A 7-Year-Old Treasure

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Published: 24-Dec-2012

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This is entirely a work of fiction, and the author strongly opposes doing these things for real. The only purpose of this story and the others in the series is to indulge the dark side or our libido and imagination in harmless fantasy.

The very same Friday evening that 41-year-old Robert was claiming his prize date and night of sex with 10-year-old Hannah, Sean and Simon were in the south of the country visiting their colleague in the more extreme young paedophilia, Anthony. He had informed them he had a new catch, called Jessica, and that she was 'special'. This didn't mean 'special' as in 'special needs' or disabled or something, but it was pedo-talk. 'Special' meant either above average in looks, with some quality/qualities to distinguish her from just any other pretty child - and a lot of them were pretty - or it might mean a special talent such as being inappropriately slutty and capable for her age, or the opposite: a total, uninitiated, uncorrupted innocent. The last thing was gold-dust, though, and a once-only thing for obvious reasons. As it happened, 'Jessica' - the goods for tonight - was 'quite' initiated but not advanced. The reason she was 'special', aside from being 7 years old, was that...

"Fucking hell, awesome," purred Simon, "what a little doll!"

He was talking with Sean and Anthony, in the latter's kitchen. Meanwhile, in the living room, the whore mother of Jessica - herself only 23 - was explaining to her that in a moment she had to go upstairs with the two men visitors for a couple of hours. The vision Simon was so impressed with had the classic short, cute height and skinnyness for a 7-year-old. She had a beautiful, pouty and kind of serious little face and delectable pale skin. She'd been prepared, with the leadership of Anthony and the expert consultancy of mom-whore, like a little sex kitten. She had on a skimpy little blue dress with shoulder straps so thin you could snap them in your teeth. She had a silver necklace and rectangular earrings, and immaculately applied crimson lipstick. Topping it all off, though, was her fair hair which was arranged in a demure and ladylike way with the help of little silver hairgrips. Strands of it spilled loosely over her cute little ears. Last but not least, it was obvious even inside the dress she had a ravageable and perky little butt.

"Well, what did I tell ya, guys?" said Anthony.

"'Quite initiated'?" queried Sean.

"Yeah. She's not a virgin in any hole - thanks to me - and she's given blow to a couple of other guys," explained Anthony.

"Cum?" asked Simon.

"She knows about it, but don't expect her to swallow very willingly."

"Something to work on, then," said Sean.

"Yep. So, standard rules apply. Whatever holes you fancy. Manage her as you feel best, but nothing too rough or nasty."

Sean and Simon glanced through to the living room to see the slut-mother kneeling in front of the 7-year-old, holding her by the arms. "Be a good girl," she could be heard to say.

Jessica was muttering something inaudible back, sulking and casting scared and sorrowful little glances at the kitchen. "It'll be alright," said Anthony. "She hasn't had time to get used to you yet, and it's the first time she's had two guys at once."

"Awww," said Simon, "we'll be understanding."

"I'm sure you will."


"Delectable little princess," said Simon, softly. He had stripped down to his underwear, and had a still-clothed little Jessica sitting sideways across his lap on the end of the bed. He had one arm around her back and his free hand caressing her face and hair. "Can I have a kiss?"

He didn't sound kind even when he was speaking gently. Jessica looked about to offer a nervous smile but, when she failed to initiate a kiss, Simon started anyway. He pecked around her mouth, his big hand outspread around the side of her face. Her sweet, crystal-clear blue eyes showed obedience but not pleasure. As Simon homed in on her mouth they showed less pleasure still. In between pushing his tongue into her miniature mouth, he would break off to lick and suck her lipstick away. It was soon a red, damp mess around her mouth and her little chin. As if to complete a sinful work of art, Simon slipped her hair grips out and fluffed out her hair.

"Shake it all loose, sweetie," he said. "That's it."

Sean was still fully clothed, happy to spectate until Simon had his first cum with the child. It would not be long, judging by the hard bulge in his pants which he was beginning to grind against Jessica's hip. She glanced down at these moves, with a fledgling knowledge of their significance. He groped her tender little arms as he planted kisses on her reluctant and timid face. As if it were a woman experienced in eroticism he was dealing with, he then slipped her shoulder-straps down, peeling the dress down to her waist. He then knuckle-stroked her chest in its non-breasted and unripe glory. Her torso was creamy, super-unblemished and delicate-looking. A big fuck would not only split her vertically, but break her damn back too.

Before Jessica could say 'abused' - not that she knew the word - she was standing naked in front of Simon, having been told to get completely out of her dress and lose her knickers also. Simon was sitting there having removed his underwear, treating her to the sight of his 6 inches. "You've seen one of these, haven't you?" he asked her.

"Yes." She nodded, with wary eyes.

He indicated for her to step closer, whereupon he wrapped his hands round her bare 7-year-old bum, not that it needed two hands. It was indeed a perky delight, mused Sean, so small and soft like a little white dessert. He put it to the top of his own agenda, but was keen to see what Simon would do: for fun, they had not divulged their plans to each other.

"Right," said Simon. "Let's see if we can stick it in you, okay?"

Jessica glanced sombrely down at her middle, understanding instantly what where he meant. She hesitated for an instant as he pulled her to him, but went with it when he pulled a little harder. "Up we get. Up, up."

With one hand under her armpit and the other cupped around her bottom, he lifted her onto the bed with her knees astride his thighs. "It hurts," she moaned.

"We haven't done anything yet! chirped Simon.

Before she could say 'vaginal rape', they had. Sean watched as Simon went through the motions of lubing up her little treasure and his own long thick rod. He encouraged to guide herself onto it at first, but as he tired of her tentativeness he took to moving her on to target by clutching both her armpits. Steadily, skillfully, with some little-girlie wincing and borderline sobbing, Simon was able to persuade an inch or two of his erection into the 7-year-old vagina. He lifted her up and down on it - she could even tolerate some little thrusting from himself - for about a minute. He exploding his sticky load in between the outstretched and impaled labia. The overflow oozed all over her crotch, with couple of rivulets finally creeping down her inner thighs. 639


"Mmmm," purred Sean, "you've got one of the best little bums I've seen, Jessica."

She had the side of her face on her hands, on the bed, her lower half hanging of it. Sean was clutching her sides to keep her in place, while he knelt at the end ravaging the child's buttocks with bites and kisses. He didn't bite hard, but enough to suck in the flesh and taste her intimate little girl tenderness. He'd done this many times with Hannah, but here was a little smaller and Hannah was now showing signs of feminine expansiveness. Jessica's shape was no different to a boy of the same age but, even though Sean accepted this, he still could not countenance the idea of sexing a boy. Unlike that old perv, Bill. It troubled him a little, as if maybe he were missing something. The same goes for anal penetration; why, if he did not want to do it on a boy, was it his favourite thing #1 to do to a little girl??

At length he feasted on the 7-year-old's bottom, including cautiously licking and biting inside the crack. "Hannah - uh, I mean Jessica - Anthony has put it in your bum, hasn't he?"

"Yes," she said timidly. "I don't like it." She pouted cutely, sullen objection permeating her sweet infant eyes.

"Why not, sweetie?" Sean asked, in between dipping his tongue between her buns.

"It hurts," she whined.

"Well, don't worry, we'll see what we can do, huh?"

Before she could say 'anal fingering', Sean was working a lubed up index finger into Jessica's tiny shitter. She protested initially, but Sean was skilled enough to know what she could get used to. Soon he was sliding and waggling most of his finger in her narrow, warm piping. Her sphincter wrinkled and contracted sporadically around his knuckle.

"I tell you what, Jessica," said Sean, gently. "I'm your friend. I don't want to hurt you. You can have a choice. Do you want me to put my big thing in your bum, or would you rather suck it?"

He told her she could sit up while she thought about it, and he and Simon waited. "You mean, your penis?" she asked, with a little pout.

"Yes," said Sean, suppressing his amusement: little girlies tended to get upset at being laughed at just as much as actual sexual abuse.

"Ah, so we know the word for it, do we?" chirped Simon.

"Yes," she muttered.

"Well?" coaxed Sean. "Would you like to do sucking, or me put it in your bum?"

They could see how her little mind was weighing up the implications, based on her very limited apprentice knowledge to date: Anthony, plus two others, and two weeks since it all started in earnest for her. "I don't know," she said.

"Be a good girl, don't talk in a whiny voice," said Simon. "Or I'll give you a slap."

"He's being very patient, you know," said Sean, gently. "He can be a very strict man."

"I can't decide," she said. She looked sullenly down and folded her arms.

"Decide," said Sean, curtly.

"Decide!" snapped Simon, raising a hand.

She pouted. Her red-smudged lips quivered. "I'll suck it."

Sean was about to tell her warmly that she was a good girl, but she started sobbing. "Oh, dear dear," he said.

"No need for that," said Simon. "It's very easy."

She resisted Sean's comforting hugs rather tamely, and after a several minutes was she composed enough to give a child blow-job, kneeling between his legs. Her technique was a work in progress, as expected, and Sean had to give a lot of instruction as it went on. It was exquisite, nevertheless, with such a beautifully-formed little mouth.

Before she could say 'cum-swallowing little whore' - not that she could speak with a jawful of adult shaft - Sean was ejaculating strongly. He tried to get her to swallow some, but he allowed her to pull back when she fought in grimacing rejection of the pungent eruption. He gripped the back of her hair, though, to at least ensure he was able to splatter her cringing face nicely. They handed her a small towel, with which she sulkily wiped her face. It was 45 minutes through the session. From that point on, she breathed sort of heavily in a rebellious way, but said very little.

They came down after another half hour. Not before Simon had anally raped her - not aggressively of course, but in his skilled child-abusing way - and Sean had had a bit of 'downtime', languidly kissing and licking her chest, and gently prodding his fingers at her earlier-violated little cunt. They had sacrificed 45 minutes agreed to them, but hey - they were nothing if not sympathetic. The girl was learning, and it was important not to overload her too soon. She was already far more 'advanced' in experience than your average 7-year-old.

"Aww, Jessie, how did you do?" asked her mother, when they came down. She was just tidying herself up from the sex she'd been having with Anthony.

She looked at Sean and Simon, before saying, "Okay."

"She was a good girl," said Sean, firmly.

"Yup," chirped Simon.

The End


any comments welcome, but particularly interested in any views on Jessica's age, looks, and the differences between doing a 10 such as Hannah.

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She had not a moment of pleasure from this. It's just wrong.

Dave Miyagi

Excellent chapter EP, -thank you.

Good description of what seems would the appropriate amount of reluctance for a seven year old. Also her smallness by picking her up so easily. Waiting of one of them to place their cock on one of the girls abdomen with the tip reaching all the way to her ribcage to help get an idea how far that would be going up if it was inside her.

I always too get a charge when there's a mom involved. So enabling for the ring members.


You write nothing but trash. I realize it's just my opinion, but, that's what my opinion of this is. Excriment!


I know. I'm sick of it myself, luver. I might make a new beginning in the new year. Don't forget it's just a stroke story, though, for those with pedo feelings. It's not meant to be a great plot, but just a series of glimpses into the type of fun a pedo ring would have and that a lot of other guys would like to have it was allowed. If you don't have that taste, then you're never going to like it. I'd love to see, incidently, some samples of realistic lolly writing that regard as NOT trash. I'll try not to laugh.


Nice story. The image of a cute little 7 year old girl being dressed up in a sexy outfit and wearing lipstick makes the setting very appealing to me when she gets molested and fucked by 2 men, especially up that sweet little bum.


Really sexy story. Obviously, it's ONLY fantasy, and I would be as appalled as the next man at the thought of it actually happening for real (and sadly we know it does, but a fictional bit of titilation won't stop that). The realism made it very hot, though. Well done.


I enjoyed your story


I still don't get the obsession with bum holes. Each to his own, l guess, but the sphincter is not designed to be stretched so far. A work of fiction, maybe, but the thoughts are real. I always wondered if a paedophile 'ring' could exist and it certainly does in literature. Incestluver does not explain why he/she considers the fantasy to be 'trash'. I would like to have understood his/her appraisal. I have to offer credit for your powers of description, ep, you have an awesome insight into the apparent paedophile mindset.

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