Teen Life

By Ivan the Terror


mf, mf+, inc, mc, oral, preg

Chapter 1


I was excited when we moved to Cuthberg, I could start again where no one knew me.  I had just turned 15 and was the town nerd in the town we were from, and I hated it.  My father got a promotion and moved my mother, my 16 year old sister and me to the mid-sized town in the middle of nowhere, where the company had its headquarters because it was cheap.  Both my parents worked at the company, so my sister and I were left alone most of the day.

Now, my sister Kathy was the most drop dead sexy girl alive in or out of a centerfold.  Perfect skin, innocent face, golden blond hair, perky C cup breasts, she was the epitome of nubile and hot.  She was also dumb as a brick.  She was a bit mean as well, compensating for her lack of wits, I believe, which didn’t work out too well for me.  Unfortunately, the one thing she was good at was socializing, she was an idiot savant at that.  Within hours of moving into the new house, she had three girls over, giggling in her room.  I was next door and listened while I was unpacking.

Debbie, the tall hot brunette haired next door neighbor, who was 16 like Kathy, was asking, “Who was that cute boy?”  Hmmm, liked her already.

I could have strangled Kathy as she said, “Oh, that is only my nerdy brother Rod.  He’s a real dweeb.  Ignore him.”

Jasmine, the cute athletic auburn haired girl from across the street, who was also 16, and her 14 year old blonde hottie sister Angie simultaneously said, “Okay!”

That was instantly my pigeon hole as word was passed around town.  I was still the town nerd it seemed.


Chapter 2


A few days later I was unpacking boxes when I came across Kathy’s collection of “Teen Life” magazines.  She had been looking all over for them; she treated them like a bible, doing everything that they said in every article.  Everything.  Last year she went and removed her own bush with a laser, because she read that some celebrity did so.  Looking at the pile I had an idea.  An unbelievable idea.  I hid the pile.

After finishing unpacking, I ran up to my room and went online.  Sure enough, “Teen Life” had an online archive and the current issue could be received digitally.  Perfect.  I mirrored the last five issues and the current issue.  Then, to test things, I posted them on my computer.  Then I took the app and redirected it to my computer.  Running it on my tablet, it looked like it was coming from the “Teen Life” servers.  Perfect again.  I had money from all the computer repair work that I do, so I went on Amazon and ordered a new Kindle Fire.  Then I started editing.

On the current issue, I edited the articles, modifying stories like, “How to get your man”.  I added things like, “although you can attract boys easily this way, the whole problem is that you can’t trust them.  Any boy outside of your family or the families of your friends is untrustworthy.  The only boy you can trust is your brother or your friends’ brothers.  If you have a dumb jock as you brother so you can’t trust him, try the brothers of your friends.”  In the sections on style, I added the “chic geek” look as one of the new guy fashions.  I also added some skimpy outfits that I saw on a NN (non-nude) site, things like handkerchief tie-up tops, cut off t-shirts and g-strings.  I removed a letter from the letters page about an annoying sibling and added one from a girl asking the editor about who is the best person to experiment with and date; of course I put in, “Overall, the best person is your brother.”  In makeup tips, I added things like, “to make you look good for all the guys, family and otherwise.”  On the gossip page, I made up a celebrity, ‘Katherine Fox’ (deliberately similar to my sister’s name) and, taking some pics that closely resembled Kathy from a model site, used those as a picture.  I had her dating her brother, and her quote being, “I just can’t trust anyone else, and besides, he is so good in bed!  Being family, we just sync perfectly.”  I also changed all the web links in the magazine to link to my computer.

The mods took me several days since I also modified the back issues with similar article changes.  My sister was going nuts without her magazine, no local stores sold it.  Finally the Kindle came in the mail.  I charged it overnight and loaded the app onto it.  The next time my sister whined about losing her magazine (15 minutes later during breakfast); I went, got the Kindle, and handed it to her, saying, “Here is a copy of your magazine.”

Needless to say, she was ecstatic.  She squealed loudly, did a little dance, and then actually hugged me before she ran to her room to read it.

Chapter 3


The changes started almost immediately.  The next morning she was wearing a handkerchief top!  Daaaamn!  I had trouble eating breakfast.  I had an instant boner as she bounced into the room.  She came over and hugged me, saying, “Thank you Rod for finding my Magazine for me online.”  She didn’t mention that it was on an expensive Kindle which she had in her hand.  I didn’t mind since that hug was the first time she had ever been nice to me when she didn’t have to.  The thank you yesterday would have normally been the end to it.

As I stared at her bouncing tits in the skimpy top, she was staring back at me, evaluating.  I implemented part of my plan.  “Kathy, the ‘Teen Life’ app that is on your Kindle is a bulk license.”

She looked confused, “Huh?”

“That means that you can give copies to your friends for free.  Just hit the share button in the menu.”

“Really!  Cool.  Thanks again, bro.”

With any luck, pretty soon all the girls would be reading my modified version.  Since both Debbie and Jasmine only had sisters, the part about friend’s brothers should work.

After eating, she jumped up and ran out the door, with the Kindle, telling mom that she was going over to Debbie’s house.  Perfect.

The magazine was a weekly and the next edition was due out today, so I went upstairs, mirrored the next edition and revised and added several articles.  I wrote a long one from scratch talking about how popular blow jobs had become, and how it was common for siblings to practice on each other.  I added small touches like how it was almost a girl’s duty to learn them from her brother.  I didn’t say that directly, but implied it.  I put another letter in about the girl, Kate, who was told to date her brother and how much she loved dating him and loved him.  She told about how she had climbed into the shower with him as a surprise and had really had fun.  I was just putting finishing touches on a gossip article about ‘Katherine Fox’, saying that she loved to share her brother with her friends, when I heard the girls come in.

Jasmine was saying, “...know, you look just like Katherine Fox.”

Kathy was smug as she modestly said, “You really think so?”


Debbie said, “Did you see this fabu article on how to get guys?”

Kathy said, “Yeah, it is pretty good.  I think they are right.  The only trustworthy guy I have ever met is my brother.”  When I heard that I made a fist and shook it in glee.  I quickly pushed the changes to my server.

Debbie squealed, “Hey!  I just got a notice, the next edition is available!”

Jasmine and Kathy echoed her squeal and there was a pause as they clicked on their icons for the next edition.

Debbie, who was apparently a fast reader, commented, “OMG, this letter to the editor is HOT!”

Kathy said, “Let me see!”  A pause as Kathy and Jasmine clicked on the letters link.  “OMG!  That is HOT!” 

It was quiet for a minute, then Jasmine said, “That sounds like so much fun.  Kathy, you are so lucky to have a brother.”

Debbie said, “Yeah, you are.”  I could tell Kathy was preening.  Debbie went on, “Kathy, it says that Katherine Fox shares her brother with her friends, can we borrow yours?”

A long pause, “I suppose.  But I get him first, he is MY brother.”

Debbie and Jasmine chorused, “Of course!”

At this point a cell phone rang.  Jasmine said, “Yes, Mom.  I will be right home.”  A second later, “Girls, gotta run.  Dinner.”

Debbie said, “Yeah, and if she is having dinner, my mom is at the same time.  I gotta go too.”

They both said, “Bye!” and I heard them trample down the stairs.

Since mom was working, Kathy and I were alone in the house.  I went over to her room and stuck my head in.  “Hey, Kath, I’m making up some Mac and Cheese.  You want any?”

She stared at me distractedly for a minute, then said, “Sure!”

At dinner she slowly picked at her Mac and Cheese.  After ten minutes she looked up at me and gave me her patented puppy dog look, big eyes and all.  “Rod, could you help me with a problem?”

“Sure, what?”

“This is hard to ask.”  She looked down for a moment.  “I can’t trust anyone except you.”

“I’m your brother, you can always trust me.”  There, that would fit in perfectly with the Rod edition of ‘Teen Life’.

She looked up, bit her lip, then asked, “I need to practice certain things...  things that I can’t do with anyone else.”

I frowned, “What kind of things?  You need a spotter for cheerleading or a dance partner?”  I was being deliberately obtuse.

“Well, yes, those would be great, but that isn’t what I mean.”  She hesitated.  “I need to learn boy/girl things, like...  how to give a good blowjob.”

“Of course!  Who else can you trust to teach you right and not tell everyone?”  I managed to make it sound perfectly normal even while I was internally screaming, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes!’.

She relaxed and looked relieved.  “Oh, thank you, Rod!”

I couldn’t believe she was thanking me!  Time for another reinforcement, “You are always welcome.  That sort of thing is what brothers are for.”

She got up, came over and hugged me, rubbing those delicious tits on my chest, saying, “You are such a good brother.”

I was hoping she would immediately want to practice, but she jumped up and skipped out of the room.

Chapter 4


I had forgotten the “letter to the editor”, so I was very surprised when I was taking my evening shower and I felt arms wrap around me and breasts pressed against my back while a head rested on my right shoulder.  I was instantly hard as diamond, my seven inches of man meat sticking straight out, so hard that I looked like I was circumcised.

Kathy whispered into my ear, “Can I practice now?”

I gulped and said, “Of course.”

Her hands slid down my front and wrapped around my equipment.  She tugged and I turned around.  That was a sight to see.  The most perfect bod in the world, water coursing down over erect nipples, down the soft perfect abs and over her hairless snatch and down those fantastic legs.  Like the Grinch’s heart, my hard-on grew three sizes that day.  Kathy murmured, “So hard yet so soft… beautiful.”  She knelt and in an unbelievable unforgettable moment that was way too short, slowly licked the tip of my hard swollen cock with her long pink tongue.  I groaned and a spurt of pre-cum shot out and landed on her tongue.  She licked her lips and said, “Hmmm, tasty.”  Then she started playing with my balls with one hand while pumping my cock with her other hand, slurping in my cock head and wrapping her tongue around it.  She pulled back for a second and murmured, “Kate was right, this is the most fun I have ever had.”

In order to maintain my faux ignorance, I asked, “Who?”

“Oh, nothing.”  She slurped down my cock again.

I gasped, “You are fantastic at this.”

She said with her mouth full of my cock, “Bwe uped to pwactice width bananaths awt sweepowers.”

“Lucky bananas.”

She looked up at me, then leaned forward, sliding my cock deep into her mouth and down her tight throat, while simultaneously licking all over my cock with her extra long tongue.  Soon she had me deep throated as her lips hit the base of my hard dick.  And she stayed there, licking my cock shaft in her mouth, her throat squeezing my crown, for a good two minutes.  She pulled back for a second, smiled and said, “We used to time ourselves.  I hold the record at two minutes, twenty seconds.”  Then she slid forward and buried me in her throat again.  That was the final straw, I started cumming like there was no tomorrow, a constant stream directly down her throat.  She pulled back a bit and let the thick white cum fill her mouth.  She swallowed and swallowed.  As I leaned back on the shower tiles in exhaustion, she gasped, “That was so delicious!  Yum!”  She looked up at me and said, “Thank you.  You know, we need to do this a lot.”

I gasped, “That is what brothers are for.  Anytime, Sis.”

She got up, smiled, licked her lips, and then got out of the shower!  Arragh!  I was still painfully hard.  I had to jack off twice before I got out myself.

Chapter 5


Every evening for the next few days she would join me in the shower, give a fantastic blow job, then leave.  Even with the blow jobs, I was really getting a case of blue balls.  I started preparing articles for the next Teen Life issue.

I had to be careful, if it got too weird or explicit, the girls would turn away, but I needed to fuck Kathy in the worst way.  I wrote a letter from Kate, the shower girl, describing how she was blowing her brother when he spun her around, bent her over against the wall, and fucked her royally.  He had taken her to her bedroom and they had made love for hours.  It was the most wonderful experience of her life.  Then I did an update on the celebrity Katherine Fox, on how she had really bonded with her friends and really enjoyed sharing her brother.  She was quoted, “Hell, we don’t even need condoms, he’s my brother so he is clean.”

My blue balls were getting really painful by the time the next issue came out.  I immediately started editing, adding in my prepared articles, deleting a letter from some girl that was bitching about her brother bothering her.  It was then that my email beeped.  Taking a quick glance, it was a letter to the editor from my sister!  Good thing I changed the links.  I started reading.  “OMG, I just have to tell you how much your magazine has helped me.  Last week, I slipped in the shower with my brother, and it was the most wonderful thing ever!  And you are right, it was perfect, we were so in sync.  I have fallen so in love with Rod, my brother.  I have had to stop myself from doing everything he says, he is so wonderful.  He’s the perfect brother.  Thanks. Kathy.”

I quickly added her letter to the issue I was compiling.  I put in this response.  “Kathy, we love that you love our magazine.  We are thrilled at your perfect relationship.  We wonder though, why are you stopping yourself from obeying your one true love?  Sincerely, Regina, Editor, Teen Life.”

I posted the new issue right after dinner.  I heard a squeal in the next room.  A minute later I heard a scream and she shouted, “OMG, THEY USED MY LETTER!”  A couple of happy squeals later I could hear her on the phone talking rapidly to her friends.  The hit counter on the server went crazy.  There were a lot more than just Debbie and Jasmine reading the magazine.  Cool.

All this time I was wondering, just how stupid is she? That letter got included in the issue within an hour of her sending it.  Impossible for a real magazine.  I think at this point she was so conditioned that she never questioned what was written in Teen Life.  I wondered about her friends.  They had only been reading it for two weeks now and were already taking it as absolute truth.  Jasmine was dumb like Kathy, but Debbie actually had some brains.  It must be some sort of peer pressure, and once they are hooked, they are hooked.  That is the only thing I could figure out.

A few hours later, I felt Kathy’s arms go around me in the shower.  Before she started her blow job, I spun around, cupped her beautiful face, and kissed her hard.  She melted in my arms and kissed me back.  I made out with her for a minute with lots of tongue, then, like the story, spun her around, leaned her forward against the wall so her perfect behind was before me, lined myself up with her very wet (not from the shower) bare cunt, and slowly slid in.  It was smooth, warm, and I could feel her muscles squeezing up and down my cock.  It was the most wonderful feeling ever.  She must of loved it as well, because I had my hands on her hips and I felt her tighten up and gasp as I slid in.  I pulled out so only my head was in her wonderful quim.  As I slid in again, the she repeated her orgasm.  With every thrust she let out a cute squeak.  Every couple of thrusts she let out a longer squeal as she had a mini-orgasm.  Soon I was thrusting as hard and fast as I could, I could feel my balls tightening up as I reached my peak and came, coating her cervix with white baby batter.  She felt the warmth in her belly and let out a long squeal as every muscle tensed and she came hard.  She almost passed out as she collapsed.  I caught her and eased her down so she didn’t hurt herself on the porcelain tub.  She ended up with her ass in the air.  What a beautiful sight, that perfect ass and the dripping cream pie in her bare cunt below it.

Kathy turned around and hugged my legs and started sobbing.  “Rod, I love you so much!”

I stroked her hair and said, “I love you too, Kat.”  She sobbed harder.  I kneeled down and took her in my arms and she sobbed happily on my shoulder. 

She sobbed, “I don’t know why I am crying so much, I am so happy!”

I let her sob for a bit; then I said, “I think you will join me tonight.”

“Really?  Oh, Rod, I love you so much!”

I cupped her face and kissed her hard again.  Then I reached behind me, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.  I pulled a towel off the rack and dried her off.  I handed her the towel and she dried me, lovingly making sure my cock was dry.  I turned and walked naked to my room, Kathy following like a puppy dog.  I laid down on my bed, and she immediately straddled me in the cowgirl position, sinking down until we were completely merged.  She rode me for hours, both of us cumming multiple times until we were both worn out.  We fell asleep cuddling.

Chapter 6


Over the next week in my spare time I either fucked Kathy or prepared the next issue of Teen Life.  I again emphasized how much fun it was to share with friends.  I also did an update article on the one from a year before talking about how wonderful it was to have pubes and underarm hair permanently removed.  Kathy had already done it, but the other three girls hadn’t.  I knew Kathy had done it herself, and I was willing to bet that she still had the laser hair removal tool stashed somewhere.  After all, she had spent her entire savings on it at the time.  I chuckled as I added a letter to the editor about a hair removal sleepover a girl had where all the friends removed all the hair on each other’s bodies, even having her brother come in to help.  I added details like how they had done each other’s pits first, because they wanted to be sexy for the guy, so he could do the pubes.  That they had each fucked her brother to thank him afterwards.

Slowly, I gave her more and more orders, until she was completely dependent on what I told her to do.  She would have a small orgasm every time she obeyed me.  She would hang around, just on the off chance I would give her an order.  Heck, she was sitting in the corner, quietly awaiting me, when I checked my emails and saw that she had sent another email to the editor earlier that day.  Making sure she couldn’t see what was on the screen, I read, “I love my brother, Rod, so much that it hurts to be away from him.  I find myself doing anything he wants without question, he is so wonderful.  I know in my very soul that I belong to him.  I have never been happier in my life just waiting for him in a corner.  I worry because school is starting in a few days and I don’t know if I can be away from him for a whole day.  I have not shared him with my friends because I know that they won’t be able to be with him like me, and they will be in pain too.  What can I do?  Kathy.”

I quickly added her letter to this week’s compilation.  I wrote a response, “Kathy, we love it when you send us one of your letters.  You have such a perfect relationship with Rod.  We wish we were there just so you can share him with us girls here.  One of us editors even broke down crying with desire.  The idea of not sharing him because it might hurt your friends to not be with him, let’s just say that even sharing a brother like that for a few hours a day would be so wonderful to your friends, that going without hurts them even more.  Would you rather have him when he is home, or not at all?  The same with school, you might see him at school, seeing him for a few seconds is better than going without. We are all so envious.  Write again soon, please.  Regina, Editor, Teen Life.”  There, that should do it.  I added a gossip update on Katherine Fox, how she had tried anal and liked it, but it was “only for special occasions”, and that she would do daily enemas, just in case.  I also tweaked several articles on back to school fashions, again emphasizing the mini-skirts, cut-off T’s, and handkerchief tops.  I knew that there were a lot of girls reading my version of Teen Life now, and I hoped that the school would fill up with girls wearing my fashions.

A minute after I updated the post I heard her tablet chime.  She gave a little squeal of delight.  I glanced over and said, “I heard that, go share with your friends.”  She didn’t even think about it, she just ran out of the room clutching her tablet tightly.  I watched those wonderful legs as she scurried away.

During dinner, she asked Mom if she could have a sleepover, of course she said yes.  Preparing support articles and fake advertising for the next edition in my room after dinner, I heard them come in.

Kathy was saying, “...I’m sorry about not sharing.”

Debbie said, “It’s okay.  We read the letter, you were worried about us.  But Regina is right.  Even a few minutes is better than nothing.”

Angie giggled, “Especially with someone as hot as your brother.”  They all giggled.

Kathy sighed, “Girls, you have no idea.”

Jasmine said, “That good, eh?”  They all giggled again.

Debbie said excitedly, “Should we do our pits then?”

Kathy said, “I have the remover, it takes three sessions to get everything, some comes back.  It just feels like it itches while doing it and is a bit sore afterwards, but is definitely worth it.  If I am going to share my brother with you, you need to be properly hair free.”

Angie said quickly, “But we are going to get him to do our peach fuzz, right?”

Kathy said, “Yes, but don’t tell him it takes three treatments to get it all.  We can handle that.  We don’t want him to think it is a chore.  Just something sexy.  That is why we are doing pits first before we ask him.  Guys find hairy pits gross.”

Jasmine, who was a bit slow like Kathy, suddenly said, “Oh! I get it!  I didn’t quite understand the article.”

“Yeah, I had to think about that for a minute too.”

I resolved to simplify things.  Apparently that concept was hard to understand.  I had to think more like a girl.  I guess hairy pits weren’t that big a deal to girls except for cosmetic reasons.

It was two hours of giggling later that I heard Debbie, “We are going to have to pack up for the night soon.  Your mother will check on us in a minute.  Hurry up and finish Angie’s pits.”  A few minutes of giggling later I heard my mom coming up the stairs.  I quickly rolled on my side to hide the hard-on that I had been sporting for the last couple of hours.  I guess I succeeded when she poked her face in and said, “Good night, you.”  I also heard her tell the girls good night, then marching downstairs.  Guess they did a good acting job as well.

Ten minutes later, Kathy snuck into my room.  She slid in to my bed in her birthday suit.  “Rod, honey, could you help us girls with something?”

Her fantastic bod rubbing against mine left me almost speechless, but I was able to remember the plan.  “Sure, I love you.  I will help you with anything.”

She hugged me, rubbing those fantastic tits against my chest.  “Oh Rod, I love you so much.”  She hugged me for a minute, then asked, “My friends would like your help.”

“Sure, anything!”

“Well, we would like your help with some hair removal.”

“Really?  Sure thing.”

She hesitated a second, “They need their peach fuzz removed, and I think they would be more comfortable if you didn’t wear anything either.”  She gazed at me imploringly.

Hmmm, I liked her thoughts.  I had to play it slightly reluctant though.  “Kathy, I will do it, but only because YOU asked.”  There, that would play to her ego.

She hugged me tight again, “I love you so much it hurts sometimes.”  She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed and led me to her room.  As we left I quickly arranged the quilt so that it looked like I was still there.

Chapter 7


A minute later I was treated to what had to be one of the most beautiful sites in the world.  Not counting my achingly beautiful sister, three sexy teenage hotties waited for me in Kathy’s room.  Playing to Kathy’s ego, I whispered in her ear, “Wow, they are almost as sexy as you are!”

As she preened, I went and sat in the obvious spot the girls had cleared for me.  They couldn’t take their eyes off of my semi.  I heard Debbie murmur, “It is so beautiful!”  I took a good look at all the dripping pussies spread around me and agreed quietly, very beautiful.

Jasmine climbed onto the bed in front of me, and scooched her ass to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs.  Her pussy was dripping like crazy and her clit was at full extension.  Good thing that the girls had covered the bed in towels and an old sheet.  Kathy handed the tool to me.  I leaned in and, running my tongue up the glistening pussy in front of me, ended in a kiss on the hard clit.  She squealed, gasped, and came, turning beet red and arching her back while pounding her fists on the bed.  I dived in with the tool and started rapidly removing the wet matted pubes.  I wanted to get the other girls before they wore themselves out waiting.  I probably did a lousy job, but I knew that they were going to do more treatments anyway.

Debbie was like Jasmine, but Angie was multi-orgasmic.  She came over and over, at least twenty times, collapsing unconscious at the end as I gave her clit a kiss after finishing with the laser removal tool.  The other girls had recovered and were kneeling next to me, staring at my hard-on with a blank but lustful look on their faces.  Even Kathy.  As I put down the tool, Kathy came to life, packing up the tool in its case, while biting her lip.  I could tell she was working up the courage to say something.  As she closed the case, she said, “Rod…”

I knew what she wanted, but she had to do this herself and be in control, or it would cause problems later.  I just said, “Yes?”

“I was wondering, could you help with another problem?”

“Of course, I am your brother!”  There, that association should relax her mind a bit.

It did.  “Debbie, Jasmine and Angie don’t have brothers.  Could you help them, pleeease?”  She batted her eyes at me and French pouted a little.

It took a lot of effort to keep a poker face.  I said, “That is horrible!  If you want me to, I will gladly help them.  You are such a wonderful friend to them!”  Kathy smiled and looked proud.  She really liked having her ego stroked. 

Kathy nodded to Jasmine, who lost her blank look and crawled over to me.  She leaned over and kissed my hard cock.  Her perfect face looked up and me and said, “Rod, thank you for helping me, I need you so bad.”

I said, “Com-ere,” and pulled her to me, straddling my lap.  As I kissed her I guided her above my hard pole and skewered her on it while I squeezed her wonderful ass.

Jasmine gasped, “OMG, Rod, I love you so much.”  She glanced over to Kathy and said, “Oh thank you thank you thank you for sharing your brother.  I love him so much.”  Kathy preened.  Surprisingly Debbie and Angie were still sitting with blank expressions, staring at my cock as Jasmine rode me.  Both of their pussies were dripping, their clits and nips hard and erect.  They were breathing hard and their eyes were pin pricks.  It was interesting, but Jasmine was very distracting as she squealed and started convulsing as her cunt started massaging my prick, sucking all my spunk deep into her fertile womb.  After hugging me and gasping over and over how much she loved me while she recovered, she lifted herself off of my pole, which was still hard due to the circumstances, and went and sat in line with the others.  She zoned out like them, her pussy not spilling a drop.

Kathy had some sort of control over them as she nodded to Debbie, she immediately squealed and scurried over to me.  Like Jasmine, she kissed my cock.  I wanted to try other things, so I spun her around and bent her forward, damn, that was hot.  I leaned forward and pulled her back as I slowly slid into her dripping pussy.  Debbie kept repeating, “I love you, I love you, I love you” over and over.  It only took about four strokes before she shrieked and came hard.  I fingered her beautiful behind and her orgasm intensified, if that was possible.  She collapsed semi-conscious on the floor, her ass high in the air.  I had one more girl to take care of, so I clenched my groin and teeth and prevented myself from coming.  After a minute Debbie recovered enough to return to the lineup.

My love slave sister nodded to the last of her acolytes.  Angie bounced over and gave both a lick and a kiss to my hard cock.  She shuddered in a small orgasm.  Man this girl was sexually precocious.  I laid her back and slid deep into her as she wrapped her legs around me and shouted, “I love you!”  Her snapping pussy, the best I have ever been in, although I would never tell Kathy, massaged my hard cock, and the load I had managed to stop before went deep into her.  She felt the warmth and started convulsing in a massive orgasm, her beautiful B cup breasts heaving.  She wrapped herself around me, locking her arms behind my back, hugging me tightly with both arms and legs, and then passed out.  Even unconscious, her unbelievable cunt continued to massage my spent cock.  Her unconscious body had to be peeled off of me by Kathy.

As we laid there recovering, I saw Kathy texting something on her phone.  A moment later she read a response and smiled, her perfect nips perking up.  I asked, “Kat, what’s up?”

She giggled, glanced down at my semi, and commented, “It looks like you are!”  She giggled again and said, “I was just texting some of my friends.  They are soooo jealous that I have such a wonderful brother.”  She snuggled up to me and gave me a kiss.  “I love you so much.”

She bit her lip, and, obviously working up the courage, asked, “Rod, I was wondering…”  Her courage petered out.

I wanted her to keep up with “her” ideas, so I hugged her and murmured into her ear, “Kath… you can tell me anything.  I love you.”

She held me tight for a minute, then backed off a few inches and asked, “Rod, my friend, Joy, has a real asshole for a brother.  Can you help her too?”  I had seen Joy around; she lived only a block away.  She was the perfect teen blonde.

“Of course I will since you asked.” She grinned happily.  “Just remember that the more of your friends I take care of, the less time you and they will have with me.”  She looked unhappy at that one.  I went on, “I love how generous and kind you are being, helping out your friends, just don’t overdo it.”  She was happy again.

She thought for a minute, “I will only add girls if they are really badly in need.  Besides Joy, Sheri needs a good brother too.  Joy’s brother is a jock who ignores her, and Sheri’s brother is a druggie.  They are both desperate.  Sheri tried to slip into the shower with her brother Drew, but he ignored her and got out, she is pretty upset.  Joy’s brother Fred is handsome, but has a tiny cock and she thinks he is gay.”

“Okay, okay.  If you want me to help them, I will help them.”  I grinned internally.  It was working!

We all relaxed for a bit, my exhausted cock got a semi from just seeing the girls with cream-pies dripping.  As I got up to head back to my room, they all gave my manhood a kiss.  Angie gave it a lick as well.  Damn, she was precocious.

Chapter 8


I realized that soon all this activity would have its logical outcome.  I had to start preparing my love slaves.  I wrote an interview about how Katherine Foxes’ best friend Tammy got pregnant from Katherine’s brother.  How she was so totally envious and upset at first, but realized “Tammy will be part of my family forever along with my niece.  OMG, I am so happy for Tammy.  How perfect is that, a beautiful love child.  I just wish I could have one too, but I can’t with my modeling career.  Maybe I will catch too some day and have a love child.”  When the interviewer jokingly asked, “You said niece, what if it is a boy?”  She laughed and said, “Then I will just have to give him a sister to keep him company.”

Teen Life was only about 25% of the original any more.  I was spending a total of about 15 hours a week editing, not that I was complaining.  I loved what I was doing, and having six beautiful girls at my beck and call was damn nice.  Kathy would suck me off every morning, fuck me until we both fell to sleep at night, and arrange at least one or two of the other girls during the day.  Joy and Sheri both were really good; drop dead gorgeous when they came over for their denuding.  Sheri turned out to be a squealer, which was fun.  Angie continued to be a prodigy in fucking.  Every movement, either in bed or out, was boner inspiring.  I just wished that she had some brains instead of being an idiot savant.

I really liked hanging out with Debbie, who was pretty smart and was a bit of a geek like me.  I had to be careful; I didn’t want to upset Kathy by spending too much time with Debbie.  I began to brainstorm on ideas for articles on how to get Kathy to want Debbie as my girlfriend.  I tried not to put too many radical ideas into each issue, I didn’t want some smart girl to figure it out.  Also, this was going to be the first issue after school started, and there would be dozens of new readers.  I debated even putting my Katherine Fox interview in this issue. 

Saturday morning, the new issue arrived.  I immediately started editing.  I noticed that there were a bunch of articles about chastity, which I deleted, replacing them with an article about “Keeping it in the Family”, which I defined in the article as between BFFs and their brothers.   I found a few more pictures of the model that looked like Kathy and fixed up my interview of Katherine Fox, then inserted it.   I took the articles on the handkerchief and cutoff fashions from a few months before and tweaked them a bit and reposted them, being sure to mention the keywords, “chic geek”.  I added a letter to the editor from a girl named Wendy, who wrote a letter very similar to the one a few months ago from Kate asking advice on who to date.  I put in a similar answer, “although you can attract boys easily this way, the whole problem is that you can’t trust them.  Any boy outside of your family or the families of your friends is untrustworthy.  The only boy you can trust is your brother or your friends’ brothers.  If you have a dumb jock or druggie as your brother so you can’t trust him, try the brothers of your friends.”  Almost word for word from the article in June, I just added the druggie for Sheri’s sake.  Worked very well then, should work now.

The first day of school was an eye opener.  Over half the girls in school were wearing my fashions, and I hadn’t even pushed out the new edition yet.  The neat thing was that I, by sheer dumb luck, had all the hottest girls, except one.  Vanessa was almost as hot as Angie, but just as dumb.  She was a rich girl who lived on a horse farm outside of town, no siblings.  I didn’t have to say a word, Kathy invited her to join our table at lunch, and I saw Jasmine share the Teen Life app from her phone a few minutes after she sat down.  Looking around, I saw six other girls getting the app around the room.  Being only a few seconds of an hour lunch, that meant that dozens of shares had been made over the whole hour, not counting the time between classes.  I just hoped that none of these new readers were much smarter than current ones.

That evening, after a nice blow job from a naked happy Kathy, I pushed out the next edition.  Ten seconds later I heard excited squeals from Kathy in the corner, and from Debbie next door.  I waved her out to go gossip with her girlfriends as I had a brainstorm and prepared a letter from Kate for the next edition.  “My brother still is with me, but he spends a lot of time with one of my friends whom I share him with.  I am a little envious, but they are so happy together.  Kate.”  The reply from Regina said, “Kate, that is good.  As long as it is a friend you are already sharing with, why worry about it?  It is wonderful that he likes one of your friends so you are all together, if he had liked a girl outside your friendship circle, you would have to add her in.  If he loves you, that is all that is needed.  Sincerely, Regina, Editor, Teen Life.”

The next day in school, every guy, including the teachers, walked around with massive boners.  Nearly every halfway cute girl in the school was wearing my fashions.  Plus a few not so cute, but they were brought up a few points by the halter tops.  Except for one fat girl who was just disgusting.  Vanessa fit right in with my girls, her handkerchief top making me close my eyes for a few seconds so I didn’t overload.  Kathy told me at lunch that Vanessa was stopping by that evening and that she “Needed my help with some hair removal.”  I gave Kathy a hug and told her, “Anything for you, Sis.”

When I got home, I had a few hours before Vanessa got there, so I had Kathy strip and bend over.  The sight was amazing, a perfect ten as her perfect back arched in anticipation and her dripping inflamed pussy spread before my eager cock.  I slowly slid into her hot moist furnace, and then fucked her hard as she squealed in delight at each stroke as my balls hit her extended clit.  I ran my fingers up and down her spine from her flushed neck to her perfect ass and she began howling.  I slipped my thumb into her gorgeous asshole and she arched her back, screamed, and passed out with the occasional convulsion and happy grunt as she drooled all over everything.  I filled her with a huge load of baby batter as her wonderful quim milked me.

While Kathy recovered, I wrote another letter to the editor from a Sara, about how everyone in school went overboard on the fashions, and got in trouble.  Regina replied that one must be careful, that some of the fashions were, “for friend groups only, like girlfriends, boyfriends or brothers.”  I queued that one for the next issue.  I just hoped that I got it in before the girls got in trouble in school.  I also did a fashion article, slightly less risqué, that said it was for school.  The article had a few “after school” fashions as well, that were even hotter than the ones from before.

As I put finishing touches on the article, I noticed that Kathy was still out cold.  Wow.  I went over and kissed her cheek and whispered, “Honey, time to wake up, Vanessa will be here in half an hour.”

Kathy opened her eyes in a panic, jumped up and scrambled to her room across the hall.  Mom and Dad were also due back in an hour or so.  They didn’t ever bother us kids, so hopefully Kathy’s plans for Vanessa wouldn’t be interrupted.

When Kathy led me into her room, following her beautiful naked ass, I couldn’t believe how hairy Vanessa was.  Her rug was solid, covering more than a pair of shorts would cover.  This would take some work.  As I removed huge amounts of hair, she started having orgasms, cumming over and over with each handful removed.  After over twenty handfuls of fur, and as many orgasms, she passed out.  It took almost two hours to clean up the rest of her rug.  I had Kathy blow me for the second hour.  The third hour the two of them worked together, first running their tongues up and down the sides of my hard meat simultaneously, and then Vanessa climbed on board and sunk down, spearing my cock deep into her freshly denuded quim.  Like Angie, she was a snapper, and as she orgasmed over and over, her beautiful pussy squeezing and rubbing my cock.  I dumped one of my largest loads ever deep into her.  She was out cold again by that point.  I pulled Kathy to me and kissed her hard, and to keep her happy, I said, “Damn girl, I love you.”  She orgasmed hard and passed out next to Vanessa.

Leaving them there covered in a blanket, I went back to my room.  I noticed that there was a new edition of Teen Life, a back to school special edition.  Perfect.  I started editing, adding in my articles and editorials; deleting two articles on back to school fashions that weren’t to my specifications.  There were fifteen letters from girls around town.  I made appropriate responses from Regina, all the letters were asking advice on their brothers.  One girl I told to go find a friend’s brother to be with, her druggie brother was not himself anymore.  It wasn’t Sheri, but another girl a few doors down from her, probably a friend of Sheri’s brother Drew.  I grinned as I answered the others; a lot of guys were going to get lucky!  I pushed it to the server, listening as I heard two dings in the next room as it arrived on Kathy’s and Vanessa’s tablets.  There was a groan as they woke up, then two loud squeals as they realized a new edition had arrived. 

I carefully listened as they discussed the articles and several of the letters.  They took everything said in the magazine as absolute.  At one point Kathy said, “I know Rod really likes Debbie.  She is one of us, so I am okay with her being his girlfriend.  I am so glad he didn’t pick Jenna.  I know she likes him and has been flirting.  She is such a bitch.”  She went on, gossiping about how this Jenna had framed a friend of theirs by putting some weed into her locker.

I thought that was interesting, I didn’t know any Jenna.

Chapter 9


The next day in school, things had been toned down a bit.  Good, I didn’t want people investigating why girls were wearing outfits so risqué.  There were a lot of guys with happy grins as well.  Looking at the girls, many of them also had happy grins.  Debbie had obviously spoken with Kathy, because she came up to me in the hall and gave me a kiss that had my toes tingling.  She said, “I love you so much,” and then took off for class while I stood there stunned.  After a minute I staggered off for my class.  Twice that day, she repeated the kiss.  Wow, I wasn’t complaining. 

I watched all day, looking for Jenna, but I saw nobody.  Since I didn’t know what she looked like, I suppose she could have been hanging around, but, other than the cliquey girls, I saw nobody.  Those girls all hung out around me, having the head girls in the school, Kathy, Debbie, Jasmine, Joy, Sheri, and Vanessa as my girls made them all want to hang around.  Most of them were pretty, especially with the new fashions, but not nearly as hot as my girls.  I suppose one of them could be Jenna.  I was really curious as to who she was. 

That evening, Debbie and Kathy tag teamed me.  As I left them unconscious in Kathy’s bedroom, I decided I wanted to try something.  I went across the street and up to Angie’s room.  I opened the door, went in, and closed and locked it behind me.  Angie was sitting at her desk doing homework.  She turned as I entered the room.  I said, “Angie, get undressed and kneel before me.”  She instantly did so!  I undressed as she kneeled before me with a mindless stare at my cock, her nipples hard as a rock, clitoris large and engorged, and dripping pussy juice down her leg.

I was curious, so I asked, “What is your purpose in life?”

She said, “To serve you, of course.”

Wow.  I said, “Turn around and get on all fours.”  She did.  I got up behind her and thrust deep in her inflamed pussy.  After a few strokes, I asked, “Who owns you?”

“Silly question, you do!”

I slid out and putting my cock head at her butthole, I asked, “Forever?”

She said, “Of course!”  I slowly slid into her tight ass.  She grunted then sighed, saying, “Master Rod, I love you so much!  That feels so wonderful!”

I pumped in and out, it was almost painful, her ass was so tight.  Following along with what she was saying I said, “You belong to me.  You are one of my toys, now and forever.”

She grunted and came, thrashing about like she was having a seizure.  She convulsed one more time then passed out as I dumped my load deep in her ass.  I pulled out and my cock was clean, that meant she was doing the daily enemas I had suggested in Teen Life, cool.  I tossed a blanket over her, got dressed and opened the door. 

Jasmine was standing there, obviously listening at the keyhole.  I grabbed her and gave her a hot French kiss while squeezing her beautiful bare ass under her miniskirt.  I slid my pinkie into her anus and she moaned and kissed me harder, her hard nips poking me in the chest.  I reached around the front and gave her clit a squeeze.  She convulsed and collapsed.  Cool.  I laid her next to her sister and left.  When I got home I hit the shower, although both Angie and Jasmine were clean, I wanted to make sure.

I went and wrote a letter from Kate, telling how one of her friends decided to be her brother’s permanent sex toy and servant, and how it really turned her on.  She really wanted to submit like that and, although she hadn’t succeeded yet, it was sure fun trying.  She was a bit envious that she wasn’t able to submit completely like that.  She hoped that she and her other friends would be able to do so soon.

Another article I wrote, after Jasmine showed me how nice it could be, was another article on Katherine Fox, about how she loved to go commando under her skirt, and only put on panties when she had to go to something formal or it was her time of the month.  Then she had a long dissertation on types of panties, saying bloomers were the most comfortable, but were really ugly, that she loved g-strings because they looked great and were so sexy.

Chapter 10


Next Monday, after the weekly edition had been pushed out the night before, a lot of girls were squirming a little in school.  I slid my hand up the mini-skirts of my girls and realized, none of them were wearing panties!  Yes!  I happily fingered both Vanessa and Joy under the table at lunch to three to four orgasms apiece, only removing my finger to get an occasional drink of milk.  Both of them were quivering in exhausted delight.  Kathy watched with a delighted grin on her face. 

After school as I was doing homework, Kathy led in a naked Angie, put her under my desk, and had her suck on my cock while I did homework.  I reached down and stroked her hair as she orgasmed over and over, occasionally moaning.  As Kathy, Debbie and I made out later on the big easy chair in my room, Angie continued to suck and cuddle my cock.  I was getting blue balls as dinner approached, so I pulled Debbie down on me.  Angie continued to lick everything, even with Debbie impaled on me.  Needless to say, I came quickly, filling up Debbie as Angie eagerly licked everything up.  I told Angie that she needed to go do her homework.  I was going to thank her, then I realized that to do so would undermine her submissiveness.

For the next few months I just did basic editing of Teen Life, removing bad articles, making basic modifications to support brotherly love (heh), I didn’t have to do any Kate letters or Katherine articles, there were more than enough from the local girls.  Every day Angie would suck me for an hour or two under the desk and later while I made out with and fucked Kathy and the girl of the day, usually Debbie, but Jasmine, Joy, Sheri and Vanessa got plenty of time.  Once a week I went across the street and ordered Angie down on all fours as I ass-fucked her.  I usually put Jasmine next to her and ass-fucked her too.  Both of them were completely submissive; Joy, Sheri and Vanessa as well.  Kathy and Debbie were enjoying themselves too much to be 100% submissive, but they were close.  I tried fucking the other girls in the ass, but it was not nearly as much fun as Angie and Jasmine.

As winter approached and I saw all the girls shivering, I had to do an article with Katherine Fox about a shoot she had to do up in Canada, and how she wanted to show off her legs, but realized that she had to use common sense and dressed for the weather.  I did a “Winter Fashions” special edition with things like loose sweaters with nothing under them, deliberately loose blouses, skinny jeans, long skirts (still commando), and the like.  To counterbalance it, Katherine Fox talked about how she loved to go completely nude around the house, teasing her brother, eventually letting him capture her, and the steamy sex afterwards.

After that edition, girls dressed better for the weather.  Kathy started wearing nothing around the house, and a robe downstairs.  Our clueless parents didn’t say a word.

On Halloween, Angie and Jasmine dressed up with skimpy leotards with a tail, dog ears and drawn whiskers.  They put on collars with a leash and handed me the leash.  The rest of the girls were similar with cat ears.  Kathy exclaimed when she saw Jasmine and Angie’s leashes, “I wish I had thought of that!”  They all wore leotards that were a size or two too small.  I wasn’t sure if I should go out in public with them, you could see the edge of their aureole, and the bottoms were like a g‑string, well up between their lower lips.  Good thing they were all denuded.  The girls got me a costume, a uniform that said “Animal Control”.

I decided what the hell and went to the Halloween party being thrown by a classmate whose parents were out of town, all my pets trailing behind me.  At the party, I could see that a lot of girls were reading Teen Life, everyone was in little groups, the girls encircling their guys.  There were a lot of hot witches and a lot of cats.  My girls were the hottest there.  I proudly led them in.  We got a lot of envious looks.  The girls ate up the admiration like catnip.

An hour later we were dancing when the head jock, Frank, came up and started dancing with Debbie.  I figured, why not, so I didn’t say anything.  A minute later he grabbed her tits.  My fist impacted his jaw a split second later.  It hurt like the bajeezus, but he went flying back and landed on the floor all spread-eagled, half-unconscious.  I said, “What the fuck is your damage?  Besides the fact that you don’t do that any girl, Debbie belongs to me.”  When I said that Debbie got beatifically happy.  I noticed that the music had stopped and every group of girls were standing behind their guys, who all looked angry and stood quivering with clenched fists.  I guess all the submissive girls made the guys more alpha male. 

To build bonds, I said, “Come on guys; let’s get this asshole out of here.”  All the guys collectively stepped forward; we grabbed part of Frank, and then carried him outside and dumped him on the curb.  After exchanging high fives, we went back inside.  A couple of other jocks, including Joy’s brother Fred, left with their figurative tail between their legs and eyes downcast.  All our girls were extremely randy, cozying up to us and cooing.  Us guys grinned at each other and left with our girls in tow.

Back home the girls all stripped down, pulling off my uniform as well.  Soon seven tongues were caressing me all over my body.  Vanessa moved over to my balls and began to suck and lick them.   Debbie already was sucking my cock.  Kathy made out with me while directing all the girls.  After about half an hour, I pulled Joy up from where she was licking my feet, and impaled her.  I said, “I am sorry about your brother.”

“Who cares about that limp dick?  Let him continue to get hard from the small-dicked jocks in the locker room.  I will take this any day!”  She rammed down, and as she banged her cervix on my hard cock, she howled.  Good thing my parents were at a Halloween party of their own.  I fingered Sheri and Jasmine while Joy howled at the moon.  Suddenly I felt my cock slide through her cervix into her womb.  Her eyes went big, and she started convulsing.  I thought something was wrong until she arched her back with every muscle in her body tensed, quivered, and then collapsed.  I worked my way out, it was almost painful, the constriction on the end of my cock.  My other girls gently lifted her up and laid her beside us.

I was still hard, Joy had collapsed before I came, so I pulled Vanessa over and impaled her.  She gasped, bit her lip and started riding me like the equestrian she was.  Vanessa had the largest breasts of my girls at a D cup.  Normally I liked things more B or C, but she was so aroused that her D cups were perked up and the nips were almost an inch long.  I said, “Jasmine and Angie, lick and suck on those gorgeous nipples.”  Immediately they were sucking on Vanessa’s nipples.  Vanessa gasped and quivered in an orgasm, collapsing to the side.  I still hadn’t cum, so I pulled over Sheri and speared her nice and deep.  All my girls were dripping, so I had no problems.  I pulled Jasmine and Angie back over and cuddled with them, fingering their engorged pussies as Sheri rode me.  Debbie was still tonguing my balls and cock while Kathy was kissing me and directing the girls.  Sheri’s pussy fluttered and I dumped a massive load deep into her.  She shrieked and dropped next to Joy and Vanessa.  Debbie excitedly licked me clean.

Debbie snuggled up to my spent cock.  She looked up at me and asked, “Did you mean it, do I belong to you?”

“Of course you do!  That is a silly question.  I am proud to own all of you.”

She and all the girls, including the girls who were coming around, squealed in delight.  They are snuggled up to me and Karen cried out, “This is so wonderful!”  They were all bawling in happiness.  Joy shuddered and exclaimed, “Oh, I love you so much.”  She blinked and added, “Master Rod”.  All the other girls murmured, “Um-hmm” and “Yes”, and then snuggled down more.

That evening as Kathy was under the desk, I wrote an article on Katherine Fox about how she finally was able to submit, and it was the most wonderful thing ever.  “I can just sit and wait for my man, I don’t have to worry about anything.  He tells me to do something, and I don’t have think about it, I just do it.  I feel so wonderful and free.”

Over the next few days, I got dozens of letters from girls around town, including Kathy, Debbie, and Vanessa.  They all were talking about how they had submitted, and that it was the best thing ever. 

One letter was interesting, a girl was asking advice, she loved fucking her friend’s brother, but was really turned on by the other girls.  Regina said, “That’s pretty cool.  That is the ultimate eye candy for a guy, watching girls make out with each other.  And it is fun, not as much fun as being with your guy, but a lot of fun.  You can’t deny it if you are attracted to them, but you can’t deny your friend’s brother either once you belong to him.”

There were a few letters talking about how wonderful they felt when their man stood up for them, obviously referring to the party.  They all talked about how horny it made them and allowed them to submit.  Regina encouraged that, of course.

Chapter 11


My fears became true.  A girl with a brain.  It was early December on a Wednesday when I was between classes in an almost empty hallway and a pretty older girl came up to me and, to my surprise, gave me a big hug.  I didn’t know her.  She was really cute in a geeky way, great body, brunette hair, and a pretty face with glasses, definitely the “before” in all the teen princess movies.  She whispered in my ear, “Loved the latest editorial, Regina.”  She pulled back, laughed at the shocked expression on my face, and went on down the hall, calling out, “Later!”

I was in a semi-panic until the next day.  I waited, and sure enough, she came down the hall.  She came right up to me and said, “I’ll bet you are wondering about my endgame, huh?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “Meet me after school in the computer lab.”  Then she took off for class.

At 2:35 I was in the computer lab.  She was in the back corner.  I quickly went back and sat down next to her.  She looked over at me and said, “You didn’t hide who you were very well.”

I gave her a sheepish look and said, “Well, the target audience is, pardon me, not the brightest.”

She laughed, “You could have at least anonymized the IP address for emails!”

“Hey, I was horny!”

She laughed more.  “Okay, my price...”  She got serious and looked me straight in the eyes.  “I have a shithead for a brother; I want to join your harem.”

I pulled up my courage and said, “Hell yes.  We have to figure out a way to make Kathy take you in, of course.  You are certainly hot enough.”

She grinned at that one.  I said, “Come over at lunch tomorrow, I will introduce you..., by the way, what is your name?”

She grinned again, “Chloe.”

I smiled and continued, “Sit next to Kathy, you know who she is, right?”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Duh.”

“Tell her what an asshole your brother is and ask if you can borrow hers.  With my endorsement and her ego, she will probably invite you over tomorrow night.”

She smiled happily, “Thank you Rod.”

“No, thank you.  Maybe we can get together and make the magazine more bulletproof.  You can be Cheri, another editor.”

“I would like that.”  She was almost bouncing.

The next day at lunch she came over, wearing a miniskirt and halter top.  No glasses either, she must have had contacts.  She was very hot, definitely in the same class as my girls.  I got up as Kathy and the girls looked at her in curiosity.

I said, “Kathy, girls, this is Chloe, a friend of mine.  She has a problem that you can solve.  You are so good at it.”  As Kathy preened, I waved Chloe to sit down next to her.  It went off like a charm.  Chloe was invited over that evening.  She gave me a big grin as lunch finished and we headed to class.

After school, a naked Kathy came over to my room as Angie sucked from under the desk, enjoying herself as usual.  Kathy sat on the chair next to my desk, pulling her knees up with her heels on the edge of the chair like she knew I liked, and commented, “Chloe will make a nice addition to our group.”

“Yes she will.  When I heard how evil her brother was, I knew you could solve it.”  Kathy immediately preened at the praise.  She started dripping on my chair as the praise got her excited.  I reached over and inserted two fingers, hooking her G spot while I strummed her engorged clit with my thumb.  She closed her eyes and started grunting and thrusting.  I said, “I am proud at how kind you are being.”  Kathy immediately came with a gasp and quiver.  She was beet red from her orgasm.  I pinched her clit and she threw her head back and started convulsing like she was having a seizure, her mouth open wide in a silent scream, eyes wide open but not seeing anything.  I strummed her clit a few more times, enjoying watching her convulse each time, falling off the chair and collapsing on the floor.

I stroked Angie’s head as she deep throated my hard cock, she had been getting lots of practice, and easily swallowed the whole eight inches.  My little man had grown an inch recently, and Angie enjoyed it even more.  She loved to swallow it and hum.  She could hold it down for over two minutes while she hummed pop songs.  I would stroke her hair and she was happy as could be, grunting in her own orgasms every few minutes.  After a few hours while I did my homework, she would weakly crawl out from under the desk where she would put on her mini and handkerchief top, I would squeeze her tits and ass, maybe take a lick of a cute nipple, she would sigh in delight and go home.

Chloe arrived just after Angie left.  Kathy was still out cold on my floor.  Chloe grinned as I picked up her nude body and carried her to her room.  She also eyed my dangling cock with an appraising look and a quick lick of her lips.  An hour later Kathy came over and said, “It is time.”  I gave her a big hug and followed her beautiful ass to her room.  Chloe was sitting on the edge of the bed.  She was already completely denuded.  I went over, lifted her legs until she was laid back, then began to suck on her big clit.  She gasped as her back arched.  I moved up and sucked on her right nipple as I rubbed the length of my cock on her clit.  I moved down a little and thrust up, going deep into her hot quim.  I looked into her eyes and kissed her hard as I began to thrust into her snapping pussy.  “Oh my God, I love you so much!” she exclaimed between kisses.  Kathy, sitting to the side, smiled knowingly.

I came into that beautiful snatch, filling it.  I said, “You are now mine.”  Her eyes went big as she arched her back and screamed, collapsing and passing out.  I pulled Kathy to me, pinching a hard nipple as I kissed her hard.  My cock, still buried deep in Chloe, spurted one more time.  I rotated my hips, grinding against Chloe’s clit, and she grunted and quivered in her sleep.  I slid out, my cock covered in virginal blood and cum, Kathy immediately slurped it down to clean it. 

I was still hard as a rock, so after she took a few licks, I tossed her back on the bed, shoved her knees to her shoulders, and then rammed her glistening pussy hard.  She was so wet that I slid all the way in and through the cervix like Joy on Halloween.  Her eyes went big, she pounded the bed with her fists as she arched her back and began a monster orgasm.  She would hold her back arched for ten seconds, then start to relax, and then suddenly arch her back again.  She did that eleven times, then collapsed unconscious next to Chloe.  I still hadn’t cum, was still hard as a rock, so I slipped on my shorts and dashed across the street.  I went in, finding Jasmine in the hallway, wrapped in a towel.  I grabbed her, pushed her back into her bedroom, spread her legs and, kicking off my shorts, slid forward into her already wet pussy.  I was primed, so I blasted her full after only a few strokes.  She came anyway, collapsing drooling like her friends. 

Angie stood naked in the doorway watching, so I waved her over to lick me clean.  As she finished, sexily licking her lips in quick little thrusts of her tongue, I cupped her chin and lifted it to look directly in my eyes.  I said, “You know that you belong to me, right?”  She smiled dreamily and nodded, her beautiful tits jiggling.  I caressed her cheek, and then I pulled on my shorts and went home.  Chloe and Kathy were still out cold, so I tossed a blanket over them and went to bed.

The next day I awoke to a tandem blowjob from the two of them.  Or so I thought.  I opened my eyes and all eight of my girls were there taking turns licking me, all naked as could be.  All of them so beautiful and sexy that it made centerfolds look ugly, especially as they all masturbated frantically and stared at my hard cock.  I started cumming, and as jizz shot into the air, all eight of them squealed in delight and, although it was tight, all eight of them leaned forward and licked me simultaneously, covering all their tongues with cum!   As they swallowed, I exclaimed, “Damn girls, I love you all!”  With a quadraphonic (octaphonic?) grunt, they all collapsed in orgasm.  No one passed out, but they were all sighing in delight.

I had slept until almost noon, so most of them had to leave ten minutes later.  Many hugs, squeezes and kisses later, it was just Kathy and me.   I said, “It is just you and me today.”  We spent the day together, hitting the zoo, making out in the atrium, having a nice lunch at a fancy restaurant, just being together.  She spent half the time crying in happiness.  At the end of the day, as she lay back gasping as cum dripped out of her beautiful pussy, I said, “After Christmas, don’t you think it would be great if you and the girls scheduled days like this for each of them?”

“Oh, yes.  That would be great for all of them!”

“And since many of my girls are stuck with their families for Christmas, we need to do another get together right after Christmas and on New Years.”

She nodded, I think she was dozing a little.

Chapter 12


I went over to the computer for editing the next morning, and realized that every single one of my girls had sent in a letter.  Even Chloe, even though she knew it was for me.  I was amazed, Chloe seemed to be brainwashed just like the rest.  She wrote, “...my brother is a real dork, so I asked a girl who I knew had a good brother, and they took me in!  I am so happy and so in love, both in her brother and in my new sisters!”  The other girls all talked about how wonderful it was to have a new sister.  I added them all to the letters page.  I took a look at the flash drive that Chloe had slipped me last night, and it was an entire article about doing Kegels to stay nice and tight for your man.  I deleted another whine about how restrictive family was after school and put in Chloe’s article, written I saw by ‘Cheri’.  I grinned at that.  There already was a big fashion article that wasn’t too bad, I updated a few things in it and left it with all the ‘winter school fashions’.  I also left the article, unchanged, about the new bikini fashions.  I added a editorial introducing the new editor, Cheri, at how she had been an ‘actress’, hinting it had been for more raunchy films, and had come home to live with her cousin and her cousin’s brother.  Chloe had a text file on the flash drive with the biography which I included.  I also attached the picture she had there, it looked a lot like Chloe, but was older.  Since it was Sunday, I pushed out the next edition.  Like usual I heard the ding and squeal from the corner and said, “Go share with your sisters.”  Kathy took off at a run.

That afternoon I was getting blue balls after going without for hours, so I went across the street and down the hall.  I stopped outside the door, Kathy, Jasmine and Angie were in the room, talking.  Jasmine was saying, “...I still can’t believe that they published our letters!  That is so cool!”

Kathy said, “Yeah, I love it every time they publish one of mine too.”  Thus establishing her precedence.  Jeez, that girl’s ego knows no bounds.

Angie said, “Y’know, this idea of taking care of cousins is a good one.  We have a couple of cousins who are without a brother too.”

Jasmine exclaimed, “Yeah!  Good idea Angie.  Farrah and Shauna would be good sisters under Master Rod.  And Aunt Helen was just talking to mom about moving here since they are losing the house.  I bet if we told her we liked the idea, Mom would go for it.”

Angie said, “Ooh!  Just the thought of them lined up next to us waiting for Master Rod too makes me feel horny.”

Kathy cried out, “Damn!  Makes me horny too.  I know it is less time for us, but Master Rod needs as many of us sisters as possible.”  Really?  I wondered where she got that idea from?

Jasmine said excitedly, “I will talk to Mom tonight.  Angie, you will go with me.  Ug.  I am getting really horny.”

I removed my clothes, and then went into the room.  All three of them were wearing the after school fashions, handkerchief top and miniskirt without undies as they frigged themselves.  The girls squealed in delight as I grabbed Angie, bent her over and rammed home in her dripping pussy.   I said, “Kathy and Jasmine, get those beautiful tits over here!”  I reached over and pinched the nipples on both of them.  They both closed their eyes and bit their lips in ecstasy.  I pulled Kathy over for a big French kiss, and then Jasmine.  With Angie’s snapping pussy, I didn’t last long, maybe ten minutes.  I alternated between the two hotties the whole time, stopping only once to kiss the back of Angie’s neck.  Like usual, Angie was having constant orgasms, but that put her over the top and she moaned and collapsed forward, managing to keep her ripe rear end thrust up in the air for me to continue fucking.  Like I have said, she is a prodigy with sex.  As she and I came hard, I jammed my fingers up Kathy and Jasmine’s asses, their eyes got big and they came too, collapsing next to Angie.

I left, dressing in the hall.  I sniffed my fingers, but all I smelled was excited female.  It seemed that Kathy was doing the enemas like Angie and Jasmine.  Nice.  I washed my hands anyway on my way out.

Three days later, their cousins arrived.  Flawlessly beautiful blonde twins.  Only problem was that they were only 13 or so, nice B cups though.  The four of them helped unload the car; then I saw Angie hand the twins her tablet.  Instantly the two of them were glued to it, walking distractedly into the house as they read, stumbling on the front step.  A few hours later Karen told me that they would be over to be denuded that evening.  I was still slightly ambivalent about how young they were, but I didn’t want to interfere when all my girls worked together on recruiting them.  Around eight, a naked Karen came and got me.  In her room, all my girls were there, the twins sitting on the edge of the bed, with the others in a half circle around them on the floor.  I was right, their B cups were flawlessly beautiful, almost too big for their hot young bodies.  They obviously had the same genes as Angie, besides looking a lot like her; they both had the sex toy vibe going.

As I removed their bushes, they orgasmed over and over, collapsing unconscious as I finished.  As I finished denuding the second, the first was coming around, so I lifted her knees to her shoulders, and then slid into the tightest cunt I had ever been in.   It was as tight as some of the girl’s asses.  As I bottomed out, she started convulsing with her eyes rolling back.  As I shot a load into her, she arched her back one final time, screamed and collapsed.  I pulled out and my cock was streaked in cum and virginal blood.  That didn’t stop Angie from licking it clean.  The other twin was identical.  After the fuck, Jasmine eagerly licked me clean this time.

It was amazing, the two twins were just like the others, submitting completely.  They were almost as good as Angie.  They were just as dumb though.  I would go across the street and grab any of the four girls and fuck them silly.  No resistance, no hesitation, just complete submission.  The twins even were clean when I fucked their asses, having done the enemas.  Angie’s tits grew into wonderful C cups, probably because of all the cum she was drinking, that she loved having me suck.  She still spent two hours after school sucking me from under the desk, orgasming every minute or two.  I spent that time doing my homework, so I could spend time with the girl of the day, which Kathy selected.  Most of the time it was Debbie since she knew I liked her, but Chloe had been around a lot lately too.  Friday nights most of them were over, since the girls who lived a ways away could do sleepovers.

On New Year’s, Kathy had a sleepover at Vanessa’s giant house.  The girls and I spent most of the evening in the hot tub.  Even all shriveled the girls were all super hot.  It took a few hours, but I managed to leave a creamy deposit in all of them.  We all curled up in front of the fireplace, naked but wrapped in blankets.  I awoke to one of the twins crying.  I pulled her to me and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“I am so scared of losing you when you graduate!”

“You belong to me, why would you lose me?”

She bawled harder, “When you go off to college!”  Some of the other girls were waking up too.

“Like I said, you belong to me, you will be mine tomorrow, in fifty years, and in a hundred years.  You want to leave or something?”

“No!!!” she screeched at the thought.  She flung herself at me, hugging me tight as she bawled.  “I will never leave.  I can’t, I belong to you.  All that I am, body, soul, and mind, is yours.  Forever and forever and forever...”  She repeated it over and over.  The other girls were joining the hug, murmuring agreement.

I said, “We will never be apart.  When each of you is old enough, we will all get a place together, probably here on the ranch, go to local or online colleges, have lots of love children, and grow old together.  You are mine.  I am very serious about that.  I can work remotely, and you girls are all so beautiful, you can model those hot bods and do videos with me and we will be rich.”

They all squealed in delight, saying, “Really?”  They all started sobbing again, hugging tighter, this time in happiness.  All the naked hotties rubbing themselves on me were making me hard.  I started squeezing asses and the girls started squealing again.  I hooked my finger and slid it deep into two of them, Chloe and the other twin.  Both of them sighed in delight and cuddled closer. 

I was a bit surprised at Chloe.  She seemed to have submitted completely like the rest, even though she knew what was going on.  It made her even hotter.  I whispered in her ear, “You and I are going to have lots of love children because I want them as smart and pretty as you.” 

She purred and hugged me tighter, whispering back, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

The next day I nabbed Chloe and pulled her into one of the rooms, closing the door behind us.  I hugged her from behind and played with her tits.  She sighed and leaned back.  I asked, “I don’t understand.  You know what is going on, but you are submitting anyway.”

She sighed and said, “I love you and I love what you are doing.  I guess I am a natural submissive, because I have never been happier.”

“As long as you are happy.  I don’t want you worrying or not getting what you want.”

“What I want is to be with you and my sisters and have lots of love children like you said.”  She bent forward and slid back, filling her dripping pussy with my hard cock.  “Please, Master, fuck me.  My period was two weeks ago and I am not on the pill.  Please keep me barefoot and pregnant with your children.  I want that more than anything.”  I obliged, her talk of getting pregnant made me randier than usual.  By the time I came the third time and I was worn out, she was passed out unconscious with a big smile after over twenty orgasms.

Chapter 13


Chloe got her wish.  Good thing she was a senior.  She was obviously pregnant with twins by Easter.  Jasmine, Debbie and Vanessa were pregnant too.  I was amazed, none of them worried at all about it, they all accepted it as just the way things were, even though the three of them were only sixteen.  We were hanging out at the ranch all the time.  Vanessa’s mom had died from being thrown from a horse when she was a little girl, and her dad had escaped from the memory by traveling constantly on business.  She was pretty much alone, and reveled having a master and sisters.  She convinced her dad, whom she only saw once or twice a year, to allow us to set it up as a commune.  Good thing there were several houses on the property, set up for ranch hands and the like, because there were two other groups that got thrown out of their homes and so we let them move in and work on the ranch.  My girls and I set ourselves up in the main house.

Joy, who was the only other girl who was 18, and wasn’t pregnant, yet, did a few photoshoots with Chloe as photographer.  Chloe and I set up a web server and sold subscriptions.  Joy and Chloe did dozens of photoshoots, and raked in money for the family, easily bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The other girls helped out, eagerly awaiting when they were 18 and could model too.  Angie would sigh and comment about her happy daydreams of doing a video with me.  Some of them did NN photoshoots in a bikini, which we posted as “up and coming models” on the site.  They made almost as much money as Joy.  Some of the other guy’s girls who were 18 modeled, making them some money too, paying rent and increasing our coffers.

It was interesting, they all continued to read Teen Life, believing every word.  The real magazine went out of business, but no one locally even knew, except for Chloe and me, of course.  Since it was a eZine, the cost was not very high, the server sat in the closet of my office and Chloe and I would whip up an edition every month.

I never understood, but somehow my parents accepted, without a word, as Kathy moved to the ranch when she was seven months pregnant, and I followed.  I think they believed that she had gotten pregnant and moved to the ranch out of shame or something, and I followed to take care of my poor pregnant sister.  The gaggle of pregnant and nursing girls in the waiting room as Kathy’s daughter Irene (named after her grandma) was born reinforced that idea, and none of my girls disabused them of the idea either.

Before graduation, Kathy had recruited twelve more unbelievably hot girls for me, and I had nine daughters, the oldest being Chloe’s Flora who was two and running around like crazy at that point.

As Chloe set up to make the video with Angie and me, I decided my life was wonderful.



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