Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


"My GOD Bill, there's just no way he could still... but he looks like he's gonna..."

We were standing at the window of the pick-up, still frozen in shock over what we'd seen right there in broad daylight. Maggie was pointing at the old man in the truck. His huge prick was still throbbing and twitching as the little girl kept swirling her tiny hands around the fat slippery head of it. There was so much cum on her face, some of it dripped off onto her hands to join the slippery mess she was using to jack her grandfather off. She let go of him for a minute and yanked her halter-top up and over her puffy little breasts.

They had swollen noticeably from all the excitement, and she brought it to the man's attention as she jerked on the head of his big dick, "Oooo... grampa LOOK!! You made my titties get all bigger! I want 'em REAL big grampa, like Cassie's. I know ya like Cassie's great big titties, cuz I done seen ya CUM on 'em. That's how come they so HUGE grampa, that's what Cassie says... She said yer CUM is what made her titties grow so big!!"

Whoever Cassie was, I could see the thought of her was pushing the old man over the edge again. Every time the kid mentioned her name, he'd get this twisted up look on his face. The kid jerked faster... and faster. Her hands were flying up and down the length of his shaft as she stuck her chest out - making it look as big as she could.

She smiled at him through the veil of cum splattered on her pretty little face and begged him for more, "Come on Grampa... cum on my tits... Make Suzy a BIG pair-uh-titties jus' like Cassie has grampa... Ya want me to be that big... don'tcha?? Come on grampa... I wanna be HUGE!!!!"

I knew the man couldn't last even one minute longer after that - his little granddaughter knew just the right buttons to push. "Big like Cassie grampa... oh god... she's so... BIG."

He let go... again... all over Suzy's little tits. He covered her chest... then her arms. He splattered the dashboard and the windshield. The man came like a fire-hose. Bolt after sticky bolt of cum flew at the kid's upper body, plastering across her as she giggled and rubbed it into her puffy nipples.

"OH... I'm gonna be ENORMOUS grampa!! Just you wait! Suzy's gonna be BIGGER than Cassie!!!!"

The kid wasn't finished playing with her grandfather yet. To my dismay, she slipped off his lap and knelt down on the floor in front of him. She grabbed his big dick with both her little hands and jacked the head of it again. Little spurts of cum were still gurgling out as she slipped her lips over the tip of it. She might as well have tried to suck off a baseball bat. The swollen head of the man's prick bulged the kid's cheek out obscenely.

She pulled her mouth off it with an audible slurp and rubbed his big fat knob all over her lips and cheeks and chin. All over the sweet little face he'd splattered with cum. Suzy looked me straight in the eye again as she lapped those big gobs of cum off the head of her grandfather's enormous prick. Maggie had been fondling her own tits as she watched the little girl coax the last of the cum out of her grandfather.

The kid in the truck wasn't the only one who'd been swelling. The busty young nurse let out a little gasp as she looked down at her chest. "Oh MY... I don't think I've ever seen them like this" She kept kneading them. "Oh DEAR... they're so BIG... Oh Bill, I'm ... I'm HUGE! And they feel so GOOD... FEEL them, Bill."

I was trembling after watching that little girl jerk a pint of cum out of her grandfather's balls, and looking at Maggie's swollen tits. I pictured my hands groping her big breasts. She'd grown at least a cup size from all the stimulation - I'd seen Peggy through enough growth spurts to know. S

he was one hot little bitch and I could have had every voluptuous inch of her, but I'd never cheated on my wife before. I'd had plenty of chances - I wasn't going to start then. So I fought it. I got in the car, and told Maggie we needed to get out of there. I asked her to take me to the hospital.

"Maggie, believe me there's nothing I'd rather do than bury my face in your big tits right now, but it wouldn't be right - I just can't do that to Peggy." Maggie surprised me by giggling, and chirped, "Well, we won't TELL her silly!!"

I assured her it just wasn't going to happen and asked her to try and understand. "All I understand is the size of that PRICK crawling down your leg mister." She giggled again. I guess I was busted. Finally, Maggie accepted the fact we weren't going to do the nasty right then and there and we started off for the hospital.

We were backing away from the truck when I heard the little girl say, "Grampa, I'm still horny." Maggie giggled and started to pull back next to the truck when I insisted we get underway. With a little pout, she complied. On the way to the hospital I began to think about the complexity of the situation we were faced with, and my erection finally subsided. It was a welcome relief since it had become painful at one point. Still, I was left with a prominent bulge in my pants. I dismissed it as just too much excitement for one day. But it wasn't over yet.

We passed a crew installing a new 'welcome to Fertile Valley" billboard on the highway en route to the hospital. It featured Emily Walton, the new poster girl. The photo was over 30 feet tall. Her profile had been cut out and mounted to a separate board. The child's dress was pulled wide open in this pose, exposing the entire expanse of her tummy. Along with her pink panties and an acre of cleavage bursting out of her bra. She looked down at her big pregnant belly with a very contented smile. As I watch

ed the crane hoist the board with her photo on it, I felt the familiar swelling return to my groin. I'd lost track that day of the times my dick had started throbbing, my heart racing as it sent the blood into my engorged member.

The photo board was much taller than the billboard itself, so her head and shoulders would stick up above it. They attached the photo board to the far right edge, so her huge knocked-up belly stuck out beyond the dimensions of the billboard - exploding into the horizon. This billboard was far more dramatic than the first one we'd seen, and the girl MUCH MORE pregnant.

It seemed as though the church wanted to keep everyone in the valley stimulated with these huge photos of beautiful, well endowed pregnant girls - half naked with their bulging ripe bodies so much larger than life, and on open display. It worked. I was close to cumming in my pants again and Maggie knew it. She just grinned and kept driving.

As we approached the hospital grounds, I was impressed with the size of the facility. I expected a little run down string of one story buildings connected with open walkways. Fertile Valley had quite an attractive facility, beautifully landscaped. The main building was a modern three-story brick structure capable of housing a couple hundred beds.

It appeared to have an even taller building behind it. The main structure was flanked with four 'clinic' sized one-story buildings that were attached to each corner of the building with enclosed walkways. We drove around to the back, and my jaw dropped once again. Attached to the rear of the hospital was the most imposing structure - " The Fertile Valley Maternity Wing." The wing was easily twice the size of the main building. Amazing what you can do with enough tax dollars.

"In there," Maggie said, as she pointed at the left side of the structure. "That's where your lab will be. Like I said, there's plenty of room." She wasn't kidding. It was one of the biggest maternity wards I'd ever seen, and it appeared to be bustling with activity. The parking lot was jammed with cars and trucks, most of them rusty, beat up old relics of the 60s and 70s with missing hubcaps and bald tires.

Inside, gurneys were flying down the hallways in every direction, most of them carrying young girls - girls from 10 to15 years old. Many were swollen to a ridiculous girth with twins, triplets or more inside their bulging, ready-to-pop pregnant bellies. Some were screaming for their mommy or daddy. I felt sorry for them. Sorry for the loss of innocence, and for the huge burden they were carrying. All of it 'to the glory of God.'

While my loftier notions had me feeling pity, my baser instincts had my crotch bulging - again. We approached the admissions desk. Maggie wanted to check in for her messages and let her supervisor know where we'd be. There, in a waiting room designed to seat 50 people, were 60 to 70 girls with their mothers, waiting to be admitted to the hospital. Some of the girls were doubled over in pain. They should be inside already, I thought.

"But nurse...my young-un's water done already broke! How come we cain't git in?" I heard one woman pleading with a nurse at the desk. As Maggie and I got closer to the front, I realized this 'woman' I'd heard was no more than a teenager. The child hugging her waist was 9 years old - tops.

She could have been even younger, though I dismissed that as unthinkable. Her belly was as large as some of the 12-year-olds' I'd seen bulging out of their dresses. The kid had more than one baby ready to come out of her - that much was obvious. Her belly stuck out two feet in front of her little body.

She was simply HUGE, and unlike some of the other girls, the child had developed no breasts or hips at all. She looked like a normal nine-year-old rather than a scaled down adult, with one BIG exception. Her enormous pregnant belly completely overwhelmed her tiny frame. With no breasts or hips to balance the immense protrusion in front of her, she'd have been incapable of standing on her own. But she had mama, the comely teenager she hung on to, for support.

It didn't take much arithmetic to figure out that the little girl had been even younger than my Meagan and Melissa when she got pregnant - or that her mother had been that same age when SHE got pregnant with the child clinging to her. What a cycle, I thought. No wonder the area had come under scrutiny. With each new child they brought into the world, the federal government was soaked for another welfare payment. And these people were breeding like rats in a grain barrel.

The nurse behind the admissions desk informed the teenaged mom that there wasn't a room to be had in the whole ward - "We've already doubled up on the occupancy of each room dear, and all 400 rooms are full right now - we're trying to get some of the overflow sent to the ER and spare rooms in the main wing. You'll just have to be patient - September is a VERY busy time of year in maternity. Have a seat, and we'll call you."

Maggie confirmed that there were a LOT of babies being made in January and February there. The pretty teenager was livid, "But they AIN'T no place to sit, you BITCH!! And my young-un is gunna bust wide open right here on yer floor!!" The nurse remained calm. Better than I could have. The young mom's ranting worked on her.

"Bring her around here... we'll get her to the ER," the nurse said. An orderly came around with a wheel chair for the poor child, and I watched her mom bend over to give her a kiss goodbye. Her breasts swayed heavily inside her tank top. I'd been too busy looking at the pregnant little girl.

I hadn't noticed that her young mom had two of the biggest tits I'd ever seen in my life. Maggie noticed her then too, and gave another pout. The girl was braless, and as she walked back toward the waiting room her huge breasts wobbled and slapped together with every step. My eyes were riveted to them. Her nipples were the size of big cherries and poked right through the material of her skimpy top.

I followed her into the waiting area, like a hound dog following a bitch in heat. Maggie was steaming, I could tell, and she was right on my heels. The busty teenager sat down next to a woman Maggie's age who I guessed was HER mother. The woman waited with a baby in each arm. I watched from across the room as the girl's nipple area became darker. It was easy to see all of a sudden, that her areolas were the size of beer coasters. Then it hit me - her tits were spurting milk! And the two babies her mom held were waiting for it. "Jesus, no wonder she's so huge," I muttered.

"I heard that," Maggie sniped. Maggie pouted, as I stood there with my mouth open watching the girl yank her top down and under her simply ENORMOUS tits. The girl's mother handed the babies over and nature took its course. They appeared to be just a few months old and still tiny.

The babies were barely able to get their little mouths around her oversized nipples. The girl had a pair of spigots, I thought to myself. Just then, one of them lost control of a nipple and confirmed my thoughts. The milk GUSHED out of her left breast drenching the mother's lap and the baby along with it. It cried for a minute, but was soon settled back into its little routine.

As I watched these suckling babies, I couldn't help but notice the size of the girl's areola again I'd never seen anything quite like them, even though Peggy had developed quite a pair. Each was larger than the baby's face next to it, and stood in such contrast to their little pink cheeks. The kids were sucking away contentedly, as mother and daughter sat there waiting for news of the impending delivery. Maggie grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the corridor leading to my lab.

"Let's go mister, it's getting late," she said - and not too sweetly. I could tell she was jealous, and I guess I didn't blame her. We made our way back to the area I'd been given to work in. There was a spacious office with comfortable guest chairs - even a couch, and plenty of bookshelves. It would be very suitable for the interviews and subject consultation I'd need to conduct. It would be a nice place to study when I needed solitude - away from the distractions at home.

The adjacent lab had the latest equipment I'd need to conduct my research including an ISDN Internet connection for efficient collaboration with my colleagues.

Like I said, the feds spare no expense in determining how to save money. And it was money (or maybe OTHER favors) that had exchanged hands to get all the federal support necessary to build this enormous facility. All designed for an indigent population. The cost must have been staggering. And still the system was strained by the demand from these people. I had my work cut out for me, but it was time to get home to my family and see how school and the house hunt went for them.

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