The Protege

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

Series Launched: July 13, 2018
Latest Chapter Added: May 20, 2019

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The Protege follows an event photographer, Patrick, who encounters an ex-girlfriend with a young daughter named Piper in tow. A model herself, Piper is soon tagging along with Patrick and learning from him as he is sent to document displays of erotic performances by girls like Piper.

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Author Date Comment Chase's Response
Anonymous 22 May 2019 Umm. "Belo Horizonte," not "Horizontal," though I understand how the latter trips off English-speaking fingers more readily. Enjoying the story. Wouldn't mind some more "Shipwrecked," if you get the time. Thanks for catching that, definitely an autocorrect error. Fixed it just now. I have a new chapter of Shipwrecked being written currently, hope to finish it up todayish.
Alan 10 May 2019 (Author's note: refers to Chapter 21) Another great episode, Chase. Patrick is one very fortunate man. Awaiting the next installment of one very good and erotic story. (rating: 10) Thanks again, Alan! :)
Tina 21 May 2019 Love the story sofar. Enjoying the build up of of potential things. Enjoy the breadth and depth of the characters. You are a wonderful talent. I have been reading your stories for many years, and have always kept you as my first choice to read. All your current stories, and others i have readsince the first chapters. As i said i have greatly enjoyed them. Many many a night reading in the tub, many a rolli g orgasm as the stories progress. Thank you for that. I have greatly enjoyed your work, and look forward to the new chapters. (rating: 10) Wow, thank you so much, Tina! It is a wonderful honor to know that what I write affects you in such a positive and arousing way. I am really enjoying telling the story of Piper and Patrick in The Protege and look forward to adding more to the story soon.

I appreciate you sticking with me even during lulls in my writing and publishing and I hope you continue to enjoy what I deliver. I take great pride in my stories and it is heartening to hear that the efforts are making some of your nights more enjoyable!
Alan 21 May 2019 Thanks very much for another very enjoyable "fix" and I look forward to the next installment of this unfolding saga. (rating: 10) :D Thanks again, Alan! I love telling this story. Piper is so much fun to describe and follow around the world. More to come, for sure!
Jay 21 May 2019 Great read! (rating: 10) Thank you!
Anonymous 20 May 2019 garbage, I have a pounding fucking head reading your trash (rating: 1) Okay . . .
Anonymous 18 May 2019 I am loving this story! I am reminded of a weekend years ago when my daughter was playing at a softball tournament and we took an extra night at the motel so we could have some privacy and make time for each other. It was beautiful, just like your story! Thanks for the memories. My pleasure, and thank you for sharing!
Rube 14 May 2019 Welcome back, Chase. I have missed your wonderful writing.

While I like "Shipwrecked" and "Flower Petals" this is my favorite story. The love between Patrick and Piper, and now with Grace, is delightful and very sweet. Right up my alley.

Thank you very much for your work and I look forward to the next chapter.
Thanks so much, Rube! I hope you continue to enjoy the story. I love telling about Patrick and Piper and Grace and their world. I should have a new chapter or two up in the next few days.
Anonymous 13 May 2019 Great (rating: 10) Thank you!
Anonymous 12 May 2019 Wow! Keep them (and me) coming! (rating: 10) Will do, thanks!
Anonymous 12 May 2019 It's a great read, good grammar, proper spelling, lovely story line. Always happy to see your work. (rating: 10) My thanks!
Anonymous 11 May 2019 Let's just say that you have my attention... (rating: 9) :) Excellent!
Anonymous 9 May 2019 Amazing story! Thanks for all your writing! (rating: 10) You're welcome, and thank you!
Anonymous 9 May 2019 Wonderful (rating: 10) Thank you!
Anonymous 9 May 2019 I'm enjoying The Protege story immensely. Among other attributes, your writing is nearly typo-free, which makes it even more enjoyable to read. Forget abut meeting the author...I want to meet and compliment your editor. (rating: 10) Thanks so much! Odd as it may sound, I am my own editor, and even then, I typically only do a single pass at editing before publishing. I (or readers) do find typos from time to time, but I try my best to keep it clean before putting it online.
Anonymous 9 May 2019 I know you are busy and I have been waiting a long time to read the next chapters of The Protege.

It was worth waiting every single minute for the new chapters.

You made me feel like i was right there in Monaco and in Nice. You did a great job and I can't wait for the new chapters to come out.

I know you have a lot of stories that you are catching up from because I enjoy reading your stories. So i have quite a few waiting to catch up on.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to more stories. (rating: 10)
Thanks so much, Cormac! I really enjoy writing about Piper and Patrick (and now Grace, too!) I hope you continue to enjoy their story. I will have chapters coming out in my other series over the coming weeks, including Shipwrecked and Flower Petals and Emmy, but I will definitely have new Protege as well.
Anonymous 9 May 2019 Um, If Patrick was 25 and Piper 11 and he fucked her mother in the back of her car. He was fucking her before she was old enough to drive. Piper's mother would have had to been 14 when she had Piper. Or did he fuck Piper's mother after she had Piper? It was Veronica's car, not Patricks's. His age is irrelevant. Veronica was sixteen at the time she dated Patrick in high school.
monagamous_now 7 May 2019 Welcome back - I'm glad your return included a chapter for this tale - I love these main characters - and enjoy their stories very much (rating: 10) Thank you so much! Glad to be back and writing about Patrick and Piper once more!
7 May 2019 (author's note: refers to Chapter 20) Another great chapter, Chase. I am so taken with this story, that I dug into my WIP folder and began adding to a story I had started a year ago titled The Videographer. The Protege wetted my appetite to continues my story.

Can't wait for more chapters of your story to be added in the coming weeks. (rating: 10)
Thanks so much, Alan! I really enjoy writing this story and I hope it continues to be enjoyable. I've got another chapter being written this week, hope to have it finished and published soon.

Re: The Videographer: Great! I'll definitely check that out once I have a chance to kick back and do some reading. Thanks for letting me know!
2 May 2019 God, I'm loving this story. I admire your restraint in not rushing it and showing how Patrick slowly overcame his initial reluctance and self depreciation for feeling what he did for Piper. (rating: 10) Thanks again, Alan! :)
Anonymous 2 May 2019 I love this series so much and I keep checking your site every day in case a new chapter is uploaded. Been disappointed so far but I’m still hopeful you’ll write more (please)! (rating: 10) I was away a few months during my divorce process, but I'm starting to get things rolling again, recently published chapter 20.
1 May 2019 (author's note: refers to Chapter 12) 'I just picked up this chapter and I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it so much, I'm going to start at chapter one. It was careful written and it was like I was looking over the shoulders of Patrick and Piper watching the father take his daughter's virginity. The very act of copulation was well written. (rating: 10) Thank you so much, Alan!
Anonymous 8 March 2019 I have really enjoyed this story. Lots of different twists and turn, not only thier emotional feeling, but in thier very lives. Events that brought them together, and the difficult trials they both must fight thru to stay together. I really like reading this one. (rating: 8) Thank you so much! I've thoroughly enjoyed writing this tale.
Anonymous 20 March 2019 Love this story and hope you will continue it soon looking forward to where this is all going ... Very well written ! Thank you for all of your work here too, it is all appreciated by many i'm sure :) (rating: 9) Many thanks, Anon!
Dave 4 March 2019 You are a very good writer. This story keeps me on the edge. Piper sounds like a doll. (rating: 10) Thank you!
Anonymous 4 March 2019 I'm thoroughly enjoying The Protege. The dialog is especially well done, you nailed their voices. I haven't finished it yet, but I love the bits of foreshadowing for what I expect to be the big reveal.

One small note, there is no way a ten-year-old girl would be unaware her cell phone service was disconnected, as Patrick considered. Seconds--that's how long it would take her to notice.

I hate needing to incorporate cell ubiquitous phone availability and culture in my writings.

I'll get halfway through a scene and realize the conflict I'm building can be solved in a second by having the character pull out their cell phone. Sometimes, I go so far as to kill batteries, destroy phones, block cell phone access in certain locations, and make other locations remote, and out of cell phone range just to avoid having to constantly deal with them.

Anyway, I'm happy to have found your site, and if The Protege is representative of your other work, I'm sure I'll enjoy all of it.
Thanks so much, Anon! No doubt that most girls Piper's age would be that way, but I've tried to portray Piper as a different sort of girl, one less into cell phones and such things and more into observations and experiences.
Anonymous 30 October 2018 I certainly have been enjoying your ongoing "Protege" story. Excellent writing. Thanks for sharing! Many thanks!
JoeScrewloose 28 October 2018 In a word, outstanding. It's been a while since I've read your work, and I'd forgotten what a talent you have. I'm off to read some more of your work! Thank you. (rating: 10) Thank you so much!
Anonymous 27 October 2018 This is such an amazing story, I can't wait (but happily will) for more! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and talent with us!

I must confess that I guessed and did the math pretty early on about Piper being Patrick's daughter, and hoped that it would be so, but you still managed to really get me feeling what a joy and relief that must be when it came out. Brilliant work!
:) Many thanks, Anon! I knew many of you readers would see it coming, but I hoped the moment it was revealed would still be enjoyable.
Danielle 25 October 2018 Just wanted to let you know that I'm totally enjoying this story! I did suspect very early on though that Piper would wind up being Patricks' daughter. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered what I would say if ever my own youngest daughter was offered the chance to model and do the private party thing like Piper. Like Veronica, the idea doesn't totally repulse me. Anyway, thanks for the story. Looking forward to much more. (rating: 8) Thanks so much, Danielle! I've loving being able to tell the story of Piper and Patrick, and I thought the model/competition/private event scenes were really fun to describe and include in the story. I'm sure, when it is your own daughter, it would be very conflicting to consider whether to protect her strongly from such things or to let her indulge and explore that aspect of her life and body so publicly.
Anonymous 19 October 2018 Great Story (rating: 10) Thank you!
Admiral Cartwright 19 October 2018 So good to see this updated, excellent work, and I'm left curious as to how far things with Grace will go. ;-)

Will you indulge me a couple of niggles?

First, a couple of uses of 'Piper and I' should have been 'Piper and me'. Example: 'The girl turned away before the Prince got too close and left Piper and I to ...' Active voice is 'the girl ... left', therefore 'me' is passive, as in, 'the girl left me to ...' (TL;DR: whichever is correct when removing 'Piper' from the phrase is correct with her included.)

(Piper's "me and Daddy" is also incorrect, but I'm guessing it's intentional. I've done that with young characters.)

Second, if Patrick pronounces 'sycophant' correctly, Piper's response might've been "Sick-o fans?"

Third, fix the 'end of/coming soon' numbers. XD
Thanks, AC!

Re: me vs I: Yeah, I know all the rules and usually get that one right. I found 1 or 2 places out of a dozen or so uses in that chapter that I had it backwards, chalk it up to being exhausted when I edited it. Piper's use was intentionally incorrect in that quote, so I left that in.

Re: sycophant: I debated which way to go with that one when I wrote it, and originally had 'sicko-fans' before deciding to give it the incorrect pronouncement (it's a sort of homage to a writer friend I lost years ago who intentionally mispronounced sycophant and other words like that) but after re-reading it a couple of times, it's out of place, so I switched it back to the correct pronunciation.

Re: chapter end: fixed, thanks!

Nice to hear from you as always,
Anonymous 7 October 2018 I have been enthralled with The Protege and await further chapters of this slow burning epic. It just feels like the action has begun. I hope you are well and rested to come back. Thanks for reading and for your patience!
Admiral Cartwright 6 October 2018 Hanging on The Protégé going on two months now. I know you've been busy, but I hope things are good otherwise. Just been very busy the last couple of months. I've managed to get a new chapter or two up since you wrote me, hopefully more coming very soon!
Anonymous 24 September 2018 First story I've read from you - one word - Awesome!

I tried to nominate it for a clitorides award but got an error.. sad because it really is a fantastic story - lots of character development and a tantalizing progression of intimacy between the main characters. So many unanswered questions -- cannot wait until chapters 19+ are released.
Thanks so much! The Clitorides probably won't accept this story for submission until it is completed, but thanks for trying!
Old Man 8 September 2018 I’m starving for the next chapter. (rating: 10) Trying to get some new chapters out this week (October 26, 2018)
Gus 22 August 2018 This must be one of the best and sexiest stories at SOL!!! And that cliffhanger at the end of the previous chapter made for some long days before this chapter was published😶 What I like about your stories is that they are stories, not just the same repetitive sex over and over. Do you have a feeling about how many chapters might be left? Please don’t stop writing!!! You’re my favorite author on SOL so keep up the good work👏 Oops! Looks I wrote SOL, not ASSTR (rating: 10) Hi Gus, and thank you so much! I'm not sure how many more chapters, but I have ideas for another 15-20 right now. I don't have a definitive "end point" that I hope to get to though I will wrap up most of the plot points I'm aiming to complete over that time, but I don't know when I'll actually bring the story to an end.

I'll definitely keep writing as long as ASSTR remains online. I've been very busy lately, and am still so, so I've not had a lot of time to write and publish in August, but hopefully in September I can take a break and do some more writing in this story and others.
Anonymous 13 August 2018 Excellent ending! Can't wait for more! (Author's Note: refers to chapter 17) Thank you!
Oldman666 11 August 2018 The ending was no surprise to me. I surmised that Piper was his daughter a few chapters ago. Keep up the good work! (rating: 10) Many thanks, Oldman666!
Anonymous 11 August 2018 wow what a twist there at the end (Author's Note: refers to chapter 17) :)
Spelling Bee 10 August 2018 Title should be spelled like this:

T H E P R O T É G É (E)
I'm aware of how it is supposed to be spelled with accented (non-English) characters, but it is a rather silly convention for a loan word which is now fully adopted into English. Many academics and especially authors, including Louise May Alcott and Emile Zola, don't bother with accent marks like this (those two, specifically, leave them off the word protege.) It's a pain in the ass to use non-English characters, and it's a silly convention for similar words, such as facade or fiance. Readers know what protege means, whether it is the French spelling or not.
Anonymous 8 August 2018 Fantastic. I hope this story does not stop in next new chapter. Are you planning to introduce more new characters and their first time experience? (rating: 10) Thanks! No, it will not end with Chapter 17, lots more to tell :)
Old man 2 August 2018 I am like a starving man looking at a 9 course meal , waiting for the last course. When o O when will it appear? (rating: 10) Hi, Old man! Thanks for writing me. I try to keep a new chapter of The Protege coming out every week or so, sometimes more often. The last one I added was on July 27. I've got chapter 14 almost ready to publish and should have it up in the next hour or so. I hope you enjoy!
monagamous_now ( 30 July 2018 I'm REALLY loving that new story, Protege. I check routinely for a new chapter. It is my favorite.

But - I do like several others- Flower Petals, Shipwrecked, Emmy Grows Up ... yeah - I like these a great deal.
Wow, thanks, monagamous_now! The Protege has been fun, especially getting to drop into sweet Piper's life and watch her curiosity and hard work lead her into interesting places.
Anonymous 26 July 2018 In love with this story. Perfect age for my taste. Just for fantasy, is there any chance you introducing other shape of hymen in the new chartacter, such as circular or septate? Two character we now know both have cresent. Maybe have a character with a really thick and small one that even smallest finger doesn't fit and hurt to touch. (rating: 10) Thanks! And I may give more hymen shapes in future chapters. It's something I've considered, for sure.
Fireman12 23 July 2018 I am really enjoying your new offering protégé. Previously I ha e Red flower petals and enjoyed the story very much. I tend to like stories that or have more story content with sex as an enhancement as opposed to sex stories and you do that very well. Thank you! Thank you, Fireman12! I have really enjoyed the new tale and the protagonists involved. They've been a joy to write about and fun to follow through their adventures. I'll have more chapters coming soon with much more from Piper and Patrick. I'll also have some new Flower Petals in the next few weeks, as well.
Anonymous 19 July 2018 Great stuff as always!!! (rating: 10) Thanks so much, Anon!
RS Jenkins 19 July 2018 I am really enjoying your new series, there are so many twists and turns that I feel like I have to hang on or I may fall off the ride,lol, but it really is a great story line and the main progenitors are perfect for it,and the societal inflicted conflict in Patrick is almost heart breaking, I can hardly wait until you let us get a hint of what Pipers mother was up to. I could keep going but just wanted to thank you for another great story. (rating: 10) Thanks, RS! This story has taken on a life of its own for me, really enjoying telling the story. Piper's a fun character to ride along with, so to speak! I'll have more chapters coming out soon.
Anonymous 18 July 2018 The Protege. WOW.

You're so good. I read 4 chapters in bed last night laying right next to my wifey! I couldn't stop. I did a lot of driving today and all I thought about was that story. Boner all day long. Thank you sooo sooo much!
:D I have to say it has been a lot of fun to write this one, can't wait to get more chapters up in the near future, I've got a lot more to tell.

Does your wife also read erotica, or is this something just for you?
Admiral Cartwright 18 July 2018 You have my attention. ;-)

In chapter nine, though, you appear to have an errant "Uncle Mike", about 3/4 through.
Thanks, Admiral!

And I appreciate catching that 'Uncle Mike' in Chapter 9. That's a holdover from the the "original" narrator name which I decided to change before I started putting the story online. I've just uploaded a fixed version of that chapter.
Anonymous 18 July 2018 One of the best stories I've read! I like how you take it slow and let the relationship between Piper and Patrick progress naturally (as far as that is possible). You at least avoid the common pitfall of clearing the consent issue with the default "But you know most people frown upon sex between an adult and a child, we must keep it to ourselves and I only do what you want me to" and then right to fucking. There are not many writers who can climb that mountain in a believable way (Renpet comes to mind) so my compliments to you. (rating: 10) Thanks so much! In most of my stories, I find the "payoff scenes" to be much more satisfying if the characters got there organically and after some moral struggles. A handful of my series (like Emmy Grows Up) and many of my short stories fly past that to get to the fap material, but I find spending the time on series like The Protege or Ahead of the Curve to move the action at a natural, hesitant pace yields a much more believable sequence of events, and also allows the reader to get to know the characters and their lives so that the context of the "payoff scenes" is more rich and meaningful.

And I especially appreciate any comparisons to Renpet. He's my favorite in the genre bar none.
Mark 17 July 2018 I've only gotten through the first 3 chapters and am enjoying the hell out of this novel. Thanks, Mark! I hope you continue to enjoy the story of Piper and Patrick, I'll have more chapters coming out over the days and weeks ahead.
Ritend 17 July 2018 This is your first piece that I am reading. I really like how you set things up. Establishing parameters for your characters and sticking to their thought trains. I really look forward to the continued chapters. (rating: 8) Hi, Ritend, and thank you!

The setup in The Protege is fairly typical for how I like to tell stories, often a lot of teasing and setup, easing slowly into taboo subjects. I have a couple of series/stories where I ignore all that and just tell a pure fap tale (like in Emmy Grows Up,) but most of my series (such as Flower Petals) are essentially morality plays, of a sort. I find the "payoff scenes" much more satisfying after a struggle with the ideas involved.

I hope you continue to enjoy the series, and any other stories of mine you decide to read.
Anonymous 17 July 2018 Greetings to the author: I'll give this a 9 rating for what we have so far up through Chapter 7, then rate it again after the story is complete.

I think Uncle Patrick starts out as a fairly common example of sexual repression, which I suppose is to be expected in these modern times. I enjoyed the slow melting away of his inhibitions, and especially liked the character development of the young heroine, Piper.

I admired the warp and weft of the plot, which is so much richer than what we normally get in pedoerotica.

As a long-time reader of omnivorous tastes, I especially like the careful editing, spelling and grammar. I did see a few typos, but the text in general is nicely cleaned and polished.

I know you've written other stories, but this is the first one of yours that I've spent time with, and it makes me want to have a closer look at your other work.

Finally, I heartily endorse the romantic tone of this piece. Love stories turn me on the best!

This is first-rate stuff. Thanks for writing! (rating: 9)
Thanks so much! It has been a fun story to tell so far, and I have a lot more planned to come in the weeks and months ahead. I've enjoyed being able to drop into that "forbidden" world and give it some of my own twists.

I just published the next chapter (#8) a few minutes ago, hope you continue to like the story!
Anonymous 16 July 2018 wow (rating: 10) :)

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