Dani's New Dad

by Arthur Saxon
[email protected]

Daniella Lumsden fidgeted nervously as she heard the sound of her mother’s car in the driveway. She was furious that Mum had done this to her … but also curious. What would he be like? What kind of man was so fantastic that he had convinced her mother to marry him after a courtship of only five days?

It was supposed to have been a girls-only holiday – a week in Las Vegas for Mum and her friends Cathy and Lindy. But apparently, according to Mum’s breathless phone calls, on the second day this ‘Ted’ had swept her off her feet, and the next thing Daniella knew, she was listening in a state of increasing shock to her mother shrieking down the phone that she had got married in one of those cheap wedding chapels.

And now the two of them were home. Dani got up off her bed and took a look at herself in the mirror. She had put a lot of thought into her outfit for the occasion. She wanted to look pretty, but not too sexy, so she had put on a blue, ankle-length, low-riding skirt, and a deep pink t-shirt. A pair of sandals and a dash of make-up finished off the ensemble nicely.

The front door opened. “Hi darling!” said her mother, coming in with a suitcase and a large roll bag. She put them down and hugged her daughter. Like Dani, Tessa Lumsden was short, blonde and buxom, with a round face that had kept its youthful features well. She kissed Dani on the cheek, then stepped aside to make room for her new husband.

Dani was surprised at how old the man was – he had to be at least ten years her mother’s senior – maybe fifteen. His hair was grey, his build was … well, the kind word would be ‘portly’ … and his eyes looked small and piggy. She was rather disgusted to note that his first look at her was directed at her chest. “Wow!” he said, licking his lips. “Like mother, like daughter, eh?”

“This is Dani,” said Tessa unnecessarily. “Dani, this is Ted.”

“Hi,” said Dani, wondering when the man would take his eyes off her chest.

“Hi Dani!” said Ted, coming over and enfolding her in a hug that took her breath away. At five foot ten, Ted was not a tall man, but he still had eight inches on Dani, and his bulk made him seem huge next to her. She gasped as she felt his hand on her buttock. There was something else, too – a lump pressing into her abdomen. With a shudder, she realised he had an erection. She was so going to tell Mum about this! She could not believe he was actually feeling up her bottom! Now he was squeezing and caressing it, his hand even pressing between her buttocks, his index and middle finger curling up to…

She struggled out of his grasp. “Nice to meet you,” she said. “Mum, can I have a word please?” She took her mother by the hand, and pulled her into the kitchen. “Mum, Ted just felt up my bottom! While he was hugging me!”

“Oh darling, don’t be like that,” said Tessa, looking hurt. “I’m sure you’re feeling a lot of resentment, and I realise I’ve sprung this on you rather suddenly, but can’t you be happy for me?”

“Mum, I’m happy for you, but I’m not making this up! He really did feel my bottom!”

“An affectionate pat on the buttock is nothing to get upset over,” said Tessa soothingly. “I’m sure he meant nothing by it.”

“It was more than just a pat! And he had an erection!”

“Darling, don’t be silly…”

“I felt it!”

“I’m sure you just imagined it,” said Tessa. “If he was into teenagers, why would he have married me?”

“I don’t know – to get at me, maybe?”

Tessa shook her head. “Ted was all over me before I even mentioned that I had a daughter,” she said. “Now be a good girl and keep him entertained while I make some dinner.”

“But Mum! He’s a pervert!”

“That’s enough!” said Tessa sternly. “I’ve married the man, so you’ll just have to get used to him.”

Dani sighed. “I’ll try,” she said. “But he’d better not do anything like that again. What do you see in him anyway?”

A far-away look came into Tessa eyes, and she smiled. “He makes me laugh,” she said. “And he absolutely spoils me. And he has the most gorgeous singing voice – you wouldn’t believe it. He serenaded me into submission.” She laughed. “Go on now – show Ted up to my bedroom and find him some space for his things.”

Dani pursed her lips, but nodded. “All right,” she said. She went back into the hall. “Come on,” she said to him, and she led him upstairs. “This is Mum’s room – I suppose it’ll be yours now, too. This was Dad’s chest of drawers – looks like Mum’s put all kinds of crap in here, but you can just clear that out.”

“I’m sure I’ll find room for everything I’ve brought,” said Ted. “Thank you.” Then he fished in his pocket. “Oh – a little present for you.” He handed her a folded-up note.

Dani opened it up. “Fifty pounds!” she said. “Thank you!”

Ted grinned. “Don’t mention it. I want you to know that I’m going to do my best to be a good Dad for you. I’m not just here to be a good husband for your mother – it’s important to me that you and I develop a good relationship too.”

Dani smiled, and waved the fifty pound note. “This helps,” she said. “Well I suppose I should say congratulations, and welcome to the family, and whatnot.”

“Thank you,” said Ted.

After dinner they sat down to watch television. Ted patted his ample lap and said, “Dani, why don’t you come and sit on my knee?”

Dani stared at him. Then she looked to her mother for support. But Tessa merely jerked her head meaningfully towards Ted’s lap. “You’re not serious!” said Dani.

“Come on, darling,” said Tessa. “Be a good girl. Ted’s your new Dad now, and I think you should make an effort to treat him as such.”

“But I stopped sitting on Dad’s knee when I was ten!”

“But Ted missed out on all those years, darling. Come on now – don’t be difficult.”

There was such a pleading tone in Tessa’s voice that Dani could not help relenting. She knew how lonely her mother had been before the trip to America, and how desperate she probably was for this hasty marriage to work. “All right,” she said resignedly, and she went over to the couch, and sat down on Ted’s lap. He pulled her back against his ample belly, and put his arms around her waist.

“There,” he said. “Isn’t this nice?”

Dani was acutely aware of the thinness of her skirt, and his trousers, and the hardness of the lump at his crotch. “Mm-hmm,” she said without enthusiasm. The lump settled between her buttocks – she felt it twitch and grow.

They watched television like this for a couple of hours, after which Dani announced her intention to go to bed. This was an early night for her, but she was tired of feeling Ted’s erection pressing against her anus through a few thin layers of clothing.

“Oh,” said Ted. “Before you go to bed, I have a present for you.”

“Another one?” asked Dani, climbing off Ted’s lap. She hoped her mother would see the bulge in Ted’s trousers.

“Just a little something I made in Las Vegas,” said Ted.

“Ted’s a tailor,” explained Tessa. “Professional. He has his own shop in Bristol.”

“Oh!” said Dani, interested despite herself.

Ted got up, went upstairs, and brought back a little bag, which he handed to Dani. She opened it, and took out a very small denim miniskirt.

“Wow!” said Dani. “This is very … short.”

“In keeping with the theme of my shop,” said Ted, grinning. “It’s called ‘Impossibly Short Skirts’. Big hit with the clubbing crowd.”

“I’m sure,” said Dani, regarding it dubiously. She was no stranger to miniskirts, but this one looked skimpier than any she would dare to wear.

“Try it on, dear,” said Tessa.

Dani caught the hungry gleam in Ted’s eye, and shuddered. “Perhaps tomorrow,” she said. “I’m pretty tired.”

“Don’t be so ungrateful!” snapped Tessa, but Ted put a hand on her arm.

“It’s all right,” he said. “Dani doesn’t have to try it on right now. Why don’t we let her go to bed, and then you and I can … do grown-up stuff.” He winked at her.

Tessa giggled and blushed. “Okay,” she said.

Dani shuddered anew. “I’m going to bed then,” she said. And she did.


When Dani returned home from school the following afternoon, she met Ted coming down the stairs in just a string vest and a pair of boxer shorts. The shorts were unbuttoned – Dani was revolted to see pink skin and grey hair through the gap.

“Hi Dani!” said Ted. “Your mother and I are just about to watch a film – care to join us?”

“Um, no, I have homework to do,” said Dani.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” said her mother, appearing at the top of the stairs in a very short dress. Dani averted her eyes quickly as she caught a glimpse of her mother’s panties. “It’s Friday – you could do your homework at any time this weekend. Come on, don’t be unsociable. We’re watching The Wedding Singer…”

This was one of Dani’s favourite films, as Tessa well knew. Dani nodded grudgingly. “Okay, I suppose so.”

“Why don’t you try on that skirt first?” suggested Ted.

“Oh yes, good idea!” said Tessa. “Go on upstairs and put it on, darling.”

Dani rolled her eyes and said nothing as she went up to her room and closed the door behind her. She took off her school skirt and tried on the one Ted had made for her. It was ridiculously short – when she reached back with her hands, she could feel her buttocks peeping just below the hemline. No matter how hard she tugged it down, she could not fully cover her bottom.

She left her bedroom, and crept downstairs to the door of the living room. Catching her mother’s eye, she beckoned to her. Tessa got up and trotted out into the hall.

“Mum, it’s too short!” whispered Dani. “Look!”

“Oh dear!” said Tessa, as Dani turned her back. “I see what you mean. Oh, but you mustn’t offend Ted by complaining about it. Go in there and thank him for being so kind. Perhaps when he sees how short it is, he’ll offer to lengthen it a bit.”

“Oh but Mum!”

“Go on!”

Reluctantly Dani entered the living room and stood in front of Ted. “Thanks very much Ted,” she intoned. “It’s really nice.”

“It suits you!” said Ted, pleased. “Now come and sit on my knee, there’s a good girl, and we’ll watch this film together.”

Dani turned to her mother, but Tessa merely nodded firmly and gestured towards Ted’s lap. With a sigh, Dani turned and lowered herself on to her stepfather’s lap. As she did so, the tiny skirt rode up over her buttocks, so that there was absolutely no denim between her bottom and Ted’s inadequately covered penis. Once again, she felt his erection pressing between her buttocks – only this time it was just the thin material of her panties and his boxer shorts shielding her from contact with his excited flesh. Over the next few minutes, as it hardened and grew, Ted’s penis pushed forward beneath her gusset until it was pressing into the groove between her labia. It felt so warm against her pussy that she wondered if perhaps it had emerged out of the gap that she had seen in the front of his boxer shorts. She fervently hoped not.

But Ted’s erection was not the only part of him that she was worried about. His arms, encircling her waist, seemed over the course of the film to be creeping upwards. By the time Adam Sandler was enlisting Billy Idol’s help in his quest to win back Drew Barrymore, Ted’s right wrist was pressing up against her left breast. But it encroached no farther than this, and as the film ended, Dani in great relief jumped up from Ted’s lap. She did not dare turn around and look at his crotch, fearing what she might see, so instead she turned to her mother. “Shall I heat up the leftovers?” she asked.

“That sounds like a good idea,” said Tessa. “Thank you darling.”

Later on that evening, Ted, who apparently wanted to work his way through Tessa’s entire DVD collection, suggested they should all watch Pearl Harbor. Dani was not at all keen on this idea, mostly because she was sure it would mean more lap time, but partly because she thought the film was crap. However, her mother insisted, and once again Dani found herself sitting on Ted’s lap, with what she was convinced was his naked erection pressing against her pussy through her panties.

When she got up, this time she plucked up the courage to turn around. She did so just in time to see him tucking his erection back into his boxer shorts. “Oops,” he said apologetically. “I seem to have popped out.”

Dani cornered her mother later upstairs while Ted was in the bathroom. “Mum, you saw it, didn’t you? He had an erection while I was sitting on his lap! And it was out of his boxer shorts!”

“Dani, I’m sure there’s nothing sinister about it. Men get erections – sometimes it’s just a physiological response. You shouldn’t get so worked up over it.”

“But Ted’s little ‘physiological response’ was poking between my legs!”

“Just try to ignore it, darling. And try to be a little nicer to him – you were a bit rude tonight.”

“Well – I don’t like him!”

“Try harder!” said Tessa firmly. “This is the man I’ve married. In a couple of years you’ll be old enough to move out, if you really can’t stand to be around him … but until then, just please make an effort. And just so you know, I’ve put this house on the market.”

Dani’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“We’re going to be moving down to Bristol to live with Ted. His house is bigger than ours, and nicer. He says he can support us both until I find work there – and I don’t mind telling you it will be nice to get out of my current job.”

“But all my friends are here! My boyfriend’s here!”

“You’ll make new friends, darling. And you can still keep in touch with your current friends, and see them from time to time. Same with Cameron. It’s not like we’re moving to America or something. It’s just Bristol.”

Dani was speechless.


The following morning, Dani put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. If there was to be any lap-sitting today, she wanted adequate protection.

When she got downstairs, however, a smiling Ted held out to her another tiny garment. “Here,” he said. “I shortened it for you. I did some others yesterday, too, while you were at school – your mother said it would be okay. Go on – try it on.”

Dani paled. She recognised the material – it was one of her favourite skirts. Now it was butchered beyond recognition. And he had shortened others too? “I’ll be right back,” she said brusquely, taking the skirt from him.

Upstairs, she found her mother. “Mum!” she said. “Why did you tell Ted it was okay to shorten my skirts?”

Tessa looked awkward. She herself was wearing another very short dress, with an alarmingly low-cut neckline, and no bra beneath. “Well darling, he does seem to know what he’s doing – he said you were sure to be pleased with the results…”

“But look at this thing, Mum!” hissed Dani, unfolding the skirt in her hand. “This won’t cover anything!”

“Well it won’t cover much, admittedly,” agreed Tessa, “but you don’t have to wear it outside the house. Just wear it indoors, to keep Ted happy, and when you go out you can put on something more concealing.”

“But I would have gone out in this one!” said Dani. “It was one of my favourites!”

“Hush!” said Tessa nervously. “Please, Dani, just humour him. For me?”

Dani rolled her eyes in disgust and stomped off to her room. Scowling, she took off her jeans and pulled on the tiny skirt. Strangely, it was a lot tighter than she remembered – she only just managed to get it up over her bottom. Zipping it up, she turned around in front of the mirror. It was even worse than she had imagined – it only came two thirds of the way down her buttocks, and her panties were showing beneath the hemline at the front. Also, it was now so tight that her panty-lines were very prominent.

She went downstairs, and found her mother smooching with Ted on the couch. They broke off as she entered. “Well!” said Ted. “I think it looks very good on you! What do you think, Tessa?”

Dani raised an eyebrow as she looked at her mother, who, she noted, did not meet her gaze. “It looks very nice,” said Tessa.

“It’s too short,” said Dani, “and too tight.”

“Hmm,” said Ted. “Turn around.”

Dani did so. “See what I mean?” she said.

“Well it’s supposed to be short,” said Ted. “That’s my speciality, after all. But perhaps you’re right about it being too tight.”

Dani was filled with relief.

“On the other hand,” said Ted, “those panty-lines wouldn’t be a problem if you wore a thong instead of ordinary panties.”

“I don’t have any thongs,” lied Dani. She had two, in fact, but had no desire for Ted to see her in either.

“Oh, that’s a pity,” said Ted. “Well, perhaps you could go ‘commando’, as they say?”

Dani’s jaw dropped. “I don’t think so!” she said. “It’s a little short for that!”

“Oh come on, you’ve got nothing to be shy about – I can tell you’ve got a very nice bottom, and you’re already showing most of it.”

“It’s not my bottom I’m worried about…” began Dani.

“Go on, Dani,” said Tessa, “there’s no need to be shy in front of Ted. He’s your new Dad. In fact, we’d like you to call him Dad from now on.”

“Or Daddy, if you prefer,” said Ted.

“But he’s not my real Dad!”

“No, but he is taking on that role,” said Tessa patiently. “I know you probably resent it, but he’ll be acting as your father from now on, so you really need to get used to the idea.”

“Now be a good girl and take off your panties,” said Ted. “Let’s see how that skirt looks without those awful panty-lines.”

Outnumbered, Dani reluctantly turned around and tugged downwards on the leg-bands of her panties, taking care not to bend over as she pulled them down her thighs. She squeezed her knees together, and they dropped to her calves, whereupon she stepped out of them and kicked them away. Clasping her hands together in front of her pussy, she turned back to face Ted and her mother. “Happy now?”

“Put your hands by your sides,” said Ted. “I can’t see the full effect of the skirt otherwise.”

“But Mum!” Dani pleaded, “he’ll be able to see … everything!”

“Do as your father says, Dani,” said Tessa, after a moment’s hesitation.

Dani felt extremely uncomfortable as she let her hands fall to her sides. She saw Ted’s eyes light up, and a broad grin come to his lips. But then suddenly he frowned. “Dani, if you’re going to be wearing skirts this short a lot … and I anticipate that you will … I think you should shave yourself down there. All that hair just looks untidy. What do you think, Tessa?”

“I agree,” said Tessa, looking at the floor. “Go and shave, darling.”

“Do you shave?” Dani demanded.

“I do now,” said Tessa, her cheeks turning a little pink, “and I think it looks a lot nicer that way.”

Dani shrugged her shoulders helplessly. “Fine!” she said, and she stomped out of the room.

It took her a while, due to her inexperience in shaving her intimate parts, and when she finally came back downstairs, flashing a newly bald pussy beneath the hem of her incredibly tight, unbelievably short skirt, Ted and her mother were having breakfast.

“Much better,” Ted approved.

After breakfast, Dani shut herself in her room to do some homework. Then she called her boyfriend, Cameron. For two minutes she ranted about Ted, and Cameron could hardly get a word in edgeways.

“And ugh, you wouldn’t believe what he’s got me wearing,” she said. “It’s totally ridiculous – a miniskirt so short that doesn’t even cover my nether regions.”

”Woah! Sounds … I don’t know … pretty sexy!”

“But I don’t want to look sexy for him! He’s like fifty! And he keeps asking me to sit on his lap!”

“Hmm, sounds like a real pervert. Does your Mum know he asks you to sit on his lap?”

“She makes me do it! And he always has an erection!”

“Jesus! Sounds like you need to get out of there. Are we still on for tonight?”

“Absolutely. I don’t think I can stand another night in front of the television with his willy poking into me.”

“Poking into you??”

“Well not literally. But I can feel it pressing against me – it’s horrible.”

“Yikes! Okay, well I’ll pick you up at six then, right?”

“Sounds good – I’ll see you then,” said Dani. She put the phone down. Then she frowned, hearing noises from next door. When she realised what they were, she shuddered and hurriedly put her headphones on. Lying on her bed, she listened to her music for a while, until she judged it was safe to remove them.

Getting up, she left her room to go to the bathroom, and almost bumped into Ted. “Excuse me,” he said, passing by her to go downstairs. Dani’s jaw dropped – the man was naked from the waist down!

And so he remained, even during lunch. Afterwards, he said, “Who’s up for another film?”

“All right,” said Tessa.

“Why don’t we give Dani the choice?” asked Ted.

Dani shifted uneasily in her chair, and tried to think of something short. “Bruce Almighty?”

“I haven’t seen that,” said Ted. “Good! Let’s go and watch it.”

Dani tried to get her mother on her own, but Tessa followed Ted into the living room, sitting down next to him on the sofa. Dani, her stomach knotting, put in the DVD of Bruce Almighty and then headed for an armchair. But Ted was having none of that.

“Come on Dani,” he said, patting his lap. “Sit on my knee.”

Dani looked unhappily at her mother, but Tessa merely nodded. So Dani, suppressing a whimper of discomfort, went over to Ted, turned around, and sat down. Her tight skirt rode up around her hips, and her naked pussy landed squarely on Ted’s hardening penis. It alternately hardened and softened beneath her over the next half-hour, making it difficult for her to enjoy the movie. Then Ted grabbed the remote and paused the film.

“Sorry,” he said to Tessa, “but whenever Dani moves, her nether regions pull on the skin of my own nethers. You couldn’t possibly go and grab some baby oil could you? I think it will be more comfortable for both of us if we’re not sticking to each other.”

Tessa stared at him for a moment, then nodded. “Of course,” she said, getting up.

Dani was astounded. The nerve of the man! He was getting closer and closer to actually having sex with her – and Mum was letting it happen! What was she thinking? How far would she let him go before some kind of maternal instinct, or even a marital instinct, kicked in?

Tessa returned with a bottle of baby oil and handed it to Ted. “Here you go,” she said, then she sat back down.

“Up,” said Ted, grasping her by the hips and lifting slightly.

Dani got to her feet, then she gasped as she felt a slippery hand slide between her legs, cupping her pussy. Back and forth slid Ted’s fingers, running over, around and between her labia, back over her vaginal opening to her anus, lubricating all her most private places. His hand roamed all over her lower buttocks, covering them with baby oil, and then slipped back between them and forward over her pussy again. With one slippery finger he rubbed all around her clitoris, and then he withdrew his hand.

Dani looked down at her mother, hoping to see a shocked or outraged expression on her face. But Tessa was staring forwards, looking apparently unconcerned. Then, having oiled himself up, Ted pulled on Dani’s hips, and she lowered herself back down on to his lap. The tip of his erect penis hit her just between her vagina and anus, but he guided it forward until it was pressing between her pussy lips. She settled down, grimacing as she felt his erection parting her slippery labia and becoming sandwiched between them.

Ted hit the play button, and as the film progressed, Dani was revolted to feel his penis sliding back and forth between her labia. The movement was slow and subtle, however, and she didn’t think her mother would believe her if she complained about it.

The film finished, and Dani got up to help her mother make tea. The oil had dried off or soaked in by now, but Dani could still feel the warmth of Ted’s penis against her pussy. “Can’t you make him put some trousers on?” she whispered to her mother.

“I can ask,” said Tessa, “but I’m not going to make him. I want him to feel comfortable and at home here.”

“Then can I please go and put some jeans on?” Dani pleaded. “Or at the very least a pair of panties? He wants to watch another film – goodness knows where his erection’s going to end up this time.”

“No darling, I won’t have you offending him like that. Just try to put up with it until Cameron comes to collect you – then you can wear whatever you like.”

Dani sighed. “All right,” she said.

“I’ll finish up here,” said Tessa. “You go and put in another DVD.”

Dani returned to the living room and pulled out another film – this time it was Pirates of the Caribbean. As she approached Ted, he picked up the baby oil.

“I don’t know about you,” he said, “but I seem to have dried off. We’d better oil ourselves up again.” He poured some oil into his cupped hand, and reached for Dani’s pussy. She shuddered as he started rubbing it into her shaved pussy, his fingers probing between her labia and back between her buttocks. Having oiled up her entire buttock region, he pulled his hand forward to her pussy again, and started working his fingers on and around her clitoris.

Despite herself, Dani found that this was not entirely an unpleasant experience. Ted’s touch was gentle, yet assured, and his stroking of her clitoris was sending little tingles through her entire pelvic region. After two minutes of this she was getting rather excited and beginning to breathe heavily, and she found that she did not really want him to stop.

But then her mother came back in with the tea. Ted rubbed a little more oil into her pussy, then he withdrew his hand and started oiling up his erection. When Dani sat down on his lap, his penis resumed its prior position between her labia. During the film he thrust slowly back and forth as before, which still disgusted Dani, but she was so horny that this time she actually pressed her clitoris down against his penis, to get some relief. An orgasm failed to result, however, to her frustration, so she began to subtly masturbate, hoping her mother would not notice. There was little chance that Ted would not notice, but she hoped he would keep quiet about it. She climaxed in silence, by clenching her teeth and holding her breath, but she knew that her shudders were probably giving her away, at least to Ted.

Half an hour before the end of the film, Ted muttered something about drying out and needing more oil, and the next thing Dani knew, he was reaching between her legs and rubbing more baby oil into her pussy. Once again his fingers started working wonders with her clitoris, and she leaned back against him, parting her legs slightly to allow him easier access.

As the credits rolled, Ted was still massaging Dani’s pussy with slick and slippery fingers. Then the doorbell rang. “Oh my goodness!” said Dani, jumping up. “That’ll be Cameron. He’s early! Mum, could you please let him in? I can’t let him see me like this! And Ted … Dad … put some trousers on!”

Ted followed Dani upstairs while Tessa answered the door. She let Cameron in and sat him down in the living room. Upstairs, Dani had just succeeded in taking off her tight skirt when there was a knock on the door, and Ted walked in. Dani covered her pussy with her hands.

“I thought maybe you might like to wear one of your newly-shortened skirts for Cameron,” said Ted. He went to her wardrobe and opened it. “This one, perhaps?”

“That depends,” said Dani, a little stiffly. “How tight is it? Can I wear panties with it?”

“You can,” said Ted. “It’s not that tight.”

“All right then,” said Dani, taking the skirt. She pulled on a pair of white panties, and then the skirt. It left a couple of inches of her buttocks uncovered, but at least it covered the front of her panties. Almost.

“Bye,” she said, and she hurried out of the room. Downstairs, she walked into the living room, where Cameron’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Woah!” he said.

“All right all right,” said Dani. “Let’s just go, shall we? Bye Mum.”

She and Cameron left the house, and he drove her to the nearest Pizza Hut. She attracted a lot of stares, but tried to ignore them. After the meal, Cameron suggested going to the cinema, but Dani had seen enough movies for one day. So they went to the mall instead, although Dani did not enjoy this nearly as much as usual – too many people were making comments they possibly thought she could not hear.

In the car later, Cameron leaned over and kissed her. She responded, and after a moment’s snogging, she felt his hand between her legs. Ordinarily she would have stopped him at this point, but now she decided she quite liked being fingered. So she let him stroke her pussy through her panties, and did not object when he pulled her panties to one side and started rubbing her clitoris. It was dark outside, and they were in the middle of the car park, with no other cars nearby, so she was not too worried about being discovered.

But Cameron’s touch was clumsy and rough, and she pushed him away. “That’s enough,” she said, after he had tried pinching her clitoral hood. “You should probably take me home.”

“Don’t you think,” said Cameron awkwardly, “it might be time…?”

“Time for what?” she asked, and then she realised. “Oh.” She sighed. “Look Cameron, you know I’m moving to Bristol very soon, right? Can we really keep this going if we’re so far apart?”

“Don’t you want to?” asked Cameron.

“Yes, I do,” she replied. “But I want your honest opinion: do you think it will work?”

“It will if we make it work,” said Cameron sincerely.

“So you think we’ll be together for a while yet?”

Cameron nodded. “I really do,” he said.

“Then you think we’ll have plenty more opportunities for our first time together?”

Cameron realised where this was going. He sighed, then nodded. “Yes – there will be other opportunities,” he said.

Dani smiled. He really was quite a sweetie. “Do you have a condom with you?” she asked gently.

He looked up hopefully, and nodded. Then he broke into a broad grin as she reclined her seat way back, and took off her panties. He feverishly produced a packet from his pocket, pulled down his jeans and jockey shorts, and rolled a condom down over his erect penis. Climbing across the car to lie on top of her, he fumbled around her vaginal opening for a moment, then managed to sink his shrink-wrapped erection into her cunt. She winced, but the residual baby oil helped, and soon he was buried deep inside her. After a few quick thrusts, he gasped and shuddered, then he collapsed on top of her.

“Oh wow,” he murmured happily.

She stroked his hair. “All right, lover,” she said. “You’d best get me home.”

Back at the house, he followed her to the door, and kissed her long and deeply. Then she bade him goodnight, and went indoors.

“How did it go?” asked her mother. “Did you tell him about our move?”

“I’d already told him on the phone,” she said. “We’re going to try to keep it going after the move.”

Tessa nodded. “I hope you do – he’s a nice boy. Anyway, Ted and I are off to bed. Goodnight, darling.”

“Night Mum,” said Dani.


After breakfast the next morning, Dani went through to the living room while her mother washed the dishes. Ted was sitting there, sans underwear, and his penis immediately began to grow once he saw her. She was wearing another very short, very tight skirt, at her mother’s insistence, and although she had put on a pair of panties as well, Tessa had pointed out the visible panty-line and insisted that she remove them. Dani objected to this, but her mother pleaded with her until she relented. In truth, she was anticipating her imminent fingering with a certain ambivalence.

But this time, Ted patted the sofa next to him. “Why don’t you lie down here, on your back, with your head at that end and your bottom next to me,” he said. “It will be easier for me to apply the baby oil that way.”

Unsure of quite what he had in mind, Dani hesitantly assumed the position he described. Then he had her shuffle forward and raise her hips, so that her bottom rested on his left leg. Then he asked her to draw her knees up to her chest, and then spread them wide. As she did this, her skirt rode up around her hips, rendering it effectively useless as a means of covering her intimate parts. Ted now had a perfect view of her pussy, vaginal opening, and anus, all spread open invitingly on his lap. He poured baby oil liberally on to her pussy, and immediately started rubbing it in with his right hand.

Dani closed her eyes as Ted’s fingers worked their magic. Yes, this was much nicer and gentler and more erotic than Cameron’s crude attempt had been. Ted was taking his time, oiling up her entire pelvic region, avoiding direct contact with her clitoris until she was sufficiently aroused. He circled her anus with his index finger, pushing lightly against the middle of the puckered ring, but not to the extent of penetration. He rubbed oil around the inside of her vaginal opening, but again, not to the extent of actually entering her. She almost wished he would, she was getting so turned on. Then he started working in earnest on her clitoris, and she clutched handfuls of the sofa’s upholstery as she neared her climax.

Tessa entered, wearing a dress that stopped just short of covering her panties completely, and she stopped dead at the sight of Ted fingering her daughter’s pussy. She cleared her throat. “Aren’t you done oiling up Dani’s nether regions yet?”

“Oh, I think that should just about do the trick,” said Ted. He poured some oil on his erection and rubbed it in. “Climb aboard, Dani. Tessa darling, would you put in a DVD? I think it’s your turn to choose.”

Dani got up, then settled herself down slowly on to Ted’s lap. His penis initially hit her right in the middle of her vaginal opening, and she felt herself beginning to dilate to accept his girth, but then he redirected it forward, and so once more she found her well-lubricated labia straddling his shaft. She wished she did not feel disappointed by this.

Having put in Willow, starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, Tessa sat down on the sofa next to Ted, and held his hand while Dani ground her pussy against his penis. Ten minutes into the movie, Ted paused it.

“Dani’s slipping around all over the place,” he said. “I think we may have used too much oil. I need some way of anchoring her, so that she doesn’t keep sliding about. What if she actually sits down on my penis, so that it goes up inside her? That would hold her in place, wouldn’t you think?”

The sheer outrageousness of this suggestion boggled Dani’s mind. She looked to see what her mother’s reaction would be.

Tessa looked uneasy, and she stared determinedly at the floor as she replied, “Whatever you think best, darling.”

“Mum!” said Dani, shocked. However much she wanted to get herself off, she still felt repulsed by Ted, and certainly did not want his penis inside her.

“I think it’s a reasonable suggestion,” said Tessa defensively. “Ted’s right – it’s a little distracting seeing you slide around on his lap. Perhaps this will help.”

Stunned, Dani raised her bottom off Ted’s lap, then slowly sat back down once he had repositioned his erection. Her vagina opened up, taking in the full width and length of Ted’s penis, and soon he was buried deep inside her.

As the film progressed, Ted’s loins rocked subtly back and forth beneath her, and the head of his penis slid up and down inside her vagina with slow, small movements. Dani was thoroughly disgusted by this, but when he oiled up his hand again and started rubbing her pussy, she reluctantly became more and more turned on.

He stayed inside her for the rest of the movie, and for most of that time he was stroking around or directly on her clitoris, but despite a couple of close calls she did not reach an orgasm. Afterwards, she got up and went to the bathroom, and Tessa started making lunch. Returning to the living room, Dani found Ted watching television. He was rubbing more baby oil on to his erection, and he looked up and smiled at her. She went over to him, turned around, and sighed heavily as she lowered herself on to him, impaling her vagina upon his penis.

“Good girl,” said Ted with a sigh of contentment.

A few minutes later, Ted patted her thigh. “Dani darling,” he said, “I’ve been working on some of your tops, and I’d rather like to see you try them on.”

“I thought you only did skirts?” inquired Dani, getting up. Ted’s penis came out of her with a barely audible sucking sound. She tugged her skirt down as far as it would go – which was not nearly far enough to cover her buttocks or pussy.

“We also do skimpy tops,” said Ted. “I’ll come with you and pick one out for you to try on.”

He followed her upstairs, and pulled a tiny little garment out of one of her drawers. “Here you go,” he said.

Dani took it, then stared at him expectantly. He simply smiled back.

“Could you give me some privacy please?” asked Dani.

“Oh don’t be silly,” he said. “I’m your father now – and I’ve already seen your nether regions. There’s no point in getting all shy now. Shall I call your mother and ask for her opinion?”

Dani knew very well that her mother would just back Ted up. She sighed, and took off her top. She pulled the other top on, and was dismayed to find that it did not completely cover her bra. “Good grief, Ted!” she complained.

“You’ll have to take off the bra,” said Ted. “No good having it showing like that.”

Dani sighed and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She cunningly took it off while leaving the top in place, but she could not help her right nipple popping into view, and Ted smiled as he stared at it.

Casting the bra aside, she tugged down on the front of the top, but it only just covered her nipples and she knew that any significant movement would result in their unplanned reappearance. “Come on,” she said with a sigh, “let’s go and have lunch.”

After lunch they retired to the living room, and Tessa browsed through the DVDs while Dani lay on her back on the couch, having her pussy thoroughly oiled up by Ted. Then he stopped, looking thoughtful.

“If my penis is going to be inside you,” he said, “it might be a good idea if I used this oil to lubricate the inside of your vagina. Should make things more comfortable for both of us.”

Dani opened her mouth to object, but all that escaped her lips was a gasp as two of Ted’s fingers slid into her vagina. She looked over at her mother, but Tessa was apparently absorbed in the DVD titles and was not looking her daughter’s way.

“Ohhh!” moaned Dani, as Ted crooked his fingers and started stroking her g-spot.

“Try not to enjoy yourself, darling,” said Tessa disapprovingly. “Ted’s just doing this to make you both more comfortable when you’re sitting on his lap. Don’t offend him and me by turning it into something perverted.”

Dani stared at her mother, perplexed. Then she stifled another moan as Ted’s fingers deliciously stroked her g-spot again.

“You know,” said Ted, “my penis will be going in further than my fingers can reach. Perhaps my fingers are not the best tools with which to lubricate your vagina.”

Dani raised an eyebrow. “I think they’re doing a pretty good job,” she said guardedly.

“Well it’s kind of you to say so, but I really need something longer,” said Ted. He frowned thoughtfully for a moment, then brightened. “I know! Of course – it’s so obvious. I’ll use my penis to lubricate your vagina – that’ll kill two birds with one stone, because it will lubricate my penis at the same time. Scoot back a little.”

He knelt between her legs as she moved back six inches or so. Then he lowered himself until his erect penis was poised just over her pussy. Squirting some more baby oil around Dani’s vaginal opening, he guided his penis into her, and then he pressed it deeper, so that it slid as far into her as it could go. His pelvis met hers, and he smiled down at her. “There – this was a good idea, don’t you think?”

Dani was not sure what to think. “Um,” she said, “well, I think I’m probably lubricated enough now.”

“Well I’d best work the oil around a bit,” said Ted, “just to make sure.” He started thrusting in and out of her slowly.

Dani ‘s displeasure registered on her face. “I think that’s enough,” she said.

“Hmm, yes, there doesn’t seem to be too much friction, does there?” said Ted, increasing the speed of his thrusting.

Tessa brought over a DVD and held it out to them. “How about this?” she suggested.

“Ooh, Bridget Jones!” said Dani. “Cool – yes please.”

“How about you, darling?” asked Tessa, a little sharply.

“Sounds good to me,” gasped Ted. Then he groaned, and collapsed on top of Dani, panting. “Oops,” he said.

“Did you just come inside Dani?” demanded Tessa in disbelief.

“What?” exclaimed Dani, alarmed. “Eww, gross! I’m not on the pill!”

“I’m sorry!” panted Ted. “It was an accident – I didn’t mean to come!”

“Well I do think you were asking for trouble, choosing that particular method of lubricating Dani’s vagina,” said Tessa. “Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that there are no unfortunate consequences.”

Ted nodded, and pulled his wilting penis out of Dani’s vagina. A strand of semen dangled from the tip, and led inside her. It broke off as he pulled away and sat down. “Come on then,” he said. “Let’s start the movie.”

Dani sat up, and pulled her top down over her breasts – it had apparently risen up above her nipples while Ted had been thrusting inside her. As Ted patted his lap, she rolled her eyes and sat down on his flaccid penis. Ten minutes into the film, it was hard again, and he slipped it inside her once more.


The following Friday, after an early dinner, Ted drove them down to his house in Bristol, where he lived with his father, Ralph. It turned out that Ralph, whom Dani had been instructed to call Grandpa, would be living with them.

Dani felt rather nervous and highly exposed as she climbed out of the car and set foot on Ted’s long driveway. Ted and Tessa had both insisted that she wear two of Ted’s latest creations: a cut-off tank top that stopped more than an inch short of her nipples, and a ridiculous microskirt that came less than halfway down her buttocks, and left most of her pussy uncovered. Of course she had not been allowed to wear a bra or panties.

She held her right hand over her pussy as she followed Ted towards the front door, and her left arm across her bare nipples. But then she heard her mother mutter, “Arms down, darling,” and she reluctantly dropped her hands to her sides.

Ted opened the door, and Dani followed him inside, and then up the stairs. Ted came to a closed door, and knocked. “Dad?” he said.

Tessa came and stood by Dani’s side. She gave her daughter’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. After a moment, the door opened, and an elderly man appeared. He was seventy-ish, Dani guessed; he was as tall as his son, but not as fat, and slightly hunched. His eyes widened as he saw Dani’s naked nipples and pussy. He grinned and looked at Ted. “Hello son!” he said.

“Dad, I’d like you to meet Tessa, my gorgeous new wife,” said Ted. “And this is Dani, her daughter.”

Ralph stepped forward and put his arms around Tessa. “Welcome to the family,” he said. His hands slid down her back until they were resting on her buttocks, whereupon he began to squeeze and stroke them through her short dress.

“Thank you,” said Tessa, hugging him back. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Ralph.”

“Please, call me Dad,” said Ralph. He ran his hands down below her hemline to her upper thighs, and then brought them back up, pulling her hem up until his hands were on her panties and her dress was draped over his wrists. He continued to caress and knead her buttocks through the thin cotton of her panties, while she pulled back slightly and patted his shoulder-blade to indicate that it was time to disengage.

But Ralph now slipped his right hand down inside the back of her panties, and began to squeeze her right buttock. “Well, it’s certainly nice to meet you,” said Tessa, trying again to disengage. “Dad.”

“And it’s nice to meet you too, Tessa,” said Ralph, slipping his hand between her buttocks and running the tips of his fingers over her anus, and forward to her vaginal opening.

“Um, Ted?” said Tessa plaintively. “Your father has wandering hands…”

Ted chuckled. “Like father, like son, eh Dad?”

Dani smirked. “Don’t make a fuss, Mum,” she said, imitating her mother’s voice. “Nothing wrong with an affectionate pat on the bottom.”

Tessa squealed as two of Ralph’s fingers slid up into her vagina. “I think that’s enough, Dad!” she gasped.

“All right,” said Ralph, sliding his fingers deeper into her, before pulling them mostly out. Then he pushed them back in, even further, and then pulled them partially out. Then he sank them in as far as they would go, and introduced another finger. He slid these three fingers in and out of Tessa’s vagina a few times, and then he pulled them out and stepped back away from her.

Tessa, blushing bright red, tugged her dress back down over her panties, which it barely covered. Ralph then stepped towards Dani, his watery grey eyes shining. He wrapped his arms around her, and his hands grabbed her buttocks immediately. After a few seconds of squeezing and caressing, he slipped his right hand between Dani’s buttocks and slid one finger, slick with her mother’s vaginal juice, up into Dani’s anus.

Dani gasped. “H…Hello Grandpa,” she said.

Ralph removed his finger and probed further forward, quickly sliding two fingers up into Dani’s vagina. She was revolted – the man was ancient! She grimaced as he slid a third finger alongside the first two, and tried to think of something else as all three fingers thrust deep inside her. Then a finger on his other hand started pushing its way into her anus.

“That’s enough, Grandpa!” she said with a shiver.

Ralph slid the middle finger of his right hand deep into Dani’s rectum, and then slowly and carefully inserted the index finger of the same hand alongside his middle finger. Dani winced.

“All right, Grandpa,” she said, patting him on the shoulder.

Ralph thrust two fingers in and out of Dani’s anus, while three fingers of his other hand were probing deep inside her vagina. At times they grazed her g-spot, making her shiver. Then, it seemed like ages later, he withdrew all of his fingers and stood back. “Well, it’s certainly nice to have two such beautiful young ladies come to live with us,” he said.

“I thought we might watch a bit of television,” said Ted. “Will you join us, Dad?”

Ralph grinned and nodded. “Of course,” he said.

Ted fetched some baby oil from the bathroom, and they all trooped downstairs to the living room. Ted, saying that he needed to make himself “more comfortable”, took off his trousers and boxer shorts. Ralph did the same, and the two men sat side by side on the sofa.

“Dani, lie down on the floor in front of me,” said Ted.

Dani knew the drill by now. She lay down on her back, spread her legs, and drew her knees up either side of her chest. Ted squirted baby oil liberally on to her pussy, and then on to his penis. He knelt in front of Dani and started rubbing the oil into every part of Dani’s pelvic region, using a combination of his fingers and his penis. From the sofa, Ralph watched with wide eyes.

As Ted slid his erection deep into Dani’s vagina, he explained, “I’m just getting Dani’s vagina nice and lubed up, so that when she sits on my lap, I’ll be able to enter her friction free and neither of us will be uncomfortable.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” said Ralph. “Tessa, as my new daughter-in-law, you should sit on my lap.”

“Yes,” agreed Ted. “Tessa, take off your panties and let Dad lube you up.”

Tessa’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Of course,” said Ted. “Why not?”

Tessa opened and closed her mouth a few times, then she sighed and pulled her panties down. Stepping out of them, she stood in front of Ralph and blushed as he started rubbing oil into her pussy, vagina and buttocks with his fingers. Then he asked her to lie down, and she reluctantly assumed the same position as Dani. Ralph, delighted, lay down on top of her and slid his erection into her vagina. After some rather slow thrusting, Ralph groaned, and his head fell forward on to Tessa’s shoulder.

“Oh dear!” Tessa fretted. “Did you come in me?”

“I wouldn’t worry,” said Ted. “His sperm’s long past its sell-by date.”

“Don’t you believe it,” panted Ralph. “Men can continue producing viable sperm until the day they die.”

“Really?” asked Ted, surprised. “I didn’t know that.”

After Ted had climaxed inside Dani, the two men got to their feet and then sat down on the sofa. Tessa sat down on Ralph’s lap, while Dani sat down on Ted’s. After a quarter of an hour in front of the television, Ted was hard enough to re-enter Dani. It was another few minutes before Ralph was able to insert his penis back into Tessa.

Later in the evening, Tessa excused herself in order to go and make coffee. Ralph, looking rather bereft, began to masturbate.

“I think we might try something new,” said Ted to Dani. “If my penis was in your rectum instead of in your vagina, then you’d be less likely to get pregnant.”

Dani was feeling rather queasy. “I’m sure,” she said. “But I don’t really fancy that. Won’t it hurt?”

“Not if you’re sufficiently lubricated,” said Ted. “Dad, would you mind doing the honours? Dani needs some lubrication in her anus. Turn around, darling.”

Dani stood up, turned around, and lowered her vagina back on to Ted’s erection. He pulled her forward so that she was lying against his chest, and then he slid himself around so that he was lying back along the length of the sofa, with Dani lying on top, straddling him. Ralph climbed on top of Dani, and squirted some baby oil on to her anus and his penis.

Dani winced as Ralph’s erection began to push against her anal sphincter. “Push,” Ted instructed her. “Like you’re doing a dump – only make sure you don’t go that far! It’ll make it less painful.”

So Dani pushed, and then she gasped as Ralph’s penis slid up inside her rectum. “There,” said Ralph. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Dani gritted her teeth. “It’s a little sore!” she said.

Ralph gently began thrusting inside her rectum, and Ted timed his own thrusts inside her vagina to alternate with his father’s thrusts. “You know,” said Ralph after a couple of minutes, “these garments of yours don’t exactly cover anything significant. You might as well not wear anything at all.”

Dani bridled at this. “Mum and Ted … sorry, ‘Dad’ … made me wear them!”

“Your grandpa’s right, though,” said Ted. “You might as well take them off and be naked – it won’t make much of a difference.”

“Well no, I suppose not,” said Dani, “but…”

Ted helped her out of the top, and Ralph unfastened the skirt and pulled it off. Then he removed each of her shoes in turn, so that she was naked. Both men continued thrusting, but slowly, so as not to reach orgasm too quickly.

Tessa came back in with the coffee, and she gasped at the sight of Dani being double-penetrated by her husband and father-in-law. After a moment’s hesitation, she set down the coffee tray and took a seat in a nearby armchair.

“Dani, from now on I think you should stay naked in the house,” said Ted. “At least if I or my father are around. What do you think, Tess?”

“I think that’s a good idea,” said Tessa dutifully.

“Ahhhhh!” Ralph spurted semen deep inside Dani’s rectum. “Yes, I think that’s a very good idea.”

Ted, too, now climaxed, shooting his semen into Dani’s vagina. “Good – then that’s settled.”

Dani sighed. Somehow, once again, her dress code had changed for the worse, and she had had no say in the matter. Yet maybe she could still have some small influence in events.

“I think,” she panted, “that the same rule should apply to Mum.”

Tessa looked shocked. “Oh I don’t think so, darling,” she said.

“No, I think that’s a great idea,” said Ted.

“An excellent idea,” agreed Ralph.

Ted smiled. “Yes. Take off your dress, darling. And your shoes.”

Tessa looked from her husband to her father-in-law, and then to her daughter. Sighing, she stood up and removed her dress. Then she stepped out of her shoes, leaving her as naked as her daughter.

The doorbell rang. “Who on Earth’s that?” asked Tessa, looking alarmed.

“Don’t worry,” said Ted soothingly. “It’ll just be Uncle Donald and his son, my cousin Colin. They wanted to meet you, so I invited them to stay for the weekend.”

Tessa gulped. “I’d better put my dress back on.”

Ted shook his head. “No need – they’re family. Go and answer the door, will you please?”

“Like this?” Tessa wailed.

Ted nodded. “Be sure to give them both a nice long hug.”

Tessa whimpered. Then, with faltering steps, she headed out of the room and made for the front door.

Dani sighed with relief as Ralph finally pulled out of her anus. She climbed off Ted and looked towards the door, feeling a sudden pang of sympathy for her mother. She sighed. “I’d better go and see if Mum’s okay,” she said.

“Good girl,” said Ted.

Dani bit her lip, then she took a deep breath and went out, naked and dripping semen from her vagina and anus, to meet Donald and Colin.


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