"Your 'secret girlfriend?' Wow!" Jessica said.

"I hope you're not upset..."

"Upset? God, no! I think it's adorable!" She ran a finger through Seth's chest hair as he lay in bed next to her. "I totally understand why she'd want you to be her boyfriend..."

"Ah, jeez, thanks..."

"...and I guess I understand why she wants it to be a secret. I mean..."

"Yeah. Don't tell her that I told you, okay?"

"I won't," Jessica assured him. "I promise."

"She'd probably be pissed if she knew I told you about it."

"I mean, I guess I'm not thrilled that she wants to keep secrets from me, but I think I understand where she's coming from." Her finger rolled softly over one of Seth's nipples. "I was having so much fun with all this... It just didn't occur to me how it might be important to her to know that she's the one turning you on."


"I mean, that's the whole point of camming, right? To turn men on..."


"That's why I liked showing off when I was younger. Just knowing that I was turning guys on, that was so exciting!"

"That does seem to be what she was trying to tell me."

"And that's why it's good that we started the whole 'real life camming' thing, you know? I'm mean, if she's going to have a secret lover, it's good that it's you, and not some pervert from the 'net."

"Yeah, but, maybe I'm a bit of a pervert..." He turned to his side, facing Jessica, and reached a hand out to his not-secret girlfriend's breast.

Jessica grinned, and rolled over onto her back. "A bit of a pervert?" she said. "I bet you want me to pretend to be a schoolgirl again, don't you?"

"Miss Hansen," he said in a mocking serious voice while his finger circled over her nipple, "your grade in my class needs some improvement."

"Oh Mr. Furgus," she giggled, using her own fake high-pitched voice, "there must be something I can do to earn a better grade!" She pulled back the bedsheet and spread her legs. "Or maybe you'd like it better if I pretend to be Ruby?" He climbed onto her and reached his hands down between their legs. "'Seth, I'm your secret girlfriend!'"

"Oh god," he groaned as his cock sunk into Jessica.

"Oh, you like that! 'Seth, please secret fuck me right now!'"

"She really did pretty much say that," he said, as he set a moderate pace with his love-making. "If you hadn't come home when you did..."

"You woulda fucked her?" she said, her breath caught in her throat as his cock filled her full.

"I don't think I could've stopped."

Jessica wrapped her arms and legs around him. "You know," she said, "I think you're even sexier now that you're ​Ruby's secret boyfriend."

"Really?" He was already working up quite a head of steam.

"Oh yeah. You're like a stallion with a little harem! But watch yourself. It'll suck if you get her pregnant."

"Yeah... She said she didn't care if she got pregnant."

"Oh my god, did she really? What a little tart!"

"I know!"

"Well, we have an appointment... oh god... tomorrow. So it should be safe... pretty soon."

"That's good." He was breathing hard now, too. "Honestly, I don't think she can hold out much longer."

"I don't think you can hold out much longer!" She grinned up at his reddening face. "'Come inside me, Seth!'" she said in her Ruby-mimicking voice. "'I don't care if I get pregnant!'"

"Oh, fuck, Ruby," he moaned.

"'Cum inside your secret girlfriend, Daddy Seth!'"

"Oh, fuck! You're so beautiful, Ruby! You're so sexy!"

Jessica was smiling broadly as she felt her boyfriend's cum pump inside her.

"That was pretty hot," Jessica said as they lay together after.

"Yeah..." Seth answered in his usual post-coital near-coma.

"You shouted her name pretty loud. She might've heard."


"I'm sure she'd be happy that you were thinking of her while you were fucking me."

"Probably, yeah," he laughed.

"Well, I was hoping that I'd be with you guys for her first time," she said. "But I guess she'll want to be all 'secret' about it, huh?"

"I think so," he answered.

"At least, promise me you'll tell me all about it."

"I will, I promise."

Ruby was a bundle of excitement when she came charging through the door, her mother trailing behind her, the next afternoon.

"I already took the first one!" she shouted, waving a circular package of pills in front of Seth with one blister empty. "Only six more days, and you can..." She stopped when she looked back and saw her mother standing nearby.

Jessica just pretended that she hadn't heard her daughter. "I'm gonna go up and take a shower," she said. "See you in a few."

"Bye Mom!" "Bye dear!"

Ruby flopped down next to Seth on the couch. "I'm super happy to finally be on the pill. But it sucks sooo much that we have to wait!"

"Yeah, it does."

"Maybe you can put it in for a little while?"

"I think your mom would kill me if I did that."

"She doesn't have to know. She's in the shower! It would be secret!"

"I'd love to baby, but I'm not sure I could stop in time..."

Ruby smiled big at him. "You really want to cum inside me, don't you?"

"I do! And if you get pregnant..."

"You're just like all the guys online. They always want to cum inside me!"


"I wish I didn't have to be on the pill. I wish you could cum inside me right now, and it didn't matter if I got pregnant."

"Me too, sweetie."

"I mean, I don't care if I get pregnant. I want to have your babies anyway. In the old days, we would just do it, and I would just have your babies. Right?"

"I suppose." Listening to the little girl talk about how she wanted to have his babies made his cock stiffen painfully in his pants.

"I wish we lived in the old days," she said wistfully.

"You're so sweet, baby," he said, and he turned and leaned into her and gave her a kiss.

Her eyes twinkled up at him when he pulled away. "Maybe..." she stammered in a near-whisper, "maybe instead, you can put it in my asshole? Then you could cum inside me. I mean, I know it's a weird thing to do, but guys seem to like it. Roger says it's really awesome, and so do all the other guys."

"Oh sweetie..." Seth groaned.

"Do you want to? I mean, I know it's not the same thing as a real hookup, but if you want to..." The little girl didn't wait for him to answer. She was already pulling her pants and panties off.

"It's not that easy," he said. "It'll probably..." His words were stopped in his throat when Ruby, bottomless, spread her legs open in front of him, her furry kitten ripe and fragrant and already dripping girlcum down to her tiny pink anus. "It'll probably hurt," he finally was able to finish his thought. "You have to get ready for it."

"I'm ready," she said softly.

He reached his hand out between her legs. "How about for now, I just use my finger?" As he spoke, he began rubbing her little hole with his index finger. "We can see what you think after that."


He pushed his finger in, just the tip of it.

"Ohhhh..." the girl moaned.

He pulled his finger back out and wettened it with the girlcum dripping from her pussy, then pushed it back in her anus, oh what a tight little hole, and so warm! He pulled back, pushed in further.

"Oooh!" she moaned again. "I wish I had my magic egg!"

His eyes smiled at her. "I know something that I think you will like almost as much as your egg," he said.

"You do?" she panted.

Without saying anything further, Seth leaned forward and down to her, until his face was between her wide-open legs, and kissed the girl's wet little kitten.

"OOOHHH!!!" she moaned, lifting shaking legs into the air and putting her hands on his head. Seth dragged his tongue along her pussy slit, bottom to top, tasting her nectar on his hungry tongue and at the same time pushing his finger further into her anus, until he was buried in her up to his second knuckle. When his mouth wrapped around her clitoris, feeling the stiff button running along the center of his tongue as he lapped, he began circling his finger inside her, helping her sphincter to relax and stretch.

Ruby held his face hard against her and wrapped her legs around his back, letting out little mouse-like squeaks. Feeling that her tight muscle had loosened a little now, he decided to try to fit a second finger. She groaned as both fingers pushed in.

Having licked and sucked the twelve-year-old's ladybutton until it was a hard tiny bulb in his mouth, he flowed his tongue back down, over her fur-covered kitten lips, and down further still, until his tongue joined his fingers at her anus. He pulled his fingers out of her spasming sphincter and licked her fully, circling his tongue over her asshole, relishing the earthy flavor mixed with her sweet-and-salty pussycum that leaked down from her kitten. His tongue felt the little puckers of her anus, as well as an opening that was still left from his fingers stretching her. He pushed inside.

Ruby shook and squirmed; her pussy flowed. She cried out, "Oh yes! Oh my gosh Seth! Oh my gosh!" He moved up from her ass to her clit again and licked her with great vigor as she climaxed hard underneath him.

Eventually, she let go of his head and unwrapped her legs from around him, then lay back, panting, her face bright red. "Oh my gosh," she said again, smiling up at him with glossy eyes.

"You are so sexy, Ruby." He climbed up and kissed her.

"The sexist woman you've ever known..." she said with a little grin.

"The sexist woman I've ever known." He kissed her again.

They heard her mother's footsteps coming down the stairs. Ruby jumped up and started pulling her pants back on, and was still buttoning them when Jessica walked in the room. She raised her eyebrows.

"What's going on here?" she asked.

"Nothing, Mommy," Ruby said. She sat down next to Seth again.

"Well..." Jessica said after a pause, "I guess I'll go start cooking dinner..."

"Okay," Seth and Ruby both answered.

Once her mother had left the room to head into the kitchen, Ruby grinned at Seth. "She almost caught us!"

Seth smiled. "Yeah."

"Well, it'd be okay with me if she caught us. Then maybe we could do another pretend real blowjob. You'd probably like that?"

"You know what I'd really like?"

"What?" Ruby asked, sitting forward with interest.

"A real real blowjob."

"You mean, like, from me?" she asked.

"Yeah. From you."

A smile broke across Ruby's pretty little face. "We should go somewhere else, so Mama won't catch us."

"It probably doesn't ma..." He stopped himself, mid-word. "You're right, it should be a secret real real blowjob!"

"Yeah!" Her eyes sparkled with excitement. "Should we go to my bedroom maybe?"


They walked just as quietly as they could up the stairs.

"How should I be?" Ruby asked him. "Like maybe on my knees? That's what Roger likes. He says, 'On your knees, Ruby, now!'" She giggled. "I like that."

Seth was already unbuckling his pants. "On your knees, Ruby, now!"

Ruby giggled some more as she got down on the floor in front of him.

Now, this may have been the girl's first real blowjob, but her experience with the brush handle paid off well, and Seth just stood in front of her with his hands set gently on her head and watched as little Ruby made adoring love to his cock with her mouth, licking from base to tip, over and over, then taking his huge thick head into her miniature mouth as best she could and stroking his shaft while she sucked. It was a beauty to behold; the most beautiful twelve-year-old girl he'd ever seen, her jaw dropped wide to allow his cockhead in, diligently using her hand and mouth to please him And she stared up at him the entire time, just like she'd been told to stare into the camera when she was camming with the brush.

After sucking and stroking for a bit, she licked back down his shaft, then lifted his cock and leaned down and under it, and buried her face beneath his balls. He felt her tongue lapping at the skin below his scrotum. Knowing what she was planning to do, or at least hoping, he staggered backwards and sat down on her bed. He spread his legs, then reached down and lifted his balls.

Instantly, the little girl was on him again, her face buried beneath his balls, licking his anus. Her tongue was silky-soft, and so wonderfully warm, and she licked and licked his asshole, all around and over it.

"Do you like that?" she asked, looking up at him from deep beneath his balls. He could feel her warm breath on his now-wet anus as she spoke.

"Oh, god, yes!" he moaned.

She licked again. "I really liked it when you did it to me," she said.

"We can do it to each other..." he panted, "...at the same time..."

She gave his anus a little kiss. "We can?"

"Yeah... Here, climb up on me." He turned and lay down on her bed.

With a smile, the girl understood what he meant, and climbed on to the bed herself, straddling his chest with her backside facing him. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer, and at the same time she leaned down and her face was between his legs. As he spread her ass cheeks open, he lifted his hips and felt her chin against his balls and her warm tongue lap at his asshole. He dove in with his tongue as well, kissing and licking and tasting her her anus again.

"Oh my god!" he heard the girl whisper, her breath hot against his hole again. She reached a hand underneath her belly and began rubbing her kitten. "Oh my god!"

A moment later, she sat up; at first Seth was disappointed that she'd ended their rimjob sixty​-nine, much earlier than he felt it should end. But then he realized what she was doing. She was crawling on her knees down his body, until she was above his cock. She reached through her legs and lifted his shaft, sliding his head between her cheeks until it pressed against her spittle-dripping anus. Then she settled down onto it.

"Oh fuck," Seth groaned. His shaft bowed under her weight as her asshole proved unwilling to open to the thick cockhead that the little girl was trying to force inside her.

He reached down himself with one hand and gripped his cock, and with his other hand, grabbed an ass cheek in his fingers and spread it to the side. Understanding what he was doing, she reached back to her other cheek and spread it as well, then sat down heavy on his cock again.

For one antagonizing moment, her virgin anus held firm. But then it suddenly gave up its resistance, and his head pushed into her.

She let out a long and painful growl, but continued to push her weight down onto him. Seth watched in stunned amazement as the ridge of his crown disappeared. He had never before experienced anything this tight; her anus clamped around his shaft just below his head, squeezing hard. Painfully hard.

After pausing her downward pressure for moment, she reversed course, his head slipping back out. She groaned again as her anus had to stretch wide to let his cockhead pass through. She paused again, breathing hard, with his head just outside of her but still pressed against her anus. Then she took a deep breath to steel her nerves and sat down again and his cock burrowed back into her.

"Oooh..." She moaned​, as her anus slid even further down his shaft this time, two inches past the crown of his head. Her insides were fiery hot around his aching cock, her sphincter gripping like a clamp. She sat up, her anus sliding up his shaft to his crownridge, then down, "Oooh," groaning as he entered her again. Up, then, "Oooh," down. Over and over, "Oooh," she moaned as she fucked his cock with her tiny twelve-year-old asshole.

By now, he was holding her cheeks apart with both hands, watching in amazement as his cock sunk in and out. Her fingers, meanwhile, were twirling over her clitty and her whole body began to shake.

Finally, she pulled off of him completely, his cock falling prone against his belly. She sat down on it, her wet kitten lips splaying open around his girth, and as little Ruby began to climax, she dragged her lips up and down his thickness, rubbing her clit against his cock. "Oooooo," she trilled like she does in her wonderful sweet voice, and she came on him. And when her orgasm reached its peak crescendo, she slid down further, so that her open wet lips were spread around his scrotum, soaking his balls in girlcum.

She let out a deep, satisfied breath, still pressing her pussy lips onto his balls as she came down from her sexual high. Eventually she climbed off of him and turned around and looked at her secret boyfriend, her face a dark sweaty red and plastered with a big, happy smile. He reached his hands up to her, and she took them in her hands, locking fingers with him. Then he pulled her to him and she leaned down, and they kissed. She lay down fully on top of him now and they pressed their bodies tightly together and continued kissing, tongues dancing in each other's mouths.

Now Seth gathered her shirt in his hands and pulled it up above her little breasts, then did the same to his, and they were pressed together, skin-on-skin. He reached down between their bellies to his cock and gave it a few quick jerks, and, with a grunt muted by their kiss, began to spurt his cum onto their bellies. Little Ruby squirmed as he ejaculated, rubbing her belly against his, and soon they were both sticky together, his cum spread across both their stomachs and chests. They never broke their kiss, and still hadn't at least a minute later when they heard Jessica call, "Dinner's ready!" from the kitchen.

"Coming, Mama," Ruby hollered, and finally climbed off of Seth.

For the next story in the tale of Ruby's new camming adventures, see Ruby Learns a New Way to Cam, Part 5: Ruby Makes Peace Signs.


Nickname Date Feedback
I must tell you, I love stories where the girl is into whats happening to her. You never disappoint and I hope you keep writing for a long time. Thank You for providing great stories to release my pent up "energy".
Admiral Cartwright 3/19/2017 I'd bet I know where this is going--but it's a fun trip anyway. :-)
Tobbagan Head 4/10/2017 I can honestly say this is one of the best series I have read from you, and I have been a fan for a long time. The buildup in the story is excellent. I love that Jessica knows about this and even encourages Ruby and Seth to be together. The descriptions are a big part of what pushes these chapter above your standard stories. The internal conflict and feelings enhance it greatly. The webcam plot in the first chapter brought back some very fond memories. It is a pleasure to know that girls enjoy showing off and winning approval as much as men enjoy watching them.

A fantastic read. I can't recommend this series enough!

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