Dr. Qwinn's Experiment

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Published: 26-Mar-2012

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Please note-This is a work of fiction, a fantasy. The writer does not now, nor has he ever, advocated acting out on such fantasies, nor does he advocate the abuse of children.

"Are you sure that she is fully prepared for what is about to happen. Things could get quite...uncomfortable."

Dr. Qwinn and Mom sat in the living room of his modest home in Colorado. Standing nervously before them was a beautiful nine-year old girl with long blond hair done up in pigtails. Per instructions she was made up; red satiny lipstick on her full lips, medium brown eye shadow and false lashes. She was nude, her skin creamy white and flawless. She stood at attention with her eyes straight ahead.

Mom answered. "Yes, Doctor. I assure you that I have spoken extensively with her. She is eager to experience what you have to offer."

"Girl," Dr. Qwinn began. "Are you aware that what I am about to do to you will be very painful?"

The girl's eyes didn't waver. Her voice betrayed her fear. "Yes, sir."

"You can back out now if you want. I won't hold it against you if you do."

The girl remained still.

"Good. Listen carefully. Straight in front of you is a door. You will go through it. Inside you will find a two-foot tall metal stool. Stand up on it. At your neck height you will find a leather collar attached to a chain. You will put it on. It buckles on the front and you will take the lock that is threaded through one of the links on the chain and you will lock the collar on your neck. Do you understand your instructions?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well get on with it."

As the girl complied, Dr. Qwinn escorted Mom to the front door. "Okay. I'll have her back to you by the end of summer."

"I trust you." Mom smiled. She knew that Dr. Qwinn was trustworthy. She had spent a summer in his house when she was nine.

Dr. Qwinn closed the door and joined the girl. The room was fairly large, about forty feet on a side. It was completely surrounded by the rest of the house, so there were no windows and only the one door. The girl stood at attention on the stool.

"Good girl."

To the left of the stool was a standard stainless steel surgical tray stand covered by a sheet. To the right was a matching setup, except the tray was empty. Dr. Qwinn lifted the sheet, mindful so the girl couldn't see what was on the tray, and selected a bottle of eye drops.

"Tip your head back and open your eyes wide."

The girl did as she was told. He drew a liberal amount of the liquid into the dropper and set the bottle on the tray on the right. Grasping her forehead firmly, he squirted the liquid into her eyes, left first and then right.

Dr. Qwinn said as he returned the dropper to the bottle. "Describe what is happening."

The girl kept her head back, blinking, as she spoke. "The liquid feels cool, but something strange is happening. The lights in the ceiling are blurring."

"Yes. That is normal. You may put your head upright again."

The girl lowered her head. She blinked as she looked around the room. "Everything is blurry, like there's white stuff over my eyes." A moment later she drew in a breath sharply. "Ow. It's starting to burn a little...it's getting worse." she said, whining.

"Yes. That too is normal. The drops will keep you from seeing anything useful. This effect will last for several days. Unfortunately the burning will also last that long."

As he spoke, Dr. Qwinn removed the sheet from the tray revealing a number of interesting items. He folded the sheet carefully and put it on the tray to the right.

Dr. Qwinn broke the seal on a package containing a pair of latex gloves and put them on. He reached into a small basin with a pair of forceps and pulled out a long wax coated string. It had been soaking in rubbing alcohol so it would be sterile. He examined the string carefully before putting it back into the solution.

Then Dr. Qwinn picked up a thin, clear rubber tube about eight inches in length. "Tip your head back and keep your mouth open wide," Dr. Qwinn told the girl as he liberally applied lubricant to the outside of the tube. He stepped in front of the girl and put his hand on her forehead. "You need to relax and not resist this." Dr. Qwinn placed the tube into the girl's left nostril and slowly, carefully inserted the tube up through her nasal cavity, through her sinus and kept pushing until the tube appeared in the back of her throat. The girl groaned and gagged, but stayed at attention. He picked the string and fed it through the tube until he could see it protruding into her throat. Reaching inside with the forceps, he pulled on the string until it hung out of her mouth. Dr. Qwinn looped the string around the ring on the front of the collar so it wouldn't pull back through.

After making sure the string was secure, Dr. Qwinn put his hand on the girl's forehead once again and quickly and smoothly withdrew the tube. She gagged and choked some more as the tube was extracted. Dr. Qwinn performed the procedure with the other nostril. It went as smoothly as the first. The girl reacted as before except it was obvious that she struggled to keep her hands at her sides and not reach up to stop him.

Dr. Qwinn dropped the tube onto the right-hand tray and then evened up the ends of the string, and drew evenly. The result was that the loop on the end of the string pulled on the tender flesh that separated the girl's nostrils. He left the remainder dangling.

"You may put your head up."

Tears ran freely down the girl's cheeks as she stood at attention, eyes blinking but fixed straight ahead. Rather than soothing the burning in her eyes, the salty tears added to her discomfort.

Dr. Qwinn selected a hollow brass tube about one-half inch in diameter. It had three holes drilled in it; one near each end and one slightly larger hole in the middle. The tube was crosshatched as if to improve one's grip on it. He took up the end of the string and with some effort and a couple of false starts threaded the string into the tube through the middle hole and then out the holes on the end. Holding it up in front of the girls face and tugging here and there, Dr. Qwinn made sure that the strings remained even and that they would pull through the holes smoothly.

He walked behind the girl, still holding the tube in front of her face. "Open up your mouth." The girl opened her mouth slightly, unsure of what would happen next and not sure if she wanted to find out. "A little wider," he encouraged. She complied. Drawing the string carefully through the tube, Dr. Qwinn inserted the tube into her mouth so that it pressed against the corners of her lips. He drew the strings tight and the tube pulled back on the corners of her mouth slightly.

Holding the strings snug, Dr. Qwinn picked up a small metal disc. There were four holes in this disc, two on the right edge and two on the left. The center part of the disc was hollow and at its center was a small wheel which resembled the striker wheel of the old-style zippo lighters. When the string was threaded through the holes, the right string in the upper hole on the right and out the upper hole on the left, and the left string in the lower hole on the left and out the lower hole on the right, the wheel would turn to allow the string to be pulled through one way but not the opposite. In other words, the strings could be tightened, but not loosened.

Making sure to apply even pressure, Dr. Qwinn drew the strings until the disc rested on the back of the girl's neck. Using the forceps, he continued to tighten the strings until he couldn't pull them any tighter. The girl whimpered with each tug. The end result was that the string between her nostrils bit into the tender flesh without breaking the skin. It put pressure on her sinus passages giving her that unpleasant feeling that we all know from when we have had a cold. The rough tube drew back on the corners of her mouth painfully.

Dr. Qwinn checked his work before clipping off the excess string.

"Why?" the girl asked, her speech distorted and wet. She choked and drool spilled from her mouth to land on her chest.

Dr. Qwinn chuckled. "Usually I won't tolerate my subjects speaking to me without my permission. But this time I'll make an exception. By why, I assume that you want to know why did I place this elaborate construct on you? Simply put, it hurts. Let me elaborate. The flesh at the base of the nose is very tender. And pressure on there becomes unbearable over time. But it also has the effect of inhibiting the vomit reflex. I assure you that you'll thank me later for that bit. The gag will remind you not to speak and as you already know, even the one word you uttered caused you pain in your sinus and caused you to gag, so you'll want to keep as silent as possible. Of course, during the experiment I'll test your reading ability by having you recite a short story, but that will come later.

The girl sobbed. Dr. Qwinn frowned. "Now don't get all weepy on me girl. We've got a long way to go and there'll be plenty to weep about."

Dr. Qwinn moved the basin that had held the string over to the right tray. Turning back to the left, he slid a shallow basin to the edge, and placed two child-sized latex gloves next to the small basin. "Hold out your right hand," he ordered sharply. The girl complied, holding her hand out palm up. Dr. Qwinn turned her hand over face down and holding onto each finger he carefully and deftly inserted a tiny stainless steel wedge under each of her fingernails. This pulled up on the nail but not enough to seperate it. The wedges were rough on the bottom and pressed down on the tender flesh under her nails. This was extremely painful and the girl hissed and shrieked with each application. After he let her hand go the girl shook it violently and danced from foot to foot, hissing and spitting drool all over the place. Smiling, Dr. Qwinn did the same to her left hand the stood back and watched as the girl did her dance. Shaking both hands and stomping both feet, the girl groaned, shrieked, gagged, snorted and moaned all at once. He let her go on for a few minutes before shouting, "ENOUGH!".

The girl froze as if slapped, which is exactly what he did. Her head snapped to the left as his open gloved hand struck her on the right cheek. Her cheek reddened immediately and she began to wail.

"Wail all you want to girl, but you are to remain at attention at all times. Don't you realize that we've got a long way to go?"

The girl snapped to attention, sobbing. She couldn't believe that he had just hit her like that. She desperately wanted to lift her hands; to do something, anything to relieve the pain, even if it were only for a moment.

"That's much better,"Dr. Qwinn said calmly. "Now, hold out your right hand."

Reluctantly, the girl complied. Dr. Qwinn put a latex glove on her hand, making sure that her fingers pressed tightly into the ends putting pressure on her nails and forcing the wedges deeper into her flesh. The girl sighed and moaned. She looked like she was going to swoon. Her head drooped and her knees bent slightly."

Dr. Qwinn put his hand under her chin. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he told the girl. "If you pass out, you'll fall off the stool and hang from that collar and we aren't ready for that part of the experiment. Now, get a grip on yourself and give me your other hand."

Somehow the girl rallied and got her legs under her again. Slowly, she extended her left hand.

Dr. Qwinn put the girl's left hand in a glove. Then he held onto her left wrist and stepped around the girl drawing her left arm behind her back and up until her arm was just below her shoulder blade. He picked up a chrome dog chain from the tray and looped it around her wrist leaving room for her right wrist which he grabbed and inserted. After drawing the chain tight he lifted her arms slightly and ran the chain around her neck, across her throat, and back down to her wrists where he locked it. The girl's arms were drawn up behind her. If she let her arms drop, she choked. Keeping her arms in that position was difficult and already she was showing the strain.

Dr. Qwinn returned to the tray and positioned four more objects. Three looked like test-tubes, except they had a rubber gasket on the open end and a metal fitting on the closed end. The fourth object looked like a bicycle pump, the kind that looks like a gigantic syringe. He picked up one of the tubes and put it against the girl's chest over her aerola, mindful of the fit. The gasket was slightly larger than her brown spot and Dr. Qwinn nodded, satisfied.

He attached the end of the pump to the tube and pressed the unit against her chest until she flinched. "You need to push forward girl. This must seat properly in order to do its proper job." The girl leaned towards Dr. Qwinn and with one slow and steady pull on the handle of the pump, he drew her tender flesh inside the tube. The girl screamed bloody murder and tried to pull away. To keep the tube from seperating from her skin, Dr. Qwinn leaned forward. The end result was that the stool almost tipped over. The girl stopped screaming as the fear of falling overcame her desire to escape the pain. He waited until she gingerly centered herself on the stool again before continuing. Her skin was loose enough that Dr. Qwinn was able to draw about one-half an inch into the tube, which was more than sufficient for what he had in mind.

Since the girl knew what was coming, she was able to steel herself against the sudden pain as Dr. Qwinn attached the second tube to her other nippie. She screamed, but didn't step backwards.

"Spread your legs, girl."

Dr. Qwinn assisted the girl as she spread her legs until her feet were on the edges of the stool. This put pressure on the collar on her neck and the constriction of her airway caused her to wheeze satisfactorily as she panted.

Dr. Qwinn set up the final tube and put the contraption back on the tray. Leaning down for a better view, he used his thumb and forefinger to tease the girl's love button free from the rest of her cunnie. The girl moaned as he stroked it gently between his latex-covered fingers. He kept this up until he was sure that she was well into a pleasure response. Before she could react he seated the third tube over the nub of flesh and drew it down into the tube.

For the girl, the world exploded. One moment she was relaxed, even in the extreme bondage situation she found herself in. The next moment she stiffened and thrust her hips forward. Dr. Qwinn had moved quickly to detach the pump so the result of her hip thrusting was to cause the tube to sway, yanking on her tender flesh. This caused her to scream and throw her hips backwards which caused the tube to yank a different direction and so on. The stool swayed and threatened to topple with each thrust. Dr. Qwinn waited patiently, setting up his next procedure. After a few moments she subsided, weeping. Calmly, he told her to put her feet in the center of the stool again.

The girl barely regained her balance, her feet in the center of the stool, when Dr. Qwinn continued. He placed his hand on her left foot and bore down, holding it in place. Dr. Qwinn then inserted wedges under each of her toenails. This was caused even greater pain than her fingers, but the girl was rapidly tiring and barely reacted. She swayed slightly and it took her most of her strength just to remain standing. Dr. Qwinn knew that she wasn't going to be able to endure much longer, so he needed to speed things up a bit. He quickly put wedges under the nails of her right foot.

After he was done with her feet Dr. Qwinn picked up the pump and pulled the handle out to it's full extension. He connected a thin balloon-shaped latex object about the thickness of a pencil to the end of the pump. He inserted it up the girl's butthole dry with one long smooth thrust then inflated it to its full two inch diameter. The girl's moaned and wiggled her butt. She grunted as her body tried to expel the object, which helped the device to seat itself more quickly.

Dr. Quinn picked up what appeared to be a small ring from the small basin. Seperating it into two halves, he placed one half above and one below the tube that was tormenting her left nippie. He pressed them together and the girl drew in a sharp breath as the stainless steel needles in the middle of the ring pierced her skin. The halves of the ring mated together with a click, causing the tube to break it's seal and fall to the floor. Her flesh was still drawn away from her body, held in place by the ring. He was always facinated that the flesh tried to snap back to it's original shape and ended up as resembling a ball, or small baloon.

Dr. Qwinn repeated the procedure with her other nippie. He picked up the tubes and put them on the right tray. He knew that the next procedure would require him to act quickly, so he used a small wrench to open the speed link that attached the chain to the back of the girl's collar. Getting the last clamp, he put it onto the girls stretched clit. The girl screamed and swooned. Dr. Qwinn lifted her up into his arms and unhooked her collar from the chain. He gingerly placed her butt on the stool so she was lying on her back. Her upper body and legs dangled over the sides of the stool. He checked and found a good pulse, so he continued.

The ring around the girl's clit had a smaller ring attached to the bottom half. Dr. Qwinn clipped a dog leash to the ring and let it dangle. He turned to the tray and picked up what could best be described as an inverted cowbell. It had a rubber gasket in the open end which he slipped over her foot. He put it's mate on her other foot.

"There, done with phase one," Dr. Qwinn announced to nobody in particular. Sitting the girl up on the stool, he broke an ammonia pellet beneath her nose and she woke with a start.

"We're almost done girl", he said almost tenderly. "Can you stand up?"

A trooper, the girl nodded and Dr. Qwinn helped her to stand. The weight of her body pressed her feet deeper into the metal shoes. She hissed, but she had no energy for any other reaction.

Dr. Qwinn picked up the leash. As he lead the girl to her cage for a rest he thought what a great summer it was going to be.

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