Filling My Baby Sister's Belly With Cum

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Published: 12-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Jamie! What in the world are you doing!" screeched Tammy in utter astonishment.

Alarmed, I twisted my neck around and was horrified to see my seven-year-old curly-blonde baby sister standing upside down in my wide-open bedroom doorway - upside down, because I was lying on my back on my bed, with my spine pressed against the wooden headboard and my body bent into a tight semi-circle that positioned my skinny ass and wiry legs directly over my head.

I'd twisted myself into this awkward position so my erect cock could dangle within easy reach of my hungry lips... which were already latched securely around the bottom few inches of my own preteen boy-meat.

I spat my cock out with an audible popping sound. "Tammy!" I gasped in alarm, immediately slumping sideways on the bed to shield my only baby sister from the disturbing sight of her twelve-year-old brother sucking on his own precum-oozing dong like a lollipop. "What the hell are you doing! You're supposed to knock before you come in my room!"

"I did knock," she mumbled in something of a daze, unable to tear her sparkling blue eyes away from what little she could still see of my naked body. "You didn't answer."

"Well I didn't hear you! What are you doing just barging in on me like this! Close the door quick!"

Tammy quietly closed the bedroom door and took a few steps closer. "Uh, Jamie... what were you doing?" asked the cute little first grader in an almost whispered undertone, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet as she awaited my answer.

I panicked. I've never actually thought to prepare in advance for this particular event, so I had no idea what believable excuse I could give. "Uh, nothing - just, just - nothing, okay sis!" That probably wasn't going to be it.

"It musta been something," she commented with a frown. All of a sudden, she looked horrified. "Oh my god, Jamie - you're the gay, aren't you!"

I would've burst out laughing at the absurdity of such a statement, if I wasn't already consumed with the terror of being caught red-handed. Or is it cock-mouthed? "No no, Tammy, I swear I'm not!"

"You are! I heard mommy and daddy talking late one night - the gay is when boys suck weenies! You were sucking on your weenie, weren't you! Oh, god, daddy's gonna kill you when he finds out you're the gay too!"

As far I was concerned, I've always been the absolute furthest thing from gay - because for the past three years, I've been absolutely obsessed with pussy. Any pussy: young, old, black, white, hairy, bald, big, tiny - whatever. As long as it was located between the legs of a girl, I couldn't stop fantasizing about what it would look like in real life... smell like... taste like... and especially feel like when wrapped around my cock.

Although I've never seen a real live one before, after stumbling upon my dad's old stash of Playboy magazines in the garage and devouring them like potato chips, I soon discovered that even more sexy pictures and videos could be found for free on the internet if you knew where to look - and thus began my obsession with sex.

"No, Tammy, I'm not that - and it's just 'gay', there's no 'the'."

"See! See! You are! You had your weenie in your mouth! Oh god, Jamie - daddy's gonna kill you when he finds out! He told mommy all the gays were bad and should be sent to California. Jamie, I don't want you to move to California!"

I sighed wearily at Tammy's mistaken impression. It was highly embarrassing to be called gay! I'd only even discovered how to get my cock in my mouth a few weeks ago, when a group of my closest friends who'd seen a video online dared me to try it at a sleepover.

Although I pretended it was horribly disgusting - especially when I accidentally orgasmed and blasted my own face with sticky cum right in front of all nine of them - ever since then I've been doing it at every opportunity. But I really didn't consider it "gay" - certainly no more so than stroking yourself with your own hand. And besides, for someone like me it was rather practical: instead of having to clean up all the sticky goo I'd inevitably spray across my chest and stomach, this way it just went straight in my mouth and all I had to do was swallow and be done with it.

No muss, no fuss - and no evidence for mom to find!

"Don't you worry, sis... I'm not gonna be moving to California."

"But you will, you will!" she blubbered, practically in tears at the thought of losing her only brother. "You just can't be gay, Jamie, you can't! Is there anything I can do?"

At that precise moment, something clicked in my flustered but somehow still incredibly horny brain, and I began to formulate an idea... one that involved decidedly improper thoughts towards my innocent baby sister.

Because I was a boy, and she was a girl, and we both lived in the same house... what I was thinking just seemed practical and convenient.

"Well, Tammy... you know being gay is when boys do stuff with their weenies and sometimes even other boys' weenies, right?"

Tammy nodded, looking absolutely appalled at the concept.

"And can you tell me what not being gay is?"

Tammy puckered her lips and squinted as she thought. "Isn't it when a boy does stuff with girls?"

"Yes, that's right! I'm impressed, Tammy. But you know, I've never tried doing anything with a girl... so for all either of us know, I could be gay..."

Stamping her little foot on the wooden floor, Tammy looked like she was about to cry again. "No Jamie! I don't want daddy to send you away to California!"

"Trust me, I wouldn't want to go there either. Hey, sis - would you like to help me figure out if I'm gay or not?"

"Oh, anything for you, Jamie! But how would we do that?"

I smiled - this was working exactly as I'd hoped. "Well, maybe we could see if having a girl touch my weenie feels good. If I'm gay, it won't feel good."

Tammy pinched her lips together and frowned. "I don't know Jamie. You're a boy, and that's your special place - and I'm not supposed to touch boys there."

"Why not? Who told you that?"

"The teachers at school told us in a special class last month. They said we shouldn't touch other people's special places, or let strangers touch ours."

"But that's so silly! Did they say sisters couldn't touch their brothers? Because of course that's an entirely different thing. We're family, related, so the same rules don't apply to us."

Tammy's face suddenly brightened up. "Oh! You're right, Jamie! They didn't say anything about brothers or family, so I guess it would be all right! What would I have to do?"

All this time talking with my baby sister, I've been curled in a ball on my bed to hide my nude groin area from her inquisitive eyes. But now I rolled over and stretched out on my back, letting my rock-hard cock spring up straight and tower above my scrawny preteen body.

"Oh wow, Jamie! Is that your weenie? It's really huge!"

Smiling proudly, I gripped my gargantuan throbbing cock with both hands... which still left plenty of room to spare.

I know what you're thinking - a twelve-year-old with a huge cock? Yeah, right... tell me another one.

But I swear it's absolutely true. About four years ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare condition known as "precocious puberty", which makes kids enter puberty at an early age. The doctors caught and began treating my condition early on with hormone injections, but for some unknown reason the cocktail of drugs that was supposed halt the process didn't entirely work and in fact backfired... and for the past four years, my body's sexual development has continued at a breakneck pace no matter what they tried.

Today, just a few weeks after celebrating my twelfth birthday, I'm the proud owner of a miraculous ten-inch-long cock that sticks out like a third leg from my unimpressively skinny, five foot tall, eighty-five pound body. Below this I have a gargantuan pair of plum-sized testicles that hang between my legs like two jangling billiard balls in a bag - which is one reason I refuse to wear boxers. Despite this unusual development, the rest of my body looks exactly like a normal little twelve-year-old boy should, including not having a single strand of pubic hair around my bigger-than-man-sized cock, or indeed any other body hair to speak of.

With Tammy watching my every move, I began moving my hands up and down the rigid shaft of my cock... which was as big as my forearm, and so thick my own fingers couldn't come close to wrapping all the way around.

Like almost all of my friends, my cock is a pale white color like my groin and balls, and very smooth to the touch - I can barely see any veins beneath the soft surface layer of skin, unlike most of those ugly, hairy cocks I've seen in porn videos. I'm also circumcised, which means at the top of my cock I've got this big, bright pink head that flares out nearly twice as wide as the shaft - kinda like a rubbery candy apple stuck on a stick - and then at the very end of that, a huge piss slit that likes to gape open whenever I'm especially horny. Right now, that slit is oozing a continuous stream of clear precum down the shaft and all over my fingers, and I know if I wanted to I could actually fit my entire index finger inside that hole.

And yes, I've actually done that several times already - it's particularly fun if I shoot my white stuff while a finger's still in there. That happened when I was showing off during an after-school jerk-off session with some friends, and one of them begged me to let him try putting his finger inside too.

Now, don't go thinking that having such a big cock at my age is all fun and games, because there are some real downsides too. You see, since the rest of my body hasn't yet grown to support my oversized wang, it's practically impossible to hide it whenever it gets hard. When it wants to, it can stick all the way up to the bottom of my chest - or hang down to just above my kneecap. Even when totally soft it creates this annoying bulge in my pants, so I've taken to wearing loose, baggy clothing and long shirts that let me hide my random erections more easily.

Looking up at my baby sister, I saw how intently she was following my gently masturbating hands. "Tammy, all you'd have to do is rub me exactly like this," I said softly. "And then, that will let me know if having a girl touch me feels good or not."

Tammy moved closer to the bed and stared at her preteen brother's towering rod of throbbing boy-meat. She seemed scared to actually touch it. "Are you sure about this, Jamie?"

"Well... I dunno, Tammy... this is starting to feel pretty good here all by myself..."

Eyes growing wide with worry, Tammy reached out and swatted my possibly gay hands away, replacing them with her own. She immediately tried to copy what I'd been doing, but for the seven-year-old's stubby fingers it was like trying to give a deep-tissue massage to a slimy baseball bat.

Still, I leaned back and sighed in blissful satisfaction. Despite her obvious inexperience, my brain was exploding in total ecstasy at the incredible sensation of having another person's warm hands touching my cock for the very first time in my life - never mind the naughty idea that these were my own sister's hands doing the touching!

However, outwardly I tried to pretend that it didn't feel like anything special at all, so she'd keep going.

"Try squeezing harder, and moving faster," I offered breathily.

"It's so soft... and hard too!" whispered Tammy in awe. She switched to gripping my huge cock with both hands, and began awkwardly moving them up and down together. She looked so cute doing that! "Does this feel good?" she asked hopefully.

I ignored her question as my sexual juices began to stir and gather in my balls. I'd been real close to coming when Tammy walked in, and having her fondle my cock was causing my impending orgasm to rocket to full readiness.

"Jamie, I think it's getting bigger - does it feel good?" she asked a second time.

Groaning, I realized I was about to lose control and spurt any second now - but I didn't want to just blow my load on my stomach! That would make a big mess I'd have to clean up afterwards, and I had a much better idea in mind.

"Oh sis, please stop... stop doing that for a minute."

"What, doesn't it feel good?" she whined, once again looking like she was ready to burst into tears at her failure.

"Uh... well, I'm not really sure yet. But do you remember what I was doing when you walked in on me?"

"You mean... when you had your weenie in your mouth?"

"Yeah... now that's something I really like doing. Do you think you could try that, you know, as a girl?"

"You mean put it in my mouth too!" The little girl made a disgusted face. "Eww, that's gross! It's so wet... and you pee from there!"

I sighed dramatically. "I do more than that from there... but I guess now we'll never be able to find out if I'm gay."

With that mild threat hovering in the air, Tammy sat on the edge of my bed and leaned determinedly over my body, her mouth stopping an inch above my towering cock as she tried to work up the courage to go further. Closing her eyes, my baby sister's head suddenly darted down and her plump lips touched the top of my cock, giving it a sloppy open-mouth kiss that caused my pelvic muscles to contract in joy and send a huge spurt of precum shooting straight into her mouth.

But she didn't even seem to notice that, because she was too preoccupied with trying to force the huge rubbery head past her lips like she'd seen me doing. However, the harder she tried, the less likely it seemed she would succeed - since I was quite big, and she was very small.

At least, it seemed that way until I placed my hand on the back of her curly blonde head and gave her a sharp shove downwards.

All of a sudden, the broad rim of my cock head squished down and popped through the stretched O of her lips, and Tammy made a surprised gurgling sound when it sprang back and expanded to fill the inside of her mouth. Right away I began moving her head slowly up and down just a little, working no more than an inch or so of my straining hard cock in and out; concentrating on the amazing feeling of the rim of my head scraping along the fine ridges on the roof of her mouth, while her soft tongue twitched helplessly below.

"Try to suck me a little," I implored Tammy. "Suck on me like one of your lollies!"

When Tammy actually complied and I felt her cheeks cave in as a strong vacuum formed around my cock, my eyes rolled up into my head and I let out a moan of sexual pleasure so loud, our parents in the next room should really have heard it and come to investigate.

This was fucking amazing! Her mouth was so small, so tight, so hot... and it felt so incredibly good on my virgin cock!

Without warning, my huge balls suddenly pulled tight against my body and I knew this was it - I was going to get that really good feeling I loved so much, and squirt out all my sticky white stuff!

Hunching my hips upwards, I grabbed my baby sister's head and held her in place as my cock jerked and a river of hot incestuous cum rippled along the tube on the bottom and blasted like a water hose into the back of her mouth. At feeling this my sister tried to jerk her head off my cock, but I held her securely in place as a second massive orgasmic contraction hit me and sent an even bigger load of sticky boy-cum erupting down her spasming throat.

I pinched my eyes closed and felt myself drifting off into a sexual trance as I kept squirting again and again and again... until something hot and wet hit my groin, and my eyelids popped open in surprise. I looked down at my baby sister just as my cock heaved for the umpteenth time and a double stream of thick white goo abruptly spewed from each of her nostrils and splattered across my stomach.

Oh my god! I was shooting so much cum in my sister's mouth it was actually spurting out her nose!

Another rather unusual side effect of my precocious puberty condition - and this was something that neither my doctors nor parents knew about - was absolutely massive ejaculations.

I was nine and just discovering masturbation when my then four-inch cock first spurted a thin runny substance in my palm, kinda like a bit of snot. This kept happening almost every time I rubbed myself, and around when I turned ten and my cock had grown to six inches, the juices started getting thicker and whiter. Now, two years later with ten inches sprouting between my legs, every time I make my sticky stuff come out there seems to be more and more and it takes less and less effort to make it happen. My school friends have started begging me to jack off to porn with them all the time, because they can't stop laughing when only a minute or two in I drench my entire body in ropes of bright white cum, while all their tiny cocklets can do is dribble out a few clear drops at best.

After watching hundreds of hours of raunchy porn, I can't believe how little white stuff other guys make - even the biggest loads from the biggest cocks in those videos pales in comparison with how much sticky goo I can make come out with almost no effort. I figure I must make four or five times as much as even the best porn star, and I can do it as many times in a row as I want. For some reason I've never needed to rest between one orgasm and the next, and I've never run out of cum no matter how much I try. My friends once bet me I couldn't do it ten times in a row... a bet I won twenty minutes later, stopping only because I was so thirsty.

Hmm... now that I think about it, I'm starting to wonder about my friends!

Once I finished squirting somewhere north of twenty gushing jets of hot incestuous cum into my baby sister's mouth, I finally released her head. Tammy hurriedly pulled her mouth off with an audible popping sound, a sound that was immediately followed by a flood of thick, clumpy white goo that drained from her mouth and poured all over my stomach. She sputtered and coughed for nearly a full minute, her lips and chin completely covered in cum and long strings of the stuff dangling from inside her nose.

When she finally managed to clear her airway and swallow down what remained in her mouth, she looked at me with an oddly excited expression on her face. "Oh J-Jamie! W-w-what's all this white stuff?" she stuttered, clearly confused by what had happened but amazingly not the least bit disgusted.

"You made my weenie feel good enough to squirt my happy juice!"

"Oh! Does that mean you're not gay after all?" she asked hopefully.

Frowning, I looked down at my cock. It was slowly wilting against my tummy - something that was taking a concerted effort to achieve in her presence. "I dunno, Tammy. It didn't feel all that different from when I do it to myself. Maybe not even as good." Honestly, it had been the very best thing I've ever experienced in my life - but there was no way I could give up such a good arrangement so soon! "So... I'm still not sure if I'm gay or not."

"Oh no, Jamie! Does that mean I failed? Are you going to have to move away from me and mommy and daddy to California to live with the gays?"

With a comforting smile, I cradled my baby sister's face between my two hands and looked into her dewy eyes. "No, Tammy. There's still lots of time to figure all that stuff out. Just don't tell mom and dad about any of this yet, and maybe we can both figure out a better way to test if I'm gay or not tomorrow."

Tammy grinned optimistically. "Okay Jamie. I really don't want to lose you!"

I returned her smile, feeling incredibly guilty for tricking her like this for my own selfish purposes... but all the same, being far too horny to consider stopping. "I promise you'll never lose me. I would never let that happen to us, whether I'm gay or not."

With that, I slapped Tammy on her bottom and sent her off to her bedroom, and set about cleaning up the huge mess of cum that ended up on my skin - something I'd been hoping to avoid altogether.

But after all, Tammy was just a little first grader... so what did I expect to have happened?

* * *

Throughout school the next day, I found it next to impossible to think about anything except figuring out how I was going to get my little sister Tammy to go to the next level with me. It seemed like every time I looked up, I'd see a girl's sexy ass, or an exposed midriff, or see the outline of a hard nipple through a thin shirt, and I'd instantly get hard again and picture my cum spurting out Tammy's cute little upturned nose. I had to go to the washroom a few times not to wank off, but simply to stuff sheets of toilet paper in my underwear to keep my constantly flowing precum from soaking through my jeans.

By the time my parents finally went to bed late that night, my cock had been rock hard for such a long time, it hurt painfully with every heartbeat.

And so, I snuck into my little sister's bedroom to enact my admittedly weak plan. Tammy had only fallen asleep a short while ago, so she sat up quickly when I switched on her bedside lamp.

"Jamie, what is it?" she asked, rubbing her eyes in the bright light.

I smiled and sat down on the edge of her bed, my pajama bottoms already soaked through with precum from hours of anticipation.

"Sis, I think I've come up with a way to check if I'm gay."

Tammy's face lit up brightly. "Oh! What is it, Jamie!"

"Well... do you know what normal boys and girls are supposed to do with each other?"

"No... what?"

"Well... you know how boys have a weenie..." Tammy nodded her head. "And girls have a mole hole..." Again,Tammy nodded, but with a snicker. "Well, when a boy puts his weenie all the way in a girl's mole hole and it rubs it around, if it makes that white stuff you saw yesterday... then that means he's probably not gay."

I had my doubts that this was going to work - and sure enough, Tammy looked just as uncertain about the idea as I'd feared. "But your weenie's so large, Jamie - it's like bigger than my whole arm! It wouldn't fit in my baby trickle."

"But Tammy, you're my only sister! You know they said at school it has to be with family, and you're the only one I can do it with. Like I can't very well go and stick my weenie in mom's trickle - what would dad think?"

Tammy twisted her mouth into an odd shape as she thought. "Yeah.... I guess you're right. But would it really work?"

"It should. I mean when boys and girls are all gown up, that's how a boy makes a baby in the girl... and you couldn't do that if you were gay... right?"

Tammy smiled happily. "Yeah, that makes sense! I guess we could try... but how would we do it?"

Was this actually working? "Well, first we'd both need to get naked."

"All the way naked?"

"Yup! That's the best way."

As I hurriedly tore off my pajamas, Tammy got up and carefully removed her nightie, folding it neatly before laying back on her bed. Staring down at her perfect little naked body spread out on top of her Dora the Explorer sheets, I felt my cock involuntarily squirt a huge glob of precum that fell on the carpet.

At only seven years old, she looked like the sexiest girl I'd ever seen! That flawless pale white skin and those tiny little pink nipples with absolutely no sign of swelling breasts... her narrow waist with the cutest little innie bellybutton, and slender boyish hips with just a hint of feminine widening. Glancing lower, there lay the ultimate prize: the absolute fattest and most prominent pussy I've ever seen. Her pale white cunt was completely bald and looked incredibly soft, with a single deep vertical slit that sliced like a deep cut between her legs and - at least to my horny eyes - seemed to go halfway up to her belly button.

She looked insanely hot, and my cock bounced up and down excitedly in front of me, dripping precum all over the carpet.

"Oh, Tammy... you're so pretty. Can you open your legs for me?"

My baby sister complied without question, and I held my breath as those twin puffy folds of pale flesh slowly stretched apart to reveal a dark line of vibrant pink skin, all smooth and glossy and beautiful, with a little bump at the top I presumed was her immature clit, and a fleshy oval depression near the bottom that I definitely knew was her seven-year-old virgin cunt hole. My huge cock bounced in front of me again - it knew exactly where it wanted to be.

But first, I settled for satisfying another one of my long-time desires, by jumping on her bed and diving between her legs head-first. I licked and slurped all over her childish pussy and crinkled little pink asshole, until I was satisfied that I knew exactly what my own sister's sweet snatch tasted like - a particular flavor that would stay etched on my brain forever.

Pulling away, her entire crotch glistened wetly with saliva.

Tammy, who seemed to have enjoyed her first-ever tongue-lashing, giggled happily and hopped her ass a few times on the bed. "Jamie! That's so dirty! You're not supposed to put your mouth down there, just your weenie, silly!"

And that's when I knew I wasn't going to be able to wait any longer.

Moving up on the bed, I crawled on top of my baby sister and lowered my weight onto her body. Even though I was pretty skinny for my age, it really felt like I might be smothering her beneath me.

"Is this okay, Tammy?" I asked.

"Sure Jamie," she replied bravely.

Wiggling my hips, I felt my hard ten-inch cock slip between her legs and the rubbery head push into the soft folds of her warm pussy. Moving my body around in search of the right hole to sink into, my cock finally lodged in the miniscule depression of her virgin cunt. I shuddered at both the incredible sensation and obscene mental idea of my own sister's hot girl-flesh touching my throbbing boy-flesh.

"Oh Jamie, you feel so big! There's no way your weenie will go in my trickle. I've never even tried putting my finger in there before!"

I barely heard her speaking as I shivered with uncontrollable lust. Pushing forwards with my hips, I watched Tammy's angelic face grimace as the elastic mouth of her immature sex tried unsuccessfully to stretch around the broad tip of my cock.

"But Tammy - we just have to do it. We have to know if I'm gay!" I pushed forwards again determinedly, and felt myself sink another fraction of an inch deeper into the welcoming heat of her virgin pussy.

Tammy began panting heavily as I maintained firm pressure against her unyielding cunt hole. "Aggghh, Jamie - it really hurts!"

I just couldn't get it to go in! Would I really end up failing so close to getting what I want? "Hold on, sis - it should starting going in soon!"

"Aggghh, wait... Jamie, wait... I was talking today with... ugh... a friend in my class, and... ugh... she said it wasn't too bad... when her brother pushed his weenie in her... real fast. Try that?"

My mouth dropped open in awe - not only had Tammy been talking with other girls at school about having sex - possibly even sex with him, her very own brother - but someone in her first grade class had actually admitted to having sex with their brother first!

Just how much preteen sex was going on at my school - and how could I get in on it! Maybe that's why Tammy didn't seem horribly conflicted about doing all of this with her brother right now!

With her suggestion ringing fresh in my ears, I gathered my strength and jerked my hips forwards as hard and as fast as I could.

And it worked. My cock tore clear through my baby sister's virgin cherry in a split second, and sank three full inches into her unbelievably tight cunt.

Tammy opened up her mouth to scream out in pain, but I quickly pressed my lips to hers in order to silence her cries. Then, I became aware of a completely unfamiliar feeling: the amazing sensation of her hot, tight, wet pussy hugging the end of my cock. It felt nothing like my mouth. Shivering in utter ecstasy, I kept pushing forwards into the mind-blowing tightness as she bucked and writhed beneath me... but when my cock had only managed to reach the halfway point, I felt myself bump into the back of her inexperienced canal.

Oh no, you've got to be joking - Tammy's kiddy cunt was too small to hold me!

By now my sister had stopped trying to scream, so I pulled my mouth off hers. Her breathing was deep and haggard, and tears were streaming down her face.

My heart broke. "Are you okay, sis?" I asked, touching my cheek to hers in genuine concern of her wellbeing.

Tammy made a few croaking sounds before she was able to form words. "Y-y-yes... I-I t-think so..." she stuttered. "Is it over? Are y-you inside me?"

I sighed in bitter disappointment. "Kinda, sis... but I could only get halfway in. I guess that will have to do."

"No!" she exclaimed with surprising conviction. "We have to know if you're gay! You have to be all the way in to know for sure!"

Raising an amused eyebrow, I smiled in sympathy. "It doesn't work like that, Tammy. You're only so big at your age, and I'm just much bigger than that."

"No!" she repeated. "You're my brother. That means your weenie should be able to fit all the way inside me no matter what!" With that, she started humping her hips against my groin with surprising force; battering the head of my hard cock brutally into the back wall of her cunt as if trying to stretch herself out.

"Sis, stop - you're just gonna hurt yourself!" I exclaimed, worried that if she actually did cause an injury I would have some very difficult explaining to do.

But Tammy was absolutely insistent that she wanted more of me inside her - and she even grabbed my ass and began pulling my groin into her lunging thrusts.

Growing more concerned with her actions by the second, I was just about to roll off her body when I suddenly felt something very strange.

On one particularly hard lunge, when my cock rammed into the back of her cunt like it had done a dozen times before, something seemed to give - slowly stretching open until my cock suddenly dropped an inch into her body. A tight ring squeezed agonizingly over the soft head of my cock, and then snapped tight around the shaft. Then, inexplicably, I slipped inside my sister an inch, and another inch, and then another inch - until my hairless groin squashed against the soft flesh of her little pussy.

"Oh my god, Tammy!" I exclaimed in utter disbelief. My huge ten-inch cock was actually buried completely inside her tiny seven-year-old body! "We did it! You got me all the way in!"

Tammy merely gurgled with a blissful smile on her face.

Being inside my sister's pussy felt good like nothing I could've imagined in my wildest dreams. The extreme tightness, the incredible heat, the amazing wetness... and especially the way her muscles seemed to be rippling all around me.

Pushing myself upright, I looked at where our genitals merged together and gasped in complete shock at what I saw. My massive cock looked absolutely obscene spearing into her undeveloped body - it was like a third leg wedged between the other two; its massive girth stretching the folds of her baby pussy open so far that the once thin dark line of her slit just above my cock was being distorted into a valley of pink skin over an inch across, with the tiny pink bud of her clitoris poking out and jammed up right against the shaft... like it was hugging me for dear life.

Looking at the dimensions of Tammy's torso, it suddenly didn't seem like it should be physically possible for the whole thing to fit inside - but flexing my cock as hard as I could, I almost passed out when I saw my baby sister's stomach bulge upwards at the exact same time... far above her belly button. I did it again, and the bulge appeared again - just a little below the bottom of her ribcage.

Tammy gurgled again. "Oh Jamie... that feels so strange..." she mumbled. "Do it again!"

Pulling my hips backwards, I felt two extremely tight rings moving over my cock - one right at the mouth of her cunt, and another even tighter one much further inside. When I'd pulled about half my cock outside her body, the wide flare of my head bumped into something hard that blocked its movement. Did girls have a pussy inside their pussy?

Suddenly, my sex education class diagrams flashed back at me - that tight ring had to be her cervix! Wow - I'd gone in a place guys shouldn't be able to go!

Pushing myself all the way back inside, I groaned at the heavenly sensation of those two tight rings slipping over my shaft... and when our groins bumped together with a jolt, Tammy moaned too.

Hearing the highly arousing sound of a little girl moaning in pleasure, I completely lost it.

In the blink of an eye, I went from merely being thrilled at feeling our two bodies connected as one for the first time, to groaning in utter ecstasy. My juices stirred, my balls pulled tight against my body, and my cock heaved and jerked as a river of incestuous cum rippling along the tube at the bottom and exploded somewhere deep inside Tammy's belly. Overwhelmed by the mind-blowing sensation, my spine arched backwards as I instinctively jammed my groin hard into hers; my buttocks repeatedly clenching as I orgasmed for the very first time inside a girl... a first grader... a close family member... my very own sister.

I must have squirted twenty or more times before the incredible throbbing pulses finally died down. When my orgasm finished entirely, I collapsed hard on top of Tammy and just lay there, panting in disbelief that I'd actually done it. At twelve years old, I was no longer a virgin.

Of course, my seven year old sister wasn't a virgin any longer either!

"Did it happen, Jamie?" asked Tammy softly, her hands running up and down my naked back.

"I-I... I don't know," I replied, lying through my teeth. "Let me stay here for a minute."

We lay just like that, connected intimately with each other, for about five minutes before I decided I had to move.

My huge cock was still rock hard - probably thanks to incredible tightness of her cunt - and as I pulled back, the friction caused a series of incredibly pleasurable electric shocks to explode deep inside my brain. When my rim hit the inside of her cervix and I couldn't pull it through, I decided not to worry and to instead explore those fantastic sensations - and pushed myself back inside, feeling the exact same shocks as before, only better.

I did this a dozen more times, and when a raging wildfire of pleasure suddenly exploded in my groin, I knew it was going to happen once again - I was going to shoot my white stuff a second time!

Grunting loudly, this time when my cock heaved and convulsed and pumped even more of my hot bodily fluids into my baby sister, I kept fucking in and out of her pussy. Even when my second orgasm came to an end, I gritted my teeth and continued sawing in and out of her body faster and faster, until barely a minute later I exploded with my third shuddering climax in less than ten minutes.

As I've learned, it doesn't matter if your gun has a hair trigger if it's a rapid-fire automatic!

At that point I was so physically exhausted, I knew I had to stop fucking Tammy for at least a little while, even if my cock could've kept going if I'd forced it to. But when I tried to pull out, I felt my head bump against the inside of her cervix once again, and for a moment didn't know what do to. Was I trapped? But then, following Tammy's earlier advice of just going really fast, I yanked my hips back sharply and felt my cock stretch and stretch - until suddenly it pulled free and fell out of her body with a lewd slurping sound.

Rolling beside her on the bed, I lay there for a few minutes before Tammy stirred.

"Jamie," she whispered softly. "Did you do it? Did you shoot the white stuff in me that makes babies?"

She hadn't felt any of that?

Even though I knew the answer was a resounding "yes" - three times, in fact - I was hesitant to confirm, since that would likely mean I'd never get to feel my cock plowing her sweet little pussy again. With a resigned sigh, I sat up and looked down at her crotch, expecting to see a literal lake of my sticky white cum spreading across her Dora the Explorer sheets... but instead, all I saw was her glistening wet pussy, smeared with a few pink streaks of virgin blood.

Frowning, I leaned in closer. Her pussy was definitely red and puffy-looking after what we'd been doing... but honestly, I couldn't see a single trace of my cum. I stuck a finger in the gaping hole of her cunt and felt around, but still couldn't locate any sign of my body's joy juice.

I knew I'd felt it come out... so honestly, I didn't know what to think!

"Um, Tammy... you can look for yourself, but I didn't make any of the white stuff."

Tammy shot up straight and fumbled in desperation between her legs. "Oh Jamie, we failed! You must be gay after all!"

"Uh, don't go jumping to conclusions too quickly, sis... I will admit it felt pretty good, and it really seemed like I was going to shoot white stuff at any moment. Maybe we just need to do it a few more times, you know, to convince my body it's good. Would you be okay if we kept trying until we knew for sure?"

"Um, how long would it take?"

"I really don't know. But until I know for certain whether I'm gay or not, I think we should keep trying it as often as possible every day... okay?"

"I guess, Jamie. It hurt real bad at first, but then it feel better... so I don't mind if you did it for a while longer..."

I smiled. "Thanks, Tammy. You're a real good little sister."

"And you're a real good big brother," she replied with the same smile, emphasizing the word "big".

By then it was almost midnight, so we both drifted off to sleep side-by-side in her cramped bed.

* * *

Although Tammy slept soundly, my rest that night came in fits and spurts.

Almost every hour I'd wake up newly horny and with a raging hard boner demanding attention. Knowing my salvation was already lying next to me, I'd simply roll on top of my baby sister and mount her sleeping body - jamming the first five inches of my monster cock into her hot, tight cunt until I hit the back wall. Then, I'd grab her slender hips and start pulling her towards me while I pushed back as hard as I could, until at last getting to feel the satisfying POP! of my fat cock head pushing through the impossibly tight ring of her cervix. Only then could I smoothly slide the final five inches deep inside her belly.

With my sister's hot little cunt impaled so exquisitely around the full length of my cock, I'd begin moving my hips back and forth slowly, feeling the absolutely amazing sensation of two tight elastic rings moving up and down the shaft - just like my own two fists when I masturbate, but better.

As the good feelings built stronger, I'd pump my hips faster and harder, furiously ramming my twelve-year-old cock in and out of her seven-year-old cunt, until at least reaching that glorious magic moment when my horny body went stiff, my brain exploded in joyful ecstasy, and my seething cock pumped out at least twenty huge ropes of sticky preteen cum right into her immature little womb.

When the good squirting feelings faded away, I'd slowly pull out until I felt the rim of my head nudging the inside of her tight cervix, and then with a quick twitch of my hips I'd yank myself through the tiny opening and all the way out her pussy. Finally, I'd roll off my sister - who somehow never did wake up during all this - and fall back asleep.

What Tammy said earlier must be true after all - little sisters really must be built for their big brothers!

* * *

When we woke up early the next morning, I realized I'd been so horny all night long and so eager to experience as much as possible, that I'd managed to do it with Tammy an incredible total of twenty-two times - and only had to get up for a glass of water twice! But just to make it an even twenty-five, before we got out of bed I quickly pushed all ten inches into her tiny twat - something that was getting much easier to do - and heaved and grunted on top of my giggling baby sister until I'd spurted three more times. After that, we washed up, got dressed, ate breakfast with our parents, and then caught the bus to school.

Oddly, I never did see any of my sticky white cum leaking out of Tammy's now awfully swollen pink slit. But I figured that wherever it was going, I should consider it a good thing - because not only was it giving me a great excuse to keep fucking my sister over and over, but with none of my cum staining her bed or cotton panties, no one would ever suspect we'd been doing anything naughty with each other!

Unfortunately, the marathon of sex that night kicked my already screwed-up hormones into high gear, and they hounded me all day at school.

By morning recess I was ready to literally explode in my pants, so I sought out my sister in the kiddy playground and dragged her with me to the wheelchair washroom. Sitting down on the toilet, I had Tammy pull off her panties and straddle my legs, and then I held her pudgy little pussy lips open as she slowly lowered her preteen cunt onto my throbbing cock. When I hit her cervix, I simply grabbed her ass and pulled her downwards until she bottomed out with the moist heat of her body enveloping my full length. Then, I leaned back, laced my hands behind my head, and had her bounce up and down on my lap until my cock exploded in joy and pumped out a half-morning's worth of pent-up happy juices.

The funny thing is, Tammy didn't even recognize when I'd orgasmed, and kept right on bouncing - and I certainly didn't feel the need to stop her. By the time the end-of-recess bell rang, she was panting for breath and had made me spew deep in her body two more times. After she hastily dismounted and scrambled to pull on her panties, I was surprised to see my hairless white groin smeared with a large quantity of clear juices - and when out of curiosity I tasted them, the flavor was exactly like Tammy's delicious pussy and definitely not my precum. I didn't know girls her age ever got very wet, but I guess my baby sister could!

I felt much better after that, but when lunchtime came around I needed relief once again. This time the wheelchair washroom was occupied, so I snuck her into the boy's washroom and got off twice in one of the stalls, all while a constant stream of boys entered, pissed, and left. About fifteen minutes after that, we crept into her empty first-grade classroom and did it laying down on the play mats, which was particularly exciting because I could hear dozens of little kids playing right outside the classroom windows.

And then later that day during afternoon recess ... you guessed it, my pants were again bursting at the seams. This time we did it once outdoors standing behind a large tree at the back of the schoolyard, while I kept a careful eye out for any kids or nosey teachers who might come into view.

Tammy had still never experienced a proper orgasm, but she didn't seem to mind - she even said it felt really good simply to feel me moving around inside her body; like it was something all brothers and sisters should do to be really close to each other. The fact that she was actually beginning to enjoy our fucking helped ease some of my residual guilt for tricking her into it in the first place.

On the bus ride home after school, our stop has always been the last one on the route. So, with my cock straining against the front of my jeans, we both sat in the very back row of the long bus and waited patiently until everyone else around us had gotten off. Then, I fished out my rock-hard cock through the fly of my jeans and pulled little Tammy on my lap. Facing her forwards so as to not arouse suspicion, I pushed the crotch of her surprisingly damp little girl cotton panties to the side, and forced my boy-meat deep into her now extremely puffy cunt.

When I jerked my hips and popped through her cervix, Tammy giggled happily and wiggled her ass until she bottomed out, just like she'd taken to doing at school. Thanks to all the bouncing and vibration at the back of the bus, we didn't even have to move much and I shot off five loads of white stuff inside her belly - rapid-fire one right after the other - before the driver reached our house and we had to get off. I probably could've kept going, if we'd only had more time.

Bursting excitedly through the front door, we spent a few minutes talking to our mom about what we'd learned at school, and then excused ourselves to use the bathroom.

Instead of going one at a time like usual, Tammy smiled at me and beckoned me to come with her into the bathroom. I watched in fascination as my sister pulled down her panties, sat down on the toilet, spread her legs wide, and then made her gaping little pussy sputter and squirt yellow water. Then, she watched with equal interest as I pulled out my invariably hard cock, knelt down, and aimed my powerful hissing jet of pee between her little thighs into the bowl to demonstrate how boys did it. I really did have to pee, and as I fumbled with the aim of my stiff cock, the stream of urine unintentionally went a little high and splashed right on her cunt - making Tammy giggle and squirm uncomfortably.

Seeing my pee dripping out of her gaping hole, I suddenly felt super horny and pushed my hips forwards, jamming the head of my whizzing cock right in the mouth of her pussy - and kept on pissing until my urine filled her up and began spurting out around the loose seal between our two sexes. Tammy seemed so shocked by what I was doing she couldn't even move, and when I finally pulled my cock away a torrent of hot yellow pee gushed from inside her cunt and sprayed all over the tile floor.

Much to my surprise, Tammy actually laughed in delight and commented on how funny that had felt.

After cleaning up the mess, Tammy retreated to her bedroom while I puttered around in mine. A while later, I was walking by her open bedroom door and saw her lying on her stomach reading a comic book. Seeing that cute little ass sticking up, I knew I had to try that position - right now! Pushing her skirt up above her waist, I pulled her panties down to her ankles, straddled her body on my knees, and spread her chubby little buttocks open... groaning in lust when I saw the puckered pink circle of her immaculate anus. Rubbing my finger up and down the crack of her ass and feeling her sphincter clench under my touch, I knew that before long I was going to have to see what it felt like to put my hard cock inside that second sexy little hole of hers.

But for now, I was fixated on the wonder that was my sister's beautiful pussy, and how good it could make me feel. Pushing my cock between her thighs, she instinctively tilted her crotch towards me and I speared into her waiting cunt from the rear. I hunched repeatedly against her chubby little ass, enjoying the feeling of her buttocks pressing into my abdomen, until I felt my muscles tense and I groaned and shuddered - my convulsing body forcibly injecting hers with another hot load of my sticky white boy juice.

Tammy didn't seem to care what I did with her, so long as she could read her comic.... so after my first orgasm, I pulled out and spent a while playing with her ass and pussy, and even stuck my head between her legs and slurped up some of her girl juices leaking from her puffy cunt. Then, ready for more, I mounted her prone ass and managed to get off once more before we heard our dad arrive home from work, when be both scrambled off the bed to pull on our clothes.

After that I felt we had to be a little more cautious with two watchful parents around, and we only managed to do it once very quickly in the bathroom just before dinner.

But after dinner, when Tammy was supposed to be playing educational games in her bedroom while I was supposed to be working on my sixth grade homework, I called my sister into my room while I was sitting in front of my desk... with my cock sticking up through my pants all slick with precum. I asked Tammy to take her panties off and climb up on my lap facing towards me, and then I quickly speared into the comforting wet heat of her body.

As Tammy bottomed out on my ten inches, she shuddered and slumped against me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I went back to working on my homework, while slowly hunching my hips up and down and bouncing her just a little on my lap.

"Do you think this is ever going to work?" asked Tammy out of the blue.

"I think so, sis. The more we do it, the more it feels like I'm almost gonna shoot my white stuff in you... just like a boy should in a girl. I think we just need to keep on trying."

"Okay, Jamie, if you say so. It's even starting to feel pretty good for me... so at least I know I'm not gay..."

After ten minutes of smooth and rhythmic hunching, Tammy actually fell asleep - but this didn't stop my raging hormones from taking full advantage of the hot, tight glove squeezing my cock. Every now and then, I was forced to stop what I was working on as the burning warmth of pleasure in my groin reached the tipping point of yet another explosive orgasm, making my hips tremble and my pelvic muscles convulse fiercely as my body pumped its seemingly endless supply of sexual essence into hers.

When I was about halfway done my homework, I heard my parents crack my door open to peek inside my room. I instantly began panicking, since I figured they'd come all the way inside to see what I was working on, and there would be no way to hide how my huge cock disappeared between my baby's legs. But instead, I heard my mom whisper to my dad about how sweet it was that I was spending time with my sister, and how cute we both looked with her asleep on my shoulder.

Knowing that my parents didn't suspect a thing blew my mind, and caused my hairless balls to pull tight against my body as my monster cock instantly erupted in a mighty geyser of preteen semen that rippled like a continuous stream of piss, blasting into little Tammy's immature womb for nearly thirty seconds, all while our clueless parents stood there in the doorway and watched it happening. By the time I'd finished this particular orgasm, my lungs were starving for oxygen and my forehead was dripping sweat all over Tammy and my homework.

In total, I ended up orgasming nine times before my homework was done, but the highlight was definitely the one when my parents were watching. I woke Tammy up and she carefully pulled herself off my cock and hopped down to the floor. Padding softly across my room with her panties in hand, before she reached the hallway Tammy abruptly stopped and grimaced, rubbing her stomach.

"Oh, Jamie, I feel so full inside," she moaned, turning back towards me.

Pulling up the bottom of her sweatshirt, she snorted and giggled when she saw her belly - which looked like half a perfectly round beach ball projecting a good five inches outwards from the rest of her body; her pale white skin all shiny and taut and her normally innie belly button so lewdly stretched ,it nearly looked like an outie.

I gasped in astonishment, my eyes growing wide as my baby sister ran her little hands all over her bloated belly, as though this condition was something to be proud of. The little preteen girl practically looked pregnant! How had this happened - and even more importantly, how had I not noticed earlier?

"I-it's probably just gas or something from dinner," I offered in weak explanation. For a split second I wondered if I'd somehow got her pregnant, but that idea didn't last long since I knew enough about sex to know she was too young, and this was way too fast anyways.

"I dunno, Jamie," she replied. "I feel kinda weird inside. Not bad... but weird. Though I think I look really funny now!" With that, she trotted happily off to the bathroom to wash up for the night.

Shortly after I heard Tammy drain the tub, my curiosity got the better of me. I really needed to see what that big belly looked like again! Cracking open the door to the bathroom, I watched Tammy toweling off her dripping wet body... and when she turned to the side, I practically came in my pants.

Her skinny frame, that cute little bubble butt, and that amazing big belly that she began rubbing like a proud pregnant mother - my baby sister looked so sexy!

Pushing the door open all the way, I marched in, bent Tammy roughly over the counter, and rammed my huge cock straight through her cervix and into her womb in one brutal thrust - grunting and pumping my hips furiously while my hands groped all over her hard round stomach, until two minutes later my body tensed and shuddered violently as I ejaculated a huge load of my sticky white juices. But that apparently wasn't enough, because thirty seconds later while we were still connected and recovering, I suddenly felt my groin explode in pleasure and I groaned and spurted again, without having moved a single muscle to trigger an orgasm.

Unfortunately, that final load in my baby sister would prove to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

* * *

Sometime just after ten PM that night, I was watching television in the living room with my parents and me all in our pajamas, when Tammy - who should have gone to sleep over half an hour ago - wandered into the room wearing nothing but her simple white nightie. Knowing what to look for, I could clearly make out the bulge of her huge belly under the fabric as she moved.

She looked unhappy.

"What's wrong, honey?" asked my mom, half-ignoring her.

"I feel too full, mommy," whined my sister, who stopped in front of the couch we were sitting on and rubbed her bleary eyes.

I felt my heart drop into the pit of my stomach - this wasn't going to end well.

"Oh... did you eat too much tonight honey?"

"I dunno, mommy. My tummy's all billy-bulgy, and I can't sleep."

My mom laughed at the funny word - but I knew exactly what she meant. "Oh honey, why don't you show me where it hurts, and maybe I can make it feel better."

At that, Tammy pulled her nightgown right up to her chest, exposing her horribly reddened pussy and grotesquely bulging stomach to the entire family's view. I saw my mother glance quickly in my direction, probably worrying about my little sister exposing herself right in front of me and my raging hormones, but then her eyes locked on her daughter's round, swollen stomach.

"Oh my god, honey! Come closer!" exclaimed my mom in sudden and obvious alarm.

Tammy crawled up on the sofa on her knees and straddled mom's lap. I couldn't help but notice how the deep gash of her bald little pussy stretched open when she spread her legs, exposing the glistening wet, dark pink flesh on the inside. It looked so moist and warm and inviting... I really wanted to slide my cock all the way in there right now, even if my parents were watching.

Well... maybe not.

Dad shifted closer to mom and leaned over to look at Tammy's stomach. "Oh my lord... sweetie, how long have you been this way?" he asked, sounding just as concerned as mom.

"Just today, daddy," replied Tammy innocently, her eyes shifting in my direction. "I woke up with just a little bump, and it kept getting bigger and bigger all day long!"

Mom reached out and gently touched Tammy's shiny stomach. "Oh, honey, it feels so hard," she said as she prodded the surface and felt all around her stretched bellybutton. "Harold, do you think it's gas or something? Does it hurt, Tammy? Did you want us to take you to the doctor?"

Tammy sucked in a deep breath and slowly let it out. "I don't know mommy... it hurts a bit, but it feels a little better with you touching it. Can you... can you maybe touch me a little lower too?"

And that's when my parents finally noticed the raw and highly inflamed state of their seven-year-old daughter's immature womanhood. They both looked aghast at her condition.

"Oh my god, Harold - just look at your daughter's bloated cunt - uh, her trickle!"

Dad tilted his head down and frowned at what he saw, his bushy eyebrows bunching together in confusion. "Holy fu...udge! Uh, sweetie, tell us what happened to you!"

Abruptly, mom grabbed the swollen folds of Tammy's pussy between her fingers and roughly stretched them open to get a better look inside her girl's pink slit. I practically came in my pajamas at seeing her manhandle Tammy this way.

"Holy shit, Harold - would you look at how swollen she is!" Mom moved her hands between Tammy's spread legs and pushed her two index fingers right into her daughter's fleshy pink hole, stretching it open as far as she could.. "Oh god, she's so wet - and just look at how big her poor little cunny is! Harold, we need to get her to the doctor and have her checked out, fast!"

Dad reached down and pulled on the soft flesh of his daughter's pussy mound just below her bloated belly, stretching out her inflamed gash and exposing the bright pink point of her clitoris. I hadn't even bothered to give her clit any real attention, and felt a little guilty when I saw how big and needy it looked right now. She deserved to come too... if that was even possible.

"I don't know, honey. She doesn't exactly look hurt... just really, really horny. And notice, no cherry. I think us going to see a doctor with her like this would only raise a whole bag of awkward questions, don't you?"

Neither mom nor dad had yet noticed how Tammy was trembling and shaking as they poked and prodded all around her most intimate place - until she suddenly screamed and thrust her hips forwards, burying mom's fingers deeper inside her pussy and forcing dad's thumb to squash into her clit.

"Oh, oh, oh! Mommy, daddy - something's happening!" she gasped.

Right then, I'd safely guess that Tammy had her very first real orgasm. I watched as her eyes pinched closed and her body twitched and shook uncontrollably on mom's lap, and then I saw the vibrant pinkness of her glistening cunt bulge outwards between mom's two fingers. At that moment, her much-abused cervix must have finally dilated open in defeat - allowing her grotesquely ballooned uterus to release the over fifty loads of her big brother's incestuous semen it had been storing all day long.

For nearly a solid minute, my seven-year-old sister's hairless little cunt belched forth a continuous stream of my sticky white cum, which splattered all over the sofa and my parents... who merely sat there and watched the entire obscene spectacle in stunned silence.

I calculated that with the abnormal amount of cum my body has been producing lately, over the past twenty-four hours I must have pumped more than a quart of my happy juice inside Tammy's little belly - and it certainly looked like that much as a literal lake of my sexual fluids flowed down my mom's bare legs and dripped onto the living room carpet. I've never seen so much of my cum all at once before, and it suddenly made sense why I was always thirsty after shooting!

When the sputtering torrent of my preteen seed dwindled down to a mere dribbling stream and Tammy's stomach once again looked flat and normal, she let out a long groan and a hissing stream of yellow pee suddenly appeared between her legs, spraying all over the cum already pooled in mom's lap. Finally, she collapsed in her own sticky mess, shuddering with relief.

"Oh mommy! I feel so much better now!" she moaned happily, giving mom a huge hug around the neck.

Mom turned to look at me with an indecipherable expression on her face, and I just knew I was about to be as dead as the proverbial doornail.

Pulling one of her arms out from under Tammy's body, mom looked at the thick varnish of sticky white fluids coating her hand for some time, before abruptly popping one of the fingers in her mouth and sucking it clean.

Smacking her lips, she raised an eyebrow and said to me, "Jamie, my dear... I hope to god all that cum in your little sister's belly was yours... because if any of it's from those dirty old teachers at school, Tammy's going to be in big trouble!"

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! Please note that this story has now been updated with an revised copy that corrects some typos and other issues.

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