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2-D - by Alex Hawk - A pair of brothers visit the Virgin Islands and find out they like looking at the scenery there less than they like looking at each other. (mm-teens, 1st-gay-expr, inc, rom)

29-Year-Old Grandfather - by Alex Hawk - How can someone be a grandfather at twenty-nine? Much more easily than you might think! Check this story for details. (mf-teens, youths, exh, inc, 1st, mast, preg)

70's Summer With Mom - by Dutchman - A young man initiates his mother into pot-smoking, then incest. (MF, inc, drugs)

A1 Chloe and Zoe - by Chloe - Starts out as to naughty girls (you chose their age), and the story has two endings that you choose from, a non-consensual rape ending or a science-fictional with Wild West ending. (ff-teens, nc, rp, v, sn, inc, bukkake, ws, sci-fi)

A 7th Heaven Love Story, Sort Of - by Chin-Hsien Mark Lin - A revised episode of the late 1990's sitcom, where brother and sister discover a special love for each other. Love in the 'biblical' sense. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, tv-parody)

A Boy And His Mother - by Jones - Albert is a skinny 11-year-old and very unhappy and unfulfilled. That is, until he discovers masturbation and that he is flexible enough to suck himself off. One night his single mother comes home drunk and horny. Albert shows her dirty pictures and ends up fucking her. Her boyfriend is bisexual and Albert sucks his first adult cock. (MFb, extreme-ped, 1st, inc, bi, mast, oral, anal, ws, alcohol)

A Baby Boy For Mom - by Daddy4girls55 - A mother is caught with a black man by her son, who seems to need some loving too. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, mast, oral, intr)

A Bhang-Filled Holi - by UR Null - The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated in most parts of India during February-March. A lot of hooliganism is displayed in the name of fun. I loved playing the wild Holi. Last year I celebrated Holi with my close relatives including my Anut Rakhi. (FM, exh, inc, india)

Abby's Young Friends - by Jimbo2 - A young girl and her young friends find out that they really like cock. (mf-teens, ped, inc, 1st)

A Bed Big Enough - by Charles Dodgson - Eric gets a call from his old friend, Joel, 55, who invites him for a visit to his rural home near Mount Shasta in Northern California. They were hippies together in the old days, with free love for all. Joel has three young girls, ages eight to ten, with his young second wife, Daisy. Joel mentions he and Daisy believed in the family bed, and Eric was free to join them if he wanted to. (MF/g+, extreme-ped, inc)

A Betrayal Of The Most Devine - by Adam Warlock - John couldn't have been happier. He just spent a wonderful time, with his family, at the beach. It was these bonding moments that made life worth living. (M+f-teen, ped, nc, voy, forced-inc, preg?) Part 2

A Big Black Cock Adventure - by Eraser - Sally Collins was being pestered by her husband Bruce to suck a black cock while she let him watch. Had he known the outcome he would never have asked her. (MF, voy, wife, husb-voy, inc, oral, anal, intr, orgy, cuck, size) Part 2

A Birthday Surprise - by Renata von Foetze - It was Polly's mother's birthday and she had a special request. (MFF, rom, inc)

A Boater's Paradise - by JSR - A family goes boating and ends up owning a nude campground and marina. (MFF/fm-teens, family-inc, ped, 1st, exh, orgy, preg)

About Doing Cassandra - by Anon - A story where a male and female change sex roles. A teenage boy's personality and memories are switched with those of his scientist mother when an experiment gone wrong. (FM/m-teen, FF, underage, inc, bi, mast, oral, rom, sci-fi)

A Brother And Sister On Holiday - by Eager46 - Their parent's holiday in Spain is ruined when their father breaks his leg. So 18 year old Ryan and his 17 year old sister Clare go instead. Although they intended to enjoy the holiday in their own way, the two find that they want to spend all the time with each other. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, rom)

A Brother's Tale - by Red Wood - How a brother's lifelong love affair with his younger sister began. (mf-teens, youths, inc, mast, rom)

Absolutely Proud - by Bad Uncle - Even now I wonder if it was all a dream. My two nieces, sisters and by marriage, were visiting at the same time. April was fifteen and Laurie was fourteen. Both had bodies that wouldn't quit. Laurie thus far was lacking in the tit area but I, being an ass man, didn't really care. (M/ff-teens, inc)

Absolute Power - by WarLord - Billy is given great power and as he is tested he confronts other men of power. (FFm, inc, bi, mc, bd, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Abused By Daddy - by Love2Force - Jaycie tells the story of how she was physically and sexually abused by her father from the time she was 9 years old until shortly after turning 11. (Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, inc, v)

Abusing His Sisters - by Anon - Dick was the oldest of three children, he and his two younger sisters were left home alone a lot since their parents worked long hours to keep the family business alive. One day Dick decided that he ought to get a little something extra for all the work he had to do around the house. (m-teen/gg, youths, forced-inc, 1st)

A Caddy Shack Night - by Mickeyandminney72 - A teenage boy and his female cousin share an awkward first time experience while watching a movie in his room. (mf-teens, youths, ist, inc, rom)

Academy Girls - by Phil Phantom - If Adrian McGuire was confused and upset, fourteen-year-old Stacy and thirteen-year-old Theresa were more so. They'd never seen their father acting so strangely. Adrian never saw her righteous husband act this way outside the bedroom. (MFff, ped, reluc, family-inc)

Accidental Incest - by George VI - A suburban wife goes to investigate a loud party down the block and is drawn into events beyond her control. (m+/F, inc, nc, rp, oral, teens, 1st)

Accidental Sex - by Anon - Brother and sister find that they are attracted to each other after being apart for many years. (MF, inc)

Accidental Shower Incest - by Anon NixPixer - Brother and sister and her husband, a wild accident turns into incest and a threesome all wrapped up in one. (MMF, wife-sharing, inc)

A Change of Direction - by Anon - A call to Suzy's sister would change her life forever. (Fmf-teens, ped, inc, beast, anal)

A Clockwork Tangerine - by Elsie - A girl borrows her brother's wind-up sex toy. (FF, inc, mast, toys)

A Colonel's Daughter - by Sumddy - It started when she was a young girl. Now Lana longs for her father's discipline and he gives it to her almost every night. (Mf, ped, inc, mast, spank, d/s)

A Conversation With My Wife - by JSR - A man and his wife of 50 years discuss how they stayed together for so long. Neither one was faithful, he knew she was not, but she didn't know that he'd strayed also. (MFmf, inc)

A Cousin's Love - by Anon - A boy and girl grow up together and become more than just cousins. Their familys move away from each other but the cousins never forget what it was like to be together. Finally there is a family reunion; a chance to get reacquainted. (mf-teens, inc)

A Country Girl's Dildo - by JeanneSis - A country girl finds ways to satisfy her sexual hunger with a little help from her family. (Mf, mf, ped, inc, mast)

A Crossbreed Called Marcus - by UR Null - A crossbreed 21 years old boy called Marcus meets his 32 years old white aunt Karen for the first time. He was supposed to share a farm with her and look after her. He did more than what was required. (MF, inc, intr, anal, size)

A Cuckold in Waiting - by Intempo - Greg always wanted to see his wife being abused by a black man. One day he got his wish and much, much more. (MMFf, wife, inc, intr, oral, anal, orgy, cuck) Part 2

A Dad's Letter - by dale10 - A Dad tells how he controls his three sons. (M/m+, ped, nc, inc, huml, v)

Adam and Eve - by Anon - Eve has a very high sexual need. In addition to being very promiscuous the single mother seduces her son Adam and both enjoy sleeping together until he leaves for college. After graduation, on his way to a job interview, he returns home unexpectedly to enjoy the embraces of his mother once again. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

A Dance For Daddy - by Sumddy - Music drifting down the hall from her bedroom, Jill dances into her father's bedroom on a Saturday morning intent upon seducing him. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, exh, 1st, mast)

A Daughter's Journey - by Sarah - Sisters love become a physical one. (Ff, ped, inc, rom)

A Daughter's Sex Ed Class - by dale10 - Dad gives seven year old Cindy a little sex education. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, voy, oral, feet, 1st)

A Day At The Pool - by Soccer Mom - After a long hot day by the family swimming pool, a mother yields to temptation with her son and her daughter's boy friend. (F/mm-teens, orgy, inc, oral)

A Day On Ellen And Ken's Farm - by netsfan_44 & Khan-e - A day on Ken and Ellen's farm... with sister and boyfriend, and some of the nasty things they do to each other. (MF, inc, nc, bd) Part 2

A Day Out With The Supermarket Women - by Pam - Pam tells us about the time she and her daughter were invited to spend the day with the women from the local supermarket. Wendy is to be the prize for the best employees. She is taken on the bus, in the pool, for lunch and on the way home! Her mother also has fun with the hotel manager's daughter. (lesbian, exh, orgy, inc)

A Day To Remember - by PervertedFemale - Sisters enjoy a lovely afternoon outside together doing things they knew they shoudn't, only to be caught her their brother and his friends. (m+/ff, ff, teens, inc, reluc) Part 2

A Day With Grandma - by Tessa - A Girl spends a lust filled afternoon with her grandmother. (Ff-teen, inc, oral, anal, inc, scat)

Addams Family: "Eddie Comes To Visit" - by Uncle Mike - Part 1 - A parody of the Addam's Family TV Series and movies. This five part story has the children and Uncle Fester doing things that would land anyone in the real world straight into jail. (Mf, ped, inc, parody) - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Addie's Babies - by Sakka - Horny, lonely grandmother seduces grandson and unwittingly gets herself pregnant; later, son also manages to impregnate his mother, with his grandmother's connivance. (FFM, inc, preg, feet)

Addie's Grandbabies - by Sakka - In this sequel to "Addie's Babies" which can be found in directory 16; Jimmy impregnates both his grandmother and mother (again), and also accidentally impregnates his older sister. (FFM, teens/adults, inc, lac, preg)

Adele and Her Brother - by Robnlinda - Adele's new job encourages her to be a bigger tease than usual. But teasing her brother leads to something totally unexpected and most pleasing. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Admissions Test - by Realoldbill - A pretty blonde in a plaid skirt asks for a favor. (M/f-teem, ped, inc, oral, reluc)

Adoption - by Durango Dan - Johnny and Jodi are 11 year old twin orphans. They go home with Bill and Joan Hill for a weekend to see if they would like to be adopted by the couple. It turns into a weekend of sex and fun. (MF/bg, extreme-ped, bi, inc, oral, anal, orgy, beast)

Adventures in Cock Sucking - by ljdoofus75 - Sexual experiences while coming of age. (MMmm+, ped, inc, 1st, oral, anal, public, pot)

Adventures In Kiddy Porn - by Arch Nemesis - Jake has taken to meeting up with other pedophiles he meets online. After a particularly memorable hook-up with a married couple he finds a whole new world opened up to him. This is chapter 1, more will follow. (MMFbg, ped, bi, inc, mast, oral, orgy, ws) Part 2 - Part 3

Adventures of a Victorian Gentleman - by T.G Kavanagh - A young girl saved from the workhouse and installed as a maid, learns of the ways of an elderly bachelor and his orphaned niece. (M/ff-teens, ped, 1st, inc, mast, oral, voy) Part 2

Adventures Of Jade, The - by Hummmvee - Jade, Her Mother Astrid, and her sister Jenn, get into trouble at the Catholic High School for girls. (Mf, exh, inc, nc, ped, 1st)

Adventures Of Jade: Book 2 - by Hummmvee - Jade gets a phys-ed teaching job at an all-girl school. Trouble soon follows. (Mf+, inc, ped, voy, reluc, mc) [Book One is available in directory 21.]

Adventures Of Mike and Susan - by John Carson - A young woman tells of the first time, just before her 12th birthday, when she touched her brother and let him be her first. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Adventures Of Perry The Pig - by bLACKFLAg - A young boy gets into raunch and sexual humiliation. He finds an ideal master in his older brother. (MM/b+, ped, inc, bd, ws, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Adventures Of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy - by Pudgy Boop - Rachel discovers her parents are more interesting than she'd ever imagined. (MF, FF, MM, family, adults/teens, voy, exh, inc, bd)

A Family Affair - by Dave - A "what if" fantasy between a computer geek and alien visitors intent on changing history. (MF, reluc, inc, 1st, sci-fi)

A Family Affair - by Obmuj - This story covers a couple generations of love among family members. Some become sexually aware as the main characters in the story enjoy the tingles and merging of family relationships. (MFmf-teens, family-inc, 1st, exh)

A Family Affair: The Trilogy - by Art S Healing - A young exhibitionist girl describes her recent past at the hands of her perverted family and how she finds out that showing off can yield some unusual benefits in her house. (MFbg, extreme-ped, bi, inc, exh, voy, 1st, mast, oral, anal, ws) Part 2 - Part 3

A Family At War - by Daydreamer - The beginning, the middle and the end, a family is in the process of being torn apart by unexpected discoveries. Has a high tech/genetic selection twist with a guest appearances and performances. (family, inc, ped, genetics)

A Family Celebration - by Adom - Kelly begins the Family Celebration over the Christmas break from collage by engaging in "sexploits" with her Grandpa and Daddy. She gets turned on by spying on her Grandpa and Grandma sucking and fucking. This leads to her fucking Grandpa and also her Daddy. Mom and Grandma become involved in future chapters. (MF, FF-bi, family-inc, voy) Part 2 - Part 3

A Family Vacation from Hell - by Uncle Karl - A family meets a well prepared predator who is going to change their lives. Drugged and forced to perform for their new master, how will they get out this and who will they be when it's done? (Mdom/MFf, nc, rp, v, bi, inc, 1st, drugs, bd, ws) Part 2

A Father-Daughter Liaison - by Lukeleia - A girl gives herself freely to her divorced father. (Mf-teen, ped, inc, 1st)

A Father Is Blessed - by 70notOut - A father realises how alike his late wife his daughter is, and she seduces him into an incestual relationship. She keeps a special surprise for his 70th birthday. (MF, inc, rom)

A Father's Destiny - by BMAN - A father tosses out his gay son and gets a tough lesson. (MM, nc, rp, inc, mast, anal, bd, asian)

A Father's Love - by Alex_M - A boy and his father meet for the first time and they both find more than they expected in the other. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, inc) Part 2

A Father's Love - by Rachelle - A father helps his daughter with her problem, keeping boyfriends, by showing her what a boy wants in a girl. (M/f-teen, ped, inc)

A Favor - by Realoldbill - A younger brother enjoys taking his lovely sister's cherry. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

A Fox In The Chicken Coop - by Ifurita X - This is a story about control. Stepmother hypnotizes husband and stepdaughter and makes them to do her bidding. (F/f-teen, M/f-teen, d/s, underage, mc, inc, 1st, hypno)

African Aid - by dale10 - A white United Nations worker corrupts a poor black family in Africa. (MMF/mf, ped, intr, voy, inc, reluc, bi, huml)

African Prince - by Anon - A young black boy has sexual fantasies about the white girl next door, but ends up in bed with his mother instead. (Fm, ped, inc, voy, mast, intr)

A Friend, The Family Great Dane, Myself And Mom - by Unusual Appetite - After seeing my Mom doing a Great Dane I realized that I had her right where I wanted her, under my control. (m-teens/F, reluc, blkmail, inc, 1st, beast)

After Bar Hot Tub and Fun - by Colleger - It was my birthday, after the bars had closed we decided to go into the hot tub. From there, things spiraled out of control, and I loved every second of it. (M+/F+, inc, bi, voy, oral, anal, orgy)

Afternoon With The Sisters - by Caesar - Over lunch a younger sister aggressively confronts her older and much more reserved sibling about her unrequited lust for her. (FF, inc)

After The Party - by Alex Jonson - A teenage boy comes home from a party sexually frustrated that none of the girls will give him a tumble. He begins to wonder if something is wrong with him. His mother sets him straight. (F/m-teen son/mom, inc, 1st time)

After The Party Is Over - by Scorpio00155 - A mother comes up with what she thinks is a great idea when her son is without a date for a special social event. Why not pretend to be his date? (F/m-teen, inc, 1st, rom)

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Shower - by Justin Amured - A fantasy about a brother and sister who expand their relationship while their parents are away. I've tried to create personalities and leave most descriptions to the reader. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

A Furtive Intrusion - by Lanka Cream - The young boy, seemingly too young to be sexually active, steals into his mother's room late at night. After he thinks he has sedated her with a sleeping pills, he ties her to the bed while he mistakenly thinks she's sleeping. Mom is surprised and shocked, both by her boy's actions and by her instant arousal. Things quickly become confused and get out of hand. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, preg)

A Gift For Her Father - by TheBigLove126 - Robyn returns home for the holidays to find her family falling apart. After learning of the failing relationship between her parents, she decides to give her father the perfect gift. (MF, inc, oral)

A Gift For Grandfather - by Lea Adams - My grandfather changed my entire outlook on old people, (Mf, ped, inc, 1st) Part 2

A Girl's Point Of View - by RavensNest - A young girl discovers her sexuality, then moves on to learn from her older brother and finally a teacher at school. (mm/f, teens, inc, M/f-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral)

A Girl's Sexual Adventures - by Ikki - The story of a young girl's introduction to the joys of sex and how she was repeatedly gang-banged by the guys of a paedophile-ring, fucked by her mother's boyfriends, even fucked by transvestites. (M+g, extreme-ped, 1st, inc, bi, bd, beast, public-sex)

A Good Girl And Then She Changed - by Obmuj - Sonja became a non-virgin at the age of fifteen when her Uncle Chuck shoved his overly large manhood into her body during a trip to London, and it happened as Big Ben struck on the eleventh gong the hour before midnight. The tragic ending to her first lover's life was a terrible thing, but who was her first? (MMfg, ped, inc, 1st, bi, orgy)

A Graveyard Adventure - by Lastone - Home life for a brother and sister is not good. On a Halloween night in 1967 the two leave the house dressed in costume. Not wanting to return home after trick or treating they take refuge in the local graveyard. Their young lives are changed forever as the moon shines down on them. (mf-teens, couples, youths, inc, 1st, oral, food)

A Great Childhood - by Wejust - Growing up with a single parent, my mum and her friends show me how experiencing all different types sex helps me to grow up. (FFb, ped, inc, bi, beast)

Agreement, The - by Frank Downey - I met Jenny when we were freshmen in high school. We were both fifteen. I had just moved into the city, so didn't know anyone. We both lived close to the high school, and ended up walking in the same direction for a while, and she was in a couple of my classes. We became friends quickly. (MF, Mf, mF, mf m-1st, inc, ped)

A Family Affair - by Obmuj - This story covers a couple generations of love among family members. Some become sexually aware as the main characters in the story enjoy the tingles and merging of family relationships. (MFmf-teens, family-inc, 1st, exh)

A Halloween Treat - by Charles Dick - A wild Halloween party almost turns tragic when the hosts attempts to rape one of the girls. Her brother comforts her, and receives a very nice reward. (MF-teens, nc, rp, inc, exh, rom)

A Haunting Love - by Beeting Off Bob - An E-Novel: Debbie and Robby have secretly played in the mysterious abandoned mansion next door for most of their lives. Now, as they keep their own flowering sexuality secret, the house begins to give up some of its secrets. Then their world is turned upside down when a stranger arrives, exposing even more secrets about their mother, himself, and even them. (MF-teens, mf-pre, youths, inc, 1st, preg)

A Helping Family - by PuppyLoverDawn - Young Amanda has a problem. She feels she isn't very good at sex, so she asks her mom and her 3 aunts for help. Then they bring in her uncle Rob for his expertise... and his cock. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, voy)

A Kind Of Swing - by Rose Eastmann - A first swap of a kind, with light incest to add to the spice. (MF, FF, inc, exh, bi, mast, oral, swing)

Alanna's Lust - by J.J. Cure - A teen sets out to seduce her father, but a neighbor girl gets in the way. (Mg, ped, gg, inc, reluc, rom)

Alanah's Threesome - by Rudi - My wife experiences a very hot, exceptional threesome on the Spanish island of Ibiza and I'm the one only watching them. (Mm/F, wife, sharing, inc, voy, cuck)

Albuquerque Triangle - by Anon - A man traveling through the countryside on vacation stops at a roadside camp area and meets up with two teenage boys. They soon become fast friends and something more. (M/MM-teens, inc)

A Letter To My Doctor - by Edward - A guilt-ridden father writes a letter to his therapist explaining why he's been having sex with his daughter. (Mf, father/daughter, inc, ped)

Alexa and Uncle Jim - by Brody - A man finds that his 13 year old niece has the hots for him and she is actively trying to seduce him. He can't possibly give in can he? What would his wife think? Come along on this story to find out what happens to Jim and his hot little niece named Alexa. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, rom, ws)

Alex And Aunt Dot - by Chas - An eleven-year-old boy and his aunt share a spontaneous, thoroughly sensual Saturday morning together, while his uncle is away at work. (Fb, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Alexei, The Recycled Trophy Wife - by Quid Pro Quo - At 35, Alexei, the wife of Dmitry, a high-ranking Russian politician, has aged to the point where most politicians divorce their first wives and marry younger trophy wives. But Dmitry loves his wife and believes in "reduce, reuse, and recycle". With the help of his lusty mother-in-law, Alexei is transformed into a hot 18-year-old again. (FFM, bi, inc, oral, anal, mc, drugs, preg)

Alexis At Home - by Snow Ghost - I had hypnotized Alexis, but an oversight on my part led to some totally unexpected, but not unwelcome, episodes at my daughter's house. (Ff, ped, inc, oral, anal, mc)

Alexis Gets Homework Help - by Snow Ghost - Alexis is having problems with her math homework, and asks Grampa for help. He ends up helping her, and her mom, (his daughter) and his other granddaughter as well. (MMf, ped, nc, inc, mast, voy, drugs)

Alexis Steals A Car - by Snow Ghost - This time, Alexis is befriended by the "new girl" in school, and goes for a ride in her friends Mothers car. Only Alexis does not know her friend can't drive. What will she have to do to keep from getting arrest this time? (Ff, nc, inc, exh)

Alexis Sweet Sixteen - by Snow Ghost - Alexis is taken out to dinner, along with her cousin, for her 16th birthday. But then her date leaves the girls abandoned in the parking lot, in a downpour rain. (M/ff-teen, ped, inc, oral, alcohol, threesome)

Ali And Her Dad - by CA Stories - After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Ali goes home. Her dad is there to comfort her. However, he goes beyond comforting his virgin daughter. (M/f-teen, nc, inc, 1st)

Alice And Bill: Playing the Flute - by PuppyLoverDawn - Alice and Bill find their daughter's flute and get a wicked idea. (M/g, ped, inc, 1st, beast, mast, orgy)

Alice And Cassie - by Bythe Spirit - Not only was I seduced by an eight year old, but also it was with her parent's connivance - and the there was her brother... eh um sister! (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, cd, bd, spank)

Alice Finds Something Scary - by Sweet Irish - Alice is eleven, and has recently found out she must live with her father. Then she discovers sex, both bi and incestuous and even suffers rape. But revenge is sweet. (M/bgg, ped, bi, inc, nc, rp, v, sn)

Alice In Familyland - by Jimbo2 - Alice is an older lady who really gets in touch with her family. She goes from son-in-law to Grandson. (Fm, inc)

Alice Sets Her Dad Up - by Kaz - This story tells of a widower's slip into an incestuous relationship with his teenaged daughter and how easy it is to be tempted into socially unacceptable sexual activities with a family member. (Mf, ped, father/daughter, inc)

A Lifelong Love - by Shadow Kiss - A story about how Rob and Janet fell in love at an early age. A love that carried on until adulthood. (MF, inc, 1st, oral, mast, rom)

A Little Girl And Her Big Brother - by An Erotica Addict - Cindy is taught about sex in the bathroom by her older brother. (mf-teens, nc, rp, inc, 1st, ws)

A Little Help From My Little Sister - by Anon - A somewhat sexually dysfunctional teenage girl gets a little help from her younger sister and her boyfriend, and his friends. (M+/F+, teens, bi, exh, inc, youths, orgy)

Allie Gets Cold - by Jimmy James - At 13 I had been having wet dreams for almost a year and was very self conscious about it. One cold winter night I had an especially vivid and graphic wet dream. I woke with a start and was shocked to learn I had just fucked my 10 year old sister Allie! (m-teen/g, extreme-youths, inc, 1st)

All Inclusive - by RavensNest - A man meets up with a MILF and her two teenage daughters at a Hawaiian resort. He first has his way with the mother, then each daughter in turn, then finally all of them together. (M/F/ff-teens, bi, inc, 1st, orgy)

All In The Family - by Author Obscure - Young Kari Simpson had a thing for her dad and when he decided to remarry, she decided to let him know what she thought about that. (MF, FF, inc, orgy)

Allison And Bobby - by Durango Dan - Mom and Dad allowed Allison and her brother Bobby to stay home alone instead of getting a babysitter. While mom and dad are away the kids will play. (MFbg, family-inc, extreme-ped, 1st, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Allison In The Graveyard - by Michael - The story I'm about to relate is true, if a little strange. It so happens that the first time I had an orgasm I had it by a girl's hand and that girl was my older sister. (mf, inc, mast, voy)

All I Want For Christmas Is My Mom's Ass - by Jaz - I never gave incest any thought, I mean sure I have had passing thoughts occasionally but I am not some kind of freak. Yes my mom is young, and I guess I always knew she was attractive from the way my friends acted around her. But until I saw her naked, I really never thought about fucking her. After that day I stopped thinking of her as my mom, and in my mind started calling her by her name Susan. (m-teen/F, inc, nc, rp, v, 1st)

All I Want For Christmas Is My Son's Sweet Ass - Jaz - (You might want to read "All I want for Christmas is My Mom's Sweet Ass...and a Webtv" first. This story will stand-alone but it's definitely a sequel, Jaz) My name is Susan. I'm not using my last name because I have read some of the e-mails that you people have sent regarding my son's story about raping me-frankly you people make me sick. You disgust and scare the shit out of me. What my son did was wrong. It was evil. He betrayed me, he RAPED me! (m-teen/F, blkmail, inc)

All My Sisters - by Charles Dick - A teen's adventures with his sisters leads to a relationship with a girl who abandons him, and he later turns again to one of the sisters. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Allowance Day - by Seafront - Allowance day means chores to do. Cassie finds she enjoys some chores more than others when she has some fun with a clothes dryer. (M/f, underage, inc, mast, voy)

All Siblings Have Secrets - by DeepLongings - A young boy's sexuality blossoms as he discovers he has a fetish for his twin sister's clothing, his hopes to become just like her and a desire for his brother to be inside of him. It's a tale of incest and lust that develops into a deep, emotional love and siblings like no other. (mm-teens, youths, inc, 1st-gay-expr, cd, mast, oral, anal, exh)

All The Way This Time - by Scorpio00155 - An older sister's hormones go wild and her younger brother is the surprised recipient of her uncontrollable passion. (F/m-teen, bro/sis, inc)

Almost Identical - by LoveBeautifulWomen - Beth and Becky are identical twins who live in a conservative Midwestern town. In this first installment of my story, these tall, blonde twins find that they truly are beautiful and sexy and they discover sex in a way that their town would obviously frown upon. (ff-teens, 1st, inc, mast, oral, rom)

All The Unspoken Taboos - by Ulyssa Kincaid - A continuation of the stories of the characters first introduced in "Two Forbidden" and "Lessons From A Mature Woman." (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st)

All Your Basement Are Belong To Us - by Alex Hawk - I beg your collective forgiveness for the title. I just couldn't resist. Six kids, one case of beer, a porno and a basement. Now if this doesn't have the potential for trouble, I just don't know what does. Please forgive the dreadful, dreadful title. (teens, group, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

Almost Gone Forever - by Anal_King - A son goes in search of his mother who was abducted three years before. He travels halfway around the world to find her. Will their love be enough to overcome the obstacles which await them? (MF, nc, rp, v, 1st, inc, anal)

Alone, Together - by Secret DC Guy - With their parents more concerned about their younger siblings' illness, a teenage brother and sister are left alone with just each other to depend on. Living more as a couple than as siblings, it is inevitable that things will happen. But can their relationship survive growing up? (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom, preg)

A Love So Beautiful - by Meredith Jaussaud - A 22-year-old woman discovers the girl who has held her heart since adolescence. Her 40-year-old Aunt. A romantic, captivating journey into the profound love between two women. Life long desires are finally given their moment to share in this alluring tale of romantic incest between Aunt and Niece. (FF, rom, inc, anal, latina)

A Lump In Her Throat - by Nick Green - A short, intimate, and somnambulistic moment between mother and son. Comments are welcome. (Fm, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, oral)

Amanda - by Anon - A young girl seduces her dad, and gets more than she bargained for, mom finds out and joins in. (MMM/f-teen F/f-teen, inc, reluc, blkmail, prost, anal)

Amanda: Confessions Of A Teenage Nympho - by Amanda Roberts - I guess my sex life began one day during the summer of my thirteenth year as I was doing my chores. I was in my brother's room putting away his clean clothes, and I found a stack of pornographic magazines in his underwear drawer. Out of curiosity as to what could be so great about things like that, I swiped them and went to my room. I shut and locked my door, then sat down on my bed and started looking through the magazines. (ff-teens, 1st time, inc)

Amanda's Punishment - by LWM - The whole family chips in to teach young Amanda a lesson. (M+/g, ped, inc, reluc, beast, gb)

Amanda's Story - by Pabz - A story about an attractive young widow and her evil son. (MF, nc, rp, v, d/s, inc, beast, ws, huml)

A Massage For Mom - by Tinker9095 - A young boy gives his Mom a massage to relieve her tensions and ends up seducing her. (Fm, ped, inc)

A Matter Of Taste - by Frank McCoy - Having your own brother's cum flavoring your breakfast was, well, I shuddered almost in orgasm at the very thought; and resolved to ask Mike or Dad if one of them could jack-off on my breakfast some morning, just so I could see what it tasted like. (MFmfg, youths, ped, family-inc, orgy)

Amazing What You Might Find Online - by Justme - A man stumbles on some shocking videos online. (MF, ff-teens, ped, inc, mast, oral, voy) Part 2

Amber - by Cumfreak1952 - A romance developed between young girl, her mother, and a life guard due to girl's life being saved. Girl's mother wanted to become a grandmother before her early death. (MFg, ped, inc, 1st, exh, preg)

Amber - by Tater Tot - Amber finds that her mother's teachings can be a lot of fun. (Ff, ped, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, toys) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Amber And Eve - by DaddyDear - Amber and Eve have been friends since they were children. Now they have grown up and all our lives were changing. (FFM-teens, bi, inc) Part 2 - Part 3

Amber Discovers Love - by Uncle Bert - My sister Amber was 14 when I seduced her. (M/f-teens, inc, 1st, rom)

Amber's Gift - by Kristen Marie - A retired widower is forced to move in with his son and Daughter-In-Law due to health issues. As his health fades, his kindness does not. So his son's wife decides to give him one last gift. (MF, wife, inc, oral, cons, sn)

Amber's Story - by Durango Dan - Amber's parents thought it was time to teach their young daughter about sex and what better way than to show her. (MFg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, exh) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Amber The Dark-Haired Beauty - by Obmuj - A sexual outpouring from a man who is wealthy and is going to marry Amber, the 18 year old daughter of his boss, after only just meeting the girl. (MM/F-teen, inc, voy, rom)

American Taboo - by UR Null - When my mother split up with her second husband she asked me to a pay her a visit. (MF, inc, anal, rom)

A Model Niece - by Uncle Steve - An uncle seduces his 13-year-old niece under the guise of a photographic modeling session. (M/f-yteen, ped, exh, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

A Model Son - by Anon PIXNIX Author - It's strange how an incestuous relationship, like one between a mother and a son, could get started. Mine happened, not because I jumped in bed with my son, but it progressed, all at once, from a quite innocent thought to a full-blown realization. It started when my son, Jimmy, decided that he needed a hobby... (Fm, mom/son, inc, 1st time)

A Mom And Her Son - by Jimbo2 - A mother invites her fourteen year old son into her room to watch TV after seeing him masturbating. She teaches him all about anal sex. (Fm, ped, inc, voy, mast, anal) Part 2

A More Congenial Spot - by Mary Anne Mohanraj - College age twins, a brother and sister, have a brief affair. (MF, inc, rom)

A Mother's Day Surprise - by MapleValley8 - Sons that surprise their mothers on her special day are always a joy. This Mother's Day was full of surprises for Mom. (Fm, reluc, inc, 1st, rom)

A Mother's Dilemma - by Solrac - When push comes to shove, what's a Mother to do? (F/m-teen, reluc, inc) Part 2 - Part 3

A Mother's Confession - by PuppyloverDawn - A Mom finds her son has gotten into his father's Lavitra. Now Mom needs to get him to orgasm to relieve the pressure. She gets her twin daughters to help. (F/bgg, ped, inc, bi, beast, humor)

A Mother's Love - by FOXI - A young mother catches her boy looking at porn. Little does she realize how it will also affect her. (Fm, ped, inc, voy, mast, anal)

A Mother's Love - by Yeswayted - A stepfather watches as his new wife attends to a sexual problem her son is having. Then one thing leads to another. (Fb, ped, inc, voy, preg)

A Mother's Secret Lust - by Lurid Sinner - A mother discovers that her son has been spying on her most intimate moments, and that he knows all about the dirty secret she's hidden from his father for all these years. (Fm, ped, voy, inc, cuck, beast)

A Mother's Seduction - by Writerotic - A son and his girlfriend help reawaken his mom's sexual appetite. (MFF, inc, voy, oral, rom)

A Mother's Temptation - by FOXI - A young mother finds that her 15-year-old son is a sinful temptation and that his girlfriend is even more so. (F/fm-teens, ped, 1st-bi, inc)

A Mother's Nasty Thoughts - by Phoebe - I know it's nasty, but I had this thing for my son's girlfriend and she didn't seem to mind, and well... things just sort of happened. (F/MF-teens, inc, bi, preg)

A Mother's Story - by Dirty Jenny - A mother enters into a relationship with her teenage son. (F/m-teen, ped, inc)

Amy Crashes Down - by Shockshock8 - Amy at a nightclub, growing up. Her father finding her grown up. (MF, inc)

Amy Gets What She Wants - by Robandlinda - Young Amy is always teasing her twin brother, one day he has had enough and gives her what she secretly wanted. (mf-teens, M/f-teen, ped, reluc?, inc, 1st)

Amyie's Crush - by SBeagle - Amyie has plans to seduce her father by seducing her boyfriend first. It might prove to be too much for either of them to handle. (Mmff, ped, bi, inc, reluc, rom) Part 2

Amyie's DVD For Dad - by Sbeagle - A stand alone story that spins off from the Amyie's Crush series. This time, after dad has been away on business, Amyie decides to make a video for when he returns. The video stars Tara's younger sister Sammy, a pixyish incarnation of Amyie Honeywell. (ff-teens, ped-youth, exh, inc)

Amy's Brewster - by Cumfreak1952 - An eleven year old girl with an infatuation for a dog on a TV commercial ends up with the same dog as her pet for her birthday. The dog really has his work cut out for him as he takes care of Amy, her friends, and her mother. (MFf/beast, ped, inc, 1st, creampie)

Amy's Career - by Alvin Leader - Family gets involved in daughter's web cam. (F/m-teen, inc, voy, family)

Amy's Daughter - by Brat - A new real estate agent sees a pretty woman and is invited to her house. He meets her pretty daughters, but has no idea what is in store for him until he goes in. All he knows is that it will be pleasurable. (MFFf, ped, inc, 1st, bi)

Amy's New Daddy - by Princess Lin - Amy's attitude problem is just a cry for attention. Fortunately, her new principal, and new daddy, is happy to give her all the attention she needs and to teach her how to be a proper young slut too. (Mf, nc, inc, spank)

Amy's Uncle - by Pskao - Amy visits her uncle Charlie before her wedding to Eddy to lose her cherry. She already knows uncle Charlie is also her father. Eddy is gay, but wants his wife to have children, so he approves of the arrangement. (MF, inc, preg)

Amy The Christmas Slut - by PuppyLoverDawn - Amy thinks her dad is Santa and after seeing him have sex with her mom, she wants in. (MF, Mg, ped, inc, beast, bi)

Ana And Her Father - by Ms. Which - An orphaned girl is forced to live with a pedophile due to her mother's recent death. (M/f, nc, inc, heavy D/s)

An Accident, The Internet, A Hotel - by jtmalone70 - A mother and son come together - unexpectantly. (MF, inc, cyber)

An Affair With My Son - by Daddy4girls55 - A middle aged mother seduces her 15 year old son. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, oral)

An Affair With My Son - by Doggie_u2 - A story about a mom and her son. She is always on the internet looking and chatting with the men. That is until her son finds out what she is doing. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, mast, oral, voy)

Ana Has An Orgasm - by Lori Helm - Lesbian sex between sisters - Anna knelt in her 'secret place'. It was dark. The only light came in through a crack in the wall. When her family had moved into this house a year ago she had found this small cubby-hole behind a secret panel in her closet. She had covered the entrance with some clothes and hadn't told anyone about it. Whenever she wanted to be alone, she could come here and nobody could find her. (FM, Ff, sisters, inc)

Ana is Well-Cummed Into the Family - by Big9 - How my cousin Ana and I were introduced to incest and a swinging lifestyle. (MMFF, bi, family-inc, oral, anal, orgy)

Anal Addict - by AnalKaren - A true story of me and my brother having anal sex. (MF-teens, inc, 1st)

An Ass Fucking To Remember - by Doggie_u2 - A young son begins to watch his mom as she masturbates and things go from there, until he gets some pussy and then her sweet ass. (F/m, ped, inc, voy, mast, anal)

And All The Pussy You Can Eat - by Hot&Hard - I've never been one to indulge in sexual fantasy, but since I'm now living the fantasy of all fantasies, I have to tell my story. I am now enjoying a life, at least for the immediate future, of more pussy than any one man deserves. (MF, inc, mast, oral)

And Larry Makes Three - by Dudester - I joined the military and became friends with Larry, who I ended up rooming with. I met his sister Tammy soon after because Larry was stationed in his hometown. I dated Tammy and soon after that we started being intimate. At first we did it in my car, then we went to a hotel, but the relationship took a very different turn after we snuck into my barracks room one night. (MMF, inc, oral, anal, military)

Andrea And Uncle - by William DuPain - Uncle forces his young niece, and awakens an unknown passion in her. (MF, FF, bi, nc, inc, mast, oral, anal, rom) Part 2

Andrea: My Young Niece - by Aquarius - My 18-year-old niece is sent half way across the country to live with me while she attends a local state college. However, things turn out a bit different than my sweet sister-in-law planned for. (M/F-teen, underage, 1st, inc, rom)

Andrea Perkins - by Hornymother - Andrea Perkins is a good conservative mom. Her problem is that she thinks her son may be gay and contacts me for help. (Fm, exh, inc, ped, 1st)

And The Camera Clicked - by James Johnstone - A teenage son takes hidden photos of his mother's drunken one night stand and uses them to blackmail her. (MF, m-teen/F, reluc, inc, voy, blkmail) Part 2

And The Children Shall Lead - by ZZTurk - Husband and son lose the woman they love. The son had to grow up with his mother and his father grew older without a lover. Then when sometime later first a girl then her mother came of the scene, everything changed. (MF, mf-teens, family, inc, bi)

And The Dog Made Three - by David Crane - The Great Dane advanced cautiously toward the pool area, his haunches lowered as if he were stalking a wary prey. He inhaled, following that compelling odor, drawn to Tracy's steaming cunt like an iron filing to a magnet. (Fmf+, underage, inc, beast, orgy)

A New Bed To Share - by Pseudonymous - My sister Rachel and I, were always close. For nearly 2 months out of the year we were the same age. I was born at the end of January, she end of November. Although I thought she was cute, even beautiful when she smiled, I never really saw her in a sexual way before. At least, not until I turned 17. (MF-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom) Part 2

A New Game - by BearNaked - I never would have thought that the first time I had sex would have been with my sister. It all started when she wanted to play a game on my computer. One thing led to another... (MF-teens, inc, reluc)

An Eye For An Eye - by Pervv - John Lawson was in jail, charged with raping his daughter's best friend, 14-year-old Janice Beadrum. As if the charge of raping a minor was not bad enough, for John it was even worse, because Janice was white and he was black. The trial was scheduled to start in a week. (M/ff-teens, ped, intr, inc, oral, anal, forced, blkmail)

Angel - by Tumi - A father and his nine-year-old daughter's wrestling leads to more than they bargained for. The first of many stories about Angel (Mf, inc, ped, mast)

Angela Eternal - by Sakka - A young college student impregnates another "young" student who turns out to be his grandmother -- and also an Elf. (MF, inc, preg, fantasy)

Angela In The Afternoon - by N. Ambrusco - My sister calls me to her house in the middle of the day to help her unblock her stopped up plumbing. Once I'm there I find myself helping around the house in more ways than one. (MF, inc, cheat, rom)

Angela's Diary - by Senor Smut - The tawdry recollections of a suburban housewife led into a life of sin and debauchery by her wicked son and her own unquenchable lust. (F/M-teen, reluc, inc, voy, exh, beast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Angelfuck - by Justmaster - From the moment I saw her little almond eyes, her golden little hands, it was love. From that day, she was flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. I never looked back. Through all the problems a normal, too sensitive little girl faces, she was just 'my daughter'. I loved her, as if she were my own. I did my best, and I truly believe she turned out great. Wonderful. A little woman. I'm so proud. (M/f-teen, nc, inc, ped, v, guilt)

Anger - by Ragsthetiger - What's the best way to deal with a really bad temper? (Mf, inc, v, 1st, oral) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Angie's Uncle Gets Lucky - by Sweetirish - Angie and her first cousin Patty discover each other at eleven. Then Angie is given a ride by her uncle, Patty's father, which is overnight. At twelve Angie discovers what she didn't discover with Patty. (M/g, gg, ped, inc, 1st, oral, mast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

A Night To Remember - by LeeGurl - A girl on her 16th birthday loses her virginity to her seductive step-brother. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, oral, rom)

An Island Haven - by T.G.D.Kavanagh - An 18 year old daughter separated from her Father since childhood comes to live with him on his remote Scottish island. (MF, inc, oral)

An Interlude - by Anon - After the recent death of their parents, brother and sister find comfort from their sorrow in brother's bed. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)

Anna and Michelle - by N. Ambrusco - Twin sisters come home from bad dates, angry and horny, to discover each other. (FF-teens, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, oral, rom)

Anna's Back Massage - by Eager46 - Twelve year old Anna sprains her back playing hockey and her sixteen year old brother Darren offers to massage it. Anna gets so turned on that she gets him to massage more than her back and ends up losing her virginity to her big brother. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, preg?)

Anna's Story - by Anna - Part 1 - Remisences about family sexual practaces. "My son has been after me for a long time to write to Shylock and tell him of my interesting life. At least, Sonny thinks it's interesting. He will be writing while I tell the past. Some will think my stories are lies, embellishment, wishful illusions or a combination thereof. I will admit to some embellishing to make the stories more interesting and cohesive." (inc, ped, mf, ff) Part 2

Anna's Surprise - by Geminiguy - Something strange happened one night that brought unintended consequences, changing Anna's relationship with her younger brother forever. (mf-youths, 1st, inc, oral, fantasy, celeb-parody)

Annie's Lesbian Family Rituals - by Bredtwes - This is a nasty, filthy, dirty story that deals with incestuous relations between a girl, her mom, her sisters, and her grandmother. It is very anal oriented and it also deals with bestiality. So, don't read any further if you're not sickly perverted and into that kind of thing. (Ff, FFf, ped, inc, anal, beast)

Anniversary Gift - by FOXI - A mother receives a gift from her young daughter that she never would have expected. (Ff-teen, ped, inc)

Ann's Mixed Blessing - by Heatheranne - Ann, who's confused about her sexuality, thinks that she's found the answer in her new friend, Kay. Or has she? (FF, inc, mast, tg)

Ann Wonders Why Her Brother is Different - by Ann & Ed - Twins, Ann and Ed were born in the late 1930's. Living on a farm, they found themselves alone a lot and by the time they were 14, that age of gentle times allowed them to explore each other. They discovered what made them happy and have written of their experiences from childhood till they approached 70. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, coming of age)

An Old Man Speaks - by jsr - An old man speaks of his life with his wife, sister in law, and his son and daughter. (Mdom/Ff, mF, Mf, inc, ped, 1st, control)

Anonymous Encounter - by Nncest Addict - Twenty-something rich couple get invited to exclusive anonymous swing party; masks are required. Anonymity = no inhibitions and ANYTHING goes. Mom sent invitation and wants to see family play. Daughter and son-in-law know who they are and that makes it hotter! (family, inc, bi, orgy)

Anonymous Lay - by NottyGoth - My sister, a year younger than I, had always been a social butterfly. I on the other hand, was shy and clumsy and had almost no social life. The first time I caught her with a guy, I was really pissed. (MF-teens, inc, nc)

Another Prize for Bratten - by El Ciego - Wealthy Atlanta businessman Paul Bratten is a man who has everything, including a beautiful black prostitute who is about to give him the birthday gift of a lifetime. (M/Ff-teen, intr, inc, rom, bd, prost)

Another Son For Mom - by Cest4u - June is married with two teenaged sons. She is also highly sexed and can't help herself when she is seduced by her oldest son. (Mf-teen, ped, inc)

Anthony's Mother - by Honey Boy - A teenage boy tries to seduce his single mother so she won't have to date men to get what he thinks she needs, a hard, thrusting dick. (Fm, inc, ped)

An Unexpected Visit - by Pallidan - Mother arrives at her son's house after the wedding to find he had been turned into a sexual plaything for his new wife and mother. She is drawn into it herself. (FFM, inc, exh, dom, anal-play)

Anything Goes - by Graham F Cutler - During the early years and during her teenage years a girl becomes aware of her charms and she uses them to get what she wants. (M+/f, ped, inc, exh, 1st, mast, oral, beast, glory, tv)

Anytime - by Matt - Matt comes home from college to find his aunt and cousins have moved in. A story in three parts. (MFfg, ped, inc, bi, oral) Prequel - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Anytown USA - by JustJoe - A Mom finds her gay son having sex and tries to enlighten him to the ways of Hetero relationships. (F/m-teen, mm, mf, inc, oral, fist, nc)

A Park Avenue Story - by Julian - Teenagers Niki and Junior enjoy each other's bodies with their parent's approval. (mff-teens, inc, threesome, voy)

A Pedophile's Story - by Pop-O - This is a story about a young boy of four who was introduced into a life of sex with his own gender and how he lived that life. (Mm, extreme-ped, toddler, inc, oral, mast, anal)

Apocalypse Fun With Uncle Jim - by Incest GoddessB - Starring at my hot uncle with his muscular tan body, all sweaty, dark brown hair, with blue eyes, made me so hot. I couldn't resist the temptation to bring my hand to my virgin pussy and play with my button. (M/f-teen, underage, inc, mast, anal, zombies, nec)

Aphrodisiac - by Obmuj - Father names daughter after dear departed wife and nurtures her through life. Then one day his sister moves in to "help" out and eventually becomes his lover. She also brings his daughter into his bed, which really complicates things. (MFmg, ped, inc, reluc, voy, sn)

Appetitus Rationi Pareat - by The Confidence Man - A wimpy high school teen fantasizes about his mom, a lawyer, being raped by the school bully. The bully finds out, and has the wimp drug his mom. (Mf, nc, rp, inc, oral, bd)

Approaching Storm - by Anon - A teenage boy lies in his bed unable to sleep as a summer thunderstorm moves steadily toward their house. When he hears a noise at his door he finds that it is his mother standing in the dim light from the hall. She has a strange look in her eyes as she approaches her handsome young son. (mF, mother/son, inc)

A Poker Game To Remember - by Wyspr26 - A poker game turns into more than just a poker game when the host puts his daughter up as a bet. (MMF, inc, oral, anal, ws)

A Potter Tale - by Bad Uncle - I promised my ten-year-old sister in law I'd take her to see Harry Potter while her sister was in LA. We would do the movie, McD's and she could even spend the night. Then on Saturday we would pick up her brother and do pizza and games. A fun time for all. It turned out an incredible time for me. (M/f, inc, ped)

A Price To Pay - by FOXI - Young Gia lives a wild and reckless life at fourteen. It finally catches up to her though and her mother decides to send her to her sister's farm in the country. They have something special in mind for this hot young girl. (Ff-teen, ped, reluc, inc, voy, mast, oral, beast)

April, Slut - by Julian1 - April, a beautiful fourteen year old smart black girl, discovers she likes cock... lots of it. (mf-teens, youths, voy, inc, intr, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

A Primitive Hope - by Mejau71 - A tale of a true life transformation. Self discovery and sexual and physical growth in a shocking, yet erotic world of bodybuilding. (MF, FF, inc, body-image)

A Public Mating - by ljj100 - A swingers building, with children involved. One dad wants an older male to publicly mate and impregnate his daughter. (M+/f, ped, voy, inc, orgy, preg)

A Punjabi Sick - by UR Null - In one of the feedbacks I received I was advised to write something about the Sikhs of India. Here is one such story of a Sikh boy growing up in the fifties. Like many of my stories it involves incest. (FFb, ped, inc, voy, India)

A Real Incestuous Love Affair - by Paulie - Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that story the presented here is real and current. This is being told in public for the first time because I am new to the internet and I never realized the interest by men and women in this particular subject matter. When this story first occurred, I was 22 and my mother's sister was 45. We have been together sexually for three years now.(FF, inc)

A Remade Family - by Erected - Parents discover a new world of incest on the Internet and decide to introduce their children to their newfound pleasures. (family-inc, ped, orgy, cons)

Archman Family Series: Story 1 - Helping Out Sis - by Drake - Michael Archman (Mike to everyone but his 5th grade school teacher) sneaked a peek into the partly opened door of his big sister's bedroom. At the young age of 10, the boy was just starting puberty, and lately had developed a habit of spying on his big sister. (mf, pre-teens, inc)

Archman Family Series: Story 2 - Cousin Linda - by Drake - In the continuing Archman saga we find little Michael and his big sister in trouble with their parents for having sex with each other. Their parents are determined that this situation should stop and therefore send little Michael away to his aunt's house. But things there become even more strange when little Michael becomes involved in a threesome. (m/ff, ff, pre & teens, inc)

Archman Family Series: Story 3 - A Walk Through The Forest - by Drake - Suzy wanders around the countryside after escaping her parent's attention for a while only to find out that bestiality is very interesting. (f pre-teen, dog, nc, inc)

Archman Family Series: Story 4 - Locked Out - by Drake - It was three weeks since 10-year-old Mike, his 16-year-old cousin, and her 16-year-old friend, Carla, had first had sex. After Mike's uncle and aunt returned from their trip everything pretty much returned to normal. But then, what was normal around the Archman household? (mf, ff, pre & teens, inc)

Archman Family Series: Story 5 - Welcome to the Clan - by Drake - In the final episode the Archman children dabble in the occult and a little bondage for fun and pleasure. (teens, orgy, inc)

Arobic Mom - by Jim Manley - In the early 1980's, Mom decided to get into the fitness craze. She started aerobics and jazzercise while I was at college. I came to visit her one summer - my junior year. I had just turned 21, and I'm ashamed to admit that my formerly flat belly was slowly becoming a fledgling beer-belly. But, as Mom always said, "All men are pregnant with an elephant, but only the trunk shows. (m/F, inc)

Art Class - by Greg Stevenson - Art class seemed like a good deal - three hours of looking at nude women. But when the new model turned out to be my little sister, my world changed forever. (MF-teens, ech, voy, inc)

A Schoolgirl's Discipline - by Matt Benson - Cindy Powers a pretty high-schooler with an adventurous nature is put in her place when she acts up at an exclusive prep-school. (MFmf/f-teen, ped, d/s, inc, oral, anal, s/m, spank, exh, huml, bd)

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A Sister And Brother Story - by Livdnsouth - A brother and sister learn about fucking from observing mommy and daddy. They naturally fall into an intense sexual relationship that lasts until they get married. (bg, youths, inc, 1st, voy)

A Slut For My Father's Bachelor Party - by Bhuralund - The stripper my brother and I hired for my father's bachelor party before his second marriage, failed to show up. So to save face, I had no choice but to ask my hot wife to don a wig and be the entertainment. Little did I know, what the entertainment would entail. (M+/F, wife, bi, inc, cuck, intr, size, creampie, alcohol, orgy)

A Snob Goes Down - by JOCA - Ann arrived home on a four-day study break from college to celebrate her 21st birthday. Her snobbish superior attitude was more evident then ever before... (M+F, inc, drugs, nc)

A Spirit Visits John - by Bakeboss - A twin comes back from the dead to enjoy her brother. (MF, inc, 1st, rom, fantasy/sci-fi)

A Special Thanksgiving at our Uncle and Aunt's Farm - by rmike68 - A special Thanksgiving at our Uncle and Aunt's farm. A story about a VERY strange family. (M/f-teen, F/m-teen, inc, sn, can)

As Seen On TV - by Pagan - Mother and Daughter Reunion as seen on T V. To understand this story you must have read: Look, That's you on T V. (MMF, inc, rp)

A Submissive Housewife - by SJR - A story about submissive living. (MF, F/M-teen, d/s, inc, exh, rom, huml)

A Success Story - by JOCA - Young brothers watch and wait for an opportunity with their older sister. (F/m+, teens, inc, nc, 1st)

A Summer of Discovery - by Lucien_al - Summer in the 60's, Cousins have a blast with three older girls who show the younger boy the ropes. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

A Tiger in the Woods - by Izzy_22 - A nature photographer goes hiking in the woods with her brother, but when a wolf sends her running she ends up in a different predator's grasp. (MMF, nc, beast, inc, mast, oral, anal, voy, ws)

A Train Journey - by UR Null - A teenager go on a train journey with his mother. Due to some problem with advance booking they have share a berth and a blanket. (F/m-teen, inc, 1st, India)

A Trip To Canada - by MotherFuckerDreamer - A mother and son's trip to Canada, brings out their true love. (F-adult/M-teen, inc, 1st)

A Visit to the Park - by Jason and Bridgette - Fantasy becomes true for my boyfriend Jason and me, as we take a walk to the park and find a couple of kids who want to join us for some fun. (MF/bbg, ped, inc, voy, 1st)

A Tale Of Forbidden Love - by Meredith Jaussaud - A captivating account of a son's lifelong love for his beautiful Mother. Told from a third person perspective, this story traces an eighteen year old's initial admission of his unrequited love for his 34 year old Mother. From his initial admission, the story traces how a forbidden fantasy evolves into a fully matured romantic love affair between Mother and Son. Scrupulous details depict their ascent toward marriage, and sexual rapture between the two. (FFM, inc, rom, 1st, preg)

A Teenage Cockhound - by Oldbeatnik - I discover that my 14 year old daughter loves to fuck. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, voy) Part 2

A Thanksgiving to Remember - by Geminiguy - The attic was one large room with two dangling light bulbs and a small window above at the back. It was very neat and clean, also carpeted but the walls were bare, undone. There was an old-fashioned bed at the end of the attic along with neatly stacked boxes and old chests. It was the perfect place to get away from the family on Thanksgiving day and be alone with my cousin Tara. (mf, youths, inc, 1st)

A Thousand Years Ago In India - by UR Null - A young prince becomes king at the death of his father. He also becomes the highest preist and law maker and he looked after everything well until his mother had other ideas. (MF, inc, voy, india)

At The Park With Daddy - by Vampyregirl - A day at the park turns rainy, but that is when the real fun begins. This story is actually based on my real life role play with my "daddy". (Mg, ped, inc)

At Thirteen - by Sweet Irish - A brother and sister start off this story which includes incest and a mother who seeks sex outside the home because her husband is impotent. (MFmf-teens, family, inc, ped, bi, voy)

A Trial Run - by am101 - A Dad, Mom, daughter, and her partner have concocted a methodology to bring grandchildren to the family. The daughter is married to an exotic lesbian Polynesian woman, and the finalization of the details of the project takes place in this loving story. (M/F+, FF, inc)

A Trip To Daddy's Lodge - by LolitaXXX - A young teenage girl makes her Daddy's fantasies come true when she lets him take her virgin ass and then lets him share her with his lodge brothers. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

At The Cabin: Molly, Stacy and Max - by Sumddy - A mother and her young teen daughter arrive with their dog Max at the cabin they've inherited, where the mother spent a lot of time as a girl with her mother and grandfather. The young mother, full with unrealized fantasies of her grandfather here in the forest from when she was a girl, discovers her daughter and Max, and watches, further fueling her own desires. (Ff, underage, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral, beast)

A Unique Day - by Writerotic - A visit to my cousins' house yields unimaginable rewards. (M/fg, ped, bi, inc, voy, 1st)

Aunt - by Anon - Lesbian sex with young girl and her Aunt - Over the past ten years I've come a long way from a sweet, innocent, extremely naive 18-year old from the Bible Belt to, with the possible exception of my Aunt Sally, the best cock sucker and blowjob artist to be found. I left home when I was 18 to attend college in southern California. (m/F, inc)

Aunt Abby's Boarding House - by Jockey1948 - True story of a first sexual encounter as a young boy during World War II. (F/m-teen, inc, 1st)

Aunt Alison - by TheBigLove126 - After twelve years, Chad meets his Aunt Alison once again but now begins to have feelings that confuse him. (MF, inc, oral)

Aunt Candy's Present - by Candy Klitteris - Aunt Candy gives her nephew a special present on his eighteenth birthday. (F/M-teen, inc)

Aunt Ellen And Julie - by Miss Julian - Young Julie has a terrible secret. She's in love with her Aunt. But when her beloved aunt finds out, Julie finds Aunt Ellen has her own little secret. (F/g, inc, ped, 1st-lesbian expr)

Auntie, Mom's Friend And Me - by Pamula Anon - The first awakenings of my sex drive happened when I was about 12. My first memories of experimentation's with sex were over my Aunt Mary. (Ff, ped, 1st time) - Part 2

Auntie's Love Of A Very Special Niece - by LankaCream - Rich, single and beautiful 'Aunt Carla' adopts her recently orphaned "niece", Isabella, from her Caribbean country of origin. Isabella is a beautiful young girl, not yet in her teens. They bond immediatley. Carla discovers that her niece has something extra, which takes their relationship into a very forbidden zone, that is ultimately fulfilling for both of them. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, herm, rom)

Aunt Jane - by Pallidan - My mother was always getting into trouble so Aunt Jane came to live with us and take charge like she had done with mother in the past, but now it was both of us. (F-dom/MF, bi, inc, spank, anal-play)

Aunt Jen - by Anon - My Aunt Jen has been the star of my fantasies since I was ten years old. While I'm stranded at her place by a blizzard, she walks into my room and catches me masturbating. Instead of being shocked, she makes my fantasies come true. (MF, inc)

Aunt Jill - by UR Null - The husband of my aunt Jill has doubts about her loyalty. (MF, inc, cheat)

Aunt Kristy's Birthday Party - by Rick Dean - A young man ends up attending his Aunt's birthday party and ends up giving her the best present of the evening, in the front seat of his car. (MF, inc, oral)

Aunt Lisa - by William DuPain - She'd been alone too long. (Fm, ped, nc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, inc)

Aunt Lou's Lust - by Mister Magic Wand - A man resumes the long dormant relationship he once had with his aunt. (MF, inc, rom)

Aunt Margaret's Stable - by Emily Rose - Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt. (F/ff-teens, ped, nc, beast, inc, 1st, voy, bd)

Aunt On The Hot Line - by Michael Schumann - College boy who's been ditched by a fickle blonde gets an obscene phone call that changes his life. (MF, rom, inc, phone-sex)

Aunt Polly's Toy-Boy - by Kaz - It really is hard being a 13-year-old boy and being horny all the time. The thoughts of seeing my Aunt Polly naked was driving me crazy so I decided to find out what she really looked like. She likes to take a shower and get freshened up before supper each evening and I decided to hide in her closet in the hope of getting a view her treasures. I never dreamed that I would see more than I could ever imagine and become Aunt Polly's Toy-boy. (Fm, ped, voy, inc, 1st, oral)

Aunt Sally's Niece - by Kathy Lee - A teenage girl is ostracized from school and family when she's caught in a lesbian relationship with another girl at school. Her disgusted parents pack her off to Aunt Sally's where the teenager learns a valuable lesson. (F/f-teen, inc, mast, oral, fist, rough)

Aunt Sandy's Family - by Uncle Mike - I can tell you the exact moment my life changed for the better. It was when the shower door opened. (F/m-teen, 1st, inc)

Aunt Says It's Ok - by Nottxnative - A loving aunt teaches her nephew that it is ok to touch himself. (F/m-teen, inc)

Aunt Sheila And I - by Rick Dean - A young man and his Aunt discover their family ties go deeper than normal when a death in the family sends both into the other's arms. (MF, inc)

Aunt Stephanie and the Wonder-Wang - by Anon - College student stays with relatives to save money and learns things she hadn't expected to. (FF, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, toys)

Aunt Teaches Me Respect - by Bakeboss - A boy is sent to his aunt's for the summer where she teaches him to respect women while taking his cherry. (Fdom/M-teen, inc, 1st)

Aunt Vanessa - by UR Null - Three women in one - and her name is Vanessa. A lonely aunt who wants to teach her nephew all about sex, an unmarried sister in love with her brother, and a desperate sister in-law having a lesbian fling with her sister in-law. (FM, Fm, FF, inc, first, drugs, oral, anal)

Aunty Elsie And My Formative Years - by Jonbrian - I have for some time been writing about a current and ongoing relationship with my partners, 76 year old, Aunty Jean and her daughter Jane. I feel it is time to commit to paper how my attraction for much older women started some 31 years ago when I was 19. Like a lot of young men of that age I was obsessed with girls and sex and spent most of my waking life thinking about and trying to get plenty of the latter. So onto Aunty Elsie my grandmother's cousin. (F/M-teen, inc, mast, oral)

Aunty Gets Her Two Big Wishes - by Lanka Cream - A successful 38 year old widow has everything in life except for two things, a partner and a child. The arrival of her recently orphaned young niece from overseas provides for those missing elements in her life in a most unexpected way. (Ff-teen, ped, inc, 1st, trans, preg)

Aunty Monica... My Nipples Are So Hard - by MizSlash - Alex has her Aunt from New Zeeland over for the weekend. Over some trig, she gets her Aunt all hot and horny! (FF, inc)

Autobiography: A Crack-Whore's Son - by Febbicus - A mostly true, young boy's story of growing up with a submissive crack-whore for a mom. With a few bad choices, he moves from an intelligent outcast, to sex toy. Following her into depths of perversion, and abuse that most people only have nightmares about. (MF, Fm, nc, inc, voy, intr, drugs)

A Vacation In Hell - by Vulgus - A family of four go off on a family vacation in a motorhome and are arrested and sentenced to a month of sexual servitude. (M+/MFffm, ped, nc, rp, voy, bi, inc, oral, anal, beast, ws)

A Vacation in Mom - by Anon - With the author's permission "A Vacation in Mom" is a reworking, editing, and shortening of "About Doing Cassandra" (Kristen's Archives #81). The new version keeps the author's original intent but cleans up her writing a bit to make a more readable story. The story still deals with the effect of a failed scientific experiment that switches the personalities of a teen aged boy and his young mother, placing each in the other's body. The boy learns what it is like to have the body and sexual desires of a woman. The mother discovers the joys of having a penis. The sexuality of the original is fully preserved. (Fm, ped, inc, mast, tg, sci-fi)

A Very Brady Rape - by Flying Pervert Man - Greg Brady from the Brady bunch TV series rapes his three sisters. (mff-teens, youths, nc, rp, v, inc, sitcom-parody)

A Very Merry Christmas - by J.E.Ashbourne - A father puts his drunk daughter to bed after a family Christmas party. (M/F-teen, underage, inc, oral)

A Visit Home - by Jim J. - An adult son comes home for spring break from an out of state college and finds his mother depressed and introverted. So he cheers her up. (MF, inc, mother/son)

A Voyuer's Dream - by Tallfence - A young boy discovers a secret passage that allows him to witness sex. (MF/mf, ped, bi, inc, oral, anal, intr, voy)

Awake and Hoping - by Lanka Cream - Father and daughter have been in the habit of spooning together on the lounge for several months now while watching television. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

A Weekend Family Voyeur Encounter - by Mickeyandminney72 - The telling of an experience with a young couple who enjoy a weekend camping with family and get more than they bargained for. (MF, voy, exh, inc, oral, rom)

A Weekend with my Nieces - by Pops4476 - This is written as a tribute to two of my favorite web show hosts. I apologize for any hard feelings. (M/f-teen, spank, inc, 1st) Part 2

A Week Off From School - by Anon - Older brother is assigned to take care of younger brother and sister while parents are away for a week. What older brother doesn't know is that his younger siblings have been experimenting with sex for the past few months. And now they want to expand to take him into their incestuous bed. (mmf-bi, mf, teens, inc)

Awesome Pussy - by Stroker - Chris' mom becomes uncontrollably horny after several years without sex and finally turns to her son for relief. (F/M-teen, inc)

A Wife, A Mother, A Slut - by MyWifeDeanna - I'm not sure how my wife went from being a normal housewife and mom to what she became, but I never stopped her and I really still don't know why. (Fm, inc, voy, oral)

A Wife Betrayed - by Jaz - Wife's a bitch, Husband's a Rapist. So is his best friend. You do the math... (MMFf, wife rp, inc)

A Winter Cabin - by Sumddy - Giselle and her father are alone together at the cabin as he he reminisces about he and his sister at the lake, and her mother approves of her becoming Daddy's big girl. (Mf, ped, inc, mast, oral)

A Winter's Night - by Bossman - I had just turned thirteen when mum left me and dad. She'd been having an affair with this man for nearly a year. My dad took me away, saying that mum was no fit parent for a teenage girl. (MM/f-teen, ped, nc, intr, v, inc, voy, 1st, prost)

A Woman who Loves Men - by Homer Vargas - A young wife turns to Mother Debbie with a problem. Which of her lovers should be the one ot make her pregnant? (MF, cuck, preg, intr, wife, inc, teen, cheat, humor)

Baby Boom - by Dastardly Dodo - A father watches his young daughter with eyes that see more than a child. They see a sweet lover, a beautiful young persom ripe for the opening. (M/g, ped, inc)

Baby Bump - by Abner Wizzle - When your teenage daughter needs that fashionable baby bump in time for the Senior Prom or graduation, who are you gonna call? (MF/f-teen, underage, inc, preg)

Baby Sitter, The - by Hnyatt - Older brother finds out that there is a lot more to his little sister and her best friend than he ever suspected. (mff-teens, inc, mast, oral, voy)

Babysitter's Mom - by EzRiter - It all started when the babysitter was seduced by her charges and then brought into the family sex circle. (MmFff, reluc, inc, teens, rom)

Babysitting and Babymaking - by Doctor Dan - A guy babysits for the two little girls across the street and ends up fucking them. Through the course of the story he impregnates their mother and his own little sister as well. (M/f+, inc, ped, 1st, preg)

Babysitting Duty - by Durango Dan - Young preteen girl learns about sex from her mother and then passes on the lessons to the kids she is babysitting. (Fg, gg, gb, Mg, ped, inc)

Babysitting Karen - by The Camel - My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the wife's brother. Things were pretty normal until they went to the dogs! (MF/F-teen, beast, nc, inc)

Babysitting My Nephews - by dale10 - A teenage boy baby-sits with his twin six year old nephews and teaches them a thing or two. (M/bb, ped, exh, inc, ws, cock-worship)

Babysitting My Niece Jessie - by Little Dreamer - This is the story of what happened on the day I had to sit for my 4-year-old niece wile her mother went to work. Her name is Jessie and I love her with all my heart but she can be a pain. She has a long blond hair blue eyes and the cutest little dimples. (M/g, ped, inc, cons)

Baby Quintosaur Duck - by Slim T None - Bilka is dreaming that he is talking to his dead grandfather, who gives him a hint. (Fm, ped, inc)

Back Home On The Farm - by Day Dreamer - My sister Beth and I grew up on a farm in Indiana. Living out in the country was pretty much a dull and restricted sort of life for teenagers. Since we had to ride the school bus, we had no opportunity to participate in extracurricular school activities--it was off to school in the morning and back home right school was out. This schedule cut down on our opportunities for dating, too, since it gave neither of us much chance to develop any kind of serious friendships or romantic relations with others our age. (bro/sis, inc)

Back Injury - by Bigsteve - I hurt my back playing football so my dad gave me a massage. (MM, inc, mast)

Back Rub - by Matchead - It started with an innocent back rub but my older brother ended up giving me a bit more than that when all was said and done. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

Back Seat of Calvin's 1954 Lincoln Capri - by Buttercup - Calvin was a high school senior in the mid 50's and his sexual conquests were legendary. Even his sisters and mother fell under his spell. (Fmf-teens, bi, inc, 1st, oral, anal, scat)

Back to the Future: Marty Fucks Up - by Geminiguy - What REALLY happened between Marty and Lorraine in her bedroom after Lorraine's father hit him with the car... (fm-teens, inc, 1st, oral, anal, movie-parody)

Back To Work - by Drifter - Beth and Bill had been married for some time when one day Beth realized that her husband had been cheating on her. That revelation changed their relationship and their sex life, which soon included friends and family. (MFmf, ped, bi, inc, orgy, beast, swingers)

Backyard Camp - by Durango Dan - Chuck and his best friend camp out in the backyard while each of their sisters sleep in the house. So it's only a matter of time before the fun begins. (mmff, bi, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal)

Bad Daddy - by The Goddess Jia - Bad Daddy drugs his 13 year old daughter and rapes her virgin pussy. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, inc, drugs)

Bad Seed - by Laura G. - I should've realized what was going to happen, but I refused to see it. I couldn't believe that such evil existed, and by denying it, I ruined the rest of my life. I can never forget what happened to me, no matter how much I might wish to. (mf, rp, inc, v)

Bad Sister - by LWM - A young girl's sister is also her Mistress. (M+FF, gg, ped, orgy, inc, ws)

Bad Uncle - by Bad Uncle - My niece April and I decide that incest is best. (M/f-teen, inc)

Ball Busting Sisters - by Caligula - Twin sisters like to beat threir brother's balls, then they go even further. (FFM-teens, inc, ball-busting)

Bank Robber's Wife - by Vulgus - A woman's husband, out of work and desperate for money, attempts to rob a bank. He is a miserable failure and is arrested on the spot. His helpless and distraught wife is soon victimized by her employers and others. (M+/F, nc, rp, inc, blkmail, wife, intr, gb)

A Classic Incest Series

Banger: First Blood - 6 Parts

Banger: First Blood - by Reginald Bar III - Brother and sister like it a lot, and so do their friends who learn all about sex from each other. (fm, ff, inc, pre-teen, teen)

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Barbara and Tim... and Rodney - by Anon - A lovely, petite, 59-year-old woman becomes lovers with her nearly 6-year-old grandson when he visits her. During their lovemaking, she has a reverie anticipating the upcoming visit from another lover, a muscular, huge black athlete - virile and several years younger than she, but whom she matches in sexual proclivity and appetite. (MF, Fb, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom, intr)

Barbi Takes a Trip - by Obmuj - Barbi was the ward of her uncle, and he gave her everything she wanted but one thing. Then after Uncle John passes away, and Barbi became wealthy, she took a trip. During this trip Barbi got to do the one thing always denied her, she got to do it over and over again to her heart's content. (ff-teens/M+, bi, ped, inc, bi, ws, orgy)

Bargaining - by Realoldbill - Younger brother spies on slutty older sister and then blackmails her to take his virginity. (M/f-teen, underage, mf-teens, inc, 1st, voy)

Barntied - by Satin - My sister and I were very close growing up. We did everything together, including our early sexual experimentations. Now I know just how wrong that was, but at the time it just sort of happened and we thought it the most natural thing in the world. (Fdom/F, M+/F, inc, nc, mex)

Bath - A Mother and Son Story - by Cassiegrrrl - Carol hadn't had sex since her husband Ray had left more than four years ago. Strange as it sounds, the thing that finally brought her celibacy to an end was her son breaking his leg. (F/m, inc)

Bathing with Grandma - by Peterman - James gets much more than he bargained for when he goes swimming with his horny Grandmother. (MF, inc, generational)

Bathtime - by Karen Recalls - Daddy wants to clean little Randy after he'd 'made her all messy'. Time for a bath with 45 minutes to play with his daughter before his bitch of a wife gets back.... (Mf, inc, ws, ped, mast, oral)

Bath Time - by Silver Fox - Not long after my thirteenth birthday my Aunt Kathy came to stay with us for an extended period of time. I wasn't privy to all of the adult details, but apparently she was in the process of getting a divorce from my uncle. (Fm, inc, oral, mast)

Bathtime With Niece - by Beat Off Bob - John has raised his niece and made hygiene an important part of their relationship. Now Jill is taking bathtime to a whole new level. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

Bath Wrap - by JOCA - Younger brother's buddies have the hots for his bitchy older sister. One day they act on their feelings by gang raping her while at first her brother looks on, then he joins in. (M+F, teens, nc, gb, inc)

Beach, The - by Cumfreak1952 - His day started out like any other. He decided that a day at the beach would be fun, but when he got there he stumbled upon something unexpected. (Mf, MM, Ff, ped, exh, mast, voy, beast, inc)

Beach Cousins - by Kandy - Cousins on vacation find pleasure in each other after a trip to a nude beach. (MF, inc)

Beach Princess - by Balmain - While walking the beach nude, I encounter a nymph who has her way with me and then introduces me to her family. (M/f-teen, ped, exh, family-inc)

Beach Trip - by PeeWee - A church beach party that turns out to be a trip to remember for 4 boys. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy)

Bea's Pony - by Anon - Bea has some unusual experiences while visiting her sister in Texas. (MM-teens/F, rough, reluc, FF-bi, inc, beast, orgy)

Because I Can - by Kristen Marie - Thirteen year old Olivia discovers the power of her female body over men and uses it to her advantage. As with any power however, you should know 'when' to harness it. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, inc, exh)

Becky's Reward - by Durango Dan - Ten year old Becky gets a reward for getting good grades in school. Daddy promised her anything she wants if she makes the honor roll and now its time to collect. (MMM/ggb, extreme-ped, bi, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Becoming A Bitch - by Anon - A 17 year old girl describes the events in which she became a bitch for a German Shepherd dog. (M/F-teen, F-teen/beast, inc, preg, fantasy)

Becoming An Exhibitionist - by Doug - A widowed Grandmother guides her grandson into being an exhibitionist to enable her to regularly see his young and virile body. He is willing and her subtle guidance makes him think it's his idea to expose himself. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, exh, mast)

Bedroom Scene - by Frank McCoy - The fact that the girl's mother seemed to WANT her husband to father a child on the girl was as exciting to Jenny, as it seemed to be to her father. That knowledge, combined with the feel of her father's prick jerking and thrusting inside her, after almost a half-hour of teasing and then actually getting fucked for the first time, was too much for her too. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, voy, preg)

Bedtime - by Gopher King - Which daughter has been secretly giving their father handjobs and head? (M/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, mast, anal)

Bedtime Surprise - by Mandy C - A young girl sleeps with her brother because she's mad at her mother. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

Before the Wedding - by Frank McCoy - All girls (and even women) look like angels or princesses when getting married. Charlene was no different. From the top of her veil with the tiny coronet in place, to the rhinestones glittering on the heels of her shoes, the girl looked the very picture of radiant bridal glory. (MM/MF, inc, reluc, preg)

Befriending Brook's Father - by Loo-Hoo - Katie left her swim suit at her best friend Brooke's house, she decides to go and get it. When she arrives at Brooke's house, she realizes that no one's home except for Brooke's dad who is in his study. Katie decided to give Brooke's dad a show, he is a divorced father and he needs a little action every once in a while. (M/ff-teens, ped, inc)

Beginning, The - By Emily Francis - A young college student begins an affair with her older brother. (MF, FF, inc, anal, dp, bd, blkmail)

Beginning Of A Black Neighborhood - by Pallidan - Two African foreign exchange students decide to make the family that paid their way over into their personal sex slaves. Maybe the whole neighborhood would be next. (FF, dom, exh, inc, intr, orgy)

Behavioral Experiment Case Study #1012 - by Quid Pro Quo - A boy, his mother and sister on a family camping trip stumble upon a remote clinic, where they become unwilling subjects in a behavioral modification experiment. (F-adult/FM-teens, underage, inc, reluc, oral, anal, bd, mc, drugs)

Being A Farm Girl Isn't Easy - by Heather - A recap of when my life changed forever. I had to cope with a strict mother, an ignorant father, and an incestuous brother. It became a lot easier to deal with it all when I found the key to happiness in our barn one day. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, oral, anal, beast)

Being A Younger Sister - by Kit Fine - Sometimes little sisters get to do more than big sisters. (MMf-teens, 1st, inc, oral)

Being Bisexual - by Heronboy - I was 16 and spent the summer with my aunt Karen. She opened my eyes about sex and I am very grateful to her. I leaned what being bisexual was all about and I loved it. (Fm, bi, 1st, inc)

Being Nice To Uncle - by Beating Off Bob - Chrissy has a plan to get her widowed mother laid. Her favorite man is her Uncle Bob, and who better than him to cure her mother's loneliness. But when she solicits his cock for her mother, she just has to try it out herself first. (Mf, ped, inc, reluc, rom, preg)

Belly Love - by Steve D. - When widowed teacher Megan turns 40, a lawyer delivers a letter from her late husband telling her he's left her one last gift; frozen sperm she can use to have the baby she always wanted. (MF, inc, mast, rom, preg)

Ben - by Raiderboy - This is the story of Ben, a very special 14 year old boy. Ben is involved in a wild and steamy sexual relationship with an older woman and brings his best friend along for the ride. (FF/mm-teens, ped, inc, 1st)

Ben, Nicole and Jose Cuervo - by Knight - Their parents go away for the weekend and they break into the liquor cabinet. (mf-teens, inc, rp, 1st)

Best Mom In The World - by Your Ghost - When his father goes off to fight the Persian gulf war a young boy discovers just what a great mom he has. (Fb, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Best Father's Day Ever, The - by MapleValley8 - With Mom out of town, a daughter confesses her greatest fear to her Dad. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st)

Best Friends Club - by Obmuj - Five attractive girls from wealthy families just entering their teen years begin to explore their sexuality. In a discussion between themselves, they choose the people they would most like explore sex with, within their immediate families. (f+-teens/MF, ped, 1st, inc, bi, voy, intr, ws, orgy)

Best Laid Plans - by J Christopher - Two sisters hatch a plan to get pregnant by their husbands on the same day. All goes well until a surprise visitor drops in. (MF-cpls, exh, voy, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

Best Weekend of My Life - by William Bloom - It was Saturday morning, and I was just getting home from spending the night at a friends. My parents were out of town for the three day holiday, and I was supposed to stay at Tim's the whole weekend, but I decided against it Tim's girlfriend showed up and decided she wanted to go out, alone. (fm, inc, teens)

Bet, The - by Heatheranne - Robert is crazy for Erika, the foxiest girl in his senior class at their high school. He wants her, but knows that in the real world he doesn't have a chance. Then he comes up with an idea. Use his sister as bait to lure away Erika's boyfriend, and bet Erika that it will really happen. Erika of course can't believe that any boyfriend that she had would even dream of cheating on her. So she takes the bet. (MF-teens, 1st time, oral, inc)

Beth And Alison - by J Christopher - A discovery on a hot July day bring a mother and daughter much closer. (Ff-teen, voy, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral)

Beth And Kaitlyn - by J Christopher - In an earlier story we met Beth and her daughter Alison who had a very hot afternoon together. Here Beth and her friend Kaitlyn have another hot afternoon and are joined by Beth's husband Brett and her son Thomas. Alison has a small cameo at the end with her sister Laura. (MFFm, ff, bi, inc)

Beth's Family Thanksgiving - by TJ3131 - I couldn't believe the transformation in Wanda. Over the past six months my sweet mother-in-law had gone from prudish, conservative grandmother to a completely depraved fuck whore, and here she was visiting us for Thanksgiving. (MFmf, ped, family, inc orgy) Part 2

Betrayal - by Art S Healing - A quick, heart-filled tale of what happens when a brutal father returns home from prison to finds out that he has a daughter of which he was not aware. (Mg, ped, inc, extreme, nc, rp, 1st, v)

Betrayed Bride - by Obmuj - Upper middle class sex abounds from the virgin bride to the seventeen year old girl who causes the virgin bride to seek revenge when her husband beds another. (MFF, inc, 1st, swing)

Betsy's Best Intentions - by Rachael Ross - Fifteen year old Betsy needs her older brother's help with a homework assignment and Troy reluctantly agrees to assist his little sister, only to discover that the bonds of blood are no match for the passion their hearts alone can share. (mf-teens, 1st, inc, rom, preg)

Betty's Boys - by Pskao - Betty is tired of anonymous sex, so one night after she's all ready to go out, she gets drunk instead. Her four sons come home and find her skirt up to her hips, and extremely drunk. They help her to bed, making sure to undress her nice clothes and lingerie before doing so. (MFF, inc, preg)

Beverly Needs A Plumber - by Randyolegoat - Beverly's husband isn't taking care of her at home so she seeks help from her sister in-law Laura. Laura and her son and daughter solve Bev's problem and then are joined by Laura's husband and Bev's son and daughter get into the act. The result is plenty of family fun. (MFFmf-ttens, family-inc, bi, v, oral)

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Big Brother - by Cynthia - Sister and brother story - This is a true story about me and my brother Bill, and I apologize to no one about our relationship. So there! (fm, inc, ped)

Big Brother - by Norman Maylor - Parents leave the kids at home alone while they head to Mexico for a two week vacation. Why shouldn't they, Norman was 22 and his sister was 14 and mature for her age. So why not? (bro/sis, inc)

Big Brother - by Durango Dan - A story about a 13 year old boy, babysitting his 7 year old sister. (m-teen/g, ped, inc)

Big Brother Is Best - by EnlightenedAneurysm - Thomas and Dean are brothers. Thomas is 19 and Dean is 15, but they've been having sex for the last five years. As always they have to wait for mum and dad to go to bed. (Mm, teens, inc, oral, anal, rom)

Big Brother Loves His Princess - by N. Ambrusco - Your brother is alone while his wife is out of town. You're a good sister, so you bring him a hot dinner every night. But if you walk through that door you'll be in his power and it will change your life. (MF, nc, rp, inc, v)

Big Kid Stuff - by Anon - This is a first time gay story that involves teenagers and some incest. (mm-teens, inc, 1st, oral, anal)

Big Sister - by J R D - His big sister, Suzie, had always been a bit of a bully, but ever since his mother died last year, she had been an unholy terror. Not that she ever did anything in front of daddy. To him, she was his little angel and could do no wrong. The one time he had complained, his father had said, "Oh, it can't be that bad. Just be a man and stand up to her." (MF, cd, inc)

Big Sister - by Kayle - A coming of age bro Sis - "It is unfortunate that more boys don't have a big sister like I had to help them through puberty. I mean that's a tough time for everyone. But I had my sister and am I ever grateful I did." (mf, inc)

Big Sister Is Horny - by Eros - Many brothers would give anything to have a sister like Mindy. (MF, inc, 1st, voy)

Bike Ride with Anna - by Anon - Brother and Sister on an outing - "Hi. My name is Jim. My story is about the summer my sister Anna and I shared when I was fifteen. She was seventeen at the time. My story begins about three weeks into our summer break." (mf, inc)

Bike Ride Part II - by Anon - I wrote a part II to a story in Directory 1 titled, "Bike Ride With My Sister". I have waited for the author more but since he or she has chosen not to, I have submitted my own version of the second part of the story. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

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Birthday Babysitting - A Present For Sis - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby forgot his sister's birthday, which was bad enough, but he's also broke, which made things worse. But there WAS something she needed that he could provide, and which would make her birthday a special event. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, cheat, preg)

Birthday Gift - by Wollstonecraft - "I'd known even before I moved in that Betty's step-dad was a good man. I didn't find out just how good he really was until my eighteenth birthday. That was the night he gave me my best birthday present ever, even though he didn't know at first just what his gift really was." (MF, adult/teen, preg, inc)

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Blossom: First Date - by Uncle Mike - A parody of the Sitcom "Blossom". This story is about father daughter love, and how it grows. (Mf, ped, inc, sitcom parody)

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Bobby's Mom - Larry Sanders - "Incest is Best!" That's the chant that I heard as a taunt as boys when we teased about sex. Most of them had only had sex with their hands and pillows and what ever else boys jack off with. We would sit in a group in some distant place, whispering our fears more than our knowledge. Finally someone would mention Bobby's sister. She had big tits and wore tight skirts and was fifteen. That's when we would taunt him with 'Incest is Best'. (Fm, inc, ped)

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Boathouse Revisited - by Holly Rennick - Family traditions. Family ties. Family values. (Fm, inc)

Boating - by Anon - I had to take my summer vacation with my parents. There was nothing else for me to do. I had wanted to go with a couple of guys from my college class, but I simply didn't have the money to do what they wanted to do. So, just to have a vacation and get away for a while, I went with my folks to the mountain lake they liked so much. The home that they had bought was pretty small, just a cabin, really. It had a tiny veranda that actually served as a boat dock. It was a neat place; I liked the solitude. But, there was my sister. Hated her always hanging around. That is until one day, I really began to love it. (MF, bro/sis, inc)

Boatman, The - by MJR - (An e-novel) A man returns from overseas to see his sister in a new light. (Mf, rom, inc)

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Brandi Cole's Diary - by AnonyGurl - Twenty-one years after her father discovered her diary and took it way from her, Brandi gets it back. Reading through the entries, she is first shocked, then mortified, and then finally enlightened by what she wrote at 13. (Mf, exh, inc, ped, spank)

Brandi Takes a Summer Job - by Sweet Irish - She comes from a wealthy family. At 17 she is unhappy with her small breasts. To enlist her father's help in convincing her mother to let her get a boob job, Brandi finds incest is a way to gain her father's help. The story has others involved, and one has a camera. (M/F-teen, 1st, inc, voy)

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Bra Shopping With Uncle Bob - by Beating Off Bob - Uncle Bob invites his niece Chrissy to be his 'date' for a semi-formal event, and provides the dress. But she doesn't have the right bra to wear with it. He takes her shopping, and gets a lot more than he bargained for in the process. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, preg)

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Breakfast In Bed - by Geminiguy - Set in 1989, what's a guy to do when he's got the hots for his mom, who happens to be actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio? All you can do is really show her how much he appreciates as she done for him as a mother, and maybe... just maybe, her reaction will surprise... (m/F, inc, oral, MILF, celeb-parody)

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Breeding Season At The Rocking R Ranch (Version Charlie) - by Beating Off Bob - Diedre's husband is gone and it's breeding season at the ranch, so she needs help getting that done. With the help of her sister's family, and her own children, they manage to pull it off... so to speak. It turns out to be the most successful breeding season on record. (MFmf-teens, inc, 1st, bi, cheat, rough, voy, mast, oral, preg)

Bride's Hairdresser, The - by Beating Off Bob - Bob has done his sister's hair their whole life, and she demands he do it for her wedding too. But something else is going on, something strange. Why is the Doctor there? What is he DOING? Wait! What's SHE doing? And where did all that money come from? (MF, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom, preg)

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Brittney, Chiann, and Chris - by Midnight Panther - A series of true stories about my sisters and me. This is the beginning: The first of many adventures of two identical twin sisters. It tells how it all began for them. Part one does not contain Chris yet. (teens, inc, ped) Part 2

Britney, Paris And Jamie - by HornyLisa - After a night of wild partying Paris spends the night with Britney. (FFf, inc, oral, celebrity-parody)

Britney's Nasty Secret - by Will Wanton 69 - Britney is taught a lesson by her Mom. (FF, inc, celeb, fisting)

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Brother Busted - by Dr. Wu - A teenage boy is teased and hurt badly by his sister and his aunt. Kyle was trapped, his sister's eyes glowed like some little girl possessed by Satan in a horror movie and his Aunt was making threats that sounded pretty heavy and he was trapped, with no way out. (F/fm-teens, underage, fdom, denial, tease, oral, anal, inc, huml)

Brother Fucker - by Text Master - Incest with two brothers and a sister. "Last May, John, Frank, and I went to North Carolina to open our cottage for the summer. John is my half-brother and Frank is my younger brother, but we opened more than the cottage." (MMF, inc)

Brother Grows Up - by Jennifer O'Reilly - Kris comes home from college for vacation and she notices how much her younger brother has grown. Rob notices his sister too. (mf, inc)

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Brotherly Love - by Jenny and Ray - Older sister, younger brother story - "I thought I knew my sister, having grown up with her and having spent so many hours together. I have always considered her beautiful, along with all other males who have laid eyes on her. She's got a beautiful baby face with pouting lips and long blond hair and has developed a fantastic and sexy figure in the last year or so." (MF, inc)

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Camping On My Own - by Constant Motion - A teenage boy catches a young brother and sister "experimenting" with each other out in the open fields and takes advantage of the situation. (M/g/b, inc, ped)

Camping Trip - Joan A girl and her two brothers camp out in the back yard, then they talk the girl from next door into joining them. (mmff, bi, inc, coa)

Camping Trip, The - by Q12 - Dad and son go camping but run into some trouble. (M+/MM, inc, nc, orgy, mast)

Camping With Daddy - by CalOfThWlf - A father loses control when his daughter strips naked before him in preparation to washing in a hot springs while they are on a camping trip. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, cons)

Canceled Flight - by LorenaDiaz - Two sisters have to share a queen size bed in a hotel room because of a cancelled flight. Their night becomes something unexpected and very enjoyable. (FF, inc, rom)

Candy Cums To Her Brother's Stag Party - by Johndough - A young girl becomes a teenager on the day of her brother's stag party for his upcoming marriage. Angry that her birthday party is to be delayed she decides to attend her brother's party instead as the entertainment unaware of what is expected of her as the "dancer who jumps out of the cake". The dancer who was hired sets her up for her big night perfectly. (M+/g, ped, nc, inc, 1st, exh, orgy, preg?)

Can I Cum In Her? - by Frank McCoy - My father's grunts become harsher; and I felt his prick swelling even bigger inside me, if were even possible. (Mf, ped, inc, preg)

Can I Touch You? - by Anthony Matthews - Out of sad things sometimes comes happiness. That's the case with me when my cousin came to stay with us to help my mom care for grandpa. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, cousins, rom)

Can't Help Falling In Love - by Your Ghost - A brother and sister haven't seen each other for three years. When they meet again, they realized that they feel more for each other than they should. (MF, inc, oral, rom)

Caribbean Adventure - by Jake - Last summer my wife and I decided to take a week vacation to a small Caribbean Island. We were taking her younger sister as a High school graduation gift. As background, I am a 28-year-old Stock Broker, my wife is a gorgeous 24-year-old Marketing researcher, and her 17-year-old sister was getting ready to go to a small Eastern College. (M+/F+, wife, nc, inc, intr)

Caregiver - by FOXI - Daughter goes to take care of her sick mother only to re-establish a relationship with her father. One that is not your normal father daughter relationship. (family, inc)

Caregivers - by Bigbob - Brother and sister find contentment in each other's arms. (MF, inc, rom)

Careless Sailor - by Java Man - As a careless twenty-six year old sailor, I got a woman pregnant that I picked up one night in a Norfolk bar. As part of the ensuing court action, I gave her most of what I had saved at the time and an additional ten years of monthly support payments. But as it turned out it was all well worth it... (M/ff-teens, inc)

Caribbean Cure - by Vulgus - A brother and sister on a Caribbean cure with their parents go shopping on a tropical island. The younger brother is offered a cure for his older sister's really bad attitude. The cure makes her his slave. (M+/F, nc, rp, inc, mc, exh, oral, beast)

Caribbean Surprise - by Lil bro - A sister and brother travel to a Caribbean Island. (MF, inc)

Carol Brazil - by Dee231 - High schooler Carol Brazil is singled out for special attention by high school thugs, teachers and other girls. How had it happened, why was it happening to her? She finally turns slut just to survive, bringing her brother and even her dad into the act. (M+/Fteens, FF-teens, nc, rp, v, inc, intr, oral, anal, gb)

Carol Comes - by Pskao - After years of marriage, Carol finally has a male-induced orgasm. Then she has many of them, all given to her by her son. (MMF, inc, preg)

Carol's Animal Adventures - by PredEd - Carol, the mother in "Black Family's Nasty Adventures," tells her kids about her filthy, hole-ruining, scum-eating day at the farm. (MMF, Ff, ped, bi, inc, oral, anal, rough, ws, beast)

Carpenter Family Affair - by Megansdaddie - The tale of how the Carpenter parent's began a family orgy the night of their youngest daughter's 12th birthday. (family-inc, ped, 1st, orgy)

Carried Away - by Scorpio00155 - Twin brother and sister are astronomy buffs who liked to look at the night sky through their telescopes. But when one telescope is redirected to earth and catches a moment of passion, they become voyeurs and get carried away. (mf-teens, inc, youths, 1st)

Carwash - by B Boner - Last month I experienced an unexpected sexual encounter with a close member of my family, I haven't been able to speak to her since. (I wouldn't know what to say!) (MF, bro/sis, oral, inc)

Car Wash - by Jessica - While washing her car Lisa realizes just how much her little sister Rachel has grown up. (FF, inc, rom)

Cassandra's Problem - by Pop-O - A teenage girl finds herself tied up in someone's basement. She is used by an adult male and female, then by a young male and female. (Mf, Ff, ff, mf, bi, inc, ped, nc, rp, bd, spank, anal)

Cassie's Rape - by Stephanie Keating - Cassie is a sweet girl-next-door type of wife until one fateful night. Her husband is kind and understanding until... (M+/F, wife, nc, rp, husb-voy, inc, rom)

Catalina Gets Impregnated - by Rocketman - Frustrated niece looks to a loving uncle to assist making her with family. (MF, inc, rom, preg)

Catching Daddy - by Daddysslut - Little Cheri catches her Daddy and Brother in the act and joins them. Some wild events follow. (M+/bg, ped, family, inc, bi, intr, orgy)

Cathy's Spanking - by Oldster - A story about the first time I spanked my daughter. (M/f-pre-teen, inc, ped)

Caught! - by Don Tracy - A daughter catches her dad screwing a neighbor's child and gets into the act. (Mfg, extreme-ped, inc, bi, threesome)

Caught Beating Off - by Honey Boy - Mom catches grown son beating off and within days has to have his big dick in her. (MF, inc, voy)

Caught By My Son - by Q12 - Dad and son masturbate together. (MM, inc, mast)

Caught By My Son - by Jimbo2 - A lady gets caught by her son having sex with a black man. (MF, Fm, ped, intr, inc)

Caught By The Parents - by PeteinWales - Daughter sneaks her boyfriend into her bedroom, hoping to get away with some illicit fun late at night. (MF/mf-teens, inc, voy, mast)

Caught In The Act, Almost - by Matt Mans - I couldn't figure out how a nerdy half-a-fag guy like me ended up with a hottie like Zoe. It was off-again and on-again at first, but I stuck with it and learned to be the kind of lover she craved. I just wasn't enough for her. (MF/mf-teens, underage, bi, inc, reluc, rom) Part 2 - Part 2 - Part 4

Caught In The Act - by Mickeyandminney72 - The telling of a voyeuristic weekend spent engaged in carnal lust with the mother in-law and my wife. (FF, FM, inc, oral, rom, voy)

Caught In The Act - by Pete in Wales - Parents settle down for a nights swinging but are interrupted by their daughter. (MMF, inc, 1st, voy, swingers)

Caught Peeping - by Anon - Two boys are caught spying on one's mother and sister. They have to be disciplined, don't they? (Ff/mm, voy, mast, ped, inc)

Caught Red Handed - by DH Lawrence - Brother and sister go all the way one evening and end up in the worst situation of their lives. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, M/f, ped)

Caught Twice - by Jimbo2 - A Mom gets caught by her daughter and then by two teens, as she is taken by a doggie. (Ffmm-teens, inc, beast, voy)

Caught With My Young Daughter - by Jimbo2 - A man is caught with his pre-teen daughter in bed. (M/g, ped, extreme, inc)

CC's Cravings - by Ham - CC had been introduced to the feel of soft bare skin from a very early age. He was to bring about sexual arousal that was mind-boggling, not only for himself and his parents, but to all those he came in contact with throughout his life. He had a taste for sex that surely went unmatched by anyone else. (Fb, ped, MF, MM, orgy, inc, was, nc)

Cebill: Maryann Takes A Day Off - by Kristen - A revised episode of the popular sit-com "Cybill". I am sure that this episode would never get past the censors. (MF, FF, inc, orgy, sitcom parody)

Celebration - by Geminiguy - Brother ends up staying over at his sister's place one night. (MF, inc, anal, alcohol, india) Part 2 - Part 3

Centerfold Daughter - by Beating Off Bob - Bob buys his favorite girly magazine only to find his daughter and her best friend featured in the centerfold spread. If that isn't bad enough, there's a strange man's cock in his little girl's pussy. What's a father to do? (Mff, ped, mf, bi, inc, mast, oral, exh, preg)

Chained Cheerleader - by Mark Carver - (e-novel) The biggest problem Phil Jenkins faced in running the Del Mar Theater was not the attendance. In spite of the local drive-in, the only movie house in town did a packed business every night. Phil's problem was not outraged parents, either. The Del Mar showed only wholesome family entertainment. (M+f-teen, ff, bond, inc, slut)

Chambers, The - by Mack the Knife - A family awakens to find themselves captive of a voyeuristic psycho. (M/MFmf, ped, bi, nc, inc, voy, orgy)

Changers - by Steve Black - A mother, daughter and son with unusual abilities. (Ffm, inc, sci-fi)

Changing Flavors - by Blackzilla - A young black man is obsessed with white women. He doesn't want anything else but white flesh wrapped around his thrusting cock. That is, until he visits his cousin and finds out that a little chocolate mixed with creme can be a nice change of flavor. (MF, black, inc)

Chaperone Blues, The - by Beating Off Bob - Claire's life is on an even keel. She's got a good job and two great children. There's no man in her life, but then she doesn't think she needs one. Everything is going along just fine... until she agrees to chaperone the football team on a trip out of town. She learns things about her children and herself, that will change everything. (MFmf-teens, ped, voy, inc, reluc, mast, oral, rom, preg)

Charlie - by Comsu41 - Charlie's uncle helps her to her first orgasm and then Charlie wants to include her best friend in the wonderful discovery. (Mgg, ped, 1st, inc)

Charlie's Mom - by Charley A - A divorced mother and her 11-year-old-son begin a lifelong sexual relation of a cold winter night. (Fb, ped, inc, 1st, rom) Part 2

Charlie's Problem - by Old Bill - Because of his outsized genitals, a young man has terrible and wonderful problems. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, size)

Charmed: Flesh And Blood - by JT Langdon - Phoebe loses control in this parody of the TV series Charmed. (FF, inc, TV-parody, fantasy)

Charmed: Shutterbug - by JT Langdon - Prue goes lesbian in this parody of the TV series Charmed. (FF-lesbian-expr, inc, TV-parody, fantasy)

Chase And Hunter - by Chris - Love happens in the strangest ways. A brother and sister find this out when workaholic parents are always gone. (MF, inc, oral, anal, rom) Part 2

Chastity Abandoned - by Serum114 - Steve is a shy high school senior. After catching his 12 year old cousin in an awkward position, his fear of perpetual virginity goes out the window. (M/g, ped, inc, 1st, oral, anal)

Cheer Daddy - by Negative Creep - Daddy helps his cheerleader daughter and her friend. (M/ff-teens, ped, reluc, inc, voy, 1st, oral, mast)

Cheerleader For Hire - by Tomcat - A bright, sexy young teenage girl is easily talked into giving her virginity to her teacher's husband. Then she is talked into having sex with other men for money. (M+/f-teen, 1st, inc, prost)

Cheerleader's Picture - by Ninja - E-novel: A father and daughter are the perfect victims. First the daughter is used and abused, then daddy's pulled in. Their problems are cause by their total inability to control their sexual urges. Sounds like some politicians we know, don't it? (M+dom/F-teens, Fdom/F-teens, nc, S&M, ws, beast, forced-inc, blkmail)

Cheerleader Summer - by Anon - Tim becomes obsessed with his buddies older sister to the extent that they both blackmail her into doing things that were down right nasty. (mf-teens/F, FF, inc, voy, reluc, orgy)

Chel - by Charles Dick - Rescuing his cousin from an abusive relationship turns into a lifetime romance. (MF, inc, rom, preg)

Chelsea's Coming Out - by pete - A man has his eighteen year-old niece come to live with him and things warm up, especially at the company party. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st, rom)

Cheri's Unique Story - by PuppyloverDawn - We get a glimpse into the sordid life of 15-year-old cum-slut Cheri, whose family enjoys making incest and pedo films along with other families. (M/ff-teen, ped, inc, bi, beast, ws)

Chicken Pox - by Dave And Laura - Father and daughter discover love through a coating of calamine lotion! First story in an awaking incestuous family series. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast)

Children - by Lloyd2004 - A day at the beach. A family with twin daughters arrive and the father gets an erection as he watches his children frollicking on the beach. (MMFgg, ped, nc, inc, voy, mast)

Child's Play: In Pornovision - BY Mkayl - This Story is written as if it were the script of an upcoming TV show. Starring Terri Hatcher as the unwilling mother having incestuous sexual relations with her aggressive teenage son. (mf, celeb, nc, inc, exh)

Child Stars - by Lover of teen Girls - Twin children of famous actor are given audition to appear in show with their dad. The show deals with a single father coping with the emerging sexuality of his teen children. (M/MF-teens, exh, inc, reluc)

Chloe and I - by DaddyDear - My wife became ill and was never would be able to have sex with me again. She helped me find someone I could have sex with. But little did either of us realize just how close to home that person would be. (MF, inc, rom)

Chloes' Cumming Out - by Nat Sherman - The entire family is gathered for their incestuous ritual as young Chloe joins the family tradition. (MFg, family, ped, inc)

Chocolate with Vanilla Cream - by branson-s - Tom is a member of an outdoor nudist colony. He meets a widowed chocolate colored woman 34 years old and her daughter 13 years old. Tom has sex with the daughter as the mother participates. (M/f-teen, F/f-teen, bi, ped, inc, 1st, orgy) Part 2

Chris, Life Is Good - by Ham - Chris had an itch that could not be satisfied, he was to crave sex, any sex from an early age. Age mattered not, nor did gender. His daddy taught him well as those around him were to soon discover. (MM, mm, mf, ped, inc, nc, rp, bi, oral, 1st-gay-expr)

Chrissy's First Date - by Beating Off Bob - Chrissy's dad won't let her date because he says she's too young. She thinks that's not fair and that his stories about what boys want on dates are all bull. So he sends her on a date... with her brother... and some very explicit instructions. Daddy only forgot one thing - Never send a boy to do a man's job. (Mf, mf, ped, inc, 1st, voy, preg)

Christi's Cunt - by Tony Tiger - The story of a woman's busy and adventuresome sex life from mid-teens to the present as narrated by her second husband. (fMm+, FMm+, underage, inc, preg)

Christmas Bet - Fantasy Realized - by WNYKen A bet with the wife ends with me being a show/play-toy for a party friends and relatives. (FFM, reluc, inc, exh, mast, mc)

Christmas Break - by Michael - Daughter comes home from college for Christmas vacation to stay with her widowed father, while both of her sisters were away for the holidays. She was the youngest daughter in the family, always her father's favorite. (MF, inc, rom)

Christmas Eve - by Anon - Aunt Jill comes to house-sit for her sister and brother in-law, while they take their second honeymoon in France. Their 18 year-old son spends Christmas Eve with his Aunt by the fire on the couch, snuggled up. (MF, inc)

Christmas Eve Day Gathering - by Ashley - A family get together on Christmas Eve day, unlike any family you've ever met in real life. (MFmfbg, ped, family-inc, preg, beast)

Christmas Present, The - by Marcia R. Hooper - A mom finds herself helpless under the mistletoe as Christmas Eve gives way to a Christmas Day that neither she nor her son Todd will ever forget. Based on a true story. (Fm, reluc, inc, rom)

Christmas With The Andersons - by J. Boswell - A family that loves together, stays together. Wouldn't be interesting to be a fly on the wall around the Anderson's house during the holidays? (family, inc, coa)

Christine And Her Strange Ideas - by Anon - A naughty and adventuresome grand daughter first poses for her artist grand dad, then she seduces him. (MF, inc)

Chuck and Monica - by Dirty Old Man - Chuck and Monica were cousins who grew up next door to each other on their grandparent's farm. Then Chuck moved away. A few years later, he gets to spend the summer. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Cinderella Sleepover - by Johndough - Amanda's dad treats Amanda and her friends to a very special sex education that involves him seeking the owner of a very special dildo just like Prince Charming with Cinderella's glass slipper. Only the dildo "accidentally" breaks so he needs to seek the owner by finding the pussy it fits with a subsitute the same size as the dildo--his own cock. (M/ffff-teens, ped, inc, 1st, orgy, voy)

Cindi's Top Tips for Sibling Success - by Pamela, Samantha and Rosie - Cindi shares suggestions about getting along with your brother. Being Cindi's ghostwriter (she being better with concepts than with a keyboard), I can only apologize for her lame jokes and warn, "This material should be tried at home without parental supervision." (mf-teens, inc)

Cindy: A Different Kind Of Love Story - by Badboy - An insecure girl in sixth grade, on the Canadian prairies, finds there really isn't any substitute for love. (M/g, ped, inc, 1st, reluc)

Cindy And Her Impotent Husband - by Stephanie Keating - They were in each other's arms, the driving, pulsing passion of my 24 year old wife and her 17 year old nephew. (M/F-teen, wife, cheating, inc, underage)

Cindy, My Little Sister - by Greg Bodett - Young Cindy gets gangbanged by her brother and his friends. (m+/f, inc, ped, reluc)

Claire's Stables - by Ivan Wilson - A party-girl is kidnapped and taken to Claire's stables. She is hypnotised and converted to a ponygirl, satisfying all of her new Master's fantasies. At the stables, she joins an increasing group, including Claire herself, who live as human equines. (MF, MM, FF, nc, beast, inc, 1st, anal, bd, bi, mc, fetish, preg)

Close Cousins - by Holly Rennick - How are Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Canada, Mexico and the European Union alike? (MF, rom, inc, 1st)

Close Letters Of The Third Kind - by UR Null - One of my friend wrote a very revaeling letter about my mother. It was obligatory for me to reply to him in similar terms. (MF, inc, voy, oral, india)

Closing Up The Cottage - by Losgud - Older brother gets roped in to helping his younger sister clean up a rental house, more a cottage really. He wished he'd kept his mouth shut when he finds out what a big job it was going to be. But in the end, his sister makes it all worthwhile. (MF, inc, cons)

Club, The - by NixPix - A story about a younger brother who lusts after his older brother and then suddenly finds an opportunity to act on his feelings without getting caught. (MM, oral, anal, inc)

Club, The - by Puera Amare - Boy is initiated into a secret sex club and finds out it promotes incest, but only after already fucking his sister. (mf-teens, exh, orgy, inc, 1st)

Club 12 - by Maynard - Uptight man gets loosened up by his young daughter. (Mf, ped, inc)

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Cock Drain, The - by Kari Alarus - Jim's daughter takes charge when her little brother is caught jacking off onto her collection of nasty pictures that were taken of her. (mMf, mast, anal, inc, tease, bd)

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Coercing My Sister - by Anilina - Trapping my reluctant sister then forcing her, with help from my friend. (MMF, inc, nc, india)

College Fling - by Brenda Barrett - Jesse woke up feeling a little drunk. A senior in high school she had come to visit her older brother at college to get a taste of campus life before she made the move from home. She felt like she had celebrated a bit too hard as she sat up and looked around. She had no memory of previous night and she till quite groggy. As she slowly moved to get up she felt a hand come down on her shoulder, holding her. (MF, bro/sis, inc, college)

Collision In The Corridor - by Johndough - At the start of a school day a female student rounds a corner and bumps into her principal who has just arrived with coffee for his colleagues. This bump spills the coffee all over them so the principal takes her down to the locker area to wash and dry their clothes. The principal is also the girl's uncle and a little more goes on than laundry. (M/f, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)

Coma - by SupMario - A guy wakes from a three year long coma only to find that his sister has been his caregiver; in every way. (MF, inc)

Come The Dawn - by Cazna Rochester - The night before the solstice, a drug researcher and his daughters catch and punish some local high school students who've been destroying his experiments, $250,000 worth of damage done. Using the results of his work they make them into sex their slaves. (FFM/M+, teens, nc, inc, orgy, sci-fi, bd)

Comforting Big Sister - by Eager46 - Fourteen year old Brad passes his 16 year old Sister's bedroom and spots her standing half naked and crying. He comforts her and then takes his virginity. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Coming Home - by Geminiguy - A teenager joins the military to get away from his home life, but a tragedy makes his mother realize how much she's taken for granted all those years. (MF, 1st, inc, military)

Coming Of Age - by JC Meier - A son asks him mother what it's like to be a girl and she over reacts by making him try it out. (MF, ped, reluc, inc, cd, drugs)

Communication - by Achillies - George and Marion had had another fight. It was a humdinger this time, which is saying something, for their fights had been getting progressively more acrimonious as the weeks had dragged endlessly by during this hot summer. George had completely lost his cool this time and shouted so loud at her that the neighbors must have heard, and if they didn't, then they must surely have heard the sound of smashing crockery as Marion hurled plate after plate of their best dinner service at him. As usual, the kids stayed upstairs and avoided the fight in scared silence. (MF, b/g, inc, orgy, exh)

Company, The - by JLW - A man takes a job at a new company and finds out the whole company and town are into incest. (MFfm, ped, inc, orgy) Part 2
Part 3

Company Man, The - by Storyguy62 & Khan-e - Jeremy and his daughter Miranda both work for the CIA, always on separate missions. But when his drug lord crosses paths with her arms dealer, they wind up taking very intimate steps to keep from blowing their respective covers. (FFM, inc)

Complex - Sara, The - by Adam Warlock - A man discovers and accepts he is a pedophile after an intense encounter with a 5 year old kindergarten girl. (M/toddler, extreme-ped, inc, 1st)

Condo Hero - by Anon - This vacation was different, my cousin and I were on our own at the family condo in Mexico for the first time. (MF-cousins, inc, affair)

Confessions - by Henrik Larsen - A boy brought up by young female au pairs all his life. His parents are busy with their careers. The boy has little contact with other kids, he's a bit of a sissy really, slightly nerdy and shy in the company of other children. But one day he begins to come of age with his pretty cousin. (mf-teens, underage, inc, 1st, oral, anal, rom)

Confessions Of A Kinky Girl - by Sophie - A story of experience, finding love in family, and how one kinky girl finally finds her place in a much older man's arms. (MF, inc, rom)

Confessions Of A Schoolgirl Slut - by Anon - How a posh private schoolgirl becomes a filthy slut. (Mf, ped, inc)

Confessions Of A Teenage Slut - by Zoe - I became sexually active quite young, at 14. Once it started, there was no turning back, not that I wanted to. It was my girlfriend Monica, then Daddy and Matt and so on and on... (ff-teens, Mf, ped, inc, mast, bi, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Convention - by Sailor - As adults, Jo and I have always been seen by the family as close (sort of kissing cousins, no more). But, there was a brief time when we were much closer than the family ever knew. (MF, rom, inc)

Concession Stand - by Charliz - What happened between a brother and sister at a school basketball game? (MF-teens, inc, mast)

Connie And Bonnie - by Durango Dan - Connie and Bonnie are two young twins who play with each other. When their mother fins out, she shows them just what to do and so does their father. (MF/ff, ped, inc)

Convertible, The - by jallen944 - Pam's first time is in her cousin's car. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st)

Cookie Delivery Gone Bad - by Johndough - Delivering her Girl Scout cookies to her neighbor when he is drunk and expecting a call girl leads to a young girl's sexual awakening in a most unexpected way. (M+/f-teen, ped, nc, inc, 1st, preg?)

Cookie Monster - by Rhymer - Another father daughter story, entitled, "Tickle Monster." (Mf, inc)

Cop's Daughter, The - by PuppyloverDawn - Robert Black was arrested for selling kiddie porn. Now he wants revenge on the cop who put him away, by making his daughter the star of his next film. (Mg, ped, inc, exh, drugs, rp, orgy, v, beast)

Cory - by dale10 - I set out to find the perfect boyfriend for my ten year old daughter. A well hung rock musician filled the bill nicely. (M+/g, ped, nc, rp, v, voy, inc, tor)

Cosby: The Daughter Never Knocks Twice - by Uncle Mike - Denise was sprawled face down on her bed, kicking idly at the mattress with her Nikes. She was in her mid-teens, a street-wise girl with a milk-chocolate body that was concealed now inside a baggy pair of overalls and a tattered men's T-shirt. She had learned to keep her curves well-hidden, although even the best disguise wouldn't stop some of the guys in high school from hitting on her. (Mf, ped, inc, sitcom parody)

Country Boy's Journey Of Discovery - by Kewtieboy - An 18 year old near-virgin gets his first job as a driver around the lanes of Northern Ireland and discovers there's a lot more going on out there than he ever thought. (MF/M-teen, inc, bi, voy, mast, oral, anal, swingers)

Country Girl's Autobiography - by M.L. - At some point in our lives we go through some introspection as to why we are the way we are. Me? I've been accused of being a sex crazed bitch, a slut, near animal status and a sex addict. So I've decided to set the record straight and tell me story, at least part of it. (mmf, ffm-teens, youths, inc, bi, 1st, beast)

Country Life - by Geminiguy - A relationship beyond the norm develops between a mother and son who live in isolation out in the back country while father works away from home most of the time. (Fm-teen, inc, mom/son, 1st, mast)

Cousin Brittney - by Luv2eetpsy - Cousins meet for the first time. They soon fall deeply in love, one thing they didn't expect. (M/f-teen, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Cousin Jacqueline - by Standby - The story you're going to read is not quite fictional, the gist of the story is true, and describes the beginning of an ongoing sexual relationship I have with my cousin. (MF, inc, mast, oral, anal)

Cousin Jennifer - by Anon - Jennifer stays at her cousin's sorority house while visiting her future college choice only to experience her first lesbian experience with her cousin. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, MF, inc, oral, anal, school)

A Classic Incest Series

Cousin Love

Cousin Love - by Nobo Cough - Older cousin baby-sits a bunch of young girls cousins - "One day my Mom asked me to come over to the phone to speak with my Aunt Justine about a job. My Aunt lived in the country, and I remember spending a few weeks at her large farm house years before. There was a great pool in the backyard, and the basement was finished as a game room, complete with a wet bar, couch, TV, VCR, and a pool and pingpong table. She had divorced her husband after catching him fooling around with his secretary. The settlement left her custody of their four young daughters. (M-teen/f, ff, inc, 1st, ped)

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Cousin Love Finale - by Rusel - In 1996, a seven part story "Cousin Love" was posted but never brought to a conclusion. The following is an attempt to resolve all of the loose ends left by the original author. Duplicating that author's writing style proved undoable. It is suggested that the previous seven parts be read before this one as there are many backward references that would be meaningless to a new reader. Refer to directory 1 for these episodes. (Mfg, ped, voy, inc)

Cousins, Could Have and Maybe Will, Someday - by Countbaycee - The relationship between two cousins is the subject of this story. (MF-teens, inc, 1st)

Cousins: Tongue-Tied - by Eros - Laurie and I were first cousins and next-door neighbors. We were both fifteen, though I was six months older, and we were in the same grade in school. We were both only children, and not having brothers or sisters, we had grown up close to each other, almost like brother and sister. If asked, we would both characterize the other as best friend. But soon we would become even more than just best friends. (mf-teens, rom, inc, coa)

Cowgirl: Redux - by Gungadick - A stepfather finds the joys of being a father are greater than he could have imagined. (M/f-pre, extr-ped, inc, voy)

Crashing The Halloween Toga Orgy - by Johndough - A little holiday treat about a couple of neighborhood girls who crash the annual toga orgy at the frat across the street. Their single parents think they are with the other parent and show up at the frat house later with interesting results. Trick-or-treat. (MMf-teens, underage, rluc, inc, oral, anal, swing, orgy, gb, preg?)

Craving For Cock - by Rowdy - A teenager's "first time" with older men. (MM/m-teen, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

Crazy Bet - by Scorpio00155 - Two older women who might be called cougars, make a bet that could be called perverted. Wendy bets her friend Linda that she can seduce Linda's son before Linda can. Linda tries to prove her wrong. (MF, inc)

Crazy Cousins - by Shooterguy123 - Cousins decide to have fun with each other that turns into a family event. (mf-teens, youths, inc)

Crazy Miracles - by Caduceus - After a veteran firefighter gets into a motorcycle accident, a medical emergency causes him to become closer to his 20 year old daughter than he ever wanted to be. (MF, inc, reluc, mast, oral)

Crazy Parents - by Kyous - "I grew up in an alcoholic family. My mother and father were both drunks of the first order. They were like normal parents - concerned about their kids, worried about money, etc., but their need for drink and their need for each other came before anything else. They had the usual parental attitudes about sex for that era -- they gave us a very dry and clinical talk about the subject and then never spoke of it again. But their drunkenness led to some displays that I'll never forget." (mf, exh, voy, inc, ped)

Crossing The Line To The Promised Land - by Cleanshaven - A 36 year old man is tempted by his 14 year old niece. (MMf-teen, ped, inc, voy, 1st, mast, oral)

Cruise Happy Brother - by Pei - A family wins a ten day cruise for four. At age 40 and 38, respectively, Don and Rene find themselves in one of the best state rooms on board the ocean liner. Two doors down in a similar stateroom are the winners two teenage children, daughter Susan at 14 and their 17 year old son, Wade. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, oral)

Crystal Turns Eighteen - by Obmuj - Crystal wasn't a prude, but she lived in a small town where the available boys only thought that dating was a way to get sex. She wanted more than that and eventually found it, but soon became a widow at the tender age of nineteen. One day, her recently divorced father became more than just a parent to her. (MMF, inc, rom)

Cumming of Age - by Gungadick - Home schooling and sex education. A young boy learns from a willing neighbor. (Fm, inc, ped, orgy)

Cruise Ship Drunken Mistake - by TheNewHorizon - Father and teenage daughter go on a cruise. The trip was meant to help both of them move on with life after the death of wife and mother, but as a result of too much drinking the father ends up in bed with his daughter. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, inc, alcohol, preg)

Cuckold Dad - by Chase Hard - Father becomes unemployed and his 15-year-old son takes over the household, his mom and his sister. (family, d/s, cuck, inc, huml, v)

Cumming With Cousin Karl - by Anon - Donna has had a crush on her cousin Karl for years, and she's dying to lose her virginity. When she discovers that he's been borrowing her used panties, she decides to seduce him. The next day she leaves him a freshly worn pair with a note inviting him to come to her room that evening. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st)

Cumming With Mom And Dad - by Eros - Adult son recently home from a trip around the world stumbles upon his parents having lively sex and decided to see if they'll let him make it a threesome. (MMF, inc, oral, anal, dp, orgy, cream-pie)

Curing Evan - by Alex Hawk - When a teenage girl's brother tells her he might be gay, she puts her mind to figuring out a way to "cure" him. Any guesses as to what way she decides on? Anyone? Anyone? What? With a lemon, an aardvark and the bones of late US astronaut Gus Grissom?! That doesn't even make sense! NO, you fool! They fuck! Sheesh! (mf-yteens, inc, 1st)

Curious George - by CG - A young pedophile's start. (bg, extreme-ped, toddler, inc, 1st, nc, rp)

Curly and his Mom - by Spattor - It started out one day with Curly accidentally finding his mother "doing it" with her boyfriend in the living room. Then as time went on his voyeurism became an obsession. Until one day is obsession became reality. (MF, mom/son, inc, voy, nc?)

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