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A married man survives a cruise ship disaster and finds himself alone on a Pacific island with a twelve-year old girl. Together, they fight for survival and turn to each other for comfort. As the two battle the difficult situation, they find an unexpected closeness growing between them and soon discover they aren't alone on the island.

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Author Date Comment Chase's Response
Hebe Jebe 15 May 2019 I've been absolutely captivated by this wonderful novel. The struggles, the love, and near death scenarios have kept me glued to my laptop.

I was going to wait and write a full review after I finished the novel, but this chapter was so poignant and beautiful that I needed to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The way Bailey and Amy gave permission for everybody to enjoy whomever they desired showed just how much the loved and trusted Kal. The threat of death of their entire group needed the release of something so enjoyable and bonding as sexual love.

What touched me the most was the deflowering of Mei. She gave her virginity so willingly to Kal and was determined to do it. I'm a man and I'm not ashamed to admit that I had tears in my eyes as I read how everybody stopped what they were doing to caress Mei throughout her first vaginal sex experience. Just the imagery of that was amazing. The whole village, as one extended family, made a young woman's first time something she would remember forever. I can't think of a better way for a young woman to experience her deflowering. Such love and caring by the whole group was beautiful.

You are an excellent author and I have enjoyed what I've read do far of this novel. I'm sure that I'll continue to enjoy it. That is, unless Bailey dies in childbirth. Then I'm going to be extremely sad. I'm more interested now in what's going to happen next then I am in the sex. Don't get me wrong, I like the sexuality of the story, it's just secondary now. This is a very well written tale and I'll be reading your other stories as soon as I finish this.

I hope that you continue writing for many years to come. Thanks again for this wonderful tale(rating: 10)
Thanks so much, Hebe Jebe! I love telling the story of the survivors and will definitely be adding more chapters to the story very soon. I have a lot more story to tell and can see it easily going another hundred chapters or more. I hope you continue to enjoy the story as you move forward!
Justin 9 May 2019 The story itself… Colonization… Is captivating. The sex is great but the story has actually turned out to be stronger, and more attractive!

It’s been a while since you’ve added to this story. Do you plan on continuing?

I’m sure everybody has plot ideas for you, but, consider the following: the genesis of any new civilization or colony always has involved the domestication of animals. You already have trade partners set up, so I think it would be in the interest of the Islanders to bring in goats and chickens… It appears there may be no native predators for chickens, and goats, especially in the southern hemisphere and the islands are known for meat and milk and cheese.

Just some thoughts, and I look forward to the next installment… Thank you so much. (rating: 10)
Thanks so much, Justin! I definitely will be continuing the story. You may not have seen my blog post or status update, but my ex and I began divorcing late last year and I was away from writing for several months. I've just started getting back in that headspace again. I'll be adding to Shipwrecked soon, I hope, as I really enjoy telling that story. It's one of my favorites to work on with so many interesting social issues to explore. FYI Animals are definitely one of the things I expect will come along at a point in the future.
Anonymous 8 May 2019 Just crazy good. Unbelievable there is such a skilled wordsmith out there, on the internet, in this little dark corner.

I had to binge my way through three days of the work you created... could not help myself moving on to the next chapter hour-after-hour.

Thank you, and hope this island never ends. (rating: 10)
You're welcome, and thank you so much! I'm humbled and really appreciate the kind words! I'll be returning to Shipwrecked with new chapters coming out over the next few weeks.
Anonymous 28 April 2019 (Author's Note: refers to Chapter 84) You have been leaving one important cast member off the list. Katie! Awesome story line though. Yeah, I didn't add Katie to the list for a few chapters, but she's there eventually.
Anonymous 28 April 2019 (Author's Note: refers to Chapter 72) Man that took one hell of a twist! :)
Anonymous 24 March 2019 Has this story ended? Have you given up on finishing it?? See next comment.
Anonymous 13 March 2018 We've been waiting since the end of October 2018!!! Please give us chapter 170 (and more very soon!!) You must not have noticed, but on my home page I let readers know that I was going through a divorce. It has taken several months to find time and headspace to even respond to emails from readers, let alone start thinking of writing again.
Alan 18 February 2019 I am thoroughly enjoying Kal's adventure and I thank you for sharing your gift with us. I hope that your personal life is getting better, not just so you can continue your story but because life is tough enough without things like divorce in it.

Something from my youthful experiences came to me and I thought I would pass it on. What sinks in fresh water floats in salt, and often ends up on the beach.

May peace and fulfillment be yours,
Thank you, Alan!
MER 24 November 2018 First off I’m sorry to hear of your impending divorce. I went through all that 20 years ago and still feel the aches and pains of the aftermath. I hope that if there are children involved that they are near or passed the age of maturity. It’s rough on the little ones.

That said, I thought chapter 168 was a good one in that it addressed a real potential issue. The North and South camps are certain to develop their own ways and methods of dealing with daily life. Those convictions will evolve in time into cultural traditions.

Religion or the lack of is a strong factor. I personally am a strong non-believer. Simply because I believe in a scientific approach to mans evolution. Religion is just a fairy tale that got out of control. It always tests my patience to have anyone quiz me about my own religious beliefs!

For the time being, it would be a good idea to rotate people North and South . That may preserve the solidarity of the ever growing family awhile longer.

I think that my main concern is that the North could in time use the gardens as a leverage for political power. Look at Europe over the last millennium. It’s the story of our own history.

In previous chapters it was decided to stock the North with weapons for use in the event of an attack on the island. In my house I keep the weapons in one area , the ammo in another . It may give the niggling mind time to cool off.

I love Bailey. I have since the beginning of this story. I named one of my cats after her. Good for her that I have a great girlfriend! Our Story Bailey Is the kind of girl that wet dreams are made of. And the girlfriend or wife every guy wants. Ever since Kal jerked off on her back, and Bailey just let it go by… She has been the fuel for more than one played out fantasy in this house. Except for the cure for constipation, not so much… Anyway I’m a little miffed at Bailey for wanting to outside her marriage to Kal for sex.But was relieved that she had her eye on Tok. I foresee a three way with Tok in the near future.

I tend to get so involved with my reading that I forget that this story is a first person narrative. I appreciate the occasional readings from one of the characters journals . I find that it grounds me, yet worries me too. I hope this is a Kal in his twilight years looking back on a wonderful life.
Thanks so much, MER, and my sincere apologies for such a lengthy delay in replying. As you can imagine, my divorce has taken a lot of my time and headspace. It has gone rather well, all things considered, and I'm helping my ex buy a house to live in currently. Otherwise, things have been rather good and I'm finally starting to feel like I have mental energy to write again.

Great feedback on the chapter and Shipwrecked itself. I have been trying to introduce more and more of the "realist" problems a small but diversifying community might experience and I've found that a fun challenge to deal with as an author.

The idea of splitting ammo and weapons is one I've considered describing but have yet to put into the story mostly because I constantly have to decide what details (like that) to include and which to skip over to keep a balance in the narrative. The reality is that they do a bit of the separation, but only in a limited fashion due to the limited options for storage on the island currently.

And Bailey is still one of my very favorite characters, and I don't take her change of mind about becoming intimate with a man other than Kal given how sweet and personal that decision had been. But she's a maturing, intelligent, and curious young woman, and her character is telling me she wouldn't limit herself forever. It's not really about loyalty or love or anything even related to Kal. It's more about Bailey being a little reserved about the possibility of being sexual with another man but after years spent seeing others learn more about themselves and others that way, her natural curiousity would lead her to pursue something more than just Kal at some point.
Anonymous 10 November 2018 You did not included Rebecca in the chapter cast? An oversight, will get her added as needed.
Anonymous 5 November 2018 I love how Kal finishes his orgasm on Bailey as an act of love! So sexual and sweet. :)
Anonymous 3 October 2018 Wow. Great story line! (rating: 10) Thanks so much!
Anonymous 8 September 2018 Hello Chase

I must read with a text to speach program. Are there epup versions of your stories available or any other format?
Sorry. I don't really know how to do that currently. Shipwrecked is HTML only right now. I've tried in the past but failed to find a way to do what you seek but it is time consuming and it didn't turn out very well when I tried.
Gus 10 August 2018 Great story! Do you have anything published on Amazon? I would pay for great writing like these stories. Usually when a storie “gets going”, I skip most of the sex scenes. But you describe them so good that it’s hard not to read them. Do you have an idea for how longer this story will go on? 50, 100, 200 or more left?

Keep up the good work!
Hi Gus! I don't sell any of my stories anywhere currently, and I doubt I will. Most would never get past their strong censorship of controversial topics, and I really would rather just put my stories up for free for anyone to enjoy.

I'm not sure how long Shipwrecked will go on. It's sort of open-ended at this point. I'm slowly rolling up some of the longer-running plotlines (like the War) but there will be many others around relationships and the island to continue for some time. I've got some notes and could easily put out another 50 chapters on those alone, but I really don't have a "goal" for an endpoint right now.
Anonymous 10 August 2018 (Author's Note: refers to chapter 167) Enjoyed this chapter very much. Full of heart. Thank you!
Anonymous 3 August 2018 I'm guessing you've never had a toke before, or at least not from a bowl. If you use a Zippo to light weed in any from of glass (i.e. a bowl, bong or pipe) you get this horrible taste. All in all good work (rating: 9) Err... I've toked since I was seventeen, out of everything and with everything and through everything. I've lit glass bowls/bongs/pipes with Zippos dozens/hundreds of times and never noticed a "horrible taste." You sure you weren't smoking ditch weed? ;) Zippos are crappy for smoking bowls because the flame and bulky size don't work great, but aside from a bit a fuel taste if you have to spark too long, the flavor has never been "horrible" to me.
Anonymous 10 July 2018 Good work, and I'm glad the site is working again! Thanks, and so am I, very much!
Anonymous 1 July 2018 Please add more chapters to Shipwrecked, can't wait to see what happens next.Love the story keep up the good work. I just did a few days ago :) The problem was ASSTR and the broken author uploads service. It's working for now.
Oxy 29 May 2018 I really enjoyed reading this story. Your characters are well developed and interesting.I do hope you continue with this one.
Prometheus 21 April 2018 I enjoyed reading Shipwrecked and Flower Petals. Thank you for posting. Thank you!
Anonymous 15 April 2018 Plenty of unfinished plot lines; Progress, Felicity, World distruction... One of my most favorite stories... are we going to be treated to anymore? Absolutely. See two comments below this one. I have some new chapters to add, but I'm pausing while I work out whether I'm happy with one of the plot items in those chapters.
Tinkerpuss 29 March 2018 Wow - I am totally hooked :-). As a huge fan and well travelled in the Southern Pacifc - I am totally blown away by the story to date. I also hope you are well and have a great Easter. Thank you so much, Tinkerpuss! I've really enjoyed getting to set the story in that area. So much romantic potential there!
Peep_R 28 March 2018 Please don't leave us shipwrecked and stranded without writing some more chapters!! I found this when you had 160 chapters done and blitzed through it. I kept checking every day for 161 -> 163 and have been frustrated awaiting 164. I'd love for Kal to develop some bi-curiosity and discover how the prostate is the male g-spot! Thanks, Peep_R! I'm working on a plot piece and haven't settled on how it will go. I'll get new chapters published once I've made the decision on that one. I don't expect Kal to develop bi-curiosity. He's considered it a few times and found no interest. Sure, he enjoys the moments he and Tok share a partner, but beyond that, there's really no interest from him.
Anonymous 25 march 2018 Hey Chase -- I just found your site; Shipwrecked is my first exposure to your stories. I wanted to let you know how amazing I think this story is. Your loving description of Bailey and her budding sexual growth is very well told, and obviously very arousing. As a beautiful fantasy story, it is very well done! As is no surprise to you, Bailey has brought me to orgasm for the first of what is I'm sure many times!

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to many hours enjoying your very fine work.
Thank you so much! I love writing about Bailey as she grows up. She's such a delight!
Anonymous 3 February 2018 The rating is for the whole story up to this point. There have been numerous typo's that should have been caught by a proof reader. Also a confusing scene or two that had characters in positions that seemed twisted to have happened. I'm not judging the content whatsoever, that is the choice of the author . As this story tends to imitate reality, let it be know that a mother can become pregnant while nursing, my younger brother and sister are less than a year apart. I keep waiting for trouble due to the "captured" boats being offshore, there to attract attention of any passing by. But the twist that led Kal back to Kate and Nina, and dead solders floating by in the water, taught me that another twist may be coming because of those boats. It has been a roller coaster of a story, a well written story to be sure. Keep up the suspense. ;-) (rating: 9) Thanks for the feedback! Sure, women can get pregnant while nursing, but the risk is substantially reduced, and that was the point of that conversation. I won't reveal the upcoming plot points, but you'll see soon!
Anonymous 1 December 2017 Wow! What a cliff-hanger! Please write more soon. Fantastic story, but where is it going? Need more soon! (Author's Note: refers to Chapter 162) Thanks so much! I'm working up to getting the next chapter online soon. I'm not sure if that will happen before I leave for vacation on the 7th, so, if not, it will be sometime around the week of Christmas, most likely.

Shipwrecked was originally going to be a 30-chapter story which ended right there. I guess I sort missed that mark, huh? Now, it's open-ended, but I am drawing together plot lines laid out over the story to ensure they get resolution. Hopefully, you continue to enjoy how things go!
CN 28 November 2017 An amazing adventure, extremely well written. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all 161 chapters to date, and look forward to any future ones. I also have enjoyed reading your other stories (except the scat ones, not my thing). BTW, there's a typo in the chapter title, a few extra letters added in. Thanks so much, CN! And thanks for catching that typo, don't know how I missed that. Fixed.
Steve 24 November 2017 Very well written I got so excited reading the story in bed with my wife next to me I had to tell her about the story and she started to rub my dick as she got excited and then just masturbated till I came. Thank you Fantastic, Steve! I'm glad to be able to fuel a fire that you and your wife both enjoy. I hope you returned the favor :)
Anonymous 21 November 2017 is this the same war, or time frame as in run? just curious. Different war, different alternative versions of our world. I considered for a while trying to tie the two together, but I wanted different things for each plot and it wouldn't have worked the way I wanted. In Run, while the threat of many killings is in the air, there is (so far) just a war on. In Shipwrecked, as far as the folks on Phoenix know, based on information from others, most of the world's population is dead, estimates of survivors in the millions, perhaps.
Wolfe 14 November 2017 Dude I love your work. Im in the middle of rereading shipwrecked from the beginning now. Wish there was a way you could publish this n flower peddles for the public but doubt it would go over real well w vanillas lol. Keep up the good work. Yes I wish you put out more faster but I'm a realist. You got what 6 stories your working on at the same time plus life in general. I get it. I'm in the same boat. 2 jobs side gigs remodel on my house plus starting two businesses. Keep writing ill keep reading Thank you, Wolfe! I definitely love writing both Shipwrecked and Flower Petals, and, yeah, I suspect neither would play real well with most people. I'm just happy I can share the stories on ASSTR so that others can enjoy them. I love the characters and the worlds they inhabit, and I'll continue adding to them over time whenever I can.
Anonymous 7 November 2017 I’m a fan of shipwrecked and How the female characters start out as virgins and then they find romance and loss there virginity. Afterwards, they get married and pregnant. For me this is full circle. Love-marriage-family. Glad you enjoy that! Obviously, that's a common theme for me, as well, but Shipwrecked has been a perfect story in which to utilize that progression.
Anonymous 6 November 2017 This "epic" has become more complicated and difficult to follow -- especially after your extended time away from writing -- we realize you had more important things to do -- than "War and Peace" or"The Brothers Karamazov."

As much as it was entertaining in its early chapters. it has become so complicated with so many Polynesian names that it's hard to figure out who's doing what to whom.

Sorry, but I'm not even going to TRY to resume reading it.
I'm sorry the story is no longer of interest to you. I won't apologize for time spent away from ASSTR. Most of the time this year was out of my control, and even if it wasn't, I'm not wasting more time (again) trying to explain why this is a hobby I share with others, not a promise I've made to you or anyone. Sorry, I won't be guilted.

As to the complexity of the story: it was inevitable that the cast must grow. That IS the story now. I've tried to ensure that there are clear short-run plot lines that get continued over a few chapters before it plays out. These are each pretty well focused, I think, so that only a handful of characters are even active in any single chapter or sets of chapters. It isn't important that you remember every character, that's the point of the cast list at the end. As to who is doing what to whom... *shrug* The plot is complex. That's the way it is. I understand if that's not of interest, but I'm the writing the story as it is. I can't do anything else.

For a completely opposite reaction, see the comment just below this one.
MER 28 October 2017 Greetings!Thank you for another great chapter of Shipwrecked ! I went back and reread the story during that dry spell this last spring. It helped to re-anoint me with all the characters and story line.

In this chapter (#157) you brought up the issue of the lack of communications with the Uhonamonan's. I for one would maintain radio silence until they called. I don't trust their leadership now that they are getting in bed with Progress United.There is no guarantee the Uhonamonan's won't hand Phoenix over if pushed.

When the Humble Beginnings was boarded and searched, they found a walk in cooler. Was that a refrigerated walk in or a natural air flow deal?I'm just concerned about the stores going bad. Was there a single side band on the bridge?

Chase, I love this story, I spent over 20 years sailing the Pacific and always wanted to to be marooned on a self-sustaining island like Phoenix. I hope you are planning for many (hundreds?) more chapters to come
Hi MER! Thanks so much for reading (and rereading!)

Re: The Uhonamonans: You'll find that issue continuing to be around in chapter #158 and beyond, so I won't reveal the details until that it is published ;)

Re: Humble Beginnings cooler: It's a refrigerated cooler, so there was always an option of keeping items in there for a period of time and firing up the boat to keep it chilled, but as you can tell, Kal and the others are trying to minimize the use of fuel, plus they were able to triage the produce and eat most of it while also drying/preserving some, as well. It is amazing how much food it takes to feed so many people (I think the island is up to 34 plus 4 babies/infants!)

Re: SSB: It is likely that the boat has it, but the problem is that the shortwave frequency being used is above the band that the SSB would use, so if Uhonamona is listening as expected, they won't directly hear the SSB calls. Certainly seems possible that they could try to reach out blindly using the SSB and hope that a friendly boat/receiver heard the call, but it would be like shooting in the dark, and any other boats with SSB capabilities might listen in. That could also happen with the shortwaves, too, but Kal and the others believe there is less chance of being overheard on the shortwaves than the SSB frequencies. A calculated risk, and one which might turn out to be wrong.

Wow, 20 years sailing in the Pacific? That sounds fantastic! I bet you saw some amazing places over that time, and hopefully, got to meet a few friendly natives, as well :)

I definitely have a lot planned for Shipwrecked, so it's not going anywhere any time soon. There are challenges and tough moments ahead, but also happy and fun ones, so I hope you'll stay tuned!
Rod Adamantine 26 October 2017 I want to say that I have enjoyed your tales very much and though not always patiently (I'm anxious to find out what happens the the characters that I've a relationship with!) I am more than willing to wait! So - you can tell that piker that is griping about delay to go take a leap and ignore him, as I'm sure you will.

I am continually amazed with the volume and quality of your output. How many hours a day do you find to write (may be in your FAQs, I don't remember!)

Historically I've not found anything that I'd consider an oversight or mistake, but I've found a couple recently. I assume that you'd like to be informed when these are found? (. . .) Keep up the good work. Ignore the trolls and rest assured there are people that do appreciate and recognize the amount of time and effort you put into these. I'm glad you share your stories with us!
Thank you so much, Rod!

I know what you mean about finding out about characters you have a relationship with. It's the same way for this author. It's fun to sort of let them have a mind of their own and then they tell me what happens. Sometimes, I don't always know ahead of time how things might turn out, which adds to the enjoyment when writing the details.

How much I write per day varies a lot based on what else I've got going on. Some days, it might be 10-12 hours, more likely it is 2-3, maybe 4-5 if I get extra free time. I'm very fortunate that when an idea takes me, the story just flows out so quickly that I barely notice the time passing.

I would love for you to let me know when you find typos or other issues, I always want to fix those, so thanks for letting me know about this one. I'll get it fixed immediately. Typos really take away from so many stories that they almost become unreadable, so I try to catch as many of mine as possible before publishing.
Anonymous 22 April 2017 here we go again, four fucking months with no continuation... Just end the damn thing already. NOT comeing back to an author that leaves things hanging for MONTHS on end. *Sigh* So don't come back, then. Shit happens. Not only was I very busy from January to April, 2017, but by the point you emailed me (late April) I had been locked out of my author management account and unable to even update my home page. After months of that situation, ASSTR suffered a server crash, which made the whole site break for a couple more months. Finally, now in October 2017, I have access again. But, you know, you left so none of this will matter. Sorry my ability to overcome the laws of physics and write and publish on your schedule didn't live up to your expectations... Now, please kindly piss off.
Bjorn 1 April 2017 I like your serie very much and am vaiting for the next chapter. Or are you tired of writing. Anyhow I wish to hear from you again. Cheers Hi Bjorn! Thanks for writing. I have been very busy these last few weeks and hope to have some time to write more soon. I'm definitely not tired of writing! If I could, I would spend many hours each week doing so, but other commitments keep that from happening.
Tio 19 February 2017 Mr. Shivers, you would make a great dope peddler because you have me hooked! Shipwrecked is one of the best stories I have ever read. Kal is living the life that any man (or woman) could wish for. But honestly, Kal is the biggest horn dog I have ever seen. he must lay in bed and chuckle himself to sleep! Butt fucking a 12 yr old girl to cure her constipation? Talking at least 4 pubescent girls into vaginal, oral and anal sex and they went for it? Fuck yes! I pulled some of this with the neighbor girls when I was 12 and got sent to live with relatives for a year! I love this story. I can't wait for the next chapter just to see who he gets to suck his cock next? that in mind, Kal needs to break down and suck Toks cock. He wants it, let him have it!

On another issue, I'm concerned about all the newcomers to the island. I am for cutting off any further immigration to Phoenix Is. Paradise Lost is leaving. They are going to attract the Blue Meanies and tragedy will follow. How about a second community on the other side of the island? The beautiful simplicity of the island, Kal, Bailey, Keeka, and Gale was great. I understood the necessity of adding Tok and his refugees. That group was almost self sustained.but now it's like Europe kicking out all it's dissidents in the 16th/17th century. Pretty soon they will have to wear clothing again, no! not Bailey!
Thanks for the comments, Tio! You've hit on several things that cross my mind as I consider this story and the characters. Kal is, undeniably, sort of a 'comic book hero,' right? Too good to be true, in many ways. That's okay in a fantasy, to me at least.

Re: Tok and Kal: I won't future plot points, but the hints are strong that Kal is not interested in this. I'm not saying it can't happen, but for now, it runs against what Kal himself has narrated about his own thoughts.

Re: immigration: This is a difficult situation on Phoenix, and I certainly consider real world events when the characters try to solve this issue. The newcomers will clearly impact the island, the question in the air right now is, in what ways? Stay tuned!
norm 29 January 2017 What!! I read up to 144 only to find a to continue!!!

Is this a soap opera that never ends or is there a real ending.

I have a dozen or so stories in my book that were to continue and several years later they mostly they just sit there.
This story is open-ended. After launching in January 2014, over three years have passed and I've added 144 chapters and over 500,000 words to the series. I have plenty more to write about these characters and this world. All that is keeping me from doing so more regularly is Real Life. I'll add to it as I can. I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters!
Anonymous 27 January 2017 Good story, I am enjoying it.

After Kal talks to Hakee, look for the followin sentence: "She wants to be with you, hoped there was run for her,". I think you mean room for her.
Thanks, Anon! Good catch, fixed.
Norm 24 January 2017 I've just read about eighty chapters of your tale and have about tuned off because of the receptive sex. The same words over and over descriptions of the same act over and over again. If all you want is the longest serial ever, you got it, but if you are really trying to tell us an erotic tail keep it erotic but not 40 chapters of the same erotic content.. Tease us occasionally with some wild erotism and go back to telling your tail of survival and developments in the line of "The lord of the flies."

What a great idea, combining the best of "Isle of the Blue Dolphin" and the many films such as The Blue lagoon."

Only great author as you are able to pull all these threads together.

I try not to offend, only offers support and encouragement.

thanks for listening.
Thanks, Norm! I am not offended when suggestions are offered honestly and politely. I get that some readers such as yourself grow tired of the sex scenes, but many others do not and ask for more of them. As I've written elsewhere, this is a fap story first, the plot is just the context in which the characters have sex. I think you'll find that later chapters have less sex described (though still plenty.) I hope you enjoy the story as it moves forward!
Brett 20 January 2017 Ch 3 might be rushing the relationship a little but I really enjoyed it.

Shell fish was a good find and it reminded me of the female body parts.

Again, more when I think of it...
Thanks again, Brett! I admit the relationship was rushed. I struggled with that part at first, but decided that I needed to compress the timeline for the relationship in order to make it keep pace with the survival details. Hope you continued to enjoy the story!
Brett 20 January 2017 Loved it. Started with Ch 2 and it worked well.

I love shipwrecked stories anyways and yours is good. Good tension is maintained, and a great pace.

I am sure there are more appropriate terms I can use and if I have the chance I will. Going to ch 3
Thanks Brett!
Anonymous 17 January 2017 Thanks for moving the "chapter cast" section to the end of Shipwrecked #144. While it's a useful reference, there are times that the contents of the cast section provides some foreshadowing of the plot developments in the chapter, so I've trained myself to skip over it before reading the chapter. Please consider doing the same for your other series - thanks! Thanks, Anon! I will consider this in my other series.
Angunn 15 January 2017 I have to say that what I like most in your writing, is about the creampies. Especially the anal ones. I am longing for more to come. It is so arousing the way you describe ! And also when you describe the cleanig of vagina after the girls and women peeing. That is one of the things I am sorry to say I have not experienced. I think it must be good for you to know that many of your readers, men and women, are siting around the world so sincere waiting for more to come. Panties is also one of my faourites. The girls and women hunting, finding and smelling..

Something is now hitting my nose !
Hi Angunn! It is wonderful to hear from my favorite Norwegian lady :)

Thanks for the very kind words! I love the creampies, too. ;)

It is ashamed you have never had the pleasure of being cleaned after peeing. Maybe it is not too late for you? Perhaps someone might be wanting to do that for you, you never know!

I love knowing that people, men and women, are getting off to what I write. It turns me on a lot to hear about it from people, and you are a favorite since you tell me what you really think!

I wonder, were you smelling your own panties or someone else's? Either way, it is very hot and I'm sure the scents are delightfully naughty!
Tinkerpuss 14 January 2017 Awesome effort, extremely well written and oh what a paradise that would be ;-). Loved it Thank you so much! It is a joy of a story to write, so I'm glad you are enjoying it, as well! I'll have more chapters coming over the next few weeks.
Liam 11 January 2017 I'm currently in chapter 77 of Shipwrecked and whereas there have been some kinks/fetishes that aren't necessarily my thing it's been a GREAT read so far but if I am honest... the reintroduction of Nina and Kate has really ruined this story for me. I actually find myself hating them and wishing they were dead. As a writer (not of erotic fiction) I really don't understand the permenant arrival of their characters. I understand them showing up as a shock. It gives a twist that you can then build off of, but I really dislike them staying. Thanks, Liam! I'm sorry that Kate and Nina staying has ruined the story for you. I'm not really sure why that is so. It was part of the plot I'd planned out from the beginning, and their places on the island become vital and necessary in later chapters. If you keep reading, I hope the characters will grow on you and it will be less of an issue for you. Thanks for reading!
Anonymous 5 January 2017 Honestly, this has the potential to be slightly de-eroticized and published as a quite interesting multi-volume series of novels. I just spent the last week reading it from the beginning to now. You've got a fan. I'll admit to growing a little numb to the sex and sometimes skipping forward, but damn! Quite the story! I love your attention to detail, and character development. You're a talented author with a brilliant imagination. Thank you so much! Shipwrecked has been a huge effort for me, and one I've really enjoyed. I can understand the sex becoming repetitive, but I do like to keep that in the story as it is vital to the relationships and to the society. I care about the characters, and I'm glad it shows! I've wondered what it might take to make it less/non-erotic, but I don't think I want to try to go through the effort to do that since so much of what happens revolves around the sex. Thanks for reading!
PocketPerv 4 January 2017 Shipwrecked!! I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy your story Shipwrecked. Simply the best. I hope your creativity continues to advance the story.

If I may make a suggestion, it has been a while since there was an additional person "Washed-Up". Maybe a Father/Daughter pair that has been surviving aboard a ship for something, who are already involved in a inc relationship.

I'm definitely not trying to change your already imagined direction for the story. Just suggesting.

Again, Love your work - Please continue!
Many thanks, PocketPerv! I think I have to be somewhat careful with the 'washed-up' events. Even in the couple I've had (Kal, Bailey, Amu to some extent,) it felt like it it needed to be judiciously utilized. This is a small island away from other islands, and well into world events which have killed off most people. So, someone washing up at this point would feel, to me, contrived (though I'm not revealing future events nor saying this can't/won't happen.)

However, there are strong hints that new people will be arriving on Phoenix with the discussion of Ekoh and other newcomers. Some of those have been described as incestuous couples, so perhaps you'll enjoy what comes of that. I'll have new chapters up over the next few weeks!
don 1 January 2017 A great story. How about finding an old-fashioned enema bag? Then give her a tummy bulger enema, making her hold the water. Elimination in private. When she is assfucked, have her anal hole stay open and clean for four hours. It's the male character's way of showing that he is the boss. Maybe she could do something naughty or dangerous, and the male character would have to spank her or make her wear a homemade butt plug. Hi Don, great to hear from you! I'm glad you are enjoying Shipwrecked so far. I see you commented from Chapter 10, so you still another 130 chapters or so to read in the story (if you haven't already.) I hope you enjoy them!

The characters in Shipwrecked are generally less exposed to fetishes than your suggestions, not that I'm opposed to the ideas in another series. Once you work your way through the chapters, I think you'll find that there are a few scenes where kink/fetishes are explored (watersports, light spanking,) but nothing approaching the enema bag or butt plug. Bailey is a soft-hearted young woman and isn't the type who would be interested in participating that way. I'll keep the ideas in mind, though, for other stories.
Anonymous 26 December 2016 This is a good story, keep them cuming. Thank you! I really enjoy writing Shipwrecked and will be adding to the story very soon (probably after the holidays.) I hope you continue to enjoy the tale!
DARKSIDE7 14 December 2016 Shipwrecked is the best story I've read on the internet! Couldn't stop reading it at night. Can't wait for more. Thanks for the hard work. Thank you, DARKSIDE7! I love writing Shipwrecked and I definitely look forward to continuing the story very soon!
Anonymous 1 December 2016 I thought Amy and Keekah conceived at the same time or at least a couple of weeks apart. I'm starting to think that Keekah is having twins because she's so big and hasn't had any contractions yet.(Braxton Hicks contractions) If Keekah has twins that would be a surprise. Also, I'm loving how the characters have matured over time and how you expanded the island to include areas that were previously unexplored. Keep up the good work. Hi! Thank you. Yes, I did get your first email and appreciate you reaching out to me. I won't give away the results of Keekah's pregnancy, but you'll see soon enough if you were right ;)

FYI: Amy and Keekah did conceive close together, but not on the same day. Also, Amy's labor was early compared to her due date, so that affected the gap between the two events in addition to the differing dates of conception.
Anonymous 19 November 2016 It's really great to see Nina expressing the "non-breeder" point of view at the end, and Kal recognizing the importance of controlling fertility (author's note: refers to Chapter 137). Though their island is wonderful, their resources have a visible finite limit, and pregnancy is a severe pain in the ass when unwanted and sometimes a life-threatening condition without modern medicine. Like Nina, I'm glad the women who want children can have them in such a loving and supportive environment

Keep up the great work.
Great points. It is something which was a conflicting issue for many, especially the women, and I found this rather hard to convey. As pointed out by Nina, Kal couldn't really understand the full impact of that risk, and until that point in the plot, there really was nothing to do about it. The choices were vaginal abstinence or taking the risk.

Thanks for your thoughts!
Anonymous 17 November 2016 Have enjoyed your work tremendously. Have read most everything you have posted. Please continue. Thanks for your efforts. Sincere thanks!
Anonymous 23 October 2016 Loving the survival parts of the story and see the sex as a bonus. Would love to see more insight institute the building of the infrastructure on the island. I find myself coming back for the characters and not the sex- they are just that good. Thanks for writing! Thanks! There will be some of what you are looking for in chapters 135 and beyond.
Tempest 23 October 2016 Just finished reading the first two chapters. Very interesting story line. Nicely paced and believable characters. It draws the reader in - wanting to read on. Thanks, Tempest! I hope you continue to enjoy the story!
Giacomo 22 October 2016 Please keep Shipwrecked open ended, to be continued as the muse moves your. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks, Giacomo! I am doing just that.
abbe 786 22 October 2016 I really like shipwrecked as it has grown, it to me has become more interesting from the social and Robinsonesque aspects than from the sexual points.

Maybe for you as an author it may in a sence also represent your view on humanity and life in an ongoing process, I really think you should let that process go on for as long as you feel it is taking you somewhere on a personal level, perchance it will land you someplace you didnt expect and be of value in ways that will surprice you.

Thank you for everything this far.
Thank you so much, abbe 786. I have decided to keep the story going beyond the possible conclusive scenes.
fergy 22 October 2016 I completed the 135 chapters and I really loved your story. Although I thought there was to mush sex, the story was great and I am waiting for more !!

Please put more action related about the war. There must be a final battle, I would think.
Thanks for the feedback, fergy! The war is not forgotten, I promise!
Middleman 22 October 2016 I hope you will continue the story and develop new characters as they arrive to the community, add in some turmoil and power struggles along the way but always have the tide of power swing eventually back to the core Phoenix residents. Thanks for the entertaining and stimulating story, good job! (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks for the feedback! This is the general way I am going to go with the story. I'll keep it open ended, but first I'll wrap up a few of the bigger plot lines before bringing in a bunch of new ones.
grower 20 October 2016 Keep it going, but with more adventure. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks, grower, hopefully you'll enjoy the new chapters!
Narrative closure 18 October 2016 I vote for drawing "Shipwrecked" to a conclusion. Because I like narrative closure. Think about long TV series like "The Wire" or "Breaking Bad." It's great that those series actually ended, with a crafted conclusion, instead of just ceasing or whimpering away, the way most TV shows do. It makes it stand as a complete work. If you like the characters, you can always start up a sequel! But part of my interest in "Shipwrecked" as a series is to find out what happens. So that means you need a conclusion to the plot! (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) All great points. Thank you for the feedback!
Anonymous 18 October 2016 Please keep shipwrecked open and going. I really enjoy this and would hate to see it end. I think this has the potential to be twice as long as it already is. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks for the feedback!
Anonymous 18 October 2016 Without a doubt the greatest erotic story I have ever read looking forward to more Many thanks!
Steve 16 October 2016 I would love to see Shipwrecked continue. I really like the entire world that it is set in. the people are very interesting.I waited,checking daily, for its return.Hate to have to leave it so soon. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks for the feedback! I have decided to keep the story open, though I'll try to bring some of the bigger plot lines to a conclusion before opening up a lot of new ones. I hope to have new chapters going up in the next few weeks.
Mike 15 October 2016 My personal thought is that you leave it as an ongoing story. I can't see how you could have a conclusion at this point. Not unless you want to get nasty and have the island attacked by military forces and the population wiped out. Not something I'd enjoy reading. Cheers. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Many thanks, Mike!
Tim 15 October 2016 Chase, I've enjoyed every chapter of Shipwrecked. I would like to see the series continue and evolve as time goes by. Kal, Bailey, Amy, and Mie are my favorite characters. Plus as Katie gets older she can join in the fun.

Keep it going my friend! (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive)
Thank you, Tim! I have decided to keep it going!
Bill 15 October 2016 I honestly think your the best writer of erotica I have ever read! I would love for you to keep shipwreck going. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Wow, thank you so much, Bill!
Anonymous 15 October 2016 Keep the Shipwrecked story going but you can always hold onto your endplot if needed (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks for the feedback!
Anonymous 14 October 2016 Keep the story going. Why have it end? Just have it evolve. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks!
Anonymous 13 October 2016 Please don't end Shipwrecked. Love this story! Also really liked Semper Fi. I guess I understand if you do end it as I'm sure it would be difficult coming up with fresh ideas. Anyways, just my thoughts. Can't wait for Chapter 135 (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks for the feedback!
Anonymous 13 October 2016 Keep it going, love the story. It's my favorite. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thank you!
Anonymous 12 October 2016 I'd love some sort of conclusion that gets them out of danger. They can't live on that island forever. Revisiting the story after would be great. (Feedback to Q about keeping Shipwrecked open-ended or conclusive) Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure why you believe "They can't live on that island forever."
Avid Reader 10 October 2016 Thank you for all the work you have done on this wonderful story. It takes real talent to right a story that is both hot AND makes you feel invested in the story and characters progression!

Is there anyway to have these available to download as one single file... say first chapter to whatever is most current? The reason I ask is that my preferred reading format is on my kindle. I've been downloading your chapters one by one... piecing them together one after the other into a growing text file so they are one document and then converting them to .mobi (kindle) format. If they were in one file it would save me a lot of work! If not, that's ok to, I really appreciate the time an effort you have put into creating this wonderful story!
Thanks so much for the compliments, I definitely enjoy writing Shipwrecked and I am pleased it comes across as something more substantial than a fap story. That is definitely my intent!

As far as one file: No, not currently. I have tried to find a solution to this previously, but I'm kinda limited on ASSTR on what I can do, and I don't have the time to try to reformat the stories to output them as PDFs or MOBI or other such formats. I will revisit this in the future, though, once I have finished the story and have all of it published online. I really appreciate the effort you go through to read this tale!
Anonymous 25 September 2016 Whens the next chapter Coming soon, written but still in need of editing and publishing.
Anonymous 23 September 2016 Keep up the good work can't wait for more chapters any idea when we can expect them Much appreciated. More coming soon!
Anonymous64 15 July 2016 Chase when do we expect ANY UPDATES??? You're killing us out here!!! Sorry again for the delays. I have several more chapters written, I just need to find time to do the editing and publishing. Hopefully soon (October-ish)
Prime 4 July 2016 Chapters between 1-65 is really good but from 80-133 the story starts to flatline.

I like how Kal is intimate with many girls - way to go pal. But I find it distasteful when other men like Tok have their way with Kal's wives Amy and Keekah. It's not a feeling of being selfish but rather my Alpha male trait rearing its head.

I understand this story is not about harems or artificial orgies but rather about sharing freely with all characters being intimate with each other. But the problem I see is that Kal keeps inviting or accepting more men into their community. Eventually throughout the story, the ratio of men to women would have been 2:1 which would have been a conundrum, especially if Kal allows those men other than Tok to fuck his wives.

This to me, illustrates that Kal is one of those types of men who has no jealousy even if another man like Tok gets his wife pregnant. Kal is the epitome of a sissy, someone who does not see a problem with complete strangers fucking his women. Those men may be carrying sexually transmitted diseases or their penises may be too big which can cause virginal tear, and despite that knowledge Kal still willingly allows other men to have sex with is wives.

Kal reminds me of those husbands who have tiny cocks but allows strangers to fuck their wives for the sexual gratification. The problem here is the women will always leave the husband and marry the stranger which always happens. Eventually the same would have logically happened in the story with the exception of Bailey who would have stayed with Kal.

And because Kal has not shown to assert any Alpha tendencies found in males, he lost Kate, Gale, and potentially Amy to Tok although Amy still loves Kal. The thought that Amy might be carrying Tok's child makes my skin crawl. Has Kal no shame? Tok could be carrying sextually transmitted diseases which could have infected Amy and Kal does not seem to care!

But other than that, this story is fantastic. Well done.
This is a long and specific comment and one I want to reply to at length. First, regarding STIs/STDs: There is no doubt that I, like almost every author writing in erotica, largely ignores this problem. It's hard to make the scenes happen if the characters are (justifiably) worrying about diseases. You don't get the spontaneous sex, the creampies, and all the other erotic aspects that I like to add to my stories. As a result, diseases are simply ignored. This is a fantasy, remember, and so, though this world might resemble our own, I get to choose which aspects transfer over, and I've chosen to ignore the problem of disease.

Second, the women in Kal's life are not his property. They don't belong to him, he doesn't "give permission" to them to be autonomous or to act outside the reach of his "leash." I don't like the implication that Kal is the "master" of his women in the way you imply, and I utterly reject that this is the case in this story. As such, what each character does is part of a web of relationships that are complex, and which, at times, present problems (see the chapters regarding Kal and Hakee, for instance.)

To call Kal a 'sissy' seems a rather odd way to describe him. Given that you feel it is his right to control his wives and lovers tightly, and that they have no agency without his permission, I suppose it isn't much of a stretch to think of him as someone who has not asserted his 'alpha male' rights.

But I see this as projection. You see in Kal someone who doesn't fit, as you said, the 'alpha male' archetype, and therefore, his inability to 'control' his possessions makes him weak. I've tried to write a story which DIRECTLY ASSAULTS this notion. One of the most important underlying themes is dealing with jealousy and desires which don't fit neatly into a monogamous relationship. That Amy, or Keekah, or the other women have needs and wish to experience other men may be a complication in the plot, but it is one of reflection, not one of control and possession. I think you do not fully grasp the concept of compersion, nor the idea that a man can be a man without punishing his lovers for pursing desires for men other than him.

The paragraph where you talk about men with small dicks (the term for what you describe is "cuckold") goes off the rails rather hard. I have no idea where you get the idea that letting other men have sex with your wife means they will 'marry the stranger' and this 'always happens.' Nonsense. Regardless, this is a red herring to your larger point about sharing wives. Kal enjoys seeing his wives experiencing pleasure with other men. Why? Because I'm the author, and I say so.

Regarding your comment that "he lost Kate, Gale, and potentially Amy to Tok," I cannot fathom how that meshes with the actual story. Gale was never part of Kal's life in the same way as the others, and she specifically desired a special pair-bond of her own. Kal already had Bailey and Keekah by the time Gale came around, and it was clear that someone else might be willing to fill that hole in her world. Tok was that man. There's no "losing Gale to Tok," she was never Kal's to lose in any sense. And losing Kate and Amy? Sorry, no idea what you are talking about.

That last idea, combined with the statement that "The thought that Amy might be carrying Tok's child makes my skin crawl" suggest racism. I don't know your thoughts, so I can only cast conjecture, but it is implied that once a dark-skinned man is intimate with a white girl (notice, you don't mention Keekah, a dark-skinned girl, when discussing 'lost to Tok' or 'skin crawl,') that somehow taints them for eternity. Maybe you're not racist, but your explanation comes off that way.

Folk psychology aside, I cannot agree with the way you have characterized the story, Kal, or, more importantly, the women in the tale. Where you see them as possessions, I see them as autonomous agents. Where you describe them as 'lost' or see Kal as having no shame, I see a community which has dealt with jealousy and bonding in a unique way. You see a man having multiple lovers as perfectly fine, but god forbid that the women do the same. That's pretty much the definition of misogyny.

Regardless, I do appreciate that you took the time to spell out your thoughts. Even as I profoundly disagree with your interpretations and conclusions, it caused me to revisit the story with a different perspective. I can't agree with what you said, but I find myself more satisfied than ever that Shipwrecked has drawn together a narrative of romance, intimacy, and complex relationships which hopefully challenge readers, and me as the author, to consider new ideas, even ones which, in our reality, cannot take hold. Thanks for writing me, and I hope that, despite the distaste you have for these aspects of the narrative, you continue to read and follow along.
Peter 18 June 2016 Is it possible to find the same story without the sex? I realize that that is why it is on the site. But it's really good and I'd love to read it without interruptions of the sex. Hmmm... that's not something I'd considered doing since the sex is integral to the character and relationship developments. I haven't put together a parallel 'SFW' version of any kind, and I don't honestly look forward to trying to go back through almost 500,000 words of the story (so far) to edit out the sex. Seems like a daunting task, and if I've got that kind of time, I'd rather spend it writing new stories. If any of my readers wanted to undertake that task, I'd be willing to publish it, assuming the story isn't then full of big holes and lacking context. If someone wants to do this, please contact me first. Otherwise, sorry, Peter, I don't see myself doing that any time soon.
Dave 18 June 2016 Been enjoying the "Shipwrecked" series and much appreciate the newly added chapters 124-132: I had been wondering for a while if the series had been abandoned and am glad that this is not the case.

If I may suggest a way forward, now that Poln has started making love to the females even though he is not yet 12 it would be a simple case of him managing to impregnate Mie (who, at the age she is, would be potentially fertile) or Tika or Tila.

Just a suggestion but one which would likely take things to a boundary which you might find a bit far fetched.

Cheers, and keep up the Shipwrecked series.
Thanks, Dave! I wouldn't consider that too far fetched given other pregnancies which have happened. I won't reveal my plans for the rest of the series at this point, but I appreciate the suggestion!

I will say that, at Chapter 133 (which I just published), we are starting to get to the final scenes of what I've planned for this series. I don't want to open up too many more subplots in need of wrapping up. It makes me very melancholy to think about that, to be honest.
Anonymous 13 June 2016 I have to admit that when I first started reading your story, my dick was in my hand. However, as I read the story, the thought of stroking went away and I couldn't put the story away...very good read, and the sex is just enough to keep the story intact. Keep it up. :) Thanks, Anon!
Hop a long 12 June 2016 Good to see you publishing your stories. Shipwreck is superb Thank you! Good to be back.
jcb 12 June 2016 Thank you so much for adding chapters again. I've become a fan of your stories and really waited anxiously for your next installments.

Thank you so much for all the stories.
Thanks, jcb! I have another three chapters of Shipwrecked written that I hope to edit and publish today (Sunday). I hope you enjoy them!
David 8 June 2016 Thank you for your update on ASSTR. I got started reading Shipwrecked and then read all your other work. I really enjoyed them. Looking forward to when ever you get new work done. Thanks, David! I just published 3 new chapters of Shipwrecked a moment ago, hope you enjoy them!
SkipNChurch 14 April 2016 Wanted to than you personally for a damn great multi-faceted line of stories blended into a mind engaging read. Sure the "sex" is great, and I am a fan of many of the things you pen of, enjoying damn near every slice of life the islanders are living.

Attention to detail is good plus, seeing you pay attention to mundane through important with clarity. I eagerly await chapters as your time permits!
Thanks for sticking with my throughout this journey, SNC! Always a pleasure to hear from you.
Steve 9 April 2016 I am up to chapter 35 and wish the story would go on forever! Such a monumental piece of erotic work and love the detail of daily life mixed with such powerfully erotic age different fucking and scenes. The cleaning after pissing is a masterpiece and light scat could perhaps drift in and out a bit more. Thankyou for such a wonderful experience... will comment again at the end. My sincere thanks, Steve. I hope you have continued to enjoy the series!
Anonymous 29 February 2016 Next Chapter coming soon......aaaand it's been about HALF A FUKING YEAR!!!!!!! Guess this story lines done huh? Not at all. And by now, it had been about 9 months ;) Anyway, 3 new chapters just published, hope you find and enjoy them!
Anonymous 23 February 2016 "Shipwrecked" is one of the finest stories I have ever read! Thanks for writing it; thanks for sharing it. My pleasure, thank you!
Grumpy 17 February 2016 It's been six months since the last chapter. Please let us know if we should give up waiting for another. Apologies again, had to be away on other priorities. June 10, 2016, I have returned to add 3 'in-the-can' chapters to the story. Enjoy!
Grumpy 14 February 2016 It's been so long. Have you abandoned this story and moved on? Nope, just very busy on non-erotica projects. Thanks for checking in, Grumpy!
Anonymous 10 February 2016 Certainly hope you haven't been sick, 6 months is a tad long for us to wait for another chapter. Got hooked on this story long ago! Sorry for so long away, just today (June 10, 2016) published 3 new chapters, hope you enjoy them!
Amelie 14 December 2015 I'm having withdrawals ;) eagerly awaiting more.... Sorry for so long away, I hope the wait is worth it!
Dave 16 September 2015 Have gone all the way through this series: great writing.

I can't help thinking it would be cool if, with Poln able to ejaculate (making him virile?) it would be a cool twist if he made love, by accident, to one of the females (I would suggest either Mie or one of the younger females - not Katie, of course) in her peak fertile time. Poln, of course, would be unaware of the consequences of 2 weeks worth of regular lovemaking with said fertile female until it is too late to avoid the creation of another member of the community.

Just a thought but it rather tickles my fancy.
Thanks, Dave! Great idea. I can't say if I'll include something like this, but I appreciate where you are going!
Anonymous 15 September 2015 Alright now, you know I'm loving a story if I'm looking up definitions in the middle of reading it! This is supposed to be escapist stroke material to me! No thinking, the blood is otherwise engaged!

Compersion! Really??!!! Trying to expand *my* horizons now are you! :D
:) Thanks so much! You don't see the word compersion outside of polyamorous relationships, but it's a great concept, one we could all use a lot more of!
Anonymous 25 August 2015 Just a small error that I thought needed to be addressed. This is supposed to be Chapter 85, but you have it listed above the chapter cast as Chapter 95. Fixed, thank you!
Anonymous 29 July 2015 Hi, I've just started reading your story "Shipwrecked," and so far it's amazing! I was wondering, is there any chance you would allow it to be posted on another site as well... That's a free site, and they arrange things so nicely even creating links to download the whole story, finished or ongoing, in a variety of mobile reader file! Getting this into my kindle is kind of a chore...

Well either way, great story and keep up the great work!
Thanks for the great feedback! I would love to be able to post Shipwrecked on Unfortunately, the site has a policy which forbids content depicting anyone under 14 in sexual situations, so Shipwrecked would not be allowed there.

I'll see if I can figure out an easy way to make the stories easier to download, I've had several readers ask for that, but aside from having to manually generate PDFs or other formats every time I update (a tedious process I don't have time for), I don't know what to do.
SkipNChurch 19 July 2015 Chase, Enjoying this wide spectra of worlds adventures excitement your mind brings to pen.

Indeed Shipwrecked is so far my favorite line chapter read, rest of canon is as imaginative fun to read as well. Notice as SW continues to lengthen out it like all good fiction must have its world grow too. Am very interested in seeing how things devlop, problems pop up, solutions found in your world of scarcity and convenience.

Of course sex is great! Also return continually for those good bones that carry SW back to we fans.
Thanks so much, SkipNChurch! Always good to hear from you. I am definitely enjoying the way the characters and plot of Shipwrecked have slowly grown to show more and more complexity and incorporate more of what's going on outside the island while trying to keep the original, isolating setting and challenges core to everything.

I've still got a good chunk of story to tell, and it will come to a final chapter sometime over the next few months. I hope the conclusion can meet (or exceed) expectations. Once done, I won't rule out completely returning to the characters for follow-on tales, but I expect the meat of the main plot will be finished.
Mike 18 July 2015 A very good story with all the sex I like.Lets have a conclusion with a happy ending. Thanks, Mike! We'll get to the conclusion over time, not wishing to rush anything.
ze-german 15 July 2015 I simply LOVE this story... OK, the longer it goes I'm more and more interested in the story plot, but nevertheless I enjoy the sex scenes. Some more bi-sex would be great.

Some stylistic comments: We readers know about the age of (y)our heroes, so why do you mention and emphase the age of the girls on and on...:> my fourteen-year-old wife< why don't you use her name instead her age again and again?

We/you already reached chapter 120 and I doubt that a NEW reader will START reading the story from these late chapters, so it's not necessary to explain the relationship between Cal and Kate and Nina and... for the umpteenth time...

Just btw: what about the dog "Karana"? Not because of the sex, I simply love animals LOL Once you introduce a new character - human or animal - we like to hear more about them... Thank you for this great story and keep on writing
Thank you, ze-german! As far as bi-sex: we'll see. Obviously, with the scene at the end of chapter 121, there are some new possibilities there.

As far as using phrases such as 'fourteen-year old wife', I do that because using 'Bailey' eight times in a paragraph is a terrible way to keep the narrative flowing. I'm not trying to 'remind' the reader so much as use a different phrase to represent her. Believe me, if all I used were the names, the result would be just awful. Additionally, I think it adds to the context of the scene to remind readers about certain qualities of the person ('the fourteen-year old', 'the redhead', or 'the newcomer' etc.)

As to regularly including descriptions of the relationships, remember, this story is Kal's narration of his experiences and memories and thoughts, so it is understandable that he reflects on the most important parts of the story, his relationships, regularly. He reconsiders bonds and previous feelings, in new contexts. He struggles at times, worries about how the relationships progress, and I think it is really important that the reader see these events through Kal's eyes throughout.

Re: Karana: She's still around, just not a big part of the plot in a while. I will be sure to include mention of her in future.
csizo 14 July 2015 Frankly this story is one of the best erotic story I have ever read in the last couple of years! I am eager for the remaining chapters!

The whole shipwreck idea and the chapters made on this are just perfect!

The way how Kal had seen Katie at the fist time was really heart touching. His love with Bailey, Kate and other survivors, their raw survive rules and their free opened lifestyle are really great worked out!

I think this world of the Phoenix Island is one of the place I could imagine them to survive after the world collapse.

Keep writing please!
Thank you so much, csizo! I really appreciate your compliments! I will continue to add more chapters to the series when I can, more of the story to go.
Anonymous 12 July 2015 Did you ever consider tying in their apocalyptic storyline with the storyline from Run? Not that the characters would have to ever meet, but at least you wouldn't have think up so much new backstory... This is something I have considered. For a while, I considered it very seriously, but in the end, I felt like there were two very different end points and I didn't believe in forcing one world to conform to the specifics of the other. So, no, the two series will not live in the same universe though they share some similar aspects.
Rex 10 July 2015 Great series. Of course, I like the oral bits, very well done, and then I get to enjoy a well-written adventure. Many thanks, Rex! I hope you continue to enjoy the series!
Anonymous 20 June 2015 Fuck Grumpy....keep writing when you can and in your own style. I appreciate that, Anon. I don't want to denigrate Grumpy, though. I know his interest in seeing the story move forward comes from the fact that he enjoys it and wants it to be done right. As an author, I get that it is a compliment to have a reader upset that things aren't being published as quickly as the reader would like. I can only do what I can, and I'll do my best to keep adding to the story whenever possible.
bob 17 June 2015 When can we expect more of this story? Sorry for the delay, Real Life caught up to me for a few weeks. Up to chapter 121 now.
Grumpy 11 June 2015 I don't want to seem ungrateful for new episodes, but it seems to me that the timing gaps between new chapters has now become so much that the only thing that you have left to hold the story together is the sex.

I used to enjoy the extended wait between chapters when actual story progression happened, but I kind of felt slimy after I finished reading Chapter 114.

I know that there were hints of things to come, but come on, if you aren't going to give us something to grab hold of and look forward to in the next chapter, maybe it is time to put this story to bed.
I'm not sure how to respond to this but I'll try. I can't do anything about the "gaps" between new chapters. Real Life gets in the way often. Writing erotica is a hobby I give time to when other responsibilities are satisfied. Believe me, I wish I could spend more time writing, but I cannot.

As far as the story progression, I'm not really sure what you are looking for. Ultimately, this is a fap story disguised as an adventure romance. There have been many chapters where sex dominated and the greater plot didn't progress much beyond hints of things to come. Chapter 114 was no different. It served, like many others, as a bridge between things happening, a chance to introduce new characters to the heavy sexual aspects of the story. It was necessary to do so at some point, and this is when those scenes "happen." To ignore Kylana's growing involvement in favor of skipping ahead a few days to the next major events would go against the way the entire story has progressed.

I get that we are now 400,000 words into this story, and to some, the sex scenes may be getting stale. If you've read this far, you're probably more interested in seeing where the plot is going than the sex scenes. I get that. But that doesn't change the fact that the story is, at its core, a fap story first. The rest is just the context in which the characters have sex. I try really hard to make that context interesting, believable, and regularly moving forward, but there are times, like in 114, where it is more important to foreshadow interesting events while taking the time to narrate something new sexually.

I'm certainly disappointed that this made you feel "slimy" (I have no idea why), but I can only deliver what the characters "let happen" as the story progresses. Some chapters will be sex-heavy, as has been the case many times previously. There is much more of the story to come, so I hope you'll stick around to see the progress, but I understand that 400,000 words is enough to grow tired of the characters and setting. I'm not through with Kal and the islanders, so I will certainly continue to write about what happens to them until the plot gets to the final act and the story has reached its completion. FYI: there will be a lot of pausing to narrate sex scenes along the way.
Bob 2 June 2015 Waiting to read more! When can we expect more chapters? Looking forward to more on the new comers Thanks, Bob! Just published chapter 114. I'll get new chapters up when I can, definitely more on the newcomers!
Anonymous 28 May 2015 Generally: good story, however there is one aspect that really annoys me repeatedly: the wastefulness with their limited resources, esp when it comes to soil and nutrients: There would be tons of ways to build great soil (all of which should be known to the natives at least) but it seems they are all ignored. Stuff like composting material (anything from plant matter to shells from mussels or bones), or using the ash from the fire, or converting excrement into soil (nothing where you have to get your hands dirty, or that even stinks if done right - see "Composting toilet"). Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure what you mean by 'wastefulness.' The islanders do compost (this is mentioned a couple of times in the story). The problem is getting the compost to the upper part of the island. As Kal notes, they could use the compost from camp to add good nutrients back to the soil, but transporting the compost is a very labor and time intensive process. This will come back around in future chapters.
Anonymous 19 May 2015 Love this series, Chase. Can you put in a lot more anal and (mildly dirty) A2M? The youngsters, Keekah, Amy and esp. Mie haven't tasted their own asses yet. Thank you! There has been a lot of anal over the life of the series, and some (mildly dirty) A2M included. I don't want to force anything into the story, so what happens is as 'organic' as I can make it. I'm sure there will be more anal and A2M scenes as the story unfolds.
Anonymous 17 May 2015 Shouldn't the survivors have learned SOME of the islanders' language by now? I remember in the earlier chapters Bailey and Keekah shared information quite freely.....Now it seems all that is gone. Keep in mind that the story is told from Kal's POV. While he has certainly learned some words over the months, he is unable to converse in the native languages. Plus, the language of the Hahonokoans and the Uhonamonans is not exactly the same (as stated when the latter first arrive). Though the two groups can communicate, Kal cannot do so with either fluently. Bailey does have some knowledge of the Hahonokoan language due to her early interactions with Keekah, she is not the narrator. Once the Hahonokoans arrived on the island, they all adopted English, as Kal notes in a later chapter.
harrishawk 17 May 2015 ive have been wanking until now ch.22 wondeflull. Awesome, harrishawk! Hope you have had a good time and powerful cum (or two)!
Anonymous 8 May 2015 Superb story! Please keep it coming Thank you! Just published chapter 107.
I.M.Grumpy 8 May 2015 Thank you for the new chapters. Hope that there are more "in the can" and ready to publish, but if not, I know that you will post them when you are ready.

Also want to thank you and what must be a high-quality team of proof-readers for the consistent top quality of the writing and storyline. I do notice and appreciate that there are no noticeable "silly" spelling or grammatical errors. And the story remains on target and consistent even with the months-long gaps that have occurred in the postings.

Anyone who started today on Chapter 1 and read to the most current chapter would never know where those gaps existed in the posting timeline of the stories.

So thanks, congratulations, well done, and all the rest. We all look forward to your next post.
Many thanks, I.M.Grumpy!

I typically do not write ahead of what I publish, instead I tend to publish as soon as a chapter is ready to go, so nothing is 'in the can' right now, but I have plenty of ideas in my notes for future chapters.

I don't have an editor or any readers who help me prior to publishing on ASSTR. My process involves writing a chapter (or sometimes, more than one chapter) in one sitting, then giving it a one-pass editing sweep, then I add in the html and publish. No one else involved. I do (rarely) get readers who spot corrections after the chapter is live, but mostly, it's just me doing all parts of the process.

I really appreciate your comments. I do try hard to ensure that the story doesn't suffer from the weeks or months where I have to be away. I read back a few chapters whenever I pick up a series after time off from it to make sure I know what was going, then just let the narrative take over from there. I'm glad this is largely transparent to the reader, that is definitely a goal of mine.
Anonymous 22 March 2015 I was really looking forward to when everyone would be together at once, and chapter 69 did NOT disappoint! Again, great writing. :) :D Glad you liked it, it was a complex (but fun) scene to write!
SkipNChurch 2015 March 10 Story continues to age well and do an arousing work balancing fantasy with doses of practical reality. Well worth returning to read and stroke. Thank you so much!
Chet 2015 March 7 Helluva story an excellent write, a wonderful read. I hope you keep this story going sure enjoy your writings.

You take care and I'm waiting for the next installment. Thanks again and to bad that place isn't real I'd be there.
Thanks, Chet! So sorry about the delayed response, I've been in the hospital and recovering for a few weeks. I am keeping this series going for the near future. I have an ending in mind, but there is still a lot to go before that point.
Quis 2015 February 21 FFS when is keekah going to get pregnant... he's put enough sperm in her to float a good sized boat? Patience, young padawan, and keep reading.
Anonymous 2015 February 16 More please???????????????? Sorry, was in the hospital. Just published chapter 100.
Mel 2015 February 9 Awesome story! Just finished chapter 30....can hardly put it down. :) but I must get some sleep! Thank you, Mel!
Xeric_Xenophile 2015 February 1 Nice story series, drew me in quickly. The interesting characters, the plot of a tragedy joining survivors in a bond of love and need, and the fantasy island setting, minus Tattoo and Mr. Rourke, read well and made me want to know what they would deal with next.

The sex scenes were hot, engaging the body and brain of this reader in gratifying imaginative erotic fantasy.

You have great skill at story telling and the building of tension and release in arousing scenes between likeable characters. Your main cast are erotic examples of those heroes who survive, adapt, and continue to love deeply and intimately, living as if shared love truly is the greatest and only necessity for a life worth living in this world. Thank you for a fine weekend of celebrating that fact that usually only becomes obvious to us after crisis.
Thank you so much, XX! I'm sure you can tell I really enjoy writing the story, and the characters are very important to me. I hope you continue to enjoy it all as things move forward!
Ken 2015 February 1 I am enjoying Shipwrecked. I especially like your list of characters appearing in the story. It really helps me keep everyone sorted. I'm actually into the plot more than the sex - especially pedophilia. But I can skip over that.

I do have a couple comments. One is Kal's escape from custody. No mention of inquiry by the authorities? Of Kate & Nina? Seemed awfully easy. Maybe you have something planned for the future.

Another comment is about the firearms they received. I would think they should have given the training of those a priority. Instead just a mention that it will have to be done and then they go about their daily routine. Again, something planned for the future?

Other than those two problems (and a few errors of repeated words or the wrong words) I'm enjoying the story. I've finished chapter 85 and have a few more before I run out. Hope it is finished soon.
Hi Ken, thanks for the compliments!

Re: the escape: This is intentional, largely because Kal is the narrator. He doesn't witness what goes on after he escapes, and once all of them are on the island, there is no source of new information. Implicit in the involvement of Freya and Kelv is that Kate and Nina have alibis during the escape and aren't pursued much beyond an initial inquiry, which they don't discuss with Kal in his fragile state of mind. Freya alludes to the need to get the boat back, implying that their disappearance during this time is covered so long as they get back to Papeete on schedule. Also, there may or may not be some parallel (unseen) events going on which are affecting things in Tahiti at the same time as the escape, perhaps a future chapter might reveal if this is so.

Re: Firearms: Keep reading, this happens in a chapter beyond 85. It isn't so much a priority as getting Kal back involved in island life and integrating Kate and Nina into the group. Remember, while the situations have been harrowing and damaging, there have only been 2 situations where firearms would have been needed over a year and a half of time, and the other islanders have been left alone since Kal's kidnapping, so there is no immediate pressure to learn firearms.

Thanks for the comments!
Bob 2015 January 30 (--author's note: refers to chapter 70) Last half of this chapter you kept referring to Bailey as 13 but in the first section she had her 14th birthday?? Good catch, Bob, thank you! I have corrected this. She is indeed fourteen in the latter half of the chapter.
bushranger101 2015 January 29 Wish I could download a zip or rar with all the chapters and your story would be just the best movie ever, but please, no porn stars. If they can make a movie like 'blue lagoon' surely (Shirley) this can be. Love your work. Thanks, bushranger101! I'll look into what I can do about a downloadable version. I don't know how to do that but I'll see if I can find a way. I'd love to see a movie version :) but not likely to happen given the ages and such. I'm very glad you enjoy the series!
Anonymous 2015 January 28 Really looking forward to chapter 100 and many more Thank you!
I.M.Grumpy 2015 January 27 Congratulations ... for holding my attention and fascination for the 99 chapters of the Shipwrecked series to date. I look forward to learning a lot more about the lives and the fates of the characters in that series. Haven't explored your other series (much) yet, but may someday.

You asked about what your readers liked so far, and would like to read in the future. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I have kept reading the Shipwrecked series because you have made sure that the characters have been developed into real "flesh and blood" people, rather than one-off cartoons of people put to words as is presented by so many other authors.

I am not sure if the prospect of another 100 chapters of Shipwrecked is something that I look forward to, or dread. I'd like to know that you have a reason for writing this story, with an end in mind, and are working toward some kind of plot cleanup sooner or later. But I can appreciate all of the upcoming potential plot twists now that everyone is slowly aging/growing up. Lots of opportunity for future twists and turns.

I promise I will keep reading!

But, on the other hand, not at all interested in an ending that says " ... and then the asteroid hit, and civilization ended for the castaways and all of humanity for the next millennium."

So, again, Congratulations on where you are so far. Looking forward to future Shipwrecked updates. Will be interesting to see how it all concludes.

(And I agree with you about sweet Bailey).

Looking forward to what's next ...
Thank you, I.M.Grumpy! I definitely take the characters seriously and try to flesh them out without over-burdening the narrative. I hope the balance works out well and readers enjoy a fap story with characters worth reading about.

As far as another 100 chapters... I doubt the story will go that far. There are a few plot points which I know will happen, but I'm not going to continue writing new chapters without a point. I try to make each chapter 'necessary' in some way to the plot and/or character development. Once the series is completed, that will be all for Shipwrecked at that point (though I will not rule out returning to the characters in follow-on stories if I feel those are worth exploring). I won't reveal how the story ends but I will say that I will avoid any unnecessary Deus ex Machina endings or those which aren't justified by the way the plot unfolds. Thanks again!
AnonymousFW 2015 January 27 After 90 chapters of this wonderful story, with detailed descriptions of what the characters look like, I all of a sudden I find myself wondering about the facial hair of Kal and Tok: you describe their morning rituals, but no shaving apparently.

After all the time on the island, Kal must have a long beard?

Many thanks for the story
Good point. I really haven't described facial hair for Kal since the first couple of dozen chapters, and not at all for Tok. The latter is always clean shaven even if the narrator (Kal) never mentions it. Kal himself had a beard explicitely as mentioned during the reunion scene with Kate in the cell and regularly maintains a full beard. I may work in a description of this in future chapters, thanks for the reminder!
Anonymous 2015 January 24 In your Shipwrecked story in recent chapters you use the term 'burb'. Please correct this. The word, noun and verb, is 'burp'. It is highly distracting when such substitutions for language occur when it has nothing to do with the context of character speech. Thanks for catching this. Clearly, it was a typo that I didn't catch during editing. I found it in two places, once in chapter 84, one more in chapter 86. Looks like I got it right most everywhere else. Sorry that such a small thing is a big distraction. I try my best to edit and polish what I write to avoid such issues, but as a writer/editor/publisher of 1, I can't catch them all.
Greg 2015 January 24 Love reading your stories, this one especially. Am very glad to see you pick it up and start writing it again. Enjoy seeing where your mind will take you on this journey except of course with Hona. It had to happen eventually but it is still sad to see a character die. Thanks, Greg! I'm sure it shows, but I really love these characters and the place they live. Even though Hona was a minor character on the island, it was still hard to let her go.
I.M.Grumpy 2015 January 23 I am curious ... why not list the most recent chapters at the top of this web page rather than at the very bottom. I come here to catch up on what I might have missed, not to see what I have already read.

Everyone seems to do it your way, but you could start a new trend!
Two main reasons: First, chapter listings are traditionally first-to-last from top-to-bottom, so that is what most people are comfortable with seeing. Second, and more important to me, the chapter descriptions will include spoilers to people who have not read that far. So if you are on chapter 76 of Shipwrecked, you would have to scroll past a couple dozen chapter descriptions which are beyond where you are in the story. I'd rather not spoil it for readers so easily.

You could go to my Newest Stories page which offers exactly the newest-first order you are looking for, though it includes all the chapters and stories published on my site.
bibi 2015 January 23 "looked out at the dark water where the breaking waves reflected the fingernail moon which sat low to the West"

Favorite phrase of this series!
:) Thanks, bibi!
Anonymous 2015 January 23 This Is Amazing. Please keep it flowing. All kink aside, it is a well paced story. Thank you!
Hop a long 2015 January 23 Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous story. I have thoroughly enjoyed it from chapter 1 and long may it keep coming. Many thanks, Hop a long! I definitely have more story to tell.
Van 2015 January 22 I'm enjoying Shipwrecked. I'm just a few chapters in.

Just wanted to suggest you correct "muscles" to "mussels" as the shellfish are spelled. (Sorry, I edit as I read ... occupational hazard.)

Otherwise, it looks very promising ...
Thanks, Van.

I always appreciate it when someone spots mistakes like that, dunno how I missed them for so long! I've corrected the spelling in chapters 3, 4, and 8 to mussels.

Hope you continue to enjoy the series!
Anonymous 2015 January 20 this story is awesome! I look forward to further chapters! Glad you like it!
Anonymous 2015 January 18 Your stories are very well written and a joy to read. Thank you. Thank you so much!
Tom 2015 January 18 Too many times, after this level of action in any literary genre, the closing sentence is sadly anti-climactic... A testimony to your writing skill was the perfectly crafted sentence which summarized the day for Cal, and I'm sure many of the other characters:

"My last thought was that none of the dreams to come that night, or any night in the future, could possibly match what I'd experienced that day."

It defined the intensity of the day calmly and definitively. Brilliant...
Many, many thanks, Tom. It was a big scene to wrap up, not always easy to do in a sentence or two!
Neil 2015 January 14 Thank you so much for this wonderful story. I only hope that I can find the next chapter when you publish it. Many thanks, Neil! I'm glad you are enjoying it. I'll have some new chapters soon.

You can always bookmark my home page or New Stories page. Also, you can subscribe to my to get updates via a feed reader or email whenever there is new content.
Anonymous 2015 January 13 Thoroughly enjoying this superb story. Well done in writing it Thank you so much!
SkipNChurch 2015 January 13 Well worth extended wait for the Island Paradise muse to strike again! Thanks, SNC! Glad you enjoy the newest chapters!
Thomas Antonson 2015 January 7 OK, I'm completely hooked on this story. The thought behind this, the structure, the organization, the plotting, is all really amazing. It's obvious that you've put a lot into this.

Just wanted you to know the work was appreciated. A lot of erotica is primarily wank material but you've managed to insert some real emotional content, moral conundrums, doubt, taboos, along with the sex.

Well done! Bravo!
Thank you so much, Thomas! I love hearing that my work is loved and appreciated!
Dan 2014 December 31 Really enjoying this series! Particularly liked the start of chapter 34. :) Thank you, Dan!
darrellpreston 2014 November 9 Just finished chapter 78 of shipwrecked, WOW! What a story, loved every second of it. Very well written (few mistakes) and the story just rolls along with great thoughts and very hot . I can't wait for more. Sorry about your loss. Hope all goes well for you. My sincere thanks, Darrell. Just got back into writing the last couple of weeks. Hopefully you enjoy the newest chapters!
Dandy Tago 2014 October 18 You are amazing. I love how much romance and emotional connection you put into your stories. I have fallen in love with Bailey and Amy and Orchid and others of your characters because you do such an amazing job of giving them depth and volition and motivation.

I just re-read the first few chapters of Shipwrecked, and even on a second pass, it holds up so well. It really draws me in. And the realism that you insert: the grappling with the world outside of these relationships and how the relationships are impacted by the world around them -- it blows me away and inspires me.

Also, the way you balance the myriad connections between your characters, is really skillful. You keep everyone active in the story and keep the romance and sex balanced as well.

I'm in awe of your work. Not only have I enjoyed reading your stories and fapping to them, but I have learned a lot from you as a writer as well.
Wow, thank you so much, Dandy Tago! I really appreciate the feedback!
Sexydad 2014 October 4 I have read 20 chapters of Flowerpetals and 20 of shipwrecked. This excellent material may be deemed sick by some, but I have nothing but thanks and praise. Is there a way I can copy the stories for my personal library. I also have likeminded friends who I may share with. Again, thanks for the fantasy. Many thanks, Sexydad! As I say all over, I hope no one ever takes this as more than fantasy. The acts and situations described are wrong in the real world. As for copying the stories, not sure. I've had others ask if they can download copies for offline use, and aside from saving the html pages in your browser, I don't know.
John 2014 September 28 Just spent the day reading SHIPWRECKED. Wow that is some novel. Was really involved with the whole story and loved every chapter.

Now please when will it be finished? Hope to hear what happens when they reach the island and meet up with all his lovers.
Thanks, John! I was away for a few months due to family issues, just got back to writing a couple of weeks ago. More in store for Shipwrecked!
Josh 2014 September 22 I found your story Shipwrecked and I must say I absolutely love it.

I particularly like following Bailey's development through puberty. I love how it progresses throughout the story. I wish there was more authors like you.

Thanks from a fan!
Thank you, Josh! Bailey is definitely one of my favorite characters. It has been great fun to watch her grow and mature.
Anonymous-64 2014 September 9 How much longer are you going to be keeping us all in suspense!? I am dying for more chapters in all your stories!! I truely hope you are back to good health and up for all the writing!?????? Apologies, A64. I had two deaths in the family which kept me away for a few months. I'm back writing again in January 2015.
SkipNChurch 2014 August 27 Very good addition these elements from the prior world. Not sure if I were in Kal's place that staying sane, so far away from the island family and nascent birth.

Good job in story, great job in the sex woven through. Enjoying the drama reading and resulting erections.
Thanks, SkipNChurch (love the nickname, btw). Hopefully the story comes together in a satisfying way in future chapters.
Ollie 2014 August 26 Fantastic writing! I'm very impressed with your different series (how on earth can you keep them apart) but shipwrecked is a favourite. Thank you so much. My pleasure, Ollie, glad you are enjoying my work!
greg 2014 August 19 Welcome back! Shipwrecked has me completely absorbed. Erotic, exciting and even heartbreaking. Thanks, Chase Thanks, greg, great to be back. Hope you continue to enjoy!
Anonymous 2014 August 19 I love the story. Please make sure that Kal, Keekah, Bailey and the baby survive. To loose them would destroy the story for me and probably a lot more. Keep it coming Glad you love it! Keep reading and see what you think. :)
interested 2014 August 17 this story is amazing! Based on your writing I'm hoping Baliey, Amy and the baby wind up ok and back with Kal. Thank you! I won't reveal any future chapters, but I hope you like them :)
Khalil 2014 August 13 Shipwreck is a nice story, I m also looking forward to read the coming chapters, keep it up, thank you. Thank you, hope you enjoy the future chapters!
Retcar 2014 August 13 Like the story thus far. It's got good character development and also carries a sense of mystery.

Though we've been getting to know the characters quite well, there's still so much yet to learn about what's going on in terms of the big picture.

The war, the bugs... what's happening in the rest of the world, for the most part we're still left in the dark.

Here's hoping that the answers unfold at a pace that serves the story. Though, equally, I can understand why some questions won't be answered. The characters are stranded, cut off from the rest of the world, and lack the capability of omniscient beings.

The sex scenes are good, hoping for more orgies though that cliffhanger kinda puts that on ice for some time from the looks of it.

Keep up the good writing, and hope you're feeling better. :)
Thanks, retcar! You nailed the isolation as the ultimate source of the 'ignorance' by the islanders. This is definitely on purpose. I do have a whole 'back story' going on that helps me to drop small hints into the islanders' knowledge in those rare instances. However, starting with Chapter 73 the reader will start to get more information about what is happening elsewhere.
Anonymous 2014 August 13 How dare you leave us like this we need the next chapters you'll drive us crazy I've been waiting for more chapters and all you give us is two little bitty ones just to tease us give us something we can get are teeth into will you Gonna assume that's sarcasm (and it was 3 new chapters when you wrote me, now 4) Hope you are enjoying the 13,000+ new words I've added to the Shipwrecked story this week (far from 'two little bitty ones').
Anonymous 2014 August 8 You ok?? More shipwreck PLEASE!! Doing fine, thanks! Just been busy. 3 more chapters just posted since last night.
Charlie 2014 August 5 Just wanted to thank you for a great story, and let you know I'm waiting patiently for each new chapter. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Thanks, Charlie! I really appreciate the compliments. I've uploaded the next three chapters in Shipwrecked yesterday and today (70, 71, and 72), hopefully will have time for more soon.
Anonymous 2014 July 27 Great story and keep you wanting more. When will there be more chapters?? Can not wait for more. GREAT JOB of WRITING!! Thanks! Working on new chapters this week.
Anonymous 2014 July 13 Any time frame for additional chapters? Hope the medical stuff is behind you. In the next few days if I have the time I expect to have. Recovery has gone well, itching to get some writing in again :)
Anonymous 2014 July 12 Still waiting. Loved the series so far but I'm trying to be patient Thanks for the patience. I had surgery and was in a period of recovery. Should have new chapters up soon.
Allan 2014 July 10 i love this series and im glad that your feeling better i check daily for new chapters :) Many thanks, Allan! Just getting caught back up on email and starting to get some new chapters put together. Thanks for the cheers, much appreciated!
Anonymous 2014 June 15 Please please some more from this series. It is GREAT Thanks!
Anonymous 2014 June 15 I really wish you would get back to Shipwrecked and Flower Petals, they are so much better then the others. I will write more of both soon, sorry you aren't finding the others to your taste. I have to let the writing flow where it can, and sometimes it flows easier from one series over another. More to come, though!
Bob 2014 June 14 Sorry to hear about your medical situation. Hope everything turns out okay. Hope the surgery is a minor one. Will keep you in my thoughts. Shipwreaked is my favorite story. Closely followed by MJP then Flowerpetals. I wrote to you before anonymously, so this time I wanted to give a name for you to add to your list of fans. Take care and get well soon. Many thanks, Bob! I really appreciate the kind words. I am doing well and hope to be writing more in Shipwrecked very soon. Take care yourself!
gordon_s1942 2014 June 13 That was 70 of the most engaging and entertaining chapters I have had the privilege of reading in a very long time.

You managed to keep fiction reality which not many manage very well.

I certainly hope you have further chapters of our 'Shipwrecked' characters to publish and I look forward to reading them when you do.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the series so far! I'll have new chapters coming in the next week or so, so stay tuned!
Anonymous 2014 June 11 We need more Shipwrecked and Flower Petals! Most popular stories to read and need continuance!!! Will get more asap. Dealing with a medical issue that has me sleepy and loopy, hard to be creative this week.
Honey Licker 2014 June 8 Just found this story, and I must say, I'm already captivated reading it. It is very erotic, even though it deals with a taboo subject. But, hey, who knows what any of us would do in the same situation. Of course, some of us have a different set of morals than others, but a little kink makes it interesting.

Continue on, but you've got 60 chapters and I've only read 3. I've got a long way to go. LOL
Hi Honey Licker! Thanks for the compliments! I hope you continue to enjoy the series as you read further.
Bibi 2014 June 7 Can't believe some of the negative feedback you receive. I'm loving this story arc, of which I have no idea where it's going to land.

In an ideal world, fictional scenarios allow just the right amount of license to the author to titillate the reader...and you sir have accomplished that.
Thank you, Bibi! :) I know this series is not for everyone, and I certainly can't please all readers with every scene, even those who are enjoying the series. I do my best to write what I 'see' honestly, and hope that my love for the characters comes through. Glad you are enjoying it, many thanks!
Anonymous 2014 June 6 What kind of flies or mosquitoes bite people but tear other bugs apart? This is like "Lost" - falling apart when all the hinted-at-mysteries need to explained... Not sure why this is an issue. Lots of insects attack and eat other bugs. Kal never states that the ones he sees attacking the hawk-bugs are clearly ones that bite humans. The island insects are made up of many species, some of which sting mammals, such as the hares and pigs, others eat bugs. Sorry this has led you to dislike the narrative.
Anonymous 2014 June 6 Seriously? A harem isn't enough. Pedophilia isn't enough. You have to introduce a dog just so an underage girl can mouth-fuck it? When do they start eating shit, drinking piss and eating the dead? Soon. I'll work in the shit eating, piss drinking, necro-cannibalism soon. Should they eat dog shit or just human shit?
Anon 2014 June 3 Fan-fucking-tastic. Best goddamn erotica story (at least series) I have EVER read. (I've read several short stories on the same level.)

You somehow manage to mix hot situations with emotion and real events, then describe it all perfectly and using sexy but not raunchy language. Especially with the characters, It seems like I know so much about them and can connect, especially the group of 5. The short part with the dog was just enough, and Chapter 69 was just incredible.

Keep up the good work. I don't know how this series could get any better.

Also, in Chapter 60: You refer to Mie and Poln as 11- and 12-year-olds, when the info at the start says 10 and 11.
Thanks, Anon! Really appreciate your compliments! Also, thanks for catching my errors with the ages, they've been fixed. Cheers!
sedeyn 2014 June 2 Keep up the great story. I've read all the chapters in the last couple of days and the storyline is one that has kept me coming back for more. :) Thank you, sedeyn!
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Colin 2014 May 29 Well written, thanks for the enjoyment. The atm tag puzzles me can you interpret. Thanks, Colin! The 'atm' code means 'ass-to-mouth.' E.g. any oral contact after something (usually a penis) has been inside an ass. Some people avoid those sorts of contacts, others crave them, so I always try to include the tag when it occurs.
Greg 2014 May 25 It's difficult to express how much pleasure your writing has given me this last week. You began posting new chapters to " Shipwrecked" around my birthday. It was a great present! This story is continually surprising, entertaining and erotic. I never know where you will take us next. It is so easy to become emotionally invested in your characters. I can't wait to see what happens next! I totally agree with one of your other many fans, that if you ever publish on Smashwords or other site, I would gladly purchase your work. Thank you! Gracias! Danke! Grazie! Merci! Und so weider. Thanks, Greg! :) Much appreciated!
Rickety Rat Rug 2014 May 24 Halfway through the series now. Great stuff! The story is quite captivating, to the point that I'm skimming over the steamy parts to find out how the story progresses. Which is a first on this site :) I wonder so very much what this end of the world thing is about, and what more shreds of "real life" will be coming their way.

As much as I am engrossed with the plot, I'm having some problems with Kal himself. He's more and more of a hedonistic asshole :( Just got to the point where Bailey was jealous, and "worried about not being able to give him babies too". That's what she said, and Kal was just a bit too eager to take that literally and not hear a twinge of heart-felt pain of having to share her lover and not being able to do anything about it. As much as he loves her, not once did it even cross his mind that he might choose a more faithful approach, at least for a while, and see whether she's not just *acting* polyamorously just to appease her much more adult lover/father figure. Only thing Kal was worried about is not getting his island hottie pregnant while pumping sperm into her young fertile body in front of Bailey's eyes... :( That episode kinda slapped me in the face a bit. Notwithstanding his own polyamorous nature, he should have considered her feelings more than his own dick, at least for a while.

I hope Kal will redeem some of that big character fault. And I hope Gale will become less flat of a character. Until now, she's like the French woman from Lost (but more horny).

I'll keep on reading, one or two episodes a day.
Thanks for the feedback, RRR! There is no doubt that Kal is an imperfect, subjective narrator. He only sees the world through his own eyes, and who can doubt that a man (or woman) in that position would miss something like you discussed. To be fair, Bailey's concern was largely around the pregnancy issue. It is jealousy, to be sure, but a myopic jealousy.

If you keep reading, future chapters (somewhere in the 50s I believe) will find Kal encountering a similar problem caused by his polyamorous assumptions, and he has to deal with that.

Re: Gale: What can I say? Gale is Gale, I write her as she appears to me, as she seems from Kal's perspective. I've chosen to focus on her less because the story is less about her over time. Just one of the sacrifices I've made in order to get the story published and keep it moving.
Ed 2014 May 20 This story just keeps getting better. I hope you do not mind me suggesting this to you but is it possible for Kal to get Bailey pregnant before the end of the story? I am only asking as it has been stated in past chapters that she wanted to get pregnant first before anyone else.

I think you have done a masterful job of writing this story and I have gead a few comments that took exception to waiting for another chapter. Tell them to read Nick Scipico Camp story he takes a year or more between some chapters and he does not mince words when folks get on him about taking the time. I appreciate your efforts and the time taken to put down your thoughts on paper for us to enjoy. Keep up the good work and don't let your imagination run out. Thanks again Chase.
Many thanks, Ed! I think you'll be very happy with the events in the latest couple of chapters (51-57) :) I'd missed Nick's writing somehow, thanks for cluing me in! His work is excellent!

Re: taking time between chapters: Thanks, I appreciate that. Sometimes the stories flow, other times not, but in the end, I don't want to publish something I'm not proud of. In my case, it was real life that pulled me away a while, most commenters have been very understanding but anxious, which means my stories are doing more than just fueling faps, which I love to know.
Anonymous 2014 May 17 what are the bugs the Hahonoko people mentioned. and were they really bugs or just what the Hahonoko people thought were bugs. Patience, young Padawan :) The plot is still unfolding...
Anonymous 2014 May 17 How much I agree to your thoughts about religion(s). You're so right. Without religions the world would be paradise. We'd probably find something else to fight about, but hard to argue that believing that myths and fictional stories offer truths is a benefit to the world.
Anonymous 2014 May 17 Nice cliffhanger! Dag nabbit! lol (author's note - refers to Chapter 40) Thanks!
Anonymous 2014 May 11 I hope that you will soon be writing again. Just getting back into the swing of it :)
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Anonymous 2014 April 24 You've had us hooked for several chapters now, any chance you'll be finishing some more soon? Thank you, a new chapter was published today.
Anonymous 2014 April 8 Hopefully you have time to come back and finish this soon it's awesome! Thanks, working on Chapter 32 now!
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Anonymous 2014 March 25 I have enjoyed reading these stories, hope you keep them coming. My thanks! Chapter 31 online now.
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Anonymous 2014 March 20 Great job on the story. Really enjoying the mix of good writing, hot sex, and wanting to know what's going to happen next. Keep up the nice work! Thank you so much! Chapter 31 is online, more coming :)
Anonymous 2014 March 20 It seems you've lost interest in this story... sorry for us readers... There is nothing more disgusting than an unfinished story. Shame on you; you started a great story - but leaving it unfinished is a sign of weak authorship... If you run out of ideas, please write at least SOME KIND of ending. I think your readers already submitted some ideas for aan ending... Ouch... I took about two months off from writing, from all my series, because I was busy in real life (as I explained on my Home page). I've not left an unfinished story, I've not run out of ideas... Good grief... 430,000+ words in 4 months, 100K in 2.5 months for this series alone, and I've somehow let you down? Jeez...
Anonymous 2014 March 20 It's been a while since the last chapter. How about this? CHAPTER 31-THE GRAND FINALE! Drug smugglers come ashore. Bailey hides in the jungle. Gale and Keekah are captured and made into sex slaves. Kal is fed to the sharks. Bailey escapes the smugglers, only to be captured and gang raped by a tribe of horny pigmies. If you have a better ending, bring it on!! Not happening. Chapter 31 is up, more on the way.
Greg 2014 March 15 Have been enjoying the antics of the group so far. How do you write different stories at the same time? It would drive me crazy. I'm a bit of a multitasker, so I guess it is just a natural ability to keep multiple plots running at once, in a way, a lot like people who watch a lot of serialized television shows and can keep up with plots and characters for a half-dozen series.
Plus, it helps to avoid writers blocks to be able to work on multiple stories. If I hit a wall in one, I can switch to another. Sometimes one series helps to inspire a scene in a different series.
Great to hear from you,
Grower 2014 March 14 Having withdrawls....more please!!! Just posted Chapter 31!
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I'll be back for the next chapter soon. (Author's note - refers to chapter 3)
Many thanks, Renpet! I am thrilled that you are enjoying the story so far!
LotoKatana 2014 March 4 Great series. I don't typically read series, but there are a few that I do enjoy, and this is definitely one of them. I read 1-28 in just a couple days, and just finished 29. My biggest thing, and one reason why I don't read series much, is the repetitiveness of sex. I understand this is a sex series, but maybe a couple chapters where they refrain. I found myself skipping those scenes in the last few stories. That being said, I really do love the series. And keep up the great work. Thanks, LotoKatana! I understand what you mean. A lot of times, there are days that skip by with nothing much happening, including sex, and this may only be a paragraph or two of the story. I try to balance a sex-heavy fap-story with a narrative that is interesting. Hopefully, it works out reasonably well.
Anonymous 2014 March 3 A wonderful addition. You really know how to bring out the emotions is such a simple way. (Author's note: refers to chapter 29) Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy the story!
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I won't reveal what will happen in the future, but I will say the way it works is for the questor to be retrieved the same way s/he is left on the island. More on this may come in the future chapters :)
BeachBoner 2014 February 26 Awesome work of art.....keep up the good work! Love the beach scenario. I never read a chapter without a bottle of gelled baby oil handy. Do you have to stop while writing sometimes and squirt a few shots?? :D Awesome! Keep stroking! It is tempting, but usually I don't jerk off while writing. Staying 'on edge' and aroused while creating the narrative makes it easier to imagine the scenarios and ensure that there is a certain level of sexual excitement building at all times in the story.
carpenter 2014 February 26 "ship wrecked" is my personal favorite . I assume you do not have enough time to do all you wish. THANKS Thanks, carpenter! I definitely don't have as much time as I would like for everything. Had a busy couple of weeks so haven't had a lot of time for writing.
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Dave 2014 February 25 Really great story, love the way it slips effortlessly between great drama and erotic. Is there a way the chapters can be downloaded for off-line reading via an e-reader? Keep up the great work, Hi Dave, thanks! Very glad you like the story. I should have more chapters up this week.

Re: ereader: I'm not sure. I don't have one and I'm not sure what formats it can handle. If you can use a web browser on it, I think you can save pages for offline mode, but I'm not very familiar with doing that.
Count 2014 February 24 Good start to a great story. love the natural flow and realistic pentad you construct of your characters/players. You could do some serious good for frustrated ereaders like me.Keep it up. Thanks Count! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as well. 27 chapters so far, more on the way.
Anonymous 2014 February 24 This in my opinion is the greatest series anywhere! You are an amazing writer for sure! Wow, thank you so much!
capitalXD 2014 February 23 just finished all 26 chapters of "shipwrecked." the premise, the dialogue, the action and the characters are all top-notch. I cant get enough of little bailey. she is written so soft, sweet and simple that she encompasses all the highlights a good female lead character must have. I can tell by your descriptions of bailey, that you are an admirer of little girls...I must commend you on your good taste!

I enjoy the build of stories that have 10k+word counts. those length stories seem to make the action more important and weighty. it goes without saying that the author has to have significant skill to carry a story that far. you defiantly have a measurable amount of skill at writing. bravo!

if you get some free time and want to read some little girl action-adventure that explores similar themes to "shipwrecked", check out my stuff. capitalXD, nes' secrets.
Cool, thank you capitalXD!

Bailey is my favorite character to write about. Sometimes I worry she is a little underdeveloped, from a character standpoint, but she just feels so natural in her environment that simple is the way to keep her place in the story without making her overly complicated. She's grown up some, though, especially in chapters 26 and 27, and more on the way.

I'll definitely check out your stories, I may have even read them in the past, just don't recall. Thanks for letting me know!
Anonymous 2014 February 23 Hello. Have been enjoying up till ch 13 (this far) of your "shipwrecked" series and although there are a few things that are a bit far fetched, it is a very nice read this far. There is really only 1 thing that disturbs me. Actually to the point of taking away a lot of the fun about reading it.

The issue i have is that everyone is running around naked. Not because i have anything against naked people, far from it :) No, it's just that if this really should be about surviving, clothing is a critical part, that the survivors, even if they didn't know it from the start, should have noticed really quick.

If the climat is as warm/tropical as i get from the story, and they do spend as much time in the sun as it seem, they should be badly burned. Especially considering they are surrounded by reflexive surfaces (all the water), and have a daily routine of getting into salt water.

There is a reason nomads living in the desert areas of the world cover themselves up like they do, and it has nothing to do with religion. Yes, tribes living in rainforest climat/regions wear very little, but they are living under a roof of treetops. These guys spend most of their time on a beach.

Clothing also protects from all the small cuts and bruises that you would inevitably get while trying to survive on a desert island, and in a warm and humid climate, far from any kind of civilization, any small cut, however small, is a potentially fatal infection waiting to happen.

Had this aspect been included, the story could have been believable, but as it is, it seem like it was a call by you against better judgment, so you didnt have to come up with better ways of initiating some of the erotic events, instead of as now, just leave them with no clothes on.

As it is i read some of the erotic passages but actually skim quite a few of the ones bringing the story forwards, since the pretense that they chose to still walk around naked is just silly. If they really wanted to survive, they would have gotten dressed a long time ago.
Thanks for the feedback! I'm sorry that the fact that they are naked is ruining your ability to enjoy the narrative. Remember, Kal had no clothes at all until the boat crash, and he and Bailey went through a horrible few days of being very burned. They learned to stay in the shade during the hot periods.

Also, note that this island is well below the equator. They are in the spring time, which means the risk of burn is lower than it will be in December/January. Over time, skin does adapt. Burning slows and stops as tanning improves. I agree there is a bit of ignoring the problem going on, but I don't think it is nearly as bad as you worry about here.
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capitalXD 2014 February 18 I don't usually write an author2x on one day...that's kinda creepy. although I found my earlier comments about your work in chapter one confirmed. I do really like your work. I think work of this kind has a much broader appeal in todays society and can imagine movies about subjects you write on, being largely successful. and books as well. I especially like stories about people who write child erotica as characters. Thanks, capitalXD! Very glad you are enjoying! I kinda had a 'Blue Lagoon' style narrative that I wanted for this and so far, I think it has turned out pretty nicely!
lilgirlrp39 2014 February 18 I love your story shipwrecked Thank you!
capitalXD 2014 February 17 just finished the first chapter and if your descriptions of the sex with the future 12yo shipwrecked girl are as good as this...I may be a fan for life. Thanks, capitalXD! Hope you enjoy the next chapters!
Anonymous 2014 February 17 Starting ch 16. This has got to be one of the best erotic stories I've read! You make us care about the characters, make the reader feel like he's actually there. Just the right mix of plot, setting detail, and reluctant, natural yet deliciously taboo sex. Keep it up! Thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying it!
Carpenter 2014 February 17 Well , just to re-affirm , it's good . Thanks, Carpenter!
Anonymous 2014 February 15 awesome story, cant wait for the next chapter! Thank you!
Mark 2014 February 15 Wow, great job, please hurry with more ! Would love to know wh r n more is posted. Great story telling ! Thanks, Mark! More on the way soon, stay tuned!
Renpet 2014 February 14 I have to confess, after starting to read one of your stories and scat was introduced, I stopped reading. It's just not my thing.

I'm glad I read this chapter of Shipwrecked. Bailey's a darling, your characterization superb, the dialogue absorbing. Add your effective scene setting (it's easy to visualize) and I'm impressed; truly impressed. Bravo.

Thanks for using words with care and avoiding uncouth crudeness. It's just not needed with someone as sweet as Bailey.

I shall read more with anticipation.
Wow, I'm humbled, Renpet! Thank you so much for giving the series a shot! I love Bailey as a character, she's a very sweet girl that everyone would love to know and care about, at least, that's how I feel about her.
Plan-B 2014 February 14 Cumming along nicely. Very interested in where the plot is headed with the events in Chapters 24 and 25 suggesting armagedon...

Maybe it is time that the "castaways" find a more secure location for their base camp, higher up on the hills, and build a more perminant residence...several chapters of activity there easily, between building and moving supplies.

I have to agree with some others, I think M/b interaction would detract from the overall flow of the current progress, but I'd be curious how Kal would deal with competition for Keekah's attention, from a Native boy...and how that boy would react to the fairer skinned Bailey.

One critisizm; Gale seems to have taken to the perversions of underaged interaction a little too easily. Impossible now to un-ring that Bell, but I'd have liked to see more of a conflict between Gale and Kal in that regard, with Gale then slowly "cumming around".

Overall, still a 9.25 out of 10
Thank you, Plan-B! I won't go in to the future plans for the series yet, but I think it will play out pretty well for most people. I definitely agree about Gale, and I considered her coming around slowly. But, I needed her 'on board' for a couple of plot points so I decided to make her transition quick into acceptance.
RSJ 2014 February 13 Its been a while, but yes I have been keeping caught up when I can just finished Ch25, and nice work that was a great twist on the story, I did catch that when the man with the boat showed up but did not think you might venture that far, I have also been thinking about Keekah, her people sent her away for two years to survive, at the end of that time will they come to get her? I won't yet reveal what is planned :) Keekah's challenge was just one year, the military training option was the two year test. Definitely stay tuned!
carpenter 2014 February 13 Hmm On The Beach ' ish Love the reference! Kinda, if Ava Gardner was a 12-year old!
sqhead 2014 February 13 very good more please tanks You're welcome!
Grumpy 2014 February 13 I've enjoyed reading your shipwrecked series. Very well written, a refreshing change from the usual that we see on porn boards. I enjoyed the story except for the last two chapters. It's disturbing that you are choosing a "end of the world" scenario for your characters. I was hoping for better than that for them. I've come to like them a lot (okay, they are not real) and I had hoped that they would be rescued and would struggle with getting readjusted with the "real" world. You could get another 20 chapters out of that! Instead you apparently blow up the real world. It's an easy end to the story, but your characters deserve a better ending than that. Thanks for reading the series and for reaching out to me! I won't reveal what's going to happen, but I do have another 15-20 chapters in the works, and I think you'll find the scenario reasonably pleasing as it plays out. I hope you'll stick around, more chapters on the way in the next few days!
Joe 2014 February 12 LOVED what Kal and Gale did. Some tit slapping and twisting would have been "finest kind", too. Thanks, Chase. Thanks Joe! I thought it would be nice to mix it up a bit.
Anonymous 2014 February 11 This was a great chapter. It was so loving and the revelations in it were really profound. (author's note -- refers to Chapter 22) Thanks! I'm hoping the mix of sex and story telling is striking a nice balance.
adam 2014 February 11 great story love all chapters so far please don't destroy it by bringing in island boys as obviously there aren't any as Gale would have found them in her 2 years on the island and I hope no more come for the boat I hope they destroyed or will find and destroy the boats GPS and be left alone maybe they will get home to spend the gold and diamonds up to you as it wont do much on the island keep up the great work look forward to more chapters Thanks for the feedback, adam! There are lots of ways this story can go, but I won't reveal them yet :)
Tom 2014 February 10 What a challenge! Create an entire chapter dedicated to a sexual union, and keep it at high level without being redundant???

Congratulations, you just did it!!! Unreal...
Thanks! Chapter 21 was a scene I'd been wanting to do for a long time, but there were a lot of plot reasons it had to wait.
John 2014 February 10 Anal sex with a 12 year old for medicinal purposes! Simply brilliant! ;-) Thanks!
Skipper 2014 February 9 "Cat's Cradle?" Heh heh. Read the first 20 chapters in one setting and find the story has a nice flow and enjoyable to read. It keep your attention. This is the first of your stuff I have read. Enjoy your style. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much, Skipper!
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Anonymous 2014 February 8 great story you have here. one thing that might be a good idea is to have the group move into keekah village after with her after her year of isolation Thanks! Definitely one of the many possibilities still out there. You'll have to read to the future chapters to see if they do this :)
Ditty-Bop-Op 2014 February 7 Please keep this going. Great story. No suggestions. Everything is great as it is. Thank you, Ditty-Bop-Op, more in the works!
RSJ 2014 February 7 Hi its me again, Im on a long trip working, finaly got caught up on your story really loving it the action, adventure and lovin. Please keep up the great writing it really takes me to another place and I get to forget the burdens of the day, Thank you again. Thanks, RSJ! I really appreciate your warm compliments. Glad to know I can give you a break from reality, we all need it!
David 2014 February 7 I've just read chapter 18, intriguing. Hopefully that's a good thing :)
CPD 2014 February 7 Just read Chapter 18.... omg you sneaky bastard... haha Dying to see where this goes. Thanks and Keep Up The Great Work My Pleasure, CPD. Should have chapter 19 up today or so.
olfeller204 2014 February 6 Hi, thanks for an excellent, and very sexy, serial. I love the characters, just believable enough, despite the situation. My cock has remained hard throughout! I'm looking forward to the next part. Many thanks, olfeller204! I love hearing that you are getting off to the story. New chapters coming soon!
Jsta_Rebel 2014 February 6 Very enjoyable series. The sex is hot but more than that. Your story is well thought out and holds my attention. Being a boatie myself, I find myself looking forward to the next chapters. Thank you, Jsta_Rebel! I really appreciate your kind compliments. New chapters coming out in the next few days.
sugsrdad 2014 February 5 It's a great story. I simply love it. There's so many possibilities. There must be someone looking for those people on the boat. How about pregnacy? At least one of the girls ought to get pregnant. They should start building some cottages on the island. That would make sense. Maybe some other natives get lost and ends up on the island. I'm not into gay things. But maybe 2 native boys. That would challenge the relationships. Maybe even Kal would play with the boys. I do think they have been almost too lucky finding all this stuff. Please don't make it easier for them. I really hope that they'll decide to stay on the island. Don't let them be rescued. Let them have a beautifull life. Have kids and make a small society on the island. But then again...there's so many possibilities...keep up the work Thanks, sugsrdad! Obviously, I won't reveal yet where the story is heading, but you certainly have ticked off some of the possibilities I've considered. Kal and the girls were definitely very 'lucky' and that was intentional. Very glad you are enjoying the series, I hope to have a couple of more chapters up this week.
Ed 2014 February 4 Outstanding! Thoroughly enjoying the story. Well written and error free. Waiting patiently for more. My thanks, Ed. Hope you will enjoy the future chapters!
Tim 2014 February 4 Really enjoyed the story so far, the combination of adventure, the challenges to survive and the sex make for a compelling read. Well Done Thanks, Tim! It has been a very fun series to write.
Greg 2014 February 4 I have thoroughly enjoyed your story so far. I must admit that the last two chapters were no surprise. I have been anticipating them for a while. I can't wait to see were you are going next. I have a few possibilities in mind and eagerly wait to see if any pan out . Thanks for the great read. Many thanks, Greg! I hope Gale was worth waiting for, but yeah, no surprise with her. Hope the future developments are fun!
Plan-B 2014 February 4 Re: Ch.16; Best cliff-hanger EVER!

Re: Ch.13; Would have liked the Boat wreck and conflict sequence to be a little more drawn out. It seemed a bit rushed.

Re: General commets; Even without the underage sex, this would be a very good story. It is well written, and very immersive. For the most part, the sex scenes are written well also, but sometimes, they seem a bit "over-the-top". Not quite unbelievable, but a touch too embelished.

Keep up the fine work...and I still want to know what is in that second container washed up on the beach!!
Great feedback, Plan-B! I agree with the Ch 13 critique, but in the interest of keeping the story moving, I opted for a short, intense moment over a more drawn out slow build. Definitely agree about the embellishment, but that's kinda my style :) Second Container... I wondered if anyone remembered it was still there ;)
The Critic 2014 February 3 One of the best stories I have had the pleasure to read in this meta. Anxiously awaiting the continuation of this tale. Well written and very enjoyable to read, really tired of the stories that have no background. This far fetched little tale is fun and fresh. I appreciate your kind words, Critic, thanks! Chapter 16 just posted, hope you enjoy it!
hardline01 2014 February 3 great story hope there are a lot more coming Thanks, hardline01! More coming as soon as I can work on it!
Larry 2014 February 3 I am not one for long tales. But this one has me tied to it. Lovely sex. Erotic and very arousing. The sex is very good. Makes one hard at just the thought. Thanks for sharing. Thanks Larry! Glad you are enjoying it. I hope to have a couple of more chapters out this week.
getzhard 2014 February 3 Looking forward to more chapters to "Shipwrecked"! Enjoying the story very much and looking forward to when or if they find the woman Gale on the other side of the island! Wondering when the two girls find out that they are both pregnant and if eventually the third woman submits to Kal and the girls! Thanks, getzhard! There are some interesting things planned for Kal and the girls. Hope you enjoy!
Anonymous 2014 January 30 You have quickly became my favorite author. I have another one I like, but have replaced her at the top of my list. I also really like your story, "My Jewish Princess". Eagerly look forward to the next installment in either story. Thanks, I'm humbled that you enjoy my work that much! I'll definitely pick up the MJP series in the next month or two, the magical story line starts to get going stronger in year 2 and I hope you'll find some new things to enjoy.
Anonymous 2014 January 30 This story is going from bad to worse. Heaven help any little girls getting in penis range of randy Kal. The unprotected underage sex is just wrong. Yes it is only a story. But you have lost one reader with the crashing boat saga which is just plain ridiculous. Talk about farfetched! Goodbye Sorry you didn't enjoy the series. I hope you find other stories you enjoy better on ASSTR. I'm surprised it took thirteen chapters to lose you given how much you disliked the story...
Anonymous 2014 January 30 So many of us have wanted this experience. Taking a young virgin on an island alone. The penetration description is excellent. I shudder at the thought of cumming in her. Thanks! So long as this is all just fantasy, I see nothing wrong with imagining that moment. Please, though, keep it in your imagination only!
Anonymous 2014 January 30 Loving the story, only gripe I have is that new chapters arent coming fast enough. I know youll release more when its ready and up to your usual high standard, so I'm not having a go. Thanks for your stories and cant wait for the next installment. Thanks, so glad you enjoy it enough to want more! I publish them as soon as they are written and edited, so hopefully I can keep a chapter or two coming each day.
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