Big Girls, Part 3

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Published: 2-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The last of my girls was lovely little Colette Denny. She was a sweet, soft little creature of eleven who had been fucked by several of her mother's ex-boyfriends for many years, the last of which had gone to prison for embezzlement from his investment bank funds.

Hazel, her mother, was well known to me having been around the area for a long time.

I gave her money quite regularly after befriending her and hearing the sad tale of her life. I actually liked her a lot and wanted to bed the gentle woman, making her mine. It was all part of my plan to have her and her juicy little daughter.

She told me everything about her life with very little coaxing and even gave me the details of her daughter's constant rapes by her boyfriends when I plied her with a little drink over at my house for dinner and a long chat. It was on the forth occasion that I decided to make a move on her.

She arrived dressed in a simple little plain white dress, soft shoes and a small bag in her hand. She looked delicious and I had high hopes of tasting her very soon too.

"Hi Hazel. Gosh, you look really nice!" I told her, making her blush sweetly.

"Thank you Rick!" she said in her customary soft and ineffectual voice.

I let her into the house and sat her in the living room, offering her a glass of wine. We chatted for a while and then I took her into the kitchen where I prepared a meal and then we ate.

"You are such a good cook!" she said, "I wish I could cook like that!"

"How are you doing?" I asked her, knowing the answer to that.

"Not that good. The bank is threatening to fore-close on the mortgage and I can't get any job as I don't have a skill. Even the supermarket won't hire me, I feel like such a failure." she started crying and I went around the table to her, hugging her.

"Don't fret, I told you that I want to help you!" I said.

"You're too kind, I... I could really go for someone like you." she told me, looking into my eyes with those pretty blue ones, "I would do anything you wanted..."

I was surprised by this, I had never expected her to make the first move.

"What do you mean Hazel?" I asked, playing the role she set for me. "I told you what the others did to me, to us. You could look after us..." she stopped, looking away.

I pulled her out of the seat gently and kissed her, long and deep, my tongue licking into her mouth. She clung to me in a needy and very sexy way that made my cock very hard. I pulled my mouth from hers and just looked into those pretty blue eyes and she smiled, dropping to her knees and freeing my cock. I groaned as she sucked it into her mouth, she was very good at it and had me moaning against my will. Soon I was gripping her head and cumming hard into her wonderful mouth, grunting and shooting as she suckled and swallowed all I had. Then she continued to suck my cock for a bit before getting to her feet and smiling at me, still holding me in her warm slim hand.

"Wow!" I said honestly.

"Did you like that?" she asked in her sweet little voice, "I can do that for you all the time."

"That was fantastic!" I said, still gasping for breath.

The little woman pulled me along behind her and led me into the living room again, pushing me down into the seat and then stepping out of her panties. She was smiling a shy little smile that made the whole thing much sexier. She climbed into my lap and sank down onto my cock, sucking it up into her tight, warm and very slippery belly.

"Ahhhhhh!" she sighed.

"Ahhhhhh!" I gasped.

"I'm going to pay you back for all your kindness. I want to be your woman, I want to do anything you want. You can even fuck my little girl if you like, I don't mind!" she smiled.

She rode my cock and stared into my eyes, fucking me for a long, long time before she would let me cum in her. I took her up to my bedroom and fucked her some more, sucking her pussy until she screamed and then fucking her some more. Then I took her home and we planned to meet for the weekend.

That Saturday I left Nicole and Lucy at home with Nicole's mother. The girls were told to remain in their room and play until I cam and collected them later.

I went around to Hazel's home where I was me by the prettiest little girl I had ever seen. She smiled at me as soon as she opened the door and asked me to come inside.

"You must be Rick?" she said.

"Yes!" I said taking her hand, "And you must be Colette!"

She grinned and then ran off to get her mother. Hazel came into the living room and hugged me.

"I'm glad you've come." she said, "Colette, Rick is going to take care of us from now on. You must be very good to him and do whatever he says, OK?"

"Do I have to do like I did with Uncle David?" she asked nervously.

"Yes Honey, if we want him to take care of us we must take care of him too!" she told her daughter.

"OK Mummy! I like him anyway!" she smiled at me.

"Take him up to your room and show him what a good girl you are!"

Hazel told her.

I looked at the woman and she smiled at me, pushing me out into the hall behind the girl.

"I'll be an hour at least. I'll wait until you come back down, when you're finished." she told me, trailing her hand down my back and fondling my buttocks.

Colette pulled me along up the stairs and into her room. She went over to her bed and pulled her dress up over her head, dropping it to the floor. I gazed in happy surprise over her slender, waif-like body, her perky apple-sized breasts and her tiny hips. Her pussy was very plump, bulging from her crotch. I found it hard to believe any man could get his cock up into that small frame, let alone mine.

She smiled shyly at me, her hands at her sides.

"Do I please you?" she asked me, her small voice sweet to my ears.

"Very much Honey, you and your mother are a delight and I am looking forward to becoming your new 'Daddy'." I told her, walking over to her and bending to kiss that sweet tiny mouth. She raised her head, closing her eyes, her mouth opened and waiting. I sank my tongue deep into her mouth, feeling her suck gently on it. She moaned and coiled her arms around my neck. I lifted her into my arms and carried her to her bed, laying her down and then removed my clothes. She gasped when she saw my cock.

"It's so big!" she said, "Can it fit?"

I laughed.

"I have not had a problem with my young friends back at my home!"

I told her and climbed onto the bed with her, "They've been taking it for a long time now and they're younger than you."

"Really?" she asked, surprised.

I didn't answer her, I stroked and fondled her slim body, pinching her nipples and fingering her amazingly smooth and plump pussy. She moaned and became even wetter as I spread her legs and climbed between them. I dined on sweet young pussy, tonguing and sucking her ripe flesh as if it were a juicy fruit. She moaned louder, grasping my head in her hands and pressing me deeper into her crotch. I licked her harder, sucking her swollen clit between my lips and flicking it with my tongue until she squealed in orgasm.

When I moved up her slender body and propped myself on my elbows I pressed my cock against her slippery opening and pressed into her, sliding the head completely in and lodging it firmly in her gripping hole.

"Unngh!" she grunted and dug her fingers into my upper arms, her skinny legs curling around my hips and upper thighs.

I worked my cock into her slowly, taking my time with her. I intended to get all of it in her sweet, tight young belly tonight. I was going to fuck her many times along with her mother before the end of the day, cementing my ownership of them both. I kept working against her, pulling out to the tip and then forcing my way back into her again, inching deeper without too much pressure.

"Oh God! D... Daddy!" she gasped, exciting me with her acceptance of me as her new father.

"That's a good girl Honey, take Daddy's cock!" I whispered into her ear as I fucked her.

"Ungh! Yes Daddy!" she gasped again, her small, clutching pussy getting more and more slippery with each stroke, allowing me even deeper into the adorable child's sweet and very tight belly.

I moved one hand down under her and cupped her small, firm buttock in my hand, my finger in her tiny anus. She gave a little wriggle and my cock sank deep, burying all the way into her and causing her to squeal like a little piglet and dig her nails into my arms.

I remained still, giving her time to get used to my thickness, my length. When she opened her eyes they were full of tears.

"Sorry Daddy!" she whimpered.

"There's nothing to be sorry about Honey, Daddy's in now and he is very happy." I told her, kissing her for ages and flexing my cock in her until she relaxed. Then I started to fuck her again, slower now, with deeper strokes. She winced a bit, but soon was gasping and moaning again, her vice-like pussy gripping me and her lithe hips moving against mine. She was taking me now, all of me. I slid smoothly in her now, reaming her and stuffing her belly with my black meat, making her mine.

Too soon I felt the stirrings in my belly, my balls tightening. I grunted, cried out and ploughed deep, holding my hips to hers. Her small bottom was cupped in my hands as my cock pumped, bucked and squirted into her. She squealed delightfully and clung to my, her pussy muscles grinding my cock as she too orgasmed around me. I lay there for ages just holding her in my arms, then I was ready for more.

It took three months to move the lovely pair in with me. They took to Lucy quickly, accepting her as family. Nicole too was accepted and I still use her mother whenever I please, drunk or sober.

They are my girls all, big girls.

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Very good series of stories. I like reading stories about perverts who fuck little girls and trick them into sucking them off and swallowing. This guy needs to meet some bitches with three year old cunts so he can have a little girl nursing on his meat.


All 3 parts where good thanks


Another good story, I liked part two the best tho. Got any younger ones? Keep the good work. Thanks...Toddluv


what a story man!
i would love me a blue eyed whore like that who would let me fuck her little bitch like that!

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