Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Tanya's Punishment
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Chapter five

Chapter One

Tanya sat in the living room and waited with dread for her dad to return to the room. Just yesterday, things were so much different! Her mom, a professor, had left for an overseas conference and wouldn't return for a week. Her dad meanwhile was away on an overnight business trip so the fourteen year old decided to take advantage of the parental absence. Taking the extra keys to her mom's Saturn, she decided to go across town to meet some friends.

Admittedly, Tanya didn't have a license and she had only driven once or twice before when her dad let her drive a few hundred yards for fun. But it didn't seem all that hard to drive so Tanya thought it would be a snap. Unfortunately, backing the car out of the drive in reverse proved to be a rather difficult exercise. The Saturn's side got swiped against the garage leaving a nasty scratch on the exterior of the passenger side of the vehicle. And since it was rather dark out, Tanya had trouble navigating and ended up running over the mailbox.

The visible damage wasn't terrible. One of the tail-lights was completely smashed out and the bumper had a few scratches. The real damage came from the mailbox scraping on the underside of the car which damaged the exhaust pipe and muffler. Both would need to be replaced.

When her dad came home from his business trip the next day, Tanya tearfully confessed all she had done. Fixing himself a drink first, her dad had gone out to inspect the damage. And now she was waiting for him to return. How bad was it going to be? Tanya knew her dad was generally more lenient with her than her mom. Hopefully the damage was going to be fixable, the fourteen year old thought.

She heard the door slam and her father's footsteps. He entered the room and his expression was not grim, but only thoughtful. Tanya took this as a good sign.

"So how bad is it Daddy?" she asked hopefully.

"Well," her father said tinkling the ice cubes in his drink, "the scratch on the side isn't terrible. The busted tail-light isn't hard to replace. But the underbody of the car is another story. The muffler and exhaust pipe need to be replaced. But even worse, there's a puncture in the oil tank. Did you notice the oil all over the garage floor? I'm not sure if oil tanks can even be replaced. I'm sorry honey, but it's going to be expensive."

Tanya burst into tears again. "Mom's gonna kill me!" she sobbed.

Her dad sat down next to her. He put his arm around her. "Don't cry sweetie. It's be all right," he consoled her.

"You know how protective mom is about her car! She's going to blow up!" Tanya wailed.

Her dad stroked her long blond hair. "I'll tell you what, Tanya. We can make a deal. I'll tell your mom that it was my fault. But in return you have to do something for me."

Tanya wiped the tears from her wet face and looked at her dad. "Really? You'd do that?"

"Of course. But in return you have to do everything I say."

"I will! I'll do anything!"

"Do you promise?" her dad prodded her.

"Of course!" Tanya agreed.

"Then it's a deal," her father said, sipping his drink. Tanya waited for a moment as he continued to sip and swirl his drink.

"Um, so what do you want me to do," she finally asked. Tanya supposed it would be something like doing chores. Or possibly even doing some community service. Her dad was big into stuff like that.

"First," her dad said, polishing off his drink, "I think I'm going to give you a bath. It's been a long time since I've done that. It must be seven or eight years now? ..." Her dad trailed off.

Tanya was confused. Had she misheard. "Did you say you wanted to give me a bath?"


"But you can't! I'm fourteen years old!" Tanya complained. This must be a joke of some sort, she thought. "Why on earth do you want to give me a bath? I can't let you do that!"

"I'm going to give you a bath, Tanya. That was part of the deal. You would do everything I say."

Tanya was dumbfounded. She couldn't let her dad see her naked! "But Daddy..." she protested.

"No buts," her dad cut her off. "Either you do everything I say or your mom gets to know the truth about the car."

Tanya reflected a moment. If her mom found out, she would likely be grounded for a least three months. When Tanya was twelve she broke her retainer which had to be fixed for a cost of $200. Her punishment then was to be grounded for a month and she had to do chores for the entire summer. The car would probably cost at least $1000 to fix. Was it worth it then to let her dad give her a bath?

"Okay," she muttered under her breath.

"Come on then," her dad said taking her by the elbow. He led her upstairs to the master bathroom in his bedroom where there was a large clawfoot tub. Tanya stared distractedly at the porcelain and linoleum around her. Was this just some sort of strange dream? Her dad moved past her to the tub. The sound of running water filled the room and a mist of steam rose from the tub.

Her dad turned her around to face him. He began to unbutton her shirt. Tanya fought the urge to resist and push him away. It felt wrong! Her dad undid the final button and slid the shirt from her body. Tanya felt the blush rising in her face. Next her dad undid the zipper of her skirt and let it drop to the floor around her ankles.

She now stood in front of her dad wearing only panties and a bra. Suddenly cold she shivered, realizing all too soon that the chill would make her nipples perk up. Glancing down at her chest, she saw her hardened nipples poke through the material of her bra. Tanya looked up at her dad's face and saw her looking at him, with a strange expression she had never seen on him before.

She reached her hands up to cover her nipples. "Please, Daddy," she pleaded, "I don't want to do this! Can't we please do something else instead?" She gazed into his face imploringly but only saw a hardened and concrete expression.

"Turn around, Tanya," he said.

Reluctantly, she turned around. Her father's hands fumbled with the clasp of her bra for a second. Tanya held her breath, hoping that he wouldn't be able to undo it. But he did. She felt the bra straps fall from her shoulders and the cups loosen around her breasts. Her dad slipped the bra free from her arms. Topless now, Tanya stood, blushing heavily. At least she wasn't facing her dad.

Then she felt his fingers slip inside the elastic waistband of her panties. He started tugging them down. Soon, they too were around her ankles and she was stepping out of them. Completely naked now, Tanya didn't dare turn around to face her father. It was bad enough that her butt was completely exposed to his view.

"Turn around Tanya," he told her. "And keep your hands at your sides."

Her ears burning, Tanya slowly turned around, keeping her eyes glued to the bathroom floor. She couldn't face her father's eyes. Glancing at the mirror behind him, she knew what he was seeing. Her breasts were fully developed and stuck straight from her body like two pieces of firm fruit. Her belly was smooth and flat, crowned by her dark navel and leading to her pubic area. Her sex was hidden by a tuft of dark pubic hair, a small triangular patch that hadn't yet overtaken her entire crotch. Unlike younger girls, her slit was hidden from view by a thick growth of straight pubic hair. She was still very much a young woman, however, for her hips were still straight as an arrow and her butt and thighs were still skinny as she had been when she was ten years old.

Her dad gazed at her for several long minutes before moving past her to the tub. The water was now several inches deep. He turned it off and knelt down next to the tub, testing the water with his hand. Turning back to his daughter, he extended his hand.

"Come here, Tanya," he said softly.

Unwillingly, Tanya took his hand and stepped into the tub. The water felt warm around her ankles. She sat down in the tub, the water rising above her waist, almost to her chest. Normally she enjoyed baths but she was too embarrassed to enjoy herself now. She wished her dad would add bubble bath so she could at least hide her crotch behind the bubbles. But instead he reached for the shampoo.

Using a pail, he poured the warm water over her head. She heard the shampoo bottle click open and soon he was working up a lather of bubbles in her hair. She closed her eyes as his fingers massaged her scalp. Normally, she enjoyed having her hair washed too. He soon stopped however and began pouring water over her head again.

When she was able to open her eyes again she saw him reach for a bar of soap. Her face still burning hot with blood, Tanya let him pour the warm water over her shoulders. She still didn't look him in the face however. She eyed his hands as he took the bar of soap and worked up a lather. Not even using a washcloth, her dad began to rub the soap onto her back. Tanya sat motionless as he rubbed and stroked. He moved to her flat tummy and lathered her up there as well, taking a second to dip his finger into her navel.

Finally, he reached her chest. Tanya bit her lip and felt her face grow even hotter as her dad cupped her breasts in his hands. Ashamed, she felt her nipples grow hard under her father's ministrations. He rolled and pinched the erect nipples between his fingers. Tanya hated herself and her body for producing the pleasurable sensations.

Her dad stopped touching her chest and began to rinse off her body with the pail of water. Embarrassed, the fourteen year old waited for her dad to finish bathing her upper body. Maybe, she hoped, he would stop at that. Wasn't touching her breasts enough? Hadn't she endured enough yet?

Her heart sank when her father told her to stand up. Reluctantly, she stood up, feeling the water drip from her body and presenting her crotch to her father's face. She watched her dad's hand lather the soap up again. He began soaping up her legs, even reaching around to spread the soap onto her butt. Ashamed, Tanya tried to look elsewhere but her eyes kept returning to the back of her father's head as he knelt before her. She almost flinched as his hands worked up her inner thigh, inching perilously closer to the juncture of her legs.

"Tanya. Spread your legs a bit, please."

Without waiting for her to comply, her dad gripped her ankle and moved it until Tanya was standing with her feet a good eighteen inches apart. Her dad's hands traveled up her thighs again. He soaped up the front of her pubic area first, lathering up the triangle of hair hiding her slit. Then his fingers moved deeper until they rubbed against her clit, making Tanya flinch. The blood rushed to her ears again as her dad began to masturbate her. With his other hand, her lathered up her butt crack, mortifying the fourteen year old even further.

Tanya's self-loathing increased as she felt her body respond to the simulation. A slight blush, not from embarrassment, crept across her upper chest and she felt a sensation of moisture form in her vagina. Her breathing was just starting to increase when her father stopped.

"Sit down again," he told her.

Simultaneously reluctant and grateful, Tanya sat down in the water as her father poured more water over her and let the soap rinse off her. Satisfied, he pulled the stopper from the drain and had Tanya stand up again. With a large towel, he began to dry her off, taking special attention again to dry her breasts and pubic area. Tanya could only stand with her hands at her sides as she wished she were elsewhere.

Once the water had completely drained from the tub, Tanya's father put away the towel and told her to sit down again. Unsure of what was happening next, Tanya sat back down in the damp tub while her father rummaged in the medicine cabinet. Tanya's heart sank yet again as she saw him return with a razor and some shaving cream.

"Spread your legs, Tanya," her father told her.

"Please, Daddy, haven't we done enough?" she appealed.

"Do it."

Unenthusiastically, Tanya slowly spread her legs, shamefacedly looking away from her father again. Her vaginal lips parted revealing her sex to her father's gaze. The tuft of hair crowned the top of her privates. Her labia was a smooth pink that glistened moistly while her clit hid behind its little hood.

Wordlessly, her father began to spread the shaving cream on the patch of hair on her pubic area. Tanya was mortified that her private area was so brazenly displayed to her father as he prepared to shave off her pubic hair. Carefully, he ran the razor along her crotch until every strand of hair was gone. He then rinsed her off with some water and dabbed her crotch with a towel. The cool air felt strange against her denuded pubic area. It had been several years since Tanya was this hairless.

Tanya took her father's hand as he helped her step out of the tub. Picking up her clothes, he began to dress her again although he skipped the bra and panties. He slid her skirt up around her waist and buttoned her shirt for her.

"From now on," he said, "you're not going to wear underwear anymore. I just want you to wear skirts around the house, nothing underneath. Do you understand?"

Fighting back the tears, Tanya nodded.

"We'll see what happens when your mom gets back," he told her, "but until then: no underwear. And if you do everything I say, I won't tell mom you wrecked her car. Okay?"


"Good. I'll see you tomorrow then." And with that, her father left the bathroom.

Tanya went into her bedroom and closed the door. She sat on the bed, still adjusting to the strange feeling of her hairless crotch and not wearing underwear. It would still be another week before her mom came home. How bad could it possibly get before then?

Chapter Two

The next day, Tanya found out how much worse it would get. Her father had just returned from a shopping trip when he asked her to sit on his lap. Following his instructions, Tanya had worn a skirt with no panties so she balked when told to sit on his lap. Her father insisted however.

"We'll just watch TV like we did back in the old days," he pressured her. "You never sit on my lap anymore."

Taking her by the wrists, he pulled her to his armchair. Half-heartedly, Ashley allowed herself to be pulled onto his lap, being careful to keep her skirt between her butt and his legs. She started by merely sitting on his knees, but her dad pulled her closer to him. First he pulled her to his thighs. And then after a few more minutes, to his upper thigh. From then, it was just a matter of her dad shifting slightly and a few minute movements before her butt was pressed against his crotch as he sat in the armchair.

Then it got worse when her dad pulled the lever for the reclining armchair. He flipped out to an almost horizontal position and she had no choice but to recline with him. It wasn't long before Tanya felt something hard poking her butt cheek. Her ears turned bright red with embarrassment. She knew what it was.

"Daddy, can I please go?" Tanya begged him. "I ... um, I don't feel very well."

"It's okay, sweetie," her dad said into her ear, making her flinch. "Daddy will make you feel better." He moved one hand to her breast while the other began stroking her thigh underneath her skirt. Tanya instantly froze from the shock of being touched by her father. Without a bra, the only thing that separated her firm, fourteen year old breast from his groping hand was the light cotton of her shirt. Again, her body betrayed her for her nipple grew hard under his touch.

"Please... Daddy..." Tanya pleaded again. But her father moved his other hand to her breast, cupping and massaging both her breasts. Tanya fell silent. Her father's penis was now rock hard as it pushed against her. Unable to contain herself, Tanya emitted an inaudible sigh. Her breathing quickened as her father expertly manipulated her nipples, squeezing and pinching the hard tips of her aureoles. The teenage girl could help herself as she sensed the first hints of wetness forming between her legs. Soon, the telltale scent of her lubrication reached her nostrils.

Her father must have smelled it as well for he reached down and tugged up her skirt, revealing her bare shaved mound. Despite the pleasurable sensations coursing through her, Tanya knew that it was wrong for her father to touch her. "Please, Daddy, that's enough. Stop..." she said futilely.

Instead, her dad dipped a finger into her slit, caressing her clit in one long stroke before moving deeper to her vagina, teasing her lips a moment before lightly penetrating up to his first knuckle. Tanya's hips jerked involuntarily. Her father withdrew his finger and brought it to her face. Ashamed, Tanya saw how it glistened with her lubrication and the familiar smell of it greeted her nose.

"It doesn't look like your pussy wants me to stop," her dad told her. "Open your mouth Tanya."

Realizing what he wanted to do, Tanya clamped her lips shut and shook her head.

"Open your mouth," her dad repeated. "Remember our deal. The car, remember?"

Humiliated, Tanya opened her mouth and her father pushed his wet finger past her lips. "Suck," he whispered into her ear. Reluctantly, Tanya closed her young lips around the digit in her mouth, her tongue pressing against it. Embarrassed, she tasted her own juices. She had never done so before. It tasted very musky and sharp. Her cheeks flamed red again.

Her dad pulled his finger free and returned to her spread open crotch. Without warning, he began to rub her clit furiously. Tanya stiffened against him as the assault caught her unaware. "This is wrong," she thought to herself. "But it felt so good... so good..." The fourteen year old gasped as her father reached down with his other hand and plunged a finger deep into her. Her hips rose off the armchair.

"Pull your shirt up over your tits," her father commanded. "Play with your tits."

Tanya tugged her t-shirt up until her breasts popped free. She couldn't help herself, it just felt so good between her legs. With both hands she began to rub her nipples as if she was in the privacy of her own bedroom. Her father meanwhile continued to stroke her hard clit as he fingerfucked her pussy.

Dimly, in the back of her mind, Tanya remembered that she had protested against what her dad was doing to her. She still knew it was wrong. But the added simulation to her breasts had pushed her too close to consider ethics at the moment. She was getting close... so very close...

"Mmm.. aiiieeee," a high-pitched whine emanated from Tanya's throat as an orgasm swept over her fourteen year old body. A series of gasps accompanied each wave of orgasmic bliss that washed over her. Her dad's fingers, already wet before, were completely soaked now in his daughter's pussy juices.

"Ah, oh, oh..." Tanya's breathing came back under control as she recovered from her orgasm. Her dad stopped touching her. Tanya rested her hands against her sides, as did her father. It was quite a sight: a fourteen year old girl reclined in post-orgasmic bliss against her father with her shirt pulled up over her plump breasts and her skirt hiked up to reveal a bare and hairless pussy.

As her senses returned, Tanya realized what had just happened. Mortified and ashamed, tears welled up in her eyes as her throat consttricted. The sobs began deep in her chest before pushing up her throat.

"Don't cry, Tanya," her dad consoled her. "Was it so bad? You looked like you were enjoying yourself. And besides, isn't this a small price to pay for not having your mom find out you wrecked her car?"

But Tanya sobbed on nonethless. Her father returned the chair to its normal position so the crying girl now sat on her father's lap again. He handed her a tissue.

"Honey," her dad said, "I want you to go the bathroom and shave your crotch again. I could feel the stubble beneath my fingers. Why don't you go do that and I'll get lunch ready."

Tanya slid off his lap and headed for the bathroom, embarrassed that her dad was the one telling her to go shave her pubic area. Wiping a tear from her eye, she wondered what else she might have to do.

Chapter Three

Tanya dreaded getting out of bed the next day. It was Sunday and she knew her dad still had plans for her that day. If only it were Monday and she could escape by going to school! Yesterday had been humiliating for the fourteen year old girl, reclining in the armchair with her father. Her self-loathing would not go away. How could she gain pleasure from what he did to her? How could she allow herself to lose control like that? Tanya hoped there wouldn't be a repeat of that episode because it was just too shameful for her to bear.

The young girl slept in and stayed in bed as long as she could. She finally got out of bed at 10:30 and proceeded to dawdle through her morning routine, taking her time showering and brushing her teeth. However, getting dressed didn't take long since she could only wear a skirt and she had to skip the bra and panties. She still wasn't used to the sensation of the cool air being in direct contact with her bare crotch. It felt odd.

After dressing she continued to putter around her bedroom, listening to music and boredly surfing the internet. It wasn't until 3:00 pm that she finally went downstairs to get something to eat. She found her father setting the table for lunch. He said nothing about the odd meal hour. Not knowing what to say to him anymore, she sat in silence as they ate. Afterwards, she did the dishes and then immediately went back to her room to listen to music. The first song wasn't even over yet before her father knocked on her door. He entered, carrying a small paper bag.

"I have a little surprise for you today, Tanya," he said to her. Tanya raised her eyebrows. She knew that, whatever it was, it couldn't possibly be good. Not with the way her dad had been acting the last few days.

He emptied the bag onto her bedspread. A single object fell out. Tanya leaned in closer to examine it. It looked like a little egg with a wire coming out of it.

"What is it, Daddy?" she asked with uncertainty.

Her dad picked up the object. "This is a remote-controlled vibrating egg. It's a sex toy."

Tanya was aghast, her heart sinking with despair. Her dad continued talking. "You insert it into your pussy, leaving this wire hanging out. It'll let you retrieve it more easily. From now on, I want you to wear this all the time."

"All the time?" Tanya repeated. "Even at school?"

"All the time," her father intoned. "At school, at home, at the mall, wherever. Do you understand me? If I ever catch you not without it, then I'm afraid I'll have to break our deal."

Tanya looked at her dad with pleading eyes, but all she saw was the stony expression that he had been wearing for the past few days. "Now," her father said, "take off your skirt."

Tanya briefly thought about resisting. But it was hopeless, she knew. It was imperative that her mom not find out about the wrecked car. She stood up and undid the skirt, letting it fall to her knees. Despite what happened yesterday, her ears still reddened when she had to display her shaved crotch to her father.

"Lie back on the bed and spread your legs," he told her.

Tanya did as he said. Her father sat on the bed too. He opened up a small bottle of lubricant and applied it to his fingers. Without any preamble, he began to stroke her pussy mound, first rubbing her vaginal lips before finding her clitoris hidden deep in her fleshy folds. Tanya let her head fall back until she stared at the ceiling. Today, she was going to be strong, she thought. "I won't let this excite me," she promised herself.

She concentrated on normal everyday subjects, like washing dishes and mathematics and walking the dog. And it worked for a brief moment as she was able to ignore her dad's finger fondling her clit. But he soon increased the pressure and Tanya found herself succumbing to the sensation. Her vagina felt like it was getting wet. Desperately, she willed it not to, but the young girl could help herself. Her breathing and heart rate increased.

And then he stopped. Tanya glanced up briefly and saw him applying lubricant to the egg. She watched with a mixture of dread and horniness as he approached her crotch with the shiny, white egg. He pressed his thumb inside her first. Tanya sucked in her breath from the penetration. He then withdrew his thumb and Tanya felt something blunt replace it. The egg slowly began to slip inside her.

"Ahhhh..." Tanya gasped as it stretched open her vaginal muscles. Her father continued pushing until the egg was completely inserted inside her pussy. Satisfied that it was sufficiently buried in her vagina, her dad withdrew his shiny finger.

It felt strange, Tanya thought. She could definitely tell a foreign object was inside her and it was much bigger than the tampon she was used to.

"Put on your skirt," her father told her.

Tanya rose from the bed and reached for her skirt. Just as she stood up however, the egg came to life inside her. The fourteen year old girl grunted in surprise and fell back onto the bed. Involuntarily, her hips jerked forward, almost as if she was presenting her crotch to be penetrated. Tanya made another noise as the intensity of the vibration increased. The egg was pressed against a very sensitive spot in her vagina and it was driving the teenager crazy. She looked at her dad who regarded her with a pleased expression.

He held the remote in his hand. She watched him press a button and the vibration died away. Tanya sat on the bed, breathing heavily. Simultaneously, she hated him for inserting the egg but also for turning off the vibration. She hated him for turning her into a slut, unable to control her own body. Her father handed her the skirt.

"Get dressed," he told her. His next words filled her with dread. "We're going out for the afternoon."

* * * * *

They went to Southdale mall first. Tanya found it was difficult to walk normally with the egg inserted in her. She felt like she was walking rather bowlegged and taking shorter strides than usual. The problem was compounded by the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Once inside the air-conditioned mall, her nipples immediately began to poke through her tank top. The cool air also emphasized her lack of panties and she felt very exposed under her skirt. Going up and down escalators made her feel very self-conscious.

Once inside the mall, her father told her to meet back at the mall entrance in one hour. Since Tanya didn't even want to be in public, she just wandered around aimlessly for a while. She was merely walking along the mall concourse when she felt the egg start to vibrate inside her. Tanya stopped short, her heart pounding. Trying to be inconspicuous, she pretended to stop to admire the view of the mall atrium. Her father must be somewhere, watching her. She scanned the mall to find him, but stopped when the intensity of the vibrating egg increased.

"Uhhhh," Tanya moaned through her clenched teeth. Desperately, she clenched her legs together, hoping it might somehow make the stimulation less intense. Her hard nipples began to ache, begging to be fondled as they poked temptingly through her cotton top.

Then the vibration stopped, just as suddenly as it had started. Furious and embarrassed, Tanya's hatred of her dad grew. He was just toying with her. She continued walking, feeling angry and sexually frustrated.

She was wandering aimlessly again when she heard a voice call out, "Hey, Tanya!" She turned and saw a boy from school, Darrin. She smiled and waved at him. Darrin was one of the cuter boys at school and girls always giggled and gossiped about him. As he approached, she saw he had a little boy accompanying him.

"Hi, Darrin," Tanya said, trying to act casual, trying to forget that there was a remote controlled egg in her vagina and that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Hi, Tanya," Darrin said. "What's up?"

"Just hanging out," Tanya replied. "What are you doing here today?"

"Me? My mom wanted me to take my little brother out. She said she wanted to clean the house and didn't want us hanging around."

Tanya smiled at Darrin's little brother, who appeared to be nine or ten. But she noticed he wasn't looking at her, but rather at her chest. Tanya glanced down at her shirt and felt her ears go red with embarrassment. Without a bra, her nipples were clearly hard and poking out of her thin cotton tank top. And now Darrin's little brother was unabashedly ogling her.

Darrin didn't realize what was going on, although he did notice Tanya's perky nipples. Being older though, he was a bit more surreptitious in checking her out. "Hey," he said, "we were just headed to Orange Julius if you want to join us."

"Really?" Tanya said, pleased that Darrin was inviting her to join him. "That soun- oh..." She was cut off by the egg, humming to life inside her. The powerful vibrations tickled her vaginal walls. Tanya shifted her position, standing with her ankles together and her thighs squeezed tight.

"Hey," Darrin said, noticing her flushed face, "are you feeling okay?"

"Oh, um, me?" Tanya said, smiling crookedly at him, "I'm feeling fine."

"Are you sure?" Darrin asked, concerned.

"Oh yeah," Tanya said, trying to ignore the egg. "Everything's is .. ooh..." The egg vibrated at full intensity now and her vagina involuntarily clenched tightly around it, giving rise to a series of tingles from her pubic area. Tanya crossed her arms around her front, her hands gripping tight against her hips.

"Everything's fine," she croaked. Darrin was now scratching his head while his little brother regarded her curiously. "I'm actually ... just fine, Darrin. Why don't (gasp) why-don't-you-guys-head-Orange-Julius-without-me-because-I-need-to-get-goin g." The last part came out in a rush as Tanya desperately wanted to get away from the two boys. She tried to smile again but it came out as a grimace as a wave of pleasure fluttered through her body.

"Um, well, okay," Darrin said, unsure of what was going on.

"See you, ohh, see you at school?" Tanya's voice rose to an unnatural pitch on the last syllable. Her vagina felt sopping wet now. She felt a trickle of moisture on he clenched thighs.

"Uh, yeah Tanya, see you later," Darrin said as he took his brother's hand and led him off. Tanya watched them leave with relief. Unconsciously, her hand rose to her breast and stroked the hard nipple. It took a second for the fourteen year old to realize what she was doing. Ashamed, she stopped, looking around to make sure no one saw her. But just as she took her hand away from her chest, the vibrations died away again. Tanya swallowed hard. Gingerly, she took a few steps and resumed walking.

She looked at her watch. She still had twenty minutes before meeting her dad again. Tanya wandered by Express when saw a pretty shirt on sale. She entered the store, immediately greeted by a smiling woman and the pounding techno music of the store. Under the bright lights, she rifled through the clothing racks until she found one in her size. A saleslady offered her a fitting room. Tanya had just entered and shut the door when the vibration started again.

"Ahhh," Tanya moaned softly to herself. At least now she had some privacy. The bank of fitting rooms at Express were not in an enclosed area but merely along a wall of the store. On the other side of the door, there was still the patter of shoppers walking by and clothing racks being perused. Still though, no one could see her so she was bolder. This time the young teenager used both hands to tweak her hard nipples, enjoying the simulation. Her hands cupped the entire breast and squeezed and massaged them, producing intensely blissful sensations in the fourteen year old.

Then Tanya felt the egg ramp up to full intensity, except this time it was different. The vibrations were pulsating in their strength, throbbing at full power and then decreasing and then returning to full power. Tanya felt the lubrication in her vagina start to flow again. She whimpered in frustration. Her body had been denied of pleasure for too long and now her clit ached in impatience.

Tanya leaned back in the corner of the fitting room. Knowing it was wrong, she lifted up her skirt. Her middle finger stroked her pussy mound, dipping into the valley where her clit throbbed. The teenager was amazed at how wet she was. Tanya sighed with satisfaction as she stroked her clit, finally building up to the sweet release she yearned for. She felt a twinge of guilt, masturbating in a fitting room at the mall, but she continued on. She had no choice now.

"Uh, uh, ohhh..." the loud music of the store would hide the noise she made, Tanya reasoned to herself. If she could just give herself an orgasm, maybe her father wouldn't have as much power over her with the vibrating egg, which still sensually pulsed inside her clenched vagina.

"Oh God... ummm," Tanya could feel herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Any second now....

Suddenly, there was someone on the other side of the door. Tanya heard a woman's voice say, "Your daughter locked herself into this one, sir?" A key was inserted into the door which swiftly swung open. All this happened in the space of three seconds and abruptly Tanya found herself staring into the face of an astonished Express saleslady, with her dad looking over the woman's shoulder. Beyond them, she saw another shopper standing at a clothing rack, her mouth open in shock. The teenager's face and ears turned scarlet with embarrassment.

Tanya had frozen when the door swung open, one hand hiking up her skirt while the other at her crotch was frantically masturbating. After what seemed like an eternity to Tanya, the saleslady recovered and pulled the door shut.

"Excuse me, I'm... sorry!" the saleslady called to her through the door. "Do you, uh, need any assistance?" Perhaps realizing how ridiculous her question was, the saleslady said, "Um, are you almost done in there?"

This, too, was an embarrassing question. There was an uncomfortable silence from both sides of the door. Mortified, Tanya let her skirt fall back down and covered her face, forgetting one hand was covered in her juices. The sharp, musky scent of her lubrication made her jerk her hand away from her face. Tears of embarrassment welled up in her eyes. Wiping her hand on her skirt, she pulled open the door and rushed to exit the store, keeping her eyes glued to the ground, not daring to look up at anyone.

Behind her, she heard her father say some words to the saleslady before hurrying after her. Once in the mall concourse, Tanya headed straight for the exit where they had parked. Her face still burned red. Her father was practically jogging to keep up with her. Once they reached the car, they sat in a stony silence as her father let the engine idle.

"Tanya, honey," her father said, "I would have thought you would have known better than to do that in a public place."

Tanya didn't answer. She gazed out the window into the distance. Her chin trembled slightly, but she didn't want to give her father the satisfaction of seeing cry. Her hatred of him flowed strongly through her body.

"Well," he said, starting to drive out of the mall parking lot, "I thought we might go to the park next. You always liked to go to the park, right, honey?"

"Can we just go home?" Tanya said in a monotone.

"Soon enough, honey, soon enough."

They drove to Moir Park where Tanya had often played when she was little. By now it was late evening and the sun was shining low through the trees, bathing the park in an orange glow. Tanya still walked with a bow-legged stiffness, the egg pressing against her in a way she couldn't ignore. The park was emptying out as parents led their kids back to their cars to go home. Tanya envied them.

Her dad headed for the swings. "Come on," he said. "We'll swing together just like when you were a little girl."

Tanya balked. "Do we have to?"

Her father fixed her with a withering gaze. "Remember our deal, Tanya." He sat down in a swing. Scowling, Tanya sat in his lap, careful to smooth her skirt against her bottom so she wouldn't be naked against his jeans. Her dad began to swing, pumping his legs to move them higher. Tanya held on tight to the chains, fearful that she might fall off his lap.

After a few minutes though, she felt a hard object pressing at her bottom. Grimly, she tried to ignore it. Soon her dad stopped swinging and they slowed to a stop.

"Stand up for a second, Tanya," her dad ordered. She did. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly. Tanya eyed it warily.

"Turn around," he said. Tanya complied.

"Now bend over a little."

"Why?" Tanya asked, feeling the sense of dread return.

"Just do it."

Reluctantly, Tanya bent over at her waist a bit, pushing her butt toward her father. Turning her head, she saw him squirt some K-Y onto his finger and lift her skirt.

"Daddy!" she protested. "Someone will see!"

"Be quiet," he commanded. Tanya hoped no one would see her dad lifting up her skirt, revealing her bare ass. It was getting darker still since the sun had set and the western sky was now brilliant hues of red and orange. Tanya felt his greased finger rub against her asshole.

"Daddy! What are you doing?" But he didn't answer. She saw him apply more K-Y to his finger. She suddenly felt something penetrating her asshole, sinking in easily. She gave a little yell.

"Ahhh! Stop it!" she begged.

To her relief, he withdrew his finger. But her dismay returned as she saw him fumble with the zipper of his pants. Silent, she watched as he pulled his penis through the zipper opening. It was hard and stuck straight out from his body. Tanya was shocked. She had seen penises before in magazines and movies at her friends' house, but she had never seen a real one, let alone her dad's. It looked big, about the size of a bratwurst, she thought. She watched as he applied some K-Y to his erect member.

"Come here, Tanya," he said, reaching for his daughter. He took her by the hips. "Sit down," he told her. Swallowing hard, Tanya tried to mentally prepare herself for what was about to happen.

She felt an object rub against her buttocks first before pressing against her asshole. Anxiously, she pleaded, "No Daddy, please don't. I'll do anything else, but I don't want to do this. Especially not here. What if someone sees us?" But he wasn't listening. Sucking in her breath, she felt the hard, blunt object penetrate the ring of her sphincter. Her dad pulled on her hips, sinking another inch into her. Tanya winced. His invading cock already felt huge.

He pulled on her hips again, this time burying a good two more inches of his cock inside his daughter. Tanya gasped in discomfort. Her rectum spasmed in pain, trying to accommodate the intruder. He pulled on her hips again, sinking the rest of his rigid penis in her asshole and eliciting an "Ow!" from his daughter. Tanya now sat as she did before on her father's lap, except this time her skirt was hiked up and his cock was buried in her butt.

The fourteen year old took deep breaths. His penis felt massive inside her although she wasn't in terrible pain. If anything it felt like she had to go to the bathroom.

Slowly, her dad began to swing again, pumping his legs. Tanya held tight to the chains as he swung higher and higher. Soon they were swinging so high that Tanya was afraid she might fall off. With each forward swing, they would reach the apex and start swinging backwards, at which point her dad's penis would slip out of her an inch or two from the momentum. But on each backward swing, she had to grind her butt back against her father's body in order to keep from sliding off his lap. Unfortunately, that also meant thrusting back onto his hard penis.

Her father enjoyed the simulation. He whispered into her ear, "Mmm, Tanya, it feels so good when you fuck your daddy's cock like that." He purposely pumped his legs harder, making the swing go higher. Tanya had no choice but to keep impaling herself on her father's penis. When they reached the end of the backwards swing, her body was crash into her father's and his penis would jam deep into her, making her gasp.

"Ah... Ah... Ohh... " Tanya panted as they swung back and forth.

"You like this, don't you Tanya?" her dad whispered. "You're a dirty, naughty girl and you love getting fucked up the ass, don't you?"

"Uh... Uh... No... I don't... ah..." Tanya huffed in reply.

"Well, then," her father said. "What about now?"

The vibrating egg hummed to life again. Her body responded immediately, having been frustrated all day. Tanya moaned as she felt her nipples harden and her vagina become moist with pleasure. She was ashamed that she felt such gratification when her dad had his penis jammed inside her asshole. But the egg felt so good, vibrating and tickling her.

As she shivered in erotic fulfillment, Tanya saw two figures emerge from the wooded area that bordered the park. Worried, she watched as they approached the playground. They drew closer and she recognized them as two girls from school. Tanya hoped they wouldn't recognize her.

Her dad continued swinging, delighting in his daughter's embarrassment. He recognized the girls since they used to come over to play with Tanya when she was younger.

"Hi, girls!" he called. They stopped and regarded the spectacle before them.

"Oh, hi Tanya! Hi, Mr. Elliot!" one of the girls called back.

Tanya blushed crimson as the girls approached. She prayed they wouldn't see the skirt hiked up behind her. The fourteen year old would have been mortified if they saw her dad's slimy cock pop out of her asshole so she was careful to keep her butt pressed hard against her dad's body. The two girls, perhaps sensing it was odd that a teenager girl should sit on her father's lap while swinging, kept their distance and walked on. Tanya breathed a sigh of relief.

"Didn't you want them to see me fucking your little asshole?" her father muttered into her ear.

"No..." Tanya said. The vibrating egg changed to the pulse mode. She sucked in her breath. Her father's cock in her asshole pressed against the egg through her interior wall, spreading the vibrations onto her sensitive vagina.

"Ahhh, mmm God..." Tanya moaned as she quivered in bliss. Her father reached around with one hand and snaked up her skirt. His finger began to stroke her clit, adding to Tanya's pleasure. Father and daughter continued to pitch back and forth on the playground swing. On each backwards swing, her dad's cock would pound hard into her teenage rectum and ram the vibrating egg hard against her vaginal walls.

It was too much for Tanya. The horny fourteen year old had been frustrated all day long and her body ached for release. As her dad's finger flew over her clit, Tanya threw her head back and let out a long, shuddering moan. Her orgasm whipped through her body with the intensity of a hurricane, bathing every inch of her in a tingly, warm glow.

"Ohhh, ohhh, oh God..." Tanya whined in orgasmic bliss. Her asshole squeezed down hard on her father's cock as she came. It proved to be too much for him as well. Tanya felt his cock twitch inside her butt as her father leaned back on the swing. As her orgasm died down, his roared to life as she felt his penis squirting inside her. After her orgasm, Tanya common sense returned and she felt humiliated as her father's semen filled her rectum. But all she could do was sit and let him finish.

Her father continued breathing heavily as the swing slowed. They finally stopped. Tanya sat still, ashamed, as she felt her father's penis soften in her butt. She pushed herself off of him and stood up. Her skirt fell back to its normal position but she felt a trickle of fluid run down her leg as her sphincter slowly closed back up. Tanya was too mortified to speak so she shuffled off to the parked car.

Her father joined her minutes later. They drove home in silence. Once home, Tanya immediately headed for the shower, eager to wash off the dried trail of semen incrusted on her leg. As she cleaned herself off, the fourteen year old began to cry as she felt the egg start vibrating in her vagina again.

Chapter Four

Tanya walked quickly, trying to keep up with the brisk pace of her father in front of her. It was after dinner and they were headed for the park again. Despite her desire to hurry, Tanya still took small steps and looked straight down at the ground, not daring to make eye contact. She was embarrassed to be in public with her father, especially with the state she was in.

The day had started out in a promising fashion. After she begged and pleaded, her father consented and allowed her to remove the vibrating egg from her vagina before she went to school. However, he told her she still needed to shave her pubic hair and she couldn't wear a bra or panties. Tanya didn't mind the shaving so much and she simply wore a loose shirt and pants to hide her lack of underwear.

She had breathed a sigh of relief as the school bus picked her up. The fourteen year old had been glad to escape her dad's presence. She even stayed after school was over, trying to kill time with the extracurricular activity students. When she went home at dinnertime, however, her dad was waiting for her. And after dinner, he suggested they go back to the park. Tanya had no choice but to comply.

But before they had left, Tanya's father stopped by her bedroom and handed her the egg. "Put this back in your pussy," he told her.

Tanya blushed, still not used to her father saying such dirty words. She knew there was no way to avoid the egg now. Maybe if she did as she was told, her father would let her take it out before school again tomorrow. Tanya took the egg and went into the bathroom. She was about to close the door when her father stopped her.

"I want to watch," he said.

"But Dad!" Tanya wailed, knowing it was useless. Her father gave her a look. She let him enter the bathroom.

Opening the medicine cabinet, she pulled out some K-Y jelly that she normally used for tampons. Biting her lip, she applied a healthy gob of lubricant to the egg and spread it around. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her dad watching her intently. Blushing even more, Tanya undid her pants and let them slip to her ankles. She lifted one leg and set her foot down on the toilet to give herself better access. Humiliated, she watched her father leer at her, not even looking at her face, as she pushed the egg into her vagina.

"Push your finger in too, Tanya," he instructed her. "Make sure it's good and deep in there." Mortified, Tanya slipped a finger into her vagina as her dad watched.

When he was satisfied, he had handed her a sports bra and a pair of shorts and told her to put them on. Puzzled, Tanya turned to face away from her father and took off her shirt. She pulled the sports bra on and adjusted it onto her firm breasts. Next she took the yellow shorts and stepped into them, pulling the smooth nylon material up her skinny legs. As she tugged the shorts closer to her waist, Tanya had some trouble because the shorts were several sizes too small.

Fumbling with the shorts, she said, "Daddy, these shorts are too small. They won't fit me."

"Nonsense," her father told her. "Let me help you..."

Grabbing the waistband, her father tugged hard until Tanya almost felt herself lift off the ground. By sheer gravity, Tanya felt her legs and midsection squeeze into the tight yellow shorts. She wondered if the circulation was being cut off to her lower body. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror and was instantly appalled.

The sports bra was so tight and low-cut that her breasts were squeezed together in a conspicuous display of cleavage. Worse, the yellow shorts were so tight that the nylon followed every curve, including the slit in her crotch. Dismayed, Tanya saw that her pubic area was completely on display, the fleshy tissue or her femininity bulging through the shorts. She looked like a total slut. The fourteen year old fought back tears.

Her father hurried her out of the house, not giving her a chance to protest. And now they were walking back to the park, Tanya lagging behind because of the tight shorts and the egg that pressed uncomfortably at her insides. Her dad walked briskly on, a backpack slung over his shoulder. Tanya noticed that she was now a good twenty yards behind him.

She passed by a basketball court where several black men were playing. But as she walked by, they immediately stopped.

"Goddamn," she heard one of them say, "look at that little bitch."

"Hey baby," one yelled, "that's one cute pussy you got there! Can I touch it?"

"I got a treat for you inside my pants!" another hollered.

Ashamed and humiliated, Tanya hurried along to catch up with her father. She was stopped short by the egg vibrating to life inside her tight vagina. She stopped and clenched her thighs together for a moment.

"Man, look at that cute skinny ass!" one of the basketball players shouted. Her ears burning red, Tanya forced herself to continue walking. She heard them laughing behind her.

When she finally caught up with her father, he was sitting calmly on a bench next to the playground equipment. Tanya sat down next to him and gritted her teeth. In her dad's hand she saw the little remote control that controlled the vibrations of the egg. At the moment, it was humming softly inside her, gentle enough that Tanya was able to ignore. She watched her dad turn a dial on the remote.

The vibrations kicked up a notch, massaging her insides. Tanya saw him turn the dial again and the power of the egg increased again, vibrating intensely against a sensitive spot of her vagina. Tanya gasped and squirmed on the bench. Despite her embarrassment, she couldn't resist the warm feelings the egg provoked from her body. Unconsciously, her hands reached up to touch her breasts. She stopped when she realized what she was doing, but it was too late. Her hard nipples now poked through the sports bra. Across the playground, she saw an old man watching them with curiosity.

"Please, daddy," Tanya begged, clenching her legs together. "Turn it off! This is too embarrassing!"

Tanya's father relented and she watched gratefully as he switched off the device. The vibrating stopped immediately inside her. Gingerly, the young girl relaxed her legs.

"Honey," her father said, "why don't you go play on the playground for a little while? You go get on the tire swing and I'll come push you."

Tanya shrugged and got up. The tire swing hung parallel to the ground by three chains. She got in the swing and positioned herself as if she were lying on an inner tube in the water. Her gangly teenage limbs were a bit too long so they dangled off the side of the tire. She looked back to see her dad still sitting on the bench, watching her. Tanya didn't care. At least he hadn't activated the egg.

As the tire swing rotated lazily, she saw the old man who had been watching her earlier. He regarded her curiously now. He seemed out for a stroll for he was just wandering aimlessly around the playground, dressed in corduroy pants and a cardigan. Nonchalantly, he passed with a few feet of the tire swing but Tanya saw him steal a quick glance at her body sprawled across the swing.

Embarrassed, Tanya realized her nipples were still erect and poking through her shirt. Even worse, the tight pants still hugged every crevice of her crotch. She might as well have not been wearing anything at all. Her slit was clearly visible and a darkened spot indicated the moisture of her arousal. Tanya blushed fiercely. So that was why this dirty old man was so interested in her, she thought.

Ashamed, Tanya covered her chest with one arm while her other hand covered her crotch. The old man pretended not to be interested in her and continued strolling about the playground. Tanya's dad approached her.

"Dad, can we go home now?" Tanya asked hopefully.

"Not yet, Tanya," he told her. Wordlessly, he took both her arms and pulled them from her body so she was no longer hiding her private parts. He looked her in the eye as he positioned her arms on the tire. Tanya didn't need to ask or plead. She knew he just wanted to humiliate her. "Don't cover your body with your hands, sweetheart. Keep them at your sides."

Out of the corner of her eye, Tanya saw the old man approach again. She glared at him as his eyes zeroed in on her crotch and then moved up her still developing body. When he finally reached her face, Tanya locked onto his gaze and tried her best to look angry. It worked. The old man bit his lip and quickly glanced at Tanya's father who was still standing nearby. Realizing he was also being watched by her father, the man blushed and looked away. He was just beginning to shuffle away when Tanya's father spoke.

"Excuse me, sir," he said politely. "Did you like what you saw?"

The old man stopped and turned, a wary and questioning expression on his face.

"What do you think of my daughter?" Tanya's father pressed on. "Come take a closer look. She's really something."

"Dad!" Tanya blurted out. Her father fixed a withering gaze on her. The old man shuffled nearer until he was standing right next to the tire swing. Tanya was still obediently spread-eagle on the tire but her ears were burning red with embarrassment. She grimly stared at her stomach as she felt the old man's eyes scrutinize her. Her ears reddened darker when she noticed the bulge in the old man's corduroy pants. Her heart skipped a beat as she heard her dad speak again.

"You can go ahead and touch," Tanya's father said softly. "Don't worry. She won't bite."

Tanya was about to scramble out of the tire swing when she felt her father's hands close tightly around her shoulders. He squeezed firmly. "Tanya always obeys me, don't you, sweetie?"

The fourteen year old tried to relax her body as her father eased her back onto the swing. She watched as the old man reached a pale and wrinkled hand toward her chest. Her nipples still jutted out proudly from the sports bra and the man reached for the one nearest to him. All her body muscles went tight as his fingers tweaked her nipple through the thin nylon.

Humiliated, Tanya wished herself elsewhere as this old man felt up her chest in a public playground. She glanced around to see if anyone was watching, but no, it was getting late and the people were thinning out.

"Incredible, isn't she?" Tanya heard her father ask the old man. Instead of replying, the old man let his fingers wander lower brushing across Tanya's flat tummy, pausing to dip into her belly button. She watched as his hand slipped lower and lower. When he reached the waistband of her tight yellow shorts, Tanya couldn't bear to watch anymore and closed her eyes.

But suddenly she felt the egg hum to life inside her vagina. Her eyes jerked open, just in time to see the old man's bony index finger slide against the puffy crevice outlined on the shorts. She gasped involuntarily, partly from the egg and partly from the shock of being touched by this stranger.

The old man shared none of Tanya's inhibition however. He boldly massaged her entire crotch area, letting her fleshly fold undulate beneath his fingers. Despite herself, Tanya stiffened at the contact and felt a different kind of blush spread across her chest. Shamefully, she felt herself getting wet and excited.

She felt a combination of desire and dread as she watched the old man slip his fingers into the tight waistband of her shorts. She shivered as the man's fingers came into contact with her bare pubis. The shorts were so tight the man almost wasn't able to navigate far enough. But he extended a lone finger and Tanya sucked in her breath as he slid his finger into her slit, rubbed against her engorged clit, and then dipped gently into her wet vaginal opening.

Tanya couldn't help herself. Though clenched teeth, she moaned quietly hoping no one would notice. Between the pulsating egg inside her and the old man's finger stroking her clit, she felt herself pushed closer and closer to a shameful but blissful release. She realized she was thrusting her hips up to better present her wet crotch.

They were interrupted suddenly as two boys ran up to the playground, their mother trailing behind them. Abruptly, the old man yanked his hands out of Tanya's shorts. Almost immediately, she felt the egg stop vibrating inside her as well. The two boys began to climb the jungle gym, oblivious to the sexual encounter that had just taken place. Tanya watched, shocked, as the old man licked his shiny finger clean of her moisture. She felt sickened but also a bit excited by the impropriety of his behavior. Nodding at Tanya's father, the old man turned and walked away.

By now the mother of the two boys had caught up with them and had just settled herself onto a bench. She pulled out a book and began to read, taking advantage of the last rays of light as the sun approached the horizon.

"Let's go, Tanya," her dad said, raising her up off the swing and helping her dismount. Tanya was careful to face away from the two boys as well as the mom. She didn't want anyone else noticing her revealing clothing or the dark wet spot that adorned the crotch of her shorts.

"Ready to go home?" her dad asked. Tanya nodded and started walking. She had traveled no more than a few feet when she was stopped in her tracks by the vibrating egg. Her dad had wasted no time and already had it on maximum intensity. Tanya whimpered and squeezed her legs together as the throbbing simulation tingled her body.

"Come on, Tanya," her dad said taking her by the arm, "let's walk a bit."

Tanya let him lead her away from the playground. She did her best to walk normally but she stumbled a few times when she let down her concentration. They had gone no further than twenty yards when her dad pulled her off the sidewalk path.

"Wh-where are we going?" Tanya mumbled.

Her dad didn't answer. Instead he pulled her towards some pine trees that were set back from the sidewalk and the park. They stopped in a clearing enclosed by three pine trees. Tanya's dad tossed his backpack onto the ground that was a mixture of dirt and wood chips. Wordlessly, he reached for her waistband and yanked her shorts off until they lay in a bundle around her ankles.

"Daddy!" Tanya exclaimed, "what are you doing?" The shock of being naked in public allowed her to momentarily forget the buzzing simulation inside her vagina. "Someone will see me!" she protested.

"No one will see anything," he father told her. He pulled roughly on her sports bra, tugging it over her head. Bewildered, Tanya complied by lifting her arms over head, allowing him to remove the bra. She was completely naked now.

Her father sat down on the ground and pulled her with him until she was straddling him. She watched as his lips closed around her nipple.

"Daddy! Stop!" she objected again. But he didn't pay any attention, instead he sucked on her nipple until she felt it harden under his moist, soft lips. Uncomfortable at this contact, Tanya tried to move away but he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. Uncomfortably, Tanya let him continue to suckle her nipple. His hands massaged her young breasts, cupping them in his palms.

Tanya shifted awkwardly and felt the dirt and wood chips dig against her knees as she straddled her father. She cast a quick gaze around, praying that no one could see them. It seemed safe for now. The three pines trees were thick with growth. Although the bottom three feet of each trunk was bare, the clearing where her father sat was still shadowy and obscured. Combined with the waning sunlight, Tanya hoped they were invisible.

Despite herself, Tanya felt herself becoming sexually excited by her dad's mouth and tongue caressing her breasts. The egg still vibrated at full power inside her and Tanya knew the moisture must be dripping from her vagina by now. As if reading her mind, her father reached down with one hand and rubbed her crotch, spreading her slick juices on her pubic area.

Tanya moaned at his touch. Each time he circled her clit, a wave of pleasure would wash across her young body. She knew it was wrong for her father to touch her but the fourteen year old's hormones had gotten the better of her. Right now, she just needed a sweet and blissful release from the sexual frustration building in her body.

Her dad ceased his ministrations to her chest and lay back completely. Tanya watched as his fingers undo his belt. She felt a creeping dread shiver down her spine. "He wants to have intercourse!" Tanya thought to herself, panicking. She didn't want to lose her virginity to her father, no matter how desperately horny she was feeling.

"If only I could come," Tanya reasoned with herself, "he wouldn't be able to manipulate me so much with this stupid egg inside me." Her father had now completely undone his belt. Realizing what was about to happen, she reached down to her dripping crotch and began to stroke her clit. Unashamed, the fourteen year old frantically masturbated as she knelt straddling her father.

Her finger flew over her clit as she felt herself get closer and closer to an orgasm. She watched as her father fumbled a bit with his zipper. Soon his erect penis was visible before her, standing at attention. Desperately, Tanya rubbed her clit harder and faster. Staring at her father's hard penis she tried to imagine that it wasn't his. Maybe it was Darrin's, the boy from school... The thought added fuel to her excitement. She was close, so close...

"Stop, Tanya," her dad said, taking both her wrists. With some effort, he pulled her fingers away from her crotch. Tanya felt tears well up in her eyes. She felt so ashamed. Just a week ago she would never have imagined masturbating in front of her dad. Now she was brazenly trying to get herself off while straddling her father. In public, no less! Her dad began tugging at the wire connected to the egg, easing it out of her tight vagina.

"No daddy," Tanya pleaded. "I don't want to do this. Please..."

But her father shook his head. He gave a final tug and the egg slipped free of her. He dangled the egg in front of her face, shiny and dripping with her juices.

"You want to do it, Tanya," he told her. "Deep down, you want me to fuck you."

Tanya shook her head but her dad laid back and positioned his penis beneath her. She felt the rubbery head rubbing against her vaginal lips, spreading her own moisture. Her father gripped her hips. Tanya glanced around again at the darkening park grounds. No one was in sight.

"Come on, Tanya. Easy does it."

He pulled insistently at her. Tanya felt him pressing against her, harder now, the pressure increasing... Humiliated, she let her knees separate a little bit and was rewarded by his penis slipping inside her, just a bit. She could sense the heat from his hard organ against her vaginal walls. She could sense the size of it as well, stretching her open much more than the egg or a pair of fingers ever could. Two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt her virginity taken by her father.

Tanya surveyed her father's obvious pleasure as she continued to impale herself inch by inch on his penis. His face was one of pure arousal and excitement as she lowered herself. She soon reached the halfway mark of his penis. Her knees relaxed some more and she sank a few more inches until she felt her thighs touching his body. Resigned to her fate, Tanya sat completely, letting her stuffed crotch rest against her father's body.

The fourteen year old could feel the heat and hardness pulse with life inside her. The head of his penis pressed against her cervix, producing a sensation she had never felt before. It was almost painful yet pleasurable, like she was scratching an itch. Casting her gaze about the park, Tanya's eyes settled on a pair of darkened figures across the baseball fields. They seemed to be heading toward the pine trees where she was straddling her father.

Tanya's gaze was broken as her father began moving beneath her, undulating his hips. She felt his penis withdraw slightly from her vagina and then thrust back inside. Fucking her, she thought. My father is fucking me. The two figures walking across the baseball field drew closer and closer. She lowered her head until her blond hair fell over her face like a mask, praying they wouldn't see what she and her father were doing. More tears of humiliation rolled down her cheeks as her father began to move faster in and out of her. Tanya heard his breathing quicken as an occasional gasp escaped his lips.

Closing her eyes, Tanya tried to imagine herself elsewhere. But it was impossible. The wood chips bit into her knees as she knelt atop her father. The clearing was heavy with the thick scent of pine needles. And along with this sensory information was the feeling of her father's hard penis fucking her.

Tanya passively straddled her father as he plunged in and out of her vagina. She wanted no part of this but she couldn't help but gasp from time to time as her father rammed into her cervix. The sensation was still strange and alluring but the young girl was too distraught to take any pleasure from her first experience with intercourse. Cautiously, she peeked out from behind her hair. Relief swept through her body as she saw the two shadowy figures were no longer walking in their direction.

Her father slowed his strokes until he fully stopped, leaving himself buried inside her. "Tanya," he began. "Look at me."

Tanya raised her head until she was eye to eye with her father.

"I want you to squat over me, with your feet on the ground," he told her. Tanya eased herself off his hard penis.

"Be careful," he directed. "I want to stay inside of your tight little pussy." Tanya flushed at his words. With some shifting, she was able to move to a squatting position over her father. "Now I want you to fuck me," he told his daughter.

Silently, Tanya experimentally worked her leg muscles to make herself rise and fall a little bit. She felt his penis slide in and out as her dad grunted his approval. Awkwardly, she continued her movements, letting more of her father's penis slip out of her before plunging back down on it. She watched her father as his eyes were glued to her crotch. He was no doubt getting an excellent view of her vagina and crotch as it swallowed his penis.

Tanya's leg muscles soon became accustomed to the exertion. It was like she was doing leg squats, but on a much shorter scale. In control now, Tanya couldn't ignore the warm tingles from her crotch as she slid up and down her father's penis. The fourteen year old found that forcefully impaling herself onto his hard organ produced a delicious sensation as he banged into her cervix.

Tanya quickened her motions, stabbing herself with his penis faster now. A bead of sweat formed on her forehead. It felt so good now. Delightful tingles were coursing through her young body. A small part of Tanya was ashamed that she was taking such joy in having sex with her father but she was now overwhelmed with the desperate need for an orgasm.

Tanya no longer cared that she was fucking her dad. She no longer cared that they were in the park where someone might see them. She ignored the wood chips and dirt that had worked in between her toes. All she could feel was this hard organ thrusting hot inside her slick vagina.

Her father reached out and softly caressed her clit with his thumb. Tanya moaned with pleasure. The slight touch made her clit ache for more attention. Her dad gently diddled her again.

"Do you like that, Tanya?"

"Ah, ah...

"Answer me, young lady," he said, flicking his thumb across her engorged clit again. "Do you like it when I touch your clit?"

"Y-yes," Tanya stammered.

"Then tell me to touch you."

Tanya hesitated for a moment. She felt slightly embarrassed again. But it felt too good to stop now. "Please... touch me..." she gasped.

"Touch you where? Who are you talking to?"

"Please daddy," Tanya moaned. "Touch me.. touch my clit. Rub it..."

She was rewarded by her father's thumb stroking her in strong, circular movements. Tanya shivered and moaned again. She was getting very close now. She increased her efforts until her hips were bucking so quickly she was losing her rhythm.

Her father's strokes against her clit lightened, teasing her. Tanya moaned in frustration.

"What's the matter, honey? Do you need something?"

"Yesss..." Tanya hissed though clenched teeth. She ignored her discomfort. "Please don't stop... touching my clit..."

"Do you want me to make you come, Tanya?" he asked her.

"Oh please, daddy... please..." Tanya begged, "make me... come... now..." She couldn't believe she was saying these words. But was so close! Just a little more...

Her father's thumb was a blur over her clit. The sensation was so powerful that Tanya momentarily paused, her hips perfectly still as she absorbed the pleasure rushing through her. But she wanted more. Her hips began rocking again, plunging her father's penis against her cervix.

"Tell me," her father gasped as his daughter fucked herself hard against his cock. "Tell me what you want."

Tanya began fucking as fast as she could. She felt her father do the same as he diddled her clit. "Please... make me come... daddy... oh please... oh... oh... oh god... daddy... UHHHHHH..."

Tanya's orgasm exploded in a ball of white light. The fourteen year old almost blacked out from the intensity of it as her vagina milked her father's penis. Tanya threw her head backward and arched her spine, her hands landing on the ground to support her as her vagina pulsed and squeezed. Unable to support herself, Tanya's arms gave way as she collapsed onto her back against the hard ground. Her father's penis slipped out as she landed.

Tanya gasped and writhed on the wood chips and pine needles covering the dirt ground. She had never experienced such a powerful orgasm. Stunned, she lay sprawled on the ground, her limbs flung out so that she lay in the shape of an X.

Her father had other plans though. He got up and crawled to wear Tanya lay prostrate. He arranged himself between her legs. Tanya felt his penis at her entrance again. He paused only a second before plunging himself deep into her wet pussy. Tanya gasped from the sudden intrusion. He began fucking her in rapid, sure strokes.

Tanya simply lay back and let him fuck her. She was too exhausted to protest. Her father lay on top of her and they were face to face now as the weight of his body pressed against her. Tanya stared into his eyes as he fucked her. She felt oddly disconnected now, like she only an observer in what was happening.

Even as her father quickened his pace, she felt nothing. He began to thrust into her so powerfully that their crotches smacked against one another. She heard him grunt hard as his penis twitched inside her. He was coming inside her now. Her father gasped into her ear with each spurt of his semen. Tanya felt the hot liquid inside her. Finally he stopped moving. He lay on top of her, still embedded in her vagina, for a few minutes before getting up.

Tanya watched him as he put his clothes back on. She had lost her virginity in a public park to her father. The young girl needed a moment to digest what had happened. She stared up at the pine tree as she lay on the ground, thinking. She felt her sense return to her body. She was aware now of the twigs and branches digging into her back. She was aware of the semen leaking out of he vagina, running cold down her butt and onto the dirt beneath her.

Slowly, Tanya sat up. She was reaching for her clothes when her father reached out and grabbed all her clothing. He stuffed it into the backpack he had been carrying.

"Not yet," he told her. "Let's go back to the park before we go home."

Tanya looked at him warily. Her heart sank she saw him pull out a length of rope from the backpack.

Chapter Five

Tanya followed her dad slowly as he led her out of the clearing. It was completely dark now but Tanya felt quite conspicuous as she strode naked through the wooded area. Thankfully, the park was empty as far as she could tell. But once they reached the sidewalk path, her dad led her back to the playground area.

"Daddy, stop!" Tanya protested, eying the length of rope he held in his hand. "Where are you going?" Not answering, her father only tightened his grip on her wrist and pulled her along. As she trotted after him, Tanya felt very exposed and open to the elements. The cooler night air prickled her skin, giving her goosebumps. And she was mortified to feel the first drops of her father's semen dripping from her vagina. The walking exacerbated the situation and by the time they reached the playground, the fourteen year old had several trails of semen drying on her leg.

"Sit down here," her father ordered her. They were standing near the playground slides, where the playground equipment formed a miniature obstacle course of ladders and tunnels and slides for children to play on. Tanya sat down on a platform where a ladder led to a small tunnel.

"Spread your legs," he told her. Using the rope, he tied each of Tanya's legs to a post, keeping her open in a spread eagle position. Tanya felt very exposed now with her shaved crotch on display for all to see, as well as the pink insides of her labia and her vagina still leaking a mixture of her lubrication and her father's semen. Tanya shifted uncomfortably. Though she was still sitting up, her legs were being pulled to each side by the tight rope.

"Now lie down," he instructed her. Moving to the other side of the platform, he took one wrist and looped the rope around. Tanya swallowed in nervous apprehension as he tied her wrist around another post. He took her other wrist and did the same. The young teenage girl was now spread eagle as she lay on the platform, her body bent backwards at an awkward angle.

"Daddy, please! What are you doing to me?" Tanya objected. Her father only gave her a small grin as he pulled a strip of cloth from his backpack. Slipping it into her mouth, he tied it in a firm knot behind her head. Not only was her body and crotch on display but she was gagged now as well. Tanya strained her neck trying to watch her father as he walked away. Was he just going to leave her here?

Tanya shivered as the cold metal of the platform chilled her. Above her she could see some stars beginning to appear in the darkened sky. The park was quiet around her and all she could hear was the occasional whir of a passing car. Despite the calm surroundings, Tanya was still understandably apprehensive as she lay naked and bound in the playground. Her muscles were starting to ache from the strain of the position.

Suddenly, Tanya heard a noise. Trying to tilt her head, she tried to see who it was. Out of the corner of her eye, she a shadow pass by. She panicked. It wasn't her dad. He was shorter and stocky but this figure had been tall and slim. Whoever it was, she heard him approaching her, shuffling the small pebbles of the playground beneath his feet. Futilely, Tanya wrestled at the ropes binding her to the playground equipment.

Finally she saw him standing before her. Her heart sinking, Tanya saw it was the same old man from earlier in the evening, the one who had touched her as she sat in the tire swing. He had a glint in his eye as he surveyed her naked body. Tanya was blushing fiercely as he gazed at her firm breasts, two plump mounds crowned by her erect nipples pointing skyward. She inwardly cringed as he reached for her chest.

Protesting useless through the gag, Tanya felt his withered hands cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She furiously watched the old man as he molested her, his expression one of pure delight as he fondled and squeezed her breasts. Her heart sank as he leaned closer over her and moved his head towards her chest. Tanya watched his mouth pucker open like a fish as he closed his lips around her nipple.

Tanya blushed with embarrassment as the old man sucked her nipple, nibbling it with his teeth and flicking his tongue over it. Despite her discomfort, she felt a tingle between her legs as he manipulated her breasts. Tanya hated her body for enjoying the stimulation of the old man. Attempting to separate herself from the situation, she made herself look at the old man. He was clearly not attractive, for reasons other than the fact that he could be her grandfather. His hair and eyebrows were gray and his face was wrinkled and shrunken. Even then, Tanya couldn't ignore the pulling and nibbling on her nipples. Ashamed, she felt herself start to get wet again.

The old man must have either sensed or smelled her arousal for he reached down with one hand and caressed her clit as his mouth continued to suck her nipples. Tanya arched her back as much as her restraints would allow her as he expertly stroked her clit. His two fingers closed around her pleasure bud, tweaking and massaging it. Even Tanya could smell the scent of her arousal now as the sharp and pungent aroma wafted to her nostrils. She moaned through her gag, in half-protest and half-bliss.

Ceasing his ministrations, the old man stood. Tanya held her breath as he undid his zipper and pulled out his penis. It wasn't hard yet. She watched him wank at the limp flesh that hung from his zipper. She felt embarrassed that she was observing this grandfather-like old man stroke his own penis, trying to get it hard. He was succeeding too. She watched his penis grow stiff, slowly rising until it protruded from his body like a branch from a tree.

Tanya shivered in anticipation as he moved closer to her crotch. She was at the perfect height. The fourteen year old felt the old man's penis brushing against her vaginal lips for a moment before he started pressing against her gate. She was well lubricated after his attention and she felt his head slip in easily. The old man held her hips now as he slowly slid into her. Tanya closed her eyes as she felt herself penetrated for the second time that evening. His penis slipped into her tight hole, sinking deeper and deeper into her until she felt the corduroy of his pants against her thighs.

Opening her eyes, she saw the old man had penetrated her to the hilt. Her vagina had completely engulfed his penis and now he was standing still over her, his eyes closed in pure pleasure. He began to fuck her deeply, withdrawing fully before plunging back inside. Despite his age, the old man was able to thrust quite powerfully. Tanya gasped involuntarily at each stroke.

His hard penis was piercing her deeply and Tanya felt the familiar sensation against her cervix. The old man began to fondle her clit, thumbing her pleasure button that clearly exposed on her hairless slit. Tanya moaned under his relentless attack. The gag dried her mouth but she felt the sounds rising from deep within her throat.

"Mmmph, uhhh, uhh, ompphh," she groaned as the old man's cock plunged into her mercilessly. Totally under his control, Tanya felt a strange sense of excitement from being tied up like this. The pleasure mounted inside her fourteen year old body as the old man insistently diddled her clit. She was getting very close to coming now. Each time his penis pounded into her wet vagina, Tanya felt herself step closer and closer to the edge.

"Mmmph... mmpf... ummm... uh... uhH... OHHHH..." Tanya moaned with each of his thrusts until her orgasm finally burst like a dam, rushing fiercely through her young body. Her back arched and her toes curled as the old man gave her a crashing orgasm that swept over every inch of her body. She felt her vagina tighten uncontrollably around his cock, her muscles squeezing with all her might.

Tanya felt dizzy as she finally came down from her tremendous orgasm. She felt the old man pull out of her. Still in a daze, she watched as he clambered onto the platform where she lay. Straddling her chest, the man began to jack off, his hard penis only inches from her face.

Her eyes heavy-lidded, Tanya gazed at his penis as his hand stroked the length of it. He seemed to tower over her, his head appearing to brush the stars as he masturbated. The old man reached down and pulled her gag off. Tanya gratefully closed her dry mouth, trying to recirculate her saliva. The old man moved closer to her, pushing his hips forward so the tip of his penis brushed her chin as he furiously jacked himself off. Realizing what he meant to do, Tanya pursed her lips tight and turned her head away.

It was no use. With his free hand, the old man grabbed her head and forced her closer to his penis. Tanya tried to fight him but his grip was too strong. He pressed his penis against her mouth but Tanya stubbornly refused, her lips pressed tightly together. Still masturbating frantically, the man shoved his penis at her closed mouth.

Tanya was still fighting him, trying to turn her head when he moaned loudly. Tanya saw a burst of white fluid spurt from his penis. The shot of semen propelled directly into her nostrils. Alarmed, Tanya opened her mouth to breathe. The old man seized the opportunity and thrust his pulsating cock into her mouth. Nauseated, Tanya felt his thick semen spurt against the roof of her mouth. The man pushed more of his penis into her mouth as another shot of fluid was blasted into her unwilling mouth, then another and another. Tanya soon felt her mouth fill with his semen. Her lips were wrapped around his cock so she had no choice but to swallow. Humiliated, she felt the warm fluid slip down her throat. A few last shots dribbled more semen into her mouth. This time, Tanya was able to turn her head and free her mouth of his penis. Coughing and spitting, she felt tears come to her eyes as his white semen trickled and dripped from her chin.

Tanya wanted to wipe the sticky mess from her face. The rope held her wrist tightly as she tried to wipe her chin against her shoulder. The old man crawled off her. Tanya didn't notice as he zipped himself up and shuffled away.

The fourteen year old finally gave up and turned her head to let the semen slowly drip from her chin. She could still taste the salty, mineral flavor of the old man's semen on her tongue. The teenager was so distraught that she didn't notice her dad being to untie her. Once she was finally unbound, Tanya curled into a ball on the playground platform and sobbed tears of humiliation and shame.


Tanya sat in her room, quietly doing her homework. Her mother had finally come home from her trip and, as promised, her father took the blame for the damage done to the car. Things had been quiet ever since her mom's return and life seemed to return to normal, making the episodes with her father seem almost like a dream.

Despite the calmness of the situation now, Tanya still found herself restlessly pacing the house at times. At night, she awoke to strange dreams that left her feeling edgy. Even while doing her homework now, Tanya found it difficult to concentrate. Laying her pencil down, she went downstairs where she found her father reading in the living room. She was surprised at the words that came from her mouth.

"Daddy," she said, "will you take me to the park?"


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