The Pornographer, Part 1

[ m/m/f, voy, porno, pedo ]

by Pedros


Published: 3-Feb-2012

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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

WARNING: This is a fantasy containing explicit sexual acts between children and children; and children and adults. If this is not to your liking or interests, don't bother to proceed.


I am a photographer in a large Russian porno studio complex. My studio is called KP2000 and we specialise in child pornography, both still photography and video. Models in KP2000 are aged from around 5 years up to 15 years, both boys and girls. There are several studios in the complex and each specialises in particular types of pornography, all involving children. Studio KP2001 is for youngsters below 10 years of age and adults, KP2002 is for first-time children with adults, usually around 5 or 6 years old but sometimes older. KP2003 is for boys with men or boys with women; and the last studio, KP2004, is for the more bizarre shoots. Although I am mainly responsible for KP2000, I get to work in all of the studios and have seen and videoed the most incredible scenes. My boss, Boris, has contacts with orphanages and hostels around the area and seems to have some hold over these institutions that enables him to have a ready supply of young kids for our sessions. I love my work and enjoy having sex with my young models, both the girls and the boys, whenever I can; but I really enjoy watching and photographing them with each other or with other adults.....

This is the first of my stories......

Studio KP2000

"Come on in, Anna. You look very pretty today," I said as the young eight-year-old came into the studio. She did look pretty in her short dress, her long blonde hair shiny and straight and reaching to below her shoulderblades. Her feet were bare and I knew Elvira, our make-up and preparation mistress, would have removed all of Anna's other clothing, leaving her wearing only the dress so she could walk around the studio complex without being harassed by the other models or photographers. Anna had a light cover of make-up, reddened lips, a pale powder brush to smooth her face and light eye make-up. The purpose of this was two-fold - to make the youngsters even more pretty and, more importantly, to make them feel like models so they would be more willing to perform in front of our cameras. The girls loved to feel grown-up and to act it, which they did with the make-up. Anna was one of my favourites and we had worked together several times before today.

"Did Boris tell you what we were doing today?" I asked her as I watched her walking over to the large sofa, the main item of furniture in my studio. It was warm with all the lights shining onto the sofa making the room very cosy and conducive to a good shoot.

"Yes, Gorry," she said, smiling at me as she stood beside the soft furniture.

"Good," I said. "Igor and Yngve will be here in a short while. I want to take some photos of just you, first. Before they arrive. Lets start with you standing near the sofa. Lean back against the wall at the end. Pout for me, honey. That's nice." My young model went in to a delightful series of poses, something she had done many times before and it showed. She was as good as a grown-up but with that incredible little-girl appeal. I snapped away as her poses became more and more provocative and sensual.

"Let's see a hint of your pussy, baby," I said, kneeling in front of her. "Raise your dress hem...higher...aaaah...that's it. Hold it there." I could see the groove between her legs just peeping from below her hemline and I took several photos. Men seemed to go crazy at the 'sneaky' shots. "Now up a little higher. Fantastic. Spread your legs a little....beautiful! Your pussy looks heavenly." I clicked away as Anna became more and more sexual in her posing, raising her dress up around her waist and putting a leg up on the sofa to open herself to my exploring and penetrating lens. I focused in on her pussy, taking closeup photos of her delicate folds and glistening inner flesh. My cock was hardening in my pants as I devoured her sex with my eyes.

"I think its time we got you on the sofa," I told her taking a final shot of her from below, her legs apart and her pussy framed by her smooth thighs.

My little model sat down on the sofa and went to take off her dress.

"No, Anna. Leave your dress on a moment. I'll take some photos of you taking it off. But first some of you lying back on the couch. That's right. Raise your legs....aaaahh....I can see your pretty pussy opening for me. Yes. Like that. Let your dress fall back onto your belly. Mmmmmm. Open your legs. Wider. Raise them back...oh, yes. So pretty." I focused in onto her beautiful bare pussy as she lay back on the sofa with her legs drawn back and apart. "You are already wet!" I chided her, seeing her flesh glistening under the lights. "You obviously like posing for Gorry I see. The boys will have it easy, no?" I knew Elvira would have rubbed lubricant into Anna's pussy as part of her preparation, but I also knew that most of the girls loved to be told how wet they were, how sexy they looked and how boys and men loved them to glisten.

Anna giggled and pulled her legs back further and wider apart. She was only eight, but she was a sexy little girl and loved attention, especially by men and especially on her body. She was slim and beautiful, her skin a natural honey colour grading to a creamy white around her vulva and between her legs. Her cunny was a pale satiny pink with delicate labial folds and a developed clitoris. She was no longer a virgin, but her young pussy retained its virginal appearance and tightness. As did her anus, in spite of it having received boy and man cocks into its core over the past year since she first began modelling for us. I zoomed in onto that almost hidden sphincter as Anna brought her legs back onto her belly.

"That's beautiful, my poppet," I told her, stepping back a little so her whole body was visible in my view-finder. "Now, take off your dress. Slowly. Leave your legs raised. That's right. Aaaahh! Look at those wonderful little titties. Such delightful nipples. So suckable. look good enough to eat!"

Anna giggled at my commentary, pulling her dress back and exposing her beautiful naked body to my camera lens. She had gentle swells where her breasts would one day form and her nipples were swollen darker pink peaks on those soft swellings. She raised her head to draw the dress away from her body and dropped it on the floor. She was now nude. I moved around the sofa photographing her from all angles and she assisted by posing in the most provocative manner for me. She caressed her nipples and ran her hands over her body making her skin goosebump, the lighting highlighting the puckering over her skin. She stretched her legs down and her pubic mound thrust up from below her slim belly. It, too, was covered in goosebumps. Lying like that, her slit was smooth; just an indent running down between her legs. So sweet. So virginal.

I took a series of photographs as she stretched out on the sofa, becoming more and more sexual in her poses as my lens caressed her.

"Now kneel up on the sofa for me, Anna," I said. "We'll get some shots of you from behind to finish off."

She knelt up, then lowered her upper body onto the couch leaving her sweet bottom raised up for me. This pose pushed her cunny out from between her thighs and it was a pose I particularly loved. I moved around to get a photo, kneeling to obtain a better view of her treasure. I heard the studio door open and turned as my two other subjects entered. I motioned for them to stay behind me and turned back to Anna. I could see one of her labia peeking out from between the puffy mounds of her vulva like a mollusc peeking out from its shell and I zoomed in for the shot.

After I had taken it, I couldn't resist the temptation and I reached out and took hold of the tender fold of skin peeping out of its nest and pulled it fully out. Anna giggled as my fingers touched her and she wriggled her bottom as I pulled her labia out into the light. The folds of pale glistening skin protruded from her slit like the frills of an oyster and my fingers gently stroked along the edges of the moist flesh. I took the photo with my fingers still touching her and a tip barely slipping just into the warm slit between them. I ran my finger up onto the button of her clitoris, which was hot and hard at the top of her pussy, and pressed it firmly, sexily, before standing up and turning to the two boys behind me. Anna let herself relax onto the couch while I organised the rest of our shoot.

"Hi, boys," I greeted them as I packed my still camera into its bag. "Do you know Anna?" I asked. "Have you worked together before?" Both boys shook their heads in the negative. "Well that will make it very exciting for you all, won't it?" I said. "Anna. These are your two boys for today. This is Igor," I introduced, indicating the older boy. "And this is Yngve. Boys. This is Anna." The three kids all smiled shyly at each other and I felt a thrill inside me. Even though these kids had all had sex and knew what they were going to be doing for me over the next hour or so, they still had their innocent shyness and respect which really turned me on. My cock was (and had been since photographing Anna had begun) as hard as a rod of iron and I could feel the dampness around my glans from my leaking semen. Having the three children here that would perform for me sent a tremor through my belly. I looked at the two boys.

Igor was around 13 or 14, I guessed. He was wearing a track suit with the top unzipped and I knew he would be nude beneath it. His body was slim but starting to take on the musculature of a teenager, his belly flat and showing the beginnings of a 'six-pack' of firm muscle. His chest was hairless and tanned, his nipples dark circles on swelling mounds. He was dark haired with a sweet face and piercing blue eyes...quite handsome in fact and almost as tall as me.

The other boy was around 10 years of age and wore only a pair of shorts. He was blond and beautiful, his body very similar in build to Anna's...slender and wiry. His arms were still slim and his body was creamy coloured, again, almost identical to Anna's. They could have been brother and sister...literally! They both came from different orphanages so I guess it could have been possible. This thought added to my own excitement.

I had not worked with either of these boys before and was curious to see them. Boris had spoken to me of Igor, saying he had the biggest cock he had seen on a young boy and he was in demand in the other studios. Yngve was relatively new to the orphanage and, hence, the studio scene and I knew nothing about him.

"Do you come?" I asked the younger boy. "I know Igor does but I need to know about you so we can plan the shoot," I added.

Yngve looked at me and blushed (which I found highly delightful). "Er...sort of," he said softly. "Stuff squirts out but its not thick like the men I've seen."

I smiled at him. "That's great, Yngve. Its not important what you squirt out, but it is important that you do squirt. At least, so I know how to set-up the scene. Okay. Here's the story." I turned to include Anna in our discussion and the boys moved around towards the couch. Anna still lay on her belly but was not fazed at being naked in front of the boys. She knew what she was here for!

"Anna, you will be asleep on the couch, lying on your back. Yngve, you come into the scene and start looking at Anna, especially between her legs. You touch Anna and she wakes up. She pulls your pants off and you both start fooling around on the couch. Just do any sexy things you would like to do...touching, licking, sticking your finger into her cunt. Anything goes. As though you are brother and sister." I saw the two youngsters looking at each other and knew they would put on a good show for me. "And you, Igor, will come into the scene when I say. You are the older brother and you get cross with the kids when you see what they are doing. You make them undress you and then they have to suck you and you fuck them both. We'll play it by ear from then on. Hopefully you will all come and I'll get some good squirt shots to finish off. Are you all clear on what to do?" The three of them nodded and I picked up the video camera. "Okay....let's do it!"

I always filmed with hand-held camera to allow me freedom of movement around my studio and to enable me to get in close to the action. I explained this to my actors. "Don't take any notice of my moving around you. I'll get between your legs and up close to you but don't look at me or react to me. Okay? I'll try not to touch you, but, if I do, take no notice." The children nodded. "Anna, you lie on your back....that's right. Open your legs a little bit so Yngve can look at you when he comes on. That's it. Man!!! Have a look at that pussy, boys. Its ready for you both!" I said jokingly, seeing Anna's cunny glistening with her already flowing juices. She smiled knowingly up at me and I knew she really was looking forward to having these good-looking boys. She was only eight, but she was a very experienced young girl and knew what she liked.

"Right. Make out you're asleep, Anna." She closed her eyes and I began filming.

I panned from her feet upwards, my camera lens following up her leg, past her ankle, calf, knee, smooth thighs and lingered at the junction of her thighs and lower belly. I leaned in close, filling the camera aperture with her beautiful cunt. Her labia were now quite distended and poked out from between her cunny. There was a glimpse of the inner red flesh in a strip between her lips. I was so close, I could smell her musky girl smell mingled with the scent Elvira had lightly sprayed on her at make-up. I slowly moved up Anna's body, my lens only a couple of inches away from her smooth skin. Over her pudenda and up the faint line on her belly, following it to her navel. Then on to her nipple, the lightly coloured nub stiff and filling my viewfinder. I panned back to take in the girl's upper body and face, gradually pulling back until her whole body was visible. I signalled Yngve to come into view.

The young boy came over to the sofa and into the scene. His eyes were on the girl laid out before him. I could see the front of his pants was sticking out and knew he had an erection already. He stood looking down at Anna.

"Look at her pussy, Yngve," I told him. I would do over the sound before the video was completed so had no worries talking while I filmed. In most of the other studios there was a director as well as the cameraman; but in here, I was the boss...the one and only. I filmed the boy leaning over Anna and looking into the junction of her thighs. Anna was still 'sleeping'.

"Now touch her. Put your fingers onto her and pull her pussy open. That's it. And you wake up, Anna, but keep your legs open. Just look at Yngve as though it is okay for him to be touching are not upset." I watched as the boy took hold of Anna's labia and pulled her sex gently apart. It was obvious he had had some experience as he knew how to examine her with tenderness and to excite her. He ran both his index fingers along the slick, shiny inner flesh and slowly pressed both of them into her tight slit. Anna moaned and her legs opened wider to Yngve's groping fingers. The boy looked up at her and she smiled at him.

"Take Yngve's pants off, Anna," I said and she sat up, the lad's fingers still inside her. She took hold of the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, slowly. His naked body came into view and I drew in my breath as his boy-cock was freed from his shorts. I zoomed in on it and felt my own penis quivering as I gazed at its beauty.

He was hairless and his penis stood up from the base of his belly. He was uncircumcised, the foreskin covering his glans so that only a circle of its tip and slit were exposed. His shaft was smooth and pale, the skin stretched tightly over its length; and he was about four inches long but quite thick. His balls were in a soft, dangling sack that hung loosely between his thighs. He had quite a tan so the pale flesh around his hips where his bathers covered was a pale creamy colour, a real contrast to the golden brown of the rest of his body.

While Anna undressed him and inspected his body, Yngve continued to probe her sex and I could see how wet Anna was from the glistening of his fingers. Without any instruction, the young girl began fondling and exploring her young 'brother', taking hold of his penis and gently rubbing her fingers up and down its length. Her other hand came up beneath him and she cradled his balls on her palm. She gently pulled his foreskin back, exposing the bright red glans, the skin shiny and glistening with his leakage. She touched the urethral opening and drew off a thin sliver of boy-juice, the clear liquid stretching from his cock like a thin strand of honey. While Anna explored him, Yngve drew his fingers from within her and pulled her cunny open wider and gazed into her exposed vagina. She was glistening with her own lubricants, the creamy juice shiny on the skin between her legs.

I glanced back at Igor who was standing just behind me, watching intently. He was fondling his large rod beneath his track-suit pants. "It won't be long, son," I said to him, smiling and he grinned.

I moved around the two youngsters on the couch, my camera searching between their legs, closing in on their sex, focusing on each slick part of them as well as panning out to show their whole bodies.

"Now I want you to fuck Anna, Yngve. That's right, get between her legs. Anna, put your left leg up on the back of the couch. Mmmmm. That makes your pussy stretch, doesn't it." The two kids did as I directed. "You put Yngve's cock into you, Anna. That's it. Take a good hold. Wait a second until I get in close...yeah....that's right. Now, bring it to your pussy...aaahhh...lovely. Don't rush. Let it go slowly into your little cunt. That's great." I filmed the boy's pale rod of flesh slowly slide in between Anna's swollen pussy lips, gradually disappearing into her tight tunnel. Yngve showed terrific restraint, not pushing himself into her but letting her guide him slowly inside her and keeping his body slightly turned to enable my camera to capture every little movement into her body. Finally he was fully encased, his pubic bone pressing against Anna's and the girl's hands moved to hold his buttocks.

"That was great," I told them, keeping my camera focused at their joining. "Now start fucking her, buddy," I said to Yngve and he began a slow, sensual fucking, his young cock coming out glistening with her juices almost to its tip before sliding easily back inside her. His balls dangled and jiggled with his movements banging against the ridge between Anna's pussy and arsehole with each inward thrust. The two of them were becoming quite involved in their union and I marvelled that two children so young could be so sexually experienced and aware. Even though their bodies were so immature, their actions and movements were those of adults. Yngve began to thrust and withdraw in earnest as his excitement built; and Anna was thrusting herself up to meet his body, her eyes closed, her breath gasping and her fingers clenched in the pale mounds of his buttocks.

"Okay, Igor. Its time for you to spoil their fun," I said to the teenager now standing beside me. I pulled back from the youngsters on the couch and I think they were so caught up in their sexual arousal that I don't think they even realised I was moving away. I gazed through the viewfinder at the two naked young kids as they fucked, Yngve's pale buttocks clenching and unclenching as he pistoned his penis in and out of Anna's tight vagina. I motioned for Igor to come into the scene.

The older boy appeared in my viewfinder and he stood for a moment looking down at his 'brother' and 'sister' fucking on the couch. Then he slapped Yngve on the buttocks, genuinely surprising the boy and making him jerk out of Anna and roll off the young girl. He lay on his side between Anna and the back of the couch, his penis still stiff and shiny with his young lover's cream, looking up at his 'brother' in surprise. Anna lay with her legs splayed, her left leg trapped beneath Yngve and her right leg resting on the floor. Her cunny was reddened and opened to her 'brother's' gaze.

"What do you two think you are doing?" Igor growled at them. "What if it was mum or dad finding you fucking like this, hey?" He leaned down and put one hand on Anna's pussy and took hold of Yngve's penis with his other hand. "They would cut this off," he said, tugging on the young boy's erection. "And sew this up," he continued, pushing his finger into Anna's sex. "You are lucky it was me that found you."

"Why? What are you going to do?" Anna asked him in a 'little scared girl' voice.

Igor laughed. "I am going to join in!" he said. "I will fuck you both!" His two 'siblings' stared at him. Igor took his hands from them and stood up. "Undress me!" he ordered. "Come on!" he said when the two children just lay looking at him in surprise. They scrambled to sit up, one either side of Igor, all facing towards me. Anna stood up on the couch which brought her head on a level with Igor's and she began to draw his jacket from him, tugging a sleeve down as Yngve stood up and copied her. His penis was still jutting out stiffly from his bare pubes and its tip brushed against the older boy's chest as he pulled the jacket down. Igor was quite muscular in the chest and arms, although still slender. He had the build of an athlete and I could picture him working out at the gym, toning and building up his body. He was quite beautiful and my camera roved over his bare upper body. He was going to be a beautiful man. He stood between the naked children bare to the waist.

"Now my pants!" he said and Anna and Yngve knelt down and, taking the waistband of Igor's tracksuit pants on each side, they slowly pulled them down. The elastic caught over the head of the older boy's penis and forced it outwards as his pants were lowered. I was amazed at its size as his pants jutted out in front. Then, as the children pulled his pants down his thighs, the shaft came into view, still hooked in the waistband and being forced downwards. He was huge! His shaft was thick and long and creamy smooth. As his pants were tugged lower, his cock finally sprang free and thrust up stiffly from his groin. It was beautiful - in keeping with the rest of his body. The two chldren tugged his pants free of Igor's feet and he stood as naked as them. Both Anna and Yngve gasped when they saw the size of Igor's erection and they stared at it in awe.

My camera caressed the boy's majestic organ and I zoomed in on the silken glans. He was uncircumcised but his foreskin had pulled right back from his glans and he was smooth from the tip of his cock right down to the base. Bulging veins wriggled their way over the creamy skin but did not detract from its beauty...they seemed to make him look even more powerful, like the veins on a body-builder's arms. Beneath his penis hung a large smooth sac with his two large, man-sized testes cradled within. His left testicle hung below his right and his scrotum swayed loosely between his thighs. He had the faintest hint of pubic hair at the base of his belly, the lights causing a faint shadow from the thin hairs over his pubes. I must admit that I was rather envious of this youngster, as would be many men. He was more endowed at thirteen than most men ever got. No wonder he was popular with the other movie directors...and I guess with most of the actors as well!! I made sure the viewers of my movie got to see the boy's treasures close up and in all of its glory.

Finally I zoomed back from Igor's wonders and brought the other two children into view. They were still looking at their 'brother's' cock and waiting for his orders.

"Play with me," Igor told them both. "Play with my cock and my balls."

The two children needed no further invitation and they both reached out and touched Igor's penis. Anna took hold of his glans and ran her fingers around the coronal rim. Her fingers could just reach around his thickness and she caressed the reddened knob, staring at it as her fingers felt its silkiness. Yngve was playing with Igor's testes, holding the spongy, slippery balls in the palm of his hand and giggling as they slipped off on either side. He tried to hold them between his fingers but they were too slippery inside their sac. Anna caressed down the length of Igor's erection, her fingers coming apart as they slid down the widening shaft towards its base. I noticed a clear drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip of Igor's cock and knew the lad was close to coming.

"Lick me," Igor said to Anna. "Suck on my cock. And you stand up on the couch so I can suck your cock, Yngve," he said to his 'brother'. The two children complied eagerly, Anna leaning forward with her mouth open towards the shiny knob, taking it between her lips and encasing the entire glans inside her mouth. It only just fitted, and I saw her eyes widen as she swallowed and tasted the pre-cum that leaked from Igor. She worked her mouth on the swollen glans, barely able to move her mouth it was stretched so wide. Her fingers played along the thick shaft down to the dangling balls and back up to where it entered her mouth. Her other hand had dropped between her spread thighs and her fingers stroked and fondled her own moist sex.

Yngve stood up beside Igor and leaned his penis in towards the older boy's mouth. Igor took the slender, hard erection between his lips and began to slowly piston its length in and out of his mouth. Yngve cried out as his 'brother' sucked and stretched his penis, Igor's hand coming up behind Yngve's buttocks and forcing the boy in against him. He began sucking in earnest and the younger boy gasped and shuddered with the sensations being created. I realised that Yngve was going to come if Igor kept doing what he was doing; and I knew that Igor was fully aware of this fact, too. It seemed as though he wanted the youngster to come. I thought about breaking the scene up to get back to my original scenario, but then decided the footage I was getting was really quite incredible and spontaneous and decided to let things go as they were. I focused in on the two boys, on to Yngve's shiny wet tube of hard flesh slipping in and out of Igor's mouth. In and out, in and out, backwards and forwards, the older boy keeping up a steadily increasing rhythm. I could see the tensing of Yngve's body as his climax approached and I felt my own penis almost ready to come as well in excitement.

Then the young boy cried out and his hands clutched at Igor's head; whether to pull him on harder or to drag his mouth away, I couldn't tell. I doubt he knew either. Igor maintained his suction on his 'brother's' penis and my camera captured the thrusting and pulsing of Yngve's lower belly as he spurted his essence into the enclosing mouth. His young body jerked and trembled for several moments and Igor's hands dug into his buttocks pulling him in harder against him. He didn't relax his grip until Yngve finally stopped moving and his body visibly relaxed, leaning over Igor, his breathing ragged. Igor slowly drew his mouth from the boy's still hard cock and let a dribble of thick, clear liquid like honey ooze from his mouth and trickle down his chin. It wasn't a lot, but it was Yngve's come and I had it all on film. Igor eased Yngve back from him and the young boy slowly knelt on the couch, leaning back against the wall and trying to get himself back under control. I was still focused on Igor's face and the trickle of boy-juice forming a sparkling droplet on his chin. He looked at the camera and I noticed his eyes were glazed in sexual arousal. He looked down his body and I slowly zoomed back to bring Anna back into the scene. She was still sucking on Igor's swollen member, her hands rubbing up and down the long shaft with Igor's hand covering her's and making the rhythm. He was thrusting his body upwards at each stroke and Anna was doing a great job to keep his glans from popping out of her mouth. From the tension in Igor's body, I knew he was going to come in Anna's mouth. I wanted him to fuck the young girl and felt I had to intercede, as much as the scene before me was incredibly exciting; but I knew the film studio wanted Anna to be fucked and I had to comply.

"Igor, you'd better stop," I said. "I want you to fuck Anna and you look like you're going to come in her mouth."

Igor looked up at me, his face flushed and his eyes filled with lust. "Its okay," he gasped, not slowing his movements or making any effort to calm himself. "I can come twice in a row," he went on, his voice shaky with exitement. "Don't worry. I want to fuck her as well. And I will. Uuuhhhnnnn!! I....I'm....I'm coming!!!" he blurted and he jerked back and grabbed Anna's head, holding her onto his pulsating penis.

It was too late. He couldn't stop himself. He was coming and I could do nothing about it but continue filming. I hoped what he had said was true, but in case it wasn't, I made sure I captured his mouth-fuck of the young girl. I knelt down to get a close-up of Anna with Igor's knob filling her mouth. She was almost gagging as the boy pushed himself harder into her and held her head onto him. I could see his penis pulsing as it disgorged its cream into Anna; and I watched in fascination as that creamy white fluid began to leak out of her mouth as it spurted inside her. With a strangled cry, she managed to pull herself away and Igor's cock-head was suddenly in view, swollen and red and still squirting, the fluid splashing onto Anna's face as she coughed and spluttered. It streaked over her eye, nose and cheek while the stuff she had taken inside her mouth dribbled down her chin. Her eyes were streaming tears and I guess she had gagged as Igor had pushed into her throat as he came. The boy continued to milk himself with his hand while trying to push Anna back onto himself with his other. Yngve was now sitting up beside Igor and watching in fascination, his hand in his lap fondling himself. His penis was already stiffening again.

Igor finally ceased his climax and slowed the stroking of his penis to a steady caress, his fingers wiping his leaking sperm over the glans and shaft of his still hard organ. His other hand gently caressed Anna and stroked over her breast and belly as she slowly settled back down. She wiped the sperm from her face and chin and rubbed it over her chest and nipples. She was smiling again and obviously had enjoyed her experience in spite of the unexpected and forceful outcome. She opened her legs as Igor's hand slipped down onto her sex and he pushed a finger into her pussy. Yngve reached over and took hold of Igor's penis and began to rub his fingers up and down its length and fondling the older boy's testes. His penis was now as stiff as before; and Igor's had not lost its firmness after his orgasm. It seemed as though he was going to be able to carry on and fuck Anna as he had said.

The three youngsters caressed and stroked each other while I moved around them filming their actions - close-ups of fingers inside Anna's sex, both boys playing with each other's dicks and balls, probing each other's and Anna's anus, kissing and sucking each other's nipples and the other arousing activities the three of them were engaged in. I had to keep the scenario moving along, however and, as much as I enjoyed watching their foreplay, I had a film to complete. I began to direct their actions.

"Okay, Anna. I want you to sit over Igor's lap. That's right....facing me. Put your legs outside of his. That's it." The young girl straddled her 'brother', her sex opened towards the camera as she spread her legs wide. Igor's cock looked huge thrusting up beneath her. Anna sat herself down on Igor's lap, her pussy pressed against the base of his cock. It jutted up in front of her, its glans reaching right up to her nipple. She took hold of it and rubbed it against her bud and giggled. Then she raised herself until her pussy was above the glans and slowly brought herself down onto the swollen knob. I zoomed in as the plum-like glans touched the red inner flesh of Anna's pussy, watching as the glistening folds began to stretch and open as the spongy male flesh began to seek its way into her vagina. Yngve still had hold of Igor's rod and was guiding it into his 'sister's' cunt, using his other hand to press the knob into her vaginal opening. Igor's hands were in Anna's groin, also pulling the young girl open wider and pressing her down onto his shaft. I could hear Anna gasp each time her sex gave way a little and Igor's penis eased a little further into her. She was so tight, the boy's glans was almost squeezed white where it pressed into her and I began to doubt that he could fit it inside her.

But the kids kept forcing and, after several minutes, Anna cried out and I saw Igor's glans suddenly pass through her opening and disappear inside her vagina. His penis was grasped so tightly by her vaginal muscle I could see it squeezing his shaft causing it to bulge. But he was inside her. The widest part of his cock was past her entrance and he could now fuck her. And he began to. The little girl helped him by raising and lowering herself on his shaft as he moved himself in and out of her tight pussy. He was only an inch or so inside her and Anna grunted each time he pressed inwards. I knew he could get no further into her but it looked incredibly sexy through my view-finder and I knew the bosses would be very happy with this video.

Igor took hold of Anna's hips and began to move her in a faster rhythm and I knew he was close to coming.

"I want you to come inside her," I told him, kneeling between his knees and focusing in on where they joined. I heard his breathing becoming more and more ragged and watched as his thrusts became more and more powerful, his large cock now really pounding at Anna's pussy. And then he went still and I heard Anna cry out as Igor pressed hard into her. Through my view-finder I saw his urethra start to pulsate and knew he was shooting his sperm into her. He jerked as each spasm took over control of his body and Anna cried out as her cunny was washed in his fluids. His cream began to leak out as he moved in and out of her, trickling down his shaft in a shiny, greyish trail; and Yngve, kneeling beside his 'siblings' and watching intently, played with it, dragging the thick fluid with his finger around Igor's cock and balls and up over Anna's bare pubic mound.

Igor finally ceased his jerking and fell back against back of the couch spent. Anna collapsed back onto him, the older boy's penis coming out of her with a liquid audible 'plop' and stuck up wetly between her thighs. Igor's thick fluids dribbled from her red and swollen pussy and I captured it all on my video, my lens lingering over their well-used genitalia before I finally faded the scene into blackness. My film was finished.

But I was highly aroused, my cock so stiff it was sore inside my pants. I needed relief.

"Yngve," I said to the youngster who was now sitting on the couch beside his worn-out co-stars and looking as though he wondered what he should be doing, "I haven't finished with you yet." He looked at me with a quizzical look on his face. I began to unzip my pants and he smiled. He knew what I wanted. My penis sprang free of my pants and he knelt on the floor in front of me and with no hesitation, took me into his mouth. I almost came straight away at the feel of his hot mouth over my glans and his fingers searching inside my pants for my testes and he began to suck and caress my glans with his mouth and tongue. He was good. So very good. I could feel my essence being drawn upwards and in the matter of a minute or two, my climax hit me.

I couldn't stop from crying out as my semen rushed up my shaft and burst out of me in a series of powerful sprays. I expected Yngve to draw back once my cock began jerking but the young boy kept his mouth fastened on the end of my shafdt. My knees went weak as my ejaculations continued and I let myself give the boy everything he obviously wanted.

Finally my body ceased its spasming and strength returned to my legs and I stood gazing down on the boy still holding my slowly softening cock in his mouth. He leaned back from me and let me go, his face turning up towards me, his mouth slightly open. I could see my fluids held inside and he slowly expelled the greyish cream, letting it trickle over his lips and chin and drip onto his thighs and the floor. His smile broadened as his mouth was emptied and I thought how sexy and erotic he looked kneeling below my, my semi-hard cock resting against the side of his face. I smiled down at him, then towards Anna and Igor, who were watching Yngve and me. I reached down and gently raised Yngve up, then stepped back from the three of them, putting myself back inside my pants and doing up the zipper.

"That was fantastic," I said, meaning both the video and the suck-off. "You guys were absolutely great! I hope I get to work with you all again very soon." The three kids all nodded their agreement and I saw Igor squeeze Anna to him. He had enjoyed her. "Thank you for your cooperation," I went on. "I will see Boris rewards you well." The kids faces lit up at that. Bonuses were fairly hard to come by for them and I knew they would appreciate my giving a good report. "Okay," I finished off, turning away to put my camera in its case. "That's it. You can all go shower."

The three children got up off the couch and took up their clothes and headed for the door. There was a table with towels on it near the door and they each took one, wrapped it around their waists and then left, saying or waving goodbye as they did so. That was how it operated. Once the filming was over, the actors left. As soon as they were gone, my thoughts turned to the finishing of the film I had just done and to wondering what my next assignment was going to be. Whatever it was, I knew I would get pleasure from it.

I will certainly let you know what it is.....

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


Not bad, but you should leave the boy boy sex out of your next story. But I loved your description of Anna's eight year old pussy; that was hot!!!!


I disagree. I believe all kinds and every kind of sex is welcome in erotica. When readers say this or that was wrong, it just displays their own personal limitations. We all have such, but if you take out each piece that a different reader doesn't get off on, you will have no story left. the idea of a site like this and stories like this is that ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is possible. Go for it in every sexual way you can imagine. Readers are free to ignore the parts they don't enjoy. Well done. dale10


Boy - Boy is hot, leave it in, boy man is hot. i personally like to see one of the boys dressed up as girl


Definitely keep the boy-boy sex in. Man-boy sex is even better!

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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