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Author: Dayvid Notellin ([email protected])

Title: The Resort 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: First-time nudist Tony finds more than he ever thought possible.

Keywords: MMg, Ped, Nudism, Voy, Mast, Cum, Bi

Date: 10/26/2016

[Author's Note]


He'd put it off as long as he could, but he'd run out of excuses. The day was bright, sunny, and beautiful. The kind of day that if you waste it staying inside, you end up regretting it.


Tony had been talking up the resort of weeks, trying to get Gary to go. It sounded nice - clean pool, Jazuzzie, sauna, game room, nature trails, etc., friendly people, reasonable price, yadda yadda yadda. Just the sort of place to go hang out on a nice summer day. Gary's only problem with it was that it was a nudist resort.


It wasn't that he had anything against nudists. Tony was one, as was his best friend. But he'd heard about nudists. 2% hot as hell, 23% average-looking, and 75% ugly as sin - the type of people you really don't want to see naked. Sure, Tony said otherwise, but Tony was one of them. Naturally he'd have a skewed perspective. From everything Gary had read online, there'd be little eye-candy.


Still, Gary had promised he'd give it a go, and Tony stressed more than a few times that it wasn't the naked people that made the place great. It was the attitudes of the naked people. Nudists, he said, were just a hell of a lot friendlier and open than "normal folks". Tony had even offered more than once to take him, but if Gary was gonna go to a nude resort for his first time, it sure as fuck wasn't going to be with anyone he knew around! He sighed, grabbed his beach gear, and headed out.


He'd been wrong. Dead wrong. Sure, there were some he'd rather not look at, but they were actually the exception rather than the rule. By the time he'd got through the gate, paid the fee, and arrived at the pool area, he'd seen at least a dozen women he'd love to look at more closely, if he could figure out how to do so without appearing rude. Sure, not everyone was beautiful, but the huge majority were average or above-average looking.


But what really threw him for a loop were all the kids. The first girl he saw couldn't have been more than fourteen, with those sweet, firm, high breasts that are still in development, hips that were only now taking on some real curves, and a face as sweet and pure as vanilla ice cream. He'd never had a sexual reaction to a girl that young, of course, but this one made him take notice!


By the time he'd got to the pool area, he began to realize that, this being a family nudist resort, there'd naturally be more children than adults. The average family had a mom, a dad, and 2.4 children - which meant the kids outnumbered the grownups. But the actual ratio seemed higher, and it took him a while to notice that there were more women than men as well. Then it dawned on him that, right or wrong, it was more common for the mom to take the kids somewhere on the weekend. Many of the dads were probably out playing golf, at a ball game, or working, leaving the rest of the family to hit the resort. So in addition to lots of kids, there were also MILFs-a-plenty. He could see himself getting into a lot of trouble here.


Tony had been right though. It was apparently obvious to everyone there that he was a newcomer, and a young couple (young compared to him anyway, they appeared to be in their mid-thirties) stopped as he got out of his car and began to look around. They explained that non-residents usually just stripped at their cars then hoofed it to the pool area. But then they appeared to be waiting for him to strip, which was awkward for him. He'd never undressed in front of strangers before - never mind that they were standing there stark naked themselves. Somehow the act of undressing seemed more embarrassing than their nudity.


Apparently they "got it" though, and turned around, giving him the "privacy" to undress - if one could call it "privacy" to strip down in a parking lot with other people coming and going. But he noticed that the other people weren't paying him the slightest attention, so he quickly stripped off his clothes, threw them in the trunk, and grabbed his gear. When the trunk closed, the couple turned around and showed him the way into the pool area, pointing out the water polo court, and the sign that asked him to rinse in the shower room before entering the pool. As nice as they were, he was glad when they left him to join some friends.


He spent about the next half-hour trying not to stare. There was so much skin out on display, and much of it quite nice - and predominantly young. Being in his forties, Gary appreciated the smooth, clear skin of youngsters in every stage of development, from actual child (the youngest kids seemed around five), through adolescence, and into maturity and beyond.


It didn't take him long to notice that very few of them had bushes - and it wasn't only the women and girls who were well-shorn. Most of the men were either shaved or very neatly "manscaped" as well. He'd always kept his own bush quite short because he liked it better that way, but he'd always assumed he was unusual in that regard. But obviously nudists, who would have that in view fairly often, would take their nether-grooming more seriously than "normal folks". Almost all of the women were smooth-shaven, though a few left just a tuft, some shaped. He was also surprised at how many of them had piercings down there - again, both men and women. Probably somewhere around one in ten had some sort of genital piercing(s).


At first all that seemed strange, but people are very adaptive, and Gary was no exception. It wasn't long before the nudity seemed normal, and he found himself actually comparing the various grooming and body art the same way he might look at clothing on dressed people. You could tell a lot about a person by the way they presented themselves, naked or not.


As he relaxed into it, he eventually started noting the occasional glance and nod - subtle welcoming signals. He began to respond in a more relaxed manner, and it wasn't long before someone wandered over and introduced himself. It seemed strange to be talking to a naked man - and yet, he knew it'd have been even more uncomfortable if it'd been a woman. The man sat on one of the empty lounges nearby and chatted him up a bit, stopping another couple in transit and making introductions. This snowballed, and soon Gary had a couple dozen names he was trying to remember, and he was being invited to volleyball, cards, the pot-luck/dance that night, and so on. Tony had been right. He'd been there under an hour, and he'd already been welcomed into the community.


They were an easy-going lot, and seemed to sense that he'd been "made welcome" after a while. Several people took tables and lounges nearby (he'd initially chosen the least-occupied area, of course), and went about their own business - not excluding him, but not forcing themselves upon him either. That was fine, as he wanted to relax and get some sun. Naturally more than one stressed that he needed to use sunscreen on his not-so-privates, and one girl even jokingly offered to put it on. But she'd said it in such a casual, joking manner that it wasn't even really a flirt, just a shared joke. Still, she was pretty. Around twenty, with bright red hair and an infectious grin. But also, a wedding ring, so he stifled any thoughts about getting to know her better. That didn't stop him from looking though, and she caught him more than once, always reacting with a knowing, friendly smile - not a come-on, but an acknowledgement of his unspoken compliment.


Laying in the sun, watching the naked folks, he relaxed for a while. It felt good to be out there in his bare skin. He wasn't all that much to look at, he knew, and yet he felt completely accepted and comfortable among these people. It was odd, but very nice. Instead of being ashamed of his body - he was obviously one of the lesser-attractive people here - he felt like they didn't really care what he looked like so much as how he acted, and that made him want to act cordially - like a good neighbor.


That's why when he started to roll over and realized he'd got a partial stiffy, he was momentarily mortified. He might not know much about nudist etiquette, but he was pretty darn sure that erections were a no-no. He hadn't seen any other men sporting hard-ons after all! He could feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment, but he had to do something. He knew it wasn't going to go away of its own accord!


His new friend Teddy happened by and Gary gestured him over. "Hey Teddy, he said in a low tone. "What do you all do when you, y'know, get... um..." He trailed off, not even sure how to ask the question.


It took Teddy a moment, but he seemed to pick right up on Gary's embarrassment and gleaned the reason. He sat down on the lounge beside Gary and spoke low as well. "Well first of all Gary, nobody here's gonna hold it against you, unless you attack someone with it!" His broad grin did wonders at putting Gary at his ease, and he realized that the "problem" probably wasn't as uncommon as he'd thought. Hell, there were teen boys here! And when he was a boy, he didn't think he'd gone more than ten minutes without a stiffy!


Teddy went on. "You have a few options. There's always the bathroom..." Gary's face made it clear what he thought of that. Bathrooms were smelly, "yucky" places. If there was no other option, he might consider it, but Teddy had said there were other options. Teddy went on. "Yeah, I don't care for that option either. Some visitors will just duck into their RV..."


"Sedan," Gary said. He wasn't on vacation in an RV, he lived in town.


Teddy chuckled. "Figures. Well then, your only real option is to get a resident to let you use their place for a bit." He straightened up and yelled, "Hey Billy! Get your ass over here," while waving at the man.


Billy meandered over, "Sup?" he asked sucking down half his soda in one chug-a-lug and handing a fresh can to Gary. "Fitting in okay?"


Teddy spoke first. "Hey Billy, Gary here's new y'know, and has a ... issue. I don't suppose he could use your man-cave for a few minutes?"


Billy laughed good-naturedly. "No problem. Katie and the kids are killing it at the volleyball pool, so no problem." He pointed out his bungalow. "Over there, number twelve. It's open. My 'man-cave' as Teddy calls it is the North-East room. There's porn in the cabinet under the TV and towels in the bathroom cabinet. Hamper's in there too. Make yourself at home." With that he got up to join another buddy who was yelling at him.


"There ya go, problem solved," Teddy said, also getting up to go.


"Seriously? That's it? He's going to let a stranger..." he didn't even know how to finish the sentence. Did a man he'd barely met just invite him to use his home to jack off in? It boggled the mind!


"Relax man," Teddy said. "It's all good. We're just a little less hung-up about such things than you're used to. Seriously. You think you're the first guy who's got all excited around here? Look around man, there's sexy naked girls on display all over!" He winked and bent down to whisper. "And next time, you'll know to jack off before you come to the resort - or maybe you won't. Billy does have some damned good porn!" He grinned and departed as well.


In actual point of fact, as Gary mulled it over, it sort-of made sense. There were cocks hanging out all over the place - it'd be odd if some of them didn't need some relief now and then. You can't "tuck it in your shorts" when you don't have any shorts! But now he had another problem. The idea of going into some stranger's house and beating off seemed sort of exciting, and Gary had to get from his lounge, exit the pool area, and get to Billy's place without his erection poking out. He had no doubt that if he just walked out with it on full display, nobody would say anything - most would probably not even notice. But he would know. It wasn't so much the guys, it was the women. He didn't want to be flashing a bunch of other-men's-wives. For that matter, he didn't want to be flashing a bunch of children! The very idea was... disturbing.


So he got up carefully, scooping up his towel and holding it in front of him. He wasn't fully erect - yet, thank God! He made his way quickly out of the pool area and made a beeline to Billy's place. Number twelve. He slipped inside. North-East room.


The bungalow was nice, but he didn't stop to look, other than to get into the cabinet in the bathroom and grab a white hand towel. Part of him wanted to use his own towel, out of courtesy, but he realized that he didn't want to lay a cum-stained towel out to lay on at the pool afterwards! And Billy had offered.


The room was a bedroom made over into a media room. Small fridge. Large-screen TV. And yes, a cabinet with dozens of CDs. Some were regular movies, but some were definitely porn titles. His erection had been swelling all the way here, and he was ready to go, but the idea of watching another man's porn was too interesting to pass by. He flicked through the cases, seeing several he liked the names of before he hit the non-commercial section.


Many men have a few porn discs they pay for, then a bunch more that they've merely rented and copied. So it was with Billy's collection. And like most men, Billy did a shit job of labeling the copied discs. One was sticking out though, and looked like it'd been well-used, so Gary grabbed that. From what he'd seen, Billy had good taste in porn, so this was likely the cream of the crop. He popped it into the player, spread his towel over the chair (nudist etiquette lesson one), and leaned back in the La-Z-Boy, his cock in hand before the video started.


He almost shot off immediately. He knew this girl! It was the red-head who'd jokingly offered to put suntan lotion on his pecker earlier! She was laying back in this very chair, in this very room, legs spread wide, exposing herself to the camera! She was smiling playfully as she ran her fingers over her body, her small, firm breasts, and then began to touch her pussy.


Gary had masturbated with girlfriends before, and found it both fascinating and highly arousing, so he knew he wasn't going to be able to last long. Between the excitement of the situation, the sexiness of the woman, and the illicit thrill of seeing something he wasn't supposed to, he figured he had maybe five minutes - if he tried to hold off. The precum was already beading on the tip, and he stroked very lightly, almost as lightly as the girl's fingernails traced the creases and folds of her bare pussy before gently prying them open for the camera and delving inside.


She was clearly quite excited, giggling and having difficulty holding still. She was as cute as she was sexy, and that really struck a sympathetic nerve with Gary, so that when her grool began to leak out of her cunny after relatively little touching, so too did his own precum drool down the shaft of his cock. He let it, enjoying the light tickling sensation, imagining it was her light touch on him. His cock had that pleasant ache that comes from being exquisitely hard, and he didn't want to give it any more physical stimulation than necessary as he watched the red-head's index finger sink slowly into that shiny wet ...


"You're that new guy huh?" The voice came from the doorway, sending a shock through Gary's brain like a lightning bolt. "Busted!" was his only thought, a rush of guilt tearing through his reverie. Every man who's ever been caught jacking off knows that feeling, only here it was worse - he was in a stranger's house beating off to a porn video of another stranger - both of whom he'd met and spoken to only a bit ago!


He glanced over to the doorway, and his guilt increased a hundredfold. A young girl was standing there, naked as a jaybird, watching him. She couldn't be more than ten or eleven - and she'd obviously seen him playing with himself!


He should do something, but he was in such a state of complete shock that he couldn't seem to move. Or to figure out what to move. He sat there for an eternity, frozen in terror - until the girl giggled.


"Why you so scared mithter?" she asked, a cute little lisp to her voice. Not waiting for an answer, she walked right up to him like she owned the place and climbed up onto the arm of the chair. "Ithn't Aunt Kathy beautiful?" she asked, looking at the screen rapturously. "I wanna be that pretty when I grow up too!"


Gary's mind was like a kaleidoscope - fractured, mixed up, and churning randomly. It was one thing to get caught like this - at least that was a world he could understand. But what kind of world has a little girl so nonchalant about it? What kind of little girl ogles her aunt while she's masturbating?


A considerate little girl apparently. She looked at him and said, quite seriously, "You don't have to stop cos of me mithter!"


"I... uh..." stammered Gary, completely flummoxed. And the fact that "Aunt Kathy" on the screen was getting a little carried away now, her fingers fucking in and out of that pretty little pussy as the camera panned in closer.


The girl rolled her eyes. "Grownups!' she declared as if that explained everything. Obviously she didn't think much of adult mental prowess. Without hesitation, she leaned over and took his cock in her small, delicate hand and began to stroke him as if it was the most natural thing in the world.


Natural or not, it was beyond exquisite. Gary's eyes locked on her hand, so small, so delicate, and making his large erection look gigantic. The sight alone would have made him cum, but the feeling was equally intoxicating. Her fingers were cool, her grip light yet firm, her small hand unable to circle his shaft - and, he noted suddenly - completely oblivious to the fact that she was getting his precum on her hand. No hesitation, her hand-job was obviously the right thing for her to do - at least in her mind. And Gary couldn't argue - he was in bliss.


"Oh! My! Fucking! God!" he shouted aloud as he erupted, his balls spewing forth streams of molten hot cum to lay lines from over his head, down across his face, down his chest, clear to his cock. One. Two. Three. Four... He lost count, as he felt a fresh surge of excitement - the girl had leaned further over to use both hands and was giggling and stroking him, looking for all the world as if she'd won a contest of some sort - like his cumming was her accomplishment - which, in a way, it was.


"Dude! I'm so sorry!" came from the doorway. It was Billy. Gary's blood froze, and the girl stopped, looking back over her shoulder. But before Gary could do anything, Billy went on. "No honey, keep going. Finish him off. Don't ever stop half-way through!"


The girl turned back to Gary, and continued her two-handed stroking until every drop of cum had been milked from Gary, leaving a large pool in his belly button and drips trailing off from there down his sides in both direction, in addition to the lines covering him from head to crotch.


Gary couldn't think. Couldn't move. Could barely even breathe. He'd never cum so hard in his life! It'd never felt so amazing before. And he'd never been so certain he was about to be murdered where he sat - and yet, "totally worth it!" ran through his brain.


"Uh uh baby girl," Billy said as the girl moved, and Gary's eyes returned to her to see she'd been leaning even further over him. "We don't go touching each other without permission honey, not even if you're totally sure it's okay!"


"Yes daddy," she said then looked up at Gary. "Can I have it?" she asked.


Have it? Have what? He looked at Billy profound confusion on his face.


The man laughed. "She wants to know if she can have your cum, dude. She's kinda greedy for the stuff. So if you don't mind...?"


He didn't think he moved or said anything, but she must've though he did, because an instant later, her warm, wet, and amazingly soft lips and tongue were lapping and sucking the cum from his body - chest, face, tummy, crotch, and yes, his entire cock was treated to that soft, warm tongue.


Gary was re-dumbfounded. His brain felt like mush. He knew he should be... what, stopping her? Hell, it felt so good that he didn't think he could have stopped her if he knew it would kill him. He'd never seen a woman so eager for cum before! It was insanely erotic to be lapped up so greedily. And it honestly didn't re-occur to him that she was a little girl until she was sucking the head of his still-erect cock into her mouth as if it was a giant cum-straw she was trying to get the last drop from!


"She's a great little cocksucker, ain't she?" Billy said softly, and Gary realized his new friend had padded into the room and was standing beside the chair, watching his underage daughter hoover a strange man's cock.


Well, not really a stranger, they'd met, but only just today! And what the fuck did that have to do with anything anyway? His little girl was sucking a grown man's cock! He should push her off, get up, and run like hell! A little girl was sucking his cock!


And she was doing a fine job of it too. He hadn't softened at all, and the girl was coating his cock with her saliva and pushing it ever deeper into her mouth. There was no way she could fit it all, and yet the fact that she seemed to be trying was sooo fucking sexy!


"A little for daddy, honey," Billy said softly, taking one of the girl's small hands in his, and guiding it to his own pecker which, Gary saw now, was rock-hard too, a fat bead of precum oozing from the tip. The girl automatically began stroking it while Billy sighed happily. "Best little cocksucker in the whole wide world," he said lovingly, gently stroking her hair as her head moved up and down on Gary's knob.


Gary had been in a few threesome situations before, but never anything like this. He barely knew Billy, and didn't know his daughter at all! And that was completely beside the fact that she was terribly underage for this sort of thing. And yet, though he knew he should be utterly disgusted and turned off by the fact, the truth was that he found her sexy as hell. She had no tits to speak of, and the body basically of a young boy. But he could see the sweetness of that body now. It was fresh, not quite ripe, and beautiful in a way he'd never noticed about young girls before.


But more importantly was her attitude. Just like he'd learned not to be ashamed of his body out there among the others because they saw him for who he was inside, he was seeing this sexy young girl not so much for her tiny little body, but for the utter cum-slut she was inside. The look on her face as she'd licked and sucked up his cum, the look on her face now as she continued to suck his cock as if it was the best thing she could put in her mouth - it told him that regardless of her age, she was doing what she wanted most to do - giving him pleasure and receiving his gift in return. He wasn't forcing her, she was using him!


And she was too. One hand on her father's cock, her mouth on Gary's tool with her other hand helping stroke and guide it, she was also grinding her pussy on the arm of the chair. She whimpered around the head of Gary's cock as her pleasure mounted, her hips shaking as she squeezed harder on the chair's padded arm, soaking it with her juices.


As Gary watched, her eyes closed and a muffled sound escaped her throat around Gary's fat cockhead as her whole body began to shake. The little girl was cumming, right there in front of him - hell, cumming while sucking his cock! Well, she had been anyway. Her gyrations grew in intensity until she had to let him go so she could breath, and gasp, and finally, to scream out her pleasure.


"There, there baby girl," Billy said, and Gary noticed she'd let go of his tool too, but he was oblivious to that. He was focused on holding his daughter, helping her maintain her precarious perch on the chair arm while convulsions wracked her body. "It's okay love-bug," he cooed softly, "Daddy's got ya. You go ahead and let yourself go, I'll keep you safe while you cum..."


"Daaaa-deeeee!" she screamed, her juices beading down the chair's arm as she reached her peak. Her ass was bouncing on the arm - she almost looked like she was twerking the damned thing. It was the horniest Gary had ever seen another human being, and it was intoxicatingly pure. There was no artifice to this girl's climax - she was cumming, and she didn't care about anything else at the moment!


Billy continued to hold her, steady her, and coo gently to her as she hit her peak, and at a look from him, Gary joined in. "That's a good girl..." he looked at Billy, who supplied "Tabitha". "That's a good girl Tabitha. Amazing really. You came so good - I really liked being here with you for it. You're so sexy and pretty and really... amazing!" He didn't really know what else to say, being completely out of his element. What's a word more amazing than "amazing"?


But the girl was coming down from her high now, her shaking turning to shivering, and her eyes opened slowly. "Daddy?" she asked plaintively.


"It's okay honey-bon," Billy said. Glancing an apology to Gary, he bent down and Tabitha's arms wrapped immediately around his neck. In an instant the two were kissing, deeply, passionately. Gary felt slightly embarrassed, as if catching two lovers making out. He started to look away, but then realized that after what had just happened, it was a little too late for embarrassment. He watched the man and girl kissing, recognizing how deeply they must love one another. How purely. These two didn't care about society's rules, they cared only about each other. Gary couldn't help but smile appreciatively.


When they broke their kiss, Tabitha looked at him, her eyes shiny with a happiness bordering on the divine. "Kai have a kiss?" she asked in her sweet little-girl voice, somehow making "kai" into to two syllables, "Can I"?"


After a glance to Billy to be sure it was okay, Gary nodded and suddenly found himself being snogged - and snogged hard - by an energetic, passionate little girl. It took him by surprise, but was also wonderful. Her mouth was so small and delicate and energetic! Her tongue was all over his, playing, dancing, dashing about like a hyperactive... well, kid! At some point, he realized he could taste his cum in her mouth, and the idea sent a thrill through him - until he realized that Billy too must've tasted his cum on his daughter's tongue. He worried for a moment, the realized that if Billy had had any objection to tasting man-cum on his daughter's lips, he sure hadn't let on. He must be fine with it, so Gary relaxed to the inevitable and let the girl have her way, kissing her back as well as he could, though he couldn't really keep up.


They'd been going at it for a while when Gary realized that while they kissed, Tabitha had changed her position. He'd been peripherally aware of it, but had been focusing on the kiss - until he felt her soppy wet pussy pressing along the shaft of his cock. She'd moved into the chair to straddle him, and their privates were in direct contact.


She pulled back, releasing the kiss as Gary's shock broke his concentration. Did this little girl want to... to FUCK him? No way. She was too small! Even if she wanted to, they'd never get it in. And besides, what would her father do?


Gary almost choked at that thought. What would Billy do? Did he think it was okay for her to suck grown men's cocks but not to fuck them? Somehow, he doubted it! But he couldn't be sure, so he glanced up at Billy.


The man was standing close to the chair, watching them, his cock rock hard and red with excitement. When he saw Gary break the kiss and look up at him, he grinned. "Ain't she something? If you wanna, we can fuck her. I mean, if she's of a mind..."


"Yes please daddy! That'd be awesome!" she squealed with the same tone another girl her age might use if one told her she could be a Disney Princess for a day." She looked at Gary, pleading in her eyes. "Can we mithter? I'd really like to feel you inthide me... if you wanna," she added with a touch of bashfulness and a downward glance. Demure. After all they'd done, it was so cute it made him want to scream.


And there was no question in his mind that he was up for it. His cock had nestled into her crease and had never been happier. Actually, penetrating her would be bliss. He was sure now that she'd had plenty of practice - her tone hadn't been uncertain or concerned in the least. Probably Billy had fucked her before - possibly often - and his cock was roughly the same size as Gary's.


"C'mon you two," Billy said, moving toward the door. "Let's us get to the bedroom for this!"


For a moment Gary hesitated. He didn't want to let go of Tabitha, and she didn't make a move to indicate she'd be climbing off. He chuckled. Little girl's like to be carried. He levered the chair into full-upright, and then stood, the little girl's arms still wrapped around his neck. As he moved away from the chair, the legs that had been straddling him, wrapped around him and he reached down, cupping her small, firm ass. Her ass was nice! and with her in this position, her pussy was pressing down along his erect shaft as he walked carefully, following Billy out the door.


Billy went to his king-sized bed, laying down on it, then helping to guide Gary and Tabitha to a landing. Gary eased her down onto her back in the middle of the bed while she continued to cling to him as if afraid he'd escape. They were practically in the missionary position already so Billy moved around. Gary jerked a bit as Billy took the other man's cock in hand, but then realized what he was doing as the father guided Gary's cock to his little girl's pussy.


Tabitha gasped as Gary's fat cock-head made contact with her small entrance, and she had to focus, to relax. She knew she could do it, but her body's natural reaction was still to prevent intrusion, so she focused on relaxing those muscles. It worked like it always did, and in a moment, she could feel the man's large cockhead stretching her slick, wet opening wider... wider... and finally it popped inside. She loved the way it felt when she got stretched like that! And then the next stretching started as the man began to slowly, carefully push that fat cock-head into her. She could feel herself stretching, sooo full! It felt like she couldn't fit it - but she knew she could. She just had to focus on relaxing, and breathe slow and easy. And sure enough, the man's cock slid deeper... deeper... till it felt like it was filling her entire tummy and chest and still it pushed deeper, until she wasn't quite sure she could take it all!


But that always happened. It happened when daddy did it too. There was just so much inside her. Daddy had explained that her body had to shift around a bit. Like a suitcase that's already full, but you need to put one more thing in - you gotta move stuff around. She could feel herself moving around inside till the man's big cock was all up inside her, comfy and snug, her insides tingling with the stretching, her button itching with the man's hairs pressing against it. She felt a deep sense of satisfaction. Daddy had told her that only a few girls her age could ever do this, and she took pride in her accomplishment. She also felt excitement. The first putting-in was one thing. But soon the man would actually start fucking her. That big thing would slide out, making that sucking feeling inside her, making her feel emptier than empty. And then he'd push it back in, and she'd feel fuller than full. And they'd do that again and again and if he was like daddy, she'd cum at least a few times and he'd keep going faster and faster, the sucking, the filling, her tummy rising and falling with the motions, and then he'd make a loud groan or whatever and then she'd get his cum inside her! She hoped he'd pull it out and put some on her and let her taste some too. There was never enough cum for her!


"Go ahead Gary," Billy said. "She can take it, trust me. Once she gets going, you won't be able to fuck her hard enough!"


Gary was unsure. The little girl was so small beneath him, and her pussy was so tight around his cock! Several times he'd thought she'd had all she could hold, but Billy had insisted he keep going. And aside from a few cute little whimpers, the little girl hadn't given any indication of discomfort - and he was pretty sure those whimpers weren't "discomfort" per se.


Now with his cock fully inside her, he looked down, wondering where she put it all. "It should be poking into her lungs", he though, and distending her belly! But it didn't. Much. He could actually see a tubular-shaped bulge, but only just. "The human body is a wonderful thing," he mused.


Slow and careful, he began to withdraw, feeling the suction as her body tried to retain him. She groaned much like a grown woman would, except in a higher, lilted voice that sent a shiver of arousal down his spine - as if he could be more aroused! When he had just under two inches left inside her, he reversed direction again, pushing it back into her in a long, slow push.


Gradually he increased his pace, Tabitha appearing to delight to every change, every motion as the man-sized cock stroked the girl-sized vagina. As their rhythm grew steady, Tabitha and Gary both began moaning their pleasure in unison, their bodies heating up. Billy offered words of encouragement such as, "That's right baby girl, feel that man's cock all up inside you. He's gonna fill your hot cunt with man cum!" and "How about that little girl pussy Gary? Don't she just have the sweetest, wettest, hottest cunt you ever sank your pecker into?" But he didn't limit himself to verbal assistance. He caressed Tabitha's tits, squeezing her nipples, sliding his big hand between the lovers to rub her clit, or moving around behind the two to gently knead Gary's balls saying, "Let's get these big ol' balls of yours to give her an extra big load!"


This first time, Billy wanted them focusing primarily on each other. Next time would be soon enough to try some variations, such as cumming down his little girl's throat while his new buddy filled her cunt. Or what would surely be one of Tabitha's favorites - she really was a cum slut - both men fucking her wherever, only to spray their loads all over her writhing naked body.


Gary was getting closer, the thrusts becoming faster, harder. The two were moving too much now for Billy to be able to do much touching, so he laid down with his mouth near his daughter's ear, holding her hand. "Here he comes sweetie," he whispered, sure his words would help push her over the edge as well. "Gary here's gonna unload a big hot load of cum into your tiny cunt! My little girl's gonna take another man's load in her pussy! You ready for it honey!"


"I'm. Ready. Daddy." the little girl grunted around each thrust. "Do. It. Mithter! Yeth... yessssss OH MY GOD!" Her eyes opened wide, then clenched shut, then opened again with shock as the sensations coursed through her. The massive cock pummeling her was driving her over the peak of pleasure, her pussy was spasming. She felt like her whole body was cumming, not just her pussy, not even just her trunk. Her fingers and toes were flexing and curling as pleasure signals raced through her nervous system in spasms, making her jerk and twitch like she'd been tasered.


Gary felt it hit. The young girl's already incredibly tight pussy (even after the pounding he'd been giving her) suddenly squeezed him so hard it almost hurt. Then relaxed. Then squeezed again. Relaxed. Again. Again. A flurry of fluttering pulses and a fresh warm wetness as her juices poured forth once again. He felt like he was fucking a little sex toy she was so small beneath him. So delicate, yet so enduring. So frail and yet, working his cock like a boxer worked the bag, forcing him to a level of climax he could hardly believe.


Her erupted within her and she screamed as she felt the hot wet goop spray her insides, triggering another climax for the girl as she thrashed about, her father pinning her down, Gary not knowing aught but his own essence filling the womb of the child until he collapsed atop her, completely spent, the little girl shuddering and twitching beneath him as her pussy instinctively milked out every drop.




"Mrawww?" Gary asked, his synapses attempting to restore some semblance of intelligent thought.


Billy laughed and rolled the man off of his daughter. The poor guy was completely spent. Two cums of that magnitude - at his age, he was lucky he'd survived! Still, he'd get better with practice. At the moment though, his primary concern was his little one.


"Kay baby," he cooed, moving up to kiss her gently.


"Meow," she said - her short-hand for "utter contentment". A long-standing joke between them about how when she was well and truly fucked, she was as limp and happy as a cat in a sun-patch.


He petted her gently for a few minutes as she got her breath back. But then, as expected, she looked at him. "Daddy milk?" she asked with a hopeful smile.


Billy took his hand off his cock. He'd been edging himself while the others fucked, keeping his cock at the ready for this eventuality. He knew his little girl would want an after-fuck snack, and as a good father, it was his job to make sure it was ready. "Okay honey. Me too?" She squealed happily, putting her hands up in the air.


Carefully, Billy positioned himself above his daughter in a sixty-nine configuration, his fat cock hanging down, accidentally leaving a few drops of precum on the girl as he got into position. He lowered himself, letting his cock enter her sweet, warm mouth, sighing happily at the feeling.


Once she had her daddy's cock, he lowered his head to her pussy. There was nothing as sweet as his little girl's cunt - he could eat it morning noon and night. And it was never tastier than when she'd just had a good cum. The man-cum in there wasn't a detraction, it was just another flavor, complimenting her taste nicely. He began to gently lick and suck her pussy, sucking Gary's cum out and slurping her still-flowing juices. It wasn't long before she had another mini-gasm - gentle and sweet, and knowing her pleasure was all he needed to complete his own, groaning deep into her pussy as his balls erupted, spraying a torrent of hot daddy-cum into his little girl's greedy, eager mouth, giving her that well-deserved snack she always craved.


It was gonna be good to have another guy around to help feed his kitten that cream she loved so much!


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