A Punishment Enema For Britney: The Punishment Service

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Published: 12-Feb-2012

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This work contains graphic descriptions of a punishment enema. It is not intended for reading or downloading by anyone under the age of 18. If this subject offends you, do not read on. All portions of this story are fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The author does not condone any sexual act with children under the age of consent. This fantasy is intended for adult age play and should be tried only with consenting adults. Act out these punishment scenes at your own risk!

Britney knew she was wrong and deserved to be punished. Talking back to your Mom is never a good idea. But mocking her in front of her friends! She knew it would be dealt with. As soon as Britney got home from school she was met at the door. Catherine, Britney's Mother, marched the girl to her room. "Stay right there young lady. Today your getting punished for that little show you put on yesterday at the mall. I'm sure you remember what you did", said her Mom. Britney was ashen faced and started to worry. "I'll be back soon. You stay here until I'm ready". The door slammed as her Mom left. Britney could hear her mom make a phone call from the bedroom across the hall but she could not hear the whole conservation, something about an appointment....

The 12 Year old girl sat, for what seemed like hours, in her bedroom awaiting her fate. The rules were well known to her, disrespect would not be tolerated under any circumstances and it looked like her luck was running out. After what seemed like an hour, she could hear her Mother as she came down the hallway approaching the door. Britney's heart began to pound as the door swung open and Catherine walked in the room. "Let's get going young lady, you know what to do," she said.

"Yes Mother," was her only reply as Catherine disappeared into the bathroom. Britney knew spankings were always delivered while she was naked so she began to remove her clothing stripping down to her T-shirt and panties. Her body had just starting to develop. This year she had grown several inches and her breasts had started to form swollen buds. The nipples hardened and she felt goose bumps from the cool air. Her legs were long and slim like a young colt and her bottom was small yet firm and round. She listened intently and with some trepidation as she heard the sounds of things being prepared for her punishment. Then she heard her Mother's voice, "Britney, I am ready for you now!" With a lump in her throat, Britney entered the bathroom.

"OH Mother! NO!" cried Britney. She was horrified to see that her Mom was not alone. Beside her was a stranger, a big man. The girl began to cry." Not in front of a stranger!! No!" She ran from the bathroom out into the hall trying to get away. The girl got about 10 feet down the hall but a strong male hand grabbed her by the arm and jerked her straight up. Then she was marched by the earlobe right back into the bathroom.

"Britney listen to me! This is the man from the Punishment Service. He is here to teach me how to properly punish my girls. So stop that struggling right this minute", said her angry Mother. The girl was scared by now so she stood very still. She trembled and began to sob. There was no use resisting she thought. This Master was too big and he had her by the arms now holding her strongly as her Mom explained "You will do everything he tells you, Britney. Follow his orders immediately and with no complaints. He has been given total charge of you for this punishment session. Do you understand?" The girl stood there thinking. She was so embarrassed. She felt like there was no other choice but to obey, and truthfully, there was none. Like it or not, this was her fate now. "Yes Mother, I will try", said the distressed girl.

Britney's stomach began to flutter and great big tears rolled down her face when she saw the preparations made for her punishment. On the counter of the sink was the red rubber two-quart enema bag and tubing. A large douche nozzle was placed next to a jar of Vaseline along with several latex examination gloves. More ominous was the large pitcher and a bar of Ivory soap. Britney felt a hard pull on her arm as the big man positioned her facing the bathroom sink standing next to the toilet. Tears began to creep into her eyes as she watched him remove the wrapper from the bar of soap and place it in the pitcher. He then ran the hot water for several minutes until it was steaming before filling the container letting the water splash directly on the white floating bar.

"Britney, today you will be getting your first ever punishment enema. You deserve this and I mean to make you a sorry young girl for smart mouthing to your Mom in front of her friends", said the Master. "Yes Sir", said the frightened girl. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her and looked straight into Britney's eyes "YOU HAD BETTER TAKE THIS PUNISHMENT WELL... YOU WILL DO AS YOU TOLD AND HOLD EVERY DROP TILL I SAY." Britney could hardly look up at him. This time she knew she had gone too far. She could tell her Mom must be really mad to call in the Punishment Master! "PLEASE, Sir, not an enema! Please, I'm so sorry! I promise I'll never talk back to Mom again..." begged the girl. He shook the girl again and then Catherine grabbed the child and slapped her face and said," You're getting the enema, Britney. You better take it well and hold every drop until you get permission to go. Any trouble from you and I will tell the Punishment Master to give you what Angie got las t week, a good switching, and you will be really sorry... REALLY SORRY! Understand?"

"Oh NO, not the switch, I understand Momma. I'll be good! Please don't do that. PLEASE! I'll try to be good and do as you say" answered the frightened girl.


Britney remembered the Punishment Service's first visit last week. Oh, how horrible! Her older sister, Angie, had made a bad mistake, she refused take a simple spanking for breaking curfew. Angie thought that a 16 year old girl should not have to be in by 11:00PM. So she stayed out until midnight. Sat morning first thing when Mom tried to spank her for it, Angie fought and even scratched her Mom's face as she struggled to prevent the spanking. Well Catherine got even all right.

There was an ad on the internet: "Master's Punishment Service.... Discrete experienced Master available for female discipline. Old fashioned spankings for the naughty wife, girlfriend, or misbehaving daughters. Punishment enemas are my specialty. Outcall available Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx"

Catherine made that call. An hour later the door bell rang and there was this same big man. A few words with Mom then right up to Angie's room they went. Britney remembered sneaking up the stairs and peeking through a crack in the door. She saw what happened. Angie was jerked up off her bed, her clothes were stripped off and her hands quickly tied behind her back. Before Angie even had a chance, she was totally naked in front of a stranger and tied so she was unable to resist. Catherine explained that the Punishment Master was here to punish her for the curfew violation and for resisting her spanking. Now it was to be a punishment enema and the switch!

Mom held Angie as the Punishment Master clipped a spreader bar between her ankles. Now Angie could not run. She could only stand there with her naked legs spread as the preparations were made. The Punishment Master produced a big rubber bag attached to a long hose. On the end was a large black nozzle. Britney was horrified as she saw Angie forced to squat down with her hands still tied behind her back and the bar keeping her feet well apart. Her Mom helped hold the girl so she would stay squatting up-right in position as the big nozzle was rammed in and she got two hot and soapy quarts of water up her bottom, the bag emptying and Angie's young belly swelling under the load. Then there was an inflatable plug that went in Angie's anus. The cramps started immediately and they must have been really bad because Angie was groaning and begging already.

Since she had her hands secured behind her back and her ankles spread apart by the wooden bar all she could do was bend and squat and sand up straight as the cramps caused havoc in her swollen belly. Her Mom stayed right there to make sure Angie had to stay upright and could not fall over on the floor. Staying vertical meant the enema worked its way down into Angie's lower belly where it swelled her out terribly. It must have been really bad.

Then there was the switch. Britney silently spied through the door crack in horror. The Master had a long hickory switch! He used it up and down Angie's legs and on her bottom. Even some slashes to her swollen tummy and up between her legs right into her bottom crack and slit! Angie cried and begged. She stretched up on her tip toes and tried to jump up and down...she would even squat... anything to move from that switch! Poor Angie did quite a dance of pain. But the movements just made the enema cramp worse and the switch could always find a new place to torment! The inside of Angie's thighs must have been a painful place... Angie screamed extra loud every time the switched visited there and the Punishment Master seemed to enjoy hitting those soft inner thighs the most!

Soon Angie was begging for mercy promising to be a good girl, to never fight again...anything. But the switch just kept doing its devil's work on Angie's legs and bottom and the enema cramps kept getting stronger. Britney will never forget that day. She ran to her room not waiting until Angie's punishment was over. It was too much she thought she would never want that to happen to her!

This Punishment Service was where Catherine learned about punishment enemas. "They are excellent for young girls. Really teaches a lesson and leaves no evidence should the girl make the mistake of complaining at school", said the Punishment Master. "Call me next time one of your girls needs correcting and I will come right over and show you how to give her a good enema and spanking, you can watch and learn. Then you will be able to do them yourself"

Right at that moment Britney's Mom knew she had found a wonderful way to control her four girls. Britney and her three sisters would be getting the punishment enema when they misbehaved from now on and she would take the nice Punishment Master's offer to teach her how to do it properly. The very next day she went out to buy all the necessary items so she would be ready. The girls were always taking advantage of her since she was a single Mom and had no really good way to punish them, but now, with the punishment enema and this Master on call to help her, she would take full control and bring up fine and decent girls that knew how to obey and follow the rules.


"Ok, Britney, we'll see how brave and strong you are. I bet you'll think twice before using that smart mouth with me again", said Catherine. By now the preparations for the enema were well underway. The Master set the pitcher down on the counter top. Britney couldn't look away from the pitcher as foamy soapsuds floated off the bar of Ivory and drifted through the hot water. He swirled the soap in the pitcher until the water took on milky white color. She watched in horror as the bar of soap was removed and set on the counter. It s surface was all bubbly and after sitting in the hot water for several minutes it was clearly apparent that it softened considerably.

Britney sniffed and tears began to flow from the corners of her eyes as she watched the Master pour the contents of the pitcher into the red rubber enema bag. Bubbles flowed out of the top of the bag and dribbled down the sides of bulging bag. She put the empty pitcher down and screwed in the cap which was connected to the several feet of rubber tubing. He checked to see that the clamp on the tubing was closed then turned and hung the enema bag high from the shower curtain rod. The bag was menacing. It was filled to capacity and bulged like it was about to burst. Little did young Britney know that soon the contents would be transferred to her tummy and she would be bulging like that rubber bag. Britney began to whimper as she saw the large douche nozzle slipped onto the tubing. The tube with its nozzle looked like an evil snake waiting to crawl into Britney's young bottom. "Oh God", the young girl thought as cold chills ran up her spine.

Turning to Britney, the Master said, "Now I think we are about ready young lady. Come here!" Britney stepped towards the sink as she watched him pick up the slippery bar of soap. He rubbed his fingers into the soap working up a good lather. "Open up!" Britney began to plead for mercy as her Mother grabbed the back of her head to hold her still while the Master forced soapy fingers into her mouth. "Uggghhhh nnnnnnoooo," was all that Britney could say as the horrible taste of the soap overwhelmed her and tears rolled down her cheeks. But the soap was worked all over Britney's tongue and even under it and around her gums. The soap was worked until she was gagging and foam bubbles were drooling out of her mouth and down on her chin. Then the soap bar went right in Britney's mouth "bite down young lady", said The Master. "You let this go and your Mom has promised I can use my hickory switch on your bottom and thighs."

Britney looked like a girl wearing one of those ball gags but this was Ivory soap instead. It tasted terrible. Then her Mom turned her around and said "arms up" as she slipped off the T-shirt. The soapy mouth would soon begin to drool, no use ruining a clean shirt. Her bare chest would catch the soapy drool as it dripped off Britney's chin. It would eventually coat her little tits and even her stomach. Britney was horrified now that the strange man could see her breasts. They were just developing and were mostly swollen pink nipple buds, very firm and not yet filled out. She sobbed with embarrassment at this.

Britney's Mother put the lid down on the toilet for the Master and he sat down. Reaching over she grabbed Britney's hand and pulled her directly in front of him. Reaching his fingers into the waistband of the girl's panties, he stripped them down to her ankles and off, leaving Britney totally naked now! The Master's eyes feasted on what he saw. She was such a pretty girl with her long coltish legs, budding nipples and hairless mound. It looked as bare as a billiard ball! He reached out to feel Britney's tummy. It was flat with a cute little belly button just above the plump mound. His hand roamed up to feel the firm young tits. Down his wandering hand went and Britney shuddered as his fingers felt the girl's cunt. The lips of her pussy were pink and full and the slit was tight with just a hint of the pedals peeping out. It was soft and clearly virginal with a small clit bud at the top of her slit. Britney was turned around. He turned Britney around to feel and admire the gir l's firm young bottom cheeks. The Master pulled them apart to peek at the little pink anal hole soon to be invaded by the enema nozzle and punished so much. Britney's Mom chuckled approvingly at the way the Master inspected her girl and she thought to herself "He will make you pay you little bitch. You're going to be really sorry before he's done..." Britney's face flushed red with embarrassment and she fought off the urge to gag from the horrible soap in her mouth. Her lips were puckered around the nasty soap bar and drool was foaming out and dripping off her chin onto her breasts and tummy.

In one motion, Britney was pulled over the Master's lap with her bottom high in the air and her legs slightly spread revealing the little slit showing back between her thighs. She sniffed again as she heard him snap on a pair of latex gloves and she heard the jar of Vaseline being opened and then set down on the countertop. She groaned as she felt him pry open the cheeks of her ass and the finger touch the entrance to her anus. With a quick plunge, the finger pushed up her behind and twisted back and forth. The Master worked the finger in deep making sure that the Vaseline was thoroughly coated inside as well as outside her pink anus. He continued to work the finger in out over and over to make sure the little hole was opened up and stretched for the big nozzle that was coming.

Britney began to sob as she felt the tip of the douche nozzle touch her lubricated butt hole. She squirmed and grunted like a pig as she felt the big nozzle pushed through the tight hole and then slid deep into her bottom. The Master said, "I hope this teaches you a good lesson young lady," as a loud CLICK signaled the start of the water flow. He kept one hand on her bottom holding her cheeks together and the nozzle deep in her bottom. The water and soap jetted up her backside and burned as it went in. Britney began to squirm on his big lap and through the soap bar that filled her mouth came grunts and groans of distress. As the heat of the soapy water invaded her belly, the cramps started and she did the splits with her legs. The pressure of the water flow added to her distress and soon Britney kicked her legs off the floor and squirmed around trying to get away.

Both Britney's Mom and the Master enjoyed the sights as he tightly held the wiggling girl with her young legs wide open. What a show of virgin pussy and soft thighs and the rubber hose as it obscenely emerged from her little asshole! SLAP! SLAP!! Went the master's massive hand as it exploded across the backs of Britney's upper thighs right where they met her bottom. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Britney grunted thru her soapy gag " Ugggg uh uh ..nnnnn" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "Keep your feet still and stop squirming young lady!" exclaimed the big man. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! By now Britney was in a panic the cramps were bad enough but this spanking made it a lot worse! She tried to hold still and brace for the next spank but that effort just doubled the cramps in her young belly. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Went the hard hand all along the thighs just below where the enema hose emerged from her bottom. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The Master was laying into Britney with full force spanks now!

Now Britney was getting the spanks on her lower bottom right where she would sit too! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The Master had decided that little Miss Britney would feel a cramping tummy tonight and be reminded all day tomorrow as she sat in school on those hard seats. He would see that the girl had a hot and sore seat for sure. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Britney cried and the tears really started to flow... SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He slapped her up and down each leg and on each bottom cheek. He made sure that Britney was beet red from her bottom down to her knees: SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

By now the bag was half-empty and sharp cramps filled her abdomen. Sounds of uncontrolled sobbing worked their way past the soap bar that filled her mouth. Twisting and turning on the Master's lap, Britney's legs began again to kick in the air as if she was trying to run away from the soapy invasion that filled her bowels. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The spanking continued. After what seemed to be a forever, Britney heard the sound of the bag gurgling dry as the last drops of the solution filled her backside. With a CLICK he shut the clamp on the hose and with a sharp jerk she removed the douche nozzle from her burning anus.

"You better hold this water, young lady! Do not let go of a drop. I won't tell you a second time" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "Here are a few extras to top of your drink too, Miss Smarty Pants. You'll think twice before smart mouthing off to your Mom again ha ha..." said the Master. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

With a final sharp slap on her bottom, the Master said, "Stand-up!" and Britney struggled to her feet. Standing before her Mother and the Punishment Master, her abdomen looked like she was pregnant! She was really swollen above her bare pussy mound. She looked comical with her big belly and wobbly legs and her eyes were red and puffy from crying. The drool had mixed with her tears and she was wet from chin to chest. Her bowels growled in retaliation to the soapy invasion and the muscles of her tummy could be seen surging with the cramps that grew worse by the second. "I think 10 minutes will be sufficient for you young lady," said the cruel Master as Britney could only groan past the horrible soap that filled her mouth.

Her Mom knew that now the real punishment began. By far the worst part was the retention with its labor like cramps. Britney was made to kneel in the tub staying up high on her knees with her hands behind her back. She began to sob and groan louder as she watched the Master set the kitchen timer to 10 minutes and set the clock down onto the countertop. Tick...Tick...Tick went the timer.

Oh how it hurt! The cramps would come and go...some times they were very bad. She couldn't keep her hands behind her back. She had to grip her tummy and sometimes she would hold her fire hot bottom cheeks together to try to stop it. She looked imploringly at her Mother praying she would at least be allowed to use her hands...anything to try to hold the enema.

The pressure quickly grew in Britney's belly and soon she was doing a silly wiggle as she shifted her weight from one knee to the other and then back again. The cramps came in waves and when they hit Britney grimaced and bent over slightly while rubbing her swollen belly in an attempt to stop her pain. She clenched her butt cheeks together as tight as she could as her body trembled while she struggled to retain the solution. At least twice the Master had to spank the child's bottom some more to remind her to stay still. Every tick of the timer echoed through her brain as she fought to retain the enema and she struggled to keep from spitting out the soap bar that filled her mouth with foul flavor. Time passed slowly... she grunted and groaned and silently prayed for it to hurry up and end.

At last, the bell on the timer rang. Britney scrambled into position to sit on the toilet, but she was stopped. Britney cried with big sobs as she watched her Mother go to the bathroom cupboard and take out the porcelain bucket and set it on the floor in front of the commode. "Bad girls deserve to be humiliated and what better way than to have to use a bucket", said the Master as Britney was made to squat down over the bucket.

The Master pulled the soap bar from her mouth. She made a horrible face in reaction to the foul taste. Britney's bowels growled and groaned, but Britney's embarrassment of squatting over the bucket and in full view of her Mother and this strange man seemed to prevent her from relaxing enough to gain relief. She sobbed and watched him slowly clean the enema bag and put things way. Meanwhile, the cramps continued to rack Britney's stomach. Finally, Britney's Mother and the Master left the bathroom and closed the door, her backside erupted and the foul liquid flowed into the bucket.

Outside the bathroom the Punishment Master and Britney's Mom chuckled as they heard the sounds of Britney's relief. "She will be fine by tomorrow morning", said the Master. "Put her to bed with no supper and watch her over the night to make sure she doesn't get sick from the mouth soaping. Tomorrow at school, the girl will sit on a sore bottom and that will help drive this lesson home."

"Thanks so much for your help with Britney. I think I learned a lot about the punishment enema and I may try it tomorrow on my twin 14 year olds. Those girls have been screwing up at school lately", said Catherine.

"Great idea", said the Master as he prepared to leave. "Give me a call and let me know how it goes. If you want I'll be happy to visit anytime. I get busy around school report card time so be sure to call early", said Punishment Master.

"Oh I will call you for sure and I may want more help soon. These girls are really a hand full for a small woman like me and being all alone it is very difficult, too", said the Mom. "My name is Catherine by the way"

"Nice to meet you Catherine please call me Master in front of your girls but privately my name is Charles. I'll see you get priority help for your daughters", smiled the cruel man.

Catherine walked Charles to the front door. As he left, she couldn't help but think that this may the kind of strong influence she and her girls needed at home. She couldn't help but wonder if Charles was available. Maybe she would think about inviting him over for dinner so they could get better acquainted. But for now, using the Punishment Service was a good start. Catherine promised herself that Charles would soon be a familiar site at her home. This was very exciting to Catherine and she knew she would need to go to her bedroom soon and lock the door so she could get some relief for herself. This whole session had made her wet and very excited she secretly wondered what type of punishment Master Charles would pick for her if she need it!

A few minutes later, Catherine re-entered the bathroom door and handed Britney a roll of toilet paper and told the girl to clean-up and head for bed. Before she left the room, Catherine filled a bathroom glass with warm water and walked out into the bedroom. Britney cleaned herself off, emptied the bucket and cleaned it before replacing it back into the cabinet. She then rinsed her mouth with the water, which only seemed to refresh the taste of the soap. Now that the cramps were almost stopped, Britney began to feel how hot her legs and bottom was where she got the spanking. She turned to look in the mirror. Her upper thighs, right at the crease of leg and bottom, were beet red and they still burned like she had been stung a thousand times.

Britney walked out into the bedroom and was handed her underwear by her Mother. She was pleased to see that horrible man was gone. As she put her panties on, the cramps from her bowels still caused her considerable discomfort. Picking up the rest of her clothes, she heard her Mother say, "I hope this has taught you a good lesson," to which she replied, "Oh yes Mother it has!" Britney went to bed and quietly cried until she finally fell asleep.

The next morning at breakfast, Britney still could taste a little soap in her mouth as she ate her cereal and her bottom, right at the top of her legs, was very sore from the spanking. She knew sitting at school today would be uncomfortable. But squirming around was out of the question any sudden movement made the cramps come again and God forbid she get in trouble at school, that would surely mean a repeat performance tonight or, worse yet, another call to the Punishment Service.

As she put her coat on to go to school, her Mother gave her a big hug and told her how sorry she was that she had to punish her, but that it would make her a better person. She told Britney how proud she was that Britney had held her enema like a big girl and that her punishment was now over and she was forgiven. Britney thanked her Mother as she walked out the door knowing that her Mom was right and vowing silently to herself to never get caught disrespecting her Mother again.

Catherine watched young Britney walk down the street to the school bus stop with her two twin sisters. Little did those 14 year olds know what was waiting for them this afternoon after school! Catherine smiled to herself....

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