Erotic Celebrity Parodies

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A. J. Langer: Making Babies # 45 - by Geminiguy - My 45th "Making Babies" entry. A wife agrees to watch her sister's daughter for the Summer. Correction: Her husband ends up having to watch her. And it seems the girl is trying to seduce him. (f/M, reluc, oral, cheat, celeb-parody)

ABBA: Tender Visit - by Raindancer - It's a sweet, erotic encounter between Agnetha and Frida, the former ABBA-Singers. (FF, rom, celebs)

Abuse Of Chloe Moretz - by Chuck MacGrliber - A young man decides that he is going to take advantage of Chloe Moretz. A celebrity teen that he has had an obsession with for years. Her parents are away for the weekend so it is time for his years of planning to pay off. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, anal, preg, celeb-parody)

Adalind - by Geminiguy - A Rock singer is crazy about Adalind Schade from Grimm. He does a tribute to her and ends up meeting the actress who plays her. (Mf, ped, mast, anal, exh, celeb-parody)

Adventures Of Selena Gomez - by Geminiguy - A man enjoys a site devoted to supposed sexual encounters with Selena Gomez (Mf, ped, celeb-parody)

Alexa Vega: Making Babies # 50 - by Geminiguy - My 50th "Making Babies" entry. Visiting my old stomping grounds, I run into an old friend who I find out his daughter is Alexa Vega! I invite his family out to Colorado and I get a chance to know Alexa a lot better. (Mf, ped, reluc, mast, latina, voy, celeb-parody)

Alexis Bledel: Celebrity Call Girl - by Jeff Walters - The studio saved lots of money when hiring new male talent by using a contractual agreement where-in one of their star talents would give them a blowjob as part of their "fringe" benefits if they signed on. (MF, oral, anal, prost, celeb-parody)

Alexis Bledel: First Time - by Jeff Walters - Alexis Bledel was excited as she entered the cab, she was going to be broken in by a guy who had a really big cock and she would be able to join the celebrity call girl club that she had heard great stories about. She sat back in the cab and watched as Jeff put his hand on her thigh. She liked that boys had done this too her before she had become a celebrity but since then all the guys had got scared of her. (MF, rom, celeb)

Alicia Silverstone: Gangrape - by CrushAJ - Alicia Silverstone is drugged and spirited away from a boring party, only to be subjected to a gangrape. (Mm+/F, nc, rp, beast, oral, anal, intr, celeb-parody)

Alicia Silverstone: Just Like Hollywood - by YourGhost - Alicia Silverstone is abducted and brutalized. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd, inc, oral, anal, ws, celeb-parody)

Alternate Realities: Jordan Rager, The Voice - by Geminiguy - Alternate Realities: How Jordan Rager Won His Round On The Voice. This story is based on the March 29th episode of The Voice. (F/m, 1st, anal, celeb-parody)

Alyssa Milano: Alyssa's Ordeal - by Anon - Alyssa Milano finds the biggest role of her life when she is abducted by aliens. (F/aliens, nc, mc, bd, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Alyssa Milano: Basic Obsession - by Gopher King - Alyssa Milano is cast in the sequel to basic instinct, in the Sharon Stone part. (MF, exh, oral, celeb-parody)

Alyssa Milano: Making Babies #18 - by Geminiguy - My 18th "Making Babies" entry. I run into a young starlet in the mall, who recognizes me. Things could get interesting... (Mf, 1st, celeb-parody)

Amanda Bynes: Making Babies #3 - by Geminiguy - My 3rd "Making Babies" entry. I hardly know one of my neighbors but she asks me to watch her daughter then hightails it out of there. I soon find out why she was in such a hurry to get away from her daughter. (M/f, ped, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Amy Poehler: Sorry, Mom - by Geminiguy - I never found my actress mother attractive. At least not until I saw her in the new Old Navy commercial. (F/m, inc, mast, anal celeb-parody)

Angelina Jolie: Away For The Weekend - by Mark Oxford - Angelina needed to get away from it all so she called her fellow actor buddy Jennifer Connelly to see if she would go with her. (FF, bi, celeb-parody)

A Night With Courtney Cox - by Anon - A nineteen-year-old waiter gets to wait on the TV personality. He gives good service. (MF, celeb)

Anna And The Aussie - by Rinky Dink - A story featuring Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati. (FF, mc, celebs)

Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati - by jackjohn - The girls get together to compare notes. (FF, rom, celeb) Part 2

Anna Kournikova - by HSWriter - I've always had a big dick, I mean really big. Ten inches can be embarrassing when it gets hard in public. But the day I met Anna, my big dick was no longer an embarrassment to me. (MF, affair, celeb)

Anna Kournikova: Ball-Boy - by TMFU - Josh Jenkins is a pretty normal teenager with ONE big obsession: every minute that his brain isn't doing something else, it is dominated by thoughts of tennis star Anna Kournikova. His birthday present, tickets for a US-Open Anna match, is the beginning of an adventure that surpasses his wildest wet dreams, as a simple but overambitious quest for a signature gets totally out of control... (F/m-teen, voy, 1st, celeb)

Anna Kournikova/Capriati: Massage - by jackjohn - Anna cares for Jennifer in her time of need. A Kournikova, Capriati romantic lesbian relationship. (FF, rom, celeb)

Anna Kournikova At Marineland - by David Oberman - Besides being a world-class tennis player, nineteen-year-old, Russian born, Anna Kournikova was also in great demand by the sportswear companies. This time it was a swimsuit company that had hired her good looks to promote their new line of swimwear. The advertising agency decided to do the shoot in Marineland. Anna would pose in front of different sea animals for added visual effect. (MMF, F/zoo, nc, celeb)

Anna Kournikova: Serving for Love - by Hellyeah4wood -The euphoria of the win was still hovering over Anna Kournikova as she had advanced to a pro tennis tournament final, her opponent would be tough Lindsay Davenport, but with this feeling of victory, Anna thought she could in the match easily. "Good job," came a voice from inside the private tennis player's cove/locker room. (FF, celeb)

Anna Paquin: Anna's Surprise - by Geminiguy - Something strange happened one night that brought unintended consequences, changing Anna's relationship with her younger brother forever. (mf-youths, 1st, inc, oral, fantasy, celeb-parody)

Arnold Schwarzenegger: One Night With Arnold - by GoddessKaren - "Oh!" my best friend Jenna gasped, looking hard over my shoulder. "What?" I asked, sitting up quickly and starting to look around. "Don't look!" Jenna hissed at me, dropping her head down. I leaned over and sent her an inquiring look. "Don't look now, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is sitting at the table behind you!" Jenna whispered. (MFF, affair, celeb-parody)

A Run-in With Lindsay Lohan - by Trespout - The victim of a hit-and-run learns the identity of the driver when she visits him in the hospital. He threatens to turn her in to the police, unless she becomes his private nurse during his recovery. (MF, mast, oral, blkmail, celeb-parody)

Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's Experience - by Anonymous - What happens when a singer like Ashlee Simpson goes to McDonalds?? Find out here in this story. (MF-teens, exh, oral, celeb-parody)

Avril: I Still Love You Too - by Andrew Troy Keller - After a hometown concert, Avril Lavigne rides her Harley down a country road and suddenly finds herself reunited with her long-lost lover. (MF, celeb-parody, rom, fantasy)

Backstage With Faith Hill - by Ivan R - Faith had just come back from her performance. We had been waiting for her. When she came into the dressing room, she said, "What are you two smiling about?" We just kept smiling and motioned for her to join us on the couch. (MF/F, oral, lact, celeb)

Bindi Irwin: Making Babies # 41 - by Geminiguy - My 41st "Making Babies" entry. A man travels all the way to find and seduce a very special girl. (M/f, ped, 1st, mast, voy, celeb-parody)

Bo Derek Discovers the Beast - by David Oberman - John Derek was looking for a new movie for his beautiful young wife, the ravishing Bo Derek. He needed something to show off her beautiful body to the world once more. Ever since she was first presented to the world in her first movie, '10', Bo Derek had been the source of many fantasies for thousands of men. And a fair share of the woman population as well, I would suspect. Her chiseled features and firm body was a rare find indeed, even in the world of movie stars. Yes, Bo Derek is a ravishing woman, and she did love her sex... (MF, FF, celeb, beast, relu, dom)

Brad Pitt Fucks Lindsay Smith - by Jeff Ramsey - After a fight, a man is forced to watch while his fiance succumbs to the temptations of Hollywood star, Brad Pitt. (FFM, reluc, bi, voy, celeb)

Brad Renfro: Sleepers Too - by Dream Spinner - This fantasy has Brad Renfro thrown in jail with four juvenile delinquents. He's roughed up and taken sexually advantage of. (M+/M, teens, nc, celeb-parody)

Brandy Norwood: Brandy - by Lowell Guerra - A Celebrity story revolving around Ophelia Ivy's fantasy about beautiful Brandy Norwood, the popular and exotic looking pop singer. (ff-teens, fant)

Bridget Fonda - by Iamman - Today was one of the most exiting and erotic days of my life. It all started a few hours ago when I had a chance encounter with a fan at a restaurant. (MF, affair, celeb)

Bridget Fonda: Specter Of Grizzly Mountain - by Andrew Troy Keller - After she arrives at a ski resort for some peace and quiet, Bridget Fonda suddenly falls in love with a mysterious stranger who may or may not be a spooky local legend. (MF, celeb, rom, fantasy)

Bridget Jones Meets Bridget Fonda - by Iamman - I couldn't believe that I finally got a part in a major motion picture. What amazed me even more was it stars Bridget Fonda and Renee Zellwegger. I was walking down Hollywood Boulavard to meet with both lovely actresses. Bridget actually called me to tell me were she lives. (MFF, FF, celebs)

Britney & Justin: First Time - by LusciousLickingLips - Relationships are hard to maintain with equity, and they're even harder if you're young and a celebrity. This story is a fantasy about Britney Spears and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake. It could have happened exactly this way, but then, maybe not. (MF-teens, 1st, celeb)

Britney & Melissa - by Kerrigan - Britney couldn't wait to get home. It had been a long, hard day at the dance studio learning the routines for her next video and all she wanted was to have a nice shower and get into some clean clothes. Of course, this was the secondary reason for her rushing. The main one was that she was going to see her best friend, Melissa Joan Hart, for the first time in ages. (Fdom/F, teens, celeb)

Britney, Paris And Jamie - by HornyLisa - After a night of wild partying Paris spends the night with Britney. (FFf, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears And Her Doggy - by Luke Ozvik - Britney is nervous about upcoming surgery and takes solace in the arms (or paws) of her dog. (F/dog, celeb)

Britney Spears: Bondage With Britney - by RobN - What an assignment! My editor pulled me aside this morning at about 11 o clock and told me that I would be the photographer on the Britney Spears photo shoot. I don't think it needs repeating that to have a camera and the power to put Britney Spears into any position I wanted to was a major buzz, and I was counting the hours till we were due to arrive on set. (MF, bd, sm, celeb)

Britney Spears: Britney Spears And Me - by Lionel the Moon King - More a romance than a stroke story - I got the idea for this while reading an article that said Britney believed a fortune teller who told her she would leave Justin and find her soul mate in a stranger with dark hair and a few more years on her. By some coincidence I have dark hair and am several years older, but I don't think the fortuneteller was genuine- she said he would be the guy Britney was saving her virginity for. (M/f-teen, rom, reluc, celeb)

A Night With Britney Spears - by Le Gyu - I stood silently next to the limousine and waited nervously for her to appear. She had just finished one of her concerts and was getting changed in her dressing room. My cock was already hardening thinking of her tight little body, her firm breasts, her lovely face and her luscious, red pouty lips. I have dreamed of her sexy body ever since I saw her on the children's show singing and showing off her 'ass'-et. Ever since then, I knew I was destined to ram my thick tool into her tight little cunt... (M/f-teen, nc, v, celeb)

Britney Spears: Britney, Teen Slut - by Geminiguy - Sister makes brother feel good, then it's his turn to reciprocate. (mf-teens, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears Gives It Up - by MichaelD - What if someone on Britney Spears road staff were slipping her a drug to increase her sex drive to a fever pitch? In this day and age with all the drugs available to unscrupulous people a scenario like this isn't totally out of the question. Is it? (M+F, celeb, drugs, humor)

Britney's Nasty Secret - by Will Wanton 69 - Britney is taught a lesson by her Mom. (FF, inc, celeb, fisting)

Britney's Ordeal - by Cheryl - An innocent Britney Spears is enticed to a night club without her bodyguards and is drugged and shanghaied into the white slave trade. She is moved all over the world and experiences the seamier side of life only to end up just south of the border. If she can do just one more thing to win her freedom everything will work out. Or will it? (M+/F-teen, celeb, nc, drugs, v)

Britney Speared - by Robski - Meeting a world famous celebrity is something that most of us will never experience. Having what can only be described as intimate relations with one is just a dream that most of us have had at some point. Whether it's Madonna or Maradona, we all have fantasised about giving a celebrity a good seeing to. However, for most of us it remains just that - a fantasy. Unless, like me - and my name's Steve, by the way - you are one of the fortunate few lucky enough to live out your fantasy. (MF, mast, oral, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears - by Tony Idolatry - Ever wonder what Britney Spears' life was like before she became a big star? Do you really think she was the virgin the promoters tried to make everyone believe? (M+/F, teens, mast, oral, orgy, high school)

Britney Spears And Her Valentine's Day Adventure - by Xfactorlocke - Jamie Lynn is totally excited about her Valentine's Day date, Ryan. She goes out with her mom to make herself beautiful and her date comes over a little early and meets older sister Britney. After meeting him, Britney becomes a slave for Ryan. (F/m-teen, ped, cheat, oral, 1st, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears: Gandbang - by Turc443 - Britney unwinds with the guys in the band. Mike, Steve, Tim and Terrence get full service from their sexy little boss. (M+/F, teen-slut)

Britney Spears: Making Babies #1 - by Geminiguy - My 1st "Making Babies" entry. A mother wants her daughter's star to rise faster, so sends her to me for photo shoots. I'm trying out a new series os stories that could really be called "Babies Making Babies" since it'll feature thirteen and fourteen year olds and mothers think of their daughters at that age as their babies still, but no one will actually be getting pregnant, it's just a line I'll be using in the first "Making Babies" story. Each story will feature a female celebrity back when she was "sweet and innocent". That doesn't mean they will all be virgins, these are just stories before fame fucked them up. (M/f, ped, voy, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears On Vacation - by Kash the Priest - A story set before Britney shaved her head, where she bumps into a fan on vacation and ends up spending the whole trip in his hotel room and another friend gets involved in the action too. (MMF, oral, anal, feet, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears: Oops! Britney Does It Again - by Xfactorlocke - On February 15th, Ryan stops by to get more from Britney, and she's there and very willing for him. (Fm, ped, 1st, oral, mast, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears: Rescuing Brittany - by Gopher King - On my first night in LA I rescue a young lady from being raped. It turns out to be the then 17 year old Brittany Spears. (MF-teens, exh, v, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears: The Fixer - by Elf - "Saturday night was Dave's turn. He had helped me a lot recently. I wanted to reward him with a special treat. One thing a fixer is good at is knowing what people want. I knew what Dave wanted. She was sitting in the back seat of my Lexus. Dressed in her tight Gap jeans and Hilfiger t-shirt, she looked like any pretty teenage girl. But she wasn't, she was Britney Spears..." (MF, nc, celeb-parody)

Britney Spears: The Lolita Card - by Apollyon Mephistopheles - In a matter of months, Britney Spears has risen from absolute anonymity to her position as the hottest piece of jailbait on the planet. She has everything male admirers find appealing - youth (she's very much a veal cutlet - even down to the hint of puppy fat), an awareness of her own sexuality (she is very conscious just how taken men are with her - check out those pig-tails), and a pleasingly fit physique (that she LOVES to show off - this girl's waging a one woman war on the tyranny of clothing). Of course, her willingness to dress as a schoolgirl could also have something to do with it. (MF, FF, mc, celeb)

Brooke Shields: Suddenly Sexy - by Anon Author - The tall, dark-haired hypnotherapist glanced over at the only other passenger inside the elevator. Brooke Shields apparently had an appointment of some sort in the same office building as Simon and seeing her in person jarred the normally reserved doctor. She had her long brown hair flowing past the neckline of a pink blouse. She also wore a pair of jeans and seemed rather irritable as the elevator came to a sudden stop. Simon recognized her of course. It was hard to overlook that face from magazine covers and TV screens and her beauty was unmistakable even without any makeup. Save for the irritated expression, she was gorgeous. (MF, mc, celeb-paordy)

Catherine Bell: Catherine Bell Goes Ape - by C S Alen - Catherine Bell is invited to a remote estate in Africa to relax. Little does she know that it really is a set up. The owner plans to let some gorillas 'play' with her. (MF, nc, rp, voy, v, beast, celeb-parody)

Calista Flockhart - by KMB - It had been just over a year since Ally McBeal had hit the airwaves, and it had been quite a year for the show's star, Calista Flockhart. Almost overnight she had gone from unknown to being the cover girl for countless magazines. Every single aspect of the show was fodder for endless discussion. Calista for one, never wanted to hear the words "dancing baby" ever again. (MF, mc, celeb)

Carrie Underwood: Surprising Carrie - by TheBigLove126 - A man decides to visit his favorite singer, Carrie Underwood, in the middle of the night while she is all alone. Little did she know that it would just be the beginning of a horrible series of events. Told in 3 parts, all posted here. (MF, nc, rp, v, drugs, celeb-parody)

Casting Couch: Chloe Grace Moretz - by theclown74 - A Head of a new movie studio casting the lead for a new movie decides he wants Chloe Grace Moretz for the role. Little does she know he wants her to give him more than an audition for the role. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, oral, anal, 1st, celeb-parody)

Casting Couch: The Fanning Sisters - by theclown74 - A head of a new movie studio gets another casting call for a new movie, this time it is Dakota Fanning and her sister, Elle Fanning. (M/ff-teens, ped, reluc, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Catfight: Lawless Vs O. Conner - by Anonymous Author - Rene O. Conner was tired of playing the sidekick, she thought she was better looking and a better actress then her Xena costar Lucy Lawless. Playing the sidekick was ruining her acting career, she had become good friends with Lucy, but she wanted to be a star. (FF, catfight, celeb)

Celebrity Kidnap: Melissa Joan Hart - by Darksoul - Melissa Joan Hart is taken against her will by a mysterious female she's never seen before. (FF, nc, bd, celeb)

Celebrity Rapist - by Dimitri - Starring Demi Moore, Gillian Anderson, and Teri Hatcher. "If it wasn't for my celebrity status, I'd have been in jail a long time ago. But hey, with status comes power, like the character I play in my t.v show I'm used to getting my own way. (mf, rp, tort)

Chase And Justin Forever - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Justin Bieber and Chase Ellison. (mm-teens, ped, mast, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Charlotte Church: The Interview - by Gyarados - Well now, this was something different for me. Apparently my reputation as a top-notch reporter was growing. Charlotte Church the teenage opera star had asked for me to interview her. At least I thought it was my reputation as a reporter was what got me the attention, evidently I was mistaken. (M/f-teen, oral, cons, celeb)

Chloe Gets Bitten - by RandyPan - Chloe Moretz's brush with the supernatural leaves her... different. Also staring Danielle Harris and Isabelle Fuhrman. (FFF, 1st-lesb-expr, v, sn, vampire, celeb-parody)

Christina Aquilera: Black Cock Lover - by Justin Christopher - The crowd was screaming as Christina Aguilera finished her set at the sold out Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. She ended with her big hit, "Come On Over", in which she danced, swayed and most of all bounced to the upbeat dance song. (MF, affair, intr)

Christina Aguilera's Restroom Adventure - by Stardog Champion - An unwelcome encounter in a restroom of a bar with a fan? Or is it unwelcome? (MF, reluc, mc, celeb)

Christina Applegate's Lesbian Massage - by Gopher King - Christina Applegate goes to a lesbian club to seal a deal on a movie. She soon finds herself in the care of a naked oriental masseuse, Hot oil and dildos abound. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, intr, asian, voy, toys, anal, celeb-parody)

Christina Hendricks: Christina's Alone Time - by RandyPan - Christina Hendricks gets in some serious masturbation. (F-solo, mast, anal, celeb-parody)

Christina Ricci: Making Babies #14 - by Geminiguy - My 14th "Making Babies" entry. I'm an agent and one of my clients seemed to be having some kind of problem behind-the-scenes on the sequel of her hit movie. What's an agent to do but solve her problem, whatever it may be. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, fetish, titty-fuck, facial, celeb-parody)

Cindy Crawford Gets Her Picture Taken - by MAW - Cindy Crawford walked into the photo studio. She wasn't that happy to be there. She had a show to shoot for MTV later that afternoon and had to get ready. But, her agent had been adamant about this. Seemed this Rafel guy was a hotshot new photographer and her agent wanted to get him now. So, Cindy agreed. What the hell, it was only for a half-hour. (MF, nc, mc)

Claire Danes: College Life - by Wingshoe - Claire Danes wasn't like a lot of young celebrities. She decided to go to school and get a degree just in case her movie career slumped at some point. She decided on taking in the entire college experience, dorm life and all. Her school of choice? Yale... and into my classroom she walked. By some stroke of magic, the seat next to me was available, and there she sat. (MF, affair, college, celeb)

Claire Danes: School Days - by Maxim - A story about pettiness at school, and why one shouldn't try to do one-upmanship with fellow classmates. (F-teen, exh, huml, celeb)

Clinton - by Zifferman - Bill Clinton was out on the campaign trail once again. There was nothing he liked more than getting out into the hinterlands of America and surveying the lovely landscapes, the noble vistas, and getting to know the people. That's what he was known for. Yes, Bill Clinton was a politician's politician. He seemed at ease with making promises which he knew he couldn't keep. One minute he was a conservative, the next he was a liberal, and the next a libertarian. But on one issue he never wavered. Not one iota. It was just too important. It was pussy. (MF, FF, cheat)

Connie Chung: Wang Chung-ing With Connie - by Geminiguy - A stranger helps a very drunk and "very horny" Connie Chung celebrate her wedding anniversary. (MF, anal, asian, intr, celeb-parody)

Constance Marie: Making Babies #20 - by Geminiguy - This is my 20th "Making Babies" entry. After fucking this hot Mexican Chica, I meet her hot daughter. I want her too. (M/f, ped, 1st, voy, celeb-parody)

Couric: Morning Show Anchor Wars - by Anon Author - An account of the morning show feud between NBC Today Show host Katie Couric and ABC Good Morning America host Lisa McRee, and describes how Katie Couric gets hold of a mind control chip to try to disgrace and eliminate the competition. (FF, mc, celeb)

Courting Brooke Shields - by Stardriver - I work in Los Angeles for a livery company. Due to a well-deserved reputation for competence and discretion, our services are often utilized by many of the celebrity personalities living and working in the Los Angeles area. In my case, it also led to some amazing sexual encounters. (MF, affair, celeb)

Christina Aguilera - by Geminiguy - Knock Knock Knockin' On Christina's Back Door MF, anal, celeb-parody)

Cruzing On The First Date - by Formerly Ty - A story told from the point of view from Tom Cruise. (MF, affair, celeb)

Cybill's Audition - by Steve Sylkes - A parody - fantasy based on the Hollywood star Cybill Shepperd. This story is called Cybill's Audition. It's a fantasy about a big movie producer trying to take sexual advantage of Cybill in order for her to get a part in an upcoming move. (Mdom/F, oral)

Dan Rather and the CBS Evening News - by Uncle Mike - Dan gave the camera his best somber stare until the red light blinked off. Then, as had become his habit recently, he quickly rolled his chair back a few feet. It looked, he hoped, like just a little relaxation between segments. It was, however, really a chance to get a better look at Connie's lovely legs, unfortunately hidden from his view at the anchor desk. It still rankled a little that the bosses had forced a co-anchor on him, and he didn't think much of Connie's journalistic abilities. But he had to admit she was quite a looker. (MF, asian, celeb)

Daphne Brogdon and Courtney Birch: The X Show - by CuteFuzzyBunnies - Both Daphne Brogdon and Courtney Birch had been hosts on the FX Network "X-Show" and had even worked together from time to time in the past. Sometime later, after the show's demise, a chance meeting between these two talented ladies turned into a pleasurable interlude. (FF, light-bd, celeb-parody)

Daryl Hannah: Making A 'Splash' With My Aunt - by Geminiguy - Young teenage nephew comes to stay at his aunt's house for the summer. (F/m-teen, inc, mast, anal, size, celeb-parody)

Day I Met Fred Savage, The - by Standing Bear - When I first saw the tv series "The Wonder Years", staring Fred Savage as "Kevin Arnold" when he was in the 7th grade, possibly 12 years old, I though him to be a really cute and sexy boy, what with my long time sexual attraction to pre-pubessent, pre-teen boys. (M/b, ped, celeb)

Delaney Daves: Making Babies # 46 - by Geminiguy - My 46th "Making Babies" entry. Daves Highway may finally be getting it's big break. But older sister Delaney may have to do something she doesn't want to for them to get it. (M/f, ped, 1st, oral, reluc, blkmail, celeb-parody)

Demi Moore: Making Babies #12 - by Geminiguy - My 12th "Making Babies" entry. My daughter brought a friend to my beach house, and did I like what I saw. (M/f, ped, reluc, 1st, oral, drugs)

Devon Sawa: Autographs, Devon Sawa Gets Milked - by Arthur Wild, Le Marquis De Zade - Sarah starts to see an IT Tech, giving him a footjob when he comes to repair her PC. (MF, mast, oral, feet, celeb-parody)

Diana Princess of Wales: A Bodyguard's Dream Cum True - by Anonymous Author - The year was 1988. After retiring from the U.S. Navy Seals, I received the job opportunity of a lifetime. Being a driver/bodyguard for the then Princess of Wales, Diana herself. This was during the time of her affair with James Hewitt. (MF, affair, celeb)

Diana Princess of Wales: Dianna's Momentary Satisfaction - by Mark-Luke (Anon Address) - An American tourist comes across Prince Charles and Princess Diana during a tour of Buckingham Palace. There's an argument and the hapless American is drawn into it. (MF, oral, celeb)

Doing Dawn Wells - by Rick Dean - A Bartender at an Ohio Hotel meets up with Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island along with his girlfriend and midget buddy! (MMF, oral, celeb)

Dolly Parton Gets Gangbanged - by Stardog Champion - In a parody of our own world Dolly Parton participates in a rollicking good time with a group of black men at a hotel that she's staying at while on tour. (M+/F, gb, intr, celeb)

Drew Barrymore: Beautiful Drew - by B. Dylan - Max Schreck always had a fascination with Drew Barrymore. He always fantasized about her while getting of. He loved everything about her, from her cute smile, to her wild personality, but especially her large supple tits. He always concentrated most on her breasts in his fantasies. He imagined what it would be like to lick and suck them. Possibly even to tit fuck her, though he had never done that to any woman. (MF, cheat, lac, celeb)

Drew Carey: Theater Passion - by Drewsahottie - It was a warm spring day in Cleveland, and I was walking through a parking lot when I saw someone who looked familiar, He didn't have his glasses on and I had to look twice, "It couldn't be?" I said to myself, but the more I looked at him, the more it made sense to me, "I have to find out," I thought. (MF, fant, celeb)

Driving Miss Hurley - by StarDriver - I had been driving for the limousine service for about two years when actor Hugh Grant was arrested in Hollywood and booked "on suspicion of lewd conduct in a public place" after being caught receiving oral sex from a prostitute in a rented car just off Sunset Boulevard. As it happened, several weeks after the incident, his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley, attended a movie debut with him. As fate would have it, my employer had been contracted to provide livery service for Ms. Hurley and guess who ended up with the assignment. (MF, affair, celeb)

Dr. Laura Gets What She Deserves - by Anonymous Author - This version of Dr. Laura's life has the renowned talk-show host going to her chiropractor to have her back adjusted. She's in a fowl mood and takes it out on her doctor and his receptionist. But don't worry, they give her what she deserves. (MF, FF, nc, mc)

Elisha Cuthbert: Sex For Drugs - by Kash the Priest - Elisha pops around to the club. Title says it all. (MF, oral, feet, drugs, celeb-parody)

Elle MacPherson: Walkway Layaway - by Anynom - It was surprising for Elle MacPherson just how easy it was for her to fall back into the modeling gig. She was by no means a stranger to it, having built an expansive fortune through modeling that she transferred into a film career. She'd appeared in everything from "Vogue" to "Playboy" and her face (not to mention her body) were famous the world over. Still, it had been a while since she had actually done a real show but when the opportunity came, she decided to go for it. (FF, mc, celeb)

Ellen's Confession - by RandyPan - Ellen Page confesses her love to Maggie Gyllenhaal. (FF, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Ellen Page: Making Babies # 47 - by Geminiguy - My 47th "Making Babies" entry. A man has hopes of his daughter one day marrying and giving him grandchildren. But his hopes seemed dashed when he catches her with another girl. They finally talk about it and the truth comes out, but it wasn't what he expected. (Mf, ff, ped, 1st, oral, bi, inc, mast, toys, celeb-parody)

Emma Watson: Hacked Off - by Demetrius - He was sure that Emma would love him if she'd only give him a chance. But she didn't and that set him plotting her humiliation. (Mf, nc, exh, 1st, mast, celeb-parody)

Emma Watson: Making Babies #2 - by Geminiguy - My 2nd "Making Babies" entry. I'm a personal assistant to many celebrities. But there's one that's my favorite and a very close friend. (M/f, ped, celeb-parody)

Estella Warren: Planet Of The Rapes - by Shadow Artist - Screen serene Estella Warren has a hard day on the set of "The Planet of the Ape's", only to have a harder day after the shoot is over later in the day. (MMF, nc, rp, oral, anal, beast, celeb-parody)

Erika Daves: Making Babies # 42 - by Geminiguy - My 41st "Making Babies" entry. Erika was a member of the Christian Country Folk trio Daves Highway. But she had bigger dreams, dreams a certain well known personality promised her he could make come true. But at what cost to Erika? (M/f, ped, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, celeb-parody)

Fade To Black: Through The System - by Mkarl and CJ - You are about to enter a world where reality and fantasy become one A world of erotic dreams and nightmares where that which fuels your most nameless fears may just be that which will fulfill your most cherished desires. Buckle your seat belts as the ride is about to get wild, for you have just entered... [Da-Da-DaDa] the world of PornoVision! (FF, FM, Fm+, intr, celeb-parody)

Fergie's Surprise - by SinDeeLu - Sarah Ferguson, the flame haired Duchess of York, had never seen Princess Diana so drunk before! She had talked Diana into leaving the Royal Hall earlier because the Princess had sipped so much champagne that she was giggling more and more at even the tiniest jokes and starting to tell dirty jokes herself. Each one had gotten more risque than the one previous and they were getting bluer and bluer. (MFF, FF, cons, celeb-parody)

Fergus Riordan: Ghost Riding - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Fergus Riordan of Ghost Rider2. (Mb, ped, nc, rp, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Fighting For A Part - by Hal316 - Alyssa Milano and Madonna fight for a part. (FF, v, dom, celeb-parody)

First Lady, The - by Anon - A story that could have happened, probably should have happened if there is anty justice in the world. A man who cheats on his woman deserves her wrath, and more. Even if the man is the President of the United States and the wife is his First Lady. (MF, wife-cheat, celeb-parody)

First Lady Lust - by Geminiguy - I was an intern at the White House. I always enjoyed it especially when I was assigned to work for the First Lady. I have to admit I was pretty infatuated with her. One day I got the opportunity to do more than just lust after her. (FM, older/younger, tittyfuck, celeb-parody)

Fivesome Fantasy - by Firewater - This story is full of fantasy fun, very graphic sexual description and detail, and is sadly just fiction. The story includes thee of Hollywood's hottest female stars, and a man who uses his imagination to seduce his sixteen-year-old virgin friend, Danielle into bed with him. All five of the characters are nymphs and invite you to share their seduction. (M/F+, orgy, celeb-parody)

Flo Gets Progressive - by Geminiguy - Flo put in long hours at Progressive, and sometimes late at night she needed a little relief. (celeb-parody, fantasy)

Fun with Bruce and Demi - by Buck N. - Buddy Long's sexipades in Hollywood take him over to Bruce and Demi's house to give the little woman some joy in her life, and to show Bruce how it's really done. (MMF, cuck, celeb-parody)

Geena Davis: Bullseye - by Anynom - Geena Davis learns how to become a straight shooter. (FF, mc, celeb-parody)

Ghost Riding Fergus Riordan - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Fergus Riordan of Ghost Rider2. (Mb, ped, nc, rp, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Gina Rodriquez: Making Babies # 51 - by Geminiguy - A teacher's student is wild and out of control. This can only turn out bad for him... (fm, Mf, ped, reluc, 1st, oral, latina, voy, celeb-parody)

Ginger on Ginger - by RandyPan - Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard share a bottle of wine, and then their bodies with each other. (FF, oral celeb-parody)

Girlfun: Kirsten Dunst and Gwyneth Paltrow - by False Face - The year is 1997, and Gwyneth Paltrow is hosting the budding teen starlet Kirsten Dunst. Gwyneth reflects on her own childhood lesbian experiences in her fantasies, and cannot resist the opportunity to both relive them and play the teacher with her younger friend. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, celeb-parody)

Girls Got Rhythm - by Voodoojoe - Celebrities in this story are, Amber Tamblyn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel. The story line is about lesbian awakenings and first time experiences. (FF, cons, oral, anal, toys, celeb-parody)

Gloria Estefan: Making Babies #24 - by Geminiguy - My 24th "Making Babies" entry. A somewhat traumatized Irish teen come to America in 1970 for his sister's wedding. The things he sees in America may be a bit much for him. (mf, 1st, oral, huspanic, celeb-parody)

NEW 10/24/15 Golden Brooks: Making Babies # 44 - by Geminiguy - My 44th "Making Babies" entry. My family was rich, we lived in a community that was very rich, so we had our own private beach. (Mf, ped, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Good Wife: Happy Horny Halloween - by Geminiguy - How sexually curious Gracie Florrick spends her Halloween. (Mf, ped, 1st, mast, voy, halloween, celeb-parody)

Gotta Love Milk - by Trese - This story features Shane Filan of Westlife in gay erotic theme. In an interview, almost two years ago the 22 years-old Irish hunk admitted that he is truly addicted to milk. According to the article, he simply can't get enough of it. Apparently, he likes it so much that he even ensures that he has plentiful fresh supplies delivered to his hotel room whenever his on tour. Apparently, Shane can drink up to 2 liters of milk per day. (Mm, oral, celeb-parody)

Guinness and Bushmills - by RandyPan - What if Alicia Witt and Saoirse Ronan ran a bar in Ireland? (FF, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Gwenyth Paltrow: Just Duet - by Anynom - One would think that after winning an Academy Award, acting would be much easier. It wasn't. Gwenyth Paltrow had found that, in many ways, it was even harder. After you win the Oscar, people expect you be at your best in nearly every movie and not to disappoint at all. (FF, mc, celeb-parody)

Halle Barry: Journal Of An Agent - by Carnage Jackson - Halle's agent fixes the actress up with a date. He's the agent's assistant and he has the hots for the beautiful actress. He also has something else; a video recorder secreted away in his house... (MF, voy, celeb-parody)

Halle Berry: They Are Among Us - by Sharkboy - Halle Berry has her good nature taken advantage of. (MF, reluc, intr, celeb-parody)

Haunting Of Selena Gomez, The - by Geminiguy - Fourteen year old Selena goes on a "family vacation" with her mother and stepfather. Strange things start to happen... And when she brings a boy over when she's home alone, things get even stranger. (mf-teens, 1st, mast, oral, voy, supernatural, celeb-parody)

Hayden Panettiere: A Different Kind Of Cocktail Party - by Your Ghost - Eighteen year old "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere gets invited to a Hollywood party that turns out to be not what she expected. (M+/F, reluc, oral, anal, bukkake, celeb-parody)

Hayden Panettiere: Making Babies #32 - by Geminiguy - My 32nd "Making Babies" entry. Hayden was a good girl. Everything about her was good. She was a good daughter. She was a good friend. Everybody loved Hayden. (fm-teens, youths, 1st, mast, size, celeb-parody)

Hayden Panettiere II : Making Babies - by Geminiguy - My 36th "Making Babies" entry. Hayden Panettiere II - Everything had change for Hayden. What she wanted changed, and she knew what she wanted for her birthday. (Mf, ped, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Heather Locklear: Livin' On A Prayer - by HellYeah4Wood - Heather slid a finger into her slit, noting that it was tighter than usual tonight. She hadn't had sex in a few weeks, and it always seemed to tighten up again if it had been a while. (MF, affair, celeb-parody)

Helena Bonham Carter - by Tranceman - For many, it seemed strange that Helena Bonham Carter would be taking part in a movie like "Planet of the Apes," the big budget remake of the classic sci-fi tale. This was after Helena had appeared in scores of period British dramas and it seemed even stranger that a woman of such beauty would choose to play an ape. (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Helena Bonham Carter: Unlucky Kind of Guy - by Geminiguy - A chance encounter with a British movie star changes a guy's luck for the better. (MF, tit-fucking, 1st, anal, celeb-parody)

Hellen Hunt Gets Cabled - by KMB - Nick is a womanizer who has incredible luck with women. He likes the chase, and gets bord once he's got the woman he's been chasing. He works as a cable installer manager who one day gets a call from Helen Hunt to do some work at her house. He's always had a think for the actors so you can imagine his excitement as he approaches her front door... (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Helen Hunt: On The Hunt - by Anynom - Helen shows up at a guy's house and asks him to hypnotize her. It's not quite that simple, actually she'd found his web site on the Internet and read one of his erotic stories about her and it turned her on. The story matched her private fantasies to a tee. Now she wants to experience for fantasy in real life -- with him. (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Hilary & Lindsay's Playtime - by The Great Dane - Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan find love, in all kinds of ways. (FFM, bi, oral, anal, voy, celeb-parody) Part 2 - Part 3

Hilary's First Date - by Love2Force - Twelve year old TV star Hilary Duff finally goes on her first date, but she gets more than she bargained for. A lot more. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, bd, celeb-parody)

Hot, Sweaty Love - by RandyPan - Zoe Bell and Katee Sackhoff have sex in Zoe's home gym. (FF, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Hurley The Hooker - by Anynom - Hugh was aware that the idea of being with any woman besides Elizabeth Hurley seemed crazy. He loved Elizabeth, he truly did, but he just hankered now and then for something a little different. Great as Liz was, there were some things she just wouldn't do, things that Hugh really wanted to try out. So, he wanted a little variety, a simple one-night stand. (M+/F, mc, prost, celeb-parody)

Inside Beverly Hills - by Victor Burroughs - This story is about Victor attending a Beverly Hill party that his sister's boyfriend is giving. He meets Alyssa Milano, who turns out to be a regular person, then seduces her. (M/F-teens, 1st, celeb-parody)

In The Kitchen With Martha Stewart - by Tallenvor - Another Celebrity story, this one's about a young male broadcasting intern working on the set of the Martha Stewart show. One thing leads to another, and just like in the White House, this intern is willing. (MF, celeb-parody)

Ingrid Pitt: Making Babies # 56 - by Geminiguy - My 56th "Making Babies" entry. As tThe Headmaster every September I try to take a few minutes to meet the new students. Then he met her, and decided he'd need to start seeing her every day before school. (Mf, ped, 1st, mast, oral, celeb-parody)

Jackie's Initiation - by RandyPan - Jacqueline Emerson gets inducted into some weird club. Also featuring Rachel Weisz, Kat Dennings, and Emma Watson. (M/F+, nc, tor, oral, orgy, celeb-parody

Jada Pinkett: Making Babies #8 - by Geminiguy - My 8th "Making Babies" entry. I had an unexpected visitor on Halloween. Unexpected, but most definitely welcome. (M/f, ped, oral, intr, supernatural, celeb-parody)

Jamie Pressly: Making Babies # 57 - by Geminiguy - My 57th "Making Babies" entry. My wife and I had always put our careers ahead of having children, and a lot of time passed by. Then a mother and daughter moved into the neighborhood. My wife became close with daughter since her mother was always working. And it turned out the daughter wanted to get close with me too but in a different way. (f/M, reluc, cheat, oral, 1st, celeb-parody)

Jan Kuehnemund: Making Babies #37 - by Geminiguy - My 37th "Making Babies" entry. A man reminisces about meeting Vixen's Jan Kuehnemund when they were both young teenagers. (mf-teens, 1st, celeb-parody)

Jane Curtin: Jane, Ignorant Slut? - by Geminiguy - A little impromptu fuck brings back old times when Jane Curtin screws a young admirer. (MF, oral, anal, celebrity-parody)

Jane's Big Secret - by RandyPan - Lea Michele stumbles on Jane Lynch's shocking secret. (FF?, bi, oral, celeb-parody)

Janet Jackson: Black Cat - by Geminiguy - A guy volunteers to take him young niece trick or treating and ends up receiving an unexpected reward. (MF, intr, anal, celeb-parody)

Janet Jackson's Storm - by Luke Ozvik - The luscious ebony beauty has a dark secret. His name is Storm and he's a pitch-black stallion, and Janet is infatuated with his strong shinny body. (F/horse, celeb-parody)

Jared Leto: Thirty Seconds To Heaven - by Bridget69 - A fictional account of a young woman struggling to overcome the heartbreak of a past relationship who experiences an unexpected backstage encounter with rock band frontman, Jared Leto. (MF, rom, celeb-parody)

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt - by StarDriver - A Chauffeur is hired to drive the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to an anniversary event celebrating their marriage, only to be included in a threesome with the celebrity couple. (MMF, wife-sharing, celebs)

Jennifer Aniston On The Set Of Friends - by Gazza Kid - Jennifer Aniston sat in her dressing room as she removed her make-up thinking of what she had done earlier on in the day. During the shoot, she had to kiss Courtney Cox as part of a storyline involving a lesbian kiss. Though she didn't say so to Courtney, she'd been totally wet during the filming. (FF, 1st-lesbian, celebs)

Jennifer Aniston: Journal Of An Agent - by Carnage Jackson - Getting it on with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. (MFF, celebs)

Jennifer Aniston: Making Babies #13 - by Geminiguy - My 13th "Making Babies" entry. I like photograph and I'm good at it. But what's a boy to do when his sister is naked and asks you to takes pictures of her? (mf-teens, inc, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Jennifer Capriati At The U.S. Open - by Jackjohn - These last several weeks have been the hardest of Jennifer's comeback year. Oh, the wins have come and the attention has been great. And the prospect of being ranked #1 after the U. S. Open keeps her head swimming. The hard part has been not being able to see Anna. (FF, affair, celeb)

Jennifer Garner: Sex For Drugs - by Kash the Priest - Jennifer Garner gets blackmailed into group sex when she tries to buy drugs from the infamous night club. (FFM, oral, anal, fist, celeb)

Jennifer Lawrence: First Class Service - by Geminiguy - It was the last day of Comic-Con. Things hadn't gone right all day and were still going wrong. But after her car broke down and she met the good-looking tow trucker driver, Jennifer felt things were about to turn around for her. (MF, mast, oral, celeb-parody)

Jennifer Lopez: Dog And Pony Show - by Wonder Mike - Jennifer Lopez falls on hard times. (F/animals, exh, celeb)

Jennifer Lopez: Latina Heat - by Will Wanton - Another tiring live performance. These performances always took a lot out of Jennifer. Dancing and running across the stage for this amount of time was always exhausting. But besides being exhausting effects the crowd's adoration always made her horny. So horny in fact, that she would have to relieve her tension after each show. This is a story about that moment in time. (FF, intr, ws, scat, celeb)

Jennifer Love Hewitt At The Circus - by Anon - A celebrity "ringmaster" at the circus gets a workout from some of the circus animals as part of the night's entertainment. (F/beast, exh, celeb-parody)

Jennifer's Birthday Bash - by M.U.D. - It was a comfortable, crisp, February day in Los Angeles. Jennifer Aniston had just finished shooting with the cast of "Friends" for the next few months. She loved having fun on the side, and what better way to do so than drive around in L.A. in her brand new sports car. For Aniston, Life was good. And why wouldn't it be good? She has a successful television show, she's drop dead gorgeous, and she's dating one of the most famous male sex symbols of the 90's, Brad Pitt. (M+/F, orgy, celeb)

Jerked-off in a Restaurant by Madonna - by Shaved Jerry - (A Fantasy) I dated Madonna. You know, Madonna the sex/porn rock singer Madonna. She had me trailing around after her for several weeks, before she dumped me for this really huge Chinese guy. This story is about one incident at a sidewalk caf on Sunset Blvd. (MF, mast, exh, celeb)

Jeri Ryan: Star Fuck - by Mephistopheles - Jeri Ryan took the world by storm when she was first introduced into 'Star Trek Voyager' in 1997. Considering 'Voyager' is allegedly Trek's feminist project, it's ironic - a quite delicious irony, at that - that it took a blond bombshell in a tight catsuit to finally boost the ratings. Then again, how could anyone possibly resist the phenomenal Borg-Babe? Her biggest assets were those incredibly tight catsuits; which, in turn, emphasised her other, considerable, assets - T & A. Not me certainly. (M+/F, mc, v, celeb)

Jill Hennessy: Making Babies # 43 - by Geminiguy - My 43rd "Making Babies" entry. A boy who did very well in Elementary School finds it hard adjusting to High School. Then he meets a girl who makes it all look so easy. She wasn't like other girls, and he was soon to find out a lot more about her. (mf-teens, 1st, mast, facial, celeb-parody)

Joann Carlino: Making Babies #38 - by Geminiguy - My 38th "Making Babies" entry. A boy meets teen Joann Carlino years before Eddie and The Cruisers. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, mast, oral, celeb-parody)

Jodie Foster: Suger - by Seal 6 - Some of you are wondering who's sperm got Jodie Foster pregnant, and how she went about it all. It's quite a story, so get a beer, some chips, and sit the fuck back and listen. This cockbreath's no-shitter. (MF, alcohol, preg, celeb)

Joan Collins - by Stardog Champion - Hollywood diva Joan Collins, the aging yet still beautiful woman meets a man she can't refuse. (MMF, affair, intr, size, celeb-parody)

Joey's Seduction - by RandyPan - On-set gopher is targeted by Joey King. (f-teen/M, ped, 1st, oral, exh, celeb-parody)

A Celebrity Series by Carnage Jackson

Journal Of An Agent

Chapter 1 - Rachael Leigh Cook (MF, cons, celeb)
Main character Dean is introduced, as he inherits the family agency as well as all of the lovely female celebrities that come with it!

Chapter 2 - Katie Holmes (MF, cons, celeb)
The action continues as Dean has to rescue Katie Holmes from danger and is rewarded in spades for his bravery.

Chapter 3 - Jessica Alba (MF, cons, celeb)
On the night of an awards show, things go well for Jessica Alba, and even better for our hero.

Chapter 4 - Alyssa Milano (MF, cons, celeb)
A meeting and dinner with Ms. Milano leads to a blossoming romance. But will it last?

Chapter 5 - Christina Aguilera (MMF, cons, celeb)
Will Dean be able to resist Christina Aguilera's advances? Or will he cave to her lustings?

Chapter 6 - Eliza Dushku (MF, cons, celeb)
When this hot young star refuses to do her lines, Dean is called in for "relief"

Chapter 7 - Catherine Zeta-Jones (MF, cons, celeb)
Who else but Dean can help solve Catherine Zeta-Jones marriage problems?

Chapter 8 - Kirstie Alley/Shelley Long (MFF, cons, celeb)
A journey into the past of Dean's deceased father, told through his eyes, in his sexual journal.

Chapter 9 - Elizabeth Hurley (MF, cons, celeb)
Overseas journey to see Elizabeth Hurley leads to dancing and more...

Chapter 10 - Portia De Rossi (MMF, cons, celeb)
Dealing with a celebrity blackmailer turns out to be a good experience for Portia De Rossi (and Dean!)

Chapter 11 - Jennifer Love Hewitt (MF, cons, celeb)
Dean's first time meeting Jennifer Love Hewitt hopefully won't be his last

Chapter 12 - Jennifer Aniston (FF, MMF, cons, celeb)
A visit to NYC for a photoshoot with Jennifer Aniston and a surprise guest.

Chapter 13 - Britney Spears (M+F, cons, celeb)
Dream a little Britney dream...

Chapter 14 - Denise Richards (MF, cons, exh, celeb)
Dean is stuck in an elevator with Denise Richards. Need I say more?

Chapter 15 - Natalie Portman (MF, cons, v)
Has Dean found true love once more?

Chapter 16 - Penelope Cruz (MF, cons, celeb)
Penelope Cruz and a big slice of fruit help Dean overcome his trauma

Chapter 17 - Winona Ryder (MF, cons, celeb)
What could be better during Dean's vacation - snow, relaxation, sking...and Winona Ryder

Chapter 18 - Lucy Liu/Zhang Ziyi (MF, FF, cons, celeb)
Dean learns that if you give a little, you can get a LOT!

Chapter 19 - Halle Berry (MF, cons, voy, celeb)
Finding a tape of Halle Berry & Damon, Dean wonders what could POSSIBLY be on it?

Chapter 20 - Angelina Jolie (FF, MFF, cons, celeb)
Dean thinks Angelina Jolie needs some grooming. Angelina shows him what kind of grooming a (pussy)cat needs!

Chapter 21 - Ashley Judd (MF, cons, celeb)
Dean & Natalie visit Ashley Judd in the mountains for the weekend.

Chapter 22 - Jennifer Lopez (MF, cons, celeb)
Dean helps sexy Jennifer Lopez relax before a big concert. Fate however, changes things around some. (Note: important storyline piece at story end)

Chapter 23 - Sarah Michelle Gellar (MF, cons, celeb)
Sarah Michelle craving sex, a problem with Freddie and a new plot twist too!

Chapter 24 - Julia Stiles (MF, cons, celeb, oral)
Julia Stiles saves the last dance for Dean.

Chapter 25 - Alyson Hannigan (MF, cons, celeb, oral)
Will Dean survive the car crash and make it out in time to have a rendevous with Alyson Hannigan?

Chapter 26 - Reese Witherspoon (MF, cons, celeb, anal, v)
Late night swim with Reese Witherspoon, as the mystery of who wants Dean dead continues

Chapter 27 - Kirsten Dunst (MF, cons, celeb, oral)
The plot against Dean is revealed, as Kirsten helps save the agency and Dean

Chapter 28 - Neve Campbell (MF, cons, celeb, voy, cuck)
Jacob's last move, and cuckolding Neve Campbell's boyfriend.

Chapter 29 - Cameron Diaz (MF, cons, celeb, oral, anal)
Bailing Cameron Diaz out of jail for some hot street racing.

Chapter 30 - The Finale (orgy, celebs, voy, rom)
The series end with a bang...namely, 14 celebrities, all of whom want to help Dean decide his future. Old and new faces return.

Johnny Deep Gets Put In His Place - by Kyle Stevens - Johnny Depp is forced to come out of the closet and admit that he's gay. (MM/M, nc, rp, v, huml, cleb)

Julia Robert's Gorilla Rape - by Mkarl - A friend of mine was watching an episode of the Oprah Windfrey show with the lovely Julia Roberts as the guest. She told me how Julia discussed going to Africa to film a wildlife documentary. My friend suggested that she thought the beast wanted to fuck Julia Roberts. I got so turned on my the image of Julia Roberts in the middle of a Gorilla gang-rape that I just had to see if I could write a scene that does justice to my vision.) (F/ape, nc, celeb-parody)

Julia Roberts: Making Babies #27 - by Geminiguy - My 27th "Making Babies" entry. I was on vacation. And what I saw when the gorgeous young redhead came out of the pool made part of me stand up and take notice. (Mf, ped, 1st, fetish, celeb-parody)

Justin, Fergus and Dakota - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Justin Bieber, Fergus Riordan and Dakota Goyo. (Mbbb, ped, mast, oral, anal, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Karrine Steffans: Not-So-SUPERBUTT - by Geminiguy - Just in case you don't know who Karrine Steffans is, read her book Confessions Of A Video Vixen. If you want to SEE what she DOES, get her DVD Karrine Steffans SUPERHEAD. I know very little about her but I try to use what I do know in this story. She does swears A LOT on her DVD. (MF, anal, exh, intr, rom, celeb-parody)

Katarina Witt: Hypno Prank - by Anynom - Usually, the morning paper held very little news of interest to Cwan. The tall and imposing looking Asian American felt most news didn't really impact his life much. He didn't do the stock market, wasn't much into sports and didn't watch that much television. Every now and then, however, there came an item that did impact his life a great deal. (MF, mc, celeb)

Katarina Witt: Swimming Lessons - by jackjohn - Katarina Witt is to interview Franzi van Almsick. (FF, rom, 1st-lesbian-expr, celeb-parody)

Kate Beckinsale: Making Babies # 55 - by Geminiguy - My 55th "Making Babies" entry. My cousin and I are close. When my family buys a new home on the edge of town, we explore the woods behind it. And something unexpected happens. (mf-youths, 1st, mast, inc, celeb-parody)

Katherine Heigl: Making Babies # 58 - by Geminiguy - My 58th "Making Babies" entry. Katherine received a trip for two to an exclusive resort, so her father agreed to go with her. But she has plans her father doesn't know about at first and it involves an older man she meets.(Mf, ped, 1st, oral, exh, celeb-parody)

Kathy Lee: Sweatshop Revenge - by Stardog Champion - The day had gone quite well for Kathy Lee, a successful show, a light lunch and a little early afternoon splurge before heading uptown to pick up her kids at daycare. The only special thing on this day's docket was that in an hour she had a meeting at one of the plants responsible for making the clothes for her low end clothing line. It would be a basic one hour photo-op public relations press conference designed to take a little heat off charges that child labor laws had been violated in the production of the clothing line. (mf/F, nc, intr, celeb)

Kathy Ireland: Photo Session - by Chasman - Mark checked over his equipment one more time. Everything was in place and ready. After 6 years of shooting countless small time models for various magazine layouts he was finally getting his big break. He still couldn't believe it when the agency called to tell him that he was being considered to shoot a layout for an upcoming ad. (M+/F, FF, mc, preg, celeb-parody)

Katie Holmes: Up The Creek - by Anynom - One would think that having a job working on the set of the hottest teen show on television would be a blast. Robin used to think so. She wanted to go far in the movie business and this seemed like a good spot to start. Wilmington was a great spot to hang out after shooting was done and best of all, the show's stars were a pretty likable bunch. That was the main problem. Robin was in love with Katie Holmes. (FF, mc, oral, celeb-parody)

Katy Perry: Katy and Her Brother - by RandyPan - Katy Perry realizes her true feelings for her brother. (MF, inc, rom, celeb-parody)

Kelly Hu: Making Babies #16 - by Geminiguy - My 16th "Making Babies" entry. While in Hawaii, I come upon a gang attacking a girl who seems to have some martial arts. What was I to do? Well, I am a martial arts expert myself, so... (M/f, ped, 1st, asian, celeb-parody)

Keri Russell: Hair Today - by Anynom - A haircut. A simple, stupid haircut. Keri Russell could never in a million years have guessed that her big break in Hollywood could be endangered by a simple haircut. Of course, when it came to her career, nothing was ever really simple. (FF, mc, oral, celeb-parody)

Kim Fields: Making Babies #5 - by Geminiguy - This is my 5th "Making Babies" entry. Getting friendly with my neighbors' daughter. (M/f, ped, 1st, cheating, intr, celeb-parody)

Kirsten Dunst: American Girl - by Carnage Jackson - Standing in line behind 3 other people at Victoria's Secret, I was returning a sexy outfit for my now ex-girlfriend. I had bought it as a birthday present for her, but since she dumped me two weeks ago, there really was no point in me wasting my money. Off in my own little world, lost in my thoughts, I stood there in line waiting to return the stuff. I was snapped out of my daze when a girl, no more than 5'3, bounded up behind me. (MF, cons, rom, celeb-parody)

Kirsten Gets Lucky - by Hannibal Lecter - Kirsten Dunst gets lucky at the grocery store. (MF, affair, celeb)

Krista Allen and her Son 1 - by Tag Johnson - Krista Allen and her son find romance during a Hawaiian vacation. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, rom, celeb-parody) Part 2

Laura Prepon and the Knicknack Store - by Tranceman - Laura unsuspecting, enters the lair of Simon, the mind control mad man who has had his way with Hollywood stars over and over again without their knowledge or consent. The pretty young redhead looked at Simon and was about to speak when... (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Leah Remini: One Smart Student - by S A Campbell - Struggling actress Leah Remini offers to tutor the young son of a former employer in hopes that if she helps him in school his father might help her career goals. The kid is smart but just not dedicated. He finally says he'll apply himself but he has a price for his work. (F/m-teen, ped, reluc, celeb-parody)

LeAnn Rimes - A Bodyguard's Tale - by El Diablo - Even though LeAnn was technically my employer, I never called her "Miss Rimes" - she wouldn't stand for it. Instead, she insisted from the beginning that I call her LeAnn, and she always called me by my first name. Her family was no different; Like I said, technically they were my employers, and yet they treated me more as a friend than as paid help. (M/f-teen, celeb)

Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar Nominee - by Harm VanLang - On an invitation of the Veronica-network I was allowed to join their film crew at the Oscars. I was going to stay in the same hotel as all the major movie stars. What a chance to meet all those super hunks like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. For months now I'd been dreaming about meeting Leonardo, I'd had the wildest fantasies. (MM, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Lena Heady: Just a Causal Fuck - by RandyPan - A young intern gets to fuck Lena Headey. (MF, anal, celeb-parody)

Linda Blair: Beach Voyeur - by Geminiguy - It was a gorgeous summer day. Linda Blair rose early and decided it was a perfect beach day. And she knew just the beach... (M/f, ped, inc, celeb-parody, voy)

Linda Carter: Wonder Woman Get's Gang banged - by Jessica Princess - A story about Lynda Carter back when she was playing Wonder Woman. A night of confidence building with a few guys from the neighborhood turns into more fun then she ever expected it could be. Again, this is not real, just a pure fantasy. But what a fantasy! As always, comments are welcome. (M+/F, wxh, orgy, gb, mast, oral, anal, celeb parody)

Live With Regis & Kathie Lee & Kelly Ripa - by Formerly Ty - Kelly isn't as happy working with Regis as she'd hoped to be, so she visits Kathy Lee Gifford for some advice. (FF, oral, celebs)

Liz Hurley: Pregnant Pause - by Anynom - The stylish and expensive car pulled to a stop before the small and modest apartment building. The owner sat inside, tapping on the steering wheel before putting the car into park. She remained sitting in the car for several minutes, still tapping the wheel, trying to get the courage to get out and deal with this. She didn't want to, she really didn't, but it was necessary and she knew that. With a sigh, she stepped out, her heels clicking on the pavement as she pulled herself out. (MF, mc, preg, celeb-parody)

Lizzy Caplan: My Adventures in Hollywood - by RandyPan - Writer has drunken sex with Lizzy Caplan. (MF, celeb-parody)

Lori Loughlin: Making Babies #23 - by Geminiguy - My 23rd "Making Babies" entry. I save a girl from getting hit by a speeding car. She falls for me, and you won't believe what happens next. (M/f, ped, mast, 1st, exh, celeb-parody)

Lucy Lui: Making Babies #30 - by Geminiguy - My 30th "Making Babies" entry. I was staying with my grandparents in New York City for the Summer after my first year of College. It was a hot Summer. And when the fire hydrant was opened, I saw a lot more of that cute Asian girl than I expected, and she saw something she hadn't expected either. (M/f, ped, 1st, mast, facial, asian, celeb-parody)

Lucy Liu: Yined - by Tranceman - Lucy meets a man on the set of Charlie's Angels and tries to dismiss him only to find that she can't. In fact she finds that she must do whatever the strange little man commands of her. (MF, mc, asian, celeb-parody)

Lynda Carter: Room Service - by ASp1 - Lynda awoke feeling horny, and wet. She picked up the phone an ordered room service, she ordered toast coffee, corn flakes, and orange juice. Then she got out off bed, to prepare for it's arrival. The young man who'd be delivering it would be up in about 20-30 minutes, so Lynda didn't have much time. (FM, oral, titfuck, celeb-parosy)

Making Miley Moan - by Blackjack - I moaned as the gorgeous pop sensation stroked my thick cock with both of her hands. Miley raised an eyebrow as she glanced up at me, locking her, lust-heavy seductive eyes on mine she lowered her head and flicked the head of my dick with her soft, wet tongue. (MF, oral, slut, celeb-parody)

Maculey's Lips - by Danny Ocean - I'm a union carpenter living in Los Angeles. I've been lucky enough to work exclusively for the major movie studios. The pay is pretty good when the work is steady. A few weeks ago I was working on the set of a movie starring Macauley Culkin. (Mm, ped, oral, celeb-parody)

Madonna Gets Away From It All - by KMB - Madonna is tired of it all and decides to take a vacation in the mountains. She's kicking around a borrowed cabin when a forest ranger shows up on his regular rounds. She has this special "thing" that allows her to control anyone she wants, it allows her to take "advantage" of people without them remembering. This way there is no scandal, no way to get caught by the press. (Fdom/M, mc, celeb-parody)

Madonna's Big Day - by Chaos - Madonna has a memorable flight with horny passengers and crew. (MF, FF+, oral, anal, sluts, intr, size, celeb-parody)

Madonna: Thanksgiving With Madonna - by Geminiguy - Visiting Madonna on Thanksgiving. (MF, oral, celeb-parody)

Madonna: The REAL Girlie Show - by Alexander Tzara - Want to hear a true story about how Hannah and I fucked Madonna? (MFF, swingers, celeb-parody)

Madonna: What a Feeling - by Lost Soul - Jennifer Beals was taken aback when she looked into Madonna's face. The singer was in control. She smiled at her prey. (FF, con, oral, celeb-parody)

Maisie Williams: British Orgy - by RandyPan - An all-female, all-British (including Irish) orgy of epic proportions. (Ff, underage, mast, oral, anal, orgy, celeb-parody)

Mandy Moore: Abandoned Love - by Ian Hewit - The first in a (someday) continuing series. Jack Logan, the newly hired senior writer for a new music magazine goes out on his first assignment. He is assigned to write up a review of a Mandy Moore concert. (MF, oral, celeb-parody)

Mandy Moore: Mandy Learns About Her Mistake - by Sugar Tax - Mandy Moore has a wild night out that she doesn't remember most of it. Six months later she receives a letter and a picture of her with a handsome man taken from that evening. The letter asks her to call if she would like details of her lost night out. When Mandy learns of the tape's contents she is set up for blackmail. (M/f-teen, exh, reluc, alcohol, blkmail, celeb-parody)

Mandy Moore's Fan Date - by ojay5456 - Fictitious story about Mandy Moore getting mouth-fucked in a toilet on a fan date. (MF, oral, reluc, celeb-parody)

Mandy Moore: Two Brothers and Some Candy - by turc443 - Mandy takes an interest in a stand by boy and invites him into her set trailer. (mmf-teens, anal, oral, celeb)

Marcia Cross: Marcia's Awakening - by Andrew Troy Keller - Daphne Zuniga invites Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher to join her for a little getaway on a tropical paradise, where they discover something more than just the sights. (FFF, F-solo, voy, rom, celeb-parody)

Mariah Carey: Strike A Pose - by Geminiguy - When a job is more than just a job. A photographer signs on to help Mariah Carey change her image through a photo shoot that would show her sexy side. (MF, anal, celeb-parody, affair, preg)

Marie Osmond: Blossoming And Growing Inside - by Tom Land - Marie Osmond lay resting briefly in the Marriott Hotel bed, still breathing fast and in the afterglow of her powerful orgasm after she'd just finished fucking the young black man she'd contacted through the escort service where she lived in Los Angeles. (MF, intr, celeb-paordy)

Marilyn Monroe; Marilyn's Last Ride - by Vicki Bandagski - There was a commotion in the outer hallway, that not a common occurrence in the morgue. I rushed out there to see what was going on. There were three policemen standing over the body of Marilyn Monroe. (MF, necro, celeb-parody)

Marilyn Monroe: My Night With Marilyn - by Aquamarine77 - A story about a guy remembering an encounter he had with the goddess of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe. (MF, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Marina Sirtis: Making Babies #19 - by Geminiguy - My 19th "Making Babies" entry. After College, I take a trip to London, and find more than I expected. (M/f, ped, oral, celeb-parody)

Marlon Brando: An Evening Of Desire - by Zachary Langston - A 1950s Hollywood lighting tech gets more out of a party than he expected... from Marlon Brando. (MM, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Mario's Lopez: Mario's Massage - by Ryan Carlyle - Fantasy story about a gay man seducing actor Mario Lopez. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, intr, reluc, oral, celeb-parody)

Martina Hingis As Batgirl - by Anonymous Author - Martina was unsure why she had decided to take up running about at night dressed up as batgirl. Perhaps it gave her a thrill that professional tennis no longer did, perhaps it was just another way of seeking attention. But she knew one thing; she was enjoying herself. (MF, rp, oral, celeb-parody)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: Breakfast In Bed - by Geminiguy - Set in 1989, what's a guy to do when he's got the hots for his mom, who happens to be actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio? All you can do is really show her how much he appreciates as she done for him as a mother, and maybe... just maybe, her reaction will surprise... (m/F, inc, oral, MILF, celeb-parody)

Meeting Bon Jovi - by Dude Surfer - Danny had won a national contest held by a major record company. The winner got to meet the artist of their choice for their school newspaper. Out of the hundreds of entries received, Danny couldn't believe it was his name that had been drawn. When the record label representative asked him who he'd like to meet, he didn't even have to think about his answer. It was Jon Bon Jovi. (M/m-teen, 1st-gay experience, celeb-parody)

Meeting Kath - by Geminiguy - This story takes place during the summer of 1983 in Illinois. A teen's chance meeting with a teen star outside of Niles North High School where unknown to him scenes for her latest movie are being shot. (fm-teens, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Mel Gibson In Las Vegas - by Grand Canyon - A husband and wife end up in Mel Gibson's hotel room, doing things that usually aren't talked about. (MMF, wife, celeb-parody)

Melanie Griffith: Sucker For A Soft Dick - by Geminiguy - Melanie Griffith visits her Hollywood agent to thank him for a job well done. (MF, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Melissa Hart: Melssia Gives Her All - by MrBaytes - Melissa Hart was signing autographs for the adoring fans. That's when Misty came into view, so close she could smell the soap the young woman used to clean herself that morning. Melissa's boyfriend hadn't come along on this trip and it had been a long time since she'd gotten laid. It had been even longer since she'd made it with another girl and Misty's avid gaze promised much. (FFM, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Melissa Joan Hart Goes To Prison - by Big Guy - Melissa gets in trouble when she tries to help her friend. (MF, FF, rp, celeb)

Michelle Kwan - by L.T. - A man meets Michelle in a hotel in Chicago during a vulnerable time in her life and takes advantage of his opportunity. (MF, ws, rp, spank, celeb-parody)

Mick Jagger: My Story - by Jenz Kneef - My new boyfriend convinced me that this is the best way to help Mick, so after much thinking about it, I've decided to reveal the details of my affair with him. (MM, affair, celeb-parody)

Mikaela Barnes: Transforming The Relationship - by ChDa - Mikaela wakes up and her boyfriend, Sam, is nowhere to be found. She results to letting her horniness going to waste until she discovers Sam's dad is the only one home. (MF, oral, celeb-parody)

Mila Kunis & Laura Prepon - by TRL - Playing Eric's girlfriend and older sister usually meant that both girls were on stage most days. But during one long hot day they had nothing to do and had to entertain themselves while the rest of the cast were busy filming an episode of the ever-popular That 70's Show. (FF, affair, celeb-parody)

Mila Kunis: Making Babies #9 - by Geminiguy - My 9th "Making Babies" entry. The girl next door had always been close to me. When I housesit during the Summer she tags along, and I was about to find out how close we really were. (M/f, ped, 1st, mast, exh, celeb-parody)

Miley and Me - by The Old Sarg - How did Miley become so wild? (Mg, Mf, ped, cons, 1st, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Miley and the Bachelor Party - by Muhabba - Before she knew it Miley's body was covered in hands. Hands caressing her hair and face, hands stroking her arms and shoulders while they pulled her bra straps down, hands pulling off her transparent shirt and rubbing her back, and hands caressing her legs and thighs as they pulled down her shorts. Miley felt her body become putty in those hands as they freed her from her clothes and stroked and massaged her aching body. (M+/F, nc, gb, celeb-parody)

Miley Breaks Out of Her Shell - by RandyPan - Miley Cyrus wants her brother as badly as he wants her. (MF-teens, youths, inc, rom, voy, celeb-parody)

Miley Cyrus: Making Babies #4 - by Geminiguy - My 4th "Making Babies" entry. As a "big wig" at Disney, I'd heard about a new young starlet and wanted to get to know her firsthand. (M/f, ped, 1st, celeb-parody)

Miley Cyrus: My Interview With Miley - by Geminiguy - As a music reporter and a Rock music fan, I sometimes get sent to rock concerts to interview Rock stars. But sometimes a concert and interview don't turn out the way I expect, like this time. (MF, mast, oral, celeb-parody)

Miley Cyrus: That Metal Show - by Geminiguy - Miley decides to bear it all on the "That Metal Show" to the audience's rapt approval. (MMF, oral, anal, exh, celeb-parody)

Mitzi gets Marilyn - by Kim & Genny - This incident occurred in 1954 on the set of the movie, "There's No Business Like Show Business." Twenty-four year old Mitzi played Katy, a dancer, and twenty-eight year old Marilyn was, "Vicky" the hat-check girl who fell in love with Donald O'Connor. Both actresses were under considerable stress in their private lives in addition to the strain of appearing in a big budget movie. (Fdom/F, catfight, v, celeb-parody)

Monica Belucci: Caduta Per Mamma - by Geminiguy - In this somewhat science fiction-ish tale, when his parents break up, a son develops an interest in his unattainable mother Monica Belucci. (mf-teens, 1st, inc, mast, fantasy, celeb-parody)

Monica Lewinsky: Moni and Me - by Geminiguy - This is another 'Vintage Geminiguy' story. I can even come close to its original writing date, not long after June 5th, 2003. Mention of Bill Clinton has popped up in a few threads reminding me of this story. I still have a huge crush on sexy Monica Lewinsky and I hope some of you still do, too. I even worked with a girl who looked like Monica but without her 38Ds... This one is longer than "Hey Little Sister..." but I'll try to edit it where possible. I really hope you enjoy it. (MF, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Montana Fishburne: Montana By Way Of California - by Geminiguy - Jim gets a promotion, that requires extra travel, which wasn't that great until one day he met a pretty black woman in a hotel in California. (MF, husb-cheat, intr, celeb-parody)

More Than My Boss - by RandyPan - What if Jena Malone worked for Helen Mirren at a big company? (FF, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Nancy Kerrigan's Revenge - by MAW - Nancy shows up at Tonya Harding's home bearing an olive branch. She says that she is tired of always having the press asking her about their feud. She wants to kiss and make up so that the media will stop making such a big deal out of the whole thing. Tonya's ecstatic about the idea and when Nancy offers to give her, her silver medal as a peace offering, Tonya can't believe it. But when she wakes up tied to her bed wondering what the hell happened, she becomes suspicious of Nancy's intentions. (FF, M+/F, nc, bd, celeb-parody)

Nancy Travis: Making Babies #25 - by Geminiguy - My 25th "Making Babies" entry. I'm a teacher. Nancy is one of my students. She wasn't the hottest student, or the smartest, but there was just something about that smile. (Mf, ped, reluc, 1st, celeb-parody)

Naomi Campbell: Naomi's Boy Toy - by Star Driver - I am employed by a livery service in Los Angeles. Our service is often utilized by various celebrities because of a well-deserved reputation for discretion and excellent service. It's a job I enjoy greatly, not least because of the opportunity to share the occasional sexual fling with one of my famous passengers. (MF, affair, intr, celeb-parody)

Natalie Portman: A Funny Thing Happened To Natalie - by Zinquox - Natalie Portman is kidnapped and drugged and raped. (MMF/f-teen, nc, rp, intr, bd, celeb-parody)

Nana Visitor: The Devil's Erotica - by Andrew Troy Keller - Nana Visitor invites her two friends, Sandra Bullock and Maura Tierney to join her at a haunted house, only to have them discover just how haunted it actually is. (MFFF, v, rp, celeb-parody)

Natalie Portman: Natalie's Dream - by Lunkwill and Fook - Unexpected pleasure is never really unexpected when you really think about it. (MF, celeb-parody)

Natalie Portman: Rave Girl - by Carnage Jackson - An ordinary guy attends a "rave" only to find himself in the company of ravishing Natalie Portman. Against all expectations he has the chance to take her to his apartment and fuck her brains out. (MF, celeb-parody)

Neve Campbell: Pain and Pleasure - by PJurado - Neve gasped, sweat glistening over her naked body as the whip cracked against her back, making her shiver with pain. The chains attached to her wrist manacles held the girl up while the whip snapped across her ass, a soft squeal of pleasure escaping her trembling lips. (F/ghost, bd, s/m, v, celeb-parody)

Nicki Minaj: Costume Party Slut - by Geminiguy - An incognito Nicki Minaj attends a Halloween costume party. Did I mention she's horny? (FMM, Fm, oral, celeb-parody)

Nicki Minaj: Making Babies #35 - by Geminiguy - My 35th "Making Babies" entry. Nicki was two years younger than me but had been skipped two grades so we were in the same grade. We'd always been close, I just never knew Nicki had the hots for me as I did her. (fm, youths, oral, intr, celeb-parody)

Nicki Minaj: Nicki's Bodyguard - by Geminiguy - A bodyguard gets fringe benefits when he hires on to protect a pop singer. (MF, oral, anal, intr, breasts, celeb-parody)

Nicole Kidman's Encounter - by Geminiguy - Nicole Kidman is featured on a show about ghostly encounters with famous people and shares her horrifying experience. (MF, nc, rp, ghost, fantasy, celeb-parody)

Night Swimming - by RandyPan - Maggie Gyllenhaal and Marion Cotillard skinny-dip. (FF, oral, celeb-parody)

Nikki Cox: On the Set - by ASp1 - I was on the set of the show Unhappily Ever After, when I saw her standing there. It was the incredibly beautiful Nikki Cox. She had on a white T-shirt, and tight jeans, with a pair of sneakers. She was leaning over a counter going over her lines with one of the other cast members. (M+/F, orgy, celeb-parody)

Nina Dobrev: The Special Hospital - by TheBigLove126 - Actress Nina Dobrev wakes up in a dark "hospital" room following a car crash. Little did she know that the accident would be the end of her "old life". (MF, nc, rp, oral, anal, for, v, ws, celeb-parody)

Noa Tishby: The Most Beautiful Woman on Earth - by yoni gabai-hen - Jacob was an ardent admirer of Noa Tishby who was the most beautiful woman on earth. But there was a catch: He couldn't even fantasize about fucking her because it would have been blasphemy. (M-solo, mast, toys, humor, celeb-parody)

Ola Ray: Making Babies #10 - by Geminiguy - My 10th "Making Babies" entry. I'd been a teacher a long time, but I never met a student quite like her. (M/f, ped, reluc, cheat, intr, celeb-parody)

Olivia Newton-John: Making Babies #39 - by Geminiguy - My 39th "Making Babies" entry. A guy staying in Australia with his aunt meets a special girl during his last year in High School. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Olsen's Christmas Adventure - by Wonder Mike - It was another mall opening for the twins Mary Kate and Ashley, their television show had been canceled and they were relegated to cheesy kids movies, they wanted more but nobody would give them a role, they were only 14 so they couldn't get boob jobs or do B movies to jump start their careers like Alyssa Milano did, they weren't as cute as they used to be, even a year ago. (M/ff-teens, ped, beast, celeb-parody)

Olsen Twins: Gangrape 101 - by Tjf27 - The Olsen girls find out that their fame and fortune doesn't prevent them from paying a high price for being snobs. Their teacher and two fellow classmates force them to have sex. (Mm+/ff, celeb, ped, rp, v)

Olsen Twins: Getting To Elizabeth - by Geminiguy - I'd been dating Elizabeth for almost 2 years, waiting for her 18th birthday to have our first time. I find out Elizabeth is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and they say I have to fuck them first to get to Elizabeth! What to do, what to do? (MF, M/f-teen, underage, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Olsen Twins, Taken Dead Or Alive - by TJF27 - A mortician crosses the line at work. A strange and unsettling story about celebrity violation and necrophilia. (M/f-teen, nc, rp, nec, celeb-parody)

Olympic Gymnastic Team - by CrushAJ - A fantasy about the Olympic Gymnastic Team. This story involves the girl's coach dominating them and taking sexual advantage of them through intimidation, blackmail and through physical force. (mF, FF, dom, v, ped, celeb-parody)

Oprah Winfrey: Making Babies #31 - by Geminiguy - My 31st "Making Babies" entry. She knew she wasn't a "classic" beauty. She was more than that. And so did the rich White men she tended to encounter from time-to-time. (Mf, ped, facial, intr, mast, exh, celeb-parody)

Oprah Winfrey: The Phantom of Oprah - by Geminiguy - An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, prays upon women in order to have sexual intercourse with them. (MF, size, anal, fant, celeb-parody)

Pailin: The Governor's Heart - by Kayla - A teenage girl's unexpected initiation into steamy lesbian sex by her sexy Governor. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, rom, bd, celeb-parody) Part 2

Pamela Anderson & Anna Nicole Smith - by Luke Ozvik - Pamela sat on the couch, her arm around Anna's shoulder, her hand on her thigh, as they watched the video-tape of her fucking, or being fucked by, ex-husband Tommy Lee. They watched as his huge cock slid in and out of Pam's neatly trimmed pussy. (FF, beast, celeb-parody)

Pamela Anderson: An Epic Night - by Kash the Priest - A bunch of friends fake a robbing of Pamela Anderson, letting one of them play hero to get close to the busty babe. Was written back when she was still married to Kid Rock. (MF, oral, anal, feet, celeb-parody)

Pamela Anderson's Videotape - by KMB - Pam is sent a videotape by a fan and finds that she is mesmerized by the sexual content. At first she's just fascinated by it, but soon it becomes an obsession. (MF, mc, voy, celeb-parody)

Paradox: BTTF - by Geminiguy - This story may be a bit much, so let me explain a few things: The full title of this story is Paradox: Back To The Future [it borrows an idea laid out by Doc Brown to Marty]. This is labeled Fantasy because it involves a little science fiction in the 'first act' of the story. As far as the incest, the main character will have sex with 3 family members. But as you'll see some of the facts only he knows and doesn't share with the 3 (talk about paradoxes). I'm thinking about Back The To Future, Part II as I write this forward, not that it plays into this story. (MF, 1st, inc, preg, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Paris Hilton: Aaron Carter's 17th Birthday - by Jessy19 - Paris Hilton has a secret that Lindsay Lohan finds out about and "uses" to her advantage. (F/shemale, nc/con, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Paris Hilton & Lendsay Lohan: The Hidden Hilton - by Jessy19 - Paris Hilton has a secret that Lindsay Lohan finds out about and "uses" to her advantage. (shemale/F, nc/con, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Paris Hilton: Plug In Paris - by Melswo - When Paris swore to Matt she would do anything to be His, she had no idea just how far she would go to make all of His fantasies come true. In the end she got just what she craved most, to be forever His, even if it was too late to enjoy it. (Mdom/FF, bi, cons, oral, axp, sn, nec, celeb-parody)

Passion's Forbidden - by Stealth Photographer - Passion's Miguel and Theresa fall into forbidden territory. (MF, exh, sn, celeb-parody)

Pat Benatar: Making Babies - by Geminiguy - My 40th "Making Babies" entry. A Rock singer happens to visit a church where he's having a gig and meets an amazing singer with great potential. (Mf, ped, 1st, oral)

Patricia Richardson: Carjacked - by Anonymous - Pat walked out of the trendy clothing store with her shopping bags and her purse over her right shoulder. She wore a red tank top and white shorts and white tennis shoes. She walked across the parking lot to her cream colored Lexus, the warm evening breeze moving her shoulder length brown hair lightly. She opened the trunk and put her packages inside then moved to the driver's door and put the key in the lock. Before she could open the door she was pinned against the side of the car a gun stuck in her ribs. A hand grabbed the hair and pulled her head back. He moved close, "Do what I say or die," he hissed. (MF, nc, rp, oral, celeb-parody)

Patricia Richardson: In The Elevator - by Swede - Patricia has the hots for a big burly construction worker. (MF, cons, oral, celeb-parody)

Peta Wilson: Making Babies # 54 - by Geminiguy - My 54th "Making Babies" entry. A girl with supernatural powers makes people do sexual acts without ever saying a word. Then she wants in on the fun too. (F/beast, fm-youths, Mf, ped, 1st, mast, oral, voy, celeb-parody)

Portia De Rossi - by Carnage Jackson - Portia De Rossi had become a client of the firm through ruthless dealings by my father, who had lured her away from her two-bit talent agency before, and who had been hugely influential in landing her the role as Nelle Porter on the hit TV show "Ally McBeal". Things between us were about to change, and she had no clue what was about to change her life for ever. (MF, blkmail, celeb-parody)

Rachel Weisz: Making Babies #29 - by Geminiguy - My 29th "Making Babies" entry. She was an exchange student. He was a voyeur he took and interest in her. But there was more to her than meets the eye. (M/f, m/f, ped, oral, cheat, voy, celeb-parody)

Rachel Weisz: My Only "Vice" Is My Mother Rachel - by Geminiguy - Rachel Weisz' son for the first time realizes how hot his mother is. Will that revelation change their relationship forever? (F/m, inc, mast, celeb-parody)

Rape Of Christina Applegate, The - by Wonder Mike - Rick had been a huge fan of Married with Children, specifically Christina Applegate. He thought she was the sexiest person to ever appear on television. He couldn't understand why she never won an Emmy. Maybe it was because she wasn't acting playing Kelly Bundy, she was just playing herself. (MF, nc, celeb-parody)

Rape Of Shannen Miller - by Exvio - Shannen knew she had it easy. Her parents had always been supportive of her as she became a gymnast. She had reached the highest levels, and they had always been her biggest fans. But now she wanted out of the gymnast life. She knew her decision would go badly with her parents, especially her father. (Mf, rp, inc, celeb-parody)

Reese Witherspoon: Burning Bridges- by Cassidy - Reese Witherspoon breaks with her husband and discovers a whole new world of sexual delights when freed from their dull relationship. (F-Solo, Fmf, ped, mast, fist, scat, ws, oral, anal, inc, celeb-parody)

Rosario Dawson: Making Babies # 52 - by Geminiguy - A photographer has a thing for young Puerto Rican girls. Rosario is just his type. Her family is poor, and he's sure she'll do anything for the money. (Mf, ped, 1st, oral, latina fetich, celeb-parody)

Rosario Dawson: Porno Chic - by RandyPan - What if Rosario Dawson made a porno film. (F-solo, exh, mast, oral anal, toys, celeb-parody)

Ruby Soho - by RandyPan - What if Tilda Swinton and Mia Wasikowska were artists in Soho? (FF, oral rom, celeb-parody)

Russell Crow: The Flight of Susan - by RKXT - On a red eye to NYC, Susan is taken by a stranger, and her own desires. (MMF, reluc, celeb-parody)

Sadie Frost: Making Babies # 53 - by Geminiguy - My 53rd "Making Babies" entry. While visiting London and exploring, a man meets young Sadie, who immediately gives him a hand job. Things get more interesting the next time he sees her. (Mf, ped, mast, anal, exh, celeb-parody)

Salma Hayek: Como Yo Jodido A Celebridad - by Geminiguy - How I Fucked A Celebrity (who happened to be Salma Hayek). (MF, 1st, oral, intr, celeb-parody)

Sam Elliot Takes Over - by Wetnastychat - Sam Elliot can do that eye-contact little smile thing and then say, "C'mere" very low and quiet, it's like the pull of Dracula, you can't resist and you don't want to... he puts a hand on your cheek and looks at your hair his eyes traveling all over your face as if to absorb every detail. (MF, rom, celeb-parody)

Sandra Bullock & Julia Roberts: Pretty Women - by Anynom - Two celebrities enjoy each other's company. (FF, mc, celeb-parody)

Sandra Bullock: Christmas with the Devil - by Mike Wonder - Sandra Bullock had no idea what she was doing in Wyoming, she only knew her small plane was going down, she dropped to her knees and prayed to whoever would help her. She looked out the window, and saw the ground getting closer and closer, then everything went white. (MF, fantasy, celeb-parody)

Sandra Bullock On The Back Lot - by Mike Sommers - Being a sort of gopher, I never thought that I'd get to do anything fun. But I couldn't believe my luck. I was going to get Sandra Bullock, my favorite actress in the entire world, and tell her that she was wanted on the set. I would get to introduced myself, maybe even shake hands with her, and walk back with her. (MF, cons, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Sarah & Natalie: Party Girls - by PJ - Things were getting wild early, several women were walking around the pool naked, their lithe bodies glistening with moisture. I dismissed them and looked around for Natalie Portman or Sarah Gellar. (MFF, drugs, orgy, con, celeb-parody)

Sarah Chalke's Lesbian Encounter - by PSGJLS - Sarah Chalke has her first lesbian experience with a guest star on the set of Scrubs. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, celeb-parody)

Sarah Hughes: Olympic Victory - by Miaisdabomb - A rather implausible story about the young Olympian taking up with an older black guy just for the fun of it. (MF/f-teen, intr, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar - by Nonentity of A. - I had done it. I'd actually got a part in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' which, although not exactly my life's ambition, was definitely a good start. If I did well, I was told, they might try and find a permanent position for me in the next series, and - the big bonus, and one of the main reasons I auditioned - I got to meet and talk to the star of the show, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is still the most beautiful girl I have ever met. (MFF, FF, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Does Her Cousin - by Star Driver - Sarah stood at the LAX gate waiting expectantly for her cousin Brenda to emerge from the plane. It had been several years, but they had always remained close and she was really looking forward to seeing her again. (FF, inc, fant, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar: For The Millions - by YourGhost - Sarah Michelle Gellar goes to a meeting with fans only to discover that they have more on their minds than just getting her autograph. (MMF, mf, nc, rp, v, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Making Babies #17 - by Geminiguy - My 17th "Making Babies" entry. I let my sister catch me jerking off. Why? You'll see... (mf, youths, inc, handjob, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ass - by Kash the Priest - This a follow up to Sarah Michelle Gellar's feet, where IT technician makes a 2nd visit to SMG, this time getting more than just feet sex and getting involved in a porno. (MF, oral, anal, feet, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Feet - by Kash the Priest - Sarah starts to see an IT Tech, giving him a footjob when he comes to repair her PC. (MF, mast, oral, feet, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Harem - by Ghoulardi - Hollywood, city of a thousand lies and a million truths. Here anything could happen and often did, as was the case recently at a major motion picture studio... (FF, celeb-parody)

Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Morning After - by PJurado - I woke up with a light hangover. I groaned, grimacing from the soft throbbing behind my temples. Sarah was still asleep on top of me, her body warm against my skin, she felt wonderful. My erection grew until it rubbed over her cunt, rousing her. (MFF, affair, celeb-parody)

Sarah Palin: The Unexpected Visitor - by Geminiguy - A rather shy porn writer has an unexpected encounter with one of his fantasy women. (MF, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Saving Barbano's Semen - by Stiffy010 - Our story takes place in an equine hospital where a famous race horse with a broken leg is housed and in failing condition. A young woman working there is placed charged of collecting his semen to use to garner stud fees in the case of his death. (F/beast, celeb-parody)

Scarlett Johansson: Home For The Holidays - by Geminiguy - Scarlett Johansson comes home for the holidays. (MF, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

Selena Gomez: Making Babies # 49 - by Geminiguy - My 49th "Making Babies" entry. A guy is friends with a girl who gets pregnant as 16. He offers to help raise her daughter. Over the years they grow very close, and eventually the inevitable happens. (Mf, ped, exh, 1st, mast, latina, celeb-parody)

Selena Gomez: My Birthday Present - by Geminiguy - I first met Selena Gomez back in High School when she was a Freshman and I was a Senior. We remained friends all these years. I didn't know Selena as well as I thought, though, but I found out when she gave me my birthday present. (M/f-teen, 1st, underage, oral, drugged, celeb-parody)

Serena Williams: Surfin' With Serena - by Geminiguy - A long-time friend and Serena Williams go beyond just friendship. (MF, intr, exh, mast, oral, anal, spank, rom, celeb-parody)

Sex with Pamela Anderson - by Tranceman - Being a "gopher" wasn't the worst job in the world. Mark had certainly had ones a hell of a lot worse. Sure, he got yelled at and treated like crap sometimes by the directors and crew but that had happened a lot before in other jobs and he was used to it. For Mark, that was a very small price to pay to be near a living goddess. (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Sex with Sandra Bullock - by Anonymous Author - I approach my house and see a strange car sitting in the driveway. As it is pouring down rain I can't tell whose car it is. As I get closer I see a figure standing by the rear of the car looking down at what looks like flat tire. As I get closer I realize the figure is shapely female, with a flat tire on the rear. As I pull into the driveway I can't believe my eyes, can it be true that this female stuck in my driveway is none other than Sandra Bullock. Yes it was, could this really be my lucky day? (MF, affair, celeb-parody)

Shania Twain - by Jaroslav - Julie Stevens almost fainted when Shania Twain picked her to be her new personal assistant. She was just twenty-one years old and had already landed her dream job. She was a huge fan of Shania and had always wanted to meet her and now she had the chance to work with her every day. (FF, affair, celeb-parody)

Shannon Doherty Goes to the Dogs - by Luke Ozvik - Shannon stumbled toward the exit of the nightclub. The place was overcrowded, the music was thumping in her head and she had had too much to drink again. (F/beast, celeb-parody)

Shannon Doherty - by Karens Oh - Don't ask me to explain why I have this fantasy. I'm not really a fan of Shannon's work, but who knows what makes certain things erotic for each of us? I believe in this particular case, it has to do with Shannon's reputation for being a spoiled brat and a "bitch", blended with my own preference for dominant/submission games. It was triggered by a picture of Shannon that I saw in another Newsgroup. At any rate, the thought of Shannon giving me orders gets to me every time, and writing this story was very erotic for me. (FFF, d/s, hum, celeb-parody)

Shannon Elizabeth: Janitorial Engineer - by Messiah of Catchers - Our hero gets to worship at the temple of Shannon Elizabeth. (MF, foot-fetish, celeb-parody)

Shannon Tweed and Her Son - by Tag Johnson - Shannon Tweed a B movie legend has affair with her son. MF, Fm, ped, cheat, inc, rom, celeb-parody)

Sharon Stone: One Night Stand Souvenir - by Wingshoe - Welcome to what passes for my life. Here I am, mid-20's, single, a great job, living in Southern California. I should be living high off the hog with women left and right looking to hook up with me. If I only I could be so lucky. Truth of the matter is, I'm painfully shy. Shy to the point that I haven't had sex in almost a year, and that one time was when I was so inebriated to the point that I wasn't acting like myself. I haven't had a steady girlfriend since college. But then one day everything changed. (MF, cons, oral, celeb-parody)

She's a Magic Woman - by RandyPan - Daveigh Chase discovers she's in love with Zooey Deschanel. (FF, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Sheryl Crow: In My Studio Session - by Geminiguy - I looked at Sheryl in the recording room [dressed in her usual faded blue jeans torn at one knee and a t-shirt] thinking I knew what to expect from her. When she hit the first note my mouth dropped, I'd never heard her voice exude such sensuality, such sexuality... My cock had gone rigid in my own blue jeans. (MF, oral, rom, celeb-parody)

Shirley Jones: Making Babies #28 - by Geminiguy - My 28th "Making Babies" entry. I grew up with Paul and was Best Man when he married. When his daughter Shirley was born he asked me to be her Godfather. Shirley is thirteen now, and proving to be QUITE the exhibitionist. (Mf, ped, oral, 1st, exh, celeb-parody

Shirley Temple: Making Babies #21 - by Geminiguy - My 21st "Making Babies" entry. Shirley Temple is now a teenager, entering a new phase of her career. Which will involve doing pinup photos. As her photographer, I do my best to ease her through the transition, in more ways than one. (MF, oral, 1st, celeb-parody)

Shower of Love - by RandyPan - Gemma Arterton and Carey Mulligan realize their true feelings for each other. (FF, ora, rom, celeb-parody)

Star Power - by C7 - A short story featuring Ali Landry and Katherine Heigl who strike up a lesbian relationship while working together. (FF, celeb-parody)

Stephanie Seymour: November Rain - Geminiguy - Stephanie Seymour gives her son an early birthday present: a trip to St. Bart's, just the two of them. Unexpected weather conditions change things up more than expected. (F/m, inc, 1st, oral, mast, celeb-parody)

Survivor Stories: Elisabeth Filarski - by Carnage Jackson - "Survivor" is the hottest show on American TV right now and Elisabeth is one of the babes from the show. If people like this story enough, I might write some more on the other women of the show, so please be sure to tell me if you want other stories, what type of scenario you want, and who should be next. (MF, cons, celeb?-parody)

Survivor Stories: Outback Orgy - by Carnage Jackson - For those who care about that sort of thing, this story is set when there were just 8 people left - Jerri, Nick, Rodger, Elisabeth, Amber, Colby, Keith, Tina This story is essentially a parody because none of the contestants (well, maybe Jerri) would have/probably didn't acted like this while they were "stranded" for those 42 days. That said, enjoy. (MFF, cons, celeb?-parody)

Susan Sarandon: Porno Chic - by RandyPan - What if Susan Sarandon made a porn video? (MF, mast, oral, exh, celeb-parody

Suicide: Seven Minutes Over Tampa - by Indigo - In 1977 or 1978, an audience member told Alan and Martin (from electronica pioneers Suicide) to go fuck themselves. They did. (MM, exh, slash, cleb-psrody)

Tara Lipinski: Taking Tara - by Stormberg - Tara Lipinski is alone in the skating rink, practicing late, when a fat ugly guy attacks her. He molests her, taking video's of his handiwork, and in the end Tara likes it. (M/f, nc, rp, preg, celeb-parody)

Tatyana Ali: The Fresh Princess Of North Bellmore - by Geminiguy - Tatyana Ali loses her virginity on a road trip with her girlfriends. (Mf, ped, 1st, mast, intr, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift: Blackmailing Of Taylor Swift, The - by Geminiguy - You should try blackmailing up-and-coming young stars for a living. The rewards can be out of this world. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, anal, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift: Taylor and Austin - by Geminiguy - This story is based upon the rumor that Taylor Swift had breast augmentation back in 2012 and is about Austin's (twenty at the time) obsession over Taylor's (twenty-two at the time) new breasts. (MF, inc, breasts, reluc, oral, voy, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift: Making Babies #11 - by Geminiguy - My 11th "Making Babies" entry. It was my granddaughter's 13th birthday, and I wanted to do something special, just the two of us. (Mf, ped, 1st, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift Meets Beverly Lynne - by Tag Johnson - Taylor experiences her first lesbian experience with her friend Beverly Lynn. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, toys, anal, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift Meets Kate Upton - by Tag Johnson - Singer Taylor Swift seduces super-model Kate Upton. (FF, d/s, rom, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift Meets Kirsten Dunst - by Tag Johnson - Kirsten Dunst is turned on by Taylor Swift at a Hollywood party. (FF, celeb-parody)

Taylor Swift Meets Satan - by Tag Johnson - In this parody, Singer Taylor Swift finally succumbs to madness and the forces of darkness; commits rape and murder and fucks the Prince of Darkness. This is a fantasy; please do not do any of this stuff. (MF, FF, nc, bd, intr, preg, occult, v, sn, celeb-parody)

Teri Hatcher: Child's Play - In Pornovision - BY Mkayl - This Story is written as if it were the script of an upcoming TV show. Starring Terri Hatcher as the unwilling mother having incestuous sexual relations with her aggressive teenage son. (mf, celeb, nc, inc, exh)

Teri Hatcher Has Her Picture Taken - by MAW - This story is based on a manufactured image from Spiderloom's Private Pic Page of Entranced Women ( The photos there of hypnotized women, real and faked, have inspired this and other soon-to-come stories. Enjoy. (MF, nc, mc, celeb-parody)

Teri Hatcher's Jett - by Luke Ozvik - A love affair between the beautiful actress and a magnificent, gigantic black Great Dane - named Jett. (F/dog, celeb-parody)

Teri Hatcher: Making Babies # 48 - by Geminiguy - My 48th "Making Babies" entry. An older guy falls for the 13 year old next door. She's a ditzy brunette, and that me be what gets him his shot at her. (Mf, ped, 1st, d/s, exh, mast, celeb-parody)

Teri Hatcher: Teri's Trance - by Anynom - What if you were a super celebrity who couldn't go anywhere, or have any relationship without the world knowing. Even to have a boy friend would be a chore, never knowing whither or not he was just using you to get a head. What if there was a way to bypass all the hassle, and get what you really wanted without all the problems. (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Terry Ferrell: To Be A Millionaire - by Mike Wonder - A special edition of "Who wants to be a millionaire" with guest stars willing to do just about anything for charity. Special guest star, Terry Ferrell, worth a million dallars all on her own. (M+F, oral, celeb-parody)

Tiffani-Amber Theissen #6 - by Geminiguy - This is my 6th "Making Babies" entry. She was my cousin. She was family. But I never treated her right. But I wanted to set things right between us. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, celeb-parody)

Tiffany Amber Thiessan: Saved By The Jacuzzi? - by HELLYEAH4WOOD - It was a hot June afternoon. The humidity was low however so it didn't feel exhaustingly boiling outside. College had let out not week before for Spring Break and I couldn't get over the feeling of freedom. I was doing some things around the house feeling comfortable from the central air conditioning. Then, the doorbell rang. I went to the door and there was Tiffany Amber Thiessan. (MF, rom, celeb-parody)

Tiffany Darwisch: I Think We're Alone Now - by Geminiguy - A chance meeting creates an opportunity for Tiffany and a fan to enjoy a romantic interlude. (MF, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Tina Yothers: Making Babies #22 - by Geminiguy - My 22nd "Making Babies" entry. After living out my Alyssa Milano fantasy, I decide to make my Tina Yothers fantasy come true too. (M/f, reluc, 1st, celeb-parody)

Tonya Harding, Slave Girl - by Titmouse - Tanya Harding gets a reality check by a professional. (MF, spank, celeb-parody)

Tonya's Probation Violation - Part 1 - by Roger T Pipe - Tonya Harding gets 100 hours of community service for her part in the assault on Nancy Kerrigan. She also gets a probation officer that wants to teach her an extra lesson, or two. (MF, blkmail, reluc, celeb-parody) Part 2

Tori Spelling: Making Babies # 34 - by Geminiguy - My 34th "Making Babies" entry. I'd always wanted to write for television or movies. And when I met Aaron Spelling I knew I was about to get my shot. But I had to admit I was a lot more interested in his daughter Victoria. (Mf, 1st, cheating, celeb-parody)

Tori Story, The - by D-Child - A fifteen year old prop-boy intern loses his virginity to Tori Amos. (F/m-teen, M/m, celeb-parody)

Trick Or Treat, Michelle - by Geminiguy - Taking curious young Michelle Tractenberg Trick-Or-Treating gets interesting. (mf, youths, 1st, mast, celeb-parody)

Truth or Drink - by RandyPan - Amy Adams and Karen Gillan play a rather interesting drinking game. (FF, oral, ws, celeb-parody)

Uma Thurman's Green Thumb - by Anynom - One would think that the last thing a movie star would want to so would be to shop for flowers. (FF, mc, oral, celeb-parody)

Valerie Bertinelli: Brownstone On Broderick Avenue - by Andrew Troy Keller - After the band known as Van Halen completes another successful concert at a Chicago music hall, both Eddie and Valerie drive their rental car back to their hotel, only to have that car slow to a complete stop in front of a brownstone residence. (FF, MF, bi, bd, drugs, voy, celeb-parody)

Virginia Madsen and her Son - by Tag Johnson - A parody story about Actress Virginia Madsen who in an alternate universe initiates an incestuous relationship with her teenage son. (Fm, ped, inc, anal, rom, celeb-parody) Part 2

Weekend With Leonardo DiCaprio - by Chris Hatfield - Leonardo DiCaprio staying in my hotel! I couldn't be believe it. I had lusted over him ever since "What's Eating Gibert Grape." Then when "Titanic" came out I knew he was a God. Of course I knew it would be impossible to see him. But a guy could dream, couldn't he? (MM, gay, celeb-parody)

When Rock Stars Collide - by Zachary Langston - Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) and Chris Daughtry may seem like an odd couple to be touring together. But when Pete breaks down and Chris consoles him about his troubles, they find they're better matched than anyone would have dreamed. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Whitney Houston: Making Babies #15 - by Geminiguy - My 15th "Making Babies" entry. To her family and church members, she was a good girl. But she loved to party, and one night of clubbing leads to a night of hotter sex - just the way she loved it. (M/f-teen, intr, celeb-parody)

Williams Sisters: Love At Wimbledon - by Mike Tauron - Every year London is packed for the tennis finals at Wimbledon. I hadn't been there myself, but I was working at a hotel only a few miles away whose name it might be better not to mention. Some of the players were staying there, and on the evening of a grand reception for the Tennis Association a lot of them went out and showed no signs of returning that night, so I was having a quiet night working Room Service. Just before my shift ended, there was an order for a bottle of wine from room 412, so I said that I would drop it off before I went home. (MFF, affair, intr, celeb-parody)

Winona Ryder: Making Babies # 33 - by Geminiguy - My 33rd "Making Babies" entry. I was still new to the California scene. I found the Goth community very interesting, not that I personally would want to go Goth. Then one day she walked into the music store where I worked and nothing was ever the same. (M/f, ped, 1st, fetish, celeb-parody)

Winona Ryder Strips - by Yenoc - I believe that this story was Yenoc's first mind control story published on the web. It's about the sexual control by a sinister character named Sloane and a magical ring called the Eye of Mephisto. He uses this magical ring to control Winona Ryder mind. (MF, mc, celeb-parody)

Winona Ryder: Your Biggest Lover - by Carsten - It was at a playboy-party were Winona had met Noni. The actress she admired, the woman she... was in love with. It was the first woman ever she was in love with. How strange it had felt when that woman had admitted that she too admired Winona. And even more - and exciting - and... when she had taken Noni to a Limo behind Hugh's house. And there they had made lesbian love. (FF, fist, oral, celeb-parody)

Xena After Hours - by Alurker8192 - Renee O'Conner gets in way over her head when she tries to muscle a couple of stunt men and Lucy Lawless has to jump in and "fill" the gap. (MF, celeb, blkmail, reluc)

XXX-Files: A Personal Fantasy - Kirsten Berry - It had all started as one more night singing karaoke at the bar when the guy in the suit walked over and introduced himself. He was a casting agent for the Fox television series THE X-FILES, and they were looking for someone to play a childhood friend (and eventual love interest) of Agent Mulder, played by David Duchovny. Would I be interested? One wildly enthusiastic phone call to my husband later, I was on my way to Vancouver, British Columbia, where the show is filmed. (MF, rom, celeb-parody)

Yellow Dress, The - by Geminiguy - I guy does a good deed and is amply rewarded for his efforts.

Zooey and Rooney's Wild Weekend - by andyPan - Zooey Deschanel and Rooney Mara have a fun weekend. (FF, oral, anal, toys, ws, celeb-parody)

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