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Published: 12-Jan-2013

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This is entirely a work of fiction, and the author strongly opposes doing these things for real.

Christmas and the New Year had come and gone for the small circle of men in 'Candyclub' - the codename they'd decided to give to their increasingly organized group - as it had for the girl-children in their clutches. It was a good time to take stock of each one of them, and then have an evening get-together, hopefully with young entertainment layed on.

HANNAH, a brunette now aged 10.33 and with a 'hint' of breasts but no fuzz at all yet, was the most 'experienced' of the girls. That included, even, 14-year-old Fiona. For Hannah, despite being at the age when well-brought up girls know very little about sex, had started her 'education' at the age of 8 and a half. Her stepdad, Sean - actually a good-looking and succesfully womanizing guy of 35 - had seen to this. He had a passing affection for the child, but mostly she was the mainstay for his - and his friends' - pedo lust. Her sweet, pale and sensual round face was the object of many fucks, more even than her vagina, and her beautiful small round bum was many times sodomized. But this innocence-obliterated creature was lucky: she was rarely maltreated, being so central and important to the 8 men in Candyclub.

"I love her, absolutely, in every way," says Mr Dan Hall, in all frankness. This man is her 33-year-old schoolteacher and... 'lover', whether she likes it or not. There are signs that she does, certainly in comparison to the way the other pedos engage with her.

Not so ABIGAIL, 10. This chestnut hair-coloured and freckled child was the step-granddaughter of Bill, a 65-year-old guy who Sean had introduced to proceedings very early on. He was an old friend of Dan. Bill, too, liked Hannah, and at least once a week fucked her mouth or anus to prove it. However, his long-held fantasy had understandably been his very own Abigail, since about 5 by all accounts. As she was a no-go area to him for reasons of tact, he agreed to 'expose' her to a pedo-hardened buddy of Sean, called Simon, and Sean himself. One day they intercepted the poor girl out walking, and kidnapped her and subjected her to a 3-hour sex ordeal in some woods. It was all the more shocking, because she was such a sweet-smiling type of girl who had no history whatsoever of abuse. Bill later got off on watching the video. Now, 6 months since the traumatizing event, plans are afoot to 'acquire' her again.

"She was the best," says Simon. "Such sweet eyes and a delectable perky butt, and a beautiful way of crying."

CAMELIA represented a low-end foray for Sean and Simon. That is, 'young'. The 6-year-old was a Palestinean-English half-breed, and daughter of an illegal immigrant whore mother. This was how 44-year-old chubby Anthony, a key underground contact in this field, had acquired her. She was tiny, as you'd expect, tanned and black-haired. She was sweet while she was innocent, and after the first few times of handling penis and being fingered and being introduced to blow-jobbing became erratic in mood but basically accepting. Something to do with the middle-eastern nature, maybe. She got upset only when foolish attempts were made to penetrate more than the head into her tiny puss or bumhole, but this was rare as Anthony looked after welfare, much as Sean and Dan did Hannah.

"There's nothing like bouncing one that age on your lap," explains Anthony, "or having such small hands working you up."

FIONA, at 14, was the oldest girl in the ring. She has been picked up by Simon as a runaway at a London station, befriended and homed, followed by seduced. She was, to all intents and purposes, the rugged Simon's 'girlfriend'. She was totally fair game to a guy like him, and there was a kind of attachment albeit very unequal between them. For example, she was easily 'persauded' to recieve anal sex 'willingly', and likewise to have sex with buddy Sean, and perhaps some of the others in the near future (if they wanted her, which they almost certainly would). She was the typical mix of sweetness and sensuality of an adolescent, with a jailbait face and long brown hair, small tits and developing curves around her hips and...

"Fucking beautiful arse," said Simon, "typical at this age. Pedo though I am, I even find her fuzz a turn-on."

JESSICA, a 7-year-old blonde is the most recent addition. Another inspirational get of Anthony's, she was brought in to satisfy the need for a white-skinned 'littlie'. Not quite so short as Camelia, but equally skinny as typical of her age. She provides the delights of 100% flat chest and bald little cunny, and a gorgeous moody little face to stir any pedo's cock. She is 'moderately' experienced, after a month in the men's orbit, getting used to erections and semen in her mouth or all over her face, and finger-poked. They tend to present her in sexy dresses and a touch of jewelry and lipstick, as it seems to suit her more than other children. Maybe it's her Angelina Jolie scowl and pout that does it.

"We need to see what that soft white little bum of hers can take, soon," says Sean.


The 3 spectating men laughed as the one in the hotseat, Dave - a new member - groaned, grinned and quivered in orgasm. Meanwhile, Hannah, kneeling between his knees, did her little frown of concentration and slight nausea as she swallowed on her mouthful of hard shaft. Even after all this time, she had not entirely come to 'like' the taste. However, fate had been kind so far this evening for the other girls present, Fiona and Jessica. A game of so-called 'pass the bomb' was being played. In this, the 3 girls had to take turns sucking on the man's cock, each giving it 10 seconds before quickly passing over to the next girl. They were to suck 'as well as possible', and silently, whilst the man in the hotseat was blindfolded. The objective was, of course, to see who the 'bomb' exploded upon. That is, which girl winded up getting the ejaculation in her mouth. Once it had begun - the man cried "now!" just to be sure - the girl had to remain on-cock. If it happened to begin exactly on a change-over, however, the change-over proceeded and the new girl had to take whatever remained of the ejaculation.

"Lucky girl, Hannah!" said Anthony.

"Typical," said Sean. "She's too damn good at it."

"Ohhh," chuckled Dave, breathlessly, still pumping his hot gloop down Hannah's throat. "So, it's Hannah..."

"Couldn't you bloody tell?" asked Simon. He was doing the job of holding Hannah's head firmly on-cock, although such discipline was only really needed for little Jessica.

"Well, I reckoned... it probably was," Dave panted. "Aughhh, yessss."

Hannah was allowed to pull away, and Dave removed his blindfold, smiling in guilty wonder. It was his first hardcore with a child. Hannah, cum drooling over her lip, wiped her mouth. "You okay?" whispered Fiona, like a caring big sister.

"Course she's okay," said Sean. "Okay, round two now."

Hannah went to rinse her mouth out, Simon took his place in the hotseat, and the sullen-faced little Jessica was gently told to cheer up and get into the spirit. "You better do it on me!" quipped Fiona to Simon.

"Ha, sweetheart, we'll see. I don't necessarily have any control over it. Doesn't mean I don't love it's not you."

As the last round 'winner', Hannah got to start. She was followed in the order by Jessica, then Fiona. The 7-year-old struggled to seal her mouth around the top half of erect adult-cock, her corrupted and sweet blue eyes moving around to accompany her efforts at sucking.

"It's too damn obvious it's her," said Simon. "Might as well hold her myself."

The others agreed, and Sean let go of the child's cute little blonde-haired head, and Simon did it himself next time she came around. Fiona sucked sensuously, as expected, but Simon was a picture of calmness and control. Hannah also sucked in the way no 10-year-old should know how to suck a cock, except with more jaw-strain to accommodate it than the older girl. Next up, little Jessica.

"Ooo, oo, yes, come on cutiepie, that's it..."

However, he did not cum, yet. Fiona-Hannah-Jessica-Fiona-Hannah-Jessica-Fiona... and then...

"Aieee, yesss!" hissed Simon. "Now!" It was just as Hannah was 9 seconds done, and she began to pull away on 10. "Yes, that's it, off!" urged Simon.

She removed herself briskly, not before getting a few splats of white on her lips and nose. Anthony quickly ushered Jessica into position by her shoulders, and Simon clutched the frowning child by her head. The ejaculation had already hit her little face, but she reluctantly gaped her mouth around it to take the rest of it in. He jerked his hips at her face - too hard for such a little one - and he had to let her go before the full 10 seconds were up, as it was clear she was choking too much.

"Yess! Did it!" said Simon, jubilantly. "How's about that for timing?!"

"You sod," said Fiona. She put her arm around the coughing and dribbling 7-year-old.

"No hard feelings, sweetie. You get your turn often enough."

"That's not what I mean, though."

"Ah well, she has to learn," said Anthony.

The End


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Wow! Great series! Amusing games. I appreciate the descriptions of the girls. I'll definitely catch up on the other stories. Thanks for such a great contribution.


More more got me well hard

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