Modeling At Fourteen

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by Harry Perry ([email protected])

This story was inspired by another story by Daddy Warbucks titled Fourteen Year Old Model.

My 14-year-old daughter gets a modeling opportunity.  She's so excited about it that I encourage and support her.  Then when I go to the photo-shoot, I'm dismayed by what I see, but how can I intervene?

When Nicole was three years old, her mother died in a car accident.  It was a very sad time in my life, but I did my best to bring up my daughter with good values and morals.  We got along well, and I was very proud of what a beautiful young girl she became over the years.  I rarely had any problems with her, and she demonstrated the conservative views her mother had when I married her.  Nicole wore nice conservative clothes to school while all her classmates seemed to be dressing more provocatively.  She never showed any interest in getting a bikini, even though her friends would frequently swim in our pool wearing tiny thongs.  Nicole seemed perfectly satisfied in her one-piece even though I could tell she had a killer body under her clothes.

By the time Nicole was thirteen, I could see that she was filling out nicely.  Even though her clothes hid all of her charms, it was clear that her breasts were well developed under her blouses, her waist was firm and trim, and her hips flared out just right.  I mostly knew this from seeing here in the pool with her friends.

My social life was close to nil.  I only went on lunch dates with co-workers and an occasional dinner when Nicole was at a friend’s for a sleep-over.  My needs were met in private while taking a shower.  This usually became necessary after watching my daughter’s friends romping around in the back yard in their skimpy bathing suits.  It amazed me that these young girls were so open with their bodies, especially at such a young age.  It was often difficult when one or two of these young nubile bodies would come bounding into the kitchen to get a drink or snack, flaunting their practically naked bodies around me without a molecule of modesty at all.  Often their young nipples were fully erect, and many of the girls exhibited clear camel-toes in their flimsy bikini bottoms.  I couldn’t believe that they didn’t know that they were showing it all to me, but they expressed no indication of discomfort.

On Nicole’s fourteenth birthday, she came home from school extremely excited.  "Daddy,” she announced as she bounded into the study where I worked, "I’ve been selected!  They had a contest at school, and I was the winner!”

That’s great, honey!” I replied.  "What did you win?”

"I didn’t win anything,” she said, still jumping up and down.  "I got picked to be a model for a magazine spread.  There were twenty of us that submitted our profiles, and I was the only one picked!”

"Wow!  That’s fantastic!” I enthused.  "What magazine is it?”

"It’s called Eighteen!" she said excitedly.  "Can you believe it?  And I’m only fourteen, but they picked me anyway!”

"Really?  Do they know how old you are?”

"Of course, Daddy!  I had to put it on the form, but they said I was perfect for the story.  They wanted to do an article on young girls growing up. You know,  ‘Blossoming into eighteen-year-olds,’ they said.”

"What all do you have to do?” I asked.

"Well, I have an interview with the writers of the story this weekend.  Then, next weekend, we have the photo shoot for the story.  Isn’t that cool!”

"It sure is, honey!”  I could tell she was just jumping out of her skin with excitement.  I was a bit concerned with how this might change her personality, but I felt confident that Nicole would handle the new popularity and celebrity status well.

On the next Saturday, I drove Nicole to the studio for her interview.  She didn’t want me following her in; she wanted to be treated like a mature woman.  She thought having her dad walking in would give the wrong impression, so I agreed to return in a few hours to take her home.

After her interview, she was even more excited than before.  "Daddy!  It is just so exciting.  They told me all about the photo shoot.  We choreographed the whole thing.  It’s going to be a kind of picture story, and we’re going to shoot it at the duck pond out at Heritage Park.  All the kids at school are invited, and I hope you’ll be there.  They’re going to have a wardrobe for me and a makeup artist and everything!  It’s so cool!  It’s like I’m a movie star or something!”

It did sound like fun, and I was just thrilled that my daughter was enjoying it so much.  Of course I would be there, and I was sure this was a safe environment for her considering it was outdoors, in public and sponsored by the school.

The following Saturday, I drove my little girl to the park.  We arrived at 10AM, and the Eighteen! crew was already there.  I couldn’t believe how many people they required.  Lights had been set up, and cameras on tripods were scattered around the area where the pictures were to be taken.  Lighting umbrellas were strategically placed around a central "staging area” where the subject of the pictures would be.  A brand new ATV tricycle was in the center of the area, and I presumed this was a prop for the picture story.  A number of expensive looking video cameras were there, too, as well as a small, growing crowd of onlookers.

Nicole was beside herself with excitement.  She was dressed in jeans and a loose-fitting tee-shirt.  She explained that her wardrobe was here, so she was to dress casually.  My daughter had washed and brushed out her long, wavy, blond hair, but it wasn’t styled.  Again it was supposed to be done by the makeup artist.

After parking the car, Nicole ran to the director and presented herself.  He sent her to a small tent that had been set up off to the side.  She dashed over to it and disappeared.  The director then came over, shook my hand, and introduced himself as Berry somebody.  He told me that my daughter was beautiful and an excellent candidate for professional modeling in the future because of her enthusiasm, openness, and style.  He had to keep working and set up for the big moment, so he pointed me to a row of chairs for VIPs.  I chose the chair next to the one with the name "Nicole” written on it, presuming that chair was for my daughter when she had her breaks.

As I looked around, I noticed five large men dressed in only small, fire-engine red bikini-style bathing suits.  The guys were obviously body-builders and appeared to have had all their body hair shaved off.  Their bright red suits were extremely small and tight, showing off their tight muscular glutes and masculine "package.”  I wondered about the theory that highly developed men had small genitals as these guys clearly displayed the contrary.  A young woman was rubbing them down with oil to make their bodies glisten in the bright sun.  I couldn’t help but stare at their highly developed bodies, their overly built muscles and thick veins showing everywhere.

After about an hour, Nicole finally came out of the tent.  She was absolutely beautiful.  Her hair was well combed and looked full and lustrous as it billowed out around her face and hung down over her shoulders.  The makeup artist had only applied a small amount of makeup to accent her already beautiful features.

What caught me by surprise, though, was that she was dressed in the tiniest bikini I’d ever seen.  My little fourteen-year-old daughter was practically naked.  I hadn’t seen her this exposed since the last time I gave her a bath when she was five.  I had to admit that her body was definitely fully developed, and she had nothing to be ashamed of, but this just didn’t look like my conservative little girl who preferred a one-piece over a bikini.  In spite of her very conservative lifestyle up until that point, she didn’t seem at all uncomfortable with her current exposure.

Nicole dashed over to me to model the suit and show me how they had "fixed her up.”  She stood with her arms outstretched to let me have the full effect of her essentially naked body, and I suddenly realized that I was having feelings for my daughter that were not appropriate for her father to have.  She was amazing looking, and her body was surprisingly well sculpted, firm and showing signs of muscles through her velvety smooth skin.  The conservative little girl I’d always known was showing no signs of modesty as she stood in front of me practically naked, asking me, her father, to inspect and admire her body.

I was also surprised to see a mild, golden tan all over her body, especially since I knew she always was well covered when outside.  It didn’t look like makeup, and there weren’t any tan lines that I could see, so I wondered how her body got to be such a nice, even color.

Nicole was fortunate in that she got all of the good genes from her mother.  It looked to me like her breasts were fully developed at her young age.  They looked to be a good C-cup with pert little nipples pushing against the bright blue satin material that barely covered her areolas.  She was obviously proud of her body, and she seemed unaware of how her young breasts jiggled delightfully as she bounced with excitement.

After a good two minutes of letting me view her body, she spun around to let me see her from behind.  That’s when I noticed that the bikini bottoms were a thong.  Her butt was completely bare with only a hint of the string that was the bikini.  Again I was surprised at her sudden lack of modest, but I was also quite impressed when I saw that her butt cheeks were nicely toned, rounded and firm.

"Don’t I look great, Daddy?” she asked with excitement.  I was stunned and unable to speak, and before I could answer, she said, "I gotta go.  Wish me luck.”

"Break a leg,” was all I could come up with, and it sounded so lame.  I wanted to ask her about the lack of clothes, what happened to her conservative morals, her modesty and how she got to be so beautiful.

I struggled with what I was seeing.  My sweet little girl was running away from me into a crowd of people, and she was as good as naked.  She didn’t seem to be at all shy or modest, which baffled me because she’d never even wandered the house in less than a full-length, thick terry-cloth bathrobe.  As I watched her naked ass dash into the crowd of cameramen and crew, she waved at her friends on the sidelines and did a little pirouette for them.  Apparently she wasn't modest in front of them, either.

A few minutes later, the director had her doing various poses on the ATV.  They were surprisingly sexy, but I was impressed with my little girl being so good in front of the camera.  I certainly didn’t want to be the prude father, so I watched and held my tongue.

One thing that I noticed in the bright sunlight and with the lights focused on her was that the bikini bottoms she was wearing were even smaller than I thought.  It caught my eye during one pose where her feet were on the large rubber wheels at the back of the ATV and she sat backwards and leaned back over the handlebars.  With her knees slightly spread, I noticed a good two inches of dark blond pubic fur rising above the tiny blue triangle of material between her thighs.  It was clearly trimmed into a neat two-inch-wide patch that lay flat against her tight abdomen.  It almost looked like a tattoo, but it left no doubt that the bottom of her bikini did not cover her privates completely.  I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t aware of this as she moved from one pose to the next.

On a few of the poses, the director had to adjust the light shades or the camera positions, and Nicole had a few seconds to relax.  She didn’t leave her position or move out of her pose, but she would grin and wave to me or her friends, depending on which direction she was facing.

A little later I realized that she was quite aware of her bikini and how it fit.  On one occasion, she adjusted the tiny triangles covering her areolas to make sure they hadn't shifted.  I guess it's a girl thing, but I felt my heart thump as I watched her hold her breast with one hand while adjusting the blue triangle with the other.  Then, a little later on, I saw her make similar adjustments to the bottom of her bikini.  There's no way she didn't see her pubic strip of hair as she looked at herself down there.

After a number of pictures were taken, two of the big, muscular men joined her.  The director had them stand around the ATV, and Nicole would pose with them.  Most of the pictures showed her hanging from their broad shoulders or leaning against their huge pecks while they just stood like statues.  She seemed to be really enjoying these shots as she would often pause to stare or stroke her palm across their oiled, lean muscles.  This was yet another side of my daughter that I'd never seen.

The director had the men move into different positions and act like statues while my little girl placed herself against them or in front of them for the camera.  This continued for a good twenty minutes.

Things started to change right about this time.  The director had one of the big guys squat down in front of the ATV with his knees straddling the fat front tire.  Nicole was seated on the handlebars facing him with her bare feet on his thighs.  A fluffer was called in to do something to my daughter, but I couldn’t see what it was.  Whatever she was doing, Nicole and the big guy were looking down between her legs to watch.

Some pictures were taken, and then there was her first break.

"So, what did you think?” my daughter asked me as she plopped into her chair next to me.

"You look beautiful,” I replied.

"It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, but it is so exciting!”

"Don’t you think you should put a robe on?” I asked.

"That’s okay, I’m a little hot.  It’s really hot under all those lights.”

"Your bathing suit is awfully small,” I said gently, hoping not to give her a sense of disapproval.

"I know!” she said enthusiastically.  "Isn’t it cool!  I’ve always wanted to try one of these on.  They said I could keep it after the shoot today.”

"But your pubic...” I started.

Suddenly, Nicole stood up and turned to face me.  "Don't go away, Daddy!  The next part is going to be the best, and I don't want you to miss it.  I’ve got to go say hi to a few of my friends.  Okay?”

"But... uh, okay.  Sure, honey,” I said reluctantly, "but don’t you think you should cover up a little?”

 Heck, no!  I want them all to see this fantastic bikini!  Also, Britney wanted to see what the fluffer did, so I want to show her.”

"What was the fluffer doing?” I asked before she turned to run off.

"She was just brushing my pubic hair so it was fluffed out,” she answered over her shoulder.

I was so shocked that I didn’t respond.  My conservative little girl just admitted that she knew that her pubic hair was showing, and she didn’t care.  She wasn’t even uncomfortable with it, and she was just so blasé when the young woman brushed it for the cameramen right in front of the male model.  Wow!

What made me really uncomfortable was how stimulated I was.  This was my pure, sweet, beautiful daughter!  I was feeling erotic urges toward her.  I could only justify it with the fact that it had been years since I enjoyed the company of a woman, and my daughter was the epitome of perfection in a young female.

As I said, the last set of poses before the break was the beginning of a change in the flavor of the pictures.  After the break, things got even more sensual.  I was concerned for my daughter, but she seemed to be handling it all in stride.  As a matter of fact, she was so excited and enthusiastic, I was afraid of crushing her dreams and energy.

The first set of poses after the break had two of the men standing on either side of the ATV with Nicole sitting as if riding it.  The men were facing each other, and with Nicole sitting between them, her face was exactly at their crotch level.  Considering how close they stood to her, she could turn her face in either direction and brush her nose against the bulging genitalia of one of the men if she wanted.  From where I sat, I could see clear definition in both men’s suits, and I was sure from her even closer proximity that Nicole could, too.  Although she turned her head from side to side for various shots, which made her look straight at one or the other guy’s bulge, she didn’t act at all like she noticed.  The pose was obviously supposed to show her looking at each of the men’s clearly defined package, and she gave appropriate shocked, impressed and aroused facial expressions for the clicking cameras.

The director went in to give Nicole and the guys some instructions for the next shoot.  One of the guys stepped out of the area, and the other guy took my daughter's place on the ATV.  Nicole stood on a little step behind him and looked over one of his broad shoulders.  She didn’t look straight ahead as I would have expected, she looked over his shoulder and down toward the gas tank of the tricycle.  A couple of pictures were taken.

Then Nicole climbed around the guy and sat on the gas tank facing him.  She straddled her legs around the guy’s slender waist and over his thick thighs as her hands roamed all over his thick, powerful chest.  A few more pictures were taken.

The next thing I knew, Nicole was reaching down in front of the guy and using her index finger to pull the top of his bikini briefs toward her about three inches.  She leaned in toward him and looked straight down into the gap she had made.  Clearly, she was looking into his tight little briefs right at his exposed genitalia.  Again she made faces of shock, excitement, amazement and desire for the cameras as they clicked around her.

The camera crew then adjusted a few of the light shades and umbrellas while my daughter held the man's briefs open, apparently to provide better light for what Nicole had exposed.  Cameras moved in closer to take more shots.  I could only imagine that some of the pictures showed her finger holding the suit open and the exposed genitalia within.

The next set of pictures required two men again.  This one had both guys standing on either side of the ATV facing toward the front with their arms crossed as if they were guards.  Nicole sat on the handlebars facing toward the back; the opposite direction as the men.  The director had the guys move up until they were on either side of my daughter where she could reach out and place her hands on their muscular abs.  Pictures were taken.

With a nod from the director, Nicole lowered her hands and placed them over the bulges in front of the two men.  She closed her hands over their genitalia, and more pictures were taken.  Neither of the men moved as they held their strict pose.

Another nod from the director, and my daughter reached her hands inside the waistband of the tight suits and maneuvered her fingers over their genitals.  The suits were so thin, I could see her digits fairly clearly as they wiggled and slid down until they cupped the contents.  More pictures were taken.  This time, though, the video camera was brought around, and Nicole was told something that I couldn’t hear.  Her fingers started moving with more purpose, and it could be seen that the men were getting aroused.  The video camera caught all the action as the two erections grew toward the outside hip of both men.

Within just a couple of minutes, a huge, rigid knob was pressing hard to one side of Nicole’s right hand, as if the man’s erection was trying to break out of the thin suit.  Her hands continued to fondle the shaft and balls while the knob stretched harder and harder against the material.

On the other man, his erection appeared to be considerably smaller.  Instead of growing off to one side, she had maneuvered his to stretch upward, and as it did, my daughter's hand rose with it.  Nicole managed to keep the man's erection covered from the cameras and audience’s view as it continued to stretch up toward the waistband.  Her skillful hands managed to constrain the man's erection within the material while she continued to fondle him to full arousal.

Finally, apparently completely erect, Nicole adjusted the large erection to her right so that it pointed straight out from the man's torso, pushing the thin red bikini briefs in front of the man to a rounded point.  The waistband was stretched to its limit by the large rigid knob and probably exposed the man’s engorged shaft to anyone that might be looking down his front.  My daughter's hand appeared to be wrapped around the base of his shaft, covering it from exposure, as she kept it pointing forward.

Keeping our eyes on the huge tent in front of the man with the larger penis, I missed the action she was performing on the other man.  Apparently, his erection had escaped the top of his waistband, but because it was small, Nicole could keep her small fist clutching the head and restricting exposure to the crowds and cameras.

Cameras clicked as the cameramen danced around trying to capture everything my little girl was doing to these two men.  The crowd moaned and groaned with each adjustment my daughter made.

Now, I could rush into the crowd, scream and yell, drag my daughter out, and what would that accomplish?  Not only would it be traumatizing to Nicole, but it would probably cause a small riot, and I might not get out alive.  I felt out of control.  I had to sit there and watch my daughter do unspeakable things in front of an adoring audience.  To make it even worse, I was enjoying it myself.

When the director then gave Nicole the sign, she dug her hands back into both suits, reaching deep down and behind the scrotums of the two men.  Then she rolled her wrist in such a way as to lower the front of the suits and let the waistband slide down her slender wrists and over the backs of her hands until they lodged right behind each of the guys’ ball-sacs.  At this point, the large erection was completely exposed and sticking straight out in the sunlight while my daughter’s hand was wrapped around the balls hanging below it.  On the other side of her was a very stiff smaller erection that bent upwards so the urethra opening pointed straight up toward the man’s chin.  Below it, Nicole had a hold of this man’s testicles as well.  Both men were completely shaved and showed not a sign of pubic hair.

More pictures were taken.  The video cameras panned in close, and the crowd applauded the exposure.

A few minutes later, the director told Nicole and the two men something, and they moved around for their next stint.  Nicole got off the ATV and stepped over in front of the man with the small erection.  She quickly put her thumbs in either side of his waistband and lowered the suit to the ground.  She only gave the guy’s erection a quick glance as her face passed by it.  Then she handed the tiny suit to the fluffer girl.  Stepping over to the other man, she then repeated the process and removed his suit completely.

With the men completely naked and displaying full erections, Nicole sat on the ATV seat backwards and leaned back over the handlebars, rolling her head back so her long hair dangled over the front tire.  As she lifted her bare feet to rest on the two large, knobby tires, I noticed that her bright blue bikini bottoms appeared to have a dark blue stain rising up from between her legs.  I couldn’t imagine that it was caused just by sweat generated from the heat of the lights, but I didn’t want to think that my little girl was sexually aroused.

The man with the smaller penis walked over to the ATV and straddled the front tire, bringing his erection right in line with Nicole’s face.  As he stepped closer, my daughter opened her mouth and captured his ball-sac.  She sucked it in, drawing his erection down so it rested on her chin and pointed out across her body.  Because of the strong upward bend in the shaft itself, the head of his cock still pointed slightly upward.

Cameras clicked, crew ran around to get the right angles, and the video cameras came in close.  The director came in and said something quickly to Nicole while she maintained her pose.  She reached up with one hand and, using just her thumb and index finger, started stroking the small shaft over her chin.  She sucked vigorously on the bald nut-sack in her mouth while her fingers stroked faster and faster.

I was beside myself at this point.  I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.  I didn’t even know that Nicole had ever seen a penis before, and I was sure she’d never seen an erection.  I knew she knew the facts of life because I’d told them to her a number of years earlier, but I had never told her anything even hinting of the eroticism she now displayed.  What she was doing at that moment expressed a fairly comprehensive knowledge of a man’s genitals, based on the way she stroked his shaft and moved her fingers over the glans and just behind the head.  She wasn’t just trying to keep the guy erect.  She was clearly trying to make the guy reach a climax in a very exhibitionistic and erotic manner.  Where did she learn this stuff?

This action continued for a good three minutes.  The crowd around the scene murmured as the cameras clicked and the video camera panned around for different angles.  I could see my daughter’s little tongue dart out every now and then as she used it to pull the front of the guy’s scrotum deeper into her mouth.  Her hand never seemed to tire as she continued to stroke the small shaft and finger the head.

Suddenly, the man let out a grunt and jerked his hips forward.  Flashes flashed, cameras clicked and the crowd gasped.  Nicole’s mouth hung on tight, and her stroking never wavered as a huge stream of sperm jettisoned from the man’s penis and stretched down the sternum of my daughter’s chest.  Three long strings of white painted my daughter’s torso as the man continued to jerk out his seed.  The crowd went wild, and the camera crew scurried around as they snapped pictures from every angle.

Nicole continued her gentle stroking until the guy shuddered and only small dribbles came out of his wilting cock, dripping down her chin and onto her neck.  With the guy’s balls still in her mouth, she then slowed her stroking into long, pulling movements to draw out any cum that still remained within his short shaft.  The cameras continued to click until the director finally yelled, "Cut!”

I expected them to take a break, but the director gave Nicole some new directions.  Without hesitating, she untied the back of her bikini top and then untied the loop around her neck.  In one swift motion, she pulled the bikini top off and handed it to the fluffer girl.  Her breasts were magnificent as they stood firm and proud in the sunlight.  Her areolas were the same color as her mother’s, a dark tan color, and her nipples were solid pebbles resting on her full, firm orbs.  The fresh cum could still be seen clearly as it glistened between her beautiful tits and stretched down her flat stomach.

My attention was so struck by her beautiful breasts that I suddenly realized she was also handing the bottoms of her bikini to the fluffer girl.  Suddenly I realized my little girl was stark naked in front of all these people, many of whom were friends of hers from school.  She didn’t show any sense of modesty at all and almost glowed in the exhibition of her naked body.

Nicole then lay back against the handlebars again, only this time she kept her head up as she scooted her butt down the seat so it hung over the edge.  She then spread her legs wide and rested her calves on the tops of the large rubber tires of the tricycle.  She was now completely open to a huge audience of teens and adults, and I was looking from a slight angle at her fully exposed pussy.  I was awed by the neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair rising up from the top of her slit, while her lips were completely shaved and bare.  Her swollen pink lips proved that she was highly aroused, and I could even see her clitoris sticking out near the top of her slit.

Seeing Nicole’s clit reminded me of her mother, who also had a very prominent love button.  On most women, it isn’t as obvious, but on my wife when she was aroused, it was so big and stiff that it even showed as a little bump in her panties.  Apparently, this was a gene that she passed on to our daughter.

I looked up at my little girl’s face and caught her eye.  She didn’t even blush as she sat there exposed to me and the crowd.  She gave me a big grin and mouthed the words, "This is so much fun!  Watch what comes next!”

The other man who had displayed the larger erection came up and stepped between her thighs, still sporting a full hard-on.  The fluffer came up and dropped a thick pad on the grass just below my daughter’s open pussy.  The man dropped to his knees onto the pad and leaned in toward Nicole.  I was convinced the man was going to fuck my daughter right there in front of me and break her cherry while everyone watched, and a protective urge overwhelmed me.

I was about to get up and stop this craziness when I saw the man rest his huge erection against Nicole’s spread pussy lips.  He didn’t aim it into her vagina, but instead he let her lips wrap around the underside of his shaft while she rocked her hips up and down.  This had the effect of rubbing the underside of his cock between her lips without actually penetrating her.  I could see her ass-cheeks grow tense as she tightened her pussy lips around his shaft while everyone watched his cock-head bob up and down.

Nicole raised her shoulders up so she could also watch what she was doing to the man’s penis, and she stared at the swollen red knob as it appeared and disappeared between her legs.  She continued to rock and grind her hips into the man, using her pussy lips to masturbate him.  The man remained motionless, letting my little girl bring him pleasure.

The cameras were clicking away, and the video cameraman moved in close to capture the junction between my daughter and the large man.  The man leaned back to give the camera a better view, and I watched as the zoom lens stretched out toward my daughter’s pussy.

As Nicole continued to use her pussy to stroke the man’s cock and while she stared at his swollen cock-head, I noticed a rosy blush spread across her chest and neck.  I looked closer at the man’s erection and realized that she was stroking his cock so that the ridge around his glans was rubbing and flicking across Nicole’s clit.  Her little nub had grown even harder and seemed to reach out for the fat ridge to be flicked again.

A moment later, Nicole let out a low, guttural moan that got louder and higher in pitch.  Her mouth was wide open as she continued to use the underside of the man’s prick to rub against her clit.  Then she let out a squeal, and her stomach muscles clenched.  The man never moved as my little girl had an earth-shattering climax right there in front of a hundred people or more, not to mention her own dad.

As my daughter shook and gasped through her orgasm, the man started rocking his hips against the frozen body in front of him, taking up the stroking that she no longer could do.  He leaned forward a little, apparently to apply a little more pressure with his cock, and then he grunted and jerked his hips forward.  His cock rose about four inches above Nicole’s pussy, and cum literally sprayed out of the end of his cock, flying a good two feet into the air and splattering my daughter’s stomach.  Immediately, Nicole realized the man was climaxing, and her hips went back to work rubbing her pussy against his spewing hard-on.

After the first spray, the next shot of cum streamed out in a long string into the air to stretch over my little girl's young breasts.  This repeated about four more times, painting my daughter’s torso with his seed before the man finally relaxed his muscular glutes.

I was sure that this would be the end of this picture shoot.  It had gone a great deal further than I would have imagined or would have liked.  My heart was pounding in my chest from erotic excitement, and from the applause and cheering, the crowd was in an erotic frenzy.

As soon as the man stepped away from the ATV, Nicole jumped up and met the third man, who had been patiently waiting on the sidelines near the front of the tricycle.  The bulge in the front of his bright red suit clearly showed that he had been aroused by the action of my daughter, but he was not fully erect.  The man straddled the front tire and leaned back against the handlebars.  Nicole squatted down in front of him and leaned forward on the tire so her face was just a few inches in front of his package.  Using just her mouth, my little girl sucked on the man's cock through his tiny briefs until the man reached a full erection.

The audience watched and encouraged my little girl as she performed her magic.  She maintained her balance with her hands on the front tire using just her mouth and tongue to arouse his lust.  Nicole maneuvered his cock toward his left hip, allowing it to extend fully and provide a swollen knob at the end on which she could focus.

When she felt he had reached sufficient firmness, Nicole rose up and grabbed both sides of the man's briefs and yanked the suit down.  A good seven-inch erect cock burst forth and throbbed in front of my daughter’s face as she handed the suit to the fluffer girl.  A grin spread across her face as she stared at the man’s genitals, but she didn’t touch them.  Instead, she switched places with the man and leaned over the handlebars of the ATV.  This presented her firm, round ass to the man as he stepped up behind her and pressed his pelvis into her butt.

At this point, the man folded his arms in front of him and stopped moving, leaving his erect cock resting on the crack of my daughter's ass.  Nicole grinned at her audience as she used her pelvic muscles and butt muscles to grind herself into the man.  His cock disappeared between her firm cheeks, but because of his angle, I knew he had not entered her anus.  Her face went through a few contortions as she strained, but a few minutes later, the head of the man’s cock popped up above her ass cheeks.  Feeling this, my daughter changed her movements and started rocking her hips against the man’s erection.  I could see the muscles in her glutes clench as she squeezed them together around his hard-on.

The man’s cock was larger than either of the men before him.  His erection rose a good five inches above Nicole’s butt, indicating to me that he had at least eight inches all together.  This provided a challenge for my daughter as she rocked her hips in an even more exaggerated way so that her butt cheeks would stroke his entire shaft and cock-head.

She continued this butt-masturbation for a good ten minutes.  A few times, she would catch the eye of a friend in the audience and give them a little wave or nod of acknowledgment while maintaining her constant stroking of the man with her ass.  She even smiled at me once as she continued her efforts.  The pride on her face was inspiring, but I wondered where she learned these techniques, not to mention what part of this made her proud.

Finally the man grunted and thrust his hips forward, driving his pelvis into the back-side of my sweet little girl.  A huge stream of sperm exploded from his cock, stretching all the way up to Nicole’s head, splattering in her beautiful golden hair.  Feeling his hot liquid on her back, she ground herself back into him even more and gave an even stronger effort at squeezing her butt cheeks around his cock.  The man sprayed at least four more long streams of cum out over her back before his cock started to relax and Nicole softened her movements.

Throughout the event, cameramen were running around snapping pictures, the video crew panned around her for different angles, and the crowd gasped, cheered and applauded.

Again I expected a break, but Nicole was on a roll.  She stood up and turned around before heading toward the crowd.  She strolled around the photo area periphery, waving at friends, high-fiving some of her girlfriends, and letting everyone see closeup the cum dripping down her body while the third man walk away with his cock drooping in front of him.  I couldn't believe that she was actually letting her friends lean in close and examine the sperm that was clearly sliding down her naked body, but she would actually stop at times to give them a moment.  I could see that they were asking her questions, and she was answering, but I couldn't hear what was being said.

The fourth man then stepped forward, and my daughter climbed onto the ATV.  She put her knees on the seat and leaned over the handlebars while the man positioned himself in front of her, straddling the front tire.  Nicole pulled her hair back and threw it to one side.  Then she reached forward with her face and nuzzled the man’s genitals through his tight red suit.  She started working with her mouth, teeth and tongue over the various lumps and bumps under the thin material, much as she had done with the previous guy.

After about five minutes, the man had a raging erection, and my not-so-innocent little girl maneuvered it around with her mouth so that it popped out of the top of his suit.  Using her teeth and tongue, Nicole lowered the front of his suit to expose the man’s penis and scrotum and managed to hook the waistband under his balls.  Moments later, she was sucking the end of the man’s cock into her mouth.

Never once using her hands, my little girl managed to give the man’s erection a blow-job like I’ve never seen or heard of before.  She sucked the head in until her face was mashed against his bald pelvis, driving a good six inch cock deep into her throat.  Rocking back and forth, she sucked the cock in and out of her mouth and brought the man closer and closer to a climax.  For variety, she released the cock every now and then and sucked it from the side or underside of the shaft, bringing a moan or applause from her friends in the crowd.  Cameras clicked and whirred the whole time.

During one of her deep-throat strokes, the man grunted as his balls pushed against Nicole’s chin, and his hips jerked forward.  He froze with his pelvis pushed into my daughter’s face, and his abs turned to solid rock.  Nicole slowly pulled back as the man’s six-pack abs relaxed and went rigid again.  I knew that the man was squirting his seed into my little girl’s mouth, but the only indication from her was her throat muscles showed she was swallowing.  As she reached the head of his cock with her lips, Nicole rolled his cock out of her mouth to the side and then slid her sucking lips down the side of his rigid shaft so it extended over her shoulder on the side opposite the side my daughter had thrown her hair.

Just then, the man relaxed his stomach muscles only to tighten them again, and an amazingly huge stream of white streamed from his cock over Nicole’s shoulder.  The crowd gasped and then cheered at the spectacle.

As if completely unaware of his orgasm, my daughter slid her lips back up his shaft and again engulfed his cock, swallowing the head down her throat.  This time, she held him deep in her mouth while his stomach relaxed and clenched three more times, apparently dumping his seed straight into her stomach.  Cameras were snapping constantly.

When the man relaxed the final time, Nicole slowly pulled back, sucking on his still rigid hard-on, and finally released him.  The man backed away and slowly walked off the set while Nicole quickly jumped up onto the handlebars again.  This time she was seated with her back to the front of the tricycle and her feet on the gas tank.  She spread her knees wide, again displaying her aroused pussy to everyone.

Again I caught my daughter’s eye, and she mouthed the words, "God!  I need this!”

A moment later, the fifth man stepped up behind my little girl.  Nicole leaned back against his chest as he reached around her and cupped her breasts.  He kneaded and squeezed her young tits, bringing her already hard nipples out even further.  Then he pinched and pulled on them until they were a bright pink color before rolling them around in his fingers and going back to handling her breasts.

The man’s big hands looked huge on my daughter’s slender little body.  He rubbed her exposed ribs and passed over her flat stomach to roam around her bellybutton.  His hands caressed her slender thighs and moved up her hips and waist to return to her pelvis.

The scene exposed Nicole to the cameras and audience completely while the man’s two hands felt every inch of her.  Then one hand slid down her flat abs to cup her mons.  Wiggling his fingers, he slid his hands back up and then down, lightly tapping her pussy lips along the way.  Then his middle finger slid between her sweet lips and began to roll around her vagina before rising up to do circles over her exposed clit.  His other hand continued to caress the rest of her body while his attention focused on her pussy.

From where I sat, I could see that Nicole’s hands were sort of dangling behind her but reaching out to grab the guy’s genitals through his red suit.  As the guy caressed and fondled her body, she managed to find what she was looking for and pushed her hands into his suit so she could work his cock and balls.  It wasn’t long before he was fully erect, and his cock was too hard to contain in the tight little suit, so Nicole simply pulled it out and fondled it in front of us all.

It was when my daughter used both hands to reach behind her and push the man’s suit down his thighs that the crowd noticed what she was doing.  The cameras remained focused on what the man was doing with her body as she became more and more aroused.

I noticed that familiar rosy blush spread across Nicole’s chest and neck as the man rolled her clit between his fingers.  Her hands were stroking his cock forcefully, and the man was rocking his hips gently.

Next, Nicole slid back on the handlebars and guided the man’s cock-head toward her anus.  I didn't know what she was planning to do, but she suddenly reached her climax.  She let out a howl and leaned forward just as the man pushed his hips toward her.  While bringing my daughter to another explosive orgasm complete with her screams of pleasure, he jammed his cock deep into her colon.

My girl continued to clench her muscles and thrash around, keeping her legs spread so the audience could see the man stroking her pussy and fingering her clit as he pumped his cock in and out of her ass.  She seemed to remain at her peak for a few minutes until the man suddenly froze, driving his cock deep into her butt and slapping his pelvis against her cheeks.  His hands left her body, and Nicole suddenly slid forward, away from the man and off the handlebars.  In an instant, she turned around so she was kneeling on the seat, leaning forward on the handlebars, and watched as the man’s rigid pole spewed three long streams of cum over the handlebars and between her swinging breasts to land on the gas tank.  She just watched and smiled until the man’s orgasm subsided and his erection finally drooped.

With her kneeling on the seat and leaning forward, her recently-used ass was fully exposed to the audience, and I could see cum leaking from her stretched sphincter.  I realized then that her pose was intentional so there was no doubt that the man had released at least one jet of sperm into her anal cavity.

As the man completed his ejaculation, the photographers and cameras rushed around the ATV to catch the view of the dirty white goo oozing from my daughters ass hole.

Nicole finally stood up and faced the audience to a resounding applause.  She bowed low, then stood with a wide grin.  Then she turned and ran over to me.

"So, what’d you think, Daddy?” she asked.  "Wasn’t that fantastic?”

"Well, I was a bit concerned, honey,” I replied.  "I didn't think you were going to be naked."

"Why not?" she asked seriously.  "All models have to do nude scenes, especially in the beginning of their careers.  It was very important for me to show no modesty if I ever want to do this professionally."

"Don’t you think it was a bit pornographic?” I asked.

"Daaddy!” she groaned.  "Of course not!  It’s not like I had sex or anything, and I’m still a virgin!”

"I know, but...” was all I got out before she leaped up and said, "I’ve got to go get my clothes.  Wait for me.”

I watched my daughter dash off to the tent.  I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed, and I was even more upset with myself for allowing this to go on, but I just couldn’t stop it.  Part of me was extremely turned on, and part of me was excited for my daughter.  Another part of me was concerned for how depraved this whole modeling thing was.  Only my conscience got in the way.

Nicole was out in just a few minutes, and I wondered if she’d made any effort to wipe off the cum that practically covered her body.  She had to feel sticky and crusty, but she didn’t seem to care.  In any case, she had a paper sack with handles filled with stuff wrapped in tissue paper.

As we walked to the car, my daughter was filled with excitement and energy.  I couldn’t believe that I had done such a poor job of teaching her morals, but how could I deny her the thrill she was feeling?  I guess there was some jealousy going on, but I couldn’t see any harm in what she was doing, either.  Hell, if I could have been that open sexually when I was her age, I’d have knocked up a dozen girls before a week was out.  It didn’t seem right that I should hold double standards over her.

"That was so much fun,” she said as we were getting into the car.  "I felt like I was on a natural high the entire time.  Even when we went over the choreography, I didn’t expect it to be this good.”

"That was choreographed?” I asked.

"I told you that’s what we did last weekend,” she reminded me.  "It was a story.  It was supposed to show how women truly hold the power over men.  We just let them think they have the power.  Didn’t you notice how I controlled each man?  That’s why they just stood there while I did all the work.  It demonstrated how I, not them, had the power over them.  Even at the end, when I let that guy do me, I gave him just enough of a treat that he got off, but I didn’t let him completely enjoy it.  The enjoyment was for me, both my climax and his.”

As we headed off for home, I could smell the musky odor of fresh cum.  Then I noticed the odor of pussy as well.  My little girl was horny, and her odor was overwhelming.

"Where did you learn to do the things you did?”

"In Family Relations class!  Don’t you remember the elective I took this semester?  That’s how I got the gig!  We had a contest in class.  The winners got to submit an essay to the magazine publisher who then interviewed the girls with the best essay.”

"They taught you how to have sex?” I asked in surprise.

"Heck, no, Daddy!” she said indignantly.  "They taught us how to bring pleasure to each other.  Girls are taught how to bring pleasure to men and vice-versa.  They say the kids get to practice on each other in high school, but we had to use mannequins.  Let me tell you, after today, I know it’s not the same as doing it to the real thing.”

"Who was your choreographer?  Did the magazine come up with this?” I asked, sure that my daughter was manipulated into the erotic antics I just witnessed.

"I was!” she said with enthusiasm.  "I wrote it in my essay, and they liked it so much, they let me act it out in our photo shoot.  Of course I wanted it to be ten men, but they felt five would be plenty.  I still think I could have done at least a couple more, but five was all they had time for.”

"Ten?” I said in shock.

"Sure, Daddy,” she said very proudly.  "I wanted to do two at once and show how I could make them both climax at the same time.  That’s a real talent, but I was sure I could do it.  We learned how to control orgasms in our partners, how to keep them on edge until we were ready, and I've studied really hard.  I have gotten straight As on all my tests and homework papers.  Wouldn’t that have been cool?  I would have had them facing each other and make it so they released at the same instant.  It would have been like shooting fireworks as their sperm crossed in front of me.”

"So, are pictures like the ones taken today common in that magazine?”

"Oh, yes.  Actually, they’re even more sexy because the girls are older.  Haven’t you seen any of them?” she asked.

"No, why would I?”

"Because you gave me the subscription to it last year.”

"I did?”

"Sure!  That’s why I thought you’d be thrilled with me today.  I tried to be as sexy as the girls in the magazine without going all the way.  Most of those girls have real sex with the guys, you know,” she explained.  "When we get home, I’ll show you.”

"So, besides being in a magazine, what else do you get out of all of this?” I asked.

"Don’t you know?  I won a $250,000 scholarship to the school of my choice when I get out of high school.  They are going to pay for everything for up to four years, including housing, books and everything.”

Suddenly, I wasn’t so upset anymore.

"Just for doing this one photo shoot?” I asked.

"Actually, I had to agree to do six independent films over the time I'm in school,” she explained.  "They promised that it won't interfere with my studies, but it will probably involve a number of intimate scenes.  They said it would be more like what's in the magazine, which means the scenes will be even more intimate than the ones in this photo session.  That's because I'll be over eighteen.”

More intimate!  How could it be more intimate than giving and getting multiple orgasms in a public setting?

For the rest of the ride home, Nicole was jabbering away about what a blast it was in the photo shoot.  She was so excited that she couldn’t sit still in her seat.  All I could think was, how am I going to get control over this?  Clearly it was a tsunami, and there was nothing I could do but support my little girl.

Then my little Nicole knocked me over with, "You know, Daddy, you've got to get yourself a girlfriend.”

I looked over at her with a confused look.

"I hope I don't embarrass you, Daddy, but I know you haven't been on any dates since Mommy died, and I know you're a good father and all, so I know you're not getting all aroused by anything that happened in the photo-shoot.  I mean, I'm your daughter and all, so your obvious arousal can't be from looking at me.”

Oh, how embarrassing, and, oh, how wrong she was.  Yes, I didn't want to get aroused by her, but I was.  Even though she is my daughter, she's got a dynamite body, and she's just so sexy.  To have her see that I was aroused was so inappropriate, but what could I do?

"If you want,” she continued, "I could fix you up with some of my girlfriends.  I know Daphne wants to practice what she learned in our class, but she wants an older, more experienced guy.  Then there's Elizabeth and Jennifer.  All three are really pretty, and they also got As in class.  If you don't mind being with young girls who want to remain virgins, I can set you up with a bunch.  If you really need to have sex with a woman, I know Elizabeth's mother is looking for a nice guy.  Anyway, let me know if you want me to fix you up.”

So, what would you do?

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