The strange buzzing sound in my head finally resolved itself into the sound of my alarm clock, as I slowly began to wake up. I was a little surprised to find that I had an erection. As I blinked, slowly coming more fully into consciousness, I realized why. The blanket had somehow been kicked off in the night, and as I looked down from where I lay, on my back, I could see Ashley sprawled out across me.

Her head lay on one side of my chest, and her arm was stretched out over the other, her delicate little hand dangling over my shoulder. One leg was pressed up against me, while the other straddled my lap, her soft thigh resting on my hard cock. Despite her body laying across me, she had never done that before, I still hoped, no, prayed, that it had all been some kind of crazy dream, but as I looked down at her naked body I saw the dull glisten of my dried cum on her back, and knew that it had been no dream. With a sinking feeling I thought, 'It's a fucking nightmare.'

Before now, Ashley, and I had always stayed on our respective sides of the bed. It was like an unspoken law that we had both adhered to. As I looked at her tight naked body sprawled across me, I supposed that after what I had done with her last night, all bets were off. 'Jesus Christ!' I thought to myself, 'What have you done?'

I just lay there for a few moments, as the alarm clock kept blaring in the background, trying to think of some course of action that would fix this situation. I was so distracted by my anxious mental activity that it took me a minute to realize that I had been absently picking at the dried cum on Ashley's back, which came off in flakes, like dead skin.

The alarm finally got my attention, and I knew that I didn't have time to lay there thinking about it. I had to get Ashley off to school, and myself to work. I rolled her off of me, and then got up, and turned the alarm off. When I turned back around, she was stretching, and yawning. She looked up at me through half closed eyes, and smiled.

"Good morning daddy." she said so sweetly that it made me feel even more guilty about what I'd done, if that were even possible.

"C'mon baby." I snapped. "We've got to get you cleaned up, and ready for school."

I hurried to the bathroom, and turned the shower on. When I came back her feet were on the floor, but she was still yawning, and wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"C'mon sweetie," I said clapping my hands, "Pick up the pace. We've got to get in the shower."

She got up, and marched groggily toward the bathroom. I followed behind her, hurrying her along.

All things considered, the last place I needed to be was naked in a shower with her, but there simply wasn't time for two showers, and besides, I wanted to make sure that she got good, and clean. I tried to touch her as little as possible, which was not easy given the size of our shower. I made sure that she washed between her her legs thoroughly, and I'm sure that I scrubbed her back much more than necessary, but guilt can do strange things to a person.

I felt like Lady Mac Beth. "The blood, it won't wash off." Of course, in my case it was cum, but the principle's the same. I tried not to stare, or react to her wet little naked body so close to me, but the more I tried, the more my body defied me. As I watched her rinsing herself, the water running down her smooth, perfect skin, my penis became hard as a rock. Ashley turned off the water, and as she turned around, she looked at my dick, and said, "Ooo daddy, your cock is hard."

My cheeks flushed hot with embarrassment, as I tried to ignore what a turn on it was to have her eyes looking at my hard, naked cock. She suddenly snapped her fingers, as if she'd just gotten an idea, and then she turned around, and stuck out her tight little prepubescent ass.

"Do you want to rub it on my butt, and make happy juice daddy?" she offered sweetly.

'Oh, Jesus Christ!' I thought to myself. I knew that I'd fucked up, but as my sweet, innocent little daughter offered up her round, perfect little ass for me to rub my cock on, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, it began to dawn on me exactly how bad I'd fucked up. Why had I said all that dumb shit, and how was I gonna undo that damage? I had neither the time, nor the capability to of dealing with it at that moment, so I just said, "No honey, we don't have time. I have to go to work, and we need to get you to school."

I stepped out of the shower, and retrieved towels for both of us, and as soon as I thought I was dry enough, I retreated to the kitchen to make breakfast. We both dressed, and ate in record time, and as soon as we had washed the dishes, I looked at the clock, and realized we still had a few minutes, so I sat her down for a little chat.

"Ashley," I began, "We need to talk about what we did last night."

"That was fun daddy." she interrupted, giggling.

"Uh, yeah," I said nervously, "The thing is, you can't tell anybody about what we did."

She looked puzzled, "Why not daddy?"

SHIT! She was naturally inquisitive, of course she's gonna ask why. "Well because," I started, practically making it up as I went, "It's top secret daddy/daughter stuff, and I need you to keep it on the D.L." She seemed to ponder this for a moment. I took her by the shoulders, and she looked up at me, her beautiful baby blues reflecting pure love, and trust. "Can I count on you?" I asked firmly.

Her face suddenly became very serious, as she nodded slowly, and said, "Yes daddy. you can count on me. I won't tell anybody. I won't even tell Jannie."

Internally, I breathed a sigh of relief. Jannie was her best friend from school. If she wouldn't even tell Jannie, then our secret was safe. For the moment. I didn't bother telling her that I could go to jail, and she could end up in foster care if she told. I didn't have time to explain it, and besides, I'd already put enough "adult" stuff on her shoulders without adding all that. Once I got Ashley off to school, I went to work, but I was pretty useless for most of the day. I just kept thinking about my hard cock against her smooth skin, the feeling of her velvety soft, prepubescent pussy under my fingers, and wondering how I let this happen. The more I thought about it, the more I started to come to some uncomfortable conclusions.

First there was the whole sleeping together naked thing. What in god's name had ever made me think that was a good idea? In all the time she'd been living with me, I couldn't have bought her a night gown? or at least made her wear panties to bed? As the day wore on, I settled into this weird dialogue, with the emotional, more lusty part of myself, bringing up the pros of sex play with Ashley, using words like "love", "affection", and "tenderness". While the rational, more ethical side of me, argued the cons, adding words like "incest", "molestation", and "sex-crime" to the conversation. It started to become clear to me that I had been setting myself up for this all along.

The times when I had gotten a hard-on looking at her body? Well, it's not as if I had immediately turned away. No, in fact, often times I had stared at her tiny, naked form for a few minutes, rubbing my crotch, as I imagined what her fresh, young pussy must taste like. On those nights, after Ashley had gone to sleep, I would go into the bathroom, and jack-off. I would drive myself to orgasm thinking about spreading her small thighs, and licking her tender little slit. I'd visualize putting my cock in her tiny mouth, and finally, penetrating the thick lips of her perfect little vagina, as she screamed, "Fuck me daddy!" Then, as I'd ejaculate, I'd picture my semen squirting all over her body, and face, and I'd see myself rubbing the last few drops of sperm on her beautiful little dick sucking lips. Afterwards, feeling guilty, I'd slip quietly back into bed, consoling myself with, "Well it's not like I'd actually do it."

On the drive home that afternoon, after having faced my own sexual perversion, the only question on my mind was, "Now what?" I knew that I loved my little girl, maybe more then I'd ever loved anyone, and I didn't want to hurt her, but I really couldn't determine if it wasn't already too late. When I got home Ashley was laying on the bed doing her homework, 'Of course.' I chuckled to myself. When I had called her my "good little girl", that had not been idle pillow talk. She really was. She never had to be told to do her homework, or brush her teeth, or anything. She knew what to do, and she just did it. In fact, she was so easy to get along with that in some ways it was more like having a roommate, than a kid. Hell, for that matter, I'd had roommates that weren't as dependable. She sure didn't get that from her mother, who had always been kind of a flake.

"Hi daddy." she said as I walked in the door.

I walked over, and kissed her on the forehead saying, "How's my little girl?"

"Glad to see her big, strong daddy." she replied sweetly.

It was like a ritual that we'd developed. She would greet me as I came in. I would kiss her forehead, and ask how she was. she would tell me how glad she was to see me, and then I'd go into the kitchenette to start dinner. Tonight was no exception. We had our dinner, took our showers, and then watched some television, just like normal. As bed time approached, I almost told her to wear panties to bed, but then she'd ask why, and that would start a conversation I wasn't sure I was ready for. I was hoping that if I didn't say anything that we could just put it behind us, and get back to normal. Strangely enough, that seemed to work. The rest of the week went by smoothly, as we went about our routine like nothing had happened.

That weekend she stayed at her friend Jannie's house. Although it was kind of lonely without her, it was nice to have the place to myself, plus I was still a little nervous about having too much alone time with her. The next week began, and Ashley still hadn't said anything about our little "incident", which was fine with me. As the week wore on, I started to think that maybe everything was gonna be alright. Until that Friday when I walked in the door, and Ashley was sitting on the edge of the bed with her skirt up, and her panties off. She was rubbing her little pussy, and panting softly.

'SHIT!' I thought to myself, "You should have seen this coming.' "Hi daddy." she said, a little out of breath, not making any attempt to cover herself. She didn't even stop playing with her pussy.

"What are you doing?" I demanded, and her eyes went wide in surprise.

"I-I-I" she stuttered, not sure what to make of my tone. "I was just trying to make my pussy feel good." she said, looking down between her legs. "But I'm not as good at it as you." she looked up at me, and then asked, "Can you help me make happy juice daddy?" still rubbing herself.

"No!" I snapped, "And you shouldn't be doing that."

I could see the tears welling up in her eyes, as she sobbed, "Why not daddy?"

I felt like a complete ass. I was angry at myself for what I'd done, and had inadvertently taken it out on her. 'Goddamn it!' I said to myself, 'It's not her fault. You're the adult. You're the one that started all this.' I walked over, and sat down on the bed next to her, taking her into my arms, "Ssshhh, It's okay baby," I said, cradling her head on my shoulder, as she put her arms around me. "I'm sorry, daddy shouldn't have yelled at you like that." I rubbed her back, rocking her gently. "You didn't do anything wrong." I went on, "You're daddy's good little girl."

With a sniff, and an "okay daddy." she stopped crying.

It both amazed, and frightened me that I had so much power over her emotions. One harsh word from me, and she'd start crying, but if I just held her, and spoke soothingly, she'd stop crying instantly. I glanced down, and noticed that her skirt had fallen down covering her. 'Thank god.' I thought, and then did a little mental double take, and thought, 'Why are you looking at her crotch anyway, you fucking pervert?' As soon as I'd come in the door, and saw her sitting there with her legs spread, I'd gotten a hard-on. Maybe that's why I had snapped at her. It was as if for a moment, I had thought she was tempting me.

The last couple of weeks I had managed to do pretty good. Yeah, a few times I had woken up, and wanted to touch her, but I had just gone to the bathroom, and taken care of it. I hadn't laid a hand on her in lust since that night, and I had foolishly thought that if I just ignored the problem, it would go away. The sight of her delicate little hand rubbing her naked pussy had shattered that delusion. I guess that was another thing that had set me off.

"Why shouldn't I rub my pussy?" she asked suddenly.

I mentally kicked myself in the head for teaching her to call her vagina a "pussy". "Well sweetie," I began measuring my words carefully. After all, I didn't want to teach her that masturbation was wrong. I wanted her to know that it was natural, and healthy, but at the same time, I didn't want her to do it in front of me. "Daddy misspoke, there's nothing wrong with touching yourself." I took her head off my shoulder, and leaned back a little so I could see her face. "But it's something you should do in private."

She seemed to think about this for a moment, and then she said, "But I'm home. It's just you, and me here daddy."

I took a deep breath, half wishing that I could just say, "The sight of your sweet little pussy makes daddy want to put his cock in you, and that's just sick, and wrong." But there was no way that I was going there, so instead I said, "Well happy juice can be really messy baby, so it's better if you do that in the bathroom."

She pondered, and then asked, "Should I sit on the toilet?"

I smiled, and nodded, "That's right pumpkin, or when you're in the shower, that's fine too."

She smiled back at me, and said, "Okay daddy." in a tone that suggested that this made sense to her.

I sighed thinking, 'You really dodged a bullet with that one.' So everything went back to normal, except for the fact that Ashley started taking longer in the shower, but considering the alternatives, that was fine with me. I usually took my shower first, and sometimes afterward, when I knew she was in there pleasuring herself, I would stroke my cock to orgasm, the thought of us both cumming at the same time making for some real power shots. As long as the bathroom door stayed between us, I figured it would be okay. I always came, and got cleaned up long before she finished her shower, so you can imagine my surprise when one night just as I was about to shoot my load, I opened my eyes to see Ashley standing in front of me, a towel wrapped around her wet, naked body, and smiling as she watched me.

"You're making your cock feel really good, aren't you daddy?" she asked sweetly. For some reason that nasty observation, made in her innocent way, drove me over the edge. I grunted loudly, as a thick ribbon of cum shot out of me so hard that it actually hit me on the chin.

"Uuuhh, uuuhh." I moaned to the rhythm of my jizz rocketing out of the end of my cock, and landing on my chest.

"Wow daddy," she said with awe in her voice, "Look at all that happy juice." Her voice was almost like another hand on my cock, causing my orgasm to finish with much more intensity than usual. Where normally those last few squirts would have just weakly spit out, landing on my hand, I let out a long moan, as they pumped out with almost as much force as the first blast.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhh." escaped my lips with a shudder, as the cum gushed out of me, landing on my chest, and belly. Even after the last of my sperm left me, I kept pumping the shaft, as one more powerful surge of pleasure emanated from my cock, and spread through my whole body. I fell backward on the bed, still stroking myself, and I was rewarded for my efforts by a quick burst every few seconds, as if my cock were still trying to cum. As the feeling began to fade, I lay gasping, giving my shaft a few more slow pumps. My mind was blank in the afterglow, almost completely unaware of my surroundings. Hell, if you had asked me my name at that moment, I probably couldn't have told you.

I suddenly became aware of Ashley's body on the bed next to me. I opened my eyes just wide enough to see that she had removed her towel, and now sat next to my prone body stark naked. She was staring wide eyed at the cock in my hand, and the cum on my body, seeming awed, and fascinated by what she had just witnessed.

"I want to see what your happy juice tastes like daddy." she whispered playfully.

I couldn't even think of how to protest, much less do anything to stop her, so I just lay there passively as she scooped a big glob of sperm off of my chest with her finger, and popped it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed, sucking her finger, and then pulling it out with a little smack, saying, "It tastes really good daddy."

She started surveying my cum splattered body with a greedy eye, and then asked, "Can I eat it all?"

At that point I just gave up. "Sure honey," I sighed in resignation, "Go ahead."

Her lithe little body crawled over me, as she dipped her head down, and started gobbling up my cum. She would put her lips to my skin, sucking up the thick sperm, and then lick off the remaining semen. As she worked her way up my chest, my cock, which had started to become flaccid in my hand, was suddenly rock hard again. She licked, and sucked my seed into her mouth, swallowing as she went, and I thought, 'Now you've done it.' She licked the last little bit off my chin, and then kissed me on the mouth. It was just a little peck, but it surprised me. She laid across my chest, resting her chin on her hands. "Thanks daddy, that was yummy." she said, sounding happy as a clam.

We lay there for a moment, and then I got curious, and asked, "Why did you get out of the shower so soon?"

She just kind of shrugged, and said, "I didn't feel like rubbing my pussy then."

I arched an eyebrow, "Then?" I asked, "So, what? You do now?"

She had been laying kind of sideways across my chest, with her legs on the bed, but now she drew her legs over, and straddled my thigh. "Well," she said, rubbing her little pussy against me, "I was kinda hoping.." she trailed off, blushing, and looking away.

"What is it baby?" I asked, feeling a bit nervous.

She bit her lip, and then whispered, "Can you rub my pussy for me daddy?"

My thigh suddenly felt damp, as she wiggled her hips. "I don't know if that's a good idea Ashley." I sighed, feeling stupid for having said it almost as soon as it left my mouth. I had just ejaculated in front of her, and let her eat the cum off of me. Was playing with her pussy again really gonna fuck her up any worse?

"Why not daddy?" she pleaded. "Don't you love me?"

Oh shit! That night when she'd asked me why I was touching her, I had said, "Because I love you, and want to make you feel good." I should have known that one was gonna come back to bite me on the ass. "Of course I love you baby." I said quickly, taking her face in my hands, and looking her in the eyes. "Daddy loves you very, very much Ashley. No matter what happens, I will always love you. Don't forget that."

"I love you too daddy." she said, sounding reassured, but no less determined to get her pussy played with. Watching me shoot my load, and then eating my cum must have made her really horny, because she was practically begging when she said, "Please rub my pussy daddy." Straddling my thigh as she was, her belly was pressed against my throbbing cock, and her little pussy was getting so wet that it was dripping onto my leg.

"I don't know.." I started to protest, but she cut me off with, "I won't tell anyone, and you can rub your cock on my butt. Please daddy." I was at a loss for words, so I just held her head against my chest with one hand, and caressed her back with the other. "I love you so much baby," I whispered, my voice almost cracking with emotion.

I don't know if Ashley sensed my inner conflict, and was trying to make it easier for me, or if she was just so aroused that she needed relief, but she suddenly said, "Can I just rub it on your leg?" and without waiting for permission, she just started grinding her tiny dripping twat against me, moaning softly.

I looked down, and I could see her tight little ass slowly rise, and fall, as she stroked her bald, prepubescent vagina in the slick little patch made by the flow of her young juices. As she masturbated on my leg, her tummy was steadily rubbing against my cock. Both my hands were now massaging her back, and I was beginning to become as aroused as she was. Before I knew it, my hands had slid down her back, and grasped her ass firmly. I gave her ass a nice squeeze, and she panted, "Oh yes daddy." as I then began pushing on each of her down strokes, grinding her little pussy even harder against my thigh. Her tiny wet vag rubbing on me was making my dick hard enough to cut diamonds, and it was impossible for me not to think about how much I wanted to put it in her. She had thrown her arms over my shoulders, and her cheek has pressed up against my chest, as she began stroking faster, and faster. Now she was panting hard, and the feeling of her supple little ass in my hands, as she writhed, and quivered on top of me was driving me out of my mind.

Then I felt her shudder. She stopped rolling her hips, and pressed her little vagina hard against my leg, rubbing from side to side. A low moan escaped her lips, as her cum gushed out, soaking my thigh. One last violent shudder raged through her, and then she lay still on top of me, breathing heavily. I was panting pretty hard too, and then I realized that my chest was damp. While having her orgasm, she had actually drooled on me. 'That must have been a good one.' I thought, but her thick cum running down either side of my leg would have told me that. She was still panting a little when she said, in a worried tone, "I got my happy juice all over you daddy."

I slid my arms up, and held her tight against me. "I know baby." I said, still recovering my breath. "It's okay."

'No, it's not okay.' I thought to myself, 'Nothing about this is okay.' After a while Ashley turned her head, resting her chin on my chest, and whispered, "Daddy?"

"Yeah sweetie." I answered.

"I like how we have fun together, and it's our secret too, isn't it daddy?"

I sighed, "That's right baby doll. It's just between you, and me."

She giggled like the little girl that she was, laying her cheek back on my chest, as she squeezed my shoulders with her tiny hands. "I like that we have our own secret." she whispered.

I knew I was going to hell for this, but that wasn't until I died. As long as I was alive, I decided I was gonna taste a little bit of heaven. "Do you want to do something even more fun?" I asked, listing my head up to look down at her.

"Even more fun then this?" she inquired, rubbing her little cunt on my leg, as she raised her head to look at me again.

"Oh yeah," I asserted, "Much more fun."

I rolled us over so that she was on her back, holding myself up on my elbows, my arms still around her, and then I moved down until we were at eye level with each other. "Nom, nom, nom, nom." I said, as I planted little kisses all over her face.

"You're silly daddy." she giggled, and I couldn't help but smile. I worked my way down her chest. She didn't have breasts yet, of course, but her little nipples stuck out, as if ready to blossom when the time was right. I took one in my mouth, and suckled it gently.

"Mmmmm." Ashley moaned as I licked, and sucked her tiny nipples. I kept moving down kissing her little tummy, until my knees were on the floor. I slid my hands down under her ass, and said, "Spread you legs wide baby, daddy's gonna kiss your pussy."

As she moved her knees apart, she lifted her head to look at me. "Kiss my pussy?" she giggled.

"That's right," I replied, as I slid my hands from under her ass, grasping a thigh in each hand.

"Is it gonna feel good, like when you rub it?" she asked, knitting her brow.

"Oh yeah honey," I asserted, "it's gonna feel even better. It's an extra special kind of kiss."

She laid her head back down, wiggling her little hips in anticipation. I pulled her thick outer lips aside, and for a moment I just stared at her delicate little flower, taking in her sweet musky odor. Then I ran my tongue up her creamy slit. The taste of her young, unspoiled vagina was so good that my mouth started watering. I buried my face between her legs, licking, and sucking like a condemned man with his last meal. I felt Ashley's little hands grasp my head, as she cried out, "Ooooh daddy, it feels so good."

I pulled her little hood up with my fingers, exposing her tiny clitoris to my greedy tongue. As I licked, and sucked on her stiff little nub, I could feel her body quiver beneath me. I slipped my right hand down, and started stroking my hard cock, while I ate out my little girl's pussy with abandon. Her hips jerked, and writhed, as the hot, sweet cum began to flow from her tight little hole. I lapped it up like it was the best thing I'd ever tasted. Hell, it WAS the best thing I'd ever tasted.

"OOOOOO." she moaned, shuddering in ecstasy, as I sucked the juice from her hot Little cunt, rubbing her clit with my thumb.

As Ashley started getting off even harder, I suddenly realized that she was multi-orgasmic. Maybe it was because she was too young to have any real hang-ups about sex, so she could just relax, and let it flow. Maybe it was just the luck of the draw, but as long as it meant having her sweet cum in my mouth, I didn't really care why. I hadn't cum twice in the space of a half an hour since I was eighteen, but the feel of her quivering flesh in my hands, and the taste of her in my mouth, was driving me to another orgasm. I slowed the stroke of my shaft, thinking, 'Not yet. I want this to last a little longer.' Her breathing slowed as she began coming down off of her orgasm, and this prompted me to start savagely licking her clit. I worked a finger into her tight little hole, taking care not to damage her hymen, as I licked, and sucked on her little clitty like a man possessed. Before I knew it she was shaking even harder, as she cried out, "Yes daddy! Kiiss myyy puusssyyyyy!" her cum pumping out in little rivulets around my finger. I popped it out, replacing it with my mouth, and sucked up all the sweet juice I could get, as I felt my balls tighten, and my shaft start to pulse. I stood up quickly, and panted, "I'm gonna cum."

"Come where daddy?" she asked in breathless confusion.

I could barely speak with effort of trying to hold back my orgasm, but finally I was able to gasp out, "Happy juice."

She sure understood that, because she immediately sat up, and put her feet on the floor. She put her hands on my hips, and opened her mouth, moving it towards the head of my cock, almost as if by instinct. The first blast of cum shot out like a small white rope, striking her on the bottom lip, and dribbling down her chin. The second went straight into her mouth, and as she closed her puffy little lips around the head of my penis, I grasped her head in both hands. She suckled the tip of my throbbing muscle, and I grunted with each shot of jizz that emptied into her hungry mouth. I could feel her jaw flex, as she tried to swallow each new load. In the process my head slipped from her lips, depositing a long, thick stream of sperm on her forehead, and nose. She quickly drew one of her hands from my hip, and wrapped it around the shaft, pulling the tip back into her mouth.

"UUH, UUH!" I grunted, as the last few streams of hot cum blasted into her sweet little mouth. Her hand was pumping me, and she was gently sucking the head, as I looked down at her. Her eyes smiled up at me, and I could feel her tongue sliding over my dick hole. The sight of those thick globs of my sperm running down her nose, and chin, as she looked up at me, suckling the head of my cock was sexy, and oddly adorable at the same time.

"You're daddy's good little girl." I cooed, still holding her head in my hands. "Daddy loves you so much."

She popped my cock out of her mouth, and said, "I love you too daddy."

She wrinkled her nose a little, and smiled up at me. I released her head, and dropped to my knees in front of her, watching as she scooped my cum from her nose, and chin with her finger. With one last gulp, she swallowed it , and said, "Your happy juice tastes good daddy."

I took her in my arms, pulling her to the edge of the bed, and holding her tightly. She threw her arms around my neck, and whispered, "Don't ever let go daddy."

My eyes started tearing up as I felt a surge of emotion. I knew that what I was doing with her was wrong, but why did it feel so right. I backed my head up, and she pulled her head off my shoulder to look at me. She saw my tears, and asked, "Why are you crying daddy?" A note of concern in her voice.

"Because," I said, almost choking up, "Because I just love you so much baby."

"Aaww." she said, her own eyes beginning to tear up, as she leaned in, and gave me a peck on the lips. Then I gave her a smooch. We looked deeply into each others eyes for a long moment, and then I slowly leaned in, pressing my lips against hers, as I slid my hand up her back to hold her head. I opened her lips with mine, and gently began poking my tongue into her mouth. When I felt her little tongue tentatively probing my mouth, I turned my head, closed my eyes, and started kissing her like she was a woman. Once again, she seemed to act on instinct, thrusting, and swirling her tongue in my mouth, kissing me passionately. As we held each others naked bodies, kissing like lovers, I remember thinking to myself, 'Now you really have gone too far to turn back.'

The second chapter in the series is available here: Popping Ashley's Little Cherry, Chapter 3.


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Bielzibub 3/16/2016 Love the story, very arousing. I can relate with dad had several opertunities to peruse some very sexy young girls under 10 years old. But my better judgement won out. Now I just fantasize about what fun it might have been. Please keep it cumming. :-)
Mac 3/22/2016 I thoroughly enjoyed this story very, very much. Brings back memories and fantasies. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, sure made me happy!
Wet For Daddy 4/1/2016 That made my little hole wet.
I wish I had a Daddy to play with my wet pussyhole now. Oh how I would love a Daddy to force his cock into me.
goodtrainer 4/15/2016 Great build-up! So divine. Ashley is so lucky to have a daddy that knows exactly how to train his baby girl. He does what a good Daddy must do.

Academy Award is due!
Paulyboy 4/27/2016 Loved the story, but where can you find similar or even very young abusing older women
[email protected] 4/28/2016 I find that I'm loving going back and reading the comments on these stories...some of them are hilarious! As a female who was constantly being groped by men of all ages while growing up...probably starting around 3, I like a man to start gently with the child, be it his daughter or not. Now I love it when the man gets really lustful and unable to control that lust....but he struggles with it, he doesn't want to hurt his little lover. But sometimes the lust gets to be too much and I do enjoy the scenes when the tiny little mouth feels so good he has to hold her little head to him and push it in deeper, even while she squirms. Your stories are making me explore my true sexuality and I'm finding things out about myself that I had not known. It's all very interesting....and hot!
[email protected] - I'm glad to hear that you enjoy my writing, and if I've helped you in any way then I'm certainly happy to do so.
Tugboat 11/29/2016 This story is SO close to the fantasies I have about my grand- daughters, it's uncanny. I too try write my dreams of how I get to be intimate with them, but the idea of having my words read by others is a whole new source of excitement.

Thankyou for Ashley, now I've found her I will read the full six stories avidly!
Roul 3/27/2017 Great story i agree with bill.she should have been forced to suck him off at first.A bit of description of her haging on his cock.cum coming out her nose driping of her chin would have added reality.Then describe her calming down to a relaxed state.mabe add the guilt he feels as his ejeculation starts to rise.But he is at the point of no return as the cum floods her mouth
Paulxxx 3/27/2017 Great story. I shot my load imagining i was in his position. Id be cuming between the cheeks of her ass, in her mouth, shooting a wad on her daily.
Badbad 5/24/2017 Making daughter a slut. Nice

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