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Female Authors

We guys usually take the rap for having the most debase and perverted minds. These talented ladies are definitely challenging that stereotype by writing some of the most beautiful and hedonistic smut you'll ever read.

Call Me Daughter

Call Me Daughter's stories often focus on incest and pedophilia from the young girl's perspective. She does an amazing job of walking the fine line between portraying realistic young characters against the unrealistic situations she puts them in.

Her writing was the biggest inspiration for me to try writing for myself. Unfortunately, her profile on ASSTR has disappeared, but on the internet, nothing ever really goes away. (except for my favorite story of hers, which apparently did not get cached) ***Update: I found the text version of the story that I was missing and added it to the bottom of the list below.*** The links below will take you to caches of her work from .

If you ever read this, Daughter, thank you for your inspiring stories. I hope you forgive me for not letting you go.

"I'm just past 30, but I've been enjoying erotic fiction for over half my life. My favorite fantasies always involve incest, and sometimes involve being under thirteen. What can I say? I love to reimagine how great it might have been to learn about sex back in grade school or middle school from my dad or an older brother or uncle."

Ophelia's Fever

Ophelia's Fever writes stories so beautiful it makes me jealous of her talent. Her command of imagery is so beautiful, succinct, and concise that it cuts right through your soul. I have trouble describing her work without referencing visual art because she paints such strong imagery with her words. Her stories read like a clean, white, marble statue looks. They feel like silken sheets. They look into dark crevices of human sexuality and shine a light so bright that it makes your eyes ache with the beauty of what she shows you there.

Ophelia's Fever draws you in with the dainty, pristine elegance of women that every woman wants to be and that every man wants to fuck. Her stories are inhabited by hungry men and dedicated dolls. Even strong feminists in her stories have a vulnerable little girl beneath the surface. She plays with those dynamics of love and power with ease, making her reader always yearn for more. (I want more.) In her work, torture is always tempered by nurture, and fear is always a faculty of fervor.

Expect a lot of D/s type stories as little women, so perfect in their presentation, submit to the love and brutality of their men.


PedoMom writes stories about really young girls (sometimes children, sometimes infants) engaged in lewd acts with adult women and men. She has an incredible knack for writing from the woman's or the little girl's perspective which distinguishes her work from that written by all of us perverted men here on ASSTR. But she's also incredibly gifted at writing from the man's perspective as well. Basically, she's just amazing at writing, and her works are always incredibly lewd and disgusting in the best way possible.


SarahMcA loves to write stories with incest and age differences between the characters, and she does it incredibly well. I discovered her through her first series on ASSTR called "The Hills Have More Than Eyes". She pushed the envelope beautifully with her characters and took them on a journey that they never expected. I highly recommend her work.

In fact, I enjoy Sarah's writing so much, that we started collaborating together, doing role playing sessions. Some of the sessions are presented in the same format as the instant messaging that we used for playing them out, where each one of us represents our character and speaks in the first person for that character. Some sessions, however, we write in the third person, taking turns adding to the narrative.

Check out our Role Playing Sessions as well as Sarah's solo work.

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor writes stories that are completely plausible, incredibly hot, and really well crafted. As of this writing, she hasn't published that much yet, but hopefully you will go to her stories, fall in love with them and write her, encouraging her to publish more.

Male Authors

After one day realizing that all the authors on this page were of the female persuasion, I decided that it's time to give the men some credit.

Chase Shivers

Chase Shivers was probably the first author I encountered on ASSTR that made me fall in love with his characters and so desperately that I couldn't wait to get back to them. He develops beautiful, pedophilic encounters that stretch out over long series. Aside from pedophilia, you will find incest and romance as regular themes in his work. He work also expresses an affinity for anal sex, water sports, and the aromas involved in both. You won't find rape or non-consensual acts, but you might find some bestiality. Chase precedes each of his series with an introduction to let you know what you're in for, and he proceeds each chapter with a cast list.

I highly recommend Shipwrecked, which develops a love between a man in his 30s and a thirteen-year-old girl, and Flower Petals, which details a single father discovering incest between a friend and her daughter that leads him to develop a relationship with his own daughter.

Chris Hailey Erotic Stories

Chris Hailey publishes fantastic tales of debauchery, rich with pedophilia, love, and lust. At the time of this writing, I just finished The Beautiful Sea, an adventurous tale of British sailing merchants, pirates, and slavery on the open sea. If the age of the girls involved were 18 instead of 13 and 8, it would fit right in on the shelf with best sellers. The tender, young ages, however, are part of the story's charm -- not to mention increasing its historical accuracy. One of the things I like best about Chris Hailey's work is how even the non-sexual parts keep me entranced. I never find myself just wishing he'd get to "the good part". Instead, I feel lost in the story, sharing the emotions of the characters, and when it comes to the moment when a grown man puts his cockhead in a young maiden's mouth, it's all the better because there is no need for suspension of disbelief because he has carried me along, lost in his plot, the whole time.

His latest series Wildflowers, another historical tale, is set in the Old West. He summarizes it as "an epic tale of a twelve year old girl in a wagon train heading west" and "historical lolita erotica in a romantic setting". Once again, I'm amazed at this author's ability to draw me along with an enchanting story that hinges on well-developed, romantic plot that is just as strong as the tantalizing pedophilic sex.

Aside from hosting his own stories, Chris Hailey also hosts several guest authors. I often find myself drawn to the works of Stepdaddy, one of the more prolific guest authors.


Renpet writes with a very detailed eye. His stories are often long, but they are always worth the time investment. You will find many Mf pairings in his work. Most of his stories are consensual, but he has some non-consensual/reluctant offerings as well. With incest as a regular theme, I find his work erotic and tantalizing, especially his female characters. As he states on his site: "I love strong females who have sass and attitude and a mind of their own." I also find that his attention to detail, to the sensations the characters experience during sex, is remarkable.


Sterling writes Mf/Mg pedophilia with a twist. What I mean by that is that there is always a reason (however tenuous) for a man to fuck a little girl. He takes the concept of suspension of disbelief and puts a spotlight on it, making the whole thing more fun for the reader. It might be "a world otherwise much like ours, girls from a very young age crave and need a penis inside them most of the time so they do not lose their female nature and become neuters". It might be the fact that girls have slipped into a coma and need a treatment from a man fucking them so that the electrodes in his brain send waves to the electrodes in the girl's brain. Whatever the pseudo-science behind the story, it gives us as readers "permission" to enjoy the pedophilia.

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