Arthur Saxon's Stories

(Completed Stories)

Accident on the Interstate - 4,300 words - added 3rd April 2004
Synopsis: Stuck in traffic, a teenaged girl just can't hold it in any longer!
Preamble: Recently a fan sent me some fan-fiction he had written. It was brilliant, and inspired me to attempt to write another good panty-pooping scene. This is the result.

Accident on the Tube - 38,500 words - added 13th February 2016
(Panty-Pooping, Incest, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: A teenage girl in a crowded carriage on the London Underground just can't keep it in any longer!
Preamble: This is another tale that grew in the telling. I really love these characters - and I hope you will too!

Alison and the Lust-Crazed Army of Sentient Poo Monsters - 7,300 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 4th July 2000)
(Scat, Panty-Pooping, Rape, Gangbang, Impregnation)
Synopsis: A young woman meddles with magic and casts spells which go terribly awry. Her poo takes on a life of its own and grows into a monster - a monster which rather fancies its mother!
Preamble: After I wrote the Becky stories, I hit upon the idea of sentient poo, and realised I could take the whole subject of scat (hate that word, never mind) to a new level. This is the result.

Alison and the Poo Monsters 2: Screwed By Poo - 17,800 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 23rd August 2000)
(Scat, Panty-Pooping, Rape, Gangbang, Impregnation)
Synopsis: Alison falls victim to the poo monsters once more, only this time she has her brother's help. But with giant poo monsters and hyper-intelligent poo monsters to deal with, will they be able to stop the endless cycle?
Preamble: A good sequel should surpass the original, and this one sure as hell does, in every way imaginable. This is one of my favourites!

Alloteuthis, the 'Other Cephalopod' - 11,600 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 9th July 1999)
(Tentacle Rape, Cephalopod Bestiality, Public Humiliation, Masturbation, Scat, Fisting)
Synopsis: On holiday with her parents, a schoolgirl falls victim to a bizarre parasitic squid-like creature which takes up residence in her anus. Nobody believes her, so she just has to put up with all the bizarre things that start happening to her...
Preamble: I should really change the title of this story. I'm SURE I did a web search on 'Alloteuthis' at the time and yielded no results, but in fact there is indeed a squid called Alloteuthis and so I should not be using that name for my 'septopus'. Ah well. Anyway, this was my first story featuring tentacles, and also my first 'public accident' story. I started on a sequel, but didn't get very far.

Anya, the Shameless Panty-Pooper - 700 words - added 3rd May 2003
(Public Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Anya takes a huge dump in her panties in a clothing store.
Preamble: This is a very short story which I wrote in about ten minutes just for fun. Conventional panty-pooping story, except that in my own trademark way there's a heck of a lot of the brown stuff.

Anya's Classroom Accident - 830 words - added 28th December 2006
(Public Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Anya's back! This time she takes a huge dump in her panties in a classroom where she is the teacher.
Preamble: I never really considered the first Anya story to be worthy of a sequel, but to my surprise it has at least one ardent fan. And since it hardly took any time to write, I figured a little sequel wouldn't hurt. So here it is.

Anya Shocks the Headmaster - 985 words - added 24th May 2008
(Public Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Anya returns, by unpopular demand. This time she fills her panties right in front of the headmaster of the school at which she teaches...
Preamble: Today, while writing another story, I found myself in the mood to write something short and sweet. Naturally the Anya series leapt to mind...

Anya Disrupts a Meeting - 1,500 words - added 14th February 2009
(Public Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Anya is back again, thanks to the literally two of you who requested another sequel. This time she's at her mother's house, attending a meeting of the church council, when the irresistible urge strikes...
Preamble: This one is even more OTT than the previous three ... but I can't imagine many people will object...

Bad Curry - 1,300 words - added 23rd September 2006
(Vomiting, Diarrhea, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Donna's friends take her out for a curry and a movie, but things get messy in the cinema...
Preamble: The idea for this one had been rumbling around in my head for years, but I had never got around to writing it until now. There's not a lot to it, and to be honest it didn't turn out nearly as good as it had been in my head, but it's still fun.

Bad Waiter - 7,700 words - added 28th May 2007
(Messy Food, Groping, Humiliation, Sex)
Synopsis: A young couple in a Parisian restaurant are waited on by the clumsiest waiter imaginable.
Preamble: One of my biggest fetishes, some time ago, was 'sploshing' - i.e. women getting messy with food. I did write sploshing elements into some of my early stories, but this is the first time I have written a story that is almost exclusively focused on that subject. I think it's a pretty cool story, but the ending feels rather lame to me.

Beast - 12,100 words - added 8th July 2018
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: A fat and unattractive teenage boy, bullied and downtrodden, finds his life taking an unexpected turn for the better.
Preamble: This turned out quite dramatic ... and romantic. Quite an atypical story for me, I think.

Becky Gets An Anal Probe - 9,300 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 26th September 1999)
(Panty-Pooping, Scat, Rape)
Synopsis: Following a dream in which she is abducted by aliens, schoolgirl Becky goes to the toilet and finds herself defecating endlessly. Fearful of messing up the whole house, she runs outside and into a nightmarish adventure.
Preamble: This story was at one time posted without my permission (though I didn't really mind) on a panty-poopers' message board. Amongst the feedback I got was a criticism of the rape scene. Now I don't often write rape scenes, and I certainly don't condone rape, but I do enjoy such scenes in stories. However I concede that it was possibly out of place in this particular tale, and I apologise if any lovers of straight-forward panty-pooping stories are upset by it.

Becky 2: The Return of the Endless Poo - 8,900 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 10th October 1999)
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: Becky, scantily clad, sneaks out of her house to a late night party. There she finds herself pooing endlessly again, only this time she's stuck in an elevator...
Preamble: No rape scene in this one (I'd learned my lesson!) although Becky does get a little taken advantage of.

Becky 3, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Poo - 11,100 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 2nd December 1999)
Synopsis: Becky wakes up one morning to find she has been defecating endlessly during the night - and still is! But can she take advantage of this opportunity to prove to her parents that something is wrong with her?
Preamble: I had fun with this one. Rather than attempt to 'outdo' the first two Becky stories, I simply explored some new possibilities and went wherever the narrative took me. It does kind of form a natural conclusion to the series, although I do have a neat idea for a fourth chapter, if ever I get around to it.

Becky 4: Becky the Poo Goddess - 7,400 words - added 1st July 2003
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Pooping, Invertebrate Insertions, and more Pooping)
Synopsis: Becky goes on a world tour, only to have her 'problem' start up again while on a small plane flying over the Amazon rainforest...
Preamble: What do you do when a series has run out of steam? Why, take it to new extremes of course! Enjoy. (And imagine the sequels that are on the way...) Incidentally I had for a long time wanted to do a 'Becky in a plane' story. I had also wanted to do a 'young girl lost in the rainforest' story. It did not occur to me to tie the two together until a fan came up with a neat suggestion, which I have explored in this story. Thanks to that guy!

Bethany's Running Diary - 47,000 words - added 15th July 2017
(Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, Groping, Sex)
Synopsis: Submission from a fan, whose wife developed an exhibitionistic streak after taking up running.
Preamble: This one starts out slow - Bethany originally intended just to catalog her daily running performance - but it certainly rewards the patient reader!

The Book of Natania - 4,400 words - added 5th August 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Humiliation, Rape, Public Nudity, Invertebrate Bestiality, Pregnancy, Bestiality, Incest, Anal, Vomiting)
Synopsis: The Book of Natania - a non-canonical scripture which has been suppressed by the church on account of its extreme sexual content.
Preamble: I found this a while ago on a website called, together with the story of the text's origin and discovery in 1928. Unfortunately the site was shut down, and I cannot find the text anywhere else on the web, so I'm publishing it here. Here's hoping this site doesn't get shut down too!

Butterfly - 12,000 words - added 18th January 2009
(Public Nudity, Groping, Humiliation)
Synopsis: Cherie is the only girl at an all-boys school. She wants to join the swimming team, but there is no girls' version of the official swimming costume, so the nasty coach insists that she swim naked, or not at all...
Preamble: I happened to see a story suggestion on Indian Outlaw's discussion board, and liked it enough to give it a try. And the words just poured out - I don't think I've ever written so much in such a short space of time.

Carol's Messy Mission - 3,200 words - added 7th October 2006
(Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Panty-Pooping, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Poo Insertions, Vomit Insertions)
Synopsis: Carol from Golden Poo 2 gets sent on a mission to persuade Bruce the customs officer to clear a ship. Unfortunately Bruce is rather unwell...
Preamble: I don't know about anyone else, but personally, my favourite part of Golden Poo 2 was Bruce's mistreatment of poor Carol. In this story he doesn't have a cold, but he DOES have a tummy bug ... so you can imagine what he covers her with this time...

Chloe's Enormous Poo - 7,300 words - added 17th June 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Humiliation, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: Chloe is desperate to poo, but she knows she's going to block up the office toilet, and she doesn't want anyone to know it was her. Will she be able to hold out until everyone else goes to lunch...?
Preamble: This is a fairly straightforward panty-pooping story, but with a bit of a twist, at least in terms of my oeuvre. Fans of Palaeontologist's Public Panty-Poop should also like this one.

Chloe's Gigantic Poo - 6,400 words - added 26th June 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Masturbation)
Synopsis: Two weeks after Chloe's enormous poo, she is ready to do another one. Her flatmate Sara is away, so she can have a nice controlled accident at home without fear of public humiliation. At least, that's the plan...
Preamble: Not as good as the first one, perhaps, but still a lot of fun I think.

Chloe's Colossal Poo - 5,000 words - added 24th July 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Masturbation)
Synopsis: It has been three weeks since Chloe's Gigantic Poo ... and now she is constipated, so she can't possibly have an accident today, can she? Can she?
Preamble: I think this is way better than Chloe 2, personally, but see what you think. I'm thinking this is the end of the Chloe series, but if people want more, I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise...

Claudia's Disgusting Habit - 7,900 words - added 19th September 2009
(Panty-Pooping, Poop-eating, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: Ray goes to work at a new job, and is entranced by a woman he sees there. But when he learns of her disgusting habit, will he be turned off, or intrigued...?
Preamble: This had been burning a hole in my brain for months and months. Finally I took a one-day break from writing my multiple-choice epic, and this just flowed right out.

Colleague's Daughter - 7,700 words - added 29th January 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation)
Synopsis: Larry's colleague asks him to take her rather uninhibited and 'accident'-prone daughter to a piano exam.
Preamble: This was supposed to be a very short story consisting entirely of a conversation between Larry and his colleague. Unfortunately that didn't work as well as I hoped, so I continued the story and it turned out pretty well I think.

Colleague's Daughter 2: The Continuing Misadventures of Unlucky Larry - 12,400 words - added 30th July 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hetero Sex, Mud, Anal)
Synopsis: Larry takes Joan shopping to buy skimpy dresses for herself and her mother. And hi-jinks ensue.
Preamble: As I was writing this, it occurred to me that the characters I had developed for these two stories would lend themselves rather well to a scene I had been mulling over for several months. It's the scene in the B&B - hope you like it. By the way, you might notice that we never actually get into the heads of these characters - we don't hear what they think, we only see what they do. That was a deliberate choice - kind of an experiment. Would be interested in feedback on this.

Colleague's Daughter 3: Family Holiday - 13,000 words - added 19th August 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hetero Sex, Mud, Quicksand, Anal)
Synopsis: With Larry's life becoming ever more entwined with the lives of the Coleman family, Graham and Yvonne invite him on a sailing holiday to Scotland.
Preamble: Oh man, this was fun. Essentially I've taken the plot developments of part 2, and run with them. I'm particularly fond of the scene in which Larry and Yvonne try to scale a cliff. Enjoy!

Colleague's Daughter 4: A Whole Lot of Poo - 11,700 words - added 19th August 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hetero Sex, Anal)
Synopsis: Joan decides she's saved up enough poo for a poo-bath. But things don't work out quite as expected...
Preamble: Despite the title, this ended up being mostly about Yvonne (the colleague) rather than her daughter. The next chapter will rectify this imbalance.

Colleague's Daughter 5: The Next Level - 14,000 words - added 4th September 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hetero Sex, Anal, Threesome, Gangbang)
Synopsis: Larry's relationships with Joan and Yvonne escalate, and Yvonne courts disaster at work.
Preamble: This one's very episodic, but it has some good scenes I think.

Colleague's Daughter 6: The Wedding Day - 11,400 words - added 14th September 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hetero Sex)
Synopsis: The wedding day dawns, but with Larry stuck in a compromising position with a bridesmaid, will he make it to the church on time?
Preamble: This felt a bit anticlimactic. The series really peaked with part 3, I think. Still, there are some good things.

Company Memo - 2,400 words - added 14th September 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Voyeurism)
Synopsis: A company with plumbing problems in the women's toilet implements a rather drastic solution.
Preamble: A fan sent me this email, sent out by the president of his company. It makes for quite an entertaining read!

Correspondence With a Predator - 8,500 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 22nd August 1999)
(Exhibitionism, D/s, Hetero sex, NC, Gangbang, Foodplay, Anal, Masturbation, Bestiality-girl/dog, Fisting, WS, Scat)
Synopsis: A lonely teenaged schoolgirl writes to a serial rapist/murderer and soon falls in love with him. He takes full advantage of this, persuading her into ever-more erotic acts.
Preamble: With this one I hit upon the idea of setting the story out in the form of letters written by the two protagonists. I think it worked pretty well, and although it starts out slowly it ends up becoming (I think) one of my most exciting stories.

Curious Cathy - 16,100 words (without poo) or 16,800 words (with poo) - added 24th November 2010
(Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, Hetero sex, Anal, Gangbang, Poo (optional))
Synopsis: A naive home-schooled teenage girl encounters a man who completely takes advantage of her ... and she loves it!
Preamble: I took a break from my multi-choice epics to write this one - it was a theme I was really longing to explore. If feels a little under-cooked though - I probably should have spent more time on it but I was anxious to get on with other projects.

Connie's Dream Home - 29,000 words - added 13th April 2002
(Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, Fisting)
Synopsis: A young bride finds that her new home set in beautiful Alpine scenery is infested with rats, cockroaches, spiders ... you name it. And her housekeeper seems determined to keep her as under-dressed as possible!
Preamble: I loved writing this one. It's pretty long but it just tripped off my fingers with effortless fluency. I'm a bit ambivalent about the ending - let me know what you think!

Dani's New Dad - 9,600 words - added 3rd December 2006
(Groping, Microskirts, Hetero Sex)
Synopsis: When Dani's mother brings home a new husband, Dani is rather disgusted by his lecherous advances. Unfortunately, her mother is not much help.
Preamble: The first version of this had a disappointing ending, but I added some more material, and it's a lot better now.

Dani's New School - 23,200 words - added 26th July 2008
(Groping, Microskirts, Hetero Sex, Anal, Erotic Massage)
Synopsis: When Ted shows Dani the skirt she will have to wear at her new school, she is sure that she is going to have a miserable time. But then she makes some new friends, and invites them home to meet Ted and his family...
Preamble: This one just went on and on. I'm not sure how good it is - there seems to be an awful lot of actual sex, which I usually avoid. But hopefully it will appeal to fans of the original.

Dave - 10,500 words - added 3rd September 2016
(Stealth Seduction)
Synopsis: Dave confides in a colleague that he suspects his wife of infidelity, and outlines the evidence.
Preamble: This one was enormous fun to write. I had a blast with the challenge of how to make a conversation between two men as exciting as one of my more conventional erotic stories. Pretty sure I succeeded!

Denimania - 62,000 words - added 1st June 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Incest, Lesbians, Peeing, Vomit, Scat, Spit, Bestiality, Cockroaches, Maggots, Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, Humiliation, Rape, Gangbang, Fisting, Bondage)
Synopsis: A couple of farmers' daughters finish out their last couple of weeks at school before they embark on a career in pop music - in the year 2028. During this time they undergo an outrageous sexual awakening, discovering that they are both into all kinds of perverted stuff.
Preamble: This is my first (and only, so far) commission - it suffered a major hiatus part-way in, and would never have been finished had it not been for the sense of obligation I felt that prevented me from writing anything else until I had finished this. Good thing too - once I got back into it, it flowed like poo into an Arthur Saxon heroine's panties, and the end result is, I think, pretty spectacular.

Doctor Who: Progeny - 9,200 words - added 2nd October 2011
(Sci-Fi, Public Nudity, Creepy-crawlies)
Synopsis: The Doctor and his companion Phoebe make a forced landing and have to evacuate the TARDIS in a hurry ... before poor Phoebe has had time to get dressed! They are given a warm welcome by the inhabitants of the planet on which they have landed, but the townspeople are harbouring a dark secret...
Preamble: I am hoping to write several Doctor Who episodes, though I have very little time to write these days.

Dress Code for Stuckhampton College - 1,000 words - added 6th August 2002
(Official dress code as found on Stuckhampton College's web site)
Synopsis: Exactly as it sounds - the dress code for Stuckhampton College, an all-girls boarding school in England.
Preamble: This is the 'Dress Code' section of Stuckhampton College's lengthy and otherwise rather dull school rules. Stuckhampton is a small town in the English midlands. The college boasts of its 'high academic standards' but in truth it doesn't send many of its leavers to Oxford or Cambridge. One can see why - the teachers must be rather distracted!

Dress Code Addenda - 1,100 words - added 7th August 2002
(Letter to parents sent in late March, 2002)
Synopsis: This is part of an update to the 2001/2002 school rules, sent out during the Spring holiday.
Preamble: I still haven't gleaned everything I can from the Stuckhampton college web site, which is very poorly organised. Many of the links do not work and sometimes I have to guess at the titles of pages (this one, for instance, turned out to be 'Mar2002_Letter.html'). Anyway this is good stuff - I'll try to find some more in the next few days.

Dress Code History - 2,000 words - added 10th August 2002
(From the archives)
Synopsis: How it all began at Stuckhampton College.
Preamble: I managed to find an archive section at the web site - here are the dress codes from previous years, showing a gradual progression from a fairly normal dress code to the racy one now being used.

Dress Code Staff Meeting - 1,700 words - added 8th May 2003
(From the archives)
Synopsis: An account of a staff meeting held at Stuckhampton College to discuss a dress code for the female members of staff.
Preamble: I managed to find the transcript of a tape-recording taken at a staff meeting, and I have taken the liberty of fleshing it out into a palatable story format.

Dress Code: Six Years Later - 9,750 words - added 11th May 2008 (with extra material added 24th May 2008)
(From the archives)
Synopsis: A collection of dress codes, letters and email correspondence concerning Stuckhampton College's dress code over the past few years.
Preamble: Sadly Stuckhampton College's web site disappeared in late 2003, but an 'insider' managed to dig up this material and sent it to me, for which I am eternally grateful!

Dress Code: 2016/2017 School Rules - 4,800 words - added 2nd May 2017
(From the archives)
Synopsis: The latest school rules for Stuckhampton College.
Preamble: A fan of mine happens to be a teacher at Stuckhampton, and he sent me this delicious update.

Dumped On from a Great Height - 2,300 words - added 28th May 2007
(Panty-Pooping, Public Humiliation)
Synopsis: A trio of teenaged tearaways decide to play a very unpleasant (and very messy) trick on an unsuspecting stranger. But can they prepare their brown bombshell in time before their target moves out of position?
Preamble: A single-concept poo story into which I managed to work a second idea (originally it would have just been two boys as the pranksters). You'll see what I mean.

Ellen of Felixstowe - 18,000 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 6th January 2000)
(Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Risk, Foodplay)
Synopsis: An intelligent, perverted, under-achieving office clerk strikes up a flirtatious e-mail correspondence with a young woman in another company, and soon has her performing erotic dares of ever-increasing outrageousness!
Preamble: Possibly my best story to date, and the only one to be told from a male point of view. There's a great sense of realism here, probably because it's based on real-life characters (and some of it on real events!)

Email from Grace - Messy Plane Journey - 2,300 words - added 1st May 2011
(Panty-Pooping, Public Humiliation)
Synopsis: An account, told in the first person, of a very public panty-pooping accident and its aftermath.
Preamble: I received two emails from this girl Grace - no idea if these wonderful accounts really happened, but it would be nice to think so!

Email from Grace - Messy Train Journey - 1,800 words - added 1st May 2011
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: Another panty-pooping adventure, as told by Grace.
Preamble: This is the second email I received from Grace. Here's hoping I receive a third (and a fourth, and a fifth...)

Employee of the Month - 19,700 words (30,000 words with alternative ending) - added 26th December 2007
(Groping, Messy Food (and Panty-Pooping in alternative ending))
Synopsis: A young man with a bad habit of groping women goes to work at a company with an all-female staff.
Preamble: As I was writing this one, it occurred to me that while it made for a nice poo-free story, there was room for some panty-pooping action in an alternative ending. So I wrote such an ending, and you will find a link to it if you keep your eyes peeled while you're getting near the end.

Five Accidents: a Logic Puzzle - 5,200 words - added 20th March 2008
(Puzzle, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Five girls have public accidents around London - you have to figure out what happened to whom!
Preamble: I like to mix things up every once in a while. This is my first (and maybe last, depending on feedback) logic puzzle. Should be fun to play, if you enjoy both this kind of puzzle and my panty-pooping stories. Man, I guess I really know a thing or two about mass market appeal, huh?

Five Creepy Attacks: another Logic Puzzle - 7,100 words - added 29th March 2008
(Puzzle, Creepy-Crawlies)
Synopsis: Five girls on holiday in Switzerland are attacked by various species of creepy-crawly or disgusting animal. Find out what happened to whom for a nice reward.
Preamble: My first logic puzzle, Five Accidents, was so popular that I thought I'd write another. Granted, since this one's about creepy-crawlies it will probably have a smaller audience, but that audience I am sure will be very happy with the result.

Five More Accidents: a Logic Puzzle - 10,000 words - added 3rd January 2012
(Puzzle, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: The drinks of five cheerleaders are spiked with a powerful laxative, and you have to figure out what happened to each girl a few hours later.
Preamble: This is my third logic puzzle. The prize, as always, is a fleshed-out account of each accident and its aftermath.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Prom - 4,600 words - added 4th November 2007
(Panty-pooping, Vomit, Pee, Creepy-Crawlies)
Synopsis: A sweet sixteen-year-old on her way to her boyfriend's senior prom has to stop urgently in order to defecate. But the gas station at which they stop turns out to have the most disgusting toilet imaginable...
Preamble: This one was less than twenty-four hours from conception to posting - the idea just came out of the blue, and I just had to get it written immediately. It's wonderfully disgusting :)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Wedding - 9,800 words - added 15th November 2007
(Panty-pooping, Vomit, Pee, Creepy-Crawlies)
Synopsis: A lovely young bride on her way to her wedding has to stop urgently in order to defecate. This is two months after the events of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Prom, and the gas station's toilet has only got more disgusting...
Preamble: I loved writing the first one, and still had a couple of ideas left over, so a sequel was rather inevitable.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Job Interview - 13,800 words - added 17th August 2008
(Panty-pooping, Poo, Maggots, Cockroaches)
Synopsis: An up-and-coming executive in her thirties is on her way to a very important job interview. But with her bowels needing to be emptied, and a certain messy gas station toilet up ahead, will she be able to keep herself clean...?
Preamble: This tale, to quote Tolkien, grew in the telling. I hadn't really planned to top the outrageousness of the second Funny Thing story (Wedding), since I didn't think that was possible, but I think I managed it anyway!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Conference - 22,600 words - added 12th May 2014
(Panty-pooping, Poo, Maggots, Cockroaches)
Synopsis: A young woman on her way to a software conference stops at our favourite gas station when the urge to poop becomes too strong to resist.
Preamble: I never thought I could top the third Funny Thing story (Job Interview), but I really think I have. Certainly in terms of length, if nothing else.

The Future of Skirts - 700 words - added 20th April 2002
(News Article from 2009)
Synopsis: The future is a voyeur's paradise!
Preamble: After a bizarre electric storm, a newspaper from the future fell from the sky into my garden. It was quite badly burned, but I managed to salvage a couple of interesting articles. This was one of them.

Gateway to Hell - 32,000 words - added 29th April 2003
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Vomit, Demon Rape, Tentacles, Masturbation, Lesbianism, Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Impregnation)
Synopsis: Samantha begins to undergo horrible nightmares and bizarre sexual experiences when a gateway to Hell begins to open in her apartment.
Preamble: This was an absolute blast to write, and I just kept going and going. It's got everything - it's kind of like Connie's Dream Home meets Julie's Wild Week. Have fun!

Gateway to Hell 2 - 60,000 words - added 7th December 2003
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Vomit, Demon Rape, Tentacles, Masturbation, Lesbianism, Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Impregnation, Incest, Gangbang, Anal, Bestiality, and Really Tiny Underwear)
Synopsis: The gateway continues to open, and Sam and Erin's behaviour gets wilder and wilder as their demonic pregnancies progress. They begin to draw other people into their bizarre erotic lifestyle, including their colleague Vicky...
Preamble: This story picks up where Gateway to Hell left off, and is essentially just a continuation of the same story. But it's HUGE! Nearly twice as long as Gateway to Hell and, if the two stories are counted as one, we're talking about a full-length novel here. Anyway this covers a heck of a lot of ground, so enjoy!

Gateway to Hell 3 - 51,000 words - added 3rd March 2004
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Vomit, Demon Rape, Tentacles, Masturbation, Lesbianism, Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Impregnation, Incest, Gangbang, Anal, and Even Tinier Underwear)
Synopsis: The plagues unleashed by Sam and Erin begin to spread, and those around them soon fall under the demonic spell. Meanwhile, the nightmares are getting worse...
Preamble: This story picks up exactly where Gateway to Hell 2 left off. The first half is better than the second half, I think - I started to get some real writer's block towards the end. That might show, unfortunately. Anyway I think this is it - no part 4 anticipated.

Gateway to Hell 4 - 48,000 words - added 12th December 2004
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Vomit, Rape, Demon Rape, Masturbation, Lesbianism, Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Impregnation, Incest, Gangbang, Anal, Fisting, Scat, Other Bodily Fluids, Enema, Blowjobs, etc.)
Synopsis: Life at Laura's school becomes a living hell for those not yet under the demonic influence. Meanwhile, Sam and Erin get invited to their snooty colleague Serena's bachelorette party...
Preamble: You get to meet a couple of great new characters in this one. Well I like them anyway. This story flowed better than GTH3, though time (and hopefully my readers) will tell if it lives up to the rest of the series.

Gateway to Hell 5 - 43,000 words - added 9th October 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Vomit, Rape, Demon Rape, Masturbation, Lesbianism, Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Impregnation, Incest, Gangbang, Human Sacrifice, Breast Enlargement, Anal, Fisting, Surgery, Scat, etc.)
Synopsis: The world rapidly falls under the influence of the demonic infection.
Preamble: This is it, folks - the end of the series. It's been quite a ride! I hope you like this conclusion. It's not perhaps quite as erotic as some of the other segments, but it has a lot of plot work to do, and I think it wraps things up pretty well.

The Golden Poo - 4,500 words - added 30th May 2003
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: A school holds a panty-pooping competition for its female students.
Preamble: I've had women pooping in all sorts of public situations. So I was racking my brain the other day, trying to think of a new location or situation in which a heroine of mine could have a public accident, and it occurred to me to describe a diving competition. You can picture the scene - a nice young lady climbs to the high diving board, then despite her best efforts has an accident. Well, being a professional, she goes ahead and performs her dive, with her one-piece costume bulging with poo. Then the thought occurred to me: what if the judges gave her marks for her dive, and also for her panty-poop? What if that was a part of the competition? Then I thought, the hell with diving competitions - why not have a panty-pooping competition?! In a high school! And here you go.

Golden Poo 2 (Theatrical Version) - 4,100 words - added 23rd September 2006
Golden Poo 2 (Director's Cut) - 5,200 words - added 23rd September 2006
Golden Poo 2 (Special Extended Edition) - 6,000 words - added 23rd September 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: An office holds a panty-pooping competition for its female employees.
Preamble: I always thought The Golden Poo was one of my weaker stories, but a vocal minority seemed to like it a lot, and pestered me for a sequel. So here it is, and I think it's a lot better than the first. Here, though, I took the unusual step of creating three versions, since after completing the story I had some unused ideas which I wanted to explore but which were perhaps a little too outrageous for the definitive version.

Good Neighbours - 35,600 words - added 21st October 2007
Synopsis: Two teenaged girls live next door to each other.
Preamble: This story is long, very light on erotic content, and contains some lengthy passages of dialogue that some or most of you may find a) boring, and b) ideologically objectionable. So why read it? Well, for those of you who liked Jemstone, and those who find themselves entertained enough by my writing style that they are happy reading even my long stories from start to finish without skipping bits ... your patience will be rewarded, I think.

Gwen - 31,400 words - added 12th July 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Gangbang)
Synopsis: A timid young woman is coaxed out of her shell in a meeting at the office.
Preamble: This was supposed to be a series of four stories, but in the end I just lumped it all together as a single story with four chapters. Had lots of fun writing this!

The Gypsy's Curse - 17,700 words - added 12th July 2005
(Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Hetero Sex)
Synopsis: A young woman lies to a gypsy, who punishes her by cursing her so that whenever she lies, her skirt gets shorter.
Preamble: Mrs Saxon came up with this premise. I liked it, and ran with it. I'm quite pleased with the result.

The Hunchback and the Maiden - 14,000 words - added 27th June 2004
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Public Nudity, Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Toe-Sucking)
Synopsis: A young girl quits university to marry a dirty old hunchback who relocates pests for a living.
Preamble: I love this story - it might be one of my best-written. The character of Roger Rutter, the pest-relocating hunchback, was enormously fun to create, as were the unpleasant and embarrassing situations into which he puts his innocent young bride.

I Dare You! - 17,000 words - added 13th September 2008
(Panty-Pooping, Scat, Vomit)
Synopsis: Six teenaged girls back at boarding school after the Easter holidays encounter something nasty in the toilets. And so the dares begin...
Preamble: This gets pretty disgusting - be warned!

I Dare You 2 - 30,000 words - added 25th January 2009
(Panty-Pooping, Sex, Humiliation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, Spanking)
Synopsis: Now that Francesca has agreed to do the forfeit for failing to perform her final dare, she has to break the news to her boyfriend ... and to the disgusting Colin...
Preamble: I was rattling through this story and doing very well until my computer crashed. It took me months to retrieve it, by which time I had lost the momentum and my enthusiasm. After several more weeks of intending to get back to the story and not doing so, I eventually decided to cut it short and post it pretty much as it was. There's plenty of the story still to tell, but it will have to wait for Part 3.

Jemstone - 17,000 words - added 10th July 2003
Synopsis: A heavy metal band finds a new source of inspiration and starts to break into the big time.
Preamble: Don't read this story if you're horny and looking for a quick fix. The erotic content is light and takes a while to get going. It's a good story, but it's important that you read it as a straight, non-erotic story. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised by what develops. If anyone particularly likes this one, I'd love to hear from them, because I suspect not a lot of people will read it.

Jodie's Apartment - 8,000 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 7th September 1999)
(Creepy-Crawly Bestiality, Impregnation)
Synopsis: A young woman with a heart of gold (but a mortal fear of anything creepy) finds her apartment is infested with cockroaches. Unwilling to harm them, yet terrified of them, her life becomes a living hell as the roaches lose their fear of her...
Preamble: When I first submitted this to a story site, the moderators were baffled as to how to categorise it. Well, sure it's kind of specialised, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who is aroused by the idea of cockroaches crawling over a naked woman. Come on, who's with me! Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

Judy at the Club - 3,700 words - added 15th August 2002
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: A young woman goes out clubbing with her friends, but loses control of her bowels while she is dancing. However, she is not going to let a little thing like poo-filled panties spoil her night...
Preamble: My best straight panty-pooping story? Or not? It's hard for me to be objective, but this sure was a turn-on to write. Enjoy!

Julie's Wild Week - 47,000 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig. 6th May 1999)
Synopsis: The story of a schoolgirl's sexual awakening, and her discovery that she is very kinky at heart.
Preamble: Well, here it is. My most popular series, and in fact the very first story I submitted to a web site. The concept of a schoolgirl's sexual awakening is nothing new, but I like to think I've put a nice spin on it. The story is told in 15 chapters.

Karen and Her Amazing Ever-Expanding Breasts - 18,000 words - added 15th April 2002 (orig. 30th May 2000 as 'A Tale of Two Titties')
(Extreme breast growth, Gigantic breasts, Lactation, Scat, Masturbation, Public accidents, Humiliation)
Synopsis: A flat-chested young woman enlists the aid of a magician in order to make her chest bigger. Naturally the plan goes horribly wrong.
Preamble: This is a spin-off from the Alison stories, and is inspired by the artwork of a Japanese chap who is obsessed with huge breasts, uncontrolled bodily functions, and, um, masses of body hair. I'm with him up until the last part - I like my heroines hair-free (except for what's on their heads).

Kerry & Bruce - 9,400 words - added 3rd January 2009
(Panty-Pooping, Dog Poo, Scat, Pee, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: Bruce, a middle-aged man with a hot young assistant, Kerry, teases her with a plastic bag full of dog poo. He doesn't intend to actually get any of it ON her, but accidents will happen...
Preamble: Kerry and Bruce, in my story "Carol's Messy Mission", were described as having a uniquely messy and erotic, if technically platonic, working relationship. I had always wanted to explore that relationship some more in a spin-off story, and so here it is. Incidentally, there's an optional extra "epilogue" to the story, accessible in a link after the words "THE END". It's silly but fun.

Kerry & Bruce & Natalie - 23,000 words - added 10th October 2015
(Panty-Pooping, Scat, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: It is the day of the company's annual dinner dance, and Bruce has bought Kerry a very skimpy dress for the occasion. And, because he still hasn't fixed the toilet in their office, she is bursting for a poo. What could go wrong...?
Preamble: The first Kerry and Bruce story was just insane. Obviously, I couldn't top the ridiculousness of that story ... or could I...?

Lena Sprains Her Ankle - 10,900 words - added 8th July 2018
(Groping, Embarrassment, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Having sprained her ankle, a shy young woman pays a visit to her rather unorthodox doctor.
Preamble: Knocked this one off in just a week! I think it's quite fun.

Letter to Mum and Dad - 6,000 words - added 22nd October 2004
(Panty-Pooping, Public Embarrassment)
Synopsis: A young woman poops her panties at work, much to the disgust of her colleagues...
Preamble: This was sent to me by a fan in Norfolk, England. His daughter had sent him a letter describing her embarrassing accident, little knowing that he was a fan of panty-pooping stories. Being familiar with my work, he sent it to me and agreed to let me post it on this site. A true English gentleman!

Little Shit - 20,800 words - added 10th November 2005
(Panty-Pooping, Public Humiliation, Hetero Sex)
Synopsis: A teenage girl goes to her boyfriend's house, and finds herself at the mercy of his little sister when she accidentally poops in her panties.
Preamble: This sat in the unfinished section of my site for over three years, but now, thank goodness, I've managed to finish it. Thanks to my fans for the motivation.

Little Shit: Ten Years Later - 8,700 words - added 23rd February 2006
(Panty-Pooping, Public Humiliation, Hetero Sex)
Synopsis: Heather, now grown up and very respectable, thinks she has her life entirely under control - until she meets someone she had tried hard to forget...
Preamble: This is wide open for a sequel, so stay tuned!

The Lodger - 67,000 words - added 15th July 2017
(Seduction, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: A married couple take in a lodger to help them pay the bills. But how will the new arrangement affect their marriage...?
Preamble: Kind of a counterpoint to "Dave", this one just grew and grew. Eventually, of course, I had to bring it to a close, and I'm not really happy with the abruptness of the ending. There may be sequel potential.

Louise's Program - 3,700 words - added 11th April 2002 (orig. 3rd September 1999)
(Panty-Pooping, Masturbation)
Synopsis: A schoolgirl devises a computer program to tell her what 'dares' to do. This leads to her first panty-pooping experience.
Preamble: An early story, this, it's one of my most realistic and plausible. Readers are encouraged to try it at home!

The Low Road - 8,800 words - added 23rd February 2008
(Mud, Sinking)
Synopsis: Two sisters out hiking lose their way and find themselves sinking in quick-mud.
Preamble: I've been hanging out at a quicksand discussion board lately, and I thought it was high time I contributed something of my own. This is the result - I think it's pretty good!

Lucifer Takes the Bus - 20,600 words - added 17th January 2018
(Public Exposure, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: A young woman encounters a man named Lucifer who seems to have certain supernatural talents. But are his gifts worth the consequences of accepting them...?
Preamble: This one is a little different. In a good way, I hope!

Lynn's Wilder Week - 45,000 words - added 16th April 2002 (orig. 9th September 1999 (parts 1-7) & 4th April 2000 (parts 8-11))
Synopsis: The story of Lynn, Julie's friend from the "Julie's Wild Week" series. Lynn is even kinkier than Julie, and is always on the look-out for a way to expand her sexual horizons.
Preamble: This sequel series is not quite finished. I'm half-way through chapter 12 at the moment, and have been for a long while. Eventually it will be 15 chapters. Keep badgering me about it and I'll try to get up the energy for it.

Mara Shamrock and the Sessile Vermarion - 3,900 words - added 15th June 2019
(Vore, Bugs, Impregnation)
Synopsis: Intrepid young adventurer Mara Shamrock gets in a little over her head when she investigates the site of an ancient tribal sacrifice...
Preamble: This was inspired by a fan who said she loved the idea of the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi, and thought the idea of being slowly digested in its stomach was very erotic. Since I had never tackled the vore genre, and an idea popped into my head, I thought I would give it a go.

Mary's Diary - 38,500 words - started 23rd October 2008
(Exhibitionism, Panty-Pooping, Sex)
Synopsis: This email that I got from a fan named Mary consists of an introduction followed by a daily panty-pooping diary.
Preamble: I'm officially a Mary fan! I do hope she continues to send me updates detailing her ongoing adventures. If and when she does, I will simply tack them on to the end of the original text that she sent me.

Match Point - 2,300 words - added 8th April 2002 (orig. 27th February 2000)
Synopsis: A young female tennis player gets more than she bargained for when she decides to wear a particularly revealing outfit at Wimbledon.
Preamble: I thought it would be nice, for a change, to write a story that didn't include any panty-pooping. The result is very much a PG-13 affair, but it's quite erotic I think.

Match Point 2: Another Match Point - 5,000 words - added 9th April 2002 (orig. 17th March 2000)
Synopsis: Since the events of Match Point, women's tennis has got a lot sexier! However that doesn't stop Tina from revealing far more than even the new rules allow!
Preamble: Still very sexy, and still no panty-pooping.

Michelle's Desperation - 19,500 words - added 28th December 2010
(Panty-Pooping, Public Humiliation, Exhibitionism)
Synopsis: In this multiple choice story, Michelle is a young woman desperate for a poo, and you are her boss. How long can you keep her from getting to the toilet...?
Preamble: This is yet another side project written while avoiding working on my massive multiple-choice epics. But it was quick(ish) to write, and I think it's rather fun.

The New Cheerleader - 11,000 words - added 20th August 2004
(Exhibitionism, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: A Dutch schoolgirl in the States decides to become a cheerleader, and she persuades the rest of her squad to sex up their routine in order to pull in the crowds.
Preamble: Nice characterisations, I think - Gretchen is a typical Arthur Saxon heroine in most ways, but she is a little more in charge of her own destiny than most. Watch out for a familiar face among her fellow cheerleaders...

New Satin Panties - 4,900 words - added 10th February 2008
Synopsis: A teenaged girl in a clothing store is determined to buy a particular pair of panties. The problem is, someone has pooped in them...
Preamble: The idea for the first half of this story occurred to me a few weeks ago, and it seemed pretty good. Having explored it, however, I found myself stuck with nowhere to go and with insufficient excitement in the story so far. Then I hit upon the soccer idea, and the rest was plain sailing. Ended up being quite fun, I think.

Office Competition - 2,300 words - added 20th April 2002
Synopsis: Two young women compete for the attention of the new guy in their office. As a result, their boss gets quite an eyeful!
Preamble: This one's written in the first person. I don't normally like to do that, but it seemed to work for this one.

Office Dress Code - 8,000 words - added 5th July 2004
(Correspondence regarding the dress code for a Florida-based office supplies manufacturer)
Synopsis: The dress code of the Boston office of Willard & McErlane Office Supplies (don't bother looking them up - I changed the company name to protect my source).
Preamble: A fan in Florida sent me this correspondence concerning the dress code at her company - it makes for pretty entertaining reading!

Old Fogey - 589,000 words - added 2nd May 2017
(Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, optional Panty-Pooping)
Walkthrough available here.
Synopsis: Multiple choice story in which you play a very old man living out his last days in a nursing home. Your only comfort is the pretty young nurse who attends to your daily needs. Can you get her to do more than fix your pillows and change your bedpan...?
Preamble: Not quite as diverse as Physical Geography, but still a lot of fun I think!

Orphan - 570,000 words - added 14th October 2018
(Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Groping, Erotic Massage)
Walkthrough available here.
Synopsis: Multiple choice story in which you play a teenage boy from England who goes to live in the States with his aunt and uncle ... and their three very attractive teenage daughters...
Preamble: I had originally planned to make three separate branches - one involving panty-pooping, one involving cockroaches, and one 'straight'. However, it got to a point where I wanted to wrap it up, and I still hadn't introduced those themes. Plenty of material for a sequel, though!

Palaeontologist's Public Panty-Poop - 6,900 words - added 19th April 2002
Synopsis: A female palaeontologist holds her poo in for a week, only to be caught short in a very public place.
Preamble: I so enjoyed writing this one! I had read a really good panty-pooping story on a panty-poopers message board, and it contained the best description of a panty-pooping that I had ever read. Of course I had to best it, and with this story I did. I challenge anybody to find a better panty-pooping scene in any story on the web.

Panty-Pooping In Front of the Queen - 2,200 words - added 6th October 2003
(Panty-Pooping, Humiliation)
Synopsis: The queen comes to visit a Scottish town, where all the schoolchildren are in a parade. Unfortunately one young girl is desperate to poop...
Preamble: I originally published this one on wetset's panty-pooping forum, and pretended to be person telling the story. Oh the shame! The guilt! I promise never to masquerade as a girl again.

The Partition - 697,000 words - added 27th May 2019
(Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Groping, Incest, optional cockroaches, optional panty-pooping)
Walkthrough available here.
Synopsis: Multiple choice story in which you play the uncle of a naive but curvaceous girl, gradually corrupting her after convincing her parents to let you share her room.
Preamble: This is based on the wonderful RPG 'Cohabitation'. I have, of course, put my own spin on the story.

Party Pooper - 2,500 words - added 15th November 2008
Synopsis: A very drunk girl fills her panties at a college party...
Preamble: This story is rather unusual in that it is composed entirely of dialogue. Sort of an experiment - I hope it is still enjoyable anyway, and not too hard to follow.

Penny Farthing - 650,000 words - added 21st January 2018
(Worms, Exhibitionism)
Walkthrough available here.
Synopsis: You are a young woman afflicted with an infestation of parasitic intestinal worms.
Preamble: Another epic multi-choice story. Feedback appreciated!

Physical Geography - 800,000 words - added 7th March 2015
(Depends on your choices...)
Walkthrough available here.
Synopsis: You are a university student trying to get a girlfriend.
Preamble: This is massive - it's in the same style as Supervising Alice, but it has three times the word count. Feedback appreciated!

Plane Crash - 13,700 words - added 31st December 2013
(Panty-Pooping, Public Humiliation)
Synopsis: A young woman loses control of her bowels while on a flight to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this is only the start of her troubles...
Preamble: This story took three years to complete, thanks to a greatly reduced amount of writing time available to me. The concept was simple: just how long can I keep my hapless heroine in her messy panties, without stretching the bounds of credulity TOO much? Well, quite a long time, as it happens.

Poor Percy - 9,900 words - added 24th September 2006
(Hetero Sex, Gang-Bang, Humiliation)
Synopsis: Newlyweds Percy and Amy are not very good at standing up for themselves. When unwelcome guests arrive and take a shine to Amy, poor Percy is unable to protect her...
Preamble: The inspiration for this came from two sources. One was Phil Phantom, an excellent erotic author who writes domination and cuckolding stories. The other was Harry Enfield, a British comedian. In one of his sketch shows, a group of brash rugby players burst into the home of a rather timid young couple and proceed to dominate and humiliate them. The gooseberry fool bit is pretty much lifted right from that sketch.

Poor Amy - 25,900 words - added 19th May 2007
(Groping, Hetero Sex, Gang-Bang, Humiliation, Grease)
Synopsis: Poor Amy is very depressed. In order to give her something to focus on, Percy's boss kindly offers her a job in the warehouse office. Unfortunately for Amy, Percy's colleagues are rather too excited to have her join the team...
Preamble: I just love writing about poor little Amy - this was an absolute blast to write.

Pregnant With Tentacles - 14,400 words - added 19th April 2002 (orig. 22nd October 2000)
(Exhibitionism, Scat, Tentacle Rape, Impregnation)
Synopsis: A young woman starts having mysterious sexual encounters with slimy, tentacled creatures.
Preamble: Written for a friend of mine, this is a bit of a strange one. The sequel's better, I think.

Pregnant With Tentacles 2: Not Pregnant With Tentacles - 10,700 words - added 19th April 2002
(Exhibitionism, Scat, Panty-Pooping, Poo Monster Rape, Impregnation)
Synopsis: Rachel, the girl from the first story, now encounters the poo monsters from the Alison stories. Unlike Alison, however, Rachel thinks the monsters are the best thing since sliced bread.
Preamble: This was a lot of fun. I don't know why I love writing about poo so much. I'm not a panty-pooper myself, I just love the idea of women doing it. Weird.

Quark Decay - 5,700 words - added 20th April 2002
(Panty-Pooping, Anal Sex)
Synopsis: All the women in the world suddenly lose control of their bowels at the same time.
Preamble: Don't question the science, just enjoy it :)

Real-Life Ally McBeal article - 600 words - added 16th May 2005
Synopsis: Article about a real-life miniskirt-wearing lawyer.
Preamble: Found this years ago, but can't find it again! Nor any reference to the lawyer in question. Bummer. Nice picture.

The Reluctant Bride - 13,000 words - added 13th April 2002
(Exhibitionism, Panty-Pooping, N/C, Humiliation, Impregnation)
Synopsis: A young woman takes refuge in a large country house when her car breaks down, and finds herself drawn into an engagement with a young man who seems to like embarrassing her in front of other people.
Preamble: I love this story, but I found I couldn't finish it. Eventually, after it had been sitting on my hard drive for months, I bit the bullet, chopped it in half, and here's the first part. Maybe some day I'll get around to finishing part two!

The Reluctant Bride (extended edition) - 19,000 words - added 14th January 2007
(Exhibitionism, Panty-Pooping, N/C, Humiliation, Impregnation)
Synopsis: As above, except that the engagement party and its aftermath were a little crazier than previously stated!
Preamble: I was never really satisfied with the engagement party segment of The Reluctant Bride, and finally I have got around to writing it as it should have been. The only problem is that the events during and after the party are so cool and outrageous that they make subsequent sequences seem a little anticlimactic. I may therefore have to fix some of those sequences (for example the wedding and the reception). But not right now.

Rose Amongst the Lillys - 74,000 words - added 31st March 2018
(Panty-Pooping, Groping, Public Nudity, Embarrassment)
Synopsis: Rose is on her way to meet her future in-laws for the first time ... but she is struggling to hold her poo in!
Preamble: This story originated in concept back in 2007, but languished unfinished for years until January 2018, when I started it again from scratch. This time it really took off, and I had SO much fun writing it! I think it's one of my best.

Ruby's New Job - 12,000 words - added 2nd August 2008
(Microskirts, Groping, Poo)
Synopsis: A timid young woman starts a new job, but soon finds that there is apparently no rule against sexual harassment in this office...
Preamble: I got bored of this one halfway through, and truncated it with a rather weak ending. I may come back to this one and improve it.

Saleswoman (Letter from a Fan) - 300 words - added 16th May 2005
Synopsis: Letter from a fan, with a picture, about a miniskirt-wearing sales rep.
Preamble: My fans are so good to me. I love you guys!

The School Play - 1,000 words - added 18th June 2006
Synopsis: A girl watching her little sister's school play becomes desperate to poop.
Preamble: A very simple accident story, requested by a fan. I don't normally do requests, but he wanted something really short, and the concept appealed, so I gave it a go.

The Secretary - 5,000 words - added 10th August 2002
Synopsis: An overworked executive hires a new secretary, who makes up for being under-qualified by being under-dressed.
Preamble: Very tame one, this, but it was a lot of fun to write. For fans of miniskirts in the office! (Incidentally I'm thinking of writing an alternative ending for this story - stay tuned.)

Sexual Harassment - 14,800 words - added 26th January 2018
Synopsis: An office worker discovers that one of his colleagues is unlikely to complain about his misbehaviour.
Preamble: A nice little groping story.

Sexual Harassment Complaint - 19,200 words - added 26th January 2018
Synopsis: A young woman's miniskirts begin to attract the unwelcome attention of her over-familiar boss.
Preamble: A nice medium-sized groping story.

Sheryl's Accident at Work - 3,000 words - added 8th October 2005
Synopsis: A young woman is running late for a meeting at work, and consequently does not have time to poop beforehand. During the meeting, of course, she loses control of her bowels...
Preamble: Short and sweet; I knocked this one off in one evening. I was supposed to be writing Gateway to Hell 5, but sometimes you've just got to get things off your chest, you know?

Shit Happens - 9,700 words - added 26th August 2007, revised 2nd September 2007
(Panty-Pooping, Hetero Sex, Public Nudity, Groping)
Synopsis: A woman poops her panties upon leaving work, then accidentally locks herself out of her car. The only person she can turn to for help, a young male colleague, turns out to be not as disgusted as she would have guessed...
Preamble: This story features my oldest heroine yet. The woman on whom she is based is actually an absolute hottie in her early 50s, but since many of my readers (especially the younger ones) would find it hard to believe that a woman of that age could possibly be hot (she IS, though, really!), I made this character about five years younger.
The "alternative ending" version expands upon the sequence with the five young men in the car. Less believable, but hotter, I guess.

Shit Happens 2 - 8,700 words - added 15th September 2007
(Hetero Sex, Gangbang, Public Nudity, Humiliation, Spanking, Groping, Panty-Pooping)
Synopsis: Kim's husband finds out about her indiscretions, but the punishment he metes out is a little unorthodox...
Preamble: I just couldn't resist continuing Kim's story, and answering the question of whether or not she went to that party...

Sins of the Father - 39,000 words - added 10th August 2003
(Panty-Pooping, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Public Nudity, Voyeurism, Hetero Sex, Incest (kind of), Bestiality, Anal Sex, Gangbang, Erotic Massage)
Synopsis: A father and son make a wish to swap bodies, and are most surprised when it comes true. The father then discovers that his maturity and social skills give him certain advantages at school...
Preamble: This is one of my best stories, if not THE best. Avoid if you don't want to read about fourteen-year-olds having sex, however. There's a poo-free version in the poo-free section of this site.

Sophie's Choices - 100,000 words - added 1st April 2007
(version with working back button available here)
(Everything, but especially creepy-crawlies and micro-outfits)
Synopsis: You control the destiny of Sophie, an unfortunate young girl who is sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, who seem to delight in subjecting her to all kinds of embarrassment, humiliation and outright sexual abuse. And why do so many bugs and slimy things seem so attracted to her...?
Preamble: This multiple-choice story is my biggest single project and it took two-and-a-half months to write. It's different from Your Wild Day in that there is an actual story here, and despite all of your choices you will have to pass through certain key events. This gives the story less replay value than YWD - you could probably explore every entry with seven or eight read-throughs - but the upside is that this thing is LONG.

Suburban Hentai - 20,000 words - added 3rd December 2006
(Tentacle Rape, Creepy-Crawlies, Impregnation, Extreme Breast Growth)
Synopsis: A suburban housewife dreams of a nighttime lover, but when strange creatures start coming out of her vagina, she realises it must have been real...
Preamble: Slightly unhappy with the ending, but it was a fun ride. This and Wendy's World are (so far) my only true hentai stories.

Supervising Alice - 266,000 words - added 8th January 2014
(version with working back button available here)
(Depends on your choices...)
Walkthrough available here.
Synopsis: You are a customer service in charge of a new employee, Alice, to whom you are attracted. But can you win her over?
Preamble: This is one of the best things I've done. Massive replayability. Possibly tricky in parts. I'm happy to give hints.

Thoughts On Old British TV Show "Brody" - 1,900 words - added 5th August 2007
Synopsis: Reminiscences on a sexy television programme from the 70s.
Preamble: You couldn't get away with making a show like this these days, with its many 'accidental' upskirt shots. I don't know if it was pulled because of parental complaints, or a lack of interest from the viewers. I, however, was always riveted...

Thoughts On Old British TV Show "Brody" - Season Two - 6,200 words - added 31st August 2008
Synopsis: My review of a second, even more outrageous season of "Brody".
Preamble: Thank heaven for my fans! One of them, it turns out, has every episode of "Brody" ever filmed - including six never-released episodes from the unfinished second season. Unfortunately it was only ever released on Betamax. Anyway he recorded both seasons on to DVD for me, and sent them to me, free of charge!

Trilobite - 15,000 words - added 10th April 2002 (orig. 24th November 2000)
(Exhibitionism, Public Nudity)
Synopsis: Three women have naked-in-public adventures.
Preamble: This is probably my second best story, after Ellen of Felixstowe. It's three interconnected stories in one, and no poo in sight!

Uncle Edgar - 29,000 words - added 8th July 2018
Synopsis: An ageing cripple has an unexpected visit from his eighteen-year-old niece, who is on her way to bible college.
Preamble: Fans of Good Neighbours should enjoy this one - again I'm leaving the content a surprise for you to discover. No poo though.

Unnoticeable - 4,000 words - added 10th April 2002
(Exhibitionism, Public Nudity)
Synopsis: A young woman finds that nobody notices when she does something sexy. So she goes to greater and greater lengths to get attention.
Preamble: I wrote this pretty much as an experiment. It's short, but kind of fun.

The Waitress - 6,700 words - added 29th October 2007
(Messy Food, Vomit, Groping, Microskirt)
Synopsis: A young woman starts a new waitressing job, but cannot seem to keep clean...
Preamble: This is the flip side to Bad Waiter - a story in which the customers keep the waitress nice and messy. Warning - it's poo-free but not vomit-free.

The Waitress: Day 2 - 11,900 words - added 9th November 2008
(Messy Food, Vomit, Groping, Microskirt)
Synopsis: Su's second day is just as bad as her first, if not worse...
Preamble: This one is bigger and better, except (and I'm sorry to disappoint some of you) I couldn't justify another bout of food-poisoning. If people threw up in that restaurant EVERY night, it wouldn't stay open for long!

Wendy's World - 16,000 words - added 15th April 2002 (orig. 7th August 1999)
(Sci-fi, Hetero rape, Mud, Tentacles, Self-fisting, Alien impregnation)
Synopsis: A young girl finds herself stranded on an alien world where lots of slimy creatures seem to want to explore her nether regions.
Preamble: This was completely and unashamedly based on all those hentai cartoons where young girls get raped by tentacles. Man I love Japanese culture.

White Lies - 2,700 words - added 20th April 2002 (orig. 30th July 1999)
Synopsis: A young couple get stranded out in the country, where they fall foul of a muddy brook. Well, the woman falls foul of the mud. And her husband is singularly unhelpful.
Preamble: This is basically a fantasy I wrote about me and my wife. I don't often write about mud, but it's one of my favourite fetishes.

Your Wild Day: A Multiple Choice Adventure - 55,000 words - added 15th April 2002, updated with Javascript 31st October 2002
(Everything - you choose!)
Synopsis: You are a schoolgirl embarking on a wild day of erotic adventure. You make the choices - get yourself in as much trouble as you like!
Preamble: Warning: you start out with a full bowel so you'll have to at least defecate once in order to get anywhere. You certainly don't have to be into panty-pooping to enjoy this story, but it does help.
Many thanks to the fan who created the javascript version!

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