It's a lazy Saturday and she's laying on the floor in her little princess panties and a short night gown. She's on her belly kicking her legs up behind her and you are having coffee and pretending to read the paper but you are really staring at her sexy little ass with a raging hard on. You rub yourself through your pajama pants like you do every Saturday, usually bringing yourself to have a nice cum in your pants then go shower. There's no harm in watching a cute little girl wriggle around on the floor nearly showing her privates to you. Her panties form her cunny perfectly, showing you the outline of her puffy little lips. You wonder if she knows what she is doing to you by teasing you like this every single Saturday. This turns you on even more and your cock stiffens as you rub.

Today is very different though. She starts to stretch out, bored of TV and interrupts your rubbing by getting up. You stop so you don't get caught and she walks over to you, happily grinning at you in her "I want something" way that melts your heart. She tells you she is bored and climbs up on to your lap. Your heart stops for a moment, even though she sits in your lap all the time, you've never been close to climax and had a perfect little girl slide her delicious little body up your legs before and plant her round little bottom right on top of your bulging sex. She's probably too young to even notice you're hard beneath her, but you're very hard and there's only a thin layer of clothing between your sex. So you don't adjust, you just enjoy her warm little cunny and watch her movements and facial expressions for any signs of discovery.

She straddles you like she always does when she wants something, and bounces up and down proclaiming boredom, begging you to take her to the park.

"Maybe but only of you give me a sweet little kiss." And of course you are pushing your limits, but she kisses you. Right on the cheek and gives you a big, tight hug, as big as her little arms can reach.

"No, not on my cheek baby girl, kiss me on my lips," you scold, and point to your pouty lips. She grins, happily obliging your request and your lips meet which send tingles through her small frame, like she gets from time to time and suddenly notices your hard cock because it feels so good pressed right up against her happy little sex button. You feel her panties dampen through the thin material, and you tickle her sides to make her squirm. You know she is hot for you now, like all little girls can get at times. You want to rip her clothes off and make her scream. You want to tear her little virgin cunt right in half and make this sweet little angel cry. But you resist.

Then you wrestle for a while like that, tickling her little body, feeling her ribs as she gasps for air; taking liberties with your fingers all over her nubile body; feeling her tiny, hard nipples through her gown and your cock pushes through the hole you have there and now your cock is pressed sort of inside of her. Her wet princess panties are now the only barrier between you and this little virgin cunt. She freezes as she feels you at the scantily guarded entrance to her small sex, and pushes down harder, not understanding what's happening, but liking it because it feels really good.

She's pressing so hard onto you that her princess panties push inside of her lips, allowing the tip of your hungry cock to feel the heat she is holding there. You grunt some, allowing a small drop of cum to make her little innocent hole nice and slippery. Something takes over you and you grip down on her hips and push up against her little button.

"What's happening?" she moans. But you don't reply. "What are you doing?!" she demands. Your natural instinct has taken over and you don't even hear her. You shove your fingers between the two of you, pulling sweet little panties to the side. Then you lift her gown completely over her head and stare at her little nipples. You've certainly seen her naked many times before, but today she is riding your cock like the little slut that she is. Her body flushes, her cheeks turn red. If she is feeling ashamed and embarrassed, you don't care. Nothing is going to stop you now and you lick, suck and nibble her cute little budding breasts as you rape her.

Your balls ache as you begin pushing your big, thunderous cock deep inside this little princess. Your head is splitting her small opening and coating her insides with little drops of your sperm. Pushing, pushing, pushing harder and finally bursting through and breaking her hymen.

"Please don't!" she cries. "Don't it hurts me, please!" Her tiny body tenses up as she grips your back and scratches your shoulders some. You like the pain on her face, this little slut is yours now. She let you get this far, you aren't going to stop now. You pause, lift her up to the tip of your cock and gaze lovingly at the union you've made as she bleeds down your shaft. You ram her again, hard, and leave your pulsating cock deep inside her. You feel your head poking hungrily, deep inside her little belly, and pause, letting her newly bruised cunt relax around the massive intruder.

You kiss each cheek, tasting her salty tears, then her sweet lips again and again allowing her feel good and to relax a bit. Once her heartbeat has slowed, and she stares lovingly but bewildered into your eyes again, you slowly and methodically slide your cock in and out of her, reminding her how much you cherish your little princess. You head almost touching her womb; her insides are not that big just yet, deep, deep, so deep inside. Her little canal perfect for your big cock, only for your big cock, you have claimed your place. With each deep stroke you force her open for you. Her legs are sore from straddling you for so long, but she was made for your pleasure and yours alone. She starts to moan again as you rape her sweet little pussy. You get harder as your balls fill up and suddenly her body tenses again, except this time she is cumming all over you.. A mixture of your sperm, her wetness and blood is dripping down on your balls and making quite a mess. Her little cunt is so tight, you squirt deep inside of her, imagining of putting a baby inside of her someday. She collapses on you, resting her small head on your shoulder. Your hearts are racing together and both of you are out of breath. You stay inside of her, throbbing, and you hold your baby girl and rub her back.

"Sweetheart, I love you so much. You are my beautiful little princess," you say as you kiss her perfect little forehead. "When would you like to go to the park, Princess?"


Nickname Date Feedback
blu interesting story love to read more
teoa really eerotic story, would love to know what she wares and gets up to over the park? please continue this story.
naughtybill Similar issues with my daughters where they climb on you and wiggle their cute little bottoms and discover your penis - I never did anything but let myself get hard and they liked that from an alarmingly young age. Email me for more explicit discussion.
Thanks for the comment, naughtybill. I would love to send you an email, but you forgot to leave your email address! :) Go ahead and send it in another comment if you get the chance.

capitalXD hi Ladyofsin,

short and sweet. pretty good use of descriptions over adjectives. your dialogue pulls double duty, like all good dialogue, and drives the story forward while simultaneously revealing more about the characters. bravo!

my favorite part is where the male character looks down to watch the young girls virgin blood leaking around his erection. I do wish you would have stayed with that visual longer. its powerful physical proof of the direction the story is headed.

I wished you would have described the female character more. I would want to see her eye color, hair color, hair length, ect...the buildup to the rape is well established but the climax is short. maybe the intensity of the climax should equal the intensity of the desire to reach said climax. this is just my humble, unwanted opinion. also, I think the word 'rape' is overused in general in erotica. like expletives lose their power if overused, 'rape' is shown in what your characters do. no need to have a case of 'rape touretts.' Again, just my humble, unwanted opinion.

ill be looking you up and reading more of your work. thanks for posting.
Daddy must do it Wow!!! Another great read Chris. My daddy cock was hard from the start!! And whilst reading my own little girl was only feet from my cock.
Hey Daddy must do it, thanks for the feedback. Just to point it out, this story was written by a guest author, LadyOfSin. So your kudos belong to her!

jeff needs to be a little longer- great story...
Tory Great story would love to discuss with you more on it.
Stix In Afghanistan last month, there was a man that married an 8 year old (legal there). Then he raped her, killing her in the process. This is just too young for me.
I do not condone this kind of behavior in any way. I am not attracted to little children, of any age. In my fantasies, I am the child. Also, I never once mentioned any age. Never have, never would. People who actually ease or coax children into having sex and harming them should be ashamed of themselves, arrested and and tortured. People have all sorts of fantasies, it doesn't mean they will act on them. For instance, my fantasies can never come true for me because I am 30, (obviously not a child). Obviously I would never want a child to suffer through the physical and emotional trauma that you have suggested.

Ladybug Great story, I know exactly what a little girl feels like sitting on my lap, with a leg on either side. It sure feels good. Haven't gone past that point. but I sure have dream't about it. Can't wait for mom to walk in, with outrage, then passion. Please continue.
Papa's Girl Lady of Sin....I'm always the child in my fantasies, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Great story
celebum Fantastic! Every dirty man's ultimate power fantasy. Would love to talk via email with you if interested. This scenario is my deepest desire. Thank you for this.
Tony Bobby Great story! Love the fact he couldn't stand it anymore and drilled that little pussy! I was hard from start to finish!
Here you go Great story again the story line works you have a way to make the reader feel they are there. Great job
Thanks, "Here you go!" The email you provided didn't work--post another response with the correct email and I can thank you directly

Anonymous I, too, am always the little girl in my fantasies. Thanks for putting that out there!
I'm glad we are not alone!

Blu reminds me of a time not so long ago
horny daddy r8 loved the story was hard from beginning to end even though i came sloppily. i'm still wanking like mad and i know i will cum yr stories chris i'm 76 and u keep me hard and cumming. if u r willing to chat about these ideas send an answer and i will let u have my email addy
CTY Loved it. Only difference is that I would not have penetrated her. I would simply have sucked on that little pussy till it exploded.
BadBill Really good story, though short. He should have had the little girl lick him and suck him after he raped her hairless little pussy. Your story got me hard, but needs more depravity.
Anonymous Rape is sick, the physical & mental damage it causes is undescribeable. If you're going to write a sex story with children it should be only be a loving shag, not RAPE. but I must say it was good. =-O
PurvyPurvyDaddy Holy hell, this was a good stroke fest, LadyOfSin. Love your mind.
dachief LoS...

Such a Naughty little girl you are... with such a wicked mind... ;-) you do know there's also bath time, bedtime stories, the playground... and, then there's those very special times when Daddy comes in quietly at night and plays Big Girl games with His little precious...
Wishful Thinker This has been an interesting story, although a little short, I agree with some of the other commentators that some more detail about the girl should have been included. however, a very good read for those who are interested in "getting to the point" (which is always a good thing). Congrats, very good writing. I would like to learn more or even meet or talk to anyone about this - email me if u like. anyway keep up the good work (and great comments by all the commenter s too, very informative and entertaining !
Wishful wrote:

"I would like to learn more or even meet or talk to anyone about this - email me if u like."

But you didn't leave your email! Drop the email in a comment and I'll forward it to Lady of Sin.

pantyman56 I love your stories and the ages of the little girls. Kept my cock hard and dripping.
Teetee I will tell you true stories of when I was a little princess and how it all went from innocent to desire....
Anonymous This brings back a lot of memories of my little girl on my lap.
Anonymous very nice 1st part , got to keep going though
Anonymous Is there gong to be a part two?
paul modibe hot story, needs chapter 2 and/or more. Those little lips need to suck daddy off and her little butt needs a going over. Love to have her rim daddy's nasty ass.
del Great story got me hard in no time love to read more.
Don Great story. One night my niece told me what happened to her when she was eleven. Very hot. Please write so we can talk.
pedox I would have spent hours just sucking her bald pussy then letting her suck me. Great story
Anonymous I loved the story... agreed with all needs to be longer.... I am female; reminds me of when I was little
PuffyLips I am also a child in my fantasy but I am in a relationship where I have a mommy and daddy. Wish you would write more of these stories. They so tickle all three of us and give us some ideas on new fantasies :)
Kitty I'm also the little girl in these scenarios. Loved this!
Anonymous Interesting thoughts
Daddy Depraved Oh my God this was amazing. I can so relate to this man's pent up frustration. I would never act on it, but I think about it often.
easyone Great story.
jakeraker I loved the story as it had me really hard and SO much wanting to be the man. I agree with several of the comments that I prefer more gentle loving penetration, but nevertheless, awesome. Thank you
ytrbt I cum so hard to these stories. I'm a mommy who wants to walk in and catch daddy at these acts .. and surprise him by joining in. Like if he decided her little pussy was just too tiny, but her ass would stretch better.. and he had her with her back against his chest and his cock deep inside her tight little ass... mommy could get on her knees and lick their little girl's pussy at the same time.
Anonymous love the story. she needs to have her anus developed like my dad did to me .shell love it if he,s gentle.
Quiet Kerry Liked this story.

Also liked that I'm not the only adult female who'd like to be a little girl again ;-)
Mghtyme209 This is an amazing story. I think it is a thought that has gone through dads' minds often. It just takes fantasy to reality. Very sexy and erotic. I love how you really draw me in and make me feel like in the daddy!!! I love it!!!
Cm90691 4/26/2016 LadyOfSin, great story. I too have daddy/little girl fantasies where I am the little girl. I enjoy rape fantasy stories a lot.
We are kindred spirits. I hope that I allowed for you to disappear into a sensual and sexy fantasy for a little while. I also hope that you had an amazing, soaking wet orgasm!
--Kisses, LOS
Squiggy 4/26/2016 Great story really hot.
Anonymous 4/27/2016 I grew up with my step dad, when I was 10 he started with the kissing and touching, don't know why but I enjoyed it. One day sitting on his lap with my legs over his, he started to tickle the inside of my legs, it felt nice,, he got so close, I started shaking, as he rubbed me to my first orgasm. We continued for years after, I am married now with two young girls, and a husband who understands me.
Anonymous 4/28/2016 I was. 14 my sister was 10 she was tight best fuck I ever had. Again and again and again. Still do love her sweet cunt.
Missy 4/29/2016 mmmm the memories of being a little girl people don't realize what we were capable of what we could take inside us as little girls mmmm and the feeling of the cum I was soaked getting wet again talking about it ....thanks for the type set size too
superbadxxx 4/29/2016 Wow loved it all apart from the blood thing,,,speaking to the ladies on here who are little girls, nearly everyone of my ex gfs and a lot of one night stands I've had have loved, and I really mean it when I say this, they love daddy dick and love a bit of age play, some like been good girls and some like to be bad girls, some like been raped some like to rape daddy lol all little girls love it hard tho, and love getting stretched out
And I've been a very, very, bad little girl ;)
[email protected] 4/30/2016 I am so happy to find out that I'm not alone in my fantasies of being a little girl again and letting daddy have his way with me. Is this the 'new normal?' haha, maybe we're just now cumming out of the closet. Loved your story LadyOfSin, haven't orgasmed yet, but I intend to. Would love a story about a sweet little girl who likes to help lecherous old men fulfill their darkest fantasies with her....I would love to be that little girl. I'm thinking of writing this story myself. Keep up the good work!
Chris Hailey here... If you do write such a story, [email protected], you know where you can publish it! :)
Stu 5/3/2016 Male. I was sexualized early and have been a horny bugger ever since. I wish there were more stories with young boys and older women, sisters, aunts, moms. I was trained in the gentle and loving school of sex. I really got off on this story though. I would be horny too, if in that kind of situation. I have never had that experience. Wish I had. I am amazed at the number of women who responded. I wish I could email them. That would be fun roleplay!
manrolle 5/3/2016 Fantastic little story, I have never fantasized about my two daughters myself but many, many time about their friends. Personally I really was turned on when the story changed direction from gentleness to penetration and rape, when the father could think and do nothing but penetrate his daughter, despite he was hurting her, even though she seemed to enjoy it in the end. I think she is willing to let her father continue her education after all, and I would love to read the follow-up story!
Thanks for commenting. I love hearing from my fans (and critics)! I only wish I had been Daddy's princess
--Lady Of Sin
def 5/6/2016 Great story next time I would like her raped in the missionary position,there is nothing as dominant as a male mounting a little girl and her feeling his weight and his grunting in the thores of orgasm.
Jake 5/11/2016 Wonderful story. I never thought of doing that with my daughter but had many orgasms thinking about her friends and other little girls I knew. I was very sexual very young and am sure many young girls are the same. Thank you.
A fan of fantasy 4/23/2017 Every one of my fantasies, I am the little girl. But my dreams always revolve around me being taken, humiliated or compelled to entertain black families. Often starting out with getting bullied by a black girl and forced to do things that are embarrassing, then she uses the pics to blackmail me to serve her, her older brother, then her parents, and if they have a dog, that too. An early education on sex may have corrupted me.
Anonymous 4/23/2017 oh! Man that story was hot. Reminds me of my cute little niece. She doesn't wear panties and when she sits her hot little ass in my lap and I get a ragging boner. I hoping for a day when she starts wears skirts and dresses and me in my boxers. And my dick pushing out the hole and sneaking its way into her sweet young cunny.
Kev 4/24/2017 Loved the story. Little girls teasing always gets me hard especially when the moms are involved and encourage their daughters to show off their sexy little bodies then mom rubs herself while.watching her little girl take care of those men ;)

I think all.mommies should train their little girls how to properly please many men

You can publish email address (a href="/p-a-c-k-s/mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]
dancr 4/25/2017 Great Story.....

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