt something tear inside of me and it hurt so bad and the lovely tingly feeling went away and all I felt was how it hurt and how incredibly full I was and how tight it felt, like I was being stretched way too far and how really really scared I was.

I was laying on top of Jason with my face pressed into his bare chest and my arms pinned at my sides 'cause he had his big strong arms around me. I realized that it had to be Jason's cock that was up inside my pussy and even as I figured that out I felt him move his hips and he pushed it even farther up inside and I screamed again.

"Amigo!" Paco said, "you should see how wide you stretch her. Ten-year-old pussy is tight, really tight."

"Shit yes, man, you should feel it! I never felt anything so tight and great." Jason responded and then he pulled his cock almost all the way out before he rammed up inside of me again, even farther, and I screamed really loud. But I noticed that it didn't hurt as much any more and it was super super scary but it also felt a little bit good. Then he pulled out and pushed in again and it felt even better and then again and it was even better. But he was really deep inside me and he was hitting something.

"Damn, amigo, I can't believe how much of your dick you got inside the little puta. You got seven inches in her, easy!"

"That's it man, end of the tunnel, but god damn it feels so good. Come on man, you gonna get in here or you just gonna watch, you fucking pervert!"

"Hold still now, amigo!" Paco said, "I gotta get lubed up or I'll tear her to pieces. Ah, now we're ready, man, ready to rumble."

And then the scariest thing of all happened. I felt something pushing at my bottom hole. My whole body stiffened and I gripped Jason's big cock even harder, which made him groan. He was holding me tight, with a lot of his cock up inside me and I could hardly move at all. I felt something probing at my butt and I thought maybe Paco was trying to push his finger in my butt like the strange lady had done, but no, it was something bigger. It pushed really hard and kind of circled around and felt slippery and it pushed even harder. I squeezed my butt as hard as I could 'cause I was so scared, but it didn't matter 'cause all of a sudden it pushed past the entrance of my butt.

"Fuck me, amigo! She's so tight, oh fuck, oh fuck," I heard Paco yelling from behind me.

"Fuck her man. Take her ass. Let's bang the little whore together man," Jason said and then he started sliding his big cock in and out of me again, faster and faster.

There were so many sensations happening at once. My pussy ached from being stretched so tight and my butt hole was on fire! Right away I realized that the thing in my butt was going in as far as Jason's cock and I finally realized that it must be Paco's fat cock. Both of them were thrusting their cocks in and out of my little body as fast as they could.

Jason took his arms from around me so that he could grab my hips again and I pushed up onto my arms on his chest, arching my back and trying to find a position that didn't feel like I was going to be torn apart. They both liked that and they groaned at the same time and I felt both of them go even deeper inside me, I was still really scared but I couldn't deny that it was starting to feel really really good and despite all the pain and intense sensations of their cocks stretching my holes the tingly feeling was coming back really strong.

Paco reached around and pinched both of my little nipples through the thin fabric of my blouse and I screamed "owwww!" and it was like that triggered the tingly feeling to explode and I started shaking and shaking harder than ever.

"Oh shit, puta, you like being double-fucked, don't you? Say it puta. Tell me how much you like to be fucked in your pussy and your tight little ass! Say it!"

"Yes, yes, oh! I like it. I like it!" I screamed.

"What do you like, puta?" Paco kept talking right into my ear as he twisted my nipples and shoved his cock into my butt over and over.

"I like it, I like being fucked! Oh fuck me more. OH! OH! YES!"

Every part of my body had the tingly explosion feeling and nothing had ever been as wonderful as having two guys pounding their cocks into me at the same time. Except maybe kissing.

After about ten minutes of groaning and nipples and fucking and the tingly explosions, Jason yelled, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I can't hold it back much longer. I gotta cum."

"Don't cum in her, amigo, hang on," Paco yelled and all of a sudden he was gone from my butt and I gasped in surprise and disappointment. And even worse I felt him lift me off of Jason and then Jason's big wonderful cock was gone too and I wanted to cry.

Then next thing I knew I was on my knees on the floor and looking up at the two big cocks and the guys were stroking them with their hands really fast and groaning and I was reminded how cute both of them were. I wondered if either of them would kiss me again.

"Open that sweet little mouth, puta," Paco said and he smiled down at me and I opened my mouth nice and wide and held it open for him 'cause I wanted him to like me and maybe he would kiss me again.

Both guys were stroking their cocks really fast and groaning and then almost at the same time something shot out of the ends of their cocks and rained down on my face. It fell across my face in big ropey strings of wet goo and a lot of it went into my mouth and I tasted it and realized it was the same stuff that that first man had put in my mouth so I wasn't so scared. Both guys carefully aimed so that a lot of their goop shot into my mouth and right away my mouth was overflowing with it and then they shot more and more onto my face.

"Fucking look at her, man, what a little cock-whore." Jason said and I felt great that he liked me so much.

Then Paco said, "You said it, amigo. Who knew a ten-year-old could be such a great puta. Let's see you swallow all that fucking cum, puta. Go on, swallow it!"

I wanted the guys to like me, so I swallowed the huge mouthful of their goo and then showed them my empty mouth. They both hooted and gave each other high-fives so I knew I'd done it right.

Suddenly Paco got a worried look on his face. "We better get out of here, man, before somebody comes. This is some evil shit." Both guys threw their pants back on and their big cocks disappeared.

"You sure we can't just take her with us?" Jason asked.

"No man, we gotta go! Here, puta, here's your treat," Paco said and he handed me a ten dollar bill.

"Yeah, bitch, any time," Jason said and he handed me another ten dollar bill.

Twenty whole dollars! Halloween is fantastic!


Part Five:

I was really disappointed that neither of the guys had kissed me any more. And I was kneeling on the floor of the limousine with their goo all over my face. But there was like a little sink and mirror in the limousine, so I used the sink and a towel to wipe off and clean up and then I got my lipstick out and fixed my lips really pretty again. I was getting good with the makeup! I put the twenty dollars in my little purse and realized that I had like forty whole dollars. I'd never seen that much money.

I thought it would be good to get out of the limousine and go to more houses to go trick-or-treating but the doors wouldn't open and then the limousine started driving again. I was worried that it was taking me home 'cause I hadn't even gotten, like, any chocolate bars yet and it was driving a long ways. But then it stopped and I got out and I saw that I wasn't at home. I was even father up the hill and it wasn't even a neighborhood, it was just one house by itself and it was the biggest of all of them. So I walked up the driveway past big iron gates and I had that funny feeling that someone was watching me again. And I noticed that I was kind of sore in my pussy and my butt and that I was walking a little bit funny.

I rang the doorbell and waited for a long time, but nobody came. And when I looked back down the driveway the limousine was gone. I got kind of scared then, but I heard a noise coming from the back and so I walked around the side of the big house until I got to the back yard and I discovered a whole bunch of people having a party. Well, not actually a whole lot, it was just four women and they were all really pretty although they were all like pretty old, like my mom's age - she's thirty two - which is like practically ancient. The women were all dressed alike in gauzy pretty long dresses and they were all holding drinks and sitting on high-backed wooden chairs in a half-circle around a little platform, kind of like they were waiting for me, which made me feel sort of funny. But right away I knew I liked them and I walked right up to them and I said "Trick or Treat!"

The ladies all giggled softly and that made me giggle and then one by one each of them said, "Oh, definitely a trick, dear" and then the one on the left, the blonde one said "We've been waiting for you sweetie. What's your name and how old are you?"

"Oh. I'm Lena, Lena Southwell and, uhm, I'm ten years old."

"Oh my," the brunette lady said, "only ten? It's hard to believe."

And then the redheaded lady said, "you look so sexy and pretty for such a sweet young girl, but let us have a better look at you, sweetheart."

And the lady with the raven black hair held out her hand to me and I walked over to her. She reached up and held my dog-tag for a second and she smiled and her smile was a little scary but I could tell she liked me and then she let her hand drift down and tweak my little nipples, which I thought felt really nice. And her other hand went up under my skirt and she dipped her finger into my pussy which was getting really wet again and I could feel the eyes of all the ladies boring into me even though I was just looking at the raven haired lady. She really knew how to touch me just right and the tingly feeling started coming back right away. And it got even stronger when the lady pulled me closer and kissed me right on the mouth and I kissed her back and I thought about kissing Paco and Jason and here I was getting another kiss, but this time from a girl! A girl with a long tongue.

But then the raven haired lady stopped and I gasped and kind of stumbled back before I turned and stepped over to the redheaded lady. She also looked at my dog-tag and played with my nipples and pushed her finger into my sopping pussy and the tingly feeling got even better and then she was kissing me too, Kissing girls was nice! It was really nice and she did nice things with her tongue and I wondered what else she could do with that tongue. And then she stopped.

I staggered over to the brunette lady next and she also fondled me and kissed me and I was really starting to shiver all over by then 'cause the tingly explosion feeling was just about to explode.

And when I finally stumbled over to the blonde lady and her fingers were doing those nice things to me and she was kissing me at the same time I started to shake all over and I thought I would like fall down and it kept going on and on and so many things had happened to me and my mind was just kind of going around and around and I think I must have just passed out.

When I woke up I was on the little platform surrounded by the nice ladies on their wooden chairs. It felt nice to be the center of their attention, but I wished they would kiss me some more. I wondered what we were going to do, but then the nice blonde lady snapped her fingers and I saw a really big dog step out of the shadows and walk slowly over to her. He sat next to her and she stroked her fingers through his long thick fur. I think maybe he was a Samoyed, 'cause he was all white and he was really big, bigger than me.

I noticed then that I was on my hands and knees on the platform and I wanted to show everyone, including the dog, how nice I could look and so I slowly moved around in a circle on the platform to show all five of them what I looked like from every angle. And I loved the way the four ladies smiled at me, but the dog just stared really hard, with a little bit of his red tongue sticking out from his huge mouth. And then I noticed that there was a little bit of red sticking out between his back legs and it looked exactly like the lipstick in my little purse with my forty dollars. I wondered why the doggy had a lipstick between his legs, but I kept circling so everyone could admire me 'cause I really liked all the attention.

When I was facing the blonde lady again she said "stop, dear," and so I did and then she said "this is Alpha, and he's been waiting to meet you. Say hi to Alpha, Lena."

"Hello Alpha" I said to the big dog.

The lady was still stroking Alpha's head but then she said "okay Alpha, time to play," and the big dog stood up, walked over and stepped up onto the platform with me. I heard all the ladies take in a quick breath. Once Alpha was standing next to me I realized how big he really was - way taller than me at the shoulder. And his head was huge.

I froze in place. I just knew I needed to be a nice quite girl and I shouldn't look Alpha in the eyes or try to move around, but I wanted to look at him 'cause he was so pretty and white. I followed him with my eyes as he walked around me in a slow circle, but when I turned my head too far he growled a little bit and that scared me and so I just looked straight ahead where the blonde lady was grinning and staring hard, like she was really excited.

Then Alpha rubbed up against me as he walked along the side of me, nearly knocking me over, but I spread my arms and legs wider to get my balance. He came around the front of me, rubbing his fur across my face and it was so soft and warm and silky and it tickled my nose and I almost giggled but I knew that he wouldn't like that - I had to be really quiet - I just knew it. He rubbed along the other side of me, leaning hard and then rubbed his shoulder hard against my butt as he came around behind me, pushing my skirt up so that his soft fur rubbed right on my naked skin. I heard the redheaded lady gasp from behind me but I didn't dare look around.

Alpha seemed to be getting more excited and the next time he came around, rubbing his fur against me, which felt SO nice, as he passed in front of me I saw his little lipstick again only this time it wasn't as little, it was about four inches long and twice as big around as the lipstick in my little purse and shiny wet and then I thought that maybe it was a cock, like Jason and Paco and the first man had, only it was a dog's cock and really different. And red. And something dripped from the pointy tip.

But then I got a huge surprise and I stopped thinking about the dog cock or the ladies or Paco and Jason or anything - Alpha kissed me. He kissed me right on the mouth with his huge long tongue. He pushed his black doggy lips against me and he forced his tongue into my mouth and I opened my mouth and kissed him back and his tongue was everywhere and all over my face and in my mouth again. Alpha was a really good kisser! I know 'cause I've kissed a whole bunch of times and so I've got a lot of experience and wow Alpha was just a great kisser and I kissed him back and I think he liked it cause he kissed me and kissed me. I heard all the ladies murmuring while Alpha and I were kissing, but I couldn't see any of them. And I could tell that Alpha was getting more excited as we kissed and I knew that I liked him getting excited but that it also meant I had to be more careful 'cause the more excited he got the more I had to figure out exactly what he wanted and not make him mad. But I loved kissing him. Kissing is the BEST!

Suddenly Alpha stopped kissing me and I gasped and he walked around me again a couple of times, rubbing his fur against me and nuzzling me here and there with his huge head and licking me a few times - once right on my nipple which practically made me scream but I knew better. And then he stopped in front of me again only this time he pushed the side of his body right into my face, right in front of his rear leg and I saw the big red lipstick-cock thing bobbing and there was a drop of fluid dangling from the pointy tip of it and I knew exactly what he wanted - just like the first man - only Alpha didn't have any pants or zippers to get out of the way. So I reached up with one hand, crouched down just a little bit to get under him and ducked my head sideways. It was kind of awkward, but I could tell from how Alpha was panting and kind of jerking around that I better hurry or he would get mad and I knew I didn't want that, and I grabbed his lipstick-cock very gently and guided it to my mouth and sucked it past my lips. I heard the ladies all gasp and start talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying and I could tell Alpha liked what I was doing and I remembered the first man and what I had to do. Alpha's lipstick-cock hit the back of my throat and even as I sucked on it it got a little longer and fatter and I felt and tasted a little bit of hot salty thin liquid go down my throat every few seconds and then I did the swallowing thing and took his whole long lipstick-cock down my throat until my lips were pressed hard against the furry little sack that his lipstick-cock came out of. I moved my head back and forth as fast as I could, which wasn't very fast, to move the lipstick-cock up and down in my throat 'cause I knew that's what Alpha would want me to do.

And Alpha did like what I was doing. He whined and then he growled and then he whined again and he got really agitated and after a couple of minutes of bobbing my head on his big lipstick-cock thing he got so agitated that I couldn't hold on any more and he slipped out of my throat and I saw that his lipstick-cock was about six inches long and I saw some more thin fluid jet out of the pointy end of it and I knew that's what I had kept swallowing while he was in my throat.

Alpha was so excited. He ran around me again and he licked me like everywhere, including my nipples which felt so great. But then he stuck his huge head under my skirt and slathered his huge tongue up along my pussy and over my butt and finally I couldn't keep from screaming. "OHHHH!" He pushed his tongue right up inside me. "AWWWWW!" He twisted it around inside me and then raked it across the little button at the top of my pussy and it was so rough and warm and wet and wonderful and forceful. "OHHHHH!" Then Alpha growled and I had to bite my lip to keep screaming any more as his tongue forced its way back up into my little pussy. It was so big, almost as big around as Jason's cock. It was so strong - it could force me open and stretch my pussy and delve so deep. And then he was licking my butt and that felt amazing and I almost screamed again but I knew better and bit my lip harder.

The tingly explosion feeling was really strong by then. Every swipe of Alpha's wonderful tongue across my sensitive skin sent it higher and higher and I was starting to shiver and I knew the explosion was going to come any second and I just hoped that I wouldn't pass out again. It was so close, so close. And then I heard Alpha growl really loud at me and I knew what he wanted and I spread my knees even father apart. As he climbed on top of me he pushed my skirt up and his soft belly fur scraped across my bare ass and that felt so good. And his weight settled on top of me and I thought he would crush me as he wrapped his front paws around my middle but I strained as hard as I could to hold him up.

The tingly explosion was coming, it was coming right now, right now and then I felt Alpha's big lipstick-cock ram into my little pussy, stretching me wide open and he pumped it in and out of my at an incredible pace, like mom's sewing machine. Every super fast thrust forward knocked a little breath out of me and I couldn't get any air back in and I was straining to hold him up and the tingly explosion was the hugest of the whole long Halloween night. Alpha kept pumping at that incredible fast speed for a couple of minutes, hitting some wall deep inside me every time and I think maybe I was screaming but I'm not sure and I think maybe all the ladies had gotten out of their chairs and were pressed close to see everything that was happening and I almost couldn't take it all. And that's when something changed, really fast. I just thought Alpha's big lipstick-cock was big before, but he pushed it all the way inside of me and it got even bigger! He held it there as it swelled up around the base and it felt like I had a softball up inside my poor pussy. I felt my insides getting super warm and full and I thought maybe the dog had some of the same stuff that Jason and Paco and the other man had, only he was leaving it inside of me instead of in my mouth. And even worse, the huge thing wouldn't come out. It was stuck up inside me, past my pelvis and it wouldn't come back out through the little entrance of my pussy.

I heard all the ladies chittering and sighing and I finally managed to look up to see they were sitting down again and all the ones I could see had dreamy expressions on their faces. And they had pulled up their dresses so that they could push the fingers of one hand into their pussies and they looked very happy.

Alpha had finally dropped down with his front paws on either side of me on the ground which was good cause I couldn't have held up his weight much longer. But my pussy was throbbing and excited and I still had the tingly explosion going so I was shaking all over. And as long as I had Alpha's gigantic cock up inside me I knew the tingly explosion wasn't going to go away and after awhile it was kind of like torture, but good torture, but still torture.

"My god, child, that was wonderful," the blonde lady said to me and I heard the other three murmur their agreement. "Now just try to be as submissive and quiet as you can so you don't upset him while you're waiting for his knot to come out. It could be a while. You did such a good job!"

It was hard to be submissive and quiet while I was still having the tingly explosion but I tried the best I could. It seemed like it took a long long time, like an hour, but finally I felt Alpha getting antsy again and he started pulling at his dog-cock and it still didn't want to come out and I couldn't keep from yelling "Owwww!" 'cause it hurt. The blonde lady warned me again, so I bit my lip and let Alpha pull at me. Finally the knot-thing very very slowly pulled through my pussy and it stretched me way more than I thought was possible and then it popped out and there was a big gush of liquid that splashed to the floor and down my thighs and I had a flash of anguish 'cause I didn't want it to ruin my pretty striped stockings but I couldn't do anything about it.

Alpha walked around the side of me and I could see his lipstick-cock dangling down underneath him and it didn't look anything like a lipstick any more! It was huge! It was all covered with big and little blue veins and most of it was as big around as my wrist and the knot part was still as big as an orange and I couldn't believe that had been up inside me and had been even bigger. I nearly fainted.

I looked up and the four ladies were standing around me, beaming their approval and then they actually clapped, like I was a famous actress or something. I stood up, very shakily 'cause my legs would barely straighten or hold me up and I stepped off the platform and went from lady to lady around the circle. Each lady leaned down and kissed my forehead and handed me a ten dollar bill and I put all the bills into my little purse that I picked up from where I'd dropped it and I slowly walked back around to the front of the house where the limousine was waiting for me.

But just before I got in the limousine I heard a growl behind me and I spun around, really scared. I saw Alpha standing there, with something in his maw, and I dropped to my knees in front of him, ready to be submissive like I knew he liked. But he growled very softly and nuzzled me so I held out my hands and he dropped a huge chocolate bar into them, and it only had like two teeth marks in it! I was so happy. I threw my arms around his huge thick neck and nuzzled his fur and then I rocked back and let him kiss me and I kissed him back for a long time. Then he got up and padded back to the back of the house, so I got up and got in the limousine.

I had forty more dollars and a huge chocolate bar! I LOVE being the Halloween Slut!


Part Six:

So then the limousine drove me home, which took awhile and so I made sure my makeup looked okay. I couldn't do much about the stuff that dribbled down my stockings except clean up the worst of it - and it kept dripping from my little pussy but I couldn't really stop it 'cause I didn't have any underpants. Eventually the limousine dropped me off about a block from my house and I could see red and blue lights flashing all over and I wondered what was going on. As I started walking home after sitting in the limousine for awhile I noticed that it was kind of hard to walk and I wondered what time it was and I thought maybe it was kind of late. There were two police cars in my driveway with their lights on and the house was lit up like Christmas!

I walked through the front door a little bit scared and everyone started yelling and running around. My mom's face went white when she saw me and the big policemen looked completely shocked. My dad jumped up and yelled "Lena, where have you..." but then he looked me up and down and his mouth gaped open. And then Buster, our golden retriever ran in the room and he was really really interested in sniffing between my legs and I couldn't get him to stop and dad yelled some more and my mom fainted and the police lady who was there caught her and kept her from falling down too hard.

Eventually things calmed down a little bit after dad dragged Buster away and locked him in the garage where he howled and howled until dad went out and whacked him with a newspaper. And the police lady made everyone go away and put a blanket around me like I needed to hide my pretty clothes and sat down with me and wanted to know who had kidnapped me and why they'd made me wear such awful clothes and how I had gotten away and, "Oh sweetie I'm so sorry you went through this and we'll catch the bad men who did this to you, but I'm sorry I have to use this rape kit to gather evidence." I didn't understand any of that or why everyone was so upset except that it really was almost midnight which is way way past my bedtime and so of course daddy would be mad about that. I kept trying to tell the lady police officer I was fine and I had a great time and I showed her my eighty dollars and my chocolate bar with the two teeth marks, but she didn't seem to understand anything I told her no matter how hard I tried. And anyways I was getting really tired 'cause I'm only ten after all and like it was way past midnight.

Eventually the lady police officer let mom and dad and the other policemen back but they told me I had to give them all my clothes as evidence so I went to my room and I took off my costume and put on some long pajamas. I really didn't want to give up my pretty costume but I knew I had to but still I kept my favorite part, the collar with the pretty stones on it and I hid that under my pillow and wadded the rest up and put it in the box and hoped they didn't look for the collar - which they didn't. I also kept my eighty dollars and my chocolate bar and my lipstick, all in the little purse, and they didn't notice those either.

Finally the police all left and mom stopped crying and dad stopped looking quite so angry and I took a bath, which felt nice. But the longer it was from when I took the costume off the more worried I got and the things I had done started to seem really bad! I started getting really scared and I felt like I'd been a very wicked and nasty girl and mommy and daddy were going to hate me when they figured out what I'd really done! I started crying and crying and I didn't like it. But I was very tired and so I went to bed and fell asleep pretty fast.

The next day mommy and daddy let me sleep pretty late and when daddy came to wake me up he saw the collar from my costume that was peeking out from under my pillow. He picked it up and looked at it angrily. I notice that it didn't have the heart shaped dog-tag any more which was weird, and then all of the bad things I'd done flooded back into my mind and I nearly fainted. I also remembered how much I had enjoyed all those things, especially all the kissing. I felt even worse then, 'cause only a bad person would actually have liked those things. At least I still had my eighty dollars and the bar of chocolate. Daddy didn't say anything, he just put the collar in his pocket and took me down to lunch, 'cause it was so late.

Later in the day daddy talked to the police on the phone. He got a shocked look on his face and he looked at me, then he looked at Buster who was finally sleeping in the kitchen and not trying to sniff at my pussy any more. Mommy asked him what the police had said, but he would only tell her that they didn't have any good leads and thought it was unlikely they would ever catch my kidnappers. Mommy cried and went upstairs to her room. I still didn't understand why they thought somebody kidnapped me. But I realized that daddy knew I had done nasty things with a dog and I felt very humiliated. I'm sure I turned bright red every time he stared at me, which he did pretty often.

Life kind of went back to normal after that, except that everywhere I went I felt like everyone who looked at me knew the bad and humiliating things I'd done on Halloween. Finally, I went to find the Professor West man, but the shop he'd had was gone - in fact it wasn't even a shop, it was a car wash, which was really weird. I thought about how he'd asked me to make a wish, and I had, and everything I'd wished for had come true, but not in a good way. And I'd done terrible things and I felt like a terrible bad person and I was sad and I was scared all the time. As I stood looking at where the shop had been I said "I wish I could always feel like I felt on Halloween night instead of how I feel now." But no one was there to hear my wish.

About two days later, when mommy was out for a few days, daddy came to my room and he looked at me kind of funny. I asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted me to be happy and then he came over and pulled the pretty collar from his pocket. I looked at it kind of shocked like and I didn't do anything as daddy put it around my throat and I heard it click really loud.

Right away I felt so much better! I knew what I was supposed to do again and I felt great and I didn't feel bad about things I'd done and I gave daddy a big hug and ran over to look at my collar in the mirror. And the first thing I noticed was that I had clothes on, which was totally silly. What was I thinking? Really! So fast as I could I took all my clothes off and stood naked in front of daddy and the mirror like I was supposed to. And the next thing I noticed was that daddy was smiling in a way I'd never seen him smile before, but it made me feel warm inside and I remembered the tingly explosion feeling. And then the next thing I noticed was that the collar had a dog-tag again and it was still in the shape of a heart but this time it said something different. I had to concentrate hard to read it backwards in the mirror but the dog-tag said "DADDY'S LITTLE BITCH" and I loved it and I loved that I was going to be daddy's little bitch, whatever that meant.

So then I ran over to my bed where daddy was like laying on his back with no clothes on and right away I grabbed him around the neck and kissed him! And he kissed me back. Another guy wanted to kiss me! I was so excited. Then right away I started sucking on daddy's cock like I knew he really liked. And I made sure to lick all up and down it and all around his balls and daddy moaned and told me how pretty and sexy I was and everything was great! Daddy was amazed to find out that I knew how to take his long cock all the way down my throat and it made me feel really good to impress him. Then Daddy shot his stuff in my mouth just like all those other guys, but afterwards he didn't just give me ten dollars and send me away. He stayed with me, and a little bit later I got on top of him and his cock was all hard and long again and after I rubbed my warm wet pussy along it for awhile I let it slip inside of me and it stretched me out and then I got the tingly explosion feeling and daddy yelled a lot as he gripped my hips and thrust up inside of me as hard as he could. It was so great!

Daddy and I did stuff like that for three days and after the first eight or nine times Daddy started getting interested in all kinds of weird stuff with like ropes and gags and toys, which I didn't mind at all. And he really liked using my butt hole. It was particularly cool having a tail coming out of my butt! But the best thing of all was when daddy decided to bring Buster in and I got to kiss Buster a whole lot and then he licked me and jumped on my back and fucked me. Buster joined us a lot after that. He's not as big as Alpha, but I really love him.

I am like so happy now! Daddy and I discovered that my collar won't come off, which is a little bit scary. I don't think it will ever come off, and I guess that's fine. I like being this way.

Oh and one last thing. Tonight was one month since Halloween and daddy's out for the night. Mommy thought I was asleep in bed but I looked out my window and guess what was sitting parked in the alley? The big black limousine! I got so excited. As quick as I could I put on some of the sexy clothes daddy got me. Do you like them? It was kind of hard, especially in these high heels, but I climbed out my window to get to the limousine and it brought me here. And look here, I just noticed something weird but fun. My dog-tag changed! It says "SLUT" again.

Oh! I'm going to have so much fun and maybe I'll bring home some more ten dollar bills! Are you going to give me ten dollars mister?


For the further adventures of Lena Southwell, with some new friends, check out one of these stories:

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