Shelley and Kimmy Series: Two Nasty Birthday Parties

[ humil, M/f, M/F, m/M (various), abuse, ws, scat ]

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Published: 23-Sep-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 8

"George, you organize the best parties" said Geoff, George's brother, "This little birthday party for little Kimmy is just about the best one ever." Geoff was slipping in and out of Grandma Whymply's throat as he congratulated his brother. George MacDonald smiled back while giving the birthday girl, 10 year old Kimmy's throat a reaming.

Betty, George's photographer wife raised her camera and asked, "alright lets have all the Whymplys looking this way, now smile if you can, alright now all the Macdonalds, lets show a bit of energy, fuck those Whymply faces, good! Harder guys, really go for maximum penetration, I want to see bulged throats on Kimmy and Grandma Whymply. Debbie and Grandma MacDonald, pull those slut's faces in there, don't let them get a breath; get them eating pussy real good. Suzie, get Grandpa Whymply to work his tongue more, ride his face. Timmy really fuck Tom's face"

Tom Whymply listened to the photographer's instructions and tried to comply, yet wondered what the hell had happened to the birthday party he had planned for his youngest daughter. Tom had invited his parents over for a quiet birthday party to celebrate Kimmy turning 10. His two daughters would be the same age for a short time, then in two weeks Shelley would turn 11 and she would be the big sister again.

But how Tom end up on the end of 10 year old Timmy MacDonald's pecker. And why was Tom's mother being throat fucked by George's brother Geoff MacDonald while Tom's father gobbling away at the wide open pussy of Geoff' wife, Suzie MacDonald. George molesting Kimmy's mouth had become a near daily occurrence recently, but to have little Shelley being forced to eat out Grandma MacDonald old snatch was obscene, while Tom's wife Barb seemed to be enjoying the taste of Timmy's 7 year old sister Debbie's sweet little pussy.

Geoff looked over at his son Timmy and said "Pull his hair to stop Tom's head from moving away and push as hard as you can, that's it, good boy!"

Betty laughed, "I'm going to save these pictures in a folder called 'The MacDonalds fuck the Whymplys' not 'Kimmy's Birthday Party'. This is turning out to be a memorable evening."

Memorable thought Tom but not what I wanted. Saturday had proceeded normally while the party was being organized by Barb. Shelley and Kimmy had been playing dress-up, trying on various outfits to get one that satisfied their father's rather puritanical tastes. Most of their skirts were far too short for Tom; he insisted their pussies be covered. Barb was okay with the micro length being worn by all their school mates, but Tom wanted both their entire bottom and their pussies hidden for some reason. Finally by pulling down the waist band of the longest skirt Shelley owned, it was red and all of 7" long, Shelley managed to get the bottom curve of her rump covered. In the front, the tops of her pelvis were showing above the waist band and the gentle curve down to her groin was making an appearance. Shelley and her father had settled on a mauve crop-top saying "I (heart shape) Cock" as the least objectionable of her many options. Kimmy settled on a tight yellow beach cover-up, really just a long tee-shirt that reached fully 2" past her pussy. Tom didn't know she even owned anything that long, as he had never seen it before. The only drawback to the cover-up was the design on the front; an air-brushed painting of the face of a pretty girl with her mouth opened wide, with the wording 'Open for Business' above the face and '$10 a Blow Job' below the face. Tom hoped his parents wouldn't catch onto the connotation. The tee-shirt was also very shear on the back so any absence of panties was obvious.

While Tom and Barb prepared for their little birthday party, the girls ran next door as they often did to play in the neighbor's pool and to disappear inside their house. Tom wasn't concerned as Shelley and Kimmy stopped over at George and Betty's before and after school on week days in an impromptu day-care. Betty also used the girls as fashion models as needed. Tom was less then pleased with some of the 'fashion' subjects, feeling they were more then a little pornographic; but his wife Barb was satisfied with the level of care being provided to her daughters, so what could Tom say?

Tom looked over to see his daughter's playing on a strange spring-like contraption. The thing had a large base with a vertical coil spring, maybe 2 foot long by 6" round. On top of the spring were Shelley and Kimmy in an embrace. Tom couldn't see any seat, but assumed there must be a small one the girls were sitting on. Shelley and Kimmy were stark naked, as George often seemed to get them; they were whooping and wailing, swinging the spring back and forth like an up-side-down pendulum. There didn't seem to be any foot-rest nor hand-grips; just the two girls hanging on to each other, swaying back and forth. George was sitting in a lawn chair nearby calling encouragement, drinking a beer. Tom called over to inquire if the girls were annoying George. Kimmy shouted "Daddy, look what George rented me for my birthday." George said "sorry about giving it to Kimmy before her party but she saw 'Jumping Pussy Poker' in our living room and wanted to try it out."

Kimmy asked George to help her and Shelley off the 'Jumping Pussy Poker' and Tom was shocked to see that instead of a proper seat, protruding from the top of the spring was a double dildo with adjoining anal plugs. Tom's daughters had been swinging back and forth while being double penetrated and supported on their groins. George stopped the girls from running off and had them clean up the 'Jumping Pussy Poker' with their tongues.

George inquired about Tom's plans for Kimmy's birthday party "That girl has been a large part of our lives for the last few months and we would like to participate if possible." Tom advised that he had planned a simple family get together with his parents and the girls, "Just a family dinner, cake and some presents" George said he understood, and asked if Betty and he could drop by later for a short time and present their gifts. Against his better judgment Tom agreed, and 7:00 pm time for the drop-by was agreed.

Tom's parents arrived at 5:30 as scheduled and while Tom was getting them set down in the living room, Barb was out on the back deck corralling her daughters back inside and dressed for the birthday party. Barb noted that both of their crotches were raw and inflamed looking, but not having seen the 'Jumping Pussy Poker' she did not know the reason.

Barb got the girls into their agreed outfits and even got panties on both girls, a rare event in the Whymply household, since they had been going to the 'day-care' next door. Barb allowed Shelley to wear her skirt at its normal height, so the bottom inch or so of her pussy showed on the front and the complete bottom rounding of her bubble butt was exposed in the back. Kimmy's beach cover-up was harder to change, but with a few quick basting stitches, Barb had the length reduced by 4 inches, so Kimmy's pussy and rump showed proudly below the hemline.

Barb ushered her sexy little girls into the living room; they ran up to greet their grandparents with hug and kisses all around. Shelley sat on the arm of the sofa beside her Grandma, and showed her the neat school clothes she got to wear. Grandma Whymply played with the hem of Shelley's short skirt and commented on how well it was made. Grandma couldn't help but notice Shelley's cute little pussy peeking through transparent panties an inch or so from her finger tips. Grandma took a second look, that pussy looks rather ripe, and recently used, if she wasn't mistaken.

Kimmy was sat facing her grandpa on his lap, legs straddling his hips, giving him a long hug. Her dress had ridden up and Kimmy's pussy was pressed tightly into Grandpa Whymply's crotch. As Kimmy rocked back and forth she could feel Grandpa starting to come to life down below. Tom looked at his youngest gently being hugged by his father and thought how cute she looked, if only he could get his wife to tone down their slutty dressing habits. Kimmy gave her Grandpa a nice open mouthed kiss, like she did to everyone now and felt a corresponding reaction 'down below'.

"Your becoming quite a young lady there Kimmy; you'll be stealing your old Grandpa's heart," said Tom's dad.

Barb said "The girls have been modeling for the photographer next door this last summer, and they have been learning quite a bit. They are becoming very sophisticated in their clothing and will only wear the latest things. Fortunately, the photographer gives them quite a few outfits after completion of the fashion photo-shoots. That's where these outfits came from. The skirts and tops are much more risqué then when we grew up, but that's the style."

Grandma Whymply looked at the slight swelling of Shelley's breasts and down at her grand-daughter's pussy and nodded agreement. "When are you going to get Shelley a training bra?" she asked.

"I've got a couple, but Shelley refuses to wear them, she says bras are not in style. Shelley has some sheer tops that show her nipples that she wears to school. Shelley says the teachers really like that and give additional marks to the sexist girl in the class. As a matter of fact, I have quite a time keeping panties on these two most of the time."

Grandpa Whymply hears this and asks Kimmy "Are your panties bothering you?" Kimmy nods with an evil grin. Grandpa suggests "Well we don't want you to be uncomfortable." Before Tom could comment, Kimmy was up and pulling her panties off, Shelley had her's off a milli-second later.

Kimmy settled back into the pro-offered lap, Barb warned "Dad, you're going to get a wet spot" Grandpa Whymply hugs Kimmy and says "That's okay, dear." Grandma Whymply looks again at Shelley's now naked pussy and asks, "Have you been riding your bicycle a lot dear?"

Barb looks at the raw pussy and says, "No it's not bicycle riding; they have a number of adult toys next door that the girls often use while modeling. I know they are growing up a lot faster then we did."

Barb turned to Shelley "Why is your pussy so red Shelley, Kimmy is yours the same?" Kimmy rolls back on her bum, exposing a very raw looking groin; and says "Yep.". Shelley describes the 'Jumping Pussy Poker' toy that George had next do or and everybody laughs as Kimmy and Shelley talk about how much fun it is.

After dinner, Kimmy started to open her presents immediately, Grandpa & Grandma had bought her a couple tops and a sundress, not nearly sexy enough for the little minx but she thanked her grandparents. Barb quietly told her she would try to shorten the skirt to make it useable, and maybe the tops could be cut up for the ragged look. Barb and Tom had bought her a new bike she could ride tomorrow. Grandpa marveled at how boldly Shelley and Kimmy moved and sat, flashing pink bits and acting carefree. Tom, while proud of the girls, wished they would not flaunt their sexuality so much.

At 6:45, the door bell rang and Kimmy rushed down to greet her day-care providers. She was pushed back by the crowd of people behind George and Betty. She recognized most of them from previous photographic exploits with George's family but was non-the-less surprised. George and Betty were followed by George's brother Geoff and his wife Suzie, with their two kids Timmy and Debbie, George's mother followed then his four nephews Ryan, Sean, Philip and Ragin.

Tom came over to meet the mob and George said, "Sorry we're early, but all the MacDonalds were here and they all want to get at Kimmy's hot little body and maybe even give her a couple presents." Ryan and Sean had swept Kimmy up in their arms and were actively groping her pussy and asshole as George made introductions to Tom's parents. Philip and Ragin picked up a squealing Shelley and started feeling her up and kissing her. Shelley was thrilled to have the teenaged nephews back again and responded eagerly.

Suzie MacDonald apologized for being early "the boys have been talking all afternoon about getting into Kimmy's panties, and how good a cocksucker she was becoming. They wanted to deposit their birthday presents as deep into her pussy as they could and do it now! So we had no choice but to come over as soon as we arrived. I trust you don't mind?"

Barb said "no we are glad you and the boys came; I'm sure Kimmy and Shelley appreciate the attention and would thank you them selves but their mouths and minds are already occupied."

Tom's parents were taken aback by rapid pace the dual assaults taken place on their grand-daughters right before their eyes. The teenage boys had Shelley's top off in no time and the skirt was so short it didn't hinder access anyway. Kimmy's beach cover was pulled off and the little girl was appropriately dressed in her birthday suit. Ryan had his cock out and Kimmy was licking and sucking it, while Sean started finger fucking her and playing with her immature breasts. Shelley's face was similarly imbedded in Philip's crotch as Ragin lay down and started licking her pussy. George and Betty's family had been in the house about a minute and already Kimmy and Shelley were well on their way to their first orgasms of the evening.

Betty pulled out her camera and got a couple shots of the total group before too much clothing was removed; while George talked about how the girls had met his family in the previous few months. The MacDonald adults seemed completely nonplussed by the activities of their nephews, talking about how pretty Kimmy looked while Ryan and Sean proceeded to fuck her in pussy and throat. Ditto with Shelley and her two friends. Ryan and Sean joined hand across Kimmy's back and synchronized their strokes, Ryan pushing from the front and Sean pumping from the back. Kimmy was being compressed one second, and extended the next as the two cocks were withdrawn. Philip and Ragin observed this co-ordination and soon had Shelley similarly compressed and extended. Grandma MacDonald thought this was great fun and started clapping in time with her grandson's strokes. Soon the entire MacDonald clan was clapping in time; George urging the Whymplys to join in. Barb started clapping to the rhythm of her daughter's public rape, then Tom's parents and finally Tom joined in. Betty got some good shots of the girls being screwed front and back with the families seemingly celebrating in the background. Tom was humiliated that George and these complete strangers had high-jacked his daughter's quiet birthday and turned it into a fuck party and there seemed to be nothing Tom could do about it. His own parents were now shouting encouragement to the young fellows with cocks in both ends of his lovely daughters. Clap, clap, clap...Kimmy and Shelley were looking like bellows, squeezed in then out, in, out....Clap, clap, clap.

The girls undoubtedly had cum, but before any of the boys spurted, Betty stopped the action and asked Ryan and Philip to lie down on their backs; one on the loveseat and the other on the coffee table, Kimmy and Shelley remounted, and took Sean and Ragin back in their mouths. Betty got George to stuff his 'Willie' into Kimmy's bottom while Geoff did Shelley's bottom the honors.

Betty said "I rarely take any triple penetration pictures, as I can't find any girls slutty enough or horny enough to try. But Shelley and Kimmy are both slutty and horny enough to get all their holes plugged. Smile guys, look this way girls, Shelley I know it's hard, but try to look at the camera. Smile! Smile!" In, out, in, out, "keep smiling! Shelley, over here dear; smile!" Betty took a few more shots and put her camera down and sat beside Barb, "She's in a world of her own, right now. What I didn't get in smiles from Shelley, I got in mind-blown lust. On the other hand, Kimmy would make a good por n star; she was taking directions while being royally fucked. She's a smart girl with lots of potential." Barb nodded.

George and Geoff pulled out, Barb got some warm wash-cloths for their clean-up; Barb and Grandma Whymply washed and cleaned the deflating MacDonald members while Tom and his father looked on. Suzie urged her nephews to finish their projects and soon the girls were being pumped full of fertile sperm, stomach and womb. Barb got more washcloths for the boys, while Betty got some photographs of Kimmy's and Shelley's cum filled pussies and panting faces.

Tom and Barb got drinks for everyone, after it was pointed out what poor hosts they were being. It felt outrageous for Tom to be holding a tray full of soft drinks for four teenage boys who had just finished fucking his daughters half to death. Kimmy and Shelley were happily sitting at the boys' feet, leaking cum onto the carpet, while the boys laughed and played with the girl's sweaty hair. Barb noticed the mess the girls were making and got a towel for each to sit on, but Betty stopped Barb and took the towels. Betty said "there's going to be a lot more cum leaking out of those holes, Barb, just have the carpets cleaned tomorrow. Anyway, let's get on with the presents. George you preside"

George asked Kimmy to come over and he placed his arm around her shoulders, the euphoria from her recent fucking had worn off and she was a little self conscious being stark naked, with cum dribbling down her left thigh. But the Ryan and Sean shouted encouragement, so Kimmy was happy. George said a few words about how pretty she was becoming, how her complexion was so smooth. "Probably from all the cum we spread on it every week" shouted Philip. All the MacDonald's laughed. George talked about her cute body, especially her little bubble butt; he turned Kimmy around so everyone could see it and he rubbed Kimmy's bottom for a few seconds before sliding a finger between her legs to goose her, and cause a squeal. Again the MacDonald laughed. George turned her around to face everyone and pointed out the slight puffiness of her nipples.

"During the summer we started a program of hormone rubs that are supposed to speed the development of Kimmy's and Shelley's breasts. I hope this is the start of two big things" George laughed. Tom looked over at Barb and raised his eyebrows 'hormone rubs?' he mouthed, Barb shrugged, she didn't know anything about it.

Suzie MacDonald produced a present wrapped in a 2' long thin box. Suzie said, "This is from Geoff and our little family, Kimmy. I hope you and your sister make good use of it. You will have to manually operate it as it doesn't have batteries."

Suzie turned to Betty and said, "We would like some photographs of it in service." Kimmy walked over to receive the gift, while she unwrapped it, the nephews shouted rude instructions on how to use it. As Tom anticipated, Suzie, Geoff, and Timmy had given Kimmy a 20" long double-dong dildo. The thing was jet black and an inch and a quarter diameter, with larger bulb heads at each end.

Kimmy thanked Suzie, but the MacDonalds started clapping and shouting "Let's have a demo" Sean pushed Shelley up beside her sister while Suzie got Debbie and Timmy to push the bulbed ends into Kimmy's and Shelley's well lubricated pussies, to thunderous applause.

Ryan got up and made a little speech, the gist of which boiled down to how much he and his cousins liked fucking Kimmy and Shelley.

"My present to you Kimmy is presently inside your pussy and all of my cousins plan to give you similar gifts later this evening." Again the MacDonalds thought this was a grand speech and applauded accordingly.

Grandma MacDonald passed a long package over to George who gave it to Kimmy saying his mother hoped this keep her hair dry anyway. Kimmy tore opened the paper and held an umbrella with a stubby cock shaped projection at the top and a large cock shaped handle.

"It's a Rocky's-Cocky Umbrella like on the Rocky-Cock TV show we watch on Saturday morning," exclaimed Kimmy excitedly. Kimmy played at pushing the top projection into Shelleys bottom and later deep-throating the handle. Everybody laughed. Grandma MacDonald said gently, "I hope you love it."

George then said Kimmy had already been playing with the 'Jumping Pussy Poker', and that's why her pussy was so red. George got Kimmy to stand-up and show her red raw pussy to all. Tom put his head down in his hands, could it be any worse?

Betty got up and gave Kimmy a small package. Kimmy opened it to see she had received a pink tee-shirt with a red cat painted on the front and the logo 'Pussywillow Girl's School Red Pussy Club'. Betty explained that this was a club at the girl's school that encouraged masturbation. When Kimmy wore this shirt, any teacher or visitor was allowed to check if her pussy was red. If her pussy wasn't red the person was free to spank her on the pussy to make it red. "So when you wear this shirt, keep your fingers in your slit all the time, too keep you hot and your pussy will always be red." Kimmy was a little confused by this but thanked Betty

George started telling everyone about the fabulous birthday party they had thrown for little Debbie in the summer, about how cute his niece was, and how Kimmy and Shelley had been used as score pieces for a game called 'Stuff that Pussy'. The dozen or so party attendees at Debbie's festivities had cheered and yelled as all sorts of objects had been jammed up Kimmy's and Shelley's sore pussies and assholes to the merriment of all; except Kimmy and Shelley of course. Then the Whymply girl's bottoms had been utilized for birthday spanks in place of the 'bumps' for little Debbie's bottom. Kimmy and Shelley had each received over a hundred swats with either a ping pong paddle or a fly swatter.

"Even the parents got involved with paddling these girls' asses; they were so red and blistered" said George with a laugh. "But the best part was when little Debbie took a cane to Kimmy's and Shelley's pussies. Seven good stokes, for Debbie's age, we only counted good hard stokes that cut the skin. Debbie do you remember that, dear?" asked George. Debbie giggled and nodded, she had been sort of ignored up to this point, but she liked the attention.

"I liked hitting Kimmy's puss-puss, can I do it again," she asked? Betty smiled and said, "of course you can dear, maybe a bit later, after they've been fucked some more."

Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing, it wasn't fair at all. On one hand at Debbie's birthday party, Shelley and Kimmy had been paddled, caned and their pussies stretched. Now at Kimmy's party, Shelley and Kimmy were being fucked and will apparently soon be caned. It didn't seem fair. When Tom asked George why Debbie wasn't participating on the receiving end of the birthday celebrations; George smiled and laughed!

"Tom don't be silly, our cute little Debbie can't be abused like your two sluts?" Suzie, Debbie's mother, laughed in Tom's face, "Your sluts are nothing but cock gobbling whores in comparison to my little darling." Tom looked at the all the laughing MacDonald folk and muttered "I'm sorry for insulting your daughter."

"That okay," said Suzie, "but as the father of a couple really nasty cocksuckers you must be used to them being abused." Tom nodded passively.

Suzie got her son Timmy to come closer and suggested to Tom that he should be sucking Debbie's brother's cock. This was great as far as Timmy and the nephews were concerned; they looked on with interest as Tom un-zipped Timmy's pants and pulled out his small pecker. "Now suck it like a good father of the birthday slut" directed Suzie. Tom complied, thinking this is just too humiliating, what must Barb and the girls think? Suzie turned to Tom's father and told him to get down on his knees like his spineless son and start licking her pussy. With the Whymply clan so obviously emasculated, the remaining MacDonalds grabbed the nearest Whymply and forced them to provide some oral satisfaction. Since there where not enough Whymplys, the nephews sat back and observed the action. Geoff grabbed Grandma Whymply, forced her to her knees and stuffed his cock into her open mouth. Betty did not participate in the MacDonald's abuse of the Whymplys; instead she rushed about getting photographs of the couplings.

Geoff and Suzie, husband and wife, face fucked Grandma and Grandpa Whymply, wife and husband. Timmy pushed in and out of Tom's mouth, while Debbie was trying her first cunnilingus experience on the tongue Tom's wife, Barb. George pulled Shelley over to his mother's chair and pressed the youngster's face into the dripping crotch of the MacDonald senior citizen. George then grabbed Kimmy and forced his cock deep into her throat. Betty photographed one and all, while the MacDonald nephews looked on laughing and shouting instructions.

George, Geoff and Timmy soon came and released Kimmy, Grandma Whymply and Tom. The MacDonald women were taking their time; Suzie gave instructions to her daughter Debbie on how to ride Barb Whymply's tongue and nose. While Grandma MacDonald was enjoying her first sexing in years. Once the MacDonald women were done, it was present time again.

Sean pulled Kimmy over and immediately slid into her birthday box and started depositing his present as deep as possible. Philip and Ragin started stroking so as to follow their cousin into the breach. When Sean pulled out, George pulled Tom over and had Tom perform a quick clean-up of Kimmy's gushing pussy using his tongue. Philip joked, "Just get the bulk of it, you don't have to get everything, cause I'll just fill it up soon."

After the two final nephews had passed on their presents and Tom had licked up any excess, Debbie asked if she could give her present now. George thought that was a good idea. Debbie gave Kimmy a small package inexpertly wrapped in shiny gift-wrap and lots of tape. Kimmy had to work to get into the present but finally she held a pair of goggles and a strange funnel with a strap. George explained that this was a 'Golden Shower' gift set from the adult bookstore. He helped Kimmy put the items on. The goggles had the lenses missing so you could see Kimmy's eyes inside the surround of rubber, while the funnel's 2" diameter small end was in Kimmy's mouth, secured by the strap. George got Kimmy to lie down on her back on the carpet in the middle of the living room. George encouraged Debbie to pull down her panties and initiate her gift. Debbie readily complied; she had been holding her pee all afternoon in anticipation. Debbie positioned her crotch over the up-turned face of Kimmy. George said, hold still Kimmy, we don't want to spill anything. Debbie let go the pent-up contents of her bladder, playing a thin stream all over Kimmy's face; getting piss in her eyes, mouth and hair with the excess spraying onto the carpet. The ingenuity of the goggles became obvious, with the lenses missing the goggles trapped piss into Kimmy's eyes, her eye were submerged in 1" of Debbie's urine. The funnel had received about half of the flow and Kimmy was coughing as she tried to swallow the piss while the funnel prevented her from closing her mouth in the normal swallowing cycle. The MacDonalds all laughed, while George told Kimmy not to move so as not to spill any more.

Suzie congratulated her daughter for the delivery of her first 'golden shower', "Taking a pee in public is difficult with everybody watching. Sometime the pee just won't start. You did very good Debbie" as Suzie hugged her daughter. Debbie grinned widely, happy that she had done good. All the MacDonalds hugged Debbie and congratulated her or gave hi-fives. Tom looked at his daughter Kimmy lying on her back in the family living-room, blinded by piss and choking.

Betty asked "Debbie can you do a little poo as well honey?" Debbie said she thought she could and repositioned her backside over the funnel.

George said "Don't move Kimmy" Kimmy, not knowing what was happening, held still as Debbie squeezed out two 3" long pieces of turd into the funnel. The MacDonalds again clapped and cheered. Debbie gave a little bow. Betty was recording the whole golden shower experience with her camera. Suzie congratulated Debbie again. While the MacDonalds topped up their drinks, Tom and Barb and their family looked on in shock at little Kimmy laying there, shit in her mouth, piss in her eyes, afraid to move. George looked down at her and said, "you better get moving on eating that Kimmy, it will not go away unless you swallow it." Kimmy tried to crew the turds but the funnel prevented her jaw from closing. She could only break up the pieces with her tongue. Betty got some good photos of Kimmy struggling to get the shit swallowed. When Kimmy had most of it ingested, George invited the MacDonald boys to help her wash it down, Timmy and his four cousins gathered around in a circle and let blast. Five streams of piss were aimed into the funnel with varying accuracy. When finished, the carpet was soaked locally and Kimmy was choking again.

"That was great Debbie" said George, "anytime you want to use your present, we can get Kimmy over and let you practice pissing. Betty may even make a movie of you and your pet toilet. Isn't that great? Another round of hugs for Debbie, who smiled proudly. Tom looked at his wife Barb and shrugged. He could do nothing to stop this humiliation.

Barb and Shelley helped Kimmy get up, un-clipped the goggles and mouth funnel, and lead her away for a quick shower and brushing of the teeth. Barb fixed some ribbons in her hair and Suzie brought a drink of coke which had been spiked with rum, so Kimmy felt much better as she returned, still stark naked to a round of applause for being such a good sport. Kimmy cuddled down between her grandparents on the couch, hoping to be out of the spotlight for a bit. Grandpa and Grandma Whymply hugged their grand-daughter. Betty said she would organize a carpet cleaner on Monday, thereby reducing Barb's annoyance. Shelley was back in the embrace of the nephews, being felt up and having her ass reamed with Kimmy's double dildo. The boys had succeeded in folding the dildo in half and had both artificial cock heads jammed up Shelley's ass, much to her discomfort. George was encouraging the boys to push the whole thing inside, but Suzie stopped that to prevent serious injury, but not before 2/3 of the plastic dong was pushed into Shelley's badly stretched asshole.

Debbie asked again about caning Kimmy's pussy. "That's a great idea darling," said Suzie "Do you have a cane Barb?" Barb shook her head. While George headed next door for a cane, Geoff and Suzie got Shelley to lie on her back on the coffee table. "This is just for warm-ups Debbie" to make sure you hit hard enough. George returned and passed the cane to Debbie, who took a couple practice swooshes in the air.

"Give her 3 or 4 and let's see how good your technique is dear", said Betty. Each nephew held an arm or leg and Debbie laid down 4 good solid strokes on Shelley's pussy. George looked at the results and said "that's pretty good dear." Suzie disagreed, "I think you can get a better swing if you put your runners back on, your feet are slipping on the floor." Tom couldn't believe how cruel these people were being, but didn't think he should complain, who would listen to someone with a nephew's cum smeared over his face?

Debbie got her shoes on and tried a couple more stokes on Shelley's pussy. "That's better" said Suzie, "you cut the skin with each of those." Now bring on the birthday girl. Betty took some photos of Shelley's cut-up groin with Debbie's smiling face, and of everybody sitting about; the MacDonald's enjoying the spectacle; the Whymply's apprehensive about what might occur next.

Geoff and George lifted a whimpering Shelley from the table, and let her run to her mother; then lifted Kimmy onto the coffee table. Betty giving directions as she photographed things. The nephews again secured Kimmy by holding onto her arms and legs while Debbie took up her cane. After administering 5 stokes to Kimmy's puss, Debbie stopped for a breather, Betty took some close-ups of a cut-up young cunt; then Debbie finished her work. The ten cane marks were not evenly distributed, 5 stokes were on Kimmys left pussy lip and only one was on the right lip, the other four had landed squarely on Kimmy's stretched open pussy. George pointed the un-even distribution, and suggested Debbie practice her caning to get a better pattern for her next birthday experience. Shelley hid her head in Barb's breasts. All the Whymply's knew whose birthday was a couple weeks away. The MacDonalds chuckled at their discomfort. One of the nephews called out, "Your pussy's next Shelley."

"That was fun" Debbie cried. "Well we'll make sure you get a chance to give Shelley eleven of you best in a couple weeks" laughed George. We'll all come back for her birthday celebration. Won't that be fun?"

Debbie squealed "Yes!!" Betty took a number of photographs of Debbie posing with Kimmy's cut-up pussy and some more with Debbie and Shelley's cunt. Betty got Tom and Barb to hold open Kimmy's cunt and everybody smiled for the camera. Tom wanted to choke, but all the kind talk to Kimmy about being such a good sport was calming Barb.

After another round of drinks, Shelley and Kimmy had been coaxed back into the nephew's embraces; even Kimmy's sore cunt was being finger fucked, while both girls faces were held into crotches. Suzie and Geoff suggested they shuold be off, "It's been a great birthday party, and thanks for letting us drop by. Debbie can hardly wait for Shelley's party in a couple weeks."

George picked up the 'golden shower' goggles and funnel and said "I'll take this little beauty home for safe keeping, Kimmy you can use it anytime you are over but I'm afraid it might go 'missing' if we leave it here", with a glance at Tom. Betty's closing comment as the MacDonalds left was, "Great birthday party, we must do this again soon!"

With the MacDonalds gone, the Whimpleys sat looking at each other in silence. They all had MacDonald secretions of some sort caked on their faces. Shelley and Kimmy were stark naked, with cut up pussy lips and leaking vaginas. With Shelley's birthday only a couple weeks away, Grandma and Grandpa Whymply made a note to be out of town; they would send Shelley's present in the mail.

The MacDonald's were going to come back to fuck some faces and whip a few pussies. Tom could only drop his head and shudder.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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