What is this site?
Here is where I post all my straight shotacon stories. All of my stories are heavily influenced by anime-style ss, especially artists like , and . As such, none of the characters or situations in these stories represent, nor are inspired by, people or events in real life.

What is 'straight shotacon'?
Straight shotacon (or ss) is a Japanese term usually denoted for cartoon porn involving young boys and females. This can mean young boys with young girls, or teenage girls, or grown women. Although I post written works, not cartoons, I use the term 'straight shotacon' because I feel it suits the subject matter of my stories best. My stories typically involve young boys with grown women, though I won't rule out doing stories involving teenage girls as well. Young girls is a definite no; it's just a matter of personal preference.

What makes me want to write ss?
Hard to say. My own sexuality developed before I had even started school, so that's probably a factor.

What do I think of child abuse in real life?
Like any rational, sane person, I think child abuse is wrong. That's why all of my stories are based on completely unrealistic scenarios where sex between adult woman and young boys happens, and everybody involved has fun, no one gets hurt, and there aren't any long lasting or even short-term negative effects, other than exhaustion and some sore dicks/pussies. I'm fully aware that it doesn't work that way in real life, especially when it happens between family members.

Can people get in touch with me?
Yes! If you like my work, please let me know by contacting me. Every positive message I get about my stories encourages me to keep writing :)

Do I take on other people's suggestions/requests for stories?
I'm happy to listen to people's ideas, but if it's not something that interests or excites me, don't expect anything to come of it. Sorry.

Do I write other things?
Yep. But I'm not posting that here.