Fucking the Family

(m-teen/f-dog, 1st, voy)
By Michael

This work is copyrighted to the author 2004. Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to this story. Thank you for your consideration. Michael ([email protected])

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I've always been rather fastidious about cleanliness; I guess that's why I washed the bitch's cunt opening. I mean fucking a female Doberman was one thing, but fucking her all dirty and grungy was quite another.

I poured warm soapy water over my young bitch's body and scrubbed her fine chocolate colored fur, making sure to massage the soapy water into her sexual areas. She seemed to like it when I rubbed the soapy cloth across her bitch-hole; she'd shiver and whine for me each time I made contact.

We were both naked and wet as I began to dry her. My stiff teenage dick was rubbing against her damp fur and I was getting so aroused that there was no way I was going to back out of it now.

The thought of screwing my Doberman bitch came to me when I read some of those porno stories at asstr.org. They were about woman screwing their dogs. All kinds of situations were described, and I soon realized that those types of stories made me so horny that I'd blow my wad before finishing even a short story.

My folks had bought this Dobby about six months ago and she was a sweet pup. Clean athletic lines and bright intelligent eyes. And when she went into heat last week and I watched the neighbor's dog fuck her in our back yard, well... the thought blazed through my mind like a falling star, 'Why couldn't I use her to get myself off.'

I'll admit that I'm no stud-muffin. At 15 I was still skinny as a rail and had that computer-geek whitefish complexion that you get from sitting in front of your computer all day playing video games and working on programs.

Needless to say I was still a virgin. But I wanted to lay a girl in the worst way. It was just that I was too shy to put myself in a position to get one to do anything with me.

I dreamt about fucking girls all the time, just about any girl I met, or saw, I'd fantasize about. Even my buddies mothers and older AND younger sisters weren't exempt. It didn't really matter if they were attractive or not, all I wanted was to sink my dick into a hot wet cunt and bang away until I came.

That's why I was in my back yard on my hands and knees, naked and washing the family pup. My folks were gone for the entire day visiting old college friends who lived up the peninsula in San Francisco and I had the place to myself.

I intended to lose my virginity to our female Doberman that very afternoon. And as I rubbed vigorously, drying her fur I began to finger her with my free hand. When my finger first touched her slit she jumped in surprise and growled at me.

But soon she settled down and let me stick my finger into her to the first knuckle. Then in an effort to see what she could accommodate I pushed another finger in and began fucking her with two fingers. She felt so slick and warm inside, I could just imagine how it would feel to sink my dick into her.

Hell, I'd been imagining that feeling for years, and it was time to do it. I was going to fuck our female Doberman -- it was now or never.

She stood in the afternoon sun smelling of shampoo, and I could feel the light breeze as if it were a caress against my fevered dick. It ruffled through my pubic hair as I climbed over the bitches back and positioned myself at her slick opening.

It took quit an effort to make any headway. I remember trying to stick myself into her cunt and nothing was happening. I kept missing or sliding off to one side or another. But finally I felt a wonderful hot slickness encircle the head of my dick and I instinctively knew that I'd hit pay dirt.

I kept wiggling my dick around with my hand and making shallow thrusts and was finally rewarded with the feeling of a tight moist, hot enclosure gripping my dick and I sank further into my female pup.

The dog was looking over her shoulder at me with a strange expression in her eyes and her teeth bared. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but at that moment I didn't really care if my dog through I was a crazy pervert. She felt so good wrapped tightly around my dick that all I wanted to do was make fucking motions, to sink balls-deep into her and then fuck her until I came.

And that's exactly what I did. I finally penetrated the bitch so that I felt her tight cunt muscles stretched all the length of my dick. I remember thinking to myself what a wonderful feeling it was, so liberating to have my dick planted into a warm wet cunt instead of the five-fingered fuck that I'd had to be satisfied with all my life up until that moment.

I began to fuck my Doberman bitch in earnest. I loved the feeling of her inner cunt walls of wet warm velvet grasping at my prick as I pumped in and out of her. She stood there patiently letting me use her body and I grunted and groaned over her back in ecstatic pleasure.

Then I was coming -- and I literally howled as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. I emptied my balls into our family pet, gasping for breath, shoving in as deep as I could go.

When my gushes of pleasure were spent I gingerly pulled out of the Dobby and watched as my come spilled out with my departure. I knelt there on my knees looking at the sleek young Dobby as she moved away from me and lay down on the carpeted patio and began to clean herself, licking my come from between her legs.

I knelt there watching her, my boner still hard, our mingled goo feeling wet and cool from the light breeze still rusting the leaves.

Rustling the leaves? What? Who was there?

I looked over my shoulder to see Bruce, neighbor boy watching me. I saw that his eyes were wide and they were glued to my hard shinny dick.

Damn, I was caught, and we went to the same school too.


As it turned out my neighbor Bruce was a pretty good friend and one thing led to another and we ended up experimenting with a lot of things together that summer.

He turned out to be as shy as me around girls even though he had dark good looks, and we did a lot of things with each other that answered many questions that we'd never had the nerve to ask. I even ended up sharing our Dobby with him...


Author's note: No I didn't actually do any of the described actions in this story. What I did do was bet Phoebe that I could write a sexual story about zoophelia. Even though I've never done any of the following things I do have an imagination you know. Flames cheerfully ignored. (Now it's Phoebe's turn to write a bestiality story. Come on Phoebe, you promised you would.)

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