Suzie Goes To Work

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Published: 23-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

When puberty hit Suzie, she hit back. Hard. She was the youngest of the three children, and was used to playing the Baby Of The Family card to get what she wanted or get out of trouble. But now she had gone way beyond that.

Her brother and sister were worried. They knew what they had gone through, and if she wasn't careful she was likely to join them. They suspected that the preparations had been made. The secret cameras recording her tantrums, as well as a few of her good actions. The talks with teachers and neighbors.

Take Your Child To Work Day was coming, and they could not warn her.

The last week was particularly bad. Chores dodged or refused outright. Lies about having finished her homework. Arguments and tantrums. All the usual, but more intense.

Jake had the approach down to a science, after practicing with her older brother and sister. He made it neither a punishment nor a reward. He expressed the hope that seeing what it was like at work would help her turn her life around, and see the benefits of doing well in school. He dropped hints about the benefits of an excused day from school, and of being able to brag to her friends.

The night before the event, Jake told her to wear something casual and comfortable. She would be given something special to wear when they got there. She thought it must be some special lab clothes, like on tv.

In the morning, Jake woke her up early, and hurried her out of the house. She barely had enough time to dress, and none at all to shower. He told her they would get some breakfast on the way.

A quick pass through a fast food line, and they were well on their way. Usually, he did not like the kids eating in his car. But, he explained, this was a special occasion. They needed to finish eating before they arrived.

They did, but he noted that she left the trash in the car. He quickly snapped a picture, grabbed the trash, and disposed of it on the way in. He guided her through the employees entrance, signing her in. She wondered about the extra paper he was signing, but decided it was probably just some bullshit paperwork. He led her to a doorway, then stopped.

"One of the products we make is a sort of special hot tub. You will be able to try it out, and demonstrate it for some clients. Go in here, and change into the swimsuit you'll find there, Put your clothes in the cupboard, so you don't splash them when you go back in. Ok? Now, when you're changed, push the red button and I'll use the speakers to tell you what you need to do."

It sounded simple enough, and she had been wanting to try a hot tub ever since Beth Anne started bragging about the one her family had. She didn't like the idea that she would be ordered around, especially in front of other people. But she really didn't have any choice.

As she changed, Jake stepped into the viewing room and addressed the men and women there.

"Thank you for coming today. While you watch this demonstration, your children are watching a presentation on the benefits and fun of hot tubbing. We have found that such preparation makes it easier to secure the modicum of cooperation that makes the process easier. The subject has been told that she will be demonstrating a special hot tub for you. She is not aware of your current observation, or of any details of the process. Questions?"

One woman spoke up. "Are you sure the process is safe?"

"Let me put it to you this way: The subject is my own daughter. My youngest daughter. There is no way that she would be in there if I had any doubts whatsoever about safety."

The crowd nodded at that, and the woman smiled.

"Now, when I have the microphone active, the red light will be on. Please do not say anything she shouldn't hear while that light is on."

At this point she had finished cramming her clothes in the cabinet, and slipping into the swimsuit. She pushed the button, and her Dad's voice came out of the ceiling.

"Turn away from the door and step toward the wall." She shrugged, and complied. "Now, step down into the footprints."

"Why?" Not a challenge, just a question.

"It will wash your feet before you go in the water. Health regulations." After she complied, he continued. "Now put your hands in the holes in front of you. It will wash your hands while we wash your feet."

As soon as she did so, she felt something clamp around her wrists and ankles. It didn't exactly hurt, but it scared her. While her attention was on that, A panel irised in and clamped around her neck. "What the hell is that?" she shrieked.

"Language, Suzie. It is just something to protect your face from the cleaning solution and water." He kept the microphone open. "Now, all of you will be able to see the automated cleaning process. First, she will be positioned for maximum access."

Suzie's legs started moving apart, and her hands upward and apart. "Hey!" He turned off the speaker, protecting them from her expected outburst. When her arms were straight out and her legs were spread widely, The movement stopped. She tugged at her arms and legs, but couldn't move them. The customers saw mechanical arms coming out of the walls.

Jake keyed the microphone again. "We will need complete access, so the system will now remove the suit." Her futile struggles intensified, as the arms took hold of her suit. The suit came apart cleanly at the seams, as it was clearly designed to do. Her struggles increased, and her mouth was moving furiously. The arms with the suit pieces withdrew and new ones rose from the floor.

"She will now be covered with a presoak solution." The arms started rotating around her, spraying her with the solution. An arm rose between her legs, and sprayed her privates and anus with a somewhat gentler spray. Her struggles and apparent shouts grew more frantic.

He turned off the microphone. "She is alarmed, and probably outraged, but the process is neither painful nor hazardous. The worst she is likely to suffer is a sore throat from all the yelling." They laughed at that.

He keyed open the mic again. "Now she will be gently scrubbed." Her eyes went wide, as a number of soft, rotating brushes moved over her body. The only parts left unscrubbed were between her legs and hips, and above her neck. The brushes withdrew, and she started to relax. He made it a point to open the mic before adding "Thoroughly."

She stiffened again, as she felt the probes rising along the insides of her thigh. After making sure the mic was off, he told his audience "At this point, there are several available options. We will be using option one in your brochures, so while the brushes are gently cleaning her labia they will be spreading a local anesthetic over the hood of her clitoris. While she is distracted by the cleaning of her labia and anus, we will install the optional rice grain sized pleasure chip. We will not be introducing the optional enema or douche, although that would also be done at this stage."

"What about the boys?"

"The process is the same, but the location of the chip is somewhat different. You should have a pamphlet that covers the details."

While they were talking, the secondary monitor shifted to a closeup of her genitals. A small, rotating brush was slowly moving between her inner and outer lips on each side, and then forward and backwards. They were clearly soft and gentle, from the movement of her tender tissues. When one rotated over her clit hood, the brush took on a greenish cast for a moment, then returned to normal as it moved on. Another, somewhat larger brush moved into view, running down her butt crack toward her anus. It was clear that she had not been as careful with her hygieneas she might be, as the brush withdrew, apparently cleaned itself, and returned. As the rear brush approached again, the two front brushes dipped between her inner lips and diverged. One moved slowly back, and the other forward. The forward brush paused briefly on her peehole then moved on.

The main monitor showed her squirming uncomfortably, her face a parade of emotions.

They saw her tense up more as the two rear brushes approached her openings. The front brush moved, seemingly unnoticed, and repositioned itself behind her clit. As the two rear brushes dove briefly into their respective openings, the front jerked almost imperceptibly, then withdrew. The other two brushes continued their work for a few moments, holding her attention.

Once the brief process was complete, he opened the mic and continued. "Now comes the first rinse. She will be sprayed to remove most of the presoak and cleaner," The action in the room echoed his words. "and then immersed in the second solution. This portion is what we call the Hot Tub Experience." The spray arms withdrew, and the room started filling with liquid.

Keeping the mic active, he continued. "When the liquid reaches the appropriate level, it will be vibrated by ultrasonics to help clear away any remaining contamination, and gently agitated to carry it away. This part of the process is usually considered quite pleasant."

After a few minutes, the liquid drained away. "Now another rinse cycle." The sprayers reappeared, this time spraying water. They rinsed her with alarming thoroughness.

"Now we begin the drying cycle." Jets of warm air, of varying intensity depending on where they were aimed, played over her body. While that was finishing, a large padded object, somewhat like a vaulting horse, rose out of the floor in front of her.

When the jets stopped, he keyed the mic and continued. "And now for the less pleasant part of the process." The neck and wrist restraints moved forward and down, draping her over the pad. She tried struggling, weakly. Finally, she was positioned with her hips prominently raised. A panel at her eye level opened, revealing a video screen.

With the mic off, he told his audience "This is where we make use of the recordings you have made."

He turned on the speaker, catching her drone of "no no no, please no... no more." He keyed the mic again. "Suzie!" She stopped, and looked around. He continued. "You have been a very bad girl lately. You have been rude, disrespectful, even destructive. You are here today to help you learn to stop all that bad behavior."

The speakers came alive with "No, no... please don't hurt me. I was bad. I'm sorry! I'll be good. Please, no more!" and she started crying.

"It's too late for simple apologies. You tried that, then went right back to misbehaving. This machine is not just for cleaning you. It includes a spanking machine."

"NO! I'm too old to spank! Please no!" She started thrashing.

He pressed a button, and the screen came to life."Remember this?" he prompted her. The screen showed her having a tantrum, and throwing books around the room. She felt two large, flat things come to rest on her butt cheeks. She became quite obviously afraid. When the image showed one of the books knocking over a vase, the flat things withdrew. One returned immediately, with force. She cried out as the paddle made contact, and just cried as it withdrew and revealed an angry red area where it had hit. The image showed another book knocking over a full glass of milk, and the other paddle struck.

The process repeated itself with another image and more swats. He turned down the speaker and made sure the mic was off. "I know this part may be unpleasant for some of you, but it is necessary. We recommend no fewer than four images and no more than six. There are two reasons for this. First, it becomes less effective when you get much beyond that. Second, there is a small but real chance of injury or equipment damage beyond that point." A third image appeared on the screen. "On the second to last pass, the paddles will implant the pain chips. The slight pinch they would normally feel is masked by the swat of the paddle, and the small spots of anesthetic deposited by the second swat. The final pass seals the wound."

The fifth, and final, image appeared. It showed the fast food trash on the seat of his car. After the final swats, he spoke to her again. "But sometimes you have been a good girl." He turned off the mic as some new images appeared. While they sequenced through, an arm sprayed a mist over her bright red butt.

"The mist is an antiseptic, combined with a mild anesthetic and a soothing moisturizer. It will not take away all of the sting, but it will remove most of it." After the misting arm withdrew, he let her rest for a moment. Then he pushed a button, which started the release sequence. She was returned to her upright position, as the pad withdrew back into the floor and the panel covered the screen. Once all that was done, the restraints on her neck, wrists, and ankles released her and were withdrawn.

"Now go to the door, and wait for me." She tried to open the cupboard, but found it to be locked.

Seeing that the mic was now off, a different woman asked "why aren't you having her get dressed?"

"As an extra measure of punishment, and a demonstration of my authority. We recommend you follow the same procedure."

They followed him to the door, and watched as he opened it. When Suzie saw all the adults standing there behind Jake, she tried to cover herself and retreat back into the room.

"Come out here now, young lady. Unless you want to go through another round in there?"

"But I'm NAKED!"

"We are all aware of that. Now come along."

She stood there staring for a moment, then dropped her hands and walked to her Dad. He walked her down a corridor, passing several of his coworkers. They entered a room which looked something like an electronics lab. He had her stand in what looked like a small cubicle. A human outline showed up on a nearby screen, with two colored dots in the hips and one in the crotch.

He described the controls of the remote, and gave brief demonstrations while the technicians checked the calibration. He made it clear to her that there were levels of pain well beyond those he used to demonstrate, and that he and her Mom would each have a controller.

He then gave a brief talk and demonstration about using the implants for conditioning. He made sure they understood that it was better to use the low intensity settings for most situations, saving the higher settings for more urgent situations. He said a couple of things which he knew would make her react, then triggered the pain as her reaction started, before it could get going. He reminded them that stopping such reactions won't end the problem, and may make the subject more angry in the long run. But it can help hir learn some self control over the ways they express that anger.

He had her stand there, exposed to the world, while he reminded the visitors of the safety precautions, especially those designed to prevent excessive abuse. After a while, she almost forgot that she was naked, as he answered their questions. But she remembered it all too well when he walked the group to some offices near the main entrance. There, he handed each couple off to someone who would check the paperwork and then help them go through the process.

She followed him to his office, where he spent the next couple of hours working on the computer and talking on the phone. It was boring, but better than the way the day had started. After that, they went to the company cafeteria for lunch. There were a lot of people there, and she was all too aware of her nakedness. She wasn't sure whether she felt better or worse when she noticed a number of naked, miserable looking kids about her age sitting with one or two of the people who had been with her Dad when he opened the door.

After lunch, they returned to his office. He reminded her that she was not to tell anyone but her Mom or siblings about what or who she had seen, or what had been done to her. "Imagine some girl who hates you finding out, and getting her own controller." She shuddered at the thought.

He also told her that he had made arrangements with her teacher about the traditional essay, citing company confidentiality. After he did some more work, he called someone who brought her clothes. She got dressed then and there, and soon they were on their way home.

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Who the fuck is Jake? Got to the seventh garagraph and? What the hell, we can't read your mind, pal.


????????? What was this all about. Lost interest after paragraph six and who IS Jake?

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