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devil picture LBFM

By dotcom

While I was in the Air Force, I went TDY to the Philippines. I'd heard about how easy it was to get laid there, and I couldn't wait to see if it was true. We arrived at the base at about 1500, and were met at the plane by the first sergeant and the biggest beer cooler I've ever seen. Not a bad start. When we got our room assignments, I found out that I'd been put up in a downtown hotel, sharing a room with a guy from our shop who'd been there several times already.

When we got to the room, Al and I took turns showering, then he took me out for a quick tour of the town. There were easily over a hundred bars within a five to ten block radius, and each was full of cute Filipino chicks. They'd come and talk to me without begging for a drink, the way Korean girls do. They were all attractive and easy to be with, and each and every one was eager to fuck. Either at my room, or in the back of the club, but ready and eager to get it on.

Al and I soon went our separate way. He had friends there, and he said he'd probably spend the night at Chris' place.

I ended up in a place called the LBFM, or the Last Bohemian Field Marshal. LBFM is also what a lot of people called the Filipino girls, for Little Brown Fucking Machine. Anyway, in the LBFM, they had a couple of girls dancing naked, one on each of the stages they had located around the bar. There was one large stage in back, and several smaller stages about 5 feet across, each with a table built around it.

I picked a table in the corner, not too far from the big stage, and ordered a beer. The girl who brought me the beer asked if I wanted a girl to talk to, and I said yes.

As I was drinking my beer, one of the dancers finished her set and came over. She was tiny, about four and a half feet tall, with long, straight black hair, smallish tits that looked large on her small body, a nice ass, and a pretty face with a pretty smile. She had been dancing naked, except for a pair of high heels, and had only pulled on a long shirt before she came over to the table. She sat down and introduced herself as Gina. We talked for a while, then I told her that it was time for me to head back. She asked if I wanted her to join me, and of course I agreed. I gave her 300 pesos ($15) to give to the mama-san, she went and changed, and met me back at the bar in less than five minutes.

I'd ended up on the far side of the ville from my hotel, and wasn't too sure how to go about getting back. Gina asked me the name of the hotel, then hailed a trike and told the driver the address. On the trip, she was rubbing my cock through my pants, and I started to feel her ass and tits.

When we got to the hotel, the power was out (power was always out about that time, I eventually found out), but there was a candle in the room, so we had light.

Once I had the candle lit, we started groping each other. After some serious kissing, I peeled her out of her clothes, she helped me out of mine, then we slithered into bed. She was stroking my cock and I was rubbing a hand up and down her back, getting a good feel of her tiny ass while rubbing her clit and finger-fucking her with the other hand.

After a few minutes of warm-up, I rolled over onto my back and pulled her on top of me. She lifted herself up high enough to clear my dickhead. She rubbed the head up and down her slit a few times, then slowly lowered herself down onto me, a little at a time. Finally she was firmly seated with all of my cock in her tight, hot pussy. I reached up and started to play with her tits and pinch her nipples, and she started to rock back and forth, then to lift herself up and down on my cock, until she was fucking herself hard and furious on my cock.

After a bit, she stopped and said, "I'm tired. You fuck me for a while." I rolled her over and started to slip the meat to her, slowly at first, then faster and faster. She was encouraging me all the way, telling me to fuck her harder and faster. Eventually, I hit my limit and told her, "Here I come. Where do you want it?"

She answered, "I want your cum on my tits." So I pulled out just in time and splattered cum all over her tits.

After we calmed down a bit, I told her that I had to piss, and she said we should shower. We went into the bathroom together. The power was still out, and the only light was the candle back in the room.

Since it was dark, I decided that I'd better sit down, rather than miss and make a mess. As soon as I sat down, Gina sat on my lap and started to wiggle and grind her ass into my groin, so I started to finger-fuck her some more. As soon as I was done, I got up and she sat down to take a piss herself. I was standing back a little, and she started to reach around. She found my leg, felt her way up until she got to my dick, then grabbed hold and pulled me closer. She got me close and inhaled my dick all the way to the base, then started to give me some great head, bobbing her head up and down the shaft, all the way from the head to the base without missing a beat.

I didn't want to blow another load just yet, so I lifted her to her feet, then picked her up and hooked her knees over my elbows, with her ass in my cupped hands. She reached down and guided my dick into her cunt, then wrapped her arms around my neck. I was leaning back against the wall, bouncing her up and down on my cock. She wasn't heavy, as tiny as she was, but her weight was enough to force her as far down onto my dick as she could go, and I could feel her womb opening up to take the head of my dick deep inside her.

It only took a few minutes before I hit my limit and came again, spurting a load of cum deep inside Gina. I kept lifting her up and down, until I started to go soft. I let her down, and she knelt in front of me and sucked the mingled cum and pussy-juice off my dick. Then she took my hand and led me into the shower.

Once we were in the shower, she took the soap and lathered me up all over, rinsed me off, then rubbed soap over my dick again. She started stroking my dick until I was hard again, then bent over and sucked the head into her mouth. She held just the head between her lips and started sucking it in and out, a perfect knob-job.

While she was doing that, I soaped up her back and ass, then started running my hand between her cheeks and into her cunt from behind. I pressed a fingertip against her asshole, and the soapy digit slid right in to the second knuckle.

Gina stopped trying to suck the head off my dick and said, "You wanna fuck me in the ass, GI?"

I said yes, and she turned around and bent over, reaching back and spreading her cheeks wide apart. I took the shampoo and poured some down her ass-crack, then stroked some onto my aching dick.

I put the head right against her little pucker and pressed against her ass. There was a brief resistance, then half my dick slid right in. She wasn't too tight, but snug. It was loose enough that I was sure that I wasn't the first dick to get into her ass, but still plenty tight enough. I started stroking in and out of her ass while she alternated between fingering her cunt and playing with my balls. I'd already cum twice that night, and I was sure that I could keep fucking for a while.

I was able to fuck Gina's ass for at least ten minutes before I felt my nuts drawing up and tingling, warning me of my impending orgasm. While I was butt-fucking Gina, she was finger-fucking herself and playing with her tits.

Gina came hard, and the twisting of her asshole took me beyond any control I still had. I came, pumping a massive load deep into Gina's ass. After her writhing asshole wrung the last drop of cum from my dick, I was able to keep stroking into her ass for a few more minutes, but then I went soft and popped out of her asshole.

We finished washing up, then went back out and got into bed again. We snuggled together and drifted off to sleep for a few hours, until my alarm went off. I had it set for an hour and a half before I had to be to work, so we had time to rip off another quick piece before she left and I got ready.

When I woke up, Gina was lying on her back, with her legs slightly spread. I reached down and started lightly running my fingertips up and down her slit. She moaned sleepily and spread her legs wider, then groped around until she found my cock, which she started to slowly stroke.

Gina got wet fast, and started to work her hips from side to side. I kept on caressing her cunt and clit, and the pussy juice started to run down the crack of her ass, making it buttery-slick. Once she was really wet, I started running my fingers further back, until shortly I was stroking her from her clit to her asshole.

After about ten minutes of this, Gina started moaning, then shook in orgasm. Once she was over her orgasm, she asked me, "You wanna fuck my ass again?" I said yes, and she rolled over on her belly, thrust her ass high into her air, and used both hands to pull her cheeks wide apart.

I knelt behind her and slid my cock into her drenched pussy in one smooth stroke She said, "I thought you wanted my ass," and I told her I was just getting lubed up for her. I stroked in and out of her cunt a few times, until my cock was well-oiled. I pulled out of her cunt and lined up on her asshole again. I placed the head right against the pucker and eased against her ass until she opened up and accepted my dick into her tight rear passage. Once I was all the way into her ass, I started slowly fucking in and out. The night before had been fun, but this was great, because it was daylight, and I could see what I was doing, as well as feel it. It didn't take long before I was dumping another load of cum into Gina's hot, tight ass.

Once we were done fucking, we got up and showered. After showering, I started shaving. I thought Gina was getting dressed, but she came back into the bathroom wearing only her bra and panties. She knelt down in front of me, sucked my dick into her mouth and proceeded to give me head while I shaved. After a minute of trying to concentrate on my face, I gave it up, put the razor down, put both of my hands on Gina's head and started fucking her mouth like I'd fucked her pussy the night before. When I felt my nuts drawing up, I told her I was about to cum, and she pulled me even closer and deeper. When I came, I clenched my hands in her hair and pulled her head as tight against my groin as I could, salvoing my latest cum-load straight down her throat. Once I was done, and let go, she sucked the last few drops from my shrinking cock, then got up and got dressed while I finished shaving.

Just before we both left the room, we kissed, she reached down and grabbed my dick through my pants, and said, "Maybe we'll meet again," then laughed and said, "after I can walk straight again, you ass-hound!"

I walked her to the front door, then watched her ass sway from side to side as she walked away. Not a bad introduction to the Philippines, I decided.


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