Bingo Night Secrets

[ fant, gb, pedo, fath, dau, son, inc ]

by lyn

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Published: 12-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Lyn was 4 years old, a beautiful little girl half Filipino half American with long black hair and bright innocent brown eyes. She was about 50 lbs. and skinny as a rail but to any dirty old man she would be just heaven. She looked so innocent, and trusting in every way. Her brother Billy was four years older so he was everything to her. Her friend Sally was her age so when her mom would go to bingo she would stay over till late.

Lyn and Billy's father was the man you didn't want watching your kids. As soon as the mothers would leave he would start sitting up the kids for his secret little show. Having made sure the small mirror was angled just right in Billy's bed room he made sure the girls would play with him in his room unknowing daddy was peeking. He would call Billy in to give him the ideas and then send him back to the girls getting them to play kissing games first him them each other and then, the, I will show you mine if you show me yours game. Of course daddy was watching in the mirror all the while.

Lyn and Sally unknowingly both about the same small skinny bodies half Filipino girls. They were shy and innocent as Lyn's brother coached and teased then into letting him and his father unknowing to them see the pronounced little mounds and skinny little hips as he playfully let them see the small but already hard little boy cock.

Both the girls where nervous and worried, that they would get caught, and kept wanting to hide in the closet as Billy got them to show there bald young pussies to him. After a few minutes they got use to the game and relaxed slightly coming out the closet onto the bed but watching the door unsure as the television was going they thought daddy was watching not paying attention to their secret game. Billy had gotten them both to kiss and now was getting them both to kiss his hard little cock. Just as he head the two girls on the bed with their panties off and backs to the door daddy walked in acting surprised but making sure the girls couldn't get to their panties.

"Well what is going on.. here.. ? No..! Don't! You both stay where you are stay on that bed girls!"

The evil smile having set up the whole thing he had them where he wanted.

"You guys know your moms will be mad if they find out what you are doing.. You will get beat and grounded for ever. But I think if you want we can keep it a secret and just not tell them ok? Besides it natural boys and girls want to know the difference uh?"

As he smiled reassuringly, making sure to keeping the exposed little girls on the bed.

"Here let me see. You girls like to see Billy's cock uh? And you like to see their pretty little pussies."

Smiling as he got a good look at the young pronounced mounds and tight little slits.

"Ok here is what you do.. Billy you get over here between Sally's legs. Sally open your legs wide so Billy can get his hard little cock up in that hot little pussy of yours.. That's right.. And Lyn you get over here beside her and open your legs.. Like Sally."

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if you liked this let me know i will try to do better

Dick Stiffington

Whew! I don't know where to begin. The story line is interesting enough, but you need to seriously address your grammar skills. Does the concept 'complete sentence' mean anything to you? Why do so many writers make this mistake?
... they got use to the game ... -WRONG
... they got used to the game ...
or this?
You will get beat ... -WRONG
You will get beaten ...
Sigh! I could go on and on. There is one good thing about this short story. It is mercifully very short.


Grammar aside it was a good story but it ended way too soon and try to be a little more descriptive when describing things like the girls' cunts and the boy's cock. Get the kids to suck each other and fondle and finger little cunts and assholes and feel and play with the boy's cock. Youngsters are going to be naturally curious and will try just about anything if they are confident that they either won't get caught or won't get in trouble if they do get caught. It seemed as though daddy was about to eat some very tasty young cunt and who knows what else he has up his wonderfully nasty sleeve. Keep on keepin' on!!!

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