Chapter One: Jessi is a Cock Sucker

Jessi has her uncle's cock in her mouth. She's down on her knees and he's standing in front of her, one hand on the back of her head, the other hand slipped down her shirt and under her bra. He's pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, his head sliding back through her lips, then pushing in and filling her mouth completely. She has one hand cradling his balls, the other wrapped loosely around his shaft.

She likes doing this, at least sort of. She finds his cock fascinating; his balls are big and heavy, his shaft is rock-hard and almost intimidatingly large. But his head, this she knows most intimately because she has explored it so many times with her tongue. It is very big--thick, much thicker than his thick shaft; his head alone fills her mouth almost entirely. She wonders, as she runs her tongue over it, how her aunt can even take that big head into her vagina. It is strangely soft as well, spongy, though if she sucks hard enough she can feel the hard-on inside it. And it tastes strange, very masculine. The taste alone causes her to start to get wet down between her legs.

The only part she really doesn't like about doing this is when he comes. His come tastes really nasty, and there's always lots of it. But, he gives her twenty bucks every time he comes in her mouth, and that's a lot of money for a thirteen year old. So she puts up with it. He always tells her he'll give her a hundred bucks if she lets him pop her cherry, and that's *really* a lot of money, so she's really tempted. But then again, she can let him come in her mouth five times and get a hundred bucks. Really, he ought to give her a lot more than that for her cherry. She always tells him that maybe if he offered her two hundred, she'd let him do it. But, he always says, if she doesn't have a cherry he's not giving her that kind of money. "Don't go losing your cherry to some guy at school," he says, "and then think I'll give you that kind of money for some second-hand pussy." There definitely are some guys at school she'd consider doing it with, but if she can get a couple hundred bucks from her uncle for her cherry, they'll just have to wait.

He pulls his cock out of her mouth and lifts his shaft up. She knows what this means, he wants her to kiss his balls. She doesn't mind, she likes his balls. She plants a big kiss right on his sack, then gives each of his balls a big lick. She likes the way they taste, very strange and masculine like his head. The taste makes her get tingly between her legs. He likes her to get them nice and wet, so she gets lots of spit in her mouth and licks each ball again. They're very hairy, and she doesn't like the way his pubic hair feels in her mouth, but she puts up with it. Twenty bucks is a lot of money for a thirteen year old.

"So," he says as she sucks one of his balls into her mouth, "you thought at all about that hundred bucks?"

She shakes her head 'no' as she sucks the other ball.

"You've still got your cherry, right? You haven't let some boy at school pop her yet, right?"

She leans back. "Don't worry, I still got my cherry."

"When are you gonna let me pop her?"

She smiles up at him. "I told you, two hundred bucks."

"Yeah?" he says. "So if I give you two hundred right now, you'd let me pop your cherry?"

She smiled up at him again. "Maybe."

"I'll get my wallet."

She wraps a hand around his shaft. "Why don't you just come in my mouth today, and maybe next time I'll let you have my cherry."

He goes back to pumping in and out of her mouth. "All right, it's a deal," he says. "But don't you let some boy at school get her before I do. She's mine, right?"

She looks up at him and nods.

It doesn't take long for him to get off, maybe a minute, and she feels his cock stiffen even more and he grabs the back of her head and she knows what's coming. First she just tastes a little bit of his semen in her mouth, but a half-second later his first shot rockets out him. "Oh, fuck!" he says loudly. It hits her in the back of her mouth and instantly her mouth is full of nasty-tasting fluid. He holds her tightly in place while he unloads another couple of big shots, then keeps her there for the last few smaller shots. That's part of the deal, she has to take it all in her mouth to get the twenty bucks. After he pulls out, she spits his come out in her hand. He always tells her he'll give her an extra five bucks if she swallows, and she did swallow one time, but she almost threw up. So even though she'd like the extra five bucks, she hasn't tried again since.

Chapter Two: Jessi Contemplates the Inevitable

Jessi puts her book down and turns off the light. Then she sits there in her bed, thinking. Is she really going to do it? Is she really going to let him pop her cherry? He seems willing to give her two hundred bucks for it, that's for sure.

She slips a hand down her panties and runs her fingers over the cleft between her legs. She definitely wants to have sex, and lots of it. And that means some guy's going to get her cherry, it's inevitable. She could wait, and give it to that "special someone," like the ladies always say. But there's nobody special in her life right now, and there doesn't appear to be anyone on the horizon, either. If she did it with any of the guys at school, it'd just be for fun. So why should any of them get her cherry? It'll be fun with her uncle, too, plus she'll get two hundred bucks out of the deal.

She slips a finger into her cleft and circles it around the tiny opening to her vagina. Would it really be fun with her uncle? She thinks about that huge, thick head. There's no way that would fit! He'll tear her open! One thing about the boys at school, she knows from personal experience, is that their dicks are a lot smaller than her uncle's.

Her finger slides up to her clit and she starts rubbing it. Familiar feelings start flowing through her pussy, a warm wet tingling. She always thinks about sex when she masturbates. She spreads open, she puts out, she gives it up. That's the kind of girl she is, she puts out like crazy.

OK, fine. The asshole can pop her cherry.

Chapter Three: Jessi Puts Out

Jessi's uncle takes a bunch of twenties out of his wallet and puts them on his dresser. "There you go, two hundred bucks," he says, grinning at her. She smiles, rather meekly. She's feeling quite nervous.

"You sure you're OK about this?" he says. He really is a nice guy, he really does care about her and she knows it.

"I'm OK," she says.

"All right, then," he says, sitting down on his bed. "I figure for two hundred bucks, I get the full package."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, let's start with you stripping for me."


"Yeah. Take off every stitch of clothing. For two hundred bucks, I get you completely naked."

Jessi had never been naked before in front of a guy, except her dad, and even then not since she'd entered puberty. Sure, she'd had lots of guys feel her up, and down, but she'd never been naked before. "So, like, should I start with my shirt?"

"Sure, whatever. You're the stripper."

As she grabs the bottom hem of her shirt, she regrets that she didn't put a bra on this morning. It's not like she really needs a bra, she has no boobs to speak of, just "bee-stings" really, and as long as her shirt is thick enough her nipples barely even show. And this morning she figured he'd be feeling her up a lot and it'd just be more comfortable to not have a bra in the way. But now, as she pulled her shirt up, she really wished she had something more on, even if she'd have to take it off later.

She pulls her shirt off and quickly wraps her arms around her chest. He grins at her. "OK, keep going... Buck naked, remember." She turns around, pulls her pants and panties off, then turns back, one arm across her chest and the other hand covering her crotch. He's grinning broadly. "Come here," he says. She walks over to him and he grabs both her wrists and pulls her arms away from her body. "There you go," he says, and she can feel his hot stare as his eyes flit from one boob to the other, then down to her pubic hair, then back up to her boobs again. She just stands there, her face bright red, and lets him stare.

After a little while he stands up. "OK, now, take my pants off."

She gets down on her knees and unbuttons his pants, then pulls them down along with his underwear. His cock pops out, fully erect, and looking menacingly large to her right then. He puts his hands on the back of her head and pulls her into him. She opens her mouth and dutifully lets him start pumping in and out. After a little while, he pulls out and lifts his shaft, and she gets down under his balls and starts licking them. He slaps her in the face a few times with his cock.

"OK," he says, sitting down on the bed again, "come sit on my lap now, sweetie."

She sits down on his lap. "No, straddle me," he says, and she lifts a leg over, facing him. His huge cock is now no more than maybe an inch away from her sex.

He starts fondling her breasts, squeezing them. "Your little tits are so cute," he says. She smiles nervously. He leans forward and kisses her, right on her lips, something he's never done before. Then he leans back again. "I want you to spread your pussy open now," he says, "I want to see your little cherry. Or should I say, my little cherry."

"Oh, man," she says, terribly embarrassed. But she reaches her hands down and spreads her pussy lips open.

"Lean back a little, so I can see." She leans back a bit. "Cute!" he says, staring right at the pink insides of her hairy little pussy. "But I can't really see your cherry. Tell you what, lay down on the bed now."

She climbs off him and lays down on the bed. He gets up and gets a towel and tucks in underneath her butt. "Spread your legs," he says. She opens her legs, feeling scared and embarrassed at the same time. "Now spread your pussy open again," he says.

"Oh, man," she says again. She reaches down and spreads her lips again.

He's grinning as he watches her pink insides revealed for him again. "A little more," he says, "I want to see that little cherry."

She spreads her lips even wider, feeling embarrassed and dirty and a even little humiliated.

"There you go," he says, "there she is!" He reaches a finger down and gently touches the tight skin of her hymen. "What a cute little cherry!" He slides his finger up and starts rubbing her clit. She closes her eyes, enjoying the tingly feeling.

"Are you ready?" he says, still rubbing her clit. She opens her eyes a little bit and nods. He slides his finger back down to her hymen again, then starts climbing on top of her. She feels his hard-on up against her pubic mound as he leans over her and kisses her on the forehead. "You're my little cherry girl," he says, "my cute little cherry girl."

She smiles rather feebly at him.

He reaches down to his cock, and she feels his head slide down through her pubic hair, over her clit, and down into the folds of her vagina. Oh, fuck, she thinks, here we go. She steels herself for the pain that she expects. But he doesn't push into her, not yet, he just rubs his head up and down along her vaginal lips. It feels really nice when he rubs it over her clit. She closes her eyes, trying to settle her nerves and enjoy the tingly feeling.

He pushes his head back down. "My little cherry girl," he says, "my sweet little cherry girl." Then he pushes into her for the first time, quite gently. She opens her eyes and looks up at him. It hurts, but only a little. He lets up the pressure and goes back to rubbing her clit with his head. Then he slides his head back down and pushes in again, a little harder this time. He does this three or four times, rubbing her clit with his head, then pushing against her hymen, a little harder each time. Though it hurts when he pushes into her, it feels really good when he rubs her clit. Nonetheless, she can't help but think that he's taking a really long time to pop her cherry. He's obviously enjoying it immensely--he's grinning broadly--but it's starting to be like torture for her. She knows it's going to hurt, probably a lot, and she wishes he'd just get it over with. Of course, maybe he's intentionally torturing her. She wouldn't put it past him.

Finally he starts pushing harder. Now it hurts, that's for sure. She squints her eyes from the pain but can see him smiling. Come on, you fucker, pop it! Just get it the fuck over with! He lets up the pressure, then pushes in again, even harder. It feels like he's tearing her apart now. She wants to cry out in pain, but he laughs. He actually laughs! He lets up the pressure again, and laughs again. "Oh, yeah! Your little cherry's mine now!" And he pushes in again, using all his might this time, the entire weight of his body focused on the tip of his head, his hand gripping his cock tightly to give it more strength. She feels a searing pain. Oh my god, he won't fit! He's tearing me apart!

At the same time, though, she feels something else, something deeper inside her, and it takes a half-second for her to realize what it is. It's his head, past her hymen now, inside her. He pulls back again, then drives very hard and although it hurts, she feels the same feeling, even deeper, burrowing into her. "There we go!" he says. He's smiling broadly at her, obviously very happy. She feels his balls now, settling up against her ass, and she realizes he must be all the way inside her. "There we go," he says again, kissing her on the forehead.

He pulls out completely, and she's relieved to have that big nasty thing out of her. It hurt a lot, even more than she expected, and it still hurts. She's glad it's over, now hopefully he got his two hundred bucks worth and will leave her alone so she can heal. He wipes his dick off with the towel, then wipes her pussy off too. "There's a little bit of blood," he says. Then he climbs on her and reaches down and directs his cock into her again. Shit, he's going to put it in again? No way!

She grunts in pain as he enters her. "I love your pussy," he says quietly, kissing her as he impales her again.

"It hurts," she says.

"I'm sorry, baby," he says, "I'll try to be gentle."

But she doesn't want him to be gentle. She just wants him to be done. He starts moving his hips, pulling his cock back, then pushing it in. He kisses her on the mouth, pushing his tongue into her. She closes her eyes and tries to enjoy the feeling of his big cock filling her up; she can see why girls like it, it does feel nice, if only she wasn't still in pain from getting her cherry popped.

Gradually, he increases his rhythm until he's fucking her quite hard. It still hurts quite a lot, but it is starting to feel good. But then she realizes she has something else to worry about now; he's breathing hard, and he has his hands wrapped in her hair, and she knows what that means. He's about ready to come.

"You probably shouldn't come inside me," she says.

"Don't worry," he says, the words labored by his heavy breathing, "you can't get pregnant your first time."

She knows that's not true. "I don't think you should come," she says.

"Hey, I told you, for two hundred bucks, I get the full package, and that means I get to come wherever I want."

"You can come in my mouth," she says. "I promise I'll swallow."

"Now that's tempting," he says. "Maybe next time." Then he just grabs her tight, slams his cock into her a couple more times, and then he grunts and she knows he's coming. He did it, the fucking bastard really did it! She wants to push him off but he's holding her down tightly and laying on top of her with his full weight and there's nothing she can do but just lay there and wait for him to finish. He keeps fucking her and she can tell she's instantly much wetter down there and she knows why. Eventually he's done unloading and he just lays on top of her, catching his breath, with his cock inside her.

Chapter Four: Jessi Keeps Putting Out

Jessi's up on her knees and elbows on the bed. Her uncle is standing behind her, sliding his thick cock in and out of her.

After the first time, she'd waited nervously for her period to start, but eventually, to her great relief, she got it. After that, they'd had some rather difficult negotiations. Jessi contended that he should give her a hundred bucks for pussy, and he can't come in her. He said, "Screw that, I'm not paying a hundred bucks for a used pussy I can't even come in. Don't get all high-and-mighty, it's just a pussy, I'd rather have you suck me. How about I give you ten bucks for pussy if I don't get to come?"

Then she's like, "Fuck you, I know you want my pussy you bastard. Fifty bucks, and you don't get to come."

"You are high-and-mighty, aren't you? OK, here's my last offer: I'll give you fifty bucks for pussy, but I get to come in your mouth when I'm done, and you have to swallow."

She snorted. "If you want me to swallow you'll have to give me more than that. Sixty bucks and I'll let you finish in my mouth and I'll swallow it."

"All right, it's a deal. But what if I use a condom? I'll give you twenty bucks if I use a condom."

"Twenty bucks? No way, you don't get any pussy for less than fifty."

"Here's the deal, I'll give you sixty bucks if I use a condom, but you still have to swallow it when I'm done."

"Gross! OK, whatever."

Today he's in her bare, even though he said he was going to use a condom. She doesn't really care what he does, so long as he doesn't come in her. Either way she's got to swallow his nasty stuff. He's holding her hips tight and really doing her hard, slamming in and out. It doesn't really hurt anymore, it did the first few times after he popped her cherry but now she's used to it.

After fucking her for a while, he pulls out and puts a condom on, then he shoves back in and a minute later grunts his way through an orgasm. When he's done, he pulls out and she sits up in front of him, rolls the condom off his dick, then lifts it up to her mouth and tips it up, letting his come flow down into her mouth. She's gotten used to it now. The main thing to do is just swallow it down quick.

Luckily for her uncle, Jessi really likes money. And luckily for Jessi, her uncle has an insatiable sexual appetite. And luckily for her aunt, Jessi is there to help out with any "marital difficulties" his appetite might cause, although her aunt is blissfully unaware of Jessi's help. It's a good arrangement, makes all of them very happy.


Nickname Date Feedback
joe other brilliant and arousing story...You seem to get inside the head of the young lady..and even he becomes 'understandable'...great descriptions...lovely sex and very erotic!
Anonthro Your descriptions are really great, I especially love the use of his cum to humiliate her. Thanks for writing!
Mark52063 Writing in present tense is a no-no with many writers.... and me (a reader).
I'll admit it is harder to pull off a story in present tense, because the flow of time doesn't always fit well with it. But, I often feel it works better for a sex story, where the focus isn't so much on the plot development but on the present event (that is, the sex--everything from penetration to orgasm--can all happen in basically real-time as you read). Since I write a fair amount in present tense, I'm interested in why some readers do not like it.

Steve Utterly incredible, I love the multiple shifts in power and the acknowledgement from Jessi that she is so dearly sought after.

I hope there is more...
Erbkr Definitely not my cup of tea. It is pretty well written, although I agree with Mark numbers that present tense can be hard to get into, but this is very much a sex offender glorifying tale. Jessi appears reluctant to go further but he keeps pressing her to go on, that she benefits from it from selling herself as a hooker does not redeem it for me.
Onefreetexan This is a great story, Very well written,, Enjoyed how it plays out.
Thank you, Onefree. I'll make sure to let my niece know you enjoyed it! ^.^

Chas Great story and Jessie is very believable. I would have like more description about what they looked like, especially as they are undressing. I can fill in my own descriptions, and I actually have a perfect picture of Jessie nude (if only I could upload it), but physical descriptions from the author would be nice.
Thanks for the feedback, Chas. I'm of two minds; sometimes I like vivid descriptions, and sometimes I like to pull the reader along and allow them to fill in the details. You say you have picture of Jessi nude--let's just say it's in your mind!--and I think it would be sad to have deprived you of the right to have _that girl_ as your Jessi by describing her in some other way!

Sam Another excellent story. I've never given feedback on an erotic story before, but your work is so consistently delightful for me that a thank you felt in order. Normally I get irritated by a lack of description in erotic tales, but with yours the pace is perfect, more details would needlessly throw off the flow. Plus you're exactly right with what you said to an earlier comment, that this way readers provide their own "Jessi", so to speak. Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the great work! I'll be staying tuned.
Cecil Great story I came without event touching myself
Now this is the sort of feedback that we erotic writers thrive upon!

Xyz in last line: arraignment should be arrangement
Thank you very much, my dear anonymous editor, and once again I sing praises to readers who take the time to drop a comment like this. Many thanks! I have fixed it now.

Stepdaddy 10/7/2015 I love this story. I think I remember it from Lolliwood, but it was great to "cum" across it again!

I think this is one of your best as far as pacing, phrasing, and character development. I myself like the way you've pulled off the difficult, but rewarding (when done well), present tense. It is a challenging undertaking and you've succeeded.

And the story itself, right in my wheelhouse -- reluctant young teen girl, pressed forward in her sexual experience by the combined forces of her own awakening libido and the indecent pressures applied by a much older man, a man who demonstrates some care for the girl, but far more care for his own lusts.
10/9/2015 Wow, high praise from one of my favorite erotic writers. Thanks so much Stepdaddy and thanks for your ongoing contributions to this site. And thanks for the reader's recommendation, too!
Anonymous 10/17/2015 Another mediocre story by Chris. Awkward sentences and inconsistent punctuation, all praised by quasi-literate readers who judge good writing by comparing this stuff to tweets and texts. But Jesus H. Fucking Christ, it's written in the present tense! Holy shit what an accomplishment!
Anonymous 10/21/2015 mediocre?! you must be a joker or just another quasimoto dude with his head so far up his ass that he cant see beyond his own poo. you give anonymity a bad name :p the negotiations between these 2 made me laugh & the account of her deflowering rang painfully true. and then, drinking a condom full of cum...ewww! it doesnt have to be pretty for me to appreciate it. well done
10/21/2015 Thanks, anon! :)

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