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$50,000 Sister Threesome

{M/FF, Bond, Reluc, Greed, Oral}

By Arthur G Thomas

There's a stench in some strip malls that's as sweet as roses to me. As a millionaire, I can look at a place and gauge the desperation a store is going through. To other people, it's a time of sadness or pity when they see a small store going out of business, but not to me. When I see clearance sales, the red banners and the look of gloom on the employees' faces, I smell opportunity.

The place was called "Handy Women", and against all marketing logic, it was a hardware store aimed at women. I've never done a hard day's labor in my life, (except murdering my parents) but even I knew that there wasn't a big demand for pink hammers. I laughed openly as I walked the empty aisles. This small little store was a monument of how stupid the owners were, the marked down prices a funeral dirge for the inevitable death of this failed place of business.

I spotted the owner easily. She was standing behind the counter, frowning as she tried to balance an accounting book. My smile increased as I appreciated how sexy she was. In her early thirties, she had long brown hair that was extremely curly, reminding me of the eighties in which she had grown up. Her face was angular with high cheekbones. Blue eyes were focused on the book intently, smoldering with a slow anger at how much of a failure the business was. A plaid shirt and blue jeans covered her body but it couldn't hide how busty she was. As I approached her, I placed her chest at an easy 40D. That was the last detail I needed. I decided to help her out.

"It's a shame you're going out of business," I lied. "It looked like such a novel idea."

"Wasn't novel enough, I guess," she answered. Her helpful nametag designated her as Belinda, co-manager. That was okay. If she was married, it still wouldn't manner.

"I'll get right to the point, my name is Arthur Thomas," I said, passing her my business card. She read the card, and her blue eyes widened as she read what company I owned.

"You own the whole company?" Belinda stammered.

"That's correct," I said, pausing to let my wealth wash over her. "I know how hard it is to watch your business suffer, and I think it's a shame when an owner has to go into debt for trying to live the American Dream. That's why I keep an eye out for entrepreneurs like you. I'm willing to pay off your debts, and give you a little extra to get back on your feet. How much do you owe?

"Oh my God! Seriously?" she asked. I pointed to my limousine parked outside, and she practically squealed. Women are funny about limousines. It's better than wearing my bank statement for picking up women.

"Well, right now I owe the bank 22,000 dollars," Belinda explained.

"Say no more. I'll give you thirty thousand to cover your losses," I explained. I then took my wallet out from inside my jacket pocket and counted out the money right there on her counter. I only carry thousand dollar bills, so it took a little while. The entire time, Belinda kept grinning and jumping up and down. I felt like I was a host on a gameshow.

"What are you screaming about, Belinda?" I heard a voice yell from the back. In walked a younger version of Belinda, by about five years. Like Belinda, this new girl had the same lousy plaid shirt but she also had those magnificent large tits. In every way she was younger. Her hair was shorter and straighter, a look more appropriate for this decade. Her face was also free of the crow's feet and laugh lines around her full lips.

"Michelle! Mr. Thomas here is paying off our bank loan!" Belinda exclaimed. "Mr. Thomas, this is my sister, Michelle. She's part owner."

Sisters? This changes everything!

"I see, well, I'll increase my payment to fifty thousand then," I said, counting the rest of the money out on the counter.

Michelle's eyes got just as wide as her sister's did. "Fifty thousand dollars? Do you want to buy us out?"

I suppressed a laugh. "No, you're free to keep everything. You can keep the tools or sell them eventually, I don't care. There's no paperwork involved here."

"Mr. Thomas here likes to help out failed businesses," Belinda explained. "He said this way we could get a second start. Think about it Michelle! Now we don't have to spend our next twenty years in debt!"

"Yes!" Michelle squealed, hurting my ears. The sisters definitely shared the same vocal chords. "I can't believe he's just giving us this money!"

"Oh, I ain't giving it away," I said as I finished counting the money. It was ten stacks of five bills each. It looked quite impressive on her empty counter. "I'm willing to pay you this money in exchange for sex."

Both of their mouths dropped, but they didn't say anything. They were lousy businessmen but smart women. They were going to hear me out before calling me a bastard.

"Technically, I only want sex with one of you," I explained. "I want to tie up the other one and make her watch me as I fuck her sister. I think you'll find fifty thousand dollars to be a fair price for what I am asking."

Belinda was the first to recover. "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"I'm Arthur Thomas, and I have the power to save this sinkhole of debt," I answered.

"Fuck you!" Belinda snarled. "We don't need your fucking money that bad!"

"Wait a minute Belinda," Michelle interrupted her. "It's fifty thousand dollars! I could go back to college and you could start another business."

"You seemed to need it a few minutes ago when you thought I was just giving it away," I said. "Now that I ask you to work for it, you have objections. What's the matter? Free money is fine but earning it is against your principles?"

"Come on, Belinda," Michelle pleaded. "This way we won't have to ask Mom and Dad for anything. And he only wants one of us. Isn't it worth it just so that we don't have to answer the bank's phone calls any more?"

I sat there quietly as Michelle pleaded. She was a good sales woman. By the time she was done convincing her sister, I was almost convinced that I was paying too much for such a little thing. It only took Michelle ten minutes to convince her sister to prostitute themselves.

"Fine," Belinda said under clenched teeth. "Let's get it over with."

"Good, lock the door and put out the 'closed' sign," I ordered. "Let's go into the back for you to complete your transaction." On my way to the back room, I piled the money into a convient stack that I took with me. I also picked up a few items from the shelves. I never realized how useful it was to own a hardware store when you were a pervert.

The back was relatively clean, which goes to show how little business they had done. I picked out a wooden chair that would be perfect our exchange. The two sisters were whispering something, stealing glances at the money I had set on a shelf.

"All right, decide now," I instructed. "Choose which one has to strip and be tied up, and which one does anything I ask."

"We pick?" Belinda asked. When I nodded, Michelle grabbed her sister's ear and started babbling. Whatever Michelle was begging for, Belinda refused out right. I sat on the chair and started securing the rope. I couldn't hear them, but I could tell both of them were getting angry. It amused me. Would the two sisters be able to come to an agreement to get out of debt? Who was willing to do what? Was it the older sister who was afraid to put out, or was the younger one afraid to be tied up? I live for moments like these; watching two women come to terms with what they were willing to do for wealth.

"Fine," Belinda snarled, apparently losing the argument. "I'll fuck you," she said to me.

"Excellent, go ahead and strip Michelle, I'm almost done with the chair," I ordered.

Michelle pulled off her shirt nervously, revealing those large breasts of hers barely held by her white bra. I watched the way her breasts swayed while she bent over to remove her jeans. Lord, they were huge! Matching white panties covered her bush, but they couldn't cover the delicious curves of her ass. Michelle stood up, and tried to cover her chest with her arms.

"All of it," I snapped. "Either you get completely nude right now, or the deal's off."

"But it's cold!" Michelle whined.

"Take it off!" Belinda snapped. "If I have to fuck him, the least you can do is hold your end of the deal!"

The beautiful younger sister debated it for a second. When I rose, she snapped to a decision and took her bra off. Out popped her wonderful 40D's, soft and lucious and waiting to be eaten. She stepped out of her panties to reveal a perfectly bald pussy. Belinda's eyes bugged out as she observed her sister's sex.

"Who did that?" she asked.

"I did," Michelle explained. "It feels sexier this way," she said shyly.

"Come on, you two can exchange grooming tips later," I interrupted. "Get in the chair."

The chair was made of wood and lacked armrests but it had a high back with several spokes that came in handy. I pushed Michelle down onto the cold chair, pressing her there on the shoulders when she jumped. First I secured her ankles with the rope, and then pulled them back so that they touched the back legs of the chair. A roll of wallpaper worked great, wedged between her back and the back of the chair so that her pelvis was pushed forward and her shoulders were resting on the backboard of the chair. At this odd angle, I looped a cord of rope around her neck and tied it to the chair. Her arms I pulled back so that her elbows touched behind the chair. She whimpered slightly at how uncomfortable it was, but I ignored her. Once her elbows were tied together, I tied them tightly to the chair. I stepped back to admire my work. Her ass was barely on the chair while her sex dangled over the edge. At the angle she was, her breasts were sticking straight out and sagging under their weight to the sides of her torso.

"Now for the extras," I said, reaching down and scooping up her panties. I couldn't believe it, but they were actually wet. I stuffed them into Michelle's mouth, and then used duct tape to secure it over her lips. Next I took two thin stakes, the kind you use to mark the ground, and tied rubber bands to them so that they were joined at the ends. A few strokes on Michelle's nipple were enough to get it erect enough to slip the stakes over them. She cried out as the rubber bands tightened over her breasts, pinching the nipple into a lovely, angry red.

"Quit it! You're hurting her," Belinda argued.

"If you want to, I can stop now, take my money, and go home," I said as I fitted the second pair of stakes over her other nipple. Belinda said nothing, though Michelle tried once more to scream through her gag. As a final touch, I looped some string through her nipple stakes down between her thighs and tied them just above her knees. Michelle became very still, for any movement of her legs or chest would cause the stakes to pull even harder on her nipples.

"There, now I have enough eye candy if you're a lousy fuck," I said to Belinda. Her eyes glared hatred at me, but she kept her mouth shut. She needed my money too much, and she knew I knew it. "Take your clothes off now."

Belinda was so pissed off; she made taking off her shirt an act of defiance. She tossed her bra off just as irritably, freeing her gorgeous rack as well. Her chest was sagging a lot, but it's to be expected at her age and size. I don't know how Michelle kept hers perky at that size, but it looked like Belinda lost that battle to age a long time ago. I didn't mind. They were still huge and lovely.

"That's enough," I said, stopping her from pulling down her pants. "Kneel," I said as I removed my pants.

Those beautiful eyes glared at my command, and I could tell she wanted to tell me where I could go with my request. Instead, she dropped to one knee, and then the other. This was a woman who knew her place in transaction.

I stepped over to her face, my cock fully erect and waiting. Without me having to say a word, she took my cock in one hand and guided it to her mouth. I moaned as her lips encircled me. I reached down and tangled my hands in her curly dark hair while my cock pushed past her lips. I looked over to Michelle, and enjoyed the sight of her eyes, wide with shock as she watched her sister suck me down.

Belinda's head moved very fast, her tongue swiping my cock with every thrust of my hips. She was trying to get me off quick, her grip pumping my cock into her mouth. She was moving so fast, her tits were bouncing into my thighs. I didn't resent the fact that she was trying to do this as fast as possible. She was just a businesswoman, trying to suck a quick buck.

My grip tightened in her hair, and in this way I forced her to slow down. It was impossible to suck me fast when I had an iron grip on her hair. Eventually, and painfully, she learned to slow down as I increased the tension of her hair. It was when tears began to flow from her eyes that she realized I wasn't going to be rushed. Besides, I enjoyed making her go slower because then I could relish the sight of my cock disappearing in those full lips of hers.

"Enough sucking, fuck me with those wonderful family tits of yours," I ordered.

"Asshole," she muttered.

"I heard that," I smiled. I pulled harder on her hair, just for the fun of it. It was very soft and silky. I tried to remember to find out her shampoo so I could make my chauffeur use it.

Belinda scooted closer to me, holding her tits with both hands. I placed my wet cock right into her valley, and she wrapped them tight around me. Well, as tight as enormous, soft breasts can be around a cock. I grabbed her shoulders for better support as I pumped against her. She clenched her eyes shut, trying to ignore what was happening. It must have been a humiliating experience for her, having to kneel while I fucked her breasts in front of her sister. As for me, it was quite arousing.

But not quite arousing enough. Belinda was just clutching her breasts together; not even licking my cock as it poked through her cleavage. I decided to try something different. I ordered her to remove her pants. She wasn't in as good as shape as her sister, but Belinda's ass was remarkable none the less. Her bush was natural and hairy, a brown patch of warmth that I couldn't wait to snuggle my cock in. I pushed her down to all fours, and knelt behind her. Pushing into her pussy, I found it was completely dry. Not a problem to me, I started fucking her hard, trying my best to make those lovely tits bounce as much as I could.

I pounded her like this for a few minutes, but again, it wasn't enough. The bitch wasn't moving at all. It was like fucking a doll, or a really drunken college co-ed. I started to see that participation was going to be a problem here.

"Crawl over to between Michelle's legs," I ordered, still fucking her the entire time.

To my surprise, she did it. The older sister crawled on her hands and knees while I fucked her, moving to just inside her sister's legs. Close enough.

"All right, now start eating her out," I commanded.

Michelle started to struggle immediately, but then seized up as her nipple stakes tugged her tits hard. Belinda just looked over her shoulder at me with a sneer.

"No fucking way, asshole," Belinda said.

"I think so, bitch," I snapped back. "The deal was that I could do anything I wanted with you, and what I want is for you to fuck your sister. You start licking her cunt now, or the deal is off."

Michelle was screaming under her gag, her head shaking back and forth. Belinda's defiance slipped a notch on her face, but still she refused.

"You can't ask me to eat my sister," Belinda pleaded.

I shrugged. "She was fine with you being fucked. She had no problem with me making you suck my cock. It looks to me like she picked the easy job, just having to watch. You need to ask yourself, are you willing to throw the money away now? Are you willing to have gone through all of this to stop now? If so, then her discomfort and your blowjob was all for nothing. I've figured you're the responsible one in this family, do what you need to do to keep you and your sister out of debt. Do what you need to do to earn that fifty thousand. You have to the count of five to decide."

I pulled my hips back, and then fucked my cock hard into her pussy.


I pulled back again and then tapped that ass again with my hips. It was cool to watch the shockwaves on her ass.


Michelle was still shaking her head, trying to plead with her sister through her gag as I fucked that hot pussy again.


With both hands on her hips, I brought her pussy back down again on my cock, viciously as I tried to convince her to make a decision.

"Four!" I yelled, and Belinda moved her head forward and started licking Michelle. Michelle struggled again in her bounds, but the only thing moving was the stakes around her nipples. Belinda's head moved up and down slowly, her tongue barely grazing Michelle's pussy.

"Get good in there, bitch!" I advised, pushing her with my cock in her pussy. I reached over and shoved her head down. Michelle's jumping told me Belinda's mouth was right where it need to be. I continued to hold her down, making sure Belinda's mouth as buried in her sister's crotch. My cock twitched inside of Belinda's pussy, aroused by the sight before me.

"Eat her out good, Belinda, I want to hear that tongue moving!" I said, and in response, Belinda started making smacking noises.

Michelle was hilarious. Her eyes would look in horror at her sister between her legs, and then flick up to me, perhaps expecting some sort of mercy. She didn't look like she felt betrayed; it was more like she was just in plain shock. Her nipples were crimson, squeezed out and tight by the stakes. I kept my eyes on her breasts, watching them move as I fucked Belinda for every dollar they owed me. With every thrust I gave Belinda, her head would go deeper into Michelle and Michelle's poor breasts would bounce from the impact.

"Having fun?" I asked Michelle, and she just moaned and clenched her eyes.

Belinda's pussy was just now starting to get moist, from the incest or the constant pounding, I didn't know. What ever the reason was, my cock was finally becoming slippery and her pussy was feeling good. The sounds of my hips hitting her ass mingled with the wet suction noises of my cock in her pussy. Add to that the sound of Belinda's forced eating and Michelle's squeals of terror, it was a pretty hot soundtrack.

Sluts who work hard for their money turn me on so much, it was inevitable that I would start to climax soon. Between the bondage, the verbal abuse and those hefty tits, I was ready to explode now. I pulled out, and held Belinda's head down when she tried to get up. I kept her licking her sister's pussy while I stood over her. With one hand, I grabbed one last handful of Michelle's tit, while I pumped my cock with my other hand. As my fingers sunk into that soft tit, my cock erupted, spilling its load down onto Michelle's pussy, and Belinda's mouth.

"Lick it all up or we'll have to start over again!" I commanded, and like a true whore, Belinda did as I asked. Every stream of cum I shot off; she licked faithfully from her sister's twat. I relished the sight of my white cum mixing with Michelle's pussy and Belinda's tongue lapping it all up. Was that a wet pussy I saw under Belinda's tongue?

"Very nice ladies," I said as I stepped away. "I'll leave the money on the shelf and go now. You two were great."

Belinda had to spit the rest of my cum out before she could yell at me. "Go to Hell asshole."

I smiled. "I'll tell you what, Belinda. You're such a good whore; I'm going to leave you a card that has my cellphone number. When you want to start another business and need some more money, give me a call."

I wasn't surprised when she did.

The end.

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