Children's Christmas Party

[ M/b, M/g, pedo, ws ]

by N3orl


Published: 18-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Mary Scott posted her flyer for the children's Christmas party 5 weeks early so she and her parents had plenty of time to prepare. The first thing Mary had to do was call the secret talent agency to hire someone to play Santa. Mary met with Jim Pure who ran the agency. She told him she waited to interview men who were at least 65 years old. Mary described to Jim her idea of the prefect nude Santa. After looking at his files he found 4 men who fit her needs.

On the flyer, the parents were told to bring their digital and video cameras the party would be for children and they would get to be nude and have a nude Santa.

The third man who showed up was Bill Jones. She explained what his job would be and the special qualification that was needed for the party. He was interested in the job. He also thought that the unique angle he could provide would be prefect. Bill met with Mary several times to adjust the seat where he would sit during the party. This was important because there would be lots of pictures taken of him and the children.

Bill Jones was a retired factory worker who signed with Jim's office to earn extra money. He had done regular children's parties, but then decided that he very much preferred to be nude around children. After Mary interviewed the four men, she knew that Bill was the perfect Santa, because not only was his dick very small, he completed the look by being uncircumcised. Although Bill was not overweight, he did have a good belly to play Santa.

On the day of the party Mary decorated the large room in the rec. center. Mary brought her five-year-old daughter Mindy with her to help set up and attend the party. "Mom, are we done setting up?' Mindy asked.

"Yes, so now you can go get dressed for the party."

There were two chairs in the corner of the kitchen, so Mindy sat down and undressed herself. "Do you like my party outfit Mom?"

"Yes." Mary smiled as she looked down at her naked daughter. About 15 minutes later Bill arrived before the kids. The photographers asked Bill to set in his chair with his pants down so they could find out how to capture him in the photos. It was important that he set so that his and the children's genitals were in each photo. Mary told Bill that he could wait and prepare for his part of the party. Bill went to Mary's office so the kids wouldn't see him.

About 30 minutes before the start time, June Morris arrived with her son Tommy. Mary met them at the door and showed them where to get ready for the party. Tommy was wearing a red knit sweater with light brown slacks and tie shoes. "Come on son." June told her son as they went to a corner of the room where there was chairs set up.

"Is it time mommy?" Tommy asked.

"Yes!" June said as she helped her son undress.

First she helped him pull his sweater over his head. Then he sat down and June untied his shoes and pulled his socks off. Next he stood up, unbuttoned his slacks, and stepped out of them. Then he stood up and pulled down his underwear. Tommy was different for his age; ever since he was born his dick was longer than other boys his age. At the age of 4, Tommy was just over 3 inches long.

Mary watched as some more children arrived and get undressed. While the children played games she went and checked in with Bill. The people who were filming them thought it was a unique sight to see 15 naked children playing a game of duck, duck goose. It got the film crew excited.

"Hi." they both said. "I just wanted to make sure you understand what your job is at this party."

"Ever since we met I thought your ideas were wonderful and I look forward to helping you." Bill said. "I wanted to know if I should wear my Santa boots?"

"No it's a carpeted floor, so bare feet will complete your look." she told him

"Do you have any bottled water I can use to get myself ready?" Bill asked.

"Sure, my fridge is right here." she pointed. "Give me five minutes to get the kids lined up for the meet and greet with Santa. Also, since the parents have still and video cameras, don't be afraid to feel the kids up while they're on your lap." Mary told Bill.

"Do you have a full length mirror I can use I like to check myself before I appear?" Bill asked.

"Yes, right here on the wall." she said. "I'll come and get you when we're ready"

When she left Bill opened his bag and pulled out his Santa hat and beard and then got undressed. After Bill undressed, he looked in the mirror. For a man 65 years old he had been able to keep himself in good shape. He felt he had to do this because all the kids' parties he did were in the nude. Before he put on his costume he walked over to the mirror. He always made sure his dick pointed straight out. Bill had just enough pubic hair to give his dick and balls a rich brown color While Bill didn't have much hair on the upper groin he made up for it by having really hairy balls. He knew these little details made for a good impression the first time the children saw him. According to Bill's resume he was only a little over 3 inches when hard.

When Mary interviewed the men, she wanted her Santa to have the image of being very old. Tom sent her old men who had underdeveloped penises she knew that would project the idea that Santa was very old. Bill would be the only nude adult at the party.

Mary with her helpers got the children in a single file line next to the big chair where Santa would be sitting. At the party there were children from the ages of infants to ten years old. Mary told the moms with babies that when they were 2nd or 3rd in line they should get their children ready for Santa's lap.

When everyone was ready she knocked on her office door and the kids heard the sound of jingle bells and they knew that Santa was there. Mary opened the door and in walked Santa wearing his hat and beard and nothing else. Santa walked over to the big chair and sat down. The kids were amazed that Santa looked just like them. Bill made a few adjustments so the photographers got all of him in the pictures.

Mary stood at the front of the line and let the kids go sit of Santa's lap one by one. Bill sat and listened to what each child wanted for Christmas. While the children were talking, he ran his hands over their body and felt each child's genitals and when it was time to snap the picture he always made sure he had a hand on or near each child's genitals but he made sure not to cover anything up for the pictures. With the little boys, he stroked their little shafts and felt the little balls. With the little girls he ran his finger down their groove and rubbed their clits. This made the girls giggle. After the kids climbed off Santa's lap they went over to the table where they would eat after everyone talked to Santa.

Marcy Roberts brought her seven-month-old son Trevor to see Santa. When she was third in line she began getting him ready to see Santa. "Come on honey, we got to get you ready for your picture with Santa." She told her baby. She reached into the stroller and removed the blanket. Trevor was wearing a light blue sleeper; next she took of the sleeper and removed his diaper. When Marcy got to the front of the line she picked up her son and carried him over to sit on Santa's lap.

"My you're a cute little boy with a cute little wee wee." Santa said. Marcy smiled as the pictures were snapped.

After each child got their picture taken with Santa, they were given a highly detailed digital 8 x 10 photo of them with Santa. Each photo included both the kid's and Santa's genitals, and this made the photos extra special. "Look Mom, Santa took a picture with me and both of us have our wieners hanging out. That's so cool, Mom!" one boy said. The photographers were prepared with forms so the parents could order extra prints in all sizes.

When all the children were seated at the table Mary told the children that Santa had brought some special presents with him for the party. The kids all cheered.

"Just a minute while I go get the punch bowl." When Mary returned the with a large crystal bowl of red holiday punch, she sat it down at the head of the table so everyone could see it. Mary then told the kids that Santa brought something special for the punch and she told them to watch carefully. Next she asked Santa if he was ready, and he nodded yes. She stepped back as Santa walked up to the punch bowl and then started lifting his belly and reaching for his little wiener. After Santa got a hold of his wiener he held it and aimed out over the punch bowl. When he was ready he gave a big sigh and the kids saw a few drops of gold that turned into a good stream of piss into to punchbowl.

The kids cheered him on. The kids watched as Santa put a nice layer of foam on top of the punch. To Bill it felt like he had just gotten up in the morning and went to the bathroom.

"Wow we got to see Santa pee in the punch." One child said. As Santa stepped back the kids saw the last few drops fall on the floor. Mary stepped back up to the table and began stirring the punch with a crystal ladle. Children then handed her their cups to get some of the special punch. Mary added extra sugar to the punch to help cut the tartness of Santa's piss. The kids all told Mary how much they liked the taste of the punch.

"Don't eat too much because Santa and I have another treat for you." She told the kids. Both the children and the adults enjoyed the special holiday punch.

"Santa, are you ready to help us with the next part of our party?" Mary asked.

"Sure, I can't wait! Santa said. Mary and a helper went in the back for a minute. When they returned, the assistant was carrying a decorated cake and Mary had two small bowls, one with whipped cream and the other had chocolate syrup.

"Hey kids Santa brought us another special gift to add to our cake toppings. I have whipped cream and chocolate syrup for the cake but before we can use them Santa will add a treat to them so we can use them on our cake."

Mary then set the two bowls of toppings on the edge of the table. When she stepped aside, Santa walked up to the table. Next the kids saw Santa reach down and began rubbing his wiener. When he did this he kept his dark little head exposed for the kids, so now his looked just like theirs.

After a minute or so, Santa moved closer to the whipped cream and aimed toward the bowl. After a few short breaths the kids saw Santa squirt a white cream into the bowl after he put 6 squirts into the whipped cream he moved over and put 6 squirts into the chocolate syrup. Santa made sure not to waste any of his special cream. When Santa was finished, he stepped back and the children cheered for him. Mary had prepared the topping beforehand, so that the kids got the full flavor of Santa's treat. She made sure each topping was stirred very well so the flavor was mixed in well. Each child held their plate up to get a piece of cake and then they were asked which topping they wanted. The kids all agreed that Santa made the cake taste better.

"We're out of punch." Tommy said, so Mary picked up the bowl and Santa stopped her and whispered in her ear and then she nodded her head. When she returned she set the bowl on the table like before.

"Hey kids, do you want to see me help with the punch again?"

"YES!" the kids all shouted.

Santa walked up to the table. He reached down and grabbed his tiny worm pulled the skin over it and aimed at the punch. This time Santa really had to go. He told Mary not to fill the bowl because he knew that he was going to piss more than the first time. Santa stood still almost a full minute while he peed in the punch for the children. When he was finished, the kids really shouted and cheered for him. "Wow Santa you really had to pee.' one kid said.

"Yes I sure did. I hope you enjoy the punch." Santa said.

"We sure do." the boy responded.

After the kids ate their cake, the children were free to play. Santa was watching the children play when Mindy came up to him.

"Hi Santa."

"Hi Mindy."

"I have a question, Santa."

"Sure Mindy. What is it?" Santa said.

"Well I was sitting at the far end of the table, so I was wondering if I could get a real close look at your little wiener?"

"Yes." Santa then turned to his right to face Mindy. She was just tall enough to have his wiener right at the level of her face.

"Wow Santa, you sure have a cute wee wee."

"Thanks Mindy. Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure! What is it, Santa?" she asked

"Santa's sack itches. Can you scratch for me?" Santa said pointing to the left side of his balls.

"You mean I can really touch it, Santa?"

"Sure!" Santa said. Mindy reached over and began touching and looking at Santa's wiener from all angles. Bill had great self-control so that he only got hard when he needed.

"Hey Santa I found a drop of pee hanging on the end of your wiener." Mindy said.

"Would you like Santa to try and drop it on your tongue?" Mindy knelt down and stuck out her tongue. Next Santa pointed and shook not one, but two big drops of fresh pee right on her tongue. "Did you like that, Mindy?"

"It was wonderful Santa!"

"I know you're a good girl because I heard that you helped your mom set up for the party." Santa said.

"While I was helping mom set up I got to taste the punch." she told him

"Did you like the punch?" he asked.

"It was ok, but it tasted much better after you peed in it." Mindy told Santa.

"Thank you." Santa said.

"Gee Santa, can I touch it too?' Tommy asked.

"I would be a bad Santa if I didn't let anyone who asked." He said. Tommy spent a long time looking and touching Santa's wiener; he looked over from all angels.

"Don't spend too much time with Santa some of the other kids might want a turn." Tommy's mother said.

"Oh don't worry. He can stay as long as we wants." Santa said. "Tommy let's stand you up here on the counter so Santa can get a better look at you." He said. Santa then lifted Tommy up so he could get a good look at him.

"Gee Santa, I think my wiener is bigger than yours." Tommy said.

"I think you're right, Tommy." Santa said.

While the children were playing Mindy began whispering to her mom. When she was finished, Mindy walked back over and began talking to Santa. Then Mary began whispering in Santa's ear. As she spoke Santa nodded and smiled then he said yes.

"Kids, lets gather around our open area, because Mindy and Santa have a special show for you." Mary told the children. "Hey Santa, would you like to have some fun?' Mindy asked.

"Yes." Santa said. Santa stood in the middle of the area where all the kids were sitting. Mindy then walked up to Santa and grabbed his tiny worm and began rubbing it. Santa stood very still as the little girl masturbated him. Next she moved closer and then took Santa's dick and began sucking it. The kids watching were in awe at what Mindy and Santa were doing. Mindy for a five year old really took her time and concentrated on sucking Santa's dick.

"Are you ready to do the other now, Mindy?" Santa asked.

"You bet, Santa!" Mindy said. Mindy then got two child sized chairs and placed them in front of Santa. Next she walked around and stood on the chairs with her back to Santa. When she was ready Santa walked up behind her and put his hands around her hips. With Mindy bent over, her pussy was even with Santa's dick. Santa reached down and guided his dick into Mindy's pussy. Since Santa was short he could move real fast and he didn't hurt her while he was inside. Santa could last a long time.

After the first few minutes Santa heard Mindy yelp and could tell she was having her first orgasm. Since Santa was so short he could really jackhammer into Mindy's pussy. Santa then proved he was magical when he pulled his dick out just enough to show the kids his first squirt of cum and then without wasting another drop he finished cumming in Mindy's pussy.

The kids all cheered when Santa and Mindy were finished having sex. Mindy was not a modest little girl, her mother handed her a washcloth and she wiped her pussy in front of all her friends.

By this time the party was over and the parents were returning to pick up their children and hearing all about the party.

Bill was in Mary's office so they could settle up. "Did you enjoy the party Bill?"

"Yes it was fun, I think the kids had a good time too." Bill said.

"What do you think the kids enjoyed best about the party?" she asked.

"I think the kids enjoyed it most when I pissed and cum." he said.

"Yes that was fun to see." she said. "Before I make out your check, do I need to add any extra for your show with Mindy?"

"Oh no, I always wanted to try that."

"Do you do clowns?' Mary asked.

"No, but there are some guys at the agency who do." Mary had an idea that when it was warm weather she would need a nude clown to entertain at the summer picnic.

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I beat myself senseless .I want to be santa at that party.keep up the good Work.


That was delightfully fun. And sexy!




WOW!! what a great cock was throbing in my cock pump. Keep up the great work. Craig


sorry didn't care for this one...

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