"What is this all about?" Jessica asked as her boyfriend, Seth, sat down next to her on the couch and handed her a glass of wine.

"I suppose I may as well just blurt it out," he said. "There's no better way to tell you. I caught Ruby camming last night."


"Yeah, you know, I went down to the basement to use the bathroom, when I was heading home after we, you know... And she was..."

"You mean, like, web camming?"

"...sitting down there with her laptop..."

"Like, was she naked?"

"Well, she had her shirt on," Seth answered. "But she didn't have any pants on. And she was... well, you know..."

"She was masturbating?" Jessica asked, her cute nose crunched up in confusion. "On the webcam?"


"Wow," Jessica said. She took a big drink of her wine, holding it in her mouth contemplatively for a moment before swallowing. "I had no idea. Did you say anything to her?"

"No, I was... Sorry, I know I should have, but..."

"Oh, god, no! It's good you didn't!"

"...I was just sort of in shock."

"It would have been totally embarrassing for her!"

"Yeah," Seth agreed entirely. "That's why I figured I would just tell you about it. It's not really my place to confront her, you know?"

"Yeah, no, that would have been terrible. Twelve-year-old girls can be so insecure on some ways, you know? God, can you imagine, if you would have confronted her right then?"


"I mean, it's perfectly normal for a girl her age to masturbate..."

"Right, absolutely."

"...and I really don't want her to feel ashamed or anything, you know? Society's always telling girls that they should pretend their sexuality doesn't even exist, like it's something to be embarrassed about." Jessica polished off her glass of wine with another contemplative drink. "I guess it's good that she's proud of her body. And I can't say as I blame her for wanting to show it off."

"Yeah... Wait, you mean you don't mind that she's camming?"

"Well, let's just say I can relate."

"Oh?" Seth said, filling both their glass with wine again.

"Camming wasn't really a thing when I was her age, but let's just say the boys at Pearson Junior High got to see plenty of my sex parts when I was twelve."

"Lucky little devils."

"Sure. But they weren't the only ones who enjoyed it."

"Okay, but camming's different, right?"

"I suppose."

"I mean," Seth said, "it's not like she knows these guys, right? And it's not like they're boys. They're probably a bunch of grown men."

"I would have loved to show off for grown men back then, instead of the dweebs at my school."

"Dweebs? What is this, 1957?"

Jessica punched him in the shoulder.

"But the point is," Seth continued his line of thought, "these guys are strangers, and you can't trust strangers on the internet. Who knows what they're like. It just takes one freak, and, well, you know."

"Yeah..." Another contemplative drink. "So, you're main concern is that she's showing off her naughty bits to strangers?"


"And you wouldn't mind if it was someone she knew? Someone you could trust?"

Seth looked at his girlfriend with a bit of a furrowed brow. "I think I know where you're going with this, Jessica, and the answer is 'no fucking way.'"

"Why not? She wants to let a guy look at her body, and masturbate for him, and she's got this guy right here in real life that she knows and trusts. She doesn't even need a webcam, she can just do it right in front of you. It's perfect, isn't it?"

Seth gulped down his wine and poured another glass. "Maybe she trusts me, but I'm not sure I can trust myself," he eventually answered.

"Why not? What're ya gonna do, lust after a twelve year old?"


Jessica laughed out loud. "You always do want to roleplay me being a schoolgirl, don't you? What a pervert you are! How about this, I'll be there, too, just to keep you in line. Okay?"

"Jessica... This is silly anyway. She's not gonna want to do this with me."

"I think I could convince her that it's better than camming."


"Yeah. And I want her to know that men find her desirable and shit, you know? Come on, big guy, do this for me? Please?"

He downed his wine again. "What the fuck. Okay."

"Oh my god, Mom! He saw me?!?" Ruby's face was beet red. She looked like she was about to start crying.

"He tried not to look. He didn't look. We really don't want you to be embarrassed or anything, okay? Seth is just worried that you're going to meet the wrong guy, and that it could be dangerous, you know?"

Jessica paused for a moment, waiting for her daughter to say something. "He's just worried about you," she continued when Ruby didn't say anything more. "He wants you to be safe."

Ruby wiped welling tears from her eyes with the back of her finger fingers.

"Sweetie," Jessica said, "don't be embarrassed or ashamed at all, okay? We totally understand."

"Okay..." the girl said meekly.

"Can I tell you something?"


"When I was your age, I liked showing off."

"You did?" her daughter asked in a voice cracking with tears, but that also hinted at interest in her mother's confession.

"Yeah, I did. And if I had men that wanted to look... I mean, like, if I had a webcam back then, I totally would have done that. I totally would have been camming when I was your age."


"Definitely. So you see? You shouldn't be embarrassed at all!"

"Okay." Ruby wiped her eyes again and gave her mother a meek smile.

"But Seth is worried that you'll run into some guy who isn't trustworthy."


"Do you worry about that, too?"


"Well then," Jessica said, smiling at her daughter, "I think I have the perfect solution."

"You do?"

"Yeah! You just need a guy you know and trust that you can show off for."

Ruby smiled. "That does sound nice."

"It's like camming, only in real life!" her mother said with a laugh.

Ruby laughed, too.

Jessica smiled at her beautiful young daughter. "I know the perfect guy for you to do it with. I asked Seth to light a fire and pour us some wine. Will you come down?"

"Seth?" Ruby said, smiling still, though a bit confused. "You... you think I should real life cam with Seth?"

"Sure! He's perfect, don't you think? You know him and trust him. He's a good guy, he won't hurt you."

"But... I think I'll be too nervous!"

"There's nothing to be nervous about. It'll be just like when you're camming, right? And I have a special present for you, that will make it even better!"

"A present?" Ruby said, her eyes going wide. "What is it?"

Her mom took a package out of her pocket and held it up. "It's a vibrating egg. It makes masturbation soooo much fun! Com'on, I'll show you how to use it downstairs!"

Ruby definitely did look nervous as she walked into the living room with her mother. She had her toes crossed and her head down, barely able to make eye contact with Seth as he sat on the couch in front of the fire, already having drunk half his glass of wine. He didn't look much better off than her, to be honest. "Hi Ruby," he said, trying to give her an enthusiastic smile, but winding up only managing to look just as nervous as her.

Alone among them, Jessica exuded enthusiasm for their evening's planned activities. "Here," she said, helping her daughter to sit down next to her boyfriend and giving the girl a glass of wine. "This is good, it's just like the stuff we had with dinner the other night, remember? It'll help set the mood."

Ruby took a sip, still with her head down, her bright eyes looking up at Seth. Jessica sat down on the couch on the other side of him.

"Ruby wants us to show her how to use her new vibrating egg, right, Ruby?" the girl's mother said.

Ruby nodded.

"That's great!" Seth said, smiling at the girl with his same nervous excitement while Jessica opened the toy's package. "So," he added, feeling cautious because of the girl's apparent lack of enthusiasm, "you sure you're okay with this, Ruby?"

"Yeah," she said. "I guess I'm just kinda nervous. Like I was the first time I cammed."

"You've done it a lot, then?" he asked her.

She pursed her lips. "Not a lot," she answered. "A few times."

"Well, let's just do this exactly like you would if you were camming, okay?" Jessica offered. "How do you start?"

"Usually, I guess, the guys, like, dare me to do stuff. You know, dare me to show them my panties, and then, like, my butt..."

"Do you want Seth to dare you to do things?"

She pursed her lips again. "No, I think I'll just do them, okay?"

"Okay!" Jessica and Seth said at the same time, Jessica with enthusiasm, Seth with the same nervous fake excitement.

The girl stood up and took a deep breath. "Okay, first my panties." She unbuttoned her pants and opened the fly, showing a little pair of pink and white striped panties. She turned around and pulled the pants over her ass to show the backside of the underwear. Seth had to take a deep breath, too. The girl sure did have a fine little ass.

Ruby turned back around then, and kind of pulled her pants back up, but didn't button them. "Okay," she said, "next my bare butt. For some reason, they like to look at that." She turned around again, so that her backside was facing them, and shimmied her pants and underwear down at the same time to expose her naked ass. Seth felt his cock stiffen to full attention as he looked at the twelve year old's pale skinny globes. He would have swore right then that he'd never seen an ass as adorable as hers.

She pulled her panties back up over her ass again, but instead of pulling her pants up as well, she left then below her little butt and started shimmying them down. As she did, she turned around again. She had a less tentative smile on her face now, like maybe she was getting into this real life camming thing after all.

She pulled her pants the rest of the way down, then lifted her shirt a little to fully expose her pretty little panties, thrusting her hips forward by way of emphasis. Seth couldn't help but stare, the pink and white stripes of her panties rising provocatively over a sweet chubby pubic mound.

After standing still for a moment, she kicked her pants off her feet and sat down on the couch again. She gave her mom and Seth a nervous little smile, turned so that she was facing them, and leaned back against the side arm of the couch. She lifted a leg and put it up on the couch, so that her legs were spread open in front of them.

"Usually," she said, "after I take my pants off, the guys say really nice things to me, because they want me to show them my pussy."

"And you like this?" Jessica asked. "You like it when guys say nice things to you?"

Ruby bit her lower lip and nodded. She put her hand on the crotch of her panties, her fingers dancing lightly over her pussy through her panties.

Seth felt Jessica nudge her elbow against his ribs. "Um," he said in response, "you're very beautiful, Ruby."

The girl smiled. "Do you really think so?"

"I really do, Ruby," he answered. "I think you're very sexy."

Her face got a little red, and her smile a little bigger. She lifted her ass up off of the couch and slid her panties down. Once she'd pulled her panties off her feet, she spread her legs open again.

Seth took a deep and audible breath as his eyes made contact with the most adorable pussy he'd ever seen in his life. Ruby's little lady was nothing more than a kitten, covered in the sweetest curls of brownish fur, a little fan of hair beginning to form on the chubby rise of her pubic mound above her reddened lips.

She reached her hands down, putting fingers on either side of her lips, and pulled them open. "They always ask me to spread my pussy open, so they can see inside," she said.

"Oh my god," Seth moaned as he looked into the vagina of his girlfriend's twelve-year-old daughter. Inside her, just at the opening to her vaginal canal, he could see a tiny slit in the middle of a reddish membrane of skin.

"They like to look at my cherry," she said.

"It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen," Seth whispered in response.

"Do the guys masturbate while they look?" Jessica asked her.


"Do you watch them?"

"Yeah, sometimes they have their webcam on, or they private message me a picture. But mostly they just tell me."

"Do you want to watch Seth masturbate while he looks?"

Ruby bit her lower lip again, and nodded.

Seth looked questioningly at Jessica, who just nodded steadfastly at him. He unfastened his pants and pulled them down, his rock-hard cock standing up straight into the air. He wrapped his hands around his shaft and started jacking as he stared into the twelve year old's virgin hole.

Ruby returned his stare, not taking her eyes off of his cock, as she let go of her pussy lips with one hand and lifted her fingers to her little clit. She let out a sharp breath as her fingers began to rub.

"I think it's time for your new toy, now, Ruby," Jessica said. "I got a matching one for myself." She reached out over Seth to hand a little pink egg-shaped toy to her daughter. Ruby let go of her lips, reached out, and took the toy from her mother.

"Just press the little button on the end to turn it on. It has three speeds, just keep pressing the button to speed it up."

Her daughter pressed the button and the little toy started humming. Her eyes sparkled.

"Hold it against your clit," her mother said, "or you can put it inside, or even in your anus." As she spoke, she tore open the package for her new toy, too.

Leaving the toy on its lowest level, Jessica set it against her clit. She immediately let out a little high-pitched moan, "Ohhhh..."

"It's nice, isn't it?" Jessica said to her daughter as she pulled her pants off, too.

"Uh huh," Ruby said, nearly nonverbal from the pleasure the little toy was giving her.

Jessica pressed her own toy against her clit and let out an audible moan as well, and the three of them, mom, boyfriend, and daughter, sat on the couch, masturbating together.

After a minute, Jessica reached her free hand out to Seth's cock. "Let me take over for you, big guy," she said. "I need your hot cock in my hand!"

He started groaning and rocking his hips in response to her expert stroke.

"Are you gonna cum for us, Seth?" she asked him. "Are you gonna cum for Ruby?"

"Oh god!" he exclaimed loudly.

"Do you want to watch Seth cum, Ruby?" her mother asked the girl.

"Yes!" Ruby practically shouted. She lifted the vibrating egg away from her clit, looked down at the button on the toy, and pressed it again to speed up the vibration another notch. She set it against her clit again, then started making little circles over her button with the toy.

"Oh fuck," Seth groaned.

"Watch him cum, Ruby," her mother said. "He's gonna shoot off in a sec!"

"Oh FUCK!" Seth hollered. His cock lurched in Jessica's hand, and a big thick stream of cum launched from him, arcing into the air and landing on the floor in front of the couch. He shouted another obscenity, and another pump of cum fired out of him.

"Oh my god," Ruby whispered in a shaking voice as she rubbed the vibrating toy over her clit and watched her mother's boyfriend spewing cum onto the floor. Her legs started trembling.

"Good boy," Jessica said to Seth, as the last few shots of cum expelled from him. "Did you like that, Ruby?"

"Oh yes!" Ruby answered, her whole body trembling. "There's so much!"

"Yeah!" her mother said. "You should feel it when he comes in your mouth! Sometimes he shoots it right down my throat!" Her legs started shaking, along with her daughter's. "And when he comes in your pussy... ooooh! It fills you up so full!"

Ruby leaned her head back and closed her eyes. "I want to feel it my mouth," she moaned. Her legs were shaking hard now, rolling back and forth. Her cheeks were dark red. "I want to feel it in my pussy!"

Seth and Jessica just sat, wide-eyed, and watched the twelve-year-old girl climax, her entire body shaking. Neither of them had seen anything quite as thrilling as little Ruby cumming in front of them. Eventually, she just dropped the egg, still vibrating, onto the couch between her legs, leaned her head back, and panted.

Jessica stood up and walked around the couch to where her daughter lay in a post-orgasmic glow. She kissed the girl's sweat-moistened brow.

"Did you like it, Ruby?" she asked.

"Oh yes," the girl answered, finally opening her eyes and looking up at her mother. "Real life camming is way better than web camming!"

"Good! And anytime you want to do it, just ask us, okay?"

"Okay," Ruby answered, taking a deep and very satisfied breath.

"She said she wants to feel your cum in her pussy," Jessica said to Seth as they lay together in bed afterwards.


"Are you gonna do it?"

"Jessica..." he said, trying to sound stern, but winding up sounding more exasperated.

"If you are, you need to tell me, so I can get her on the pill."

He turned to her and sat up on his elbow. "You wouldn't mind?"

"No, not at all. I think it's hot."

"Well," he said, "you better make an appointment with the clinic then."

Jessica gave him a big, sweet smile.

For the next story in the tale of Ruby's new camming adventures, see Ruby Learns a New Way to Cam, Part 2: The Pretend Real Blowjob.


Nickname Date Feedback
swan 3/7/2017 Hot story, loved it! Keep up the stories (and your readers) cumming!
Thanks a lot, swan. You know your opinion matters a great deal to me!
Marquis 3/8/2017 I really hope there's a follow-up to this! I gotta see Ruby and Seth do more :3
Thanks, Marquis! I hope everyone has noticed that I posted a part two. There's a third part in the making, and maybe another after that; we'll have to see how it plays out.
Anonymous 3/8/2017 very interesting story, definitely keen on more...thanks for this and all of your writing.
DragonBlood 3/7/2017 Great one Chris! Well done!
tony / tropical angels 3/9/2017 Delightful lil Ruby deserves to have both her demands met, dnt U think?? Looking forward to her "feeling it in her pussy" episode.. ahh young LOVE...
Awesome to hear from you, tony. Don't even get me started on cold... You islanders probably don't even have thermometers capable of registering how cold it was here when I woke up in the morning. WTF? It's March! I'm looking forward to Ruby "feeling it in her pussy," too. I haven't written it yet, but soon. Keep cumming back.
thomst 3/9/2017 It should be "already drunk" not "already drank".

I really like your writing, Chris. Your strengths as a writer include natural-sounding dialogue, and a real talent for storytelling. Stepdaddy has a larger vocabulary - and he knows how to use it, too - and his mastery of grammar is more complete, but your characterization is as good as his and you're both excellent talespinners.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the typo fix, thomst. Yes, Stepdaddy's and my collaboration for what has now been three years or more has been a fantastic experience. He's basically single-handedly responsible for convincing me to host guest authors, and I'm damn glad he did it. It's been nothing but fun since then, and I'm sure he would say the same, although no doubt he would use fancier words to describe it. The insufferable prig. :)
Oric13 3/9/2017 That Jessica is some girlfriend :) Another very enjoyable story. Thanks for writing this.
Brian 11/16/2017 It was serendipitous that I happened across your stories today. I just happen to have the day home alone and decided to enjoy myself masturbating and reading some stories online. I happened across your page and started reading the stories about Ruby camming. I love stories involving that age where they thoroughly enjoy what they're doing and their interactions with others and where there is no coercion. I just finished part 4 and enjoyed edging through all four parts but I found that I couldn't hold off anymore and enjoyed a monumental cum. Thanks so much for your delicious stories. I will continue to enjoy them every time I have a moment alone with my cock.

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